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Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders
🏆 2019 Editor's Choice by Google 🥇 "Todoist is the best to-dolistright now" — The Verge Todoist is a to-do list that helps20million people and teams organize, plan, and collaborateonprojects, both big and small. ✨ The Work and LifeOrganizer:Todoist will help you stay focused and organized with: →Projectmanagement: Collaborate with colleagues. Assign tasks tostay ontrack with projects. → Lists: Use projects for a new to-dolist,checklist, reading list, bucket list, wishlist, all the lists!→Daily planner: Become more effective by planning your day. Itwillhelp you boost your productivity. → Reminders: Rememberimportanttasks by setting timely reminders, or location-basedreminders. →Habit tracker: Stick with habits for good. Set dailyreminders tokeep up with your streaks. → Goal tracker: Achieve yourgoals bytracking them in one place. ”Todoist is a powerful to-dolist thatcan do pretty much whatever you need it to do." — AndroidAuthorityWhat You Can Do: Todoist is a simple yet powerfulproductivity app.Here's what it'll help you do: → Manage yourtasks: Create tasksand sub-tasks to make work and life manageable.→ Build a newbusiness: Project management can be efficient – simplycreateprojects to organize anything with anyone. → Schedule youragenda:Use Todoist as a daily planner and weekly planner: focusyourpriorities for today, and see planned tasks in the Next 7Dayscalendar view. → Turn in work on time: Hit deadlines by addingduedates to your to-do list with a calendar scheduler. →Makeprogress: Use our to-do list as a habit tracker with recurringduedates like "every monday" that help build habits. → Remindersforeverything: Create location reminders and time reminders soyounever forget tasks (Reminders are a Premium feature). →Prioritizewhat’s important: Add priority levels to get an overviewof tasksthat matter most to you. → Set productivity goals: Makeprogresswith productivity trends, karma points and streaks. →Stayorganized anywhere: Todoist works across all platforms,includingAndroid Wear. 🌻 Inspiration For Your Projects: Todoistoffersproject and tasks templates to help with your daily planner,habittracker or goal tracker, but also planning steps of a bigproject,keeping up with a grocery list, or project management withyourteam. 🔌 Connect Your Favorite Tools: Todoist comes withusefulintegrations, like Gmail, Outlook, Google Calendar, Slack,Trello,Asana, Amazon Alexa and more. There's also a tasks andprojectsimport for Wunderlist users. 🚀 Go Premium: Unlock morefeatures todo your best work. Get time and location reminders,comments,labels, filters, productivity trends, premium themes andmore.Questions? Feedback? Reach out at oronTwitter @todoist. Have a great day! To do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner
Millions rely on this Award-winning To do list, Calendar,Planner& Reminders app to Stay Organized and Get More Done."IT'S AMUST HAVE APP" (NYTimes, USA TODAY, WSJ & Lifehacker).It's theultimate app for managing Tasks, Reminders, Lists, Calendarevents,Grocery lists, planning and collaboration with others. **2019EDITORS' CHOICE BY GOOGLE ** ❝All I really want in a to-do listapp— a way to quickly add tasks, reminders, and lists to getmethrough my personal day❞ - USA today A to-do list you’dactuallystick to. ▸ Add tasks and manage shared projects ▸ Colorlabelto-do’s to set categories & priorities ▸ Organize tasksunderlists and add levels with subtasks ▸ Prioritize tasks onyourchecklist with a daily planner ▸ Keep up and add to yourto-do’susing a home-screen widget ❝With the ability to tacklerecurringtasks, plus timed and location-based reminders, thisdailymanagement app serves as an elite to-do solution.❞ - ComplexNeverforget a thing. ▸ Set classic reminders for one-time events ▸Addrecurring reminders for ongoing activities, appointments&events ▸ Use location-based reminders for on-the-spotnotifications▸ Get missed call reminders so you never forget toreturn a call ▸Receive follow-up meeting reminders to keep up withimportantaction items ❝Its can-do-spirit can be contagious. Seeingyourtasks neatly displayed in, you may find yourselfthinking‘Hey, I can do this!’❞ - Wall Street Journal Turn yourcalendarinto a productivity tool. ▸ Effectively manage your timeusing acombined view of calendar events and tasks ▸ Quickly scrollthroughdates to browse tasks & events ▸ Add both tasks &eventsstraight from your calendar view ❝Some days you feel luckytoremember your own name, much less your task list -❞ - The Muse Plan your day in seconds. ▸ Quicklyprioritizeto-do’s to achieve your most important goals ▸ Have lowprioritytasks rescheduled automatically ❝A simple interface withpowerfulfeatures.❞ - Forbes Shop smarter. ▸ Have your groceryitemsauto-sorted by aisles ▸ Get personal shopping recommendations▸Collaborate on grocery lists with friends & family ▸Createmultiple shopping lists for your favorite stores ❝Not onlyfree andgreat looking, but that is also simple and even fun touse.❞ -Guiding Tech Work with your favorite tools. ▸ Easily manageyourlists with Alexa ▸ Get more done with Google Assistant ▸ Savetimeusing with Siri ▸ Add tasks straight from Slack ❝Simple,yetpowerful app.❞ - NYTimes Get more done anywhere. ▸ Work easilyonany Android & iOS device ▸ Manage your tasks effectivelyonboth PC & Mac ▸ Get things done on the go with AppleWatch& Android Wear ▸ Boost productivity on the web withChrome& Firefox extensions ❝powerful, flexible, and it looksgreat,too.❞ - Lifehacker Unlock the power of voice commands. ▸ Addtaskshands-free ▸ Dictate new events ▸ Ask for today’s agendaremotely ▸Use your voice to manage your to-do lists ❝Elegant andtechnicallyadvanced.❞ - PCmag
TickTick: To Do List with Reminder, Day Planner
Appest Inc.
TickTick is a simple and effective to-do list and task managerappwhich helps you make schedule, manage time, remind aboutdeadlinesand organize life at work, home and everywhere else.🗓 🔔 ✔TickTickis here to help you make the most of your day and getthings done(gtd). Whether there is an idea you want to capture,personal goalsto achieve, a work to accomplish, or make acollaboration withother colleagues, even to create a shopping list(with a help of alist maker). Achieve your goals with ourproductivity planner. Easyto use TickTick is easy to get startedwith its intuitive designand personalized features. Add tasks andreminders in mere secondsand then focus on important work, it isbetter than otherorganization and time management apps. Sync acrossyour devicesYour goals will sync within cloud so that you can viewand managethem wherever you are for better goal achieving. Quicklycreatetasks and notes Add them by voice input or typing. With SmartDateParsing, the date info you enter into the new field willbeautomatically set as due date for task reminder with alarm. Stayasproductive as you can with this time manager and to dochecklist!Instant task to do list reminder There's no need to keepall thingsin mind! Just put them to TickTick and it will remembereverythingfor you and provide instant task to do list reminder, foryou togtd. Set multiple notifications for important tasks and notestonever miss any deadline! Sleek calendar Get a clear overviewforyour plans weeks or months ahead in to-do calendar - DayPlannerfree. Want to be more specific and know what to do at exacttime?Try 3-Day View to check and make a schedule according toyourtimeline, use time manager. Third-party calendars can alsobeintegrated, such as Google calendar, Outlook, etc. Handy WidgetGeteasy access to your tasks and notes by adding a checklist widgettoyour home screen. There are various sizes and types ofwidget.Choose one that you like the most. Flexible repeat Set taskstorepeat for those that need to be done regularly. Choose arepeatingperiod (for example, daily, weekly, weekdays, or monthlyanydo).You can customize the repeat like: online course every 2weeks fromMonday to Thursday, project meeting every 2 months on thefirstMonday. - Keep it all organized and know what to do in todolist -Classify your tasks and todos with list maker, folders andtags. -Make checklists and notes. - Prioritize goals and focus onthe whatreally matters to do it tomorrow. - Sort goals by date,priority,and title. - Attach photos, records and other attachments.- Swipea task to quickly edit, long press to batch edit.Seamlesscollaboration Share lists (todoist), assign goals tocollaboratewith colleagues, friends or family. Spend less hours inmeetings,on phone calls or on email. Improve the efficiency incollaborationapp. - Organize your life with TickTick Pro - Choosefrom a varietyof different themes to match your personality. - Viewthe businesscalendar in grid format (better than in other timemanagementapps). - Unlimited Planning in todo list. - Take chargewith 299lists (todoist), 999 tasks per list, and 199 subtasks pertask. -Add up to 5 notifications to each task with subtasks. -Share atask list planner with up to 19 members. - Use the checklistwidgetformat and type a description in the same task. - Subscribetothird-party calendars and day planners in TickTick. Learnmoreabout TickTick at: Connect with us at:Facebook:
Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks 3.4.12
Wunderlist helps millions of people around the world capturetheirideas, things to do and places to see. Whether you’re sharingagrocery list with a loved one, working on a project, or planningavacation, Wunderlist makes it easy to share your listsandcollaborate with everyone in your life. Wunderlist instantlysyncsbetween your phone, tablet and computer, so you can accessyourlists from anywhere. “The best to-do list app.” - TheVergeWunderlist has also been featured in The New YorkTimes,Lifehacker, TechCrunch, CNET, The Guardian, Wired, and VanityFair,just to name a few. Key Wunderlist Features: • Create all thelistsyou need and access them from your phone, tablet and computer•Easily share lists and collaborate with family, friendsandcolleagues • Start conversations about your to-dos • Attachphotos,PDFs, presentations and more • Share the work and delegateto-dos •Setting a Reminder ensures you never forget importantdeadlines (orbirthday gifts) ever again • Organize your projectsfor home, workand everywhere in between with Folders Our Terms ofUse: Our PrivacyPolicy: Learn moreaboutWunderlist at
Tasks: Todo list, Task List, Reminder 1.33.3
Tasks is a beautifully simple, free todo list, task listandreminder app that will help keep your busy life organisedeveryday.No matter who you are or what you do Tasks can help! Getstarted inno time, quickly and easily add new tasks as you think ofthemusing quick add, via a shortcut (Android 7.1 and higher) orevencreate from another app by sharing with Tasks or import yourdatafrom Wunderlist Note for Reviewers If there is a feature youwouldlike or you require an issue to be resolved please email meand Iwill gladly help. A beautifully simple todo list app Tasks isasimple todo list app that emphasises simplicity and ease ofuse.Whether you want a shopping list, grocery list or you justhavelots of things to remember Tasks is built for you. With Tasksyoucan build powerful lists, colour code them and then managethemwith intuitive gestures like drag and drop to re-prioritiseorswiping to delete. Use reminders so that to-dos can be deliveredatthe right time and with actionable notifications there is noneedto open the app, simply mark a task as done or snooze forlater.Have your say Tasks is designed to be beautifully simple touse.This app is in active development with the most popularfeaturerequests / suggestions added. So if you want to shape thefuture ofTasks just give us your feedback.
TimeTune - Optimize Your Time, Productivity & Life 2.6.6
Doing more things with your time. Increasing yourproductivity.Improving your daily routine. This is what you canachieve withTimeTune, your routine planner. Have you ever wonderedwhy somepeople can get plenty of things done in a single day whileyourtime slips through your fingers? The answer is that they haveavery sound and organized distribution of time. They usehealthyroutines and stick to them, allowing them to squeezeeveryavailable minute, create good habits and do everything intheirschedule. With TimeTune you can do the same. Here are somefeaturesto help you achieve it: ★ Time management based on routinesandsuitable for everyone who values their time (workers,students,parents, freelancers...) ★ Routines can be weekly (themost commoncase), daily or have an odd number of days (forprofessions withunusual shifts), adding great flexibility to yourschedule ★Routines work like a calendar but you don't need to entercalendardates, they repeat automatically ★ You can createattractive customtags to quickly identify the activities in yourschedule at aglance ★ Full customization for each notificationindependently(vibration, sound, personal message, popup window andeven voice) ★Routine statistics to analyze your distribution oftime, so you candetect time leaks, increase your productivity anddo everything inyour schedule ★ Besides routines, you can createreminders, timersand events to schedule activities that don't fitin a routine:one-time activities, activities without duration ortasks with anodd repetition cycle ★ Widget with a completelycustomizable lookso you can examine your schedule the way you likeYou can useTimeTune: ★ For timeboxing / time blocking ★ As yourroutinemanager ★ As your task reminder ★ As your student calendar ★Asyour timetable planner ★ As your habit creation tool ★ Asyourproductivity enhancer... and more! Apart from this, It can bemoreconvenient than a calendar or an agenda for routine tasks, asitdoesn't clutter your calendar schedule. We want TimeTune to beapowerful productivity tool for you, so if you like itdon'thesitate to tell us what you'd like to add. FREE VERSION Youcanuse as many routines, reminders, timers and events as you need.Youcan start optimizing your time today for free! PRO VERSION(viain-app purchase) ★ Routine Programmer: enable and disableyourroutines automatically on specific dates ★ Calendar Sync: seeyourGoogle Calendar events on TimeTune ★ Pro themes: Blue, Gray,Green,Pink and more ★ TimeTune is in active development, morefeatureswill be added progressively ISSUES If you have any issueswith theapp, please check our troubleshootingsection( or contact byemail ifyou can't find the answer. Please don't leave a bad ratingbeforeasking for support. Thanks! YOU ARE IMPORTANT TimeTune isstillyoung and for that reason we need your support. If you like itandthink it has a great potential please give us a nice review,itreally helps. But if you don't, please tell us what you wouldliketo change, we really want to know in order to improve. Manythanks!►►► Remember, don't be a slave of time, use the time toyouradvantage! ►►► Download TimeTune and start optimizing yourtimetoday! ►►► Available in multiple languages! Web & Blog► Facebook► Twitter► Help translate►
To Do List with Reminder 2.4
You can use the app to manage your routines, plan your scheduleandorganize your daily tasks in a clear and easy way. The app helpsinincreasing your productivity and keeping track of your to bedonetasks. You can easily add repeated alarm for yourroutineactivities, or add an alarm to any specific task so youwon't missany of them. New features : Versions 1.7 , 1.8 : ☆Synchronization,you can synchronize your tasks with Google Tasks. ☆Widget has beenadded. ☆ Lists , create and manage lists to groupand classify yourdifferent tasks. ☆ Alarm snooze. ☆ Minutesrepetition , Beside(months, weeks, days, hours) now you can set therepetition in(minutes). ☆ Other theme and performance enhancements.Version 1.6: ☆ Periodic repetition , beside weekdays, now you canset therepetition to any time periods (months, weeks, days, orhours). ☆Night mode , dark theme has been added. ☆ View type, Youcan choosethe view type (list or grid). ☆ Now you can also create atask withonly date without determining specific time. ☆ Add theability tocreate multiple tasks at once (saving each line asseparate task).☆ Select many tasks and share them as one task. ☆You can set thedefault ringtone for all tasks from app settings. ☆Other usabilityimprovements.
To-Do Calendar Planner
The ultimate personal organizer! • Use a powerful task listthatsupports batch operations • Enjoy a fully scrollable calendarwithdaily, weekly, monthly and agenda view • Define your personalgoalsand add tasks to them • Set multiple reminders for tasks andevents• Divide your tasks into subtasks • Set repeating tasks andevents• Use resizable Widgets in 4 different formats • Attach filesandphotos to your tasks and appointments • Sync your databetweendevices without effort • Attach Google Maps locations toyour tasksand events • Use a daily journal to keep track of yourlife • Neverforget the birthdays of your friends • Apply GTDprinciples to yourdaily life • Schedule your tasks directly on thecalendar • Drawyour own notes and attach them to tasks and events •Convert yourtasks, goals, notes and events into each other • Createaudiorecordings and attach them to your tasks and events • Accessyourdata from a PC (web version Advancedfeatures(Premium Upgrade): - Plan your goals in project view -Collaborateon tasks, projects, events. - Track your progress withdetailedprogress reports - Get organized with a daily step-by-steproutine- Use the Clean-Up feature to easily prioritize your tasklist -Create backups and restore them - Sync your To-Do list withGoogleTasks - Protect your data with a password - Export your datato CSVfiles With isoTimer you can: ...orient yourself toward yourgoals...prepare each day with care using a calendar and a to-dolist...balance your professional and your private life ...focus onthemost important tasks ...never forget ideas or eventsIsoTimerorganizer is the ideal companion for planning all parts ofyourlife! The perfect ToDo Calendar Planner for personal andbusinessuse.
Todo list 2.6.1
With this "Todo list" App you can: - Create folders, tasks,subtasksand comments; - Set priority to each task; - Use Reminderwith"Repeat" options; - Use Filters like "Folder" and "Calendar";- Useit as a Checklist or a Grocery list; - Enjoy efficiencyandsimplicity in action with "Todo list" application. Please,leavecomments. Let's make "Todo list" better. Feel free to contactme ifyou have any issues or questions. e-mail: zamgizi@gmail.comMichael
ClevNote - Notepad, Checklist 2.20.8
Cleveni Inc.
ClevNote is a memo app to help users to write memos necessarydaily.The list of memos supported by this app is as follows. 1.Managebank account number - If you enter the bank account number,you cancopy it to the clipboard or send it to someone. 2. Managechecklist- You can write down necessary items and use these in ashoppinglist or to-do list. - You can freely modify items forto-do lists,task lists or any kind of things-to-do lists. 3.Manage Birthdayslist - It reminds you about family or friends'birthdays. Itsupports calendar mode. 4. Manage site IDs - Sincethere arecountless internet sites out there, it is difficult toremember yourIDs. This function helps you to remember them. 5.General text memo- You can conveniently write down text memos. -Even long memos willbe okay. [ Other functions ] - Cloud backupand restore throughGoogle Drive - Reminder function - Widget [Reasons to allowpermission ] • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Thispermission is requiredto back up notes. • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE :This permission isrequired to restore the backup notes.
Business Calendar 2・Agenda, Planner & Organizer 2.36.2
🏆 Included in "The Essential Android Apps for 2018" list ofthepopular Lifehacker weblog. Business Calendar 2 has everythingyouneed in a calendar app: It provides an excellent overview ofyourappointments, it’s easy to use and it gives you powerful toolsforplanning and scheduling your events and tasks. 🎯 YourPersonalOrganizer ▪ calendar, schedule planner and task organizerin oneapp ▪ 6 clearly designed main views: month, week, day,agenda, yearand tasks ▪ popup with event details directly in monthview ▪flexible daily and weekly planner, quickly adjustable to 1-14days▪ the calendar widget of your choice: agenda widget, monthwidget,week widget etc. ▪ sync with Google Calendar, MicrosoftOutlook,Exchange etc. ▪ intuitive navigation with simple swipesbetweenmonth, week and day ▪ quickly show and hide calendars withthefavorite bar ▪ birthday calendar and public holidays calendar🚀Quick Appointment Scheduler ▪ drag events to the right timeswiftly▪ convenient dialogs to enter event details hassle-free ▪smartsuggestions for title, location and attendees based onpreviousentries ▪ powerful voice input feature to add events, tasksandbirthdays without any typing ▪ flexible recurrences 🔔 Don’tMissAnything ▪ status bar reminders or popup notifications ▪snoozereminders, show map, write email to attendees or checktasksdirectly from notification 🎨 Unique Widgets ▪ 7professionalcalendar widgets ▪ agenda widget, month widget, weekwidget, daywidget, task widget ▪ space-saving icon widget ▪ adapteachcalendar widget to your personal needs 🌏 Synchronized or Local▪sync of events with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange,Outlooketc. by using the Android calendar synchronization ▪ sync oftaskswith Google Tasks ▪ you can also use our calendar app aslocalappointment scheduler and organizer if you want 🔧 Always theRightTools ▪ easily invite attendees to meetings ▪ view andanswermeeting invitations in dedicated view ▪ heat map in year viewtofind free days quickly ▪ optional ongoing notification witheventcountdown ▪ live search in all views ▪ share your events andtaskseasily 🎉 Add Emoticons ▪ add over 600 emoticons to your eventsandtasks (Emoji artwork provided free byEmojiOne: 🌟 Premium Features You can downloadBusinessCalendar 2 for free and use it free of charge as long asyou want.Additionally you can unlock a lot of highly valuablepremiumfeatures in our calendar app by doing a one-time payment: ▪no ads▪ attach files & photos ▪ integrated weather report inday,month and agenda view ▪ easily move, copy and delete eventsusingdrag&drop in our weekly planner ▪ move, copy anddeletemultiple events at once using multi-selection in agenda ▪copy anevent to multiple days at once, e.g. to place your workshifts inno time ▪ suggestions for locations based on the databaseof TomTom▪ privately link a contact to your appointment ▪ easilycreatetemplates for new events and tasks ▪ repeating alarms ▪individualringtones for different calendars ▪ repeated tasks,subtasks andpriorities for tasks ▪ 22 beautiful themes for the app(e.g. darktheme) ▪ additional widget themes and premium options tocustomizeeach calendar widget ▪ new calendar widget "Day Pro"showingeverything that matters in one view ▪ print your schedule toPDF ▪individually configurable font sizes ▪ import and exportcalendardata (.ical, .ics) 💖 Developed with Energy and PassionBusinessCalendar is developed by a small, dedicated team in Berlin.We’recompletely self-sustained and only funded by the revenue ofourcalendar apps. By upgrading Business Calendar you will not onlygeta lot of professional premium features but also greatly supportthecontinuous development of the app. 😃 Follow us Read our tip oftheweek on Facebook:
ColorNote Notepad Notes
ColorNote® is a simple and awesome notepad app. It gives you aquickand simple notepad editing experience when you write notes,memos,e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. Takingnotes withColorNote® Notepad is easier than any other notepad ormemo pad app.* Notice * - If you cannot find the widget, thenplease read the FAQbelow. - When you're finished using thenotepad, an automatic savecommand preserves your individual note.* Product Description *ColorNote® features two basic note takingformats, a lined-paperstyled text option, and a checklist option.Add as many as you wantto your master list, which appears on theapp's home screen eachtime the program opens. This list may beviewed in traditionalascending order, in grid format, or by notecolor. - Taking a Note -Serving as a simple word processingprogram, the text option allowsfor as many characters as you'rewilling to type. Once saved, youcan edit, share, set a reminder,or check off or delete the notethrough your device's menu button.When checking off a text note,the app places a slash through thelist's title, and this will bedisplayed on the main menu. - MakingTo-do List or Shopping List -In the checklist mode, you can add asmany items as you'd like andarrange their order with drag buttonsactivated in the edit mode.After the list is finished and saved,you may check or uncheck eachline on your list with a quick tap,which will toggle a line slash.If all items have been checked,then the list's title is slashed aswell. * Features * - Organizenotes by color (color notebook) -Sticky note memo widget (Put yournotes on your home screen) -Checklist notes for To do list &Shopping list. (Quick andsimple list maker) - Checklist notes toget things done (GTD) -Organize your schedule by note in calendar- Write a diary andjournal in calendar - Password Lock note :Protect your notes withpasscode - Secured backup notes to SDstorage - Supports online backup and sync. You can sync notesbetween phone and tablet. - Remindernotes on status bar -List/Grid View - Search notes - Notepadsupports ColorDict Add-on -Powerful task reminder : Time Alarm, Allday, Repetition.(lunarcalendar) - Quick memo / notes - Wiki notelink : [[Title]] - Sharenotes via SMS, e-mail or Twitter * Onlinebackup and sync cloudservice * - Notes will be encrypted beforeuploading notes by usingthe AES standard, which is the sameencryption standard used bybanks to secure customer data. - It doesnot send any of your notesto the server without you signing in. -Sign-in with Google orFacebook. * Permissions * - Internet Access:For online backup& sync notes - Storage : For backup notes tothe storage of thedevice - Prevent phone from sleeping, controlvibrator,automatically start at boot: For reminder notes * FAQ * Q:How doyou put a sticky note widget on the home screen? A: Go to thehomescreen and hold down your finger on an empty space andchoosewidget, Color Note will then be desplayed so you can stick onthepage. Q: Why don't the widget, the alarm and notesremiderfunctions work? A: If the app is installed on the SD card,yourwidget, reminder, etc. will not work properly becauseAndroiddoesn't support these features when installed on an SD card!If youhave already moved the app to an SD card, but want thosefeatures,then you have to move the app back on the device andreboot yourphone. Settings - Applications - Manage Applications -Color Note -Move to Device Q: Where are backed up notes data on theSD card? A:'/data/colornote'or'/Android/data/com.socialnmobile.dictapps.notepad.color.note/files'onSD card Q: I forgot my master password. How can I change it? A:Menu→ Settings → Master Password → Menu Button → Clear Password.Youwill lose your current locked notes when you clear thepassword! Q:How can I create todo list note? A: New - Selectchecklist note -Put items - Save. Tap an item to strikethrough.
Ike - To-Do List, Task List 2.0
"What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent isseldomimportant." - Dwight 'Ike' EisenhowerIke is a playful to-dolist inthe spirit of President Eisenhower's priority matrix.Organizetasks by importance and urgency. Manage tasks usingintuitivegestures. Never forget a thing by adding due dates andlocationreminders. Go pro to unlock all the themes, widgets, theability toadd multiple reminders to each task, location reminders,images,and audio recordings.PrioritizePrioritize tasks, todos,andreminders into a priority matrix depending ontheirimportance/urgency. The Eisenhower method, also called aprioritymatrix, was popularized in Steven Covey’s “7 Habits ofHighlyEffective People”. Prioritizing tasks upfront is thecornerstone ofIke; prioritizing a task is the first thing you do,rather thanselecting it afterwards.Due DatesAdd a due date to atask to giveit a deadline. Due dates can repeat daily, weekly,monthly, yearly,or be customized to a variety of configurations,such as “every 3weeks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday”, or “every3months”.RemindersAdd multiple time or location-based reminderstoeach task. Tasks with due dates have time reminders depending onifa due date is at a set time or is an all day event, andreminderscan fire once or repeat. Default reminders for due datescan becustomized in the app settings. Location-based reminders canbeadded and customized for arriving at or leaving from alocation.View a map or get driving directions while viewing a taskthat haslocation-based reminders. The geofence detection radius canbecustomized as well as the detection time when arriving atalocation.Images and AudioAdd an image to a task to addmoreinformation about it, or to jazz it up. Images are seendirectly inyour task list so you don’t have to dig for it. Addaudiorecordings to a task using Google’s speech to text. Audio isplayeddirectly from the task list, and a speech to text is shownwhilethe audio is playing to make it easier to access. If you wanttoquickly add a task with a lot of information, audio is the waytogo.NotesAdd notes and descriptions to your tasks. We give youanentire screen to add whatever detailed informationyouwant.Customize and CelebrateCelebrate your accomplishmentswithdelightful animations, and visualize progress as youcompletetasks. Task lists can be customized with a variety of colorthemes,some free and some pro.WidgetsCreate widgets to add,edit,complete, and view tasks. We currently have a quick addwidget, atask list view widget, a task chip widget, and severalmatrixwidgets to efficiently get an overview of your to-do list.Ikeisfree to download and use.For a one time purchase, upgradeyourexperience to Ike Pro to unlock all themes, widgets, up tofivereminders per task, images, and audio recordings.Rate it ifyoulike Ike, tell us if you don’t! if you have any support issues,questions, orfeedback.
Todo list, Task list, Reminders @ MyEffectiveness 0.25.5
A simple yet powerful productivity framework inspired by thefamousbook. You can use it to write your grocery list, shoppinglist, dayto do list, define goals and mission statement, circleoutdistracting concerns. To-do list can be broken down intoprojects,checklists and action tasks. Todo actions have remindersand duedates for your to-dos so that you don’t miss them. You cansetrecurrences to have repeating actions. My Effectiveness helpsyouunderstand what to do, why you need to do it, and then do it.Theidea is: 1. Write what is your mission in life. 2. Write downwhatconcerns you have and which ones you can influence - visualizethemin the circles. 3. Define your roles. Look at your lifefromdifferent points. 4. Set the goals you want to reach for eachrole.You can set long-term or short-term goals. 5. Define concretesteps- actions. You can have a single step actions, or you candefinecomplex, multi-level project, or simple checklists. 6.Prioritiseyour actions using 2x2 matrix (a.k.a. Eisenhower matrix).7. Assigntasks to weekdays (use weekly planning). Use recurrencesandreminders. 8. Use Workodoro (pomodoro) to fightprocrastination(when you need to). Features: + Mission statement+Influences/concerns separation + Roles for context + Goal setting+Comprehensive action plan, put the tasksintoProjects/Actions/Checklists + Set your priorities + Remindersandrecurrences. + Weekly planner + Pomodoro + Notes + Backup toandrestore from Google Drive™ If you have issues, feedback or asimplethought about the application that you want to share with us,weare very happy to get that. Please, send them,or write them anywhere in the, or withinthe review comments. Thefeedback from you is very welcome! Accountpermissions are requiredfor Google API access.
Appest Inc.
GTasks is a simple and efficient todo / task management appwithGoogle synchronization. You can customize your to do list,setreminder, send tasks to your friends, family members orcolleaguesand sync with your Google Tasks perfectly. With it, youwill nevermiss a task and focus on what really matters to boostproductivity.Latest Update: ** New Material Design update to adaptto Android L(5.0) ** Import tasks from Astrid ** Widget doesn'twork if GTaskswas installed on SD card. Please move it back tophone internalstorage and reboot your device. Features: 1.ICS(Android 4.0) stylewith bulk indent/move/set due date/delete andso on 2. View yourtasks on Google Calendar 3. Synchronize withmultiple Googleaccounts automatically; also support local mode 4.Customize syncmode: auto sync, manual sync or sync whenopen/exit/background sync5. Batch add tasks 6. Scroll horizontallyto switch betweentasks/task lists 7. Sort your tasks by duedate/name/createtime/priority 8. Re-arrange your tasks easily bydragging &dropping 9. Indent to create subtasks 10. Send tasksto friends,families and colleagues 11. Set customized repeatingreminders:daily/weekly/monthly... and so on 12. Quick add tasks bypressingthe search key 13. Quick add tasks via ‘note to self’ voicecommandwith Google Now 14. Quick search tasks 15. Create differenthomescreen Widgets (scrolling in LauncherPro/ADWLauncher/GOLauncher)We are asking for permissions to access Contacts, Phonestatus,Microphone & Calendar on your phone in order to offerrelatedfeatures.
This is a simple check list for organize your life. We arepursuingauthentic simplicity and comfortable control. Features: -Rearrangethe order with drag and drop - Delete with drag and drop -Voiceinput - Home screen widget No ads. No frills. No confusingdetails.Does not require any permission. Does not require anaccount. Forshopping list, todo list, task list, memo, reminder,etc... It's upto you.
Daily check: Routine Work 2.6.5
~~ The simple daily routine management app is here! Roubit~~★Description This is an application that specializes inmanagingyour daily routines. There are absolutely no uselessfeatures inthis app. If you want to create a routine task, it's assimple astapping the plus button. To remove a routine task, simplypress andhold the task in the list. By creating daily routines, youcan formgood habits that will change your life. ★Usage example・Yourfavorite weekly TV shows ・Weekly magazine releases・Garbagecollection day ・Any daily tasks you can think of It is upto youhow you use this app.! ★Contact us If you have anyopinions,feedback, or ideas about new features you'd like us toimplement,please email us. ★Librarybutterknifeactiveandroid floatingactionbutton drag sort listview★LicenseLicensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the"License"); youmay not use this file except in compliance with theLicense. Youmay obtain a copy of the Licenseat Unless requiredbyapplicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributedunderthe License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUTWARRANTIESOR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. SeetheLicense for the specific language governing permissionsandlimitations under the License.
Goal Meter: Goal Tracker, Habit Changer,To-Do List 2.7.92
Achieve your goals or change your habits faster. Create to-dolistfor your goals or habits. Improving your daily routine.Scheduleyour day in advance. Increasing your productivity.Improving yourefficiency. Change your bad habits and create newgood habits.Theseare what you can do with Goal Meter, your To-DoList for goalachieving and habit changing.Have you ever wonderedwhy some peopleachieve significant results in a day, while theaverage person isalways busy but achieving not much? The answer isthat successfulpeople plan their day in advance, and work on theirgoals orhabits.With Goal Meter you can remove your bad daily habitsandroutines into good habits and achieve your goals or removebadhabits faster than ever.TOP FEATURES★ Free★ Best user-friendlygoaltracker and habit changer app★ Beautiful Design: Goal Meteriswarped in a beautiful design with tons of funny cartooncharacters,making it one of the most beautifully-designed apps onthe market.★Time Management: Broken down into daily routines andhabits,suitable for anyone who wants to do more in less time.Efficientgoal tracking system to maximize goal achievement andhabittracking. ★ Daily or Weekly Routine Schedule Planner: You canputyour goals or habits into daily or weekly routines. You cancreatea To-Do List to track your goal or habit progressefficiently.★Goal/Habit statistic analyses: Set your goals, measurethem, andsee statistics about your progress. Best goal planner andachieversystem for short-term and long term goals or habits★Notificationsand Reminders: Goal Meter sends you notificationsabout when totake action and work on your goal★ Auto Backup andSync: Your datais automatically backed up and synchronized with ourservers.★Goal/ habit templates: Goal Meter comes with tons of readyto pickgoals and habits such as:● Study: Study hard, prepare for anexam,read a book● Exercise: General Exercise, Stretching,Running,Walking, Bicycling, Swimming, Yoga, Climbing, Dancing,Soccer,Football, Skiing● Diet: Eat Breakfast, No Fast Food, LoseWeight,Eat more Fruits & Vegetables, Eat Fish● Work: WorkHard,Schedule my Day, Networking, Apply for a New Job, OrganizeyourWorkplace, Stay Focus at Work● Health: Health Checkup,DentalCheckup, Meditate, Get Enough Sleep, Lunch Break, Go onVacation●Bad habits to stop: Stop Smoking, Stop Drug Addiction,Stopwatching too much TV, Stop overusing drugs,● Financial: SaveMoney,Get out of Debt, Pay off Credit Cards, Pay off StudentLoans,Emergency Fund, Live on Less than You EarnYou can use GoalMeter asa to-do list, daily task reminder, student calendar,timetableplanner, routine schedule organizer, productivity habittool, dailytime manager or daily planner. And it can be moreconvenient than acalendar for routine tasks, as it doesn't clutteryour calendarschedule. We want Goal Meter to be a powerfulproductivity tool foryou, so if you like it don't hesitate to tellus what you'd like toadd.FOUND A BUG OR ISSUE?If you found a bug oran issue, please,please send us email (, wewill fix anyproblems your may have. Please don't leave bad commentsbeforeemailing us your issue. Thanks!TRANSLATIONSGoal Meter isavailablein:English and Polish (More languages are beingtranslated)YOU AREIMPORTANTGoal Meter is still young and for thatreason your supportis crucial. If you like it and think it has agreat potentialplease give us a nice review, it really helps.Thanks! But if youreally don't, please tell us what you would liketo change, wereally want to know in order to improve. Many manythanks!
com.ToDoReminder.gen 2.68.46
To Do Reminder- “Make life easier” It's a quick, simple and easytouse reminder app. No Stress, Feel Relaxed. It will remindyoueverything!! Memory like a sieve? Now there’s no need torememberall those things that you have to do, because To DoReminder willdo that for you! It’s quick and easy to use; you canset a task inthe reminder list in mere seconds. It's a bestreminder app withalarm. App can helps you to remind - Daily TodoTasks, Meetings,Homework and Assignments, Business Appointments,TakingMedication/Pills, Paying Bills, Policy renewals, ImportantCalls,Birthdays, Anniversaries and many more. It has followingkeyfeatures - Easy and quick to set reminders. - Customiseyourreminder in your own way with repeat options minute, hour,daily,weekly, monthly, weekdays, yearly. - Can set in-advancealerts forReminders. - Can choose reminder alert as Notification orAlarm. -It will remind you with alarm notification with yourfavouritesound. - With Speech-to-Text, no need to type to createanReminder. - Can smartly handle your reminder notification incaseof Driving Car etc for your safe drive. - Synchronise birthdaysandanniversaries of your friends from Facebook, Phonebook,GoogleCalendar, or add them manually. - Post birthday wishes withlovelycards on your friends Facebook wall or send them Wishes byGmail,SMS, WhatsApp. - Daily Google drive Auto backup - With Backup&Restore, you can save all your reminders to SDCard, asmailattachments or upload to Drive. - You can see all remindernotes onhome screen using app widget. - Can choose Day or Nighttheme forgood visibility. - You can set reminders to friends andremind yourfriends to remember something important. With this SendReminderfeature, you can : 1. Set an Alarm for your friends to meetup. 2.Set an Alarm for your husband to buy groceries while hereturnsfrom office. 3. Set a Reminder for your office meetings. 4.Set aBirthday Reminder. 5. Set a Gentle Reminder to a friends whoowesmoney. Important Note - Please make sure that you don't preventthealarms from working with a battery saver app, a task killerapp.These apps always have an option like "Ignore list" or"whiteList".You have to add app into it to allow app to work. Why doesthe app ask permissions to access personal data? Contactaccess -It allow the app to sync birthdays from phonebook and showthat onBirthdays screen Photos / Media / Files- It allow the app totakebackup or restore the tasks and birthdays. Got a questionorsuggestion? Just email us, and we will be happy to help. YOUCANHELP! BY * Give Rating and comment on Google Play. * Like usonFacebook * Join usonGoogle+ page * Shareandjoin on Facebook, Google+ or twitter using thislink keep us motivated to work on new features.You can contactwithus at Thanks :)
Microsoft To Do: List, Task & Reminder
Got something on your mind? Get Microsoft To Do. Whether you wanttoincrease your productivity, decrease your stress levels, orjustfree up some mental space, Microsoft To Do makes it easy toplanyour day and manage your life. With Microsoft To Do, you can:•Stay focused with My Day, a personalized daily plannerwithsuggested tasks • Get your lists anywhere, on any device •Sharelists and assign tasks with your friends, family, colleagues,andclassmates • Personalize your lists with bold andcolorfulbackgrounds • Set one-time or recurring due dates andreminders •Break your tasks into manageable steps • Add notes toany task •Attach files up to 25 MB to any task • Sync your tasksbetweenOutlook and To Do • Group your lists together by topic orprojectWhether it's for work, school, or home, To Do helps youorganizeand simplify your plans. To Do is free and available on allyourdevices. Learn more: Follow usonTwitter: @MicrosoftToDo Have an idea or featuresuggestion? Needsupport? By installing MicrosoftTo Do,you agree to the Microsoft Terms ofUse:
Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Google LLC
Quickly capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later attheright place or time. Speak a voice memo on the go and haveitautomatically transcribed. Grab a photo of a poster, receiptordocument and easily organize or find it later in search.GoogleKeep makes it easy to capture a thought or list for yourself,andshare it with friends and family. Capture what’s on your mind •Addnotes, lists and photos to Google Keep. Pressed for time? Recordavoice memo and Keep will transcribe it so you can find itlater.Share ideas with friends and family • Easily plan thatsurpriseparty by sharing your Keep notes with others andcollaborating onthem in real time. Find what you need, fast • Colorand add labelsto code notes to quickly organize and get on withyour life. If youneed to find something you saved, a simple searchwill turn it up.Always within reach • Keep works on your phone,tablet, computerand Android wearables. Everything you add syncsacross all of yourdevices so your thoughts are always with you. Theright note at theright time • Need to remember to pick up somegroceries? Set alocation-based reminder to pull up your grocerylist right when youget to the store. Available everywhere • TryGoogle Keep on the webat and find it in theChrome Web Store at Permissions NoticeCamera: This is usedto attach images to notes in Keep. Contacts:This is used to sharenotes to contacts. Microphone: This is used toattach audio tonotes. Location: This is used to set and firelocation-basedreminders. Storage: This is used to add attachmentsfrom storage totheir notes.
Keep My Notes - Notepad, Memo, Checklist 1.70.55
Easy & simple notepad that you can use for quick note takingoras a private notebook. Features: * Offline notepad that you canuseto write on all the notes to remember without the need forinternetconnection. * Checklist for things that need to be done andlists.* Notepad with password. You can make all your notespasswordprotected. * Memo alarm reminders for your checklist notes.Thenotepad alarms of the reminders can be repeated daily, monthlyoryearly. * Write notes with finger (handwritten note taking&drawings). * Take audio notes using the voice recordingnotepad. *You can set private note locks for specific notes orchecklistswithout having to lock the entire app. * Share yourrecorded noteswith other apps. * Spell check text of your notes. *Wordpad styles: bold, italic, underline, strikethrough andhighlight options. *Sticky note widget (notes for home screen). *Speech to text notesusing android voice recognition. * Pictureattachments for notes. *Notepad with no lines (no lines under thetext of your note). *Light theme and dark theme. Choose the themeyou are mostcomfortable with when writing notes. * Adjust the textfont colorused for writing notes. * Control the text size used whenwritingnotes. * Offline backup and restore of all your recordednotes. *Lite notepad app that opens and loads quickly. * Can beused inportrait mode for android phones and landscape mode forandroidtablets. * Free notepad. Check the frequently askedquestionsection on the website before askingquestions: for 'Keep My Notes':
Time Planner - Schedule, To-Do List, Time Tracker 3.3.0_5 (Massive Star)
Do you also keep planning 100 things a day to see youaccomplishmaximum 10 in the end? Does your time fly very fast aswell? Haveyou ever thought, where it has disappeared? Quitwondering where,see it with your own eyes! If you are tired ofkeeping lots of timemanagement apps like calendars, to-do lists,habit trackers,timers, alarms, note pads, try Time Planner that hasall thosetools included. Save time and boost your productivity indifferentareas of life! Why this App? • Fast and optimized timemanagementtool • Absolutely no ads (seriously!) • Convenientschedule withtimeline and part of the day modes • Easy timetracking withbubbles • Handy customizing with loads of icons andcolors •Hierarchical structure of categories and subcategories •Remindersof different types • Task priority marks • Notes withrichformatting • Alarm + captcha to fight procrastination •Mooncalendar • Import events from Google calendar • BackupAdditionallyfor Pro version: ▸ Unlimited and detailed statistics ofyourexpectations and the reality ▸ Multiple nesting levels ofsubtasks▸ Various filters ▸ Timer, stopwatch and countdown ▸ Widgetforquick access ▸ Enriched settings, including more sounds Alsoourusers proved this app goes well with: 🌞 Early wake ups 🚰Waterdrinking monitoring 🚭 Controlling bad habits like smoking📥Quitting constant email / feed checking ⚖️ Finding balancebetweenwork and family 🎾 Making more time for hobbies 🏠FlyLadyhousekeeping system 🥕 Finding self motivation to get thingsdone 🎯Being focused and concentrated on what you're doing Followus:
DigiCal Calendar Agenda 2.0.4
🏆 Favorite: best calendar apps for Android – The Next Web 🏆DigiCalis one of the most flexible, customizable calendars –Lifehacker   Our daily planner has a clean design andmultipleagenda views to make scheduling quick and easy.   ☁ SYNCWITH GOOGLE CALENDAR, OUTLOOK AND EXCHANGE   📆 7POWERFUL AND CLEAN AGENDA VIEWS Scheduleappointments with our easyto use planner that offers the day, week,agenda, month, textmonth, list and year view to all your events.   📅 6BEAUTIFUL AND EASY CUSTOMIZABLE CALENDAR WIDGETSUse our planner toorganize and get a clear overview of your busyschedule with 9beautiful pre-set themes available for the list,grid, day, daylist, text month and month widgets    🎄PREMIUM HOLIDAY,SPORTS, TV, FINANCE AND LIFESTYLE CALENDAR ⚽ Getaccess to morethan 560k+ public holiday, sports and TV schedulesworldwide thatyou can add to your agenda.    ☔ GLOBALWEATHER FORECASTDetailed weather info is displayed in our planner:temperature,humidity, precipitation, pressure, cloud cover, wind,sunrise andsunset    🌃 MATERIAL DESIGN DARK THEME Improvevisibilityat night and save energy    🌈 42 COLORS FOREASIERORGANIZING! Lots of color options for your organizerincludingcolor synchronization with Google Calendar.    🔰BUILT-INLOCATION SEARCH Faster address entry with GooglePlacesAutocomplete    🔔 Notifications with snooze, mapsandnavigation 🔒 Local calendar for extra privacy, no syncingrequired📆 Combined date & time picker for faster scheduling 🎊Manageinvitations with RSVP and reply to event organizer and guests✈Schedule your appointments in both local and foreign time zone🌉Event image matching in 27 languages    ☀ PREMIUMWEATHERFORECAST - Detailed hourly weather forecast for the next 48hours,and 3 hourly for the next 15 days - Interactive temperatureandprecipitation graph - Manage and save your favoriteweatherlocations    🌟 DigiCal+ features: - 2 extrawidgets:month widget and month calendar widget - Year view withheat mapfor spotting free and busy period - Unlock newcustomizationoptions for the calendar widgets and agenda views - 7extra widgetthemes - 42 theme colors - Custom snooze option - Noads   Tutorial:   Needhelp?  Website:   Facebook:   Google+:  BetaChannel:  Twitter:
Day by Day Organizer
Day by Day is a planning application designed to fullyimplementGoogle Calendar and Google Tasks as an all-in-oneAndroidapplication. With its help you can plan your future scheduleusingany Android device and this schedule will be available for allyourphones and tablets connected to Internet. Features: ▪presentationof events and tasks in one list ▪ synchronization withGoogleCalendar and Google Tasks ▪ incorporation of yourcontacts’birthdays into the common list ▪ easy-to-handle agenda andmonthview ▪ text month view, text week view, day view ▪interactivewidget on the device desktop ▪ configurable widgetlayout ▪ lockscreen widget in Android 4.2+ Jelly Bean ▪ birthdayreminder ▪voice input ▪ search function Demo mode in free versionhas thefollowing functions (after demo mode is over, only infullversion): ▪ text month widget, week widget - Android 4.1+supported▪ ability to use different profiles in widgets and the app▪invitations for events and check of guest list ▪ Tasker appissupported. E.g. you can have a task reminder to go off whenyoucome towork.▪subtasks or todo lists in your events and tasks ▪ rich setofoptions for recurrent task ▪ priority in tasks ▪ users cansharetext information from another app with Day by Day, forexample,when creating task or event (full version only) You will beable tocreate the events with fixed beginning and end, as well astheevents which due to a certain time or which could be postponed,inany case you will be prompted to set a reminder which will helpyoukeep track on your schedule. This organizer is so simple thatnofurther explanation is actually needed, just download andenjoy!Use our Chrome (Chromium) extension to add tasks and eventsquicklyright from your desktop! For more details visit Chrome WebStore: team wishes you more interesting events and tasks youwouldlove to accomplish with a little help from Day by Day! Day byDayteam 7.4
siteface ug
LYRIA is the easiest way to get things done. It was developedtoorganize your tasks, manage your to do lists and optimizeyourproductivity. It's beautifully designed, simple and fast.MANAGEYOUR TASKS Easily create tasks, add them to your to do listandaccess them from everywhere. Add a shopping list, planyourhousehold, organize a holiday or manage your daily work -it'seasy. SHARE AND COLLABORATE Share your lists andworkcollaboratively on projects with your colleagues, friendsandfamily. LYRIA makes teamwork easy and effective. NOTIFICATIONSGetnotified when important changes happen via emails orpushnotifications. ATTACHMENTS Attach files to any task on your todolist. Feel free to attach photos or documents of any kind.COMMENTSDiscuss and comment on the tasks on your to do lists. Addas manydetails as you want. TASK PRIORITIES Focus on what'simportantusing LYRIAs color-coded priority levels. WIDGETS Manageyour tasksfrom your homescreen. You are free to create as manywidgets as youwant. WORKSPACES LYRIA is suited even for biggerteams. Lyriaenables you to add workspaces and manage your projects.DATA BACKUPLYRIA provides a backup service, so you will never looseyour data.BEAUTIFUL DESIGN LYRIA prodives a distraction-freedesign. You areeven free to customize your theme, change thebackground colors andmake it your own. WHY REGISTER FOR LYRIA? Theregistration enablesyou to collaborate with other people, backupyour data, writecomments and synchronize your data between all yourdevices (likephone, tablet and pc). We guarantee that your e-mailaddress isbeing kept secret and we sell no data to other people orcompanies.Please also read our terms of use. :) You need a perfectand mostbeautiful task management? Then try LYRIA. It's easy,it'sbeautiful, it's free! :o) Website with
- Focus on what matters most and have access to yourinformationwhen you need it. - Input typed notes or scanhandwritten notes,add to-do’s, photos, images, web pages, oraudio... and it’s allinstantly searchable. - Create notebooks,organizers, planners andorganize them any way you want and sharewith anyone. - Sync yournotes and notebooks across your devices soyour information isalways with you. "Use Evernote as the place youput everything …Don’t ask yourself which device it’s on—it’s inEvernote" – The NewYork Times “When it comes to taking all mannerof notes and gettingwork done, Evernote is an indispensable tool.”– PC Mag *GETORGANIZED* • Write, collect and capture ideas assearchable notes,notebooks, memos, checklists and to-do lists. It’sthe only plannerand organizer you need • Keep journals, documentingthe news andwriting the events and milestones of your daily life •Take notesand create notepads in a variety of formats, including:text,sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings and more •Usecamera capture to easily scan and comment on pieces ofpaper,including printed documents, business cards, handwritingandsketches • Attach Microsoft Office docs, PDFs and photos •Createseparate notepads to organize your memos, receipts, billsandinvoices • Use Evernote as a digital notepad, plannerandeasy-to-format word processor for all your thoughts and memosasthey come *SYNC ANYWHERE* • Sync all your notes andnotebooksautomatically across any computer, phone or tablet • Startyourwriting and task working on one device and continue onanotherwithout ever missing a beat *SHARE YOUR IDEAS* • Create,share anddiscuss your notes and memos with the people who help getyour workdone, all in one app • Get inspired and brainstormcreative ideasby working collaboratively • Share your notepads,memos, journals,planner, organizer with your friends, colleagues orfamily*EVERNOTE IN EVERYDAY LIFE* • Make personal to do lists tokeepyour thoughts organized by writing • Set reminders to keep ontopof activities and write to-do lists • Gather, capture andstoreevery thought you need to stay productive • Plan events suchasholidays, weddings or parties • Use it as a planner toorganizeyour life with the smart notebook • Create smart notebooks,writememos and journals on the go with the easy-to-use notepad*EVERNOTEIN BUSINESS* • Create agendas and planners, write notes,memos,journals and craft presentations. Use it as your ultimateplanner,organizer and notepad at work • Annotate documents withcommentsduring team meetings, then share with colleagues *EVERNOTEINEDUCATION* • Keep up with lecture notes so you don’t miss avitalthought • Use it as a planner and organizer to keep trackoflecture notes, exams and assignments • Create differentsmartnotebooks and planners for each class and keep everythingorganized• Keep track of your upcoming exams, assignments anddeadlines inyour planner • Clip and highlight articles from the webforacademic research • Discuss and annotate notes, memos anddrafts*HOME SCREEN WIDGET* Access Evernote easier and faster usingtheHome screen widget Also available from Evernote: EVERNOTEPREMIUM -The ultimate workspace. • 10 GB of new uploads each month•Unlimited number of devices • Access your notes andnotebooksoffline • Save emails to Evernote • Search inside Officedocs andattachments • Annotate PDFs • Scan and digitize businesscards •Show notes as presentations, instantly $7.99 monthly,$69.99annually Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will bechargedto your credit card through your Google account. Yoursubscriptionwill automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24hours beforethe end of the current period. You will not be able tocancel thesubscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions inAccountSettings.
Task & Project Management - MeisterTask 2.07.1
MeisterTask is an intuitive tool for project management andtaskmanagement. It is ideal for your personal organization, butalsofor agile and efficient teams. MeisterTask runs both on yourmobiledevices and online in your Internet browser! Whether you wanttomanage projects and tasks of all kinds or create clear to-dolistsand checklists, with its versatile functions and flexibleKanbanboards, MeisterTask offers everything you need to worktogetherwith your team to make workflows much more efficient.Notificationskeep you up to date on the progress of your colleagueswhileensuring that you never lose track of your own tasks or missanimportant deadline. But MeisterTask is more than a simpletaskmanagement tool: it's a place where all yourproject-relatedinformation is securely stored and yet available toall projectmembers at all times. It's a place where you can gaininsights intothe productivity of your team and track the progressof yourprojects. Moreover, it is a place where work is really fun!FeatureHighlights - FREE Basic Plan: - Create an unlimited numberofprojects and invite others to collaborate with you - Dashboardwithquick access to all your tasks - Checklists / predefinedchecklists- Notifications keep you up to date on what's happeningin yourteam - Real-time communication across all devices - Activitylistin projects and tasks - Leave comments in tasks and'like'activities - Integrated time recording Feature Highlights-Pro-Plan: - Create project groups - Upload custom wallpapersfordashboard and projects - Create multiple checklists within atask -Recurring tasks - File attachments up to 200 MB per file -Automateprocesses with different actions - Statistics and reportsFeatureHighlights - Business Plan: - Assign roles and permissions -Shareprojects with your entire team - Custom fields - Complianceandactivity exports - Priority Support Note: To use MeisterTask,youmust create a free user account. If you already have anaccount,using the mobile app will not cost you extra. The basicversion ofMeisterTask is free. You can try the pro-plan for freefor a weekif you want to. If you are satisfied with your trialversion, donot change anything and your membership willautomatically resumeas a monthly subscription with automaticrenewal. Privacy Policy: Termsof use:
BZ Reminder 2.5.1
Atlas Profit
How often do you forget to do something? With this app you canJUSTREMEMBER EVERYTHING that you want to do, and improveyourproductivity! You can easily control all the tasks that are inyourto-do list, and be sure that you will do them. ★ Easy to useandstraightforward reminder & to-do list app. Made for thosewhowant to set up tasks super quickly. You do not even have totakeyour phone out of your pocket, you can just set reminder rightfromyour android wear smart watch. Also you can use it as notesapp.Key features: • Repeating / Recurring Tasks • Birthdays •Alerts •Snooze tasks • Mark tasks with colors • Notes •CustomizableWidgets • Calendar with reminders • Missed callreminder • Androidwear smart watch support: create reminder withvoice recognition,snooze or complete it right from smart watch •You can set areminder every hour, for example, "drink water." Thiscan help youto drink more water and feel better • much more! ★ Nowyou can addbirthday or anniversary. Import birthdays from contactsandsynchronize them so they are always kept safe and never lost.Youcan easily view all the birthdays on the calendar.Previousapplication name is Bzzz.
Advanced Task Manager 6.4.3
Works on Android Nougat 7.0 with latest system update!! Killtasks,free memory, speed up phone, save battery life, 1 tap boostyourphone. ■ Feature ----------------------------- • Killselectedtasks • RAM Cleaner • CPU lagging monitor (Remind user ifCPUlagged by some apps) • App or game killer • Android optimizer•Ignore apps when kill tasks • Auto kill tasks on every screen off•Regular kill • Startup Kill • One click task kill widget •Quickuninstaller • Show battery life • Support all android version•Kill GPS: Kill apps to stop GPS • Memory Booster, RAM Booster•Memory Cleaner, RAM Cleaner • Permission manager addon forAndroid4.3 (App Ops) • Holo style ■Description----------------------------- The Advanced Task Managercan listall the running tasks on your phone and it can help youstop any ofthe tasks easily and quickly. It is also a taskmanagement toolwhich can manage all the installed apps on yourphone. The taskmanagement mechanism of android system has beenchanged after therelease of the version 2.2 of the android system.Task killerscannot kill the services and notifications on yourphone. By use ofthe Advanced Task Manager, you can thoroughly stoptasks in thefollowing steps: 1) long press the task that you wantto stop 2)chose the “force stop” option 3) press the the “forcestop” buttonon the application info system panel If you want tomanage runningservices, click menu->service, then it will openthe systemservice panel where you can stop running services.**Please notethat installing other task manager or task killertools may makeyour phone unstable or cause potential conflict.** ■FAQ----------------------------- Q: Why do apps restart againafterkilling? A: Some apps are restarted by system events. Appscannotbe prevented from restarting because of system limitation.Wesuggest you to enable auto kill in settings, and it will killtaskson every screen off. It will help to save battery life andreleasememory for the phone. Q: How can I add apps to the ignorelist? A:You can long press the task that you want to ignore, andthen youwill get a poped up context menu, click "Ignore". Theignored appswill not be shown in the task list, and will never bekilled. Youcan manage the ignored apps in settings. Q: How can Imanagestartup apps? There is "Startup Kill" in settings. It canhelp youto kill tasks when system starts up. ■Trademark----------------------------- The Android robot ismodified fromwork created and shared by Google and used accordingto termsdescribed in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
Goal Tracker & Habit List 2.1.1
Do you want to change habits? Track goals? Accomplish newyear'sresolutions? Goal Tracker & Habit Streak will help youbykeeping track of your progress. It is inspired by JerrySeinfeld’sProductivity Secret: ”Get a big wall calendar that has awhole yearon one page and hang it on a prominent wall. The nextstep is toget a big magic marker. For each day that you do yourtask, put abig mark over that day. After a few days you’ll have achain. Justkeep at it and the chain will grow longer every day.You’ll likeseeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeksunder yourbelt. Your only job next is to not break the chain. Don’tbreak thechain.” Why to use Goal Tracker & Habit List: Allfree. Noadds, no in-app purchases. Easy to use. Daily, weekly,monthly,yearly habits / goals. Schedule weekly habits / goals foranycombination of week days. Notifications. You don't forget totakeaction. Widgets (only Android 4.0 and later). Your habits /goalsare at your fingertips. Export to Google Drive, Dropbox,and/orlocal storage (/storage/sdcard/Goal Tracker Habit Streak).Younever lose your habits / goals. Daily auto backup to localstorage.Use calendar to select any day in last week and restorehabits /goals if needed. Weekly progress calendar view. Log allhabits /goals on one screen. Monthly calendar view. Log all days ononescreen. Google Play backups.Your habits / goals shouldbetransferred to your new devices (depends on your settings). "Sowathought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap ahabit;sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and youreapa destiny." Emerson, Ralph Waldo Czech translation.Frenchtranslation thanks to Michael Stringham. German translation.Hebrewtranslation thanks to Yuval Melamed. Hungarian translation.Polishtranslation thanks to Szymon Łabędziewski. Portuguesetranslationthanks to Michael Stringham. Russian translation.Spanishtranslation thanks to Javier Pérez. Turkish translation. Ifyouwish to contribute to Goal Tracker & Habit Listtranslationplease visit Featuregraphics:License Some rights reserved byanieto2k
Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List 8.3
Focus To-Do combines Pomodoro Timer with Task Management, it isascience-based app that will motivate you to stay focused andgetthings done. It brings Pomodoro Technique and To Do List intooneplace, you can capture and organize tasks into your todolists,start focus timer and focus on work & study, setreminders forimportant tasks and errands, check the time spent atwork. It's theultimate app for managing Tasks, Reminders, Lists,Calendar events,Grocery lists, checklist, helping you focus on work& study andtracking your working hours. Focus To-Do syncsbetween your phoneand computer, so you can access your lists fromanywhere. How itworks: 1. Pick a task you need to accomplish. 2.Set a timer for 25minutes, keep focused and start working. 3. Whenthe pomodoro timerrings, take a 5 minute break. Key Features: - ⏱Pomodoro Timer:Stayfocused and get more things done. Pause andresume PomodoroCustomizable pomodoro/breaks lengths Notificationbefore the end ofa Pomodoro Support for short and long breaks Skipa break after theend of a Pomodoro Continuous Mode - ✅ TasksManagement: TaskOrganizer, Schedule Planner, Reminder, HabitTracker, Time TrackerTasks and projects: Organise your day withFocus To-Do and completeyour to do, study, work, homework orhousework you need to getdone. Recurring tasks: Build lastinghabits with powerful recurringdue dates like "Every Monday".Reminders: Setting a Reminderensures you never forget importantthings ever again, you can setup recurring due dates to remind youeach and every time.Sub-tasks: Break down your task into smaller,actionable items oradd a checklist . Task Priority: Highlight yourday’s mostimportant To-Do with color-coded priority levels.EstimatedPomodoro Number: Estimate the workload or set a goal.Note: Recordmore detailed about the task. - 📊 Report: Detailedstatistics ofyour time distribution, tasks completed. Support thecalculation ofthe total time of Focus Time. Gantt Chart of theFocus Time.Statistics on completed To Do. Statistics on timedistribution ofproject. Trend chart of the completed To Do and thefocus time. -🖥📲 All-Platform synchronization: View and manage yourgoalswherever you are for better goal achieving.Supportseamless synchronizationwithiniPhone、Mac、Android、Windows、iPad、Apple Watch. - 🌲 Forest: Turnyourfocused moments into a lovely plant, a interesting way tobuildmotivation and makes you productive Focus on work andstudy,generate sunlight for the plant, and grow with the plant. - 🚫AppWhitelist: Stop getting distracted by apps when focusing andgetmore things done. - 🎵 Various Reminding: Focus Timerfinishedalarm, vibration reminding. Various white noise to help youfocuson work & study. - Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report View all ofyourtracked time in a calendar view. - Support prevention ofscreenlock: Check the pomodoro time left by keeping the screen on.-Handy Widget: Get easy access to your to do by adding achecklistwidget to your home screen Contact,reply within 12 hours. Website: Pomodoro ™and Pomodoro Technique ® areregistered trademarks of FrancescoCirillo. This app is notaffiliated with Francesco Cirillo. Usershave been focused on ourapp for 200 million hours, join us and wehelp you to be focused andincrease your productivity, reduceprocrastination and anxiety.
Google Calendar
Google LLC
Get the official Google Calendar app for your Android phoneandtablet to save time and make the most of every day. •Differentways to view your calendar - Quickly switch between month,week andday view. • Events from Gmail - Flight, hotel, concert,restaurantreservations and more are added to your calendarautomatically. •To-dos - Use Reminders to create and view to-dosalongside yourevents. • Goals - Add personal goals—like “run 3times a week”—andCalendar will schedule time for themautomatically. • All yourcalendars in one place - Google Calendarworks with all calendarson your phone, including Exchange.
Week Planner Diary, Organizer, Calendar, Daybook 5.0
Week Plan Inc
7-DAY FREE TRIAL PERIOD (if desired, $0,99 after the freetrialperiod). If you are reading this text, then you are lookingfor agood organizer. Congratulations! You have found it! WeekPlannerwill save your time and money! Our planner is the easiestway toplan and schedule events and work with them. If you likeusingdiaries with week view, this calendar is for you! You do notneedto carry paper diary any longer! A paper organizer with a weekviewis in your smartphone now! The Week Planner is aninteractiveonline manager that captures your schedule and ideassystematicallyand effortlessly. It unites your notepads,checklists, paperorganizers and project management tools in oneefficient and veryaccessible application. You will not findcumbersome mechanisms ofmaking entries, and you certainly do notneed a training to use ourapplication. If you are used to havingplanners with a week view,this application is certainly for you! -“Finally!!! Finally I havefound a diary, which I have been lookingfor: SIMPLE!” - "So great!I know all my plans instead of having tolook at the calendar." -"So easy to use. I really appreciate thelook of the planner." -"This was the only planner app I could findthat was both simpleand useful." Organize your life! Nothing isbetter than keepingyour diary, events' calendar and task listalways at your hand. Youcan also accurately plan your time and addthe latest updates onthe go – it is that easy. Week view is themost convenient view forplanning! Express yourself! Why notcustomize the design, font, andtext color of your agenda the wayyou want it? Moreover, theprogram supports many foreign languagesand switches to daily,two-day view and monthly calendar. You haveno option but to startusing it right away! Secure your data! Trythe next features tomaximize your notes' safety: - Synchronize theWeek Planner withyour Google Cloud or other devices; - Protect yourprivacy withTouch ID or Face ID; - Lock your thoughts with apasscode; - Enjoythe automatic back-up system. Maximize yourproductivity! Using theWeek Planner, you can also review your pastnotes for months andyears, as well as set up recurring events on adaily, weekly,monthly and annual basis. Doesn't it sound fantastic?Feel free to:- Choose first day of week – Monday or Sunday; -Change week viewto two-day or one-day view; - Choose and change anynumber of timesthe design; - Choose font and its color; - Chooselanguage whichdoes not depend on the main language of your device;- Easily makeentries for months and years back and forth; - Easilymake anyevents repeated/recurrent: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly,on exactdates, set the length of such events, cancel them; - Deletethecompleted task or unnecessary entry; - Set and obtainnotificationsabout important events; - Save versions for subsequentprinting; -Carry out search of events and entries; - Saveentriesautomatically or in a “forced” manner; - Change the Fontcolor toany you like; - Copy, Paste, Move etc. Entries; - BackUpand Syncyour entries and keep them confidential using the password!Youwill see all your plans at a glance – just open the app andyouwill see all schedules, appointments, reminders etc in yourhand.No need to keep paper notes, no need to fill out any sort offorms.Don’t hesitate to contact us shall you have any questionsorsuggestions at or use an online forminthe app. Learn more: Website: www.weekplan.proFacebook: Tags:Calendar,Planner, Organiser, Diary, Notes, Schedule, Daily, Plan,Week, Planfor the week, Text editor, Study, School diary, Lessons,Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,Dailyevents, Weekly, Monthly, Annual, Text color, Text size,Calendar,Planner, Organizer, Schedule, Productivity Apps.
Stuff - Todo Widget (To Do List & Notes)
Stuff is a convenient and minimalistic to do widget thatworksstraight from the homescreen. Add tasks to your to do list injustone click. The most convenient way to manage your to-dosonAndroid. FEATURES • Clean & minimalist design so you canfocuson your tasks • Adding, editing, and organizing tasks is justoneclick away • Lightweight & power efficient - Does not runinthe background, minimal on system resources • Highlycustomizablewidget - Change the transparency, colors, fonts, andmore to matchyour home screen (Requires an optional in-app purchaseto unlock) •Ad-free and privacy focused - Free to use without ads,and respectsyour privacy. No analytics are collected, and nointernetpermission is requested, meaning your data never leavesyour device
Calendar, Planner & Organizer - Jorte
Jorte Inc.
With over 30 million downloads Jorte is one of the mostpopularcalendar & organizer applications. Recommended by manywebsitesand newspapers as one of the Best Calendar apps. App AnnieTop 10app with most Monthly Active Users for 2016 in Japan! YahooFinance& Tech: "Jorte aspires to be more than just a calendar.Itwants to the be the main organization app in your life, andthediary with which you catalog your day-to-day experiences." TheNextWeb: "Seriously, if you’re into customizing the look ofyourcalendar, colors, backgrounds, themese or the size of yourwidgets,then take a look at Jorte." MakeUseOf: "Jorte goes beyondwhatother calendar apps are capable of." Lifehacker: "the abilitytoshow your tasks list under your calendar, and show yourday'sagenda under the month view when you click on it. It's areallynice way to see everything at once." NYTimes Tech columnsuggestsJorte as an alternative to Google Calendar. App Judgement:RobustCalendar, Events and Task Manager. Totally customizable tosuityour needs. For personal use or for business Jorte will assistyouto manage your daily schedule completely. Features: ▪ Jortesyncswith Microsoft Office 365® - (Jorte Premium members can synctheirOffice 365 Business Calendar to Jorte) ▪ Jorte syncs withEvernote- Check your notes on your calendar. o Side Menu - On theSide Menuyou can decide what to show, Today's Events, diary, tasks.▪ Lovetypography? Choose your font, even use your own fonts!Supportscompatibility with most otf and ttf fonts. ▪ CountdownFeature -See how many days are left for an event on the calendar. ▪JorteDiary feature: include photos in calendar events by addingthem inyour Jorte Diary. ▪ Jorte Cloud: multi-device syncing andbackup. ▪Display Lunar Calendar - Great for Chinese users &users fromother Asian countries. ▪ Various widgets are available toset onyour Home Screen. ▪ Monthly, Daily, Vertical, and Weeklyviews areavailable. ▪ See completed appointments or choose to hidethem. ▪Adjust the first day of the week. ▪ Supports syncing withGoogleCalendar and Jorte Cloud on your PC Web Browser. JortePremiummembers now have access to a buffet of Icons and Themes! -Pleasecheck here for the latest information & announcements:- or Calendars = With this feature, you can add manycalendarscontaining events related to your interests like theweatherforecast, news, sports, comics, food & recipes, videogamenews, Movie reviews & TV news, and much more. oWeatherForecast (Conveniently view the weather from locations allover theglobe) / News / Sports / Food & Recipes. - There aremany moreevent calendars available. - Location data may be usedforproviding you Weather Forecasts from nearby city and morerelevantads. = Jorte Cloud (Free) = Sync Jorte Calendar entries andTasksto Jorte Cloud. You can access Jorte Cloud from home, office,andanywhere else from a PC, smartphone or tablet. Backupyourschedules and task lists and sync between all your devices!Sign-upto get a free Jorte Cloud Account and start taking advantageof thecloudexperience! Store = Personalize your Calendar with Icons & Themestouse in Jorte Calendar. Download contents and start customizingyourcalendar today! - There are many Icons & Themes availablefromthe Jorte Store. Terms:
Reminder with Alarm, To Do List, Daily Reminder 1.0.8
Lemon, Inc
Reminders is the easiest to use reminder app - it shows youexactlywhat you need to do, and nothing more. If you need to dosomethingand you're worried that you may forget, just set areminder, whentime comes, your tasks and plans will be pushed toyour device,It's a best reminder app with alarm in the whole GooglePlay!★SUPPORTED REMINDERS★ We can helps you to remind - DailyTodoTasks, Meetings, Business Appointments, TakingMedication/Pills,Paying Bills, Important Calls, Birthdays,Anniversaries and manymore. ✔Deadlines – just create a reminder foreach deadline andstay on track with your work ✔Meetings – Are youmissing anyimportant meetings with your clients? Try this app whichremindsyou the meeting schedule and prompt you whenever it isneeded.✔Birthdays – It can be difficult to remember all thefriends' andfamily's birthdays, but reminder can help you each timeone of yourfriends is having a birthday. ✔Anniversaries – Neverforgetupcoming important anniversaries. You can wish your friendsandfamily on their important dates with our reminders. ✔Shoppinglist- You can now save money and keep everything on a shopping listina smart device and take it with you wherever you go and neverneedto worry about forgetting anything. ✔Important Calls – Remindyourimportant things after a call with the possibility ofrepeat✔Taking Medication – you can add a medication, get remindersfortaking pills, and receive constant tracking of your health Andsomuch more ★Features★ • It's FREE • Material design • Voicetoreminder support • Snooze tasks • Repeating / Recurring Tasks•Reminder with icon • Call reminder • Intuitivetask/remindercreation • Ability to create the recurring orcustomtasks/reminders recurrence Arrange a schedule and organizeyour dayeffectively with Reminders
com.fulminesoftware.alarms 1.1.5
This app is an unusual alarm clock that can remind youaboutanything you want at the appropriate time or place. Make notesandassign alarms to them or just write notes without anynotification.Create To Do lists with tasks that you check oruncheck whenappropriate. Everything is presented in an easy to use,simple andbeautiful Material Design styled user interface whichbehind it'ssimplicity hides lots of advanced options. Alarms bytime • Ring ata specific time. • Many scheduling options available.• Will remindyou of frequent actions like waking up, taking pills,pick up yourkid from school or rare events like birthdays, namedays, carreviews, travels etc. Alarms by location • Can ring andshow yournote when you approach a specific place! • No urgent needforshopping? Don't forget to buy what you need when you get near -orare inside - the store. Remember to ask your spouse to warmupdinner when you get closer to home. • Don't worry. It dependsonyour device, but usually location is determined based oncellularnetworks or Wi-Fi or both. Usually, GPS is not used so youshouldsee no excessive battery consumption. • When usingcellularnetworks or Wi-Fi to get your location it works indoorstoo! Tasksand notes • Create checkable task lists or just makenotes with afew taps. • Convert them to alarms and back ifnecessary.Customization • About 40 colors and over 150 icons toassign willmake your particular alarm, task or note unique. •Define your ownor use one of over 30 predefined categories tofilter content andquickly assign icons, colors, ringtone and otherproperties toalarms and notes. • Make your app personal by settingone of manyavailable colorful app themes.
Bright To-Do 4.7.18
Bright TODO
Checklist and to-do list with franklin style and planner styleHowto get your goal. 1) Create big year check list 2) Createsmallmonth check list 3) Create detail todo or check list in weekview.4) Create habit on daily. 5) Always check your check listwithwidget This application request below permissions •READ_CALENDAR :To show user schedule in application •WRITE_CALENDAR : To writeuser schedule in android system •READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Somedevices store ringtones in externalstorage •WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Save encrypted backup file onexternaldata
Tasks: Astrid To-Do List Clone 6.9
Alex Baker
Tasks is libre open source software based on the originalsourcecode from Astrid Tasks & To Do List! * Respects yourprivacy -No advertisements - No tracking - I have no access to yourdata *Drag-and-drop to re-order your tasks or create subtasks *Locationarrival and departure notifications * Google Tasksynchronization *Light, black, dark, wallpaper, and day/nightthemes, with 21 themecolors and 17 accent colors * Choose from over100 icons for yourlists * Synchronize and share tasks with AppleReminders,NextCloud, OwnCloud, Fastmail, fruux, and more * Back upyour datato SD card or Google Drive * Flexible task recurrence *Tag,filter, and search your tasks * Hide tasks until a later date*Create calendar events for your tasks * Create new taskswithTasker * Create list reminders with Tasker * Dashclock plugin*Crowd-sourced translations in 38 languages * Left-to-rightsupport* And more! In order to support development some featuresrequire asubscription - You get to choose your subscription price-Subscriptions start at $1 per year - 7-day free trialDocumentationavailable at Source code availableat Contact for helpTasksis not affiliated with Yahoo or Todoroo
Reminder with Alarm 2.6.6 FREE
Reminder - a truly intuitive free reminder app that will neverletyou miss a thing. A must-have Reminder app Embrace the power oftheReminder and start getting your things done on time. ❍Deadlinesare no longer a problem with Reminder; simply create areminder foreach deadline and let the app do the work for you. ❍Meetings –work schedules can get busy and the last thing you wantto do, whensuch a thing happens, is miss one of your meetings.Create a weeklyreminder for each meeting and be sure you will nevermiss one. ❍Homework and Assignments – we are all familiar withthem, and knowthat to get all of them done on time a good planningis required.Using Reminder you can solve this problem and make yourlifeeasier. ❍ Birthdays – sometimes it can be difficult to rememberallthe birthdays of your close friends and relatives, and youmostdefinitely don’t want to make any of them upset. But don’tworry,Reminder can help you with this, too; just create a yearlyreminderfor each birthday and let the app do the rest. ❍Anniversaries –never forget about the important anniversaries.Create a recurringreminder for each special date. ❍ Errands –create a personalizedlist of tasks to take care of your errandswith ease. Add someextra meaning to the tasks using the colorfulmarkers. ❍ PayingBills – no more extra charges for the late fees!Use it to remindyou about the next payment day. ❍ Important Calls –stay in touchwith the people you care about. ❍ Taking Medication –never forgetto take the right medication at a right time; create adailyreminder to help you do just that. ❍ Use it as an eventplanner.Plan your events in advance with Reminder. Create theinformativereminders easily, and be assured you will never miss athing. ❍ Usethe beautiful reminder widgets to always keep yourselfup to date.❍ Use daily reminders to remind yourself about theimportant dailyroutines. ❍ Use the task synchronization to keepyourself notifiedacross all of your devices. ❍ Create your own,personalized tasklist; use colorful markers to signify theimportance of particulartasks. ❍ Customize the appearance of theReminder with the gorgeousthemes. ❍ Create new reminders using yourvoice. ❍ Stay organized.Important note If you have any batterysaving apps installed or theDoze mode enabled(Android 6.0+) on yourdevice, please make sure towhitelist this Reminder app to ensurethe correct work of it.(Isrequired only on certain devices) ❍Features • Material design •Intuitive task/reminder creation •Ability to create the recurringtasks/reminders (daily, weekly,monthly, yearly) • Ability tocreate the custom task/reminderrecurrence (every Nminutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years; or oncertain days of week)• An ability to choose between regularNotifications and Alarms •Task/reminder markers • Powerful Alarms •Convenient task/reminderordering • Straightforward navigation •Informative notifications •Task synchronization • TaskBackup/Restore functionality • Manyuseful widgets: Task ListWidget, Calendar Widgets, Quick ActionWidgets • Gorgeous themes •Fully customizable experience • SpeechRecognition support • Do notdisturb mode • Tablet support •Optimized for Android 7+ • It's FREE❍ Join us on: • Twitter: •Instagram: •Google+:
Smart Task Manager 3.3.7
Smart Task Manager(STM) is the overall system application.Task,Application, Sd card, Device, system information can bemanaged ina single shot. ● Task Management (Tasks) - Multi-select,commandsupport - If you hold the specified item, manage menuwillappear.(On the Settings page, you can specify the click action)-List of service, background, empty applications. * ServiceProcess: Hidden service to users, but running process (mp3 musicplaying,atmospheric transmission network, etc.). Should be reviewedwhenending. * Background Process : Hidden applications which canbesafely ended. * Empty Process : End-able process.Cachedapplication - Used Memory information - Package information -Theprocess stop, restart, delete, and detailed information -Addexception list and exception list management - Auto-End task-Shake-End task - Startup-End task - One-touch-End task -Favoriteapplication list(Widget service support) -Applicationshare(Recommendation) ● Application Management (Apps)-Multi-select, command support - If you touch the item, managemenuwill appear.(On the Settings page, you can specify theclickaction) - A list of installed applications - Packageinformation -App Version information - App file size - Applicationexecution,deletion, update confirm, evaluation, comment, anddetails - Backupto SD Card - Application search - Favoriteapplication list -Application share(Recommend) ● Backup andReinstall - Multi-select,delete, restore (reinstall) support -Backup to SD Card - Restorefrom SD Card - External APK file installsupport. (package installfile) (path : /sdcard/smartmanager) - Thebackup file size - Backupdate information ● Real-time Process ●System Info - Deviceinformation - CPU info - Ram info(Total, Used,Available) - BatteryInformation(Temperature - Celsius, Fahrenheit)- Internal storagespace, information(Total, Used, Available) -External storagespace, information(Total, Used, Available) ●Settings - AboutSmartWho Task Manager - Smart Task Manager Setting- Volume Control- Screen Brightness - Wireless Network - MyLocation (network, GPS)- Application - Bluetooth Setting - LanguageSetting - Date andTime ● Home Screen Widget - Widget Update TimeAdjustabl e -Specify the possible actions when clickingwidgets(one-touch end:Insafe mode or task management screen) -Update info / Avail Ram(1×1) - Update info / Total Ram, Avail Ram(2×1) - Internal Storage/ External Storage Info (2×1) - ActiveTask, Ram, Storage info(3×1) - Favorite Application Link (2×2) -System Dashboard (4×1)Once using shortcuts on the main screen, youcan easily accessSmart Task Manager program. If you use widgetsfeature, you caneasily see status of the current Ram and access toSmart TaskManager. Please, let us know if there is any bugs, issuesor ideas.We will review them as soon as possible.
Just Reminder with Alarm 2.4.5
AppHouze Co
Just Reminder Simple all-in-one reminder app for Android tojustremind you everything at a specified time! → Can set ToDo /TaskReminders, Phone Call Reminders, Birthday Reminders,AnniversaryReminders and Bills Reminders with just few clicks. →WithSpeech-to-Text, no need to type to create an Reminder.→Customisable Repeat Intervals like repeat every few minutes,hours,day, specific week days, weeks, months, years and many more.→Customize each reminder with image, specific ring tone orTalkingAlarm tone. → Can set in-advance alerts for Reminders. →Cancustomize Date & Time Formats. → You will not miss anyreminderwith LED blink (if device supports) and Auto-Snoozefeature. → Cansend wishes from Birthday / Anniversary Reminders. →Smart BillsReminders will remind you every day till they were'PAID'. → WithBackup & Restore, you can save all your remindersto SDCard, asmail attachments or upload to Drive. PREMIUM versionfeatures: →Security PIN Lock. → and it is Ad Free. PERMISSIOIN:Internet –Google in-app purchases. READ-SD Card: to pick images forremindersfrom SD Card. Feel Free to send your queries and or from App's "Contact Us". We are happy tohelpyou. :) Important Note - Don't prevent Alarms from 'StaminaMode'settings, battery saver app or a task killer app. YOU CANSUPPORTUS BY * Rate Us on Google Play. * Like us onFacebook Feel free toshare yoursuggestions/feedback. It will keep us motivated to workon newfeatures. Thanks :)
Planner Pro - Personal Organizer 4.7
Designed for those people who’re looking for a full-featured apptomanage daily life better. Planner Pro, which costs yearsfordesigning and coding is now coming out for everybodyespeciallythose Franklin Covey Planner heavy users. We combineevents, tasksand notes in one place so that you do not need tospend extra moneyfor other apps, and it can be used as day planner,week planner andmonth planner. Planner Pro provides kinds ofsettings for differentrequirements from kinds of people. You’llfind the best way to meetyour requirements in our app. Also, if youhave any other greatideas or suggestions to make this app betterplease contact us withan email, which will be very appreciate.Events - Sync with Googlecalendar and events - Show or hidecalendars as you want - Add,edit or delete events easily - Supportsfull recurring period -Manually time slot - Supports all-day &cross-day events Tasks- Supports tasks and projects with sub-tasks- Supports recurringtasks and projects - 5 different status fortasks and projects - 25priorities for tasks and projects - Systemreminder for each taskNotes - Unlimited number of notes for eachday - Manage notes inday, week and month view - Easily to add, editand delete notesOther Key Features - Day, Week, Month and Tasksmodules for bettermanagement - Very well designed user interface -Full recordssearching including events, tasks and notes - Set thefirst day ofweek manually - Select the launch view as you want Thisversion isan ad-supported version and has some functionrestrictions, we alsooffer an ad-free version which is available assubscription.Payment models for Premium Subscription: - $1.99/month-$4.99/quarter - $14.99/year Please note the subscriptionisautomatically renewed unless you choose to cancel thesubscriptionat least 24 hours before the end of the current period.PermissionsUsed in Planner Pro: 1. Calendar: Planner Pro needs thispermissionto read events from local calendars. 2. Contacts: PlannerPro needsthis permission to read contact from local device when youchooseto invite an attendee from local contacts. Also if you choosetosign in with your Google account, Planner Pro needs thatpermissionto read google account from your device forauthorization. 3.Storage: Planner Pro needs this permission to readphotos fromGallery when you choose to upload a photo. If you haveany problemsor suggestions please send a mail, you’llget a response in a short time.
My Personal Agenda 6.2.2 (175) FREE
My Personal Agenda is the most comprehensive Organizer you willfindfor your Android device. · (We also have a special AgendaforStudents:·It includes the following modules: · - Diary. - Notes. - TaskLists.- Reminders. - Calendar. - Contacts. - Passwords. -Drawings. ·Features: · - Password. - Data encryption. - Conversionto PDF -Email or share. - Data synchronization. - Backup. - 2Widget Notices- 1 Notes Widget. - Always in constant improvement.· ATTENTION: ·Backup files and synchronization may not becompatible betweenversions of the same application. · If youupgrade from the trialversion, first ensure that you have thelatest version installed,backup, and then recover the paidversion. · If you have anyproblems with the application, or anysuggestions for improvement,please contact us by Email Developerand we will be the fastest. ·This application can not be moved tothe SD card.
Grocery Shopping List - Listonic
Listonic, the smart grocery shopping List is a free appthatimproves the quality of your grocery shopping by making iteasier,faster, and most importantly smarter. It is all you wouldwant outof a shopping list and more. All for free! Why use Listonic- Weknow you appreciate your free time, we know you want tomakegrocery shopping as fast as possible. And we know that about70% ofproducts on your shopping lists are repetitive. That’s whyyourgrocery list now suggests your favorite products first. Andyou’reable to add quantities with one simple tap at the same timenow! -It makes shopping with family and friends much easier. Yourlistsare synced, so any changes are instantaneously seen byothers.Also, it's easy to share your shopping list with a friendwhodoesn’t use Listonic app via email or a text message! - Needachange? Not in the mood for your fav zucchini pasta? Stopcryingand start organizing your weekly menu with Listonic. Browseourcatalogue: you will find many product inspirations categorizedbyaisle order. Easy swipe, easy choice! - Now Listonic canrecognizeunits! Write a number and a product, and you’ll getsuggestionsimmediately! - What’s bought and what’s not? Now youwill clearlysee! You will see how much you’ve already spent as wellas how muchyou’re going to spend on missing products. - Yourgrocery listprovides hundreds of useful tips and hacks on buying,preserving,and cooking to help you make healthy grocery list. -Enjoy all ourfeatures for free! Listonic for Android Wear is asmart shoppinglist app - exactly where it’s most handy - right onyour wrist.Check off items without taking out your phone, getjust-in-timenotifications and use smart voice input. Listonicsupports allAndroid smartphones, tablets, Android Wear devices andis alwaysavailable in your browser. People all over the world arealreadyenjoying the convenience of our grocery list – with over 8000 000products added to lists each month. If you see anything wecanimprove, please, let us know! New reviews and support emailsarereally helpful to make our app better and smarter! Contact usviaTwitter (@listonic) or at Listonic
Note Daily- Notes, Notebook, Notepad, Planner 2019 1.10
Taking notes is a good habit which helps you to stay organizedinyour daily routine life. Note Daily is a note making appwhichhelps you note any info and makes available immediatelywheneveryou need. Use Note Daily app and don't forget anything.Note Dailysupports below features ☆ Take text, checklist notes ☆Categorizevarious notes in notebooks ☆ Backup - backup your notesto folder ☆Sync - Sync and store your notes on Google Drive ☆ Lockapp -password protect your notes, set password to access notes ☆Sort inascending / descending calendar date order ☆ Add reminder tonotewith inbuilt calendar view ☆ Autosave on back ☆ Assign colortonote ☆ Widgets to access notebooks and notes from home screen ☆Setreminder for morning and evening to prepare/update notes ☆Deleteoutdated notes ☆ Create reminder list ☆ Autobackup - backupyournotes / data to folder regularly ☆ Restore - you can go tobackupsection and restore previously backed up file at any time ☆Multidevice - Access and sync your notes across devices ☆ Trash-Deleted notes will be moved to trash from where you canrestorealso. ☆ Backup before sync - Local backup will be takenbefore syncoperation ☆ Settings to disable or enable thenotifications tonotification area ☆ Strikethrough the textNotebooks :- ☆ Managenotebooks - Create, Rename, Move, Deletenotebook or notepad ☆Notebook list with Grid and List View ☆Delete, Move, Copy Multiplenotes in one go from note list view bylong press and select ☆Easily switch between All Notes andNotebooks using grid and listicon ☆ Default notebooks like DailyNotes, Daily Tasks, ToDos,Reminders, Shopping, Diary, Expensescreated Reminders :- (Daily,Weekly, Monthly, Yearly). Reminder canbe set using clock iconwhich opens the calendar view to select day,month, time etc.Reminders can be used for following purposes ☆Medicine Reminder ☆Birthday Reminder ☆ Bill payment reminder ☆Meeting reminder ☆ Taskreminder ☆ Doctor appointment ☆ Eventpreparation reminder ☆ Andmany more Note Daily can be used forfollowing purposes ☆ Notes ☆Notepad ☆ To-Do list / To Do List ☆Reminder Note or Reminder List☆ Office notes or notebook ☆ Notebookfor daily writing ☆ ColorNote - Assign color to note ☆ Checklist ☆Shopping list ☆ Dailyroutine tasks, work ☆ Day planner ☆ Journalwriting ☆ Agendapreparation ☆ Schedule ☆ Task list ☆ Memo ☆ Noteswith password ☆Any thoughts, Idea ☆ Keep Notes handy ☆ Anytext/info, word / wordsAnd many more features to come stay tunedYour feedback is welcome.Please install review and send yourfeedback Also please share this app onFacebook,Twitter, WhatsApp, Email etc
Inkpad Notepad & To do list 4.3.19
This simple Notepad application makes it easy to writenotes,auto-save ensures you never lose note content, and secureonlinebackup/restore so you can access your notes when you move toa newphone. Inkpad Notepad features: - Autosave Notes-Checklists/To-do-list Notes - Search Notes - Sync NotesAcrossAndroid/iOS Devices - Secure Online Backup/Restore - AccessNotessecurely from computer web browser at - PINCode(premium) - Note HIstory (premium) - Tags to organizenotesOptional Inkpad Notepad premium upgrade for ad-free experience 6.6.1
Checklist is a free ToDo list management app with which youcaneasily sync your life across devices and with your friends,familyand colleagues. Unlike other To do apps, it is 100% Free withNOin-app purchases or monthly pro versions. Features: • Createanunlimited number of checklists and (sub) tasks • Quicklygetstarted by choosing from thousands of pre-made checklisttemplates(unique to our To Do app) • Easily syncs with your account to access on other devices and fromyourdesktop/ laptop. Works in offline mode • Manage your tasks:check,mark important, reminders, repeat tasks, task notes, drag anddropto reorder and more • Share your workload with friends, familyandco-workers by easily inviting them and assigning individualtasks •Let the smart lists highlight what’s important in your liferightnow • Send your checklists to any app on your device(Email,Facebook, Twitter etc.) • Quickly keep track of what’simportantvia the Checklist widgets • Run Audits & Inspectionsvia ourChecklist Runner • Multilingual • Great to do app for bothTabletsand Mobiles • 6 different themes for you to choose from!Benefits:• A simple, clean, easy to use TODO app that keeps you ontrack •Keep yourself productive by jotting down what’s important inyourday • No need to reinvent the wheel and manually inputchecklists.Re-use other people’s checklist templates to get a headstart. •Stay in sync with the people around you from any place andanydevice • 100% free - all features are included and noin-apppurchases or pro version upgrade needed. Examples whereChecklistcan be useful for you: • As your Shopping list. Createyour grocerylist in your browser, share it with your partner sothat when theyare on the way home, it is available on their (oryour) mobile. •Movies & TV series. Set weekly reminders at theright time soyou never miss a show again. Keep a tab on the moviesyou haven’tstill watched • Private & Work. Keep them separatedwith achecklist for each • Bills. Never forget to pay a bill ontime.Just add a friendly monthly reminder • Templates. Looking forawedding checklist, moving checklist or baby checklist? Going onatrip and need a travel checklist or more adventurous and needacamping checklist? We have thousands of checklist templatestochoose from • Great for GTD - Getting Things Done Oursite: Contact us: Our termsofuse: Our privacypolicy: