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Update the Phone app for your Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) ornewerdevice to improve your calling experience and gain controlovercalls with features like Google Duo video calling, spamprotectionand caller ID. GOOGLE DUO VIDEO CALLS Initiate thehighest qualityone-to-one video call with a simple tap from thecall log, searchor contacts card. You can also easily upgrade avoice call to a Duovideo call. Make sure you have Google Duoinstalled and activated.SPAM PROTECTION See warnings aboutpotential spam callers andreport suspicious calls to help protectthe community fromtelemarketers, fraudsters and spammers. CALLER IDKnow who’scalling before you pick up, with business names nowvisible on thecall screen along with their number. CALL BLOCKINGGet the callsyou want, and not the ones you don’t. You can nowblock numbers toprevent unwanted calls. VISUAL VOICEMAIL Check yourmessageswithout having to call voicemail - view, playback anddelete themright from the Phone app and download the audio to yourdevice.Currently available for Project Fi, T-Mobile USA, and OrangeFrancecustomers. NEARBY PLACES No more switching apps or cumbersomecopyand paste. Just find and call places right from the search barinthe Phone app. EMERGENCY LOCATION See where you are whenyou’recalling for help — this feature makes it easier to seeyourlocation when contacting emergency services.
Notes with Caller ID 1.0.319
Notes with Caller ID will give you a quick and simple notetakingexperience. Not only is the note taking app simple and easyto usebut also comes with a to-do checklist which can quickly besharedvia email, a search function, data backup, and restorefeatures. Asa top notes app for Android it is packed with manygreat featuresmaking it more than just a note pad. Notes withCaller ID linksyour notes & calls together in a powerful way.It’s the bestnote taking app, which links your notes with yourcontacts so youcan click-to-call directly from a note. Notes appalso shows thelast note you took on the caller. You can see it inreal time whilethe phone is ringing. This way you easily rememberwhat youdiscussed earlier. More than just a note taking app, italsoidentifies callers and adds the name and number to a note withjust1 click. When your phone rings the notepad app instantlyidentifiescallers. Even the ones not in your phonebook. After youhang up ournotes app gives you practical options like saving theidentifiedcaller to your contacts, calling back, or sending an SMS.Orconveniently take a note with one click. What’s included inthisfree notepad app: • Handy note search feature for the ones whotakemany notes • See your last note on the caller during theincomingcall • Create a new note and link it to a contact – now youcanclick-to-call directly from the note • Take, edit, export, andviewall notepad entries effortlessly • Backup and restore yournoteseasily • Save new contacts to your phonebook with one click,callback or send SMS • Identify callers and search numbers inworldwidedatabases with 1 billion+ numbers • Get warnings formillions ofspam numbers For your privacy and data protection we donot haveaccess to any of your notes or store any of theinformationcontained within them. Therefore, we recommend that youregularlyuse the useful backup feature on this app to avoid theaccidentalloss of any important information.
Numler - Caller ID & Blocker 3.2.1
AG Dev
Numler is a Caller ID & Call Blocker that gives you allthecaller information before you pick up the call, without havingthecaller information in your contacts, having this Caller IDwillsave you big time of having to answer spam, unknown andunwantedcalls, you can also search mobile, fixed line or shortnumbers fromour huge database of hundred of millions of phonenumbers, you cannow identify the true caller and save time.We arebeing chosen bymany users all over the world as the best Caller IDand CallBlocker, our users depend on us on everyday basis.You cannow findthe true caller behind every phone call, answer the callsyoureally want and stop taking calls that will waste your time,easilyfind your friends who has Numler and start chatting with themforfree and get rid of SMS messages charges.Identify callersinstantlyand get rid of spam calls, reverse phone numbers lookupand searchour huge database of mobile and fixed line numbers, andview callerinformation.We provide you with the best tool that helpsyou managecallers in a better way, from chatting with them, addingthem toyour favorites, block specific callers or posting reviews tohelpother people find the truth.You can update your phonebook withthelatest information from our huge database by addingmissingpictures, new phone numbers, new emails and much more,always keepyour phonebook up to date.Mark people as favorites orblock themfrom calling or chatting with you, stay connected withyour belovedones and let everyone know who the great people are andstay awayfrom unwanted calls.We bring you everything you need aboutcallersin one place, it's not just a caller ID, it's muchmore.MainFeatures• Caller ID: identify callers instantly before youanswerthe call and avoid scams, spammers or any annoying call andansweronly the calls you want.• Call Blocker: add any phone numberstothe block list and you will never hear of them again (youcanunblock them later at any time)• Search phone numbers/Reversephonelookup: search our large database by phone numbers, fixedlines,short numbers, names or email.• Update your contacts and getrecentnumbers, emails and photos.• Chat: you can easily chat withyourcallers or your contacts.• Mutual contacts: find contacts incommonbetween you and your callers and friends.• Call logs: in-appcalllogs with the included information from your database.Ourcommunityfeel free to get in touch with us at any time.Supportemail:[email protected]:
ZenUI Dialer & Contacts
ZenUI Dialer & Contacts is anall-in-onecontacts, dialer, and call log app that offers powerfulphone callfeatures enabling you to block calls from unknown callersand spamsenders, use speed dial, link duplicate contacts, run smartsearch,view history with all important info and personalize yourown themeon your dialer, call log, and contacts.Block calls from unidentified callers• Get rid of annoying phone spam using the Smartblockingfeature.• Block calls from unknown and private numbers.• Block calls from recognized spammers and by block list.Smart search to find your contact fast• Type partial/first character of name or number to getrelevantsearch results from your dialer.• Available in these languages: English, TraditionalChinese,Simplified Chinese, Russian.Speed dial with a tap• 8 available number slots to instantly link with yourimportantcontacts from your phone dialer.Safeguard your private contacts• Password-protect your contact list and address book historyfromprying eyes.• Trigger your phone’s front camera into a security cam andcapturephotos of unauthorized users who try to hack in withwrongpasswords.Smart linking the duplicate contacts• Link same contact data from different accounts under onebasedfrom email addresses or phone numbers.Your very personal phone book• Personalize and apply theme on your dialer, call log andcontactlist backgrounds.More informationFor more product information and videos, check out:http://www.zenui.com
Should I Answer? 2018.7.10720
Should I Answer is free mobile security application protectingyouagainst unsolicited, expensive, unwanted or unknown calls.Should Ianswer the call? This question can come into a mind ofevery personwho sees an unknown incoming call. Each of us had (orwill have)the opportunity to face the unsolicited call,telemarketingcampaign, advertisement or some kind of fraud call.How should wefind out that the calling number is harmless andanswering it willnot cost us tens of minutes of precious time orsignificant amountof money? Notification Features • Displays phonenumber ratingimmediately when phone starts ringing • Does not touchor displayratings for your numbers stored in contacts! • Worksoffline – usesoffline rating database (internet connection notneeded) • Fastaccess to detailed phone number information and userreviews • Fastaccess to write own review Optional Blocking Features• Blockscalls from hidden numbers • Blocks calls to premium ratenumbers •Blocks calls to foreign countries • Blocks calls from/tonegativerated numbers • Blocks calls from numbers defined onprivate blocklist • Can blocks all calls from numbers which are notin contactlist! • Never blocks or touch any number from yourcontact list!Online Manual: How is thedatabase of ratings and numbers created? Thedatabase is built-up bythe community of all users who have theapplication installed and/orvisiting the application pages. Theusers can anonymously sendratings and reviews for public phonenumbers (we do not collect infofor private numbers) based on realanswered calls. These ratings arestored in central server databasewhere our admins can check themand after evaluation and approvalthe reviews with ranking are thendistributed to all mobile phoneswith our application installed. Whythe application demands accessto contacts and phone calls in mymobile? Such information are usedby the application to distinguishbetween your private contactsstored in your mobile and new incomingcalls – so the rating formis displayed only for new not rated/notprivate numbers in yourhistory. Your private contacts are neversent to server (generallyspeaking they never leave your mobile).
Reverse Lookup - Caller ID and Block
Nomadic Ratio
Easily perform a reverse phone lookup of any unknown number inyourcall history(or entered manually) to identify businesses,billcollectors, spam, scams, telemarketers, fraud, and more.Aftercaller info is found, user can: ★ Block future calls fromthatnumber / send to voicemail ★ Discuss the call with other users★Save as a new contact ★ Dial the number ★ Map the caller'slocationwithout leaving the app ★ Expand the search to popularsearchengines like Google with one tap ★ And more! 100% freeandanonymous, with no login , no subscription, and no in-apppurchasesrequired. If you enjoy this app but would prefer itwithout ads,please check out our paid version - Reverse LookupPlus. Itcontains the same functionality, without advertising, foraone-time fee that helps support development of future updates.Thechoice is yours! Need Help? If you have any trouble, pleasereadthe Notes and FAQ sections below and if they don't answeryourquestion, please send us an email so we can help you. We readandrespond to every single email we receive, usually within afewhours. Reviews doubling as support requests are difficult tofollowup on properly and sometimes we may miss themaltogether.Frequently AskedQuestions• There are NO fees associated with this app whatsoever. •There isno public directory for cellphones, so we cannot get muchdata onthem, sorry. • This app returns *publicly available dataaspublished by phone companies*. • If information returnedisoutdated, it's because it's outdated in the phonecompany'sdirectory. • The location being returned is typically thebillingaddress or carrier's office for that number. It is notpossible toreturn GPS data. • CITY ID must be disabled for this appto workcorrectly.. it hijacks your call log! See our site fordetails.PERMISSIONS Because we value privacy and respect yours,we'd likeyou to know what permissions are used for in this app. Ifyou'dlike a more detailed explanation, pleasevisit •INTERNET-required to reach lookup databases •READ CONTACTS / WRITECONTACTS- read is used to filter out known numbers from beinglisted aswell as determining which numbers to show a notificationfor. writeis used to create "send to voicemail" contacts •CALLPHONE - forone click calling after a lookup is complete •READ PHONESTATE -used to create notifications when an unknown number calls(ifset inpreferences) •NETWORK STATE - to ensure you have a dataconnectionwhen using the app •GET ACCOUNTS - used to attach "sendtovoicemail" contacts to your primary Google account(required forthesetting to work). old method of creating these contacts didnotrequire this permission but that did not work on somedevices.•READ CALL LOG - to list your unknown calls on the mainscreen•WRITE SD CARD - required for embedded Google Maps(temporarycachefiles for improved map performance)
Sync.ME – Caller ID & Block 4.11.6
Sync.ME is the best app for caller ID, text ID and to identifyscamcalls! ★ TechCrunch - “The App That Turns You into a God”.Sync.MEis a free caller ID app and a call blocker with over10,000,000active daily users who rely on it to identify scam anddiscoverunknown caller ID details. With SyncME, you can blockcalls, ignorephone calls and identify unknown callers from allaround the world.It has never been easier to detect, report andblock unwantedcalls, identify unknown callers and even block SMSmessages. Mainkey features: ✓ Caller ID – Identify unknown callerID, blockingincoming calls and unwanted calls. ✓ Text ID – BlockSMS messages!✓ Identify scam – Sync ME lets you identify unknownphone numbersand report spam calls with a tap of a button. ✓ Socialcaller ID-Keep your contacts up to date and synchronize theirlatest picturesand information from all major social networks. ✓Contactsblacklist – Ignore unwanted phone calls by using our callerIDblock to create a blacklist of numbers. ✓ Full contact ID details–view the complete contact ID of your contacts list includingname,number, and data from social media profiles. ✓ Phone lookup–SyncME lets you perform a reverse phone lookup any number tofindout who it is and find out who called. ✓ Birthday reminders –Getdaily birthday reminders and send contacts personalizedgreetingcards. ✓ All in one – text ID, unknown caller ID, synccontactsdetails, identify and report scam calls from one easy touse app. ★SyncMe is the best caller ID app in the market!'scaller ID and call blocker features to lookup and identifyunknowncallers ID, detect and report calls from unknown phonenumbers. Ourlarge database of numbers allows for instantlyidentifying callers.★ PRESS → “Users no longer have to send a massemail or textmessage” The Next Web → "There are several options,but the bestone we've found so far that's free and works well isSync.Me." PCAdvisor → "Sync.Me efficiently syncs Facebook orLinkedIn contactsautomatically." Android Pit → “Yearning for aunified contact list?Sync.Me wants your number” ZDNet → "With thenicest userinterface...Sync.ME is really made to be simple and easytounderstand. And it succeeds." MakeUseOf It has never been easiertoidentify numbers from unknown callers and block numbersandunwanted calls! Download SyncMe today! ★ Join our communityandsend us your feedback or questions: → → Twitter: →Support:
Real Caller : CALLER ID & REVERSE Number LOOKUP 35.0
* Real Caller : phone number finder contains genuine phone bookwithinstance caller id additionally a reverse phone lookup . *Numberlookup : you can lookup to find caller id that belongs toany phonenumber whether domestic phone number or cell phone numberbeyondyour phone book directory for free ! . * caller id : serviceneedsinternet connection in order to be functional ,Real Callerwillshows you a popup window during a phone call in order to listcallername or caller info . * Real Caller id : helps you know whoiscalling you from unknown number by display the caller name ifexistin Real Caller id phone book directory even if the phonenumber orcell number not exist in your phone book or contacts ,ithelps younever take unwanted phone calls from unknown caller suchas spam . *Reverse Lookup : you can reverse lookup any phonenumber by enter aname to lookup the number by searching in RealCaller phonedirectory for any cell number or domestic phone number. * callblocker : block phone calls from cell number or domesticnumber,whether in your contacts or no ,quickly identify and lookupforspam . *Real Caller id : contains a simple and easy textingservicethat allows you to text you contacts who have the RealCaller Id appfor free . *Multimedia sharing : dalil share yourphotos ,videos ,voice memo with your contacts who have Real Callerphone bookdirectory For Free ! . -for the times you send textmessage to wrongperson? -have you lost your phone book or deleteyour contacts list?-caller id : too many calls from unknownnumbers ? decide whetheraccept or reject a call. -find out if itsreal caller id or spam ?-reverse lookup and number lookup withactive search, lookup foryour friend’s phone numbers and family byusing Real Caller phonedirectory. -free phone number lookup! ,people lookup ,businesslookup or name lookup -reverse phone numberlookup, domestic ormobile number! subscriptions : you can managethe subscriptions inone of the following ways: 1- On Android, openthe Google PlayStore, then tap Menu > Subscriptions. 2-On acomputer, go, then in the left menu click Mysubscriptions. Oneither Android or a computer, use theURL to opentheuser's list of subscriptions. # android users 6.0 or laterMustgrant needed permissions in order for caller id works properly.Please Note: In comply with Google Play developer policy, belowisan explanation of needed permissions. Search feature: To be abletouse the search feature, you need to grand the belowpermission:android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE - the Device ID: Inorder toproperly provide you the search feature, we identify yourdevice byaccessing the device id and generating a unique id basedon thisdevice id to be your unique id with us. Block call feature:If youwould like to use the caller ID or Block call feature, youneed togrand the below permission: android.permission.CALL_PHONE -CallerID: We will access calls information to perform search inourserver and get the caller name - Call Blocker: We will accesscallsinformation to perform block Below permission is needed to beableto keep caller id feature functional even after the mobiledeviceis rebooted. android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETEDBelowpermission is needed to be able to keep caller id and callblockerfeatures functional even if the app was in background forlongtime. android.permission.WAKE_LOCK Below permission is neededto beable to display the Caller Name info on your device screenwhen youreceive a call. android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW Youcanenable the below permission if you would like to use voicespeechto text recognition during
Morus 1.35.0
Morus Connect
Morus is a productive channel to make best quality VoIP callsforlower rates. Basically, it is a downloadable mobile dialer appthatcomes with versatile features. It works on all Androidenableddevices with internet connectivity via 3G/Edge/Wi-Fi, etc.Morus isdesigned to give an edge for VoIP Providers in improvingtheircustomer base. The following are the key features making itanideal mobile dialer. Key Features:No call disconnection inlimitedbandwidth areasSupports G729,PCMU, PCMA codecsLoudSpeakerSmartUIReal-time SIP status messagesSIP based protocolforSignalingExplicit Call HistoryAutomatic Balance SyncingAddressBookIntegrationConducive to all SIP standard switchesOperatesbehindNAT or Private IPSmooth voice through jitter buffertechniqueSilentsuppression and comfort noise generation for limitedbandwidthuseAuto detection of contacts picked from phone bookGain athoroughVoIP calling experience through this simple, but yeteffectivemobile dialer app.
Me : Smart Caller ID & Spam Protection 5.9984
From now on, you'll always know what people really think aboutyouMe is the only app in the world where you can see who savedyournumber in his contacts, reveal exactly who named you andhow!Always know who calls you with 'Me' powerful Smart Caller Idevenif he is not in your contacts. We will alert you from topspammersin your country. With our unique Smart Caller ID, you cando a lotmore during a call. Who saved my number? ★ You can see alist withyour names of what do your friends save you on theirphone. ★ Tapon any given name and watch who is the person that gaveyou thisname. ★ Always know who has your number only with MeApp.★Interested how a specific person named you? easy, invite himwhenhe will download the app we will update you with your new name.★We will update you on each name changes your friends willupdateyour record in their contacts. ★ Long press on a name toremove anunwanted or offensive name. ★ The list is private! can beaccessedonly after a phone number activation. The more people youinvite,the more names you will have! Simple as that. Who Called Me?- MeSmart Caller ID features: ★ Identify in real time billionsofnumbers worldwide! identify the true caller behind anunknownnumber. ★ Get the real true name of the caller. ★ SendWhatsAppduring a call, even if the number that is not in yourcontacts,easy and simple. ★ Talking Caller Id - Hear the name ofthe callerwhen he calls you, our smart caller id will say the nameof thecaller. ★ Send your email with just 1 click! tired of sayingyouremail during a call? we have a solution, 1 touch, and youremailwill send to the caller. ★ Add/Edit private notes to thecaller. ★Send a text message. ★ Add the caller to your contact listor edithim if he is already in your contacts. ★ Flash Torch on anincomingcall. ★ Alert on Spam callers in real time! you can choosewhetherto answer or ignore. You can use the Smart caller idfeaturesduring a call All our features can be turned on\off. MeProfiles:From your ME names or from our smart caller id tap on theuser andthe full profile will open: ☑ Social networks. ☑ Fastcontact withthe phone number, via SMS, WhatsApp, email etc... ☑Profile picture☑ Mutual contacts - a unique feature that will showyou the contactlist that you both have. ☑ Facebook mutual friends(soon) ☑ Whoviewed your profile (soon) You can always edit your ownprofile,change your name, age, gender, picture, social networklinks andmore. Your privacy settings such as mutual friends, whoviewed yourprofile and more can be turned on/off. Me Widget: ☑ Scanbulk ofphone numbers in the real world and in real time from yourcamera,and get the names behind the numbers on your screen. ☑ Copya phonenumber anywhere on your phone (while browsing or from otherapps),just tap on the search widget and that's it, the name willbereviled. ☑ Watch the last identified unknown callers viaMeApp'swidget. Me share extension will let you "share" a phonenumberstraight to MeApp and identify it. When you become a Me user,youwill never have to worry about backing up your contacts,Restorecontacts has never been easy! with Me Pro, you can restoreall yourcontacts with one touch. Me Smart Search will let yousearch inbillions of phone numbers in our database, Your contacts,yournames and your call log with an instant. Me Call Log - afastaccess to your phone call log with the identified names ofyourrecent calls and your recent searches. Join now the mostpowerfulCall app in the world. MeApp Fullguide: Contact us:Website: Email: [email protected] Like us onFacebook:
Verizon Tones 5.2.7
Verizon - VZ
Verizon Tones is your source for Ringback Tone and Ringtonecontent.Browse our catalog for all the latest songs from yourfavoriteArtists. Verizon Tones now offers you more Ringback Tonemanagementoptions than ever before. Download and use of theapplication(including browsing and previewing content) will bebilled on aper-megabyte basis, or according to your data package.Content costsare displayed at time of purchase.Verizon TonesFeatures:• Wi-Fisupport for 4G devices. • Discounts provided forpurchasing bundled(Ringback Tone and Ringtone) content• Setpurchased Ringtones asdefault ringer• Set purchased Ringback Tonesas default• Assignpurchased Ringback tones and Ringback ToneJukeboxes to contacts inyour address book• Renew expiring RingbackTone content inside theVerizon Tones application • PurchaseRingback Tone jukeboxes orcreate your own• Manage the Ringbacktone Caller Greeting that playswhen someone calls • Browse byArtist and GenreFor more Information,pleasevisit:
Contacts, Dialer, Phone & Call Block by Simpler
Contacts & Dialer by Simpler - Call blocker, contactsbackup,merge duplicates, smart dialer, group text and cleanupcontacts. *Your address book is a mess? Simpler will fix it in fewseconds! *Over 8,000,000 people love Simpler in all major platforms:) MAINFEATURES ○ Block calls - simply block unwanted calls ○ Mergeallduplicate contacts ○ One tap to backup your contacts! ○Instantlysend group text & email ○ T9 Dialer - quickly searchby name& numbers ○ Over 40 beautiful themes available MERGEDUPLICATECONTACTS ○ Merge all duplicate contacts with one tap ○Find &merge contacts with similar names. ○ Find & Mergecontacts withduplicate phone or email. BACKUP ○ One tap to backupyour contacts○ Offline Backup. No need to sync to any server. Justemailyourself the backup file. ○ Simple Restore - just tap on the.vcffile in any Android or iPhone mail client. ○ Backup Contacts asVCF(VCard). ○ Quickly export your backups to Dropbox, GoogleDrive,Email CLEANUP ○ Remove contacts without name, phone or email○Delete unused contacts ○ Filter contacts by Company & JobtitleSMART DIALER ○ T9 Dialer - quickly search by name &numbers ○One tap to call your favorite and frequently used contactsGROUPS ○Manage your contacts into groups ○ Instantly send grouptext &email ○ Share with your colleagues, friends and familyAVAILABLE IN15 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES English, Español, Français,Italiano,Deutsch, Português (Br.), 中文 (Simplified), 中文(Traditional), 日本語,한국어, Nederlands, Русский, Türkçe, العربية, עבריתCONTACT US Feelfree to contact us directly if you need any kind ofsupport: We hope you love our app asmuch asour community and our team do. Download it today and let usknowwhat you think!
Dalily - Caller ID 6.8
Dalily is the best Arabic caller ID and search engineforidentifying real and true caller. It has more intelligencethanother search engine. Dalily caller lets you search beyondyourexisting phone book list, identify unknown incoming callsandnames. It also searches for any number whether it’s local oracrossthe Arab world. Dalily caller app identifies almost ahundreds ofmillions record in (Saudi Arabia (KSA) - United ArabEmirates (UAE)- Kuwait - Bahrain - Oman - Qatar - Yemen - Jordan -Lebanon -Syria - Egypt - Iraq - Morocco - Tunisia - Algeria - Sudan-Palestine - Libya- Comoros - Djibouti - Mauritania -Somalia)**Features **- User can search by phone number or name.-View thepersonal photo, video, address, job and social networkslike(Facebook, Twitter…) etc of the searched person if available.-Showall the existing names related to searched phone number orderbyrecent.- Notify the user if someone searches for his numberinDalily.- Identify who’s calling you if you don’t have theirnumberin your address book.- Identify if the person has WhatsApp ornot.-Fast and easy in use.- Show the Emergency contacts forabovementioned countries.- Enhanced Version of new feature "WhoSearchfor Me" which will allow user to know, who searched for yourphonenumber in Dalily.- Email backup feature for backing up yourcontactlist to your email.- Block unwanted calls.- Remove AbusiveNames-Name Enhancement- Change Profile Image and profileprivacysettings- Transliteration for Non-English Names- Ability touploadvideo directly through storage or camera- Addition of lastseenlocation in search result- Upload ID Proof in NameEnhancementservice for more authenticity of request- Subscriptionofadvertisement removal- New and simpler authenticationmechanism**Coming Soon **- Adding more countries to availablesearchcountries. information in Dalily are public one and available ontheinternet and are collected from different internet resourcesfor thepurpose of search convenience.
Mabrook Plazma 3.8.8
With its simple and intuitive user interface, Mabrook Plazma isthesolution to making high quality calls for a fraction of thecost.Utilizing the latest the latest advances in VOIP technology,youcan be ensured that all your communications are secureandaffordable.• Mabrook Plazma is a SIP-based soft phone. You cancallyour friends and family from Mabrook Plazma withlowestinternational call rates! And very good quality.Features•SIP-based softphone with exceptional voice quality• WorksfromWifi/3G/GSM• Support for DTMF• Easy contact book, callhistory.Inaddition to your cost savings, we offers:• Secure andreliablecommunication• Compatible with VOIP switches supportingstandardSIP• Unique anti-block solution• Option to brand owndialer•Advance Echo Cancellation• Flexible integration with yourphonebook contacts• Screen display for your call history, calltimer andbalance
Caller ID, Calls, Phone Book & Contacts: Eyecon 1.1.188
Use our true caller ID to identify calls and see photos and namesofunknown caller and contacts in your phone book by only clickingoneicon. Sync with Facebook to automatically add photos to yourphonedialer, contacts & address book with Eyecon. Checknumbers ofunknown calls with our simpler caller ID and smart dialcontacts.Automatically link messaging and calling apps to connectquickly.Communicate your way with our FREE app! FEATURES ✓ Visual– We syncwith Facebook and other social media channels to identifyyourcontact’s true photos to create a photo based address bookanddialer. See names and photos instead of numbers for unknowncallersand your contacts when you are dialing or receiving calls. ✓Safe –Protect yourself from spam and anonymous phone calls withourcaller ID. Our caller ID is based on Facebook and othersocialmedia identifiers, so the photos are all high quality andtheinformation is completely accurate. Block calls to control whocancall you. ✓ Connective – Sync your dialer, Whatsapp,Facebook,Viber, messaging, email, Skype, Linkedin and more with asingleclick for all in one communication through your favorite appicons.✓ Ultimate personalization- Control how your image andcontactinformation appear in your friend’s address book and intheirphones when you call them. Choose from one of our 30+ themestocustomize your address book with your favorite of our skinoptions!Change your settings to determine your dual or single SIMsettings,caller ID notifications and more. ✓ Availability checker –Find outif your friends are free before you dial with ournon-intrusive"can you talk" feature to allow people to eitheranswer the phone,call you back immediately or respond that they arebusy. ✓Intuitive – Our technology learns your preferences as youinteractwith Eyecon and use our phone dialer. We organize contactsby thosemost dialed and display communication icons according tothose youuse the most often. ✓ Set photos – Enjoy participating inourone-of-a-kind game to review the photos we automaticallysyncedwith your contacts and find new pictures of your friends. ✓Addcontacts - After a conversation with someone who isn’t alreadyinyour phonebook, use our built in caller ID to easily add them asanew contact with a suggested name and photo without typinganythingadditional. ✓ Private – login by simply adding your phonenumberwithout syncing with third party social media or alengthyregistration process. Our intuitive and picture based phonebookmakes it easy to organize your address book and recognizeyourcontacts. Connect social media, text messaging and email appsfromone screen for all-in-one communication. In one click, simplysee& call for a better phone book and Android dialer!Ourintuitive picture and icon phonebook will change the wayyoucommunicate to a smarter and more social experience. Wesupportsingle and dual SIM phones. CONNECT WITH US ♥ Learn moreat ♥ Email us at [email protected] need assistance or have a suggestion. ♥ Follow us onFacebookat
Whoscall – The best caller ID and block App 6.28.1
Whoscall has more than 65 million downloads and 1 billionnumbersfrom the global community. Know who's calling immediately sothatyou can pick up important calls and blocks annoying calls.Chooseyour callers! ★Recognized as one of Google Play the mostpopularAPP in Taiwan for five years★ ★Rewarded as Google 2013, 2015&2016 the best app★ ★Rewarded as Google 2013 InnovationAward★★Recognized as Top 10 Innovated App in Taiwan byTechinAsia★★Official partner with Taiwan National PoliceAdministration★【Release Note】 According to Google Android Oreo'spolicy, we areobligated to show the service status in thenotification channelwhen the service is running in the background.You can go tosettings to hide the alert and keep the serviceworking. If yourdevice is Android 8.0/8.1 system, after you switchoff theforeground service alert, you will still see Android systemalert.【Key Features】 ▶ Identify unknown calls Know who's callingand pickup important calls only. ▶ Block spam calls Block specificphonenumbers and enjoy the uninterrupted quality time. ▶ Unknownnumberssearch Track unknown phone numbers. ▶ Offline databaseIdentifycallers without internet access. 【 Whoscall Premium】 ▶OfflineDatabase Extension Get premium offline database, totallycontrolyour callers. ▶ Auto-update Auto-update offline database. ▶Ad-freeRemove all ads and enjoy the purest experience.-------------------*Offline database is available in Taiwan, Korea,Hong Kong, Japan,Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, USA, India&Indonesia...etc. *Up toAndroid 6.0 versions request permission on SMS,Phone, Contacts andDraw over other apps. * Whoscall is alwayslooking forward tohearing from you! Should you have any inquiry orsuggestion, pleasereach us at [email protected]
Call Blocker 1.1.19
Call Blocker can reject unwanted calls automatically. If youhavebeen annoyed by spam calls from salesman, or if you want torejectcalls from anyone, you can just add the number to blacklistand letCall Blocker do the job. This app is light-weighted andstable,cost very little memory and CPU resources. Features: 
1.Blacklist,add numbers to blacklist to block 2. Whitelist, addnumbers thatdon't need to block to whitelist 
3. Record logs ofrejectednumbers 4. Block modes:
 *Block Blacklist *Allowwhitelist(Blockcalls that is not in whitelist) *Block unknown(Blockcalls that isnot in contacts) *Block all calls
 5. It’s FREE!
Data Usage - Call Timer 5.6.6
TouchSpot MX
CallTimer is a data manager which allows to control data, callsandsms. You can exclude free apps from the Data Counter. ★ Backedupby more than 7 Million downloads in the free version.Functionstocontrol your plan(Plan Monitor):✔ Mobile Number Locator -CallerID. (India, Mexico, Brasil, Colombia and more countries).✔Excludefree apps from the counter data plan.✔ Pre configurableplans ofmany carriers such as: Plan Telcel, Movistar, Iusacell,Nextel,Claro, Aircel India, Airtel, Entel, Vodafone, VirginMobile,AT&T, Verizon,TalkTalk, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular.✔ DataTracker:Monitor your data usage on mobile, Wi-Fi, roaming, 3G, 4G.✔Set upalarms for the usage of your plan. ✔ App Tracker: Know whatappsare using the most data.✔ Display statistics of your plan.✔Widgetsof Real time plan usage.✔ My Data Manager: Export DataPlanRegister to Excel™.✔ Call Tracker.✔ Configurable BlockChargingCalls: 1 sec, 30 sec, o per minute. ✔ Configurable CallCounters:Limit International Calls, Roamings Calls. It also allowsyou tolimit the time of your incoming and outgoing calls for thosewithplans where the first 5, 10, 20 or xx minutes are free. If thatisyour case, get ready to save money!Functions for the freenumbers:✔Auto hang up.✔ Auto redial (Redialer)✔ Exclude minutes orsms fromsome contacts or free numbers. Closed user group numbers(freeunlimited calls)✔ Configure alert times based on eachcontact.✔Fast dial from the app.✔ Status bar notifications.✔Configure thedays the application is enabled.- The app is ideal tolimit a callby cutting/hangup when a certain time has elapsed. Inthe followingpage you can find information about these features andhow toconfigure them:http://www.calltimerpro.comFor users withHuawei,Xiaomi, Sony Xperia and One Plus phones please contact us incaseyou have issues with the app.To contact us please send us anemailto [email protected] (only english).
True Phone Dialer & Contacts 1.7.1
Hamster Beat
True Phone has arrived to replace your stock dialer &contactsapp and bring your dialing experience to the next level!It's theonly one dialer app with full contact management supportavailablefor Android!Highly customizable, but easy-to-use, TruePhoneprovides you very convenient way to quickly access yourrecentcalls, contacts, favorites and groups. It comes with the ideatoget rid of unnecessary elements to save space for content, andmakedaily usage extremely easy with just-one-hand navigation.Truephone works faster than any other dialer, provides tons ofuniquefeatures and also includes built-in theme manager. Try it nowforfree!Best T9 dialer, ever- Fast T9 search in your recent callsandcontacts- Smart recent calls grouping- Multiple languagesupport-Clean and convenient navigation- Modern and customizabledesign-Themes support- Extended Dual SIM supportPowerful contactmanager-View and edit your contacts in one place- Easily createnewcontacts on specific account- Keep your contacts organizedwellwith extremely powerful suggestions- View desiredcontactinformation- Easily contact your friends on social networks-Easilylink your similar contacts- Import / export your contactsfrom oneplace to another- Share your contacts as text or vCard-Create andedit contact groups- Organize your favorites- Easilyaccessfunctions you need right nowTrue Phone is completely freefor7-days, then ads may appear.You could keep it using for freeorturn ads off by in-app purchase.If you experience any issuesorneed our help, please contact us at [email protected] us translate the app? Participateat regards, HamsterBeatteam.All delicious apps for Android.
Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler 8.9
Simpler Dialer is the fastest dialer for your android phone,poweredwith: call block, smart contacts search, call log history,T9 andbeautiful themes. MAIN FEATURES ○ Block calls - easilyblockunwanted calls ○ T9 Dialer - quickly search by name &numbers ○Quickly call to your frequently used contacts ○ Clean&intuitive design ○ Over 40 beautiful themes available SMARTDIALER○ Beautiful dialer to call and add new contacts ○ T9 Dialer-quickly search by name & numbers ○ Quickly find thecontactsyou need FAVORITES + CALL LOG ○ One tap to call yourfavoritecontacts ○ Quickly call to your frequently used contactsAVAILABLEIN 15 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES English, Español, Français,Italiano,Deutsch, Português (Br.), 中文 (Simplified), 中文(Traditional), 日本語,한국어, Nederlands, Русский, Türkçe, العربية, עבריתCONTACT US ○ Wewould love to hear your feedback ○ Let us know whatdo you thinkabout Simpler Dialer:
Everybody – AI caller ID 4.0.3
Everybody is your personal assistant that helps you identifycallsand messages from unknown numbers. We’re all familiar withthescenario when you get an unwanted call that disrupts yourentireday. Now it’s time to put an end to it and know for surewhichcalls are important and which can be skipped.How does it work?It'sactually quite complicated. We use machine learning, webcrawlingand also something called "wisdom of the crowd" to trainEverybodyAI. Luckily it's not that important. What really mattersis thatEverybody just... works!It’s time you stopped wasting timeon callsyou don’t want to take.*The app cannot identify hiddennumbers(because there's no number there to identify)
Call Blocker 0.47
Call blocker app for blocking numbers using theblacklist.Features:*Block a number using the blacklist.* Blockprivate calls orrestricted calls.* Incoming call lock using areacode, prefix orsuffix.* Block unknown numbers that are not in yourcontact list.*Block contact or block multiple contacts.* Blockcalls from allphone numbers.* Switch call blocking on or off.*Number blocker appfor free download.
Mobile operators 1.76
Gleb Zakaev
Mobile operators at each call show the operator and the regionofthe interlocutor. Use the call blocker to automaticallyrejectannoying calls from numbers from the black list(collectors,scammers, etc.). Useful statistics will show the styleof yourcommunication and help you understand what your money isspenton.Application capabilities:★OPERATOR DEFINITIONBYNUMBERDefinition of the region and operator of theinterlocutor.★CALL LOCKER If you are tired of the annoying calls ofadvertisingagents, collectors or spammers - Blocker will help you.You caneasily configure the black, white list of subscribers, aswell asblock incoming calls by mask, for example +44 250*.★CALLCONFIRMATIONSet the confirmation of the call for calls toforeignregions or to foreign operators. You will avoidcasualspending.★SEARCH BY ADDRESS BOOK, CALL LOG AND SMSYou canfind theoperator and region by address book, call log andSMSmessages.★CONVENIENT STATISTICSVisual graphs, chartswithstatistics of your calls and other useful statistics will showthestyle of your communication and help you understand what yourmoneyis spent on.We are constantly working on the development oftheapplication. Let's improve the Mobile operators together. Youcanalways write to us at mail: [email protected]
All Email Access with call screening 1.145
All Email Access is an email app for Android that allows youtoconnect to your multiple email accounts from a single app – italsocreates a powerful link between mail and phone calls,andidentifies callers, with mail options directly from the callerIDscreen. In this fast-moving mobile age, you need quick emailloginaccess and better ways to manage your inbox. This easy to usemailapp simplifies email login, and allows you to manage variousemailaccounts with a single click. What sets All Email Access apartfromother email apps is the smart Caller ID. It identifies callersinreal-time, even if the caller isn’t in your phonebook. Thelinkbetween calls and mails means you can also easily andinstantlysend mails to the caller or access your email directlyafter thecall ends. This app will strongly enhance your mobilecommunicationand productivity. What you get in this app: - Supereasy all emailaccess: Universal email client lets you access allemails in onesimple mail app (compatible with more than 50 mobileemailproviders). - ID Caller: Each time you receive a call you willseethe caller’s details. -One click to email: easy email accessfromthe Caller ID screen allows you to mail the caller instantly.-Save contacts: Save unknown incoming contacts with one clickaftereach call. - Make it your own: You can easily adjust Caller IDtoyour preferences in the app settings. - Overview of callhistory:Call log and instant access to your phonebook in the app.-Dedicated customer support – our email app for Androidhasdedicated support team to ensure great functionalityanduser-centered features.
Caller ID - Who Called Me, Call Location Tracker 1.2.9
Caller ID - Who Called Me is the top true name caller id app.CallerID - Who Called Me works like a mobile number locator, callblocker,reverse phone number lookup and call location tracker. 15millionpeople trust! Caller ID will identify any unknown incomingcalls,block robocalls, telemarketing and unwanted calls. Displaycalllocation, true name and caller photo for you. Replace yourdialer& SMS with Caller ID App! Caller ID - Who Called Mehighlight:Find the Caller ID - Identify unknown and privatecallers. Shows thecaller name, photo, call location and addresslookup as MobileNumber Locator and Tracker. Find out true phonecaller id and morenumber details. Call Blocker – Blacklist - Blockunwanted calls suchas telemarketing, spam callers, robocalls,fraud, by adding them tocalls blacklist. Caller ID app willautomatically block number fromyour blacklist and help you saygoodbay to all spam calls. PhoneNumber Search - Caller ID - WhoCalled Me lets you perform a reversephone number lookup any numberto find out who it is and find outwho called. You can copy anynumber you see and cut it to the searchbox. Caller ID - Who CalledMe will identify the number and displaytrue phone caller id, calllocation and more details. The bestmobile number locator and phonenumber search in Android! SmartDialer - Make phone calls in theapp directly. Now your Dialer istruly yours to block number. Useour smart dialer to quickly searchin your call logs and contacts,and enjoy the smoothest dialingexperience! Call Log Scan - Haveyou ever checked your call historyand wondered: who called me?Caller ID app scans every unknowncaller to protect your security.See all the call history in therecent calls. Including the missedcalls, completed incoming andoutgoing calls, no answer calls. Showyou all call location and truephone caller id. Caller ID - WhoCalled Me is very easy andlightweight, yet powerful. If you wantto find a number detail, youcan also try phone number search inCaller ID - Who Called Me. Youwill get the best results about thisnumber. Caller ID - Who CalledMe is a free caller ID app dedicatedto serving users. It has neverbeen easier to identify numbers fromunknown callers and blocknumbers and unwanted calls! DownloadCaller ID - Who Called Metoday!
ShaPlus Caller Info (India) 4.2
Identify the location of Indian incoming and outgoing calls.Forlandline calls, state and city is shown and for mobile calls,stateand operator is shown. For International calls, callingcountry isshown. In main screen, you can look-up any mobile number,IndianSTD code or ISD code(add 00 prefix for ISD code lookup).Positionof alert can be set in settings. Now includes detailed calllog formissed calls, outgoing calls and incoming call showingIndian state(city also for landline) for Indian numbers and countryforinternational numbers. Option to directly call the entries inthecall log. After installing a shortcut "ShaPlus Call Log" iscreatedto directly launch call log of the program.Also includesoptionalSTD Prefixer to call local landline numbers without dialingSTDcode. When enabling STD Prefixer in Settings, you have toenterlocal STD code also.Note : Operator of mobile number willbeaccurate only for mobile numbers not ported using Mobilenumberportability(MNP).
Whitepages People Search 3.3.14
With more than 30 million users per month and the largestpeopledirectory online, Whitepages is the trusted source forpeoplesearch, phone numbers, reverse phone lookup and backgroundchecksthat include criminal records, arrests and public records.PEOPLESEARCH & BACKGROUND CHECKS • Find people and look upphonenumbers, including mobile numbers, addresses, and accessbackgroundcheck reports with ease • Our instant online backgroundcheckreports include criminal records, arrests, property info andotherpublic records along with complete contact information •Allbackground check searches are confidential and poweredbySmartCheck, the fastest way to search, find and know aboutpeoplein your world REVERSE PHONE LOOKUP, CALLER ID, ADDRESS SEARCH&EMAIL LOOKUP • Identify who is calling, including spam calls,inseconds with one-click search from your call log or easily lookupa number • Use reverse phone lookup to find out who owns aphonenumber and get their background report including address andotherpublic records • Use reverse address search to find out wholivesat an address and get property information • Use email searchtofind out who owns an email address and identify spam andphishingemails NEARBY • Browse your neighborhood or location usinganinteractive map to find and research people or businesses nearby•Get names, phone numbers and background information forneighborsand people around you • Find businesses around you and getphonenumbers, directions and business hours YELLOW PAGES •Findbusinesses around you and get phone numbers, directionsandbusiness hours JUST SOME OF THE WAYS YOU CAN USE THEWHITEPAGESAPP: • Identify unknown callers and suspicious texts insecondswith reverse phone lookup • Need a phone number? Lookupphonenumbers and addresses for acquaintances, extended family andothers• Help keep your family safe - lookup neighbors and othersnearbyand easily get a background check • Get info on property youareinterested in, including who owns it and price paid usingourreverse address search • Verify someone’s identity andbackgroundwith our background checks that include criminal records,publicrecords, arrests, addresses, property info andmore the authority in people searchsince1997
QuickWA 1.4
QuickWA allows you to begin a chat with someone without havingtheirphone number saved in your phone's address book. As long asyou knowthis person’s phone number, you can instantly start a chatwiththem.By inputting the number and click 'OK', a chat with thepersonautomatically opens.
Kashif - Best Caller ID/Identify Unknown Caller 1.0.8
Kashif is the spectacular caller Id and a unique caller findertoavoid prank calls and identify any spam caller ID to make yousaferwhile receiving any unknown calls. The dynamic phone book ofKashifand true caller finder, makes you the proud user of thisnextgeneration app. This magnificent app is absolutely free of costforall Android users and for the first time in Android family,Kashifhas brought imperial service for its loyal users, suchasautomation of caller’s details, largest channel to access tothebigger half of the world. It has unique call logfeatures,user-friendly interfere and first forward navigationsystem.Surprisingly, Kashif is articulated with artificialintelligencewhich can catch the unwanted and threatened calls in ablink ofeyes. Kashif gives you the unbelievable HD screenexperience andthe astonishing themes to decorate your phonedirectory. “Kashif isthe best among the bests” ️👉 Kashifspecialties: - Artificialintelligence to find caller authentication- Multidimensionalphonebook with gigantic database system -Unlimited connectivity tothe world - 100% free identification ofcaller ID - Collect thecaller info even if it is not your phonedirectory Features:Absolutely free Caller finder: Best caller IDapp offers you asupreme and powerful caller identificationprivilege withinone-hundred-percent free of cost. The home screenof the app showsinformation of Caller’s name, images, and locationwhen it matcheswith the source. Connected to the world: Throughsmart contactsearch, you can access to one of the world’s largestphone numberdatabases with a single tap of your finger. Kashif willopen anavenue of more than 1.5 billion people and business aroundtheworld for you. Unique call logs: Kashif has createdamulti-dimensional call directory for its users. It showsthecomplete call log history of the caller. The different mechanismofcall log system groups the calls which are in the samemanner.User-friendly: The app has an excellent user-friendlyinterfacewith an exclusive phone book. Quick navigation, effortlessfirstforward access from one section to another, easy and smoothserviceare Kashif's first promise. Automation of caller details:oncecaller name matches with the source of phone book this appwillfind the caller's name, location and image automatically.Existingusers review Kashif as the best call identification appwithstunning screen features. Imperial service: Best caller ID usestheunique program to find the true caller. This application cansearchthe person of another side of the phone by name, locationandcommunication gesture like mobility or immobility. Thismotionservice helps the user to escape form wired environment.Artificialintelligence: The application can instantly figure outthe spamcaller IDs as well as prank calls without considering thelogic ofwhether the callers' name is in call directory or not. Theappbuilds with dynamic phone book to find callers' identification.Aunique program of unknown number identification has made theappmore artificial. App Permissions - The app will ask to checkoutyour contact details - It will gather data from the internet,viewnetwork connection and also get the full network accessDisclaimer:All information published in this application isinformation thatis made available from open sources or obtainedwith the consent ofits owners. Collected and published for easyaccess and search.
Verizon Caller Name ID 9.0.0 2018-08-29 [email protected]_0_0-r7955
Verizon - VZ
Put an end to mystery calls with Caller Name ID. Get spamalertsright on your incoming call screen and set up your spamfilter toblock calls based on your preferred level of risk. CallerName IDalso identifies the names of unknown numbers in calls, textsandvoicemails and helps you manage unwanted calls with a personalspamand block list. Now, you'll actually enjoy the sound of yourphoneringing. Key Features: - Better avoid unwanted callerswithreal-time spam detection - Automatically send spam callerstovoicemail by turning on your spam filter - Manage otherunwantedcalls with a personal spam and block list - Search to seeif a spamnumber is already in the database using the spam lookuptool -Identify unknown numbers in calls, texts and voicemails, evenifthe number is not saved to your contacts - Seamlessly updateyourcontacts with newly identified numbers
TalkCall: Free Phone Call, Wifi Calling,Free Text
TalkCall- $0 international phone call & voip wifi callingappwith FREE texting on 2nd phone number. Get a dedicatedordisposable phone number for FREE or cheap calls & text NOW!?Completely $0 Free voip phone call & text free. No contract,nohidden fees. Popular countries include call USA, Canada,Nigeria,India and Pakistan. 【Features】 ★ International Calling toanymobile phone or landline numbers over 200+ countries supported!★Real U.S. phone number Get your own temporary 2nd number, addingasecond line to your phone! You can also use this privatephonenumber on burner phone. ★ Send FREE SMS & picture Freetexting(SMS+MMS) to any phone number with your new phone number. ★Make& receive calls - VOIP wifi calling. Anonymous calls underafake number in private situation. ★Call Forwarding -Forwardincoming calls to another number when you're offline. ★Callblock -stop phone fraud harassment calls. ===========Add NEW phonenumberfor============ ? Emergency: Get a 2nd phone number tostayconnected when your phone is out of service. ? When youTravelingOverseas. Your friends in the U.S. can reach you withoutpayingoutrageous roaming charges. ? Online dating ? New Jobsearches,multiple business lines, or temporary projects ?Privateconversations, secret texts, or anonymous texting ? FormanagingAirbnb, for salespeople, for web forms, deliveries andother cases.? A temporary /burner/ fake number for prank or spoofcalls. Get aREAL free phone number for $0 to send text &picture messaging+ make & receive calls! You DON’T need a SIMcard to text/call.You DON’T need to pay for phone bills. 【Why useTalkCall?】 PRIVACY& ANONYMOUS - Having a private number app foranonymous textingor calling is vital for your privacy.Like a socialsecurity number,you shouldn’t give it out to everyone! - Callerswill only ever seeyour 2nd phone number, keeping your main numberanonymous andprivate NO HASSLES - Create a 2nd phone number, keepthem as longas you want, and burn them anytime. “Burn” the numberwith just aclick so you no longer receive calls and texts.You canget a newone with the same features at any time! NO PHONE BILLS -Calling& Texting via Wifi or 3G/4G/LITE network, you don't gethitwith expensive service charges. And best of all, you can pay asyougo - there are no contracts or worries. 【Highlights】 ** EnjoyFREEInternational Call with TalkCall ** Sick of phone bills? Callyourfriends, family around the globe with NO extra charges. It isgoodto social and get connected with your family through a nicefreeinternational call.? ** High Quality Voice Calls ** Dial awayandmake high quality phone calls with voice quality that iscrystalclear, just like making phone calls from a landline! **Better ThanThe "Competition”** Did they fail you? Be Charged?Spammy? LimitedFree Texting or wifi calling? Whats Call is the mostreliable andfully featured phone number app. TalkCall - the bestinternationalcheap phone calls app & the best free phone numberapp to textfree + call free! Recommend to your friend, start freephone call& text now!?TOSPrivacy:
SmartLine Second Phone Number 4.10.1
Add a 2nd phone number to your phone. Great for adding abusinessline or a second personal phone number. 2 numbers for 1phone! Tryus free for 7 days, just install the app to get started.KEEP YOURPERSONAL NUMBER PRIVATE – protect your personal privacy bygivingout your second phone number. ANSWER YOUR PHONE LIKE A PRO –knowwhen a call is for business, so you always sound professional.SENDTEXT AND PICTURE MESSAGES – send and receive text andimagemessages from your second line. CUSTOMIZE VOICEMAIL GREETING–having a professional sounding voicemail increases thecredibilityof your business. VOICEMAIL TRANSCRIBED FOR YOU – getyourvoicemails transcribed into text and sent to your email.SETBUSINESS HOURS – choose the hours that your business line ringsorgoes to voicemail. PICK YOUR OWN PHONE NUMBER – select a localU.S.second phone number. CALLER ID – shows your dedicatedbusinessnumber. PORT YOUR NUMBER – already have a 2nd phone number?Bringit with you by porting it to SmartLine. HOW IT WORKS Chooseyournew business number and link your phone number to your phone.Whensomeone calls your business number, it will ring on yourmobilephone. SmartLine uses your cellular signal, so the callquality isthe same as your personal number. START CALLING &TEXTING IN 5MINUTES 1. Install the SmartLine phone app 2. Create aGoDaddyaccount or sign in 3. Confirm your SmartLine UnlimitedSubscription4. Link it to your smartphone 5. You're ready to call& text!Requires a GoDaddy SmartLine subscription to use theapp. SmartLineis currently available only in the US. Install theapp to subscribeto SmartLine Unlimited for 7 days free with yourGoogle Playaccount. • After the free trial, SmartLine Unlimitedwillautomatically renew at $9.99/month via Google Play, unlessyoucancel 24 hours before the free trial ends or before the end ofthecurrent billing period • Payment will be charged to yourGooglePlay Account • Easily manage and cancel at any time throughyourGoogle Play subscription settings • If you didn'tpurchaseSmartLine through Google Play, you can manage yoursubscriptionthrough the GoDaddy website.
Contacts Optimizer 6.1.3
* The advanced duplicates removal is the most popular functionofthe product, so we provide it for FREE, plus contactsediting,allowing moving individual contacts to different accounts.You cantry all toolbox functions and purchase PRO if needed. Yourcontactsare the most important data in your phone, right? Thisapplicationwill deeply analyze your contacts and bring it close toperfection.The built-in intelligence will surprise you. Users saythisapplication is so useful it should be included with everyphone. Itwill save you hours of work, quickly paying for itself.Contactsoptimizer's powerful features and beautifully simpleinterface putsyou in charge of your contacts again: • Remove allduplicates andeven find similar contacts • Every individualoptimization functionat your fingertips • Edit Contacts featurewith Move to accountfunction • Mass move of selected contactsbetween accounts • Moveall contacts - a powerful function formoving contacts betweenaccounts. You can combine your contacts fromPhone Memory to Googleto have them all synchronized and then findand delete allduplicates. • The ability to quickly deleteindividual contacts youno longer need • Correct and nicely formatphone numbers • Locatepotentially incorrect contacts which cannotbe dialed • Find allincomplete contacts that have an importantcontact field empty •Clean contacts removing empty fields • Addinternational prefixesand country codes where needed • Mergecontact fragments into onerich contact • Locate contacts in yourmessages and calls that havenot yet been saved • Digitizing ofvanity numbers like1-800-MY-GOOGLE • Edit, Delete, Select all orunselect all contactsat any time, just tap and hold the contactThanks to all payingcustomers for support of this app! We areinvesting a lot of effortinto this application, please rate it orlet us know your feedbackat [email protected] Importantnote: Some manufacturershave different implementation of contacts.If the app is notshowing your contacts, please let us know whatphone you are usingand what accounts you have. We will be happy tosupport it for you.
Auto call recorder 2.5.9
Auto Call recorder is a free call recorder application.CallRecorder offers unique set of features which will allow youtorecord any call automatically. It is one of the best callrecordersin the Play Store.There are 5 default settings forautomaticrecording:Record everything (default) – This settingrecords allcalls except for contacts pre-selected to beignored.Ignoreeverything – This setting records no calls except forcontactspre-selected to be recorded.Ignore contacts – This settingrecordsall calls with people who are not contacts, except forcontactspre-selected to be recorded.Record incoming callsRecordoutgoingcallsFunctions:- Record your calls automatically whilecalling.-Organize your call records. You can view all your callswithoptions such as list by time, group by names or group bydates.-You can play back, or save your call to mp3 files on your SDcard.-Automatic call recorder - Save your record and upload recordtoGoogle Driver- Auto delete unsaved records after 1 week, 2week-Record outgoing call - record incoming calls- Record alltelofonnyhconversations.- Play audio recorded conversations.-Delete recordedconversations.- Blocking of the calls listed to theautomaticremoval.- you can set automatically delete your recordsaftern 1week, 2 week, etc...- Send calls to listed to email.-Showconfirmation dialog for saving the recorded call. Askimmediatelyafter the call and set up in the options.- Favorite-Search- Whitelist- Black list- And much more ...- Set source (Mic,voice call, avideo camera)Auto call recorder is a the best freecall recorderapplication with these featuresFeatures:- Recordincoming call-Record Outgoing call- Favorite- Search- Ability startdelayedrecording- Different recording modes by number,contact,non-contact or just selected contacts- Enable/Disablecallrecording- Records all your phone calls- Play recordedaudio-Delete recorded items- Marking recordings as important-Multiselect, delete, send- Displaying contact name and photo-Excludednumbers- Set password to protect privacy- Lots ofrecordingformats- Set source (Mic, Voice call, camcorder)- Lockrecordeditems to prevent from auto-cleaning- Share recorded items-Whitelist- Blacklist- And many more...Share files:- Dropbox-Google-SMS- Skype, FaceBooks...Some phones do not support callrecordingproperly. This is due to capabilities of differentchipset/CPU orAndroid version each brand/model have. Legal:We arenotlawyers.Recording calls without letting your caller know may notbelegal in some countries, or states.
Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & Dialer
** Introducing Premium! Special limited time offer for first3months (Offer ends Aug 9) **250 million people trust Truecallerfortheir communication needs, whether it’s for caller ID orforblocking spam calls and SMS. It filters out the unwanted, andletsyou connect with people who matter.With a community-based spamlistupdated by millions of users worldwide, Truecaller is the onlyappyou need to make your communication safe andefficient.PowerfulDialer:- The world’s best Caller ID will identifyanyone callingyou- Block spam and telemarketers- See names ofunknown numbers inthe call history- Flash messaging - Sharelocation, emoji &status in a flash to your friends- Know whenyour friends are freeto talk- Backup call history, contacts andsettings to GoogleDriveSmart SMS app:- Automatically identify everyunknown SMS-Automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS- Blockby name andnumber seriesTruecaller Pay - UPI Payments and recharges(*Indiaonly):- Safe, secure and instant money transfers - 24/7-Quickmobile recharges and bill payments- Manage all your bankaccountswith BHIM-UPI- Over 80+ billers going live soon- Bankgradesecurity provided by ICICI BankTruecaller has full dualSIMsupport!*Truecaller does not upload your phonebook to makeitpublic or searchable*-----------------------Got feedback? [email protected] or go to
Swiss Phone Book 9.2.7 is the official phone book app for phonebook application helps you find private andbusinessphone numbers and addresses in Switzerland. It identifiesyourlocation and allows you to search in your immediatesurroundings.For example you can find your way to the closestrestaurant,chemist or petrol station. To give the best possibleexperience weuse permissions which let you make phone calls, manageyourcontacts, check your call history and see who is calling you.In noway we do anything malicious. Would you have any questionpleaselets us know by sending us an email:[email protected] Seebelow our required detailedpermissions. Network communication: Weneed internet connectivity.Without it the app would not work.Services that cost you money: Ifyou are starting phone calls fromwithin our app, you must pay yourusual communication fees. Onemight call this the second mostimportant permission of our app,after network connectivity. Withoutthis permission, it would notbe possible to directly make phonecalls from an entry within theapp. Your location: We need to knowyour location so that you cansearch around yourself. Without thispermission we would not beable to tell you where is the closestbusiness you may beinterested in. Your personal information andyour account: This isneeded for you to add and merge entries to youaddress book'saccount of choice, and for looking up entries thatare alreadystored in your address book. Without this we would notbe able todo that. Phone calls: This gives our Android users auniquefeature, which is to tell them who is calling when there isanincoming phone call from an unknown number (a number which isnotstored on your address book).
AT&T Call Protect 1.6.9-4349
AT&T Call Protect uses the power of the AT&T networktoautomatically block potential fraud calls, warns you ofsuspectedspam calls and gives you the power to add unwanted callersto yourpersonal block list. Also includes access to AT&TMobileSecurity which help protect your phone from malware, virusesandsystem threats. Req’s download of separate apps. Avail.forAT&T postpaid and business wireless customers witheligiblewireless service. Excludes government and AT&TPREPAID.Compatible device req’d and includes AT&T HDVoice-enabledAndroid smartphones. Smartphones sold by othercarriers may not beeligible. AT&T Call Protect: - AutomaticFraud Blocking:Detects and blocks calls from likely fraudsters,before your phoneeven rings - Heads up on Suspected Spam*: Warnsyou oftelemarketers and other suspected spam calls so that you maydecidewhether to answer, ignore, or block - Personal Block List:Allowsyou to add unwanted callers to your own block list - ReportSpamCalls: Help identify suspected spam and likely fraud calls.Yourreports help us to continually improve our service foreveryoneAT&T Call Protect Plus (In-app purchase): - CustomCallControls: Take more control by choosing entireCategories(Telemarketer, Political Calls, etc.) of callers toallow, send tovoicemail or automatically block - Enhanced CallerID*: Identifiesyour incoming callers by name and location - ReverseNumber Lookup:Enter a U.S. number to get caller details. Up to 200queries peruser within 24-hour period. *Available in HD Voicecoverage areasAT&T Mobile Security & Call Protect:Automatic FraudBlocking: May inadvertently block wanted calls.Suspected SpamWarning: May include service messages and/or otherpermitted calls.Manual Call Blocking: Permits blocking ofindividual phone numbers(excludes unknown numbers). Manage allsettings via app. AT&TMobile Security & Call Protect Plus:$3.99/mo. Serviceauto-renews every 30 days unless canceled. Cancelanytime withineither app. Manage mobile purchases orcall 800.331.0500 (611 from wirelessphone). Custom Call Controls:All call categories, except Fraud, areautomatically set to allow.Manage all settings via app. Paymentsare nonrefundable (subj. toapplicable law). Rates: Data charges mayapply for app download andusage. Other charges and restr. mayapply. For complete terms forAT&T Mobile Security, Forcomplete terms for AT&T CallProtect,
Mobile Number Locator - Phone Caller Location 2.0
☆ Caller ID Location Locator now supports 122 countriesand1,204,752areas in the world ☆Mobile Number Locator helpsyoulocate callerlocation and display it on the map. It isanexcellent reverse phonelookup tool to search the phonenumberservice provider, phone numbertypes and phone numberlocationwithout Internet connection.Keypoints:-> Mobile NumberLocator:Search and locate mobile numberlocation. Find it on themap.->Caller ID: Show detail informationof every incoming call,such asthe phone number area, serviceprovider, phone number type.You caneasily identify the unknownincoming calls.-> Area Codelookup(STD): You can search area codeand STD code withoutWi-Fi.->Call history and Contacts: Showdetailed information ofthe callhistory and your contacts.-> CallBlocker: Callerblocker allowsyou to block unwanted calls such astelemarketers,spam callers,fraud, etc.
180 - Caller ID & Block
180 Mobil AS
Tired of telemarketing calls? The app helps you with this :-)Alarge registry with a list of numbers related to telemarketingisnow included in the app. If you are contacted by a number thatisverified as a sales/market research number, a popup willinformyou. With more than 1,500,000 downloads of the app (iPhone&Android) you can now download the brand new version of 180.The apphas been adapted to all Android phones (including Android7+).-------------------------------------- We welcome [email protected] with information about specific errors innumbers,addresses, missing numbers, etc., so that we find and weedout allsources of errors. We also welcome suggestions fornewfunctionality and other improvements to the sameaddress:-)************************************ Privacy /explanation ofpermissions on the phone: Phone conversations Usedsolely tocapture the incoming and outgoing phone number and forperforming alookup in 180 Your location Used to lookup services andbusinessesnearby (show nearest) as well as the "Take me there"function ifyou want a navigation map to your entry. In some casesyourposition is also used to display relevant ads based onyourposition. Your messages Exclusively used for lookups ofsender'sphone number. Your personal information Read and write toyourcontact list is used for displaying the contact's name in the"Seewho is calling the feature" and to store an entry in thecontactlist (if the user actively wants to save/update a contact).Networkcommunications Used to check Web-services communication,forlookups on unfamiliar numbers, and forlooking up businessesandpeople in the app. Services that cost money You can a choosetocall an entry from the application. No conversations takeplacewithout your consent. System Tools Used to display informationwiththe "See who is calling" feature.
Reverse Lookup Pro 2.3.24
This app allows you to easily perform a 100% free reversephonelookup search of U.S. numbers from your call log, textmessages, orby simply entering in a number manually. The app also,makesmanaging and blocking unwanted calls easy. No loginsorsubscriptions required!Note: - There is no public cellphonedirectory and/or prepaid phone directory, so information onthesetypes of numbers are limited. - Intended to be used fornumbers inthe U.S.- This app returns *publicly available data aspublished byphone companies*Known Issues: Some newer devices maynot supportthe blocking feature.
YouMail Robocall Blocker & Voicemail 4.3.2b
YouMail, Inc
YouMail stops robocalls - almost 1 billion calls to date. YouMailis100% free. It works by replacing your visual voicemail with anawardwinning automated virtual receptionist that also delightscallersand makes you more productive: - Automatically STOPSROBOCALLERS andTELEMARKETERS by playing them a “Number Out ofService” greeting.This takes you off their lists and stops themfrom calling you fromANY number they might use. YouMail knows wellover 100,000 bad phonenumbers at any time. No need for you toblock calls one at a time oruse a call blocker. - Lets youeffortlessly BLOCK OTHER UNWANTEDCALLERS, like your ex- or a salesperson who just won't get thehint. You just enter their phonenumber and they'll hear "out ofservice" too and be out of yourlife forever. - Provides a BETTERVISUAL VOICEMAIL service. Get agiant inbox, accessible on phone,tablet, or computer, withmessages stored permanently and withinsanely great caller ID. Evenget voicemail to e-mail, high-qualityvoicemail to text, and theability to forward and reply to voicemailby e-mail to TXT.-DELIGHTS CALLERS THAT MATTER by greeting them byname or customgreeting, including choosing from 1000s ofpre-recorded greetings.Your important callers won't feel they’vefallen into a voicemailblack hole! -Helps KEEP YOUR CONTACTS UP TODATE by respondinginstantly with an automated TXT/SMS to askcallers to provide andupdate their contact info. - IncludesEFFORTLESS FREE CONFERENCECALLS. Just tell people to call your celland press 8 at thevoicemail greeting, and you tap to join. Nolengthy, funny numbers.No pins. YouMail has answered over 6 billioncalls from half thephones in America! Optional features extend theservicesignificantly: - GET PHONE NUMBERS you can give out thatincludefree calling and texting, plus all the other greatYouMailfeatures. - APPEAR MORE PROFESSIONAL by greeting callers bynameand with any message you want, recorded by our professionalvoicetalent. - SATISFY IMPORTANT CALLERS even when you can'tanswer.Callers can press 0 to get connected to your businesspartner,assistant, or another phone. There’s even more advancedcallrouting features with full PBX extensions and find-mefollow-mefunctionality. Even set it up so others can automaticallyget acopy of your messages to handle them when you can't. - DON'TLOSEBUSINESS because you're busy. YouMail can automaticallyrespondinstantly with a text message sending callers to a fullmobilelanding page with even more information about you andyourservices, and provides them other ways to contact you. -PROTECTYOUR PRIVACY by. forcing blocked or unknown callers toreveal theirnumber to leave you messages. - CONFERENCE CALLRECORDING provideseffortless shareable recordings of all yourconference calls. Thisis a MUST-HAVE service for small businessprofessionals orentrepreneurs who rely on their phone for newbusiness. Let YouMailhelp manage your calls while you focus ontalking to customers andprospects. Try YouMail’s free automatedvirtual receptionist today.NOTES: • CAN replace AT&T voicemail,Sprint voicemail, T-Mobilevoicemail, Verizon voicemail and moreUS/Canadian carriers! • NOTCOMPATIBLE with some prepaid mobileplans. Boost Mobile andMetroPCS do not support call forwarding fortheir customers andprevent use of YouMail. • Sign up for FREE tosee if YouMail workswith your carrier. • To use YouMail, you mustforward missed callsto YouMail with carrier-specific forwardingcodes. • If YouMaildoesn’t fit your needs, deactivate forwardingBEFORE you delete theapp, otherwise your voicemail will NOT bere-routed back to yourcarrier. • Continued use of GPS running inthe background candramatically decrease battery life. YouMail runsGPS in thebackground to enable you to see your location at the timeyoumissed a call. This feature is not enabled unless yougrantpermission.
TextNow: Free Texting & Calling App
TextNow, Inc.
Local US or Canada Phone number Give your friends your veryownphone number they can call! Unlimited Text & PictureMessagingYou can send as many text messages as you want to US &Canada -FREE! Unlimited Calling to USA and Canada Make unlimitedfree phonecalls to any phone number in the US & Canada!CheapInternational Calling Add money or earn free money bycompletingoffers to your account and make low-cost internationalcallsFeatures: - Make and receive voice calls - Emojis, stickersandgifs - Full picture messaging : send, receive and save pictures!-Voicemail Transcription: transcript of your voicemail - Caller ID-PassCode: keep your messages under lock and key - GoogleSmartLock:no need to remember your password - Call Forwarding -Signatures:add your own signature to each text - Customizabletext-tone,ringtone & vibration - Customizable backgrounds -Assignindividual contacts their own ringtone & background -QuickReply to easily (and quickly) respond to friends - Homescreenwidget to launch TextNow, compose a new message or quicklymake acall - Unified inbox: send and receive your texts directlyviaTextNow - use TextNow as your one-stop SMS texting app! - text from your computer too! All messagesseamlesslysynchronize with your mobile device. Is it really free?There is nocatch. No yearly or monthly fees! It is completely free!How canall this be free? The app comes with a few ads. If you don'tlikeads, you can purchase a subscription to remove them. Peoplewholove TextNow "If you want an unlimited texting without thehighpriced carrier based texting plans, then Textnow is the appforyou." 4/5 rating --AppAdvice "Anyone needing an unlimited numberoftexts, we’d recommend TextNow as our app of choice" --AppAddict
RingCentral Phone
Download the RingCentral Phone app for Android — theessentialapplication to your RingCentral business phone system.Manage yourphone system directly from your Android phone and takeyourbusiness calls, voice messages, business text messages ***,andfaxes—anywhere. Use the RingCentral Phone app on your Androidphoneand tablet to: - Show your RingCentral business number asyourCaller ID when you make calls. *, ** - Business text messagingtosend and receive text messages with your RC local number. ***-Department messaging feature to send and receive text messagestodepartment members. *** - Make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi withoutusingyour carrier minutes. - Use VoIP calling to make local callstoyour home country while traveling internationally. * - VoIPcallscan be received directly on this app by turning ON the optioninSettings. If the call is not answered on the app, it willringother numbers based on the forwarding rules. **** - Keep allyourbusiness voicemails and faxes separate from your personalmessages.- See who left a message, forward messages, and tap toreturn callswith Visual Voicemail. - Send and receive faxes, byaccessingphotos, email attachments, and cloud storage such asDropbox andBox. - View call time, date, and duration, and returncallsdirectly from your RingCentral call logs. - Receivepushnotifications for incoming messages. - Access yourcompanyextensions as a contact group. - Conferencing featurewithunlimited conference calling for up to 1000 participantsperconference. ***** Get a cloud business phone systemfromRingCentral that delivers: - Local or toll-free numbers(including800, 855, 866, 877 and 888 numbers) - Business textmessaging *** -Auto-receptionist - Multiple extensions - Advancedcall managementand answering rules - Multiple voicemail boxes -Visual voicemail -Internet fax - Music on hold - Custom greetings -Call screening -Call queues - Dial-by-name directory - Conferencing*****IMPORTANT: RingCentral Phone for Android requires anexistingRingCentral account. * LEGAL DISCLAIMERS 1. Emergencycalling willnot work outside of the U.S., Canada, or U.K.. 2. Callquality maybe affected when using VoIP outside of the U.S, Canada,U.K. orRingCentral Global Office supported countries. 3.International androaming charges from your mobile carrier may applywhen usingRingOut outside of your home country. Please check withyour mobilecarrier. ** RingOut is not available for Androidtablets. ***Business text messaging is currently available forOfficecustomers. SMS is only available for RingCentral U.S. andCanadaOffice customers. Extension-to-extension messaging isavailable forall RingCentral Office customers. **** You must enablethe optionto notify your Softphone and Smartphone in yourextension's "CallHandling & Forwarding" menu. We suggest youset it to a minimumof 8 rings. ***** Currently available on selectRingCentral Officeplans. Tell us what you think [email protected]
Free CallerID with Notebook 1.2.173
Do you want the best free CallerID app with awesome notebookfeaturefrom 2018? Get Free CallerID with Notebook now! FreeCallerID withNotebook is a CallerID app that instantly shows youwho is callingyou – this goes also for callers that are not inyour contacts list.Searching a gigantic billion telephone numbersdatabase the calleris quickly identified. After a call, you caneasily take notes injust one tap. Don’t ever be afraid to forgetwhat you just havetalked about! You have this notepad feature atyour fingertipseverywhere you go. It’s an easy to use andeffective app! Forget thetimes when you carried around a notebook,use CallerID with NotebookFree to create text notes, lists, andmore. If you ever need tochange a note you can edit it and thenshare it using email and anSMS with whoever you want! Keyfeatures: • Real-time CallerID, soyou can always know instantlywho is calling before you pick up • Anautomatic warning appears toindicate spam calls • Save new contactsto your phonebook with onlyone click • Take quick notes after eachcall – so simple! • Editand share your notes using email and SMS •Search feature to lookfor keywords anywhere in the notebook If youhave any ideas orsuggestions on how we can improve this app, feelfree to contactus. We are always interested to hear from you!
KeepCalling – Best Calling App 3.5.2
Save money on your international phone calls with KeepCallingapp!Call internationally or send an SMS at great rates. Enjoyhighquality VoIP calls, low rates and an easy to use service. It'stimeto save when you call internationally! Buy prepaid creditonlineand replace calling cards and phone cards with our freecallingapp. This way you can make cheap calls to Mexico, India,China,Colombia, Cuba, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria andmanyother countries worldwide. With KeepCalling it’s easy to callhome.VOICE CALLS & SMS • Use with WiFi & 3G/4G • Pay perminute,no hidden fees • Works on 7'' and 10'' tablets DOWNLOAD FORFREEAND GET: • Lowest rates for international calls • No hiddenfees •Minute rounding • $2 minimum order • Balance never expires •Buycredit in app • 100% call quality • High qualityinternationalphone calls • Access from any Android device • Directaccess toyour contacts • Cheap calling rates for internationalphone calls •24/7 Customer Service EASY TO USE: 1. Create anaccount or login 2.Buy Voice Credit if you don’t have a PIN yet 3.Start calling ortexting 4. Add Voice Credit from the app wheneveryour balance isrunning low. EXTRA OPTIONS Rates *Check what’s therate/min for thedestination you want to call in our Rates menu.Help Center *Checkout the answer to our frequently asked questionsin our Help Centermenu. Set my Caller ID *Let your friends knowwho’s calling them!Set your Caller ID directly from the app. BuyVoice Credit*Recharge your PIN directly from the app! You don’thave to go toour website anymore, you can buy Voice Credit forinternationalcalls from this tab. Rate our app *We value youropinion. Pleaselet us know if you like our app! FEATURES: • Useyour own Contactslist • Create new account from the app • Use SpeedDial to callyour favorite numbers faster • Buy Voice Creditdirectly from theapp • Set Auto Recharge on our online store tomake sure you neverrun out of credit HELP CENTER 1. What can I doto improve myquality when making a phone call online? a. Allinternational phonecalls placed through our application depend onthe quality of yourInternet connection. Please make sure you have agood signal andthat no other software or program is using yourInternet resourceswhen making an internet phone call. 2. Can I usemy phone contacts?a. Yes, but you have to make sure that all phonenumbers are savedin international format: country code + phonenumber. 3. Where canI find the rates for SMS? a. The rates for SMSare available in theMore -> Rates section, next to the callingrates. 4. How muchdata does the app use for an online call? a. Onaverage, the appuses approximately 1MB/min for making a voice call.In order tobenefit from the highest quality available, we adviseyou to usethe application with a WiFi network. Any costs resultingfrom usingthe application with 3G or 4G networks when youcallinternationally or send an SMS are not covered by us.BACKUPCALLING METHOD: • Use our Toll Free or Local Access numbersfromany mobile or landline. We recommend that you turnoffinternational calling with your mobile provider. This waytherewill be no risk to make international calls or long distancecallsby accident using your current provider at much higherrates.Having issues with the KeepCalling application? Please emailus [email protected]
Call Blocker Free - Blacklist
Call Blocker is one of the most effective apps to preventunwantedcalls. == Advantages == Lightweight and easy to use ==Features ==► PREVENT UNNEEDED CALLS and messages - MultipleBlocking modes atyour choice ► BLACKLIST - Blacklist: You can addunwanted numbersto blacklist. ► WHITELIST - Whitelist: Addimportant phone numbersto your whitelist so they can always reachyou. ►DETECT AND STOPONE-RING PHONE SCAM Prevent possible phonescams. ►Additionalfeatures Three options to deal with preventedcalls Notificationsafter blocking ►Call Reminder Call Reminderhelps you identityunknown number, providers an easy and free way tosay goodbye tospam calls! With the world's largest phone numberdatabase, showstrue caller info instead of unknown numbers, you canuse itwherever you are! Follow NQ Mobile to get instant updates&productivity news. Facebook: Thank youforyour support!