Top 48 Games Similar to Laser Light War

Laser Power - (Laser Pointer Effects "SIMULATED") 1
Laser Pointer Simulated, is a game to havefunplaying jokes to your friends with different screen effectsandanimations.*** DISCLAIMER *** Laser Power Pointer is NOT a REAL LASERPOINTER.No laser beam will come out of your device. You will onlybe ableto see the simulation of effects within the screen of yourphone ortablet. This application incorporates three types ofdifferenteffects: Laser effect, broken screen effect and electricscreeneffect. Below we will explain how you can activate each ofthesethree effects incorporated in this game.Instructions for use and visualization of the threeeffectsincluded:To be able to visualize the broken screen and electricscreeneffect, you must first access the laser shot simulatorscreen, byclicking on the first button of the game (laserpointers), thenchoose the first type of laser pointer (laserwithout light), thenaccess the laser pointer screen. Press and holdthe pointer for 20seconds and you can see the animation of thepower recharge, oncethe 20 seconds have elapsed you will see ananimation simulatingthat your device is overloaded and suddenly thebroken screeneffect will appear, simulating that the glass of thescreen of yourdevice has been broken, at this time if you touch thescreen againthe electric screen effect will appear, simulatinganimatedelectricity beams on the screen. But do not worry, this isjustvisual animations to play pranks on your friends, your devicewillnot be in any danger. To return to the main menu you must usetheback button of your device.Detailed operation of the game (How to unlock the pointerwithlight? How to get bonuses? How to recharge the energy ofthepointer ?:When you start the game you will have activated the (laserpointerwithout light) and blocked the (laser pointer with light).You mustcollect virtual coins by playing the built-in mini coingame or bygetting bonuses on the laser shooting screen.With the coin game you can accumulate new coins every time youreacha new level. There are 1200 progressive levels, each time youreachlevel 100 you will automatically create 100 new levels untilyoureach level 1200.You can also get bonuses and free coin chests on the laserpointerscreen. Simply access the pointer screen without light andclick onthe center of the pointer to fire the beam. For each shotyou willget a coin and if you shoot very fast in a repetitive wayyou willwin bonus multiplier coins up to X50. But be carefulbecause everytime you make a shot the energy decreases by one unit.When theenergy of the laser pointer has been exhausted you mustkeep thepointer pressed for 20 seconds to recharge the energy andto accessthe effects of broken screen and electric screen.You can also activate and deactivate the vibration effect atanytime.How to get the laser pointer with light?Once you have collected the necessary coins, the laser pointerwillautomatically unlock with light. With this laser pointersimulatorunlike the first you can turn on and off the LED light ofyourdevice every time you make a shot with the pointer.If you keep the new pointer pressed then it will turn on and offtheflash light of your phone continuously blinking. Keep in mindthatabusive use of this mode can consume a lot of battery powerfromyour device. The lighting of the Led light causes the batterylevelto decrease rapidly.We want you to have a good time with this game and have funteasingyour friends.If you wish you can send us comments and suggestions on whattypesof effects you would like us to include in new updates
Laser for playing with cat
If you love your cat and you want to playwiththe kitty use realistic laser simulator for cats! It'sanentertaining app which shows the laser pointer on the phonescreen.It's moving quickly, so your cat will try to catch it. Youcanchoose the speed, size and type of the cat laser pointer.Play and take care of the condition of the animal by using alaserfor cats. Main features of the game for kitty:- customizable laser pointer (size, speed, image),- the best entertainment for your little tiger,- realistic movement of laser,- downloadable for free!
Laser Pointer X2 Simulator 17
Laser pointer simulated X"Laser pointer X2 simulator is a super fun prank game free.Itsimulates a laser pointer on your mobile device. Prank yourfriendsand family making them believe you have mega powerful laserpointerwhich can simulate cracking the screen of your phone ortabletafter storing energy for 20 seconds. In order to culminatethe jokeelectric lightning shocks are simulated on your screenafter thishas been cracked. Every time the user tap on the screen,severalelectric shocks are born from the place you touched.This free app is just a game that simulates a laserpointersimulator. All the effects are just simulated, it simulatesa reallaser pointer, but it is just a simulator. No laser lightcomes outfrom your phone. The effect when the screen becomescracked and theelectric lightning on the screen, are just imagesand simulatedeffects. It is designed to joke and have fun with yourfriends andfamily. Kids and children also can have so much fun withthis app.Besides the laser pointer X2 simulator, the app alsoincludes amini game, which is used to obtain coins and unlock theflash lightfeature.The game consists of 3 main parts: the laser pointer simulated,asuper cool mini game included and the more apps and games.Thefirst time the player opens the game, only the normal laserpointersimulator is available, once you get enough coins and getthe level100 in the mini game then the super laser pointersimulated strobeflashlight feature shall be available too. Coinscan be collectedin several ways: passing levels (+10) in the freemini gameincluded as part of this free app, downloading games(+500) orsharing on social networks (+200).The laser pointer X2 simulator simulates a simple laser pointerwithits corresponding laser beam. How it works is an easy matter:tap onthe laser pointer and while you keep your finger on it, thelaserbeam flows. Keep it this way for 20 seconds and you will findoutwhat is the result of storing green and red energy. Duringtheprocess the initial green laser beam transforms into a redlaserbeam until the screen cracks. Then tap again and you willdiscoverhow the electric lightning comes out from wherever youtouches thescreen. * Remember this is a just a simlator and all theeffectsare simulated effects. * You can prank your kids or childrenwiththe super mega power of the laser pointer X2 simulator.The free mini game included is a classic game which is a onetapgame play game. The rules of the game are very simple:touchanywhere on the screen of your mobile device and one ballshall bethrown to the center of the central circle. The goal is toachievethat all the balls are thrown without 2 balls touching.Every 10levels there is a monster gosht special level, which is atimebased one. The player has a certain limited amount of time topassthe level. The difficulty of the game comes when therearedifficult movement patterns which makes so difficult to findtheway of putting all the balls on the sorrounding circumferencewherethe initial and thrown balls move. Hundred of challenginglevelsare awaiting for being discovered.Enjoy the prank app Laser Pointer X2 Simulator and have funplayingthe mini game. Achieve the final goal, unlocking the strobeflashlight effect. Collect 2500 coins and pass at least 100 levelstoenjoy the strobe flashlight effect on this free game.
Simulator Laser X100 1.6
Laser Simulator X100 - a joke simulatorlaserpower is 100 times more than usual! Make fun of anotherlaserfiring from the phone. It looks very realistic because thecamerais connected. Try it now and you will succeed! Open up therays ofthe 100 most powerful and beautiful laser. Tell a friend ifyou canignite this laser thing he can believe and begin to shine,it'svery funny.ATTENTION ! This is a game designed for entertainment and jokes,anddoes not bear any harm!Thank you for playing with us, leave us your ratings andreviews,and we'll make our game better and more fun for you andyourfriends!
Hand Laser Pointer Simulator 1.0
Hand Laser Pointer SimulatorHand Laser Pointer The simulator is a laser glove that allows youtomake fantastic jokes!Four laser beams of different colors jokingly will shine inspacecreating an unforgettable effect!A unique gadget will decorate any party!Glad the guests with a futuristic performance.Dance using the app!Move to the beat of the music, bewitching the surroundingpeoplewith a laser presentation.For maximum effect, use different colors of glow.By sending lasers in steam or smoke, you can observe theentirelength of the light beam.Give the party the status of a special event!Earn experience points and gain access to new gloves withadditionalcapabilities.Collect the entire collection for the most vividperformances!Play with pets!Rejoice your pets with dynamic games.Your cat or dog will be happy to chase the bright marks onthefloor.Watch your pet and be in good mood!Attention is only a laser simulator, worth it! The applicationwascreated for the sake of jokes and entertainment!Leave your ratings and share your opinions in the comments!Have fun with us!
Laser Light Simulator 1.0
Laser Light SimulatorLaser Simulator - a game simulator joke app, where you canplaywiththe phone as a laser! Enjoy all the games with lasers?Ithinkalready tried everything? Then play in our laser! Forrealismusingthe camera!With this laser simulator you can play and make surethatsomeonedoes not do any harm! Fun to pretend that you haveareallaser!The simulated laser pointer is just a game, it's not areallaserpointer, no laser light beam from your device will onlycreateasimulation on the screen of your phone or tablet.This wonderful game is designed to enjoy the musicallasersoundeffects and make jokes to your friends into thinkingthatyourphone can make a laser beam by the light flash LED.When starting the application you can choose between thedisplayoflaser pointers, the steel ball game or flash lamps light.Fromthebeginning you will have unlocked the green laser lightpointer,soyou can start playing with him. To unlock another pointerwillhaveto get X platinum coins. The x coins can be won inseveralways,the main way is playing the game of the steelballswhichincorporates, for each level you get overcome new coinsyouget,you can also get coins directly to share on yourfavoritesocialnetwork, It is implemented share on Google plus,facebookandtwitter directly, for that you must press the buttonstore.Toactivate the red laser light pointers, blue and violet aswellasturning the flash strobe must accumulate thenecessaryplatinumcoins.Make fun and play your friends and loved ones!Warning game joke created for pranks and practical jokesandisabsolutely safe for your health! Arrange with your friendsonthefight standing on lasers!Download the game for free, and you can now play anywhere,sinceitdoes not require an internet connection!This app is intended for entertainment purposes only anddoesnotprovide true Laser.Thank You & Enjoy…
Laser Flash Light Simulator: Color Laser Simulator 1.2
Laser Flash Light Simulator: ColorLaserSimulatorWith Laser Flash Light Simulator: Color Laser Simulator you canplayand make sure that someone does not do any harm! Fun topretend thatyou have a real laser!The simulated laser pointer is just a app, it's not a reallaserpointer, no laser light beam from your device will only createasimulation on the screen of your phone or tablet.This wonderful app is designed to enjoy the musical lasersoundeffects and make jokes to your friends into thinking thatyourphone can make a laser beam by the light flash LED.It quickly and easily turns on the Laser flash next to therearcamera, and keeps it continuously lit. Features:1. Laser Torchlight in Dark2. Color Screen Light3. Call and SMS laser option4. Various Option for Laser Selection5. Multiple ColorWhen starting the application you can choose between the displayoflaser pointers, the steel ball game or flash lamps lightLaser Pointer is a simulated app which simulates wonderfullaserbeam shooting with multi colors.This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and doesnotprovide true Laser.Thank You & Enjoy…
Electric screen X laser prank 2
Thank you for installing X Electric Screen-Simulated. Be prepared to spend fun times playing tricks onyourfriends. Tell him to touch the screen of your mobile phoneortablet and electric shock prank will.*** The simulator electric screen is a video game for Androidmobiledevices. Lightning and thunder are simulated. It is not realpower,it is only a simulation that appear on the screen, alongwith asound and vibration to make it look real. They will be justas raysof a laser pointer, but on the screen.Welcome to the exciting world of electricity electrifying. Canyouimagine that when someone touches the screen of your phone outanelectric ray of thousand volts to harmlessly scare and prankyourfriends? Well now it is the new, original and genuine "flashscreenX". This video game thus creates special visual effects, suchasauditory and sensory touch, so that the simulation ofelectricityon the screen of your phone look as real as possible.Specialvisual effects have been generated through an algorithmcreated byour development team from scratch, getting a high-qualityeffectsand laser beams continuously generating random, using thevectorgeneration system based on measurements that have frames madeofreal electric ray angle level and timing of change of state andtheluminance level and adjust the alpha channel.How to play?Simple, just run the application and select the first optionwherethe finger appears on the phone screen is off lightning. Nowyou'llbe taken to the selection of rays. Choose the first rayofelectricity by touching it, now every time you touch on thescreenof your electronic device with an electron beam simulatingfingerthat has given you the power will also vibrator will activateyourmobile phone giving more sense of realism and of coursesoundelectronic sound effect as issuing tesla producing ahigh-voltageelectricity. But this is only the beginning, the gamehas justbegun. Your mission is to get unlock all kinds oflightning. Thereare 4 types of electric rays, each is a differentcolor, the redray is already unlocked, yellow, green and blue rayneed to unlockto use them and thus be able to access the conquestof the effectof flash light flashing, what that will make each timeyou use theelectric screen out the LED light flash your devicegiving greaterrealism of electrocution.To unlock each virtual coins you get electric screen. Thesecoinsare always free and you can buy them playing the gameElectricShooter that incorporate, but also can get coins watchingvideosand sharing your favorite social network.Electric Shooter XStep into the world of electric tesla towers. You have beenprovidedwith a cannon power of thousands of mega volt power tothrow ballsat maximum power. Your mission is to clear each levelballs electronbeams. In the sky a huge thunderstorm, dark clouds,lightning,thunder and lightning down at high speed ahead. Loadyour gun withelectromagnetic balls together and get the same kindof lightning tocome off the magnetism that unites them. Two towerstesla arewatching your steps, uses electrical screen of yourtablet or phoneto throw the ball lightning. Be quick because thestorm is coming,not a laser pointer can with it, just you and yourcourage willdefeat it. You will have to go through hundreds ofdifferent levelsand very difficult to meet your electricalmission.
Laser Light Pointer Simulator Super Laser Colors 12.4.7
QBE Soft
Simulate Laser Light. You can SimulateLaserProjection Light with This app. laser projectionNote: This App is just a simulator for Laser Light and it willnotproduce any laser Light Effects from your phone and it isnotpossible with any Mobile Phone.
Laser for cats 5.0
Cats love playing games and catchingthings.Give your cat the best game - laser pointer moving on thephonescreen! Play with your cat with realistic animation oflaserpointer moving on the phone!
Photo Effects Laser From Eye 1.0
Photo Effects Laser From EyePhoto Effect Laser eye - a game application joke, where you canmakephoto effects by overlapping laser eyes! Want a photo like asuperhero?Our app will help you make a selfie with rays from the eyes!Make the coolest selfie!Processed photos, save and send to your friends!Surprise your family and friends!The game has many different types of lasers and ultra light!X-ray vision all will envy!You can choose the color of the laser, the size anddirection!So you can handle and your cat! Will you have a super cat!Editor cheer everyone!Warning, this game is designed to draw and fun!Download the game for free right now and play anywhere, sinceitdoes not require an internet connection!Thank you for playing our apps! Leave us feedback andassessment,and we'll try to make them even better!
Laser 100 Beams Prank 1.1
Laser 100 Beams simulator is a super funprankgame. It simulates a Laser 100 Beams Prank on your mobiledevice.Prank your friends and family making them believe you havemegapowerful laser pointer which can simulate cracking the screenofyour phone or tablet after storing energy for 20 seconds. Inorderto culminate the joke electric lightning shocks are simulatedonyour screen after this has been cracked. Every time the usertapson the screen, several electric shocks are born from the placeyoutouched.This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and doesnotprovide true Laser.100 Laser Beams Funny Joke - this is agamesimulation of a joke application where you can play on yourphonelike a laser. Love the beautiful laser? You small one beam andyouwant more of them? For realism used camera!Laser 100 Beams is a simulated app which simulates wonderfullaserbeam shooting with multi colors.Laser 100 Beams Discover each laser simulator, their differentsoundeffects, colorful laser lights and their design pattern.Oneavailable laser is waiting for you as you run the app for thefirsttime. Other laser pointers and the strobe light item arelookingforward to be accessible. In order to do so, the user needstocollect delta silver coins in the distinct manners providedforit.Tap on the button in the laser pointer and a laser beam willshootout! You can even select an image from the gallery to changetheLaser Simulator background. Shoot laser beams over atransparentphone screen, tap on the camera icon to toggle.Features:- Laser Simulator.- Laser pointer available in different colors (yellow, green,blue,red,).- Realistic sound and vibration effects, with the possibilitytodisable both.- Awesome Flashlight application.- Five different kind of laser to play.With this laser simulator you can play and make sure thatsomeonedoes not do any harm! Fun to pretend that you have areallaser!The simulated laser pointer is just a game, it's not a reallaserpointer, no laser light beam from your device will only createasimulation on the screen of your phone or tablet.Attention: This app is not producing real laser beams; it’s onlyasimulator of laser colorful laser lights. It’s safe for yourhealthcompletely.We hope you enjoy this Laser 100 Beams and itsaccompanyinggames.Thank You...
Point Laser v1.16
Point Laser is a 80's retro laser themedarcadegame that challenges player that plays it. It has a reallysimplegameplay mechanic and really challenging and intense levelsthat putgamers on their edge.Features :- 80's Retro laser theme- Simple gameplay mechanic- Challenging levels- Achievements
Laser Simulator Gun Prank 2.4
App Phobia
This application is free and you candownloadit and start playing directly. Laser Gun Prank is a coolgame, nota real laser.This application is a laser pointersimulator.Also agreat Flashlight application.This applicationallows you to turnyour mobile phone or tablet into a laser pointersimulator. It istotally free.So,Do you want a laser pointer in yourphone? EnjoyLaser Simulator with your family and friends and have afun!The laser beam will not leave your device, only look insidethescreen of your phone or tablet creating a simulation. Withthisapplication you'll have so much fun so far, reflectingdottedcolor. It is recommended to everyone.FEATURES:-Five stylish laser guns with halos.-Realistic laser effect.-Flash Light control with laser pointer-Amazing sound!-Vibration!-FlashlightGAME:-A mind Twister With this Laser Simulator App.Disclaimer:This is a Prank app only for fun and entertainmentpurpose,Downloadand have a try,So,Enjoy this application and giveyour valuablefeedback…
Raytrace Lite 1.15
Raytrace Lite is a free puzzle logic gamethatrevolves around one of the most beautiful phenomena -lightrefraction. With more than 120 levels to go, you’ll haveplenty ofopportunities to prove yourself as a pathfinder for yourlaserrays.You can enjoy:• Unique system of laser beams intersections• HD 3d graphic and lighting• 120+ levels with different complexity in 5 boxes• Friendly gameplay• AdvertisingHow to play:• Move and rotate mirrors to activate the laser receiver, opennewboxes and levels!• Use hints and tips.
Beam Laser Simulator game 1.0
Coloured Flashlight interests you thenthisLaser simulator with 100 laser beams is sure to catchyourattraction. This simulator laser has 100 laser pointers tospreadcolourful flashlight or beams. This is not a prank simulatedappnor does it use prank camera or camera joke.It is a laser simulator shooting game for kids and adults.It doesnot not have multiplayer option or trial game justplaymode.Get ready for some laser pointer action and lets see how manycanyou laser light.A perfect laser pointer simulator game for you.Completely made for your entertainment. No true laser.
Cat Toys: rat & laser point 1.9
M.T Player
Cat alone? Cat Toys is an app with gamesforcats! Your cat will enjoy this Cat Game.The perfect App for you cat! Have fun and play with your cat alldaywith the help of laser dot and mouse.Let your cat catch the furry little mouse and make it squeak.Catslike it!The screen shows a red dot, as from a laser pointer, and anycatthat sees this point, immediately starts after her, trying tocatchher paws!Eye-catching graphics and animations, interesting soundeffectsspecifically designed and developed to get your cat'sattention. Ifyou have no time to play with the cat, just downloadthe cat toy onyour phone or tablet, and your cat or kitten willenjoy itself withCat Toys!Features:• Animated rat that runs across the screen• Red laser point that automatically moves around the screen• Multicolored laser point• Multicolored rats• Different scenarios• Realistic mouse squeak when caught• Easy and Fun to PlayNote:- The larger the screen of your phone or tablet, themoreinteresting toy for a cat!- There is no danger of burn or scare your pet, because thepaintsimulator point from laser pointer is absolutely safe- The app is for entertainment purpose only. Take care ofyourdevice!
Laser Puzzle - Logic Game 1.8.0
Viktor Bohush
The goal of this puzzle game is to setupmirrors so all lights bulbs become turned on. You have forthisdifferent types of mirrored surfaces which reflect laser beamsindifferent ways.LASER PUZZLE FEATURES:• 300+ levels of varying complexity.• Square and hexagon game fields.• Various mirrors for controlling the laser beam.• Contains set of levels designed especially for kids.• Beautiful and simple UI.• Intuitive gameplay.• Hint system.• No time limit.This logic puzzle promote your problem-solving skills, whichhelpskeep your mind sharp as you think about how to set up mirrorstolight up all light bulbs.Move mirrors, reflect the laser, light up all lamps!
Laser saber 1.7
Laser saber is based on the power of thelight.Now this strong weapon is in your arms! Five differentsabers andseven colors in your phone!
Laser Weapons Lightsaber 3D 1.2
Big Pink
Laser Weapons Lightsaber 3D - is anewgeneration lightsaber simulator. Play in augmentedreality!Choose your favourite lightsaber an feel the power of mightyweaponof the jedi.Super realistic lightsaber simulator is waiting for you!Change the force crystal in your sword to change its color! Useyourown unique combination of the sword hilt and a lasercrystal.Swing your sword and see what will happen!Choose your side! Will you be a light jedi or a dark sith?Fightwith your friends in the real world!Application uses camera and the flash light of your phone tocreatethe most realistic effects. Dive in the atmosphere of spacewars,conquer the galaxy and feel the force inside!Exciting sound effects and 3D graphics will help youwiththat.Have fun and leave your comments. Thank you for playing
Neon Lazer Launcher 1.1.11
Hot Launcher
New Neon Lazer Launcher is coming! ApplytheNeon Lazer Launcher theme to enjoy more FREE Wallpapers andThemes!Make your phone stylish!Neon Lazer Launcher is our latest free theme with beautifulNeonLazer Launcher HD wallpaper and Neon Lazer Launcher icon pack.TheNeon Lazer Launcher theme is packed with HD Neon LazerLauncherwallpapers and exquisite Neon Lazer Launcher app icons,designedfor mobile theme fanatics. Please download the Neon LazerLaunchertheme now, more surprises are waiting for you todiscover!Come and download the Neon Lazer Launcher theme for free andmakeyour Samsung, Huawei and any other brands of Androidmobilestylish.You can enjoy with Neon Lazer Launcher:Cool themes and HD wallpapers- High quality Images specially designed for your phone- Brand new beautiful themes updated every day3D themes- Add Neon Lazer Launcher theme to your 3D theme- Neon Lazer Launcher dynamic wallpapers with a variety oftouchgestures, so you can feel the beauty of Neon Lazer Launcher atyourfingertips.- More 3D themes and dynamic wallpapers with fluid 3Deffects,experience today's cutting-edge technology.Live Wallpapers- Different live wallpapers, including the gold rose, waterfallandmany more.- You can also add gestures and particles to the wallpapers tomakeyour phone look coolOther benefits: s- Different variety of themes, wallpaper, app icons anddailyupdates.- We provide special designs during festive periods, whetherit'sChristmas, Halloween and other holidays, we will have a themeforyou and everyone, so you can feel the festive atmosphere thatyoulove.- Like football, basketball and other sports? Find yourfavoritesports theme here, along with your favorite celebrities,cartoons,and anything else.- Experience smooth 3D and HD themes and wallpapers regardlessofwhat phone model you useHow to apply the Neon Lazer Launcher theme?To apply the theme, please install our launcher first. ApplytheNeon Lazer Launcher theme, to make your phone faster, orderlyandcool. The original app icons, clock and weather theme of yourphonewill be replaced by the Neon Lazer Launcher theme. We havedesignedmany customized themes for popular apps, these includecamera apps,social apps, entertainment apps, useful tools andmessenger apps.Our app also provides you thousands of themes fromothercategories, namely cartoon and anime themes, graffiti themes,goldthemes, pink themes, black themes, love themes and many more.Allof our beautiful themes are free and available at GooglePlayStore. Download and apply Neon Lazer Launcher now! There aremoresports (football, basketball), games and other beautifulthemeswaiting for you!Apply the Neon Lazer Launcher theme now, to make your phonefasterand organized. The original app icons, clock and weathertheme ofyour phone will be replaced by the Neon Lazer Launchertheme.Come and enjoy this Neon Lazer Launcher theme of your mobilephone.If you have already tired of the boring screen of yourphone,please enjoy this Neon Lazer Launcher theme!
Video Projector Prank 5.2.3
QBE Soft
Best Video Projector Simulator to FoolyourFriends.
Clap to flash light on off 2.3
Clap to flash light on offYou like different Flash Light with different color like green,red,blue or laser light or more.If any time in your house light is not that time you mustneedtorch. But in dark night you not find the torch.Clap to Flash Light on off application through you gets anytimeflash light just you clap your hand and flash light ison.You must need the camera flash light to on the flash light alsoyourdevice has gesture sensor you strike your hand and flash lightisstart. You select different color flash light with differentrangelike party light, torch light, laser light or more.Also you enable or disable the Clap to Flash Light on off.Thisapplication is user interface easy to use.Feature:-• Enable/ disable Clap to Flash Light on /off.• You clap any time light is on.• Must need back camera.• Also need Gesture Sensor.• Different light are provide.• Easy to use.Disclaimer:Clap to Flash Light on off application is not endorsed byoraffiliated with any agency.Clap to Flash Light on off application is not endorsed byoraffiliated with any social app, names, trademarks, andotheraspects of the app trademarked and owned by theirrespectiveowners.
Spinner 100 Beams Simulator 1.0
Spinner 100 Ray SimulatorSpinner 100 Beams Simulator - spinning spinner radiating adazzlingglow of a hundred laser beams!A bright simulator that allows you to enjoy thefantasticrepresentation of the radiance of a multitude ofmulticolored laserbeams!Have you ever seen a spinner with built-in lasers? And even withsomany ?!This application will not let you get bored and distractfromeveryday tedious business!Spin the spinner to the limit speed and enjoy the incredible glowofbuilt-in lasers!To achieve maximum effect, do it in a dark room!Spinner is a unique invention that helps us pass the time inanysituation, whether it's a traffic jam, a trip to the subway orabreak in training sessions!With the help of this unpretentious device you can alwaysdistractyour psyche from prolonged work in one place!A lot of built-in lasers will give the process of rotation aspecialbeauty!Show your friends a new opportunity for your gadget!Rotating spinner earn experience points!Discover new, more complex and vibrant devices!Collect the entire collection!Enjoy a unique spectacle!Distract from problems, saving your nervous system from theroutineof everyday days!Attention! The game is a simulator!Leave your comments and ratings! Play with us!
Hold a brilliant candle without the riskofdripping wax and burning flame.Use it for lighting your way, adding atmosphere, and playingwith(faux) fire for fun.Touch the wick to turn the flame on or off.Blow into the mic to extinguish the flame like a real candle.Watch the flames follow your movements with realisticphysics.Enjoy the benefits of candlelight without the dripping wax andriskof burning your Victorian manor to the ground.Light the pages of your favorite Gothic romance novel, look foryourlost keys in the dark, add atmosphere to a candlelitChristmasceremony, walk down spooky hallways with maximumcreepiness, holdthe candle high at concerts like a lighter, andsate your pyromaniawithout risk.Candle Free lets you touch the candle wick to light or snuff outitsradiant flame. You can even blow into your phone's mic to turnitoff, just like extinguishing a real candle. Tilt the displayandwatch the flames follow your movement. You may forget it's notthereal thing!
Force Saber of Light 2.0.3
Ecler Studios
Grab your Lightsaber, activate theconcentratedbeam and battle! The most powerful weapon in theUniverse is back -and now in your pocket! That’s right - the ForceSaber of Light isnow an app!Swipe your device through the air and feel the power within asyousway and swing with your futuristic weapon! Engage in battleswithyour powerful beam - battle to the death and betray yourfriends,strangers, pets and maybe even your own son!No one will want to be your father when you unleash your innerjediforce and change your Lightsaber to suit yourpersonality!Become a knight of light as your beam responds to yourslightmovement! Choose between different crystals, each giving yourmorepower and a different colour saber! Swap your hilt for 12differentbars for even more customization of your Force Saber! Evenchoosethe dual-blade if you think you can handle the force!The Force Saber of Light will make noises as you battle on yourwars- adding even more darth tension.Move your Android device and feel the power from yourpowerfulweapon, have battles with your friends as they download theForceSaber of Light app onto their phones! Watch as your cameraflashlights during battles for the ultimate nightbattleexperience!The Force Saber of Light app is free to download and great funforthe whole family! All ages will love how responsive the ForceSaberfeels in their hands and they will really feel like a KnightorLord of Light!Features:- Choose from various crystals to change the beam’s color withmorecoming soon!- Choose one hilt from 12 hilts, with more coming soon!- FEEL your lightsaber - it’s best feeling-saber app!- Hear different sounds from your Force Saber- Upload and play your own music into app!- Flashlight turns on when you hit saber!- 5 star app!If you are a fan of the famous jedi and sith wars Vader, Obi,KyloRen, Palpatine, Han Solo, Yoda, Maul or Luke - there's not abetterapp for you! Galactic republic or imperial empire?Evenbetter!
Neon Laser Colorful Light Keyboard Theme 10001003
I have to admit that our designer whocreatethis Neon Laser Colorful Light Keyboard Theme is reallygreat! Ashis boss, I am so happy that our team can provide thisexcellentNeon Laser Colorful Light Keyboard Theme for anyone wholoveelements of Neon Laser Colorful Light Keyboard Theme.This Neon Laser Colorful Light Keyboard Theme is specialized inNeonLaser Colorful Light Keyboard Theme related font, tone of NeonLaserColorful Light Keyboard Theme and hd Neon Laser ColorfulLightKeyboard Theme wallpaper. It also get along with most androidphonebrands. If there is any bugs during your using, please feelfree tolet us know. We are waiting here for solving any problemsyou metwhen you typing with our Neon Laser Colorful LightKeyboardTheme.Please read following direction carefully before you use ourNeonLaser Colorful Light Keyboard Theme.-Our app should be downloaded and successively installed inyoursmart phone at first.-Download this Neon Laser Colorful Light Keyboard Theme, thenclickon INSTALL. If there is already one of our app in your system,then-you can use it right after clicking APPLY.Special Features!◎ You can typing with your finger, I mean, the swipe typing.◎ Anyone who install our Neon Laser Colorful Light KeyboardThemeenable to input via their sound.◎ With tech of auto-correction, there will be no typoanymore!◎ We are confident that we know you better! Because this NeonLaserColorful Light Keyboard Theme can precisely predict the wordyoutype.◎ Rich font style makes your keyboard more unique andstylish.◎ If you want to switch to another theme, just click into NeonLaserColorful Light Keyboard Theme keyboard center. Tons ofbeautifulthemes are waiting for your selection.
Happy Birthday
If you forget the birthday cake orcandles,this application is for you.Set age, light the candles, sing with your friends and blow hardonthe microphone to celebrate this joyful event with lotsofconfetti.Setting age.Setting colors (Flame, Smoke, background).Detection of breath.Music ukulele.Animation confetti.
Fast Flashlight 1.2
Fast Flashlight is a powerful and fast foryoursmartphone and tablet. Shape the Flashlight to your favoritecolorsand designs. Start the Fast Flashlight already when the appopens bysetting the function button to ON in the settings. If youno longerwant the function, press the button to the OFF positionin order tobring the Flashlight back even to light by a simplepress the buttonOn and Off.- super fast and light in the darkness- light already ON when the app launch(function must be activated to ON first)- many different background colors- colored ON and OFF buttons- cool Flashlight Designs- many light colors of the torch
LED Double Laser Sword 1.3
Laser fight with double laser sword like arealJedi knight of the galactic wars and LED Flashlight againstthedarkness of the Galaxy! Your display will simulate a doublelasersword and your LED will light up when you click on thebuttons orshake your phone. Matching laser sword sounds are playedand doublelaser sword simulations are simulated like a true Jedifighter.Customize your double laser sword according to yourfavorite colors,designs and light settings if you click on thegear button. Manycolors of the laser beam, sword, buttons andbackground areavailable to the selection you can free choose. TheLED light isvery bright or flashing, depending on which button youpress to turnon your double laser sword and flashlight or flasher.Your LED emitsonly light, no LED laser, it simulates a galacticdouble laser swordin your phone and tablet.
Tactical Flashlight Laser LED 1.3.4
Free tactical flashlight app with manyusefulblinking modes is the best choice on Google Play for midandhigh-tech Android phones. Simple and bright flashlight appthatuses bright LED flash light and adjustable screen lightdimmer.Powerful strobe mode. Designed for Android phonesandtablets.Features:- Fast start from icon.- Adjustable dimmer for screen light brightness- Battery level info- Strobe light with adjustable frequency modes- Low battery consumption - the app is optimized to use thebatterywisely- Always available lamp - a powerful flashlight app is designedtobe at hand when needed- SOS alert will help you to be prepared foremergencysituations- Wonderful HD graphics and nice camp flashlight design- Uses phone camera flash light and screen light- Convenient super bright torch front and back- Very bright and powerful flash light- Vibration gives a real tactical flashlight feeling in thesilenceof a night.- The ultimate military style.- Useful screen flashlight for Samsung tablet withoutledflash.- The light illuminates when you click an icon on home screenandworks like widget.Totally free appDefinitely the brightest lamp with lighting spotlight availableforfree can be useful for you and your friends.LED flashing light from the strobe can be seen really far inthedarkness. It is your lucky charm :)Why does the app need access to the camera flash?- LED (flash) is a hardware part of the camera. To enableLED,access to the camera flash is required.Compatible with phone and tablet:Samsung GalaxySamsung Galaxy NoteMotorola, Motorola Droid, Motorola Moto GSony XperiaLG Optimus L5, L9HTC DesireHTC OneXiaomi Mi5, Mi6, Xiaomi Redmi NoteGoogle Nexus, OnePlus,Asus ZenPhoneHuawei Ascend MateHuawei Honor, Huawei P9Meizu m3 noteand other models==============
Mini Flashlight 1.2
Click on the On button and it will lightonjust like using a real flashlight. The mini flashlight isverybright and fast, even when the app starts when you activatethestart light function. Customise the mini torch, lights, buttonandbackground to your favorite colors and settings. This is aniceflashlight you can get and light up on your phone ortablet.- add sound and vibration of the On and Off button- app starts with light when you activate the function- use the LED or the screen to light up- 12 colors of the flashlight can be selected- 8 luminous light colors of the flashlight can be selected- 14 colors of ON and OFF button can be selected- 18 background colors can be selected
Laser Lightsaber Simulator 1.2
I have long wanted to feel like a knight ofourage and compete with your friends using a lightsaber? It isnowpossible! Download Laser Lightsaber app and get to the battleofthe Millennium.Keep your phone in your hand like you have a real sword! Choosethecolor of the laser, the shape and size of the handle of thesword.The game uses vibration, light and sound effects for reality.Thebattle effect will be felt stronger when playing in a dark roomorwhen it gets dark.Fight with a lightsaber like a true warrior or play parents, ifyouhave a laser sword in your phone.Simulator Laser Lightsaber is a joke, the game is not actuallyadangerous weapon that nobody could harm. The app designed forgamesand fun!
3D Blue Keyboard Theme 10001001
❤ Neon light flash keypad keyboardthemefree for android free keyboard! Magic neon light for 2018bluelaser science theme. Cool 3D keyboard theme withbluemechanical design, to make your android keyboard look amazingcool.Try this blue neon keyboard theme for whatsapp , instagramandfacebook chat app free. Light up your android with cool 3Dneonlight keyboard .Get neon light wallpaper for android keyboard with flash neonlightkeypad and magic blue flash theme free. Neon flash forkeyboardtheme is here with blue neon wallpaper for cool blue laser.Neonlight keypad keyboard theme has neon high tech wallpaper with3Dneon magic keyboard free for your new android phone.❤ free Emoji keyboard with 3D neon light keypad themeAre you ready to get some magic neon flash theme for your love?2018blue laser science theme is for you to talk cool and whatsappandfacebook social apps. No matter you love 3D red keyboard themeor 3Dpurple keyboard , or black gold keyboard theme, you will lovethismagic neon theme for android keyboard. 3D blue simple keyboardis asmart magical keyboard, which provides you a unique, smoothand funtyping experience. With 3D blue simple keyboard you willbecome themost popular keyboard among your friends.❤ free keyboard for neon light and cool mechanicalfansNeon light for keyboard is a free customized keyboard forandroid.Neon light high tech keyboard has cool 3D fonts, 1800+ freeemojismiley , free emoticons, personalized themes for keyboard ,coolstickers and fancy fonts and music keyboard free. Try thisAIkeyboard from cheetah keyboard with laser light skin free. Itistotally free for you to apply on android keyboard, get a holynewlaser light love keyboard now!❤ more functions of blue flash light theme forandroidkeyboardtext with laser blue keyboard and laser science wallpaperfreecolorful keyboard themes to diy wallpaper with blue laser asyouwantfun chat with 1800+ free emoji smiley & cuteemoticonsfreewe support music keyboard and voice keyboard in thelatestversionwe are one handed keyboard with perfect keyboard design freesmartword custom keyboard change themes everyday freesmart Prediction to get smart keyboard text and blue neon lightsmstext freeautomatic correction to get smart input and tap fasterthanever50 different fonts and colorful Fonts for keyboardAI technology to support free keyboard of androidmultilingual typing to support your local languagebeautiful gesture flow input to tap faster and one tap tosendchatmechanical keyboard to make android keyboard so beautifulSupport DIY emoji keyboard theme in neon blue keyboard themecenterto get blue neon keyboard theme and neon gold keyboard themeandlaser tech keyboard theme. We also support football themes forboysand girls who love sports and basketball and cute kitty themeetc.Require its main keyboard free to apply this blue holagramtheme.❤ How to apply blue laser keyboard theme ?First , smart pro keyboard instead of boring system keyboard.Wesupport keyboard for Samsung s8 and Samsung s9 theme phoneandhuawei p10 theme and xperia keyboard theme and moretechnologykeyboard theme. The high tech keyboard will cheer your upeverydaywith blue lase light.Then, follow steps to enable 2018 blue neon light keyboardandchoose your input language. Now you will be able to use bluetechlight texting keypad and holiday keyboard and free emojikeyboardfree.You will be able to apply tons of designed keyboard themes inthethemes center. You can find more 2018 3D keyboard themes thereandalso other types of themes like luxury gold keyboard theme andcoolblack keyboard themes for you free.Once 2018 blue neon light keyboard theme is applied, you willstartsmart keyboard text right away. Smart life starts here withyourfavorite blue neon light design.
Laser Balls 20180324
Epic Shark
Destroy balls!You control color laser cannons. The goal is to shoot rollingballsbefore they reach bottom edge.Ball color have one or more constituent colors. Ball looses acolorwhen hit with matching laser light. Use multiple color shotsformulticolored balls.A laser beam can only destroy a ball of the same color!Use proper laser beam light to annihilate given color balls:red ball - red lasergreen ball - green laserblue ball - blue lasermagenta ball - red and blue lasersyellow ball - red and green laserscyan ball - green and blue laserswhite ball - red, green and blue lasersThe goal is to destroy as many balls as you can. Try it! Itgetsharder when game speeds up and more trichromatic white ballsrollsout.Game makes a lot of fun.Play with friends and compare the results at leaderboards.You can spend a lot of time with it without boredom.Play carefully. Focus, like a laser beam ;)Give feedbackand we will make game better.
Dual Laser Light Saber 1.3
Double laser beams in your cosmic lightsaberwith matching light sword sound and simulation. Your ledcameralight turns on when you start your light sword by clickingthebuttons or shaking your phone. In the settings, you canassembletwo lasers, light sabers, buttons, stars and backgroundcolor atyour convenience, as well as change other functions. If youshakeyour device, then your dual laser saber and led flashlightwillturn on with star fighter sound effects. Activate your duallasersaber against the dark power in the cosmos.
LASERBREAK 2 - Free Physics Laser Block Puzzle 1.19
Control your laser and use dozens ofawesomephysics objects to collect the coins and destroythetargets.You'll have to use your brain power, forward thinking andcreativityto solve the challenging, action packed physicspuzzles.LASERBREAK 2 Physics Puzzle is very simple to learn,andincreasingly difficult to master. Once you start playing, youwon'tbe able to put it down!LASERBREAK 2 features:• 119 FREE challenging, fun and action packed levels• Dozens of awesome objects including TNT, wormholes,launchers,elevators, magnets, fans and more!• Unlock bonus levels by earning all 3 coins in each level• Play all unlocked levels in any order you like - no needtocomplete the previous level• Each level shows how many players have solved it. Discoverhowclever you are by trying to solve the most difficultlevels• Game play options let you control the laser speed, soundeffectsand more• Much improved performance and smoother game play thantheoriginal• 9 language options including Spanish, Russian, French,English,Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, German and Italian• Great brain training game• No wifi? No problem. Play offline!• 100% FREE TO PLAY. No purchases required tocompletelevels.Physics Objects include:• Balls - Roll the balls, catapult them, drop them - they arethemost useful object!• TNT - Ignite the explosives with the laser beam. Detonate ittoblast other objects around, smash glass, knock over dominoesandmore.• Portals - Otherwise known as wormholes, they teleport objectsfromone place to another. Use them wisely!• Magnets - Use magnets to control the path of the steel ballsandhold steel crates in place.• Ice - Melt the ice to reveal other objects inside! Melt itwiththe laser beam.• Wood - Burn wood with the laser, opening up more paths fortheballs to roll, or just for the laser beam to aim through.• Glass - Glass reflects the laser beam and also holdsotherobjects. You can smash it or crush it with other objects suchasballs or crates.• Reflective shapes - Turn the reflective triangle shapes toreflectthe laser beam on different angles.• Blocks - Reflective blocks to bounce the laser beam off.Nonreflective blocks you have to think your way around.• Launchers - Fling balls, crates and coins around!Are you ready to take the LASERBREAK 2 Physics Puzzlechallenge?Play it FREE today!If you like the following types of games, you'llloveLaserbreak:• Physics puzzles• Brain teasers• Brain training• Ball games• TNT and explosives• Fire• Smashing glass• Laser box games• Lazors and other classic laser games• Mirrors and angles, science learning games• Original and best indie games• Laser puzzle games• Rube Goldberg and Rube's Lab incredible machine typephysicspuzzle games• One of the best offline games
LASERBREAK - Original & Best Physics Puzzle Game 2.26
Use the dozens of awesome objects inarealistic physics environment to direct your laser beam atthetarget. Smash, burn and blast your way to victory.LASERBREAK Includes:• 120 Free amazing levels increasing in difficulty to keepyouentertained for many hours.• Simple to learn, challenging to master• 15+ awesome physics objects• Take your time, explore and use your brain to solve thecleverphysics puzzles• Find and destroy the bonus coins for an extra challenge• Stunning HD graphics• Google Play Game Services. Earn achievements for completinglevelpacks• 9 language translation options• Impress your friends by finishing first• Great brain training game• Play at your own pace. No clock or timer• No wifi, no problem. Play offline. No connection required• The best original physics puzzle on the Play Store!_____Physics Puzzle Objects include:• Balls - Roll the balls, catapult them, drop them - they arethemost useful object!• TNT - Ignite the explosives with the laser beam. Detonate ittoblast other objects around, smash glass, knock over dominoesandmore.• Portals - Otherwise known as wormholes, they teleport objectsfromone place to another. Use them wisely!• Magnets - Use magnets to control the path of the steel ballsandhold steel crates in place.• Ice - Melt the ice to reveal other objects inside! Melt itwiththe laser beam.• Wood - Burn wood with the laser, opening up more paths fortheballs to roll, or just for the laser beam to aim through.• Glass - Glass reflects the laser beam and also holdsotherobjects. You can smash it or crush it with other objects suchasballs or crates.• Reflective shapes - Turn the reflective triangle shapes toreflectthe laser beam on different angles.• Blocks - Reflective blocks to bounce the laser beam off.Nonreflective blocks you have to think your way around.• Bonus coins - Easter eggs. Find them randomly in levels,destroythem with the laser for an extra challenge.• Dominoes - knock them down in the right order to clearapath• Mirrors - Reflect the laser pointer off the mirrorsurfaces.• Crates - Slide them into place to help solve the puzzle
Light Flashlight 1.0
Afraid of darkness? Get Laser FlashLight-Super Brightness LED Effects for Free NOW!The Most Popular and Attractive,Efficient,Useful Toolkit onyourAndroid/iphone Touch - Laser FlashLight!Laser Flash Light is the useful free party app and aflashlightapp! Much faster than free flashlights ! LaserFlashLight willflash a Light while incoming a call with the strobelightnotification (flash LED will blink when the phone is ringing).TheLaser FlashLight uses the camera flash to create cool effectslikea stroboscope. Get going at any party with discoFlashlightsuper-bright, anywhere, anytime. Disco Flashlight is theultimateparty machine! Best flashlight app ever!Laser LED FlashLight has many modes Light Like Disco DJ Light,colortorch light, police light, candle and led banner Strobelight,Morse, Shake-it,Marquee text. Effects include magnifyinglens, candyhearts that you can personalize, fireworks, festiveholiday lights,Halloween ghosts and goblins, photos, and more. Thepotentiallylife-saving white light this app provides is a must,but thecolorful world you can also create with it is even better!Brightestand most POWERFUL light possible FREE !Feature :- Laser FlashLight also includes a home screen and lockscreenflashlight widget.- Disco light mode will turn your flash LED on and off withthesurrounding sound. Your phone will become agraphicalequalizer.- Strobe light mode works like a stroboscope. The Strobe lightspeedcan be set in the settings menu.- Intuitive and elegant UI design with Brightest flashlight- Laser FlashLight mode (torch). The name says it all.- Shake-it mode will turn the screen backlight on and off whenyouare shaking the phone or dancing with it.- Police lights mode simulates a cop light- Full white screen- Notification LED, Soft Keys Backlight, Keyboard Backlight,Screenat Bright- Custom color (defaults to Red Blue)- Slide/flick up and down to dim the screen- Slide with two fingers to change the speed of effects- Customize every screen and colors- Laser Flash Light- Call light flash- Be prepared for emergency situations with additional pluginslikethe Warning lights and Strobe, Morse, Blinking lights- You can increase or decrease the power of the light withslidingyour finger over this imageJust the simplest, fastest Laser FlashLight in the PlayStore!There is Extra Light effects with following• Torch Light• Purse Light• Night Light• Safety Light• Computer Light• Child Light• Reading Light* Permissions- Camera, Flashlight : Camera flash, LED Torch Light- Internet, Access Network State : Admob adsIf you find any problems with the Laser FlashLight, pleaseE-mailus.Disclaimer: Continued use of the Laser FlashLight maydramaticallydecrease battery life.