Top 49 Games Similar to Super Bomb Noms

Bomber Friends 3.23
Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and funonlinemultiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last tosurvive towin the match! Collect powerups to get more powerfulbombs! Use theexplosive bombs to blast your friends from across themap! Newmultiplayer arena makes playing the online game even betterandmore rewarding! Game Features: - Online multiplayer for2-8players! Challenge your friends or play against randomopponents. -Campaign mode with over 300 levels! Find your waythrough 6different worlds full of devious monsters! - ClassicBomber stylegameplay, with controls polished for touchscreen! -Compete in theonline arenas to reach new heights and unlock newinteresting bombsand powerups! - Collect your own battle deck! -Collect powerupsand watch out for evil curses. - Customize yourcharacter with coolhats, suits, accessories, taunts, and greetings!- Different bombsto blast the enemies to smithereens. - The bestbomber man or womancollects the most in-game medals. - BomberFriends has universalgame controller support! - Includes googleplay achievements. -Supports Android TV! - Lots and lots of new andinteresting gamefeatures in the online arenas for the true bombergamers! Have fun!*Important message: This game includes in-apppurchases. You canset up password protection for in-app purchasesin the settings ofyour Google Play Store app.*
Bomber Heroes - Bomba game
BigFox Games
Million of bomber game's fans around theworldare waiting a heir of legendary series game in a past?You will be adventure to mysterious lands, with beautiful anduniquescenery. Collect gold and much powerful items to deal withmonstersand epic bosses.★Feature ★- BOOM!!! Blow up everything you want.- Discovery 7 lands with more than 100 levels.- Collect gold and items to improve your power.- Custom your character.- Touch swipe on any device smoothly phones and tablets.- Share your Facebook.- Multiplayer mode (play with friends) is coming soon★How to play★- Use the navigation controls to move, you can choose 4-buttonorjoystick.- Collect many powerful item quickly.You will be a mostdangerousbomber with a ton of bomb and powerful blast.- Every monsters are cunning, so you should chose a strategytobombing them!- The Bosses, they have horrible skill and special moves. Showyourfriends how you play as best!- Don't worry if you make a mistake, you can buy interestingitemseven life by gold.- And last thing... BOM!!! .★Contact Us ★- We'd love to hear your suggestions and comments. Moreimprovementsand new features are coming, so stay tuned!
Bomber Game 1.0.8
ZoZo Arcade
Bomber game, you will move through multi levels. The generalgoalthroughout the series is to complete the levels bystrategicallyplacing bombs in order to kill enemies and destroyobstacles.Exploding bombs can set off other bombs, kill or injureenemies,and destroy obstacles. However, they can also kill orinjure theplayer character, destroy powerups, and sometimes "anger"the exit,causing it to generate more enemies. Most Bomberman gamesalsofeature a multiplayer mode, where other Bomberman act asopponents,and the last one standing is the winner. In this mode,powerups areplentiful. To do it, in each level you have to destroyopponentsand find out Exit Door. Strategically place various bombsto putopponents in a trap or destroy many obstacles. The Exit Doorishidden under brick,so you have to place bombs to destroy bricktofind this. Bomb will automatically explode after several secondsormanually explode when you get blow up control.You will losetheblow up control if you die. You can get this one in somenextlevel.Be careful, bombs can also destroy yourself if youinexploding range.How to play:- Use the navigation controls tomove,you can choose 4-button.- Collect many powerful itemsquickly.Youwill be a most dangerous bomber with a ton of bomb andpowerfulblast.- Every monster are cunning, so you should choose astrategyto bombing them!- The Bosses, they have a horrible skillandspecial moves. Show your friends how you play as best!- Don'tworryif you make a mistake, you can buy interesting items even lifebygold. Feature:- Beautiful and stunning graphics design-AttractiveBomber games play, you will control the hero to getthrough manygame levels from easy to difficult. Try to find outPower Up itemin each level to improve your skill.
Bomber Legend Man 2018 2.7
Bomber Legend Man 2018 - Super Bomber Legend Man move throughthelevels and place various bombs to blow up your opponents.Becareful and don't get blown up by enemy bombs yourself! Blowupyour friends in this bomb itup. Place your bombs and catchyouropponent in an explosive trap. Bomber Legend man, Be carefulandtry not to get blown up on your own Bombs. If you've stillgotblown up, don't worry, you'll turn into a ghost and will be abletogreatly complicate the lives of your opponents! Super BomberLegendMan ,the general goal throughout the series is to completethelevels by strategically placing bombs in order to kill enemiesanddestroy obstacles. Exploding bombs can set off other bombs, killorinjure enemies, and destroy obstacles. Become Super HeroBomberLegend Man. You are in an unequal battle. Large and powerfulenemy,the alone. But in the hands of powerful weapons you have.It's thebomb plane. Collect Powerups to get more powerful Bombs!Use theexplosive bombs to blast your friends from across the map!Anddon't worry if you get blasted, then the fun has just begun!DeadBombers can haunt the living players and make their playharderwith curses! Bomb classic game - An extremely excitingactionstrategy game for your smartphone. • Beautiful graphics,attractivegame play, you will control the hero to get through manygamelevels from easy to difficult. • Variety of game items willhelpyou get through game level. • Five levels of monster or zombiewithdifferent skills will prevent you from complete a level.EnjoyBomber Legend Man 2018 now! Get Bomber Friends now and jointheimmensely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Bomb yourfriendsand be the last to survive to win the match! Collectpowerups toget more powerful bombs! Use the explosive bombs toblast yourfriends from across the map! Bomb Bomber Legend Man bomb,Anextremely exciting action strategy game for your smartphone. Howtoplay - Use the navigation controls to move, you can choose4-buttonor joystick. - Collect many powerful items quickly.You willbe amost dangerous bomber with a ton of bomb and powerful blast.-Every monster are cunning, so you should choose a strategytobombing them! - The Bosses, they have a horrible skill andspecialmoves. Show your friends how you play as best! - And lastthing...BOM!!! . Feature - Beautiful and stunning graphics design-Attractive Bomber Legend Man game play, you will control theheroto get through many game levels from easy to difficult. - Avarietyof game items will help you get through the game level andblownaway the enemy. Bomber Legend Super Classic Boom Battle isanextremely exciting classic action strategy game for you createdbyAlphaway Studio. Develop from the classic bomber gamewithinnovation, this game promise to bring you alot of funandinteresting. Bomber legend classic is an offline game, onlinemodeis comming soon. It's designed to be an action fun game forfreewith hd graphics and vivid sound effects. With our effort todesignan innovation classic bomber legend game. Bomber Adventuregame has5 lands and 250 to explore. To pass each level youmuststrategically place bomb to kill all enemies and destroyobstaclesto find out the key. The way to control is nearly samewith classicbomber game.
Bomber Adventure 1.3
Bomber Adventure game has 5 lands and 250 to explore.To passeachlevel you must strategically place bomb to kill all enemiesanddestroy obstacles to find out the key.The way to control isnearlysame with classic bomber game.You should collect more goldyou can,so can use it to buy some power up items to improveyourstrength.You will die when colliding enemy, or time is over, orinrange of bomb explossion.A little with other game bomber,bombstill explode when you get bomb explossion control, but youcanblast bomb before predefinded time by press willbecomesuper hero, super bomber if you explore all levels.Someenemieshave special skill, they can chase you if you stand nearthem,specially the bosses can release bomb to destroy you.If whichlevelis so difficult, you can play previous one to get more golds,andcome back current level, buy more useful items to go through it.
New Super Bomber: Classic Bomber 2018 1.0
This is a very thrilling and exciting game. Bomber movesaround,lays bombs and kills enemies to enter next level. On the wayplayerfinds various powers to enhance its mortality. Most classicbombergames also feature a multiplayer mode, where other Bomber actasopponents, and the last one standing is the winner. In thismode,powerups are plentiful. To do it, in each level you have todestroyopponents and find out Exit Door. Be careful, bombs canalsodestroy yourself if you in exploding range.Try to find outPower Upitem in each level to improve your skill.How To Play- Doorishidden behind one of the wall. Kill all your enemies to enterdoorand go to next level.- You can swipe and hold to movethecharacter.- Tap anywhere on the screen to plant a bomb.-DifferentPowerups are hidden behind one of the wall tile.Get readyto blastthe enemy. Bom it! Play it to fulfill your mania. Blowupeverything in the way you run. Gods knows who is the winnerinfinal fight. You will be a big bomber with a ton of bombandpowerful blast in a bomba game.
Classic Bomberman 1.5
Bomb Bomberman bomb, An extremely exciting action strategy gameforyour smartphone.★How to play★- Use the navigation controls tomove,you can choose 4-button or joystick.- Collect many powerfulitemsquickly.You will be a most dangerous bomber with a ton of bombandpowerful blast.- Every monster are cunning, so you should chooseastrategy to bombing them!- The Bosses, they have a horribleskilland special moves. Show your friends how you play as best!-Don'tworry if you make a mistake, you can buy interesting itemsevenlife by gold.- And last thing... BOM!!! .★Feature ★- Beautifulandstunning graphics design- Attractive Bomberman game play, youwillcontrol the hero to get through many game levels from easytodifficult. - A variety of game items will help you get throughthegame level and blown away the enemy.
Classic Bomber Legend 1.4
Classic Bomber Legend game, you will move through multi levels.Todoit, in each level you have to destroy opponents and find outExitDoor.Strategically place various bombs to put opponents in atrap ordestroy many obstacles.The Exit Door is hidden underbrick,so youhave to place bombs to destroy brick to find this.Bombwillautomatically explode after several seconds or manuallyexplode whenyou get blow up control.You will lose the blow upcontrol if youdie. You can get this one in some next level.Becareful, bombs canalso destroy yourself if you in explodingrange.Try to find outPower Up item in each level to improve yourskill.Enjoy it.
Bomber Legend: Super Classic Boom Battle 1.3
Bomber Legend Super Classic Boom Battle is an extremelyexcitingclassic action strategy game for you created by AlphawayStudio.Develop from the classic bomber game with innovation, thisgamepromise to bring you alot of fun and interesting.★ HOW TO PLAY★+Use joytick control to move the hero+ Place the bomb to defeatthemonsters+ Choose good strategy to bombing smart monsters+Becareful, bombs can also destroy yourself in exploding range.+Getitems hiden in obstacles+ Collect gold and items to improveyourpower+ Clear the map before time elapse+ Defeat the big bossesinfinal battles★ GAME FEATURE ★+ Five bomber zones with a lotofmystery to discover+ Super heroes with customize fighter skills+Cute pets to support heroes in fighting+ Variety of boom typeswithspecial boom effects+ Power up items help you stronger inaction+Achievement and daily missions★ INTERESTING BOMBER ZONES ★ +Ninjazone: with the support of pet like turtle, your hero warriorwithfight with ninja in manga design to win the battle. Be carefulwithsamurai in the last scene because he is extremely dangerous.Eventhe ninja may have special kungfu, but your bomb can takethemall.+ Pirate zone: finding the treasure hiden under the oldship,facing with monster and pirate in the difficult battle. Thebesttip is using horse in this zone and put your bomb bubble intheright place.+ Zombie zone: there are different kinds of zombieneedto kill to clear the map. In the apocalypse city, your heroneed todefend the attack of zombie waves. Commander zombie canshoot,soldier ghost zombie can attack and nurse zombie can createpoisonunder the shadow. So put your bomb in a smart way tosurvive.+ IceAge zone: a cute zone with 3 cute monsters: penguins,snowman andreindeer. Enjoy your adventure to cartoon world in snowvillage.+UFO zone: This zone bring you an adventure to ufo world:meetingthe alien, facing with flying robot and scary z stickmanfighters.And last but not least is to defeat the robot boss andbombsquad.★CUTE PETS ★A big set of animals can be your pets:turtle, horse,ostrick, tiger, elephant and dragon. Pets help you torun faster,become stronger. Let's pick up some of them to becomeyour bomberfriends.★ SUPER HEROES ★We have both boy and girl insuperheroesfighters collection: Rocky, Laydy Moon, Red Fairy,Tsumugai, SuperHerou, Spaidey, Batmoon, Robinhuc, Mancap,Sonkunkai. They are notheroes in marvel novel but all of them arevery cute, very skillfulwho can bring you to the supermanadvendture.Bomber legend classicis an offline game, online mode iscomming soon. It's designed tobe an action fun game for free withhd graphics and vivid soundeffects. With our effort to design aninnovation classic bomberlegend game, we expect the player can feelthat: the game is funand cute which is suitable to play anytime andanywhere whereverdrive a bike, on the train, the bus, the plan, ina temple, eatingcandy or being in the office. Game is foreverybody. All ages underor over 18, kids and children, women andman, adults, workers, golddigger can play. Not play more than 3hours per day, spend time ofrelaxing, working, exercising, watchfootball if you want to. Wewill give you frequent update in 2017,2018 and so on.Get ready toblast the enemy. Bom it! Play it tofulfill your mania. Blow upeverything in the way you run. Godsknows who is the winner infinal fight. You will be a big bombermanwith a ton of bomb andpowerful blast in a bomba game.ContactUs:Fanpage:[email protected]
Bomberland 1.2
Bomberland: Classic Bomberman game in a NEW greatimplementation!-40 level and more- Global leaderboard- Multi itemon store-Optimized for tablets- Support for Gamepad, Android TV,AndroidBoxGet Bomberland: Bomberman Game to become one of SuperHeroes inzombie planet. Become the strongest Super Hero and protectthisplanet from cruel evils.Bomber Heroes: Bomberland Game –Anexcillent Marvel Super Heroes action game foryoursmartphone.FEATURES- Bom! Bom! Bom! Blow up everything in thewayyou run- Classic Bomberman gameplay - Easy to play hard tomaster-Explore new lands with more than 40 levels- Collect items,gold andhero cards to own the super heroes you love- You can becomeMarvelhero: Captian America, Hulk, Iron woman, Wolverin or HumanTorch-Each hero is representative for an element• Captian AmericaisWater• Hulk is Wood• Iron Woman is Metal• Wolverin is Earth•HumanTorch is Fire- Custom your bomberman with different SuperHerosuits- Variety of unique bombs with different effects- Themonsterswill stronger and stronger. Therefore collect bomb items toconquerthem -----------------------------Gamepad support: MOGAgamepad,IPEGA gamepad, NVIDIA Shield, Xbox 360/PS3/Generic HID/USB,XperiaPLAY, Keyboard, Remote TV, Re-mappable controls
Carpet Bombing - Fighter Bomber Attack
Fun bomber game! Fly an aircraft and engage enemies! VARIEDGAMEPLAYSeveral types of enemies to combat: soldiers, tanks,helicopters,airplanes and more! UPGRADES AND POWER-UPS Collectpower-ups toboost your aircraft in game. Upgrade the aircraftbetween each levelto increase its awesomeness! ENDLESS FUNRandomly generated mapstests your skill in more and morechallenging levels INTUITIVE TOUCHCONTROL Simply touch screenwhere to go. A joystick mode of controlis available in thesettings. DESTRUCTABLE TERRAIN Like worms andscorched earth. Boom!GOOD QUALITY Check the reviews, most usersgive the game 5 stars NOINTERUPTING ADS No ads will block your viewor disturb yourgameplay. NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED Playwhenever, whereveryou like!
Firecrackers, Bombs and Explosions Simulator 2 1.03
Enjoy the best free simulation game of firecrackers,bombs,explosions, thunder and fireworks in its version 2.Now withmorecamera effects and more fun than ever.Place your firecrackerorexplosive wherever you want, light the wick and you will seehowthe objects fly off to all places.You will find objectsindifferent scenes such as Rubik's cube, Freddybear,Explosivebottles, cakes etc ...Feel the power of explosions offirecrackersor bombs with extraordinary sound effects and visualeffects.Get tolaunch objects against the screen with an explosionand you willsee howBreak the glass.In this free firecrackersimulator you candetonate from small firecrackers to powerfulexplosives, dynamite,bombs and grenades.Have fun with strips offirecrackers andfireworks.Ideal to play jokes or to enjoy the soundof firecrackerssafely at fairs, Christmas parties, birthdays or inthe courtyardwith friends.Share it with your friends.
Boom 1.0.5
The general goal throughout the series is to complete the levelsbystrategically placing bombs in order to kill enemies anddestroyobstacles. Exploding bombs can set off other bombs, kill orinjureenemies, and destroy obstacles. However, they can also killorinjure the player character.Boom Features:- There are 10 maps,eachmaps have scene different- There are 4 type of enemy, eachenemyhave skill different.- There are 3 type of boom: "Boomtimer","Boom hidden", "Boom nuclear".- There are 3 type of Item:"Itemspeed", "Item power", "Item live"- Kill at least 70% enemy andgetthe keys to go next level.- At end of each map, use boom nucleartoclean all enemy.Boom – A great game to entertainment!Thanksfordownload and hope you funny with this game.
Atomic Bomber 9.1
Luke Allen
Fly a NATO ground-attack fighter to repel a Sovietinvasion.It's1970, and the communists are invading Europe. It'syour job to bombthem back to 1916. Tactical nuclear weapons areauthorized-- it'sgonna be fun on the bun! Your bombs fall withrealistic physics.Dodge MiGs, guided missiles, and anti-air guns.
Time Bomb Broken Screen Prank 4.2
Want to be a bomberman who plants powerful bombs and set offgreatexplosion? Want to play bomb games with your friends? Our TimeBombBroken Screen is one of the exploding games whichsimulatespowerful time bomb to burst and crack your screen. Thebomb willexplode with strong explosion sounds and effects. Aftertheexplosion, show the cracked screen to your friends. AppFeature:★Two powerful bombs for you, clock bomb and digital timebomb.★Custom time before explosion. ★Excellent graphics ofpowerfulclock bombs. ★Realistic explosion and broken screeneffect.Disclaimer: This bomber app a simulated game used for prank,itwill not harm your device. Enjoy it with your friends.
Bomber Mayhem 2.0
Szabolcs Nagy
Blow up enemies with bombs and use a flamethrower to cleardungeons!Destroy boxes to find treasure chests and the doorleading to thenext level.- 100+ levels- Challenge yourself in theweekly survivalmode.- Collect powerups to help you get throughgame level. - 4special bombs for HUGE explosions!- Leaderboards (collect hiddenbonus items for extra score )
Simulator of Grenades, Bombs and Explosions 1.058
Enjoy the best free simulation game of grenades, bombs,explosions,thunders.Feel the power of pomegranate or bombexplosions withextraordinary sound effects and visual effects.Inthis free pestsimulator you can detonate from small grenades, topowerfulexplosives, dynamite and bombs.Have fun playing with yourfriendswith the countdown.Ideal to spend jokes or to enjoy thesound ofexplosions safely anywhere, anytime.Share with your friendsthishand grenade simulator with incredible sound effectsandvisuals.This grenade throwing game is completely safe and willnothurt in any way.
Bomb Hunters 2.0
Get your brown pants. It's boom-bang bomb-hunting time!Grab apairof pliers and keep your cool. You're about to experience thelifeof a bomb disposal expert. Always racing against a tickingtime.Always wondering if it's the red wire or the blue one.Whichgetseasy anyway. After a couple of successful bomb disposals,right?Not in Bomb Hunters! The bombs are spread out on abattlefield withenemy snipers and grenadiers guarding the bombs,obstacles blockingthe way and heavy-traffic roads that need to becrossed.Some of thebombs will get your head spinning as you need tomanually defusethem with the right plugs and wires.Still thinkyou're the rightone for the job? Then report to Bombquartersimmediately!>>Pick from 10 bomb-hunting characters. >>Crawl throughendless battlefields, one bomb at a time.>> Loseyour head inone of 5 different environments.>> Increase yourskill,become faster at bomb defusing.>> Enjoy bombdisposalminigames.>> Complete achievements, competeinleaderboards.>> Use life-saving power-ups.>>Havenerve-wrecking fun.Still here? Get Bomb Hunters now. The bombisticking, don't drop it!
Firecrackers, Bombs and Explosions Simulator 1.4201
The best simulator of firecrackers, bombs, explosions,firecrackers,fireworks and pyrotechnics. Feel the power ofexplosions offirecrackers, pyrotechnics or bombs withextraordinary sound effectsand visual effects. In this freesimulator you can detonate fromsmall firecrackers, to powerfulexplosives, dynamite, bombs andgrenades. Have a great time withstrips of firecrackers andfirecrackers. Ideal to play jokes or toenjoy the sound of petardsafely at fairs, Christmas parties,birthdays, holidays or in theyard with friends. Share with yourfriends this fireworks simulatorwith incredible sound effects andvisuals. This game of throwingfirecrackers is completely safe anddoes not damage in any way.
Custom Time Bomb for Airsoft 1.11
Add an extra level of excitement to your Airsoft/Paintball/Foamdartwars with this FREE Virtual Time Bomb!Loads of options toallow youto customize it to fit ANY game or scenario you canimagine. Thistime bomb app is a must have for everyAirsoft/Paintball/Foam dartenthusiast! All features are enabledfree.•Set the countdown timerto detonate anywhere from 1 second to24 hours•Set a secret disarmcode, then decide how many times itcan be entered incorrectlybefore it explodes!•Unscrew and removethe front panel to get accessto the inner wiring!•Wires can be setto any combination ofreactions.Cut one to Disarm, Detonate,Increase Countdown Speed, orDecrease Speed!•Generates a uniqueSerial Number for every bomb tostop cheaters!•Realistic explosionsounds and effects and highquality graphics.•Can be used as a funobjective forAirsoft/Paintball/Foam dart/Capture the Flag, or evenLARP games, orwhatever else you can imagine!Example scenarios:Team 1 has todisarm the bomb to win, but the disarm code isguarded by Team 2.ORcutting any wire will disarm the timer, butthe bomb is out in theopen, and panel screws have been set to takea lot of time toremove. Team 1 has to protect their teammate whilehe slowly triesto disarm it.OR Every member of Team 2 is carryinga piece of paperwith one digit from the disarm code on it, andwhen they're shot,they have to give it to the person who shotthem.The possibilitiesare limitless!Touch the ? icon to show adescription of the optioncontrols.This ad-supported app iscompletely free. The interstitialads only show up between screens,so you don't have to worry aboutan ad showing up mid-game. Ads canbe disabled via in-app purchase.
Simulator nuclear bomb 1.3.1
RedBor Games
With this application, you can test a nuclear bomb directly inyoursmartphone !Offers five types of bombs and randomly generatedcity!
kill all of enemies and don't make bomb explosionyou,goodluck!
Grenade Explosion Simulator 1.3
You like prank, dont you? Wanna to get attention or have funwiththe boys on the driveway? The Grenade Explosion Simulator appwillhelp you to do the think you thought. Youll be able to play inthewar having fun, on a new with the friends. Download and installtheapp on the phone, choose your favorite Grenades and go! Areyouneed to scare a bully? Get the phone out of the pocket. Choosethegrenade. Pick the grenade pins. Pretend you have the realgrenadein the hands. See how others react. Fall to the ground whenwas anexplosion! Realistic sound and video effects will make likeitsreally happening. It will be fun! Use the app for games withthefriends and entertain others. Please note, the GrenadeExplosionSimulator app was created for prank and entertainment. Itis not areal grenade and carries no danger to you and others.
Bomber Bomba Bombthats 2.2
Old classic Bomberman / Bomber Mine gameplay in a new way!AreYouready to bomb all those annoying Bombthats? We will provideYouwith Free bombs, power-ups, special abilities and items - allYouneed for this funny and addictive job. Baseball bats, bandages,3Dglasses, boots, lanterns and more..."APPSZOOM" rating -7.9"Yourgoal in the game is to bomb all the bombthats before theyget toyou, trying to open the safe box to proceed to the nextlevel. Usethe virtual joystick to move around the screen and placethe bombsstrategicallyGet help from power-ups and try to surviveeverylevel, even if you need to train your skills and improveyourreflexes. The design might not be perfect but the gameplayiscompletely addictive and frustrating in a goodway.Bombthats(Bomberman), a well-designed and captivating puzzlewhere you arerequired of strategy and great reflexes." - "AppsZoomreview"It'snot that easy as You think!Complete all levels to meetthem ALL!★Simple, cute, cartoon style graphics...★ Addictivegameplay★ 12kind of funny and angry enemies...★ Variety ofdifferent bombs(standard, red nuke bomb, poison bomb...)★ Coolpower-ups andabilities (wings, lantern, fire, boots, 3d glasses,bandage,baseball bat, hearts and more)★ Regular updatesandimprovements...★ FREE TO PLAY
Ceramic Destroyer 1.2
Ceramic Destroyer is a blasting game which is easy butverrrrrrryaddictive. Your target is to use the bombs to explodevariousceramics. But the key point is you need to destroy thewholeceramic as possible as you can, never left even one tinypiece.Youwill get 1 star if you destroyed 90%, 2 stars for 95% and3 starsfor 100%.How to play?1: Pull the catapult2: Adjustment angleandintensity3: Release your finger shoot4: Destroy at least 90%tolevel upTips: The 4 different bombs havedifferentfunctionFeatures:-Beautiful ceramic style pictures.-Befull of thepleasure of explosion.-You can destroy more than 80differentceramics like Guitar, Butterflies, Robots, Candy and soon.-GreenBomb: Pull the catapult to shoot the bomb-Blue Bomb: TapThe screento split the bomb into 3 mini-bombs-Yellow Bomb: Tap thescreen 3times to lay out the mini-bombs-Purple Bomb: Rub the screentocontrol the direction of the bomb-More challenges coming soon
3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes - Super Boom Game 1.32
G2 Studio
At planet 17 which lies 100 billion light-years away, Jackbombalongwith his family and friends are having beautiful days.One daytheplanet suddenly was invaded by Haha demon. Attempting to takeoverthe planet 17 as a springboard to attack Earth, Haha demon andhisarmy invaded and blockaded the planet to create weapons ofmassdestruction. Not only detaining people here, Haha also exploitstheplanet's fragments to produce weapons. The life of the planet 17isbeing threatened by the hour. Can’t stand by looking atHahadestroy planet 17, Jackbomb and his friends togetherrevoltedagainst HaHa and his accomplices.Jackbomb, Hutoro, Wolvero,Hiron,Herocap, Rohuc – 6 people with their own characteristic buthavethe same goal and desire. Can they be the Heroes of planet 17withtheir steady heart and united strength? Come to the world ofBomberHeroes to witness the battle between good and evil, betweenSuperHeroes and cruel evilsGet Bomber Heroes: Bomberman Game tobecomeone of Super Heroes in planet 17. You will be marveled atthebeauty of planet 17. Become the strongest Super Hero andprotectthis planet from cruel evils. You can enjoy the bomb fightnot onlyin bomber friends and other classic bomb game but also inthis our3D Bomberman - Bomber Heroes.Bomber Heroes: Bomberman Game– A newtype of bomber friends and an excellent Super Heroes actiongamefor your smartphone.If you are a big fan of Classic bomb orBomberfriends, you cannot ignore this bomberman game.FEATURES-Boom!Boom! Boom! Blow up everything in the way you run-ClassicBomberman gameplay - Easy to play, hard to master- Explorenewlands with more than 40 levels- Collect items, gold and herocardsto own the super heroes you love- You can become Marvelhero:Captian America, Hulk, Iron woman, Wolverin or Human Torch-Eachhero is representative for an element• Captian America isWater•Hulk is Wood• Iron Woman is Metal• Wolverin is Earth• HumanTorchis Fire- Custom your bomberman with different Super Herosuits-Variety of unique bombs with different effects in thisclassic bombgame- The monsters will stronger and stronger.Therefore collectbomb items to conquer them- Beautiful 3D graphicsand amazing andstunning effectHOW TO PLAY- In campaign mode, yourduty iscompleting the requests and missions- Move and place thebomb todefeat the monsters and destroy the obstacles.- Collect theitemsto help you run faster or more powerful. Ton of bomb will helpyoublast everything- Don’t forget to collect gold to buy thenecessaryand supplementary items in bom shop for next fights-Collect herocard as many as you can. They will help you unlock theheroes youlove.- Defeat the AI in PvE mode to gain special gifts inthis newclassic bomb game.If you like our Bomber Heroes: BombermanGame,please rate 5 star for it. Save the planet 17 with your ownSuperHeroes and power right now! Enjoy Hero games with 1 click -Havefun with our super hero games.KEEP IN TOUCH★Facebook:★Twitter:★YouTube:
Bomber Blast 1.3
Bomber Blast - help the hero deal with enemies and obstacles.Placebombs and explode everything that's preventing you fromreachingyour goal. Fight a variety of enemies in the mazes of thisgame forAndroid. The playing field consists of indestructibleblocks withdestructible obstacles between them. Control your heroand setbombs that will with a delay. Use this time to run awayfromexplosion. Collect useful item like speed ups...Gamefeatures:-Great graphics- Simple controls- Many levels- Differentbonuses andboosts- Fun gameplay
Super Bomber Boy: Classic BoomBomb Squad 1.2
Do you remember the classic bomb games of childhood? Bomb,Bomber,Boom.. ? always not ? Do something say you superbomber man?Yes, Itdoes. We all love bomber boy &bomber classic games&SuperBomber Boy: Classic Boom Bomb Squad is one of the bestgames ofbomb heroes & classic arcade action!🆕NEW STYLE, CRAZYFUN!SuperBomber boy free classic arcade 3D game is coming with anew styleand 3D graphic. It is a very thrilling and exciting gamethat isgoing to let you feel the real bomber game and action,itsprinciple is like the classic bomber man but there is a lotofdifferences between them with much surprise. 💣THE DANGEROUSSUPERBOMBER SQUADIn Super bomber boy, there is 3 characters, Laura,Maxand Flash that must beat the enemies and collect the powerupstoget more powerful bombs. Be fast and awake to protect yourplayerif you want to succeed in this classic bomb game. However,whileplaying bomber classic with various bomber heroes , yourprincipalgoal in super boom bomber boy is to find the key hiddeninobstacles and kill enemies to leave the map by the door.🏆CANYOUBECOME THE ULTIMATE SUPER BOMBER MAN?Be the perfect playerandachieve a higher scores, you can also share it with yourfriendsand know who is the best player in super bomber boy. Wepromise,this will be one of the most challenging classic arcadegamesyou’ll ever play! Boom boom and create your way to thetop!🎇FUNBOMB ACTION GAMEIf you are not familiar with the super 3Dbomberman gameplay, no worries. You will learn it fast and enjoyanexquisite bomb action game! Get your mobile device, relaxyourmind, it’s time to have fun with a game of bomb! 🕹️HOW TOPLAY★►Usethe joystick control to move your character from thebombsquad.►Place the bomb to defeat the enemies – extra bombagameenjoyement.►Blow up the boxes and collect the powerups hiddentoimprove your power.►Be careful, your bombs can also destroyyourcharacter in exploding range.►Collect the coins to buymorecharacters with different powerups.►Find the key hiddeninobstacles to unlock the door and unblock the next level.►Clearthemap before the time elapse.►You cannot put a bomb beforetheexplosion of other one.⚡️POWERUPS★►Time: Give you more timetocomplete your level.►Super: Make your bomb sopowerful.►Protection:Protect you and kill the enemies bytouching.►Speed: Make you sofast to runaway from the enemies andexplosion.►Bomb: Let you putyour bomb before the explosion of otherone.►Health: Make you ablast-resistant.★ GAME FEATURES★►Boom !Boom!Boom !Bomba! Blow upeverything you want.►Classic Bomber mangameplay.►Great HD and 3Dgraphic.►Hidden items.►Campaign mode withover 48 levels!►4 worldswith perfect design.►4 characters withdifferent skills.►Greateffect and music.It’s time for some arcadegame bomb enjoyment!It’sa bomb game of skill, strategy & fastreaction… all in stunninggraphics with impressive 3D environmentand gameplay!ENJOY AND HAVESWEET WITH SUPER BOMBER BOY.
Bomb Man: Super Shooter Go 1.6.2
Welcome to our magic world! You will be the magic bomber to fightagainstthe evil and bring the world back to light and peace.Pretty dress,various weapons and cute pets......A lot more gunnyfun, Check itout in the Bomb Man with your friends NOW!  ---- GameFeatures----*Through and Cast, Blast into Dust Simple system, easyto play.Unlock the maps and pick from dazzling weapons, aim it,adjust theangle, release your finger, and BOOM!  *Social withfriends, Marrytrue loveTeam up with friends, to challenge the hellmode dungeonsfor great rewards. Hold a romantic wedding with yourtrue love. Youare never alone! *Cross-server Challenge, To beNO.1Challengingcross-server players, to rank upwards and win thehighest shootinghonor. Be the defend leader and enjoy the worshipfrom everyone! Whois the MVP? *Various Dress, Show off yourstyleBeautiful dress withgorgeous wings, show off your uniquestyle anytime, but notanywhere. Only in Bomb Man! *Adorable Pets,Make you morepowerfulRiding on the mounts, cute pets on side,together withweapons of different bombing effects, arm you as aninvincible gunnywarrior.  -----What’s New-----*Extended the levelcap to 80*Brandnew UI*More playing mode, such as Captain Game,Item Game, Pit Game,Brawl, Training Camp and etc. -----TheGameplay-----*Pets &Mounts Development: Grow up with pets andmounts for attributeaddition*Fashion Cloths: Dress up and show offin your uniquestyle*Social System: Instant voice chat allowscooperation betweenteammates more smooth*Marriage System: Findyour true love, and holda romantic wedding*Ranking System: Getglory from achievement,title, badge, and be the bomber king!*PVP:Solo, Team up, Arena,Boss Battles, against real friends around theworld. *PVE: 300+plot maps, challengingcan'tstop.Facebook: contact: [email protected] 
Boom Quiz
Cadev Games
Boom! It is a fast paced game of questions and answers. Theoverallgoal is to defuse bombs, the bomb explodes when you lose.Each bombis defused by choosing the wrong answers to the questionproposed.Choose the wrong answers or boom! Instructions: - Eachbomb has 4wire, only one of them explodes the bomb. - Select the 3wronganswers to remove the wires that do not explode the bomb.Gamemodes: Boom: - Turn off as many bombs as you can. - When abombexplodes, the game ends. 10 bombs: - There are 10 bombs. - Turnoffas many bombs as you can. - Make the maximum points youcan.Levels: - Defuse all bombs to pass the level. - When you passthelevel you can go to the next. You can see your progress andcompareyour results with your friends with rankings andachievements. Toaccess them you must be registered to Google+ andhave Internetaccess. In rankings you will see your puntuations andall playerspoints. What is your best position? When you play youcan alsounlock achievements. There are many differentachievements.The moreyou play, the more chances you have to unlockachievements!
Video Bomb for Giant Bomb 2.5.6
Video Bomb is a beautiful, lightweight, unofficial video clientforGiant Bomb ( Features: - Browse and playGiantBomb videos on your phone. - Stream videos to your Chromecast.-Save video progress and resume later. - Search through GiantBomb'sfull video catalog. - Support for all the newest Androidfeatures(picture in picture, multi-window, app shortcuts, andmore). -Completely free with no IAPs or ads. Also, if you're aGiant Bombpremium subscriber: - Sync video progress to/ -Play subscriber-only content. - Download yourfavourite Giant Bombvideos for offline playback. - Play videos inHD quality. - WatchGiant Bomb livestreams. Legal Disclaimer: Thisapp is not created,sponsored, or endorsed by Giant Bomb or CBSi.This app is not anofficial app or connected to inany way.
Swipe or Booom 1.0.10
Do you like taking on the hardest games ever to constantly pushyourskills to the edge? If your answer is yes, then Swipe or Booomisjust the perfect game for you right now!Get the coolest andgreatestarcade game on your smartphone for FREE now. Swipe orBooom is thelatest and coolest brain challenging bomb game on theplay store.The main objective of this addictive arcade game is toturn offbombs by swiping them in the right box. But, keep in mindthatthere's a color in each bomb so, you should put each bomb inthe boxwith the same color of it. The game will get harder as yourprogresson it, but you need to show your reflection and speedskills toscore the highest possible score in this endlessbombermangame.Swipe or Booom is an awesome arcade game, one thatrelies onyour speed and reflex to get higher score. Train yourhand and eyecoordination with this free game and have fun playingthis game forhours, you will not feel bored even if you play itfor many hours.When you are waiting in line, when you are on abreak, or when youare riding a bus or train, play this fun andaddictive bomberman andthe bomber game to avoid getting bored withnothing to do. Yourreflex needs training too!Swipe or Booom iscreated based on theclassic arcade games, but, our game isimproved and comes with avery different and new style. This timeyou will have very highquality environment. The environment ofplaying is amazing and youwill never feel bored. The sound effectsare awesome and will letyou love this game. In this free arcadegame, your job is to makesure that you turn off all bombs byputting them inside the rightbox without letting them explose.It's very simple to control thegame, just tap and hold the screento swipe the bomb.Sounds easy,but can you really do it and turnoff all bombs without mistakes?Whyyou need to donwload and installSwipe or Booom on your smartphoneinstead of other Bomberman andthe bomber games?✓ We made some Cool,awesome and smooth highquality graphics to give you the bestexperience while playing thegreatest endless game ever! You willenjoy it!✓ Swipe or Booom isFREE and it will stay Free for life, sothere is No hidden fees, nospecial memberships and no annualsubscription fees.✓ Fantastictheme graphics and immersive soundeffects. We take designseriously and we want our users to enjoythis game immensely.✓Ourgame is endless. Yes, Endless! You willenjoy playing our endlessgame and test if you will be really ableto score the highestpossible score.✓Since the bombs are generatedrandomly, onoccasion, it's not possible to score highest score inthe firsttry. But, Don't Give Up and try again, you will reach itforsure.✓Want to play our game inside your tablet? I'ts not aproblem,because our game is compatible with all smartphone andtabletsizes. Enjoy playing it within all your devices.✓This game isforintelligent people who want to challenge their brain playing afreeaddictive game.✓Perfect for time killing, leisure, brainchallenge,brain training, brain challenging, bonding with familyand friends.Good for kids too.
Have fun with friends and family!✓Kids also canplay and enjoy this free kids game. They will loveit!✓ Swipe orBooom is a free game and it can be played by Adultsand Teens. Yourwhole family can play it and they will enjoy it!✓Thefascinating UIwill inspire you to play it as much as possible, testyour skillsand improve them on this awesome bomberman game.Thisinsanelyaddictive game with help you stay hooked to it for longhours withno end. So, what are you waiting for ? Download Swipe orBooom nowand start playing the best free arcade game ever!We arealwaysstriving to provide the best user experience for our players.Weare also looking for your feedback, suggestion orrecommendation.Please, feel free to let us hear from you at"[email protected] " so we can continue to bring you thebestexperiences and updates.
Fruit Burst 4.4
Fruit Burst is one of the most popular fruit games! Connect 3fruitsand burst! At our fruit farm, there are mysterious fruitsportals,magic keys, bombs, and ice cubes… Also lots of juicyfruits!Hundreds of levels of fun and sweetness are waiting foryou!======================How to play FruitBurst:======================== Slice like a fruit ninja! Connect 3ormore fruits to blast! If you can connect more than 7 fruits,ablender blade will spin & create massive fresh juice! Thenit'sBlast Party Time! Do you have the moves to win? Completedifferentgoals to pass the level, such as delivering keys to theportal,breaking ice cubes, unlock fruits…you will find this game issoaddicting! =====================Fruit Burst--the juicyfarmfeatures===================== --1000+ juicy levels of thebestconnect 3 game with different challenging goals--Specialchallenges such as breaking ice cubes and deliveringportal keys--Happy blast party time after goal completion --Easyand fun toplay, even more fun to master with skills --Play andcompete withyour friends --Free to play on different devices, nowifi needed!--Keep updating new juicy levels and surprises --Freegift box foreach level which helps you pass the level easier! --5languagesavailable in the app: English, Malayu, Indonesia,Vietnamese andPortuguese Want to know more about this fruit game?Follow us onFacebook for the news update: [email protected] to our juicy Fruit Farm!Download and blast more juice!
Hero Panda Bomber: 3D Fun 1.13
Want to play a game and also help real-life Pandas?Meet HeroPandaBomber, a great game with a classic Bomberman-stylegameplayalready loved by 100,000 users. We're so dedicated to thiscausethat a part of the game proceedings go to the World WildlifeFundto support Giant Pandas.In Hero Panda Bomber you defeat enemiesbycarefully placing bombs in their way. To complete a level youmustfree all the captured panda cubs and defeat all enemies!MainFeatures:✔ Addictive Gameplay. Move through special labyrinthsandplace bombs to destroy boxes and kill the enemies. The goal ineachlevel is to release the trapped Panda cubs after clearing theareaof enemies. This is a classic Bomberman-stylegameplay!✔Hand-crafted Levels. Our Hero Panda must travel through 5differentworlds each with 10 unique levels. Discover more than 20types ofenemies to blast as you advance through the levels andultimatelyfight powerful Bosses. ✔ Power-ups. Each crate that youblow-up canhide a special item for your hero to collect. From coins&diamonds to power-ups such as remote detonators &shields,there's plenty to look for. Use the collected coins &diamondsto increase your life, speed and power.✔ Amazing Graphics.In HeroPanda Bomber you will be delighted by high-quality 3Dgraphics andmodels and accompanied by a beautiful orientalsoundtrack. The gameis set in ancient China, a mystique place thatadds to theexcitement.Hero Panda Bomber is suited for everyone fromsmallchildren to gaming veterans and will also give you a senseofaccomplishment as you are truly supporting the endangeredGiantPandas. Some people may call Hero Panda Bomber to be a KungFuPanda, Taichi Panda or BombSquad single player, but HeroPandaBomber man is much more than that! The game can be playedwithspecial game-pad controllers as well as on the big screen ifyouhave an Android TV.THANK YOU for downloading, playing andratingour game! It means a lot to us. Have FUN!We’re always lookingtohear from our users on how we can make our games moreentertainingso if you have any feedback contact us or follow oursocial channelto connect and stay updated:▶Facebook: ▶Twitter: ▶Google+: downloading this gameyou are agreeing to our terms of service-
Candy Bomb 2.0.3
Dream Club
Blast candies in Candy bomb! Simply match 3 or more candies inthesame color to collect them! Start your journey to the Candyworldand enjoy all the tasty sweet treat! We have the best Candiesinthe world!There are so many tasty ways to enjoy this candygame,but It is all about happiness and sweetness! You can findcakes,candies and different jellies at our candy world! As atourist ofour tasty candy world, your missions include unwrappingcandiesfrom the plastic wrap, picking out gummy bears from pilesofcandies, and delivering Chiffon cakes to the bottom to serve!Usetools such as candy hammer, jelly bomb to reach your goal!Yourwill receive cupcakes and gift bags as reward! Remember, whenyousee a cup cake, eat the icing and cream on thetopfirst!✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。Candy Bomb-Match 3 puzzleFeatures:✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。★ Unique match 3 puzzle with deliciousbouncyJelly and Candies★ Best graphic and motion among all thesimilarcandy game! Every move of smashing and switching aresosatisfying!★ Hundred levels of fun challenges and this gamekeepsupdating more! ★ Abundant selection of colorfuljellies/candies andamazing collision/bounce effects ★ Various levelcompletion goalsand challenging obstacles★ New way to earn magictools which canhelp you pass levels easier★ Totally free fordownload! Nowifi/network needed!★ Daily sign in bonus and gift bagsarewaitingStart your sweetest adventure in Candy World withCandybomb!Follow our Facebook developer page to receive newestupdateinfo and shareyourideas! us if youhaveany question:Email: [email protected]
Atomic Fighter Bomber Pro 1.16
KEEP AMMO AFTER DEATH!ALL WEAPONS!ALL PLANES!ALLMAPSFLARES!NOADS!Fight a continuous wave of enemy vehiclesincluding cars,tanks, anti-aircraft, missile launchers, helicoptersand fighterjets!Annihilate the invaders with canon fire, bombs,rocketattacks, heat seeking missiles or be an atomic bomber withthe MOABnuke!Compete with players worldwide and see if you are goodenoughto climb the ranks to world no.1.Featuring realistic bombphysics,dogfights, weapon upgrades, 4 different planes, epicexplosions andmuch, much more.Happy bombing!
Bomberman - Bomber Jacket
Bomberman - Bomber Jacket is a simple bomber man and bomberclassicgame for smart phone. bomberman - bomber jacket will bringto youalot of fun and interesting throught game play.+ How ToPlayBomberman - Bomber Jacket:Bomberman - Bomber Jacket is easy toplaywith small and simple control in game play. you can choosejoystickcontrol or other control to play bomberman game.- Usejoytickcontrol to move up, left , down, and right player. you havemovedand advoid the monster.- Place the bomb to defeat the monstersinbomberman - bomber jacket game play.- There are items is hideninobstacles of bomberman game. you have place the bomb todestroyobstactes and get it. it can coins, live,bomb,energy....-Defeatthe big bosses and many monster in bomber man game to win.-Clearthe old maps and go to new map with many funny in bomberjacketgame.- You can get free items in bomberman - bomber jacketgame anduse them for your game play.Feature:- Bomberman - bomberjacket has6 lands with more than 100 levels and beautiful graphic.-it iseasy to play and suitcase for all ages and everybody.Have FunWithBomberman - Bomber Jacket! give use your feedback we will makeitis better. Thanks!
Weapons Mod Minecraft Guns 1.4
This Crazy Weapons Mod adds a bunch of crazily weird weaponstoMinecraft Pocket Edition. Some of them include explosivechickens,a laser gun and a kitty bomb. Its by no means realisticbut thatswhat makes the mod unique and fun to use. Although theyare allweird in their own ways each weapon is in some wayquiteuseful.WeaponsIn total there are two types of weapons: meleeandfirearms. Lets have a look at what each weapon cando.CookieMinigun (3200) 2 Cookies + 2 TNT + 3 Iron IngotsFires anexplosivevillager holding a cookie.Crash Sword (3201) 2 Iron Ingots+ 2 TNT+ 1 StickHit a mob or tap on the ground to jump super highand onground impact cause an explosion.Rainbow Shotgun (3202) 2WhiteWool + 2 Blaze Rods + 3 Iron IngotsShoots a white sheep andwhen ithits the ground it generates a tower of wool blocks.FlySword(3203) 2 Iron Ingots + 2 Emeralds + 1 StickCauses the hit mobto bethrown up into the air and then drop down falling to in mostcasesa certain death.Shadow Guardian Launcher (3204) 2 Magma Creams+ 2Coal Blocks + 3 Iron Ingots
Boom Land 1.3
In this game you have the role of a demolition man. You'vegotseveral types of bombs to demolish a variety of buildings. Youraimis to destroy as much as you can of the building. * Amazinglookinggraphics * Realistic and entertaining destructions *Interestingpuzzles * 72 levels in three worlds
Bomber Fantasy
Bomber Fantasy is a interrestingstrategygame.It's an attractive classical model of bomber game but with a lotoffunny and fantasy items and effects.Please go arround the maps, put the bombs at convenienceplaces,destroy enemies and monsters.Collect the funny and fantasy items such as: Live Hearts,fireBombs, protected smashes, ...Stimulates curiosity battle with game players. Please note that,thedeeper levels, the more intelligent monters andenemiesappear.The deeper levels, the more challenges you have to faceupwith.Investigate labyrinths, blow up boxes and enemies by means ofbombsto destroy all enemies and then go to the next level.Features:- more than 200 levels- Excellent gameplay which is completely similar to computer- Excellent graphics and sounds- Huge number of funny and fantasy items to collect- A lot of bonuses: quantity of bombs, acceleration, increaseinpower of explosion- more and more dangerous enemies and monsters
Once Upon a Tower 13
Pomelo Games
Ever wanted to escape somewhere else? Ever felt like youweretrapped in a high tower? Ever found yourself waiting forthevaliant knight to save you? Wait no more! Cause he isn't coming--No, really, he isn't. He was literally eaten by thatguardiandragon over there. But fear no more, you have all you needto setyourself free. The brave knight left behind his war hammer,I'msure you can put it to good use, right? You can beat theenemies.You can escape the dragon. YOU CAN DO THIS! Now let theadventurebegin, once upon a tower.
Tower Fortress 1.0.227
A mysterious tower has risen! It emits plumes of noxious greensmokefromits summit making people sick. Strange creatures infestthetower but ifnobody tries to ascend it we will all be doomed!Areyouthat hero?.....Features:- Randomised for replay. Every runisdifferent!- Evolve your abilities and skill to progresseverfurther up the tower!- 4 Themed zones to ascend!- Uniquehazardsand monsters to each zone!- 4 Epic End Zone Boss Fights!-Loads ofGun Types including, Laser, T Gun, Bubble Gun and Shotgun!-25Suits to unlock each with unique abilities that affectplay.-Upgrade yourself at the end of each level with 20upgradeabilities!- Important information -This game contains thirdpartyadvertising and cross promotion for other nitrome games, bothwhichcan be removed via a one time In App Purchase.
Smashy Bugs 1.0.8
Perfect Play
Smashy Bugs Have you ever noticed the poor bugs that smashed byyourfeet? Now, in Smashy Bugs, you can not only closely noticetheselovely bugs, but also can have a terrific experience of beingthesebugs. In this game, you will have a unique eye view of bugsand allyou need to do is to dodge the upcoming feet. When you trytosurvive among these feet, don’t forget to collect coins, thesecoinscan help you unlock new adorable bug characters! Watch out!Don’t besquashed! Friendly reminder: you’d better bring your bugsto oneside of one foot, otherwise you will probably be trappedbetween twofeet and cannot escape. :) Game feature: - Creativebugs eye view -Variety of scene: City, Beach, Desert and TheJurassic Park - Morethan 20 bug species - Your score will bestored on the leaderboardand will compete with other globalplayers
Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior 1.191
Stick Fight: The game series which had more than 10 millionsofdownloads on multiple platforms is back with awesome newadditions!Play as a young stickman fighting his way through his oldand newenemies to be worthy to earn the title of Shadow Warrior.Completemissions and beat examiners during your journey to proveyourprowess with the belts you won. And don't worry, you don't havetorely only on your fists; there is a whole arsenal of weaponsandarmour to aid you on your way to greatness. Are you strongenoughto become a Black Belt and conquer the leaderboards?
Block Strike 5.8.6
Rexet Studio
Play a fascinating dynamic first-person shooter with friendsandother players online. Gather with friends in your team, createaclan and win together in dynamic battles. Buy weapons, upgradeit,change the look of your weapons and character. ** Modes ** Gamehasmore than 15 different game modes from which you can select: -TeamDeathmatch - Death Run - Gun Game - Hunger Games - ZombieSurvival- Bunny Hop - Surf ** Maps ** More than 60 different maps,in whichevery day there are dynamic battles. From small maps to asmallgroup of friends, to large maps on which you have to work hardtowin. ** Weapons ** More than 40 types of weapons likepistols,submachine guns, machine guns, shotguns, machine guns,rifles andmelee weapons. ** Skins and stickers ** Change yourappearance ofyour weapons with skins and also don't forget to stickthe sticker.All this you can get in cases for free and in-gamecurrency, whichyou can get for the fights. Create your unique lookweapons, to beenvied by even your friends.
Metal Classic Contra 1.3
Classic Contra, destroy enemies, soldier, shooting games. NewContrawith different weapons! Enjoy!In this Classic Contra, youprovidedwith a gun, but you can find various kinds of weapons fromthe likeAK, heavy gun machine and commando etc. along withextremelydestructive bullets.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Features of MetalClassic Contra :✈Classic platform game style✈ Nice graphics,beauty gun, heavymachine, and more✈ Smooth control and easycontroler✈ Real music andsound effects✈ 14 kinds of enemies:Multiple enemies characters likesoldier, tank, boss, helicopter,commando.✈ Compete against friendsin the endless mode and shareyour score✈ No up-sells or upgrades,you get everything & freeupdates✈ The game requires less memoryand supports more mobiledevice.How to play this game soldier:1:Move soldier forward,backward, left or right with joy stickcontrols.2: Tap jump to jumpavoid obstacles
Impossible Journey 1.0.1
Jump! Jump! Jump across 3 dangerous worlds full of enemies.Findthemagic boots to jump high in the air!An awesome jet pack iswaitingfor you to fly with style.Can you complete this ImpossibleJourney?
Air Control 2 2.14
The long awaited sequel to the multi million download hitAirControl is finally here! In this simple yet surprisinglyaddictivegame you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller. It isyour jobto direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions.FEATURES★ Worldwide locations: From scorching deserts to freezingmountains★ Multiplayer coop maps: Play with your friend on the sametablet ★Tons of different planes and choppers ★ Zeppelin airships ★World'sfastest plane: The SR-71 Black Bird ★ Avoid blazing storms ★Makesnappy decisions when radio jam hits a plane ★ Countless hoursofaddictive gameplay
Joltz 1.0
Joltz is a super fast paced game which gets fast and fasterwithtime, match colours together to activate powers ups and seehowmany laps you can complete around different shapes. If theplayermatches green the player will receive an additional life,purplewill slow down time making it more easier to navigate pastobjects,blue will reward the player with a +1 lap and finallyyellow whichwill reverse the direction in which the player isfacing. CollectJoltz by completing laps and spend this in gamecurrency on newshapes making the game much more fun andchallenging.