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English For Kids 1.0
***** English For Kids - Educate Your ChildInA Different Way *****Educating a child is the foremost responsibility of theparents.If proper learning does not happen, it might hamper thefutureprogress of the child. The world is highly competitive andhenceyou have to enable your children to compete successfullyamidst theprevailing competition. We all have heard that people saythat thebase education of the kid is very important. So, let’s doit in themost interesting way.English For Kids is a wonderful app, which will impartusefulinformation to all the kids. In the world of today, it isveryimportant for every individual to learn English. So, don’tyouthink that it is a great idea to start learning English as soonaspossible for a kid?The app has 25 lessons subdivided into popular categoriestakenfrom closing life’s children:+ Alphabet+ Bird+ Flower+ Fruit+ Insect+ Number+ Pet & Farm+ Playground+ Season & Weather+ Sea Animal+ Shape & Color+ Vegetable+ Fruit+ Wild Animal+ Occupation 1+ Occupation 2+ Occupation 3+ People and Relationship+ Bathroom+ Bedroom+ Dining room+ Kitchen+ Trucks**** MAIN FEATURES ***_ Study major English with illustration, clear andlovelypictures. Learning English with image corresponding withword’smeaning is the easiest and fastest way for children tounderstandand remember._ English For Kids will improve the vocabulary and pronunciationofthe children in Native American English. Practicepronunciationcorrectly as soon as possible for kids is reallyimportant inlearning English._By touching the screen, the audios can repeat various timebytouching once on screen_ After spending some time learning the new words, yourchildrenwill have some funny quizzes to revise the lesson: 4 photoswill bedisplayed on the screen and kids just need to find thecorrect oneby listening to the audio._Beside learning vocabulary, there are quizzes which helpchildrenreview the lesson. 4 photos will be displayed on thescreen, kidsonly need to find the correct picture which iscorrelative withaudio_Moreover, children will have fun with simple games. There isarange of letters with random arrangement, and the role ofyourchildren is ordering those into a meaning word followingthepronunciation. This game will help your child remember deeplynewwords.Get the app and let’s get started with the beautiful journeyofleaning something new each day for your child.If you thing this app is useful. Please help us to rate, likeandshare my Facebook:
English Learning For Kids 6.3.3582
Marlu Studio
Do you want to teach your kids English? Then 'English LearningForKids' is a must download if you want to teach them English in afunand engaging way. Download 'English Learning For Kids' now togiveyour child the best chance to learn English for life. Theappteaches the essentials of English using a very engaging method.Itadds fun to education so the kids will always be interestedinlearning. Furthermore, the app contains NO ads. Main appfeatures:* Pop the balloons again and again to hear a repeat of theletter,number or picture. * In the numbers category, pop thesmallballoons to hear a count of the represented number.(requiresin-app purchase to unlock all categories). * Full Englishalphabet.* Numbers 1 to 10. (requires in-app purchase to unlockallcategories). * A big collection of animals, shapes, colors,objectsand fruits and vegetables. (requires in-app purchase tounlock allcategories). * A learn section and a play section in eachcategory.* A coloring section and a puzzle section in mostcategories. *Floating balloons that can be popped. * A very childfriendly andfun background music that can be turned on/off. * Allwordspronounced in a very clear, friendly and gentle female voice.* Youhave the ability to keep repeating the words until you or thechildget it right. * Each represented word has its spellingalsodisplayed. * Excellent for children and adults alike. If youlikethe app, please rate it. If you have any requests or would liketoreport any bugs, please contact us using the contact form atoursite:
Little Fox English 2.2.6
Download the Little Fox app, and enjoy300animated stories and songs that are available for FREE. Plus,thereis a new free story every day! As kids read our leveledstories andsongs, they build English vocabulary and fluency in anatural,authentic way.[Features of a subscription to the Little Fox app]- Over 310 songs that allow children to learn simple Englishphrasesand numbers. Songs include The Alphabet Song and Mary Had aLittleLamb.- Over 3,400 animated stories for children, with 70 originalseriesand 650 classics. Animated series include fiction such asmysteriesand fantasies, as well as non-fiction such as scienceandbiography, and more!- A structured learning environment for ESL/ELL students so theycangradually progress from levels 1-9.- A new story is released each day, Monday through Friday!- Quizzes to test comprehension- Text and translation are provided for every story and song.- A reader’s “Bookshelf” to store and organize favorites- To see which stories and songs children have watched, parentscanuse the Learning Log to check their progress. There areseparateLearning Logs and Bookshelves for each child.- One parent user, plus up to three child users- Little Fox website subscribers can use our app withoutanyadditional cost.[Awards]- 2015, 2016 Korea EduAward, Elementary School EnglishEducationCategory- 2015 Education Software Review Awards, UpperElementaryCategory- 2015 Korea Education Sector Elementary EnglishEducationAward- 2014 Teachers’ Choice Award, for the Family & fortheClassroom- 2013 National Parenting Publications Awards, Gold Winner- 2013 Interactive Media Awards, Best in Class- 2003 Korea Software Industry Association (KOSA) PrimeMinister’sCommendation- 2002 39th Bologna Children’s Book Fair, New Media Prize- 2001 Korea Digital Contents, Grand Prize Winner andGoldWinner[Subscription Details]- A Little Fox app subscription is offered on a monthlybasis,$24.99 per month, and the payment is charged to GoogleWalletaccounts.- All payments follow Google Wallet policy and refunds cannotbemade for subscriptions.[App Access Permissions Notice]* Required Access PermissionsThe following permissions in the stated areas are required tousethis app.- Storage: to store content thumbnails temporarily- Device ID: to store Learning Log data (not user-specific)- Device/App history: to maximize services and check errors* Optional Access PermissionsThe following areas and permissions are optional:- Photos/Camera: to set up user account profile picture- Google ID: to send PUSH messages for devices with OS version4.1or older
Easy Learning English 1.0.0
activities for children to learnenglishPractice speaking English with English lessons easily viathe appsfor children speaking English teaching by using the basicEnglisheasy to Learn the dialogue, english conversationpractice.Remember, the practice, learn english by listening forfree bypractice speaking English. Can make learning on slidethrough theAPP manually, using the conversation English throughpictures,cartoon for kids learn english conversation and funactivities forkids to learn english language , can understand. Andaudio learnenglish for childre yourself easily. It can read thesentencesabout a basic speaking English with foreigners. how tolearnprimary school english comprehension.learn english for kids 10andunder 2 years Kindergarten Twelfth Grade or PrimarySchoolSecondary School . Speak English to maximizelearningcommunication, better for learning English,baby learnenglish basicself free . Individual students or those who want towork abroad,to be learning, sentence basic language to listen totheconversation. Or is it their students help to learn, read, learntospeak English yourself to make good at English and to vote.englishalphabet learn for kids. english spelling for kids to learn.basicenglish grammar primary school. Read the sentence Englishbetternot embarrassed when the real application. The content inthis appis consists of vocabulary. Practice and discussion for kidsandadults that is used in business and everyday use, without anyneedof manual to teach English. Because. We have designed tousesimple, understandable, even children. Because just sawpicturesand press the other can use now, you will be able tolearn.Conversation easily. best apps for kids to learnenglishconversation Through the APP on mobile or tablet. Onlyyouinstalled in a few way to learn english for children Make cool activitiesforkids to learn english and interactive activities for kids tolearnenglish.To english listening practice, conversation in Englishtosupplement their own learning English better. the Englishcoursesfor free. This will make you good at English by themselves.Canmake learning English basis and also help in training.
Baby English (Bird) 2.1.0
Baby English (Bird)
Kids Preschool Learn Letters
An English learning app to teach ABCLettersand phonics to Kindergarten & Preschool children.Fun waytoencourage child to learn letters/Alphabets and EnglishPhonicswhile playing games.Features:• Ten simple & colorful games designed to help young kidslearnbasics of English.• An effective and engaging way, designed especiallyforkindergarten and preschoolers.• Covers preliminary English precepts such as alphabetrecognition,phonics, and simple words.• Core activities for foundation stage of primary school.• A common playground for randomly playing all the games.• Easy and intuitive instructions for the young brains.• Rewards and appreciation to boost our champion’s morale.** Description:The first app in our English learning series, designedespeciallyfor young kids (2-4 age group), to lay the groundwork forlearningbasic skills with the help of fun activities. 10 highqualityactivities at a single place, each focusing on a key preceptofelementary English. Funny and enticing rewards keep ouryounglearner amused for hours while introducing them to thelanguage.The unique interactive activities are perfect forpreschoolers tohelp them learn the language in a structured way.The activitiesalso help build their hand-eye coordination, motorskills andconcentration.The activities do not force timed completion, andthereforeencourage the kid to learn at his/her own pace. Kids areenchantedwith the experience of the game as there is no winning andnolosing. Appreciation and stars can be earned at the end ofeachactivity. Adorable stickers can be collected after scoringenoughpoints.** List of activities in the app:• Shadow Matching• Jigsaw Alphabets• Bubbly Alphabets• Bingo Alphabets• Odd one out• Sequence Crawl• Letter Hop• Sequential Shells• Hello Phonics• First LetterYou can also checkout other applications of Greysprings "PlayandLearn" series @ Google play store:1. Kindergarten Kids Learning2. Kids Preschool Learning Games3. Kids Preschool Numbers & Math4. Shapes & Colors Nursery Games5. Kids games Learning math basic6. Kids Learning Word Games7. Kids Learning Toddler Games** About Greysprings** Visit us at** Contact us:** Privacy1. Privacy policy: We do not collect any personal information about kids
Badanamu English 1.8
◆ "Badanamu English" is a new way forchildrento acquire English naturally without stress.◆ "Badanamu English" content adheres to Swedish andFinnisheducation philosophies, which emphasizecreative, emotional, and active learning for children.“Language learning is not really something that the childdoes,it is something that happens tothe child placed in an appropriate environment.” - NoamChomsky-◆ Badanamu English Content ◆• B-Pop: no more old and boring kids’ songs. Badanamuhaseducational pop and hip-hop songswritten just for kids.• ABC: fun rhythms and catchy lyrics will have yourchildrenlearning their ABCs like never before.◆ Universal app: can be used on both phone and tablet withasingle purchase.**◆ App inquiry : for payment error and problems pertaining toappplease contact◆ Notice from Bluepin ◆Greetings! As the manager of Bluepin, I’d like to takethisopportunity to thank everyone who has showninterest and support in our apps.Usually, customers post their inquiries regarding app usage intheform of a review, our only means ofresponding to such inquiries being reply to those same reviews.Dueto delay or technical problems inposting our responses, however, customer support was not providedina timely manner.To better serve our customers, we have opened the BluepinCustomerSupport Center to processour customer inquiries as quickly and efficiently aspossible.Please contact inquiries and problems pertaining to apps. Whencontactingcustomer support, please include thefollowing information for quicker response to your inquiry:1. name of purchased app2. device in use3. OS versionThank you.