Top 49 Games Similar to Hawken School - The Nest

At Nest, we make products that are beautiful, thoughtful and easytouse. The Nest app is no exception.Control your NestLearningThermostat, arm and disarm your Nest Secure alarm system,see yourhome with Nest Cam, and know if Nest Protect goes off – allin oneplace. And get notifications on your Android phone, tabletorAndroid Wear watch.Nest uses sensors, algorithms and thelocationof your phone to do the right thing automatically, turningoff theheat and turning on the camera when you leave. Forgot to setthealarm? Nest notices and will send you a Remind Me alert.Andeveryone at home can get notifications and control theNestproducts they need with their own Nest Account – no moresharingpasswords.Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest ThermostatEThermostatsthat program themselves to help you save energy.-Change thetemperature from the subway or the sofa using your phoneor AndroidWear watch. - See how much energy you used and why.- Viewand edityour schedule or boost your domestic hot water.- Getextremetemperature alerts before your home gets too cold.- EarnLeafs whenyou choose a temperature that saves you energy.NestSecure alarmsystem - Arm and disarm your home remotely from theapp.- Know whois coming and going with Family Account integrationand eventhistory.- Receive a Remind Me alert if you left home andforgot toset the alarm. - Invite guests from the app, sending theman emailinvitation with unique passcodes with set visiting hours.-Receivea security alert on your phone telling you what triggeredthealarm- either a door or window opened or someone enteredaroom.Nest ProtectThe smoke and carbon monoxide alarm thatthinks,speaks and alerts your phone.- Get an alert if Nest Protectsensessmoke or carbon monoxide (CO).(Requires Wi-Fi and workinginternetconnection)- Silence an alarm from your phone with AppSilence.(Nest Protect 2nd gen)- See the status of your batteries,sensorsand Wi-Fi connection.- Run a Safety Checkup to test all youralarmsat once. (Nest Protect 2nd gen)- Get “What To Do”instructionsduring a smoke or CO event.- See your Safety History soyou knowwhen alerts happened and why.Nest Cam IQ indoor andoutdoor, NestCam Indoor, Nest Cam Outdoor, and Dropcam The securitycameras thatlet you see your home on your phone, inside and out.-Get alertswhen there’s activity, and talk back to get someone’sattention.-See what you missed with snapshots of the last threehours.- Checkin 24/7 with crisp 1080p HD (Nest Cam and Dropcam Proonly).- Getperson alerts (or familiar / unfamiliar face alerts withNest CamIQ) and up to 30 days of video history when you subscribeto NestAware. (Subscription service sold separately.)Nest HelloKnowwho’sknocking. - Never miss a moment with 24/7 videostreaming.-Designed to show you everything at your doorstep –people head totoe or packages on the ground.- Get notified about avisitor evenif they don’t ring the bell.- HD Talk and Listenenables you tonaturally talk with someone at your door, whilereducing ambientnoise.- When you can’t answer the door, quickresponses let youreply to visitors with prerecorded audiomessages.Nest x YaleLockThe lock for a more secure Nest home.- UseFamily Accounts soeveryone can unlock the door with the Nest app. -Give people apasscode, instead of a key.- When someone locks orunlocks thedoor, the Nest app can send an alert.- With Home/AwayAssist andAuto- Lock, your door can lock itself when you leave.Somefeaturesrequire a working internet connection, Wi-Fi and/orBluetooth.
Gideon Smart Home 2.8.31
Your SMART HOME in a SINGLE APP.Gideon Smart Home is here tomakeyour life easier. Automate your daily routine and controlyourdevices with a tap!We are compatible with more than 300devicessuch as Amazon Alexa, Nest, Philips Hue, Lifx and manymore!Gideonhas the most stunning smart home UX/UI!From theintuitive userinterface to the people-centric design we created theperfect UXfor a real-life usage!Gideon is the most advanced smarthomesoftware in the world!No other app in the world offersthefeatures, Gideon provides:The features:- The Tricks allowyourSmart Home devices to communicate with each other. A set ofIF/THENrules to prevent damages, issues or to simply enhancedyourproductivity; Automate your daily activities (like 'GoodNight','Good Morning' or 'Going Out') and activate them also byTime andLocation! You can link your IFTTT account and triggeryourfavourite IFTTT rules from Gideon!- Control all your SmartHomeconnected devices from a unique interface, from wherever youareand whenever you want;- Add the Gideon Widgets on your homepageandforget about opening the app! you can create widgets forsingle,rooms or groups actions, scenarios or to talk with Gideon!-Chatand Talk with Gideon and Gideon will help you controllingyourdevices. Gideon bot is also compatible with Amazon Alexa!-TheSmart Management is the AI behind the app. Gideon is the brainofyour Smart Home and will make sure that your house will respondtoyour need. Gideon Smart Home will helps to save money onyourbills.- Control Groups of Devices: You can control all thedevicesof a specific type (e.g. all the lights or all the plugs)with onetouch. You can also create different rooms in Gideon andcontrolall the devices inside a room.- Share the "keys" with yourfamilymember, flatmate or guests: You can share your homeconfigurationand let your loving ones access the devices.-Multi-home: you caneasily manage all for your properties and justmove from one toanother with your smartphone;- Video surveillance:you can record24/7 for free from your IP security cameras;GideonSmart Home isnow compatible with all the most famous smartdevices:- AmazonAlexa (Echo, Echo Dot)- Belkin Insight Switch-Belkin Light Switch-Belkin Motion Sensor- Belkin Wemo- BelkinNetCam & NetCamHD-Ecobee Thermostats- Fibaro Door/Windowsensor, Flood sensor, Plug,Temperature sensor, Smoke Alarm, Blind,Switch- Flic- GELight(through Philips hub)- Generic IP Cameras-GreenIQ sprinkler-Honeywell Lyric Thermostat- Honeywell TotalConnect Comfort-Insteon dimmer module- Insteon Hub 2- InsteonKeypad dimmer 8buttons- Insteon Keypad dimmer 6 buttons- InsteonLed Bulb- InsteonOutletLinc- Insteon Switch- Insteon SwitchLincdimmer- InsteonWired Thermostat- IOTTY Switch- Lifx Color- LifxOriginal- LifxWhite- Lifx Downlight- Lifx Z- Lifx Tile- LockstateRemote Lock500i, 5i, 6i, 7i- Myfox Security Alarm- Motorola iCam-Musaic SmartHiFi MP10, HiFi MP5- Nest Cam- Nest Protect- NestThermostat-Netatmo Module- Netatmo Thermostat- Netatmo WeatherStation-Netatmo Welcome- Philips Hue- Philips Hue Go- Philips HueBloom-Philips Iris- Philips Lux- Philips Lightstrip- SmarteriKettle-SmartThings Hub- Sonos Play:1- Sonos Play:3- Sonos Play:5-TPLinkHS105- TPLink HS110- TPLink LB100- TPLink LB110- TPLinkLB120-TPLink LB130- Wifiplug Mini, Power- Wink air conditioner(Quirky +GE)- Wink blind (Bali, Pella, Lutron, ZWave)- Winkdoor/windowsensor (Quirky + GE)- Wink flood sensor (leakSMART)-Wink Hub- Winklights (Lutron, Commercial Electric, Cree, TCP,EcoSmart, HamptonBay, Philips, Leviton, GE, Orsam, ZigBee, ZWave)-Wink lock(Schlage, Kwikset, Weiser, ZWave)- Wink motion sensor(GE,GoControl)- Wink smoke alarm (Kidde, Nest)- Wink switch (Quirky+GE)- Wink water heater (Rheem)- Wink water valve (leakSMART)-WinkGarage Door
♥ Sisters PJ Party - Amazing Sleepover ♥ 1.0
Cool famous sisters, you love so much. Both are the magic dreamofany girl in the world. They perfect, nice and fashion. Andbothlove sleepover parties. Can you imagine that pajamas can bealsocool part of a dressup, so they will not get frozen during acoldwinter night. Funny soft slippers with gentle bunny ears maketheparty sweet and unforgettable. Also, the hairstyle isimportantduring slipover party even if you going to sleep with anicehairstyle. And especially for these sisters especially the icytopis a natural addition to this party. Make both sisters to bethebest during this slipover event.
Nest is the first and only platform in Armenia enabling its userstoget bonus from any of their car expenses and use bonuses toorder aninsurance online.
Parallyzed 2.0.8
App Holdings
*** Finalist in the Google Play Indie Games Festival***Parallyzedis an atmospheric adventure platformer with uniquegameplay, set ina dark and enchanting dreamscape.Blue and Red aredeeply-connectedtwin sisters with very different personalities,abilities, andattributes. One day, in a moment of jealousy, Redpushes Blue off aswing, paralyzing her. Devastated, Red realizesshe can enterBlue's mind and, working together, help her sisteremerge from thecoma and return to waking life.You play bothsisterssimultaneously. Red and Blue have the ability to swap bodiesat anytime. Help them make their way through an ever-difficult,spookylandscape that keeps trying to block their progress. Eachsister'scolor and size must overcome the color and size of eachdimension'sobstacles. Tap the right of the screen to swap, left tojump.Splityour mind in two and get lost in the parallel beauty ofParallyzed!
Twin Sisters Ballerina: Dance, Ballet, Dress up 1.2
Hugs N Hearts
Twin sisters Nikki and Gabbi are preparing for thenationalballerina competition! They are going to dance White Swan&Black Swan. If they win, they can enter into the bestballerinaschool in the entire country! And they are going to go onaperformers’ trip to Paris! Lace up the ballet shoes and put ontheelegant dancing outfits, create your dream style! Show offyourbest moves and choreograph professional ballets to yourfavoriteclassic tunes! Make your ballerina princess dreams cometrue!Features:-Warm up for the big competition, try some newballetmoves.-Make individual ballerina outfits for the sisters!Dress upNikki as the pure white swan and Gabbi as the naughty blackswan.-D.I.Y makeup and face paint for the girls, prepare from headtotoe!- Ballerina nail salon time! Choose from tons ofdifferenttrendy colors and diamonds!- Dance at a world famoustheatre,create your own ballet moves!- Fans meeting time! Willthere be anyromance there? I bet there is!And so much more arewaiting for youto find out!More school love stories? Havingproblems orsuggestions? We would love to hear from you!You can findus onFacebook at onTwitterat more information aboutHugs NHearts, please visit
Pony Sisters Christmas - Secret Santa Gifts 1.0.56
Prepare for the most magical time of the year with the PonySistersfamily. Bake cookies, decorate the house, sing a famousChristmassong and style adorable winter holiday outfits!Big andbeautifulpony sisters family needs your help to get ready forChristmas.Give a hand to pony sisters Molly and Zoe and make acolorful andtasty gingerbread house. Feed an adorable and hungrybaby pony.Learn how to play Jingle Bells on the piano and sing withpianist.Decorate a Christmas tree, choose bright lights and addcoolornaments. Open all the gifts by the fireplace, play theguitarwith Britney, help Rosie decorate a doll house, do puzzlesand muchmore!Play family Christmas games for kids with theirfavorite ponysisters:· Get ready for Christmas with 5 beautifulpony sisters andthe cutest baby pony!· Style, design and create apony sistersfamily outfit for the special occasion!· Decorate aChristmas tree,sit with pony sisters by the fireplace and make awish!· Bakecookie dough and build the most delicious gingerbreadhouse ever!·Mix a baby formula, feed the charming pink baby ponyand make herhappy!· Learn how to play the piano and sing JingleBells with thebest pony sisters!· Help adorable little birds inwinter: fix andpaint the feeder and add grains!· Open all thegifts, decorate adoll house, do puzzles, color with pencils andmore!- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -About TutoTOONSGames forKidsCrafted and play-tested with kids and toddlers,TutoTOONS gamesfoster kids’ creativity and help them learn whileplaying the gamesthey love. Fun and educational TutoTOONS gamesstrive to bringmeaningful and safe mobile experience to millions ofchildrenworldwide.Important Message to ParentsThis app is free todownloadand play, but there are certain in-game items that may bepurchasedfor real money. By downloading this app you agree toTutoTOONSPrivacy Policy and Terms of Use.Discover More Fun withTutoTOONS!·Subscribe to our YouTubechannel:· Learn moreabout us:· Read our blog:
Muzzley - Smart Home 2.12.5
Create and enjoy your Smart Home with Muzzley!Muzzley allows youtoconnect with and manage all your smart devices in the sameapp!Through a wifi or 4G connection, you can control them anytime,fromanywhere!With our new behavioural intelligence feature, Muzzleyisable to learn from you, suggesting useful use cases foryourdevices, as well as new devices for your home, helping youtocreate the perfect smart home! You don’t need to adjust toyourhome anymore… now your home adjusts to you! Create your own setofautomation rules (we call them “Agents”) & connect yourdevicesaccording to your needs, without even having to open theapp! Whenyou go to bed at night, do you want to turn on the alarm?EASY!When you come home, do you want your living room lights toturn on?CONSIDER IT DONE! Want to set your home’s thermostat to therighttemperature right after you leave work? YOU GOT IT!With somanydevices available, automation options and suggestions,Muzzleytakes care of the boring tasks, making easy for you to enjoyyourSmart Home.FEATURES* Wide range of compatible devices,including:Cloogy Power Plug, Wink Hub (Lights added through theWink Hub:Hampton, Connected Cree, Commercial Electric, TCP LED,OSRAM, GELink, Philips Hue ; Locks added through the Wink Hub:Kwikset,Schlage), Nest Thermostat, Nest Smoke Detector, WithingsScale,Koubachi Plant Sensor, Milight and Easybulb, TCP lighting,RachioIro Sprinkler, Insteon Hub V2 (model 2245-222), iHealth,Beurer,Misfit, FitBit, Jawbone, Lockitron, GreenIQ, Automatic,Egardia,LIFX* Behavioural based Suggestions* Shortcuts In-app withWidgetfeature* Home Automation* Security & Surveillance*HealthTracking* Manual/Remote Control* Location and Time basedAgents,and much more!We are here to help! If you have any questionsand/orsuggestions, please email us at [email protected] We arealwaysavailable for our users!
Giana Sisters 3.1.1
Kaasa Games
When idols die - legends are born!More than 25 years agoArminGessert developed with GIANA SISTERS one of the first Jump'nRungames for the Commodore C64. The console manufacturers gotanxiousand tried to stop the sisters. The end seemed close. Buttheyfailed and GIANA SISTERS with packaging has become ararecollector's item.The legend is back, better and bigger thaneverbefore. To use the potential of current devices we improvedthegraphics and controls. Today the game captivates through itsfullHD graphic and a new userfriendly menustructure. The gameofferseverything a real Jump'n Run game needs. Perfectly balancedforhours of fun on all current Android devices (> 4.0).Freedfromthe dust of decades, GIANA SISTERS always retains itscherishedstyle, familiar features and the legendary originalsoundtrack in afresh revision. By then the polished 32 fullyrestored classiclevels will cause teary eyes to many fans of theoriginalversion!Today the sisters celebrate their jump on thehitlists ofthe gaming world. Including a lot of new adventures,retro feelingand modern design:- 80 completely new adventures- 32retro level-superbright Full HD graphic- 5 languages: English,German, French,Spanish, Italian- legendary soundtrack, inspired byChrisHuelsbeck- configurable controls- Google Play Game ServicesWeloveto play Giana Sisters as well and we act on the principle:“Bugreported. Bug fixed.” Feel free to send us your questionsandsuggestions to: [email protected] JUMPING!Your Kaasa team!
Fashion Sisters: Celebrity SPA 1.3
Make-up Inc
Sisters have a special bond. Model sisters enjoy being able torelaxat the spa together. Can you help them get the most out of aday atthe celebrity salon?Being fashion models can be hard work,but thesecelebrity sisters are up to showing off their style. Theyneed torelax and recharge at the salon you work at to get readyfor theirnext modeling event. You will need to provide them awhole newfashion look for their upcoming show. You’ll need to givethem spatreatments to get their skin looking flawless, makeup toaccenttheir amazing features, and play dress up with some of thehottestfashion trends.How to Play:• Celebrity sisters are comingto theluxury spa• Time to help these models shine• Begin their daywith afacial spa treatment or two• Then add a fun makeup makeoversession•Help them dress up in some fun fashion styles• Now,they’re readyfor anything the fashion world throws at them thanksto your help!Your luxury spa is exactly what these sisters need toget amped upfor their next fashion show. Do you have the fashionskills it takesto give fashion model sisters a fabulous spa day?Find out bydownloading now!
Wi-Fi Enabled Radio Thermostat 3.5.868
The official app for controlling Radio Thermostat, 3MFiltrete,AirWaves, and Current Innovations Wi-FiThermostats.Control yourRadio Thermostat Wi-Fi enabled thermostatfrom anywhere using yourAndroid-powered device. Sign in with yourRadio Thermostat usernameand password for on-the-go thermostatcontrol and energysavings.With the app you can:* View thetemperature inside yourhome* Set up and edit your schedule* Monitorand adjust your TargetTemperature* Set your home to energy-savingAway mode*Automatically trigger energy-saving Away mode based onphonelocation* Switch modes between Heat, Cool, Auto, and Off*Monitoryour HVAC system's performance* Adjust your fan to On, Auto,orCirculate* Control multiple thermostats in differentlocations*Install home screen App Widgets for quick thermostat andlocationinfoDon't have a Radio Thermostat Company of AmericaWi-Fithermostat? Purchase one at or at TheHomeDepot.According to the EPA, using a programmable thermostatcanreduce your energy bills by an average of $180 per year.RadioThermostat’s products allow you to stay comfortable when youarehome, save money when you are not, and have greater controloveryour home’s heating and cooling system.For more information,
Almond 7.71
The free Almond app works with Almond+, Almond-2015 and Almond3.These Almond devices make home Wi-Fi easy with theirinnovativetouchscreen access and Wizard with step-by-stepinstructions. Theintuitive Almond app makes it easy to monitor,control and secureyour Smart Home and Wi-Fi Network. With theAlmond app, pushnotifications tell you in real time who’s on yournetwork and letsyou block them. The app also lets you manage scenesthat can beactivated from Amazon Alexa. The app also gives you easyandconvenient control of your home security system, Nestthermostat,Philips Hue lights, many ZigBee and Z-Wave devices fromleadingsmart home manufacturers.The Almond app gives you the powerto dothe following whether you’re at home or away:Manage yourWi-FinetworkWork with all your Android and Apple phones,tablets,laptops and other wireless devicesSetup your Smart Homeconnectingall your smart devicesShare your Home Wi-Fi network withfamily andfriendsCreate a guest Wi-Fi networkMonitor who is on yournetworkwith what deviceEnable Wi-Fi Triggers: know in real timewhojoins/leaves your networkControl your home securitysystemEnableParental Controls to limit children’s screen timeSetupcompatiblescenes for Amazon Alexa (Echo, Dot, Tap)ControlNestThermostatControl Philips Hue lightsControl Scenes, ModesandRulesControl other many leading Smart Home devices
Axial Control Paid
Axial Control (Formerly InControl Home Automation) allows youtocontrol your z-wave and clipsal lights and other appliancesfromyour phone. Features- Page dashboard with assignableshortcuts-Cloud Support & Direct Connect options- Check to seeif yourlights are currently turned on or off- Turn lights anddevices onand off- Control light dim level- Control Z-WaveThermostats (fanon/off, cool/heat & temperature)- Scene setupand activation-Scene triggers and conditions- Scene & DeviceWidgets- Createevents -- like Sunset and Sunrise -- and turn on oroff lights-Advanced Rule creation- Window/Door Sensor support-Open/closegarage doors- Device Timer - Z-Wave Support- Z-Wave locksupport-Sonos Support (Control Zone Players & Z-Wave devices inasingle scene)- Belkin WeMo switch support- Multi-Usersecurity-Clipsal Support- Tasker integration for voice control(Tasker >Action> Plugins > InControl)Please note: Requiresfree PCsoftware available at and a compatibleUSBZWave controller. Some features require paid version ofAxialServer software.For support, questions or to request newfeaturesvisit
Stylish Name Maker 1.2
Stylish Name Maker is a free and perfect names editor andgeneratingnames app. You can write your name & nickname indifferentunique styles with beautiful photo frames. If want towrite yourname or your baby girls/boys name in fancy and fantasystyles,Stylish Name Maker free name/nickname generator app isperfect foryou.Stylish Name Maker:Let’s check the pro features ofthis freenickname generator and style my text app.Features:• Youcan writeand make your name, or name of your any family member orfriend morestylish with Stylish Name Maker app.• You will findround about 100beautiful frames, where you can write your name andbaby names indifferent unique writing styles.• You can resize thetext of yourname in this free name generator app.• You can alsoBold and Italicyour name or nickname by using this fantasy namegenerator app.• Ifyou want to give a stylish tune to your nametext, there manystylish font styles in Stylish Name Maker app.•Choose any stylishtext to make your name, your baby girl name orbaby boy name morestylish and fantasy.• Beautiful frames of rings,hearts, jewelry& sceneries will make your name more stylishand fantasy.• Youcan also write and edit your nickname with thehelp of this freefantasy name generator app.• Stylish Name Makerapp is perfect ifyou want to edit unique baby names with stylishbackgrounds and fontstyles.• If you don’t like the background ofyour text image, don’tworry, Stylish Name Maker app allows you tochange background ofyour text image easily.• Save the fantasy nameimage with stylishbackground and share on social networks likeFacebook, Twitter,WhatsApp, Skype etc.So, download and installthis free style my textword editor & name generator free appto create stylish andfantasy names with hd & beautifulbackgrounds with Stylish NameMaker. Enjoy.
Madani Inamat
Madani In’amatTechnology:This application has been developed bytheIT department of Dawat-e-Islami for android and iOSdevices.Description:This application is a collection of differentMadaniIn’amat. By using this app, Islamic brothers can check theirdailyroutine and can improve their Islamic way of life. Followingarethe listed items included in this app:• 72 Madani In'amat isforIslamic brothers.• 63 Madani In'amat is for Islamic sisters.•92Madani In'amat is for Male students.You just need to makeanaccount for daily, weekly and monthly performances. You cancompareand assess your religious activities with the previous one.Thisapplication supports two different languages includingEnglish& Urdu. Once the account is created in the application,usercan resume his previous record easily. Below is the listoffeatures in this application.• It is simple to use and haspleasinginterface.• You can start from a point, where you leftpreviously.•You can fill Madani In’amat Daily, Weekly, Monthly,Yearly &Qufl-e-Madina sections.• You can View and finalizemonthlyperformance (Karkardagee).• Complete Data IntegrationAcrossPlatforms (When Madani In’amat gets launched for Mobilephones, iOSDevices, and Android devices, you can shift your useraccounts toand from different devices and computers.• Remember andSaveComplete History of Your Madani In’amat Activities. (ViewMadaniIn’amat activity for any date by giving the specific date inthehome page and by clicking the respective tabs).What's New:•Someimprovements have been made in reporting section.FeaturesandVersions Coming Soon:• Create Student (Jamia)Brothers/Sisters(Munnay/Munniyan) & Deaf Accounts.• View MadaniIn’amatQuestions in more languages.• Add Cloud Services (LoginfromAnywhere/Any Device)• Add Update Madani In’amat FeatureUsethisapplication by yourself and let other Islamic brothers knowaboutthis. Your valuable comments and [email protected] will be highly encouraged.
Cleveland Cavaliers 3.3.7
This is the official mobile app of the Cleveland Cavaliers.Itdelivers an unrivaled interactive team experience by providingthemost up-to-date scores, schedules, news, andstats.FeaturesInclude:View live stats, scores andstandings.Interactive boxscores with players stats, sortableplay-by-play and shottracking.Browse roster breakdowns, playerbios, stats, andphotos.View recent, current and upcoming game onthe interactiveteam calendar.Receive team push notifications basedon breakingnews, start of game, end of quarter or finalscore.Connect with uson social media.View team Twitter streams.
Golden State Warriors 2.4.9
This is the official mobile app of the Golden State Warriors.Itdelivers an unrivaled interactive team experience by providingthemost up-to-date scores, schedules, news, stats, highlights,andphotos. The Golden State Warriors app is the easiest way to keepupwith everything Warriors basketball. Enhanced witharenainformation and other amenity features, the Golden StateWarriorsapp is your ultimate game night companion. FEATURESINCLUDE:Viewlive stats, scores and standingsInteractive box scorewith playersstats, sortable play-by-play and shot tracking.Receiveteam pushnotifications breaking news, official team informationandmoreTicket purchasing, seat upgrades and 3D seatingchartBrowseroster breakdowns, player bios and photosView recent,current andupcoming game on the interactive team calendarUse#DubNation toshare your game experience by uploading photos andvideos toFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblrandmore.Check in on Facebook for deals at Warriors’homegamesInteractive maps and information about Oracle Arena,parkinglots, concessions, etc.Browse blogs, team merchandise andgame dayinformation in the Warrior’s Fan ZoneSign up for teamemails,promotions and contests.Live traffic updates around OracleArena.
Football Tournament Maker 1.7.0
Round Robin- Max 30 Teams- Ordering rule: Like world cup - Won+3Drawn +1 Lost 0- Share ranking and game tableonTwitter,Facebook.Knockout- Max 71 Teams- Share drawswithTwitter,mail and so on.Create Web Site of tournament- Oncecreateweb site, it's updated automatically.- Share site URL withTwitter,mail and so on.Statistics View- Show all result oftournament andgames per clubs.Option- Input PK scores- Input goalplayers- Backupand Restore- Analysis Graphs- Make Web Page
Ski Pursuit 4.1.3
The Ski Pursuit app is the perfect tool for all skiersandsnowboarders looking for fun and challenges. Thanks to thisuserfriendly app, you’ll be able to track and record all yourrunsduring the season, and share your stats with your friendsonFacebook and Twitter. You have always wondered what is youraverageriding speed? The Ski Pursuit app will give you a completeanalysisof your runs and a global recap of your season: maximumspeed,average speed, duration, distance, ascent, descent. For eachrun,you’ll be able to see your line on a real map of the mountain,andfurthermore, you’ll see what your exact speed is during the runbysliding the cursor with your finger! Record your best runs;connectyour app to Facebook and compete with your friends!Features:-Recording: maximum speed, average speed, duration,distance,ascent, descent - Autostop: the tracker stops recordingwhen yourspeed is lower than 1 km/h - History: list of your runs,filter bysport, filter by period- Map view: view of your run on areal map -Explore your run: view of your exact speed by sliding thecursor onthe map - Share: share your stats on Facebook and Twitter-Settings: Imperial/Metric units, countdown set up, autostopsetupContinued use of GPS running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.
✓ Easily UNBLOCK blocked sites like Twitter, Facebook,Youtube,etc.✓ Encrypt the data, Protect your privacy, Bypassfirewall, Hideyour public ip, nobody know where are you from.✓ Getprotected fromhackers and snoopers on public WiFiconnections.Features Of UAEVPN?✓ FREE and UNLIMITED: 100% Free, Nospeed limitation, nobandwidth limitation✓ Largest VPN Coverage: UAEVPN offers largestVPN coverage more than 20+ countries includingJP, KR, US, UK, AU,CA, TR, UA and more!✓ Easy to Use: No settingsrequired; One Tap tofind available servers and setup connection,✓No sign up, Noregistration: You don’t need to create an account orhave a creditcard!✓ Limited Permissions: No root access needed, andUAE VPN onlyapply for network permissions.✓ Support: Any questionsandsuggestions, feel free to reach us: [email protected]
Stade Français Paris 1.3.145
bFAN Sports
Install the official application of the Stade Français Paris onyoursmartphone!Get all the news from the famous Rugby team,participateto games, earn points and gifts!Enjoy various contenteveryday:- Allinfo about the team- News and Social posts(Facebook, Twitter,Instagram)- Calendar, results and fixtures=Photos and videos-Quizz, Polls, MVP, Predictions- Follow livefeed, and chat withother fans- Access ticketingBecome a top fan:-Come to the matches,participate to the games, and interact withyour team. Earn points!-Points can be exchanged with real goodsand experiencesA uniqueexperience to share with your friends onsocial medias!
CityApp - Manchester City FC 1.8.45
The Official Manchester City FC (MCFC) App is here! Get allthelatest Man City news, views, goals and more! Features: -OfficialManchester City News, Ticket News and Match Reports- FREECity TV:All the latest club video including extended highlights,pressconferences with Pep Guardiola, news, interviews and features-ManCity Matchday Centre with Text Commentary, Fan's SocialMediaContent, live match pics and score updates- DownloadableManchesterCity Fixtures Calendar- Ticket News and availability-OfficialManCity Twitter Feed, beautifully presented!NOTE: If youare havingproblems downloading the app and are receiving a messageabout an'invalid package' then please read thisarticle: be a common Play Store problem rather than a specificproblemwith our app. You can try to clear cache in the Play Storeusing theinstructions in that article, and then try downloadingagain.
SuperSport 4.5.3
Welcome to your World of Champions where your SuperSportappexperience will provide you access to all that your needduringyour sporting event. Whether your love is for Football,Cricket,Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Motorsport or other sports, SuperSportwithits modern design will take care of you. Enjoy *livestreaming,video highlights, live scores, results,fixtures/schedules, tables,top scorers, rankings, latest news,real-time notifications ofevents during a match, race ortournament, being able to remindyourself of when a sports eventwill start by setting an automaticreminder on the app and more.*The DStv Now service is DStv'scentral online service for all liveviewing where you as ourcustomer, will receive the very bestviewing stability &service support. Please note that in orderto enjoy live steaming,the DStv Now app must be installed.* Livestreaming is available toactive DStv Premium, Compact and CompactPlus subscribers usingtheir Connect IDs, within Sub-Saharan Africaand surrounding areasonly.Contact details:• Email:[email protected]• Facebook:SuperSport –• Twitter:@SuperSportTV -• South Africa: 086000 2222 •Outside South Africa: +27 11 289 2223
Benfica Official App 2.6
Since the training sessions, passing by the dressing room, untilthereferee’s final whistle, enter the field with the Benfica’steamduring the entire season!The Benfica’s official app offers youliveinformation. Calendar, standings, news, videos, results,statisticsin real time. For the Members, Membership virtualcardand RED PASSowners, a virtual card to get into the stadiumwith the mobile phoneor to share with a friend. Download theBenfica Official App andsupport our team #SejaOndeFor! Do notmiss:-Live matches: goals,cards, substitutions and comments of allthe moves.-Statistics: SLBand opponents-Highlights: videos of thegoals, highlights andimportant moments of the matches, previewsand pressconferences.-Social Feed SLB and supporters: Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and YouTube-Front pages of the main newspapers:HighlightsSLB on the press-Notifications: alerts of matches andlatestnews-Red Pass: virtual card to get into the stadium or toshare withfriends-Member: Virtual card to get into the stadium.
Name on Pics - Name Art 6.0
Generate cool pics with your favorite name with My Name Picstool.You can choose pics from a wide range of templates. With coolfontsand designs. Now Greet your friends with cards with your andtheirnames. Wish someone with some cool and beautiful pics and yournameon their pic, Download My name pic - Name Art App now. Createyourown card and send it to your loved ones.=>StartApplication=> Crate Beautiful card from variousthemes=>Insert your name to it and save it=> SharewithfriendsFeatures:- High quality card images with message- Usefulforeveryone- Attractive decoration materials- Available free toall-Awesome for greeting cards- Write your name on that selectedcardpic- Add Categories such as Alphabets, Anniversary,AnniversaryCakes, Attitude, Beach, Birthday Cake, Couple, DayWishes, Doll,Friendship, Get Well soon, Good morning, Good nightpics.- All thecategory contains 15+ Pics with HD pics.- DownloadFavorited picsand write name on that pics.- Add font facility withfont style aswell as font color choose by user.- Add Font Sizefacility so thatuser can re size font according to used.- Name onPics image youcan set as wallpaper.- Online image loading processmakesfaster.Name on Pics - Name Art provide online category such as:1.Name on Alphabets Pics, 2. Name on Anniversary Pics, 3. NameonAnniversary Cakes Pics, 4. Name on Attitude Pics, 5. Name onBeachPics, 6. Name on Birthday Cake Pics, 7. Name on Couple Pics,8.Nameon Day Wishes Pics, 9. Name on Doll Pics, 10. Name onFriendshipPics, 11. Name on Get Well Soon Pics, 12. Name on GoodMorningPics, 13. Name on Good Night pics.New Features Name Art:1.AddStylish Name Art functionality to name your name.2. Add Stylish3DFonts Style, Cursive Fonts Style, Calligraphy Fonts, BrushFontsfor name art.3. Add Magic Paint Facility for Make NameArtSpecial.4. Add Beautiful Pattern for background in Name Art.5.AddNew Stickers for Name Art.
Polarsteps - Travel Tracker
Automatically track your route and places you've visited whileyouare traveling. Just carry your phone in your pocket and theappcreates your own beautiful travel journal.Once connected totheinternet, your travel routes, locations and photos areseamlesslytransferred to your personal traveler profile, where yourroute isplotted on a colourful world map that can easily be sharedwithfriends and family.PRAISE FOR POLARSTEPS"Polarsteps helps youtrackand share your journeys in an easy and visually appealingway." -The Next Web"There are many apps that you can use torecorddifferent moments from your travels, but none are asall-inclusiveand easy to use as Polarsteps." -Refinery29"Polarsteps replacesyour travel journal, making it easierand more beautiful." -National GeographicKEY FEATURES■ Easily trackyourtravelsAutomatically keep track of your route and placesyou’vevisited without taking your phone from your pocket.■ Ridealongwith your friendsFollow your family and friends on their tripsandfeel like you're in the passenger seat.■ Get an instantphotoalbumGenerate a beautiful printed photo album that includesyourtravel stats and route.■ Minimal battery consumptionOurTravelTracker uses very little battery because we use smarttechnology todetermine your location.■ Full privacy controlLog yourtripsprivately, share them with friends and family at home orinspirethe rest of the world!■ Tracking works offlineTrack yourentireroute without being connected to the internet. Theappautomatically synchronizes when you're backonline.COMMUNITYFollowus on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter forthe latest app you tell us, the better the app gets. Please sendyour feedbackto [email protected] or privacy isreallyimportant to us. We only ask for the permissions we need fortheapp to serve at its best as your personal travel journal app/travel diary app / travel blog app.If you have any morequestionsget in touch with us - see the help section.
Cube Escape 1.5
Dignity Games
Cube Escape is a fast-paced arcade game that will put yourreactiontime to the test. Beware of the walls, you have beenwarned! Themore points you score, the faster the cube will move.Tap thescreen to turn the corners. Make sure you don't hitthewalls.Collect gold to unlock awesome new characters. Get yourscoreon the leaderboard and compete with the best players aroundtheworld. Challenge your friends and family to beat yourscore.Don’tmiss out on the latest news:Like DignityGames: us onTwitter: you for playing CubeEscape!
Jump Cube 1.1
Dignity Games
Jump Cube is an addictive game, tap the right or left side ofthescreen with the matching colour of the path. Try to get as farawayas possible. Collect gems to unlock awesome newcharacters.Challenge your friends and family to beat your score andtry tobecome the world champion.Don’t miss out on the latestnews:LikeDignity Games: usonTwitter: you for playingJumpCube!
Pharaoh of Egypt 1.1
pharaoh of egyptReturn to the golden realm of ancient Egypt inthischallenging gameIn Egyptian society, religion was centraltoeveryday life. One of the roles of the pharaoh was asanintermediary between the gods and the people. The pharaohthusdeputised for the gods; his role was both as civil andreligiousadministrator.- mysterious Egypt world, hundreds ofwell-designedfree levels!- fun for more than a million playersalready- classicmatching with a twist- very addictive and popularmatch 3 jewelspuzzle game- easy and fun to start but a challenge tofullymaster.- stunning graphics with a highly polished interface.
Wodify 1.0.22
Stay connected with your box from anywhere, 24/7. Featuring:• WODs-view current and past WODs• Class - register and sign in toclass•Coachboard - record your WOD results• Whiteboard - viewcurrent andpast WOD results• Performance - add a result and seeyour history ofgymnastics, weightlifting, metcons and totals•Journal - track yournutrition• WodiFind - want to drop-in to abox? Locate a box thatuses Wodify• Notifications - real timealerts from your box and whenyou get likes and comments on theWhiteboard• Social Integration -share your accomplishments onFacebook and Twitter
Bee Brilliant Blast 1.13.0
Tactile Games
Get back to the world of Beeland and join the singing Babees,thecrazy Busy Bees and the cheeky spiders in another buzzingFREEpuzzle game. Get ready to blast colourful tiles, makebrilliantcombos and have some buzz-tastic fun! Find your innerpuzzle beeand join a new beedazzling adventure! FEATURES: • Easy,addictivepuzzle gameplay! Tap to clear the colourful bees andunleashpowerful combos! • Travel through Beeland and playmultipledifferent game modes in hundreds of addictive levels! •Lots ofcrazy bees! Meet Queen Beelizabeth, the Bomblebee, Beecasso,MrsWebster and others! And, of course, the singing Babees willonceagain not miss a chance to break into a tune of buzzing barbershopdisco! • Loads of different game modes: Pop the cheekyspiders'web, collect flower tiles, save the babees and much, muchmore! •Last, but not least: A lifetime's supply of bee puns! We arealwaysworking hard to update the game and satisfy your puzzleneeds!Already played and enjoyed the game? Stay tuned for updatesand dodrop us a review! Also, check out these sources for all thelatestnews: Facebook: you in Beeland! THANK YOU!
Owly for Twitter 1.5.6
Owly is a truly unique and beautiful app for Twitter with a lotofuseful features which will let you stay up to date with thelatestnews and trends and express your thoughts in a way neverpossiblebefore.Definitely give Owly for Twitter a try! You willbeimpressed! ◦ Tweet Digest - stay up to date with the latestnewsfrom the people you’re interested in. Configure the specifictimesfor Tweet Digests, and enjoy this new way of data consumptionwhichwill never let you miss a thing. ◦ Unique and PowerfulTweetcreation – express yourself in a truly creative way withoutanylimitations whatsoever; use the beautiful andcustomizableTemplates which will allow you overcome the characterlimit andexpress your thoughts in a whole new and unique way. Youcan alsoattach the regular media to the Tweet.◦ Tweets based ontopics youlike from around the world – add specific topics that youlike,apply some result filters and set the place you want to getyourtweets from (e.g., specific area in the country of yourdesire,etc.); and always stay up to date with the latest news onthevarious topics of your interest.◦ Instant User and Mediapreviewswith Quick Actions – preview specific users and mediaattachments(photos, videos, GIFs) on the go by pressing and holdingon themand decide what you want to do with those particularentities usingthe Quick Actions.◦ Advanced Tweet Management –manage the Tweetsin a whole new way: hide the tweets you don’tlike, choose whichones to show in your timeline, or even apply somespecific resultfilters – it’s all up to your preferences.◦Extremely Customizable– themes, headers, transition animations,font relatedcustomizations – basically everything you’d ever wishto be able tocustomize, it’s all there for you. Tailor your perfectexperience.◦Performance Mode – optimize the scrolling experience byreducingthe complexity of the UI elements. This is especiallyuseful if youwant to get the most out of the less powerful device.◦MultipleAccounts – add as many accounts as you want with an abilityto syncthem. Each account’s syncability can be controlled by you intheSettings of the app.Key Features◦ Clean and simplyoutstandingMaterial Design UI◦ Support for multiple TwitterAccounts◦ Trulycustomizable Tweet Creation without any limitations◦Fullycustomizable UI (Themes, Headers, Transition Animations, andmore)◦Instant User and Media previews, as well as the regular ones◦Tweetsearch◦ User search◦ Next level Tweet Management◦ConfigurableTweet Digest◦ Relevant Tweets for topics of your desirewithadvanced filtering options◦ Background sync◦ Performance Mode◦anda lot of other useful features
issuu - Read Magazines, Catalogs, Newspapers. 5.14.0
With issuu for Android, you’ll get access to more than 30millionpublications in an incredible, immersive reading experienceforFREE.Explore & read millions of publications• 20,000newmagazines, catalogs, and more added every day in 30+languages.There’s so much to discover on issuu!• Read gorgeous,fascinating,and unique content from around the globe on any topicimaginable,like photography, design, food & drink, business,fashion,gaming, technology, science, movies, travel, real estateand more.•Get new and exciting recommendations in your feedalongside contentyou already love — issuu’s smart content enginelearns as youread.• Read issuu from your Android phone or tablet,or via any webbrowser.Follow, save, and share content you love• UseClip toselect any portion of a publication and share overFacebook,Pinterest, Twitter, and more.• Follow publishers, andcurate stacksof your favorite publications so you always stay up todate on yourlatest content.• Download publications to read anytime,anywhere —even without a WiFi or network connection.➠The issuu appforAndroid requests certain permissions; find out whyhere: theweb: Twitter:
Music of the 80s 1.0.0
If you want to hear great successes that marked the 80's thiswillsurely be the application you are waiting for and totallyfree.Withmusic from the 80s you will have:The tomas of the 80sMusictorememberClassics that marked a decadeThe best tracks of discomusicand non-stop dancing.Music from the 80's is the bestspecializedapplication in the 80's. Take it on your smartphone,tablet or anyother device with android system and enjoy a widevariety ofartists.If your decade is the 80's do not hesitate anddownload ourapplication totally free and enjoy where you want andhow you wantthe wonderful 80s !!!!!!!!
Tapas – Comics, Novels, and Stories 4.1.2
Put tens of thousands of comics and web novels in your pocket.Gotaminute to kill at the bus stop, the bathroom (don’t worry –wewon’t tell), or on your lunch break? Sounds like you need amobilestory snack! Enjoy a quick laugh or get lost in a captivatingstorycreated by one of the thousands of creators on Tapas.▸Readbestselling and up-and-coming authors▸ Sample all ourstoriescompletely FREE! The ultimate “try before you buy”▸ EarnCoins tounlock episodes▸ Join the community and support creatorswhen youlike, comment, or share▸ Explore comedy, fantasy, romance,andmore, or dive into one of our ever-growing collections –there’ssomething for everyone!Wondering where to start? Check outTapas'#1 title, THEY SAY I WAS BORN A KING'S DAUGHTER, a tale ofmurder,reincarnation, and royalty, chock full of humor. Availablein bothwebtoon and web novel formats.Download Tapas and get startedtoday– it’s FREE!GET IN TOUCHMail us: [email protected] usonFacebook: us onTwitter: us onInstagram: INFOCreators work hardto makeawesome stories for you to enjoy, and Tapas lets you supporttheirpassion. Tapas is made with love in San Francisco and Seoul byanawesome team.Please note that Tapas is only available in Englishatthis time.
Name on Birthday Cards 1.4
Name on Birthday Cards is an beautiful of all birthday card photoofgreeting app to wish someone with some cool and beautifulbirthdaypics and your name on pic.Name on Birthday Card iscontains happybirthday greetings, birthday cakes, happy birthdaygreetings wishcards Online Free available. Create name pictures ofbirthday andcakes offline category available.How to write Name onBirthday Cards:1. You have to select any one design of yourfavorite birthdaypics.2. Tap to select write name on your selectedpics for namewrite.3. You can see Write Name text to press on thatand you canwrite your own name on that text.4. Your Name displayon yourfavorite birthday pics selected by you.5. Re-Generate Picson namewith just one click for another birthday pics to choose.6.Save thepics in your SD card in Name on Birthday Card folder.7.Share yourName with birthday pics via social network.
Revv - Self Drive Car Rental 2.20.3
Revv - Self drive cars, delivered to your doorstep!Want to rentaself-drive car, but hate travelling to parking lots to pickthemup? Try Revv - India's first “100% doorstep delivery”self-drivecarrental service. With unlimited kms package options andpricesstarting at just ₹ 39 per hour, self-drive has never beensosimple. Currently delivering in Bengaluru, Hyderabad,Chennai,Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Vizag, Mysore&Coimbatore.How it works:• Book and Pay: Pick your favouriteRevvcar, time and place• Receive: We will deliver the car toyourplace• Drive: Enjoy your trip, without worrying aboutkilometres •Return: Get the car back to your place, we will take itfrom there•You will be emailed an invoice within 48 hours of theend of thebooking• You can also use the app to reschedule or cancelbookingsany time of the dayLike us on Facebookat us on Twitterat us on Instagramat
The Leap 1.3
Dignity Games
The leap is a relaxing game with beautiful visuals,stunninganimations and soothing music.In a desolated world, a blocksetsoff on a journey to the realms of darkness. Take the block onamagical adventure journey through 6 mystical worlds, jumpingfromone platform to the next. As you journey through the realmsofdarkness you will overcome difficult challenges. Can youconquerthe realms of darkness?How to playDrag and release to jumpon thenext platformChallenge your friends. Compete for the besthighscore and most leaps. Can you become the conqueror ofallworlds?Don’t miss out on the latest news:Like DignityGames: us onTwitter: you for playing TheLeap!
The Running Man 1.0
Dignity Games
"The Running Man" is an insanely addictive game!Jump and dashyourway through the challenging obstacles in this fast endlesstapgame. Run on the ground to score points and tap to fly. Useyourjetpack to avoid the obstacles.Challenge your friends andfamily tobeat your score and try to become the world champion.Don’tmiss outon the latest news:Like DignityGames: us onTwitter: you for playing TheRunningMan!
Analog Film Paris - Palette Paris 3.0.12042018
3D Viet Ha
Palette Paris filter film grain and some yellow warm color givesmesomething same in Paris city!Palette Paris camera felling collwithfilter as film in Paris.Feature Analog Film Paris:+ Filter:With 30romantic filter and effect as you in Paris. Shooting icecream,candy sweet, cosmetics for cherry blossoms. Help youadjustphotograph beatification.+ Camera Analog filter: Mute camera,alarmcamera, full screen shooting effect , enjoy the moment youlife.+Edit photo easy: Exposure, Shadow, temperature, sharpen,rotate,brightness etc.+ Save and share your friends faster: shareoninstagram, on facebook, on twiter, viber, tumblr,message,messenger, kakaotalk etc.Enjoy now and share your emotionfor us.
Good Night Gif Images Animated 3.1
animated gifs Good Night, images & animations on This AppMorethan 3000 images and pictures clearly arranged HaveSweetDreamsFree Images And Pictures Animated Gif Good Night InThisApplication All Are Free You Can Download Images AnimatedgoodNight Have Sweet Dreams In Your Tablettes And Phones andItsSupported With All Devices All Day You Find NEw PicturesAnimatedgood Night gif Like Animals Natures Babies Hearts WaterIslamicsIslamiques Love Romatics Cartoons Happy Night Take SweetDreams ForLovers Animated Gif You Can Find More Than 3000 imagesYou CanDownload Images Animated Gif Good Night You Can Share ImagesGifAnimated Good Night With Your Friends, Family, BoyFriends,GirlFriends, You Can Share Photos At the Social Network LikeMessengerFacebook, Whatsapp, Fiver, Imo, Twitter ....
Prizebucket - Play Games, Win Prizes! 1.0.11
Prizebucket offers scratch cards, trivia and other super awesomefunmini-games which you can play, have fun but most importantlyWINAWESOME PRIZES!THESE CONTESTS ARE DEVISED AS NON-GAMBLINGPROMOTIONSand are intended solely for entertainmentpurposes.GOOGLE IS NOT ASPONSOR NOR IS INVOLVED IN ANY WAY WITHTHIS APP, NOR DO THEYENDORSE THIS SERVICE OR SPONSOR, ANY PRIZEREDEMPTIONS.Prizebucketis a mobile gaming app that allows users toplay fun, freemini-games. No purchase is necessary.Comments ?Concerns ? Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us via oursocial mediaaccounts;Facebook / Instagram / Twitter : @prizebucket
Clutch - Share Xbox/PS4 clips with friends 1.14.7
Clutch is the easiest way to share your Xbox &PlayStationrecordings. Join the community and show us what you'vegot!*Connect your Xbox gamertag to automatically import yourclips*Connect your PS4 & Facebook account to easily importyourPlayStation clips* Trim your clips to just the parts you want*Addcaptions and tag your friends* Share to Instagram,Facebook,Twitter, YouTube or anywhere else you can share a link*Sharedclips play directly within messaging apps (e.g. FacebookMessenger/ SMS).* Formerly known as FTW (For the win)* Great placeto uploadyour Fortnite and PUBG clips
Portal Knights 1.4.5
505 Games Srl
Craft your adventure. Forge your hero. Become the ultimatePortalKnight!Leave the familiar world behind and step into thefantasticunknown with Portal Knights, a cooperative 3D sandboxaction-RPG!Level up your character and craft powerful gear todefeat yourenemies in real-time tactical combat. Explore dozensofrandomly-generated islands and restore peace to a world tornapartby The Fracture.- RPG character classes including warrior,rangerand mage.- Tactical action combat.- Epic boss battles.-Travelbetween randomly generated 3D sandbox worlds.- Meet thecolorfulinhabitants of the land, complete their quests, and recruitthem toyour home.- Architect your own island! Create AMAZINGstructuresquickly and easily in Creative Mode!- Mine and gatherresourcesfrom across the lands to craft your arsenal and supplies.-Buildyour home with dozens of materials and furnishings.- Play withupto 4 friends across mobile platforms (on the same Wi-Fi).-JoinPrivate Dedicated Servers hosted by desktop players (up to4people).- Random Events.- Supports dual-stickgamecontrollers.Larger islands available on devices with 2GB ormorememory.In-game languages supported: English, French,Italian,German, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Finnish,Japanese,Korean, Norwegian, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Polish,Turkish,Czech, Thai.Follow us on Twitter @PortalKnights [email protected]_GamesLikeus on Facebook at us on the
Hindi Good Morning Images 1.0.9
Good Morning Images in Hindi .share morning wishes with yourmotherlanguage. Install n share now.Features:$ Slide images by moveorbuttons next and back.$ Share on facebook, twitter etc...$ Sharebyemail and sms$ Share by WhatsApp, Line etc ...$ Set picturesaswallpapers.$ Easy to use.
Wrecking Squad 1.0.6
Collect a colorful cast of unique characters and smash yourwaythrough a fully destructible 3D city in an all new physicsbasedpuzzle game from Big Blue Bubble. Breaker and the WreckingSquadare the only ones capable of smashing the abandoned buildingsofToppelopolis and keeping it safe from the robo-jerks. By usingtheWrecking Squad's unique abilities like explosives, drills,andstructure destroying science you’ll be able to smash everythinginsight!Features:• Unique characters with special abilities• Levelupyour squad• Fully destructible 3D environments• Over 250puzzlinglevels to destroyEnlist today, join the WreckingSquad!:Facebook( is completely free toplay, however some game items can alsobe purchased for real money.If you don't want to use this feature,please disable in-apppurchases in your device's settings. WreckingSquad requires aninternet connection to play (3G or WiFi).HELP& SUPPORT: Get ahold of us byvisiting orcontacting us ingame by going to Options > Support.
Terribly Tiny Tales 2.1.0
For all those times you felt you needed a community for writers,theinternet’s most loved storytelling platform Terribly TinyTales(TTT) heard you. Now get published on TTT with the new TTT app-the best social writing mobile app.1. Read and write reallyshortstories on the go
Now read, write and share not only yourterriblytiny tales, but also your quotes, short stories, tales,openletters, musings, poetry, rants, thoughts, jokes, haikus,diaryentries, chapters of your book, riddles, reviews, listiclesand alot more.
Whether you’re traveling, have a new idea, lookingforinspiration or are just simply bored, you can use the TTTappanytime, anywhere.
2. New handpicked stories every day
TTTPicksfeatures tales curated by the editorial team at TerriblyTinyTales. Read from a selection of handpicked stories acrossformatsin genres like love, friendship, science fiction,comedy,heartbreak, fantasy, fan fiction, mystery, romance,thriller,crime, family, pop culture and a lot more.

Read engaging chat based stories in our format[Bubble ]. Tap to reveal messages and discover new storiesthat’llkeep you hooked for hours. It’s almost as if you’rereadingsomeone’s WhatsApp or Facebook chats.4. Comment, bookmarkandshare
Comment on the stories that move you. Bookmark the talesthatstay. And share your favourites with the world.5. SearchTap ontagsto search for stories and writers of your choice. Filter bygenresand sub-genres to find the story you’re looking for.And readthemost recently written tales in your Search results.
Thetrendingsection shows you what’s being talked about the most. Readwhat'strending. Then write on it.6. Discover new writers and buildyourpersonal feed

Read stories from writers around the world.Followthe writers we recommend or the ones you love. Build yourfeedwhere you can read their stories every time they post.
7.Buildyour following and reach all your followers
No trickyalgorithms.Every story you write reaches all your followers intheir ‘My feed’section. Write regularly and grow your readerbase.

Stand a chanceto be discovered, get featured & become aRecommended writer.8.Prompts and Challenges

Whether you’re havingthe dreaded writer’sblock, feeling stuck in the middle of writing,or just looking fornew ideas. There’s a whole range of diversewriting prompts, wordsand situations to get you started.Or write onany of the writingchallenges we have every week.9. Save drafts topublishlater
Losing your internet in the middle of a piece, or yourphonecrashing just before you’re about to end is heartbreaking. TheTTTapp saves your drafts as you type, even when you’re notconnectedto the internet.
10. Write on #live events

Have somethingto saythat you can’t on Twitter due to its character restraint?Rant,write and share on topics you feel are of importance (in morethan240 characters). We’re reading.
Photo Text ✎ Write on Picture 1.22
Photo Text: Add text to your photos and pictures with this easytexteditor.Add text to your pictures easily with Photo Text - FontonPicture. Just select your photo, ✍ write your message text intheeditor and press the Auto Effect button for instant coollookingtext. Or choose manually from a large selection of fontsandeffects. ✉ Share with your friends with one click.PhotoTextfeatures:✎ Select photo from Camera, Gallery or Facebook.Quickselect of the image you used last time✎ Write text, drag it onyourpicture✎ Scale and rotate text with multitouch✎ Automatictexteffects, fancy looking text with no effort with a simpleeditor✎Optional advanced controls for expert use with many fonts✎Manyemoji, stickers and stamps are also available 😍😂❤️✎ Optimizeyourbackground photo with nice image effects✎ Quick direct sharetoInstagram, Facebook and WhatsApp or just save it to your ownphotogalleryThe emojis are based on Twemoji bytwitter: rate us in GooglePlay tosupport this free app. Enjoy!
99 Bricks Wizard Academy 2.5.0
99 Bricks Wizard Academy is a fun and magical physics builder.Canyou build the highest tower?WELCOME TO WIZARD ACADEMYExploreamagical world and learn powerful spells to improve yourbuildingskills. Do you have what it takes to become the wizardoflegends?BUILD MARVELOUS TOWERSDefy gravity with intuitiveone-touchcontrols and enjoy endless physics tower building. BATTLEOTHERWIZARDSMeet Big Barry, Harry Hawk and all the others. They’reajealous bunch who’ll try to mess up your creations, but thatwon’tstop you!CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDSShow off your crazy towersonFacebook and Twitter or compete with your friends throughGameCenter.DRESS LIKE A LEPRECHAUNDress up your wizard with funnyhats,silly masks and wondrous robes. You’ll befabulous!4.5/5TouchArcade: '99 Bricks: Wizard Academy is a terrificlittlegame.'8/10 - PocketGamer: 'This is a decidedly solid game, ineverysense of the word.'4/5 - AppSpy: 'It is hard not to feelhappyplaying 99 Bricks Wizard Academy.'Watch thetrailer: us ontwitter: us onFacebook: