Top 47 Apps Similar to t2Fi

RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan 2.5.4
================================================ ImportantNoticeSupport for the RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan app endedonApril 30, 2018. We recommend using the successor app, RICOHSmartDeviceConnector. Print Settings, Scan Settings, Authentication Settings,and thedevices registered in the RICOH Smart Device Print&Scanapp suchas MFP’s, printers, and print servers can be imported tothe RICOHSmart Device Connectorapp.================================================ RICOH SmartDevicePrint&Scan has the following features: Print -Printphotos inan Android device. -Print PDF documents stored in anAndroiddevice. -Print texts saved to the clipboard. -Print webpagesdisplayed in RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan. -Print imagesorPDF saved in cloud storage.*1 -Print photos or documentsopenedfrom another application using [Application Selection].*2-SetPrint settings such as staple.*3 -Print securely using theusercode authentication or Locked Print function. -Print usingtheon-demand print option.*4 -Print using the Location Freeprintserver.*5 Scan -Import the PDF documents and images withScanner.-Set Scan settings such as resolution and file type. -Savethescanned data on Android device to the cloud storage. -Sendthescanned data on Android device to other applicationsusing[Application Selection]. Others -Searching for printers orMFPs onBonjour. -Registering printers or MFPs with IPaddress orHostname.*1: Support cloud storages are Dropbox/GoogleDrive. *2:Itdoes notmean that you can print in the all applications and fileformat.*3: You may not be able to set parameters depending on theprintfile format, print method, printers or MFPs. *4: On-demandprintapplication to print with: Enhanced Locked Print NX V2 *5:LFprinter server to print with: Enhanced Locked Print NXFlexReleaseServer V2
Tuya Smart 3.7.5
Tuya Inc.
Tuya Smart. Smart life, smart living • Remotely controlhomeappliances from anywhere • Add and control multiple devices atoncewith one App • Voice control via Amazon Echo and Google Home•Interworking of multiple smart devices. Devicesautomaticallystart/stop working based on temperature, location andtime. •Easily share devices among family members • Receivereal-timealerts to ensure safety • Easily and quickly connect TuyaSmart Appto devices
Toolbox - Smart, Handy Carpenter Measurement Tools 2.6.1
"Toolbox" is a set of handy and elegant measuring tool kit. Itturnsyour smart device into a swiss army knife that measureeverythingyou will ever need.Currently, this carpenter tool boxincludes 14metering tools:- BAROMETER- ALTIMETER- COMPASS- DECIBEL(Sound LevelMeter with dBA, dBC)- TESLAMETER (Metal Detector)-METRONOME-STOPWATCH- TIMER- SEISMOMETER (Vibrometer)- PLUMB BOB-SURFACELEVEL- SPIRIT/BUBBLE LEVEL- RULER- PROTRACTORTry "Toolbox"for FREEnow today.
Yeti - Smart Home Automation 1.6.37
Yeti is an app that lets you control, automate and monitoryoursmart home devices with a single app anytime, anywhere.Manageevery aspect of your home from smart lights to thermostatsandsmart speakers with only your phone! 💡🏡 Features: • Fullcontrolover a wide selection of smart home devices. • Group yoursmartdevices into “Rooms” to simplify the control over your home• Morethan one hundred smart devices supported • Intuitive UIdesign• Control your home from various devices • Manage your SmartHomeeven when you aren’t home • Periodical updates to keepimprovingthe app • Real in-app support to solve any issue you haveYou cansubscribe to Yeti Premium to upgrade and unlock pro featuresthatwill give you the best smart home experience for your phone⚡️⚡️Premium Features: • Create “Charms” to adjust your home toyourcurrent mood. • Create a widget to quickly activate yourfavorite“charms” • Dedicated in app and email support in less than48h• Set “Routines” to make your home respond to your everydayneeds• Control your home with your voice with Amazon Alexa• Controlmore than one smart home Supported devices: At Yeti ourgoal is togive our users the best smart home experience, thereforewe arealways working hard to integrate more smart products into theYetifamily. We work with the best smart home brands as PhilipsHue,Sonoff, Wemo, TP Link, Xiaomi, Yeelight, LIFX and many more!Hereyou can see the list of supported products. If there’s anyonethatyou can’t find, please let us know and we will take a look atit!Amazon Alexa: Amazon Alexa Echo Dot Amazon Alexa Echo AmazonAlexaEcho Plus Amazon Alexa Echo Show Belkin Wemo: Belkin WemoSmartPlug Belkin Wemo Insight Belkin Wemo Lights Belkin WemoLightSwitch Broadlink: Broadlink IR Broadlink RM Pro Ecobee: Ecobee4Ecobee 3 - Ecobee 3 lite Honeywell: Honeywell T5 Wi-FiThermostatHoneywell Water Leak Detector LIFX: Lifx white gen2 Lifxcolor gen2Lifx color gen3 Nest: Nest Learning Thermostat gen3 NestLearningThermostat gen2 Netatmo: Netatmo welcome Netatmo thermostatOsramLightify: Osram Lightify Bulbs Osram Lightify Lights OsramLightifyPlugs Philips: Philips Hue white lights Philips Hue colorlightsPhilips Hue go Philips Hue light stripes SamsungSmartThings:Samsung SmartThings Plugs Samsung SmartThings SensorsSamsungSmartThings Lights Sonoff Tasmotaf: Sonoff Sockets SonoffWallSwitches Sonoff Sensors Sonoff Switches Sonos: Sonos Play 1SonosPlay 3 Sonos Play 5 Sonos PlayBar TP Link: Tp Link HS100 TpLinkHS110 Tp Link Color Bulb Tp Link White Bulb Tp Link lightSwitchXiaomi Mi Home: Xiaomi Presence Sensor Xiaomi Switch XiaomiPlugXiaomi Temperature & Humidity Sensor Xiaomi Door SensorXiaomiLeak Detector Xiaomi Gas Detector Xiaomi Weather SensorsYeelight:Yeelight Color Yeelight White Yeelight Light Stripes Youcan checkthe full list of supported devicesat Yeti Premium Subscription Youhavetwo options to subscribe to Yeti Premium: • Monthly:$4.99/month• Yearly: $49.99/year You'll enjoy Yeti for free during7 trialdays with no charge after your purchase of Yeti Premium. Ifyouenjoy Yeti Premium, do nothing and your subscriptionwillautomatically continue for as long as you choose to remainasPremium user. Yeti Premium subscription is a monthly oryearlysubscription that begins once your trial ends. If you don’tchooseto purchase Yeti Premium you can simply continue using Yetiforfree with limited functionalities. Contact Any trouble? Youcanvisit us at or reach out to us by sending an [email protected], we always respond to every mail. 🙂
Smart Life - Smart Living 3.7.5
Tuya Inc.
Smart life, smart living • Remotely control home appliancesfromanywhere • Add and control multiple devices at once with oneApp •Voice control via Amazon Echo and Google Home • Interworkingofmultiple smart devices. Devices automatically start/stopworkingbased on temperature, location and time. • Easily sharedevicesamong family members • Receive real-time alerts to ensuresafety •Easily and quickly connect Tuya Smart App to devices
Oakter 5.6.0
A modular and easy to use home automation ecosystem that makesyourexisting appliances intelligent and energy efficient. Plugs intoyour existing setup without the need for wiring, structuralchangesor even an internet connection!
Kasa Smart
** Kasa Smart is currently only compatible withTP-LINKHS100/110/107 Smart Plug, HS103/105 Smart Plug Mini,HS200/210/220Smart Switch, Smart Power Strip HS300,LB100/110/120/130/200/230and KL110/120/130 Smart Bulb, IP CameraKC120/200, Smart RouterSR20, and RE270/370/350K Range Extender **Kasa Smart lets you add,configure, monitor, and control yourconnected TP-LINK Smart Homedevices from anywhere in the world. Youcan schedule yourappliances to turn on or off according to yourschedule, or setthem to Away Mode to deter would-be burglars. Andthat’s just thebeginning. Purchase a TP-LINK Smart Home device anddownload theapp to get started today. 4.9
With an security system, you can monitorandcontrol your home or business in real-time and’s interactive security, video monitoring,energymanagement, and home automation solutions give youinstantawareness and remote control for the places you care aboutmost.Note: This app requires a compatible system and service plan. Feature availability variesbased onsystem, equipment, and service plan. Visit www.alarm.comfor moreinformation. Remote features: ✓ See what’s happening atyourproperty ✓ Arm or disarm your security panel ✓ Watch live videoandrecorded clips from your security cameras ✓ Turn on or offlights ✓Set the ideal temperature ✓ Lock or unlock doors ✓ Viewimages ofimportant activity captured by image sensors ✓Searchyour complete system event history ✓ And much more!,you can also receive real-time email, text message, andpushnotifications for the specific events that matter to you.Beyondimportant emergency related events, you can also immediatelyknowwhen: • Your kids get home from school • You left for workorvacation and forgot to arm your system • The housekeeper arrivesorleaves • The garage door is left open • The dog walker orcatsitter arrives • There's flooding or a water leak in yourbasement• Your children open your medicine or liquor cabinets •Someonechanges your thermostat settings • Your security system isdisarmed(and who disarmed it) • Someone attempts to log into youraccount •And much more!
MyOgero 1.0.0
OGERO is the fixed infrastructure operator in Lebanon,deliveringvoice and broadband internet and data services toresidential andEnterprises. My OGERO lets you control and manageyour account andmuch more from any smart device.Features:-Subscribe on line- Testyour Internet speed- Change your Internetspeed- Check yourInternet consumption- Search our online Directory-Pay and checkyour bills on line- Stay up-to-date on Telecom News-Connect withour experts- Locate our branches- And much more…
Nintendo Switch Parental Cont… 1.7.1
Nintendo Switch Parental Controls™ is a free app for smartdevicesto keep you engaged with your family's gaming activitiesonNintendo Switch. ◆ A Nintendo Switch console with thelatestavailable system version is required to use this app. Thisisrecommended for people worried about things such as: 1. Is mychildspending too much time playing games? 2. What kind of games ismychild playing? 3. Are the games my child isplayingage-appropriate? Below are three special features of theNintendoSwitch Parental Controls app: 1. Monitor play time on yourconsole.Set a play-time limit and the console will notify usersthat thetime limit has been reached. Parents and guardians cancheck theNintendo Switch Parental Controls app to see if the timelimit hasbeen followed. It is also possible to suspendgameplayautomatically when the play-time limit is reached. 2. Checkup onyour console's gameplay. The summary function allows you toeasilysee what games have been played on the console recently andhowmuch time was spent playing each day. View daily reportsandmonthly summaries of play activity. If you choose to receivepushnotifications, you'll be notified when a new monthly summaryisavailable. It's an easy way to see what kind of games yourfamilyis interested in. 3. Restrict console features. NintendoSwitchfunctions can be restricted to prevent the console fromplayinggames above a certain age rating. Attention: ◆ AnInternetconnection is required to use this app. Cellular data maybe used.A Nintendo Account (for ages 18 and up) is also required.◆Restrictions to Nintendo eShop purchases can be set fromNintendoAccount settings. ◆ Your use of this app is subject to theNintendoAccount User Agreement available at ◆Inorder to make use of all of the features and settings availableinthe Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app, all registeredNintendoSwitch consoles need to be using the latest system version.
Sure v1.1.69
Sure bell is a smart device that replaces your current door bellandconnects to your home wifi network. Sure bell is a wifivideodoorbell. This works by alerting and notifying you on yourandroidphone and tablet if someone rings your door bell or simplystandsin front of your door. Also, you can live chat with thepersonthrough built in 180° vision camera, speaker and mic.Recordedvideos can be browsed later on your device as events, thesecanlater be shared with family and friends on social media.Thisdevice is designed considering security and convince at yourfingertip, providing your virtual presence at home. Buy your surebelldevice today at include - HD1080p Camera - Night vision with Infrared LEDlights - Advancedmotion detectors - Unlimited number of devicesparing - Cloudrecording for later viewing
Pocket Rally LITE 1.4.0
Major Update! The complete 65 levels of the full version are nowallopen! Pocket Rally is an attempt to combine the best of botholdschool rally racing games and smart device experiences.Stunningvisual graphics, realistic yet fun to drive car physics,all in thepalm of your hand. Take the rally racing anytime,anywhere with you!Features: * Highly detailed and precisely madecar models, beautifuland visually convincing racing tracks locatedin various spectacularsceneries including mountains, coastline andancient city ruins. *Carefully tuned car physics to be bothrealistic and fun. Multipleground surface properties includingtarmac, gravel, grass and ice.Each car has unique drivingcharacteristics, and will evolve throughthe winning of races. * 6control modes (including MOGA(TM)controllers and genericBluetooth/OTG/USB gamepads) and 3 cameraangles (in-gametoggleable) to choose from. * Strength adjustable AIopponents. Upto 4 cars can race simultaneously in a game. *Introducing theReplay Mode. Performed a perfect power drift doing ahairpin turnand want to show your friends? Too occupied in thecompetition notable to admire your own driving technique and wantto see it later?Replay Mode is the answer for you! The replaycameras are tailoredfor each track, recording the whole event frombest angles and playit back for you. * 2 main game modes to play:Challenge mode andSingle Race mode. Additional cars and tracks canbe unlocked bywinning challenges and to be chosen in Single Racemode. Currentlythere are 8 legendary rally cars, 8 tracks(includingforward/reverse direction) and 65 Challenge mode levelsin thegame, with more to come! The ads-free version of Pocket Rallycanbe purchasedat: Facebook fan page at:
MQTT Dash (IoT, Smart Home) 4.4
Warning: This app is for nerds only :) If you don't know whatMQTTis, this app is likely not for you.-- With the app you cancreatedashboards for your MQTT enabled IoT Smart Homedevices,applications and Home automation.- Phones and tablets aresupportedin both orientations- Share metrics among devices viashared topic-Simple and easy to use dashboard-like UI- Designed torun 24/7(memory efficient, reconnects automatically)- Scriptingsupport(JavaScript)- Unique to the app: Image metric and customURLs toopen- Unlike Blynk, this app uses industry standard protocol(MQTT)instead of custom one, so it's much easier to connect all ofyoursmart devices together-Support for M2M, Sonoff,Electrodragon,esp8266, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Microcontrollers(MCU), sensors,computers, pumps, thermostats, remote control andotherthings.-Friends! This app was created for my own needs in myfreefrom work time. I'm not making money from it. It doesn'tcontainadvertisements, in-app purchases or any hidden cost, soplease beconsiderate when rate the app.Positive ratings areappreciated! Theapp will evolve depending on your ratings, becauseI'm investing myfree time in the app.-If you are native Englishspeaker, pleasehelp me to improve English translation of the app.So, if you arefeeling, that something must be re-phrased or changedin thetranslation, send your corrections to me please!-Thank you!
Alinma Internet
The Alinma Internet application provides you withcomprehensiveonline banking functionality, directly from your smartdevice.Features include:- Bill and traffic fine payments- Domesticandinternational transfers- Balance inquiries- Accounttransactionsand statements- Online card purchasing activation(CVV2)- Emergencycash requests- IPO subscriptions- Charitytransfers- Transfers toAlinma Tadawul
Wallpaper For Girls 1.0
This app "Wallpaper For Girls" has an awesome collectionofBeautiful & Amazing Pattern of girly elements like bowknots,alot of red roses, many colorful hearts and much more withGraphicsArt 3D Illustrations for your smart devices. One of thebestWallpaper For Girls gallery app available in the market. Ifyoulove girly wallpaper, you'll love to Decorate Your Phone withtheseadorable girly Wallpapers and Backgrounds! U’ll definitelylove tohave this app. Download Wallpaper For Girls application forFREE togive your home and lock screen a lovely makeover andexpressyourself with some unique super cute, kawaii and girlishwallpaper.Set your favorite Wallpaper For Girls as your homescreenbackground and lockscreen. After setting this as WallpaperForGirls,that specific wallpaper get directly saved in memory cardyoudon’t need to put extra efforts to save this wallpapers.Kindlycheck all screenshots of Wallpaper For Girls applicationgivenbelow to know how your device will look like. All theWallpaper ForGirls backgrounds are of HD quality. Share it withyour friends.Enjoy the App and please rate us. Feedback iswelcome.APPfeatures•- Set a selected image as Wallpaper.•- Sharewith otherusers.•- This app doesn't require internet connection(Only forshare or updates)•- All screens sizescompatible.Disclaimer - Alllogos/images/names are copyright oftheir perspective owners. Thisimage is not endorsed by any of theperspective owners, and theimages are used simply for aestheticpurposes. This application isan unofficial fan based application.Nocopyright infringement isintended, and any request to remove one ofthe images/logos/nameswill be honored.
Muzzley - Smart Home 2.12.5
Create and enjoy your Smart Home with Muzzley!Muzzley allows youtoconnect with and manage all your smart devices in the sameapp!Through a wifi or 4G connection, you can control them anytime,fromanywhere!With our new behavioural intelligence feature, Muzzleyisable to learn from you, suggesting useful use cases foryourdevices, as well as new devices for your home, helping youtocreate the perfect smart home! You don’t need to adjust toyourhome anymore… now your home adjusts to you! Create your own setofautomation rules (we call them “Agents”) & connect yourdevicesaccording to your needs, without even having to open theapp! Whenyou go to bed at night, do you want to turn on the alarm?EASY!When you come home, do you want your living room lights toturn on?CONSIDER IT DONE! Want to set your home’s thermostat to therighttemperature right after you leave work? YOU GOT IT!With somanydevices available, automation options and suggestions,Muzzleytakes care of the boring tasks, making easy for you to enjoyyourSmart Home.FEATURES* Wide range of compatible devices,including:Cloogy Power Plug, Wink Hub (Lights added through theWink Hub:Hampton, Connected Cree, Commercial Electric, TCP LED,OSRAM, GELink, Philips Hue ; Locks added through the Wink Hub:Kwikset,Schlage), Nest Thermostat, Nest Smoke Detector, WithingsScale,Koubachi Plant Sensor, Milight and Easybulb, TCP lighting,RachioIro Sprinkler, Insteon Hub V2 (model 2245-222), iHealth,Beurer,Misfit, FitBit, Jawbone, Lockitron, GreenIQ, Automatic,Egardia,LIFX* Behavioural based Suggestions* Shortcuts In-app withWidgetfeature* Home Automation* Security & Surveillance*HealthTracking* Manual/Remote Control* Location and Time basedAgents,and much more!We are here to help! If you have any questionsand/orsuggestions, please email us at [email protected] We arealwaysavailable for our users!
Presence: Free smart home security cameraBy People PowerCompanyUSAToday knows the FIRST thing you should do with an oldsmartphone.“Just download the free Presence app on your old device,pair itwith your new fancy smartphone, and voila! You now have atop-notchsecurity camera and motion detector thanks to thefantastic videocapabilities of your old gadget. You can use it tokeep an eye onyour home base in real time, and have it send youalerts whenthere's something fishy going on.”People around theworld arethrilled to put their spare smartphones and tablets backto work.The award-winning Presence app delivers smart homeintelligence andcontrol with enhanced video security for free.Download Presenceand get 50MB of free encrypted cloud video storagefor motiondetection recordings. Upgrade to Presence Pro within theapp foradvanced motion detection features and get 5GB of storageforlonger recordings and higher resolution video.AddPresence-compatible wireless sensors in your home and enjoythisadvanced do-it-yourself home security system. Presence workswithAmazon Alexa® for convenient and customized voice control ofyoursystem, too.Monitor with PresenceGet increased security andpeaceof mind – for free. Presence makes a great webcam, babymonitor,pet cam, nanny cam, surveillance cam, or do-it-yourselfsecuritysystem. At home, in the kitchen, the garage, the nursery,in youroffice, or wherever – Presence lets you know what’shappening whenyou’re gone. Get motion detection video alerts, viewwhat’shappening in real time, and more. Alert with PresenceThecamera inyour retired smartphone or tablet is still incrediblyvaluable. Putit back to work. Enable Presence motion detection toreceive freePresence Video Alerts – see and hear what happened justseconds agoif motion is detected by the smartphone or tablet you’vepositionedat home running Presence. You will be notified on thedevice withyou if an intruder is detected, when the kids arrivehome safely,or whatever makes you feel more informed andsecure.Control withPresenceAvailable in the Presence in-app store,you can purchase avariety of Wi-Fi connected sensors compatiblewith Presence toprotect your home including door and window entrysensors, motiondetectors, water leak sensors, temperature andhumidity sensors,touch sensors and more. You can controlelectrically powereddevices at home remotely with the Presencesmart plug, too.Presence-compatible sensors and devices areaffordable and installin just minutes. Watch with PresencePresencesupports simultaneousviewers connecting to a single camera, so youand anyone youdesignate can watch the dog or the kids at the sametime from twodifferent devices and locations. Presence transformssmartphonesinto automatic Twitter cameras for live-tweetingcapabilities andenables the world’s first iOS and Androidsmartphone securitycamera robot, Presence 360. Learn more about itat: Alexa Presence allows you to monitor and control yourhomewith your voice. You can request status updates about yourhome’sPresence connected devices and send commands to yoursecuritysensors, smart plugs, lights or even your connectedthermostat. Say“Alexa, tell Presence to arm my home” to activateyour securitysystem before leaving the house. Of course, it’sfree!Presence iOSCompatibility- iPhone 3GS or newer- iPad 2 ornewer- iPod Touch 4thgeneration or newer- iOS 6 or newerPresenceAndroid Compatibility-Devices shipped with (not upgraded to)Android OS v4.4.x or later-Chipset: ARMv7a or later- RAM: 2GB-Space: 100MB or more of freespaceConnect with us at:http://presencepro.comSupport:[email protected]: #PresenceApp
Marvin's iMagic 2.6.6
Marvin's iMagic is an exclusive and innovative new way ofperformingincredible, mind blowing magic tricks straight from yoursmartdevice. Combining unique magic props with the Marvin's iMagicAppyou will be able to surprise, baffle and amaze anyaudience,anytime, anywhere! Marvin's iMagic - Smart Magic For SmartDevices
Fast Charger Support added for API level 26 and above
Fast Charger is a lightweight Smart-Device BatteryChargingApplication. Fast Charger fast charging mode lets yourSmart-Devicebattery charged in less than 50% of time as comparedwith thenormal charge timings. Fast Charger has got a very simpleand easyto use interface. Fast Charger is fully optimized that'swhy itshighly memory and space efficient. User can Enable/ Disablemanyfunctions from the main screen of Fast Charger. Powericon(bottom/left) on the main screen of Fast Charger shows thestatusof charger valid connection. Important! Use originalbattery,charger & cable to get maximum quality result.
eGlu - Home, Smart Home! 1.5.094
eGlu is an innovative product which brings the concept ofSmartLiving, in its most useful, reliable and elegant form,tohomeowners. This extremely simple-to-use product makes yourhomeSmart and provides benefits like security and convenience. Ithelpsto automate repetitive tasks when you are at home and ensuresthatyour house is safe when you are away. With eGlu, all thesecuritydevices, cameras, light fixtures and appliances cancommunicatewith each other wirelessly. Free eGlu mobile APPprovides the userinterface to control and monitor all these smartdevices fromanywhere. It also allows you to make these devices moreintelligentby adding custom ‘rules’ and ‘scenes’. In a nutshell,eGlu is aInternet of Things (IOT) product which is tailored towardsHomeAutomation & Home Security. eGlu smart plugs, switchesandsecurity sensors can also be controlled by voice assistantslikeAlexa powered Echo devices from Amazon and the GoogleAssistantavailable directly from smartphones and Google Homedevices. Thebiggest challenge with any wireless smart home productis thereliability of communication and the user experience. eGluhas beenbuilt from the grounds up keeping these challenges in mind.eGlu'spatented low power, long range wireless communicationtechnology( guaranteesa veryreliable smart home solution.
Crestron App
Take control of all your entertainment and home systems fromyourAndroid device. Crestron offers many solutions to integratethedifferent systems within your home so that they all worktogetherto make your life more convenient. With the touch of onebutton youcan turn off every light in your home, share musicthroughout eachroom, adjust the temperature, set the alarm, andmore. IntegrateTVs, music, lighting, shades, door locks, security,heating andcooling systems and control them all from the device youalwayscarry. • Rich, stunning HD graphics • Entirely customizableuserinterface • Control virtually any system in your home •Controlfrom within the home or away from home • View home securitycamerason your Android device • Supports a customized portraitandlandscape modes • Intercom with IP phone systems, touch screensandother mobile devices The Crestron app communicates via Wi-Fi or3Gto keep you connected while at home, at the office or anywhereinthe world. The app talks directly to a Crestron home controlsystemimplemented by an authorized dealer. Use the GUI you see hereorcreate your own custom one. Download the app for a freedemointerface, the full version is available with an in-apppurchase.When it comes to your home and your life, you don't settleforanything but the very best. You want everything to becomplete,easy and worry-free. That's what a true home automationsolutionshould be, and that's what you get with Crestron. Easilycontroleverything in your home, room-by-room, using our ultra-cooltouchscreens and remotes, or anytime, anywhere from your favoritesmartdevice. Please Note: A Crestron system and Smart GraphicsTM UIarerequired to take advantage of these features, please contactyourauthorized Crestron integrator for implementation.
Yoky Tag
Track your things the smart way! Yoky Tag is a wireless smartdevicethat lets you track your belongings using your smartphone.This isthe companion app for the tag. Learn more and get smartphone connects and wirelessly tracksyourtags in the background. You can attach the tag to yourbelongingssuch as your keys, wallet, or bag and use your smartphoneto findyour things. You can even find your phone by shaking theyoky tagthrice.The yoky tag stays connected with your phone for adistanceof ~100 feet indoors and upto 250 feet outdoors. You getalertswhen the phone or tags go out of range, helping you avoidlosingyour phone and your tagged valuables. When the tagged itemsare outof range, you can see the last known location of your tag onthemap.You control how your tag behaves. You can choose when,whereand how long your tag or phone will alert you. The safelocationsfeature is especially helpful in customising your alertsindifferent locations.You can also share your tags with yourfriendsand family. A tag can be connected to only one person'sphone at atime, however all tag related information is seamlesslytransmittedto all the other users.There are some extra goodies too.You canuse the tag as a pedometer to accurately measures the numberofsteps and intensity of activity. If you carry your keys orwalletwith you all the time, this is a great way of measuringyouractivity levels too. You can also just attach the tag to yourshoesto track activity. The pedometer comes with a beautifuldashboardwhere you can configure targets and notifications and evengetestimated distance and calories burnt - all this whilestilltracking your belongings.Key specifications:1. RequiresBluetoothLow Energy (4.0+) compatible devices.2. Location servicesandinternet connection to track the last known location (yourlocationdata is stored only on your device). While locationservicesconsume your phone's battery and we have taken allpossiblemeasures to ensure the yoky app does not affect yourphone'sbattery life.3. Device: The yoky tag is a 3.3cm x 3.3 cm x0.8 cmBluetooth Low Energy smart device, it is water resistant, hasabuilt in 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU, and lasts 12 months onareplaceable CR3032 battery.4. A maximum of 8 Bluetooth devicescanbe connected to your Android phone at any point of time.
Alt-C 1.37
Alt-C is an app that makes getting text between your PC andSmartDevices extremely easy.Copy text from your PC to yourSmartdevice's clipboard, and Paste text from your device'sclipboard toyour PC, instantly! All you need is the PC application,and theAndroid application on your device. No sign-in is required.(You doneed to be signed in to your Google Account on your devicesincethe application uses Google Cloud Messaging)Configure Alt-C toopenspecific types of text in various applications. Open URLs inyourWeb Browser, Email addresses in your email app, GPSco-ordinates inyour Maps app, Phone Numbers in the Dialer and Textin yourfavourite note taking application. Configure your Alt-C AutoLaunchexperience under Settings! (ALL Text is parsed on thedeviceitself)1. Download this app and the Windows or MAC clientapp.( Run the Client app, andopenthe app on your device and complete the quick syncingprocess.3.Start copying.Copying to your Smart Device from yourPC:Highlightsome text on your PCPress the Copy Hotkey (Alt + C isthedefault)The text will arrive on your device's clipboard.Pastingfrom your Smart Device to your PCSelect some text on yourSmartDevice and copy itPress the Paste Hotkey on your PC (Alt + Vis thedefault)The text will arrive on your PC's clipboard andbeautomatically pasted.Alt-C doesn't require your smart deviceandyour PC to be on the same network, as long as both are connectedtothe internet - and you're logged into your Google account onyourdevice - you're good to go.Get the PC client apphere: of your data is stored onourservers at all - this includes data that identifies your deviceandPC as well as any text that is copied. All data is transferredviaSSL to keep it secure.
Vibe Smart Homes 1.1.3
To get started please purchase the Vibe Smart Home SwitchesandSensors along with the smart hub gateway. Install the free apponyour smart devices.
SynScan Pro 1.11.0
The Sky-Watcher SynScan hand controller is now available as anappon your smart device. Use this app to control the AZ GTi mountorother Sky-Watcher telescope mounts fitted with a SynScanWi-Fiadapter. This is the Pro version of the SynScan app andcontainsfeatures suited for expert users using equatorial mounts.This appsupports ASCOM on Windows PC. Driver can be
My Verisure 6.1.36
This app works with Securitas Direct / Verisure systems inSpain,France (only FAST systems), Italy, Portugal, Andorra, Brazil,Chileand Perú. If you have a VBox system, use this appinstead: PROTECTION IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND! The newVerisureapplication, designed exclusively for customers of thecompanyVerisure who have a Verisure Smart Alarm installed, willallow youto simply and intuitively: - Remotely connect/disconnectyouralarm. - See the status of your alarm (know if it isconnected). -Control entries/exits. You will always know whoconnects anddisconnects your alarm and at what time (cleaningstaff, employees,etc.). - See everything that happens in your homeor business, eventhough you are on the other side of the world. Thealarm does nothave to be triggered, it does not even have to beactivated: youcan request photos which you will see on your mobilephone. - Opendoors remotely. - Control your home automation(lights, heating,etc.). - Receive notifications in case of powerfailure - NewAction Plan service. You can establish the people andphone numberswhich you want us to notify in the event of securityalerts - OurSleep Arming service. This will make it possible toadapt theoperating mode of your alarm to protect you during thenight, onlyin the rooms of your house which you select. -Improvements to thenotification service to complete more features.Notes: -If you area customer of Verisure and you have a VerisureSmart Alarminstalled, you will only have to download and installtheapplication. To start using it you will need a “username” anda“password” which you will be able to obtain on our or bycallingour Customer Services line -If you are a customer ofVerisure andyou have another device installed, or you do not knowif yourdevice is compatible with this application, call ourCustomerServices line and we will give you all of the information.-If youare still not a customer of Verisure and you want to receivemoreinformation, you can contact us on our website or by calling.Allof the products and applications used to control your alarmhavethe most stringent security systems thanks to theVerisureTechnology which is exclusive to Securitas Direct. AtVerisure wecontinue to look after your security, 24 hours a day.
Royal Solver Lite Lite v3.1
Royal Solver
Royal Solver is a tool for solving a wide range ofequationsrelating to simple engineering problems. It is ‎accessiblewithjust a click on your smart device‎. This is a lite version,somefeatures from the full ‎version are disabled.‎‎- Contains550+formulas in: ‎Mathematics, Statics, Kinematics,Dynamics,Electricity and Magnetism, Fluid Mechanics, Temperature‎andEnergy, Heat Transfer, Machine Elements, Strength,Aerodynamics‎ -Can be used as a quick handbook for all formulas andtheir solver.‎- Has the one of the most rich Unit Converter.‎‎ -Create simplesolution with linked equations.‎‎ - Built in solutionassistant.‎‎- Contains wide range of units for every variable.‎‎ -Allowsave/load the solution for future use.‎‎ - Share the solutionwithyour colleges.‎ - All the integrated tables are available inLiteversion (till 1/1/2015).Get Pro version for:‎‎ - 550+formulas,that can be solved almost for each their variable.‎‎ -Dozensintegrated engineering property tables (materialproperties,friction coefficients, planets ‎data, dielectricconstants, dragcoefficients and others).‎‎ - Create complicatedsolution withlinked equations.‎‎ - Use the wide range of soldproblems byengineering community (coming soon).‎For moreinformation, visitour website:
Sky Viper Video Viewer 2.3.68
Capture Amazing Aerial Pictures & Videos and perfectyourpiloting skills with the new and improved Sky Viper VideoViewerapp! FEATURES Stream live video to your smart device byconnectinga supported Sky Viper drone. Supported drones include: •v950RVideo Streaming Drone • v2400HD Video Streaming Drone • v2900ProVideo Drone • v2450HD Video Streaming Drone Capture and savephotosto your media gallery and access them at anytime. Nodroneconnection required! Load, view and save flight maps (v2900ProVideo Drone ONLY) Access your complete flight activity loganytimewith real time flight records. *******Note to Google Pixel(Android7.1.2) Users******* If you have issues accessing the livevideofeed from your drone, please try switching your deviceintoairplane mode. This should fix theissue.**********************************************************
MajorDroid Official 1.9.2
This is client application for MajorDoMo home automationserver.Features: * Local/Remote access (switching automatically byWiFiconnected) * Voice command support * Built-in GPS tracker*Proximity sensor support * Bar-code reader *Video-messagesrecording * Custom URLs for data processing andinterfaces * RTSPstreams preview More detailsat
BLACKBOX – My Daily Life Log 1.1.2
Shouter Inc.
The newest technological service BLACKBOXUtilize thelatesttechnology to record and log your daily routine.BLACKBOXallowsusers to use AI technology and their smartphone features tologactivity.   Automatically record your activity withtheBLACKBOX app.  BLACKBOX features the latest Googlevoicerecognition to enhance daily life logs.1.ConversationrecordThrough the use of users’ smart device microphoneliveconversations can be recorded as both text and audio.Themaximumrecording time is 20 minutes. (Text files can be createdifconversations less.)2. Call record Phone calls can be recordedasboth text and audio archives.In certain instances thesecondparty’s voice may not be recorded and poor call receptionmayaffect the quality of the word recognition. Therefore, itisrecommended that users review the recorded data.3. PhotoUserscanalso enable photo logging which utilizes the smartphone cameratotake snapshots throughout the day.4. LocationBLACKBOX canalsorecord information on individual's journey including when andwherewas visited, as well as the distance and durationbetweenlocations.  5. Start/End ActivityUse your smartphone torecordinformation regarding user information from the start of yourdayuntil the end.Users can select features for logging in thesettingmenus. All recordings and texts logs are stored only onuser’ssmartphone. ✩✩✩ No recordings or texts logs are stored onlineorsent to online servers✩✩✩To utilize Google voice recognitionusersmust initially connect to the Google server.■ BLACKBOX KeyFeatures- Google voice recognition to create text file generationlogs -GPS location services logging, acceleration sensor,Microphonerecording, Phone Call logging, Speaker, Battery, Camerarecording -Battery optimization features - Log back upfunctionality(Currently in development)■ Important Notices -Callingto/receiving calls from certain mobile devices/terminals mayinsome instances make calls unable to be recorded. - Calls frommostmobile devices are, however, recordable. ■ SupportContactInformation - 23, Gangnam-daero 47-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul,Republicof Korea - [email protected]
My friend Cayla App (EN-US) 2.0.2
Important!This app only works with a My Friend Cayla or MyFriendCayla Party Time doll. Your doll will need to be connected toyoursmart device through Bluetooth for the app to function.MyFriendCayla is a beautiful 18” interactive talking fashion dollthatoffers hours of imaginative play! Cayla is more than just adollyou can style and dress… She is a real friend.App Features:•Talkswith you in real-time about interesting subjects!•Answersthousands of questions about herself and her interests!•Answersmillions of questions about geography, history, math,spelling, andmore!• Reads stories to you!• Plays games with you!•Tells youabout the photos in her photo album!If you have a MyFriend CaylaPartyTime doll, she can do all of the above and more!My FriendCayla PartyTime can magically recognize and talk aboutheraccessories, even without a smart device! Just put an accessoryinher hand and she’ll amaze you with what she knows!ForBestPerformance:• Turn off other active apps on your smart device•Playwith the doll in a quieter environment• Connect your smartdeviceto a fast and stable Internet network• Be about 12 inches (30cm)away from the front of Cayla and face her• Talk to Cayla whenhernecklace lights up and listen and wait when it is dimmed•Speakclearly so Cayla can understand you• If Cayla does not hearyou,speak louder or move closer and try again• Update your iOS tothelatest version
Almond 7.75.7
The free Almond app works with Almond+, Almond-2015 and Almond3.These Almond devices make home Wi-Fi easy with theirinnovativetouchscreen access and Wizard with step-by-stepinstructions. Theintuitive Almond app makes it easy to monitor,control and secureyour Smart Home and Wi-Fi Network. With theAlmond app, pushnotifications tell you in real time who’s on yournetwork and letsyou block them. The app also lets you manage scenesthat can beactivated from Amazon Alexa. The app also gives you easyandconvenient control of your home security system, Nestthermostat,Philips Hue lights, many ZigBee and Z-Wave devices fromleadingsmart home manufacturers. The Almond app gives you the powerto dothe following whether you’re at home or away: Manage yourWi-Finetwork Work with all your Android and Apple phones,tablets,laptops and other wireless devices Setup your Smart Homeconnectingall your smart devices Share your Home Wi-Fi network withfamilyand friends Create a guest Wi-Fi network Monitor who is onyournetwork with what device Enable Wi-Fi Triggers: know in realtimewho joins/leaves your network Control your home securitysystemEnable Parental Controls to limit children’s screen timeSetupcompatible scenes for Amazon Alexa (Echo, Dot, Tap) ControlNestThermostat Control Philips Hue lights Control Scenes, ModesandRules Control other many leading Smart Home devices
GL Digital Finance 1.5
GL digital finance application is application on smart mobiledevicefor mobile corporate agent.1. Service summeryGL digitalfinanceapplication is application on smart device for ourcorporate agent,using this application, our corporates agent caneasily use.Customer can easily to get our financial productservice through ourcorporates agent with this application witheasy step. Thisapplication have a very cool feature which iscustomize GL andcustomer more closeIt’s convenience, fast, and canbe done anytime,anywhere connect with digital financial servicethrough thisappWelcome agent download this app. Also please helprate this appand I will add more powerful feature in nextrelease.ThankFeatures:-Free! Quick to apply all products (Honda,Kubota)- Apply to beagent- Easy to earn money- Easy to use- Fewstep to field incustomer basic information - Android 4.0
Nikon India 1.0.14
Nikon India App is Nikon's effort to create a platform for itsuserswhich will give them an all-inclusive experience. Withtheamalgamation of the three Nikon platforms in one app, our aim istosimplify the overall process for a user to enjoy our services.Withour community getting stronger each day, we want thisassociationbe closely linked to people's lives. 
Nikon India Appkey features- Benefits for You1) Nikon School Programs
There aredifferentprograms that you can enrol in using Nikon School website.Allthose programs can be found on this application.a)PhotographyWorkshops
- A complete list of workshops
- Option toselect andparticipate in the workshops
- Integration of workshopschedulewith mobile calendar
b) Loyalty module
- Earn pointsbyregistering, sharing information about your cameras andLenses,image submission, workshop enrolment, submitting a blogandparticipating in various other activities.c) Gallery: 
- Shareyourimages for User Gallery
- View, comment, like and sharedifferentimages uploaded on the website by other users.d)Communitymodule:
- Optimise and render the blog updates
- ReadFAQse)Account
- Manage your profile and workshop history
- Referyourfriends to join the Nikon communityf) Feedback module:
-Givefeedback on our workshops and app experience
2) I AMNIKONMicrosite
- Participate in different photography contests3)NikonIndia website
a) Product catalogue
- View the entireproductcatalogue for our cameras, Lenses and other products withsubcategories and filters available for ease of use- Share andlikedifferent productsb) Store Locator
- Find the neareststoresc)Service and Support
- Find the nearest service centresandcollection centres.
•Terms of UseBefore using the app, downloadandread the End User License Agreement, available at thefollowingURL:
(•Smart Device System Requirements Android 4.4andup,
Android 5.0 or later, 6.0 or later, or 7.0
A smart devicewithsupport for GPS.
There is no guarantee that this app will runon allAndroid devices.
•Trademark Information
Android, GooglePlay, andtheir logos are trademarks or registered trademarks ofGoogleInc.
All other trade names mentioned in this document arethetrademarks or registered trademarks of their respective
Rachio 3.10.3
The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller changes the way you water.Itmakes running your sprinklers easy and convenient while savingyouwater and money. Rachio automatically creates a wateringschedulethat lowers your water bill and ensures the beautiful yardyouwant, while the mobile app gives you access to yoursprinklersystem from anywhere. Plus, Rachio is compatible withnearly anysized yard and smart home platform. This is the companionapp tothe industry leading Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller.
Wink - Smart Home
Wink App
Wink is the quick and simple way to connect you and your home.TheWink app brings together hundreds of smart products —lights,locks, sensors, thermostats, and more — across dozens of thebestbrands, so you can control them from anywhere. • Receivealertsthat keep you informed of what’s happening at home. • Triggeryouralarm and lights to turn on automatically if fire or smokeisdetected. • See who’s at the front door and use your phonetounlock it from anywhere. Use Wink’s security services to makeyourhome even smarter and safer: • Look Out: Get instantsecurityalerts about doors, windows, locks, garage doors, motion,and more,giving you control over your home so you can quicklydecide how torespond if something unexpected occurs. • Home Sitter:Have yourlights turn on and off in a natural, human pattern to makeit looklike you’re home when you’re away. Relax when you’re out oftown,knowing your home looks lived in. • Moonlight: Always returnto awell-lit home by syncing your lights to turn on and off withlocalsunset and sunrise times. It’s a convenient way to light yourwayhome after work, so you don’t have to search for keys in thedark.Explore other features in the Wink app, such asShortcuts,Schedules, and Robots, to customize your smart products.Questions?Talk to a real human at 844-WINK-APP [email protected]
i3 pro 1.3.4:16141
iRidium Ltd.
With i3 pro you can control Smart home, Smart office, Smarthoteland other automation objects. i3 pro, user's app, is acomponent ofiRidium pro, ecosystem with control and monitorcapabilities.iRidium 3.0, by iRidium mobile company, allows tointegrate controlof professional automation systems, multimedia andIoT gadgets inone app and one interface. The feature thatdistinguishedinterfaces created in iRidium 3.0 from all otherinterfaces is thatthey are unique. They have their individualstyle, navigation andarchitecture, i.e. they are created withregard to a customer'sdemands underlining his individuality andstatus. i3pro integratescontrol of all functions of Smart home orbuilding: • security •climate • lighting, blinds and shutters •audio/video equipment •intercom The following automation systemsare supported: • KNX •AMX • HDL buspro • Modbus • Crestron • MyHome• Z-Wave Fibaro •Z-Wave Razberry • Z-Wave Vera and others. Weprovide systemintegrators the following tools for convenient workwith iRidium3.0: • Driver Development Kit - a tool to createdrivers to controlany AV equipment or IoT device. • iRidium Cloud -a cloud serviceto store projects and transfer them to end-users. Italso providesremote project control. Important: • In iRidium probesidesvisualization you can create any logics to control aproject. It isdone with the help of iRidium Server. iRidium Servercan store andprocess data, as well. That's why iRidium pro is acompleteecosystem that allows to solve any tasks set to theintegrator.Learn more at Attention: Afterinstallation theapp works in the demo-mode. It does not controlyour Smart home oroffice at once. • If you want the app to controlyour home and youare an end-user, please, get in touch with anintegrator from thelist of Certified iRidium Specialists. • If youare an integratorand want to use iRidium pro, We'll gladlyanswer your questions [email protected]
THWiFi FPV 4.6
This app is specially created for 4-Axis aircraft, which allowsyouto see things in an real awesome way! The camera on the4-Axisaircraft transmits footage back to your smart device in realtime,put your smart device into the VR goggle and see things likeyou'retruly up there flying. NOTE, please read the instructioncarefullybefore you take off. Main function: 1. Real time displayof theimage from 4-Axis aircraft via WIFI 2. Take photo and videofrom4-Axis aircraft via WIFI transmission; 3. Put smart device intotheVR goggle and see things like you're truly up there flying.4.Review the photo and video files.
Smart Home Surveillance Picket - reuse old phones
If you happen to have an old smartphone or tablet collectingdustsomewhere, now you have a better option. Picket turns yoursparesmartphones and tablets into home surveillance cameras thatyou canwatch while you’re away. It helps you find out if yourpackagearrived, monitor your baby, if the kids are home fromschool, orfind out what your dog and cat are up to. Picket willtake anyAndroid phone or tablet running Gingerbread version 2.3 orgreaterand put its Internet connectivity and advanced video andaudiosensors to good use. Video surveillance has never beeneasier.Install Picket on two phones. One is your Camera at yourdesignatedlocation and take the other one with you as a Viewer. Login withthe same Google account, and that’s it! You are nowconnected toyour loved ones via WiFi or 3G/4G from anywhere in theworld. WithPicket's unique motion detection feature and GoogleDrive andDropbox integration, you can enjoy peace of mind withoutkeeping aconstant eye on things. Features - Works AnywhereWiFi/3G/4G LTE -Motion Detection & Alert (Instantaneous andEmail) - CloudStorage (directly to your Google Drive or Dropbox) -ScheduledMotion Detection (day and time) - Ultra High DefinitionVideo &Audio MONITOR LIVE 24/7: Install Picket on your sparedevice andpocket phone. Sign in with any gmail account as "camera"&"viewer". Place the spare device anywhere of interest at home,inthe kitchen, the garage, your office. Monitor live on thepocketphone anywhere with internet. MOTION DETECTION: Enjoy peaceof mindwithout keeping a constant eye on things. Picket providesautomatedmotion detection schedule. Once a motion is detected, itstartssiren alarm to scare the intruder away. Link your GoogleDrive andDropbox on both the camera and viewer so that WardenCamcan alsoupload the motion video to your cloud storage. You may evenenable24/7 recording in settings. Simple and secure! RECEIVEALERT:Receive an alert immediately when an intruder is detected,the kidsarrive home from school, or your elderly relatives aremoving abouttheir day. Play back event recordings from the cloudstorage.TWO-WAY AUDIO: Talk while watching the live streaming. Sendvoiceto the camera device. Prevent a negative action before iteverhappens How to test: Simply sign in with a google account thatisalready on your phone. Try with your own WiFi network first.Ifthere is still logging issues, please contact [email protected] Upgrade: If you like to use theapp for24/7 surveillance, please upgrade to premium version withonesingle payment of USD $6.99. See details in "User Guide". Followuson facebook & twitter to get more user tips fromdeveloper!
openHAB 2.5.0
openHAB - "empowering the smart home" - vendor andtechnologyagnostic open source home automation openHAB is aJava-basedopen-source home automation platform that integrates andcombines avast range of different smart home systems andtechnologies intoone single solution. On top of the unifiedabstraction layer allconnected devices are available for theoverarching automation ruleengines and different user interfaces.Supported Products Over 200specific add-ons provide support forbrands, devices, technologiesand communication protocols. Examplesare Z-Wave, Philips Hue,Amazon Echo, Chromecast and Sonos. Discoverall available add-onsand supported devices and/or functionsat: • HomeAutomationSolutions: Z-Wave, EnOcean, Netatmo, Homematic, Insteon,... •Lighting: Philips Hue, Ikea Trådfri, LIFX, Lutron, Milight,... •Heating: Max!, Nest, Vitotronic, Heatmiser, ... •HomeEntertainment: Samsung TV, LG TV, Sonos, Pioneer AVR,Squeezebox,Kodi, Plex, ... • Security: ZoneMinder, DSC, ... • OpenProtocols:HTTP, TCP/UDP, MQTT, Serial, ... • Special UseCases:Minecraft,Tesla Car, Weather Services, ... • ... Open SourceCommunity TheopenHAB open source initiative strongly supports itsvibrantcommunity. The forum with over 13,000 registered users is aplaceto find guidance, help and inspiration. Join the openHABcommunityforum over at When you findan issueplease report it in the forum orat If you wanttotranslate the app into your language join usat openHAB FoundationTheopenHAB Foundation e.V. is a nonprofit organization withthemission to educate the public about the possibilities andbenefitsof free and open smart home solutions. Learn about themission andthe services of the foundationunder Important note You needanopenHAB server for this app
atMyHome 1.0.1178
DevQ S.r.l.
atMyHome is a native solution to control the My Home BTicinoandLegrand home automation system on Android.Features :Userinterfacewith the same look and feel of the operating system.Noneed ofadditional devices, only a standard BTicino/Legrand gatewaythatsupport the OpenWebNet protocol is required. Manageabledevices:LightingAutomationCamsScenariosThermoregulation ( 4 and 99zones)Sound system ( mono and multichannel )NOTEAlso available infreeversion limited to 2 device per type and 1 cam.ExtendedaddressmanagementConfigurations sharingWidget for voicecommand(experimental)Discovery of gateways on the local networkWhenyoulike to control you installation through the internet, GPRS or3Gconnection, it's opportune to guarantee a the safetyofcommunication. For this it's recommended to use a VPNconnectionversus your router.
Lifedomus 2.2.4
With LIFEDOMUS App by Delta Dore, you control your homeautomationand multimedia system in your smart home. ACUSTOMISABLEAPPLICATION You may create without limits your owncontrols andscenarios. AN APPLICATION TO CONTROL THE MULTI-BRANDDEVICESTelevision, Home Cinema, audio-video amplifier, videoprojector,video doorman, IP camera, alarm, heating, lighting...theapplication allows you to visualize, control your systemandreceive alerts wherever you are. 100% scalable, you can installnewconnected devices and control them from your application.TRYLIFEDOMUS Install the application on your phone and access thedemomode to preview features. The application requires the use ofaLIFEDOMUS home automation server, products using X3D, KNX, RTSorZ-Wave protocols, and it is subscription-free, Contact us ifyouneed a recommended installer.
Fast Charging Fix's.
Orthodox Apps
Fast Charging is a lightweight Smart-Device BatteryChargingApplication. Fast Charging's fast charging mode letsyourSmart-Device battery charged in less than 50% of time ascomparedwith the normal charge timings. Fast Charging is highlyoptimizedtherefore it uses very less resources of device. FastChargingguarantees that there is no malfunctioning. spying orspamminginvolved. User can Enable/ Disable many functions from themainscreen of Fast Charging. Important! Use original battery,charger& cable to get maximum quality result.
Freedom FM 1.1
John James
The Freedom FM 106.5 app gives you the ultimate mobile experienceatyour fingertips no matter your smart device. With on-the-goservice,our app allows you to do more than just listen to theradio stationthat rocks St. Kitts-Nevis, the Caribbean and theWorld sincehitting the airwaves on August 30th, 2010. Designedwith you in mindit allows you to easily:- Listen to rich culturalblends of music,dynamic talk shows, news and press conferences,creativeadvertising, and entertainment updates.- Be informed,educated andempowered with people-focussed and community-orientednews arrangedcategorically.- Connect instantly with the FreedomFamily,communicate with the Freedom Dream Team, and contribute totalkshows on the Freedom Wall.- Request songs and birthdaygreetings,and add names to our birthday and anniversary lists forthe specialpersons in your lives.- Catch archived audio clips ofdaily news andmajor shows just in case you missed them live orwish to listen tothem again.- Contact us by phone, email orFacebook.We invite you tocheck out our Freedom FM 106 app andenjoy world class radio at itsvery best – anytime, anywhere!
360 Flight 3.9
MARK mai
Visit for more information, videos, [email protected], LLC.This streaming drone gives you abirds-eye view ofthe world using its onboard video camera. Capturevideo and picturesin real time transmitted via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.APPfunctions:Displays alive streaming feed taken by the drone’sonboard camera.Records andstores photos and videos directly onyour smart device.Use VR modein conjunction with VR goggles toexperience a FPV (first personview) experience.
The iSGUI app from TELETASK offers youadetailed and easy to use interface on which you can controlandmanage all home automation functions of your TELETASKequippedhouse.KEY FEATURES:• Manage: use the iSGUI app to control yourintegrateddevices.• Moods: create the right mood with predefined audio, lightandtemperature settings• Gates & doors: open the door from your smartphone• Thermostat: set the temperature when you are heading home• Windows: control the curtains, blinds and shutters• Devices: switch off all devices when away• Music: control your integrated audio systems• Cameras: see a livestream of your cameras• Sensors: monitor all kinds of sensors (wind,temperature,consumption, generation …)• Security: high level VPN protection is supported• Run this app on your smartphones, tablets and PCsYOU ALREADY HAVE A TELETASK INSTALLATION?Contact your system integrator for more info about the iSGUIlicenseand to configure the connection with yourinstallation.INTERESTED IN MORE?To find out about the endless list of TELETASK possibilities,visitour website www.teletask.beFOLLOW US FOR UPDATES AND NEWS:Facebook:
myBees 2.5.0
microBees is an integrated hardware and software solution readytouse. By using small devices easy to install, an App for iOSandAndroid systems and an online service platform, microBeesallowsintelligent management of electrical devices and allinformationaccessible from the network. Thanks to microBees will beeasy tosave energy, monitor and control the electrical appliancesremotelyand building small and large automation rules also based onyourlocation. We like to think at microBees like a beehive, madeofmany cells populated by intelligent bees, able tocollectinformations from the network such as news , weather,e-mail,social networks and more… and those collected throughhardware andsoftware devices designed and manufactured specificallyto monitorthe status and instant consumption of my electricalequipment. Eachbee is specialized to handle a particular channelsuch as: • dataof absorption of my electrical equipment; • newsfeeds, weatherinformation; • the information passing on my e-mailaccounts; •events of my pages on social networks; • my geographiclocation.Using all this information in one well-organized (yourInternet ofThings), you can create automated systems for theenvironmentalcontrol, energy savings and the simplification oflarge and smallgestures of everyday life that go far beyond thecapabilities oftraditional systems homeautomation.---------------------------------------------------------------------automationcloud consumption programmable thermostat homeautomation easy toconnect gatebee intelligent internet of thingsswitches json localmesh microbees sensebee thermostat wirebeeinternet of things beeIOT mybees---------------------------------------------------------------------