Top 49 Games Similar to Laser Light War

Laser Power - (Laser Pointer "SIMULATED & PRANK") 2
Laser Pointer Simulated, is a game to have fun playing jokes toyourfriends with different screen effects and animations.***DISCLAIMER*** Laser Power Pointer is NOT a REAL LASER POINTER. Nolaser beamwill come out of your device. You will only be able tosee thesimulation of effects within the screen of your phone ortablet.This application incorporates three types of differenteffects:Laser effect, broken screen effect and electric screeneffect. Belowwe will explain how you can activate each of thesethree effectsincorporated in this game.Instructions for use andvisualization ofthe three effects included:To be able to visualizethe broken screenand electric screen effect, you must first accessthe laser shotsimulator screen, by clicking on the first button ofthe game (laserpointers), then choose the first type of laserpointer (laserwithout light), then access the laser pointerscreen. Press and holdthe pointer for 20 seconds and you can seethe animation of thepower recharge, once the 20 seconds haveelapsed you will see ananimation simulating that your device isoverloaded and suddenly thebroken screen effect will appear,simulating that the glass of thescreen of your device has beenbroken, at this time if you touch thescreen again the electricscreen effect will appear, simulatinganimated electricity beams onthe screen. But do not worry, this isjust visual animations toplay pranks on your friends, your devicewill not be in any danger.To return to the main menu you must usethe back button of yourdevice.Detailed operation of the game (Howto unlock the pointerwith light? How to get bonuses? How torecharge the energy of thepointer ?:When you start the game youwill have activated the(laser pointer without light) and blockedthe (laser pointer withlight). You must collect virtual coins byplaying the built-in minicoin game or by getting bonuses on thelaser shooting screen.Withthe coin game you can accumulate newcoins every time you reach anew level. There are 1200 progressivelevels, each time you reachlevel 100 you will automatically create100 new levels until youreach level 1200.You can also get bonusesand free coin chests onthe laser pointer screen. Simply access thepointer screen withoutlight and click on the center of the pointerto fire the beam. Foreach shot you will get a coin and if you shootvery fast in arepetitive way you will win bonus multiplier coins upto X50. Butbe careful because every time you make a shot the energydecreasesby one unit. When the energy of the laser pointer hasbeenexhausted you must keep the pointer pressed for 20 secondstorecharge the energy and to access the effects of broken screenandelectric screen.You can also activate and deactivate thevibrationeffect at any time.How to get the laser pointer withlight?Once youhave collected the necessary coins, the laser pointerwillautomatically unlock with light. With this laser pointersimulatorunlike the first you can turn on and off the LED light ofyourdevice every time you make a shot with the pointer.If you keepthenew pointer pressed then it will turn on and off the flash lightofyour phone continuously blinking. Keep in mind that abusive useofthis mode can consume a lot of battery power from your device.Thelighting of the Led light causes the battery level todecreaserapidly.We want you to have a good time with this game andhave funteasing your friends.If you wish you can send us commentsandsuggestions on what types of effects you would like us toincludein new updates
Laser Simulated Prank 3.4
Laser Pointer is a simulated app which simulates wonderfullaserbeam shooting with multi colors.
Laser Balls 20180726
Epic Shark
Destroy balls! You control color laser cannons. The goal is toshootrolling balls before they reach bottom edge. Ball color haveone ormore constituent colors. Ball looses a color when hit withmatchinglaser light. Use multiple color shots for multicoloredballs.A laserbeam can only destroy a ball of the same color!Useproper laser beamlight to annihilate given color balls:red ball -red lasergreen ball- green laserblue ball - blue lasermagenta ball- red and bluelasersyellow ball - red and green laserscyan ball -green and bluelaserswhite ball - red, green and blue lasersThegoal is to destroyas many balls as you can. Try it! It gets harderwhen game speeds upand more trichromatic white balls rollsout.Game makes a lot offun.Play with friends and compare theresults at leaderboards.Youcan spend a lot of time with it withoutboredom.Play carefully.Focus, like a laser beam ;) Givefeedbackand we will make gamebetter.
Laser Weapons Lightsaber 3D 1.2
Big Pink
Laser Weapons Lightsaber 3D - is a new generationlightsabersimulator. Play in augmented reality!Choose yourfavouritelightsaber an feel the power of mighty weapon of thejedi.Superrealistic lightsaber simulator is waiting for you!Changethe forcecrystal in your sword to change its color! Use your ownuniquecombination of the sword hilt and a laser crystal.Swing yourswordand see what will happen! Choose your side! Will you be alightjedi or a dark sith? Fight with your friends in therealworld!Application uses camera and the flash light of your phonetocreate the most realistic effects. Dive in the atmosphere ofspacewars, conquer the galaxy and feel the force inside!Excitingsoundeffects and 3D graphics will help you with that.Have fun andleaveyour comments. Thank you for playing
Simulator Laser 1.5
Simulator LaserLaser Simulator - a game simulator joke app,whereyou can play with the phone as a laser! Enjoy all the gameswithlasers? I think already tried everything? Then play in ourlaser!For realism using the camera!With this laser simulator youcan playand make sure that someone does not do no harm! Fun topretend thatyou have a real laser!Make fun and play your friendsand lovedones!Warning game joke created for pranks and practicaljokes andis absolutely safe for your health! Arrange with yourfriends onthe fight standing on lasers!Download the game for free,and youcan now play anywhere, since it does not require aninternetconnection!Thank you for playing our games! Leave usfeedback andwe will try to make them even more interesting!
3D Blue Keyboard Theme 10001002
❤ Neon light flash keypad keyboard theme free for androidfreekeyboard! Magic neon light for 2018 blue laser science theme.Cool3D keyboard theme with blue mechanical design, to make yourandroidkeyboard look amazing cool. Try this blue neon keyboardtheme forwhatsapp , instagram and facebook chat app free. Light upyourandroid with cool 3D neon light keyboard .Get neon lightwallpaperfor android keyboard with flash neon light keypad andmagic blueflash theme free. Neon flash for keyboard theme is herewith blueneon wallpaper for cool blue laser. Neon light keypadkeyboardtheme has neon high tech wallpaper with 3D neon magickeyboard freefor your new android phone. ❤ free Emoji keyboard with3D neonlight keypad theme Are you ready to get some magic neonflash themefor your love? 2018 blue laser science theme is for youto talkcool and whatsapp and facebook social apps. No matter youlove 3Dred keyboard theme or 3D purple keyboard , or black goldkeyboardtheme, you will love this magic neon theme for androidkeyboard. 3Dblue simple keyboard is a smart magical keyboard, whichprovidesyou a unique, smooth and fun typing experience. With 3Dblue simplekeyboard you will become the most popular keyboard amongyourfriends. ❤ free keyboard for neon light and cool mechanicalfansNeon light for keyboard is a free customized keyboard forandroid.Neon light high tech keyboard has cool 3D fonts, 1800+ freeemojismiley , free emoticons, personalized themes for keyboard ,coolstickers and fancy fonts and music keyboard free. Try thisAIkeyboard from cheetah keyboard with laser light skin free. Itistotally free for you to apply on android keyboard, get a holynewlaser light love keyboard now!❤ more functions of blue flashlighttheme for android keyboardtext with laser blue keyboard andlaserscience wallpaper free colorful keyboard themes to diywallpaperwith blue laser as you wantfun chat with 1800+ free emojismiley& cute emoticons freewe support music keyboard andvoicekeyboard in the latest versionwe are one handed keyboardwithperfect keyboard design free smartword custom keyboardchangethemes everyday free smart Prediction to get smart keyboardtextand blue neon light sms text freeautomatic correction to getsmartinput and tap faster than ever50 different fonts and colorfulFontsfor keyboardAI technology to support free keyboardofandroidmultilingual typing to support your local languagebeautifulgesture flow input to tap faster and one tap to sendchatmechanical keyboard to make android keyboard sobeautifulSupportDIY emoji keyboard theme in neon blue keyboardtheme center to getblue neon keyboard theme and neon gold keyboardtheme and lasertech keyboard theme. We also support football themesfor boys andgirls who love sports and basketball and cute kittytheme etc.Require its main keyboard free to apply this blueholagram theme .❤ How to apply blue laser keyboard theme ? First ,smart prokeyboard instead of boring system keyboard. We supportkeyboard forSamsung s8 and Samsung s9 theme phone and huawei p10theme andxperia keyboard theme and more technology keyboard theme.The hightech keyboard will cheer your up everyday with blue laselight.Then, follow steps to enable 2018 blue neon light keyboardandchoose your input language. Now you will be able to use bluetechlight texting keypad and holiday keyboard and free emojikeyboardfree. You will be able to apply tons of designed keyboardthemes inthe themes center. You can find more 2018 3D keyboardthemes thereand also other types of themes like luxury goldkeyboard theme andcool black keyboard themes for you free. Once2018 blue neon lightkeyboard theme is applied, you will start smartkeyboard text rightaway. Smart life starts here with your favoriteblue neon lightdesign.
Raytrace Lite 1.15
Raytrace Lite is a free puzzle logic game that revolves aroundoneof the most beautiful phenomena - light refraction. With morethan120 levels to go, you’ll have plenty of opportunities toproveyourself as a pathfinder for your laser rays.You can enjoy:•Uniquesystem of laser beams intersections• HD 3d graphic andlighting•120+ levels with different complexity in 5 boxes• Friendlygameplay• AdvertisingHow to play:• Move and rotate mirrors toactivate thelaser receiver, open new boxes and levels!• Use hintsand tips.
Weapons of War X: Laser Gun 1.0
Big Pink
Hey! Take this blaster and protect the galaxy from the force ofthedark side ! Or join the dark side to conquer the galaxy.Anywaythis is our latest research, take a look!This is probably themostepic pack of laser guns you've eve seen!- Stunning effects-NEWPlasma grenades- Use your phone as a super powerful laserweapon-Huge amount of epic blasters, riffle- Realistic gunsimulatorAmountof weapon is enough to become a fearless killer or astrongest startrooper!Join the space wars and defeat any sith orjedi with theirlightsaber!Choose your side !Play with your friendsin the realworld and pretend you are in the middle of thebattlefront. Allworld is your shooting rangeEnjoy our shooting gameseries. Writeyour suggestions in comments and help us to improve itas you like.
Smart Tools Laser Level 📷🔦🔧📏📊 1.2.5
Smart Tools Laser Level is a tool to measure angle, slopeorinclination using gyroscope, accelerometer and camerawithaugmented reality measurement lines. Features•3differentmeasurement modes(Laser level, angle by dragging with yourfingeror drawing angle with your finger)•Touch screen to set pointofmeasurement or touch reset button to reset it toorigin.•Measureangles using very accurate Rotation Vector Sensor,Accelerometerand Camera. (Check sensor availability from SensorsList)•Displayazimuth, direction, inclination or rotationangles.(Magnetic FieldSensor is required)•Fast and accuratecalibration option.•Freezescreen to have more precisemeasurements.•Leveling option displayspitch and roll angles asline, square or circle which makes iteasier to align your deviceand results more precisemeasurements.•Use back and front(ifavailable)camera tomeasure.•Turn on/off flash light(if available)easily•Visualizeyour measurement progress using charts.•Imagegallery with details,Exif info(Some Exif data requires Android 7.0and above), and otherfeatures such as image sharing andediting•Highly customizable appsettings and userinterfaceInstructionsMeasurment ScreenRotate yourdevice on laserlevel measurement mode to make a precisemeasurement. To get moreprecise reading make sure that levelingline is aligned with laserlevel. You can freeze preview andmeasure any slope or angleeasily.Swipe your screen right to openNavigation MenuRecordsScreenYou can review your recordedmeasurements and get xls fileusing diskette button. Excel filesare stored in selecteddirectory.Charts ScreenRecords can bereviewed via charts usingCharts section.It's possible to get imageof the charts in JPGformat using camera icon. GalleryScreenGallery screen displaysimages inside the image directoryselected using Settingsscreen.Touch an image to displaydetails.Important: To display someof the Exif data your devicemust be Android 7.0 and above. Touchingimage on gallery openszoomable version of image anIMPORTANT: If youfind a bug using theapplication, PLEASE write [email protected] with yourphone model name and thedescription of the problem, before writinga negative comment.🤝 ✅👍Customer satisfaction is our priority, andwe will do our best tofix the issues as soon as possible!
Laser saber 1.21
Laser saber is based on the power of the light. Now thisstrongweapon is in your arms! Five different sabers and sevencolors inyour phone!
Lightsaber Battle Simulator
Real Lightsaber simulator where you can choose bettween twochoices,the dark side or the jedi side.Shake and move your lasersaber likein a real jedi battle, you will hear the sounds of thelight saber,like those of the jedy knights.For troopers we havethe lasergun,with more than 6 different sounds. For all theGalactic Wars fans.Try to feel the force in your hands and fight!
3D Laser tech keyboard 10001012
3D laser technology keyboard >> IntroductionThis amazing3Dlaser typewriter keyboard skin, a collection of 3D sciencebluelaser and 3D science purple laser button elements, neon science3Dlaser star constellation HD cool wallpaper. This is the themeofthe personalized keyboard for 3D laser technology designed foryoulike the science and technology of cool laser. So beautiful3Dlaser technology keyboard! Whether you like 3D laser, purplelaser,blue laser, neon sky, transparent, science, technology,lighttechnology. You will enjoy this beautiful 3D lasertechnologykeyboard keyboard, fast download neon 3D laser scienceglasstexture keyboard, feel the wonderful science typingexperience.3Dlaser technology keyboard >> Features★ Mostmobile phones aresuitable for use, such as Huawei Mate 9, P10,Samsung Galaxy S8,S7, MI, MIX, OPPO, VIVO and other Andrews phone!★This theme usesblue and purple glass texture, stars and otherelements, showing abeautiful keyboard effect★ keyboard backgroundis high-star skywallpaper, cool blue purple echo in dark wallpaper★keyboard keysare translucent sapphires, purple gem, glass texture3D effect3Dlaser technology keyboard >> attentionHow todownload thisfree 3D laser technology keyboard:To download thisfree 3D lasertechnology keyboard, you need to download the cheetahkeyboardapplication (formerly known as the Panda keyboard) and usethe 3Dlaser technology keyboard to install the keyboard.This freecool 3Dlaser technology keyboard unique place:★ 1 cloud prediction:smart3D laser technology keyboard can provide accurate predictionof thenext word, make your typing faster★ gesture / swype input:smart 3Dlaser technology keyboard, no need to press the button. Youcan usethe keys to get what you want to enter. This feature willsave youtime and effort!★ 3 GIF: Entertainment 3D laser technologykeyboardwith a variety of GIF animation. Share your friends in textchat,make your chat more lively and interesting.★ 4 EmojisAvailable:User-friendly 3D laser technology The keyboard provides avarietyof expressions that allow you to vividly output yourcomments andfeel in text chat. Sharing scenes with friends willincreasechances of chatting.★ 5 lines: personalized 3D lasertechnologykeyboard to provide a separate digital line, so you canenter thenumber faster and faster, without having to switch to thenumerickeypad.★ 6 adjustable keyboard: stylish 3D lasertechnologykeyboard can be adjusted according to height. It can helpyou avoidtypographical errors caused by narrow keyboards andimprove theaccuracy of typing.To download this free 3D lasertechnologykeyboard, it has a smarter and personalized typingexperience. Ifyou like, remember to give us 3D laser technologykeyboard themescore 5 stars. Thank you very much for yoursupport.Thank you foryour support of BesTheme (BEST + THEME), yoursupport is thedriving force of our efforts! BesTheme team onlymakes high qualitytypewriter input method skin keyboard. Our sloganis yourbest!Quickly download and apply the "3D Laser TechnologyKeyboard"theme for your Android phone to put new clothes.Thank youforchoosing this cool 3D laser technology keyboard theme designedbythe BESTHEME team.
Art Of Glow 1.0.8
From the Creator of 'Glow Hockey', we are proudly present youthe'Art of Glow' that brings you to new wonderful experience.'ArtofGlow' will make you feel more relax, fun, and easy tocreatevariety of glow artworks!Art of Glow is elegantly designedwith thehigh flexibility adjustments, vivid glow colors, andmanyoptions.What can 'Art Of Glow' do?+ Glow/lightpaintings.+Fireworks.+ Twinkle stars.+ Animated text arts.+ Andmuch more withunlimited settings + your imaginations.FEATURES:+High detailsgraphics.+ Colorful (ANIMATED) Glow Particles.+ Smoothand fun toplay.+ Unlimited styles of particles settings.+ SupportAll AndroidDevices.+ Support Multitasking.VideoTutorials:
LED Double Laser Sword 1.3
Laser fight with double laser sword like a real Jedi knight ofthegalactic wars and LED Flashlight against the darkness oftheGalaxy! Your display will simulate a double laser sword andyourLED will light up when you click on the buttons or shakeyourphone. Matching laser sword sounds are played and doublelasersword simulations are simulated like a true Jedi fighter.Customizeyour double laser sword according to your favorite colors,designsand light settings if you click on the gear button. Manycolors ofthe laser beam, sword, buttons and background areavailable to theselection you can free choose. The LED light isvery bright orflashing, depending on which button you press to turnon yourdouble laser sword and flashlight or flasher. Your LED emitsonlylight, no LED laser, it simulates a galactic double laser swordinyour phone and tablet.
Mini Flashlight 1.2
Click on the On button and it will light on just like using arealflashlight. The mini flashlight is very bright and fast, evenwhenthe app starts when you activate the start lightfunction.Customise the mini torch, lights, button and background toyourfavorite colors and settings. This is a nice flashlight you cangetand light up on your phone or tablet.- add sound and vibrationofthe On and Off button- app starts with light when you activatethefunction- use the LED or the screen to light up- 12 colors oftheflashlight can be selected- 8 luminous light colors oftheflashlight can be selected- 14 colors of ON and OFF button canbeselected- 18 background colors can be selected
LASERBREAK 2 - Free Physics Laser Block Puzzle 1.19
Control your laser and use dozens of awesome physics objectstocollect the coins and destroy the targets.You'll have to useyourbrain power, forward thinking and creativity to solvethechallenging, action packed physics puzzles. LASERBREAK 2PhysicsPuzzle is very simple to learn, and increasingly difficulttomaster. Once you start playing, you won't be able to putitdown!LASERBREAK 2 features:• 119 FREE challenging, fun andactionpacked levels• Dozens of awesome objects including TNT,wormholes,launchers, elevators, magnets, fans and more!• Unlockbonus levelsby earning all 3 coins in each level• Play allunlocked levelsin any order you like - no need to complete theprevious level•Each level shows how many players have solved it.Discover howclever you are by trying to solve the most difficultlevels• Gameplay options let you control the laser speed, soundeffects andmore• Much improved performance and smoother game playthan theoriginal• 9 language options including Spanish, Russian,French,English, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, German and Italian•Greatbrain training game• No wifi? No problem. Playoffline!• 100%FREE TO PLAY. No purchases required to completelevels.PhysicsObjects include:• Balls - Roll the balls, catapultthem, drop them- they are the most useful object!• TNT - Ignite theexplosiveswith the laser beam. Detonate it to blast other objectsaround,smash glass, knock over dominoes and more.• Portals -Otherwiseknown as wormholes, they teleport objects from one placetoanother. Use them wisely!• Magnets - Use magnets to controlthepath of the steel balls and hold steel crates in place.• Ice -Meltthe ice to reveal other objects inside! Melt it with thelaserbeam.• Wood - Burn wood with the laser, opening up more pathsforthe balls to roll, or just for the laser beam to aimthrough.•Glass - Glass reflects the laser beam and also holds otherobjects.You can smash it or crush it with other objects such asballs orcrates.• Reflective shapes - Turn the reflective triangleshapes toreflect the laser beam on different angles.• Blocks -Reflectiveblocks to bounce the laser beam off. Non reflectiveblocks you haveto think your way around.• Launchers - Fling balls,crates andcoins around!Are you ready to take the LASERBREAK 2Physics Puzzlechallenge? Play it FREE today!If you like thefollowing types ofgames, you'll love Laserbreak:• Physics puzzles•Brain teasers•Brain training• Ball games• TNT and explosives• Fire•Smashingglass• Laser box games• Lazors and other classic lasergames•Mirrors and angles, science learning games• Original and bestindiegames• Laser puzzle games• Rube Goldberg and Rube's Labincrediblemachine type physics puzzle games• One of the bestoffline games
AR Hologram ben's 3D Simulator 1.0
Enjoy now this cool game made by fans of the knownworlwidephenomenon and play with your favorite ben Super Hero boyLaserAugmented reality !ben's Superhero go camera holographiclasersimulation Augmented realityAR Hologram ben's Hero lasersimulatordragons in your device is augmented reality.This game is ajoke,the most realistic simulator Bēn where you can play as a phonewitha 3D AR laser hologram.  The game uses a camera Superben's10(ten) for a more realistic effect!  Love the Dragons sothisgame is for you.Pretend that the laser hologram Bēn 10 gamewith aben's Super Hero boy 10 on any surface,  And it seemsreal!Choose Green ben's Super Hero boy 10, Red, Blue Augmentedrealitydb. The game uses its superhero ben's go real.Have fun andenjoygradon manias!Thanks for reading our applications! Leave usyourcomments and we try to make our games even more interestingforyou!Enjoy now this cool game made by fans of the Knownworlwidephenomenon and play with your favorite Super Hero boy BenLaserAugmented reality!Ben's laser holographic camera SuperherogoAugmented reality simulationAR Hologram ben's Hero laser dragonsinyour device simulator is augmented reality.This game is a joke,Themost realistic simulator Where you can play Ben as a phone witha3D laser hologram AR.The game use a camera Super ben 10's (ten)fora more realistic effect!Love the Dragons so this game isforyou.Pretend That the laser hologram with a Ben 10 game Ben'sSuperHero boy 10 on any surface,And It Seems real! Choose Greenben'sSuper Hero boy 10, Red, Blue Augmented reality db. The gameuseben's actual superhero ITS go.Have fun and enjoyGradonmanias!Thanks for reading our applications! Leave us yourcommentsand we try to make our games even more interesting for you!
Shake Flashlight 1.0.60
Shake Flashlight is a small tool which can turn on or offcameralight by just shaking. When you need a flashlight, all youhave todo is turning on the screen and shaking your phone.
Lightsabers and laser stickers 8.0
Palmera Labs
Turn your pictures into fun wars with these laser swordsstickers,just like in the movies. You will be the star of your ownmoviewith the app and the stickers, you can be a knight or aspaceguardian. The hero or the villainHere is how it works:Wehaveselected a collection of stickers to emulate space battles inthepictures with your friends. These stickersinclude:-LightSabers:red, green, blue, yellow-Laser beams also indifferent colors-Laserand energy balls -Laser rays andlightnings-Also you can add textto the photogram with the font,color and text you desire.-... andof course more stickers tocomeEverything prepared to simulate thatbattle with your friends asif you were in the stars.Take thepictures, turn it into a battleand send you friends of family, forsure they will laugh#How touse1. Download and enter the app.2.Select a picture that youalready have on your gallery or take aphoto at the moment3. Checkand explore available stickers in thegallery of laser sabers 4.Select one you like and position overthe screen. You can magnify,zoom it and rotate until it getsplaced in the right spot5. Selectanother sticker and repeat theprocess.6. You can also place text,edit it, select font size andcolor and zoom it or rotate it7. Whenyou are done save it in yourphone. You can also send it to friendright there.8. That's it, useit as many times as you want for free#Features:-Easy to use, wehave improved the experience to make iteasy-Multiple stickers andcategories on halloween motives-Works onnewer devices like acharm-Easy to update. Once there's an update,if you haveauto-update option, you'll receive the new version.Andthats it, wehope you like it and have fun with it. We alreadyhadsome.###Finally, Do you miss something? Just let us know andwe'llupdate with the new stickers.Any other request or comment?noproblem, place a review or contact us and we'll check itoutasap.Have a great time with the app
💡 Lux Light Meter 012.2018.07.25
Doggo Apps
★ FREE★ High accuracy light measurement★ Lux and Foot-candleunits★Measures minimum, average and maximum brightnesspossible★Calibrate the measurement with easy controls★ Reset thevalues atany time★ Understand the characteristics of the hardwaresensor ofyour device★ Uses the smartest algorithms★ Constructionworkerscompare the light level of different globes, particularly asyouupgrade from halogen to led★ Flower hobbist setup therightlighting level for each of your plants★ Biology teachers useforphotosynthesis practicals★ Photographers measure light on thephotoscene and set exposure★ Office workers measure theacceptableillumination level at your work space★ At home check theintensityof the light that comes to solar panels ★ Smart,minimalistic andintuitive user interface★ Instant start★ Easy UI tomaster★Excellent performance★ Perfect minimalistic design★Excellentperformance★ Improved light evaluation proximity★ Perfecteverydaycompanion★ Ensures the most efficient use of battery★Highestaccuracy possible★ Ready for productive usage★ Doesn'tcausebattery drain★ Intuitive UX★ Maximized efficiency★Improvedreliability★ Unique algorithms★ Total satisfactionThisapplicationuses analytics to collect and aggregate statistics. Thisdata helpsus improve this Application and services. None of thisdata can beused to identify you. We respect your privacy.ContactUs:[email protected]
Laser Level 1.0.6
EXA Tools
Laser level (leveling instrument) is an excellent measurementappequipped with: laser pointer, regular 3-mode spirit level /bubblelevel (libella) and clinometer (inclinometer) formeasuringvertical angles and determining the exact horizontalplane. It'sperfect, handy and precise bubble level tool foreveryhandyman.Main modes of this laser level:- innovative laserleveling/ laser pointer - using built-in sensors (gyroscopeandaccelerometer), camera and extended / augmented reality, helpsyouto determine the vertical and horizontal levels aroundyou,-regular spirit level (bubble level, libella) - works likeatraditional bubble level tool, place your smartphone or tablet,onthe surface or on the object to be measured or set at anyangle,-clinometer, also called an inclinometer, is primarily usedtomeasure vertical angles and to determine the angle ofinclinationof any object from the vertical determined by thegravitationalforce.These modes are equipped in precision digitaland analogindicators. Data are presented in degrees and percentagesand anydifferent units which you choose.Additional features, youcan:-calibrate level of your device,- adjust the precisionofmeasurement,- read data in different units,- lock theorientation,-take pictures while measuring and you can sendmeasurement resultsto anyone,- this app does not require internetaccess.Sampleapplications:- you can measure the angle orinclination of anyobjects (including distant), such as roof,buildings, columns,mountains, trees, etc.- you can set any angle ofinclination of thesurface and the level of home installedappliances, devices, suchas: install a refrigerator, washingmachine or hang a shelf,painting etc.- suitable for repair andconstruction work, you canuse it as a digital measuring tape orlaser measuring tape,- usefulfor interior design, exterior works,in house and in garden,- manyothers.You can use this levelingapplication wherever you are. Thislevel app is accurate, intuitive,easy to use and veryfunctional.We wish you successful and accuratemeasurements.
TORCH - simple flashlight 1.9
TORCH - simple flashlight.Free. No ads. Efficient.
Tactical Flashlight Laser LED 1.3.4
Free tactical flashlight app with many useful blinking modes isthebest choice on Google Play for mid and high-tech Androidphones.Simple and bright flashlight app that uses bright LED flashlightand adjustable screen light dimmer. Powerful strobe mode.Designedfor Android phones and tablets.Features:- Fast start fromicon.-Adjustable dimmer for screen light brightness- Battery levelinfo-Strobe light with adjustable frequency modes- Lowbatteryconsumption - the app is optimized to use the batterywisely-Always available lamp - a powerful flashlight app isdesigned to beat hand when needed- SOS alert will help you to beprepared foremergency situations- Wonderful HD graphics and nicecampflashlight design- Uses phone camera flash light and screenlight-Convenient super bright torch front and back- Very brightandpowerful flash light - Vibration gives a real tacticalflashlightfeeling in the silence of a night.- The ultimate militarystyle.-Useful screen flashlight for Samsung tablet without ledflash.- Thelight illuminates when you click an icon on home screenand workslike widget.Totally free appDefinitely the brightest lampwithlighting spotlight available for free can be useful for youandyour friends.LED flashing light from the strobe can be seenreallyfar in the darkness. It is your lucky charm :)Why does theapp needaccess to the camera flash?- LED (flash) is a hardware partof thecamera. To enable LED, access to the camera flashisrequired.Compatible with phone and tablet:SamsungGalaxySamsungGalaxy NoteMotorola, Motorola Droid, Motorola MotoGSony XperiaLGOptimus L5, L9HTC DesireHTC OneXiaomi Mi5, Mi6,Xiaomi RedmiNoteGoogle Nexus, OnePlus,Asus ZenPhoneHuawei AscendMateHuaweiHonor, Huawei P9Meizu m3 noteand othermodels==============
Wired 1.0.6
Magma Mobile
Untangle all the beam of light with Wired! The goal of Wired, afreebrain and puzzle game, will be to untie tangled laser nets.Justturn all the neon rays from yellow to green color.Train yourbrainon this neon themed puzzle with the multi levels challengemode. Youcan even have a look at the shop to buy various power-upstocomplete more challenging levels.Trying this HD graphics gamewillremind you of our Galaxy game that so many of you loved!Socome playWired for a great moment and share your experience withyour familyand friends!
Light a Way 1.4.0
★ Over 500,000 Pre-registers before GlobalRelease!★------------------------------------------Darkness hasenvelopedthe sun and from within it, emerge the dark beings with asolepurpose to consume all beings of Light. It is now up to you,theGuardian. Gifted with the magical Staff of Flare, you must seton apath to restore the Light back to the world and rid thedarknessthat has tainted the very lands that you step on.Bring theLightback to the world as you channel the powers of Light. Taptoradiate flare onto your enemies, empower yourself withmagicalartifacts, and befriend cute glowing Lumis as you battle theforcesof the abyss and restore Light to the world.Build YourOwnGuardianChoose strategically from 90 different Bonds withyourFairies to strengthen and customize your characterstats!AdorableCompanionsCollect all 30 squishy little Lumi friendswith a totalof 240 skills to assist you on yourjourney!Customizable LightMagicLearn 6 signature spells and developyour own spellcastingstyle from 18 specialisations!Weapons ofLightEquip your Staffsempowered by Lightstone combinations todefeat the shadows!Light Upthe WorldSave the world, receiveincredible rewards, and awaken asan even more powerful Guardian ofLight!If you face any technicalissues on your device, pleasecontact us and we will try to addressthe issue as soon aspossible.Support Email :[email protected] latest news,updates, and events, followus on:Facebook :
Disco Light 1.13
This application is specially design for your party. So installitand Entertain your friend in a party. The app has many modeslike;Disco Light, Flashlight, Strobe light, Shake-it and Policelights.
Lux Meter (Light Meter) 1.4
Lux Meter is a simple light meter for measuring illuminances(lux,fc) by using the light sensor of your android device.KeyFeatures:★calibrate your device with the multiplier★ shows theminimum,maximum and average value★ shows the sensor data★ 100% free
Strobe Light 2.2
Chic Apps
Strobe Light is a beautiful app that uses your phone's LEDcameraflash and the screen to simulate a Strobe Light effect andgive youcool party mood.You can use this in parties, at home at theclub,at school, or anywhere.Strobe Light produce the a similareffect areal strobe or stroboscopic lamp of the nightclubs. Thisapp iseasy to use, you have the possibility of use LED flash andscreenin perfect harmony and synchronized, You can increase themaximumbrightness settings of your phone for better effect.FeaturesofStrobe Light: * LED Flash * Flashes in the Screen too! withcolorswhite and black * You can Adjust the Frequency of flashes inrange1 - 30 Hz * Screen always on * Ads not intrusiveStrobe Lightis thebest option for tonight! beautiful, elegant, easy to use,chic andwith a perfect style.
Flashlight 3.4
Quark Ltd
Free Bright & Fast Torchlight for Night Stand, Useful ToolsforOur Life.You Can Use It:+Read Books in Dark+Light up the RoadinNight Outside Travel+SOS Help
Color Flash Light Alert Calls 9.1
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Use our flash alerts apps to get all notifications with flashalertsfor all apps with color lights, to get notified in upcomingcall orsms also with this feature apps you be able to get alertfor allnotification, then the alerts on call and sms for yourandroid phoneget a fast blinking and alert flashlight, it’s thebest flash alertsfor android phone!Set on multiple flash colorsoptions and colorlights for many apps by using 8 color lights tosetYellow, green,blue, red, white, purple, pink by choosing thecolor you get nextnotified with colorful flash alerts on messagesand calling to getamazing phone effects.How to use:1-Star theapplication.2-Manage theapp to get color lights flashing you want!Phone color alert free toget now easily to impress your familywith color flash.Please feelfree to ask for any requests onFacebook page facebook\toolsappps\toolsapps.
Mirror - Light, Zoom, Selfie 2.2.0
Fantastic mirror app with most advanced features!This app hasalighting feature so you can see faces even in the dark and youcantake beautiful pictures with various filters.[Features]-Highquality mirror- Screen light in the dark- Selfie camera-Zoomcontrol- Live horizontal flipping- Silent shutter- Sharingpicture-Freezing screen for detail view- Photo gallery with editfunction-Free image filters (80+)- Brightness control- Timer[Tags]Mirror,Camera, Sunflower mirror, 해바라기 거울, ひまわり鏡, 葵花镜, 葵花鏡, Espejogirasol,подсолнечника зеркало, Sunflower Spiegel, Sunflower Mirror,Photo,Picture
Speak to Torch Light 2.5
Speak to Torch Light Speak to Torch Light application throughyougets any time flash light just you speak one word and flashlightis on. You must need the camera flash light to on the flashlightalso your device has gesture sensor you speak your word andflashlight is start.This application use for you find your phoneinevening any place and you speak your word flash lightisautomatically blinked.You set the word in your Speak to TorchLightapplication also any time you change this word. Also EnableorDisable this application.Features:-• You save specific word inyourdevice.• Must need back camera.• Need gesture sensor.• Alsoyouchange your save word.• Enable or disablethisapplication.Disclaimer:Speak to Torch Light application isnotendorsed by or affiliated with any agency. Speak to TorchLightapplication is not endorsed by or affiliated with any socialapp,names, trademarks, and other aspects of the app trademarkedandowned by their respective owners.
Light Meter - Free 1-2017-01-07T02:56Z - Free
A reflected light meter with spot metering (using thedevice'scamera) and an incident light meter (using the device'slightsensor) in one app. Tested accurate against Gossen andSekonicmeters on most devices.Can be used for any type of camerafrom filmSLR to pinhole to cinematographic.In addition to the twometers,the app includes a Sunny Sixteen calculator, and Depth ofFieldcalculator, and a EXIF Reader.
Bluelight Filter 7.1.2
iBlue Bluelight Filter is a tiny ad-free utility (just 0.1mb!)toreduce blue light emitted by smartphones, tablets&Chromebooks.To understand the effects of blue light pleasereferto:✓Multiplefilters with different tints✓ Edit/add filter colors tosuite yourmood✓ Half screen preview of the filter✓ Full range ofopacitylevels to dim the screen✓ Timer to Auto ON/OFF at presettimes✓Easily toggle on and off from status bar✓ Quick accessscreen widgetbutton✓ Night mode black filter✓ Ad-free (no ads)& no specialpermissions✓ Tiny (0.1mb only) but full-featured
Hue Hello (For Philips Hue Lights)
This app is designed with care and features are added as peruserrequests. More than 98% of our users are satisfied.Quicksummary offeatures: Friendly user interface, Widgets, Quick tiles,Appshortcuts, Custom Scenes, Preset Scenes, Light Alarm, Routinesandmore to comeHighlights:- Home switch, Control complete homewithone button- Hue Widget, Notification and Quick tile- ConfigureHueDimmer switch with one tap- 7 App themes- Control lights outofhome with Philips account- Smart Notification- Android watch(wear2.0) support : Control hue lights with watch- Ad-free,experiencemattersScenesThis hue app comes with few preset of scenesto enrichyour lights experience like a Hue pro. Yes, you can createcustomscene.- Create Custom scenes and let your creativity fly- 24scenesfor your lovely home- 800+ scene color palette, the ultimatelevelcustomisation- Shuffle scene lights and get freshambianceeverytime- Set multiple scenes in one group- Set the samescene inmultiple groups- Living Scene / Animated Scene :Unlimitedpossibilities in your rooms with scene effectsOne tapfeatures -Save Time :- Quick tiles for Android 7 and above, Controllightswithout opening up app- Create Shortcut inside app and useyour applike hue remote control- 12 Hue Widgets for hue lights, Noneed toopen appSchedule and Routine- Automate your life withlights- Setalarm or timer and let your lights remind you, example:Cooking,Wake up, Seeping, ShowerAccessory support - Hue Dimmerswitch - Huemotion sensor with multiple roomsRequirements• PhilipsHue bridge•Philips Hue lights • Wi-Fi network• Android 5.0+LanguageSupport•English and German• More languages coming soon, contact usforanyquestionCommunity belowis to improve search. You can stop reading here. Installapp andexperience yourself.It is an easy app for hue lights ,simple tosetup and fast to respond. You can control lights remotelywhen youare away from home. Our goal is to help you enjoy Philipshuelighting system without any efforts and become number one amonghuelight apps. We want to be an essential part of your huefamily.Youcan create a group of lights and control with one tap. Itoffersyou all hygiene features like the light on/off, setting themoodlight, setting the scene light, changing the color oflight,grouping lights, widgets, creating shortcuts and quicktiles.Living and Animated scene will offer you a new way of usingyourlights. You can play animated scene with music and enjoy HueandDisco party at home.There are many Phillips hue light app inthemarket, try HueHello and you will like the best app for hue.Wehope this app will become essential hue app in your phone andyoucan control your lights as a hue pro.Hope you will enjoy thisappand make more from your Hue lightsFor any queries, suggestionsorcomplaints, send email to [email protected] and we will tryourbest to solve. If you would like to help with translations, youarewelcome.
Brightest flashlight 1.12.120
Brightest LED Flashlight, super bright LEDFlashlight!Thefastestest, brightest flashlight, the app instantlyturns yourdevice into a bright flashlight. The lighting tool takesfulladvantage of the LED light . Blinking Mode is alsoThe appisdesigned to support all android devices and really easy to usethecamera flash and LED. LED Flashlight likes a mobile torch. Withthefree app, you'll be able to add brightness to any situation!Mainfeatures include:- The brightest flashlight.- Fasteststartupflashlight.- Built-in SOS signal .- Switch On/Off the lightjustlike using a real flashlight.- Strobe mode with sensitivefrequencycontroller.- Beautiful design.- Use the cam light.- Lightyourtorch- Light your flashIt is a free app that gives you afreebright light at night with the brightest flashlight.I'm surethat,it's one of the best free LED flashlight apps ever!Let's getyourLED Flashlight right now!
Dimly - Screen Dimmer 0.7.2
With Dimly you can easily decrease the brightness of yourscreenbeyond the default lowest setting and block light harmful toyoureyes. It's ideal for late night reading/gaming or general useofyour device in low light surroundings.FeaturesDisplayback-lightdimmingBlue light filteringCustomizable minimum andmaximumbrightness levelsShake to restore brightnessAuto stoptimerSimpleuser interface designed for ease of useLightweight &smallmemory footprintPremium featuresAd freeAuto start timerUsingtheshake to restore brightness featureJust toggle the power buttonandshake. This allows you to restore brightness to your screen ifsettoo low or the surrounding light is too bright (e.g. youwentoutdoors and you can't read the screen).What usersaresaying"Extremely useful and simple to use. Better thanotheralternatives.""...It's now part of my bedtime routine : ) Andit'ssuper easy to use...."Permission detailsdraw over other apps.Usedfor dimming your screen.view network connections and fullnetworkaccess. Used for serving ads.
Night light 4.1
Night light helps everyone sleep well - Suitable for everyone.-Lights in the dark and lit all night. - As long as your childisasleep, the night light keeps them seeing sweet dreams. - Ithelpsto get rid of the fear of the dark. - Lullaby helps fallasleepinstantly.- Animated background.- Funny animals help the babygetsleep faster. Select one of them to protect sweet dreams.Alsothere are possible to change backgrounds, disable theanimations orbackground.Tak can also oubrat extra light button intheapplication.Great menu, quick response will help to easilymanagethe night-light, adjust it for themselves.Note. Best practiceishold the phone at a safe distance from the child, switch youcellphone mode to "on the plane".
Eye Care - Blue Light Filter 1.1
- Reasons you feel eyestrain and need Blue Light Filter takeyoureyes: ● Night shift: your eyes in the night when you use thephonefrequently, you feel tired, have difficulty sleeping.Bluelighthelp you protect your eyes ● The visible light on thephone'sscreen is 380-550mm so your eyes will feel uncomfortable.-Solutionto protect your eyes is Reduce Blue Light: ● Blue lightFilter isused for reducing the green light by adjusting the screenlight tonatural colors. ● The screen switches to mellow mode toreduce thestrain on the eyes. ● Many colors to use EyecareBluelight Filter ●You can choose the right light mode and color, ●The applicationoffers 5 natural colors to filter out the light thatprotects youreyes like red, brown, black, yellow, white. ● You caneasy toadjust the intensity according to your eyes the purpose andusefunctions.- Some features of the Bluelight Filter Application:●Easy to customize and adjust lighting easily. ● Greenlightfilterwith natural color: you can Facebook surf, listening musicandwatching youtube with large time without any eyes care. ● Notethatfiltering green light does not reduce the brightness of yourphone,● Adjust the brightness according to the needs of users. ●Remindyou to rest regularly- Protection your eyes by auto adjustthelight of the phone screen: When you use the phone too much,Bluelight filter eyecare assured you will not forget to rest. Asmartwarning makes your eyes more comfortable and adjusts the colorofyour screen to reduce the light blue and help care your eyes.
LASERBREAK - Original & Best Physics Puzzle Game 2.26
Use the dozens of awesome objects in a realistic physicsenvironmentto direct your laser beam at the target. Smash, burnand blast yourway to victory.LASERBREAK Includes:• 120 Freeamazing levelsincreasing in difficulty to keep you entertained formany hours.•Simple to learn, challenging to master• 15+ awesomephysics objects•Take your time, explore and use your brain tosolve the cleverphysics puzzles• Find and destroy the bonus coinsfor an extrachallenge• Stunning HD graphics• Google Play GameServices. Earnachievements for completing level packs• 9 languagetranslationoptions• Impress your friends by finishing first• Greatbraintraining game• Play at your own pace. No clock or timer• Nowifi, noproblem. Play offline. No connection required• The bestoriginalphysics puzzle on the Play Store!_____Physics PuzzleObjectsinclude:• Balls - Roll the balls, catapult them, drop them- theyare the most useful object!• TNT - Ignite the explosiveswith thelaser beam. Detonate it to blast other objects around,smash glass,knock over dominoes and more.• Portals - Otherwiseknown aswormholes, they teleport objects from one place toanother. Use themwisely!• Magnets - Use magnets to control thepath of the steelballs and hold steel crates in place.• Ice - Meltthe ice to revealother objects inside! Melt it with the laserbeam.• Wood - Burn woodwith the laser, opening up more paths forthe balls to roll, or justfor the laser beam to aim through.•Glass - Glass reflects the laserbeam and also holds other objects.You can smash it or crush it withother objects such as balls orcrates.• Reflective shapes - Turn thereflective triangle shapes toreflect the laser beam on differentangles.• Blocks - Reflectiveblocks to bounce the laser beam off.Non reflective blocks you haveto think your way around.• Bonuscoins - Easter eggs. Find themrandomly in levels, destroy them withthe laser for an extrachallenge.• Dominoes - knock them down in theright order to cleara path• Mirrors - Reflect the laser pointer offthe mirrorsurfaces.• Crates - Slide them into place to help solvethe puzzle
Strobe Light 2.7.4
An amazing Strobe Light for your Android! Uses your phone'sLEDcamera flash to simulate a strobe light effect. Flashes thescreenwhite and black if it cannot use the flash. Never be caughtat arave without it!How many times have you been at a party whenit'sgetting late, people are getting tired, and things are startingtodie down? Have you ever sat at home and yearned for the daysofdisco to return? Have you ever wanted to give yourself a seizuretoget out of class (please don't)? If you answered Yes to anyofthose, then a strobe light can fit the bill. Use strobe lightatparties, at home, at the club, at school, or anywhere you thinkastrobe light could set the mood.Picture this. You are havingaparty at your house. The cute girl from your biology classisthere. Suddenly your bro says 'Hey let's turn this into arave!'Biology girl is feeling it. But sadly, you don't have astrobelight! Your guests leave in disgust and you are mocked forthe restof the school year. It doesn't have to end that way. WithStrobeLight app, simply turn on the switch, place your phone onthetable, and let the party begin. Mileage may vary by phone typeandflash brightness. Should generally be bright enough to host aravefor 15-20 people. Tip: When you press the music button, youwillget a hip techno music beat to liven the mood, but you canalsolisten to your own tracks stored on your SD card. While themusicis playing, simply tap on the song name (it will say techno)and itwill pick music from your sd card! Supports mp3 and oggmusicformats (I haven't tried any others).Please leave commentswithsuggestions on how to make the app better. This app is for youguysso help me make strobe light the best party app on the market!
Photometer 1.2.0
IT Factory
Free application to measure the amount of light (in lux),reachingthe ambient light sensor. The ambient light sensors measurelightin lux, a measure of illumination that depends on the amountofincoming light and the area over which it is spread. Easyandsimple. Measure the amount of light and share all results.
Lower Brightness Screen Filter
Have you ever set the screen brightness to the lowest but itstillso bright?If you feel the screen is so bright and you wanttoreduce it. You need this application called"LowerBrightness"."Lower Brightness" application helps youreducebrightness to any level. You can set brightness level from 0%to100% by just opening the application and choose brightnesslevelyou want.Features- Reduce screen brightness below thesystemminimum brightness- Easy to use. Just enable and set thepercent ofbrightness level (0-100%)- Auto start after reboot-Brightness iconon top notification bar (select notification bar toopen brightnessapp setting)- Easy to use. Just choose percent ofbrightness youwant to set.- Small size of application.- Alsosupport devices thathave the navigation bar on thescreen.(home/back button at thebottom of the screen)- Ask forpermission in android 6.0+
Power Light - Flashlight with LED Reminder Light
Power Light turns your Android phone into a super fast &brightflashlight LED widget, giving you call screen themes, strobelight,LED light, screen light & SOS light in darkness. It’s averysmall size but useful LED flashlight app. Free to download itandlet light shine out of darkness!★ Powerful Flash Lighting-Features - Super torch light up dark room, including LEDflashlightand screen light- Convenient & brightness LEDflashlightcontroller for super fast screen light adjust-Blinking/Strobelight with speed controller, low light frequency orhigh lightfrequency- Color ring light flash alert on call screenwith multiLED reminder light notifications (HD call theme love)-Super fastLED flashlight screen notification for SMS text message-SOS flashlight blinking at Morse Code, high light frequency asemergencylight- Keep brightest flash light LED on phone locked callscreen-Compass sensor widget for giving direction in outdoors-Batteryenergy saver widget for drain power saving★ Power Light-HighlightsSuper LED FlashlightThis free tiny flashlight appusescamera LED flash on Android device as a real torch/flashlightsource. If you need a real laser torch light, this flashcamera LEDlight is ready to use with simple switch (on/off) likeusing a realmobile torch light. Besides, brightness of super fastflashlightLED laser torch app can be controlled, light up darkroom.ScreenLight upBesides camera LED light controller, this tinyflashlightapp uses call screen as real flashlight LED laser torchsource tolight up dark room if you don’t want to use phone cameraLED lightreminder, or flash light on camera LED flash reminder isnotworked. Brightness of screen flashlight led genius isadjustable,light up dark room.HD Call Screen Themes: LED FlashingLight onCalls & SMS MessageDo you need super fast LEDflashlight alertfor phone calling screen (ring light flash app)? Doyou need HDcall screen light on phone SMS message? Power Light is aring lightapp, used as HD call screen app with camera LED reminderwhen phonerings or text message comes, reminding you with colorLEDflashlight alert call screen themes (love) & smsmessagesthemes. Super bright calling screen flash light up callscreen forincoming calls and cool call screen lights light up textmessages.Colorful notifications with HD call screen themes of ringlightflash app are offered, like love call screentheme.Blinking/StrobeLight & SOS LightStrobe flashlightfrequency is adjustable withsensitive light frequency strobe tuner,blinking from 0 to 9,low/high light frequency. Its low or highstrobe light frequency isused for entertainment, emergency light& location track, likeusing led laser torch flashing light atdance party or disco ball;used as SOS light, location tracker &emergency light. Compasssensor widget is offered.Easy &Customizable TorchlightPowerLight provides beautiful wallpapers forlock screen. It’sconvenient to turn on free brightest flashlightapp on lock screen,switch on/off real flashlight led genius &use powerful LEDflash lighting functions. Also, user-friendlydesign offlashlight led laser torch will give you realtorchexperience.★ Power Light - Usage- Replace candle for powerfailurewith LED laser torch light call screen- Light up room atnight withLED flashlight genius widget- Find key in the dark withreal LEDflash light laser torch- Writing & book reading withbrightestflashlight led laser torch- Light on your way forhiking/lightup dark outdoors- LED flash lantern while walking indarkness-Emergency light: light up SOS flashlight led genius forhelp-Location tracker with LED flash light call screen- Color LEDflashalert light on phone call screen & camera LED reminder-Shakebrightest flashlight LED light controller at concert- Findlittleones with real flashlight LED laser torch
Black Wallpaper 1.0
Black is the darkest color, the result of the absence orcompleteabsorption of visible light. It is an achromatic color,literally acolor without hue, like white (its opposite) and gray.It is oftenused symbolically or figuratively to represent darkness,whilewhite represents light.Make your device look sleek andmysterious,improve battery life, free up some valuable memory, andreduceeyestrain.We offer a wide range of black wallpaper, many ofourdark wallpaper designs include deep black, high gloss highlightsorsilver glitter for a touch of glamour.Features of BlackWallpaperApplication: - Unlimited number of black wallpapers-Recent ,exclusive and beautiful black picture added every month-Fullsupport for landscape mode.- Add to favorites- BlackwallpaperOptimized battery usage!
Police Light and Siren 1.1.0
This application just for fun, to make your mobile phoneassimulator of police light and siren sound.Easy to use andplay,with 3 variant of sounds Yelp, Wail, and Phaser withcontinuoussounds and one Horn push Button. For Light switch it willshow yourscreen as a police light simulations.If you like thisapplicationplease give it 5 star rating.If you find any issuesplease sendfeedback to this apps or send to our emailaddress:[email protected]
Super-Bright LED Flashlight 8.6.0
The app turns your phone into a super-bright flashlight and alsoadigital compass.Highlights:- Fast turn on and 360 degreeswivel.-Many beautiful interface like wood, diamond flashlight,suitablefor every personality.- The digital compass is convenientwhen youneed it.- 5-color bright screen.- Flash LED flashes.
Disco Light: Flashlight with Strobe Light & Music 3
Disco Lights brings you the world's most entertainingdiscoflashlight app, all in one app. A simple but completetoolspecialized in parties and funny moments in your phone withmanyuseful features with music 🎶, color and flash.Disco Lightsappprovide you with many more features synchronizing the cameraledflashlight and the screen flashlight turning your phone in acolorflashlight ensuring you're enjoying lighting, dancing andlisteningmusic.FEATURES:✔️️Specialized for parties: Disco Lightsisspecially designed to light parties and disco. You can createaparty anywhere and at any time.✔️️Disco Lights Effects: Youwillfeel the thrill of being in a real mini disco!Supercool!✔️️Flashlight App: A ultimate flashlight technology withsuperbright led flashlight to turns your device into the bestAndroidtorchlight with a powerful light.✔️️One tap ON one tap OFF:You canswitch on/off the flashlight and screen light from your lockscreenin notification bar (flash notification) while device isunlocked,just tap. Simple, fast and perfect!✔️️Colorfulenvironment:Simulate a disco ball and another disco light effects,select yourstyle, switch color mode and host your own personalambient.✔️️CoolInterface: Stunning graphics with beautifulinterface and cleanlayout make the operation simple, smooth andfast!✔️️Optimized:Disco Light is optimized with battery friendly,super brightflashlight and music integration.✔️️No unnecessarypermission, nodata collections: Just camera to control theflashlight andmicrophone to beat to the rythm of the music. Werespect yourprivacy.USES:✔️️Disco Light: Animate the moments withyour friendswith disco lights, like a color flashlight create acool discolight effect that will turn your flash LED on and offwith thesurrounding sound like graphical equalizer or musicvisualizer.✔️️Simple Flashlight: Stuck outside with no streetlight?Flashlight always disponible that you can turn it on/offwithoutunlocking the phone.✔️️Strobe/Blinking Lights: The brighteststrobelights with frequency adjustable can be used in your bike, inyourcar, to send a warning, to produce a nice effect in whenrecordinga video.✔️️Animate your music! Disco Lights flashlight appcanintegrate music from Music Streamers(Spotify, Deezer,SoundCloud)and from Music Players and beat to the rhythm of themusic!Cool!Create a fun disco!* Disclaimer: Strobe light mode cancauseepileptic seizures in some people with history of epilepsy. Donotpoint to the face for long periods.
Night Mode 1.0.4
According to research, blue light from your phone and tabletscreencan harm your retinal neurons. Blue light also reducesthesecretion of melatonin (a hormone that influencescircadianrhythms), making it harder for you to fall asleep afterlooking atyour phone for an extended period at night.Night Mode has6 filtercolors to choose from. It can reduce blue light byadjusting thescreen to display natural colors, thereby caring youreyes andhelping you sleep better. With this blue light filter, youreyeswill be protected and you will find it much easier tofallasleep.Features:●6 filter colors can be chosen●Adjustablefilterintensity●Save power●Very easy to useTips:●Before installingappsfrom other app stores, please pause the filter toenableinstallation.●Pause the filter when taking screenshots,orscreenshots will show the filter effect.We are sorry for any oftheabove inconveniences you may experience.