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Tuya Smart
Tuya Smart. Smart life, smart living• Remotely controlhomeappliances from anywhere• Add and control multiple devices atoncewith one App• Voice control via Amazon Echo and GoogleHome•Interworking of multiple smart devices. Devicesautomaticallystart/stop working based on temperature, location andtime.• Easilyshare devices among family members• Receive real-timealerts toensure safety• Easily and quickly connect Tuya Smart Appto devices
Smart Life - Smart Living
Smart life, smart living• Remotely control home appliancesfromanywhere• Add and control multiple devices at once with oneApp•Voice control via Amazon Echo and Google Home• Interworkingofmultiple smart devices. Devices automatically start/stopworkingbased on temperature, location and time.• Easily sharedevicesamong family members• Receive real-time alerts to ensuresafety•Easily and quickly connect Tuya Smart App to devices
RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan
================================================ImportantNoticeSupportfor the RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan app endedon April 30,2018.We recommend using the successor app, RICOHSmartDeviceConnector. Settings, Scan Settings, Authentication Settings, andthedevices registered in the RICOH Smart Device Print&Scanappsuch as MFP’s, printers, and print servers can be imported totheRICOH Smart Device Connectorapp.================================================RICOH SmartDevicePrint&Scan has the following features:Print-Print photosin anAndroid device.-Print PDF documents stored in anAndroiddevice.-Print texts saved to the clipboard.-Print webpagesdisplayed in RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan.-Print imagesor PDFsaved in cloud storage.*1-Print photos or documents openedfromanother application using [Application Selection].*2-SetPrintsettings such as staple.*3-Print securely using the usercodeauthentication or Locked Print function.-Print using theon-demandprint option.*4-Print using the Location Freeprintserver.*5Scan-Import the PDF documents and images withScanner.-SetScan settings such as resolution and file type.-Savethe scanneddata on Android device to the cloud storage.-Send thescanned dataon Android device to other applications using[ApplicationSelection].Others-Searching for printers or MFPsonBonjour.-Registering printers or MFPs with IPaddressorHostname.*1: Support cloud storages areDropbox/GoogleDrive.*2:Itdoes not mean that you can print in theall applications and fileformat.*3: You may not be able to setparameters depending on theprint file format, print method,printers or MFPs.*4: On-demandprint application to print with:Enhanced Locked Print NX V2*5: LFprinter server to print with:Enhanced Locked Print NX FlexReleaseServer V2
Muzzley - Smart Home
Create and enjoy your Smart Home with Muzzley!Muzzley allows youtoconnect with and manage all your smart devices in the sameapp!Through a wifi or 4G connection, you can control them anytime,fromanywhere!With our new behavioural intelligence feature, Muzzleyisable to learn from you, suggesting useful use cases foryourdevices, as well as new devices for your home, helping youtocreate the perfect smart home! You don’t need to adjust toyourhome anymore… now your home adjusts to you! Create your own setofautomation rules (we call them “Agents”) & connect yourdevicesaccording to your needs, without even having to open theapp! Whenyou go to bed at night, do you want to turn on the alarm?EASY!When you come home, do you want your living room lights toturn on?CONSIDER IT DONE! Want to set your home’s thermostat to therighttemperature right after you leave work? YOU GOT IT!With somanydevices available, automation options and suggestions,Muzzleytakes care of the boring tasks, making easy for you to enjoyyourSmart Home.FEATURES* Wide range of compatible devices,including:Cloogy Power Plug, Wink Hub (Lights added through theWink Hub:Hampton, Connected Cree, Commercial Electric, TCP LED,OSRAM, GELink, Philips Hue ; Locks added through the Wink Hub:Kwikset,Schlage), Nest Thermostat, Nest Smoke Detector, WithingsScale,Koubachi Plant Sensor, Milight and Easybulb, TCP lighting,RachioIro Sprinkler, Insteon Hub V2 (model 2245-222), iHealth,Beurer,Misfit, FitBit, Jawbone, Lockitron, GreenIQ, Automatic,Egardia,LIFX* Behavioural based Suggestions* Shortcuts In-app withWidgetfeature* Home Automation* Security & Surveillance*HealthTracking* Manual/Remote Control* Location and Time basedAgents,and much more!We are here to help! If you have any questionsand/orsuggestions, please email us at We arealwaysavailable for our users!
A modular and easy to use home automation ecosystem that makesyourexisting appliances intelligent and energy efficient. Plugs intoyour existing setup without the need for wiring, structuralchangesor even an internet connection!
openHAB - "empowering the smart home" - vendor andtechnologyagnostic open source home automationopenHAB is aJava-basedopen-source home automation platform that integrates andcombines avast range of different smart home systems andtechnologies intoone single solution.On top of the unifiedabstraction layer allconnected devices are available for theoverarching automation ruleengines and different userinterfaces.Supported ProductsOver 200specific add-ons providesupport for brands, devices, technologiesand communicationprotocols. Examples are Z-Wave, Philips Hue,Amazon Echo, Chromecastand Sonos. Discover all available add-onsand supported devicesand/or functions at:•Home AutomationSolutions: Z-Wave, EnOcean, Netatmo, Homematic,Insteon, ...•Lighting: Philips Hue, Ikea Trådfri, LIFX, Lutron,Milight, ...•Heating: Max!, Nest, Vitotronic, Heatmiser, ...•HomeEntertainment: Samsung TV, LG TV, Sonos, Pioneer AVR,Squeezebox,Kodi, Plex, ...• Security: ZoneMinder, DSC, ...• OpenProtocols:HTTP, TCP/UDP, MQTT, Serial, ...• Special UseCases:Minecraft,Tesla Car, Weather Services, ...• ...Open SourceCommunityTheopenHAB open source initiative strongly supports itsvibrantcommunity. The forum with over 13,000 registered users is aplaceto find guidance, help and inspiration. Join the openHABcommunityforum over at https://community.openhab.orgWhen you findan issueplease report it in the forum orat you wanttotranslate the app into your language join usat Foundation e.V. is a nonprofit organizationwith themission to educate the public about the possibilities andbenefitsof free and open smart home solutions. Learn about themission andthe services of the foundationunderhttps://www.openhabfoundation.orgImportant noteYou need anopenHABserver for this app
Axial Control Paid
Axial Control (Formerly InControl Home Automation) allows youtocontrol your z-wave and clipsal lights and other appliancesfromyour phone. Features- Page dashboard with assignableshortcuts-Cloud Support & Direct Connect options- Check to seeif yourlights are currently turned on or off- Turn lights anddevices onand off- Control light dim level- Control Z-WaveThermostats (fanon/off, cool/heat & temperature)- Scene setupand activation-Scene triggers and conditions- Scene & DeviceWidgets- Createevents -- like Sunset and Sunrise -- and turn on oroff lights-Advanced Rule creation- Window/Door Sensor support-Open/closegarage doors- Device Timer - Z-Wave Support- Z-Wave locksupport-Sonos Support (Control Zone Players & Z-Wave devices inasingle scene)- Belkin WeMo switch support- Multi-Usersecurity-Clipsal Support- Tasker integration for voice control(Tasker >Action> Plugins > InControl)Please note: Requiresfree PCsoftware available at and a compatibleUSBZWave controller. Some features require paid version ofAxialServer software.For support, questions or to request newfeaturesvisit
Nintendo Switch Parental Cont…
Nintendo Switch Parental Controls™ is a free app for smartdevicesto keep you engaged with your family's gaming activitiesonNintendo Switch.◆ A Nintendo Switch console with thelatestavailable system version is required to use this app.Thisisrecommended for people worried about things such as:1. Is mychildspending too much time playing games?2. What kind of games ismychild playing?3. Are the games my child isplayingage-appropriate?Below are three special features of theNintendoSwitch Parental Controls app:1. Monitor play time onyourconsole.Set a play-time limit and the console will notifyusersthat the time limit has been reached.Parents and guardianscancheck the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app to see if thetimelimit has been followed.It is also possible to suspendgameplayautomatically when the play-time limit is reached.2. Checkup onyour console's gameplay.The summary function allows you toeasilysee what games have been played on the console recently andhowmuch time was spent playing each day.View daily reports andmonthlysummaries of play activity. If you choose to receivepushnotifications, you'll be notified when a new monthly summaryisavailable.It's an easy way to see what kind of games your familyisinterested in.3. Restrict console features.NintendoSwitchfunctions can be restricted to prevent the console fromplayinggames above a certain age rating.Attention:◆ An Internetconnectionis required to use this app. Cellular data may be used. ANintendoAccount (for ages 18 and up) is also required.◆Restrictions toNintendo eShop purchases can be set from NintendoAccountsettings.◆ Your use of this app is subject to the NintendoAccountUser Agreement available at◆ In orderto makeuse of all of the features and settings available in theNintendoSwitch Parental Controls app, all registered NintendoSwitchconsoles need to be using the latest system version.
everHome Smart Home
Just start the SmartHome!Make your home intelligent andcomfortable.Start with smart lighting controls for comfort andsafety. Automateroller shutters, blinds and awnings withoutcomplicated wiring.Control underfloor heating and radiators smartand save energy andmoney.Test the everHome features even withouteverHome CloudBox bysimply registering for free in the everHomeportal or the everHomeapp and try out everHome.By purchasing aneverHome CloudBox you getunlimited access to the everHome portalthrough your everHomeaccount. In the everHome portal, you canstore devices, groups andscenes in order to control your lighting,heating and other devicesautomatically or via a SmartPhone ortablet.You need an everHomeCloudBox as a gateway between the 433MHz and 868 MHzRadio networksof your actuators and sensors and theInternet. The everHomeCloudBox is connected to your existingrouter via an controlManually control thelighting manually or viascheduling. Enjoy the convenience of smartlighting control whilesaving energy costs.Shutters, blinds,awningsManually control blindsand shading with a push-button,smart via the everHome app andautomatically with planning takinginto account sunrise andsunset.Heating controlLet everHomeoptimally control the comforttemperature for every room in yourhome and save energy costs bycost-effectivelyheating.SafetyVarious sensors are available tomonitor your home.The everHome app informs you about abnormalities,even if you arenot at home.PresenceUse your SmartPhone to leteverHome know who'sat home.Voice controlUse Amazon Echo or GoogleHome to controldevices and scenes with Alexa or GoogleAssistant.Furtherinformation can be found at
Home Alerts - works with Nest
Home Alerts centralizes alerts, analytics and control for yoursmarthome devices. Without requiring a physical hub, Home Alertsbringsthe best IoT devices to a single dashboard. Turn lights on,closeyour garage, view alert history and more!Alerts can bedelivered viapush notifications, MMS and e-mail.Popularnotifications include"return from away", "device offline", "lowbattery", "garage openwhile away" and "high/lowtemperature".Approved byNest Learning ThermostatNest Protect Smoke and COAlarmNestCam, DropcamPhilips Hue Smart BulbsLIFX WifiBulbsGarageio SmartGarage ControllerVinli Smart CarsRachio SmartSprinklerControllerHoneywell Lyric Water Leak &FreezeDetectorChamberlain myQ Garage Door
Sure bell is a smart device that replaces your current door bellandconnects to your home wifi network. Sure bell is a wifivideodoorbell. This works by alerting and notifying you on yourandroidphone and tablet if someone rings your door bell or simplystandsin front of your door. Also, you can live chat with thepersonthrough built in 180° vision camera, speaker and mic.Recordedvideos can be browsed later on your device as events, thesecanlater be shared with family and friends on social media.Thisdevice is designed considering security and convince at yourfingertip, providing your virtual presence at home.Buy your surebelldevice todayat include-HD1080p Camera- Night vision with Infrared LED lights-Advancedmotion detectors- Unlimited number of devices paring-Cloudrecording for later viewing
Yeti - Smart Home Automation
Yeti lets you control, automate and monitor all your smartdevicesfrom anywhere, anytime. It supports a wide range of smarthomedevices from lights and wireless speakers to heating andsecuritysolutions, offering you comfort, security and convenience.Homeautomation with Yeti equals the best connected-livingexperience.With Yeti your home will become: - simpler as it letsyou controlall your smart devices with one app instead of many -better as itgives you a variety of features to empower your house -smarter asit helps your devices to adopt to you and your habits-perfectly-tailored as you can choose between local andcloudcontrolMain features that will put your house to work:-Groups:Yeti organizes your devices into groups for faster andsimpleraccess. You can control different types of devices bylocation,creating rooms (living rooms, bedroom etc.) and managingthem with1 tap. - Charms: Yeti triggers specific behaviors of yourdevicesto create magic moments. Impress your guests, and createdifferentcharms like home cinema, romantic dinner or party. -Routines: Yetischedules routines that make your home do repetitivedaily tasksfor you. You can set your coffee machine to preparecoffee everyday, just before you wake up. You can set the routinesonce andthen forget about them later, knowing that Yeti will takecare ofit.Home automation has never been so simple! Some of ourowneveryday tricks: - Welcome the weekend – set the Fridayafternoonoffice routine that plays your favorite songs on Sonos andturns onthe lights for blinking, so everyone know it’s time to goout andhave fun- Perfect morning – set your Lifx and Philips forsmoothdimming, your Nest for cool temperature and configure yourBelkinWemo to start your coffee machine before you wake up- Restafterworkout – set chilled temperature with Nest and perfect musicforstretching on your Sonos, so when you come back from yourtrainingyou can fully relax- Be safe and fool the bad guy – Turn onthelights at home, even when you’re far away on holidays -Partyenhancer – set Philips Hue & Lifx & Yeelight to rocktheparty together with blinking, looping and other light effectsinone charmRemember, that if you have any questions or problemsourdedicated team is there for you. You can contact us withinthein-app chat. Yeti Smart Home works with leading IoTbrands:-Philips Hue white lights- Philips Hue color lights- PhilipsHue go-Philips Hue light stripes- Netatmo welcome- Netatmothermostat-Nest Learning Thermostat gen3- Nest Learning Thermostatgen2- Lifxwhite gen2- Lifx color gen2- Lifx color gen3- Belkin WemoSmartPlug- Belkin Wemo Insight- Belkin Wemo Lights - Belkin WemoLightSwitch- Sonos Play 1- Sonos Play 3- Sonos Play 5- Tp-LinkHS100-Tp-Link HS110- Tp-Link Color Bulb- Tp-Link White Bulb-Tp-Linklight Switch- Yeelight Color- Yeelight White - YeelightLightStripesTo stay up to date with the latest news and updatesaboutYeti Smart Home or reach the team, follow us onsocialmedia:Facebook:YetiSmartHomeTwitter:@YetiSmartHomeBlog: We work every day tomake Yeti Smart Home abetter app. If you run into any issues orhave useful feedback,please reach us at or in thein-app chat. Yetiloves smart homes - let it love yours too! :)
The iSGUI app from TELETASK offers youadetailed and easy to use interface on which you can controlandmanage all home automation functions of your TELETASKequippedhouse.KEY FEATURES:• Manage: use the iSGUI app to control yourintegrateddevices.• Moods: create the right mood with predefined audio, lightandtemperature settings• Gates & doors: open the door from your smartphone• Thermostat: set the temperature when you are heading home• Windows: control the curtains, blinds and shutters• Devices: switch off all devices when away• Music: control your integrated audio systems• Cameras: see a livestream of your cameras• Sensors: monitor all kinds of sensors (wind,temperature,consumption, generation …)• Security: high level VPN protection is supported• Run this app on your smartphones, tablets and PCsYOU ALREADY HAVE A TELETASK INSTALLATION?Contact your system integrator for more info about the iSGUIlicenseand to configure the connection with yourinstallation.INTERESTED IN MORE?To find out about the endless list of TELETASK possibilities,visitour website www.teletask.beFOLLOW US FOR UPDATES AND NEWS:Facebook:
eGlu - Home, Smart Home!
eGlu is an innovative product which brings the concept ofSmartLiving, in its most useful, reliable and elegant form,tohomeowners. This extremely simple-to-use product makes yourhomeSmart and provides benefits like security and convenience. Ithelpsto automate repetitive tasks when you are at home and ensuresthatyour house is safe when you are away. With eGlu, all thesecuritydevices, cameras, light fixtures and appliances cancommunicatewith each other wirelessly. Free eGlu mobile APPprovides the userinterface to control and monitor all these smartdevices fromanywhere. It also allows you to make these devices moreintelligentby adding custom ‘rules’ and ‘scenes’.In a nutshell,eGlu is aInternet of Things (IOT) product which is tailored towardsHomeAutomation & Home Security.eGlu smart plugs, switchesandsecurity sensors can also be controlled by voice assistantslikeAlexa powered Echo devices from Amazon and the GoogleAssistantavailable directly from smartphones and Google Homedevices.Thebiggest challenge with any wireless smart home productis thereliability of communication and the user experience. eGluhas beenbuilt from the grounds up keeping these challenges in mind.eGlu'spatented low power, long range wireless communicationtechnology( guaranteesa veryreliable smart home solution.
Smart Home Solution
Smart Home learns and makes your home smarter. It adjusts lightsandheating automatically and tells you if somethingunexpectedhappens.Smart Home facilitates daily life by taking ontasks andactivities by increasing security inside and outside thehome,giving the participant complete control.How does Smart Homework?-The artificial intelligence learns from the individualrequirementsand improves continuously so that no extra effort forthe user isrequired.- Security inside and outside of your own wallsis themain priority of Smart Home. The flexible combinability ofsensors,actuators and cameras reduces the risk of unauthorizedentry, fireor water damage in the home. In Addition to localprotection, allcommunications within our Smart Home ecosystem areencrypted.- TheSmart Home app provides worldwide access to yourhome with yoursmartphone. In app notification, text and anautomated call enablefaster detection of possible water or firedamage before it is toolate.- Have an overview of all currentconsumers and optimize yourcosts. Unnecessary power consumers suchas a fan, a reading lamp, acoffee machine are automaticallyswitched off when everyone leavesthe house.-The Smart Home premiumgateway protects against powerand internet failures due to thebuilt-in battery and mobilenetwork connection.
ImperiHome – Smart Home & Smart City Management
ImperiHome®, your Smart Home in the heart of theSmartCityImperiHome is the first platform centralizing the Smartdevicesand the services of the Smart City within a single anduniquemobile App.Smart CityIn just a few clicks, access to theSmart Cityservices or data: urban mobility, energy consumptionmeters, airquality…Connected devicesControl the most popularconnected devicesbrands and home automation hubs with oursingleApp.CustomizationCreate your own dashboard on your tabletorSmartphone.What’s New?Each month discover new connected devicesornew Smart City services integrated to theplatform.Currently,ImperiHome is able to connect to the followinglist of connecteddevices and home automation hubs:- Philips Hue(lighting system)-Nest smart devices (Thermostat, Protect, Nest CamIndoor)- Sonosspeakers (Wireless multi-room speakers by Sonos)-Fitbit health andfitness trackers- Netatmo (Weather Station,Thermostat, Welcome andPresence Cameras)- Nokia Health (activitytrackers, scales, bloodpressure monitors)- LIFX light bulbs (WiFismart lighting system byLIFX)- YeeLight (WiFi connected lightbulbs)- Wink (smart-homecontroller) - Vera, VeraLite, Vera Edge(ZWave controller byMicasaverde / Vera Control) UI5, UI6 and UI7-Tellstick Net/ZNet(smart-home controller by Telldus)- Z-Way basedsmart-home hubs(RaZberry, POPP hub, Western Digital...)- Jawbone UP(activitytrackers)- Netatmo (Weather Station, Thermostat, andWelcome Cameraby Netatmo)- MyFox Home Alarm (connected alarm systemby MyFox)-Logitech Harmony hub-based remotes- Musaic connected HiFiplayers-Xee (connected car by Eliocity)- Kodi (Media centersoftware,formerly known as XBMC)- Legrand EcoCompteur(Electricityconsumption counter by Legrand)- Parrot Flower Power(plant sensorby Parrot)- Fibaro Home Center 2 (home automationcontroller byFibaro)- Myfox Home Control 2 (security and homecontrol system)-Koubachi Plant Sensor- LightManager (Controller byJBMedia)- ZiBase(Multi-protocol controller by Zodianet)- JPEG/MJPEGIP cameras-eedomus (ZWave controller by Connected Object)- IPX800v3andIPX800v4 (Relay controller by GCE Electronics)-Eco-Devices(Teleinfo energy counter by GCE Electronics)-Zipabox(Multi-protocol controller by Zipato) / Cameras andsecurityfeatures not yet supported- Systems implementing the ISSAPI(ImperiHome Standard System)- …ImperiHome centralizes theconnectedservices of the Smart City. Your Smart Home get all thebenefits ofthe Smart City :Urban mobility: Velib, Citybike, Velov,VélosBleus, Autolib...Air quality: Prev’Air, Airnow, Air Parif,EuropeanEnvironment Agency...At home using your wall-mounted tabletoroutside using your smartphone, take benefit of ImperiHomefeaturesto control your smart home the way you want:- fast andresponsiveuser interface- voice recognition- NFC tags actions-charts module-customizable dashboards with smart widgets (limitedin freeversion)- Android shortcuts- local or remote networkautodetection- layouts for both smartphones and tablets-severaloptions to fine-tune the application- import/exportpreferences(only in pro version)- Sony SmartWatch2 integration-Automaticwake-up using front camera move detection. WARNING: thisfeature ishighly dependent on the type of device and camera. Wecan'tguarantee it will work wit all devices.- Tasker Plugin (proversiononly)- REST Control API (pro version only)- Android Wearsupport(voice commands andcameraviewing)www.imperihome.comsupport@imperihome.comTwitter:
The free Almond app works with Almond+, Almond-2015 and Almond3.These Almond devices make home Wi-Fi easy with theirinnovativetouchscreen access and Wizard with step-by-stepinstructions. Theintuitive Almond app makes it easy to monitor,control and secureyour Smart Home and Wi-Fi Network. With theAlmond app, pushnotifications tell you in real time who’s on yournetwork and letsyou block them. The app also lets you manage scenesthat can beactivated from Amazon Alexa. The app also gives you easyandconvenient control of your home security system, Nestthermostat,Philips Hue lights, many ZigBee and Z-Wave devices fromleadingsmart home manufacturers.The Almond app gives you the powerto dothe following whether you’re at home or away:Manage yourWi-FinetworkWork with all your Android and Apple phones,tablets,laptops and other wireless devicesSetup your Smart Homeconnectingall your smart devicesShare your Home Wi-Fi network withfamily andfriendsCreate a guest Wi-Fi networkMonitor who is on yournetworkwith what deviceEnable Wi-Fi Triggers: know in real timewhojoins/leaves your networkControl your home securitysystemEnableParental Controls to limit children’s screen timeSetupcompatiblescenes for Amazon Alexa (Echo, Dot, Tap)ControlNestThermostatControl Philips Hue lightsControl Scenes, ModesandRulesControl other many leading Smart Home devices
Crestron App
Take control of all your entertainment andhomesystems from your Android device. Crestron offers manysolutions tointegrate the different systems within your home sothat they allwork together to make your life moreconvenient.With the touch of one button you can turn off every light inyourhome, share music throughout each room, adjust the temperature,setthe alarm, and more. Integrate TVs, music, lighting, shades,doorlocks, security, heating and cooling systems and control themallfrom the device you always carry.• Rich, stunning HD graphics• Entirely customizable user interface• Control virtually any system in your home• Control from within the home or away from home• View home security cameras on your Android device• Supports a customized portrait and landscape modes• Intercom with IP phone systems, touch screens and othermobiledevicesThe Crestron app communicates via Wi-Fi or 3G to keep youconnectedwhile at home, at the office or anywhere in the world. Theapptalks directly to a Crestron home control system implemented byanauthorized dealer. Use the GUI you see here or create yourowncustom one. Download the app for a free demo interface, thefullversion is available with an in-app purchase.When it comes to your home and your life, you don't settleforanything but the very best. You want everything to becomplete,easy and worry-free. That's what a true home automationsolutionshould be, and that's what you get with Crestron. Easilycontroleverything in your home, room-by-room, using our ultra-cooltouchscreens and remotes, or anytime, anywhere from your favoritesmartdevice.Please Note: A Crestron system and Smart GraphicsTM UI arerequiredto take advantage of these features, please contact yourauthorizedCrestron integrator for implementation.
Meross mainly focuses on Home Automation gadgets. Currently, wehavesmart plug available in market. Customers can plug theirelectronicdevices on it and then use the Meross app to easilymanage belowfeatures.1. Turn electronic devices on/off fromanywhere with Merossapp.2. Create on/off schedules, auto-off rulesto workautomatically.3. Check to see if connected devices areon/off fromanywhere for peace of mind.
Venstar Skyport
The Venstar Skyport Comfort Control App allows Android,iOS,Blackberry and Kindle users to remotely monitor and controltheirheating and cooling systems. From the couch to across town,withComfort Control you may control thermostats at each locationfromyour mobile device.Skyport Comfort Control featuresinclude:✔Simple, easy to use control of the thermostat.✔ Currentweather andforecast is displayed for each location.✔ Monitor energyuse.✔ Sendpersonal texts directly to the thermostat’s display, suchas: "Iwill be home at 6pm for dinner".✔ Receive alerts when thespacewhere the thermostat is located is too hot or cold.✔ Turnon/offtime period programming or vacation settings.✔ Emails maybeconfigured to go to your HVAC service provider when serviceisneeded.Compatible with Venstar ColorTouch thermostat models:T5800,T6800, T7850, T7900, T8850, and T8900.
Wink - Smart Home
Wink is the quick and simple way to connect you and your home.TheWink app brings together hundreds of smart products —lights,locks, sensors, thermostats, and more — across dozens of thebestbrands, so you can control them from anywhere. • Receivealertsthat keep you informed of what’s happening at home.• Triggeryouralarm and lights to turn on automatically if fire or smokeisdetected.• See who’s at the front door and use your phone tounlockit from anywhere.Use Wink’s security services to make yourhomeeven smarter and safer:• Lookout: Get instant security alertsaboutdoors, windows, locks, garage doors, motion, and more, givingyoucontrol over your home so you can quickly decide how to respondifsomething unexpected occurs.• Home Sitter: Have your lights turnonand off in a natural, human pattern to make it look likeyou’rehome when you’re away. Relax when you’re out of town, knowingyourhome looks lived in.• Moonlight: Always return to a well-lithomeby syncing your lights to turn on and off with local sunsetandsunrise times. It’s a convenient way to light your way homeafterwork, so you don’t have to search for keys in the dark.Exploreother features in the Wink app, such as Shortcuts,Schedules, andRobots, to customize your smart products.Questions?Talk to a realhuman at 844-WINK-APP or
Toolbox - Smart, Handy Carpenter Measurement Tools
"Toolbox" is a set of handy and elegant measuring tool kit. Itturnsyour smart device into a swiss army knife that measureeverythingyou will ever need.Currently, this carpenter tool boxincludes 14metering tools:- BAROMETER- ALTIMETER- COMPASS- DECIBEL(Sound LevelMeter with dBA, dBC)- TESLAMETER (Metal Detector)-METRONOME-STOPWATCH- TIMER- SEISMOMETER (Vibrometer)- PLUMB BOB-SURFACELEVEL- SPIRIT/BUBBLE LEVEL- RULER- PROTRACTORTry "Toolbox"for FREEnow today.
Vibe Smart Homes
To get started please purchase the Vibe Smart Home SwitchesandSensors along with the smart hub gateway. Install the free apponyour smart devices.
microBees is an integrated hardware and software solution readytouse.By using small devices easy to install, an App for iOSandAndroid systems and an online service platform, microBeesallowsintelligent management of electrical devices and allinformationaccessible from the network.Thanks to microBees will beeasy tosave energy, monitor and control the electrical appliancesremotelyand building small and large automation rules also based onyourlocation.We like to think at microBees like a beehive, made ofmanycells populated by intelligent bees, able to collectinformationsfrom the network such as news , weather, e-mail, socialnetworksand more… and those collected through hardware and softwaredevicesdesigned and manufactured specifically to monitor the statusandinstant consumption of my electrical equipment.Each beeisspecialized to handle a particular channel such as:• dataofabsorption of my electrical equipment;• news feeds,weatherinformation;• the information passing on my e-mailaccounts;•events of my pages on social networks;• mygeographiclocation.Using all this information in one well-organized(yourInternet of Things), you can create automated systems fortheenvironmental control, energy savings and the simplificationoflarge and small gestures of everyday life that go far beyondthecapabilities of traditional systemshomeautomation.---------------------------------------------------------------------automationcloudconsumption programmable thermostat home automation easy toconnectgatebee intelligent internet of things switches json localmeshmicrobees sensebee thermostat wirebee internet of things beeIOTmybees---------------------------------------------------------------------
OGERO is the fixed infrastructure operator in Lebanon,deliveringvoice and broadband internet and data services toresidential andEnterprises. My OGERO lets you control and manageyour account andmuch more from any smart device.Features:-Subscribe on line- Testyour Internet speed- Change your Internetspeed- Check yourInternet consumption- Search our online Directory-Pay and checkyour bills on line- Stay up-to-date on Telecom News-Connect withour experts- Locate our branches- And much more…
i3 pro
With i3 pro you can control Smart home, Smart office, Smarthoteland other automation objects. i3 pro, user's app, is acomponent ofiRidium pro, ecosystem with control andmonitorcapabilities.iRidium 3.0, by iRidium mobile company, allowstointegrate control of professional automation systems,multimediaand IoT gadgets in one app and one interface.The featurethatdistinguished interfaces created in iRidium 3.0 from allotherinterfaces is that they are unique. They have theirindividualstyle, navigation and architecture, i.e. they are createdwithregard to a customer's demands underlining his individualityandstatus.i3pro integrates control of all functions of Smart homeorbuilding:• security• climate• lighting, blinds andshutters•audio/video equipment• intercomThe following automationsystems aresupported:• KNX• AMX• HDL buspro• Modbus• Crestron •MyHome• Z-WaveFibaro• Z-Wave Razberry• Z-Wave Vera and others.Weprovide systemintegrators the following tools for convenient workwith iRidium3.0:• Driver Development Kit - a tool to create driversto controlany AV equipment or IoT device.• iRidium Cloud - a cloudservice tostore projects and transfer them to end-users. It alsoprovidesremote project control.Important:• In iRidium probesidesvisualization you can create any logics to control aproject. It isdone with the help of iRidium Server. iRidium Servercan store andprocess data, as well.That's why iRidium pro is acompleteecosystem that allows to solve any tasks set totheintegrator.Learn more atiridiummobile.netAttention:Afterinstallation the app works in thedemo-mode. It does not controlyour Smart home or office at once. •If you want the app to controlyour home and you are an end-user,please, get in touch with anintegrator from the list of CertifiediRidium Specialists.• If youare an integrator and want to useiRidium pro, visitiRidiummobile.netWe'll gladly answer yourquestions
Kasa for Mobile
** Kasa for Mobile is currently only compatible withTP-LINKHS100/110 Smart Plug, HS103/105 Smart Plug Mini, HS200/210SmartSwitch, LB100/110/120/130/200/230 Smart Bulb, IP CameraKC120,Smart Router SR20, and RE270/370/350K Range Extender **KasaforMobile lets you add, configure, monitor, and control yourconnectedTP-LINK Smart Home devices from anywhere in the world. Youcanschedule your appliances to turn on or off according toyourschedule, or set them to Away Mode to deter would-be burglars.Andthat’s just the beginning. Purchase a TP-LINK Smart Home deviceanddownload the app to get started today.
Vivint Smart Home
Vivint Home
The Vivint Smart Home app is a completesmarthome control system that connects doorbell cameras,securitycameras, smart thermostats, door & window sensors,smokedetectors, and more into a single user interface. Oursimple,intuitive app eliminates the need to switch betweendifferent homecontrol apps or walk through the house flippingswitches by hand.With the Vivint Smart Home app, you get to livemore and manageless.Note: Vivint SkyControl panel and service subscriptionrequired.Call 877.788.2697 for free installation.With the Vivint Smart Home app, you can:· Arm home security systems from bed to sleep more peacefully· Optimize climate controls for comfort and energy savingsatonce· See and speak with front-door visitors from anywhere withVivintDoorbell Camera· Remotely lock and unlock doors for visitors with VivintSmartLocks· Get mobile notifications when garage or front door areleftopen· Operate garage doors from anywhere within cellular orWi-Finetworks· Make sure kids arrive home from school with the PingindoorcameraNote: If you're looking for the app that supports theVivintGo!Control Panel, search and download the "VivintClassic"app.
Domoticz Home Automation Lite
Control and monitor your home devices like lights, switches,fans,various sensors/meters like temperature, rainfall,wind,Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, electricity usage/production,gasconsumption, water consumption and much more at yourfingertipswith the most coolest automation system "Domoticz -HomeAutomation". The app automates every appliance at your home andyoucan control it through the mobile device from any place. Turnoffor on the bedroom lights sitting at living room. "Domoticz -HomeAutomation" app supports NFC and allows you to switch on the ACorother appliances when you are almost reaching home. Throughgeofencing feature the app can detect your location andaccordinglyalerts you with the managing of the devices.The app"Domoticz" hasa great user interface with easy user controls. Theapp alsosupports widgets that helps you control from your mobilehomescreen directly saving your time to turn on or turn off thedevice.The app is perfect to save the unnecessary electricconsumptionthereby saving the money. Be personalized and get yourcontrol inyour fingertips. The automatic device controller app"Domoticz"supports finger print feature to ensure the security ofyourdevices.Monitor the gas and electric consumption from yourmobiledevice and configure its usage as per your requirements andbudget.The app is the best to plan your monthly budget overvariousdevices. The app also sends the push notification to anyconfiguredmobile device to alert you with the usagesandconsumptions.**************************PREMIUMKEYFEATURES**************************- NFC Support! Toggleswitchesvia NFC tags- Geofencing (multiple), turn light on whenyour almostat home- Android Wear, control your home from yourwrist- Widgets,put widgets on your homescreen- Multiple serverconfig, connectmultiple domoticz servers with one app- Fingerprintsecurity-Custom views- Talkback features- Notifications-Alarmfeature"Domoticz - Home Automation" app is compatible with alltheAndroid smartphones, Tablets and all the Android Wears. Besmart.!Configure multiple servers for an easy and efficient use oftheapplication. Download the smart automatic device controllerapp"Domoticz" and live a smarter life.!***********************SAYHELLO***********************We areconstantly working hard onmaking this “Domoticz - Home Automation”app better and more usefulfor you. Please feel free to email us foranyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello.Ifyou have enjoyed any feature of the “Domoticz - HomeAutomation”app, do rate us on play store and share among yourfriends.
With an security system,youcan monitor and control your home or business in real-time andfromanywhere.’s interactive security, videomonitoring,energy management, and home automation solutions giveyou instantawareness and remote control for the places you careaboutmost.Note: This app requires a compatible system and service plan. Feature availability variesbased onsystem, equipment, and service plan. Visit www.alarm.comfor moreinformation.Remote features:✓ See what’s happening at your property✓ Arm or disarm your security panel✓ Watch live video and recorded clips from yoursecuritycameras✓ Turn on or off lights✓ Set the ideal temperature✓ Lock or unlock doors✓ View images of important activity captured by Alarm.comimagesensors✓ Search your complete system event history✓ And much more!With, you can also receive real-time email, textmessage,and push notifications for the specific events that matterto you.Beyond important emergency related events, you can alsoimmediatelyknow when:• Your kids get home from school• You left for work or vacation and forgot to arm your system• The housekeeper arrives or leaves• The garage door is left open• The dog walker or cat sitter arrives• There's flooding or a water leak in your basement• Your children open your medicine or liquor cabinets• Someone changes your thermostat settings• Your security system is disarmed (and who disarmed it)• Someone attempts to log into your account• And much more!
Presence: Free smart home security cameraBy People PowerCompanyUSAToday knows the FIRST thing you should do with an oldsmartphone.“Just download the free Presence app on your old device,pair itwith your new fancy smartphone, and voila! You now have atop-notchsecurity camera and motion detector thanks to thefantastic videocapabilities of your old gadget. You can use it tokeep an eye onyour home base in real time, and have it send youalerts whenthere's something fishy going on.”People around theworld arethrilled to put their spare smartphones and tablets backto work.The award-winning Presence app delivers smart homeintelligence andcontrol with enhanced video security for free.Download Presenceand get 50MB of free encrypted cloud video storagefor motiondetection recordings. Upgrade to Presence Pro within theapp foradvanced motion detection features and get 5GB of storageforlonger recordings and higher resolution video.AddPresence-compatible wireless sensors in your home and enjoythisadvanced do-it-yourself home security system. Presence workswithAmazon Alexa® for convenient and customized voice control ofyoursystem, too.Monitor with PresenceGet increased security andpeaceof mind – for free. Presence makes a great webcam, babymonitor,pet cam, nanny cam, surveillance cam, or do-it-yourselfsecuritysystem. At home, in the kitchen, the garage, the nursery,in youroffice, or wherever – Presence lets you know what’shappening whenyou’re gone. Get motion detection video alerts, viewwhat’shappening in real time, and more. Alert with PresenceThecamera inyour retired smartphone or tablet is still incrediblyvaluable. Putit back to work. Enable Presence motion detection toreceive freePresence Video Alerts – see and hear what happened justseconds agoif motion is detected by the smartphone or tablet you’vepositionedat home running Presence. You will be notified on thedevice withyou if an intruder is detected, when the kids arrivehome safely,or whatever makes you feel more informed andsecure.Control withPresenceAvailable in the Presence in-app store,you can purchase avariety of Wi-Fi connected sensors compatiblewith Presence toprotect your home including door and window entrysensors, motiondetectors, water leak sensors, temperature andhumidity sensors,touch sensors and more. You can controlelectrically powereddevices at home remotely with the Presencesmart plug, too.Presence-compatible sensors and devices areaffordable and installin just minutes. Watch with PresencePresencesupports simultaneousviewers connecting to a single camera, so youand anyone youdesignate can watch the dog or the kids at the sametime from twodifferent devices and locations. Presence transformssmartphonesinto automatic Twitter cameras for live-tweetingcapabilities andenables the world’s first iOS and Androidsmartphone securitycamera robot, Presence 360. Learn more about itat: Alexa Presence allows you to monitor and control yourhomewith your voice. You can request status updates about yourhome’sPresence connected devices and send commands to yoursecuritysensors, smart plugs, lights or even your connectedthermostat. Say“Alexa, tell Presence to arm my home” to activateyour securitysystem before leaving the house. Of course, it’sfree!Presence iOSCompatibility- iPhone 3GS or newer- iPad 2 ornewer- iPod Touch 4thgeneration or newer- iOS 6 or newerPresenceAndroid Compatibility-Devices shipped with (not upgraded to)Android OS v4.4.x or later-Chipset: ARMv7a or later- RAM: 2GB-Space: 100MB or more of freespaceConnect with us at:http://presencepro.comSupport:support@peoplepowerco.comYouTube: #PresenceApp
Turn your device into a control and monitor touch screen foryourigh home automation system. Enables you to control homeappliances:Lights, HAVC, Shutters, Audio/Video and more. Controlyour homeremotely over 3G or Wi-Fi networks when the app is enabledwith aigh subscription.Features: • System installation and setup•Lightscontrol• Shutters/Blinds control• Audio/Video control•HAVCControl• Energy management PLEASE NOTE: An igh homeautomationsystem is required to enjoy the features for more information.
CashNetUSA just got even better! The new CashNetUSA appallowsexisting customers to access their account on the go! Now youcancheck your balance, request funds and make a payment rightfromyour smart device.Important Note: This version supportsthefollowing CashNetUSA customers:Line of Credit customers in AL,ID,KS, LA, MD, UT and VA.Support for Flexible Credit usersinTNBrokered Loan (CSO) Customers in OHBrokered Loan (CAB)Customersin TXAll Payday CustomersAdditional product and statesupportcoming soon!FEATURES * Our App Your Way: Account Managementand AppPreferences can now be managed using an intuitive side menuthatcan be activated on the right hand side of your screen.*ConvenientReminders: Get timely account status updates andreminders throughin App Push Notifications.* Calendar Reminders:Prefer to have yourreminders in your smart device’s calendar? Noproblem. This versionof the app allows you to have your loan’s keydates pushed directlyinto your digital calendar.* Borrowing: Applyfor a New Loan orLine of Credit in minutes. Draws take just momentsto request. *Payment: Making a Payment on the fly couldn’t beeasier than withour app. * Tracking: Check your status or reviewyour loan history.* Fast, Easy Support: Give us a ring or check ourFAQs Note: Toaccess the CashNetUSA app, you must have an existingCashNetUSAaccount.
MyQ Smart Garage Control
Chamberlain’s MyQ-enabled products and MyQ app allow you toeasilyopen, close or check the status of your garage door or MyQhomelighting from anywhere with your smartphone ortablet.  Get peace of mind knowing your main access pointto your homeor business is secure. Receive instant alerts when yourdoor opensor closes or if it has been left open for a set amount oftime.Check the status of your door and control it from anywherewithjust one tap. For added convenience, create schedulestoautomatically close your door at designated times. Neverworry again if you left your garage door open. Features:• Setupreal-time alerts that notify you when there’s activity withyourdoors or MyQ lights• Check the status and control your doors orMyQlights from anywhere• Set schedules to close your garage doorsorto have your lights turn on/off* For MyQ smartphonecontrolyou need one of the following products: • A ChamberlainWi-Figarage door opener• A MyQ accessory to upgrade a non-Wi-Figaragedoor opener To purchase a MyQ accessory forsmartphonecontrol, -giving you thepower of access and knowledge.*Feature may not beavailable with allproducts.
Make a simple home automation with ESP8266 Nodemcu and Controlyouroutput devices with this amazing app Feature- a simple loginscreenfor your home.- control 8 relays.-control over wifi.-codeandinstructions are given in app
atMyHome is a native solution to control the My Home BTicinoandLegrand home automation system on Android.Features :Userinterfacewith the same look and feel of the operating system.Noneed ofadditional devices, only a standard BTicino/Legrand gatewaythatsupport the OpenWebNet protocol is required. Manageabledevices:LightingAutomationCamsScenariosThermoregulation ( 4 and 99zones)Sound system ( mono and multichannel )NOTEAlso available infreeversion limited to 2 device per type and 1 cam.ExtendedaddressmanagementConfigurations sharingWidget for voicecommand(experimental)Discovery of gateways on the local networkWhenyoulike to control you installation through the internet, GPRS or3Gconnection, it's opportune to guarantee a the safetyofcommunication. For this it's recommended to use a VPNconnectionversus your router.
Total Connect 2.0
NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON ECHO! Honeywell Total Connect®RemoteServices keeps you connected and in control of your propertyfromanywhere at anytime. Easily control your security system,videocameras, video doorbell, lights, locks, thermostats, shades,garagedoors and more, with the ability to locate and track vehicleandassets, while receiving instant alerts on your mostimportantevents. Now with fingerprint login, Geofence based armingremindersand voice control, we make it more convenient than everfor you tostay connected!For more informationvisit security system with a subscription toHoneywell TotalConnect 2.0 Remote Services. Please contact yoursecurityprofessional for additional information.Features include:•See thereal-time status of your security system• Arm or disarmyoursecurity system• Setup and receive push notification alertsofimportant events• Control your Z-Wave automation devices(lights,locks, switches, thermostats, garage door)• View live videostreamsand recorded video clips• See and talk to people at yourfrontdoor• Create and run smart scenes• Locate vehicles, trackassetsand find drivers• Add or remove users• And a lot more!
MESH is the easiest way to plug a project into the InternetofThings ("IoT"). With the MESH companion app, you can programMESHsensors to connect to devices and internet services instantly.Justdrag-and-drop in the app to set up your smart sensors and skiptheprogramming and wiring in your next project. * App-Based,RecipeEditor - Create sensor recipes to connect and trigger devicesandinternet services.* Data Sharing - Select the type of datayou’dlike to send or share from your sensors.* IFTTT Integration-Design sensor recipes that trigger popular gadgets andinternetservices using customizable IFTTT Applets. Built-inIFTTTintegration makes it simple to track sensor data in GoogleSheets,send a notification, trigger other smart devices, and muchmore.*MESH SDK - Customize sensor recipes with custom functionaltagsbuilt on the MESH SDK.A information of supported devicesishere.
MOI - Kuwait
It is the stated intention of the Ministry of Interior (MOI)Kuwaitto innovate and constantly improve the level and varietyofservices provided to the public. MoI believes it mustthereforealways keep abreast with the rapid technologicaldevelopments inthe field of smart phones and PDAs. MOI recognizesthe importanceof these devices in streamlining services anddelivering themquickly and intelligently.As part of this movementMOI hasdeveloped the application, "Ministry of Interior - Kuwait".Theapplication includes many service options, all of which havebeencreated with special consideration for the privacyandconfidentiality of the user’s personal data. Thisconfidentialityis provided through the adoption of a securitysystem that protectsand secures user data. So users can enjoy thisapplication and takeadvantage of MOI services through their smartdevices withconfidence in the fact all their data is secureandconfidential.Among the services offered on this application:-Personal Inquiry ServiceUsers can query their personal datainseveral departments by creating their own user name andpasswordsand use it for the following:1) Passport inquiry2)Election inquiryfor Kuwaitis3) Sponsorship inquiry 4) Residency& immigrationviolations for non-Kuwaitis 5) Visa inquiry6)Driving licensesinquiry 7) vehicle inquiry 8) Traffic violationsinquiry9) Travelban inquiry10) Judgment ExecutionServiceproceduresThis serviceoffers a catalog which identifies thenecessary documents andexplains the procedures required toaccomplish a transaction in theMinistryVisa status inquiryMOINewsSafety Phone numbersPushNotificationsVia this service, GeneralDepartment of PublicRelations will communicate with the public bysending importantmessages and notifications to subscribers MOIlocations &service centersOther Services - Capability of onlinepayment forviolations and (E-Payment) - Capability of subscribingto SMSservices
Maison et Domotique
Maison et Domotique est un blog tenu par un passionné deladomotique, afin de mieux faire connaitre ce domaine.Vousretrouverez chaque jour de l'actualité, des guides, des testsdematériel, afin de vous montrer que la domotique n'estpasobligatoirement chère et compliquée. La domotique dans la maisondemonsieur tout le monde, c'est possible, et vous le découvrirezautravers des articles publiés chaque jour.Home and Homeautomationis a blog run by a passionate home automation, to betterknow thisarea. You will find daily news, guides, equipment tests toshow youthat home automation is not necessarily expensive andcomplicated.Home automation in the home of man in the world ispossible, andyou will discover through articles published daily.
Turn your beautiful home into a technology smart home. Monitoryourenergy consumption. Schedule to turn on or off lights evenwhenyou're away.
Alt-C is an app that makes getting text between your PC andSmartDevices extremely easy.Copy text from your PC to yourSmartdevice's clipboard, and Paste text from your device'sclipboard toyour PC, instantly! All you need is the PC application,and theAndroid application on your device. No sign-in is required.(You doneed to be signed in to your Google Account on your devicesincethe application uses Google Cloud Messaging)Configure Alt-C toopenspecific types of text in various applications. Open URLs inyourWeb Browser, Email addresses in your email app, GPSco-ordinates inyour Maps app, Phone Numbers in the Dialer and Textin yourfavourite note taking application. Configure your Alt-C AutoLaunchexperience under Settings! (ALL Text is parsed on thedeviceitself)1. Download this app and the Windows or MAC clientapp.( Run the Client app, andopenthe app on your device and complete the quick syncingprocess.3.Start copying.Copying to your Smart Device from yourPC:Highlightsome text on your PCPress the Copy Hotkey (Alt + C isthedefault)The text will arrive on your device's clipboard.Pastingfrom your Smart Device to your PCSelect some text on yourSmartDevice and copy itPress the Paste Hotkey on your PC (Alt + Vis thedefault)The text will arrive on your PC's clipboard andbeautomatically pasted.Alt-C doesn't require your smart deviceandyour PC to be on the same network, as long as both are connectedtothe internet - and you're logged into your Google account onyourdevice - you're good to go.Get the PC client apphere: of your data is stored onourservers at all - this includes data that identifies your deviceandPC as well as any text that is copied. All data is transferredviaSSL to keep it secure.
Enjoy updates in Kurdish affairs from the comfort of yoursmartdevice. Rudaw app offers up to the minute coverage ofMiddleEastern affairs, straight from Iraq. Get 24 hourheadlines,breaking news, live coverage, and so much more from theconvenienceof a phone. Become a member and contribute on YourRudaw,aninteractive feature allowing you to send in your news tips,photosor stories. Stay connected with Rudaw.
Yoky Tag
Track your things the smart way! Yoky Tag is a wireless smartdevicethat lets you track your belongings using your smartphone.This isthe companion app for the tag. Learn more and get smartphone connects and wirelessly tracksyourtags in the background. You can attach the tag to yourbelongingssuch as your keys, wallet, or bag and use your smartphoneto findyour things. You can even find your phone by shaking theyoky tagthrice.The yoky tag stays connected with your phone for adistanceof ~100 feet indoors and upto 250 feet outdoors. You getalertswhen the phone or tags go out of range, helping you avoidlosingyour phone and your tagged valuables. When the tagged itemsare outof range, you can see the last known location of your tag onthemap.You control how your tag behaves. You can choose when,whereand how long your tag or phone will alert you. The safelocationsfeature is especially helpful in customising your alertsindifferent locations.You can also share your tags with yourfriendsand family. A tag can be connected to only one person'sphone at atime, however all tag related information is seamlesslytransmittedto all the other users.There are some extra goodies too.You canuse the tag as a pedometer to accurately measures the numberofsteps and intensity of activity. If you carry your keys orwalletwith you all the time, this is a great way of measuringyouractivity levels too. You can also just attach the tag to yourshoesto track activity. The pedometer comes with a beautifuldashboardwhere you can configure targets and notifications and evengetestimated distance and calories burnt - all this whilestilltracking your belongings.Key specifications:1. RequiresBluetoothLow Energy (4.0+) compatible devices.2. Location servicesandinternet connection to track the last known location (yourlocationdata is stored only on your device). While locationservicesconsume your phone's battery and we have taken allpossiblemeasures to ensure the yoky app does not affect yourphone'sbattery life.3. Device: The yoky tag is a 3.3cm x 3.3 cm x0.8 cmBluetooth Low Energy smart device, it is water resistant, hasabuilt in 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU, and lasts 12 months onareplaceable CR3032 battery.4. A maximum of 8 Bluetooth devicescanbe connected to your Android phone at any point of time.
Lutron Caséta & RA2 Select app
Easily setup and control your home's lights, shades, temperatureandSonos rooms from anywhere with the Lutron app on yourAndroiddevice. The Lutron App requires a Lutron Smart Bridge, SmartBridgePro, or RA2 Select Main Repeater and compatibleLutronproducts:Smart Bridge-Caséta Wireless light dimmers/switchesandPico remote controls-Serena motorized shadesSmart BridgePro-CasétaWireless light dimmers/switches and Pico remotecontrols-Serena,Triathlon and select Sivoia QS Wireless motorizedshadesRA2 SelectMain Repeater-RA2 Maestro light dimmers/switchesand Pico remotecontrols-Triathlon and select Sivoia QS Wirelessmotorized shadesAlso integrates with these other smart homedevices:-AmazonAlexa-Google Home-Sonos-Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostatsincludingLyric**-Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect, andNestCam**-Carrier Côr thermostat**-ecobee3, ecobee4, and Smart SiTheLutron app will walk you through set up with easystep-by-stepinstructions. Features: Control from anywhereControllights,shades, and temperature in the comfort of your home orfromanywhere in the world – the office, the airport, the beach –solights aren't left on, shades aren't left open, and your HVACisset back while you're away. Make a sceneAdd personalized scenestocontrol multiple lights and shades together at the touch ofabutton. Create a "movie" scene that dims the lights and closestheshades, or make a "goodnight" scene that turns off all yourlightsand closes your shades as you drift off to sleep. RightonscheduleSchedule scenes to happen automatically at set timesofday, or based on sunrise and sunset. Turn on your porch lightatdusk, turn it off at dawn, or open your shades in the morningtowake up with the sun. GeofencingAutomatically turn lights onwhenyou arrive home and automatically turn lights off when youleave.Receive a notification if you’ve left the lights on afterleavinghome, then turn them off right from the Notificationsscreen.Widget and Notification DrawerSet your favorite scene from aWidgetor your Notification Drawer by swiping down from the top ofyourdevice's screen. No need to launch the app or even unlockyourphone. **Only available in some regionsWhen usingArriving/Leavingoptions (geofencing), your device's batteryoptimization settingsmay prevent the app from connecting to yoursystem when the screenis off. The app will help you resolve thisautomatically, or youcan go to Android Settings > Battery >Battery optimization,then under "All apps" set Lutron to "Don'toptimize".