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Dr Lal PathLabs
Dr Lal PathLabs Quality and Service is now available atyourfingertips via our Mobile App which has been made with utmostcareand the objective of keeping it simple yet effective. Keyfeaturesof the app include:- Book a Home Collection: Now you canbook aBlood test or a Urine test right from the comfort of yourHome witha few clicks. Before booking a test, you can also checktestdetails which include Pre-test information, ReportsavailabilityTime, Test components etc. You can either pay online(CreditCard/Debit Card/Net Banking/Wallets) or via CashonCollection.Select from a list of 350+ Pathology Tests likeSugarFasting, Vitamin D, Thyroid, TSH, Hemoglobin, LipidProfile,Culture Urine, Cholestrol, HDL, LDL Home Collectionbookingavailable for patients from Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai,Pune,Lucknow, Chandigarh tri city, Kolkata, Patna,Bhaubaneshwar,Guwahati, Varanasi, Ambala, Jaipur, Jammu, Dehradun,Amritsar,Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Agra. 20 more cities coming soon!- YourTest Reports: All your reports are now available on the app.Youcan now see a cumulative report which basically is a singlereportof all your tests done with Dr Lal PathLabs. Via trends youcan seehow your health parameters have changed over time. .- Findthenearest Lab : Whether you are looking for a specificlab(State,City, Locality) or Labs Near to you(using GPS), you cannow find onthe app in a jiffy! What’s more is that you can alsofind otherinformation (Lab address, Opening timings, Contactnumbers, Paymentmodes, Photos etc…) also on the app. - HealthCheckups: Separatesection only pertaining to the Health Checkuppackages is alsobeing made available on the app for a fasternavigation. Choosefrom a range of Full Body Health checkups, LipidProfiles, ThyroidProfiles and Diabetes Checkups- Search: Search fora Test or aHealth Package or a Lab Address in the app itself.If youface anyissues while using our app(crashes, screen freeze, buttonsnotworking etc..) then click the left Menu in the app and submityourquery under ‘Report a Bug’ section. For feedback related toourHome Collection services, please submit the same under‘Feedback’section.Keywords: Path Labs, Lal PathLabs, Dr LalPathLabs, BloodTests, Diagnostic Tests, Diabetes Tests, HealthPackages, PregnancyTests, Health Checkups, Preventive Packages,Test Reports, LabReports
SRL Diagnostics
Now access SRL Diagnostics’ superior services with a singletouch!The all new SRL Diagnostics app is simple and easy touse,providing access to a variety of features for all yourdiagnosticneeds!Here are the key features of the app:Book SRL HomeCollect –You can now enjoy the benefits of Home Collect with asingle tap!Just open the app and schedule your next preventivepackage! Locatethe Nearest SRL Lab – No matter where you are, thenew SRLDiagnostics App will automatically detect your currentlocation andhelp you find the nearest SRL Lab & CollectionCenter using theGPS facility of your smart-phone. What’s more, theapp will informyou about the special packages available in yourcity and theirprice! Keep Track of Your Medical Records – Keepingtrack of yourvarious health reports can be a cumbersome affair. Thenew appkeeps record of your previous medical history for easyaccess! Italso features a special Health Tracker which shows agraphical viewof your medical history.View Your Lab Result – Notime to visit thelab? Now you can access you reports on the appitself. Simply loginto your account and get instant access to yourreports! What’smore, you can also check your reports withoutinternet access!Schedule a Test – Queues are now a thing of past asyou can nowschedule and book your diagnostic test! You can alsoschedule avisit as a Guest Member, without the need of logging ineverytime.Optional PIN Security – Protect your health &medicalrecords with an easy and optional PIN number so that onlyyou canaccess your profile, ensuring privacy to the utmostlevel.About SRLDiagnosticsSRL Diagnostics is a leading and reputedPathology Labnetwork offering superior quality diagnostic servicesto itscustomers through an efficient network of labs alloverIndia.*Minimum App Version (Recommended) : 5.3.3
This mobile application helps user to book blood testappointmentfor self and family members through easy 3 stepsprocess. LABcollection person will collect blood.Sample fromcurrent/specifiedlocation by the user.User can view reports on themobile once theyare generated. A simple registration process andreminder for thetest.The history of test report is also maintainedon thisapplication. You can also upload photo of the prescriptionwhichwill be converted into test at LAB end.This mobile applicationishaving strong back end Web application for Pathology LAB.
Lab Values Reference (Free) 1.0
Y Usha Reddy
Medical Lab Values Reference is a free offline dictionarythatprovides all information about Medical Tests, Diagnostic LabTestValues.App Highlights:- Completely works offline and freetodownload.- Trusted and used by doctors and medicalstudents.-Information regarding all Medical Lab Tests, DiagnosticLab TestValues.- Detailed reference guide including the Ranges,testdescription and differentials.- The best Lab ValuesReferencedictionary for doctors or students and every one withfacts andinformation.DISCLAIMER:This app cannot and should notreplace apharmacist or a doctor consultation. App content is onlyfor pocketreference & educational purposes. Consult a doctorbeforeactual usage of any of the information in this app.
Lab Test Reference Range (free & offline)
This app is designed to provide general informations on thecommonlyusing test in the laboratory. It includes the normalranges ofvarious test. It includes most of the aspects of thelaboratory.Hematology, Biochemistry, Hormones,Enzymes, IronProfile,Urinalysis, Fecal Tests, Body fluid Test, Microbiologytest andother various tests. This is useful for the students aswell as thelaboratory technician who works in the laboratory. Thisshould notbe used as an aid for the diagnostic purpose. Thereference range ofa given tests varies among the region and thelab should establishtheir own reference range using data fromtheir own equipments andmethods. Hope this provides thecomprehensive informations on thetest usually performed in thelaboratory. This is the first step.Hope to get your response.
Blood Test Results
Laboratory tests are tools helpful in evaluating the healthstatusof an individual. It is important to realize thatlaboratoryresults may be outside of the so-called "normal range"for manyreasons. So this app is about that Blood Test Result andalso youwill know the explanation of Blood Test Result.A blood testis alaboratory analysis performed on a blood sample that isusuallyextracted from a vein in the arm using a needle, orviafingerprick.Reference ranges for blood tests are sets ofvaluesused by a health professional to interpret a set of medicaltestresults from blood samples.Each result contains importantclinicalinformation, critical lab values, differential diagnosesand etc.The Normal Lab Values are clearly arranged, alphabeticallyorderedand quickly located.Whether you are a patient looking foranswersthat might reassure you about your health, or amedicalpractitioner seeking quick confirmation regarding aparticulartest, this app puts the information into the palm of yourhand.Somany info that you will know :-- How to interpret andunderstandyour blood test results...- Normal range of uric acid...-Normalwhite Blood cell count...- And many queries about Blood TestResultthat you want to know...
Fingerprint Blood Sugar Test Checker Prank
blood sugar checker application not your mood scanner.FingerprintBlood sugar is a prank application as the user gets thechance toplay prank with friends, family and loved ones. Theapplicationuses a random method to calculate results so user shallneverbelieve any of its findings. This application is designed forfunbut this application also creates an unintentionalawarenesstowards an individual’s health as the low blood sugarlevel i.e.hypoglycemia and high blood sugar level i.e.hyperglycemia mayleads a person to diabetes which is a lethaldiseases that mayprolong for a longer time and affect other aspectsof health aswell. Daily exercise is recommended for every singleindividual,daily exercise, morning walks and balanced diet is thekey forhappy and healthy life. Every single person’s body isdesigned in away that it can control the amount blood sugar leveland bloodglucose level within the body i.e. homeostaticmechanism.Everyonewant more fun in life, if you want moreentertainment then downloadthis free finger blood sugar checkingmachine. Just Install Fingerblood sugar checker and make fun withyour family and friends.blood sugar tester with fingerprint is aprank application whichcalculate your blood pressure plus and scanyour finger for makinga result your blood glucose. This applicationhave very realisticgraphics no one knows that this application isreal or fake. Peoplethink this a Real Finger blood sugar test prankapplication.Controlling diabetes symptoms is not very difficultjust keepingblood sugar low, by eating low-crab soups. Get tips onblood sugar,glucose, insulin & diabetic diets and make ahealthy guide planon diabetes management to prevent and controlyour blood sugarlevels, a solution to restore your healthnaturally. Thisapplication is diabetic assistant because its helpsyou to make logand monitor blood sugar levels and meals. but keepin mind this isa prank glucose or blood sugar controllingapplication. GlucoseLevels or blood sugar levels have some typelike: normal bloodsugar level, low blood sugar and high bloodsugar. but type 2diabetes on blood sugar chart are dangerous Highblood pressurelevel and low blood pressure level. If you are Checkyour glucoselevels when you have symptoms of hypoglycemia, youshould use yourfinger or thumb for scanning. Hold your finger andplace onfingerprint scanner when scanning complete this bloodsugarcalculator show you a result on blood sugar checking machine.Thisis just a blood sugar tester with fingerprint, Don't use it asablood pressure (bp) scanner or blood group scanner.Guidelinestouse this Application:• Start Blood Sugar Level TestApplication•Select your Gender• Put thumb/finger on the screen•Wait for theResult.• Press back button to repeat process.• KeyFeatures:• Nointernet required,• Intuitive Design.• RealisticGraphics.• HighDefinition (HD) Display.• Free for everyone, noIn-App purchases.•User friendly interface.Disclaimer:FingerprintBlood Sugar test isa prank application, users shall take thisapplication as fun asthe application is not supposed not to deceiveanyone as it is onlyand only designed to let users have fun. PleaseDon't take theseResult seriously.Enjoy With your Friends andFamily.
Normal Lab Values Reference
Award winning Pocket tool for Medical Laboratory Tests, 'NormalLabValues Reference' packs in all that is needed for quickreferencein clinical rounds.Clinical rotations is where medicalreferencesare needed the most, with the highly intuitive interfaceof 'NormalLab Values Reference', you've got over 200+ lab tests atyourfingertips in a way never presented before.The 'Normal LabValuesReference' are clearly arranged, alphabetically ordered andquicklylocated.The most commonly used clinical laboratory valuesand otheruseful relevant information such as Biochemistry Test,HaematologyTest,Immunology Test, Serology Test, Microbiology Test,MolecularTest Detection, Hormone Test,Sputum Test and etc. Theapplication'sinterface is understandable, easy to navigate.-- Morethan 250types of examinations for consultation;-- Categories:Immunology,Biochemistry, Microbiology, Hematology and Nutritionandetc.DisclaimerAll information is current, but in view ofthepossibility of human error or changes in medical guidelines,youshould always confirm the information.We are not responsibleforforms of application usage by user. Orient always seek adiagnosisand professional treatment for anymedicalcondition.KeywordsMicrobiology test, blood test,disease,conditions, Health Record, Health Info, Diet,Nutrition,Biochemistry Test, Hematology Test, Immunology Test,Serology Test,Microbiology Test, Molecular Test Detection, HormoneTest, SputumTest ,Acid phosphatase, Adrenocorticotrophic hormone,Alaninetransaminase, Alkaline phosphatase, Alpha1-proteinase,inhibitor,Ammonia, Amylase, Ascorbic acid test, Aspartatetransaminase,Biotin, Blood urea nitrogen, Carr-price test,Catecholamines inurine, Ceruloplasmin, Chloride, Creatinine kinase,DiabetesMellitus Folic acid, Follicle stimulating hormone test,Gammaglutamyl transpeptidase, Glycosylated haemoglobin, Hematuria,Highdensity lipoproteins, Iron and iron binding capacity inserum,Lactate dehydrogenase, Low density lipoproteins, Lipase,Niacin,Protein, Prothrombin time tests
Medical lab services directory published by Medlabs to enableusersfrom browsing MedLabs Tests catalog and viewingdetailedinformation about each test, also it enables users toreceive andview their conducted tests results and schedule a housecall visit.Medlabs app also provide full information aboutmedlabsprogram”Sehtak Bil Denia” “صحتك بالدنيا” packages, includedtests,fees and discounts .Features:1. Medlabs Tests’ Catalog.2.Sharetest results with a doctor by email.3. Schedule a house callvisitwith check team availability function.4. Receive notificationaboutnew tests, promotion and health campaigns.5. View InformationaboutSehtak Bil Denia program; program details, packages,includedtests, fees.6. Locate nearest Medlabs branch.7. BilingualInterface(Arabic/English).
HIV / AIDS Finger Test
Hiv / Aids test app is a quiz tester and a guide that explainshowyou can escape from contacting HIV aids virus, manage thisdeadlydisease and how you can cope up with friends or familymembersinfected with HIV / AIDS.Hiv / Aids test app is a quiztester and aguide, does not provide any medical test services.Incase you wouldlike to test your current HIV status, visit theclosest clinicalofficer for the test.Hiv virus is not like otherdiseases likemalaria, blood pressure, STDs, pneumonia, blood sugarwhich arecurable. Keen measures need to be adhered to.Hiv virusisindiscrimative of age, money, race, body weight, bloodgroup,family genes, gender etc. You need not to lie to yourselfthat youcan't get infected with HIV virus. You need to get thisfreeoffline hiv test app, read carefully through the guide andimproveyour awareness about this disease. Note, at the currentmobiletechnology, android mobile devices cannot be used to test HIV/AIDs virus. Avoid any prank app that tries to simulate HIVAIDSfinger scanner prank, HIV / AIDS finger detector prank,HIVCalculator prank , hiv aids test prank using your fingerprints.For example, fingerprint HIV / AIDs scanner prank app is nota realapp is a prank app which might cause tension and problems toyourlife.Only, use the best procedure to get tested for yourstatus(Visit the closest clinic for the test). Only medical testkits canbe used to test your blood for HIV. According to the WorldHealthOrganization (WHO), there were approximately 35 millionpeopleworldwide living with HIV/AIDS in 2013. Of these, 3.2 millionwerechildren (<15 years old).- A UNAIDS report shows that 19millionof the 35 million people living with HIV today do not knowthatthey have the virus.***HIV / AIDS Quiz tester features****♠Hivaids quiz test♠Fingerprint scanner prank (make app fun andgrowmore awareness) - To Get your quiz results.**** HIV / AIDStestguide app contains tips on ****♠ How HIV virus is spread♠ Howtoprevent from contacting this disease♠ How to treat HIV♠ Signsandsymptoms of HIV♠ HIV / AIDS and community wellfare (group)♠HIVAids and pregnancy♠ How to cope up with these disease incaseyouare infected♠ Aids and HIV medication Side effectsPreventionisbetter than cure. This hiv virus dictionary app can offer thebestsecurity guard quotes for your life, how you can manage withhardtimes and how you can protect yourself from contacting HIVvirus.Secure your love with HIV aids test guide app.Free todownload
Normal Lab Values
Normal Lab Values gives both non-medical readers andhealthprofessionals a fast-navigable and clearly structuredoverview ofthe main routine laboratory parameters and possiblecauses of theirincrease and decrease. Each lab contains importantclinicalinformation, critical lab values, differential diagnosesand etc.The Normal Lab Values are clearly arranged, alphabeticallyorderedand quickly located.The most commonly used clinicallaboratoryvalues and other useful relevant information such asBiochemistryTest, Haematology Test,Immunology Test, Serology Test,MicrobiologyTest, Molecular Test Detection, Hormone Test,SputumTest and etc.The application's interface is understandable, easy tonavigate.--More than 250 types of examinations for consultation;--Categories:Immunology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Hematology andNutritionand etc.-- Descriptions of the methodologiesused;DisclaimerAllinformation is current, but in view of thepossibility of humanerror or changes in medical guidelines, youshould always confirmthe information.We are not responsible forforms of applicationusage by user. Orient always seek a diagnosisand professionaltreatment for any medicalcondition.KeywordsMicrobiology test,blood test, disease,conditions, Health Record, Health Info, Diet,Nutrition,Biochemistry Test, Hematology Test, Immunology Test,Serology Test,Microbiology Test, Molecular Test Detection, HormoneTest, SputumTest ,Acid phosphatase, Adrenocorticotrophic hormone,Alaninetransaminase, Alkaline phosphatase, Alpha1-proteinase,inhibitor,Ammonia, Amylase, Ascorbic acid test, Aspartatetransaminase,Biotin, Blood urea nitrogen, Carr-price test,Catecholamines inurine, Ceruloplasmin, Chloride, Creatininekinase, Diabetes MellitusFolic acid, Follicle stimulating hormonetest, Gamma glutamyltranspeptidase, Glycosylated haemoglobin,Hematuria, High densitylipoproteins, Iron and iron bindingcapacity in serum, Lactatedehydrogenase, Low density lipoproteins,Lipase, Niacin, Protein,Prothrombin time tests
MED365 Healthcare, Lab Test
Why Med365 because It Matters:"Your Health" - Every test atMed365is done at certified laboratory by experience and qualifiesfleetof Doctors and technicians. Because your health is themostimportant thing for us! "Your Convenience" - With Med365 yourdon'thave to go anywhere, We will come to you and will send yourreportdirectly to your doctor.Because we understand howinconvenient areconventional labs; where you have to wait in line,give specimensat unhygienic place, either wait for hours or visitagain next dayto collect your report and then wait for treatmentuntil you canshow it to your doctor. "Your Budget" - With Med365our customersaves at every step, ~ 25% on his bill with more than4000 test inoffering including complex process like CT-Scan, MRI,Sonographyand other radiology procedure. Patient and Doctors/Providers canuse their Android™ powered smart phone or tablet toview patientlab results, patient demographics, and contactinformation relatedto those results.Med365 Mobile also offers thecapability to lookup additional information of Services or contactMed365scientific/medical experts from within theapplication.ForPatients, start with Med365 in 3 simple steps:1.Just few clicks onour APP to Submit your Lab request. Upload yourdoctor'sprescription Or select the test from list of more than~4000diagnostic procedures.2. Specimen CollectionA specimen iscollectedfrom your convenient location (your home, office etc.) orat yourdoctor's office.* for radiology test, our health expert willguideto nearest Med365 Lab.3. Processing and Result (~6 HOURS)Yoursample will be processed at one of our MED365 Lab and reportwillbe sent to you on your MED365 App, EMAIL, and to yourrequestingdoctor.Need Printed Report?Just visit our nearest Med365CareCentre to get free print. We can ever delivery your reports toyouon your door step with a small fees / minimal charges. 4. Wewillbe there for your all health needs at your door step, wewillalways remember you.For Doctors, give us call on 702.302.5000tosetup your medical practice on Med365 before results canbedelivered to Med365 Mobile App. This Med365results-on-the-goapplication offers• Quick, at-a-glance Inboxsummary list of yourpatients’ laboratory results• Access to eitherpreliminary or finalresults based on physician’s preference•Easy-to-read patientlaboratory results• Notifications for eithercritical, abnormal, orall results• Patient demographic data at yourfingertips along withthe ability to call patients• Convenientaccess to Med365 expertsand their contact information and e-mailaddressesThanks forTrusting Med365, Our goal is to make healthcaremore smarter,affordable and convenient for everyone 365 days ayear!!
PharmEasy - The Healthcare App
PharmEasy – India’s Leading Healthcare AppPharmEasy isIndia’slargest online healthcare subscription portal. WithPharmEasy appyou can order healthcare products, OTC products, etc.and get themdelivered to your doorstep. You can also book healthtests andpackages from the convenience of your home. Avail massivediscountsupto 70% on selected range of products & services.T&Capply.Currently, our doorstep delivery service is availableinMumbai (including Thane and Navi Mumbai), Delhi, Noida,Gurgaon,West Bengal, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, MadhyaPradesh,Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat includingmajormetros – Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, ChennaiandIndore.Diagnostic tests are available in Mumbai (includingThaneand Navi Mumbai), Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, BangaloreandAhmedabad.Features:Medical product orders: You can orderonlinewith PharmEasy. Your products will be delivered to you within24-48hours at no delivery cost. Moreover, you will save flat 20%onevery order. Discount applicable on selected products. Nominimumorder size. Diagnostic Tests: You get discounts up to 70% onhealthpackages and tests online with no sample pickup charges. Findlabsand book appointments for health tests. The results willbedelivered to your doorstep.Healthcare Products: We offer awidevariety of fitness and nutritional products, personal care,healthcare, diabetes care & OTC products online from brandslikePatanjali, GSK, Abbot, Accu-Check, Omron , Dabur, Nestle andmore.All items that we sell are 100% authentic and genuine. Wehavebrands like Monthly Refills: Opt for monthly refill and wewillensure that you get your products every month. No hassle andnoworry of running out dosageHelp Guide: Want to know more aboutwhatyou are consuming? Check out our help guide to know about theuses,side effects, cheaper substitutes and moreReminders: Neverforgetto take your dosage again. Set a reminder in a few easy stepsandwe will remind you!Process:1) Select from a list of healthtestsand packages or a wide range of health care products. You canalsoupload your recommended products by your physician2) Providetheaddress where you would like your products delivered or fromwhereyour health test sample pickup should take place3) Ourpartnerretailer will call you to confirm the healthcare productsyou needalong with their quantities or diagnostic tests in caseofdiagnostic orders. In case of a diagnostic sample pickup,ourpartner agent will collect your sample from your home atthescheduled time.4) Sit back and relax. Our partner delivery boywilldeliver your healthcare products right at your doorstep. Inthecase of a diagnostic sample pickup, our partner agent willdeliverthe results to youPress Coverage:1) Business World- - To allow you to take a photo of yourrecommendedmedications2) Contacts - To enable you to share referralcode3)SMS/Telephone - To auto confirm OTP while verifying yournumber4)Storage - To upload images from your gallery
DAMS TEST SERIES have Launched it's new 3.0.0 version availableforDownload and installation on all Android Smartphones.DAMSTESTSERIES(Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences) is number 1coachinginstitute for the PG medical entrance examinations NEET,AIIMS,PGI, UPSC, DNB & MCI screening. DAMS providesspecializedcourses which are designed by experts in the respectivefields leadby Dr. Sumer Sethi , who is a radiologist and washimself a topperin AIPG & AIIMS before. We assure to providebest coaching forNEET, AIIMS PG entrance, and PGI Chandigarh by oursincereeffort.Things have changed again with coming of DAMS AndroidApp.DAMS Identify the need for a mobile based education solutionforIndian students and with the growing android market, DAMShaslaunched an android app that enables students to prepare forexamsat their finger tips over their mobile phones.DAMS Android Appis apowerful exam Application which enables students to give testinoffline and online mode.Practice Test also available to findouthow much you score before you appear for your final exams.Usercandownload and give exam in offline mode and resultwillautomatically synchronize to online system. Download theandroidapp on your mobile and take a step forward in yourexamspreparation.Rate us and Share with your Friends .Some of theKeyFeatures:• More than 8000 questions that enhances all yourskills.•You can invite your friend via facebook , email and Sms.•Thisapplication will work on offline mode , which means nointernetconnection will be required once the user download thetest.• Youcan see Solution Report and Scorecard in offline modealso.• MarkImportant question as Benchmark for future reference. •Get updatedby latest News.• Auto-synchronization facility , whichmeans youtest data automatically sync to server as soon as youconnect tointernet.• Buy Package and again get ready to give moretest.•Connect with admin to solve your query by using Emailfeature.
EZLab – Lab Tests Online 1.12
EZ Lab is an online portal where various NABL & ISOcertifieddiagnostic labs are available to provide quality assuredhealthcareto the consumers. Our target is to make healthcaresimple,affordable & transparent. EZ Lab mobile app helps peopleinunderstanding the many medical lab tests that are part ofregularhealthcare, diagnosis, and treatment. Need to get a lab testdone?Don’t worry EZ Lab is here. You can easily order lab testsandhealth checkup online in Jaipur through EZ Lab’s mobile appfromthe comfort of your home. EZ lab provide hassle free booking oflabtests online at discounted prices as well as easy &securetracking of their medical records on just a single tap. Ourfreesample collection service from your doorstep save your time,effortand money by avoiding traffic jams, parking problem andlongqueues.Top reasons why you should book lab tests and healthcheckuponline on EZ Lab:1. Free Sample Collection Service fromYourDoorstep2. Book Your Lab Test Online in Less Than a Minute3.BookComplete Health Checkup Packages at Discount Price4. NoMinimumOrder Value5. Choose Your Nearest Lab6. Secure Tracking ofMedicalRecords7. Identify the Early Causes of Diseases8. HealthTips fromOur Network of Doctors9. Fast Delivery10. No Need to VisittheClinicSo what are you waiting for? Download EZ Lab mobile apptodayand book lab tests and health checkup online. Take charge ofyourhealth from today.
Home2Labs is an excellent application to ease effortsonmedical/laboratory tests for common people. It is a servicebasedapplication which will serve the needed to get immediatecheckupresults.
Hitech lab 7.0
Hi-Tech Laboratory Diagnostic Center is an emergingDiagnosticService provider on the horizon with a promise to ensureQuality,Reliability and Customer Care. Hi-Tech LaboratoryDiagnostic Centerhas ventured into the foray of complete DiagnosticServices bysetting up a State of the Art Central Clinical ReferenceLab atVaniyambadi, Tamil Nadu accredited and plans to grow andacquirebigger dimensions with an aim to become a global network ofhighlyautomated and sophisticated diagnostic laboratoriessynonymous withcutting-edge technology, accuracy, efficiency,dedicated customerservice and above all the stringent ethicalpractices
How many babies you will have
A child is a meaning of every person’s life, and pregnancy isthenews that will bring happiness to any home. If you askyourself“How many children will I have?” and every week make apregnancytest waiting for a positive result you can pass theinterestingtest and know the forecast of how many children you willhave. Theattachment is based on your current way of living.Development andtaking care of a child take a lot of time, a babyneeds a lot oflove and care but in spite of this the pregnancy isthe news thatwill make any girl happy and our interesting test willdefinewhether you are ready to become a parent. Our test contains20simple questions, for example, “Do you have younger brothersorsisters?” In order to get a true result you should try andanswerhonestly. We cannot guarantee precision of the result,everythingis only in your hands. The test is a forecast, so do nottake itseriously.
ClinicLab Laboratory FREE
Have you come across laboratory tests and did not know WHATtheymeant? Already suspected a diagnosis but forgot whichlaboratorytest would prove? Have you noticed that laboratory values​​undergoa change as your location? ClinicLab is the bestlaboratoryapplication, because with it you can add all the testsyou wantwith your own comments, observations and directions in allexams inaddition to indicate the main power situations,pathological orphysiological, in that they can be with the valuesraised orlowered. The application has been designed forhelpingprofessionals and students of saúde.Med. Since they can maketheirown laboratory encyclopedia pocket. Physicians, nurses,students,and others can enjoy this great app to lab.App with Ads
Phone Test (Hardware info)
Phone Test is a best free app allows you to show yourphoneinformations & test all your device hardware.You want tobuy aAndroid Phone or Android Tablet, but you do not make sureaboutthat phone information are correct with your research , allthatdevice hardware is operating correctly.Do not worry aboutthat,Phone Test will answer your question.Show thefollowing:*INFORMATION- Model- Brand- CPU- RAM- OS Version- Memory-Telephony*TEST HARDWARE- Sound- Vibration- Microphone- Brightness-LCDScreen- Touch- Multi Touch- Camera- Flash- Sensor- Compass-Wi-Fi-Bluetooth- Battery
QicDiagnoz-Health Tests Online
Most recommended app for booking health tests online Who hasthetime to search for a diagnostic centers, book an appointmentwith aspecialized center, take out time and undergo a healthcheckup?That’s right, nobody! Gone are the times when you have todriveacross town because you couldn’t get an appointment at thecenterclose to you. Search for medical laboratory diagnosticcenters nearyou in Hyderabad and book your health test online whilesitting inthe comfort of your home! And with offers like neverbefore getyour lab tests done at very best prices.• Search from ourbestpartnered diagnostic centres near you in Hyderabad• Up to 30%offon tests and packages• Request and schedule homediagnosticservices as per your convenience• Free sample collection& Freedelivery of hard copies of reports to your doorstep!•View yourreports online• Get live updates, alerts andnotifications•Payments can be made online or at the center• Onlinereports aredownloadable from the app• Dedicated support team tohelp you withall your queries• Highly secure and private data•Share option foronline reports• Add tests & followupsQicDiagnoz - Health testsbooking made easy now!With a widenetwork of best diagnosticcenters in Hyderabad, Qicdiagnoz ensuresthat you can find a placeto get your medical checkups done at yourconvenience. Just searchfor a center near you using your Phone’sGPS! In a few shortminutes, book the test you desire, at the centeryou desire, and ata time that suits your busy daily schedule. Don’tworry aboutexpenses either, as we offer up to 30% off on theseservices. Withthe option to book home services, you can get yourhealth checkupdone while at home. You can never miss an appointmentor a followup with Qicdiagnoz, as the app will notify you about thesame. Haveany queries/ issues with using the app/ making a booking/just anygeneral query, we offer 24/7 dedicated support for ourusers.Download the app, be healthy, wealthy, and you downloaded theapp,so of course you’re already wise!QicDiagnoz provide specialofferson health checkup packages like master health checkup,executivehealth checkup packages, Thyrocare Aarogyam packages andfull bodycheckups. Free sample collection for all kind of bloodtestsavailable. QicDiagnoz - Live More. Live Healthy. QicDiagnozaims toprovide immaculate solutions for the diagnosticneeds,whileassuring the best services to our customers, we tied updiagnosticcenters which provide top class laboratory services andfull-rangeof radiology services. We assure you go through a smoothprocesshaving your health checkup done. Why ignore regular healthcheckupswhen it can be done easy? Preventive health checkups aremust foreveryone above 30. It is better to nip off the diseases inthe budand it can only possible with preventive health checkups.Get intouch with us:☎ : 040-65456578Follow us on:Facebook:
All Blood Disease and Treatment
All blood disease and treatment app is for allblooddisorders,disease diagnosis,blood check up,treatmentandprevention.Blood information app on blood diseases affectingredblood cells,white blood cells,platelets,plasma,signs,symptomsanddiagnosis ,risk factors,disease prediction,and diseasetreatmentapp.Blood disorder is different from fungal infectioninskin,stomach infections,fungal infectiontreatment,stomachdisorders,stomach diseases or heart diseasetreatment.This app isfor blood disease information,disease andcauses,nursing care planfor all diseases,disease symptoms and itsmedicine,diseases andtreatment drugs,laboratory and diagnostictest.A medical app forsign symptoms diagnosis and treatment of alldisease of the bloodand fungal infection treatment.Features ofblood disease app;WhiteBlood Cells:-*Aplastic Anaemia*HIV/AIDS(hivtest,cd4count,hivtreatment)*Hypersplenism*Tuberculosis(tb)*Leukemia*Lupus*Rheumatoidarthritis*Myelodysplasticsyndromes*LympomaRed BloodCells:-*Iron-deficiency anemia*Anemia ofchronic disease*Perniciousanemia*Aplastic anemia*Autoimmunehemolyticanemia*Thelassemia*Sickle cellanemia*Polycythemiavera*MalariaPlatelets:-*Idiopathicthrombocytopenic purpura*Vonwillebrand disease*Thromboticthrombocytopenicpurpura*Essentialthrombocytothemia*HemophiliaPlasma:-*Hemophilia*Vonwillebranddisease*Hypercoagulable state*Deepveinthrombosis(DVT)*Disseminated intravascularcoagulation(DIC)Someblood diseases can be transmitted through blooddonation,sexualintercourse (hiv/aids),or throughcoughing(tuberculosis).Blood testapp(blood check up).This bloodtest are applicable. Blood grouptest,blood pressure test,bloodsugar test etc.Do not rely on fakeapps like blood group test withfinger,blood pressure checker,bloodpressure and sugar checker,bloodpressure app,blood sugar testfingerprint,blood scanner app,bloodpressure monitor,blood groupscanner,blood group test with fingerscanner,blood group test withfinger real,disease scannerprank,blood group tester,blood pressuretester,genuine bloodpressure checker,hiv/aids test,hiv testfingerprint,hiv/aids fingertest,white blood cell counter,bloodpressure calculator,diseasescanner prank,etc.Mobile fake apps cannot conduct a clinicalexamination(clinical lab test) since blooddisease like deep veinthrombosis(DVT),Thelassemia,sickle cellanemia,HIV/AIDS,Rheumatoidarthritis,hemophilia,aplasticanemia,tuberculosis,lupus,etc.Bloodtest such as blood pressurecheck,blood group,white blood cellcounter(Wbc counter),diseasescanner prank,disease test,CD4count,hiv test,blood sugartest,biospy,and other clinical skillscannot be conducted on mobiledevices.App for diseases and treatmentdrugs for blood disease (e.gthelassemia) and a blood disease andtreatment dictionary(blooddisease scan).Some blood disease canaffect the skin(lupus) toresemble skin diseases/skin disorders/skininfection.All BloodDisease and Treatment is about:*Disease symptomsand itsmedicine*Disease sign and symptoms*Blood testgroup(bloodscan,blood screen)*Blood Disease symptomsmatcher*Diagnosis andtreatment of disease*Blood diseases andtreatment drugs*BloodDisease prediction*Blood Diseaseinformation*Nursing care plan forall disease*Blood disease andcauses*Disorder and diseasedictionary for blood test*Body Diseasescanner*Laboratory anddiagnostic test*Symptoms and diagnosis*Bloodpediatric disease andtreatmentThis is a medical app for signsymptoms diagnosis andtreatment of disease.Provides information onlaboratory anddiagnostic test,medical examination,pediatric diseaseandtreatment,disease prediction,blood diseases andtreatmentdrugs,disease and causes,nursing care plan foralldisease,diagnosis and treatment of disease.
Easy Clinical laboratory
Have you ever be in doubt requesting a laboratorial testtoconfirm/discard a disease?Clinlab helps you to do this choice,itcomes with more than 100 disease with the laboratorial testesthatconfirm/discard the diseases.This application is designed tohelphealth professionals / students in laboratory testsrequest.However, the diagnosis should be based on history,physicalexamination (image, laboratories ...) and medical criteria."Theapplication developers are not responsible for use ofit."Poweredby Noia Tech
Quick LabRef
Quick LabRef for Android (Quick Clinical LaboratoryValuesReference) provides quick look at the up-to-date informationon themost commonly used clinical laboratory values and otherusefulrelevant information such as lab data in Microbiology,Physiology /Pathophysiology, Toxicology and etc. Normal valuesreference areprovided in both Conventional Units (CU) and, wheneveravailable,in units of the “Sistème International”(SI).Limitations:Thismobile app is free and intended to be just abasic reference. Freeapp is limited in its functionality, options,information coverage,cross-Android devices and Android OS versionscompatibility.Current version is not fully tablet-friendly andcompatible onlywith 7”-8.5" screen tablets. It is only Englishlanguage version.The following below options/functions have notbeen implemented (orimplemented with limitations) so please usethis app accordingly:-Search (implemented but limited)-Favorites/bookmarks- Detailedtest protocols - Abnormal valuesrationale (available for sometests, but not for all)- Patientnotes- Fancy or sophisticated GUIdesign (it is not an entertainmentapp!)Developer welcomes newrequests and potential ideas through themonetary sponsorship. Ifyou would like to be a generous sponsor forsupporting furtherapplication development toward applicationenhancement andimplementation of the new features and options,please emaildeveloper to discuss. Disclaimer:1. Nothing developerpresents inQuick LabRef Application concerning the health orclinical subjectsshould in any way be considered medical advice.2.This Applicationdoes not constitute an attempt to practicemedicine.3. While theapplication attempts to be as accurate aspossible, it should notbe relied upon as being comprehensive orerror-free.4. Theinformation and materials contained in QuickLabRef Application areintended solely for the general informationof the users.5. Theinformation presented in Quick LabRefApplication is intended as aneducation resource only and is notintended to diagnose healthproblems or to take the place ofprofessional medical care. 6. Anyinformation developer presents issolely of his understandingand/or interpretation of the material heever studied.7. If you oryour relative have persistent healthproblems or if you havefurther questions related to healthinformation, please consultyour health care provider.8. The usersof this Application assumeall responsibility and risk for usinginformation provided in thisApplication. Developer does notguarantee the accuracy orreliability and validity of anyinformation available through theApplication.9. This mobileApplication is provided on an "as is","as available" basis withoutwarranties of any kind. Developer doesnot guarantee thisApplication will ideally work for every user andon every mobiledevice.10. Users have a right to dislike thisApplication and canremove it from their respectful mobile devicesat any time.Developer does not obligate users in any way to keeptheApplication, nor use it.11. This mobile Application underconstantdevelopment and changes may be made in the topics andprogram at anytime. Please accept it as an ongoing project.Developer reserves theright to update Application at any time andas frequently asneeded.Please make sure you understand freeversion limitationsbefore start using this app.
Color Blindness Test
Color blindness test is completely free and will surely tellthecondition of your eyes, color blindness is also know ascolorvision deficiency, red–green color blindness is the mostcommonform, followed by blue–yellow color blindness and totalcolorblindness. Red–green color blindness affects up to 8% of malesand0.5% of females of Northern European descent- There are25questions to answer by seeing the colour figures- Wide varietyofcolor figures are chosen- After completion of test resultisdisplayed according to the users eye condition- A new colorgridtest is included to check attention of eyes on colorsNote:Firsttest is most important, we advice you please be careful andfocuswhile taking test
Blood Pressure- BP Check Prank
BP Check Point, find out when to get your blood pressure tested,howthe test is done, and what your result means. so check thebpchecking app and sugar check through finger.Blood PressureCheckeris really Calculates your blood pressure andsugar.FingerprintBlood Pressure will tell you the easiest way bloodpressure, aswell as your heart rate. Application will calculateyour bloodpressure index.Fingerprint Blood Pressure Checker hasbest and highdefinition image qualities. Fingerprint Blood Pressureiscompatible with almost every android device.Download thebloodpressure Checker application and make fun with yourfriends.Actually this blood pressure monitor application is aprank. thisapplication shows you high blood pressure, low bloodpressure andnormal blood pressure.Just place your thumb on thumbscanner area.Blood pressure machine calculate / measure your bloodpressure onrun time and shows your blood pressure chart.Fingerprintbloodpressure Checker is a awesome prank application foreveryone.FingerBlood Pressure Checker app is just prank scanner tocalculate bloodpressure.This app is just prank scanner to calculateyour bloodpressure.You can check blood pressure with thumb. gettingvalue foryour bp or you can use use thumb scanner. finger bloodpressurechecker application is very easy to use anduserfriendly.Fingerprint Blood Pressure Checker Prank is thebestapplication for fooling your friends. people would think as ifitis a real blood pressure and sugar calculating application.Areyoua high blood pressure patient? Do you check Blood pressure dailyorweakly? Do you maintain your blood pressure log? Well thisbloodpressure checker is a free android Blood Test application justforfun and joke, tap prank application to play with your friendandfamily. you can test fake blood pressure of your old fatherandmade his satisfied with the normal blood pressurereadings.Actually this elevated blood pressure monitor applicationshows youhigh blood pressure, low blood pressure and normal bloodpressure.However this instant Blood pressure checker is a fakeapplicationbut it can be a good tracking blood pressure treatmentfor highblood pressure patients. Blood pressure machine calculate /measureyour blood pressure and heart beat rate and it is a tentionfreesmart phone android application.Try it out ! it isfreeentertainment App for Pranksters with new style of HightBloodpressure Test Fingerprint Blood Pressure laser Scannercalculatoris a prank application and blood test uses to prank yourfriendstill then android has not ability to calculate the bloodpressureof a human body, but your friends don’t known about this.So foolthem with fingerprint blood pressure calculator.***Features***- AHigh quality realistic blood Pressure level checkdigital device.-Works on the base of your finger prints scanner-Realistic scanninganimations- Simulate blood pressure monitorsounds.- DigitalDisplay format of Blood pressure readings. -Measuring bloodpressure and heart rate measurements for freewithout internetconnection- Finger Blood Pressure Prank FREE funfor all.- FingerBlood Pressure Prank is completely free download
Erectile Dysfunction Self-Test 2.3
Self-Test on Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Enlargement.Aprofessional screening test consisting of 4 parts that checksforsymptoms of erection issues (also known as 'Impotence' / 'ED'/'Erectile Dysfunction' or 'Erection problems') in men, one ofthemost common sexual disorders.Compiled by psychotherapist,couple& sex therapist R.L.Fellner (Vienna, Austria). The testoffersa full analysis of all 4 integrated tests for FREE and allowsfor afairly reliable assessment on whether you have to dealwithErectile Dysfunction or not.If the app has found indicationsforED, you can activate an additional in-depthquestionnaire(optional, by in-app payment after the completion ofthe ED test)which provides a rigorous check for a very wide rangeof likely*causes* of your erection issues (including medical ones)plus anin-app analysis of all your answers so far, *alongwithpersonalized recommendations and advice* compiled by thecounselor.According to feedbacks, many men have accomplished to getrid - orat least remarkably improve - their erection issues usingthiscollection of ideas and hints to apply in real life.-Usingthisself-test can not replace a personal diagnosis/checkup by adoctorand/or sex therapist.-
Blood Test Result 1.0
Gyan Badaye
"Blood Test Result" app,you will know that, What is the normalrangeof each part of Blood test? What is the normal maximum andnormalminimum result in each part of a Blood test? For instance,what idthe normal range of uric acid? What is the normal whiteBlood cellcount? etc.Blood test result Values gives bothnon-medical readersand health professionals a fast-navigable andclearly structuredoverview of the main routine laboratoryparameters and possiblecauses of their increase and decrease.Eachresult contains importantclinical information, critical labvalues, differential diagnosesand etc. The Normal Lab Values areclearly arranged, alphabeticallyordered and quicklylocated.Whether you are a patient looking foranswers that mightreassure you about your health, or a medicalpractitioner seekingquick confirmation regarding a particular test,this app puts theinformation into the palm of your hand.This appshows the contentonto your mobile device or tablet, meaning youwon’t be dependenton an Internet connection to navigate to theinformation you need,when you need it.Includes labs frombiochemistry, haematology(hematology), immunology, toxicology,microbiology, virology andgenetics departments plus common screensfrom neurology,respiratory, rheumatology, endocrinology,cardiology,gastroenterology and oncology.Even after these importantpointsPlease see:-1.Biochemistry Test2.Test : 5-Hydroxyindole3-aceticacid in urine3.Hematology Test4.Immunology &SerologyTest5.Microbiology Test Alphabetically6.MolecularTestDetection7.Hormone Test8.Sputum TestFeature of This App :--ItIsFree App..You Can Run & Read This App Offline AlsoSo,Don'tWaste Your important Time Here And There Download This...WehopeThat, It is helpful To You...
Blood Test Guide
Blood Test Guide - Understand your Blood Test Report. You canfindyour NEAREST Blood Test Labs/Laboratories, NEAREST Hospitals&NEAREST Blood Banks around you, reach them using the Directionandshare it your FriendsTHE MOST ATTRACTIVE & INFORMATIVEMedicalApplication - Its very much clear & simplified ReferenceGuidefor everyone to understand their Blood Test Report ineasierway.Blood Test Results: Your Guide to Understanding theNumbers,and so if the next time you have blood work done; you’ll beable toread the results like a pro!A blood test is a laboratoryanalysisperformed on a blood sample that is usually extracted froma veinin the arm using a needle, or via fingerprick.Referenceranges forblood tests are sets of values used by a healthprofessional tointerpret a set of medical test results from bloodsamples.A basicmetabolic panel measures sodium, potassium,chloride, bicarbonate,blood urea nitrogen (BUN), magnesium,creatinine, and glucose. Italso sometimes includes calcium.Someblood tests, such as thosethat measure glucose, cholesterol, or fordetermining the existenceor lack of STD, require fasting (or nofood consumption) eight totwelve hours prior to the drawing of theblood sample.In Blood TestGuide App, it provides all kind ofinformation about each elementwith their Ranges for Normal as wellas Clinical persons and moredetails about the Causes ofincrease/decrease and more. The mostimportant elements discussed inthis applicationareGlucoseSodiumPotassiumMagnesiumChlorideBloodUreaNitrogenCreatinineBun/CreatinineRatioUricAcidPhosphorusCalciumAlbuminCalcium/AlbuminRatioGlobulinA/GRatioAlkaline PhosphataseSGPT/ALT&SGOT/ASTGGTLDHMCVMCHT3T4TotalProteinIronFerritinTriglyceridesCholesterolLDLCholesterolHDLCholesteral/HDLRatioCO2WhiteBloodCellsNeutrophilsMonocytesLymphocytesEosinophilsBasophilsRedBloodCellsHemoglobinHematocritPlateletsReticulocyteCountT7T-3UPTAKETSHESRThe contents of this Application are forinformationalpurposes only and are meant to be discussed with yourphysician orother qualified health care professional before beingacted on. TheRanges, Causes, Clincal Notes & Nutrition are onlyto providegeneric information only & the purpose to providebetterexplanation for the users to know more accurate aboutincrease& decrease of each elements & empowering to takecontrol oftheir health.Never disregard any advice given to you byyour doctoror other qualified health care professional. Always seekthe adviceof a physician or other licensed health care professionalregardingany questions you have about your medical condition(s)andtreatment(s). This application is not a substitute formedicaladvice.
Personality Trait Test
Albert Einstein once said, "Everyone is a genius. But if you judgeafish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its wholelifebelieving that it is stupid”. Grab the opportunity to knowmoreabout your true potential by our free Personality Test thatclaimsto KNOW YOU BETTER THAN YOUDiscover yourself from acompletely newperspective. Take a free Personality Test & learnmore aboutyourself than you've in the last 10 years. Find yourperfect careerand improve your relationships by understanding aboutdifferentpersonality types. Invite your friends & family tofind yourpersonality match score &compatibility.—————————————————TOPRATED in Personality Test andRelationship Test apps! Featured5-star reviews:“Karen GreerCarriker: Great App! - Very accurate.Agrees with my larger ( andmore expensive ) MB testresults.”“Amanda Lowe: Excellent tool -Easy to use and lots ofinformation”“Abhijiit Deshpande: GenuineAnswer = PerfectResult”“Shannon Linquist: Surprised about theresults - I've takenthe Jung/Meyers personality test online a fewtimes. When I startedthis app I was very skeptical due to thelayout of the questions(only three choices per question). Theofficial test gives 5choices. However, I was surprised and pleasedto the accuracy ofthe results. Very well done!”“Becky Edition -Excellent! - By farone of the most accurate assessments I havetaken. You will beamazed at how the results parallel your innerthoughts andfeelings. With each test taken by my friends and me thecareersthat were listed were actual choices that had been made ineveryinstance! Try this out! You're going to love it!”“Jenny Chan :ITSINCREDIBLE - Brilliant, fantastic and accurate. Not some phonyappthat asks useless questions. Its a really psychological andalsological app. It really opens out to the inner you or the realyou.It made me realize whats my weakness and strengths are..itskindascary. LOL You should try it. You will be amazed and shockedby theresults. :D “—————————————————ABOUT PERSONALITYTEST:OurPersonality test or assessment are designed to quicklyandaccurately determine your personality type according to theBriggsMyers theory. Based on the theory of 16 Personalitytypesoriginally developed by Psychologist Isabel Briggs MyersonResearch work of Carl Jung.KEY FEATURES:- One of the mostaccuratepersonalities test- Discover In-Depth profile of all16personalities - Boost relationships by learning aboutother'spersonality type- Premium 16-Career Report in PDF-DownloadDescriptive test results in PDF- Match your Personalitywithfriends & family- Compatibility score with yourpartner-Personality Development Tips- Complete ProfileBackupPRACTICALAPPLICATION:Find Perfect Path:It is also a greattool fordiscovering your perfect career path! Just take thePersonalityTest, find your personality type and then launch yourcareer withextensive 16 pages career report based on yourPersonalityType.Improve Relationships:By knowing more aboutpersonality typesof your close ones, People can increase theirunderstanding ofreactions to situations and know how to bestcommunicate with themon a level which they will understand. Our appcompares yourpersonality types and gives you a compatibilityscore.Discoveryourself:Help individuals understand themselvesbetter by knowingtheir personal strength and blind spots. Nobody inthe world isperfect but we can achieve great success by harnessingour naturalstrengths.Why wait? Take a free Personality TestToday!!*****Attention to existing users of v2.13 ******This updatewould eraseall user data of v2.13 of app, released last yr 29thMar. Backuprecommended Please email us atsupport@personalitytraittest.comabout any issues or bugs instead ofpoor rating. We are workinghard on it and it's still in developmentphase. We promise willdeliver our best.ThanksPersonality Trait Testteam
Fingerprint Blood Sugar SPO2 Test Checker Prank ⚕️ 1.0.0
Fingerprint Blood Sugar SPO2 Test Checker is a prankapplicationwhich uses random methodology to calculate bloodglucoselevel/blood sugar level. This application is mainly designedforthe user to have great amount of fun. The application alsocreatesunintentional awareness towards health, user starts keeplooking athis/her blood sugar level and if that person wishes tocontrolhis/her blood sugar level than it is highly recommended thatthisperson should not take so many carbohydrates and do dailyexerciseand walk. High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) or low bloodsugar level(hypoglycemia) happen when a person’s body is notgenerating theinsulin properly as insulin controls the blood sugarlevel thisprocess is also known as homeostatic mechanism. Body massindex(BMI) is also a key factor in determination of aperson’swellness.Key FeaturesA. No internet or Wi-Fi required.B.RealisticGraphic. C. Variety of Animations and GuidelinesD. HighDefinitionDisplay. E. Specialized visual and sound effects.F. Freeforeveryone, No In-App purchases.G. Intuitive design.H. UserfriendlyinterfaceI. Attractive and easy to use interface.Guidelinesto usethis ApplicationA. Launch Blood Sugar Level ApplicationB.Selectyour GenderC. Place your thumb/finger on the screenD. Hold onandsee the ResultDisclaimerFingerprint Blood Sugar SPO2 TestCheckeris a prank application designed exclusively for those userwho loveto have fun in their meet ups and gatherings. Users arerecommendedto not believe any of the findings of the game.
Validity Test For BGA 1.0
Anwar Jalling
Blood Gas Analysis is very important for diagnosis of acid–basebalance disorders. This diagnostic test should be properlyused andthe results should be correctly interpreted as occasionallytheabnormality may be so severe so as to become alife-threateningrisk factor. This application has been made toverify theconsistency of Blood Gas Analysis report by the ModifiedHendersonEquation.
Laboratories application provides simple information aboutroutinelab tests including normal, abnormal values andresultinterpretation.It was written in a simple language to beunderstoodby general public.It can be a useful tool for students,patientsand health care workers.A free lab medical consultationisavailable for users to enquire about their labreports.MedicalConsultation Work TeamDr. Ehab Badran RakhaMDClinicalPathology.Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine,MansouraUniversity, Egypt.Consultant Clinical Pathology, KingKhalidHospital, Hail, Saudi Arabia.Dr. Yousuf Khan KhasimDiplomainClinical Pathology, Rajiv Gandhi University of HealthSciences,India.Specialist Clinical Pathology, King Khalid Hospital,Hail,Saudi Arabia.All rights reserved forSenior Lab. specialistMr.Alshammri MutlaqLab. Specialist Mr. Alfouzan FayezHail,SaudiArabiaFor
Eye Test - Eye Exam
Check for common eye problems like near or farsightedness andmuchmore in the comfort of your own home. With Eye Test your eyehealthis literally in your own hands.Take our comprehensive eyeexamtoday and join more than 2 million people who screen theirvisionwith the number one eyesight app in the Play Store! WhatWeofferFree and simple to use tests to screen your visionanywhere,anytime. Keep track of your eyesight and ensure thatyou’re alwayson top of your eye health. Developed with the help ofeye careprofessionals, these tests are based on the most proventechniquesin ophthalmology. Eye Test checks for some of the mostcommonvision problems, such as:• errors likenearsightedness,farsightedness and astigmatism. These vision testsare based onstandard charts (Snellen chart, LogMAR chart,Golovin–Sivtsevtable, Landolt C / Japanese Vision Test, Tumbling Echart)•blindness and color perception disturbances• cataracts•maculardegeneration• dry eye• accommodation spasm• andothersFeatures• 12eye tests to track vision improvement• 8 eyehealth quizzes tocheck your knowledge on the most common visionproblems• ResultsTracking, allowing you to see how your visionimprovesEye Test canbe used for:• personal vision screening at theconvenience of yourown home• general eye exam to check if adoctor's visit isrequired• vision tests in schools and workplaces•patients who needdaily vision monitoring • prevention of eyediseases and conditions
Lab Values 3.0
Manage and check your laboratory values / bloodtestresults.Approximately 140 of the most frequentlymeasuredlaboratory values (eg erythrocytes, haemoglobin,cholesterol,HbA1c, ferritin, sodium, potassium, creatinine, TSH,...) havealready been included in the app. The measured values canbechanged and complemented. If other reference ranges areapplicablein your case, these can also be modified.The most recenttestresults are displayed on the start page. With one click you gettothe history. Quickly find results with the filter function.Alldatais stored solely on the device. The app does not have access totheInternet. No advertising.Laboratory values requires onlythefollowing permission:- Change, read and delete USB memorycontentsFor the import and export of the saved data.Please try thefreeversion of laboratory values before deciding to purchase thefullversion. The free version is limited to a maximum of 15testresults but has the same functionality as the fullversionotherwise. In case of a later purchase, the data can betransferredby means of an import and export.
Calculations for boiler lines and pipes
Talathi Bharti 1.3
Pune Apps
Talathi is an App for Talathi Bharti and other recruitmentexamslike Gramsevak Bharti, MPSC, PSI, ZP Bharti and othergovernmentjobs. Talathi App has hundreds of practice and previousyearquestions for exam preparation.Every week we are adding anewsample/practice question paper or previous year questionpaper.Questions in the app cover subjects like Marathi,English,Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, ComputerAwareness andGeneral Awareness.Please feel free to give yourfeedback on theTalathi App. We will try our best to make it betterand more usefulto you as per your feedback.You can send us
Blood Test Results Explained
This App help with interpreting or understanding bloodtestresults?Blood Test Results Explained ... ... Need helpwithinterpreting or understanding blood test results?
Fingerprint Blood Sugar Checker SPO2 Test Prank 🚑 1.0.0
Fingerprint Blood Sugar Checker SPO2 Test is a prankapplicationuser can use this application while you are sittingalone andgetting bored. Hyperglycemia is the high blood glucoselevel whichcan be controlled with insulin that is naturallyproduced bypancreas within the body. Diabetes patient usemedication tobalance blood sugar level as sometime blood sugarlevel of anindividual might get low which is known as hypoglycemia.Obtainingblood glucose level via fingerprint or thumb impression isnotauthentic so glucose meter is used for this purpose. Bloodsugarlevel mostly increases due to proportion of carbohydrates thatanindividual takes in his/her daily diet so it is advisedthatdiabetic must keep their diet balanced and indulge them inhealthyactivities.Guidelines to use this Application:1. LaunchBlood SugarLevel Application2. Select your Gender3. Place yourthumb/finger onthe screen4. Hold on and see the ResultKeyFeatures:1. No internetrequired 2. Realistic Graphic 3. HighDefinition Display4. Free foreveryone 5. User friendly interface6.Intuitive Design.7. Soundeffects.8. Visual effect.9. Animations& Guidelines.Disclaimer:Fingerprint Blood Sugar Checker SPO2Test is prankapplication, and users shall take this application asfun, thisapplication doesn’t intend to deceive any user as thumbimpressionis not authentic way to calculate blood sugar level.
Simple, searchable, beautiful medical results referencerangeapp!Presenting lab references, diagnostic screens andtestbatteries together with the right tube for each test, Resultsactsas a portable pocket guide for one of the most common juniordoctorjobs.Perfect for FY / junior doctors, phlebotomists,consultants,nurses, midwives, physiotherapists and otherhealthcareprofessionals!It has a simple, professional design andthe abilityto search instantly through all tests. Lab Results isperfect foruse in everyday clinical practice. With up-to-dateinformation, itcan save time and improve patient care.Includes labsfrombiochemistry, haematology (hematology), immunology,toxicology,microbiology, virology and genetics departments pluscommon screensfrom neurology, respiratory, rheumatology,endocrinology,cardiology, gastroenterology and oncology!Includedare allergyscreen, arterial blood gases, arthritis screen, ataxiascreen,auto-antibody screen, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), dementiascreen,demyelination, extractable nuclear antigens (ANAs), firstseizure,functional antibodies, haemolysis screen, headacheadmission, HLAsubtypes, liver screen, lymphocyte subsets, myelomascreen,myopathy screen, neuro-vasculitis, nutrition profile,tumour(tumor) markers, vasculitis screen, young movement disorderandyoung stroke screen! Permissions:Internet - for anonymousappanalytics; for adverts.Access network state - for anonymousappanalytics; for adverts.Billing - to allow user to 'buy me acoffee'and remove adverts.Note anonymous analytics can be disabledinpreferences.
Massi 1.0
Fiigo app
proofBienvenidos a mi canal! Soy Massi, tu senpai que te hará reírysobre todo divertirte mucho viendo mis vídeos! Suscríbete paranoperderte ningún vídeo y sé un platanuki más de la familia!
Galexy Dual Photo Frames
“GALAXY DUAL PHOTO FRAMES "is an app where you can keepyourmemorable pictures in your own style in space photoframes.Decorate your photos with these incredible galaxyframes.GalaxyPictransforms your images with beautifulGalaxy&SpaceeffectsDevice compatibility: Our photo frames hasbeen tested onlatest devices such as Nexus 6p, Nexus 6, Nexus 5,Samsung GalaxyS5, Galaxy Note 7, Nexus 7, HTC One, Motorola Moto G,Moto X Forceand Sony Xperia Z. All ❤‿❤Features❤‿❤1. Select imagefrom cameraand gallery.2. Crop: The perfect photo is just one cropaway! Tapto resize and trim3. Photo Filters: From the romantic tothedramatic, we have dozens of special effects to make yourpictureslook good.4. This photo editor, enables you to, edit yourpics byaltering the size of its border and by changing its colorandpattern.5. Adjust images, within a photo frame, for makingsomeunique image.6. Supports plenty of photo effects, there arearound31 photo effects7. Add Text With Many Fonts, Size,Rotate,Scale& Color Options On The Frame.8. Export yourfavoritephotos directly Facebook, Instagram or Twitter9. Rotate,scale,zoom in-out,flip or drag the photo to fit the frame as youlike!10. This app supports all screen resolutions of mobile andtabletdevices. 11. Set your masterpiece as HD wallpaper.12. Nointernetconnection required.13. Smooth & Simple UI Experiences.