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Visual Reflexes 1.1
You're fast like a rocket ... or as slow asaturtle!?!For example, your smartphone is falling ! Can you take it on thefly... or is it a goner?play VISUAL REFLEX FULL and FREE!Do you REALLY fun training your reflexes! Maybe you will becomeasuperhero!... or at least will become faster than your friends!Visual Reflex is a unique game in its genre!It tests your reflexes by stimulating the ability ofvisualrecognition: fundamental to react fast!You can more easily avoid a fall, avoid an obstacle , to perceiveadanger, an object to be seized..."The speed in reacting depends on how long it takes our brainstoperceive a shape, figure out how to act and activatethereaction.If the train speed understanding of the forms will increasethespeed of your reflexes! "THE GAME------------------------------Look at the shapes and the corresponding touches quicklybut...deformed , broken, crushed , as amended , hidden and shot !Concentrate and use your skills to the fullest, you havelimitedtime and only three errors available !and ... watch out!Multiple levels exceed , the more your reflexes are put to thetestby the many variations of the game !Visual Reflex offers you:------------------------------> A fun and challenging game modes that REALLY trainyourreflexes .> Many variants that change the game making it more andmoredifficult ... how many levels will overcome ?> Statistics and final results .> Compare your records with all players in the world! Who istheplayer the fastest reflexes !> Graphics and music elegant and modern" Improve every day with the training "- Bruce Lee___________________________________________Search our official page Smallthing and follow us on FacebookandTwitter .You will discover exclusive news, tricks and tips on ourgames!Visit our website :www.smallthinggame.comFollow also our blog:smallthinggame.blogspot.comIf you want to propose improvements , advicewrite
Rooftop Reflex 1.8
Divided Games
Use your weapons to fight your wayacrosstherooftops and survive for as long as you can. Collectcoinstounlock more guns to cause more destruction.Features- 12 Weapons- 4 Outfits in both male and female forms- 9 different enemies- 4 Upgrades- Missions- Procedural Generated Gameplay- Google Play Games Achievements- Google Play Games LeaderboardsPermissions:This app uses the "Internet" permission so that crash logscanbesent to the developer.Note: Music will only play in devices with Android4.1orgreaterIf you have any problems running the app, please send usamemailso we can try and resolve the problem.