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MAPS.ME – Offline Map and Travel Navigation 8.3.6-Google B.V.
Free, fast, detailed and entirely offline maps withturn-by-turnnavigation – trusted by over 100 million travelersworldwide.OFFLINE MAPS Save mobile data, no internet is required.FREEFOREVER All maps inside and all features are free. Always wereandalways will be. NAVIGATION Use driving, walking andcyclenavigation anywhere in the world. INCREDIBLY DETAILEDDirections topoints of interest (POI), hiking trails and placesmissing fromother maps. UP-TO-DATE Maps are updated by millionsofOpenStreetMap contributors daily. OSM is an open-sourcealternativeto popular map services. FAST AND RELIABLE Offlinesearch, GPSnavigation along with optimized maps to effectively savememoryspace. BOOKMARKS Save locations you love and share them withyourfriends. AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE Essential for home and travel.Paris,France? Check. Amsterdam, Netherlands? Check. Barcelona,Spain?Check. New York, Chicago, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada,Seattle, SanFrancisco, California, USA? Check! Rome, Italy? Check.London, UK?Check. TRAFFIC DATA New online city traffic maps. Checkout updateson traffic info and fastest driving routes in 36countries! ANDMORE! – Search through different categories e.g.restaurants,cafes, tourist attractions, hotels, ATMs and publictransport(metro, bus…) – Make hotel bookings via Booking.comdirectly fromthe app – Share your location via text message orsocial media –When cycling or walking, the app shows whether theway is uphill ordownhill Continued use of GPS running in thebackground candramatically decrease battery life. If you have anyquestions,visit our Help Center: If you are unableto findthe answer to your question, contact us at: [email protected] on FB: | Twitter:@MAPS_ME
Offline Maps & Navigation 17.4.2
Navigation app that combines the best of offline and onlinefeaturesto create the ultimate navigation experience. Compact mapsof over200 countries were specially optimized to take up lessspace on yourphone. Follow accurate voice directions, avoidtraffic jams and getspeed limit & speed camera alerts. Regularmap updates. NAVIGATEANYWHERE, EVEN WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION• Offline maps of allcountries in the world, from TomTom and otherproviders • Free mapupdates multiple times per year • Voice-guidedGPS navigation withprecise directions and spoken street names •Millions of interestingPlaces (POI) • Real-time route sharing letsyou share your estimatedtime of arrival & current position ona map* • Pedestrian GPSnavigation with walking directions andtourist attractions (POI)ESCAPE THE TRAFFIC • Avoid traffic jamswith the most accuratereal-time traffic information with datacollected from more than 500million users worldwide* STAY SAFE •Advanced safety features makedriving in unfamiliar territorieseasier • Speed limit warnings showyou the current speed limit andthe upcoming speed limit changes •Dynamic Lane Assistant guidesyou into the correct lane • Head-upDisplay (HUD) projectsnavigation onto the windshield of your car,making driving at nightsafer • Dashcam records the road ahead andautomatically savesvideo in case of an accident • Real ViewNavigation is an augmentedreality feature for even better and saferdriving experience SAVEMONEY ALONG YOUR ROUTE • Park easily withparking place suggestionsand live info about prices andavailability* • Set your fuel typeand fill up for the best pricewith live information about fuelprices* • Avoid speeding ticketswith Speed camera warnings* • Savemoney on roaming charges withoffline maps *Please note that thisfeature requires internetconnection. Note: Sharing videos fromDashcam is forbidden by law inthese countries: Austria, Belgium,Luxembourg, Switzerland,Slovakia, Spain. By installing, copying orusing all or any portionof this software you accept all the termsand conditions of thisagreement:
Maps - Navigate & Explore 6.14.5
Google LLC
Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over220countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millionsofbusinesses and places on the map. Get real-time GPSnavigation,traffic, and transit info, and explore localneighborhoods byknowing where to eat, drink and go - no matter whatpart of theworld you’re in. Get there faster with real-time updates• Beattraffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions • Catchyourbus, train, or ride-share with real-time transit info • Savetimewith automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, androadclosures Discover places and explore like a local • Discoverlocalrestaurant, events, and activities that matter to you • Knowwhat’strending and new places that are opening in the areas youcareabout • Decide more confidently with “Your match,” a number onhowlikely you are to like a place • Group planning made easy. Shareashortlist of options and vote in real-time • Create lists ofyourfavorite places and share with friends • Follow must-tryplacesrecommended by local experts, Google, and publishersMoreexperiences on Google Maps • Offline maps to search andnavigatewithout an internet connection • Street View and indoorimagery forrestaurants, shops, museums and more • Indoor maps toquickly findyour way inside big places like airports, malls andstadiums * Somefeatures not available in all countries
Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation
Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if youknowthe way, Waze tells you about traffic, construction,police,crashes, and more in real-time. If traffic is bad on yourroute,Waze will change it to save you time. Why Waze? ◦ Seewhat’shappening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more onyourdrive ◦ Get there faster - Instant routing changes to avoidtrafficand save you time ◦ Know when you’ll arrive - your ETA isbased onlive traffic data ◦ Pay less for gas - find the cheapestgas alongyour route ◦ Drive with Android Auto - use Waze on yourcar’sdisplay ◦ Always find the way - choose from a variety ofvoices toguide you while you drive Be prepared, drive with Waze!
HERE WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS 2.0.12491
***🏆 The #1 Navigation app: 250,000+ 5🌟 reviews & 22million+installs 🚌🚶🚗 🚴 *** Getting around town is easier and morepersonalwith HERE WeGo. Use offline maps to navigate without aninternetconnection. Get directions and other info you need to gofrom A toB your way, including transit ticket and carsharingprices,departure times and more. MORE OPTIONS, LESS HASSLE Takeyour car,your bike or public transit. If you’re in a hurry, call ataxi orfind carsharing nearby. HERE WeGo shows you all the ways togetaround, so you can compare them easily and pick what’s bestforyou. KNOW HOW IT’LL GO, BEFORE YOU GO HERE WeGo tells youaboutyour route before you head out: subway and bus ticket prices,taxifares, whether traffic will slow you down — even how flat orhillyyour bike ride will be. GUIDANCE THAT TAKES YOU ALL THE WAYTHEREUse the reliable GPS navigation with voice guidance in yourcar foran easier drive. Walk guidance takes you every step of theway, andyou’ll never miss a transfer when you take public transit.ALL YOUNEED TO KNOW TO KEEP ON MOVING When delays hit, you can findfastertravel alternatives with HERE WeGo. Real-time traffic andtransitinfo keep you in the know, so you can adjust in time to stayontime. Even without a cell signal, HERE WeGo keeps working,thanksto free offline maps. ———— WE’VE GOT YOU (AND MOST OF THEWORLD)COVERED HERE WeGo has public transit info for 1,300citiesincluding, New York City (NYC Subway, NYC Bus), SanFrancisco(BART), Chicago (CTA), Boston (MBTA), London (TfL), Berlin(BVG),Munich, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Vancouver,Toronto,Sydney, Melbourne and many more. Go where and when you wanton theunderground, bus, bike, train, tram or ferry. THE INTERNET?HOW“90s”. Offline maps of the US, the UK, Germany, France,Spain,Italy, Canada, Australia and more than 100 other countriescan bedownloaded safely and for free, right to your phone, andusedwithout internet. Offline navigation is the perfect solutionforinternational travel and limited cellular data plans. SO, WHERETO?That’s all up to you. Whatever your destination, howeveryou'regoing, HERE WeGo is how you get there. Follow us and keep intouch:Twitter: Facebook: Your thoughts, ideas and feedback make us tick(andhelp improve the app). Big or small, please send them [email protected]
Voice GPS Driving Directions, Gps Navigation, Maps 1.5.4
Voice GPS Driving Directions, Gps Navigation, Maps is thelatestvoice gps location with unique gps route finder and completegpsroute guide on play store which helps users in findingvoicedirections during navigation to any preferred location on themapsand voice navigation helps in finding nearby places, streetview,and road map with location in km. Voice GPS DrivingDirections, GpsNavigation, Maps has quite unique gps route finderusing directionmaps and completes route guide using gps map voicewhich helps userdirections to work in finding all of the placesnearby. In additionto help in get directions using voicenavigation: drivingdirections maps with speaking via live directionmaps, route guidethrough voice route map, and voice directions, italso offersservices like street view in degree. Users can use getdirectionsinto driving directions maps with speaking to drive withaccurateroute ETA, directions to work using its direction maps,around thecity with our gps route finder and can also enjoy mapsandnavigations & gps map voice features. Navigate through thecityon different routes via voice navigation and set waypoints inthisfree app and also offers street view and get directions inspeakmap and gives live maps navigation and transport. Setcurrentlocation in direction maps & live street view and worklocationto drive every day and navigation with voice directions andtrafficmap. Voice GPS Driving Directions, GPS Navigation, Map alsohasextended range of additional voice route map features likehelpinguses to find a voice direction option in direction mapswhich willgive users a facility to listen to audio getdirections,instructions maps navigation and transport while drivingin a hightraffic maps zone. With voice directions features, usersdo nothave to look at the phone screen at all times and hence voiceroutemap, they can avoid potential accidents while navigation.There isalso accuracy of using gps map voice any selected routestowardsdestination point with concrete ETA and distance which cangiveusers a voice route map before navigations on maps. This gpsapphelps users via maps navigation and transport who can selectfromdifferent famous places to have a proper look at the streetviewfor a closer look. Voice GPS Driving Directions, GpsNavigation,Maps is latest route finder and has fast gps routesguide. thatgives accurate route, traffic map or road map withlocation in km.Users can easily find many nearby places on the mapswhich includeschools, airports, direction, restaurants, offices,shops, cafes,hospitals, malls, and convenience stores. Users onlyneed to enterthe name of a destination point as current locationwill beautomatically imported through the use of gps signal andthere willbe many different routes available with shortest andlongestdistances. Users can select the best available route andwith thisgps app. Plan your trips and execute them right on timewith nohassle and anywhere in the world with Voice GPS DrivingDirections,Gps Navigation, Maps. This app will help users infinding theroutes, selecting from different locations, turning onthe gpsnavigation and finally listening to the voice directionsandtravelling around without any real difficulties. Features ofVoiceGPS Driving Directions, Gps Navigation, Maps • Offers StreetView,Nearby Places, route guide and accurate route. • HelpsinNavigation using accurate maps, gps route finder. • Authenticroutefinder, route distance, gps navigation that talks trafficmapsconditions on the map. • Keep track of live traffic conditionsinthe city with the gps route finder. • works on every wifinetworkand mobile data networks like 3G, 4G and LTE. PLEASE NOTE:Noturn-by-turn Navigation is integrated in this app, as perMapsTerms and Services, section 10.4.C.iii
GPS Navigation & Tracker 1.5
Apps Skills
It is a free top rated gps navigation offline map and routefinderapplication for android users through which they can navigateandtrack the routes. It is GPS based gps route finder a gpsmapsnavigation & directions gps app having gps mapsvoicenavigation & tracking route drive in which you can easilygetthe driving route in few seconds.GPS Navigation and Mapssygicposition map route finder which update every latitude of earthandgive you the right path by district to district also, gpstrackeris one of the best traffic control app which receive thedirectionsfrom radar and update your map when you stuck atanywhere.GPSNavigation & and Direction Tracker is an accuratedestinationlaunch an initial and most advanced application whichfind yourroutes and navigate your map through traffic controlsystems, gpsnavigation locator gps navigation having navigation isa timetracking best tool which give you the fastest and easy waypointfrom east to west and north to south worldwide, gpsdirectionfinder clear your routes & reduce your miles and timethroughradar base system with perfect percentage a location oranavigation through e mailGPS location finder & trackeranonline gps navigation system finer with gps voice route finderandbest gps tracker it also locate your directions and give youtheright track or way, with gps navigator and direction finderprovidethe info of different street routes and also this wise dillanesaint system remove issues and provide your places accordingtoyour route search for points of hobby around saved placesi.egasoline, food, museum, mall etc.Gps direction tracker in atrackerstudio provide maps street view navigation maps and googlestreetview live map satellite view which copy the map direction&paste it into to your middle map direction receive system fortruckstop as well it includes google map with gps driving routespeakand navigation systemFeatures: GPS Route Tracker DirectionFindwith Location on Map Navigator for driving LocationsharingVoice gps route hunter Direction compass 3D buildingsatelliteview with Panorama view Satellite view Open street viewGooglelive street view Offline navigation & tracking gps routemapsGPS navigation and maps sygic position map route finderwhichupdate every latitude of earth and give you the right pathbydistrict to district also, gps tracker is one of the besttrafficcontrol app which receive the directions from radar andupdate yourmap when you stuck at anywhere. It is an amazing appwith gps mapsvoice navigation & tracking route driveGPS mapfinder and routefinder is a free app which provide you a bestalternative offlinegps navigation maps & tracking drive routeand demo of defaultmap direction system of you mobile it is thebest nav system forcar providing car tracker online with the helpof google gpssystemGPS map finder and route finder is a earth maplive gpsnavigation & tracking route providing the availabilityof mapsin India, Brazil, Russia, China, Japan, Spain, France,Germany,Russia, Portugal and Korea etc.GPS map finder and routefinder is agps tracker a car track free app which provide you abestalternative and demo of default map direction system ofyoumobile.Gps navigation and tracker location is an gps map withgpswebsite a gps comparison having navigation tracking devicewhichtrack gps online your ride and provide you the map where youare arecommended gps for car gps map is an direction locator appwhichhas own location system of tracking your way gps systemon.Note:GPSnavigation and tracker location take and store more thanonephotographs with the aid of area along with its 2D and 3D image
Free GPS Navigation 3.10.45
🚘 GPS navigation is free offline GPS Navigation app for yourtripsand routes. Great search makes your trip planning easy andvoicenavigation with offline maps makes your driving fastandeffortless. Instruction are easy to follow so you will alwayscometo your target destination. ~~~~~~~~~~ TOP FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~✔Navigation – see route and navigate to address, map location,GPScoordinates or even to a photo ✔ Voice – drive with voice inyourlanguage. Hear precise turn by turn instruction with clearvoicechosen by you. Navigate with navigation that talks! ✔ Offline– nointernet connection needed. With offline maps you save mobiledataat home and abroad ✔ Traffic information – live andaccuratetraffic information about situation on the road whichupdates every2 minutes. Danger alarms, traffic jam information,closures andmore ✔ Speed camera alarms – see police traps and avoidpayingfines ✔ GPS location – see and follow your GPS location onmapanywhere in the world ✔ Driving and walking – ideal for bothcarand pedestrian navigation with route ~~~~~~~~~~ OTHERFEATURES~~~~~~~~~~ ✔ 3D Map – detailed 3D maps of entire world withfreemap updates ✔ Lane guidance – do not miss a turn, you willknowwhat road line is the best for you ✔ Speed limits – Avoidticketsand always know speed limit on the road. Includes warningswithvoice alarm in case of speeding ✔ Shortcut – withnavigationshortcut you can navigate to home / work / anywhere withjust oneclick from your homescreen ✔ HUD – with Head up display youcanproject navigation onto windshield of your car. Great forsafedrive at night ✔ Dashcam – allows you to record the roadahead.Share video of your drive with family and friends. In caseofemergency the video is automatically saved ✔ Great search –withpowerful search you can easily find your target location ✔Travelbook – see all your routes and trips in one place Somefeaturesrequire upgrade. Traffic and Speed cameras requireinternetconnection. ~~~~~~~~~~ MAP COVERAGE - all countries andmaps of theworld ~~~~~~~~~~ Asia: Afghanistan, Armenia,Azerbaijan,Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Georgia, Hong Kong,India,Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives,Mongolia,Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, Philippines, Singapore, SouthKorea,Taiwan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam & more NorthAmerica:American Samoa, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Canada, CostaRica,Cuba,El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras,Jamaica,Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, United States (all countries)& moreSouth America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia,Ecuador, Guyana,Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela & moreAfrica: Algeria,Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Lybia, Madagascar, Mali,Mauritius,Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Seychelles, South Africa,Sahara, Zambia,Zimbabwe & more Europe: Albania, Austria,Belgium, Bosnia andHerzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechrepublic, Denmark,Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar,Greece, Hungary,Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta,Moldova, Monaco,Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania,Russian Federation,San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,Sweden, Switzerland,Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican &more Australia:Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue,Palau, Papua NewGuinea, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu & moreMiddle East:Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon,Oman,Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UnitedArabEmirates, Yemen By installing, copying or using all or anyportionof this software you accept all the terms and conditions ofthisagreement:
MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps
* Best rated free offline navigation app on Google Play with30millon+ installs* MapFactor Navigator is a free GPS navigationappwith free offline maps from OpenStreetMaps (incl. free monthlymapsupdate). You can navigate without an internet connection inmorethan 200 countries. Intuitive voice turn-by-turn navigationindifferent languages, speed limits, camera warnings and manyotheruseful features. Key features of MapFactor GPS Navigation app:-voice navigation in different languages - door-to-doorrouteplanning - overview of the upcoming manoeuvre and distanceshown onthe screen - free offline maps with postcodes (full GBpostcodes)installed on your device or SD card - points of interest- speedlimit and camera warnings - favourite routes and places -2D/3Dmode allows realistic visual maps display - day/night map mode-routing modes for car, bus, truck, pedestrian, bycicle -routeavoidance - block off certain road from your route - mapsrotate indriving direction, or north up - customisationpossibilitiesOptional features: - professional TomTom maps -Premium Features:Alternative routes, Head-Up Display, No ads - LiveHD Trafficinformation (for selected countries) OSM maps are createdandupdated by the community of volunteers at OSM mapsareupdated every month for FREE. Optional TomTom navigation mapsandpostcodes available. MapFactor also makes the popularNavigatorFREEGPS navigation software for PC, Pocket PC, WinCE andiOS also withpostcodes and free maps from OpenStreetMaps. If youwish to gethelp or provide feedback to our GPS navigation app,pleaseemail [email protected] --- OpenStreetMaps:Availablefree maps: --- = EUROPE: Albania Andorra ArmeniaAzerbaijan AustriaBelarus Belgium Bosnia And Herzegovina BulgariaCroatia CyprusCzech Republic Denmark Estonia Faroe Islands FinlandFrance GeorgiaGermany Gibraltar Greece Guernsey Hungary IcelandIreland Isle OfMan Italy Jan Mayen Jersey Kosovo LatviaLiechtenstein LithuaniaLuxembourg Macedonia Malta Moldova MonacoMontenegro NetherlandsNorway Poland Portugal Romania RussianFederation San Marino SerbiaSlovakia Slovenia Spain SwedenSwitzerland Ukraine United KingdomUnited Kingdom Postcode -Ordnance Survey Vatican City = AMERICA:Antigua And BarbudaArgentina Aruba Barbados Belize Bolivia BrazilBritish VirginIslands Canada Caribbean Netherlands Chile ColombiaCosta RicaCrozet Islands Cuba Curacao Dominica Dominican RepublicEcuador ElSalvador French Guiana Grenada Guadeloupe GuatemalaGuyana HaitiHonduras Jamaica Martinique Mexico MontserratNicaragua PanamaParaguay Peru Puerto Rico Saint Kitts And NevisSaint Lucia SaintMartin Saint Vincent And The Grenadines St PierreAnd MiquelonSuriname The Bahamas Turks And Caicos Islands TrinidadAnd TobagoUruguay USA Virgin Islands Venezuela Wallis And Futuna =ASIA:Afghanistan Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Cambodia D.Rep.ofTimor Leste Gaza Strip China India Indonesia Iran Iraq IsraelJapanJordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon MalaysiaMaldivesMongolia Nepal North Korea Oman Pakistan Palestine QatarPhilippinesSaudi Arabia Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka SyriaTaiwan TajikistanThailand Turkey Turkmenistan Union Of MyanmarUnited Arab EmiratesUzbekistan Vietnam Yemen = AUSTRALIA:Australia Fed. States OfMicronesia Fiji Guam Kiribati MarshallIslands Nauru New CaledoniaNew Zealand Northern Mariana IslandsPalau Papua New Guinea =AFRICA: Algeria Angola Benin BotswanaBurkina Faso Burundi CameroonCape Verde Central African RepublicChad Comoros Congo D.Rep. of TheCongo Djibouti Egypt EquatorialGuinea Eritrea Ethiopia Gabon GambiaGhana Guinea Bissau GuineaIvory Coast Kenya Lesotho Liberia LibyaMadagascar Malawi MaliMauritania Mauritius Morocco MozambiqueNamibia Niger NigeriaRwanda Sao Tome And Principe SenegalSeychelles Sierra LeoneSomalia South Africa Sudan Swaziland TogoTunisia Uganda TanzaniaWestern Sahara Zambia Zimbabwe
Karta GPS - Offline Navigation 2.10.06
Free, offline, content-rich maps that allow you to explorenewplaces and drive with advanced turn-by-turn instructions. Didwemention that it’s all free? Download all the maps you need,withoutlimits."Get to your destination. Bigly." - HuffingtonPost"it’sdamn good at finding tacos." - The Next WebNo costs noworries. Goanywhere without depending on an internet connection.Download anymap, they’re all free. Beat the traffic. Our livetraffic servicefinds faster routes and avoids traffic jams.Safetycameras alert.Know when you are approaching a speed-controlledzone.Getsuggestions. Discover what’s around you: restaurants,shopping,monuments and more, just a tap away!Karta GPS is anefficientturn-by-turn GPS navigation app that also includes: -EnrichedOpenStreetMap (OSM) maps - Free to download and use at anytime;-Full voice guidance with spoken street names;- Automaticreroutingas traffic conditions change on the road;- One-box search:findeverything faster;- Voice search;- Choose where to go fordinner,learn about the prices and reviews and make a reservationwhilegetting the directions;- Lane assistance for those complexhighwayexits;- Several alternatives for each calculated route;-Find aparking spot as soon as you reach your destination;- Findandnavigate to any point on the map or contact stored on yourphone;-Send your estimated time of arrival to those you’remeeting;-Walking directions & tourist attractions;- Moreincrediblefeatures to come in the next updates.Let’s Get to thePoint!Together. _______________________________________MAPS:Ourofflinemaps are provided by OpenStreetMap and enhanced by KartaSoftwareTechnologies, with guarantee of the latest data availableand freeupdates forever. Some important details we need to let youknow:•When installing the app, make sure your phone is connected toastable Wi-Fi network.• Never let the navigationinstructionsinterfere with your driving.• Some maps may need largeamounts ofavailable storage. Please check your phone storagemanagement fordetails.• When using Karta GPS while driving, neverhold the phoneon your hands. Place it on a standard holder, with aclear skyview.• Allowing GPS to run in the background for extendedperiodscan lead to a significant reduction in battery life.If youhave anyquestions, contact us at: [email protected]!HelpCenter:
Yandex.Navigator helps drivers plot theoptimalroute to their destination. The app takes traffic jams,accidents,road works, and other road events into account whenplotting yourroute. Yandex.Navigator will present you with up tothree variantsof your journey, starting with the fastest. If yourselected journeytakes you over toll roads, the app will warn youabout this inadvance.Yandex. Navigator uses voice prompts to guide you along yourway,and displays your route on your device’s screen. Additionally,youcan always see how many minutes and kilometers you havetogo.You can use your voice to interact with Yandex.Navigator so thatyoudon't have to take your hands off the wheel. Just say "Hey,Yandex"and the app will start listening for your commands. Forexample,"Hey, Yandex, let's go to 1 Lesnaya Street" or "Hey,Yandex, take meto Domodedovo Airport". You can also let Navigatorknow about roadevents you encounter (such as "Hey, Yandex, thereis an accident inthe right lane") or search for locations on themap (by simplysaying "Hey, Yandex, Red Square").Save time by choosing recent destinations from your history.Lookthrough your recent destinations and favorites from any ofyourdevices—they are saved in the cloud and available when andwhereyou need them.Yandex.Navigator will guide you to your destinations inRussia,Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Turkey.The app suggests enabling the Yandex search widget forthenotification panel.
Navigation shortcut 1.50
Navigation shortcut app opens GPS Navigation – Google maps orSygicOffline navigation – according to your decision.Navigationshortcut saves your time and gives you the possibility tonavigateimmediately.Navigation shortcut can open either Google mapsforonline navigation or Sygic for offline GPS navigation onAndroidsmartphones and tablets easily and fast. Navigation shortcutishere for those, who miss original Navigator icon forquicknavigation. So we made this useful Navigator app to helpyou.Navigation shortcut will launch your navigation option withmapswith access to:• Free and accurate navigation with worldwideGPSmap coverage• Free voice navigation with multiple voicesandlanguages• Traffic information with alternative and fasterroutes•Speed cameras warnings to avoid police traps • Tons ofusefulinformation – petrol stations, hotels, restaurants…From nowon youwill never get lost with free Navigation shortcut app.Everytraveling for holiday, weekend or business trip will be easy,andyou will come home safely.Please note:• This Navigator appsimplyopens GPS Navigation with Maps for smartphone and tablet inoneclick • GPS position is used from the phone – in case of anyissueplease check phone settings.• Free Navigation shortcutrequires theinternet connection to work properly.• Any issuesregardinglocation, Maps crashing or internet use is not anything todo withthis app. See the developers' sites for those kinds ofissues.
Sygic Truck GPS Navigation 13.8.3
Truck GPS Navigation by Sygic, maker of the #1 world’smostinstalled offline GPS navigation app.Get one of the mostreliablenavigation apps for professionals with first class routingandhighly accurate premium maps. Enjoy navigation tailored forlargevehicles and trusted by 1.000.000 truck drivers worldwide.Try14days for free. You can upgrade to Premium anytime.BESTPROFESSIONALNAVIGATION• All-in-one app with special routing forTruck / RV /Van / Caravan / Camper / Bus / Car• Detailed navigation&trucker paths for large vehicles with specific restrictions inthemap • Maps are stored offline on your device so internetconnectionis not required, works with GPS signal• Regular free map,POI andspeed camera database updates for 3 years• Personalroutingprofiles for different vehicles (height / weight / length /axleand more)• Optional real-time traffic information and speedcamerasdatabaseAVAILABLE MAP REGIONS• Europe (with Russia)• NorthAmerica•South America (Brazil)• South Africa• Middle East•Australia &New ZealandBENEFITS• Best maps: High qualityup-to-date HERE mapsfor trucks, stored on your device• Offline:Works with GPS only,internet is not needed, great abroad• 1st classguidance:Turn-by-Turn navigation with Voice Instructions• Easyexits: LaneGuidance and Junction Views• Easy orientation: 3D and 2DCities& Landscapes• Never miss: Google™ Street View with imagesfordestinationsFOR TRUCK• Set truck parameters andhazardousmaterials• Avoid roads not suitable for your truck andcargo• Govia the most convenient trucker path for you• Truckspecific POIs:Stops, parking, petrol & weigh stations and more•Waypoints:Multiple places for loading and unloading your cargo•London LorryControl Scheme (LBTS)FOR RV / CARAVAN / BUS• Profileconfigurationfor RV / Caravan / Camper / Motorhome / Bus• Camperspecific POIs:Campgrounds, parking stations and more• Avoid detoursand narrowroads OTHER FEATURES• Spoken Street Names to focus on theroad•Dynamic Lane Guidance to know the right lane• Speed LimitDisplayand Speed Camera WarningsSAFETY AND COMFORT• Notificationofupcoming Speed Limit change• Avoid paths not suitable for trucksorrecreational vehicles• Avoid Toll Roads on part or on entireroute•Avoid roadblocks, motorways …GREAT EASY TO USE SEARCH•Google™Local Search to find anything• Find and Navigate to:-Address withexact numbers- Contact- POI- Postal code- Intersection-GPScoordinatesCOMMUNITY & PERSONALIZATION• Import ofcustominteresting locations - POIs• Customizable navigation screen•Roadincident sharing with drivers community• SOS / Help tofindassistance nearby• Customizable spoken warningsMAXIMUMPERFORMANCE& COMPATIBILITY• Smooth Hardware Accelerated 3Drendering•Vehicle audio integration – Bluetooth or cable• Graphicsoptimizedfor tablet & HD displaysADD-ONS• Live Services (RealtimeTraffic information + Speed Cameras): Avoid delays andspeedingtickets• Head Up Display (HUD): Projects GPSnavigationinstructions onto your windshield
2GIS: directory & navigator
2GIS is a directory with a map and navigator. The applicationworkswithout Internet connection — download the city database anduse iton the plane, subway, or when in a roaming zone.SERVICES,ADDRESSES, AND COMPANIES 2GIS knows which provideroperates in yourhouse, where there is a district hospital or a postoffice. Willhelp you to choose a cafe or a service center byreviews andphotos. Will show the opening hours and the telephonenumber.TRANSPORT AND NAVIGATION If you are driving, 2GIS will guideyoualong the road and warn you about the maneuvers using thevoiceinstructions. Will take traffic jams and blocked streetsintoaccount. Will update the route if you deviate from your way.Forpedestrians, it will find the options of going by buses,metro,trains, cable cars and river trams. BUILDING ENTRANCES Inorder notto look for an entrance to a business center you need,look in2GIS. The application knows how to enter into 2.5millioncompanies. If you are looking for route directions forpublictransport or a car, 2GIS will show the way to the very door.PLANSOF SHOPPING CENTRES 2GIS helps to navigate inside shoppingcenters.Shows everything: from shops and cafes to ATMs and toilets.Findplaces in advance to save time. CITIES OF THE UAE, CYPRUS,THECZECH REPUBLIC, CHILE Dubai, Limassol, Nicosia, Padua,Prague(Praha), Santiago. CITIES OF RUSSIA Moscow, SaintPetersburg,Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Chelyabinsk,Ufa, Omsk,Kazan, Perm and much more! See the fulllist: CITIES OF UKRAINE,KAZAKHSTAN ANDKYRGYZSTAN Almaty, Astana, Kiev, Bishkek and muchmore. SOCIALNETWORKS Facebook — — Twitter — — [email protected]
Voice GPS Navigation & Maps Tracker 1.0
Find anyplace you go and make an individual travel direct foryourouting. Voice gps navigation & map tracker consolidatepoint bypoint location on maps with its map tracker. Voice gpsnavigationhaving waze gps maps traffic alerts and live navigationwith sygicgps navigation offline maps and directions as well asGPSnavigation & maps, travel maps offline & trip plannerandmaps GPS navigation & directions. Great maps put away onyourgadget Voice guided course with talked street names voicegpsnavigation & map tracker having an interesting featuresi.e.brand new Voice Commands control course with your voice formoresecure driving Live Traffic advantage finds speedier course,Mobilespeed camera/radar sees Real View Navigation extendedrealitycourse for obviously better driving information Head-upDisplaywanders GPS course onto your windshield Dynamic LaneGuidancesafely. Real-time map tracker share your course, and updateyouwith live traffic and find the shortest path as well with voicegpsnavigation safety sees sharp turns and railroad crossing pointsandspeed limits. Alternative Routes and Multiple way points oncourseAddress. Pedestrian Navigation and Tourist attractions alsohavingDash cam that will collaborate with your voice while youaredriving.On the off chance that you are searching for guider inyourcourse at that point here is voice gps navigation & maptrackerwhich will guide you through out your whole journey withroutedriving heading, map tracker and live movement controlframework inyour advanced cell with ETA i.e. Seat Guru, Maps,Flights, Tracker, Run with Map My Run , hab it bull , runningdistance tracker, SkyMap, google sky, GPS on ski map, ski trail,park map, ivesatellites views, Flyover Country, trip map, MAPS,GPS, Navigation& Route Finder, nessa, finder, Maps - Navigation& Transit,seat guru, rail line tracker,Earth Map Live GPSSatellite GuideRoute Finder map my, Voice Location Finder,VoiceNavigation, Gps,Maps, Bar, with voice direction, app free, key, mapand navigation,route finder, tracker, navigation, location,speedometer, StreetView,offline, lifetime, gps, nav, Garmin,Navigo, address, map,hud, position, poi, homer, pls, east, runtactics, road bike GPStracker, cycling GPS tracker, warning,continue, bun, availability,suggestion, freeway, leave, install,guidance, limit, following,copilot, thank, license, external,avoid, live GPS tracker,alternate,flight, aware, gps nav, maptracker, Kant, personally,naïve local, jbs, zoom back, location,kiran vibe, my trip, followme, carte, maps navigation, route walkit, terrestrial, erde, gps,driving, finder, maps, live, directions,eta driving, destination,current, convenient, voice, enter,execution accuracy, facility,closer, finest, built attractive,instructions, execute, extended,during condition, complexity,avoidAja, circulation, authenticitydisposition, bene, destino andBrett.***Feature:- Use in allandroid devices- City maps-Accommodation- Tour and activities-Track shortest path- Maps designfor travelers- 3d Live streetPanorama- Distance calculation in kms-Time duration
GPS Navigation Maps: Voice Map & Route Direction 1.2.6
Find out realistic and HD live panorama 360 view of map fromyourcurrent location to destination. Live gps street view of map,voiceroute search with navigation, shortest road reverse routeandtraffic information. Easy gps route finder and planner isreal-timedriving app for car truck, taxi drivers and routeoptimizer. Planyour trip with friends and family to explore thebeauty of nature,just make safe and shortest driving routeaccording totransportation car, bus, railway and walking track forhiking inmountain areas. GPS Maps: Voice Navigation & TrackingRouteDrive app takes edge of GPS maps & satellite Networkconnectionto provide your live current location position on Earth,andprovide worldwide mapping tools and information with livestreetview and satellite map view near your current location. GPSRouteGuide: Earth Map app has all required features of routenavigator,by the use of GPS Route Mapping navigation and GPSlocator you canfind the location of your friends, family, bus,railway station,Airways company, hotels for cheap booking and theirlive routesdirections on map. Voice navigation route finder appjust requiresthe internet connection, if you are using this app inoffline mapmode then there is no need to turn on internet. Justturn on yourlocation and take the toured of beautiful andhistorical placesaround the world through this gps application.GPSFinder RouteTracking application has also the facility of findingshortestdistance course and quick route according to yourtransportation,your current location, get easy path between twogiven destinationsview etc. GPS Live Route Earth Map applicationuses GlobalPositioning System for tracking route with satellite andstreetview for find a way to their destination & be on road.You cansearch and visit all the important and visiting places inyournearby at globally e-g Hospital, Gym, bus or trainstations,airport, Bar, casino, club, ATM, banks, coffee shop andmany moreplaces. Live GPS Route Navigation application has thefeature ofterrain, 3D image and satellite view of earth to increaseaccuracyyour exact places understanding. It will save yourprecioustracking history and best mobile locator for Android mobilephoneand tablet.Satellite Earth Map GPS Finder is updatedmappingservice navigation, draw route for better travel guidance,earthsatellite view, 2D driving route, 3D earth images, and trackerandfeatured application with advance technology. It’s offeringgreatsatellite map imagery. live satellite 3D map and street view,andinside complete map of shopping mall, big market andairportperspectives, as well as updated functions such as a routeplanner2D and 3D with voice instructions and track for touristsontraveling by walking, car, bicycle, train, or with publicbustransportation with automatic re-route and correcttrafficfeature.GPS Route Maps: Voice Navigation & DirectionGuideFeatures:calculate travel distance betweentwocoordinates/locationAvailable in all county locallanguagesUnique2D route tracking featureAutomatic re-route featureif you forgetany turn for transport vehicle driversMake correct andshortestdriving route worldwideLive earth historical and attractiveplacesphoto capturing featureFind your accurate driving andwalkingrouteAvailable free on play storeUp to date mapinformationSpokenand written distance, time and routeinstructionsSatellite viewearth – Enjoy the view of earth from thespace
Live Street View Map: Earth Navigation 1.2.1
Live Street View Map: Earth Navigation app is offering forandroidusers and work on 2G & 3G internet connection, saveroute onceand get offline navigation. Navigation & directionapp giveeasy driving assistance, driving directions and find foodplaces onHD visual maps. Save visited location history with date& timedriving direction, gps map accurate location finder &voicenavigation guide. You can explore all indian village &townMaps, UK live navigation map, Traffic alerts, fast way find,plan,record create and save your trip history. 3D Street view ofworldmaps is best mapping and routes finding app for cityassistance andjourney planner.Satellite view with pocket earth mapsand gettingaround places on visual maps & navigation. Seesatellite streetview of buildings and live inside street view ofbig markets, mallmap, road condition, tourist places and easytraffic updates withturn by turn walking and car navigation.Calculate car bus or bikespeed with speedometer, direction withcompass & more gpsinformation on one screen.World Street Viewand maps finder app hasamazing features: determine any location onworld map to seebuildings, find filling station, save time &money, discovernature maps street view & earth map view, streetby streetroute finder, 2D map clues, 3D map, make driving &walkingroute quest, Satellite map, shares your location and searchnearbypublic places, save your parking car location and make routetoeasy find with live street view map and indoor map. Live streetisbest route transit top mapping and navigator withoutinternetapp.Live street view app will show you the live view ofplaces,where you plane your trip with full dedication destinationviewmap. This App provide accurate direction on compass,speedometer,sunrise & surest on one screen. Get airline andhotelsinformation in USA, India, Russia, Canada, Dubai map andplanebooking according to tour? This app will help you as a tripguider,play view, city navigation jps, map of Moscow and drivingdirectionat worldwide. Get direction route of any local area, findplacewith earth map tools..Street view: 3D Location satellite mapappdesigned with full great mapping features; in public places youcansearch any tourist location in any region, any direction forsafeand save as traveling assistant. If you lost in another areayourjob is that you just tap on the current location and sharethelocation with friends, relative and family for meeting.LiveStreetView Map: Earth Navigation app you stay in other citiesorcountries and you want to go in public place, and you want tovisitnatural place, Just that open app and search places nearbyforexample ( Restaurant, hospitals, public place, food point).Inlovely public place, app updates you every turn by turn and roadbyroad. In the 3d street app, you can find route & roadfromcurrent location to destination with 2D map and 3D map. Newstreet3D view app very helps during the walking route time. In 3Dmap,you can see Any Building, any street etc.I am Proud of ourteambecause they were struggling for the users, Developed the Appforthe different purpose with helpful features. Now you caneasilysearch shooing malls, food places. car connected map. Seegloballive street view of places before go there. all Europe citymapview. Features of Live Street View Map: Earth Navigation:AllIndianvillage & town live street map2D, 3D and satellite MapSeelivebuildings and streets on time mapRoute from current locationtodestinationUse amps in different ways satellite, normal,streetview and hybridTurn by turn navigation and routeupdateShowdistance and travel time during routeUp-to-date mapUserfriendlyinterfacePlanning of Routes and information for lovelyAreasFreedownloadsSmall size3D BuildingAuto Detect the currentlocation
Maps & GPS Navigation — OsmAnd
OsmAnd is an offline navigation application with access to thefree,worldwide, and high-quality offline maps. Enjoy voice andvisualoffline navigation, viewing points of interest, creatingandmanaging GPX tracks, using contour lines visualization andaltitudeinfo (through plugin), a choice between car navigation,cyclenavigation or directions in the pedestrian mode, OSM editingandmuch more. Just download your free maps and get the following:GPSnavigation • You can choose between offline (no roamingchargeswhen you are abroad) or online (faster) mode • Turn-by-turnvoiceguidance leads you along the way (recorded and synthesizedvoices)• Driving routes get rebuilt whenever you deviate from them• Laneguidance, street names, and estimated time of arrival willhelpalong the way • To make your trip safer, day/night modeswitchesautomatically • You can choose to show speed limit, andgetreminders if you exceed it • You can searches destinationsbyaddress, by type (e.g.: parking, restaurant, hotel, gasstation),or by geographical coordinates • Different modes forcycling routes• You can record your own or upload a GPX track andfollow it usingGPS navigation Map • Displays POIs (points ofinterest) around you• Offline search helps you find the places ofinterest by openinghours, payment method and other parameters •Adjusts the map toyour direction of motion (or compass) • Shareyour location so thatyour friends can find you • Shows bicycleroutes, hiking paths, andother types of roads • Allows you tochoose how to display names onthe map: in English, local, orphonetic spelling • Displaysspecialized online tiles, satelliteview (from Bing), differentoverlays like touring/navigation GPXtracks and additional maplayers Nautical Maps • Information aboutsea objects and a contourmap of sea depth. Basically convenient seamaps you can use withoutthe internet. Skiing OsmAnd ski maps pluginenables you to see skitracks with the level of complexity and someadditionalinformation, like the location of lifts and otherfacilities.OpenStreetMap Data • High-quality information from thebestcollaborative projects of the world • OSM data availablepercountry or region • Compact offline vector maps updated atleastonce a month • Choice between complete region data or justroadnetwork (Example: All of Japan is 700 MB or 200 MB for theroadnetwork only) Cycling • GPS navigation in cycling mode buildsyourroute using cycling paths • You can see your speed and altitude•GPX recording option enables you to record your trip and share it•Via additional plugin you can enable displaying contour linesandhill-shading Walking, hiking, city tour • The map shows youwalkingand hiking paths • Public transport stops (bus, tram,train),including line names, help to navigate in a new city •GPSpedestrian navigation mode builds your route using walking paths•You can upload and follow a GPX route or record and share yourownhiking routes Contribute to OSM • Report data bugs • UploadGPXtracks to OSM directly from the app • Add POIs and directlyuploadthem to OSM (or later if offline) OsmAnd is open-sourceandactively being developed. Everyone can contribute totheapplication by reporting bugs, improving translations or codingnewfeatures. The project is in a lively state ofcontinuousimprovement by all these forms of developer and userinteraction.The project progress also relies on financialcontributions to fundcoding and testing of new functionalities.Approximate map coverageand quality: • Western Europe: **** •Eastern Europe: *** • Russia:*** • North America: *** • SouthAmerica: ** • Asia: ** • Japan& Korea: *** • Middle East: ** •Africa: ** • Antarctica: *Most countries around the globe areavailable for download! Get areliable navigator in your country -be it France, Germany, Mexico,UK, Spain, Netherlands, USA, Russia,Brazil or any other.
GPS Route Finder - GPS, Maps, Navigation & Traffic 5.9
Onex Softech
GPS Route Finder - GPS, Maps, Navigation & Traffic enables&Locate your friends on a Map, Navigation Finder Let friendsfindyou. best app to share your location with friends. Viewyourfriend's GPS Route Map location on the map. Google MapsHighlyTraffic areas on Map and save your time. GPS Route Finder -GPS,Maps, Navigation & Traffic with variety of Features such asGPSshortest Route finder, Driving route, Current Location,Navigation,Directions, Map Location Finder Sharing Location withFriends andFamily. No.1 GPS Route Finder - GPS, Maps, Navigation& TrafficFamily Locator GPS Tracker Find you Nearest BestPlaces. GPS RouteFinder - GPS, Maps, Navigation & TrafficOffers Real TimeLocation Data. Plan family gathering with familytracker & getarrival time. Your Nearest Places Family trackeralerts you familymembers location. Best GPS Tracking technology.GPS Route Finder -Maps, Navigation & Traffic offline mapnavigation. Free GPSRoute Finder - GPS, Maps, Navigation &Traffic app thatcombines the best of offline & online featuresto createultimate navigation experience. GPS Route Finder - GPS,Maps,Navigation & Traffic Use GPS Maps. Experience the bestMapsdifference, Offline maps to search, get directions &navigationand Street View Live. GPS Route Finder - GPS, Maps,Navigation& Traffic Features: GPS Route Map, LocationNavigation Finder,Directions, Find Places You, Driving Tracker,Your Nearest BestPlaces. Find You Nearest Best Places : RouteFinder Helps you tofind distance and traveling time, shortest andeasiest path. RouteFinder helps in Navigation on Maps. My Location:Share yourlocation with anyone, GPS Route Finder allows you toshare yourcurrent location with friends using Navigation Finder.GPS Nearby -Around me places: Get nearby places ATM hotels , BestDestination.GPS Speedometer: You can get very accurate speed byusing GPSSpeedometer. Highlights: ✔ Navigation: route navigation,maplocation, Tracker ,GPS coordinates. ✔ Best GPS Route Finder -GPS,Maps, Navigation & Finder Traffic. ✔ Offline - offline mapsyousave mobile data. ✔ Traffic information - live and accuratetrafficinformation & street view live. ✔ Shortcut - withnavigationshortcut you can navigate to Home and Places. ✔ Offlinemaps andNavigation. ✔ Voice GPS navigation with directions andstreet namesand Locations. ✔ Real-time route sharing with RouteFinder. ✔ GPSnavigation with walking directions & Navigations.Download GPSRoute Finder - GPS, Maps, Navigation & Traffic now!
Navigation with voice free 1.0
Voice navigation and current navigation
Offline GPS Navigation Maps & Driving Route 1.1.2
Offline GPS Navigation Maps & Driving Route application isanessential app for the Travels, tourist, and who depend onGPSnavigation and maps direction. GPS offline maps: GPSnavigation& direction is very helpful for search offline route,findinglocation, Draw the shortest routes, 2D map and find thenearestpublic place without internet. Save your route with gpsroutesaving feature of this mapping app. Quick GPS NavigationOfflineMap is very helpful and full fill with traveling guidefeatures.You can go anywhere in the world with offline GPS map:navigation& direction.This Navigation app provides Offline mapaof allcountries in the world and gives the best travelling optionsalongthe route. GPS Drive Maps: Navigation & DirectionApplicationis a unique and helpful application for the travel andgpsnavigation categories. Now a day we travel more and forgettheroutes and destination in other cities and countries.Thisapplication is the best solution for these problems. GPS mapfree,reroute & gps android maps direction is very easy andsimplefor the use.You can get your exact position /locationclearlydisplayed on the satellite view map and get directionsanywhereinstantly. You can rotate the map display screen to matchyour realorientation on the roads.Offline GPS Navigation Map &RouteFinder app free available on play store for the Android user.Youcan get your current location when you traveling and feel youlost.It’s a good feature of offline map navigation: routingplanner. Youwant to visit and tour another city, your job is thatjust type thecurrent location and last destination, draw theshortest 2D route,3D route map with satellite view and go there.Youcan easily Searchthrough a list of daily life useful utilities andPOI’s point ofinterest like restaurants, gym, book shop, touristattractionplaces, food point, ATMs, Transits & publictransports (metrostation, railway station, bus etc.) and lot ofplaces aroundyou.This application is allow using different views ofmap freelike classical road maps, live traffic status, aerial(satelliteView) maps and hybrid maps included. Quick GPS OfflineMap:Navigation & Direction is an amazing application forfindingthe nearest public place.If your stay other cities want togonearby public place, ATM, Hospital, Restaurant, airport, busstop,metro station, railway station, gym, hotel etc easily getalocation, make a route & go there. You can get the bestdrivingdirections when you are driving a car. Offline GPSNavigation Maps& 2D Drive Route application is allow to use thelive trafficmap with live traffic status for avoid traffic, roadconditions andturn by turn updates. Features of Offline GPSNavigation Maps &Driving Route: Easy and SimpleRoute savingfeatureOffline map withroute and navigationGet your currentlocationRoute guidance withvoice directionoffline route finder withgps locationvoicenavigation with free gps navigationFind and drawthe shortest 2DroutesSearching the nearest public place withnavigation fordrivingSave your traveling historyFree available forthe AndroidMobileYou can drive a car, Ride a bike or even if youwant to walk,different routes and paths will be drawn on mapaccording to yourchoices and preferences. We are deliveringReal-time LiveNavigation on the Offline Maps around the globe.
All-In-One Offline Maps
Psyberia Ltd
Bored to wait for maps to display? Use All-In-One OfflineMaps!Oncedisplayed, maps are stored and remain available, quickly, evenwithno network access. • Want more than just roads on your maps?Youwill find what you need here; • Used to go to places withpoornetwork coverage? Everything will stay available; • Used togoabroad? You won't be lost anymore; • Have a data allowancelimit?It will reduce your usage. ★★ Maps ★★ A lot of maps areavailable,including classical road maps, topographic maps, aerial(satellite)maps and various layers that can be added over anymaps:OpenStreetMap (Roads, Topo), USGS National Map (Hi-res topo,Aerialimagery), Worldwide Military Soviet topo maps, etc. • Allmaps canbe stacked in layers, with precise opacity control; •Select andstore large areas in few clicks; • Stored space is clearand can beeasily deleted. ★★ Display, store and retrieve unlimitedlandmarks★★ You can add various items on the map such as waypoints,icons,routes, areas and tracks. You can easily manage them usingthepowerful SD-Card Landmarks Explorer. ★★ On-map GPS Location&Orientation ★★ Your real location and direction areclearlydisplayed on the map, which can be rotated to match yourrealorientation (depends on device capabilities). Easy turn on/offtosave battery. And also: • Metric, imperial and hybriddistanceunits; • GPS Latitude/Longitude and grid coordinate formats(UTM,MGRS, USNG, OSGB Grid, Irish Grid, Swiss Grid, Lambert Grids,DFCIGrid, QTH Maidenhead Locator System, ...); • Ability toimporthundreds of coordinate formatsfrom; • On-map grids display; •Fullscreen map view; • Multi-touch zoom; • ... ★★ Need more? ★★ Ifyouare a real adventurer, try AlpineQuest Off-Road Explorer,thecomplete outdoor solution based on All-In-One OfflineMaps,loadedwith a powerful GPS Location Tracker andmore:
Navigation 1.2
Navigation is a free Android application providing you easy andfastaccess to GPS Navigation apps. You can choose from OfflineMaps orOnline Maps depending on your preference. Maps will alwayschoosethe best route to get you to your destination faster.
Map My Hike GPS Hiking 18.8.1
Track and map every hike with MapMyHike and get feedback andstatsto improve your performance. Discover new workout routes, saveandshare your favorites, and get inspired to reach new hikinggoalswith a community of over 40 million athletes. Whether you’reabeginner on your first long hike or a pro, you’ll find thefeaturesand tools you need to stay on track and motivated along theway.TRACK AND MAP YOUR WORKOUTS - Log over 600+ activities withthelargest selection of activity types, including: running,cycling,walking, gym workouts, cross training, yoga, and more. -Get audiofeedback on every GPS-tracked hike, with customizablevoicefeedback for stats like pace, route, distance, calories,andelevation. - Connect with 400+ devices to import and analyzeallyour data in one place. - Add your running shoes and trackmileagewith Gear Tracker. Get notified when it’s time for a newpair andavoid injuries. - Use Routes to find nearby places to hike,saveyour favorite paths, add new ones, and share them withothers.CONNECT WITH APPS AND WEARABLES - Track your activity withtheAndroid Wear app and view your progress at a glance. - Letyourshoes do the tracking with UA Record Equipped connected shoesthatautomatically track your activity and sync your data withyourMapMyHike app. - Sync your data with the hottest appsandwearables, including Google Fit, Android Wear, Garmin,Fitbit,Jawbone, and more. - Take control of your nutrition byconnectingwith MyFitnessPal for a comprehensive look at yourcalorie intakeand burn. JOIN THE COMMUNITY - See what your friendsare doing onyour Activity Feed. Whether just getting into fitness,or competingto win—there’s always someone there to motivate you. -Get socialand share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter. - JoinChallengesto compete with others, climb the leaderboard, and winawesomeprizes. TRAIN LIKE A PRO WITH MVP PREMIUM FEATURES - Becomeapremium member for an ad-free experience with special features.-Reach your hiking goal with a personal training plan whichadaptsdynamically to your fitness level as you improve. - Monitor&analyze your Heart Rate zones to adjust your training based onyourgoal. - Set a target for your fitness and stay on track withaudiocoach updates, including pace, distance, duration, calories&more. - Use Live Tracking to share your real-time hikelocation andgive loved ones peace of mind. - Access additionalpremium featureson If you upgrade to a premium MVPsubscription,payment will be charged to your Google Play account atconfirmationof purchase. The monthly subscription costs USD 5.99per month,while the yearly subscription costs USD 29.99 per year,or USD 2.50per month. Your subscription renews automatically unlesscanceledat least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.There isno increase in cost when renewing. Subscriptions can bemanaged andauto-renewal turned off in Account Settings under‘Subscriptions’in the Google Play Store after purchase. Oncepurchased, thecurrent period cannot be canceled. Any unused portionof a freetrial period is forfeited if you choose to purchase apremiumsubscription to MVP. Find the full terms and conditions andourprivacy policyat Note:Continueduse of GPS running in the background can dramaticallydecreasebattery life. MapMyHike is part of the world’s largestdigitalhealth & fitness community, Under Armour ConnectedFitness,which includes UA Record, MapMyFitness, Endomondo,&MyFitnessPal. These apps were built to empower healthy andactivelifestyles with one mission – to make you better.
Sygic Car Navigation 18.0.4
Sygic Car Navigation is navigation app especially optimised toworkwith your car’s built-in infotainment system via smartphonetoin-dash connectivity. Just connect Sygic Car Navigation viaUSBcable to your car infotainment system. You can control itthroughthe steering wheel buttons, voice commands or touchscreen.SygicCar Navigation is much more advanced than your built-innavigationsystem thanks to its fantastic features like CarConnectivity,Real-time Traffic Information, Speed Limits, FuelPrices and more.Compatible car manufacturers: - FORD - Jaguar -Land Rover - Honda- VolksWagen - Seat - Peugeot - Citroen - Skoda -Suzuki Sygic CarNavigation on SYNC®3 AppLink is now available forFord drivers withupdated SYNC®3 head units**. Connecting Sygic CarNavigation withnew SYNC®3 AppLink will extend trial version to 14days.Connectivity works only with Sync®3 with firmware 3.0 andabove.Check your firmware version in SYNC®3 unit (Settings ->General-> About Sync). With Sygic Car Navigation, you canenjoyadvanced navigation features on your car’sinfotainmentsystem screen.  Car Connectivity "You can enjoyall advancednavigation features on your car’s infotainment system."OfflineMaps with Lifetime free map updates Enjoy high qualityoffline mapseverywhere, anytime. Up to date maps are storeddirectly on yoursmartphone so internet connection isn’t required.Great for usewhen abroad. Lifetime map updates are included forfree forever.Get them multiple times per year and always enjoy mostaccurate mapdata Speed Limits Knowing speed limits is extremelyimportant.Sygic Car Navigation includes Speedometer and Speedlimits, so youwill always see your current speed and the maximumallowed speed onthe road you are driving on. Real-time TrafficInformation Find thequickest route to your destination based oncurrent roadconditions. With this feature, you will see real-timetrafficconditions, and you can set up the quickest road. VoiceGuidedNavigation Voice guided navigation with Spoken Street Names,basedon text-to-speech synthesis, will provide you withpreciseinstructions that tell you the names of streets and cities,as wellas the directions and distance to each manoeuvre. ParkingServicesPark easily with live information where you can see theprices andthe availability of parking spaces in real time, so youcan makethe best decision where to leave your car. Fuel PricesCompare fuelprices and find the nearest and cheapest gas stations.You can findthe best offers within seconds and Sygic will show youthe fastestroute to the petrol station of your choice. If you havea carwithout supported connectivity for your in-dash system, youcan useSygic Car Navigation with all the features and benefitsright onyour smartphone. Just mount it on the right place with aholder andyou can enjoy the best navigation. And other greatfeatures, checkthem out here: help?Please visit we are here for you 7 daysa week.**AppLink Mobile Navigation feature is a new feature andrequires aSYNC®3 software update. For detailed information aboutyour SYNC®3head unit contact your Ford dealer or your local Fordwebsite.
KakaoMap - Map / Navigation 3.9.14
Kakao Corp.
KakaoMap will show you the fastest routes in Korea! WithKakaoMap,you can find everything you want in a map app, fromdirections tohot restaurants and local attractions, and more! ◼︎You need tofind the fastest route? ✔ Fastest and most accurate mapYou willget the latest information updated within 24 hours forcars, publictransportation, walking and bicycle. ✔ Navigationsystem includedNo need to install a separate navigation app. Whenyou search for aroute, KakaoMap will give you navigation directionsright away. ✔Comprehensive search within one search window You canfind allinformation you need using one search window including abusnumber, a bus stop, a specific place, etc. ◼ When you needlocalinformation ✔ Recommendation just for you KakaoMap willprovideuseful information based on your current location includinghotrestaurants, keywords, spots, events, etc. ✔ Search areas onthemap You can see search results right away by using the"Re-searchthis area" feature on the map. ✔ Places suggested by dataKakaoMapanalyzes big data on visitors and provides information onaspecific place by age, gender and day of the week. ◼ Needmoresystematic maps? ✔ Favorites organized by folders You canmanageFavorites by folder and indicate them on the map. Folders canalsobe followed and shared. ✔ Road View After searching for aroute,you can see the place you plan to visit in advance using theRoaView feature. ✔ Realistic 3D Map We provide a morerealisticvector-based map which can be rorated or tilted 360degrees. Itlooks very real! ✔ Real 3D Sky View When you want tosearch athree-dimentional map, you can use 3D Sky View. ◼ Otherconvenientfeatures ✔ Favorite places shown on the map ✔ Real-timebusinformation to help you reduce wait time ✔ Real-timetrafficinformation to help you find fastest routes ✔ Convenientandaccurate subway map KakaoMap loves to hear your suggestions.✔Questions & Feedback - [email protected] "- KakaoCustomerServiceHomepage("-Customer Service: 1577-3321 - Developer: 1577-3754 ---- ◼︎ServiceAccess Permissions [Optional Permissions] - Location: Tosearch thecurrent location and nearby - Mic: For voice search -Storage: Fornavigation and photo upload - Phone: For navigation -Camera: Totake photos * You can still use the service even if youdon't givethe above permissions. * For Android under 6.0, youcan'tindividually manage app permissions. Please check withyourdevice's manufacturer if its OS can be upgraded. If upgradeispossible, we recommend that you update the device to 6.0 orhigher.---- Developer Contact Info: 1577-3754
Maps, GPS Navigation & Directions, Street View 7.0.3
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Maps, Navigation & Directions lets you plan your trips,routeyour travel and find restaurants nearby. Find your currentlocationor search for an address and navigate using googlemapsorOpenStreetMap (OSM) to your destination.Maps includeinformationfrom Wikipedia, videos from YouTube, photos Panoramio,street viewand weather forecasts.Whether you need city, satellite,traffic,public transit, cycling or even hiking maps, you can alwaysfindyour location with Maps, Navigation & Directions!TRIPPLANNER –World Maps with GPS & Location TrackerTravel aroundthe worldand navigate using any method of transportation:• Routeplanner forcars, bikes and walking to any global address• GPSnavigation withlocal traffic help you find the fastest trip route•Voice GPS forstep-by-step travel directions from the most trustedmaps• Locationtracker via GPS (latitude, longitude) or IP-addressif available•Itinerary manager for bus schedules, nearby hotels andmore•Navigation maps with GPS for city, traffic and publictransportroutesMAPSMaps range from satellite maps to bike maps andstreetview. Traffic conditions and transit maps are alsoavailable:•Street view – See exteriors for museums, restaurants andmore•Traffic maps – See current traffic conditions to avoidtrafficjams• Cycling map with bike routes and contour lines - Planyournext cycling tour• Walking maps – Explore your city on-footwithdetailed walk-friendly maps• Hiking GPS – Find hiking trailsorplan your next backpacking trip• Satellite view from googlemaps–Enjoy the view from the space• Maps, Navigation &Directionsuses googlemaps and OpenStreetMap (OSM)TRANSIT – GetDirections& Maps for Over 15,000 Towns & Cities• Bus routes&tracker – Get directions and maps in over 15K areas• Trainstationlocations and schedules• Bike paths for cycling• Subway mapsandstationsFIND NEAR ME – Search to Find:• Food near you• Hotels•Barsnear you• Gas stations• ATMs• Addresses (street name &housenumber, city)• Nearby city and neighborhood zip codesPlacesAroundMe: Find hotels, restaurants, shopping, museums,stations,hospitals and more ‘near me’WEATHER & FORECASTS•Temperatureforecast• Plan your trip around the weatherMAPFEATURESMaps includelayers of fascinating data like:★ Photos onmap: Photos fromworldwide photo sharing database Panoramio andStreet view★ Videoson map: Localized videos on YouTube ★ Wiki onmap: Wikipedia guide- read Wikipedia information about selectedcities, sights,attractions and interesting places★ Street view onmap: Get astreet level view of the world and terrain with streetview★ WebcamVideo on map: Webcam video from around the worlddisplayed onmapsWays to get around anywhere: Explore your city ondozens ofmaps, including worldwide, street, satellite, traffic,publictransit, cycling, walking and hiking even weather maps.Webcamvideo lets you see weather or traffic is like inthecity!OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to createafree editable map of the world. Two major driving forces behindtheestablishment and growth of OSM have been restrictions on useoravailability of map information across much of the world andtheadvent of inexpensive portable satellite navigation devices.Formore information see www.openstreetmap.orgMaps: New York,SanFrancisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, Las Vegas, Washington DC,London,Paris, Amsterdam, Beijing, Tokyo, Munich, Sydney and More!
Sygic Travel Maps Offline & Trip Planner 4.14.3
★ Limited time offer. Get 60% off Sygic Travel Premium, ourlowestprice ever. Discover things to do anywhere you go and buildapersonal travel guide for your trip. Sygic Travel Mapscombinedetailed offline maps with information from Sygic Traveleditors,Wikipedia and other sources to create an ultimate app foreverytraveler. 20 MILLION PLACES Sights, museums, parks,cafés,restaurants, hotels, beaches, waterfalls, caves or evenbirdobservatories. Whether you're a tourist up to sightseeing, outon ashopping trip or a romantic weekend getaway, we've got youcovered.PHOTOS & DESCRIPTIONS Popular places come withdescriptions,photos, opening hours, admission fees, links andadditional datawritten by professional travel editors or sourcedfrom Wikipediaand other databases. 360° VIDEOS - NEW! Take a lookaround topsights in exclusive 360° videos. Over 500 professionalvideos frompopular destinations all around the world. 360° videosalso supportCardboard. MAPS DESIGNED FOR TRAVELERS Detailed mapsbased data adjusted for walking and exploringyourdestination. Built-in search and GPS-based walking directionsandtight integration with the Sygic GPS Navigation. WORLDWIDEOFFLINEMAPS Buy Sygic Travel Premium to use the app without anyinternetconnection, including unlimited offline maps download andwalkingnavigation. ADVANCED TRIP PLANNER Build a completeday-to-dayitinerary for your trip with an easy-to-use trip planner.Seeestimated travel times and walking distances and keeprealisticplans. Invite your friends to collaborate on your trips.POWERFULSEARCH AND FILTERS Find any place by name or address. Usefiltersto show attractions, museums, shopping malls, restaurants,barsdown to art galleries featuring Van Gogh paintings. TOURSANDACTIVITIES Find the best sightseeing tours, cruises, or evenlocalcuisine cooking classes. Buy skip-the-line tickets totopattractions straight from the app. ACCOMMODATION Find ahotel,hostel, apartment or b&b. Add it to your trip and see itinyour daily itinerary including travel times. Bookyouraccommodation with straight from the app. CITYGUIDES -NEW! Read up on local history, get useful tips on gettingaround,understand local culture and learn about the dos anddon'ts.Insightful guides are available for thousands ofdestinations. USEON ALL DEVICES Your trips will sync automaticallybetween all yourdevices and our web planner available athttps://travel.sygic.comGET IN TOUCH WITH US Check out our onlinetravel maps at Follow us onTwitter: Like us onFacebook: Contact our supportteam:[email protected]
Komoot — Cycling, Hiking & Mountain Biking Maps
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Komoot is the key to the outdoors. Just plan your hiking,roadcycling or MTB adventures in the planner, and be guided alongeverytrail, track, road or path—even when you’re offline. Get yourfirstregion for free and say hello to your next adventure! PlanYourPerfect Hiking, Mountain Biking or Road Cycling Adventure Gettheroute perfect for your sport—be it smooth asphalt for yourroadbike, singletracks for your mountain bike, silent cycling pathsfortouring or natural trails for your hikes. Plan down to thelastdetail with at-your-fingertips info like surface,difficulty,distance and elevation profile. Turn-by-Turn VoiceNavigation Nevertake your eyes off the road with turn-by-turn voicenavigation:your precise, down-to-the-inch verbal navigator thatdoesn’tdistract you from your surroundings. Keep your eyes firmlyon theadventure in front of you and navigate with ease, even onsmalltrails or in the woods. Offline Maps For OutdoorAdventuresDownload your planned outdoor adventures and savetopographic mapswith one tap. Navigate the outdoors even when theinternet is downor unreliable. Differentiate hiking paths,singletracks, pavedroads, terrain and land cover with one glance.Browse Highlights:The Komoot Community’s Favorite Places So you candecide on thedestination of your next adventure at a glance, seeHighlights onthe map. From peaks, parks, and points of interest, tosingletracksand sandwich shops, these places or segments, showingup as reddots in the planner, are the spots other users think youshouldcheck out. And if you’re in the know, you can recommend yourown tothe community in turn and inspire others to visit yourfavoriteplaces, too. Tell Your Story Track your rides and hikeswith GPS.Add photos, Highlights and tips and build your ownpersonaladventure log that’ll store your favoriteexperiences—forever. Savethem for private use or share them withthe komoot community toreceive likes and comments and to inspirefellow outdoor folks.Follow your friends and like-minded explorersto keep up with theiroutdoor adventures. Be a Local Expert. Becomea Pioneer. Contributephotos, tips and Highlights to the communityand show you’re alocal Expert. Earn more upvotes than anyone elsefor your sport inyour region and become the Pioneer! Seamless SyncAcross EveryDevice Whether you prep like a pro on your desktop orplan a routeon the go, komoot automatically syncs your routes,tracks andphotos across all devices, including your smartphone,desktop,tablet and Android Wear. Experience Komoot For Free Whenyoudownload komoot, your first region is free—forever. To expandtheareas in which komoot has your back, conveniently choosebetweensingle regions, region bundles or the Complete Package toaccessoffline maps and turn-by-turn voice navigation wherever yougo.Supported Devices • Android Wear - Take a quick glance atyourAndroid Wear smartwatch to get directions, distance, and speedinreal-time right on your wrist (1) • Wahoo - Connect yourkomootaccount to your Wahoo ELEMNT or ELEMNT BOLT bike computer toaccessbest routes and sync back your recorded tracks • COBI -Thenavigation system of the COBI App seamlessly integrates withkomoot• Garmin - Download the komoot Garmin app in the IQ store andsyncyour accounts via Garmin Connect to share komoot routes withyourGarmin device (1) Compatible with Motorola Moto 360, LG GWatch, LGG Watch R, LG Watch Urbane, Sport & Style, Polar M600,HuaweiWatch, Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smartwatch 3, Asus ZenWatch,FossilQ, Casio Smart Outdoor, Nixon Mission and other AndroidWearsmartwatches. For support and tips, pleasevisit
CoPilot GPS - Navigation
Built for you, the driver. CoPilot is always ready to guide youwithclear directions, reliable offline maps and powerful tripplanning.Trusted by over 16 million drivers, emergency servicesandprofessional delivery fleets worldwide, CoPilot is packedwithadvanced features and smart routing to help you navigatewithconfidence. This latest generation CoPilot (version 10 tobeprecise) has been completely overhauled, making planninganddriving easier, safer and more enjoyable. Includes 7daysvoice-guided navigation and ActiveTraffic. After 7 days youcanpurchase premium navigation features through in-app purchaseorenjoy route planning and offline maps for free. RELIABLEOFFLINEGPS: CoPilot does not need a mobile connection so there’s noriskof being left stranded without maps in mobile dead spotsorincurring roaming fees when driving abroad. Premium qualitystreetmaps are stored directly on your device.DRIVER-FRIENDLYDIRECTIONS: CoPilot minimizes driver distractionwith clear drivingviews, easy to read turn instructions and fluiduncluttered 3Dmaps. CLEAR VOICE DIRECTIONS: Enjoy detailedvoice-guideddirections with text-to-speech technology to pronouncefull streetnames. POWERFUL ROUTE PLANNING: A choice of 3 routesandcomprehensive multi-stop trip planning for up to 52stops.Intelligent trip optimization finds the most efficient way togo,ideal for road warriors and long distance drivers. KNOW YOURTURN:Safely change lanes and know which lane to be in ahead of aturnwith lane indicator arrows and highway signposts.ClearTurn™junction visuals make it easy to stay on the righttrack.ACTIVETRAFFIC: Beat the clock with real-time traffic foraccurateETAs and automatic re-routing around delays. A trafficstatus barkeeps you updated about conditions and delay timeon-route*. LOCALKNOWLEDGE EVERYWHERE: Navigate like a local withmillions ofpre-loaded offline places and integrated online search.Quicklyfind the right restaurant, gas station, car park and more.Plusmany more advanced navigation features to make driving easier,morepredictable and more fun. ACCOLADES & AWARDS ● WinnerofAutoExpress” Best Sat-Nav App” 4 years running (2013, 2014,2015and 2016) ● Awarded”‘Best Overall Sat Nav App” ● As featured on Engadget, MacRumors, TheTimesand USA Today MAP COVERAGE Choose and download any oneofflinecountry/region map for free (Buy additional regions throughin-apppurchase): ● North America: USA & Canada ● Europe:Albania,Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia &Herzegovina,Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark,Estonia,Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland,Ireland, Italy,Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein,Lithuania, Luxembourg,Malta, FYR of Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco,Montenegro, Netherlands,Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia,San Marino, Serbia,Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,Turkey, UnitedKingdom, Ukraine, Vatican City ● South and CentralAmerica:Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Chile,Colombia, CostaRica, Falkland Islands/Malvinas, French Guiana,Guadeloupe,Martinique, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, St. Barthelemy,Uruguay andVenezuela ● Australia & New Zealand ● Africa:Algeria, Egypt,Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mayotte, Morocco,Mozambique, Namibia,Reunion, South Africa, Swaziland, Tunisia,Zambia, Zimbabwe ●Middle East/GCC: Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait,Lebanon, Oman, Qatar,Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) ●South East Asia: Brunei,Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand ●India STAY | Twitter:@copilotgps_us | Google+:+copilot NOTES *Requires a mobileinternet connection Continued useof GPS running in the backgroundcan dramatically decrease batterylife
GPS World Offline Map: Live Driving Route Guide 1.0.1
GPS World Offline Map: Live Driving Route Guide is the wholeworldcountries offline map application. This is fastest travelingmap,User-friendly, easy to use advance, updated and downloadHighresolution live earth traveling map. This offline map willprovideyou the complete India, Europe offline map to get directionsonmaps without internet. Bundle of mapping features touch on mapforselect destination for make driving route, customize yourcurrentlocation, write destination place & make route ondifferentearth map type’s 3D map, satellite map and 2D custom map.3Dsatellite earth picture view, and get real time and shortdrivingroutes with detailed information of math and places.You havelistalmost all countries of world, and download any country map atanytime with high resolution and fast download speed. Afterdownloadsearch city to city map, check your current location. Thisofflinemap will provide you the complete united state (US) offlinemap toget directions on maps without internet.Discover theentirelocation of earth Map and detailed info of places with asingleclick. GPS World Offline Map: Live Navigation Route Guide isFreeoffline world map navigation applications. This mappingapplicationis also have 3D map feature and 2D customized map. 3Dmap will giveyou the speaking instructions during driving route andmovingnavigation point with car, bus and bike. you can also findthehiking route track at mountain area. It will help you tofindshortest and easy driving route of any places atworldwide.2Dcustomized map will help you those users whosesmartphones are notsupported 3D map. this features will help thoseusers to find theshortest way according to their transportationcar, motorbike, busor walking route track.GPS World Offline Map:Live Driving RouteGuide Features:📡- List of all European, Asian,other regioncountries for offline map📡- Auto world map rotatefeature to rotatethe world globe📡- Different types of map view ofearth📡- EnjoyUnited State (US) offline map as trip planner📡- Getmost accurateand clear location and route directions📡- Plan yourtrips and getaccurate navigation and directions📡- Explore the wholeworld andbecome your mobile as pocket earth📡- Speaking instructionfeaturein 3D route map📡- Find your nearby places important andhistoricalplaces
ViewRanger - Hike, Ride or Walk 8.5.72
Discover inspiring trail guides, download offline maps, andnavigatewith confidence on your next hike, bike ride, backpackingtrip, oroutdoor adventure. Go anywhere: ViewRanger works offlinewithoutmobile and data signals. ** 2018 Android Excellence award–GooglePlay ** ** Best New Outdoor Tech –Backpacker magazine ** **BestOutdoor App –Elevation Outdoors ** ** Trusted by 300 Search&Rescue teams ** >> MAPS DESIGNED FOR ADVENTUREDownloadoffline maps onto your phone before you leave home. Thenexploreoff-the-grid, even without cell coverage. ViewRanger offersseveralmap types, including: ** Free Worldwide Maps: Street maps,aerialand satellite images, and terrain maps. ** Premium Maps bycountry:See terrain and trail details other maps miss. USA Premiumincludesfour map types: USA Topo, USGS Topo, USA Land Cover, andUSASlopes. USA topographic maps zoom down to 1:24K scale with 20-to40-foot contours in most places. Exploring outside the US?Checkout Premium maps for 23 countries, including Canada, France,Italy,New Zealand and UK. >> SKYLINE: AUGMENTED REALITY FORTHEOUTDOORS Launch our Skyline feature and pan the landscapeusingyour Android’s camera. Skyline identifies over 9 millionpeaks,places, lakes in the world. Bonus: When following a route,seedirection arrows and navigate to points on the reallandscape.(Note: No Skyline coverage in Alaska.) >> OS WEARby Google •Navigate trails and view track stats on your wrist withOS Wear(formerly Android Wear™) enabled smartwatches. • Record anew trackand pause or stop an existing track recording. • Viewheading,bearing, lat/long and altitude data. • ViewRanger is alsooptimizedfor the Casio PRO TREK smart watch. >> TRAIL GUIDESSee180,000 routes posted by top publishing brands and find trailsinnational parks, state parks, and national forests. Check outeverymile of Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails too. More Online:Planyour next hiking project, draw routes, print maps, and importGPXfiles on our website too. Then send and follow them on yourAndroiddevice. Bonus: Import GPS files from outdoor websites andhandheldGPS units. >> GPS NAVIGATION & STATS • See yourGPSlocation on a map. • Record tracks and follow routes • Plot andgoto point of interests • See live trip and navigation stats:time,speed, distance, navigation arrows, compass bearing, sunriseandsunset. • Privately share your real-time GPS location withfriendsand family with BuddyBeacon™. Data connection required. •Shareroutes and tracks with friends and social networks. OTHERFreeGlobal maps © OpenStreetMap contributors. Some features, suchasviewing online maps, browsing routes, downloading maps androutesand sharing your location using BuddyBeacon require aninternetconnection.
USA GPS Maps Full Function GPS 2.5.1
GPS Map LocatorThe most easy way to move.Automatic LiveGPSlocation. Try.The best mode to know where you are.Live GpsandWorldwide maps. Try now.It needs minumum space and downloadsveryquickly.Good for travelling, trekking, riding, driving,walking,jogging, visiting, tracking, delivering, GpsearthmapfreeAll what you need from a GPS Maps app just in an app;Directions & Navigations, location, Coordinates, Tracker,mappsapp, Transport, Transit, maps on Phone etc. You just needthislittle app, which needs very little place on your device.Downloadsvery quickly. Try it.Alemannisch, Aragonés, العربية,Asturianu,Aymar aru, Беларуская, Беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎,Български, বাংলা,Bosanski, Català, Čeština, Cymraeg, Dansk,Ελληνικά, english,englis, englisch, englesh, engles, englsh,engish, emglish,English, Esperanto, Español, Eesti, Euskara, فارسی,Suomi,Français, Gaeilge, Gàidhlig, Galego, עברית, Hrvatski,Magyar,Հայերեն, Bahasa Indonesia, Ido, Íslenska, Italiano, 日本語,Basa Jawa,ქართული, Kabɩyɛ, Қазақша, 한국어, Кыргызча, Latina,Lëtzebuergesch,Limburgs, Latviešu, Malagasy, Македонски, മലയാളം,Bahasa Melayu,Malti, مازِرونی, नेपाल भाषा, Nederlands, Norsknynorsk, Norsk,Occitan, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, Polski, Português, Runa Simi,Română, Русский,Scots, Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски, SimpleEnglish, Slovenčina,Shqip, Српски / srpski, Svenska, தமிழ், ไทย,Tagalog, Türkçe,Українська, Tiếng Việt, Winaray, მარგალური, 中文,Bân-lâm-gú,粵語China, India, USA , Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan,Nigeria,Bangladesh, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Ethiopia, Philippines,Egypt,Viet, Nam, Germany, DR, Congo, Iran, Turkey, Thailand, UK,France,Italy, Tanzania, South, Africa, Myanmar, South, Korea,Kenya,Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Ukraine, Uganda, Algeria, Sudan,Iraq,Poland, Canada, Morocco, Afghanistan, Saudi, Arabia,Peru,Venezuela, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Angola, Mozambique, Nepal,Ghana,Yemen, Madagascar, North, Korea, Australia, Côte,d'Ivoire,Cameroon, Niger, Sri Lanka, Romania, Burkina, Faso,Malawi, Mali,Syria, Kazakhstan, Chile, Zambia, Netherlands,Guatemala, Ecuador,Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Senegal, Chad, Somalia,Guinea, South, Sudan,Rwanda, Tunisia, Cuba, Belgium, Benin, Greece,Bolivia, Haiti,Burundi, Dominican, Republic, Czech, Republic,Portugal, Sweden,Azerbaijan, Hungary, Jordan, Belarus, United,Arab, Emirates,Honduras, Tajikistan, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland,Israel, Papua,New, Guinea, Togo, Sierra, Leone, Bulgaria, Laos,Paraguay, El,Salvador, Libya, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan,Turkmenistan,Denmark, Singapore, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Congo,Eritrea,Palestine, Costa, Rica, Ireland, Liberia, New Zealand,Central,African, Republic, Oman, Mauritania, Croatia, Kuwait,Panama,Moldova, Georgia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Uruguay, Mongolia,Armenia,Albania, Jamaica, Lithuania, Qatar, Namibia, Botswana,Lesotho,Gambia, TFYR, Macedonia, Slovenia, Gabon, Latvia,Guinea-Bissau,Bahrain, Trinidad, and, Tobago, Swaziland, Estonia,Timor-Leste,Equatorial, Guinea, Mauritius, Cyprus, Djibouti, Fiji,Comoros,Bhutan, Guyana, Montenegro, Solomon Islands, Luxembourg,Suriname,Cabo, Verde, Maldives, Malta, Brunei, Bahamas, Belize,Iceland,Barbados, Vanuatu, Sao, Tome, Principe, Samoa, SaintLucia,Kiribati, St Vincent, Grenadines, Tonga, Grenada,Micronesia,Antigua and Barbuda, Seychelles, Andorra, Dominica,Saint, Kitts,Nevis, Marshall, Islands, Monaco, Liechtenstein, SanMarino, Palau,Nauru, Tuvalu, Holy See
Gps Navigation talks 2.0
Online Gps Navigation that talks - Gps satellite Navigation-MapsWith Gps for city traffic- Maps With Gps for city street view
GPS Speedometer 7.8
Displays current speed on a digital/analog speedometer, keepstrackof your top speed and average speed. Speedometer also allowsyou toeasily switch between units of measurement (mph or km/h) foruse inyour vehicle (your cycle, your car, on a boat or on anairplane)and track your journey with live tracking on map! ●DISPLAY MODE -Switch between KM/H and MPH mode for speedmeasurement. - Analogspeedometer in portrait mode. - Landscape modeto display digitalSpeedometer in full screen. - Showing Average andMaximum Speed ofthe trip. - Switch between bike and car mode with120 km/h to 360km/h speed range. ● GPS INDICATOR - Show GPSaccuracy indicator. ●TRACKING - Keeps track of travelled distance,average speed and topspeed. - Store history of tracking data alongwith the real timedata display. - Ability to turn tracking on/off.- Time trackingwith total travelled time. - Reset history trackingdata quicklyand easily. ● MUSIC - Select multiple songs or musictrack from themusic library - Play music in background when usingSpeedometer forlive tracking ● MAP - Show current speed anddistance. - Showcurrent position on map in real time with Standard,Satellite orHybrid view. ● WEATHER - Show weather conditions forthe currentplace. - Show sunrise and sunset time. ● NOTES: -Continued use ofGPS running in the background can dramaticallydecrease batterylife. - GPS is not always accurate due to devicehardware sensorlimitations. - Data connection is required to seemap. - Make sureyou have enabled the location service for theapplication. Your useof GPS Speedometer is free of charge inexchange for safely usingsome of your device's resources (WiFi andvery limited cellulardata), and only when you are not using yourdevice. You may turnthis off from the settings menu. Please see ourTOS forfurtherinformation.
GPS Voice Street View Live Tracking Maps 1.2.7
Free gps voice navigation & street view app that combinesthebest street view mapping and online driving assistant to createtheultimate routes & navigation experience. World map anddrivingdirection app is best navigation app for visit city, findpublictransits & can be used as a family map. Follow accuratevoicedirections & route, avoid traffic jams and get speedlimit& speed camera alerts. Regular maps update, voice traffic&route alerts& Visual map of all places. Now plane yourholidaysand travel with GPS Voice Street View Live TrackingMapsapplication. Street view & routeplanner application willhelpyou to find intercity route assistant, mall map, live insideviewof building and markets. All country map London vice map,Indiavoice direction & navigation guide map and all Europecountriesand city voice street view map. Don’t worry about thecorrectspelling of the places; we have launched GPS Voice StreetView LiveTracking Maps: Traveling Guide application for searchworldwidevoice routes and places search on world map.Now you canfind placeand make direction route in United States (USA) map,India map andUnited Kingdom (UK) with just single tap on voicesearch button& get walking, car navigation & hiking routes.Free gpsvoice live street direction map app will help you as atouristplanner and free navigation & Street view map will guideyouturn by turn in all over the world. You can search bothplacescurrent location and destination with voice.Make safe drivingroutein unfamiliar territories & street view maps in topmappingapp. Share route and current location with family andfriends.Outdoor gps navigation & mapfinder app will help you tomakeeasy driving route from current location to destinationview.Satellite view of world, capture clear 3D picture, find besthotelon map for booking.GPS navigation route finder is very simpleandeasy routes app for search india, USA city to city map andwatchcity satellite view. Use offline map, navigation andspeakinginstructions of direction maps. GPS earth location finderapp issupported all android devices for route finder. Searchbeautifuland historical locations with one tap.Why is itspecial?Worldwideplaces search. Find hotels for booking. Updatedgps location everymoment at any places. Mountain hiking route.Transit. searchlocation with satellite. Direction map with voiceroute navigation.Search and enjoy cheapest hotels for roomsbooking. Offline voicemap app will provide you railway trackroutes. Drive with voiceroute finder app and save your time andmoney. Reach on destinationthrough accurate route.Find voicelocation is very easy. Voice gpsdirection and navigation. Trainstation for tickets booking. Findworldwide airways and airlinecompanies. Enhance your travelingexperience and explore the worldbeautiful and historical places.It will help you as trip adviser.Satellite status. Live maps withlive street view of earth. Planeyou vacations for go anywhere.Find railway stations in india. Verysoon we will update Londontube mapLocation finder app has severaldistinct features that makeit special.- Voice route navigation onworld maps- Very fewpermission required!- Quick initial setup: noregistrationrequired, simply install this app and launch- Quickconnectionsetup: enter your friend's "connection code" and that'sall, youcan see each other's locationsGPS Voice Street View LiveTrackingMaps Features:City guide and traveling maps viewSearch foodshops,shopping mall on mapTurn By Turn spoken instructionsWork as atripplanner and route guiderIts free enjoys allnavigationfeatures.Different route types Driving mode, walkingmode, andhiking mode in mountain areas.Searching the Locationanytime andunlimitedShare location with friends and familyDistanceand timecalculateSearch location with single tapMake driving routewithvoice searchFind your favorite and historical places
GPS, Maps, Navigation & Directions : Route Finder 1.0.5
Route Finder application have the facility of findingshortestroute, your current location, path between two points etc.It usesGlobal Positioning System for tracking.This Applicationtakesadvantage of GPS & Network to get your position on Earth,andobtains map information near your location using Google Map andGPSlocator and also provide the location of your friend.ThisAllowuser to find direction to destination with one click. RouteFinderHelps you to Find distance and traveling time betweencurrentposition and destination location with shortest and easiestpathavailable. Route Finder helps in Navigation on Maps.Travelaroundthe world and navigate using any method of transportation.itis notoffline map navigation but your device should connect to 3G,4G orWIFI. It is a GPS route guide that you reach your desiredlocationby using this Application.This App works as a MobileTracker MOBILELOCATION TRACKER let you access the history of allvisited placeswith date and time either by you or by your friends,you can alsodelete your history just by single click.GPS RouteFinder allowuser to `Share His Address` via any Social App, It willhelp themto find you easily.Route planner for the car,bus, bikesand walkingto any place. Helps to find the driving route betweenany twolocations around the world. Just tap on the map to addendlocation, the driving route to your destination willbeautomatically figured out. Voice Navigation also Added.Getaccuratedriving route for wherever you want to go.User can Add anyplace totheir favorite list . which later on can be re-visited orsharewith friends and family.You can search any places and add itbyusing search places feature.GPS , Maps , Navigations&Directions enable one to Find your friends ,Locate yourfriends ona Map, Let friends find you. This is the best app toshare yourlocation with friends and find them on Map. Now you canview yourfriend's location on the map and get connected withthemalways.Google Maps best features are integrated in it to giveyouaccurate result.It highlights Highly Traffic areas on Map andsaveyour time. GPS Route Finder : Gps Navigation & Directionalsohave the functionality to find out your nearest Bank, Bar,GasStation, Hospital, ATM,School,Collage,University, Airports,PostOffice, Clubs, Mosques, Church's, Temples ,Hotel, MovieTheater,Restaurant, Supermarket, Theater and Taxi.Route Finder :GPS Maps,Navigation & Direction Features :* Perfect GPS RouteFinderNavigation app* Finding Shortest Driving Route.* Finding nearbyplaces.* Finding Walking Route.* Find easiest and fastest routeforyour destination.* Share your current location with oneclick.*Supports different maps types: Normal map, Satellite map,Terrainmaps* Free and best ROUTE FINDER & GPS Tracker AppIts afreeapplication.
GPS Offline Navigation Route Maps & Direction 1.0.2
We introduce the Offline World Map Navigation: GPS LiveTrackingapplication. Offline GPS Free Map application is reallyamazingbecause this application launched with all solution oftraveling,driving, routes, Map & navigation, and find accurateDirectionwithout internet.You can say second name “Open World MapsApp”. Thereason is that of Second Name is the open map you can seeand usethis app in every country and Make shortest 2D or 3D routesandSave your route and share your location.Offline WorldMapNavigation: GPS Driving route & Direction app is toomuchhelpful app. If you want to go alone abroad the first time,sodon’t worry Open world Map navigation app is most reliable foryou.You can go any country in the world without feel thehesitation. Ifyou stop on the highway and road is divided into manylink roadsyou can make easy and shortest route on 2D or 3D routemap. Now youdo not need to fear, internet connection and otherproblems.Offline World Map Navigation: GPS Live Tracking app has asolutionof map, routes and direction. You can save your offlineroute anduse this route without internet at any time, also opensave routeon 3D map.Offline GPS route tracker: Map and Navigationis too muchgood app. If you going the wrong way and not understandwhat isyour correct location, you do not need to stop anybody andbotherthem take the Direction. Your job is that just open theOffline GPSRoute Tracker app and get your current location becauseyou mobileGPS always track your Current location. You can shareyour currentlocation with family, friends, and Relatives or makethe shortestroute. This application is easy to the use andunderstands. LiveGPS offline route and map application free for theAndroid user onthe play store. Enjoy the free offline GPS mapsapplication andgive us the feedback.Features of Offline World MapNavigation: GPSLive Tracking:Very Easy and simple for the use andunderstandAutoreroute 3D map featureShare address with mappictureOffline maps ofall CountriesUse this app free of costSpokendirectioninstructionUse this app anywhere in the worldNo needforinternetSave your RoutesMake 2D& 3D routes Make the Easyandshortest routes
GPS , Maps, Navigations & Directions 6.2
GPS , Maps, Navigations & Directions application helps youtotrack all visited locations on map with date and time. GPS ,Maps,Navigations & Directions application tracks your mobiledeviceslocation on map where ever you go its keep on updatingthelocations. GPS , Maps, Navigations & Directionsmaintainhistory of your visited locations. GPS Route Locator helpsyou tofind driving directions from your current location toyourdestination on map. Its tracks your current location and alsoyoucan share location with your friends to find your locationveryeasily. GPS , Maps, Navigations & Directions helps yougetlocation via driving locations. GPS , Maps, Navigations&Directions gives you different modes of maplikeHybrid,Satellite,Normal. Features: * Easily track all placesyouvisited * Track locations on map * History of visitedlocationsdaily * Map View * Driving Directions * Share your currentlocationwith friends and families * Best accurate location trackeron map *Find address and location on map with just one click *Supportsdifferent map view modes like Hybrid , Satellite , Normal
Ride with GPS - Bike Computer
Ride with GPS
Looking for rock-solid GPS logging? Howaboutexcellent bike navigation and live tracking? With supportforbluetooth cadence, heart rate and power accessories, Ride withGPSis the best bike computer on the market. Come experienceourpassion to make riding easy, safe and fun forcyclistsworldwide.Ride, Record, Snap, and Share - Ride with GPSRIDE• One press and you’re off; we’ll provide a map, distancetraveled,ride duration and more.• Designed to be stable and efficient; we’ll record all yourstatswhile leaving battery life to spare.• See routes and cuesheets planned with ourwebsite,• Love your Garmin? Keep it. Our product can stand alone or workintandem with your existing bike computer.• Live logging lets your friends track your ride withGPS.Basic/Premium only.• Route navigation; turn by turn guidance with voice prompts andcuesheets so you never get lost while riding your bike.Basic/Premiumonly.RECORD• Rock-solid GPS Logging; accuracy and stability are important.Likeyou, our GPS won’t quit.• Comprehensive Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart support;capturepower, cadence, heart rate, and more. Can also be used whenridingindoors.• Bicycle profiles for more accurate data; keep your statsorganizedby equipment for a more complete look at your ridehistory.• We love all bikes; Whether you ride a mountain bike or aroadbike, our software is the perfect companion.SNAP• Make it memorable; take photos using your preferred cameraapp,and we’ll automatically associate them with your ride.• Remember great spots; photos with location data are geotaggedonyour ride.• Enhance your Garmin; even if you prefer your own bike GPS,theRide with GPS app makes it easy to take and upload photos whenyouare done.SHARE• Be social; publish your rides to social media, or keep themwithinour community. Of course we value privacy, it's simple tohide anyrides from public eyes.• Make it presentable; add additional details using the RidewithGPS website, and share your rides and photos in a formatyourfriends and family will enjoy.• Between other software and devices; export GPX, KML, or TCXfilesfrom the website for use in other software or compatible bikeGPSunits.• Your data; we believe that our users own their data. We’llneverhold your ride history hostage.FOR OUR CUSTOMERS• Turn by turn navigation; whether you’ve planned a bike rideinadvance, or you’ve found one from our catalogue, we’ll keepyoucycling in the right direction.• Keep it real with live logging; publish ride stats and photosinreal time, so your friends and family can trackyourprogress.• Offline Maps keeps you on route even when you have nocellservice.SUPPORTED DEVICESRide With GPS supports all Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth4/BTE/BTLE)sensors, as well as Polar and Zephyr regular Bluetoothheart ratesensors. We’ve thoroughly tested the following:Wahoo Fitness Blue HR StrapWahoo Fitness Blue SC speed and cadence sensorWahoo Fitness RPM cadence sensorStages power meterPolar Wearlink+ BTLE heartrate strapPolar H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate strapZephyr HxM Bluetooth heart rate sensorJarv Bluetooth 4.0 Cycling Speed and Cadence SensorTopeak PanoBike Bluetooth Smart Cadence and Speed SensorRuntastic Speed and Cadence Bike SensorPowertap BTLE speed and cadence sensorMagellan EchoWhile we haven’t tested it, Powertap’s Bluetooth SmartPowercapshould work.Come visit us at for more ways toimproveyour ride.
GPS Navigator CityGuide 10.2.134
GPS Navigator with HERE, OSM and other maps CityGuide –thenew-generation offline GPS navigator, which enables you toselectand use maps from various map vendors.: ★ OSM(OpenStreetMap), theproject that creates and distributes freegeographic data for theworld. CityGuide maps based on OSM dataoffer worldwide coverageand stable updates ★ HERE (NOKIA) maps, ahigh quality paid-formaps collection ★ CityGuide maps, with trafficinformation andregular updates ★ Other high quality maps fromnational mapproducers Maps have various prices, conditions of useand updatefrequency. You select the maps you require from withintheCityGuide application. Each map has a short description and astarrating, and a trial period is available. CityGuide is anOFFLINEnavigation system, which does not require a permanentinternetconnection. Selected map data is downloaded to your device,so youdo not need to be connected to the internet during use,thussignificantly reducing costs. Other CityGuide advantages: ☆Smoothoperation and rapid route calculation Full support forbuilt-inhardware acceleration on most devices. Rapid mapmanipulation.Instant route calculation, using traffic informationwhereavailable. ☆ Daily maps updates (online proofing) No need towaituntil next major map update. Changes in road conditions onmaps(e.g. closed roads, no traffic, one-way, turn restrictions,andmore) are sent to the map daily and used during routecalculation.☆ Patented method of route calculation uses trafficinformationWhen calculating a route, CityGuide uses our patentedalgorithm'Jams-2', which takes into account direction of movementandtraffic speeds. If traffic data is not available, statisticaldatais used instead. ☆ Dynamic Points of Interest (POI)providewarnings of current road events CityGuide users are warned,byvoice and visually, about various current events along theroute(police, danger area, speedcams, traffic accidents, badroads,traffic jams, etc.) ☆ Speedcams and speed radars CityGuideprovidesadvance warning of known stationary and portable speedcams.☆"Friends" and "Comments" services You can use CityGuide totrackthe movements of your friends (with their permission, ofcourse!)You can also send them messages, leave comments, and plantripstogether. ☆ Walkie-Talkie service Use your GPS navigator asawalkie talkie with Push To Talk (PTT) radio service. Talk toyourfriends privately or via public channel (like in Zello). ☆SOSservice From within CityGuide, you can call the emergencyservicesor request breakdown assistance (country-dependent).CAUTION : -While driving, your first priority must be to followdrivingregulations; use City Guide instructions only when it issafe andlegal to do so. - Ask questions and make comments at theCity GuideGoogle+community:
Maps GPS Navigation Route Directions Location Live 1.2
Map GPS Navigation Route Directions Location Live:Mapsandnavigation. Road map with location and km. GPS routefinder.Navigation with voice directions. Directions compass. Routemap foreasy drive. Route map for easy drive. World map offline.Locationmap apps root travel..Maps and navigation: maps me. maps meofflinemap navigation. maps me offline. maps me offline map. maps offline mode. google maps offline. google mapsofflineuk. google offline maps. maps apps. google maps apps.offline mapsand navigation. gps maps navigations and navigationand directions. Map GPS Navigation Route DirectionsLocation navigation offline. map navigation and transport.driving map.driving maps navigation. google driving map. google mapwith gpsdriving route. maps online. online maps 3d. free mapsoffline. freemaps.Road map with location and km: road map. road mapwithlocation and km with voice. road map with location and map. live maps satellite view. google maps livesatelliteview. google maps live satellite view hd. live maps guide.gps livemaps. gps live maps. gps satellite live maps full functionlatestnew. street map. street map live. live street map. street mapview.street map apps. street map apps. location map apps roottravel.offline maps with gps free.GPS route finder: gps routefinderwithout internet. gps route finder with voice. offline gpsroutefinder. gps navigation. gps navigation that talks. gps trackerbyfollow me. gps speedometer. gps app. golf gps apps. free gpsapps.gps coordinates app. offline gps map satellite best app free.cargps tracker on my phone. gps car drive speed maps location. MapGPSNavigation Route Directions Location Live. car speed meter gps.gpssystem.Navigation with voice directions: navigation map.freenavigation map with audio. map navigation. map navigationanddirections. map navigation offline. map navigation and transit.mapnavigation and transport. navigation app. navigation fordriving.navigation system. car navigation for android. carnavigation.offline navigation gps maps. offline maps and gpsnavigation forandroid free.Directions compass: directions. drivingdirections.driving directions maps with speaking. best map fordriving anddirections. Map GPS Navigation Route Directions positioning system app. trip planner. tripplannerapps.Route map for easy drive: route map. route map withdistancein km. driving route map. google map with gps drivingroute.offline route map. route planner. route planner uk free. aarouteplanner uk.Navigator for driving: navigator for drivingoffline.navigator app. navigator for driving offline. gps maps andtraffic.Map with gps driving route. Handy gps. Gps location app.Gpslocation finder. gps offline navigation free. Offlinegpsnavigation for usa. Gps tracking. gps for cars. Here wo go.Gpsmaps full function. Car navigation. Map navigation anddirections.Navigation gps that talks. maps navigation and transit.travelguide app. Direction finder app. gps system. navigator appfordriving. truck gps.World map offline: world map offline 3d.3dglobe of the world map offline. world map offline 2017.offlineworld map. Map GPS Navigation Route DirectionsLocationLiveLocation map apps root travel: driving maps navigation.tripplanner apps. gps coordinates and location finder. Gpsvoicenavigation. Voice gps navigation. gps maps traffic alerts andlivenavigation. Maps offline map navigation. Travel map andnavigation.Travel mapping. gps mobile number locator in live map onsearch.gps vehicle tracking system. Gps navigation that talks.Travel maptracker. maps navigation and transport. Nav maps andtraffic. gpsmaps traffic alerts and sat nav. online gps. Route 66navigation.Gps map navigation driving directions traffic. Map GPSNavigationRoute Directions Location Live
Live Map & Street View – Satellite Navigator 1.0
Apps n Maps
GPS Live Map & Street View – Satellite Navigator is worldfamousStreet global earth navigation maps view street world famousplacesmaps view determine your 3d location of wonderful places oftheworld. View satellite earth route finder map Street viewonlinelocation maps traffic route guide find building GPS routefinderaround you panorama 3d view city street view live my locationorsatellite earth love map street view every maps in any pointallover famous street world also best maps traffic Status liveglobalearth map street and Updated Maps. Traffic Live Street Guide.Street Global Live View – Earth Navigator Map View live mapsNaturehas a tendency to satellite earth map destroy because oflivestreet view satellite world map. Street view live streetmapOutdoor activities streets view world geo map locator requirestheinstallation live street view map recorder map view free.Livestreet view map driving route finder earth street map livecorrectaiming of a satellite earth smart view map. gps speedometerstreetviewer map satellite dish with live street viewer map hd.StreetGlobal Live straight view aiming the live satellites localviewmaps route view. street viewer Dish is GPS location earthproaccomplish finding through GPS location trackerleft/rightadjustments street view live 2018 and street view 2k18live mapgradual street view traveller up/down map view and streetview tothe live street view dish while goal street mounted withgpsmountain locator. GPS route finder live 3d view while manypeoplerely on a GPS travel location app street viewtravellerprofessional to provide this live maps street viewguidinginstallation with panorama travel 3d view. World offlinemaps livesatellite view 3d you GPS location app can installsatelliteyourself street view earth map live viewing 3D. Streetsview mapreceive mobile locator live 3d view live maps satelliteview 3d andlive global earth map street spy traffic streetprogramming on yourtelevision GPS location finder so long streetsviewer as you havegoogly map navigation patience and live streetview the help ofanother satellite earth map street view individualmaps streetview. Global modern street view live cannot be possibleto get liveimages through satellite view for every locations GPSlocationfinder by online with GPS true locations longitude latitudefinder.Maps street live view is relatively simple to access liveimages ofinteresting and street view important Places Street viewmap. GPSLive Map & Street View – Satellite Navigator app isdesign tohelp you satellite earth map and Street global understandyourexact location with live map view. Live Street view 3d app isverystreet view live useful and live global earth map streethelpfulapp. Street Global Live View – Earth Navigator Map hasamazing.Features: determine any location see buildings, Streetglobaldiscover Nature Street & earth view, find currentlocation, 2Dmap, 3D map, and make route, Satellite map, shares yourlocation,satellite earth maps search nearby public places with livestreetview map and indoor map.GPS voice advice navigation works alloverthe globe including USA maps navigation Brazil mapsnavigationRussia maps navigation India maps navigation ChinamapsnavigationBerlin Street ViewEuropean Live View Europemapsnavigation England maps navigation UAE maps navigation DubaimapsBest navigation much more in one app. Travel road map. Gpswayfinder. gps route maps with hd street view. GPS locationtrackerapp. gps coordinates and location finder. Gps voicenavigation.Voice gps navigation. Map. GPS route finder with voice.Directions& map. Travel route finder. Car navigation forandroid. Drivingmaps navigation. gps maps traffic alerts and livenavigation. Mapsoffline map navigation. Travel map and navigation.Road trip tricksguide. Open street map live.
Offline Map Navigation
Get free Offline Maps with turn-by-turn navigation andaccurateroute guidance. Offline Maps will be very useful in travelto savemobile battery and data usage.Offline Map Navigation is averyessential app for any kind of travellers, suitable for thosewhodepend on GPS for finding location and finding shortestdrivingroute to the destination. It also lets you to download maps,accessthe app in offline and save your mobile data & batterycharge.Offline Map Navigation is an unique application in travelandnavigation category. Nowadays we are travelling more andsometimesgetting stopped at road without knowing route to thedestination.You are about to get the solution for that. Justdownload this freeapp which will help you in all your travelneeds.Offline MapNavigation helps business owners to promote theirbusiness at freeof cost from wherever they are. They can add andmake theirbusiness visible to our users. By creating coupons theycan promotetheir business.Visit us at http://gpsdrivingroute.comand Features:***********★Find driving route between any places ★ Clean and detailedmapreduces your stress on finding places ★ Accurate location helpsyouin navigation to provide correct guidance ★ Detailed drivingrouteinstructions with voice navigation. Driving route instructionscanbe shared to others. ★ Find routes with way points ★ Findyournearby Hotels / Restaurants, Hospitals, ATMs, Banks, PublicandShopping places even in offline. ★ Offline Maps with search,routefinding, navigation and importantly saves your mobile dataandbattery charge ★ Target Compass provides heading directiontowardsdestination ★ Find nearby parking spots and park your car /bike /vehicle safely ★ Track, save and analyse your trips ★Businessowners can add their business places and start promotingbusinessesby adding coupons ★ Find coupons and local offers ★ Findroutes fordifferent travel modes (Car, Bike, Bicycle, Walk) Who areall canuse this app?********************************** ★ People whoareall travelling by their own vehicles ★ People who are all goingtotourism places ★ People who are all frequent travellers ★Peoplewho are all having less mobile data and want to access themaps androutes in offlineFinally, Offline Map Navigation is a veryusefulapp, all the travellers should have it!!!
GPS Route Finder : GPS Maps Navigation & Transit 1.18
GPS Route Finder & GPS navigation helps you to find thenearbyplaces. Here we go GPS navigation system based best GPS appforandroid. To give you fast information about all 🏧 ATMS, 🏦 Banks, ☕Coffee , ⛽ Petrol Stations , 🏨Hotel , 🍜 Restaurant ,GPSshortestRoute finder, Driving route , Current Location likewiseplacesaround you are included in the sphere of "GPS Maps Navigation&Direction." Real time local road traffic conditions app forlivetraffic report. Google maps driving directions live satelliteview.You can discover your location with GPS travel Route Maps,GPSRoute Navigation to become aware about driving andwalkingdirections of your choice. By GPS locator application, youcanlocate any spot across the globe of world maps every conner.Withinno time, While you are in journey as it catches all the next-doorhotels ,subway and bus stations of that concerned area.Sidebyside,it guides you to navigate driving."GPS Route Finder : GPSMapsNavigation & Transit" displays all nearest places SuchAsRestaurant , Hotel etc relevant to mentioned categories inbothlists and maps which are highlighted through GoogleMapmaker.Moreover,Google Maps Maker is provided to user ranked bydistanceto your current location. Furthermore, to provide you allminutedetails such as name, website, address, phone numbers,distancefrom current location, rating and review etc of a desiredlocation. By utilizing this app you can also know the ups and downsof aplace you never visited before. GPS locator and offline requestthelocation of his / her friend. GPS Router provides distance&time to reach your destination. GPS Route Finder works asguide andlets you find from start and end location in any countrysuch as,update uk , sa, south Afrika, Pakistan, india, Dhaka,Ontario,Texas, bahasa Indonesia, Bangladesh, Bangkok, Ukraine,kerala, usa. No wait! Download best GPS Navigation Maps Trafficalerts app onplaystore for free. gps navigation that talks withoutinternet. gpsnavigation with voice directions. Best gps navigationfor travelingin a car indian. marine gps navigation free. Alsocovers all worldcity’s such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad,Ahmedabad,Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Patan, citygpsnavigation maps free download. Best gps navigation for travelingina car indian. marine gps navigation free.GPS Route Finder andGPSTracker: gps route finder with voice offline. gps routefinderwithout internet. gps route finder offline free app. gpsdrivingroute finder offline. route finder driving in gps offline.offlinegps route finder. gps device tracker. gps tracker offlinemaps andgps navigation for android free A number of maps areNormal(RoadMap) , Satellite , Hybrid and Terrain maps. Normal View:Displaysthe default road map view. This is the default maptype.GPSSatellite View: Displays Google Earth satelliteimages.Hybrid View:amalgamate of normal and satellite .TerrainViewFeatures:* GPSRoute Finder give you the best fastest way toyour destination.*GPS Route Finder Provides multiple routes.* GPSDriving Route &navigation.* GPS Walking Route &navigation.*GPS bicycle Route& navigation.* Discovers aphysical map based on terraininformation.* Show current position ofGPS with differentnavigation tracking with routes.* All possibledriving shortestroutes;* Bus Routes & Tracker: * Presents trainstationlocations, subway maps and stations etc* Share yourdesiredlocation among your friends.* Unveil exact distance, phonenumber,website, opening status and more * Reveals directions to getaneasy access to destination via Google maps.Disclaimer:AppusesGoogle Maps™ and Places API to find and plot locations andhencerelies on the accuracy of the data provided by Google Maps™Thedeveloper makes no assurance on the accuracy, relevancyorcorrectness of the data provided by the apps.Google™ andGoogleMaps™ are registered trademarks of Google Inc.
GPS, Maps, Directions, Traffic, Compass Navigation 1.32
Have a plan to go somewhere? Need a quick and easy map tonavigateto your destination? Then plan your journey with our Maps,theofficial navigation app you can simply rely on for real-timeGPSnavigation, live-traffic, transit, shopping, travel,restaurants,gas, services and more places of interest. Get the realtimeupdates and plan your travel accordingly by beating trafficlike apro. Save time by auto re-routing option enabled andreachdestination much faster. Driving is not only about beatingthetraffic but also beating the weather. App features. RouteFinder:Route Finder helps you to find distance and travelingtime,shortest and easiest path. Route Finder helps in NavigationonMaps. GPS Location: To find the exact GPS latitude andlongitudecoordinates of a point on Google maps along withthealtitude/elevation above sea level, simply use the map app tothepoint you require. Current Address: You can find thecurrentco-ordinates of your exact physical location when you lostor notsure of the location details. Directions: Where do you wantto go?Simply enter the starting and destination points and getthedirections you want to navigate. This is one of the fasttrendingapps on play store. Here’s why: GPS, Maps, Directions,Traffic,Compass Navigation - Find and explore places likerestaurant,hospital, bar, bank, ATM, coffee shop, gas station etc.GPS, Maps,Directions, Traffic, Compass Navigation - Find places ofInterestswith ratings, reviews, hours, photos & address GPS,Maps,Directions, Traffic, Compass Navigation - Find menus, planyourvisit and make reservations when needed Traffic Alerts App:Whenyou install our app, you install a Live-Traffic app. With justafew taps you can avoid traffic, hazards, construction andmore.Traffic Alerts is the best app to rely on for real-timetrafficupdates, ETAs, traffic conditions and beat traffic withreal-timenavigation updates. Whether you are preparing for yourdailycommute or about to head out on a road trip, Traffic Alertsgivesyou the most complete report of current traffic, road, andweatherconditions at your current location as well as at yourdestination.Whether you’re a traveller or a nature driver, TrafficAlerts appmakes you feel like you’re in the priority lane. Some oftheTraffic Alerts features: - Find traffic around you before youplanto travel out - Live routing with real-time traffic & roadmapinfo - Find and automatically re-route traffic as conditionschangeon the road - Find traffic alerts along your destination andaroundyou - Maps that supports all countries and territories -Automaticrerouting as conditions change on the road Compass App: Acompassis a navigation tool with a rotating needle that indicatesthedirection of magnetic north. Today, the compass is no longerjust apiece of physical equipment. It can be virtually foundanywhere aslong as you have a smartphone in hand. Our app can beused as aCompass for most of your outdoor activities such astravel, hiking,camping, wild adventure, picnic and boating etc.This is a highprecision and insanely beautiful digital compass andis very easyto read with a huge display showing you the directionand heading.Once you have a reliable compass with you, navigationwill never bea problem. The Compass with Maps & Directions isthe mostprecise and useful app for navigation and orientationpurpose thatshows directions based on built-in magnetic sensor. Itshows allessential modes required for day-to-day compassactivities.Prerequisite: Your device must have an integratedcompass sensor tofunction properly. - Compass with simple userinterface - Compasswith latitude and longitude co-ordinates display- Compass withcurrent location display - Compass with differentmodes fordirections display - Compass with altitude speed - Compasswithmagnetic field power - Cycling & Hiking offline maps 6.2.0 by Seznam will lead you through the whole world. Youcantake your device anywhere in the world with you. Thanks tothetourist map you know about every trail and bike trail and youwon’tmiss a single castle, outlook or other attraction. In My mapsyoucan save your places and routes to files. Then you can easilysortthem by trips or share them with others. You candisplayrestaurants, ATMs, stations, accommodation and other placesthatmay come in handy. There are even parking zones andpublictransport timetables in the cities. Maps of the whole worldaredownloadable and work without internet access.If you are goingon atrip, then only with Mapy.czEven without internet access, youcan:-Use downloaded maps even just in the form of regions.-Searchlocations, coordinates and categories around the world.-Planroutes for a car, a bike or on foot.- Look through and sortoutsaved trips in My maps including synchronization to mobileapp.Inthe app you will find:- Offline tourist map of the worldwithmarked tourist trails and bikeways.- Satellite map of theworld,panoramic photographs of Czech streets and 3D view.- Offlinewintermap of the world with cross-country skiing tracks and skiresorts.-Trip tips in your surroundings.- My maps for organisingtripssynchronised on all devices after login.- Offline routeplanningwith unlimited number of passing-through points, elevationprofilesfor a car, a bike or a hike.- Water tourism information fortheCzech Republic, such as rivers' and weirs' passability.- Optiontosend us your photographs of locations.- Offline search ofplaces,coordinates and categories including open hours andcontacts.-Highlighted parking zones in Czech cities.- Publictransporttimetables.- Up-to-date fuel prices at petrol stations inEurope.
Bike Computer - GPS Cycling Tracker 2.8
GPS Bike Computer Cycling fitness app is an app that willprovideyou with statistics of your bicicleta track. Main featuresof theapp are following: * Graphic speedometer and power meter *Switchbetween metric and imperial units * Current cycling speedbased onGPS reciever * Maximum cycling speed * Total duration ofthe biketrack * Altitude provided by GPS * Bike ( bicicleta )distance *Average moving speed * Tracking your rout * Saves yourbikebicicleta tracks * Export GPX and KML of your tracks * AutoPause:you do not need to manually pause ,start or stop tracksduringsignal loss or breaks. * Calorie count * Google Maps - allthedetails of your current location in your bicycle riding app*Configuring display - you can choose the values that areshownduring your ride * Dark theme and Google Map night styles willhelpyou save your phone's battery life - Dark Theme will bringyouconvinience during night rides, and will significantlyimprovebattery life during the day. With graphic speedometer andpowermeter your fitness activities will be fun and fruitful. ThisGPSbike bicicleta fitness app will let you track your cyclingroutesand save them in My Tracks. With its simple interface bikecomputerwill provide the best experience for your fitness and otheroutdooractivities. You can track the amount of calories burned theappwill also provide you with the data like bike tracklength,totalduration of the track and etc. that could be usefull inplanningyour next track. Bike computer app can also be usefull inhiking ,running ,cycling , backpacking and in other outdooractivities. *We do not use altitude (due to its extreme inaccuracy)in caloriecount and power meter formulas.
GPS Driving Route®
Are you an frequent traveler and going somewhere? Plan yourtravelwith GPS Driving Route, a GPS based real-time voicenavigation appwhich supports online / offline maps, search,optimised routes,traffic signals, speed cams, compass directions,parking, triprecording etc,. Reach your destination in time withaccuratereal-time voice navigation Preview your driving routewithsimulation before you start to drive Don’t get lost your waywithautomatic re-routing navigation Optional route may help you insometimes Different travel modes and map styles Avoid trafficsignals,speed cams and toll gates Online/Offline Navigation withvoiceguidance so don’t miss a turn or exit Find nearbyparkinglocations, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals and coffeeshopsKnow speed limit of your driving route and drive safely Saveyourfavourite places you want to visit or go frequently Sharerouteinstructions to your friends and help them on the waySearch,discover and explore your local places Experience the welldetailedmaps experience Download and use offline maps to searchplaces, getdirections and use real-time Navigation without aninternetconnection View and share your places photos on Snap FeedGetdirection towards your target places using compass Findlocalbusiness places * Some features not available in all countriesGetGPS Driving Route and enjoy the real-time voice navigation eveninoffline! To know more about us and share your feedback,pleasevisit us at GPS Driving Route Facebook: GPS Driving RouteWebsite: