Top 4 Games Similar to Deadly Sniper Mission

Rabbit Hunter 3.2
Rabbit Hunter 3DRabbit hunting game in northern africa and fareastjungles, free fun game!Take your sniper rifle and go tonorthernafrica and far east jungles for animal hunting. This is inyourhands with this realistic and free rabbit hunter game. Ourgameconsists of 32 levels in total. You have 2 semi automaticsniperrifles with excellent scope abilities.A relaxing firstpersonperspective animal hunting game. Users can look around themap byswiping the screen and moving anywhere there they want. Thegamehas 32 hunting levels so far. You hunt in valleys andjunglessurrounded by mountains and sometimes near the rivers andlake. Youcan hunt deers, zebras, rabbits and even ducks. As thisgame is arabbit hunting game, you are allowed to hunt rabbits only.If youhunt other animals you won’t get points and sometimes willbepunished for hunting. While playing our games, you can see‘2X’writings over several rabbits, that means it is doubleawardedhunting those rabbits.Please note that it is just a free fungameand never mean to go to hunting rabbits in real life!!!You willbeable to play the following in our free shooting game:-rabbithunting- deer hunting- duck hunting- Zebra hunting- Animalhuntingin jungleIt is very easy to play our game. There are 5buttons,left bottom rotates only. and other 4 buttons located onrightbottom as following: Move, shoot, zoom, switch guns.• Timer•Animalhunting ban• Level unlocking• Realistic Hunting Environments•16levels to play so far!• 2 semi automatic sniper rifle gunswithscope options.• Crispy and enchanting music and soundeffects.•Stunning and beautiful graphics. • No annoying in apppurchases.100% free. • Fun and addictive. Fit for allages.Experience thebest animal hunting simulator game on Androidplatforms. Play ourother animal hunting games like Bear hunter,boar hunter, animalhunter series and many more…Please leave yourcomments andthoughts. Your feedback is much more valuable tous!!!For anyquestions, please write us:ladikapps@gmail.comvisit:http://Ladikapps.weebly.comRegardsLadikApps and Games Team
Sniper Hostage Rescue 2.1
Sniper Hostage Rescue is the ultimate free shooting game. Insniperhostage rescue game you can show off your shooting skills oryourrescue skills. Due to interesting story of game, we sure youwillenjoy this very much. So if you are a real sniper shootinggamelover you should download this game for free on your mobilephoneand on your tablet. Sniper Hostage Rescue game is an androidgamethat lets you try what it takes to become a real lifesnipingexpert and learn how to rescue many humans. Good thing isyou haveunlimited ammunition and health bags with you so takeposition aimyour best sniper gun and shot these dangerousterrorists and rescuethe innocents peoples. Now you have a mission,a terrorist grouphas occupied the some city area and hijacked theinnocent citizensas hostages. As a good sniper and your mission isto eliminate allthe terrorists and rescue the hostages. Here youneed a cool headanomaly analysis and fast, aggressive, accurateshootingtechniques, allow your head to calm down, to enjoy thischallenginggame. So you must eliminate terrorists, hostage rescue,because youare a hero.★★★ Game Features ★★★- Different level withdifferentenvironments.- Easy to use control and smooth animations.-Amazingarmy sniper shooting rescue 3D game - Auto reload Assaultsniperrifle - Real time rescue challenge.- Helicopter and caravailablefor hostage rescue.- Addictive, loving & fun. - Thenaturalsounds of fire and game music- No connectivity requiredwhileplaying. ★★★ How to play ★★★- Hit shoot button to killtheterrorists, Whenever u fired terrorists will attack onhostages-Drag finger to adjust the playing screen- Use SniperButton to getcloser look
American Sniper Mission 3D 1.0
American sniper mission 3DYou are a legendary hero of yournation!Snipe your enemy!It is a Perfect interface: a first-personshooter.You have sniper missions on different countries of theworld. Hereyou will become one of the world's top sniper, you needa cool headanomaly analysis and fast, aggressive, accurate shootingpractices.this is a 3D FPS shooter, but also "3D sniper killer".You mustdestroy enemy headquarters and save your soldiers who aresent toenemy headquarters in order to complete their headquarters.Be verycareful because your enemy is also very strong. As acommando, youneed a great courage in the face of the fierce enemy.You mustdestroy the enemies , complete the tasks. Our game isaction-packedgame for action game lovers. It has beautiful frames,and is simpleto control. The game is totally free. The game kicksoff with arealistic scene in which several enemy soldiers areattacking toyou. There are many war scenes so you can enjoyrealistic war game.features:-a variety of scenarios, -Intelligentcombat system,-Intelligent guidance system, -A variety of differentbattlemodes-Perfect interface: a first-person shooter-3D imagesandquality sound effect-A variety of game scenarios: There areavariety of different scenarios, squares.For any questionpleasefeel free to contact us.Regards.
Sniper Rescue Mission 1.1
Sniper Rescue Mission is completely free shooting and sniperrescuegame with full of thrill and interesting story. You are asharpsniper shooter and you are sitting at hidden place fortheassistance of your soldiers in the highly critical area.Abattalion of enemy soldiers is standing opposite to your areaandthey are attacking your base time to time, a special team withyouas a sharp sniper shooter is deployed at base. Show yoursharpsniper shooting skills and kill all the enemy soldiers. Thisisrescue mission as you have to rescue the occupied base i ordertokeep your control. You have to play this challenging rescue gameinthree different levels. Each level is difficult and moretrickythen the previous. Save your army jeeps, important equipmentandbuildings. The best part of the game is that enemy soldiersareunaware of your position. We will add more levels in thenextrelease in which you have rescue the area using helicopter,gunshipor other modern army equipment. How to Play:☀ Drag finger onscreento view enemies soldiers.☀ Tap fire button on right bottomtoshoot.☀ Use telescope icon on left bottom of your screen toviewfar distance enemies.Top Feature☀ Best FPS rescue game.☀Bestanimations and smooth game controls.☀ Quality graphicswithoutstanding music.☀ Your favorite Sniper Gun with zoom featuretoaim the target. ☀ Unlimited ammunition.☀ Completely free gamewithminimal advertisement.