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WebMD: Check Symptoms, Find Doctors, & Rx Savings 7.6
From WebMD, the one healthcare app you need to check symptoms;learnabout conditions and drugs; research treatments anddiagnoses; finddoctors and specialists in your area; get Rxdiscounts available atyour local pharmacy; and set medicationreminders. Key Features: •Symptom Checker – Choose your symptoms,learn about potentialconditions or issues, and lookup treatmentand care options. •Doctor Directory – Find the closest doctors andspecialists based onyour current location or search by city, stateor zip. • WebMD Rx –We partner with major pharmacy chains to findthe lowestprescription drug prices, which often beat insuranceco-pays. It’s100% free to use. No registration required. •Medication Reminders –Never miss a dose. You’ll receive reminderswhen it’s time to takeyour medications. View daily prescriptionschedules andinstructions, plus pill images with dosage and timinginformationfor each drug. • Conditions – Find medically-reviewedinformationabout conditions relevant to you and learn more aboutcauses,treatments, and related symptoms. • Customization andSavingFunctionality – Save your conditions, drugs, doctors,hospitals,pharmacies, and healthy living articles for secure, easyaccess andreference. • Drug Interaction Checker – Find andidentifypotentially harmful and unsafe combinations ofprescriptionmedications by entering two or more drugs in question.ABOUT WebMDWebMD Health Corp. (Nasdaq: WBMD) is the leadingprovider of healthinformation services, serving consumers,physicians, healthcareprofessionals, employers, and health plansthrough our public andprivate online portals, mobile platforms andhealth-focusedpublications. More than 95 million unique visitorsaccess the WebMDHealth Network each month. If you are a Californiaresident,California law may provide you with certain rightsregarding our useof your personal information. For moreinformation relevant to ourusers who are California residents,please review the "CaliforniaResidents" section of our PrivacyPolicy linked on this downloadpage or within our app. The WebMDHealth Network includes WebMDHealth, Medscape, MedicineNet,emedicineHealth, RxList,, and MedscapeEducation. SOURCE WebMD HealthCorp. WebMD. Better Information.Better Health. WebMD does notprovide medical advice, diagnosis ortreatment. Always seek theadvice of your physician or otherqualified health provider with anyquestions you may have regardinga medical condition. Neverdisregard professional medical advice ordelay in seeking it becauseof something you have read on the WebMDmobile application.
Ada – your health companion 3.1.2
Ada Health
Manage your health with Ada, your health companion. Ada canhelpyou, your family, and your friends analyze symptoms andreceivepersonal health assessments. Developed by doctors andscientists,Ada knows thousands of symptoms and conditions. How doesAda helpyou? 1. You tell Ada what’s bothering you. 2. You thenanswer somesimple, personalized questions. 3. Ada starts to assesswhat couldbe wrong. 4. Ada then provides relevant information aboutyourhealth. What can you expect from Ada? - Privacy and secure data–we respect your privacy and apply the strictest data regulationstoprotect your information - Option to share your assessment –youcan easily share information about your health and activitywithyour doctor - Personalized information – you get guidancethat’sspecific to your unique health profile What can you tell Ada?Thereare no wrong questions. Here are some common symptoms: - Fever-Loss of appetite - Headache - Abdominal pain and tenderness-Nausea - Fatigue - Vomiting - Dizziness - Cough Commonconditions:- Common cold - Influenza infection - Viral sinusitis -Diabetes -Tension headache - Migraine - Irritable bowel syndrome -Anxietydisorder - Acute panic attack - Depression - Chlamydia -Gonorrhea- Herpes Common categories: - Skin conditions, such asrashes,acne, insect bites - Pregnancy concerns - Children’s health-Sleeping problems - Indigestion issues, such as vomiting,diarrhea- Eye infections Improving Ada is a constant goal of ours,which iswhy your feedback is so important to us. If you have any,pleaseget in touch at
Your.MD: Health Journal & AI Self-Care Assistant 4.0.1
Your.MD is a digital health platform committed to helpingeveryonein the world find their health through self-care. Built bydoctors,data scientists and digital experts, Your.MD’s aim is tohelpanyone, anywhere find safe and personalised information,guidanceand support for their health for free. Join the millions ofpeoplethat have already used Your.MD to get better and stayhealthy.Your.MD is a place where anyone, anywhere can find safeandpersonalised information, guidance and support for theirhealth.Here’s how it works: Symptom Checker: When something iswrong andyou’re not sure if you need to see a doctor or not. HealthA-Z:When you want to research a single trusted source ofhealthinformation that is easy to understand, written byqualifieddoctors (NHS and Your.MD writers and medical team).OneStop Health™Marketplace: The first global marketplace of trustedhealth serviceproviders and products to enable you to get betterfaster(personalised to our users needs). Journal: A means todocument,track and check my health over time. Health Plans:Specific‘condition-based’ actionable programs that help you manageyourentire journey to better health. No matter your concern, wecanhelp you find information about a variety of health conditionsthatyou can care for yourself including: • Common cold • Restlesslegssyndrome • Throat irritation • Influenza / Flu • Sprainsandstrains • Hay fever • Conjunctivitis • Thrush • Food poisoning•Headaches • Bronchitis • Teeth grinding • Constipation •ChilblainsYour.MD is classified as a Class I medical deviceregistered withthe MHRA and is CE accredited, which means that ourservices complywith European Union Medical Device Regulation. Toensure your datais safe with us, we have acquired the ePrivacy sealof compliance.(*) IMPORTANT NOTICE Your health is important to us,so before youstart we need to make sure you understand how theservice can helpyou. If you are generally healthy and don’t sufferfrom any chronicor rare medical conditions, we can help withidentifying lessserious conditions that you can manage yourself andwe can guideyou in whether or not you should see a doctor. Your.MDcan providesafe information about specific conditions to help youdecide onthe next steps. Your.MD can’t consider all the informationa doctorcan, and is not able to identify all conditions orsymptoms. We maynot always understand the information you give us.You should acton the suggested next steps if you think it’sappropriate for youto do so. Always visit a doctor if you’re indoubt, or if yoursymptoms get worse or don’t improve. If yoursituation is serious,always call the emergency services. Your.MD isnot liable for anyof your decisions, acts or omissions you make.Your.MD cannot beused for information about babies, children aged15 and younger,pregnant women, people on immunosuppressivetreatment, and peoplewith complex or long-term conditions. For moreinformation readYour.MD Terms of Service, section “Our liabilityand disclaimer ofwarranties”. 2.8.5
Diagnosis Medical App is a unique project that combinesmedicinewith computer-generated artificial intelligence designedbyprofessional doctors from several US American universityhospitals.In the context of a simulated conversation between doctorandpatient you receive questions that you can answer individually.Theaim is to find a suspected diagnosis based on your givenanswersabout your symptoms and to provide you with individualinformationwhich you will need for a possible meeting with yourreal doctor.Diagnosis Medical App will help you understand how yourdoctoranalyses your symptoms. This interactive app is designed forpeoplewith no medical expertise. How does this app work?DiagnosisMedical App is driven by an advanced artificialintelligencealgorithm that synchronizes your symptoms with thelargest existingmedical data base that includes more than 1500combinations ofsymptoms. Diagnosis Medical App complies with thelatest scientificstandards and receives updates regularly so thatwe can ensure thatthis app meets the highest medical standards. Tryout this app tolearn more about your health problems! FEATURES: ✔Designed byprofessional doctors from several US American universityhospitals✔ Evaluation of your given information with the aim tofind asuspected diagnosis ✔ Simulated interview between doctorandpatient ✔ Individual questions and individual answers that fittoyour symptoms ✔ Advanced artificial intelligence algorithm✔Largest existing medical data base with more than 1500combinationsof symptoms ✔ Risk assessment for several diseases thatyou maydevelop in future ✔ Medical advice as a preparation for yournextmeeting with your doctor Diagnosis Medical App does not replaceaconsultation with a doctor! This app should not be treatedasdoctor's advice or a final diagnosis. It is meant to be used asanadditional help for your meeting with a doctor.
Medscape 7.3.1
Medscape is the leading online global destination for physiciansandhealthcare professionals worldwide, offering the latest medicalnewsand expert perspectives; point-of-care drug and diseaseinformation;and relevant professional education and CME/CE. TheMedscape app isdesigned to provide a personalized experience sothat you can easilyaccess what you need, when you need it. What’sNEW? * Discover thelatest clinical news and perspectives in yourspecialty with ourtailored newsfeed. Receive alerts about FDAapprovals, conferencenews, late-breaking clinical trial data, andmore. * AccessReference articles, News, and CME/CE courses withour moderntaskbar. * Customize your homescreen, save your favoriteclinicaltools, and bookmark articles you like or want to check outlater.Additional Key Features: * Look up the most currentprescribing andsafety information on 8500+ prescription and OTCdrugs, herbals, andsupplements. * Check out other usefulresources, including our druginteraction checker,specialty-specific calculators, pillidentifier, and more. * Findessential procedures in your field with6200+ Reference articles. *Earn free CME/CE credits and ABIM MOCpoints on-the-go, and monitoryour progress with our built-inActivity Tracker. * Access thelargest network for physicians andmedical students with Consult.Use your Medscape account to accessthe Medscape app. Don't have aMedscape account? You can sign up forfree when you download theapp—it takes only a few seconds. If youare a California resident,California law may provide you withcertain rights regarding ouruse of your personal information. Formore information relevant toour users who are California residents,please review the"California Residents" section of our PrivacyPolicy linked on thisdownload page or within our app. Do you havefeedback for theMedscape team? Email us at
Healthians -Full Body Health Checkup & Blood Tests 9.8.1
Healthians is India’s largest Health Test at Home serviceproviderthat brings medical checkups and health test packages atyourdoorstep. Diagnostic Tests & Health Test Packages ⚕️FullBodyHealth Check up ⚕️Blood Test ⚕️Cholesterol Test ⚕️LipidProfileTest ⚕️Liver Function Test ⚕️Kidney Function Test ⚕️BloodSugarTest for Diabetes Diagnostics ⚕️Thyroid Test ⚕️HaemoglobinTest⚕️HIV Test ⚕️Cancer Test ⚕️Pregnancy Test ⚕️Vitamin Test….andmore. With Healthians, you can also book HbA1c Test, PSATest,CA125 Tests at home. Each Health Checkup Package includes FREEHomeSample Collection followed by FREE Doctor consultation forbetterunderstanding of your reports. Customized Diet-cum-nutritionplans& lifestyle changes are also advised to keep your healthontrack. Once the Health Test is booked our trained samplecollectorvisits your home to collect samples for various HealthTests.Reports for these medical tests are delivered online within24hours. Our Health Test App India makes Full BodyCheckup,Preventive Health Test, Health Screening & regularHealthcheckups a convenient & affordable process. Along withtheHealth Test Packages, we also provide health tips &healtharticles by doctors & nutritionists. Now, booking Bloodtest,Full Body Checkup or a Health Screening & tracking yourhealthstatus is just a click away using the Healthians -HealthDiagnostics & Medical Check Up app. What you get 💰Valueformoney for your health test packages 🆓Free home samplecollection💳Pay online or at the time of sample collection usingcash, card ordigital wallet 🙂Painless experience 💯100% accurateresults fromNABL compliant labs ⏲️Smart Reports within 24 hours👨‍⚕️Free DoctorConsultation Unique Features of Healthians App📱Instant bookingwith complete order tracking 🛎️Subscriptions &Alerts 📓SmartReports with personalized diet plan 📝Health tracker totrack yourweight, BP, sugar 💯Health Karma: Your lifestyle score🚶‍♂️Step& Calorie tracker 👪Family Health Management 🤲Specialoffers forFriends & Family 📑Health & nutrition articles byexpertsOur process 1️⃣Book Health test at home 2️⃣Free &hygienicsample collection from your home 3️⃣Sample is transported&tested at nearest Healthians lab 4️⃣Smart & selfexplanatory e-report is sent via email. Hard copies can be orderedtoo 5️⃣Afterreport delivery, avail FREE doctor consultation 6️⃣Getperiodicreminders for tests & lifestyle changes Healthiansprovideshealth and medical checkups in 38 cities across India -BengaluruDelhi Gurugram Noida Hyderabad Mumbai Pune Agra AhmedabadAmbalaAmritsar Bahadurgarh Bhopal Chandigarh Dehradun FaridabadGhaziabadGreater Noida Indore Jaipur Jalandhar Kanpur KarnalKurukshetraLucknow Ludhiana Meerut Mohali Mysore Panchkula PanipatPatialaRohtak Shuklaganj Sonipat Surat Unnao Vadodara So, next timeyouneed health tests in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram,orHyderabad do not forget to try Healthians as your trustedhealthtests partner. Awards and Recognition 🏆Innovative StartupinDiagnostic Healthcare 2017- The Indian Startup Conventions2017🏆Healthcare Innovator Enterprise Of The Year- Leaders Award2016🏆Young Entrepreneur of the Year - Annual Entrepreneur IndiaAwards2016 🏆Health & Social care enterprise of the yearaward-Leader’s Award 2015 🏆Health Beauty & Wellness eRetailerof theyear- Indian eRetail Awards 2015 To stay tuned aboutHealthians.comexciting offers & latest happenings follow us on:Facebook - Twitter- Support Us If you like ourapp,please support us by rating us on the play store. Feedback Ifyouhave any feedback, please write to us
Моя аптечка - справочник лекарств 3.1.44
Appvise, LLC
Finally, create an application that will help the symptomsorcategory to find the cheapest non-prescription medicationsorcheaper counterparts expensive drugs and generic drugs! At anytimeand without the Internet! "My first aid kit" to help anyone,evenfar from the medicine man, to quickly understand whichmedicinesare used for the common symptoms: toothache or headache,colds,runny nose, or any other of the hundreds of symptoms ofourintelligent database. And then you should seek advice fromapharmacy or go on record to the doctor. But most importantly -youcan for 1 minute to know the approximate value of all themostpopular and affordable drugs, analogs and prices. Theapplicationis easy to navigate - enter the symptoms that you areconcernedabout, and delivers medicines. In our database of morethan 1000non-prescription medicines. It identifies the price ofmedicines inthe drugstores of Moscow, and they correspond to theprices for thewhole of Russia. "My first aid kit" - this offlinemedicalreference catalog, which you will find: - Drugs, analogs andprices- Cheaper counterparts expensive drugs and generics - Searchforsigns of drugs - Medicines for the category - Medicines fortheactive substance - Profiles for multiple family members - Thepriceof drugs, analogs and prices in pharmacies in Moscow city -Drugprices from different manufacturers and pharmacies (Wrigley,Fort,Zhivika or aptekamos) - Traditional medicine online -Completehistory of drug discovery. The most important thing - nowthemedicine and treating the symptoms become obvious to anyone.Eachproduct contains a description of how affordable it is bettertotake, based on the manufacturer's instructions, but simply setout.Shown dosage form, symptoms, and drugs that can not be takenduringpregnancy. The treatment we prescribe - is the task ofthephysician! We - not a new Internet pharmacy in RU zone, we -themedical encyclopedia in your pocket. Before buying themedicine,check if there are any cheap analogues. The applicationhas uniqueproducts that are effective and inexpensive. We arealways honestabout all medications (even dietary supplements,homeopathy, orHLS). Check the price at any pharmacy py city ofMoscow (aptekamos,for example). Do not self-medicate and do notwait for when youwill be on the verge of ambulance! Treatment ofdiseases - theprerogative of doctors and your health - the mostimportant thingyou have. Are you interested in traditional medicineor Tibetan andChinese medicine? Here you will find a lot of dietarysupplements,drugs, traditional medicine, tinctures and herbs.However, use ofthese drugs it is necessary to agree with thedoctor. Appointmentsto the doctor can be done via the app infoemias, CIO of the cityof Moscow. We are working to improve the app.Soon we will add toit a reminder of the medication (healthprogram), the reference toAnnex EMIAS info DIT city of Moscow (anappointment to see a doctorif your symptoms will be disturbing,especially during pregnancy),as well as the opportunity to assessthe drugs. Well, the classic -you can right in the app to find outwhich pharmacy py near yourhome offers drugs and their analogs(including fort or Zhivika) atthe lowest price on the stock. We donot diagnose, and we are notonline pharmacy, so we stronglyrecommend that you consult yourdoctor. Appointments to the doctorcan be made through the officialapp emias DIT information for allresidents of the city of Moscow,do not forget about it! Take careof your health. Maintain ahealthy lifestyle (HLS) and check theprice with "my first-aidkit." We are not affiliated withmanufacturers, are notrepresentative of a network of pharmacies andwe are not from thepharmacy stock. We are not to buy drugs on theInternet. Our task -to help you understand the world of health andsave money. ALWAYSconsult your doctor! Choose wisely and behealthy!
Curofy - Medical Cases, Chat, Appointment 3.0.30
Your Single app to manage Patient Appointments, Clinic andCommunityof Doctors. Curofy now not only connects you to thecommunity butalso helps you manage your patient appointmentsbetter "Curofy amust have app for doctors" - Economic Times Among"Top 5 Androidapps for doctors"- Times Of India "Half of Indianmedicos to useCurofy by 2018"- PharmaBiz Curofy is a medical appexclusively forthe doctors. It is a platform for doctors tocollaborate on clinicalcases and to stay updated with the latestmedical news and updatesin the industry. It also helps the doctorsto access the latestjournals, medical guidelines, and MCQs. Alsodoctors and studentsalike get to access videos and AMA sessionsfrom eminent doctorslike Dr Najeeb and other eminent doctors intheir field. Curofy alsohelps you get the most appropriate medicaljobs that suits yourprofile. With 300 cases posted every day,Curofy is the most engagedplatform in the Country. Curofy alsokeeps you upto date with thelatest CMEs and events. With doctorsfrom hospitals like AIIMS, KMC,CMC etc, it gives the community thediversity and true spirit ofcollaborative learning and knowledgeexchange. ✪ Curofy Discuss:Discuss real life Clinical cases withpeers - Discuss Clinical caseswith fellow doctors, colleagues fromall around the country - Getsecond opinion from industry stalwartsand the best doctors in yourspecialty - Invite doctors to answeron posts you think are bestsuited for the posts - Take part inclinical case discussions basedon human anatomy and diseases -Keep enhancing your medicalknowledge with daily real life medicalcase discussion - Get CMEupdates and coverages - Get access tovideos of famous doctors likeDr. Najeeb and others. ✪ CurofyAppointment: Patient Booking -Patients can now book onlineAppointments using your Curofy PublicProfile Appointment - QuicklyAdd, Manage, Reschedule and cancelappointments Patient Carebook -All your patient will be organisedand safely stored on yourmobile. You can add appointments, seepatient history, sendreminders in few simple clicks Reminder -Automated patientappointment reminder to help your patient to keeptrack of theirappointments and follow up visits ✪ Medical News: Tokeep youupdated with medical news from Kevin Md, Medscape etc -Keep trackof the latest news and happenings in the medical world -The bestof medical news curated from top sites like Kevin Md,Medscape, WebMd and many more - Get medical news from all aroundthe worldrelevant to your preferences everyday - Keep yourselfupdated withthe latest disease trends and types from various partsof the world✪ Curofy Genie : Takes care of all your needs - Genietakes care ofall your professional need at one place. - With genieyou can getall you need from loans to medical instruments to theappropriateMedical jobs for you. Genie has everything - All youneed to do isto Just Wish ! ✪ Curofy Journal : Free access tojournals - Getjournals free of cost specific to your specialty -Get journalsfrom major players like Elsevier, BMJ and many more ✪Curofy MCQ :High Yield questions For Medical Students - Get yourhands on HighYield Questions specifically prepared to kickstartyour PGpreparation for exams like JIPMER, NEET, AIIMS , USMLE etc -Stayahead with your PG, USMLE preparation with questions fromourin-house doctors - Get in-depth analysis of each questionalongwith their answers. - Students can also access exclusivevideoslectures of Dr. Najeeb, Dr. Sumer Sethi, Dr. Rohan Khandelwalandmany others ✪ Curofy Guidelines : Get access to communityapprovedtreatment plan - Get the latest guidelines at yourfingertips -Download them and reference them later
Superdoc- Ask a Doctor Online 3.2.13
Superdoc - ask a doctor online is the best app for onlinedoctorconsultation on demand. You can find a doctor, ask a doctoronlineand get a medical advice on demand. Superdoc- ask a doctorallowsyou to consult a doctor online on demand. Consult a physicianabouthealth tips or healthcare and get medical advice instantly!You canalso live chat with a doctor on demand, attach a picture ofyouraffected area or your latest lab reports and get answers infewtaps. Your answer arrives in less than 15 minutes from topdoctors.You get the benefit of top doctor consultation from theconvenienceof your home without any prior doctor appointments.Superdoc - aska doctor app is the best app to talk to a doctor ondemand, getbest health tips and you can also get a second opinion.It’s aportea ble primary care physician in your pocket, you canaccess itfrom anywhere. It’s a stress free process. Lybrateyourself fromlong waiting queues for doctor appointment. How toconsult a doctoronline works:• Download Superdoc app for on demanddoctorconsultation / medical advice • Find and ask a doctorregarding anyhealth tips or health issue such as diabetes, stress,ovia lation,anxiety, scabies, warts, women log, periods, mensesetc• Attach apicture or your medical reports during online doctorconsultation(optional)• Get an answer in less than 15 minutes •Enjoy hasslefree doctor chat and get medical advice without anyprior doctorappointmentNEW! 24*7 service and Second Opinion!! Wehave recentlystarted 24*7 medical advice service. Now it's easy foryou to finda doctor. You can reach our highly qualified wed MDanytime fromanywhere and consult a doctor. It’s just like medscape,live MD andpocket doctor with you all the time. With 24* 7 serviceyou can aska physician / web MD on pregnancy, period problems, ovialation,child care, child feeding timing, skin problems likeDiabetes,scabies, warts, allergies and cure, period tracker, womancalendar,baby calendar and many more with an ease.Moreover,Superdoc - ask adoctor app is best proved for second opinion. Youcan attach reportand get instant second opinion from our topdoctors. Differentcategories of healthcare / all medical conditionsfor which you canask a doctor on demand and get medical advice :•Dermatology / SkinProblems: Scabies, skincare, Pimples, Acne,Rashes, Psoriasis, HairFall, Dark Spots, Dark Circles, Blemishes,Fungal Infections,Dandruff • Gynecology: My Periods, ovia lation,Pregnancy,Pregnancy Symptoms, Pregnancy Detection, VaginalInfections,Menopause, Menstruation, Period Trackers, Menses•Psychologist /Mental health: Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Money/Family Pressure,Relationship Trouble, Low Self Confidence •Pediatrician: New MomsCare, Child Health Care, LactationConsulting, Babylon, Child Care,Child Obesity, Breastfeeding,Parenting, baby calendar• GeneralPhysician: Diabetes, Fever, Cold,Cough, Swine Flu, Viral Fever,Dengue, Acidity, Diarrhea, FoodPoisoning, Acid Reflux, Headache,Migraine, Sinus, Thyroid,Hyperthyroidism, HypothyroidismWhileonline doctor consultation ourpatients have asked over 50,000medical questions on health care/medical conditions!Our patientmedical questions on health careinclude the following ailments:01.Skin Care, Scabies Pimples, Acne02. Mental health, Stress,Anxiety, Depression, Thyroid03. PregnancySymptoms, Breastfeeding,Childcare, Parenting, Period Trackers, MyPeriods04. Diabetes,Hypertension, Heartburn05. Child Obesity,Thyroid Problem, LoseWeight06. Stress, Headache, Migraine, SinusAllergy07. Safe Sex,Birth Control, Abortion, Irregular Periods08.Back Pain, Injury,Arthritis or General Question09. Cold, Cough,Swine Flu, ViralFever, Dengue, AcidityGet your medical questionsanswered instantlyanytime! Join largest doctor consultation andsecond opinionapp!Use Superdoc app to find a doctor online and meedoc online.Stay Healthy and Stay Happy!
WebMD Baby 2.4
Over 1.7 million parents have downloaded the WebMD Baby app totracktheir baby’s development and get trusted, physician-approvedadvice.In this single, free app, you’ll have the right resourcesto raiseyour newborn. Five comprehensive tools to keep track ofimportantneeds and stay on schedule: - Breastfeeding,bottle-feeding, andsolid-food trackers – record and review allyour feeding and nursingsessions, including both breast milk andformula. - Sleep tracker:Records not only time of each session,but location such as crib,car seat, stroller, and more. - Diapertracker: Keep track of eachdiaper change -- dry, wet, or both. -Growth tracker: Allows you torecord height, weight, and headcircumference. - Baby Book: Captureyour baby's memories and sharethem with collaborators. (Note:videos cannot be shared or backedup due to file sizes) - Thenursing and feeding trackers allow youto schedule reminders andeven base them on previous feedings. -Collaborate with yourpartner, relatives, or caregiver to keeptrack of all your child’sneeds. Tracker updates sync across alldevices. WebMD is like apediatrician in your pocket with anextensive library ofmedically-approved content including 400articles, 598 tips, and 70videos: - Baby & Toddler Care (16categories) - Illness &Emergencies (39 categories) - Just forMoms - Just for Dads -Parenting Tips (367) - Baby Week by Week (64content packages) - Askthe Pediatrician (8 video Q&A sessionswith a WedMD in-housepediatrician) - Milestones (7 categoriesdivided by age up to 24months old) - Vaccines (all baby vaccineinfo) - Baby Doctor Visits(11 well visit guides) "It is arguablymore practical and usefulthan many of the others combined." --NYTimes WebMD Baby "willsignificantly lighten up your diaper bag"-- Consumer Reports "Newparents can rest easy with this great app"-- Appolicious "I willprobably find myself reading one of thosefeatured articles on onemy many sleepless nights!" -- USA TodayAbout WebMD WebMD HealthCorp. (Nasdaq: WBMD) is the leadingprovider of health informationservices, serving consumers,physicians, healthcare professionals,employers, and health plansthrough our public and private onlineportals, mobile platforms andhealth-focused publications. More than95 million unique visitorsaccess the WebMD Health Network eachmonth. The WebMD HealthNetwork includes WebMD Health, Medscape,MedicineNet,emedicineHealth, RxList,, andMedscapeEducation. SOURCE WebMD Health Corp. If you are aCaliforniaresident, California law may provide you with certainrightsregarding our use of your personal information. Formoreinformation relevant to our users who are Californiaresidents,please review the "California Residents" section of ourPrivacyPolicy linked on this download page or within our app.WebMD.Better Information. Better Health. WebMD does not providemedicaladvice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice ofyourphysician or other qualified health provider with any questionsyoumay have regarding a medical condition. Neverdisregardprofessional medical advice or delay in seeking it becauseofsomething you have read on the WebMD mobile application.
com.doccheck.flexikon 1.6.4
One of the largest and most popular communities for medicalandhealth now available on the app store - a comprehensive lexiconandencyclopedia. Practicing physicians, nurses, med students oranyonejust interested can benefit from instant access to a hugelibraryof medical information in this free app. Highlights of theapp: -Search quickly and efficiently for definitions, symptoms,therapiesand much more medical information - Access or browsemedicalknowledge in over 50,000 articles, images and videos -Bookmark,save and access your favourites offline as well - Thecontent isupdated on a regular basis while quality is ensured bypeer reviews- Open medical dictionary for everyone to participate -theknowledge base is growing steadily - Comprehensive visualizationofcontent through 3D models, videos and galleries All contentiscross-linked for more in-depth research. Your app forquicklyaccessing medical information from the smartphone ortablet.FEEDBACK: Do you like our app? We look forward to yourfeedback. Ifyou have suggestions for improvements please do nothesitate towrite an email to We will alwayscome backto you and sort things out. Thanks! Follow us onFacebook:
Disorder & Diseases Dictionary 2019 3.3
Diseases Dictionary Offline is complete OFFLINE and FREEappcontaining list of Medical disorders & diseases thatprovidesall information about symptoms, disorder and treatment andmanymedical terminology. This is a Medical Dictionary hand book canactas a clinical advisor for self diagnosis and can also be usedtolook up symptoms, diseases and treatment. Medical dictionaryfreedownload is like a FREE Doctor at home for common diseasesandtreatment codes. Optimized for TABLET devices. DiseasesDictionary- Medical App Features: 1. Offline – It wok offline, noactiveinternet connection is required; 2. Detailed description ofallmajor medical conditions and diseases: - definition; - symptoms;-causes; - risk factors; - complications; - preparing foryourappointment; - tests and diagnosis; - treatments and drugs;-lifestyle and home remedies 3. Easily find needed diseasewithinstant search. 4. Favorites list– you are able to bookmarktheDisease item to your favorites list by clicking on the “star”icon.Who can use this dictionary: Healthcareprofessionals,pharmaceuticals, physicians, hospital nurses, medicalstudents,nursing professionals, pharmacy, physician assistants andforstudents who work in clinical practice & dispensary.
Diseases Dictionary ✪ Medical 2.1
Completely Offline & FREE medical dictionary appcontainingmedical disorders & diseases with detaileddefinitions,symptoms, causes and treatment information. Thismedical diseasehand book can act as a clinical advisor for selfdiagnosis and canalso be used to look up symptoms, diseases andtreatment. Medicaldiseases dictionary free download is like a FREEDoctor at home forcommon diseases and treatment codes. Diseasesdictionary FREE -Medical App Features: - Works Offline withoutinternet. - Detaileddescription of all major medical conditions anddiseases. -Information regarding treatment of diseases for allmedicalconditions and symptoms along with medicationinformation,medication interaction and drug side effects. - Medicalreferencebook and thesaurus covering all medical terminologiesandabbreviations. - Prescription drug info along with pilldescriptionis provided in the treatment section. - Physicians deskreferenceand pharmaceuticals dictionary. - A handy free pocketguide fornurses for use as an emergency guide. Who can use thisfree diseasedictionary: Healthcare professionals, pharmaceuticals,physicians,hospital nurses, medical students, nursingprofessionals, pharmacy,physician assistants and for students whowork in clinical practice& dispensary. DISCLAIMER: This appcannot and should notreplace a pharmacist or a doctor consultation.App content is onlyfor pocket reference & educational purposes.Consult a doctorbefore actual usage of any of the information inthis app.
Practo - Book Doctor Appointments & Consult Online 4.49.2
Practo is more than just an app for online doctor appointments.Itis a one-stop-shop for all your medical & healthcareneedswhere you can: * Book doctor appointments * Consult doctoronline *Order medicines & health products * Book diagnostic&health tests * Maintain medical records & read free healthtipsPracto is a holistic healthcare app that helps you makebetterhealthcare decisions for yourself & your family. With 2lakh+healthcare providers from best clinics & hospitalsacrosscities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Surat, Noida, Jaipur,Lucknow,Chennai, New Delhi, Pune & 30+ other cities, youcanseamlessly: 🔅Find the right doctor closest to you; viewfeedback,doctor online profiles & consultation fees & bookDrappointments 🔅Consult experienced doctors from reputedhospitalchains in India including Fortis, Apollo, Manipal, ColumbiaAsia,Apollo Cradle and Cloudnine 🔅Consult doctor onlineanywhere,anytime via doctor app within 60 seconds 🔅Chat privatelywithverified doctors—dermatologists, pediatricians,gynecologists,oncologists, psychologists & more 🔅Buy medicinesonline, trackyour orders & enjoy guaranteed on-time delivery.Read aboutvarious medicines & health products on the doctor app🔅Schedulefull body checkups with renowned diagnostic labs &centers likeThyrocare & get digital reports within 48 hours🔅Access allyour medical records in one place, and readexpert-written healthtips & articles for free Find the rightdoctor for you &your loved ones Tired of searching for theright doctor to go to?Fret no more! Practo offers an expansive listof 80,000+ trusteddocs, specialists & surgeons to choose from.• Find doctors inyour area by name, speciality, or clinicalprocedure • Comparedoctor reviews, locations, fees &experiences • Enjoyhassle-free online doctor appointment bookingOnline doctorconsultations - convenience when you need it the most!Too sick togo see a doctor in person? Need to consult a doctorimmediately?With Practo, an online doctor consult app, you don’thave to travelanymore! You can ask a doctor about your healthconcerns over aprivate call or chat. Consult doctor online via chator call atyour comfort & your time. Be it a specialist or alocal generalphysician, seek dr advice in just 60 seconds. Also,have a freefollow-up chat with the doctor in the next three days.You can getstarted with just three simple steps - explain yourhealth concern,pay online, get connected & consult doctoronline. Ordermedicines online - save time, money & effort! Wantto stock upthose monthly meds? Save yourself a trip to the pharmacyevery time& buy medicines online on Practo from trustedpharmacies.Medicines & health products are home delivered allover India.Read about them on Practo’s online pharmacy, place yourorder &SAVE BIG with amazing discounts! You can also track yourmedicineorders on the Practo app. More reasons to make Practo yourHolisticHealthcare Buddy • Book lab tests & health checkups.Get freehome sample collection & digital reports • Buyaffordableone-year health plans for your family & friends •Readexpert-written health tips & articles for free Downloadthisdoctor consult app right away & join our healthycommunity!We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line atsupport@practo.comYou can find us;, appointments for diabetes,cancer, weight loss, hair fall, ENTproblems & more. Pratcooffers consultation for 160+specialities including psychology,physiotherapy, gynecology,dermatology, gastroenterology, dentistry,orthopaedics, ayurveda& homeopathy.
Diseases Treatments Dictionary 1.15
RR Play Spot
This is the complete solution Free Offline that DiseasesTreatmentsDictionary to know all diseases that may Human causes,any symptomson your body, and how to prevent from diseases, what todo on firstaid. Affecting by diseases by easily. for that we wantto preventfrom dangerous diseases.So you can learn about all humandiseasesand all types. More over diseases on the world that whatare theaffects are from that. You may learn how Prevent from thatandtheir symptoms are occurs when affecting and easily explainedwithmedical terms. This Symptoms of Human diseases DictionaryofflineApp is briefly Explained top to bottom on this guide coverssome ofthe more common diseases and conditions, including alldefinitionwith all causes, symptoms & treatments of variousgeneticdiseases as well as infectious and communicable, from autismtostrokes, skin conditions to eye, diabetes and cancer to heart.Needa list of common diseases? The most common Treatment&illnesses are listed here by name, including informationabouttheir Medicine. This medical app includes all diseasesanddisorders. In this fully explain about all diseases withMedicalTreatment, Definitions, Epidemiology, Manifestations,DiagnosisTest, Symptoms, Risk factors, Causes, Complications,Information,Vitamins, Types, Research, Drugs, Illness, HealthPractitioner,Natural Herbal healing, Natural Medicines, Medicinalplants herbs,Natural Cures, Natural Remedies, Prescription forMedicine,Treatment codes, Clinical Adviser, Treatment andPrevention. Mostof the diseases here we will giving here how tocure that easily.its a FREE doctor consultant app for all countypeoples.===>> In this Diseases Treatments Dictionary Offlinewemainly focused on the below topics are AIDS & HIV NipahVirusAutism Bad Breath Bipolar Disorder Bulimia Nervosa CankerSoresCarpal Tunnel Syndrome Cataracts Chickenpox ChlamydiaCholesterolChronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic Kidney Disease ColdSoresCreutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Depression Diabetes (Type 1)Diarrhea EarInfections Eczema Endometriosis Epilepsy ErectileDysfunctionFibromyalgia Gallstones GERD (Gastroesophageal RefluxDisease)Heartburn Gestational Diabetes Complications Gout GravesHair Lossand Balding Head Lice Hemorrhoids Hepatitis, Hypertension,ImpactedWisdom Teeth: Oral Surgery and Extraction, Insomnia,InsulinResistance, Heart, Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,LactoseIntolerance, Laryngitis, Leukemia, Liver Cancer, Carcinoma,Lupus,Lyme, Macular Degeneration, Malignant Mesothelioma, Melanoma,MonoSymptoms, Multiple Sclerosis, Nail Fungus, Obesity,Ovarian,Pancreatic Cancer, PMS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, RestlessLegsSyndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rosacea, Schizophrenia,SeasonalAffective Disorder, Skin, Sleep Apnea, Spider, InsectBites,Stomach Ulcers, Strep Throat, Stroke, Testicular andUterineFibroids. This dictionary is mainly use for medicalstudents,Healthcare professionals, pharmaceuticals, physicians,hospitalnurses, nursing professionals, doctors consultation,pharmacy,physician assistants and for students Advance Features :Now we areonline day to day we reply on comments to all users.DISCLAIMER:This app only for reference & educationalpurpose.Consult yourdoctor once before using this information inthis app. Globalsearch : Diseases , Disease & DisorderDictionary, Disease andTreatment, Medical Hand Book, DiseaseCondition, Medicine for allDisease, Treatment of all Diseases,Disorder & DiseasesDictionary Natural Remedies DiseasesTreatment Drugs
YesDok - 24 Hr Doctor On Demand 9.0.1
You can now reach professional doctors anywhere andanytimeconvenient to you! YesDok is designed for efficiency thatwill saveyour time and money for unnecessary doctor visits. Be itfor: -Busy individuals looking for highly credible answerstonon-life-threatening health problems - Second opinion beforeandafter surgery - Assisting first aid during emergency YesDok istheright App for you. Download YesDok and rest assured inanysituation: at Home, Office, during Road Trip, Studying Abroadandeven Overseas travel. Main Features: ★ 24 hour Consultation Youcanconnect with our experienced doctors (general practitioner)viayour chosen mode: Video Call / Voice Call / Chat. As YesDoktakesthe approach of evidence-based medicine, reliable healthsolutionswill be delivered. You can ask around health relatedissues suchas: - Allergy - Ankle Sprain - Baby, Kids Vaccination -Back Pain -Cancer Prevention - Cold, Cough, Fever, Flu - Diabetes -Diarrhoea- High & Low Blood Pressure - Heart Disease, Stroke -Pregnancy- Menstruation, Menopause - Mental / PsychologicalDisorder(Anxiety, Depression, OCD, etc.) - Skin Problem Basicallyanythingyou can think of or curious about! ★ Consultation HistoryInYesDok, we keep track of your consultation. Our friendlyandcommitted doctors will provide patients with medical summaryafterevery consultation made. So for a follow-up consult, weknowexactly who you are :) Medical summary consist of: -Prediagnosis -First Aid - Recommended Medication & Treatment ★Drug DeliveryAfter consultation, the doctor may recommendover-the-counter drugsthat you can purchase for first aid,treatment and relieve symptomsbefore attending the nearest healthfacility if necessary. Staystill and get your medicine deliveredright to your doorstep! ★Explanation on Lab Result Upload andconsult your lab result to endyour worries and curiosity about yourlaboratory examination resultwithin minutes. Additional Feature: ☆Invite Friend You can receiveReferral Bonus Balance and enjoy freeconsultation by sharingYesDok App to your family and friends! ☆Gift You can also sendgift to those whom you care about, and allowthem consult in timesof need. ☆ Sponsorship Provide sponsorship toyour loved ones andrest assured even when you are away from them. ■We recommendhaving a strong and stable network connectivity beforerequestingconsultation.
Disorder & Diseases Dictionary 7.6
Diseases Dictionary Offline is complete OFFLINE and FREEappcontaining list of Medical disorders & diseases thatprovidesall information about symptoms, disorder and treatment andmanymedical terminology.This Diseases & Disorders Dictionaryhandbook can act as a clinical advisor for self diagnosis and canalsobe used to look up symptoms, diseases and treatment.Medicaldictionary free download is like a FREE Doctor at home forcommondiseases and treatment codes.★Diseases Dictionary - MedicalAppFeatures:1. Offline – It wok offline, no active internetconnectionis required;2. Detailed description of all major medicalconditionsand diseases: - definition;- symptoms;- causes;- riskfactors;-complications;- preparing for your appointment;- testsanddiagnosis;- treatments and drugs;- lifestyle and homeremedies3.Easily find needed disease with instant search.4.Favorites list–you are able to bookmark the Disease item to yourfavorites list byclicking on the “star” icon.★Who can use thisdictionary:Healthcareprofessionals, pharmaceuticals, physicians,hospital nurses,medical students, nursing professionals, pharmacy,physicianassistants and for students who work in clinical practice&dispensary.★Support multi language : English , Deutsch ,Português, Français , Español , Pусский , Bahasa Indonesia
Sexually Transmitted Disease 2.7
The app "Sexually Transmitted Diseases has been created forMedicalStudents, Doctors and Public who seeks knowledge aboutSexuallytransmitted diseases. Every effort has been made to provideyoucomplete information about STDs (Sexually transmitteddiseases).The app consists of common 17 Sexually transmitteddiseases andinfection and every disease and infection has beenexplained in thefollowing catogries:● Introduction of diseases●Sign and Symptomsof diseases● Diagnosis and Tests of diseases●Treatment ofdiseases● Complications of diseases● PreventionofdiseasesInformation has been collected for many source sotoprovide you people the very correct and useful information.Hopeso,this app will be more useful for you. If you like it pleaseshareit with your friends and rate us.If there is any errororsuggestion, kindly inform us which will behighlyappreciated.RegardsKMCpesh
Asha Didi - Ask any health query 7.0.1
Asha Didi is the first Virtual health assistant app in Hindi(alsoin English). Asha Didi is free, voice-operated and can answeranyhealth queries. It Can be used as a Health encyclopedia,symptomchecker, doctor finder, Online consultation platform,Healthdirectory, personal health record system or medicaldictionary orfamily doctor support online. Simply it is a one-stophealthassistant for all your health needs. It gives you an instantanswerfrom its 3.5 million pages of reliable medical informationonmedicines, diseases, symptoms, surgical procedures, first aids,etcwritten by the expert medical team. Along with the detailedanswer,Asha DiDi also shows you a nearby health provider for yourproblemin your neighborhood area and not only provides youappointmentdetails of doctor/hospital but also gives you detailsforpharmacies providing home delivery or labs to collect a samplefromyour home. You can avail a Discount of up to 65% with thehealthproviders shown on Asha Didi. Get promotional wallet balancebydownloading and registering on Asha DiDi app and use it tobuymedicines, pay hospital bills or book lab tests with yournearbyhealth provider. You can also earn further balance forreferring itto your friends on registration. You can store all yourhealthrecords safely and store all your family profiles at asingleplace. Now share your health records on the go with yourloved onesor health provider and get rid of those heavy files. AshaDiDi alsoreminds you for your medicines, hydration, and diet ontime decidedby your doctors. Find Doctors in the followingSpecialties toconsult online or to book an appointment: Ear Noseand Tongue,Ayurveda, General Physician, Pediatrician,Dentist,Physiotherapist, Gastroenterologist,Cardiologist,Dietitian-Nutritionist, Endocrinologist,Ophthalmologist,Dermatologist, Gynaecologist/Gynecologist,Sexologist, And More.Asha Didi can answer millions ofhealth-related queries on : SkinCare, Pimples, Acne or Rashes onSkin, skin issues, rashes,itching, dry skin issues, acne, blackspots, Hair Scalp Care - hairfall issues, dandruff issues, rashesand itching on scalp, dryhair, hair whitening, Diet & Nutritionfor Weight management,personalized diet charts and exercise chartsfor gaining and losingweight, Erectile Dysfunction, PrematureEjaculation, Safe Sex,Irregular Periods, PCOS, late periods,irregular periods, PCODissues and all women related healthproblems, post pregnancy weightmanagement, personalized diet andexercise charts for postpregnancy weight management, mental Health,Stress, Anxiety,Depression, depression, suicidal tendencies,anxiety, mentaltensions relationship issues, Stress, Headache,Migraine, SinusAllergy, Pregnancy Symptoms, Breastfeeding,Childcare, Parenting,Period Trackers, My Periods, Diabetes,Hypertension, Heartburn,Fitness, Child Obesity, Thyroid Problem,Lose Weight, BabyCalendar, Back Pain, Injury, Arthritis or GeneralQuestion, Cold,Cough, Swine Flu, Viral Fever, Dengue, Acidity SoWhether trying tostay fit, manage a chronic or Lifestyle disease orcope withserious illness Asha DiDi is a must have a healthcare appthatserves as a one-stop health solution for everyone. आशा दीदीविश्वकी पहली वर्चुअल स्वास्थ्य सहायिका है जो पूर्णतः नि:शुल्क औरहिन्दीबोल और समझ सकने में समर्थ है । किसी भी दवा, बीमारी ,लक्षण,प्राथमिक उपचार या किसी भी स्वास्थ्य सम्बंधित विषय पर आपकेसभीप्रश्नों का आशा दीदी ना सिर्फ आपको सम्बंधित सम्पूर्ण जानकारीदेतीहै बल्कि आपके निकटतम स्वास्थ्य प्रदाताओं की सूची भी प्रदान करतीहै| डाउनलोड करें और पाएं 100 Rs. का मुफ्त वॉलेट बैलेंस
First Aid Emergency & Home
A comprehensive Medical Health Guide & symptom checkerdesignedto help in Emergency, at Home or Outdoors. Works offline.24/7access to health information.Features:~ Quick first aidlinks~Symptoms checker~ Voice search~ Human body with medicalalgorithms~Lab values and tests~ Ask a free question~ Most of thetopicsinclude natural home remedies
Medscape MedPulse 1.3
Medscape MedPulse is the only medical news app you’ll everneed.Stay informed on the latest medical news withaward-winningjournalism and expert perspectives writtenspecifically forphysicians, medical students and healthcareprofessionals. Read themost essential news across medicine,customize the app by thetopics important to you and keep up withthe medical thoughtleaders you trust.Highlights:• Stay current withbreaking drug anddevice news from the FDA, new practice guidelines,updates onclinical trials and insights from more than 150conferences •Personalize your experience by choosing thespecialties, topics andexperts that are most important to you•Follow what’s trending inmedicine across social media and aroundthe web with our curatedToday on Twitter and Blog feeds • Keep upon vital professional andpractice management information withMedscape’s popular Business ofMedicine contentThe app is availablefor FREE (Log in with yourMedscape username and password. New usersmay register for a freeaccount.)If you have any suggestions toimprove our app or arehaving issues, please contact us through ouronline help center Web SiteMedscapeMedPulse – News &Perspective Support
Skin Diseases & Treatment 2.2
In this application, we have covered most skin diseasesthatprovides a resource for people newly-diagnosed withskin-relateddiseases. The Skin is the most important part in thebody so weneed to take care of it. In Skin Disorder application, wehavetried to cover most common skin related disorder withtheirdescription, causes, symptoms and treatment. Thisapplicationprovides you the details about the skin disease foryourreferences. so please read it carefully. Skin disorder willgiveyou privilege to read skin related articles from skin expertsintothe app and app will notify about skin care tips time to time.It'sa perfect app to prevent and improve skin daily. Doctors andskinspecialist can now add any other disorder and writeblogs.Features: - Skin care articles (Blogs written by experts) -Skincare tips (Tips by experts) - Skin related A-Z diseases,causes,symptoms, treatment - All human skin disorders and treatment- Selfcare of Skin Disease - Home remedies for skin care - itchyskinproblem app - User can submit articles to use in front to100thousands users. - Skin doctors can send us missing andstrangedisorders and we will make it available to user afterapproval.Commanly known as: Skin care app, App for facial skincare, App forskin care tips, App for skin care articles, Skindisordersarticles, Skin care problems, Skin care routine app, Appfor oilyskin, Dry Skin, How to cure skin problem?, How to take careofskin?, Skin Disease can be Cured or Not..?, Natural tips, Appforbeauty care, Skin care taker Skin infections can bebacterialskin,virus skin,cancerous,blood disease,hormonal,fungal,sunburns,antibodies(vitiligo). Treatments for skin diseasemay requireblood disease test,skin surgery,skin cancer scanninganddetection&brain disease scan. Skin disease infectionguidelinesapplications provides solutions to self diagnosis,facialskin care,,natural home remedies and natural cures where applicableforcommon skin health alignments,eg.Acne is a skin condition inthehuman body skin spots.Acne takes away the beauty of the faceandbody skin beauty and cause scarring.Use medicinaldrugs,naturalhome remedies,natural cures solutions to this skinhazards. CoveredDisorders: Acne Alopecia Areata Basal CellCarcinoma Bowen'sDisease Contact Dermatitis Darier's Disease Eczema(Atopic Eczema)Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex ErythropoieticProtoporphyriaExtra-mammary Paget’s disease Fungal infection onskinHailey-Hailey disease Herpes Simplex HidradenitisSuppurativaHirsutism Hives Hyperhidrosis Ichthyosis ImpetigoKeloids Keratosispilaris Lichen Planus Lichen Sclerosus Melanomaskin cancer MelasmaPemphigus vulgaris Pityriasis LichenoidesPlantar Warts (Verrucas)Polymorphic Light Eruption PsoriasisPyoderma Gangrenosum RosaceaScabies Shingles Squamous CellCarcinoma Sweet's Syndrome VitiligoVulvodynia Warts
Doctor At Home 1.1.8
Doctor At Home is the best android app for quick, safe,andeffective treatment of more than 110 diseases naturally. Usingthisapp you can not only cure diseases at home but also gettheinformation of different diseases like symptoms and causes.Learnto use natural herbs as medicine alternatives. Home treatmentandnatural cure for stomach, hair, skin, respiratory,circulatory,head, jaw and teeth, bone/joint, eye, and many otherdiseases.Features: Home Treatment (Natural Cure) for more than 110ailmentsQuick search treatment/diseases Diseases by categories Addtofavorite Suggest diseases for natural treatment Share treatmenttoyour friends and family Offline
MySwaasth : Doctor Consultation Doctor Appointment 1.42
MySwaasth is a complete healthcare companion to keep you swasthandswaasth. Its features include Online Doctor Consultation -Text,Audio and Video, Book Clinic Appointments, Self-DiagnosisSystem,information on medical conditions and symptoms, listofmedications, locker for medical documents as an online backupofyour medical histories and reports and an expert advicehealthfeed. You can also find nearby doctors and hospitals formedicalassistance with My Swaasth. Our self-diagnosis system isdesignedto easily evaluate your symptoms and provides you withmostpossible causes, medical information and treatment by some ofthebest doctors within India. It lists out the possible causesandtreatment but you should seek medical advice before tryinganythingyourself. And in cases of high priority please contacttheemergency health services. App also features a blog for yourdailymedical and health information like healthy food,exercises,prevention to take care. Features: **Basic First-AidGuideAccidents happen. Are you prepared? With First-Aid feature,provideimmediate care and assistance to someone who is hurt or whobecomesill. **Browse Medicines Online See what the medicine has andwhatare the effects and the side effects **Consult Doctors Ask ahealthquery over video/audio/text chat from our Best &BrightestDoctors who are highly expertise in all specialties andtreatments.**Self Help/Self Diagnostic Get information on anysymptoms,conditions, procedures, medications etc. and find the bestpossiblediagnosis and treatment. **Health Articles & Blogs Viewthelatest health news and articles on lifestyle, fitness,nutritionand prevention posted throughout the day to give youguidance andadvice from the best health experts. **Maintain HealthrecordsTrack your medical information, past appointments record,testresults, prescription etc. online through our EMRsystemanytime/anywhere. **Locate Nearby Doctor Search for a doctororhospital near you by entering your location. **OnlineAppointmentsScheduling Book and manage the first availableappointments withthe best doctors in your locality via simple Web,Android and iOSapps. **Hospital ERP System We assist healthcareprofessionals totake better care of their patients, make theirmedical practicesmore effective and make the lives of both easierand more pleasant.**Medicines Reminder & Alert With oureasy-to-use medical app,you can remember to take medications andpills at the right timeand day. **Emergencies Contact Number andSOS Support Wherever youare—whatever you need— inform the emergencyservices and we’reready to help. MySwaasth : Indian health app isyour go to doctorfor a second opinion with resources that couldhelp you figure outand understand your health better. ** My Swasthapp seeks followingpermissions: Identity – to speed-up doctorappointments, medicineorders, health records uploads and much more!Location – toauto-detect your location while booking doctorappointments andplacing medicine orders SMS – to automaticallyverify OTPs sent byus to your mobile number Phone – to directlymake calls to doctors,clinics or diagnostic labs from the appPhotos – so that you canupload and share images from your device(health records,prescriptions etc) Camera – to use device camerafor instantlycapturing & uploading prescriptions, invoices orother healthdocuments. Network – to determine device’s connectivityto theinternet MySwasth, MySwaasth, My Swaasth, My Swasth,Swasth,Swaasth, Doctor, Doctors, Consult Doctor, Consult Doctors,OnlineDoctor, Online Doctors, Home Remedies. Follow the PrivacyPolicylink for further information on how we take care of yourprivacyand also check our terms and conditions.
Dictionary Diseases&Disorders 2.2.12
Dictionary Diseases & Disorders is a medical dictionarythatprovides all information about symptoms, diseases andtreatment.Diseases are arranged alphabetically by their medicalterm andcommonly known names. You can also search them by typing inthename of the disease. The app provides summaries of eachdisease,descriptions and information on how the condition manifestitself,together with signs and symptoms for early detection.Diseases& Disorders dictionary - Medical App Features: 1.Thisdictionary works offline – you do not need an internetconnection.2. Detailed description of all major medical conditionsanddiseases: - definition; - symptoms; - causes; - risk factors;-complications; - preparing for your appointment; - testsanddiagnosis; - treatments and drugs; - lifestyle and home remedies3.Equipped with quick dynamic search function – The dictionarywillstart searching for the words while you type. 4. Voice search.5.Easy way to share with your friends. 6. Bookmark – you are abletobookmark the Disease Terms to your favorites list by clickingonthe “star” icon. 7. Managing Bookmark Lists – you are ableedityour bookmark lists or clear them.
Acupressure Points 4.2.2
This app provides you all acupressure treatment for all diseasesandwill shows the knowledge about acupressure points, footreflexologypoints, ear acupuncture, easy acupuncture 3d andacupuntura etc.acupressure points to help you get better when youpain. acupressureis the most effective method for self-treatmentof tension-relatedailments and home remedies.Acupressure PointsApp Feature:- Insomnia& Sleep Disorders Acupressure Points& Tips- AcupressurePoints for Colds and Flu- 5 Simpleacupressure points for headache-3 Acupressure Points forBeautiful, Healthy Skin!- 5 SimpleAcupressure points for Anxietyand Stress.- Acupressure Points forRelieving Stomachaches,Indigestion, and Heartburn- 5 SimpleAcupressure Points forDiabetes- 5 Easy Acupressure Points For BackPain and LowerBackaches- How to Use Acupressure Points for FootPain- AcupressurePoints for Sinus Problems & Nasal Congestion-How to UseAcupressure to Induce Labour- Best Acupressure Points forWeightLoss- Foot Reflexology : Simple foot reflexology points-Acupressure Points for Relieving Hangovers- How to UseAcupressurePoints for Migraine HeadachesAnd More!Hope you enjoywithAcupressure Points. ^___^
MBBS Doctor 6.0
Dr. Nur Karim
Writing a prescription is one of the most important part foradoctor. If you can diagnose a disease by your clinicalknowledgebut can't remember the treatment / management plan,stillyou caneasily remember the treatment protocol by this app. It is afreemedical apps for you. So don't worry about the forgetfulness.MBBSDoctors or MD doctors from all over the world will get morebenefitfrom this free medical apps. It will be the best freemedical appsin your need. Features: 1. Subject wise treatments arecategorized.For example Medicine, Surgery , Gynae, Eye, ENT etc. 2.Arrangedthe treatment protocol easily. 3. All the subjects likemedicine,surgery , gynae, eye, ENT, emergency etc are clickable andyou caneasily go to the respective topics easily. 4. You can getthedifferent topics in each subject. For example Medicine haveCOPD,asthma, MI, stroke etc. 5. All the topics in each subjectalsoclickable. So you can easily navigate to the descriptions ofeach.6. We have also added the search option in each subject tofind outany topics easily. 7. We have also add eye soothing greencolorbackground. More features coming soon...
Childhood diseases (Free) 2.0.6
This application dedicated to giving you the bestpossibleinformation to help you make educated decisions on yourhealth careneeds. You will find reliable health information such asdiseasesdescription, it's causes, risk factors, treatmentandcomplications, questions to ask your doctor. Weprovidescientifically accurate information from a familymedicineperspective to improve the health of all individualsandcommunities by: - Empowering patients to make informeddecisionsabout their health and wellness; - Educating parents,caretakersand families to support healthful behaviors, diseaseprevention andeffective management of common diseases; - Providingtools tofacilitate discussions between patients and family doctors;-Strengthening the relationships between patients and theirfamilydoctors. Features: - a very quick Search for Terms; -completeoffline access, No Internet connection required; - hugedatabase ofTerminologies; - email any of the terms instantly; -unlimited BookMarks; - compatible with all versions of AndroidDevices; - veryefficient, fast and good performance; - automaticfree updateswhenever new terms gets added; - application isdesigned to occupyas much as less memory as possible. Theinformation provided inthis application is for general educationalpurposes only. It isnot intended to be used as a substitute formedical advice. Anyconcerns or questions you have about your healthor the health ofyour family should be discussed with your doctor.
Health India 1.0
Crazy India
Your daily dose of updates related to Health, Education andBetterLiving. Our purpose is to provide you with information thatwillhelp you in improving your lifestyle and health. Download ourfreeapp to get connected with us.
Little Kids Hospital Emergency Doctor - free app 1.0.2
Little Kids Hospital Emergency Doctor - free app, the BESTandroideducational and learning fun app for kids!Hi kids,Thiseducationalfun game 'Little Kids Hospital Emergency Doctor' willteach how youcan be a great kids doctor and will get you familiarwith theentire doctor's visit experience. So that you will learnhow totreat kids in a little children's emergencyhospital.Features:★Tons of different levels to play.★ includesdozens of awesomemini-games.★ lots of Dr. tools commonly seen in aclinic.★ superbgameplay with kid friendly interface.★ enjoyablekids sounds,animations, expressions and beautiful high quality HDgraphics.★includes lots of kids with colorful clothes, differentbandages,arm plasters, syrups and much more.Team is continuouslyworking forimprovements of this game, please feel free to send usyourfeedbacks and suggestions.
Homoeopathy Treatment 2.0.5
digital hunt
This app is different from another Homoeopathy app becauseanyonecan use this app without any knowledge of Homeopathic. Thisapp isvery simple & in Hindi language. Don't be confuse inchooseyour medicine, here you can find your suitable medicineaccordingto your symptoms. This app is based on Dr.Suman Dhama'sbook"Adhunik homoeo chikitsa" under the Guidance of Dr.Rajkumar.*Ownership of copyright The copyright in this app and thematerialin this app (including without limitation the text, sourcecode,artwork, app design, images etc) is owned by Digital hunt.*Datamining The automated and systematic collection of data fromthisapp is strictly prohibited.
GeneFo - real time condition management 1.0.7
Simply choose your condition, and start comparing your symptomsormedication to other patients like you, and see if they havemoreefficient treatments and drugs! "Thanks to a video on GeneFo,Ilearned about a medication that has far less adverse effectsthanthe one recommended by our local doctor- life changing!"Andthat’snot all! You will also get complete and free accessto:Aphysician's directory (doctors, researchers, hospitals)thatpatients are rating, so you know who are the best practitionersinyour areaMedical advice: No more scrolling through PubMed orWebMd-Simply ask your questions, and experts in your conditionwillanswer, and provide online lectures and videosShare withyourpeers: in addition to experts, fellow patients and caregiverswilloffer invaluable support and adviceManage your healthinformation:Track your symptoms, treatments and well being overtime, so youget a report with trends and recommendation about moreefficienttreatments. Share it with your doctor to improve yourcare!Clinicaltrials matching: Get access to the most innovativetreatments yearsbefore they are commercially available, by gettingmatched to FDAapproved trials in your area.We cover hundreds ofconditions, hereis just some of them: cancer, neurologicalconditions (Parkinson’s,Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism…),chronic conditions(Diabetes, Depression, Crohn’s, EDS/ EhlersDanlos…), rareconditions, genetic conditions (Cystic fibrosis,Musculardystrophy, Cardiomyopathy, Neurofibromatosis, PKU/Phenylketonuria,Sickle cell, Hemophilia…).WHAT MEMBERS ARESAYING:"GeneFo is veryhelpful when it comes to looking for feedbackon medication - Youdon't need to scroll through a gazillion posts,but just go to themedicine section and see what people ratedindividually, and alsowhat is the average review.""Thanks to aninformational video Iwatched on GeneFo, I learned about amedication that has far lessadverse effects than the onerecommended by our local doctor- Lifechanging!"
Medscape CME & Education 2.0
The FREE Medscape CME & Education app helpshealthcareprofessionals stay knowledgeable about the latestmedicalinformation while fulfilling continuing education (CME, CE,ABIMMOC) requirements right from their phone or tablet.MedscapeEducation is the leading source for online continuingmedicaleducation, issuing millions of certificates, across30+specialties. Choose from a wide selection of activityformatsacross an assortment of clinical topics, each with a clearpurposeand set of benefits to meet your educational needs.MedscapeEducation (Medscape, LLC) is ACCME-, ANCC-, andACPE-accredited.All of our courses are independently developed by ateam ofscientific directors who work in cooperation with leadingfacultyfrom major academic institutions. Features: CustomizeyourExperience - Choose your content by specialty, topic ofinterest orformat - Create a customized activity list to follow -Sort bytopic, credit amount and more Credit Tracker - PersonalCreditTracker lets you keep track of your activities, creditsandcertificates. All credits, completed or in-progress,areautomatically tracked in your Credit Tracker. You can easilyviewyour progress anywhere at your convenience.Convenientonline/mobile access - The Credit Tracker is synchedacross alldevices to allow you to easily switch between yourcomputer andmobile device while you work on an activity. You canalso accessMedscape CME & Education any time via an internetbrowser Choose your experience Select from avariety offormats—Video, Patient Simulations, Expert Perspectivesand more—tomeet your education needs and preferences If you are aCaliforniaresident, California law may provide you with certainrightsregarding our use of your personal information. Formoreinformation relevant to our users who are Californiaresidents,please review the "California Residents" section of ourPrivacyPolicy linked on this download page or within our app.
Home Remedies 1.08
"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food"-HippocratesWhat to do when you have headache, stomach ache,flu,common cold or other common illness. Include CPR Pocket Guideandmore healthy functions. Free Home Remedies Pocket Book!Cureachesand pains naturally!A guide to Home Remedies and Natural CuresforCommon Ailments/illness.Natural home remedies are safe andusefulfor the common ailments. Most of the non life threateningillnesscan be treated at home. Learn how you can use natural curestoreplace many of the most commonly used over-the-counter drugsinthe treatment of common ailments and as cancer prevention. Ifyouuse home remedies wisely, it will save your time and money.Inthisapplication you can find -Home Remedies Book, find a cure foreachcommon ailments / illness :- Natural teatment - Naturaldrugs-Symptoms- Causes- Home Remedies- Treatment- Avois-SeeDoctorHealthy nutrition - Healthy foods (information) :-Healthbenefit for fruits, vegetables , nuts and seeds - Homeremedies-Amount- Minerals- VitaminsEmergancy - first aid guide :-Symptoms-First Aid- More infoCPR Guide:CPR POKET GUIDE- CPR forinfants- CPRfor children an adult- First aid for chokingVitaminsInfo: -General info- Daily amound needed- fruit source- Vegetablesource-Nut or grain source- Meat or protein source- Legumesource-Synergistic- Inhibtors- Direct effect on body- Symptomsofdeficiency- Ailments treatedMinerals info:- Calcium-Copper-Iodine- Iron- Magnesium- Manganese- Phoshorus- Potassium-Selenium-Sodium- ZincMore Features:Bood pressure diary (with graphandanalysis)BMI +BMR calculator - Ideal Body WeightCalculatorNew*Blood Count Analysis Guide (Lymphocytes, Hemoglobinand more)Thisapplication provides natural "home remedies" andhealth info forsome common ailments and first aid, and is notintended to be asubstitute for professional medical advice by Medication Guide 2.9.7
The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills,checkinteractions and set up your own personal medication records.Allmobile-optimized to speed up your browsing experience. KeyFeaturesMy Med List Add your medications to instantly assemblerelevantmedical information in a simple, easy to read personalizedformat.Access in-depth consumer information, FDA alerts,druginteractions, plus food, allergy and medicalconditioninteractions. An invaluable tool for medication managementandadherence. Now offers offline support. Complete Drugs A toZlistings Fast search, accurate suggestion engine and themostcomprehensive database of drug information available online.PillIdentifier Identify any meds simply by entering an imprint,shapeor color. Database updated daily. Interactions CheckerProvides alist of interactions that may occur when different drugsare takenat the same time. Also checks food interactionsautomatically. Q& A Ask a specific question about yourmedication. Search onthousands of questions and answers. HealthProfessionals Quickaccess to all the tools you know and trust. Manyhelpful tools. Trythe Symptom Checker. Lookup specialised databasesfor side effectsand dosage information. Not quite sure how to spella drug name?Use the phonetic search. Permissions The app requiresfull networkaccess to gain access to the drug informationdatabase.The app requires access to "Photos / Media / Files" toallow theapp to be installed on the SD Card. We do not read yourphotos,media or files. Important Notice: You must not rely onthisapplication alone to remember to take your prescriptions ortoreplace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consultwithyour healthcare professional. does not providemedical ortreatment advice. Always consult with a physician. Followus onTwitter @drugscom for tips and updates. About Drugs.comDrugs.comis the most popular, comprehensive and up-to-date sourceof druginformation online. Providing free, peer-reviewed, accurateandindependent data on more than 24,000 prescriptiondrugs,over-the-counter medicines & natural products. Drugs.comis amultiple Webby Award nominee and attracts more than 25 millionU.S.visitors per month (Comscore, June 2016). App Support If youhaveany feature requests, suggestions or you simply need help,pleasevisit and ourresponsivesupport team will prioritize your request.
Medical News Online 1.5
* The most popular and up-to-date medical news from varioussources.* Context to advancements in medicine and healthworldwide. * Thelatest contents of various medical journals, witharticle summaries.Features: * Last 24 Hours * All Unreads * AllStars * All Podcasts *Switch Theme (Light/Dark) * Explore andChoose your Sources(Add/Delete) * Sort by Category (Neurology,Oncology, Surgeryetc...) SOURCES: Various medical journals &newspapers SORT BYCATEGORY: NEUROLOGY / NEUROSCIENCE PSYCHIATRY& PSYCHOLOGYONCOLOGY Cardiology Gastroenterology RheumatologyHematologyEndocrinology Respiratory Diseases Liver DiseasesAllergy ImmunologyGenetics Stem Cell Research Infectious DiseasesDermatologyRehabilitation / Physical Therapy PEDIATRICS /Children's HealthSURGERY Gynecology & Obstetrics OrthopedicsUrology / NephrologyPlastic Surgery / Cosmetic MedicineOphthalmology Ear, Nose andThroat Emergency Medicine Radiology /Nuclear Medicine MedicalDevices Pharmacology / Medications /Clinical Trials RegulatoryAffairs / Drug Approvals LIVING WELLPublic Health Men's HealthWomen's Health Sexual Health &Relationships Fertility Pregnancyand Childbirth Staying HealthyNutrition / Diet Smoking / QuitSmoking Obesity / Weight Loss /Fitness Sports Medicine Seniors& Healthy Aging PreventiveMedicine Alternative MedicineForensics Dentistry & Oral HealthNursing / Midwifery Veterinary...
PlexusMD - no. 1 medical news & careers app 3.6.2
[For Doctors only] PlexusMD is the world's largest communityofdoctors where you can read the latest medical news, sharecases,ask questions, watch premium medical conferences &medicalcourses and find career opportunities. Download the free appto getstarted. • Always stay up-to-date with the latestguidelines,clinical trial outcomes, drug launches, epidemic alertsandimportant official announcements • Follow leading experts inyourspecialty and learn from their experience • Askquestionspertaining to medical practice, clinical cases ormedico-legalissues and get other doctors' perspectives • Watchpremium medicalconferences at any time and lectures on medicaltopics by eminentfaculty (some conferences may require an in-apppurchase) • Findtop doctors in any specialty, connect with them andgrow yourfollower base • Showcase your profile and let otherdoctors findyou for referrals, collaborations and otheropportunities • Findand apply to Doctor Jobs, Medical Courses andFellowships andregister for upcoming Medical Conferences ThePlexusMD app helpsyou get all the key announcements, news andpublications from 500+sources including Medscape, Medpage,UptoDate, Healio, BMJ, Lancet,NEJM, JAMA, WebMD, top Medicalschools including Mayo Clinic,Harvard, Cleveland Clinic, Stanford,Johns Hopkins, AIIMS Delhi,SGPGI Lucknow, PGI Chandigarh,Government bodies, WHO and otherhealth bodies and associations likeFDA, CDC, AHA, ESH, IndianMedical Association, Medical Council ofIndia.
myZindagi - Live Consultation 3.3
myZindagi reduces the distance between patients andhealthcareprofessionals. Connectingdoctors & patientsinstantly.ForPatients:myZindagi Live Video Consultation withDoctors –Completely Free! ( Telemedicine ) allows patients toconnect todoctors anytime anywhere. We have introduced a doctorpatient forumto discuss health issues & Get direct answersfromdoctors.myZindagi Health Magazine is our latest onlinepublicationwhere the latest health information & news can beaccessedeasily.The myZindagi - Appointment Booking has now beenenhanced –Search the best doctors in Pakistan; Find a doctor,hospital orclinic; Read verified reviews from other patients, Getdirections& information, Book Instantly! Patients can buildtheirpersonal health records & access their online medicalrecordsanywhere anytime though Electronic Medical Records(EMR)ForDoctors:myZindagi allows doctors to access new patients, toreceivebookings & appointments; access patient’s medicalhistory;doctors of various specialties can highlight their practice&unique skills - Such as (Dentists, Plastic Surgeons,CosmeticSurgery, Cardiologist, Child Specialists, Gynecology,SkinSpecialists, Physiotherapists & so forth); doctors canpushmedical information & advice to a huge audience.The mobileappis seamlessly integrated with our online system and patientscanaccess all their details and appointments from or mobile app 24/7Top Features-Telemedicine(Connect to doctors via live video calls instantly )-Searchdoctorsbased on specialty and location-Search hospitals and clinicsnearyou-Access the best health information & advice viaourinformation portal-Book appointments with over 38 specialtiessuchas plastic surgeons, child & eyespecialists,pediatricians& so forth)-Review verified doctorprofiles withqualifications-View available appointment time andbookinstantly-Receive reminders so you don’t miss yourappointment-InApp navigation can help find your way to thedoctorsclinic/hospital.-All private information is safely stored inoursecure databases-No follow up calls required-FREE to use
Eye Surgery Hospital : ER Emergency Doctor Game 1.3
Welcome to Eye Surgery Hospital simulation game, it is a realdoctorER emergency game where you can experience being a crazy eyedoctorin hospital which is full of doctor, take good care of yoursickpatient came to clinic in ambulance with mommy & use allyourdoctor skills to perform the eye transplant in hospital assurgeon!Eye Surgery Hospital games is virtual doctor surgerysimulator gamein which you can try your hands at becoming amedical professionaleye surgery doctor in hospital to treat babyor crazy fun kids withvarious eyeball problems through lasertreatment and medicines withthe help of nurse in clinic. Crazy funkids vision is becoming moresensitive and weak & they need toget their eyes checkup fromspecialist er emergency surgery doctorin hospital. Your task is tocheckup blur vision and operate girls,boys and fun kids in hospitalwith laser surgery simulator, lens& glasses. Eye SurgeryHospital simulation games, is acombination of eyes checkup, colorblindness and realistic lasersurgery simulator for better vision.Give diaganosis of eye diseasewith doctor surgical tools likeinjection, x-ray, laser etc usedfor different purposes likechecking the eye vision, curing eyeinfections, color blindness,healing wounds in this eye surgeryhospital : doctor er emergencygame. Use special er emergencysurgery simulator doctor surgicaltools to stretch open eyes,remove germs and kill unwanted bacteria!Discover all kinds ofmedical surprises in your patient eyes and letthe fun begin! Turninto a medical professional er emergency surgerydoctor and helpbaby or fun kids with various eye disease andtreatment. Operateall sorts of eyeball disease do realisticsurgeries or operationand make crazy fun kids feel better examinetheir painful eyes forblood infection, use antibiotic medicinedrops for quick treatmentfrom eye specialist. Eyes are linked tonose and throat. So becareful while performing eye surgerysimulator in hospital assurgeon.Meet the expert er emergencysurgery doctor for bestsuggestions that will help you in eyeballdisease treatment &operation in hospital. Take special care ofyour sick patient whocame to clinic in ambulance with mommy andhelp them get goodquality lens through laser surgery simulatorgames. Use medicalchart with letters to measure how well the kidssee from thedistance. Find out the best diopter for your sickpatient andchoose some funny color lens or eyeglasses. Usemicroscope to findforeign objects in children’s eyes. Lasereliminates yellow bumpson the eyeball and eye drops clean &treat inflamed red eyes.Play your role as an er emergency eyesurgery doctor, checkup eyesight of little kids, adjust lens withdoctor surgery games andtreat them in hospital with care to makethem healthy and happy.Features:* Perform a complete er emergencyeye test operation orrealistic surgeries in hospital simulation asa surgeon.* Make thesick patient happy again with the er emergencysurgery in clinic.*Enjoy the doctor er emergency game with a widevariety of realdoctor operation tools like injection, laser, etc.*Checkup sickpatient eyes and clean them well to remove any germs& bloodinfections.* Checkup your sick patient eyes so that realdoctor maygive his diaganosis & operate them properly inclinic.* Treatthe sores and remove the inflammation to reducepatient pain andirritation.* Real life doctor surgical tools likeinjection, laserbeam, x-ray machine, eye drops and muchmore.Disclamer* Advertisingappears in this game.* No wifiRequired.About Happy Baby GamesJoinus:
DoctorMe 5.0.1
A personal health care application that contains medicalinformationfrom leading health organisations. It allows users togain access tolegitimate medical and health resources fromreputable institutionsand platforms. It currently supports Thailanguage only, with anEnglish-language version in the works.DoctorMe was created in 2011to promote good health care and firstaid for all people inThailand. ( Bruce Lowry, 2013 ) The team wasworking on develop aparticipatory module where users couldself-report symptoms theywere experiencing.
MedTel Healthcare 4.3
For Patients | Doctors | TeleHealth Pods Patients ● ConnectwithDoctors in just few click and get e-prescriptionafterconsultation. ● Save Time, Money, Travel & Hassle ●Sharereport/image with a click ● Get doctor’s advice in yourownlanguage Doctors ● Stay connected with all your patients ●Informpatients about your availability at all your centres ● Getwhitelabel support to set up your own virtual clinic ● Managemultipleclinics at ease from your phone TeleHealth Pods ● BecomeaHealthpreneur with MedTel TeleHealth POD ● Provide urbanhealthcarefacilities to your locality ● Become a bridge betweenpatients anddoctors ● Upload patient's report online & accessanytime,anywhere ● Collaborate with local pharmacy and diagnosticcentre ●Manage earning, transactions and cashback ● Request adoctorvisit/health camp
OvuView: Ovulation & Fertility
Period & fertility taken seriously: OvuView tracks yourperiod,ovulation and fertility, using sophisticated sympto-thermalmethods(STM). This app will help you to: • maximize your chancesofconceiving a baby/getting pregnant • avoid pregnancy usingnaturalmethods (contraception), • plan your next holiday withfuturemenstruation and ovulation dates predicted, • trackweight,headache, appetite, PMS and other symptoms, •replacesympto-thermal paper charts with a more convenient way ofcharting.Based on your cycle symptoms (such as menses, basalbodytemperature, cervical mucus and/or cervix), OvuView will chartyourfertility using proven natural family planning (NFP) methods.Inparticular, 4 sympto-thermal (Billings, Rötzer,Konald/Kippley,Cautious), 5 mucus-only (5 Day Dry Up, Döring, 21/20Days Rule,Last Dry Day, 4/5/6 Day Rule), 3 temperature-only(Marshall, 4HT,5HT) and 2 calendar methods (Trivial CountingMethod, CalendarRythm Method) are implemented. Key featuresinclude: • 14 fertilityawareness methods • an exceptional degree ofcustomization (trackedsymptoms, colors) • advanced chart showingtemperature and symptoms• reliable and secure data synchronizationand backup usingGoogle’s compute engine • account and data sharingbetween userswith per symptom access control • timeline view withfilters,facilitating a streamlined UX during typical day to dayusage •calendar view • full text search • guiding hints •educational tipsand information about your cycle and your fertilitysigns • cyclestatistics • automatic morning notification to recordbasal bodytemperature (BBT) • color themes • password protection •widgets •cycle and method management • notifications (menses,ovulation) •temperature chart coverline • pregnancy mode We alsohave adiscussion forum! If you have any questions check if there isananswer available at have any further questions, suggestions and/or feedback,pleasedo not hesitate to post a new discussion topic by sendingemail
Ask Apollo — Consult Doctors, Order Medicines 3.4.8
Apollo Group presents Ask Apollo, a unified mobileapplicationbringing all services of Apollo group companies underone umbrella.Ask Apollo Mobile app is your one stop destination forallhealthcare and wellness needs. Book Doctor appointment,healthchecks, order medicines or consult a doctor virtually all atyourfingertips. Ask Apollo helps you find your nearest Apollohospital,clinic, pharmacy or diagnostic services so that you canreach outto us seamlessly. With Ask Apollo you can:- * Book AnAppointmentfrom a large pool of Gynecologists, Pediatricians,Dermatologists,Cardiologists, Oncologists among 220+ specialties atApolloHospitals, Clinics, Cradle, Spectra and fertility. *Virtualconsult with your Apollo doctor through Video, Voice orEmail *Order medicines online with Free doorstep delivery *Schedulehealth checkups at diagnostic labs and Apollo diagnosticcentersnear you * Schedule a Homecare visit * Access your medicalrecordsanytime and anywhere * Manage OneApollo membership programandHealth Credits Book An Appointment * With Ask Apollo, youcanschedule doctor appointments near you at Apollo Hospitals,ApolloClinics, Apollo Spectra, Apollo Cradle, Apollo Fertility,ApolloSugar and Apollo Dental. * With a comprehensive list of4000+Apollo doctors, our doctor’s app helps you find your rightdoctoras per your preference. Search as per doctor’s experience andbookyour appointment as per your convenience. Our superspecialistsinclude doctors spanning across Cardiology,Gastroenterology,Neurology, General Surgeon, Cancer Care, FertilitySpecialist,Pulmonologist, Nephrology, Urology, Neurosurgery among220+specialties. Apollo Hospitals: Apollo Hospital Chennai,ApolloHospital Hyderabad, Apollo Hospital Kolkata, Apollo HospitalDelhi,Apollo Hospital Bangalore, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital andothers.Virtual Consult * You can talk to doctors online throughvideoconferencing or connect with them via voice call or email,nomatter where you are in the world. * Connect instantly withApollogeneral physicians to address your primary ailments. Oursuperspecialists include Gynecology, Urology,Psychiatry,Gastroenterology, Neurology among 100+ specialties.Online MedicineOrder * With Ask Apollo, you can order medicines byuploadingprescription or choose from wide range of products invariouscategories like Vitamins and supplements, Baby care,Personal care,Health foods and OTC. * Through Apollo Pharmacy’slarge network ofmedical stores, you can refill your medicines. Wealso provideother medicine information like drug ingredientinformation,treatment uses and medicine substitutes. HealthCheckups /Diagnostics * With Ask Apollo, you can book Thyroid,Vitamin D,Diabetes and other pathology tests right from the comfortof yourhome. * You can book all your diagnostic investigations suchasGlucose, Thyroid profile, CBC and other blood tests instantlywitha single touch! * Book Preventive Health Check packages tosuityour requirements Homecare * Ask Apollo gives you the accesstoApollo’s medical care professionals which consists ofhighlyqualified Doctors, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Clinicalcaregiversand Bedside attendants guided by a team of experts ineach of thesetherapeutic areas. Locate Apollo Centres * Search andlocate ApolloHospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and Diagnostic centres* NavigateApollo locations on Google maps to help you find andreach yourselected unit easily OneApollo Program OneApollo programis India’sLargest Integrated Healthcare program offering a one stopsolutionfor all medical and healthcare needs. One can register onAskApollo app and get complimentary OneApollo Membership. AskApolloapp allows you to access your OneApollo account and redeemyourOneApollo Health Credits. We’d love to hear your feedbackat''
Medical Disease Dictionary 2.4.0
Medical Disease dictionary is an offline dictionary ofdiseaseterms, disorder with details about diagnosis, treatment,syndrome,signs and symptoms.Categories:* Infectious and parasiticdiseases,especially lower respiratory tract infections, diarrhea,AIDS,tuberculosis, and malaria* Neuropsychiatric conditions,e.g.depression* Injuries, especially motor vehicleaccidents*Cardiovascular diseases, principally heart attacks andstroke*Premature birth and other perinatal deaths*CancersFeatures:* Workoffline: this app work well without ainternet connection* Searchwith ease with auto complete searchfeature* Bookmark your diseasesfor later quick access* Sharing withyour friend in one clickNotes:"Diseased", "Maladies", and "Medicalcondition" is a particularabnormal,pathological condition thataffects part or all of anorganism. It is often construed as amedical condition associatedwith specific symptoms and signs. Inmany cases, the terms disease,disorder, morbidity and illness areused interchangeably. In somesituations, specific terms areconsidered preferable.DISCLAIMER:This app cannot and should notreplace a pharmacist or a doctorconsultation. App content is onlyfor pocket reference &educational purposes. Consult a doctorbefore actual usage of anyof the information in this app.Pleasehelp us improve this app bysending suggestion to you!
IDdx: Infectious Diseases 5.6.0
IDdx was built for queries. Users can find lists ofmatchinginfectious diseases by picking disease search criteria. Theusercan see all the symptoms associated with a disease or see allthediseases associated with a symptom.IDdx was updated in May andJuneof 2017. See for a completelistof updates.New features added in January 2015 are RankedDiseasesand Weighted Findings. Ranked Diseases means that the usercan sortthe list of diseases returned from a query by cases/yearsin eitherthe U.S. or worldwide. Weighted Findings means that colorcodingindicates how frequently a finding is used to describe thediseasein the twelve primary references. The findings of a diseaseareincluded only if they are published in the primaryreferences.Weighted Findings enables another new feature: QuerySensitivity.Choose High to get the most diseases that match one ormore signs& symptoms. Choose Low to get only those diseases inwhich thefinding was cited in three or more of the 12 references.Backgroundupdating gives users the latest information on a dailybasis--nomanual updating of the app required."A remarkableinfectiousdisease tool that combines ease of use with up todateepidemiological data that could truly help providers makethecorrect diagnosis at the point of care."[]IDdxwaspicked as one of the 25 bestnursingapps! DO WITH IDdx?- Explore the database of 249 diseases in15categories.- Search by disease Name or Criteria.- Diseasecriteriainclude 104 signs & symptoms, 39 epidemiologicalfactors, and16 regions of the world.- Search by Occupation. Resultsare sortedby high-risk job tasks.- Search by one or more incubationperiods.-Examples of epidemiological factors are ingest (entry),soil(source), ticks (vector), and cats (reservoir).- Accessdiseasesworldwide or limit the search to those endemic to theUnitedStates.WHAT IS THE CONTENT? - Similar to the ControlofCommunicable Diseases Manual, the content includes coverage of249important infectious diseases organized into thefollowingcategories: Arthropod-Borne, Cestodes, Childhood,Foodborne,Gastroenteritis, Immune-Related, Intestinal Nematodes,LocalizedInfections, Person-To-Person, Sapronoses,Sexually-Transmitted,Tissue Nematodes, Trematodes, andZoonoses.WHAT ARE THE SOURCES OFTHE INFORMATION? - See this pagefor the primary and secondaryreferences:
JustDoc Online Doctor - Consult a Doctor on Call 3.2
JustDoc - Online Doctor Consultation App-Ask a doctor aboutyourhealth problems-You only have to pay a small DoctorConsultationFee (depending on the specialization)-You can addhealth reports,other images and the consulting doctor will getanotification-Online Doctor will reply to you within 5 minutes,onphone call or chat-You will get a digitally signed prescriptiononyour email and in mobile app-You can get diagnosis & answerstoyour health questions from a specialist doctor-You can alsobookdiagnostic Tests at your home (a lab technician will collectthesample from your home and your reports will be available ontheapp)-You can also buy medicines online on the app with avalidprescription from a doctorYou can consult a doctor instantlyandget your medical query answered in no time. You can alsobrowsepopular medical question and answers to find solutions tosimilarproblems as yours. JustDoc is a leading telemedicineprovider inIndia and has doctors from all major Indian cities likeBangalore,Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. There arespecialistinternational doctors from America, Europe and Australiaaswell.With JustDoc, you can talk to an online doctor (either anMBBSor a specialist) on chat and phone call without booking apriorappointment. Ask a doctor about your health question andgetmedical answers from doctors in India within 5 minutes.Yourconsultation with a doctor is completely private and secure.Allyour personal health records are stored in an encrypted format.Youcan use the JustDoc app as per your convenience and deletetherecords as well if required.Over 5,00,000 patients haveconsultedmore than 1000 online doctors in last 1 year. JustDoc hasasatisfaction rating of 98%. Use JustDoc app to chat with adoctoronline within 5 minutes. Also, give a rating and review thedoctorafter consultation to improve the service for everyone.Ask adoctorand chat with a doctor online on the app. Consult the doctorviaphone call or chat at your convenience. No more pain of bookinganappointment or travelling in traffic and waiting in hospitalqueuesto talk to a doctor. Consult doctor online 24x7 on JustDoc.JustDocalso has monthly campaigns where you can chat to a doctoronlinefree. Download the JustDoc app to consult a doctoronlineanytime.You can also book lab tests and place orders tobuymedicine on the app itself after the consultation withthedoctor.JustDoc has Specialist MD doctors from all thementionedspecialities who consult patients on the platform 24x7.Accordingto our expert doctors, more than 80% medical cases aresolved byonline doctor consultation itself.-Ask a General Physician- Cold,Flu, Cough, Fever, Allergies, Vomiting,Diarrhea-OnlineGynecologist Consultation - Pregnancy, Delayedperiods, Missedperiods, PCOD, -Discharge-Sex Doctor Online -PrematureEjaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, HIV expert etc.-ChildDoctor -Paediatric fever, Green Stools, advice or otherissues-OnlineCounselling - Depression, Anxiety concerns,psychology, therapy,counselling etc.-Skin & Hair Doctor -Rashes, Hair fall, Hairloss, Acne, Pimples etc. (ask aDermatologist)-Bone Doctor -Orthopedic, Sports Injuries, Athlete’sFoot, Body ache, Back Painor Headache-Stomach Doctor -Gastroenterologist, indigestion, GERD,Acid reflux-Cardiology,Oncology, Homeopathy, Urology etc.-MedicalSecond Opinion questions,“Should do this surgery or not?”Pleasefeel free to contact in caseof any support query:-Website: -+91-7022920101 (India Support),+1-657-256-5430 (InternationalSupport)For all medical problems, youcan find a specialist doctoror a general physician to chat with inJustDoc anytime 24x7.JustDoc app should NOT be used for MedicalEmergencies, but you canget doctors at night as wellIndia's mosttrusted doctors for youand your family, just a tap away. Try ittoday!
Bella Period Calendar
BELLA menstrual calendar: Do you want to know when yourperiodstarts? Or perhaps you need to know when your fertile daysstart inthe coming month? Thanks to this free application you willbe ableto make a note of your cycle on your smartphone which youcarryaround with you almost all the time. Ovulation, infertile daysorthe menstruation itself will not surprise you anymore. TheBellamenstrual calendar allows you to update the data, setremindersabout, for example, taking the pill or describe thesymptoms of thelast period. The safety, comfort and convenience ofthis tool meanthat you will never forget about your important daysagain. Explorethe application’s options and functionalities. Takecontrol! Theapplication’s heart is its main screen. It shows youthe currentday of your menstrual cycle and informs you when yourfertile daysand period approach. Thanks to the informationappearing on themain screen, you will take control and feel muchsafer. Your cycle,our support: The registration option presents amonthly prognosisof your cycle, prognosis for the subsequent monthsas well as thepossibility of previewing the archived entriesconcerning theprevious cycles. Notes, symptoms and mood! You willbe able todescribe every day of your cycle by using your own notesandregistering symptoms (e.g. heavy bleeding, stomach pain,headache)and moods (e.g. happy, sad, and sleepy). The register: Itis theplace where all the data related with every cycle (pastandforecast) is gathered. The data is divided into past, prognosesandstatistics. The past option helps you to analyse how the lengthofyour period has been changing over the last few months.Thechronological prognoses indicate when the next period startsandhelp determining the start dates of your cycles for the next6months. The statistics option is a transparent presentation ofthemost important numbers related to your cycle, which showsyou,amongst others, the number of occurring symptoms andmoodsaccompanying your periods as well as the minimum, maximumandaverage duration of your cycle. Period prognosis: You canchoosethe way in which the application predicts your periods. Youcanchoose between the two following options: the meanvaluesregistered during previous cycles calculated on the basisofarchived data from the application or the constant values, inwhichthe cycle’s and period’s duration are defined by yourself. Youwillnot miss an approaching period anymore. This is thanks tothenotification option which can be personalized and adjusted toyourneeds. Thanks to the notifications you will know when yourfertiledays, period or ovulation approach. You can also set anotificationreminding you to take your pill. Do you like feelingsafe? Yourdata likes it, too. That’s why you can save a copy ofyour data ona safe server. If you replace or lose your smartphone,you will beable to retrieve the up-to-date data regarding yourcycle into thenewly installed application in a fast and convenientmanner.
Homeopathic Medicines (दवाएँ) HM2.3
होम्योपैथिक दवाएं [रोग एवं उपचार]! यह app हिंदी में हैHomeopathicMedicines [Treatment by Homeopathy]. This app is inHindi.Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural system of healingthatworks with your body to relieve symptoms, restore itself,andimprove your overall health. It is extremely safe to use, evenwithvery small children and pets, has none of the side effects ofmanytraditional medications, is very affordable, and is madefromnatural substances. This App is a searchable database ofcommonillnesses and injuries that can be quickly and easily treatedwithhomeopathy at home. To search the database, simply type inthesymptom, illness, or injury for which you'd like to find aremedyin the search box. And remember, if you are experiencing aseriousmedical condition or a medical emergency, be sure to consultaprofessional doctor. Some Features of the application: ★1000+Medicines ★ Search Medicine with medicine name, symptom,illness,or injury. ★ Search Medicine for any symptom, illness, orinjury. ★Choose text size from options menu for better readability.★ 100%free application ★ Beautiful user friendly UI ★ App can bemoved toSD card Special Features of This App******************************SEARCH FEATURE****************************** This app has searchfeature. You cansearch the medicines in the mobile itself withoutthe need ofinternet. You just need a Hindi Input keyboard tosearch theHomeopathic Medicine. Click the search icon on thebottom or go tosearch option from the options menu and you areready to search.****************************** CHOOSE TEXTSIZE****************************** You can change the text sizeofReading page as per your requirement. Just go to Options Menuandchoose "Change Font Size". You can select the font sizefromsmallest to largest. Just select and hit Save. The size ofReadingPage Text will change as per your choice (Applicable only inDetailScreen). Version 1.3 MAJOR UPDATE You ask it. We deliver it.Now wehave two categories. View by medicine or View by Disease. Youcanfind a medicine according to disease now. In the search pagealsoyou can search either by medicine or by disease. Please takeout aminute to Rate and Review our app.
UrNcr Online Doctor Consultation and Treatment 1.19
Urncr is the beginning of a better, efficient , more effectiveandwell integrated experience for millions of patients worldwidetoget discounts on prescriptions , find health care providersnearby, book appointments and get connected with various healthcarecompanies .UrNcr Free Prescription discount cards provide Upto70%discounts on pharmacy .UrNcr is an online health care searchtoolfor end users.UrNcr services are Free for doctors and healthcareproviders , health care companies to register and promotetheirservices and products .