Top 47 Games Similar to The Mime Game

App Builder by Appy Pie-Create app(Free App Maker)
App Builder Appy Pie ( lets you buildyourown Android, iPhone, Windows or PWA App and put it on theappstores without any coding or programming skills. You can buildyourown app with App Builder Appy Pie with some simple drag anddropsteps; and help your business grow and reach the customers whocanbe anywhere in the world! “Make an app, as easy as pie!” AppyPie –the app builder lets you as an individual make an app foryourstart up, but is ideal for the small businesses supporting themtomake their products and services available to a wider audience.“Asoftware company wants to help you build a VR or AR app foryoursmall business.” Forbes “Definitely recommend it to peoplewhodon’t want or don’t know how to code (like myself). Overallverygood!” – Wayn Gaming “Even without layman users, Appy Pie hasatremendous client base, with more than 2 million apps createdand25,000 to 30,000 subscribers using the platform daily...”–International Business Times “Make An App With No CodingSkills,Download Appy Pie App Now!” 4.4 star ratings from genuineusers andour clientele is a homage to the quality of product andservicesoffered by Appy Pie. 100,000 downloads already done andstillcounting!*NO NEED FOR **Learn Android Development, Androidlearningfor beginners , Learn Android Programming , TutorialsforAndroid:Examples ,Android Studio, Programming Knowledge,NoCodingKnowledge, Android Development Tutorial , AndroidProgramming,Android Studio Tutorial , Android app developmenttutorial,Android programming tutorials , Learn android programmingstep bystep , Android app development tutorial using Android studio,Android mobile app development tutorial , Learn androidappdevelopment step by step , Android development online ,Androidprograming tutorial *YOU NEED *App Builder App Maker AppCreatorApp generator Create an app Make your own app AppdevelopmentAndroid app maker Website builder Online app makerIphone appbuilder Create my own app Best app creator Easy appmakerArtificial intelligence in App Development Artificialintelligenceprogramming Artificial intelligence projects Do youknow how tocreate an ideal App? Are you looking to make an App foryourBusiness? How to make free Android App in minutes ? Your wishisover. With Let's App Builder ,It is the world's fastestgrowingmobile platform for business. Create your own androidapplicationfor free in minutes! No coding skills or technicalknowledgeneeded. Prime Let's App Builder - introduces the firstappdevelopment builder tool that doesn't needed any programming andisdesigned for the palm of hand. you will be able to create yourownapp with three easy steps : (i) Selection (ii) Design (iii)Build .Move your business M2M to the next IOT level by having amobile appright now. Easy way to use app maker and requires noprogrammingskills . You will be able to create powerful &awesome appdesign that will look and feel beautifully like a nativeapp.Features : - Instant deliver .apk file - FREE Trial - Materialuserinterface - Multiple app categories to choose from - themestobetter suit your needs - Give instant updates to end userwithupdating app - Versatile design to personalize your app withyourown images and text - Social Media integration, connectyourFacebook, YouTube and Twitter to your app - Publishing to appstoreplatforms (Google Play) - Send push notifications to yourusers -Flexible chat - Add various pages like-about,contact,home,map,chat,quiz,document,survey,portfolio e.t.c-Additional services Benefit : - No need for learningAndroidApplication Development tutorial - Free of coding ortechnicalskill - No need for learning JAVA or XML *You will needasubscription to keep your app published. A free trial is included.
Mia Kitchen
Get the best Kerala food recipes and make tasty south Indianspicyfoods and enjoy. Mia kitchen provides the easiestcookinginstructions so that you can cook at your home itself.Appincludesthe ingredients required for every dish that you want tomake andalso have well explained video to make it easier for you.MiaKitchen features wide varieties of Kerala homely recipes as wellasnorth Indian foods.Kerala style chicken curry is one ofthefavourite dish that have been accepted by foodies all aroundtheworld.There are vegetarian and non vegetarian food items in theappwhich consist of many sub categories like Fish recipes,Beefrecipes, egg recipes, soups, etcYou can make different dessertsforyour children within minutes and also serve in specialoccasions.
Talking Photos from Meing
Make your photos come alive! With this magical app, makethefriends, family, cats, dogs, famous paintings in your photosalbumcome to life!- What can Talking Photos do? • Let your photoscomealive, unfreeze what was once locked forever!• Make yourphotocharacter sing, complain, laugh, seductive or just be plainweird!•Create fun animations from any photo and share with yourfriends!•Change stickers and memes into brainwashing TalkingPhotos!-Feedback & Support• E-mail: •Twitter:@meingapp • Instagram: @meing_app • Facebook Page:@meingapp •Youtube Channel: Meing • Website:
Earn Tej Money : Simple Tasks for Earning Daily
This is an app which lets you earn daily money very easily bydoingsome simple tasks.Guys, you may have seen many apps which payyoumoney but our app is different! * No need to share app.* No needtoinstall other apps.* No need to take surveys.* No need to do outofapp works.Simply install this app and complete the given taskstoearn money!Some awesome features of the app is:-* Earn DailyPaytmcash* Earn up to ₹ 75* Based on simple UI * Easy tounderstandpolicies* World's fastest customer support service(replyin 2minutes from the dedicated team!)
AppsGeyser Browser Official
Fast, high speed, secure modern browser with allcoolfeatures!AppsGeyser Browser Official is a free web browserforandroid devices with Fast Download, and Data Savingfunctionality,and helps you access music, video, cricketinformation with smoothexperience. AppsGeyser Browser Official –save space on yoursmartphone with simple and handy browser.
Sketchware is like WordPress for apps. Main Features:-Step-by-steptutorials you can follow to learn different programmingconcepts-Block programming similar to Scratch from MIT- Visual Drag&Drop Integrated development environment (IDE)-Automaticallytranslated source code (Java and XML)- Compile andbuild installfiles on your phone (APK file)- Fully Compatible withAndrod StudioSketchware is a Scratch-like block programming basedintegrateddevelopment environment (IDE) for developing mobileAndroid apps.It's okay if you do not know anything about developingAndroidapps. Sketchware is an IDE that uses block language likeScratch,an innovative programming language invented by MIT thattransformsthe complex language of text-based coding intovisual,drag-and-drop building blocks. Scratch is such a simplelanguage,even little children can learn to develop. SketchwaretranslatesScratch into Java and XML source codes, so there is nolimit onwhat you can develop.Sketchware provides tutorials you canfollowto become an expert at Scratch block programming and Androidappdevelopment. Each example contains programming concepts youcanunderstand by completing the project.Visually design anddevelopapps, then simply run your app with a single click to buildandinstall directly on your Android device. The projects arefullycompatible with Android Studio, an IDE used on a PC, so youcanexport your finished project and continue working onAndroidStudio, or your favorite editor. Also, if you create anaccount,you can also share your project to our server, where wesafelystore for you.Required Permissions:- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission is required to save andrunprojects.- GET_ACCOUNTS : This permission is required to loginwithGoogle Account.Disclaimer: This app was developed independentlyofthe MIT Scratch Team, which produces the Scratchprogramminglanguage and online community. The Scratch name andScratch cat aretrademarks of MIT.
Android app for D.El.Ed. & PDPET (bridgecourse)NIOSDisclaimer:The information contained on this app is forgeneralinformation purposes only.It is just guide to the user.Allinformation is collected from internet and the ownershipremainswith the publishers. The app merely redirects to theoriginalsites.Our Priority goal is providing best user experiencewhilenews reading.
APP Maker, Builder & Creator - DIY App Development
APP CREATOR, MAKER & BUILDER 2018 : CREATE YOUR OWN APP&MAKE EASY Mobile App Development with DIY APP BUILDER.AREYOULOOKING TO MAKE AN FREE APP FOR YOUR BUSINESS ? HOW TO MAKEFREEANDROID APP IN 3 MINUTES ? YOUR WISH IS OVER WITH “PRIMEAPPBUILDER”. APP Maker, Builder & Creator 2018 presents the#1android app development tool. It is the world's fastest growingDIYmobile app building platform for business. Create your ownandroidapplication for free in minutes! Design apps easily thatdoesn'tneeded any programming and is designed for the palm of hand.Nocoding skills or technical knowledge needed. Easy way to useappbuilder and create powerful app design that will look andfeelbeautifully like a native app.Create your own mobile app with3easy steps : (A) Scratch (B) Design (C) Build.*** APPFEATURES***DIY App Maker 2018Attractive material userinterfaceCustomizeapp pages anytime anywhereEasy Android AppDevelopmentInstant apppublicationNo Coding skill neededGive instantupdates to yourcustomersPublishing to app store platforms (GooglePlay)Design appseasilyCreate app with 3 easy steps : Scratch,Design &BuildConnect your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to yourappSendpush notifications to your usersFlexible chat included####DON’TNEED ####Android App DeveloperLearn Android DevelopmentHowToCreate An AppAndroid Learning For Beginners How To DevelopAnAppLearn Android Programming Step By StepTutorials ForAndroidExamplesAndroid App DevelopmentLearn Android StudioHow ToBuild AnApp Programming KnowledgeCreate android appAndroidStudioTutorialNo Coding Skill NeededHow To Make An AppMobileAppDevelopment TutorialAndroid Development Online#### DO NEED####AppBuilderApp CreatorApp Generator Artificial IntelligenceProjectsCreate An App Make Your Own App App Development Android AppMakerArtificial Intelligence Programming Website BuilderArtificialIntelligence in App DevelopmentOnline App Maker Create MyOwn AppAndroid App MakerBest App Creator Easy App Maker OnlineThankyoufor your attention to application you can comment andencouragedthe developers With 5 star ★★★★★ rating.
MIT AI2 Companion
Use the MIT AI2 Companion to help Develop your very ownAndroidApplications using MIT App Inventor. You can learn moreat
Frog Weather Shortcut
* Sometimes, Mr.Frog take a vacation. In that case, let's waituntilhim come back :) (Google's server problem)When remap theBixbybutton of Galaxy S8 and calling this app, weather can bedisplayedby simply pressing the Bixby button.I needed thisfunction:)AboutBixbyremapping*bxActions**BixBye*
Kelly is an Artificial Intelligence or Personal Assistantdevelopedfor Android. It occupies a space of only 16 MB afterdownload andyet it does all the work of a smart AI. You can performvariousactivities in the app.You can find roads, call cabs, ask hertoremember something, call someone and many more. For help checktheguide in the app. More information will be updated.
Anspeeder Pro, lag remover
(No ads version). Anspeeder, Android booster and lag remover.Oneclick and you will see the difference. Feel a new phone ortableton your hand with this little APP with Ancleaner™ tecnology.✓Morespeed✓ No lag✓ Better transitionsIf you like, vote us!
One Click Settings
One Click Settings enables you to access and organize allyourdevicesettings fromoneplace.=>wifi=>Wallpaper=>Security=>Date&Time...e.t.cThis app makes you tension free for searchingsettingsand makes you toeasily manage settings.
Allama Iqbal Open University, the first distanceEducationUniversity in South Asia that caters to the Educationalneeds of1.3 million students to enable them to study at their ownplace,attheir own pace and at their own convenience. This app istheandroid version for students which provides important linkstoadmissions, examination, live radio, TV and otherservicesavailable on official website of AIOU.
Abouzaid El Idrissi
Application reprenant les Conférences du Professeur AbouzaidMoukriEl idrissi classé selon les catégories citéesApplicationcontainingthe Teacher Conferences Abouzaid Moukri El Idrissiclassifiedaccording to the categories listed
Snappii App
Preview App from Snappii allows you to instantly preview andtestyour apps built on the Snappii Cloud Based MobilityPlatform.Create an account at and start making yourownapps. With Preview App from Snappii you will gain thefollowingbenefits:- ability to simultaneously make an app and seeit runningon multiple devices- easier and faster troubleshootingfor issuesand bugs- no additional software to download and installon yourdesktop- preview made apps in minutesSnappii builds nativecustommobile apps faster with more features and less expensivelythananybody in the industry!You may want to see the apps wealreadycreated here appdevelopment please contact us at orcall +1(603)651-0066Follow us onLinkedIn Follow us onTwitter out our YouTube videosat us on our blogat
.:< تـطـبـيـق عـداد الاسـتـغـفـار هو تـطـبـيـق بـسيـط لحسابعددمرات إستغفارك>:.يـتـميـز تـطبــيق عداد الأستغفار :* يحويواجهةبسيطه جدا * تتناسب مع جميع اجهزة نظام الأندرويد * لا يستهلكالكثيرمن البطارية * سهل الأستخدام ""هذا التطبيق وقف لوالداي حفظهماالله"".: :.Characterized by the application of a counterforforgiveness:* Includes a very simple interface* Suit allAndroidsystem devices* Do not consume a lot of battery* Easy touse"" Thisapplication to stop my parents saved God. ""
Daily Tasking
littleBits Star Wars™: Droid Inventor
Create your own Droid™ and bring it to life!UsinglittleBitselectronic blocks and instructions in the free DroidInventor app,you’ll create, customize and code your Droid from theground-up.Everything comes in the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit boxto createyour first Droid. As its creator, you’ll teach your Droidnewtricks and take it on 22+ missions. Along the way, you’lllevel-upyour inventor expertise and reconfigure your Droid to giveit newpowers, teach it new skills through code, or design any Droidyoucan dream up.Your Droid will become a trusty sidekick as youtakeit on in-app missions and decorate and customize it withhouseholditems and the included stickers so it can reflect youruniquepersonality. And your Droid’s!App FeaturesInclude:STEP-BY-STEPINSTRUCTIONSThis app is 100% required in orderto build your firstDroid, then move on to creating new, innovativeDroids.TIPS &TRICKSThe best part of being a littleBits DroidInventor is takingon challenges and using your brain. Getting stuckand seeking helpis part of the process. That’s why we have tips& tricks atevery turn, in case you need a littlewisdom.MISSIONS & CODEACTIVITIESNow with coding! The app comesfully loaded with 22+missions and activities, including 6+ newblock-based codingmission for you to tackle with your new Droidsidekick. Create,customize, and learn how to control your Droidwith code by givingit new powers. Then reconfigure it and guide itthrough an obstaclecourse.CUSTOM DROID IDEASOnce you’ve learned thebasics, it’s timeto level-up and do some serious inventing. Getideas for how toreconfigure your Droid and make it your trustysidekick. Is it aDelivery Droid? An Intruder Alerter? Up to you!20+AUTHENTICSOUNDSTap on an icon to help your Droid express itselfandcommunicate to you. Your Droid can giggle and even scream! Plus,itspeaks straight from the control hub within its Droid shell,notfrom your phone.DROID CONTROLSYou can reconfigure your Droidtoperform tons of tricks. Try guiding your Droid with ForceMode,drive it with a joystick or sliders, or let it go for a solospinin Self Navigation Mode. It’s all accessible with therightarrangement of Bits & Droid parts, and the appcontrols.Getyour own Droid Inventor Kit today at andstartcreating the next generation of Droids.---littleBits is aplatformof easy-to-use electronic blocks for you to createinventions largeand small. These innovative blocks snap togetherwith tiny magnets,allowing anyone to create, invent, and prototypewith electronicsindependent of age, gender and technical background– no soldering,wiring, or programming required.
Quotes Creator
Share your own thoughts or Words with picture. Createbeautifulinspirational text pictures and sayings images forInstagram. Addpoems or quotes to a photo and share your thoughts onInstagram.You can also add your own watermark, logo and QRcode.QuotesCreator is the best and easiest way to create and shareyour quoteswith the world. Quotes Creator ready with customizingoptions suchas background, text colors, text size, and fonts, oryou can chooseyour photo from your Photo Gallery to be used asbackground, so youcan share your own quotes with yourfriends.Quotes Creator is aperfectly built with good design (UI)and user experience.Aftercustomizing your own quote, you can save /share with the world viaInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp orother apps.Features:- Addtext to photos- Beautiful and userfriendly design.- Set amazingbackground from gallery and put yourprecious words on picture andshare with world.- We Provides hugequotes library with beautifulInspiration, Motivational, Life andLove Quotes by Authors andTopics. So, you can put inspiring quoteson your own background.-55+ Amazing in built fonts and backgroundtemplates.- You can setfont colors and Size.- Add text to pictures-Add inspiring words toimages- Add captions to photos- You can givephoto effects likeBlur, Brightness, Saturation, Contrast and Colorsto yourbackground.- You can set shadow on text- You can set yourfavoritecolor and color gradient as a background.- Share withInstagram,Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other apps.- 100+ uniqueandcreative font choices- You can Choose backgrounds from highqualitybackground collections.- You can save your own template-Addwatermark on photo. You can add text watermark, photowatermark,logo and QR code on image.- Manage template : Put yourfavoritetemplate first.- Choose fantastic quotes randomly-Extensivecollection of quotations by famous authors, celebrity,scientist,businessman and great persons.There are 20 high qualitywallpapersand backgrounds packages.1. Artistic2. Love3. Nature4.Night5.Light6. Grunge7. Texture8. Paper9. Dreamy10. Star11.Space12.Christmas13. Spring14. Winter15. Geometric16. Autumn17.Cloudy18.Water Color19. Floral Texture20. Poster Mock upFEEDBACK&SUGGESTIONThanks for all the support and suggestion! Yourfeedbackis hugely important to us and we're working hard to makethis appawesome.We love your feedback/suggestion - send us an anytime!JOIN OUR COMMUNITY"GetInspired,Stay Inspired" with our awesome gallery by findingus@QuotesCreatorApp on Instagram.Check out what our users havebeenmaking by searching for #QuotesCreator on Instagram!NEEDHELP?Weare ready to help you. Reach us -We'll do our best to help you with yourissue as soon as possible!
Yariguies App
Descarga la Aplicación Oficial de Yariguies donde hemosINNOVADOpara permitir a nuestros usuarios una EXPERIENCIAÚNICA.Accede enun solo clic y desde cualquier lugar del mundo a:1-Las Noticiasmas relevantes de Barrancabermeja y Colombia2- Músicaen vivo deYariguíes y Divertidos PlayMix de varios géneros para quelosescuches en todo momento. 3- Imágenes de nuestros DJ,Locutores,conoce nuestro equipo humano y nuestras instalaciones. 4-Juegos enlínea y Concursos para que participes y ganes connosotros. TodoYariguíes en una sola App. Llévanos siempre a un clicdedistancia.Download the official application of Yariguies whereweinnovated to allow our users a unique experience.One-clickaccessfrom anywhere in the world to:1- The most important newsofBarrancabermeja and Colombia2- Live Music and Fun Yariguíesplaymixof various genres for you to listen at all times.3- Picturesof ourDJ, Announcers, knows our team and our facilities.4- Onlinegamesand competitions for you to participate and win withus.Yariguíesall in a single App. Take us always just a click away.
DSF - Desperately Seeking Feni
DSF is completely free application to help users to findinformationabout Feni district of Bangladesh. As a beta versionthere may haveerrors in pages. Some pages are still underconstruction.YourSupport are very important to make it better andmore useful.In thisversion we have covered the followings:* ThanaPolice of Feni* FireService* Hospital and Doctors info* AmbulanceServices* Bank ,Insurance and ATMs* Government Offices* LocalLarge Markets* Bus andTrain Information* Feni At a Glance* Feni inLiberation War ofBangladesh* Tourist Attractions at Feni* Heros ofFeni* Thana -Pourosova - Upozella of Feni* Local Govrnments ofFeni* News Papersof Feni* Schools, Colleges, Universities,Madrasas of Feni* Map ofFeni* Local NGOs of Feni* Sports ofFeniAny advice and suggestionswill be greatly appreciated.
Inventions and Inventors
Inventions & Inventors – Inventions & Inventors app wasacomplete free app and it used in offline mode without theinternetavailability. Inventors & Invention app will give youall aboutlatest and old discoveries and technologies. TheInventions &Inventors app has everything simplified for quickand easy learningand reading it in different font sizes. TheInventors &Inventions app has covering around 150+ of inventorsand inventionsdetails under different categories. The requiredInventors andInventions can added it to your favorite list.TheInventions &Inventors app has the features to attend on quiz bylearning theInventions & Inventors.Use our Free Inventions& InventorsOffline App and learn and earn knowledge ondifferent Inventions ofInventors.
D.el.ed NIOS
Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.)
Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) programme isaspecifically designed package for in-service untrainedteachersworking in primary/ upper primary schools of differentstates ofthe country. The programme has been developed by theAcademicDepartment, NIOS on the initiative of Ministry of HumanResourceDevelopment (MHRD), Govt. of India, keeping in view the NCF2005,RTE 2009 and NCFTE 2010. The Programme aims at enabling thetargetgroup to develop in them skills, competencies, attitudesandunderstanding to make teaching and learning more effective
Ivory Food
Ivory Food is a mobile application in the context oftourismpromotion and has been designed to enable users to have athand thesecret of the Ivorian cooking.So the goal of thisapplication is topromote the Ivorian cooking that is as much variedas itspopulation is.The current version of the application allowsyouto:• Consult a variety of Ivorian recipe.• Share yourfavoriterecipes on social networks and show your friends what youlike inthe Ivorian cooking.• Save your favorite recipes on theapplicationand consult at any time.• Add your own recipes and viewat anytime.
Website Builder for Android
Presenting your business or hobbies on the internet is easierthanyou think. With SimDif you can - create - and maintain - yourownprofessional website also from your Android device. Buildyourpresentation site quickly and effectively.SimDif was designedtolet you focus on your area of expertise. No technical orpriorknowledge of building websites is necessary. You can getstraightdown to telling your story and organizing your content.: :: TheSimple Difference : : : • Our intuitively designed App allowsyouto switch seamlessly between your Android tablet, iOS deviceandyour computer(s) to work on your site. • SimpleDifferentwebsiteshave Free Hosting, No Ads, and No code to learn. • The Appis alsoa coach, with built-in tips and guides to help you write foryourreaders and search engines. • If you get stuck, we have fastandhelpful support to answer all your questions.: : : Features : ::STARTER SITES ARE FREE - Make websites of up to 7 Pages,withoptions for galleries, links, journal pages, a contact form,andregular web pages. - Add photos, Flickr Images, YouTubevideos,Facebook and Twitter like buttons, Google Maps … - Simplypublishyour site regularly to keep it online for free. PRO SITES -Up to30 Pages - And no need to re-publish your site. -ThemeDesigner -Create your own themes with our unique themedesigner. - GoogleAnalytics - Statistics about your visitors. -Integrate Paypal -The popular online payment solution. -Multi-language sites -Translate your site and get the first year ofyour translated prosite free. - Use your own domain - for example,,with your SimpleDifferent site.
Self Adhyan
here you can learn tally , excel , programmingLearn bywatchingsimple videos. download pdf related video for furtherhelp.sharealso you tube video for other student and subscribechannel forlatest updateBy installing this app you agree to thefollowingprivacypolicies:''''
Firecloud Offline
This application allows users to interact with theFireCloud365platform in order to perform safety checks on variouspieces ofsafety equipment.
OWLIE BOO is an app with educational games for toddlers andyoungchildren. Our fun, stimulating games help the youngest kidslearnhow to use a mobile device while they play. We paidspecialattention to our games not being violent or competitive:childrennever lose; rather, they play games with different degreesofdifficulty, according to their maturity level.- In Level 1,kidsjust touch the screen to make things happen.- In Level 2,kidsinteract with elements and objects in the scenery.- In Level3,kids are exposed to colors, shapes, and numbers.We hope thatyouwill enjoy it!
10th Planet Warmups
Warmups quick reference guide V.3
NIOS DELED Assignment Answer
About NIOS-D.El.Ed - NIos DEledAssignmentAnswerBlock-501Block-502Block-503original App isHere- un-trained in-service TeacherDiploma in ElementaryEducation(D.El.Ed) programme is a specifically designed packageforin-service untrained teachers working in primary/ upperprimaryschools of different states of the country. The programmehas beendeveloped by the Academic Department, NIOS on theinitiative ofMinistry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt.of India,keeping in view the NCF 2005, RTE 2009 and NCFTE 2010.TheProgramme aims at enabling the target group to develop theskills,competencies, attitudes, and understanding to make teachingandlearning more effective.
This is an interactive application of CEC-AMU.Launched inDecember2017 , this would be a first of its kind smart mobile appof AMUCultural Education Center.It has the following helpfulfeatures :1)Event Tracking & Management2) GEO based LiveVoting3) VirtualTour4) QR Code tour5) Gallery6) Subscriptionrequest7) PushNotifications8) Top5 rating9) Notice BoardHave fun !
Stand UP Maroc - Saison 2 2018
**La nouvelle Application de STAND UP MAROC du Saison 2 devotreemission StandUP**Vous aimez le sarcasme de Younes Megri,lefranc-parler de Latefa Ahrrare et l’humour de Mohamed ElKhiari?Retrouvez-les tous, demain soir dans « StandUp », lanouvelleémission de la chaîne Al Aoula placée sous le signe del’humour.Durire, de l’émotion et du talent… Voilà ce que vouspromet lenouveau programme télévisé d’Al Aoula, qui sera diffusé àpartir desamedi 21 janvier à 21h15. Intitulée StandUp, cettenouvelleémission de téléréalité ira à la rencontre de jeunestalents danstoutes les régions du Maroc, et se déroulera sur 8temps et avec 32candidats. Ces derniers devront convaincre un jurycomposé deYounes Megri, Mohamed El Khiari et Latefa Ahrrare. Côtécoach etanimateurs, ce sont Tarik Boukhari et Imad Kotbi quiprendront lescommandes. Et que ceux qui sont plutôt branchéssmarphone quetélévision se rassurent! La SNRT va lancer pour la1ère fois auMaroc une application mobile « Stand Up » pour créerdel’intéractivité en direct entre le téléspectateur et leprimediffusé à l’écran, via la fonctionnalité second screen.Rendez-vousdonc demain à 21h15 sur Al Oula pour vous détendreleszygomatiques!We are not affiliated, associated,authorized,endorsed by or in any way officially connected tostandup alaoulatv by SNRT, ( more information pleasecontact us
irplus - Infrared Remote
This is an application for using the internal infrared blasterofmany modern smartphones - with the long-term aim to supportmostdevices with infrared-remote control and their functionsaspossible.The format of the remotes has been designed in averyflexible way and the full layout with codes can be edited viatheapp and an import / export method.Supported devices:-Anysmartphone or tablet using Android 4.4 or higher with aninfraredblaster / emitter (only if the API was correctlyimplemented by themanufacturer, Some SONY devices are NOT supportedbecause they cannot send RAW codes!)- Other: Xiaomi Mi4, Cubot X12,Huawei Honor 8-LG G3, G4, G5 and newer (Some older LGs are notsupported becausethe LG API does not support raw codes on them)-Samsung deviceswith Infrared and Stock-ROM will work on Androidbelow Kitkat too.-HTC devices below 4.4 are supported as well butmay cause problems(Contact me if you need assistance)- Support forMedion LifetabS7852 and S10334 and other Lenovo devices withinfrared.- If yourdevice has infrared and does not work, pleasecontact withadditional info so i can check if support can beadded.If thedevice you want to control is not available send me anE-Mailrequest and i will try to add it into the database when ihavetime. Also feel free to search for working discrete Codesyourselfand send them in (LIRC, Pronto Hex etc) to make my researcheasierand build the database faster.Notable features:- Import LIRC(*.cf,*.conf) and irplus (*.irplus, *.xml) files.- Macro mode,Buttonscan send multiple IR commands in a row with one press-Layout andcodes of remote control can be customized via XML files-Option touse Volume Up / Volume Down Hardware buttons to sendcommands-Option to visualize sent IR code as On/Off graph for easycodecheck- 3 type of Widgets (Single, 6- and 9-Button)Please note:Ifyou rate this application, please consider its underactivedevelopment. If you have problems or suggestions pleasecontact mefor helping me to fix them! ;-) Thanks!~~~~~~
Commandr for Google Now
Due to MIT overworking me, this application will no longerbesupported by me. However, it is open sourceat and I am morethanwilling to assist anyone who has the time to continue workingonthis.Add commands to Google Now, no root required!AndroidAuthorityTop 10 Best App of 2014As Featured on CNET, LifeHacker,SlashGear,Android Police, Android Authority, Android Central, DroidLife,Android Community, Android Pit, and more!"If you are lookingfor away to add a few extra voice commands to Google Now, giveCommandra try!" - CNET"... if you're using your phone hands free inthecar, it can be a life saver" - LifeHacker"Withthe3rd-party-developed app Commandr, Google Now gets a boost"-SlashGear"... meet Commandr, the new in-between serviceforflipping hardware switches in Google Now" - AndroidPoliceGoogleNow Just Got BetterNow you can use Google Now tocontrol yourflashlight, toggle settings, control music playback,and muchmore!Google Now Just Got PersonalAdd your own customcommandsthrough Tasker to make sure your device fits yourlifestyle.UnifyYour SmartphoneAccess all the features of yourdevice throughGoogle Now so you don't have to remember what appdoes what.Setupand ForgetOnce you setup Commandr, it will always beaccessiblefrom Google Now and will only run when needed. It won'tslow downyour phone or your boot.Full Android Wear SupportEithersay "OkayGoogle" + the command to your watch or open up the fullAndroidWear app and tap on a command!OfflineCommands work fullyoffline!(have to type instead of speak)Command List (so far):-FlashlightOn/Off- Wifi On/Off- GPS On/Off (some devices)- BluetoothOn/Off-Wireless Hotspot On/Off- Pause/Resume Music- Previous/NextSong-Read Unread SMS- Read Last SMS From Contact- Play GoogleMusicPlaylist- Chatbot (for Siri-like functionality)- CellularDataOn/Off- Read Unread Gmail- Raise/Lower Volume-Silence/UnsilenceRinger- Set Volume to Percentage- Unlock/Lockphone- Take aPicture- Take a Selfie- Shutdown (Root)- RebootRecovery (Root)-Restart (Root)- Clear Notifications (Root)- WolframAlpha- SendWhatsapp message- Enable/Disable Rotation Lock-Enable/DisableSync- Night mode (Disable wifi, data, and ringer)-Enable/DisableAirplane Mode (Root)- Enable/Disable CarModeDeveloper: RyanSenanayakeGraphic Designer: Adriano LoiaconoOpenSourceContributors: Aaron Disibio (firesoul453), MokshJawa,flyingtoaster0, Daniel Quah (emansih)Special thanks to MokshJawafor his outstanding work not only in his open-sourcecontributions,but also in his relentless marketing of theproductSourcecode: notenableTalkback Accessibility service instead of Commandr. If you dothisby accident and notice an orange box around tappable items,pleasesee the Talkback support pages to turn offtheservice.Tutorials:Tasker (In-App): Use this for launching asingletask1. Install Commandr and Tasker-[url][/url]2.Navigateto Tasks and press the add button in the bottom-right3.Configurethe command and keep note of the name4. Ensure thatTasker isenabled (icon in top left is colored)5. Go topreferences(top-right) > Misc and check "Allow ExternalAccess"6. In theCommandr app click Tasker7. Find the command youcreated and enableit by tapping the switch top-right8. (Optional)edit the phrasethat will activate the commandTasker (Plugin): Usethis forlaunching multiple tasks1. Install Commandr and Tasker-[url][/url]2.UnderProfiles Click Add3. Event4. Plugin5. Commandr6. Configurethephrase to listen for7. Add tasks to profile
Gold Fever - Make Money
Welcome to your Gold Mine! In Gold Fever you can easily MAKEMONEYonline for free! Hire hardworking miners for coins. Boosttheirspeed by watching exciting video ads. Check in daily and getextracoins. Harvest sparkling gold and exchange it for real money.HOWDOES IT WORK?1. Earn Coins to hire miners 2. Harvest goldnuggetsin your mines 3. Exchange gold for REAL MONEY4. Redeem moneyviaPaypal, AmazonHOW TO MAKE MONEY? ★ Choose offers fromplentypartners★ Download free apps & games★ Invite friends andgetextra coins★ Watch exciting video ads★ Complete surveys&contestsHIGHLIGHTS✔ Daily Reward - Get free Coins✔ Make moneyevenwhile you’re offline✔ Daily new valuable offers✔ Easy and funwayto make money✔ Completely FREE cash appSUPPORTMissing Coins?Turndirectly to the support of the specific partner.You haveanotherproblem? Contact us at support@goldfever.meMake money onlineon theroad or from home super easy fast and by the way. It hasnever beenso easy! You’ve got the Gold Fever?
SocialPic Expander 2.0
★★★ SocialPic Expander ★★★The easiest and most convenient way toseebig(in original size) profile photos from instagram.Seeprofilepictures from Instagram in original/bigger/full size.All youneedto do is to enter any instagram username and tap “ShowPhoto”button. And wait a few seconds, let app does its magic.Hidden orpublic account, doesn’t matter. You can see any profilepicture inbigger size using this app.
Beta TestingCatalog
Do you want to be able to get new features of your favoriteAndroidapps first or try new apps before they are released toeveryone?📲TestingCatalog is a community of beta testers 🎮 anddevelopers 💻exploring android apps and exchanging feedback.You canfind opt-inlinks for many different apps, available for betatesting. You canjoin the related beta testing communities inGoogle+. Daily updatedcatalog 📬 with the new apps for beta testingis waiting foryou!This app was made by beta testers for betatesters. We have thebiggest collection of Android apps for betatesting 🗃 and our maingoal is to connect beta testers and Androidapp developers.Features:* Applications list - a list of Androidapps for betatesting with daily updates.* What's New list - a listof beta appschangelogs and updates from the Google Play and GooglePlus. *Application details - app description with join and opt-inbuttons.You can join Google+ community and open opt-in linkdirectly in theapp.* Help - a small step by step tutorial for betatesters.*Search - Full-text search among our database.* Installedapps - alist of installed apps available for beta testing.* Endedbetashighlighting - ended beta programs apps are highlighted with agreycolor.Any bug reports, feature requests are welcome! Don'tforgetto join our Google+community!📬 Join our Telegram👍Joinour Facebook📸Checkour Instagram!This app requiresa Google account.
ScratchJr is an introductory programming language that enablesyoungchildren (ages 5 and up) to create their own interactivestories andgames. Children snap together graphical programmingblocks to makecharacters move, jump, dance, and sing. Children canmodifycharacters in the paint editor, add their own voices andsounds,even insert photos of themselves -- then use theprogramming blocksto make their characters come to life.ScratchJrwas inspired by thepopular Scratch programming language(, usedby millions of young people (ages 8and up) around the world. Increating ScratchJr, we redesigned theinterface and programminglanguage to make them developmentallyappropriate for youngerchildren, carefully designing features tomatch young children'scognitive, personal, social, and emotionaldevelopment.We see coding(or computer programming) as a new typeof literacy. Just as writinghelps you organize your thinking andexpress your ideas, the same istrue for coding. In the past,coding was seen as too difficult formost people. But we thinkcoding should be for everyone, just likewriting.As young childrencode with ScratchJr, they learn how tocreate and expressthemselves with the computer, not just tointeract with it. In theprocess, children learn to solve problemsand design projects, andthey develop sequencing skills that arefoundational for lateracademic success. They also use math andlanguage in a meaningfuland motivating context, supporting thedevelopment ofearly-childhood numeracy and literacy. WithScratchJr, childrenaren't just learning to code, they are coding tolearn.ScratchJr isa collaboration between the DevelopmentalTechnologies group atTufts University, the Lifelong Kindergartengroup at the MIT MediaLab, and the Playful Invention Company. TwoSigma led theimplementation of the Android version of ScratchJr.The graphicsand illustrations for ScratchJr were created byHvingtQuatreCompany and Sarah Thomson.If you enjoy using this freeapp, pleaseconsider making a donation to the ScratchFoundation(, a nonprofitorganization thatprovides ongoing support for ScratchJr. Weappreciate donations ofall sizes, large and small.This version ofScratchJr works only ontablets that are 7-inches or larger, andrunning Android 4.2 (JellyBean) or higher.Terms of Use:
Kids Safe Search Engine
Two popular kids search websites are now available for yourandroiddevice. This app brings two child friendly search enginestogetherand children can choose which one to use. Both Safe Searchenginesuse Google strict SafeSearch technology to help blockillicitmaterial. This, combined with a regularly maintaineddatabase ofadult keywords, URL's and key phrases, will additionallyblockexplicit web content to give children a safe searchexperience.Noadult filter can be 100% accurate, so please read theadditionalsafety tips that are provided on the websites.
Windguru Lite
The official "Lite" app to access wind and weather! If you do not know anything about Windguruandyou are looking for classic weather app with animatedweatherpictograms, this is NOT FOR YOU! :-)This app works similiarto thefull website at but only offers the mostimportantfeatures: forecasts, live stations, maps.Development ofthis Liteapp will go on, now it's just a subset of the web versionbut soonit should bring some "old good" features of the oldapp( an alternative for those who wish something between thefullsite and the old-school appThe app now supports addingfavouritesfor quick access even for anonymous users.You can useyour windgurulogin to access favourites associated with yourexisting account andto view PRO forecasts (if you are a PROsubscriber)Please note thatthe original Windguru website is madeas a Progressive web app,which means it can work just like an appon your Android device andoffers full functionality. It'srecommended to use it like that.More info at This Windguru Liteversion is onlya simple alternative available from Google Play.Incase you preferthe old app, find "Windguru Old" on GooglePlay: of the old APK files manually fromhere:
Root App Deleter 7.3.0
best tool for android users, and works better withrootpermission.top1 uninstall tool for android2.3/3.0/4.x/5.x/6.x.ithelps you easily and quickly manager systemapps (freeze orremove), the best tool for managing your androidsystem.compared toother clean or uninstall tools, it is much morebetter andspecial:* tiny,fast, even running on old phones with lowmemory.*"modify" MODE, change system apps before uninstalling*can"Disable" backgroud system service, such as "googlebackgroudtransport" and "contact sync service"I wanna provide agood app forall users and will continue making willfind howuseful and how safe this App is.Guys, enjoy!
El MLG Soundboard
The Awesome soundboard For MLG IS HERE!! Features of thisapp:NoAnnoying ads, All MLG Sounds, Set your favorite sounds asringtoneor alarm (Just hold the sound you want)Download our MLGSoundboardNOW!Any suggestions or any sounds you want us to add letusknow.Enjoy.
Saudi Iqama Check
check iqama detail now in 3 language urdu english and arabiccheckiqama expiry date check available funds ,iqamainsurance,applyfamily visa online,check visit visa online,checkmosasa color,company status, traffic violation , traffic fines ,and videosabout saudi nizam video tube , informational videos andmany moreyou cal also ask us if you need help
Handy Timetable
Handy Timetable is simple and easy application to manage coursesandlessons. Design your school life using Handy Timetable !! ★Features★ ✔ Easy to use and intuitive interface ✔ Simple toconfirm theclass hour of each class ✔ Simple memo for each course✔ Assignmentand exam schedule of each course able to be stored ✔Separating Aand B we ek into making two kinds of timetable ✔ Freeto designatethe extent of both week and periods