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4G LTE Signal Booster Network 1.0.4
4G LTE Signal Booster Network is aninternetconnection signal support applications to reduce the burdendelayping ping server and avoid jumping to a minimum value. Setthepolling interval ping the server and monitor the frequency ofthesignal with a log that has been provided.This application helps improve the signal quality of the 3G / 4G/LTE you to regulate the use of load management and monitoringtestvia ping the server. This application can be referred toasoptimizer or stabilizer to monitor the movement of ping ofsettingsthat you adjust. Suitable for those of you who like to playgameslike Pokemon Go . The use of this application is helpful forthosewho work a full day of utilizing the internet as gojeksignalconnections.How It Work :- Monitor ping your network connection by enable service, andthenset the check ping the server using the polling interval and alogfrequency to reduce the delay to a minimum value that iscontainedin the settings.- Change and customize any host to check the pingDisclaimer : This app only helps to monitor and stabilizeyourconnection network by managing the load on the server ping.Thisapplication is not as a promoter or increase your downloadspeed.Please use this app wisely.  If you feel that your network does not work well, pleasetellus your problem
Data Settings 1.05
Rémi Fayolle
Disable data connection or activate 2G onlyin2 clicks !Data Settings is just a shortcut to the data managementsettingspage, to allow you to enable or disable the data connectionand/orthe 2G in two clicks.You can contribute to the project here: history :v1.01- Adding Jelly Bean supportv1.02- Fixes for Gingerbreadv1.04- Icon depending on the version of Androidv1.05- Adding Lollipop support
3G 4G 5G Signals Booster Prank 300.2
3G WiFi Signal Optimizer Prank is thenewgeneration colorful 2G 3G 4G WIFI signal boosting simulator appforandroid device.This app is a simulation of network and internet speed StabilizerorOptimizer.This is a prank app.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*Are you looking for best entertainment and prank app?Congratulations you have come to right app.How to use this 3g 4g wifi network speed connection prankapp?1. Run the app2. Click optimize button3. Wait while 'phone signal booster' will simulate scan orboostingprocessYou can show friends that you really boosted networkGPRSsignalsIt didn't really increase network SIGNALS strength orcoverage*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*This app is just a simulator of real SIGNAL SPEED MASTER.It shows how booster can work and strength the reception oftargetnetwork range.It is not a real signal booster!This app shows how it reconnect the mobile with the fastestcelltower available on the place,but it didn't reconnect thecellsignal just simulates how it reconnects thecellphonesignals.It shows simulation of finding best signal carrier Receptionfromcell tower,clean signal interference,change settings ofpacketdata.It shows the simulation of improvement of low signal latency.If you do a speedtest after optimizing using this app.,therewon'tbe increase or decrease in cell signals strength because it isaprank app.You can show friends that you really boosted network CDMA,GPRSsignalsIt didn't really increase network and net signal strengthorcoverage.You can use it to make prank!This app is for free!*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*Try it and feel the fun using fresh network signal speedmasterprankapp!Download 2g 3g 4g Signal Speed Master Or Booster Prankforfree!
4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now.
OpenSignal app is a powerful and freenetworksignal & wifi tool.Run a speed test to check connection quality to your ISP orcellnetwork, monitor data usage, compare coverage, viewconnectionhistory e.g. how much 4G you get. OpenSignal does itall.With free wifi maps & cell tower maps, you can see where togoto improve your wireless experience. Use coverage maps tocomparenetworks & data speed in your area.Download now to find high speed data and strong signal forcellcalls.Features✓ Cell tower direction - follow our signal compass tostrongersignal✓ Download, upload and latency tests - for 2G, 3G, LTEandwifi✓ Database of your speed test results so you can view test history-stored in app, so see results offline✓ Compare coverage and connection quality on a map✓ History of your mobile connection - see stats on yourconnectionto 4G and 3G and your data usage✓ Find fast wifi with our interactive wifi map✓ Free and no adsEasy, Fast Speed Test• Test download speed, upload speed and ping performance on yourISPor mobile network• High speed test - runs fast using a network of CDNs toshowrealistic measurements• Units in mbps and ms• History of results saved to a database - speed test history onamap• Speedometer style interface• Save to sd card as a CSV• Works for mobile and cable broadband (ADSL)Signal dashboard• Shows direction of your connected cell tower - walking towardsit,or out of the way of obstructions, can improvecellularconnection• Ping test for quick speed check• Signal strength in dB• Become a network master: get notifications when you have nodataor can't make phone callsCell and Wifi Maps• Where we have data, see the cell towers on *your* network-including, Verizon wireless, T Mobile, Sprint, AT&T,USCellular + more• Wifi hotspots map and list - find free wifi nearby• Unique network tools: signal compass, signal strength indBm• Uses Google Maps• By using the app you help crowdsource data - automaticallyaddingnetworks and wifisView history and stats• View data usage on wifi and cellular• How long have you had access to 4G (LTE), 3G or 2G, or spentinsignal notspots? See your stats for network availability• Save to SD Card as a CSV - see your history of LTE,3Gmeasurements and moreCompare networks with our coverage map• Interactive maps covering mobile networks worldwide• Compare performance on Verizon wireless, T Mobile,Sprint,AT&T, US Cellular and many more• Coverage checker for if you're moving home or going abroad, seeifyou can make calls or get fast data• View average speeds for download, upload and latency andnetworkstrength• 100% independent, our data is based on real measurements fromappusersCrowdsourcingSince launching in 2010, OpenSignal has built the largestglobaldatabase on mobile performance.With hundreds of billions of readings of mobile networksignalstrength and speed tests, OpenSignal shows the performancewhereyou live. Download the app to automatically contribute dataonspeed and 2G, 3G and LTE signal, or you can choose to turn offdatacollection settings.Want to check app performance - know if you can get fast videoonYoutube, or if WhatsApp will send messages - check our sisterappMeteor which is powered by OpenSignal technology.PermissionsLOCATION so we can show you nearby wifi and antennasPHONE SETTINGS allows network reset on some Android OSsSMS required to count the number of SMS sent to track yourusage,SMS are never read (use a packet sniffer to check!)Advanced NotesOn CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint you will seefewertowers than on GSM networks such as T Mobile andAT&T.Supported languages:English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese (Brazil&Portugal), Indonesian, ThaiHelp test and develop features! Join the OpenSignalbeta to help us improve theapp.We're developing other advanced network tools - we'd love tohearfrom you
Speed test 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi & network coverage map 2.2.27
More than a simple speed test, nPerf bringsyouthe best and the fullest mobile connection quality measurementtoolfor speeds up to 1 Gb/s!Full QoS test & Network speed indicator : In only a fewseconds,test your bitrate speed (download & upload testing),latency,browsing speed and video streaming quality on yourmobiledevice.Comparison function: Compare your results with those of otherusersand for each provider with a real time barometer.Interactive map: Check network coverage and carrier performanceinyour area (EE, Three, O2, Vodafone). Ideal to measure yourinternetcoverage!Network monitor: Stay informed on data speed in real time on thetopof your mobile screen (status bar). Reports your data planusage (innotifications).A sliding menu (hamburger icon on top left corner) allows youtotest network speed indicators separately, such as :- Network speed test (latency, upload & download bitrate)- Browsing test - website loading speed- Streaming testAll your results are saved in a history with all test locations onamap. Easily share your results on social networks with nPerfsharingpictures which present a useful summary of your test.Customize yourapplication by switching the background theme usingtheSettings.nPerf relies on top homemade technology and a wordwide highspeedserver network which can deliver the bitrate you needforconnection speed tests. With nPerf, you do not blow up yourdataplan: with many optimizations, testing consumes up to 2 timeslessdata than competing speed tests. In addition, a data indicatorwillnotify you if the monthly threshold you can set in themenuSettings is exceeded.To summarize, with nPerf you have :- A reliable network speed indicator for Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G &LTEBand Test- An accurate test for your internet reception with: latency,upload& download- The best network speed test to measure your internetcoverage& your internet reception. Test your wifi easily!- The best WiFi, 2G, 3G & 4G LTE speed test to measure yourbitrate.Who has never asked themselves about the quality of theirwifisignal or the speed of their wifi network? nPerf providestheseanswers with its connection speed test.All connection types can be tested over 1 Gb/s speeds!2G, 3G, 4G, Wimax, WiFi & Ethernet speed test.All WiFi technologies are supported. WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/acdual-band,tri-band & quadri-bandAll LTE technologies are supported. LTE, LTE Advanceddual-band,tri-band & more3G / 4G coverage & speeds maps :USA : AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless.Canada : Bell, MTS, Roger Wireless, Videotron, SaskTel,Telus,WIND.Malaysia : CellCom, DiGi, Maxis, U Mobile.Singapore : MobilOne, SingTel, Starhub.and many more countries all over the world !With our connection speed test, Test your internet reception(bitrate), diagnose connectivity issues and keep your Internetserviceprovider and carriers honest! Measure your speed wifinetworkeasily !PERMISSIONS DETAILSAccess to Photos/Media/Files is mandatory for Google Maps cacheandfor share picture storage. There is no access to otherfiles.Device ID & call information is used to generate a UUID foreachdevice. No private data is used. IMEI is used for UUIDgenerationbut never transmitted or stored in any way.WE NEED YOUWe are looking for speed test servers:If you represent a hoster or ISP company and want to supportnPerfproject by providing a speed test server, please contactus.We are looking for translators: Your native language isnotsupported yet? You want to contribute to the nPerf project?Contactus if you want to translate nPerf in your language. You'llget alifetime premium subscription on all platforms.
JR-Speed Test 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, Wifi 2.0
JR-Internet Speed Test 3G,4G,5G,LTE,Wifi isabest advanced tool free 2018 helps you to measureInternetconnection speed on Android test speed.Main Features of JR-Internet Speed Test 2018:✓ Run Speed Checks for your cellular Network on 3g, 4g,LTEconnections to improve your coverage.✓ Test the Download and Upload Speed and Ping of WiFi Hotspotsondsl, adsl, cable connections.✓ No unnecessary permissions.✓ Easily share your results✓ Absolutely Free!Please contact us for feature request or bug
Network Signal Booster
Are you getting tired of weak cellularsignal?Do you have hard time finding signal reception andnetwork connection? Download Network Signal Booster for FREE andgetbetter signal strength andbetter network reception in instant! Network Signal Booster isasignal booster utility app which helpsyou improve your cellular signal and network connection. Oursignalbooster app employs advancedconfigurations that will improve your signal strengthreception.Simply tap on our network booster appand feel the difference!Improve your mobile phone performance with Network SignalBooster!There are many apps that needreliable connection to the internet or cellular signal to workandsome of them are vital in your day today live. Imagine if you can’t access Maps, call a taxi, ormakeEmergency calls. We create this networkbooster app to help you overcome your cellular signal andnetworkproblems for FREE so you will alwaysbe connected to the network.-- -- -- -- -- -- -- - NETWORK SIGNAL BOOSTER TOP FEATURES: -- ------ -- -- -- - FREE to use. Download our signal boost app and start utilizingournetwork booster now! Effective process. Feel the difference in your signalstrengthafter you have refreshed yourconnection with our phone booster. Easy to use. Simply open our signal booster app and taptoactivate our phone booster. 24/7 support. If our network booster app doesn’t work, pleasefeelfree to contact us via email,Facebook, or Twitter.How does our network booster work? Our Signal Booster worksbyrefreshing your current network. Thisphone boosters app switch off your network temporarily and switchitback on again to signal improveyour cellular signal strength. Our simple process has showntodramatically improve signal strength andnetwork speed for most Android mobile phones.Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem usingNetworkSignal Booster. We will help you inany way we can.
Netmonitor 1.4.52
Monitor GSM/CDMA/LTE network: currentandneighboring cell infos, signal strength. Multi SIM support(whenpossible). Use GPS/geolocation. Generate database with custominfoon cells. Export log to file CLF/KML. Map shows cell location.ListWiFi access points.@ Please contact me if you have questions.BETAversion:
Simple Speedcheck
Simple Speedcheck makes it easy to testyourinternet speed. It’s easy, fast and accurate and the testresultsare presented in a user-friendly way with icons explainingwhat theinternet speed can be used for.Main Features:✓ Simple to understand test illustrations.✓ Colored results for maximum clarity.✓ No unnecessary permissions.✓ Run tests of cellular networks on 3g, 4g, LTE connectionstoimprove your coverage.✓ Test the ping, download and upload speed of WiFi hotspots ondsl,adsl, cable connections.✓ Worldwide high speed data server network forreliableresults.✓ Keep track of your tests in your personal result history.Thisincludes download and upload speed, ping, signal strength,networkname, internal and external IP and the test date.✓ Compare your different 3g, 4g, LTE cell tests. Studythereliability of your broadband dsl, adsl, cable connectionsovertime.
4G Speed Test & Meter 9.3
Speed Test for Mobile helps to measureandverify the download speed and upload speed in a short spanoftime.Meter to check Internet SpeedDiscover the blazing speed of internet connection connectionwiththe new android app.Other Features* Measures all network speed accurately on GPRS, 3G, 4G andwificonnections.* Share the speed results with your friends.* Troubleshoot or verify the speed you were promised.
3G Watchdog - Data Usage
3G Watchdog monitors your Mobile andWiFiInternet data usage:* Counts your Mobile (4G / 3G / Edge / GPRS) & WiFi usageanddisplays it as graph, text, and table.* Usage by application (Android 2.2+)* Shows your current usage status as a notificationicon(green/orange/red) in the status bar.* Plan & day usage history with CSV export/import.* Alerts & optional auto-disable of mobile network* Data usage widget (2 sizes). Mobile network disable/enablewidget(Android 2.3 - 4.4).* Real Time traffic graphs (Mobile and WiFi)Translated in over 20 languages.NOTES:- Should NOT be installed on SD card!KNOWN PROBLEMS:* On the Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 dual-SIM phone 3GW countsmobiledata usage only for the SIM card inserted in the firstslot.* Doesn't count properly usage on Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A(SM-G906Sand SM-G901F) with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Please contact usif youwant to help to fix this problem.* On Android 5.0+ the "Disable mobile network" function doesnotwork (the mobile data switch widget and the auto-disablefeatureare both affected). This is because on Lollipop theenable/disablefunction is no longer accessible to third-partyapps.* Doesn't count properly global usage on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1and8.9 - this problem affects other data counting applications aswelland is caused by a bug on the tablet itself.* Doesn't count properly global mobile usage on Samsung Galaxy R /Z(i9103) and possibly Galaxy Y. Problems were also reported withtheCaptivate Glide.* HTC Velocity 4G and HTC Vivid on ICS: be sure to CHECK the"Usepre-froyo.." option in 3GW Settings > Advanced, or mobileusagewon't be counted.OTHER PROBLEMS:If you run into problems and wish to help to solve the problemwhilegiving the community a chance to get a better 3GW, pleasesend amail to with details.-> See the FAQ at
LTE Discovery
LTE Discovery is a powerful signaldiscoveryand analysis tool with many advanced features andcustomizationsavailable.Key features:- Identifies LTE band for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile,andseveral other countries (support for more carriers added withthecrowdsource feature and user aid)- Identifies EARFCN and Band for any country/provider when usingaQualcomm processor and ROOTED- Live band identifier and signal data in the notificationbar- Refresh cell radio (reset data connection) to connect tobestsignal available* (Note: Google added restrictions in Lollipopandabove, so it may require root or be unavailable)- Automatic refreshing of mobile radio fordifferentconditions- Alert notification for LTE bands and GCIs (connectedanddisconnected)- Save LTE logs- Automated visual logger (Sprint + Pro only)- EARFCN band calculator (range and precise UL and DLfrequencies)(Pro)- Wide range of settings to customize your experience (Pro)- Advanced LTE, 4G, 3G, GSM, CDMA data (GCI, PCI, TAC, RSRP,RSRQ,band, EARFCN, frequency)Disclaimer:- This is an advanced app with some features specific to onlysomedevices/carriers. Many thanks to the community for the supportandthe questions and feedback.- "Best signal available" doesn't mean this app can make LTEappearwhere there is none. There is no such thing as an "LTEsignalbooster" app, what actually happens is forcing the device tosearchagain for the best signal rather than staying connected toanolder, possible stale connection.- Not all devices/carriers are supported for LTE bands andotheradvanced signal data. These are limitations of thosedevices.- At this time, the in-app map is only used for showingcurrentlocation. Though, Sprint+Pro users may have more feature.Supportfor more carriers is currently in active development.- From user reports, Verizon sometimes provides tower location,butthey are typically inaccurate.If you work in the industry, feel free to email us if you haveanyknowledge that may be able to help us. (Our email can befoundin-app)By resetting the mobile connection, you can fix many commonnetworkrelated issues like: continuous low signal, datadisconnection,poor call quality, signal instability, and more. Youcould also fixthese issues by restart/reboot your phone, or youcould just letLTE Discovery reset your radios in a few seconds.But, bettersignal quality is not a guarantee, especially if you arein acarrier zone with little coverage.RATINGS: If you like this app, please support us by rating it5stars and helping with a +1, or let us know how we can improvetheapp. We are always working and striving to improve theapp.SUPPORT: If you notice any problems, please use the "Senddebugemail" option in-app and provide us as much information aspossibleabout the problem and how we can recreate it.
G-NetTrack Lite 5.6
G-NetTrack is a netmonitor and drivetestapplication for UMTS/GSM/LTE/CDMA/EVDO radio network. Itallowsmonitoring of mobile network serving and neighbor cellsinformationwithout using specialized equipment. It's a tool andit's a toy. Itcan be used by professionals to get better insight onthe networkor by radio enthusiasts to learn more aboutwirelessnetworks.G-NetTrack Lite is a free version of G-NetTrack Pro- app measures level, quality and frequency (Android 7)forserving and neighbor cells. Only for 4G also SNR, CQI andtimingadvance are monitored.LEVEL, QUAL and CI depend on technology:- 2G - RXLEVEL, RXQUAL and BSIC- 3G - RSCP, ECNO and PSC- 4G - RSRP, RSRQ and PCILog mode - When logging is started the app will stay active whileinbackground in order to measure correct data and location. Sincethisis a lite version logfile won't be written. In order torecordlogfile you have to use pro version.*** G-NETTRACK PRO - Pro version with many more additionalfeatures***- 2G/3G/4G serving and neighbor cells information measurement- Record measurements in logfiles (text and kml format)- Cellfile import/export and sites and serving and neighborcellslines visualization on map- Predefined routes load- Voice test sequence- Data (upload,download,ping) test sequence- SMS test sequence- Mixed Data/Voice/SMS sequence- Multithread upload and download- Chart with serving and neighbor cells levels- Barometer usage for height determination- Unlimited number of cell layers and custom cell colorsGet the pro version G-NetTrack Pro on these stores:Google Playstore- your phone does not show MENU - press and holdmultitaskingbutton.If your device does not support Google Play services you cantryG-NetLog- G-NetTrack Pro manual- also:G-NetView Lite - Android app for viewing and analyzingG-NetTracklogfiles- Pro - Android app for mobile network optimizationandpostprocessing of logfiles- Lite - Free lite version of G-NetLook Pro- Web - web app for postprocessing of logfilesandvisualization and analysis of mobile network- Pro - similar to G-NetTrack Pro, but you cansendreports in real time to your own online database and organizeyourmeasurement fleet of reporting phones- - tool for unattended measurements of wirelessnetwork- Solutions YouTube channel- Measurements capability depends on the phone. Checkhere- your phone manufacturer has not implemented correctlyneededfunctions for reporting there is still hope.Try this:1. Go to Settings - Calibration and check 'Use old functions'forserving and neighbor cells.2. Go to Settings - Calibration and check 'Force updates'.3. If nothing of above helps you have to update your phonesoftwareor wait for such update if it is not available at themoment.Sign to testers list to get app early updates- more information go to
FRiENDi Mobile KSA 1.0.1
The FRiENDi Mobile KSA App empowers youbygiving you complete control of your mobile life.Key Features:- Check your balances- Recharge your SIM anytime, anywhere.- Check your usage history- Purchase internet bundlesDownload the FRiENDi Mobile KSA app. Have your FRiENDi mobile SIMinyour handset, and you’re ready to go
2G-3G-4G Shortcut 1.2
This shortcut takes you direct to themobilenetwork settings on your phone. There you can choose yourpreferrednetwork type (see screenshot). Using this applicationhelps you toget a faster access to this setting.
Phono 1.9h
Phono shows the operator logo in thestatusbar.It also provides information about the telephone network androaminginfo, signal strength, data network with its state oftheconnection, the hardware and the operating system ofthedevice.There are currently supported approximately 400 telephoneoperators(including MVNO) in 46 countries around the world.On some devices the signal strength may not work exactly forreasonsindependent of Phono.Refer to the home for bug & supported operatorsSome feedback:"Love it I've been using this on Project Fi for a few months.Veryinformative and very helpful.""Great for Project Fi Showing the currently connected carrierlogois the most unique feature of Phono, which in high demandbyProject Fi (Google carrier) customers. I found no other appthatdoes logo in status bar at top. Maybe Project Fi will somedayprovide this feature.""love this app specially with Project Fi the icon on status barisreally helpful to know which provider (Sprint/T-mobile) Iamconnected to......"
Signal Care 3.0.2
Team Hapago
Signal Care is an advanced network signalresetalgorithm made for Android. Signal Care can reset yourNetworkSignal , Data connection, WiFi connection etc.Signal Care automatically resets the connection and thusAndroidOS sets a good quality network signal.Please download and test the free version before purchasing!★Usage scenarios:★ When network signal is low. say, below 1 bar continuously.★ When internet connection is of poor quality at a place with 4Gor3G support.★ When WiFi speed and strength is unexpectedly low even if youarein range.★ When traveling, fluctuating network signals.★ When the network signal fluctuations are drainingyourbattery.★ When you are expecting an important call or message.Let Signal Care reset the network signal for you. And if there isagood quality network signal present in that area, you willgetconnected!Features:► Advanced Signal Resetting algorithm: Resets networksignaland network data connection in one click.► Automatic Signal Care: Different modes forautomaticnetwork signal maintenance.Smart Mode: Listens the network signal fluctuations andcheckif the network signal is gone below 'threshold signal value'formore than a 'threshold trigger interval', If this condition ismetthen 'Signal Care' algorithm runs and make sure the bestnetworksignal in the area is set. e.g., For a 'threshold signalvalue' = 1bar, and 'threshold trigger interval' = 1 minute. Ifnetwork signalpower goes below '1 bar' for '1 minute' Signal Careautomaticallytriggers the algorithm.Time Mode: Runs 'Signal Care' algorithm for every 'timemodeinterval'. e.g., For 'time mode interval' = 30 minutes. SignalCarealgorithm gets automatically triggered after every30minutes.► Signal Graph Analysis: Informative graph plotshelpingusers to learn their network signal and find blindspots.Signal power vs time (Live)Signal power vs time (History)Signal bars vs timeData connection type vs timeWiFi speed vs time► Signal Info saver: Detailed information on networksignal,savable for future reference. Signal info includes:Time of saving, Longitude of location, Latitude of location,Currentlocation, Network Operator, Network Technology, Signalpower (in asuor dB), Signal bars, Data connection type, Mobiledata technology,WiFi SSID, WiFi RSSI, WiFi Speed.► Signal History: Automatic and manually saved networksignalinfo list.► Signal Care Logger: Logs containing details of alltheactivities done by Signal Care.Signal Care is not a signal booster, Signal care is anhelperapplication that can reset signal automatically and force OStofind good signal in the physical location.Permissions explained:ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Signal Care requires this permission togetlocation of the signal tower. We don't use your location data.Werespect everyone's privacy.
Coverage - Cell and Wifi Network Signal Test 1.113
Coverage creates your own personal cellandWiFi coverage map based on signal strength readings fromyourphone.See where your device has better signal strength and whereitencounters dead zones. Put your carrier's claims to the testbycreating your own personal coverage map and by performing yourownspeed tests.Test your network performance- Map your cell and WiFi coverage- Works with GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and LTE cell networks- Uses accurate WiFi and cell signal strength readings fromyourphone- Find dead zones on your commute- Speed test your connection- Swap SIM cards and compare your coverage ondifferentcarriersLots of interesting WiFi and cell statistics about your phone- Your average LTE signal strength- How many new cell towers you saw today- How much of your time does your phone spend connectedtoWiFi- How much of your time does your phone spend on anLTEnetwork- Your average WiFi signal strength- Much more
Signal Guard Free 4.4.0
Signal Guard back to Google market NOW(4.27star praise 100,000 downloads, statistics as of the end of2015),it was suspended because of the self-update function. nowfixed. Ihope we continue like it, thank you![Suceessful Case]:1. losing signal problem of Motorola Phone 4G.2. Signal block problem of Samsung S3,Note2.3. Unregistered problem of Samsung android seriesasS6,S5,S4,S3,Note2,Note3,Note4,Note5.4. Signal offnet or diving problem of cell phone5. Show your Carriers's signal distribution,Services provided bytheCloud Data Center.Does your cell phone losing signal or offnet frequently?Does your grey-market cell phone keep losing signal?Is the signal normal when your cell phone sleeping?Do you get losing signal warning whenenteringsubway,basement,computer room and tunnel?You would suffer above problems more or less when usingcellphones.Cell phone does lose signal in certain places.Could wegetbeforehand warning of losing singal? Could we restoresignal?SignalGuard real-time monitoring signal quality andworkingcondition of your cell phone.It can give beforehand warningwithring,vibration and LED three methods when signalabnormalitiesoccurs,such as entering places likesubway,basement,computer roomand tunnels or caused by uncorrectlybaseband settings. And it canautomatically restore signalnetworking within 6 seconds(fastest),in accordance with the signalparameter settings. The whole restoreprocess will be recorded indatabase which could be checkedlater.1,Baseband locking function:it can set working baseband in 2G,3G or 4G.2,Cell tower locking function:it can switch to the most powerful cell tower nearby, Combinationofrational setting 2G/3G/4G baseband,it will enhance signalstabilityand improve quality of connection.3,WIFI management function:control WIFI connection,real-time examine frequency channel, DBMandother informations, change or erase connecting password,moreeffective and convenient than system’s wifi management.4,WIFI channel diagnostics function:It can automatically analysis available wireless routerfrequencychannels,give tips of conflicted and interferencedchannels andavailable free ones,therefore solve the problem of slowwificonnection.5,Power saving function:When actived, power saving function will turn on flightmode,closewifi and GPS. Thus no need of worrying midnight call ormessagewake you up.[Function Description]1) cellphone communications signal restore funtion to restorebrokenand weak network, enhance signal.2) cellphone baseband lock, base station refresh function toimprovethe cellphone signal quality.3) WIFI connection management, improve the diagnostic functiontoimprove WIFI connection rate.4) Signal power saving function to save cellphone power,extendstandby time.5) monitoring cellphone signals work status , double icondisplaysthe amount of telecommunications signals.6) Use combination of sound, vibration, LED three ways toremindlost signal and signal network restored.7) Record logs of losing signal and restore signal network,forcheck and management later.8) The app can be set to boot from the start, provide wholetimemonitoring.9) Support all the software and hardware of Android models inthemarket. Support monitoring and restoring the signal eventhecellphone is in standby or hibernation mode.[Upgrade Info]V4.4.0 (20170204):1. Added signal self-test function,preset correct repairmode.2. Fixed bugs that were refreshed in the event list.3. Updated the feedback module.4. Some problems have been improved.By installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy: Guard backtoGoogle market NOW (4.27 star praise 100,000 downloads,statisticsas of the end of 2015), it was suspended because of theself-updatefunction. Now fixed. I hope we continue like it, thankyou![Suceessful Case]:1. losing signal problem of Motorola Phone 4G.2. Signal block problem of Samsung S3, Note2.3. Unregistered problem of Samsung android series as S6, S5, S4,S3,Note2, Note3, Note4, Note5.4. Signal offnet or diving problem of cell phone5. Show your Carriers's signal distribution, Services providedbythe Cloud Data Center.Does your cell phone losing signal or offnet frequently?Does your grey-market cell phone keep losing signal?Is the signal normal when your cell phone sleeping?Do you get losing signal warning when entering subway,basement,computer room and tunnel?You would suffer above problems more or less when usingcellphones.Cell phone does lose signal in certain places.Could wegetbeforehand warning of losing singal? Could we restoresignal?SignalGuard real-time monitoring signal quality andworkingcondition of your cell phone.It can give beforehand warningwithring, vibration and LED three methods when signalabnormalitiesoccurs, such as entering places like subway, basement,computerroom and tunnels or caused by uncorrectly basebandsettings. And itcan automatically restore signal networking within6 seconds(fastest), in accordance with the signal parametersettings. Thewhole restore process will be recorded in databasewhich could bechecked later. 1, Baseband locking function:  it can set working baseband in 2G, 3G or 4G.2, Cell tower locking function:  it can switch to the most powerful cell towernearby,Combination of rational setting 2G / 3G / 4G baseband, itwillenhance signal stability and improve quality ofconnection.3, WIFI management function:  control WIFI connection, real-time examinefrequencychannel, DBM and other informations, change or eraseconnectingpassword, more effective and convenient than system'swifimanagement.4, WIFI channel diagnostics function:  It can automatically analysis available wirelessrouterfrequency channels, give tips of conflicted andinterferencedchannels and available free ones, therefore solve theproblem ofslow wifi connection.5, Power saving function:  When actived, power saving function will turn onflightmode, close wifi and GPS. Thus no need of worrying midnightcall ormessage wake you up.[Function Description] 1) cellphone communications signal restore funtion to restorebrokenand weak network, enhance signal.2) cellphone baseband lock, base station refresh function toimprovethe cellphone signal quality.3) WIFI connection management, improve the diagnostic functiontoimprove WIFI connection rate.4) Signal power saving function to save cellphone power,extendstandby time.5) monitoring cellphone signals work status, double icondisplaysthe amount of telecommunications signals.6) Use combination of sound, vibration, LED three ways toremindlost signal and signal network restored.7) Record logs of losing signal and restore signal network,forcheck and management later.8) The app can be set to boot from the start, provide wholetimemonitoring.9) Support all the software and hardware of Android models inthemarket. Support monitoring and restoring the signal eventhecellphone is in standby or hibernation mode.[Upgrade Info]V4.4.0 (20170204):1. Added signal self-test function, preset correctrepairmode.2. Fixed bugs that were refreshed in the event list.3. Updated the feedback module.4. Some problems have been improved.By installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:
Network Signal Refresher Lite
Refresh network signal inoneclick!UPDATE 8.0.0: New Android 7.0+ Experimental feature +RootMode.Millions of users get their signal back using NSR, tryournetwork tool today and enjoy!Network Signal cannot be boosted by an app, Network signal canberefreshed and recovered. Network Signal Refresher is not anetworksignal booster, its a network tool that can be used torefreshnetwork signal. Signal booster app is a myth, while NSRtries torefresh the signal several times till you get a bettersignal. Soafter using NSR, Your network signal can get increased instrength(If a strong signal is present in that area) or stayconstant (Ifthere is no stronger signal in that area).NSR can refresh signal connection in Android Lollipop andabove(5.0+)One of the highest rated network signal tool. 13000+ 5starreviews![[Works for CDMA technology. GSM may not always work.]]NOTICE: THIS APP WON'T ALWAYS WORK ON DUAL SIM DEVICES.Basically this app refreshes the signal certain number oftimesuntil a good signal is found. The signal setting is done byAndroidsystem itself when signal is forcefully refreshed bythisapp.★Features/Expected results:★ Refresh Network Signal(4G/3G/2G) and WiFi in 1Click.★ Refreshes WiFi connection , Data connection & SignalStrengthtogether in one click.★ Fastest refreshing of signal, not more than a minute.★ Auto Close after Refreshing network.★ Notify last Refresh time.★ No fake boosting offered, but refreshes/resets the signal andsetsthe best possible signal strength in that area. Know thattheresults are same as any other "Network Booster" apps.★ Home Screen Widget [PRO]This is lite version with Ad, Try Pro.Pro Features:★ Home screen Widget. 1 click Refresher.★ Automatic Signal Refresh for continuous low signal.★ Faster refresh of Signal.★ No Ads.HSPA tweaks and signal booster apps in Google Play are fake! ButNSRis a genuine app that can reset radio signal connectionandre-establish the reception.By8JAPPS
AntennaPict β 2.0.0
This app displays the antenna picture inthenotification area.Displays the following information in the icon area of one.Display contents·Level of radio·Activity of data·Type of networkNetwork type· G ... GPRS· E ... EDGE· 1X ... CDMA 1X· 3G ... UMTS / CDMA EvDo· H ... HSDPA / HSUPA· LTE ... LTEThis application has READ_PHONE_STATE permission. In ordertoacquire the communication status, personal information suchastelephone number is not collected.
Signal Booster 3G 4G Wifi 1.0.1
Signal Booster 3G 4G Wifi is a is astabilizingsupport network applications with signal qualitymonitoring ping theserver and load the adjusted value.This application will lure 3g 4g wifi network signal you backtoping the data back to go undetected "request time out" andpreventthe connection of your Internet connection is lostinstantly.You need to know, when this service is active. please docheckregularly ping to get a good signal quality. to help theoptimizerand stabilizer in this application will allow you toregulate theuse of the Internet network efficiently.How It Work :- Make sure your network is connected- Decrease ping jumping to a minimum value with monitor yournetworkconnection by enable service, and then set the check pingthe serverusing the polling interval and a log frequency to thatis containedin the settings.Disclaimer : This app only helps to monitor and stabilizeyourconnection network by managing the load on the server ping.Thisapplication is not as a promoter or increase your downloadspeed.Please use this app wisely.If you feel that your network does not work well, please tellusyour problem
Signal Detector 2.1
The only Android app that can preventtheinternet connection which often to falter, and find outthecondition when you are surfing on internet. Equippedwithnotification bar to allow you to monitor the internetconnection atany time. Also, you can be notified by this app whenconnectivityand condition of the connection is changed. So you candecide anaction quickly.NOTE: To make this app runs normally, please add an exceptiontothis app on your task manager app, e.g. Clean Master.• Prevent the Idle Connection→ Some ISPs may enable the recycling connections system.Itis a naughty system, makes you unable to surf theinternetnormally. You may experienced the moments where yourconnectionsare often to falter or disconnected from ISP, while yourinternetcable and modem are in good condition. This app has afeature thatcan prevent it.• Know Your Network Condition→ In some cases, you may ever use a chat app (e.g. BBM) to PINGonyour friends, only to find out your current network statewhetherslow or fast, good or bad. This action may disturb them. Byusingthis app, you are no longer to do that. Just tap start,andthe network condition will appear on notification bar.Veryimportant to get the network condition before you surftheinternet, especially before download a file. Do not downloadthefile while status is bad.Tips & TricksRun this app while downloading any files. Because of it couldmakesyour device's CPU keep wake up, while the screen is off. Sothat,it keeps your download without being interrupted and stopped,andthis method is better to save your battery power than keepthescreen always on. Normally, all background tasks will be stoppedbyAndroid system if the device is asleep. So, activate thisfeaturethrough Settings > Use partial wakelock.And many more!Tell us if you want this app to be translated into yourlanguage.Check it on 'Add Translation' menu!NOTICEIf this app cannot prevent the internet connection to not falterordisconnected from ISP, please DO NOT leave your bad comment!Pleasecheck your internet cable or modem, something may go wrong(e.g.broken cable). If the problem cannot be resolved, pleasecontactyour ISP's costumer service. Asking a new feature canbesent through below email.
Internet Speed Test 4G, 3G, LTE, Wifi, GPRS 2.2.1
Speed Checker easily, quickly andaccuratelymeasures your Internet Speed (download, upload and ping)up to1Gbit.It is specifically created for mobile devices to ensure accurateandreliable results.Great for gamers and VOIP users to test connections : Userscanchoose to test the speed to servers located Worldwide.IncludingUK, USA, EU, Far East and South America.Your results history can be filtered and sorted to show Wi-Fiormobile-only results. Identify the fastest providers in yourareausing our dynamic results map to compare results inyourarea.The built-in Android cleaner will free up memory and data storagetoboost mobile performance.Features:• Accurate up to 1Gbit• 4G, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, GPRS• Worldwide servers• Full history can be sorted and filtered• Dynamic map shows all users' results• Built-in Android memory and data cleaner• Easy sharing of resultsSpeedchecker is behind the most popular speed testing websitesandis trusted by the BBC, Which?, the Guardian and othermediaoutlets, ISPs and Governments.