Top 18 Games Similar to GPS Fox Hunt

GPS Draw
GPS Draw is all about drawing pictures using GPS position.Gooutside, wait for a few seconds until GPS is ready, then starttohave a lot of FUN while moving around.* Paint tools: Long clicktoselect a tool, check/uncheck to start/stop drawing yourpath*Markers: Long click to choose a marker, check/uncheck tostart/stopadding markers along your move* Color: Tap color pickerto pick acolor to draw with* Paint setting: Tap to change paintsettingssuch as: + Fill or stroke for rectangle and eclipse + Sizeofbrushes, markers. + Opacity of brushes, shapes and markers.Ifyouhave any questions, comments, suggestions or bug reports,pleasefeel free to contact me so that i can clear things up.Thankyou foryour contributions.Others versions:- GPS Map Draw: drawpictures onthe top of Map- GPS Kid Draw: draw randomly shapes &markersKW:GPS, draw, drawing, paint, painting
Aviation Empire 1.8.2
Rule the skies with this 3D strategic airline game! Yourmission:choose destinations, invest in aircraft and design yourairports tocreate your very own airline. Use your businessinstincts andconquer the globe to build your aviation empire!Imagine: you'reback in the historical year of 1919, when KLM RoyalDutch Airlinesfirst started flying. Each era takes you to a newphase in airlinehistory. With bigger and more advanced airplanesand airports. Ifyou successfully tackle the challenges on your way,you will berewarded with credits that you can use to expand youraviationempire. But, use them wisely! Invest in new aircraft andKLMdestinations. And enhance the level of luxury at your airportstokeep your passengers happy. You rock the game if you end up in2014with a globally present and successful airline, and continue -ofcourse – keeping your customers happy! Interesting features;-Flyyour own airplanes in the cool mini game- Real life check-inviaGPS on KLM airports to unlock in-game destinations- Compareyourscore with your friends or the world via leaderboards-Usefulstatistics to become a better CEOSystem requirements;-Minimal960x600 screen resolution- Minimal CPU with 2 cores -Minimal 576MB combined memoryQuestionsorsuggestions? Empireisthe first 3D airline game that will hook you up. Take off andgofor it!
TrailHit - return of the light 3.8
F5 tbl.
TrailHit is a location-based modern real world treasure huntgamewith mystery and puzzles. If you like Geocaching, Scavengerhunt,Foursquare, Ingress, Parallel Kingdom and other gps gamesthiswould be your cup of tea :). Here's the story:Ages ago, therewas apowerful and righteous human civilization on Earth whopossessedthe knowledge of controlling energies of the Universe.They usedtheir knowledge to construct a unique vibrational deviceforstabilizing planet Earth in all times, and what is more,toharmonize minds of all creatures on the planet. The resultwaseternal peace, understanding, wisdom and exponential developmentinall fields.Unfortunately, some entities were not satisfied withtheconsiderable progress human beings have achieved. Until now,mostpeople were not aware of belonging to either humans or aliens,orif this is just another conspiracy theory. Evil entitieswantedultimate control. They decided to destroy the Device and killallits constructors known by the name of The Great 18 Group. TheGroupwas informed and was secretly creating a new device calledTheGreat Device which was designed to protect itself, makingitindestructible. But The Great Device was neverengaged.Entitiessucceeded to eliminate every member of the Groupand destroy theDevice…Thence they started poisoning human minds bydistorting thetruth and values in any way they could. What we canalso say forsure is that Entities have stopped all major scientificand medicalprogress on Earth! They have infiltrated in allstructures oneconomy and politics, but not directly! Theymanipulate people`sminds, and use fear and ignorance to sustaintheir power andcontrol. It suffices to say that even presidents andgovernmentsare not aware of these secrets.Because of dominanttechnology somepeople think that they must be aliens, but we havesome otherrelevant information regarding the matter! This is onemore secretwe are obliged to reveal: they want you to think aliensare bad andyou should be afraid of them, they even have a plan topush humansinto war with aliens.The greatest weakness of Entitiesand alltheir plans and technology is the fact that they can donothing ifhuman beings raise their consciousness, so their mindsand heartscan become pure.Now is the time to wake-up!However, whatEntitiesdid not know is that The Great 18 Group built one moredevice andleft a Trail to it!Until now, it has not been possible torevealthis crucial information because Entities were controllingEarthand it would be very easy for them to eliminate anybody whowouldtry to restore the Device.Now, the situation has changed!Theentire Earth is under our strong protective shield. We are heretohelp you. The fact is that the Device can be found and engaged byahuman being only! The One who finds the Trail and restorestheDevice will get great powers and His name will be remembered inthechronicles of the Universe forever. This is real KingArthur`ssword in stone – can you handle it?You should know that theMapwhich leads to The Great Device is divided into pieces, hiddenandprotected in several ways, so only the best among humansareinvited into this mission of revelation, engaging the Deviceandsaving planet Earth and whole human race.It has been writtenthatthe symbol of The Great Device is a 4 leaf clover. Also, ithasbeen known that the main part of The Great Device is averypowerful crystal. Do not look for a big device, it can be heldinone hand!There are 16 Magic Scrolls that have to be activated.Thepower released from the Magic Scrolls will prepare ALL fortherevelation of The Great Device. We cannot say anything else.Becareful and read between the lines. You have been chosen forthismission! We will also help you on the way withsophisticatedtechnology and tools…Let the shine of Neo be with you!
PokerWalk - GPS Game
Race your friends around your actual neighbourhood in searchofvirtual poker cards. The player with the best hand when time isupis the winner.This multiplayer game requires a constantinternetand GPS connection. For best results, play outdoors with3Gavailable for all players. All players need a phone to play.
Friends & Family Tracker 1.0.2
Friends and Family Tracker is thefastestandeasiest way of tracking one another's location. You cantracktheother person even if the GPS is off.It is as easy as a game. Just invite the person you wishtotracklocation of and that's it. Once that person acceptsyourinvite youboth can track each other's movements in realtimewithout anydelay.The tracking of family & friends are made as if it'sagame.You invite other people in your Google Plus circles andwaitforthem to accept. The other person need not have the appopened.Anotification will be displayed on their device askingthemtoaccept your invitation. Once they accept, you will be abletoseetheir movements and they will be able to see yours. Exitingtheappwill stop sharing of location.The app can track location even if GPS is off. Thelocationinfois then fetched using wireless network. Enabling GPSwill giveabetter accuracy.Enjoy the app and do share your feedback [email protected] Thank you.
Mobbles, the mobile monsters 2.9.2
Mobbles Corp
★ Mobbles are creatures living around you, in the real world!Scanyour neighborhood and catch them all! There are more than250Mobbles to collect! ★ Take care of them like real pets, tradethemwith your friends, and challenge them in funny real-timebattles! ★Some Mobbles only go out at night, others only when it'srainingand some even go out in specific locations! Hunt them downif youwant to get them! Make friends with other users from allaround theglobe to complete your collection! ★ FEATURES: - SCANyour area tofind Mobbles around you! - CATCH them once you're closeenough! -RAISE them once you caught them: feed them, wash them,make themplay and sleep! - LEVEL THEM UP to unlock cool featuresandoutfits! - TRADE them with your friends to grow your collection!-BATTLE them with your friends in cool real-time fights! -UNLOCKACHIEVEMENTS and become a Mobbles Master! - NEW MOBBLESreleasedevery week!
Haunted Planet 2.3
Be a ghost hunter! Take part in the global search formysteriousparanormal activity. Explore your neighborhood in searchforghosts, gather evidence for their existence and discovertheirstories. Over time, you build up your own personal collectionofmysterious paranormal evidence. Using GPS, sensors andaugmentedreality, Haunted Planet features a unique ghost radar toscan yoursurroundings (outdoors) and ghost decoders to see into thespiritworld and hear ghostly voices.Join the hunt now!
TurfHunt 8.1.1
TurfHunt is a free to use scavenger hunt game app with GPSactivatedlocation based challenges. Create your own treasure huntgames, playoffline or invite your friends to participate in amultiplayertreasure hunt game. - Treasure or challenges areautomaticallytriggered using GPS - Multi-choice questions, memorycard and photochallenges - Play competitively with live scoreboard- Show playerlocations - Design your own treasure hunt using theLocatify CMS: keywords: locatify,turfhunt, treasurehunt, scavenger hunt,
Spy Fox in Dry Cereal 1.2.5
Humongous Entertainment Presents: Spy Fox in Dry Cereal! Spy Foxandhis team from SPY Corps’ are about to take on theirtoughestassignment yet, as William the Kid plans to replace all themilk inthe world with his brand of goat milk. Will childreneverywhere beforced to endure a fate worse then dry cereal? Willthat ghastlygoat William the Kid succeed in his plans? Are youreading this ina dramatic trailer voice? You should. The SPY Corps’needs yourhelp. Spy Fox need’s you. FEATURES: • Every new gamecreates newways of playing making the experience for any child newevery time.• Simple touchscreen navigation makes it easy to guideSpy Fox. •Fun and challenging puzzles and mini games. • Toucheverything!Nearly everything in the game can be interacted withjust bytouching the screen and reveal hundreds of hidden surprises.•Feature-film quality animation and original music.
Spy Fox 3 "Operation Ozone" 1.2.2
Spy Fox 3 "Operation Ozone" Where would you like to go next,SPYFox? Air Today, Gone Tomorrow. A huge hairspray space stationisblasting vile vapors into the ozone, putting Earth at the mercyofthe sun's rays. With her paw on the nozzle, PoodlesGaloreunleashes her plot to corner the sunscreen market. It's up toSPYFox and his friends to "can" Poodles and save the planet.FEATURES:• Kooky, crazy characters you'll love. • Interactiveanimationssend you on out-of-this-world adventures. • Multiple gamepaths andmini-games in every corner stretch the fun. • The onlyinteractivespy adventure of it's kind. • 11 original SPY songs.
Jumping Fox: Climb That Tree! 1.2
Get ready to put a spring in your step,LittleFox. There's a flood racing towards the forest, and you'vegot toflee! Escape to safety by jumping higher and higher onto thetree'sbranches. Be careful, Little Fox. If the water catches up toyou,or if you make a misstep, it's all over!When you play Jumping Fox: Climb That Tree, get ready to:- Test your reflexes as you bounce from branch to branch- Feel the rush of adrenaline as the waterline gets closerandcloser to the Little Fox!- Compete with friends through Facebook by tracking theirprogresson the tree- Unlock achievements as you spring your way up the tree!Think Fast! One wrong tap and it's all over! Immerse yourselfinthe adventure solo or with your friends by syncing yourFacebookaccount to see who reaches the highest score and thehighestbranch!
GPSFox 1.22
KREJZI d.o.o.
★★★★★ This application was developed byhighschool studens during the Android programming course lecturedbyKrejzi d.o.o. ★★★★★The idea behind GPSFox gameplay is really simple.You are given a target point somewhere on the Earth surface thatyouhave to find only knowing your distance from it but notthedirection in which it lays.You can chose your target point from a number ofpreconfiguredpoints or search for a random point where you decidehow near orhow far from you a target point can be.Once you start searching for a point, you will be given updatesonyour distance from it in time intervals depending on how nearorhow far from target point you are.The game finishes once you get in the proximity of 10 meters orlessfrom a target point.If you need help in finding target point, you can look onanintegrated map, which shows your location, circle aroundyourlocation where the target point might be and path you madecolouredcorrespondingly with how optimal (green) or bad (red) yourpath was.What affects the score:The less time you took, the better.The bigger the distance from a start to a target point,thebetter.The more altitude difference you made, the better.The more direct path from the start to the finish point youtook,the better.How it works:GPSFox fully depends on GPS information for its gameplay, soGPSsupported device is essential if you want to play thegame.GPSFox requires GPS information to calculate your distancefromtarget point and to measure time.While internet connection is not necessary for the basic gameplayitis required if you want to use the Map feature and it can helpGPSto locate your position faster.While GPS should work everywhere outside, it can sometimeshaveproblems locating you, this is common especially if nointernetconnection is available.In this is the case, we suggest, you enable "signal booster"insettings, which help acquiring and keeping GPS signal, but islessbattery friendly.High scores:
Itty Fox 1.3.1
Square TRex
Itty Fox is easy for all ages to pickupandplay, yet very challenging.A fun endless flying game where the fox can fly and the cake isnotalie. And yes! We have cookie too :)» Play and unlock all achievements if you have the skills!» Control the fox by pressing and holding anywhere on thescreentofly up.» When releasing the finger, the fox will fall down.» Collect stars and many desserts to refill energywhileevadingcrates and bees.» Be careful, and don't let the power bar reach 0.» Enjoy! :D-- CONTACT US --Like what we do or just want to talk to us? Visit:»» RELEASE NOTES --1.3.1 Jan. 2015* Minor bugs fixed1.3.0 Jan. 2015- Removed unnecessary permissions.1.2.2 Jan. 2015 (Happy New Year)* Fixed UI fonts and power bar* Fixed instruction texts+ Added exit button1.2.1 Jan. 2015 (Happy New Year)* The power meter and score are now more prominent.* Made User Interface buttons larger+ Added auto-login to Google Game services.- Removed how-to play texts on top-right corner.+ Added help button and a how-to play screen.1.2.0 Dec. 2014+ Added sign out button, so switching user is now possible.* Fixed leaderboard not showing scores issue.* Fixed submitting score problem (auto-submit score, if userislogin).* Pressing achievement or leaderboard button will ask theusertosign in if not already log in.1.1.1 Dec. 2014Initial releaseBeta Dec. 2014» Beta testing* Improved overall performance.* Fixed scrolling graphics issues.* Improved background images.* Changed interface icons.* Improved transition between scenes.* Changed player's starting point.+ Added Google Game Services.* Fixed access to achievement & leaderboard.* Miscellaneous bug fixes.
GPS Paint
With GPS Paint you can draw by walking around. The app tracksyourlocation with GPS and draws a line where you are walking. Youcanpause the drawing to change position and press play tostartdrawing again. A compass tells you which way is up (north) andyoucan zoom and pan to see check your creation.This app is stillbeingdeveloped, new features will be:- different colors- linewidthoptions- google maps background
Tactical Pad light
Tactical pad for operations inthetacticalgames airsoft, hardball, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and othertacticalgamesand not only, players always know where players oftheircommand onterrain are located, the officer can одавать ordersandto seelayout of the fighters on a real card.You see the User instruction below.Allows to direct operations, to coordinate actionsofprospectinggroups, sniper couples, and separate subdividingsofanyassignment.To receive short reports from all groups andgroupsamongthemselves.To have information on location of groups and certain fightersinthebattlefield.To have information on losses.To have information on the found points of concentrationoftheopponent transferred by groups of investigation.Allows to communicate among themselves, to give orders onbehalfofthe officer.To obtain orders from the officer in case of use by theplayerofmore low type of the user.Binding to coordinates on GPS system.Movement of users is displayed in real time.Users obtain orders only for themselves, users towhomaren'tintended orders them don't obtain.User instruction:Attention!Switched on wifi or the mobile Internet, andalsodeterminationlocation of GPS is required.After obtaining coordinates on a card data transfer tootherplayersis possible.1 - To start application.2 - To enter settings.3 - To define type of the fighter. (the officer cangiveorders,remaining types of fighters them only receive, 2officerscan giveorders each other)4 - To enter a confidential code (Users with suchconfidentialcodewill be visible your tactical pad)5 - To define card type.6 - It is possible to give the order or to send themessagehavingclicked on an icon of the fighter on a card.7 - Long click on a card it is possible to specify locationoftheopponent (requires mark 6 points a short click on acard).8 - Orders:Attack - 1 cliques in the direction of attack.The defense line - 4 clique for line creation.Defense perimeter - 6 clicks for perimeter creation.Perimeter defense - 2 clique (1 cliques: the centralpointofdefense, 2 cliques is lower or higher than thecentralpoint:amount of perimeter defense).9 - In case of loss in game it is possible to mark the lossinthemain menu having clicked the I Dead point10 - It is possible to clear a card in the main menuhavingselectedthe Clear a Card item.
Bouncing Fox 1.6
Let's take the bouncing fox to the home. [ How To Play ]If theroundfox is pulled and detached, it will fly in thedirection.Since itwill bound if it hits a floor and an obstacle,send to a house,using it well.[ Tips ]Let's use the horn ofdragon, if you thinksthat the stage is difficult.The dragoncarries the fox to the housein an instant.
Baby Fox Pocket 2.0.0
Baby Fox is your pet, that responds to your touch. You can playlotsof games with him. ★★★ WHAT HE DOES ★★★ ✔ He can play theguitar ✔He can play the piano ✔ He can eat cake ✔ He can becomefat/slim ✔He can do some exercise ✔ He can sleep ✔ He can garden ✔He canswing ✔ He can fish ✔ You can wash him ✔ He can play withballoons ✔He can play the trumpet Story :Tom the lovely fox goingon holidayslost his best friend larry the little pony.So help himto recoverhappiness and play with him and become best friends ever!Enjoyhours of fun and laughter with Baby Fox.This game issuitable forall kind of genres from kids, girls and boys of allages.
GPS Kid Draw
GPS Kid Draw is all about drawing pictures using GPS position.Gooutside, wait for a few seconds until GPS is ready, then letyourkids start to have fun while running around an open area.If youandyour kids have any questions, comments, suggestions or bugreports,please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to makethe kidshappyThank you for your contributionsOthers versions:- GPSDraw:draw pictures on an empty canvas- GPS Map Draw: draw picturesonthe top of mapKW: GPS, kid, draw, kid drawing, paint, kidpainting