Top 19 Games Similar to Farm Fruit Bubble Shooter

Farm Bubbles 1.0.1
Do you like farm? Farm Bubbles is easytoplayand fun making game. Collect same color bubbles onbeautifulfarmsby using specified number of moves. Clear all bubbleson thefarmto move on next level. Make group of bubbles to makethemburst.Install and enjoy this fun making and exciting app.The publisher has license for commercial use of alltheimagesused in this app. For more details contact thepublisher.
Bubble Farm Story 1.3
Games for children in a fun package .Thepurpose of the game is to collect bubbles of the same color .Tapon the screen to fire bubbles. The game is suitable toassistchildren in playing while learning . With two game modes inthisgame will add exciting game . The many levels in this game willnotmake you bored .
Farm bubble shooter 1.0
Farm bubble shooterFarm Bubble Shoot with his adventure throughmanyinterestinglevels will make you happy than ever.Free download and suitable for kids, toddlers and even adult.Come Play Farm Bubble Shoot Rescue today. Hours of funaheadofyou!Enjoy
Bubble Shooter Farm 2016 0.1
Do you like farm? Farm Bubbles is easytoplayand fun making game.Play this Farm Bubble Shooter, is free, best fungameandAddictive shooting bubble buster game. game!This classic bubble shooter game for all ofkindage:children,teenagers and adult and the bestway to spend time .Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.Clear all the bubbles to level up.Clear the current puzzle level to unlock the next one25 levelsPlay this addictive game and enjoy unstoppable fun.See how far can you go in this bubble shooter.Be the best farm bubble shooter.
Bubble Sugar Games 1.0
Evans, Inc
Bubble Sugar Games is a present foreveryonewholove playing game in free time or on Valentine'sDay.BubbleSugarGames is one of brand new Shoot bubble 2016gamesfreedownload.Bubble Sugar Games is a best fun game you canplaywith.To play this game is really simple just Make combinationsof 3ormore bubbles with same color to make them falldown/crush/burstandClear all the bubbles to win game. This gamehave deluxebeautifulcolor bubbles ready to play for you. It isjungle versionof bubbleshoot game. This game is very cool andsuitable for allage: kids,toddlers, teenagers and adult. The gameoffers beautifulbackgrounddesigned with jewels /pet, panda, birds,butterfly aswell as agreat bubble shoot/ shoot bubble algorithm andcleverlycreatedlevels that are here to test all your skills andcommitmenttosolve the puzzles.Besides, the feature graphicsisdesignedbeautifully by blaze bubble bust bubble fruits. Youwillenjoywonderful space as you are flying into flower bubbleWorld!It’svery simple and the best way to spend free time on anairport,onthe bus or train in city. A new experience but still thesamegoal:form groups of 3 or more fruits to clear outtheboardentirely!This version also includes bonuses angry birdsandmalusesmaking your journey even more challenging.Do youloveBubbleShooter Classic/shoot bubble worlds/bubble legend?.In the challenge mode, you will be facedwithincreasinglydifficult levels as you progress You will trytostrategically sendthe right fruits at the right spot and createtherightcombinations to clear any given level. You will then moveonto thenext level for more bubble shooting! wonder zoo-animalIn the arcade mode, you will challenge yourself to beatyourbubbleshooting record. Will you beat your highest score?BubbleRose canbe downloaded for free today! Join us and becomeamaster!How to play Bubble Sugar Games:- Tap where you want the bubble.- To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.- Clear the current puzzle level to unlock the next one- You can even choose to play previous completed levelsIt is a famous game that you all love, first time foryourAndroiddevice, Android tablet!Tips: Breaking the bubbles continuously can getpointsasbonus.Features Bubble Sugar Games:+ 100+ levels of challenging puzzles!+ Earn a high score, beat your friends' scores+ Power up with boosts+ Master tricky obstacles+ Cheerful animations and playful music+ Adventure across novel worlds+ Helpful magical boosters to help with challenging levels+ Complete adventurous levels and unlock treats+ Easy and fun to play, challenging to master+ Hundreds of sweet levels in the candy kingdom - more addedevery2weeks!+ Leader boards to watch your friends and competitors!+ Easily sync the game between devices and unlock fullgamefeatureswhen connected to the Internet Jewels saga is apuzzlegame in whichyou burst bubbles to trigger a chain reactioninorder to eliminatethemIf you like this shoot bubble 2016 games, give a try toourothersfarm heroes.marble legend is without a doubt a free game which canhelprelaxingeverywhere. The interface is nice and clean andclutterfree. Bubbleshooter/ jewels star this is fun and addictivebubbleshoot game!Support for both device mobile and tablet.
Game for Twin Kids Upin Ipin 3.0
FUm Dev
The latest game for the twins Upin and Ipin.Play the game upin ipin. Help the twins collect coins tobuyfried chicken. Use the new bike made in Tuk Dalang aroundtheentire village.Come cycling and collect coins
Fruit Bubble ShootUp Game 1.0
Addicto Games
Fun and addictive Fruit BubbleShooterGame!!The most classic Bubble Shooter game. Make combinations of 3 ormoreFruits to make them burst. Clear all the Fruits to levelup.itcontain a several different theme may sure you will like itandenjoy to play the Fruits shooter game with Foresttheme.superaddictive and a great way to spend free time on anairport, on thebus or train.The objective is,as usual, to adjustyour gun’s anglesand position it correctly. Then tap your finger toblast away atsimilar coloured Fruits.The more Fruits you poptogether, thehigher the score. The addiction lies in the fact thatit hasseveral levels.Competitive people will definitely love thearcadeversion of this fantastic game.!!Feature:-1:- Fruits with different Colour2:- Good Fruits Graphics3:- More Then 200 level to solve Fruits puzzle
Bubble Fruit Ice 1.0
Bubble Fruit Ice Penguin BubbleShooterMissionwill offer you bubble frenzy gameplay atyourfingertips.Do you love to play bubble games? If you love playingwithcolourfulbubbles and enjoying mega blast with thesepoppingbubbles, the freeapp Penguin Bubble Shooter Mission willkeep youentertainedunlimited on your android device..::The features of the game::.This new avatar of bubble shoots and blast game hasitsirresistiblecharm and addiction. It is a great entertainmentforkids also.Before you download the game, check itsentertainingfeatures at aquick glance:• This bubble shooter game is played with an exciting musicatthebackdrop: the rhythm will keep you always energized• User friendly and colourful user interface: thecoolarctictheme is one of the added attractions of this penguinplaygame• You can rate the app: share your delight of playingthispenguinbubble shoot game with other users.Download the Penguin Bubble Shooter Mission app game rightnowandstart playing this bubble frenzy game. We can baitthatthisPenguin Bubble shooting game will keep you always busyatyourandroid device.• You will play as many times as you like: the gamePenguinBubbleShooter Mission will keep you amused with itsunpredictablebubblepopping patterns,• There are multiple levels to play here: all levels canbeplayedwith same fun packed challenge to pamper yourbubbleplaypassion.
Bubble Fruit Shooting Game 1.3
Bubble Fruits Shooting Game is theclassicandpopular shooter game. Suitable for kids, toddlers andevenadults.Free Download & Play. Make match 3 or more fruitbubblestomake them burst. Clear all the bubbles to level up.This release is contains both Puzzle Mode & Endless Mode.#Have 2 Mode for Bubble Fruits Shooting Game :* Puzzle Mode : 120 fun levels puzzles. Shoot all bubblefruitsbaseon each level. Up & Up Higher Challenge Target. EasytoHardLevels. If you can't clear all above bubbles beforefruitbubbleswhich you used to shoot other depleted,it meansYOULOSS!* Endless Mode : shoot whole fruit base on time. The bubbleswillgodown and nonstop. So you quickly and so fast clear allfruitbeforeit down to dead line below. If you don't. GAME OVER!#The main objective is to destroy all the fruitbubbles.Toachieve this goal, a player can apply differentstrategies:* Collapse - find existing chains of three or more bubbles.* Cause avalanches - manage to pop enough bubbles as to cutoffanentire section – causing all of the bubbles underneath topopaswell.* Collect new chains of balls.* Sort fruit and shooting them at different angles toquicklycreatea desired combination.! Enjoy The Game Time !- Please Rating & Comment for Improve NewVersionForYou...THANKS -
Bubble Shooter Fruit 1.0
Min Dev
Bubble Shooter Fruit. Amazing Hit gameBubbleShooter Deluxe has arrived to Google Play!Ready, aim, fire! Pop ’em and drop ’em in thisbubble-shootingextravaganza!Over 200 popping puzzles—with more added all the time—will haveyoubursting with excitement as you aim, fire and tilt your waythrougha fun-filled adventure!Features :1. Addictive treasure wizard story.2.Beautiful graphic game scenes3.Nearly 200+ levels of Challenging Puzzles!4.Exciting and crazy obstacles5.Wonderful and interesting power ups6.Beautiful animation effectsFruit Bubble Shooter deluxe is the thrilling bubble-poppergamewith millions of players worldwide. Join the free fun today,andpop your way to the top! play Bubble Shooter Fruit.
Bubble Fruit Shooter 1.0
"This amazing Match Fruit Shootergamefeatureshighly addictive game play.Tap where you want to Fruit Shooter. To group 3 or more Fruittomakethem bust3. Clear all the Fruit on the screen to level up,and try toget3stars on each level.Tips : Breaking the Fruit continuously can get points as bonus!You can Swap Fruit same and match 3 Fruit color or moreFruittogain points. before Fruit across the horizontal line!This is classic Match Fruit Shooter game. Make combinationsof3or more Fruit to make them burst. Clear all the Fruit tolevelup.Our game is more fun than Fruit witch.No matter what kind of Match Fruit Shooter game you haveplayed,youshould try this game to find more fun and pleasure.I believe you will make me surprised by your smart talent.It’stimefor you to make your talent to gain more scores inthisgame."
Candy Fruit Bubble Shooter 1.8
Have fun playing your favoriteclassicgameCandy Fruit Bubble Shooter for FREE!Candy Fruit Bubble Shooter is the most vibrant andclassicmatch-3bubble shooting game where your goal is to finish asmanyfun &addictive levels as quickly as possible byshootingthebubbles.In this game, Candy Fruit Bubble Shooter will let yousimplyaim,shoot and pop those bubbles and enjoy yourbubbleshootingadventure! Sounds easy, but can you really do it andshootall thebubbles?In Candy Fruit Bubble Shooter You will be helping a rhinoshootthebubbles.Try to aim and shoot candy fruit at right places to popthecandyfruits. To be successful in shooting the candy fruit,theCandyFruit Bubble Shooter game puzzle requires you plan yourmoves,makecombinations, aim and shoot the Candy Fruit to popsamecoloredbubbles on this epic Candy Fruit busting ,poppingandshootingsaga.With many game puzzle levels you will never be bored withthebubbleshooter game puzzle.In Candy Fruit Bubble Shooter all you are required is topopandshoot as much bubbles as you want. Use your criticalthinkingandimagination to clear levels.# Feauture #1. beautiful grafic of candy fruits2. cute character3. much level = +100 levels bubble shooting4. beautiful background# How to play Candy Fruit Bubble Shooter #1. Tap on the screen to shoot the candy fruitsinthatdirection.2. Make formations of 3 or more bubbles to knock them down.3. Don't let the candy fruit come down.4. Play it and complete each level.Goodluck and let's have fun with candy fruit bubble shooter
Bubble Shooter Mania Story 1.0.1
The Adventure bubble shooter is a newfreeBubble pop game that offers immense joy and adventurous gameplayto the players. Enjoy the ever changing ball colors, excitingnewlevels and complete fantasy land with multiple progress areaandlots of other stuff. The game is developed to offer funloaded,addictive game play for your leisure time. We bet you won’tgetbored with this bubble shooter game for hours.Game Play:The Adventure bubble shooter game features a different anduniquebubble shooting game-play with lots of different scenes andawesomebackground display. Unlike the other regular bubble shootinggames,Adventure bubble shooter offers a different and adventurousfeelwhere you have to select levels before you start the game.Thebackground of the game is pretty interesting with lots of farmlifeaerial views. You can have a look at the overall map of thegamebefore you start playing it. The game is loaded with fun,addictivegame play, tough gaming levels and high scoresrewardingstuff.What makes it a special and unique game is that its interfaceissimple yet attractive. The use of high quality graphicsandexcellent game mechanics make this game an addictive one.Unlikeother bubble blast games, Adventure bubble shooter allows youtoselect a character before you start playing the game. Youcanselect your character from four different charactersavailable.Each character is assigned with a level like beginner,medium,tough etc. Once you select your character, you are presentedwith agame map with different levels. Select your desired level andtapPlay to start the game.The Adventure bubble shooter offers you with multiple coloredballsand each balls has a different thing inside it. Differentgraphicalexpertise is used to enhance the game-play. By addingdifferentjewels and other things in different colored balls,developers haveincreased its charm and fun.Character based game play:In this free bubble blast game, your character throws theballtowards your pointed direction. While in other bubble shootergameswe have a cannon gun to shoot bubbles or balls, here wehavemultiple characters to throw the ball. You can pointtowardssimilar color balls and your player with throw the ball inthatdirection. Each level has new colors of balls and every levelcomeswith a different difficulty mode. Game gets interestingandchallenging with each level and players are required to paymoreattention to the game play.This free Adventure bubble shooter game also has bonus ballstooffer you more scores. Any dull color ball has some points initand whenever you drop a dull colored ball to ground, you willearnbonus scores.Time based game play:While other bubble shooter games keep on dropping bubble’s walltothe cannon gun, this adventurous and addictive bubble blastgamehas a timer that allows you to complete a level in the giventime.If you won’t be able to complete a level within given time,youwill have to play it again.Players can also select different boosts at the time of startingthelevel. These boosts help players in clearing levels quickly.Playthe Adventure bubble shooter to your best and clear each levelwith3 stars to get access to new levels and new characters.The game is adventurous, full of amazing options, offersextendedjoy and a competitive entertainment level for everyplayer.Download it NOW to enjoy a brand new bubble shooting maniawithlots of candies, bubbles and items loaded balls. This free gameisavailable for all android versions.Features:• Extended fun loaded game play• Multiple exciting new levels• Character based game play• Time based game-play• New balls with different items crystallized in them• Different and interesting game play• Available for all android versions• Different prices and Boosts
Bubble Shooter Squirrel 1.0
Bubble Shooter SquirrelWelcome to Bubble Shooter Squirrel!In this game you can play twain modes, Puzzle Mode&EndlessMode.Shoot and prepare the combinations of 3 or more bubbleswithsamecolors to make them blow.How to play:1. Tap on the screen to shoot in that direction.2. Make formations of 3 or more bubbles.3. Clear the current level to unlock the next one.4. You can even choose to play previous completed levels.Tips: Breaking the bubbles continuously can getpointsasbonus.
American Bubble Shooter 1.1
American Bubble Shooter is a Newcasualandarcade puzzle game really fun to play in every momentofyouractivity. Fun and addictive bubble shoot game,Makecombinations of3 or more bubbles to the make them burst . Clearallthe bubbles tolevel up .How to play:1. You only tap on the game board where you specificallywanttheball .2. Tap where you want the bubble. Tap longer to see the arrowtohelpyou out with aiming3. To group 3 or more bubbles to the make them burst.Click the menu key to select levels and other options.Have happy with this game.