Top 24 Games Similar to Bots Fight

Man of Steel
**THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THE MAN OF STEEL MOVIE!***IMPORTANT: Man of Steel is optimized for the Nexus 7, Nexus 10,AsusTransformer Prime, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note,SamsungGalaxy Note 2, and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.If Man of Steel does not run on your device, we are sorry fortheinconvenience! Please email us at mobilesupport@wbgames.comsowe can help you, and also try to add support for your device inafuture update. THANK YOU!General Zod is threatening Earth and only the Man of Steel canstophim. Utilize the powers of Superman to fight your way tovictoryand save the planet from certain destruction.RELIVE THE EVENTS OF THE MAN OF STEEL MOVIE!-Attack, dodge, block, and utilize various super powersincludingflight, super speed, and heat vision to defeat Zod and hisevilforces.-Play through an in-depth Story Mode or set a personal high scoreinthe intense Survival Mode.-Battle a challenging cast of mini-bosses andtechnologicallyadvanced foes featured in the film.BECOME SUPERMAN LIKE NEVER BEFORE-Unlock and purchase up to 6 different suits from the Man ofSteelmovie.-Upgrade your suits to become a truly unstoppable force!-Customize your experience by upgrading the specific abilitiesYOUwant to use.-Embrace the true strength of Superman with bone-crushingcombos,all with the swipe of a finger.AMAZING GRAPHICS-Delivers next-gen graphics on your phone or tablet withbeautifullydetailed animations and cinematic sequences.-Fight in a variety of detailed and interactive 3Denvironmentsincluding Smallville, the Kent Farm, and more.Requires Android 3.2 and later
Minecraft: Pocket Edition
Explore randomly generated worlds andbuildamazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandestofcastles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources orminedeep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons andarmor tofend off the dangerous mobs.Create, explore and survive alone or with friends on mobiledevicesor Windows 10.
Bounty Arms
Kerosene Games
From the team that brought youBLADESLINGERcomes BOUNTY ARMS, a beautiful, action-packed 3Dadventure withsimple, mobile-friendly controls. Play as Drake Mass,Goober, orFlux Helix and equip an array of loyal pets to completequests, winbounties, and defeat epic bosses!★ Swat enemies to bits a FLY SWATTER★ Blast targets with CONFETTI or FLYING PIGS★ Morph into a monster with Drake's BERSERK MODE"Bottom Line: Probably the best platformer for Android devicesI'vehad the pleasure of playing. If you love platformers, arcadestylegames and really want something that pumps the Tegracapabilitiesto the max, you really ought to own Bounty Arms themoment youcan." -- GAMEWOOF"I’m shocked and pleasantly surprised at how well the joystickworksin this game." -- GAMEWOOF★ DESCRIPTION ★BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICSBounty Arms delivers stunningly rich visuals in a detailed3Denvironment. As mobile games approach console quality, BountyArmsraises the bar further. Tablets are supported!!JOIN THE "HOGS"Join Drake Mass, Goober, and Flux Helix as you participate inthebounty hunter group known as the "HOGS", traveling acrossgalaxiesto strange worlds seeking bounties.TOUCH-TAILORED CONTROLS & DESIGNBounty Arms delivers full freedom of movement in a classicgenregiving extra attention to simplified touch input design.TEN THRILLING MISSIONSAchieve top rank in each mission, complete bonus objectives,andclaim your spot atop global leaderboards with a varietyofdifferent hero & pet combinations.EASTER EGGS GALORESecret doors and treasure chests throughout offer random itemsandrewards.REAL PERSON SUPPORTWe are personally here to answer your questions, andincorporateyour feedback into ongoing improvements for BountyArms.Developed by Open-Reset and published by Kerosene Games.★ MORE FROM KEROSENE ★WEB: kerosenegames.comTWITTER: @kerosenegamesFACEBOOK:
MetalWars3 1.2.4
***** Our new game METAL RACER is just released! ********** Play it for FREE now!!! *****Are you looking for the robot combat mobile games justlikeArmored Core?Or do you want to experience the human-controlled mechanicalsuitsjust like Pacific Rim or Transformers?Then try MetalWars 3 !MetalWars 3 is a continuation of 3D battles of robots,themechanized killing machines.Now buy it to experience the new epoch of machine war!READY TO TAKE OFFIn 2100 A.D, the planet became a unified nation named“EarthFederation.” However, the unification never lasted long.Minoritieswere up in arms against the EF, who desperately opposetheimperialism of the EF, insisting on secession fromtheunification.The EF forces brutally oppressed the Resistance Army, and yetthevoices of dissent within the EF forces were growinglouderaccordingly. In the end, the secret organization, calledATLUS wasfound inside the EF forces. ATLUS has performed secretoperation soas to eliminate the heads of the EF. Every pilotsbelonging to BearUnit of ATLUS is spearheading highly covertoperations.GRAPHICSUtilizing high resolution textures and the latest shaders,trulyrealistic battle fields and dramatic graphic-effectsrepresentingshooting sense offer you unforgettable battleexperiences.BATTLEOperating mechs armed with more than 40 of weapons and partsinfirst-person makes you feel lively and challengingcombatexperiences.Join battle with stronger and thicker enemies now and defeatthem!The game offers more than 20 stages across multiple modesandbattles in infinity mode, all of which are dynamic as wellassuspenseful. We keep in updating additional stages and modes.RESEARCH LABIt is crucial for winning pilots to develop all sorts ofweapons,fire controllers, defensive equipments and engines, forwhich morethan 40 of parts are offered.You can customize your own warrior, such as high mobilitytype,heavily armored type or fireflaming type, along with yourcombatstyle, researching proper parts.ASSEMBLYThe various classes of bodies, parts, weapons and researchhelpyou customize your own mechs considering play styles.Features:* Truly realistic battle fields and dramatic graphic-effects* Assembly and Research system* Google Play Game Services(Achievements, Leaderboard, CloudSave)support* Languages Supported: English, Japanese, KoreanNotes:- For optimal performance, we recommend re-booting your deviceafterdownloading and closing other applications whenplayingMetalWars3.- Parents: You can restrict In-App billing in the Google PlayStoresettings.
Dino Fight 3D 1.3
Gig Development
Take a step back in time and outfit your favorite dinosaurwithfearsome armor and deadly weapons to bite, claw, and tearthroughyour opponent. Feel the might of the terrible lizardsthrough threegame modes: single player, multi-player, and practicemode.Dino Fight 3D places you in a prehistoric arena as the dinosaurofyour choice. Each of four types – with more to come! – bringsitsown unique mix of power, reflex, flexibility, and weight:• Ankylosaurus• Tyrannosaurus Rex• Triceratops• VelociraptorUse the advantages of your dinosaur in a fight to the finish withamix of biting, slashing, jumping, special moves, and luringyourchallenger into pits of lava. You can also choose specialpowers touse once during each match, such as Mega Shield, TimeFreeze, andDouble Strength.Don’t forget to augment your deadly fighting abilities witharmorand weapon upgrades. Earn teeth by competing in and winningfights,against either the computer or human opponents. Teeth canalso bepurchased right from the app and used to buy battleupgrades:• Body Armor with Spikes• Protective Head Gear• Steel Claws• Steel Teeth• Tail Armor with Spikes• A 5-pack of Double Strength• A 5-pack of Mega Shield• A 5-pack of Time FreezeThe final move in any match is replayed as a slow-motion cutscene,when you can take in the full 3D majesty of your champion.Grab ascreenshot and share your glorious victories onFacebook.***If you have any feedback about the game, we’d love to hearit!Please email us at
PAC-MAN Championship Ed. Lite 1.1.7
Are you a dot-chompin' champion?PAC-MANChampionship Edition brings slick new graphics withscrolling mazesand longer ghost chompin' combos! Beware! The higheryour score,the faster the speed! Download this demo and playPAC-MANChampionship Edition for free!Please note that not all Bluetooth controllers are guaranteedtobe supported. Depending on the manufacturer of controller,anadditional download from the manufacturer may be requiredforconnectivity. Key remapping is not supported fromtheapplication.