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OKEY is a fast paced variant of Rummy. It uses the same setofboards and tiles but has different rules. It is a levelbased,progressive game with a very high re-playability value. Eachgameis independent of the others and winner of a game takes themoneyon the table. Main contribution of our game is online okeyplushigh competition.The object is, by drawing and discardingtiles, tobe the first to form a hand that consists entirely of setsof equalnumbered tiles, and runs of consecutive tiles of the samecolor.Inorder to win a game, all 14 tiles of player must be in avalid runor group. When there is no tile left out of runs andgroups, playerputs the 15th tile at the center of the table andwins thegame.This game is totally free to play. However, users whowant toplay with higher stakes might choose to purchase additionalchipsfrom in-game store.Rules and game play is explained indetailwithin the game itself.Features:* Online and F2P.* Smoothgameplay.* Increased stakes with increased player level.* 50playerlevels.* 12 different rooms.* 7 player avatars to choosefrom.
Düz Okey (internetsiz)
Okey oyunumuzla internete ihtiyaç duymadan keyiflizamangeçirioyunu;Iskarta üzerindeki taşların 14 tanesini perhalinegetirdikten sonra 15. taşı ortaya sürükleyerek kazanın.Herperinarasında bir en az bir boşluk olmasına dikkat edin.Çiftegiderkengöstergeyi çift olarak kullanabilirsinizOkeyi normalşekilde okeylebittiğiniz de puanınız 2 ile çarpılırÇifte bitersenizyine puanınız2 ile çarpılırÇifte oyunu okeyle bitirirseniz 4 ileçarpılırWithoutthe need to have a fun time with our game OkeyInternetgame;14 ofthem made of stone on the scrapped after the movegained 15 perdrag out.Make sure you have at least one space betweeneachfairy.You can use the index as a way to double doubleHockey inthenormal way you say your score is multiplied by 2 bits OKsIfyoudouble your score is multiplied by 2 bits againIf you finishOKsdouble play is multiplied by 4
Çanak Okey Plus
Play Çanak Okey Plus with your friends and millions of playersforfree!Join your friends’ tables and play instantly.Chat withotherplayers while you play.Thousands of free chips as soon as youstartplaying Canak Okey Plus.PLAY NOWQuickly and easily startplayingOkey with the most suitable rivals to your level by usingthe ‘PlayNow’ option.SELECT A ROOMBecome a legend by playing everyday inone of the private rooms categorized by player level.CREATEATABLECreate your own table, defining the bet amount.PLAY WITHYOURFRIENDSYou can see your online friends on Facebook fromyourfriends list and join their tables directly to have Okeyfuntogether.Additional information:• The game is free toplay;however, in-app purchases are available for additional contentandin-game currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99USD.•Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms ofService,found at ©2017 ZyngaInc.
Okey Plus
Okey Plus, played by over 1,000,000 Facebook users, is onAndroid…And it’s FREE!- Enjoy the best Okey Game ever with OkeyPlus. Playonline via 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi with your friends or againstmore than1,000,000 Facebook users;- See your online friends andjoin theirgames with a single click;- Meet new people by chattingwith themwhile playing;- Play as a guest without logging into yourFacebookaccount;- Get thousands of FREE chips by downloading andlogging inevery day to have as much fun as you can with OkeyPlus!Yourfriends have already joined the exciting world of OkeyPlus, thefastest & the most amazing Okey game ever, played bymillionson Facebook – join them now!PLAY NOW- Click “Play Now” tojoin arandom game room and start playing Okey within seconds.CHOOSEAGAME ROOM- Join a private game room consisting of players ofthesame level and become a Okey legend by playing every day.OPENAGAME ROOM- If none of these options are for you, set your ownbetamount and start your own game.PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS- Seeyouronline Facebook friends on your Friends list and join theirgamesto play Okey together.ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE SONGS WHILEPLAYING!- Whynot enjoy your favorite music while playing Okey Plus?We'vethought of everything for you! Choose whatever you want tolistento while playing and double the fun!*************Encounteredaproblem or have an idea? Contact usviazyngaturkey-support@zynga.comStay up to date on newsandimprovementson:• Thegame is free to play; however, in-app purchasesare available foradditional content and in-game currency. In-apppurchases range from$0.99 to $99.99 USD.• Use of this applicationis governed by Zynga’sTerms of Service, foundat
Ahoy Games
Okey is a traditionaltile-basedgame with long history and many variations. It's highlypopular inTurkey among Turkish people, played mainly incoffee housesby people in every age. It's very similartoRummy/Rummikub as it is played with the same setofboards and tiles but with different rules.Realistic feeling, simple interface and exciting gameplay!Okey Game is played by four players with a set of 106 tiles and104of them are numbered from 1 to 13 with four differentcolors.During the game each player has 14 tiles on his board. Oneach turna player draws one tile and discards one tile. The objectof thegame is to be first to form a board which consists sets andrunsusing all 14 tiles. There are special tiles chosen in everygame,called jokers which helps the player form his 14 tiles boardofsets and runs, by replacing the tile which is missing. Twolasttiles from 106-tile-set represented with stars are tricky'falsejokers', which against expectations acts as normalnumberedtile.Features:★ Advanced Artificial Intelligence★ Full HD graphics (perfect for high resolution tablets)★ Multitouch support★ Unlimited hours of joy★ Multiple game modes★ High playability★ High quality animationsIn Okey game, when you attempt to win a game by discarding a tiletothe center of table (bank), if there are any mistakes withyourgroups, these groups will be highlighted with red color.You can tap and hold a tile in the same place for 3 seconds toflipit. This is generally used as a reminder of joker tiles inOkeygame.For online version please try our new game Okey Pro !--------------------------------Türk insanının en çok sevdiği okey oyununun teknolojiyle engüzelbirleşimi. Evde, yolda, bayırda, çayırda istediğinizzamanoynayın.Bu Okey oyunu online değildir. Bu Okey oyununda gelişmişyapayzekaya karşı oynuyorsunuz. Bu sayede internet baglantisinaihtiyacduymadan oyunu oynayabiliyorsunuz ve diger oyuncularin tasatmasinibeklemekle vakit kaybetmiyorsunuz.Özellikler:★ Gelişmiş yapay zeka☆ Full HD grafikler★ Multitouch desteği (tabletler için mükemmel)☆ Mükemmel oynama kolaylığı★ Sayıdan düşmeli oyun modu☆ Yüksek kalite animasyonlarOnline versiyon için lütfen "Okey Pro" adlı oyunumuzudeneyin!Lütfen hata raporlarınızı, önerilerinizi adresine iletiniz.Ana menü'de 'Kurallar' butonunun yanındaki butona basarakoyundakimasanın resmini değiştirebilirsiniz.Desteğiniz için çok teşekkür ediyoruz !
Okey Extra - Gin Rummy Online
Digitoy Games
Okey is a traditional tile-based boardgamewith long history and many variations. It's very similartoGinRummy as it is played with the same set of boards and tilesbutwith different rules.Realistic feeling, simple interface and exciting gameplay!Level based, progressive rummy game with a very highre-playabilityvalue!Okey Extra Game is played by up to four players with a set of106tiles and 104 of them are numbered from 1 to 13 with fourdifferentcolours. During the game each player has 14 tiles on hisboard. Oneach turn a player draws one tile and discards one tile.The objectof the game is to be first to form a board which consistssets andruns using all 14 tiles. There are special tiles chosen ineverygame, called jokers which helps the player form his 14 tilesboardof sets and runs, by replacing the tile which is missing. Twolasttiles from 106-tile-set represented with stars are tricky'falsejokers', which against expectations acts as normalnumberedtile.Features:* Play online with thousands of players* Free coins everyday* Unlimited hours of joy* Multiple game modes* High playability* High quality animationsOkey Extra is intended for an adult audience. Okey Extra donotoffer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real moneyorprizes. Practice or success at casino gaming does not implyfuturesuccess at "real money gambling".
101 Yüzbir Okey Plus
101 YüzBir Okey Plus, played by over 1,000,000 Facebook users,isnow on Android… And it’s FREE!- Enjoy the best Okey 101 gameeverwith 101 YüzBir Okey Plus. Play online via 3G, 4G, Edge orWi-Fiwith your friends or against more than 1,000,000 users;- Seeyouronline friends and join their games with a single click;- Meetnewpeople by chatting with them while playing 101 YüzBir Okey;-Playas a guest without logging into your Facebook account;-Getthousands of FREE chips by downloading and logging in every daytohave as much fun as you can with 101 YüzBir Okey!Your friendshavealready joined the exciting world of 101 YüzBir Okey Plus,thefastest & the most amazing Okey 101 game ever, playedbymillions of users– join them now!PLAY NOW- Click “Play Now” tojoina random game room and start playing 101 YüzBir Okeywithinseconds.CHOOSE A GAME ROOM- Join a private game roomconsisting ofplayers of the same level and become a 101 YüzBir Okeylegend byplaying every day.OPEN A GAME ROOM- If none of theseoptions arefor you, set your own bet amount and start your owngame.PLAY WITHYOUR FRIENDS- See your online friends on your friendslist and jointheir games to play 101 YüzBirOkeytogether.*************Encountered a problem or have anidea?Contact us via up to date onnews andimprovementson:• Thegame is free to play; however, in-app purchasesare available foradditional content and in-game currency. In-apppurchases range from$0.99 to $99.99 USD.• Use of this applicationis governed by Zynga’sTerms of Service, found©2017 Zynga Inc.
OKEY - Offline
The best Okey is totally free for android phones and tablets.Okeyis a board version of Gin Rummy Card Game. Our contribution isnotonly offline okey plus its room structure with virtual moneyandcash.The major differences are: - you play with tiles insteadofcards, - you play with two decks which involves two jokers -4players***** FREE coins everyday.It is a level based,progressivegame with a very high re-playability value.***** Thisgame offersyou hours of FUN for FREE.OKEY is a simplified versionof theoriginal Rummy. Scores are not kept. This version is morelike acasino game, like poker or blackjack. Each game isindependent ofthe others and winner of a game takes the money onthe table.Theobject is, by drawing and discarding tiles, to be thefirst to forma hand that consists entirely of sets of equalnumbered tiles, andruns of consecutive tiles of the same color.Inorder to win a game,all 14 tiles of player must be in a valid runor group. When thereis no tile left out of runs and groups, playerputs the 15th tileat the center of the table and wins the game.Thisgame is totallyfree to play. However, users who want to play withhigher stakesmight choose to purchase additional chips from in-gamestore.Rulesand game play is very simple:- You starts with 15 tiles.You setyour 14 tiles by sorting serial or double pers. Aftersorting your14 tiles, you move your last tile on middle of thetable tofinish.- Example of right serial pers: "1-2-3-..." (samecolors),"11-12-13-1" (same colors), "5-5-5" (different colors),"7-7-7-7"(different colors) etc.- Example of wrong serial pers:"1-2","12-13-1-2", "4-5-6"(different colors), "9-9-9" (same colors)etc.-Example of double pers: "1-1", "2-2", "13-13" (all same colorsandsame numbers) etc.- Indicator Tile: A tile which is opened tileonthe middle of table.- Joker Tile: A tile which is one more thantheindicator tile value but same color- Okey Tile: Okey tile is atilewhich is one more than the indicator tile value but samecolor.Okey tile can be used instead of any other tiles.Features:*Offlineand free-to-play.* Smooth game play.* Increased stakeswithincreasing player level.* 101 player levels.* 24 differentroomswith different backgrounds.* Various avatars to choosefrom.*Various items.* Strong, but not impossible, AI opponents.
Rummy PRO - Remi Pe Tabla
This is an online Rummy Okey Game. You canplayanytime, with whom you want, when you want! Press the QuickStartbutton and you'll be sitted at a new table with realplayers.Game rules:The game starts with 106 tiles. Every player has to form validtileformations (ex: 12-12-12 or 3-4-5).When it's your turn you need to draw a tile from where thearrowshows you or draw the tile that the previous player placed onthetable.At the end of your turn you need to place a tile on the tableforthe next player.The game ends when you have all tiles on your board informationsand only one tile alone (called the closure tile).This is an example of a correct clossure board:12-12-122-3-4-5-67-7-710-11-1211The game board above gives you a score of 250 points. Any Jokerinthe formations would reduce the score by 50 points.Enjoy the game !
Okey Pro
Ahoy Games
Experience the okey game like never beforewith★Okey Pro★. Most fun and addictive board game onAndroidmarket is now a Pro! Okey Pro allows you to play Okey boardgamewith players all around the world. You can also playwith afriend simply and instantly by sharing a 6 digit code. Okeyboardgame is immensely popular in Turkey, get the feelingofTurkish and Ottoman culture by AhoyGames'sOkey Pro.You might compare Okey game with Rummy or Rummikub, but no,thatwould be a mistake. It is not Rummy, indeed, it is betterthanRummy. Just try it for yourself !You can choose to log in with Facebook, but you can get thesamefeatures without ever having to log in with Facebook. Although,wehighly suggest logging in with Facebook. That way you can playviamultiple devices using the same account and have yourprofilepicture and name displayed.You can join your friends' games. This works only if your friendisplaying in "Play Now" mode. You can access this feature fromthefriends panel.50% of your bet is returned if you get disconnected while in abetgame. This percentage will be lowered as we will maketheconnections more and more stable.If you are disturbed by the chat messages, you can disablechatspeech bubbles in the settings dialog. Settings dialog canbeaccessed by tapping the cog button on the top right of themainmenu.Advertisements are show only when you leave a table. Normally,youshould just wait for the next game to start instead of leavingthetable and therefore never see any ads.Game is completely free of charge.
Okey - İnternetsiz
Okey is a game of classic. Artificial intelligence, richvisualeffects, simple, expedient and convenient interface to yourjokergame. Okey without internet, play against the computer.Everybodyhave fun with okey.Okey Features:- Google Game PlayService,-Achievements,- Leaderboards,- Statistics- Quests-Levels.OkeySettings:- Determine the Game Score,- Game SpeedAdjustment,- Jokercolor on / off,- Indicator points on / off,-Smart Stacking Tileson / offThis game is similar to Rummy /Rummikub.Game Set:Okey plusgame is played with four players asstandard. Okey table containsthe name of the cue for arranging theplayer's tiles. Red, black,blue and green color of the tile has atotal of 106 unitsconsisting of two sets of numbers from 1 to 13.There are also twotile which are fake joker.Start:Tiles mixed witheach player given14 tiles. The first will play the players aregiven extra 1 tileand 15 tile starts. Klasik Okey oyunudur. Yapayzekası, zengingörsel efektleri, basit, kullanışlı arayüzü ile amacauygun okeyoyunu karşınızda. İnternetsiz, bilgisayara karşı okeyoynayın.Herkese iyi eğlenceler.Özellikler:- Google Game PlayService,-Başarılar,- Sıralamalar,- İstatistikler,-Görevler,-Seviyeler.Ayarlar:- Sayıdan düş belirleme,- Oyun HızAyarı,- RenkliOkey açık / kapalı,- Gösterge puanı açık / kapalı,-Akıllı TaşDizme açık / kapalıOkey plus, okey plus indir, okey plusoyna,çanak okey, bedava okey, internetsiz okey, okey internetsiz,okeypro, okey hd, mynet okey, okey online, online okey, okey oyun,okeyoyunları, okey oyna.
Okey is popular Turkish game of the Rummy family ( known asRummikub) played with a set of 106 tiles. The object is, bydrawing anddiscarding tiles, to be the first to form a hand thatconsistsentirely of sets of equal numbered tiles, and runs ofconsecutivetiles of the same colour. In this version you playagainst robots(AI) But robots play like real players :) and nointernet connectionrequired.
Rummy Plus
Meet new people from all over the world! Do you like classiccard& tile games such as Rummycube, Gin Rummy, Belote,Canasta,101or Taki? Then, you'll definitely enjoy Rummy Plus! It'svery easyto sort and meld the tiles while having fun with friendsandfamily. Your free chips and friends are waiting for you!*RummyPlus is now available on Google Play for free!* Connectthrough 3G,Edge or Wi-Fi and play the classic "Rummy tile" gameonline with“Rummy Plus” quality against your friends, family orplayers fromall around the World.* You can see your online friendsand jointheir table with a single click,* You can socialize whileplayingRummy Plus,* You can also connect with a guest accountinstead ofyour Facebook account,* For you to enjoy Rummy Plus asmuch as youwant, thousands of free chips every day.* Your friendshave joinedthe fun in Rummy Plus along with expert Rummy players,since it’sthe fastest, quickest and most extraordinary Rummy tilegameonline. You should join them too!PLAY NOW*If you click to“PlayNow”, the system will find a table for you without keepingyouwaiting and you will start playing Rummy Plus withinseconds!CHOOSEA ROOMYou can join one of the special rooms which arecustomizedfor players with different levels, and become a legend byplayingeveryday.CREATE A TABLE*None of them are for your taste?Thencreate your own table and choose the amount of betyourself!PLAYwith YOUR FRIENDSYou can see which of your friends areonline fromyour friendlist, and join their table and have funplaying theclassic Rummy Plus togetherSocialize with your friendsin thisclassic family tile game.LISTEN TO YOUR FAVORITE TUNESWHILEPLAYING*Why shouldn’t you listen to music while playing RummyPlus?We thought out everything for you. Select the songs you likemostand double the fun by playing Rummy Plus and listening toyourfavorite tunes at the same time.Experienced a problem? Gotasuggestion? You can reach us at learn about the latest news andupdates:• Thegame is free to play; however, in-app purchasesare available foradditional content and in-game currency. In-apppurchases rangefrom $0.99 to $99.99 USD.• Use of this applicationis governed byZynga’s Terms of Service, foundat
101 Yüzbir Okey Extra
Digitoy Games
101 Yüzbir Okey Extra is now on Google Play.Play with your android phones and tablets Free.Connect with Edge, 3G, 4.5G or Wi-Fi and play against withmillionsof Facebook players live. Experience 101 Yüzbir Okey Extrawithyour friends by chatting with them while playing 101YüzBirOkey.- See your online Facebook friends on your Friends list andjointheir games to play 101 YüzBir Okey together.- Play as a guest without logging into your Facebook account.- Get thousands of FREE chips by downloading and logging ineveryday to have as much fun as you can with 101 YüzBir OkeyExtra!- Increase your level of progress by playing more and takeadvantageof the fresh offers .- Select your avatar ; you can select among many avatars whichfitsto you and play live.- Music ; you can listen your own music list while playing101Yüzbir Okey , it's really funDon't get bored in the traffic jam while travelling by bus,metroeven when you are walking on the road . You can enjoy 101YüzbirOkey game everywhere you go . Find it on Google PlayEncountered a problem or have an idea? Contact usviadestek@digitoygames.comLatest updates and new features follow us on---> Yüzbir Okey Extra is intended for an adult audience. 101YüzbirOkey Extra do not offer "real money gambling" or anopportunity towin real money or prizes. Practice or success atcasino gaming doesnot imply future success at "real moneygambling".
Rummy World
Join millions of worldwide players and enjoy a FREERummyexperience! Rummy World is an online Multiplayer tilegame,combining elements of the card game Rummy, board game OkeyandMahjong.Play with your friends in special themed rooms, andearncredits plus gifts in this very popular family game. Enjoy thebestRummy experience with "Rummy World" for Android. Play onlinevia3G, 4G, Edge or Wi-Fi and play the classic "Rummy Tile" gamewith"Rummy World" against your friends, or worldwide players.Doyoulike the original classic card & tile games such as GinRummy,Rummy tile, Okey, Okey Mynet, Rummycube, Rummy cube, RummyPlus,Rummi, Remi, 101, Canasta or Taki?Okey and 101 Okey is verysimilarto the game Rummy as it is played with the same set ofBoardsPlus Tiles Plus Racks.  Be the first player to finishyourtiles by laying and manipulating them into sets and runs to WINTHEGAME! Want to earn more credits? Look for our special offers!Andmay the best manipulator win!Feedback? We're all
101 Okey
You can play 101 Rummy offline and free. Our main contributionisoffline 101 Okey plus strong artificialintelligence.GameFeatures:- Smooth game playing- 101 levels- StrongAI- Increasingbets in different rooms.- 24 different rooms anddifferentbackground visuals.- Food and beverages.- Avatars- NointernetconnectionWe are looking forward your Fun!
Okey Pro
Okey oyununda gelişmiş yapay zekaya karşı oynuyorsunuz. Busayedeokey'i internet bağlantısına ihtiyaç duymadan okeyoyunuoynayabiliyorsunuz ve diğer oyuncuların tas atmasınıbeklemeklevakit kaybetmiyorsunuz. Okey dilediğiniz yerde ve zamandaoynayarakharika zaman geçirin.You play against an advanced AI inthe Rummygame. In this way, you can play hockey hockey game withoutneedingan internet connection and wait for the other players arenotwasting time throwing stones. Okey wherever you are and haveagreat time playing at the time.
101 Okey HD İnternetsiz
İnternete bağlanma zorunluluğu olmadan 101 Yüzbir OkeyHDoynayın...Özellikler-İnternetsiz ve Ücretsiz-Gelişmiş yapayzekayakarşı bekleme zorunluluğu olmadan 101 YüzbirOkeydeneyimi-Katlamalı ve katlamasız oyun seçeneğiConnecting totheInternet without the necessity of Okey 101 Hundred and playHD...Features-İnternetsiz and Free-Advanced withoutartificialintelligence hundred thousand against 101 must waitOkeyexperienceand fold-game option should -foldable
Rummy - Offline
Rummy offline (the board game version of its card counterpart)isnow ready for android mobile phones and tablets with itshighquality. Download now and play free. You can play Rummy -Offlinein anywhere you want. No need to the internet connection.You canearn millions of chip and play in high bet rooms againstartificialintelligence if you are a really good rummy player.Rummyoffline isa tile-based game for four players, combining elements ofthe cardgame rummy, rummy 500, Indian Rummy, board game okey andmahjong.It is also a puzzle game like klondike, solitaire, spiderand freecell solitaire.
101 Yüzbir Okey - İnternetsiz 101 Yüzbir Okey 1.8
En çok oynanan 101 okey oyunu tamamen ücretsizMost played 101gamescompletely free okey
Mynet 101 Okey
Developed by Mynet , Turkey's most fun 101 Okey game isnowavailable on Android now. You can play 101 Okey anywhere youwant.Chat with your friends , break the pot and earnMynetLiras.************ You can play Mynet 101 Okey either as aguest orwith your Facebook account. Play with your Facebook friendsor meetnew friends and socialize.To make your 101 Okey experiencemore fun, you are daily awarded with free Mynet Lira. Don't forgetto comeback every day and earn more! 101 Okey is a four-playerTurkishgame played with rummy tiles. The main difference with Okeyis thatplayers begin with hands of 21 tiles instead of 15. Aplayer'sfirst meld must have a value of at least 101. With Çanak101 Okeytry to break the pot by melding your joker as lasttile.GameFeatures:- Mynet 101 Okey is played online with realopponents.-Multiplatform support. (You can play with the sameaccount on yourmobile Devices and PC.) - All in game graphics areRetina Display.-Play online using 3G , Edge or Wireless internet.-You can playMynet 101 Okey by teaming up with a friend.- Playinstantly byusing 'Hemen Oyna' feature..- You can invite yourfriends in yourroom or go to their rooms.- You can obtain MynetLira in game andcontinue to play.--- You can follow latest news andupdates aboutthis game at: Games:
Çanak Okey
Welcome to the World’s and Turkey’s most fun and socialFacebookÇanak OKEY game with Free Chat and lots of Daily rewards.MynetÇanak Okey is now available on Google Play Store for yourAndroidSmartphones and tablets, you can download CANAK OKEY free ofchargeand play the most amazing mobil Çanak OKEY game everywhereandanytime you want.CANAK OKEY is being developed by ‘Mynet Games’andMynet is the number 1 developer of the most popular Turkishgameslike 101 OKEY ÇANAK, Backgammon Online, Batak, King andTurkishPoker.You can play Çanak Okey either as a guest or withyourFacebook account. Play with your Facebook friends or meetnewfriends and chat with them. To make your Çanak Okey gameexperiencemore fun, you are daily awarded with free Mynet Liras.Don't forgetto come back every day and earn more daily bonus. THERULES ofÇANAK OKEY GAME?Okey is a traditional Turkish game and verysimilarto Gin Rummy and Rummikub but playing with different rules.ÇanakOkey's main goal is to break the 'pot' by finishing the gamebylefting out your 'joker' tile.With it's striking design andeasyplayability you can fulfill your Çanak Okey experience. Theplayerswho breaks to pot wins the Mynet Liras accumulated in thepot. Youcan spend what you earned on tables with higher stakes.Don't wasteany more time and start playing Çanak Okey bydownloading it nowfor free of charge!THE FEATURES of ÇANAK OKEYGAME?- Çanak Okey isplayed online with real opponents.- All in gamegraphics are RetinaDisplay.- Multitouch is supported- Çanak Okey isthe easiest toplay Okey game available.- All animations are highquality.- Thereare real opponents waiting for you 24/7.-Multiplatform support.(You can play with the same account on youriDevices and PC.) -Play online using 3G , Edge or Wirelessinternet.- Play instantlyby using 'Play Now' feature.You cancontact us for yoursuggestions, questions and for more .Thelatest news and bonus rewards areavaliable on our Facebook FanPage which is Have anenjoyable time withÇANAK OKEY.
Okey - Play Online & Offline
The golden age has started with Okey Golden on Android phoneandtablets.With Okey Golden , you can play both online or offlineOKEYgame.Start playing OKEY now and earn thousands of free'GoldPoints'... Whether you are on the bus, subway or plane , youcanplay OKEY on offline mode and then continue whenever you want.Youcan also transfer the points you earned to your Facebookaccount.You can message other players, chat with your friends atthe onlinemode. You can also sign is as a guest and start playingwithoutlogging on.Download OKEY and free chat now for free, startplayingand earn thousands of daily gold bonuses.“Okey Golden”offers aunique Okey experience to all Android users with it''ssocial gamefeatures. With easy to access interface join roomsinstantly, siton a table, invite your friends and start chattingwith them.OkeyGolden offers the same fun experience on everyAndroid devicethanks to it's easy to use tile and rack system. Youcan move tilesas a group and hide your 'okey' tile. You can seewhere you standat the leaderboards. Who knows, maybe you will bethe number oneplayer of the week!Download now and see the unique"Okey Golden"experience. Start earning your bonus gold points andenjoy theendless okey fun. OKEY GOLDEN GAME FEATURES★OFFLINE OKEYMode (Playwithout internet connection)★ONLINE OKEY Mode (Login withyourFacebook account or sign is as a guest)★Play OKEY at tableswith2,3,4 players★Instant play, start a table and the ability tojoin atable★Chat with your friends★Different colored VIPtables★Specialprices to top three at the leaderboards★See where youstack upagainst in the Top 5000★Daily bonus gold points★Fast andseamlessserver★Slow connection warning★Ability to continue the game1minute after internet disconnection IN OKEY GAMEFEATURES★Movetiles as group★Hide tiles with double click★Settilesautomatically★Easy to use tiles and rackOKEY GOLDEN is aMynetservice. Mynet is the number 1 developer of the mostpopularTurkish games like 101 OKEY ÇANAK, Backgammon Online, Batak,Kingand Turkish Poker.
Çanak Okey Oyunzade
MOST REALISTIC OKEY GAME..Our Okey Game which played on now on the Android phone. and it iscompletelyfree.With your android phone you can play againsthundreds ofthousands of members of players and Youwill seedifference of is played online whichkeepsexcitement of playing card games at the top level. As soon asyoudownload the game you will have free chips.You can join eitherwithyour facebook account or your account. You canwidenyour social network while playing our game. You can choosewhichsaloon to play the game. You can choose the open table optionandinvite your friends the table. You can have private chat withyourfriends.We appreciate your feedback you can reach usfromoyunzade@oyunzade.comYou can follow us at
The original Rummikub FREE version (not Rummy nor Rummy CubeorOkey) is one of the most popular family games in the world.Theunique combination of tactical thinking, luck and tensecompetitionhas made this classic family game to one of the mostsuccessfulgames for the past 70 years! Arrange the tiles to createthesmartest color and numbers combinations. Will you be thefirstplayer to place all tiles and win the match? * TheoriginalRummikub is now available on Google Play for FREE!* Playtheclassic Rummikub game online with your friends, family orplayersfrom all around the World.* You can choose to connect withyourFacebook account, email or as a guest. * Collect a daily bonusandget rewarded for coming back everyday.PLAY NOWPlay ONLINEwithmillions of Rummikub players from all around the world and trytowin as many points as you can to become the RummikubMaster!CUSTOMGAMECREATE a public table with your own preferences;number ofplayers, turn time and entry fee. PRIVATE GAMEINVITEFRIENDS andfamily members to play! Create private tables and chooseyour ownpersonal game settings.You can see which of your friendsare onlinefrom your Facebook's friendlist and invite them to joinyou to playa fun classic Rummikub game.We offer 5 types of tables -forconservative, moderate and High Roller's players.SINGLEPLAYERPlayagainst computer players (also available OFFLINE). Definethe turntime, opponents number and difficulty level. Includes 9supportedlanguages - English, German, French, Dutch, Korean,Chinese,Spanish, Polish and Portuguese.Experienced a problem? Gotasuggestion? You can reach us at
The top-ranked free Hearts card game with: Leaderboards•Achievements • Statistics • Game options • Smart AI opponents•Frequent updates • Play Hearts Offline now, DownloadHearts!ClassicHearts is the premier Hearts card game for smartphones and tabletsand is now available on Android! Hearts has beenin development foryears by a dedicated team and has seen countlessnew features,improvements, and bug fixes. It's fast, stable, alwaysimproving,and above all fun!You can use this features in Heartsfree.HeartsFeatures:* Google Game Play Service,* Achievements,*Score and WinLeaderboards,* Quests,* Levels,* Stats.HeartsSettings:* Jack ofDiamonds Variant, ( a rule of Hearts )* GameSpeed,* Card Size,*Game Finish Score,* Card Movement; Drag &Drop or Click,*Customise player names,* Designed for tablets andphones- You canplay hearts online with friends by installing ourHearts Onlinegame.- You can try our Spades, Gin Rummy game.-Download hearts,hearts download, download hearts offline, downloadhearts online,download hearts game, hearts offline, Hearts plus,classic hearts,hearts windows, dame de pique, copas, corazones,cups, heart, heartthrobbing game.
Backgammon Online
Facebook’s legendary Backgammon game is now available onAndroid!Youcan download and play Backgammon entirely for free.Playwith yourFacebook friends or meet new friends and socialize. Youcan alsoplay Backgammon as a guest with a guest account. Enjoyplaying withreal people any time around theday.************GameFeatures:*Backgammon is played online with realopponents.*Playinstantly by using ‘Hemen Oyna’ feature.*Highquality graphics inevery device.*Multitouch is supported.*Allanimations are highquality.************You can follow the latestnews and updates fromour page .
Okey - Turkish Rummy
Okey, or Turkish Rummy, is a great free game by LITE Games foryourAndroid smartphone and tablet with its high quality.🃏It'satraditional Turkish game, similar to Rummy, that is almostalwaysplayed with 4 players. The rules are slightly different butthegoal and general style of the game are the same. Theplayerscollect certain tiles to form “sets” and “runs” that aredefinedthrough the colors and numbers on them. The player whoachieves ahand that only consists of the mentioned sets and runsfirst, winsthe round if they reveal their hand.Features:- Offlineand freewithout limitations - Single games or tournament mode-Excitinggameplay- Adjustable difficulty for the computer opponents-Up tothree opponents at the same time- Tutorial and rules to masteryourskillsLearn the game, work on your tactics and hone yourskillsagainst the computer.The board game is completely free ofcharge.Play Okey now!Okey by LITE Games is available in thefollowinglanguages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese,Turkish& Russian. This card game is a national variant of theoriginalRummy. The game is perfect for fans of Ramino or Backgammonandoffers a strategic challenge for beginners as well asexperiencedveterans.You can find our general terms and conditionshere: our privacy policyhere:http://privacy.lite.gamesVisit us for morefreegames:https://www.lite.games your app feedback here:support@lite.gamesThanks forplaying!
Pisti 10.2
Pisti is a quick and enjoyable card game based on counting cardsandluck. The game has two basic dynamics in order to reach 51points:collecting cards and making Pisti. To collect the piledcards on thetable, you can throw a card that matches youropponent's last throwncard or you can use the "J" cards. Forexample, if the last card onthe table is "♠ 10", you can get thepile with any "J" or "10" cardregardless of their type. To make"Pisti", there must be only oneplay card on the table. The valueof piled cards on the tableincreases accumulatively in relation tothe points of eachindividual card. You can find the value of cardsbelow.GameScoreboard:♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ A = 1 Points♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ J = 1 Points♦ 10= 3 points♣2 = 2 pointsPisti = 10 pointsPisti J = 25 pointsOtherfeatures thatthe game offers:- Totally Free Theme Packs- FlexibleInterface-Leader board- Achievements- Fair Artificial Intelligence
okey online
You can play online okey game and chat with other peoplewhileplaying.How to play thisgame: can sendyourrequests to
Backgammon - Free Board Game by LITE Games
Play the LITE Games version of the popular board game Backgammonnowfor free on your Android smartphone and tablet with offlineandonline multiplayer mode.🎲 Features 🎲- Train against thecomputerwith adjustable difficulty- Free-to-play withoutlimitations- Playonline against opponents from all over the world-Climb to the top🔝 of the online highscore leaderboard - Unlockamazing achievements🏆- Challenge your friends and family on thesame devicePlay freeBackgammon online and play the oldest recordedgame inhistory.Backgammon, also known as Tavla, Narde, Tavli,Tawula,Takhteh, is a two players board game that involves acombination ofstrategy and luck, due to rolling dice. The goal isto remove allof one’s own playing pieces ⚪ ⚫ from the board beforethe opponentcan do the same. While the dice can determine theoutcome of asingle game, strategy is what separates the good andthe betterplayers over a series of games. Learn the game, work onyourtactics and unlock amazing achievements. Experiencethrillingmatches through the global online matchmaking or hone yourskillsversus the computer. Challenge your friends and familyoffline oronline regardless of what phone or operating system theyusethrough our great multiplayer modes – as long as the gameisavailable on their phone you can play together!Play Backgammonnowfor free!With the right strategy, tactics and observationskillsyou will eventually find yourself amongst the top players oftheLITE Games community and earn yourself a spot in thegloballeaderboards. Can you make it?The Backgammon board game isofferedin high quality localization in the following languages:English,German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish&Russian.The game is perfect for fans of Checkers, Othello orMillsand offers a strategic challenge for beginners as wellasexperienced veterans.Join in and get yourself a top spot inourplayer community 10bestplayers will be proudly displayed each weekon can find ourgeneralterms and conditions here: ourprivacypolicy here: http://privacy.lite.gamesVisit us for morefreeAndroid games: https://www.lite.gamesOr give us your appfeedbackhere: support@lite.gamesThanks for playing!
G4A: Indian Rummy
** If you doubt our scoring, read these rules. You need a firstandsecond life before scoring begins! **Easy tounderstand,challenging to play! Originating from India this game ofRummy isconquering the world! So watch out! It gets you before youknow itand you will have a hard time cutting yourself loose.Theobjectiveis easy: get rid of your penalty points as soon aspossible. Youcan dothis by collecting runs (at least threeconsecutive cards ofthe same suit) or sets(three or four of thesame cards fromdifferent suits). But you need at least tworunsbefore the scoringstarts. And one of this runs has to bewithout a joker!Each turnyou take a card and discard one. Are youthe first that has a handfull ofruns and sets? The game is yours!The faster you achievethis, the bigger the chanceyou leave yourcompetition far behind.And that will boost your statistics!- Ahighly addictive cardgame;- Get rid of your penalty points as soonas possible;- Improveyour play;- Boost your statistics!
Rummy 45 - Remi Etalat
This is an online Traditional Rummy gamealsoknown as Remi Etalat. You can play anytime, with whom youwant,when you want! Right now we have a total of more than 2millionregistered players in our network and growing!The rules of the game are slight different from the originalrummikub game.Game rules:The game starts with 106 rummy tiles. Every player has to formvalidrummy tile formations (ex: 12-12-12 or 3-4-5).Every tile from 1 to 9 equals 5 points and tiles from 10 to 1equal10 points. You need at least 45 points to place your tiles onthetable and score.After placing the cards down the Joker tiles give 50 points eachandnumber 1 tiles give 25 points each.When it's your turn you need to draw a tile from where thearrowshows you or draw a tile from the row above.At the end of your turn you need to place a tile for thenextplayers over the row from above.The game ends when you have only one tile on your board (calledtheclosure tile).Enjoy the game !
Teen Patti - Indian Poker
THE ORIGINAL TEEN PATTI SENSATION, LARGEST MULTIPLAYER CARD GAMEINTHE WORLD. MILLIONS PLAYING EVERYDAYOctro Teen Patti -IndianPokeris the original smash hit! TeenPatti is a three card gamesimilarto other casino games like Poker, Texas Holdem Poker, FlashorFlush, Three card brag.AMAZING FEATURES♠ Cricket Betting: Betliveon cricket matches and multiply your chips♠ Download Bonus:Getupto 3,00,000 FREE CHIPS on downloading Teen Patti♠ DailyBonus:Free chips everyday with Teen Patti DAILY BONUS♠ LeaderboardsandAchievements: Unlock new levels and achievements. Be on topofleaderboard.♠ Connect with friends: Invite, chat and playTeenpattiwith your friends from Facebook and other players♠ DualCurrency:Chips and Diamonds. Convert Diamonds to Chips anytime andnever runout of chips.♠ Themes: Various themes to match your mood♠MultipleLanguages: You can play Teen Patti in English, Hindi,Marathi orGujarati♠ Avatars: Choose from a wide variety of avatarsor importyour own picture from FacebookMULTIPLE GAME MODES♣ 321Tournament :Presenting new tournament mode. Place the best possiblecards inset of 3 cards, 2 cards and 1 card respectively. 321tournament isplayed between 5 players and 5 rounds are played. Thewin amount is5 times the stake.♣ PUBLIC TABLE : Play Classic 3Patti mode.Millions of REAL PLAYERS from around the world.♣VARIATIONS : Trymultiple variations. Revolving Joker, Lowest Joker,Joker, AK47,999, Muflis, 4X Boot, Banco, In-Out and many more teenpattivariations to come.♣ 6 PATTI : Skill card game of the year. Itis agame of strategy. 6 Patti is a tournament mode played between5players and 15 hands are played. The win amount is 5 timesthestake.♣ TEEN PATTI BATTLE : Select 3 best suited cards tospawnmystical characters and experience card war like neverbefore.Characters' fighting strength will be based on 3 Pattiranking ofhands. Trail releasing the strongest character and highcardreleasing the lowest strength character.♣ PRIVATE TABLE : PlayTeenPatti with your friends. Create your own private table andinviteyour friends to play on your private table. ♣ TOURNAMENT :Play Sit'n' Go or take part in high stakes tournament.Also tryotherexciting games by Octro - TeenPatti Live, Indian Rummy,Tambola:Indian Bingo, Yuddhbhoomi: The epic war land, Card Royale:TeenPatti Battle .Octro just simulates the game with virtualcurrency,and is not involved in any gambling.Contact UsKindly shareyourfeedback and tell us how we can improve. In case of any issueswiththe gameplay or app usage write to
Okey - Risk Rummy Okey
Join the most exciting rummy game and compete against hundredsofthousands players around the world.Why Risk Rummy?***** If youfeelcompetetive you can play the game with 2 or 3 players.* Youcansocialize with other players by chatting in the game* If youdon'twant to wait, you can enter fast games and play in fastmode.*Login every day and win hundreds of thousands FREE CHIPS.*Enterweekly tournament and compete against the best rummy playersaroundthe world.* Choose the region you want to play in and competewiththe best players of your region.* Connect your accountwithFacebook and play with the same account on web, tabletandphone.*******Join Risk Rummy and start the fastest, hottestandmost exciting games now.You can get further information andfollowdaily free chips campaigns by joining ourFacebookpage:
Okey - Platin Rummy Okey
Rummy okey is a multiplayer tile game which is a popularvariationof rummy game. Join Platin Rummy now and start the funwith itseasy to learn, but hard to master games.Özellikler:★Connect withyour Facebook account and play with the same account onFacebookweb, tablet or phone.★ Login every day and win thousands ofFREECHIPS.★ Are you an impatient player? Join fast games and playwithmaster players in fast mode .★ Chat and socialize withotherplayers and make new friends.★ Join regional tournament andcompetewith the best players of your region.★ Learn about yourgamestatistics and plan your strategies.★ No need to wait for4players, if you want one on one competetions, you can alsoplaywith 2 or 3 players.Download Platin Rummy now and start thehottestrummy game on Google Play Store.For further information andFREEchip giveaways, join our Facebookcommunity-->
Tekel Okey
Digitoy Games
The most entertaining Okey on Facebook isnowavailable on Android. Facebook's fastest okey "Tekel Okey" isthemost entertaining game and it is FREE.You can chose to play in tables for 2-3-4 persons or you canchosefrom Fast Table, Optional Tile and Revenge options to increasethejoy. You have the chance to win Tekel Okey Bonus every day aswellas a welcome gift !Download for free now, by connecting via 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi, toplaywith your friends or with thousands of other players.If you got bored of playing Pool, Spade or other card games,TekelOkey promises the most fun games and entertainment for itsplayers. Pick and draw plies by double clicking. Keep the tiles onyourrock pressed then drag and drop all and lots of new featuresarewaiting for you.
This game is Hearts card game. Play the famous game ofHeartsagainst opponents simulated by advanced artificialintelligence.Now play Hearts Offline.Hearts is also known under anumber ofdifferent names around the world, including Chase the LadyandRickety Kate, and is similar to the game Black Lady. In Turkeythegame is called Queen of Spades, and in India it is known asBlackQueen. Lets try this new Hearts card game.You can use thisfeaturesin Hearts.Hearts Features:* Google Game PlayService,*Achievements,* Score and Win Leaderboards,* Quests,*Levels,*Stats.Hearts Settings:* Jack of Diamonds Variant, ( a ruleofHearts )* Game Speed,* Card Size,* Game Finish Score,*CardMovement; Drag & Drop or Click,* Customise playernames,*Designed for tablets and phones- You can play hearts onlinewithfriends by installing our Hearts Online game.- You can tryourSpades, Gin Rummy, Solitaire, Batak, Pişti, 101 Okey andOkeygame.- Download hearts, hearts download, download heartsoffline,download hearts online, download hearts game, heartsoffline,Hearts plus, classic hearts, hearts windows, dame de pique,copas,corazones, cups, heart, heart throbbing game, Hearts, heartsgame,hearts card game, hearts free.
Gin Rummy Plus
Join the world’s most popular Gin Rummy Game and play livewithmillions of real players.Playing Gin Rummy with friends,family,and millions of players worldwide has never been easier!Join oneof the largest free online gaming communities and enjoy anall-newfree multiplayer experience, competitiveleaderboards.SPECIALFEATURES♠ PLAY FOR FREE - Experience allfeatures totally free.♠ENJOY UNIQUE MULTIPLAYER MODE - Compete withhundreds of thousandselite Gin Rummy players all around the worldand prove you’re thechampion of the leaderboard.♠ PROGRESSIVEJACKPOTS - Double YourGin Rummy Fun with the biggest win of yourlife!♠ PLAY WITH BUDDIES- Invite your friends and have much morefun anytime, anywhere.♠SOCIAL EXPERIENCE - Play with your friendsor make new ones, GinRummy Plus has the strongest community of anyGin Rummy game;including classic rummy, regal rummy etc.♠LEADERBOARDS - See howyou stack up against other players or yourfriends.♠ FREE BONUSES -Countless opportunities to earn free coins,easier thanever!Experience a variety of high-quality Gin RummyLounges forultimate fun like never before!Additional information:•The game isfree to play; however, in-app purchases are availableforadditional content and in-game currency. In-app purchasesrangefrom $0.99 to $99.99 USD.• Use of this application is governedbyZynga’s Terms of Service, foundat
Ultimate RummyCircle
Ultimate RummyCircle offers the best rummy gaming experience onyourAndroid device. It’s powered and brought to you by RummyCircle,India’s most popular rummy website. While you enjoy theawesomegame-play, RummyCircle ensures the best outputs andreliability.Thanks to the ever-expanding user-base of 5 Million,RummyCircle isthe best place to start your rummy adventures, be itbet, classic ordeals rummy. Awesome Features for the Best RummyGamingUltimateRummyCircle app comes with a grand set of features.You getreal-life rummy game experience on an Android device. Someof themost notable features are:- The graphics and interface ofUltimateRummyCircle are so impressive that you can compare it toan actualcard-based rummy game. Even if your phone has a smallerscreen,Ultimate RummyCircle will optimize the visual experience tothe bestlevel.- Ultimate RummyCircle hosts 5 million rummy gameplayers fromIndia. All you need for playing games is an accountand internetconnection. Every second, you will have anotheropponent to playwith.- Ultimate RummyCircle consumes the leastamount of mobile dataand works fine in 2G and 3G data connections.Thanks to the goodbuild of the app, you don’t have to worry aboutdevice slowdownseither.- With Ultimate RummyCircle, there is noworry about losingall your chips. Every four hours, you willreceive free chips. Youcan keep playing using the free chips, nomatter what type of rummyyou like.These features obviously addvalue to your rummy gamingexperience.Different Games to EntertainYourselfYou can find threetypes of rummy games in UltimateRummyCircle for Android. They alloffer a unique and effectivegaming experience, no matter where youare.- Classic Rummy is forthe rummy gaming enthusiasts out there.You can jump into the worldof classic rummy games, and challengethe other players in UltimateRummyCircle. It’s the best choice whenyou need to pass your time.-Bet Rummy requires you to understandthe game so well and beconfident about your cards. Then, it’spossible to increase thebets on every turn. Obviously, you have achance of winning bigwhen you bet big.- Deals Rummy in UltimateRummyCircle brings thereal spirit of multiplayer gaming into theworld of rummy games.You can engage in gameplay with multiple Rummyplayers outthere.Some Rules to Follow in Ultimate RummyCircleJustkeep thefollowing rules in mind while starting your next rummy gameinUltimate RummyCircle.1. The game in Ultimate RummyCircle isplayedbetween 2 to 5 players.2. The game uses two standard decks of52cards each. 3. Each player will be dealt 13 cards at thebeginningof every Ultimate RummyCircle game.4. To win the game, youneed toarrange the available cards into valid sequences or sets.5.You cancreate a sequence by placing 3+ running cards. Thesecards,however, should be of the same suit. For example, you cancreate asequence like 5 ♥ 6 ♥ 7 ♥.6. You can create a set bycombining 3+cards of same face value, but different suits. Anexample is 3 ♥ 3♠ 3 ♣.7. A Joker card is selected at the start ofevery game. Itcan be used in place of any other card. That is, ifyou don’t havea card in 3 ♥ 3 ♠ 3 ♣, Joker can be used in thatplace.8. One ormore Jokers can be used for completing sequences andsets9. Youcreate a Pure Sequence if there is no Joker card is used.However,in 5 ♥ 6 ♥ 7 ♥, you can use a Joker card in the place of 6,but thesequence will not be Pure.10. It’s compulsory to have twosequencesfor finishing an Ultimate RummyCircle rummy game. Out of2, oneshould be a pure sequence.Record_Audio - This permissionhelps usserve better-targeted ads based on media consumption. Theadrevenue helps us make better games for you! You can opt-out atanytime, just visit our privacy policy. From the makers of India's#1Rummy site, RummyCircle and #1 Teen Patti app, Ultimate TeenPatti(UTP)!
Okey Elit
Join the latest, most lively Okey game, Okey Elit, now!Okey isagame similar to Rummy for two to four players. Its target istobuild sets of three or four of a kind or sequences. The gameisplayed clockwise and the beginner has to discard hisadditionalpiece. Each player whose turn it is must take a piece,either thelast open one or one from the next covered stack and healso has todiscard one piece. As soon as the player whose turn itis hasarranged his pieces in sets of three or four of akindand/orsequences and has discarded one piece, he wins tableChips.JOINFREE:- Starting Bonus: Download now and receive 50.000chipsinstantly!- Daily Bonus: Log in every day and get thousands offreechips.OKEY, ANYWHERE:- Login with Facebook and play across allweband mobile devices with the same account.FREE CHIPS WITHCOUPONCODES:- Get Coupon codes from our Facebook page, your friendsandspecial days' giveaways.Download Okey Elit now. Join the fun!
The original Rummikub (not Rummy nor Rummi or Okey) is one ofthemost popular family games, played by millions of people alloverthe world. The unique combination of tactical thinking, luckandtense competition has made this classic family game to one ofthemost successful games for the past 60 years! Arrange the tilestocreate the smartest color and numbers combinations. Will you bethefirst player to place all tiles and win the match?
Spades Plus
Let’s join the LARGEST SPADES COMMUNITY in the world to playwithmillions of online players! Spades Plus offers you agreatexperience against many Spades players from all around theworld!You can play in many different game modes such as Classic,Solo,Mirror and Whiz. Now playing Spades is much betterwithTournaments, Knock-Out and many other different modes!Spades isoneof the traditional trick-taking card games like Bid Whist,Hearts,Euchre & Canasta, but this game is played in pairs inwhichspades is always the trump. ==SPADES PLUS FEATURES==FREECOINSGet20,000 Free Coins as a “Welcome Bonus”, and get even morecoins bycollecting your “Daily Bonus” every day!DIFFERENT MODESPlaySpadeshowever you want! CLASSIC: Make your bid with your partnerandchallenge other teams VIP: Play the classic Partnership Spadesincustom Tables SOLO: There is no partnership. Each playergetshis/her own points MIRROR: You bid the number of your SpadesCardsin your hand WHIZ: You can bid “NIL” or the number of yourSpadesCards in your hand TOURNAMENTS & CHALLENGESWin the16player-Tournament or Knock-Out Challenge to getamazingprizes!GREAT SOCIAL EXPERIENCEMeet new people and add themasfriends to be their best partner or challenge them ingames!UsePublic or Private Chat to stay in touch with otherplayers.CREATEYOUR OWN TABLESYou can create tables in differentmodes. Chooseyour “Game Rule” type, set the “Bet Amount” and the“Final Point”or decide if there will be “Nil”, “Blind Nil” or“Chat” options. Ifyou don’t want to be found, create your own“Private Table” wheregames are “Invite Only”.GET NEW DECKSJoin theseasonal competitionsto get new deck designs. Show your new decksto other users whileplaying against them!Additional information: •Make sure you have agood internet connection to get the bestexperience.• The game isfree to play; however, in-app purchases areavailable foradditional content and in-game currency. In-apppurchases rangefrom $1 to $200 USD. • Use of this application isgoverned byZynga’s Terms of Service,©2017 Zynga Inc.
Romi Lite
Romi lets you play Rummy Tile (RummyCube, Rummikub, Rami)gamesagainst the computer at three different levels. Romi is playedwithtwo sets of 52 cards and with two wild cards. The purpose ofthisgame is to form groups of three or more cards, which containeitherconsecutive cards of the same suit or cards of the samenumbervalue but of differing suits. New feature:* Added Pass andPlaymode, where a single device can be used by multiple humanplayers,passing the device to the next player, once they havecompletedtheir turn.* On the Settings screen, just uncheck thecheckboxesnear the name of the player that should be played by ahuman.*Changing a checkbox state will force a new game.About RomiLite-Disable the advertisement by purchasing the full version ofRomi.
Okey Alemi
► Different game modes: ● Play in 2, 3 or 4 player mode againstrealplayers or in 1 player mode against intelligent bots.►Tournamentmode: ● Take part in exciting 8 player tournament games.● Finishthe day among the best tournament players and win greatgame packs.►Amusing Toplists: ● The best tournament players of theday arelisted in the Tournament Toplist. ● Compete against yourfriends inthe "Friends Toplist". ● The best players of the day arelisted inthe daily Toplist. ● The Top 100 Toplist contains thebest playersof all time.► Public or private game tables: ● Set thegame tableoption to "closed" to play in private mode. ● Play inpublic gametables and meet new people.► Advanced invitation: ●Invite yourfriends via integrated Messenger-interfaces directly toyour gametable. ● Or invite players from the lobby ► Play one onone or inteam mode: ● Select "Team" option as Game Type andcompete with yourpartner against other players.► For players withcolor deficits: ●Activate "Color Blind Mode" in the settings toplay with symbolictiles. ► Play faster in "Turbo" mode. ● Choose"Turbo" mode forshort round periods. ► Awards and Levels: ● Winspecial awards forspecial achievements. ● Win games to increaseyour Level.► In-GameChat: ● The chat function is available inevery game table. ● Withpredefined messages you can send standardmessages quickly. ► Gifts:● Send great gifts to your playmates. ►Crack the safe: ● Crack thesafe by finishing the game with sevenpairs or by discarding ajoker. Join us!
Clear the board. Pay what you want.Okay?