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Countdown Widget 1.0.1
Countdown to all kinds of events in special ways! Such as:"In178,326 heartbeats!" OR "In precisely 184,072 minutes" It'sfun!,Countdown can countdown to your events in many differentunits!Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds or Heartbeats!There'smore: How about an Countdown that can also trackanniversaries! Keyfeatures: 4x1,5x1 dynamic widgets Multiplecountdowns Customphrases Full landscape support Countdown oranniversary for eventMany different units to measure yourcountdown. Different phases tochoose from Lovely default images tochoose from Use your very ownphotos as the background Play yourfavorite music while countingdown! Premium in app purchaseincludes: - 4x4, 5x5 dynamic Widget -Ad Banner Removal HappyCountdown!
Countdown for Events 1.1.2
Do not forget important dates in your life! Track events withthisday counter app. Countdown from your birthday, anniversary,towedding, vacation, trip, graduation, important meetings,concerts,Christmas, Valentines or other special moments of yourlife. If youwant to track countdowns on your home screen, we havewidgets foryou! Home screen is already full or you don’t want touse widgets?No problem, you can count days in Status bar! Counttime just indays or in years, months and days, on event day – inhours andminutes. When event time comes, Countdown for Events willremindyou about it - you will receive notification, alarm will ringoryou can receive SMS. Countdown your events with: •Unlimitedcountdowns • Widgets 1x1, 2x1, 3x1, 4x1 • Count your daysin statusbar daycounter! • Set notification, alarm, or send SMS foryourevent countdowns • Alarm settings include alarm sound,vibration,duration • Repeating countdowns for your events ( everyhour, day,week, year etc.) • Action prior your event (15 minutesbefore, 30minutes, hour, day etc.)
Christmas Gifts: Advent Calendar 1.0.9
Winter is here, and it means that Christmas 2017 is up to come.Kidsand their parents wait for a real miracle to happen. SantaClaus hasprepared exciting presents for every member of thefamily. WhileSanta Claus is gathering all the presents in his bagand preparingfor his long journey, our curious Hippo made up apresent for everykid and parent. It is Hippo Advent Calendar. KidsAdvent Calendarfor all the family is a new game from ourDeveloping Mini Games!Christmas is the most awaited holiday ever.Everybody waits forholidays much. This Advent Calendar was createdto make holidaywaiting lighter and to create the Holiday spirit.Before holidaysevery day millions of kids and adults all over theworld open thewindows of the beloved Advent Calendar. They canfind sweets,souvenirs, toys, funny pictures and good wishes there.And ourAdvent Calendar is also full of such surprises!Unforgettableadventures, funny puzzles, interesting riddles andother activitiesfor boys and girls, for adults and kids areinside! And all thesesurprises could be yours! Meet the holidayswith Hippo, open AdventCalendar and get involved into funny winteradventures. SolveChristmas riddles and puzzles. Merry Christmas!Let this holidaygive you a lot of fun and happiness! Follow Hippoand stay tuned!Our Developing Family Mini Games and activities forboys and girlsand for all the families will always make you andyour kids happy.
New Year 2020 countdown 5.1.4
Welcomes New Year with this live wallpaper! Set a Happy NewYearmessage, disable it or a countdown to New Year with a 2020 fullofsparks on a scene with lot of colorful lights and fireworks.Youwill see how the camera moves around the New Year and howitfocuses on the scene details. You can choose manual camera modeifyou want to change the camera perspective when scrollshomescreens. The New Year's Countdown is fully configurable, youcanshow days, days and hours left or disable it. This is theliteversion, if you like it, you can support our work by purchasingthepremium version. The premium version has exclusive features: ★Lotof theme colors to choose! ★ Interactive color change: tap twiceonhome screen ★ New shapes for the 2020, choose between:sphere,sprinkle, radial, stretch radial ★ Exclusive camera scenes ★Randomcolor change after a time ★ Screensaver - Daydream ★ Androidtvlauncher & Daydream Happy New Year! INSTRUCTIONS tosetmanually: Long press on Home screen -> Wallpapers ->selectNew Year Countdown Lite Visit OurWebsite: Keep Sending your feedbackandsuggestions to By downloading this app,youagree to the EULA at :::
My Day - Countdown Calendar 🗓️ 2.9.9
Maple Media
🎉 My Day - Countdown Calendar is the ultimate free countdowntimerapp that keeps track of your holidays, celebrations,specialevents, and other memorable moments! 🎉 Don’t want to missanythingimportant? Easily set up notifications for any event andget adefinite number of days that are left until it approaches.Keeptrack of Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, BabyDueDates, Holidays, Vacations and Trips, and other excitingeventsthat are happening around you! My Day also lets you customizeyourmemorable moments in style with a variety of free backgroundsandthemes, or you can use your own photos. 🗓 Use My Day -CountdownCalendar app for: * Birthdays and anniversaries * Weddingsandengagements * Vacations and travel * Christmas and New Years*Other major holidays * Custom events * Celebrations * Andmuchmore! Other unique features include: ➤ Free wallpapers, themes,andbackgrounds 🌃🌆 * Use our custom wallpapers for your eventstopersonalize your memorable moments or choose your own image!➤Count down years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds 🗓⏱*Keep track of time that has passed and is left until yourspecialevent. ➤ Select colors, styles, and units * Personalize howyoukeep track of your important dates! Select what units to trackandcustomize your events to your liking. ➤ Import holidays 🎄 *Nevermiss a celebration by importing holidays to your calendar! ➤Importbirthdays from your contacts 🎁 * Don’t forget to wish yourfriendsand family a happy birthday! Import birthdays from yourcontactsand Facebook friends to keep track of their special day. ➤Unlockthe Countdown widget * Use the My Day countdown widget toquicklytrack and view your events from your home screen. ➤Easy-to-usesimple interface! * Enjoy the simplicity for easynavigation andbeautiful graphics that are sure to be easy on theeyes 😉 Thank youfor downloading My Day - Countdown Calendar! ➤ Ifyou have anyquestions or feedback, please email us ➤Follow us at
Holiday Countdown - Days, Hours, Minutes & Seconds 3.3.0
Holiday Countdown - By Holiday Extras A beautiful countdown toyourholiday. Be inspired, build excitement and get into theholidayspirit. Features - Share to your friends on Facebook,Twitter,WhatsApp and more - Personalise your countdown with yourownbackground images - Choose from our carefully curated selectionofbackgrounds - Countdown to any of your events, be it aholidays,birthdays or even Christmas - No annoying ads
Big Days - Events Countdown 1.8.1
Astrovic App
Stylish and lightweight app to remember and track your events inasimple and fast! View the remaining days or days elapsed afteranevent. You can use it to remind you: appointments,anniversaries,birthdays, holidays, exams, events festivals...customize with yourown photos or use the search feature that findsthousands of freeimages on Pixabay! You can also create an alarmfor each individualevent. You can choose a favorite event to bedisplayed every timeyou open the app! Features: - Choose the eventimage, from: camera,gallery or search online on Pixabay; - Createsa notification foreach event; - You can choose a favorite event fordisplay atstartup; - Days remaining before an event; - Days elapsedafter anevent; - Double click on the countdown to change the color;- Dragthe countdown wherever you want; - List of all events; -Unlimitednumber of events! - You can change the color of the app; -Choosethe font you prefer; - Share an event on social networks orwithyour favorite applications, save, print, copy, use asbackgroundWallpaper! Follow us & share events: #bigdaysapp@bigdaysappWould you like to improve or translate the app into yourlanguage?Contact us from the app's Info menu, we have translatedthe appinto many languages thanks to your support :) Forinformation orsuggestions, please use the support form in the Aboutmenu of theapplication.
Time Until | Beautiful Countdowns 2.6
Bruno Schalch
Easily create stylish countdowns for any event in the futureorpast. Features: 🌄 Online gallery with hundreds of free images.✏Background image and font editor to customize each countdown. ⏰Setreminders that trigger before or when an event happens. ⌚Selectone or more of the following units for each countdown:Seconds,minutes, hours, days, working days, weeks, months andyears. 📱Full-sized widget and small widget to display a countdownon yourhome screen. ✉ Share as images or short videos. ⏳ Sortcountdownsby date. 🔎 Full-screen mode. 🌙 Dark mode. 🍃 Very lightapk. 😌 Fewads that are not disruptive. Count down to any specialdate; it canbe Christmas, a birthday, New Year 2020 or your nextroad trip. Youcan also set a past event and count the time since.See for howmany seconds you have been alive! Your timer is preciseto thesecond. Enter immersive mode by double tapping for afull-screenexperience. Two widgets are included with this app, oneshowscountdowns just like they are shown in the app and the othershowsa smaller countdown. Premium Features: 🔁 Repeating countdownsforrecurring events like anniversaries. 🔔 Notifications withalarms. ♾Unlimited countdowns (free version limit is 10). 🚫 No Ads.✏ Morefont options and black text. Suggest any feature you'd liketo seein future updates. If you like the app, please rate. It helpsalot! Permissions: The "Read the contents of USB storage"permissionis to read the images you pick for backgrounds. Thenetworkpermissions are to display non-invasive ads and for theonlinebackground gallery. In app billing is for the optional TimeUntilPremium upgrade. The shortcut permission is only forfutureversions of the app that may use it.
Final Countdown - Widget
App Features: ✔ Countdown app and Countdown Widget ✔ResizableWidget included for the home screen ✔ Cloud Backup usingFacebooklogin ✔ Sync countdowns across Android and iOS devices ✔Customizerecurring countdowns, pick days of the week, biweekly andmany more✔ Shows year, months, weeks, days, weekdays, hours,minutes and*seconds*! ✔ Embed Countdown widget into a website ✔300+ FREE HDBackground iaamages ✔ Share live personalizedcountdowns acrossmobile platforms Android, iOS and web sharecountdown throughFacebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+, Instagram,Kik, Vine, Tumblr,Sina Weibo, text sms, email ✔ Milliseconds - Wehave that too! ✔Import events from live phone Calendar ✔ ImportFacebook birthdays✔ See live countdown from Web View on Mobile,Desktop, Smart TV ✔Customizable skins design your own widget skins✔ LCD, LED, Robotofonts, plus extra special fonts ✔ Choose and cropyour ownbackground image! ✔ Pre loaded events for Christmas, NewYear andthe Weekend ✔ You can also Count Up from a point in time!✔Supports multiple countdowns - as many as you want ✔LowCPU/Battery usage ✔ Reminder and to-do alerts ✔ Customalarmringtones ✔ Automatically accounts for Timezone andDaylightSavings Time changes. ✔ Has a simple countdown timer forshort-termcountdowns App Description The only live Countdown timerthat hasseconds on the widget to add to your home screen. You canalso seethe milliseconds roll off fast to your live event. You onlyliveonce (yolo), so put a timer on your life and begin livingwithpurpose every day. A free truly one of kind live digital timertoadd urgency, excitement, calendar reminders and positivethinkingto your life. Add widgets directly to your home screenasbackground. Countdown to events that you have been lookingforwardto like Birthdays, New Year, Vacation, Holiday,Wedding,Anniversary. Did you get here by clicking a link suchas""? install the app then click thelinkto have that same exact LIVE countdown. You can also view thelivecountdown on your home screen by adding a widget. Shareyourcountdowns with others! share with others so they can view thelivecountdown on any web browser! Go to to addthelatest live calendar we are sharing. Rating & Feedback Ourteamloves feedback. If you enjoy using the Final Countdown -Pleaseconsider rating 5 stars. If you think the app deserves less,pleasetell us. Follow us on:YouTube WordpressPlugin
My Big Days - Events Countdown 1.8.2
Astrovic App
Stylish and lightweight app to remember and track your events inasimple and fast! View the remaining days or days elapsed afteranevent. You can use it to remind you: appointments,anniversaries,birthdays, holidays, exams, events festivals...customize with yourown photos or use the search feature that findsthousands of freeimages on Pixabay! You can also create an alarmfor each individualevent. You can choose a favorite event to bedisplayed every timeyou open the app! Features: - Choose the eventimage, from: camera,gallery or search online on Pixabay; - Createsa notification foreach event; - You can choose a favorite event fordisplay atstartup; - Days remaining before an event; - Days elapsedafter anevent; - Double click on the countdown to change the color;- Dragthe countdown wherever you want; - List of all events; -Unlimitednumber of events! - You can change the color of the app; -Choosethe font you prefer; - Share an event on social networks orwithyour favorite applications, save, print, copy, use asbackgroundWallpaper! Follow us & share events: #bigdaysapp@bigdaysappWould you like to improve or translate the app into yourlanguage?Contact us from the app's Info menu, we have translatedthe appinto many languages thanks to your support :) Forinformation orsuggestions, please use the support form in the Aboutmenu of theapplication.
Countdown Days - App & Widget 1.4.8
Gira Mobile
Countdown Days App & Widget reminds about important datesandevents in your life, so you do not have to manually calculatedaysleft with your calendar. With Countdown for events you willnevermiss another birthday, retirement date, salary,anniversary,graduation event, wedding, delivering a baby(pregnancy), exam,serving the army, football/soccer game, summerholiday or any otherimportant date, including shopping sales event.CountdownApplication - Features: • All your countdowns in abeautiful singleview. • Countdown to events and counting up oncethey arrive • Pushnotifications to remind you of an event •Customize colors of eachcountdown • Decide which days to count:Working days? Or onlySundays? • Customize fonts of each countdown(premium feature) •Import events from your Calendar • Share yourimportant dates withfriends Countdown Widget - Additional Features:• Track of yourevents directly from the home screen • Resizablewidgets (supportedonly on Android 4.1 and up) • Small widget (1x1)• Medium widget(2x2) • Large widget (3x3) • Extra large widget(4x4) We arelooking forward to your feedback so that we can keep onbuildingthe best countdown app & widget on the market :)Morelanguages??? Help with translating Countdown App &Widget:
Countdown Days - App & Widget 6.7
Countdown Days App and days widget count days, hours andminutesuntil your special event. With our free countdown app youcan addas many events as you want. App has a beautiful home screenwidget,countdown calendar and reminder with notifications forupcomingdate. Did you ever forgot and missed important meeting,birthday,anniversary? With our daily countdown widget for homescreen youwill never miss one again. Our countdown widget countdays leftuntil your special event: wedding, retirement, holiday,vacation,countdown to christmas, baby due date. Day counter widgetcomes in4 different sizes for home screen and display days, hoursandminutes left. It will count down to event and count uponceevent passes, to count the days after enabling you to trackthedays passed since event date. App features: - Countdown widgetforhome screen - 1x1, 2x1, 3x1, 4x3 resizable homescreen widgets-Count days hour minutes - Count up - counting days after -Bigcollection of stickers - Use your own photos for widgets -Nicestock images for counting to event - Daily, weekly,be-weekly,monthly and yearly event repetition for countdown timeron homescreen - Backup and restore Countdown app has largecollection ofwidgets for home screen. We also have unique resizablelist widgetthat can show all your tracked dates in one place righton yourhome screen, no need to enter application to see yourupcomingevents. In order to add an countdown to your home screenyou haveto go to your phone's widget menu and find Countdown Widgetoption.Long press on one of available widget sizes that you want toplaceon your home screen and drag and drop onto your homescreen.Configuration dialog will popup where you can pick yourevent fromthe event list, or enter a new title and date to create anewcountdown event for home screen. Enjoy your count down appandwidget!
Countdown Live Wallpaper 2019 1.1.8
Countdown Live Wallpaper, countdowns for your favouriteholidays:Christmas, New Year 2019 and Valentine's day! Now you canset yourfavorite dates via "Custom date" option! Whether it isfriend'sbirthday or special day. Happy Holidays! Beautifulabstractsparkling particles to enlighten your day! You can alsoselectdifferent background colors in the settings. You also canload yourown photos! Enable "Custom Photo" option in settingsscreen. Touse: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers Todevelop more free great live wallpapers, we haveimplemented someads in settings. Advertisement can support ourdevelop more freegreat live wallpapers. Note: If your wallpaperresets to defaultafter reboot, you will need put the app on phoneinstead of SDcard. Follow us on Twitter: Likeus on Facebook:
Birthday Countdown Widget 5.4.2018030601-1
Countdown to birthdays in special ways such as: "After 480kisses!",OR "In 178,326 heartbeats!" OR "In precisely 184,072minutes" It'sfun!, Birthday Countdown can countdown to birthdaysin manydifferent units! Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes,Seconds orHeartbeats! There's more: How about an BirthdayCountdown that canalso tell you a specific age in different kindsof units! Keyfeatures: 4x1 widgetFull landscape support Tap tohide toolbarCountdown for Birthday or track how old someone isMany differentunits to measure your countdown. Different phases tochoose fromType in your custom phrase Lovely default images tochoose from Useyour very own photos as the background Play yourfavorite music fromyour iPod while counting down! Premium in apppurchase includes: -4x4 Widget- Multiple countdowns - Customphrases - SlideShow- AdBanner Removal Happy birthday!
Countdown Time - Event Countdown & Big Days Widget 1.33
Countdown Time tracks upcoming events in beauty and elegance.Haveyour most anticipated events right at your fingertipswithCountdown Time. Events are tracked to the second in real-timewithrazor accuracy. Feel the excitement as the day draws closerandshare it with friends and family. Pick from hundreds ofbeautifulbackgrounds to truly bring your event to life and make thedayuniquely yours. Features ✔ Track as many events as you want ✔Fullycustomizable widget ✔ Beautiful, sleek and elegant design✔Multiple themes ✔ Pick from hundreds of HD backgrounds or useyourown ✔ Daily countdown notifications ✔ Personalize your eventwithdisplay modes and headings ✔ Built-in event sharing Startthecountdown! Events are what make life shine. They are the momentswewill forever be looking back on; and the moments we can't waitfor.Whether it's your sister's wedding, your son's graduation oryourown birthday, you know that it will be a day to remember. Useitfor a holiday trip, vacation travel abroad or an anniversarythatyou can't forget. Keep track of big days like Christmas orNewYears eve. Daily notifications will keep you up to date withyourevents and milestones while the widget gives you an instantglanceat your date. Forgo a clunky calendar for a sleek andbeautifulcountdown timer: It's your big day and you need it to beasmagnificent as it can. A simple calendar won't do it justice.Thecount down starts today - set your clock. More than justChristmas,weddings and birthdays Use Countdown Time for trackingany event.Any event at all! Set up a countdown app to a bigpresentation,track the seconds until a family dinner, set thewidget to countdown to your birthday or measure the amount ofbreaths until aromantic date. No day is too big or too small to betracked in theapp. It's completely up to you and what you want yourmilestones tobe. Set your date and let Countdown Time and itswidget take careof your vacation, holiday or wedding day. Your day,your way It'syour event and you get to choose how you want theclock to countdown to it. Choose the full-on experience by openingthe app or anat-a-glance look with the resizeable widget. Countdown in days,heartbeats, years and more - just pick the displaymode that fitsyour big day. The app comes with breathtakingbackgrounds that gowith any occasion: from wedding days and totravel. Your clock iswhat you want it to be and your date is whenyou want it to be.Choose from 15 app themes to personalize yourcount down clock.Build the excitement. Share the moment. Yourexcited about the bigday - that's why they are called big daysafter all! You go to bedevery night with dreams of your vacation inParis or your weddingdate. Or both - perhaps your wedding is inParis while you're onvacation! Up the anticipation by adding adaily reminder of thesebig days to your life. Count down the daysto your next big holidayand share it with your friends and family.The built-in sharinglets you instantly share a beautiful snapshotof your clock withfriends and family. Use the gentle dailynotifications as areminder to get Christmas presents. Show yourloved ones how manydays until your birthday to hint for that"surprise" birthdayparty. Count the days until your graduation andfreedom. GetCountdown Time now to bring excitement and anticipationto your bigevents!
Countdown+ Widgets Calendar Lite 4.4.0
Add unlimited countdowns for events with Countdown PlusWidgetCalendar (also known as Countdown+) the top countdown app onGooglePlay! Countdown to birthdays, weddings, spring break,graduation,cruise, trips, retirement, concerts, any memorableevents in yourCalendar and even Facebook. Also countdown toholidays such asChristmas, Easter, New Years, Valentines, you nameit. Featuringbeautiful widgets with your own images andbackgrounds, keepingtrack of events has never been more fun! Withthe countdown clockdisplay, you can tell the time to or from anyevent in years,months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and evenseconds. Want morenotifications closer to an event? With the smartreminder feature,you configure your countdown event and getnotifications morefrequently as the event approaches. Never forgetan event again!Countdown Plus Widget Calendar also features acountdown calendarfor Facebook events and birthdays. Countdown Plusintegratesseamlessly with your Calendar and Facebook events toshowcountdowns for events and friend's birthdays. You can pickyourmost important Calendar events track and add to yourCountdownswith a single click. This makes Countdown Plus a greatBirthdayCalendar. Each calendar entry is a countdown clock so yousee theexact time left to each event. The Countdown Plus appdoesn’t stopthere. Configure your countdown widget to see yourevents directlyon your home screen. From a single countdown displaywidget, tocountdown collection widgets, you can view multiplecountdowns in astack, grid, or a simple list of countdowns. Itdoesn't stop there.See the time left to your events customized withyour own images.Keeping track of your events has never been easier.You can alsoshare your event countdowns by text message, email,Facebook, andTwitter with a snapshot of the countdown backgroundand a link thatallows family and friends to join in your countdown.Its not allabout features either. Countdown Plus Widgets does thisall withstyle. With a colorful fun interface, the Countdown Plusapp letsyou use your own photos or custom backgrounds. Configureyour font,color, and position of your countdown and select fromseveral alarmand sound options to further customize your countdownexperience.With many settings and custom options to choose from,you have totry to experience it all. Try it today for free! Followus Features: -Track an unlimitedcountdowns for events - View your countdowns onyour homescreenwith widgets - Receive notifications more frequentlyas the eventapproaches - Use photos from your album, or use one ofthe custombackgrounds included - Ever wonder how old you really areto thesecond? Count up from your actual date of birth - Integrateswithyour Calendar. See time remaining to events in your Calendar inamonthly view. - Integrates with your Facebook events andfriendsbirthdays. Monthly display of birthday and events with oneclickquick add to your Countdowns list. - Auto imports yourfriend’sprofile picture or the event image to your countdownbackground -Select time units to count in years, months, weeks,days, hours,minutes, and seconds - Multiple widgets and customdisplays tofurther customize your Countdown - Add sticky notes toyourcountdown events - Customize the countdown font, color andposition- Multiple alarm and alert sounds to choose from -Sharescreenshots of countdown events with Friends! - Facebookcommunityof users sharing in their experience with Countdown+Widgetsapplication
com.twobuddy.nekadarkaldi 1.5.2
• Create your own activity For example: birthday countdown,weddinganniversary, wedding, engagement countdown, military dawnfollow-upcounter etc. • Notify in reasonable intervals. If there isa verylong time in the remaining day, it gives a longintervalnotification. As time approaches, the frequency ofnotificationsincreases and you will not forget the day. - Automateddeletion ofexpired timers - Count up from a point in time - Alltime zones -Super-precise - Set your favorite event as cover withease andstyle - Push notifications to remind you of an arrivingevent -Countdown widget for home screen - Resizable homescreenwidgets -Count days hour minutes - Stickers - Use your own photosforwidgets - Nice stock images for counting to event - Backupandrestore And also when you open the application, your closest2activities will be sorted on the screen. And again, anyproblems,bugs, suggestions etc. You can reach us via the maildrop-downmenu. ## Simple and user-friendly design will not let youdown. ##Battery usage is the minimum level. (Not much to try)INFORMATION:We have considered the frequency of notifications,feedback soundand widget feedback and suggestions, and we will addto yourapplication shortly. TAGS : Count Down Timer , RemainingDay, Hour,Second ,And Time, Days Until,Time Until, Daily ReminderApp,Wedding Countdown, forex,Countdown , Day Counter , Love Counter,Time Counter , CountDown timer Day , Day day counter
Wedding Countdown Widget 5.2.2018010801-1
When someone asks: "When is your wedding?", You can now say:"After480 kisses!", OR "In 178,326 heartbeats!" OR "In precisely184,072minutes" It's fun!, Wedding Countdown can countdown yourwedding inmany different units! Years, Months, Days, Hours,Minutes, Seconds,Heartbeats or Kisses! Key Features:4x1 widgetFulllandscape supportCountdown or anniversary for event Many differentunits to measureyour countdown. Different phases to choose fromLovely defaultimages to choose from Use your very own photos as thebackgroundPlay your favorite music while counting down! Premium inapppurchase includes: - 4x4 Widget- Multiple countdowns -Customphrases - SlideShow- Ad Banner Removal Happy countdown!
Days Left (countdown timer) 2.19
Days Left - countdown timer widget for your home screen.To additpress long your homescreen (or press "Apps", or menu - "Addappsand widgets" ) - than press - than press .Did you ever forgetandate?Days left widget will help you countdown.Did you everforgetyour girlfriends birthday?You never miss this day again,becauseyou have a Days left widget.Counting down to a celebration,yourwedding, a birth in your family, new year, christmas - Daysleftwidget can it.- added widgets for size 2x1 to supportmoreinformation on countdown widget.
Couple Widget - Love days Countdown 2.0.1
Couple Widget lets you know an important anniversary continuouslyifthe user enters the couple's information simply. You can confirmtheanniversary and counting down by a pretty widget with thecouple'sphotos. You can confirm the days to go to the nextanniversaryeasily by a graph. Decorate the anniversary with aprecious lovelyperson by the widget with photos. [ Main Fuction ]- Show BeenTogether XXXdays -Showanniversary(10days,100days,TheDayBefore,more...) - Showwidget& edit widget - Select Theme
TheDayBefore (D-Day countdown) v3.8.13
TheDayBefore shows you the D-Day (i.e. days left untilanevent/anniversary) or the number of days passed sinceanevent/anniversary. Let the widget automatically calculate theD-Dayor the number of days since your special occasion, so that youcancelebrate and never miss out on any special day! [HowCalculationWorks] Days Left: the number of days left until aregisteredevent/anniversary. Day Count: the number of days passedsince anevent/anniversary. Month count: baby's age(month), etc.Week count:count 7 day as 1 week YY/MM/DD: view date asYear/Month/DayMonthly: repeated for monthly events/anniversariesAnnually:repeated for annual event/anniversaries [Features] - Showevents onStatus Bar: using various icons and your photos as icons.- Displaymultiple D-Day widgets on home screen - Widget SizeOptions: Threeoptions (1x1, 2x1 and 4x2) are available. - Sevenways ofcalculating days - Calculate anniversary (100th day, 200thday…)automatically - D-Day notifications - Background photosettings andMotion stickers - Story (Write your Story, remeneberyesterday andplan for tomorrow.)
Holiday Countdown 2018 2.23
With this beautiful, clean and simple Holiday Countdown App youcanbuild excitement and get into the holiday spirit.Just type inyourdestination as well as the start date and start time andthecountdown will show you the remaining days, hours, minutesandseconds until your vacation starts. This Holiday Countdown Timeriseasy to use. You can customize your countdown by changing thetextcolor as well as choosing from many different backgroundthemesincluding beaches, beautiful nature scenes, major countriesandcities like New Zealand, China, Japan, Thailand, Australia,Greece,London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York and many more.Features-RemoveAds- Share Countdown on Facebook, WhatsApp, email etc.-Setbackground image as your wallpaper- stunning backgroundimages-Choose the units you want to see in your countdown(show/hide days,hours and minutes, seconds)- Choose your favoritecountdown style(classic or modern)- NEW: To-do list for yourholidayplanningPremium Features- read the Holiday Quote of the Day-accessto over 30 stunning background images- no ads
DAY DAY Countdown Widget 1.8.2
If you want to check every countdown in a pretty and simply way,DAYDAY! We manage your countdown and anniversary including thedate notpassing, date that passed, and repeated date. You cancheck monthlyby the calendar function and take a memo simply!Manage countdowneasily which is easy to forget By DAY DAY! =Supporting various datecalculations= Calculating the date notpassing: test and travel(daysleft, big day) Calculating the datethat passed: Nonsmoking anddiet(days passed) Calculating therepeated date: Birthday andsalary(you can set X day, X week, and Xmonth every year) Even theexclusive calculation menu like coupleand number of months fromwhen the baby was born! = Prettily andinterestingly = Providing theicons and background colors ofvarious designs Wave animation whichshows the progress state ofcountdown & anniversary. Providingall kinds of menus whichappear joyfully =Various functions=Providing the top bar andwidget is basic You can check the big days& anniversarymonthly by the calendar function, and even takenote. It helps younot miss the countdown by the alarm function.Various settingfunctions and backup & restoration function
Add Reminder 1.66
Reminder app and widget that reminds you about important eventsandtasks and morning call. Never miss a birthday, mlbballpark,wedding, tasks or event with this beautiful date countdownwidget.No longer need to manually calculating days left until somedate.Сountdown timer is reminder with alarm. Сustomize yourСountdowntimer widget and app as you wish: - Many Themes -Customize colors- Different widget backgrounds - Add reminder AddReminder and younever forget an date. Add Reminder and wake up withmorning call.Create a to do list with smart reminder. Countdowntimer widgetwill help you countdown to date. Сreate to-do list andgetexcellent task reminder. Did you ever forget yourgirlfriendsbirthday? You never miss this day again, because youhave a RemindMe widget. Countdown widget to a celebration, yourwedding, a birthin your family, new year, christmas - reminderwidget can it - addreminder.
Vacation Countdown App 2.632
What is JUST as exciting as going on that incredible vacationyou’vehad planned for so long? The days and moments leading up toit! Hereis something that is going to build an even strongerexcitement- TheVacation Countdown App! This FREE VacationCountdown App gives youthe EXACT date and time until you embark onyour adventurousjourney! Just input the starting date and timealong with yourspecial trip destination and watch the magichappen. Going surfingin Hawaii? Sightseeing in Paris? Exploringthe Grand Canyon? Hikingin Colorado or Skiing in Switzerland? Thisapp was specifically madefor you! Some of our incredible FEATURES:⁃ NEW: More than one tripcoming up? Great news globetrotter- setup a second and thirdcountdown easily! ⁃ CUSTOM BACKGROUND THEME:Set your favoritebackground theme from our many exciting choicesor use your very ownimage! ⁃ Some of our Beautiful BACKGROUNDPICTURES include: ⁃ A LushHawaiian Waterfall (ideal for trips tothe tropics) ⁃ Stunning BeachScenes ⁃ An Adventurous Hiking Trail⁃ A Pure White Snow Landscape ⁃A Picturesque Sunset ⁃ An excitingmountain scenery with a clearblue lake ⁃ A rare desert landscapewith desert vegetation ⁃ A Calmcampground with tents ⁃ Anunforgettable honeymoon theme ⁃ A map ofEurope ⁃ The icon is LasVegas sign ⁃ The powerful Statue of Libertyin New York ⁃ A sightstheme with different sights in Italy, France,London and otherexciting places! ⁃ An adventurous Mountain Valley ⁃ItalianVineyard landscape for wine tasting trips ⁃ A fun CruiseShip theme⁃ Exciting Theme Park / Amusement Park ⁃ The world famousEiffelTower in Paris, France ⁃ The picturesque Mount Fuji In Japan⁃ TheSpanish Steps in Rome, Italy ⁃ The magnificent YosemiteNationalPark ⁃ The famous Kangaroo sign in Australia ⁃ FamouswhiteBuildings and amazing ocean view in Santorini Greece Island ⁃ThePicture perfect Taj Mahal in India ⁃ The Talk Big Ben tower andredtelephone booth in London, UK ⁃ The Massive Golden Gate BridgeinSan Francisco, USA ⁃ The Remarkable Great Wall of China ⁃TheTequila Mexican beach ⁃ Adventurous New Zealand ⁃ TrendyLosAngeles ⁃ Seoul in Korea ⁃ Majestic Blue Lake ⁃ Massive SanddunesQUOTE OF THE DAY: ⁃ Get inspired! Our vacation Quote of thedayfeature serves you a daily fresh vacation quote. You can evensharethe quote with your friends! CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE COUNTDOWNSTYLE ⁃Display or hide a cute suitcase icon along with yourdestinationand official vacation start date with our ClassicCountdown Design!⁃ Our Modern Countdown Design keeps it clean withjust theremaining time until your adventure displayed in cleanboxes in themiddle of your screen! ⁃ You hold the power. You canalways choosewhich units you want to see.Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds. Which oneswill you pick? VACATIONPACKING CHECKLIST ⁃ Dont forget yourvacation essentials! Ourpacking list feature makes sure youremember which items you need toback for your trip. Never miss adetail again! VACATION GAMES ⁃ Keepyourself entertained with ourfun and educational Quizzes (Flags ofthe world, Europe, etc. ) andCard Matching Games while countingdown the ways until your specialtrip! SHARE THE EXCITEMENT - SHAREYOUR COUNTDOWN ⁃ Tell yourfriends about your amazing trip! Shareyour countdown via Facebook,WhatsApp, Email, and many more options!
Days Matter - Countdown Event 0.6.7
Clover Team
Days Matter is an app to countdown your important days, such as:Howmany days away from your Family’s birthday? When to pay yourcreditcard? How many days are there from your payday? How long hasit beensince the baby was born? = Feature = ·10,000 Years Support- FromJanuary 1, The Year One AD to December 31, 9999 AD, countup/down.You can count how many days has it been since theindependence ofthe United States, how long have you been in lovewith your lover,how long has it been since the baby was born…… ·Support VariousWidgets · Today in History · Date Calculator ·Custom Categories - 3default categories: Anniversary, Work, Life,support customcategories · Lunar Calendar Support: From 1901 AD to2099 AD · Pintop for important dates, arranged in chronologicalorder · Customevent background · Advanced feature: PasscodeProtection Please feelfree to provide problem reports, featureideas and general comments.Proudly by Clover
Wedding Countdown App 2019 / 2020 2.5
Wedding Countdown is the ultimate Wedding App that will makeyoueven more excited for your big day. Are you getting married in2019or 2020? Just enter the date of your big day and WeddingCountdowncalculates the time left and displays the time until yousay "Ido!". While waiting for your wedding, the most important dayofyour life, you will see the days, hours, minutes and secondsuntilyou finally get married. When your friends ask you "When willyouget married", you can share your wedding countdown with themviaemail, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Invite your fiance to downloadtheWedding Countdown, too. Your future husband or future wife willbehappy to know the exact day until you say yes to a lifelongunion.If you want to tell your fiance how much you love him or her,justsend the Love Quote of the Day. You can choose your favoritethemeand countdown style, favorite text color, your personalphrase("until we get married", "until I say I do" etc.).WeddingCountdown FEATURES - COUNTDOWN until your wedding day: -Share yourwedding countdown via email, WhatsApp, Facebook etc -Choose yourfavorite text color - Choose your favorite backgroundpicture -Choose your countdown style - Show days, hours, minutesand seconds- Love Quote of the day - Wedding organizer / to-do list- NEW:Wedding planningguide-------------------------------------------------------------------------Ifthere are any features that you would like to have in ourWeddingCountdown, please let us know!
New Years 2020 countdown 6.2.1
Enjoy a 3D New Years Countdown with a colorful 2020! GotoSettings-> check "Enable New Year 2020"-> change"countdowndate" to January 1st This 3D Christmas Countdown 2019LiveWallpaper have a Christmas Scene with a Christmas Countdown inasnowfall of lights and with music! See a Christmas tree withlightsand an awesome flashing lights program (only in full)! This3DChristmas Live Wallpaper is interactive, slice your fingerstorotate camera view, tap on Christmas Countdown to begin aparticleexplosion and switch between Christmas Countdown and Time.Now withChristmas Carols (music). Tap twice to play/stop ChristmasCarols,tap once to change the song. You can disable countdown tosee onlythe tree or modify countdown to set a New Years LiveWallpaper!Principal Full Version features: ★8 different kinds oftrees★Snowflake mode ★Diamond texture for countdown ★Snow oflights★Day/Night customization ★Set a fixed camera angle★Interactiveswitch between countdowns&clock on touch ★Rotatethe view onscrolling ★Set position and scale to display time★Customize colorfor snow lights and background. ★Set long date.★Control lights flydirection. ★Scroll mode continuous It isinteractive, you can touchthe countdown or clock to switch betweenall of them. Bydownloading this app, you agree to the EULAat Visit OurWebsite: Keep Sending your feedback andsuggestionsto :::
Christmas Live Wallpaper Free
Exciting Christmas countdown with sparkling Christmas treeandclock! "Christmas Live Wallpaper Free" is a stunning 3Dlivewallpaper featuring a sparkling Christmas tree, and anexcitingChristmas countdown where you can count down the days toChristmas,or New Year's day. All scenes included in the freeversion can beenjoyed as a live wallpaper background, or as a fullyinteractiveforeground app where you can look around freely, andquicklycustomise your settings. If you enjoy the free version,pleasecheck out the full version here on Google Play which containslotsof extra scenes and features including: ★ Christmas Tree scene(6animated camera motions) ★ NEW! 4 new Christmas treesandmulti-coloured sparkle mode! ★ Countdown scene (CountdowntoChristmas, New Year's Countdown, and more!) ★ Set your owncustomcountdown dates! (Ideal for birthdays and anniversaries!)★Combined Christmas Tree + Countdown or Clock (tap toswitchbetween) ★ Clock scene with sparkling time and date. Greatall yearround! ★ Happy New Year scene (with fireworks!) ★ 3D Snowscene(day or night) ★ Sky Lanterns scene ★ 3D Fireworks scene★Valentine's Day scene ★ The ability to choose any combinationofyour favourite scenes above for rotation. ★ A range ofvibrantcolour schemes, with a beautiful colour cycling mode thatsweepsthrough all the colours of the rainbow. ★ Gorgeousglowingbackground light or flare spotlight with shimmeringsunbeams. ★Choose your favourite camera angles and 3D animationfly-bys. ★Snowfall amount and speed. ★ Additional tree lights. ★ HDoptionsto increase display quality. Great for tablets! ★ Lotsofperformance options to help run smoothly and save battery power.★32-bit colour mode for smoother colours. ★ Option to count downineither rounded-up days (the traditional days-to-Christmasmethod),or a fully accurate and nail-biting Days, Hours, MinutesandSeconds method. ★ positioning and zoom options. ★ and lotslotsmore to play with! Have Fun! :) We're absolutely thrilled withthephenomenal response we've had since our first release. Thankyouall for the wonderful comments! If you've enjoyed the freeversion,please consider showing your support for our hard workbypurchasing this full version which has many more features toenjoy.If you have any problems, please contact, and we will help youdirectly.Thanks!
Spirit of Christmas 1.1.3
This simple and nice animated widget will createthefestiveatmosphere of Christmas and New Year for you andwillcount down thedays left to your favorite holiday.Widget size 2x2Ourfavoriteholidays – New Year and Christmas – areapproaching, and our"Spiritof Christmas" animated widgetwhich counts down the days totheholiday chosen willhelp you fall into the atmosphere of magicandfun.The lovely festive hallmarks of the winter holidays(theChristmas stocking, the Christmas wreath, the Christmastree,Grinch and Snowman) will brighten up the waiting for themainholiday and will make a perfect decoration for your smartphoneortablet. Download this application and install a widgetcountingdown days either to New Year or to Christmas upon yourchoice oreven both at a time. Click on the widget to create afeeling of NewYear and Christmasinside through nice animation andthe melody thatbringsback your childhood memories.Choose whichhallmark will leadyou through the daysof anticipation. Will it be astocking hangingon the cozyfireplace waiting for the X-Day? MaybeaChristmaswreath? Or a beautiful Christmas tree? Grinch orSnowman?Every hallmarkchanges during a day, which creates anunusualcharm.Download the “Spirit of Christmas” and fallintotheatmosphere of holiday now.How to install it?To installtheanimated widget: Long click todesktop->Widgets->Chooseeither “New Year Widget” to countdown the daysto New Year, or“Christmas Widget” to count downthedays to Christmas.To chooseamong the Christmas tree, theChristmasstocking, the Christmaswreath, Grinch and Snowman:Applications-> "Spirit of Christmas.Settings”-> Choose thewidget, correspondingthe holiday you wantto set up (New Year orChristmas)->Choose the hallmark (theChristmas tree, theChristmasstocking, the Christmas wreath,Grinch, Snowman).Somegeneral settings: Applications-> “SpiritofChristmas.Settings”->General.----kw: animated widget,soundwidget, magic
Christmas Countdown 5.0
A simple but great looking app, with modern design, which showsyouthe time left until Christmas and helps you organise yourgiftlist. Create as many lists as you want and add some gifts tothem,so you don't forget anyone or anything for this Christmas. Youcantick a gift or delete it from its ⋯ menu. The app keeps trackofyour lists and shows you the amount of money you have spent sofarand how much you still need to spend. You can also see thetotalbudget for each list and for all lists, as well as the averagelistbudget. You can se exactly how long it is till Christmaswheneveryou want and do all the Christmas preparations on time. Atthe endof the countdown you will see a Merry Christmas screen. Thisappbrings color and Christmas-joy on your device screen! Thecountdownhas begun! See exactly how long it is till Christmas 2017and getyour Christmas lists ready! Happy Holidays! and merrycounting
Baby Age Widget - Day Countdown 3.7.7
Baby widget informs about the birthdate and the anniversary ofthebaby with simple registration of baby information If the babyhasnot yet been born, would tell you gestational week and the restofthe due date. The days, months, weeks, and age of the baby maybechecked automatically every day. The important anniversariesareautomatically registered to receive alarms. The baby memofunctionsallow memos and biorhythms to be checked withoutadditional inputs.It is easy and convenient to use, and allows easychecking ofinformation. Check how old the baby is and have happyand healthylife with your baby! [Main Functions] - Display babyphoto andbasic information - Show number of days - Show number ofmonths (xmonths and x days) - Show age - Show constellation -Various widgetsizes(2x1, 2x2, 4x2, 5x2) - Function to view maincounting down ofanniversaries - Quick memo function - Biorhythmfunction -Anniversary function - Notification bar fixation function-Supports 16 different themes - Add main photo & slideshowfunction - Backup & recovery function
Countdown Timer & Stopwatch & Caller ID 1.1.3
Leon Zhang
A simple countdown timer and stopwatch and caller ID, to use it asacountdown timer set the timer to anything other than 00:00:00andpress start-; to use it as a stopwatch clear the timerto00:00:00(default) and press start+.It works when you switchtoother apps or your screensaver goes on. It still works oncalculatetime even if you turn off your phone, while providing youwith agreat caller ID feature.The caller ID feature identifiescallersfor you - even the ones not in your contact list. Caller IDresultsare shown after calls and also allow you to save thecontactdetails directly to your address-book.FEATURES* Timer* Stopwatch*Built in Caller ID function to identify unknowncallers.UnknownCaller Identification - Countdown Timer &Stopwatch &Caller ID will show caller ID of people who call youeven if theyare not listed in your contacts.Avoid Spam Calls,Telemarketers, orFraud - By learning who’s calling you through ourcaller IDfunctionality, you can avoid answering spam calls orfraudcalls.Missed Call - Find out who called you with option tosave thenumber with one tap or to call back.Completed Call -CountdownTimer & Stopwatch & Caller ID will list the numberof who’scalling you and talking with you. Afterwards, you can callback orsave the number.No Answer - List the number of unansweredcalls andcall back or save the number.You can disable or adjust thecallerID functionality to your preferences in the app menu settingsor inthe after-call screen settings at any time.
Stopwatch & Countdown Timer 1.0.8
Do you need a professional stopwatch for sport activitieslike:sprints, jogging, or daily life uses of timer such as: eggtimer,tea timer, cooking, alarm clock, etc. , this tool is a musthave inyour pocket.Best Stopwatch is great for timing sport eventsandcontests as well as just timing your activities or measure aneventduration.Great way to measure and visualize time.Beautifullydesigned timer and powerful stopwatch to enjoy countingtime, feeltime or visualize time to kids. ## It has some incredibleSTOPWATCHFeatures :• Beautiful and easy to use digital interface.•Start orstop the stopwatch by pressing the START / STOP button.•LAP moderecords and shows the time between your Lap presses.• BESTlapshows you the lowest lap time from the current lap list.•TOTALcolumn records the total time on the stopwatch sincestarted.•Press the RESET button to clear the current lap list.•Runscontinuously when the app is in background.• What’s more?GreatTablet optimization ofcourse!## It has some amazing COUNTDOWNTIMERFeatures :• Beautiful and easy to use digital interface.• Setthecountdown timer fast and easy by clicking on the NEW button.•Clickon the START / STOP button to start or stop the currentcountdowntimer.• Select any countdown timer from the timer list toset theCURRENT countdown timer.• Press the RESET button to clearthecurrent countdown timer.• Remove or delete any countdowntimerentry from the timer list easily by clicking on the deletebutton.•Notifies you with a sound and a vibrate effect on finishingthecurrent countdown timer.• What’s more? Great Tabletoptimizationofcourse!And best of all : It’s FREE! Try our"Stopwatch &Countdown Timer" app today but please don't forgetto leave us yourvaluable feedback.
Christmas Live Wallpaper Full
Exciting Christmas countdown with sparkling Christmas treeandclock! 'Christmas Live Wallpaper Full' is a stunning 3Dlivewallpaper featuring a sparkling animated Christmas tree, andanexciting Christmas countdown where you can count down the daystoChristmas, or New Year's day, or any date you set. Thisversionalso features a Clock scene, a combined Tree &Countdown/Clockscene, a Happy New Year scene with fireworks, asuper realistic 3DSnow scene, a magical Sky Lanterns scene, plus abonus Valentine'sday scene, and dedicated Fireworks scene!(That's9-Wallpapers-in-1!) All scenes come with countlesscustomizationoptions, can be enjoyed both as a live wallpaperbackground or as afully interactive foreground app where you canlook around freely,and quickly customise your settings. Thisversion contains *lots*of extra features and personalisationoptions: ★ Christmas Treescene (6 animated camera motions) ★ NEW! 4new Christmas trees andmulti-coloured sparkle mode! ★ Countdownscene (Countdown toChristmas, New Year's Countdown, and more!) ★Set your own customcountdown dates! (Ideal for birthdays andanniversaries!) ★Combined Christmas Tree + Countdown or Clock (tapto switchbetween) ★ Clock scene with sparkling time and date. Greatall yearround! ★ Happy New Year scene (with fireworks!) ★ 3D Snowscene(day or night) ★ Sky Lanterns scene ★ 3D Fireworks scene★Valentine's Day scene ★ The ability to choose any combinationofyour favourite scenes above for rotation. ★ A range ofvibrantcolour schemes, with a beautiful colour cycling mode thatsweepsthrough all the colours of the rainbow. ★ Gorgeousglowingbackground light or flare spotlight with shimmeringsunbeams. ★Choose your favourite camera angles and 3D animationfly-bys. ★Snowfall amount and speed. ★ Additional tree lights. ★ HDoptionsto increase display quality. Great for tablets! ★ Lotsofperformance options to help run smoothly and save battery power.★32-bit colour mode for smoother colours. ★ Option to count downineither rounded-up days (the traditional days-to-Christmasmethod),or a fully accurate and nail-biting Days, Hours, MinutesandSeconds method. ★ Screen positioning and zoom options. ★ andlotslots more to play with! Have Fun! :) We're absolutely thrilledwiththe phenomenal response we've had since our first release.Thankyou all for the wonderful comments! If you've enjoyed thefreeversion, please consider showing your support for our hard workbypurchasing this full version which has many more features toenjoy.If you have any problems, please contact, and we will help youdirectly.Thanks!
New Year countdown 2020 premium 6.2.0
Aqreadd Studios
Enjoy a 3D New Years Countdown with a colorful 2020! GotoSettings-> check "Enable New Year 2020"-> change"countdowndate" to "January 1" This 3D Christmas Countdown 2019LiveWallpaper have a Christmas Scene with a Christmas Countdown inasnowfall of lights and with music. See a Christmas tree withlightsand an awesome flashing lights program! This 3D ChristmasLiveWallpaper is interactive, slice your fingers to rotate cameraview,tap on Christmas Countdown to begin a particle explosion andswitchbetween Christmas Countdown and Time. Now with ChristmasCarols(music). Tap twice to play/stop Christmas Carols, tap oncetochange the song. 3D Christmas sparkling countdown in a snowfalloflights with a Christmas sparkling Tree and an awesomeflashinglights program! You can disable countdown to see only thetree ormodify countdown to set a New Years Live Wallpaper!Principalfeatures: ★3D scene ★6 different kinds of ChristmasTree★Snowflakes mode ★Snowflakes size ★Christmas tree flashinglightsprogram ★Day/Night customization ★Set a fixed cameraangle★Interactive switch between countdowns&clock on tap★Rotate theview on scrolling ★Set position and scale to displaytime★Customize color for snow lights and background. ★Set longdate.★Control lights fly direction. ★Scroll mode continuousINSTRUCTIONSto set: Home/Menu/Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper-> selectChristmasCountdown LW By downloading this app, you agree to theEULA at Visit OurWebsite: Keep Sending your feedback andsuggestionsto :::
Christmas Countdown 2019 1.14
This Christmas Countdown 2019 live wallpaper App counts downthetime left to Christmas 2019 Our FREE Christmas Countdown 2019showsthe remaining number of days, minutes, and seconds. It is ahighquality and customizable app. FEATURES - Choose between 34HDbeautiful background themes including cute penguins,Christmasgifts, Santa Claus, reindeer or ornaments. - Choosebetween classicor modern countdown with fonts - Customize the lookof yourcountdown by setting the text color - Set the backgroundimages asyour wallpaper - Choose different christmas object of 6types -Select snowflake quantity , color and much more.
Elf Adventure Christmas Countdown Story 2017 1.6.62
Ploosh GmbH
Looking for Christmas Games for your Kids? You found theperfectapp!Elf Adventure is a Christmas Countdown story andAdventCalendar 2017 which tells an enchanting story with fun gamesforchildren young and old. Count down to Christmas by playing onenewfree game each day in this beautiful Advent Calendar. With funfreepuzzles and a great story this app is a great way to shortenthewait for the holidays for all kids, for your boys and girls.Thisis the free version of "Elf Adventure Calendar 2017" with 24freeepisodes.Can your children help the funny Elves on theiradventureto save Christmas? Can they wake up the Frost Giant intime? * 24episodes with puzzle games for kids young and old!* Anexcitingdaily Elf Advent poem with hilarious verses, written inrhyme likenursery rhymes.* An Advent Calendar and an interactiveChildren'sbook at the same time.* Beautifully drawn graphics*Entertainmentfor the whole family* Cool Sound FXThe full version of"ElfAdventure Calendar 2017" contains all 24 episodes and NO ADS!Ifyou like this application, please support our small companyandupgrade to the full version which is available via GooglePlay.Thestory is told as a poem in 24 exciting episodes. Solve apuzzleeach day to help the Elves on their adventurous journeyduring thisthrilling xmas countdown! Story:The diligent Elves arealmostfinished with their preparations for the big feast, whentheyrealize they are in trouble: The lazy Frost Giant isstillsleeping! He is responsible for the most important ingredientforperfect holidays: Snow!A delegation of Elves travels to theGiant'scave to wake up the sleepy head, but this proves far moredifficultthan expected.Will they manage to put things right? Canthey solvethe riddle in time to bring snow to everyone forChristmas Eve?Theunique thing about this app is that the story istold though thecute puzzles.The tale starts with the Elves workingat Santa'sworkshop.At the workshop, kids enjoy different games,involvingsanta's list, some jigsaw puzzles, other ones containingdrawings.At the end of each daily mini-game fun animations rewardthetoddlers and kindergarden age kids.Boys and girls alike willenjoythis collection of riddles, brainteasers and other fun puzzlesandgames.The backgrounds of the puzzles are beautifullydrawnpaintings by talented artists who have workedon amazinggreetingcards and festive stories for kids.Happy Holidays and allthe bestfrom Ploosh!,
Halloween Countdown 5.0
Cube Studios
Countdown until next Halloween, in days, hours, minutes andseconds!You can change the background wallpaper, while you arelistening tothe music!
Countdown for Events Pro 1.1.2
4th floor apps
This is a paid version of Countdown for Events app. It has noadsand it has more icons for events. Do not forget important datesinyour life! Track events with this day counter app. Countdownfromyour birthday, anniversary, to wedding, vacation, trip,graduation,important meetings, concerts, Christmas, Valentines orotherspecial moments of your life. If you want to track countdownsonyour home screen, we have widgets for you! Home screen isalreadyfull or you don’t want to use widgets? No problem, you cancountdays in Status bar! Count time just in days or in years,months anddays, on event day – in hours and minutes. When eventtime comes,Countdown for Events will remind you about it - you willreceivenotification, alarm will ring or you can receive SMS.Countdownyour events with: • Unlimited countdowns • Widgets 1x1,2x1, 3x1,4x1 • Count your days in status bar daycounter! • Setnotification,alarm, or send SMS for your event countdowns • Alarmsettingsinclude alarm sound, vibration, duration • Repeatingcountdowns foryour events ( every hour, day, week, year etc.) •Action prior yourevent (15 minutes before, 30 minutes, hour, dayetc.) • Save eventsto phone memory
Countdown Chronometer & Widget 1.15
Countdown, Chronometer, widget and alarm function... all inone...Simple and easy. features: - Runs multiple timerssimultaneously -Widget support! - Calculate the duration from adate from the past.- Shows the remaining time from a future event.- Hundreds oftimers - 2000 years (up or down) - Edit the timersanytime -Chronometer shows years / months / days / hours / minutes/ seconds- Rename timer - Add notes in timers - Add / remove /reset ...timer - Easy and intuitive to use - Pause timers - Pausecountdown- Nice graphics - Select icons and colors - Countdown withalarm. -Countdown until event, vacation, holidays, party,anniversary,birthday, wedding, wake-up, baby, sport event,retirement, footballgame, world cup, exams, army service,Christmas. - Timer : kitchentimer, cooking, baking, egg timer, teatimer, coffee timer, parkingtimer, training timer, playtime,reading time, laundry timer,workout timer, meditation timer. - Norestrictions
New Year 2020 countdown premium
Aqreadd Studios
Welcomes New Years with this live wallpaper! Set a countdown toNewYear with a 2020 full of sparks on a scene with lot ofcolorfullights and fireworks. Change theme colors interactively bytappingtwice on the home screen, or you can choose it between morethan 20themes! Also, you can set a random color after a time. Enjoytheautomatic camera mode, you will see how the camera moves aroundtheNew Year and how it focuses on the scene details. See theawesomescenes and enjoy the slow motion scenes. Choose manualcamera modeif you want to change the camera perspective whenscrolls homescreens. Set the shape for the 2020, choose betweensphere,sprinkle, radial or stretch radial. The New Year's Countdownisfully configurable, you can show days, days and hours leftordisable it. Now screensaver - daydream with android tvsupport.Happy New Year! INSTRUCTIONS to set manually: Long press onHomescreen -> Wallpapers -> select New Year Countdown VisitOurWebsite: Keep Sending your feedbackandsuggestions to By downloading this app,youagree to the EULA at :::
Christmas Countdown 2019
Count down the days until Christmas 2019 with animated themesandcarols! Can't wait for Christmas? Neither can we! Use theChristmascountdown timer 2019 app to listen to joyous music whilecountingdown the time till Christmas! Waiting for Christmas hasnever beenthis fun before! *Countdown to Christmas! *Magnificentand homelythemes! *Spread the love and joy of Christmas! Wishingyou a MerryChristmas from the ScriptLab team!
Christmas Story: Elf Adventure Full 2017 1.6.62
Ploosh GmbH
Count down to Christmas with this beautiful Advent Calendarfor2017.This is the full version of "Elf Adventure Calendar2017"!Have fun and help the Elves to save Christmas!Will theymanage towake the frosty ice giant in time?* 24 exciting chaptersandgames.* A new puzzle game every day. * An enchanting poem eachdaywith hilarious verses* Beautifully drawn graphics*Entertainmentfor kids young and oldSupport our small studio bypurchasing thisfull version!"Elf Adventure Calendar 2017" is anAdvent Calendarwith Christmas games for kids. The story is told asa poem in 24exciting episodes. Solve one simple but fun puzzle eachday to helpthe Elves on their adventurous journey in this thrillingChristmasjourney! Story:The diligent Elves are almost finished withtheirChristmas preparations, as they notice: The lazy Frost Giantisstill sleeping! The problem is that he is responsible formostimportant thing for a Christmas: Snow! The Elves travel totheGiant's cave to wake up the sleepy head, but this turns out tobemore difficult than expected! Will they manage to put thingsright?Can they make sure there's snow for everyone by ChristmasEve?A funChristmas Calendar with cute puzzles for children ages 3and above.It all starts with the Elves working at Santa's workshop.In manydifferent games, animated puzzles, e.g. some jigsaw puzzles,otherones containing drawings for kids. At the end of eachdailymini-game funny animations await. Boys and girls alike willenjoythis collection of riddles, brainteasers and other fun puzzlesandminigames.The backgrounds of the puzzles are beautifullydrawnChristmas paintings by talented artists who have workedonamazingChristmas cards and Christmas stories for kidsbefore.MerryChristmas, Holiday Greetings and all the bestfromPloosh!
Christmas Countdown Wallpaper 1.7
Feel the holiday euphoria and get a Christmas CountdownWallpaperfor your smartphone! Start the countdown now and watch asthe lastseconds pass by before it's X-mas day! These are yourultimate livewallpapers for Christmas and everything you need to beprepared foryour favorite day of the year. Celebrate this magicaltime of theyear and decorate your phone or tablet with thesebeautifulanimated backgrounds for Christmas, choose the one youlike bestand select the particles you want to move. Don't buy anycountdownapp when you can download two in one free app! DownloadChristmasCountdown Wallpaper free of charge and say Merry X-maswhen theclock strikes midnight! ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ *❄ * ☃ *❄ * ☃ Features: ☆ Start the countdown with cool backgroundsforChristmas! ☆ Make your own live wallpaper! ☆ Select yourfavoriteX-mas screen background! ☆ Select amount, speed, rotation,anddirection of the moving particles! ☆ Choose the CatholicorOrthodox calendar! ☆ Cute animated backgrounds for your phoneortablet free! ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃Many“wallpapers and backgrounds live free” are giving awonderfulfestive feeling so you can stay positive and ready fortheChristmas party. Enjoy the sight of gentle a snowfall oratwinkling Christmas tree and many other X-mas decorations thatwillhelp you customize your phone and at the same time keep youupdatedabout the remaining time. The best thing about the“Christmaswallpapers free” is that you can interact with theparticles, setdensity, speed and direction. Join Santa Claus andhis reindeer ona fantastic journey on your screen and spread thejoyful feelingwith your “cool live wallpapers”! The New Yearcountdown is goingto start again soon but you'll also need aChristmas CountdownWallpaper so get it now for free and weguarantee that you'll feeljoyful after installing our movingthemes. Snowman and gentlesnowflakes will adorn your phone ortablet and prepare it for theupcoming holiday. This “Christmascountdown app” allows you see howmuch time has left till X-mass. Atthe same time, you will watchbeautiful “moving backgrounds”depicting cute Christmas decorationsand symbols, which you canmatch with some other moving lock screenwallpaper. Your mobiledevice will glow in the dark like a lightedChristmas tree so youwill be a true hit at any X-mas party. Matchyour favorite “hdwallpaper live” from our collection with aglowing screen saver live3d from some other wallpaper changer appfor free. With this coolapp for girls and boys, we can “countdownto Christmas” together, sodownload “Christmas Countdown Wallpaper”for free and don't miss asecond! Happy holidays are coming! Withthis beautiful winter-themedlive wallpaper every smartphone ortablet will be decorated like themost beautiful Christmas card!Cool moving wallpapers are filledwith twinkling Christmas lightsthat will light up your home screenand make it colorful andbright. No matter whether you are aCatholic or Orthodox, you canenjoy the “moving wallpapers” free ofcharge with a “countdowntimer”, which can be set up for bothCatholic or OrthodoxChristmas. Santa Clause is here for everyoneand he is giving theapp for phone personalization as a gift to you!Download ChristmasCountdown Wallpaper for free and invite theChristmas spirit toyour home screen!
Been Together - Love Counter 2.9.4
Never forget your anniversary and get informations about it suchashow long you have been together ! With Count Down Timertoanniversary(Only this app has it ;) )!!Best Love Counter onmarketon getting infos about your love relationship! Been Together- LoveCounter - D-Day (All-in-1)All - in - one! as i am tryingtoimplement everything related to love :)[Features]* ChristmasandValentine's day theme UPDATED with cool animations!!! *Valentine'sDay theme is Now Available with Count Down Timer toValentinesDay!* Added the option to set names under two pics!*Themes(Black,Blue, Pink, Green, Red, Purple, Christmas(Get yoursand yourslover's face into santa :)))* Fonts to choose from!*Option for twoimages(Enable it from settings - TwoPhotos)* Optionfor two imageson widget!(must be setted on main app first!)*Improved BackgroundService with optimized notifications!* LoveQuotes!* LoveCalculator !* Compare your zodiacs-signs !* Count DownTimergraphic with animation !* App Widget to add at home screen .*Youcan now change fonts color both main app and widget !* Simplecountdown to next anniversary and other infos like how long youhavebeen together ! You can choose between them !* You canchangebackground image from settings (gallery or capture image) !*Youcan take app screenshot and share to facebook and all otherssocialmedia and more !* Show weeks or not in count down timer .*Getnotifications at least one day before your anniversary ! Alsogetnotifications aboutMONTHVERSARY!Languages:EnglishGreekGermanMalayTurkishVietnameseSpanish- thanks to:---Cristian Carroccio---cristianantoniocarroccio@gmail.comA lot offeatures are going to beadded very soon !Like :* A lot of thingsto do related with love -(Calculate love , browse love quotes picsand others ) !* Save anyevent you want !* Cards to send toyourHusband/Wife/girlfriend/boyfriend .- Many more traslations!Romanian are on the way !
Fireworks 5.3.1
Enjoy the whole year of fireworks on your device as livewallpaper!Set sound, choose color and amount and enjoy a greatcolorful showon night! Tap on the screen to change the backgroundcolor for thescene, also you can get more fireworks types bypurchasing anextension pack. Set this live wallpaper on yourfavorite Holidayslike Independence day on 4th of july, New Year'sEve - Holiday orChristmas! Optionally you can set a 4th of July,2020 of sparks tocelebrate new year coming or current. Be ready forNew Year 2020with this live wallpaper full of fireworks. Happy NewYear! :::
Fusion Festival countdown LWP 2014 v1
Maik Riechel
Ramp up your anticipation of the Fusion Festival with thispackage!It includes a live wallpaper and app widgets for decoratingyourhome screens.Place a festival countdown on your homescreenintegrated into the wallpaper or as a widget. The countdownturnsinto a timetable guide during the festival!If you'reinterested inreceiving beta releases of this app, join thecommunity atGoogle+:
Ready Set Vacation! 4.4.6
Cobalt Sign
Join over 2 million travelers who are just as excited abouttheirvacation as you are. Download “Ready Set Vacation!” travel appandstart the countdown to your vacation in style. Browsethroughthousands of tours and activities already prepared foryourvacation. Book experiences for an unforgettable time. Gatheryourto do’s in the integrated travel checklist and stay informedwiththe built-in temperature and weather indicator. You’ll love“ReadySet Vacation!” 👇 😍 It keeps you motivated until yourvacationstarts. ⏳ Counts down for you until it’s time to hop off. 🌞Showsyou the current weather for your destination. 🌍 Has60,000+exciting experiences around the world. 👀 You can easilycheck thecountdown and weather on the widget. 📷 You can customizethebackground pictures. 🎉 You can share it on social media.Thevacation countdown will tell you exactly how long until youshouldbe ready for your trip. Check the temperature and weatherindicatorto pack accordingly. Don’t forget a thing with theintegratedtravel checklist. Use the reminders to complete yourtasks in time.Browse through thousands of tours and activitiesalready preparedfor you, such as skip the line, hop-on-hop-off andprivate tours.While you check your countdown and eagerly wait fordeparture time,share a screenshot of your stylish vacationcountdown with yourfriends on social media. Use beautiful picturesas backgrounds foryour countdown. Upload photos, search forpictures in the Unsplashcollection or pick one from our selection.Enjoy the beautifulbackground photos and count down to your springbreak or summervacation in style.