Top 49 Apps Similar to Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Best Boiled Egg Diet Plan 1.4
Introducing Best Boiled Egg Diet Plan apps! These apps containslistof benefits about Eggs consumption and the summary about theDiet.Boiled Egg Diet Plan claim to lose weight up to 24 pounds injusttwo weeks! The main ingredients in this diet are eggs. Theeggs arehealthy food which contain lots of nutrients,high-protein, goodfats, minerals and vitamins. Moreover, eggsprovide the necessaryvitamins and nutrients for your body. Thisdiet has simple rules.You must not eat junk foods or snacks suchas burgers and sweets.Limit the salt and sugar consummation andavoid alcohol. This appsprovide you 7 Days Meal Plan which aresimple, repetitive and easyreferences. New features available forusers where you can havehealthy snacks while on the diet. Consumethese snacks betweenbreakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner.Avoid eating anythingpost-dinner. Apps Features: - About the Diet(Overview, Ways toprepare different types of boiled eggs, fruitsubstitutions forcitrus fruits) - 7 Days Repetitive Meal Plan(Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner & Best time schedule for each meal) -Food Substitutions(Alternative ingredients you can use in thisboiled egg diet) - EasyHealthy Snacks (Food List) - The benefitsof Egg (Why eggs is goodfor you?) - Apps info (Apps guides/Privacy Policy / Disclaimers/Apps Share) Important notes: ThisBoiled Egg Diet plan is very highin protein, therefore, you shouldconsult your doctor before youbegin with this type of diet. Thetwo weeks menu is very simple andrepetitive. You can also add someworkouts so you can have evenbetter results. Make sure you useonly organic eggs during the dietprocess. We wish you good luckand all the best in this dietprogram!
Food Diary isn't just a regular Calorie Counter. Food Diaryisdesigned to put you in control, and be as easy, quick and simpletouse as possible. No guilt trips, or constantly naggingreminders,but straight forward and on your terms. This app helpsyou loseweight, maintain weight, or gain weight through caloriecounting,but is also easy to use to keep track of specificnutrition point(for instance for people with diabetes, celiac,etc.) and for bodybuilders. ABOUT THE APP: Keeping track of whatyou eat has beenshown to help prevent and stop over-eating. Thisapp helps youcontrol your diet and eat healthier, by making it easyto trackwhat you eat. The design is optimized to make entry asquick aspossible, with 1 click entry, and recent food suggestions.Thebuilt in database already has thousands of food items and ifyoursare not known, adding them is easy. FEATURES: 1. A simpleandpowerful design: The app opens directly on the entry screen, onthemost recent meal, because that is what you'll use most. Thedesignmakes adding entries as simple and intuitive as possible. 2.Onetap entry with personalized suggestions: The most common fooditemscan immediately be selected. Starting on the second day,yourrecent items are suggested because you may eat the samefoodfrequently. 3. Logging in is not needed: No personal dataorcontact information is required. 4. Thousands of items alreadyinthe database: Most food items have accurate informationaboutcommon serving sizes, calories, carbohydrates, protein andfat. 5.Full off-line support: No need to be connected to theinternet. 6.Precise entry is also easy: You can accurately enterthe preciseamount using a slider. 7. Daily reports: Using the menu,you candirectly open the diary, which shows a summary of your day.Hereyou can switch between calories, protein and carbohydratesbypressing on little triangle. 8. Personal reminders help you stayontarget: They are a convenient way to make sure you fill outyourdiary, after each meal, or at the end of the day. It is a goodideato verify the information in the database is the same astheinformation on your food packaging; food nutrition fluctuateswithbrands and over time. Make sure to discuss your goals withyourdoctor or nutrition specialist. PREMIUM FEATURES: 1. Nomoreadvertisement. 2. A much larger food database. 3. The abilitytoe-mail yourself a copy of the diary. 4. More configurationoptions,including the ability to enter up to 8 separate meals aday.Download now because you will love using it.
HealthyOut Healthy Meal Finder 1.0.7
Looking for healthy food when you eat out? HealthyOut findsyoudishes at local restaurants that match your diet andnutritionpreferences. Under 500 calories, low carb, Italian? Wehave justthe meal for you. We make it easy to eat healthy and stayon yourdiet when you're eating out!*** Currently available for U.S.only.***★ Recommended by Nutritionists, Doctors and PersonalTrainers★Featured by TechCrunch, Prevention Magazine, ConsumerReports◀HEALTHYOUT HELPS YOU ▶✓ Find healthy restaurant andpreparedgrocery store meals that fit your personal preferences✓Covers thewidest range of diet and nutrition filters in any app!✓Nutritionpreferences like Low Calorie, Low Carb, Low Fat, HighProtein, LowSodium, and Heart Healthy✓ Dietary restrictions likeVegetarian,Vegan, Lactose and Gluten Free✓ Popular diets likePaleo, Atkins,South Beach, Zone and more✓ Use our unique Calorieand Pointsfilters to find a meal in your goal✓ Filter by Cuisine,Ingredientsand even the Type of Dish✓ Tired of salads? You can finddishes byour most popular filter - "Not a Salad" ✓ See detailednutritioninformation for dishes including calories and points ✓ Eatoutconfident that you made a healthy choice!◀ LIKE US ONFACEBOOK& FOLLOW US ON TWITTER ▶Download HealthyOut now andstarteating healthier today! If you have suggestions, we would lovetohear them! Send to
com.oajoo.healthyfood 1.23.b46
Healthy Food is an easy-to-use application about eating healthy.Youwill find information about things that you should have in mindwhentrying to eat and stay healthy. You can search for foods, addtofavorites, create your profile and find recommendations aboutaperfect diet for you. Stay in shape by tracking your diet.
Health Heroes 1.2
"Health Heroes" Application is aiming to spread healthawarenessamong young generation about healthy life style, healthyeatingphysical activity, hygiene and effect of smoking. It helpsthedevelopment of student’s skills and enriching their health&prevention knowledge using interesting approach in education,suchas the quest to win, competition, challenge,curiosity,imagination, visualization and other elements ofattraction, thrilland excitement. These games contribute to theimprovement ofchildren’s health behaviors by introducing healthyinformation inan interesting way, such as: motivate them to do somephysicalactivity, how to choose healthy foods through going forhealthyShopping, provide healthy choices of foods that kids like,and howto wash hands to avoid diseases and sickness..TheApplication hastwo main characters symbolize health “Manea &Salamah";Children can choose the character they would like to playwithduring the games. Those characters were inspired by theheritage ofUnited Arab Emirates.
Weight Loss, Diets, Eating Disorders Audio Courses 3.0
Listen to audio courses, workshops and audiobooks to helpbuildhealthy eating habits. Gain support and learn from weightlossexperts how to improve your diet, boost your self esteem andbodyimage. Gets tools to triumph over eating disorders. Weightlossdoesn't need to be a lonely battle. Featuring inspirationaltalksand nutrition workshops on your path towards healthy eating.It’sfull of stories from people who’ve overcome challenges andbeenthere. The tracks explore topics on fitness, meal planning, andhowto stop cravings. Learn about the benefits of a plant-based,paleo,vegan, or vegetarian diet.But a healthier you takes more thanjustmaking macrobiotic bowls. (Don’t worry, that’s here too)Itinvolves a holistic look at health and diet, and overcomingthehurdles that hold us back from living our true lives. Itrequiresan educational look on the body, so we can learn how tostop andgive up foods that harm us - and develop eating habits thathelpus. You’ll develop qualities and skills that will transformyourbody image day by day. This app is great for those lookingtodetox, address health issues, or as part of yourweight-lossprogram.GO AT YOUR OWN PACE - Take action at your ownpace. Listenon the way to work, at the gym, or whenever it’scomfortable. Itonly takes a few minutes a day to master the skillsof personalhealth. Create a playlist and program a routine thatworks on yourtime.HEAR FROM EXPERTS - Learn from experts how todetox the bodywith superfoods, fitness, and proper cookingtechniques. Find outwhat gets in the way of achieving success andreach yourmilestones.BOOST YOUR BODY IMAGE - Break bad habits.Reducecravings and get that healthy gut. Gain support every day.Watchyour positivity and self-esteem soar as you find courage andmakeprogress along your path.EATING DISORDERS - If you sufferfromeating disorders or participate in overeaters anonymousprograms,this app is up your alley. Explore tracks dedicating tobulimia,anorexia, and binge eating.FREE APP -This app is free todownloadand includes over 100 hours of free audio programs. Tounlock andget all content, you’ll want to subscribe. (in-apppurchase feesapply).GET ON TRACK - Audiojoy makes it simple. Listento an audiolesson every day and stay disciplined. Explore a richlibrary oftracks on diet, health, overeaters anonymous, eatingdisorders andmore.Each day, you’ll hear stories of courage andoptimism, frompeople who overcame weight loss challenges anddramatically changedtheir body image. We know the challenge to ‘notbe bad today’ ishard, and choosing to eat healthy is more difficultfor some of us.But every journey starts with a singlestep.FEATURES:This app ispacked full of amazing features to helpyou lose weight:+ 1000+audio tracks, 100+ hours of content+ Dailyfeatured audio content+Search and explore all content+ Add to afavorites list+ Listenwhile offline+ Build a playlist of the tracksyou want to hear+Read along with the text version+ Sleep andmeditation timer+Looping relaxation and meditation sounds (over 2.4millioncombinations)+ Daily inspiration notifications withpowerfulartwork to keep you motivatedAudiojoy creates educational,how-tocontent for happier lives. We believe everyone can developtheskills to be their best. Audiojoy makes it easy to putthesetechniques into practice, so you can master what you want andstopwhat you don’t. Download our apps, launch your own personalcourseor program, and start learning.CONTENT INCLUDED:Here is asample ofaudio content you will find:+ 21 Days to Love Your Body-Meditations For A Healthy Weight+ Best Health, Fitness&Dieting Audiobook Excerpts+ Conquer Sugar Cravings ForGood!Hypnosis For Healthy Change+ Crash Course To Gym TrainingForBeginners+ Flexible Dieting: Weight Loss On Your Terms+ GetYourChild Back On Track: Hypnosis For Healthy Eatingand muchmore...
Diabetic recipes free app is perfectly designed cookbookwhichcontains variety of healthy dishes for free. Healthy recipeswillhelp to maintain our health. This app is a perfectlydesignedcookbook. Even kids can easily cook dishes using this app.Diabeticrecipes are always loved by all people. Diabetic patientsalwayslikely to use vegetarian dishes and recipes. This app havestep bystep guide for cooking recipes. So you can save your timeverymuch. App includes categories like : healthy diabeticrecipessalads desserts soups main dish seafoods smoothies cakescookiesdiabetic breads and more. Healthy and delicious diabeticrecipesincludes Mint and Masoor Tikkis, Karela Theplas, CarrotMethiSubzi,Chinese Fried Rice etc. You can get your loved orfavoriterecipe by just searching. Advanced searching option isalsoprovided. Find easy diabetic and vegan dinners for eatinghealthy.The selection of diabetic cooking depends on many reasons.Discover delicious, healthy recipes that fit perfectly intoadiabetic diet. Collection of diabetic-friendlyrecipes,low-sugarmeals have to be tasteless. Check out thiscollection of recipes tofind a dish perfect for every course. Theapp features include:Global search Search recipes by ingredients,names, tags Shoppinglist Recipe preparation time Offline recipeaccess Favorite recipescan be stored separately Reverse recipesearch Recipes can beshared to anyone by a single click Recipes areprovided with theirnutritional value, calories Number of servingsis also providedRecipe of the moment This app contains largestcollection ofdiabetic recipes. If we follow diabetes diet recipesin proper waywe can surely control diabetics. Vegetable soups alsohelps inmaintaining our health. Vegetable soups are always healthy.Thesediabetic recipes will be the ultimate cookbook that will helpyouto control your diabetes and almost all diseases. Here weprovideyou thousands of diabetic recipes which you can cook easily.HappyCooking !!
com.andromo.dev522101.app486981 2.0
B6Squad Dev.
Losing weight and keeping the pounds off isn't a quick oreasyprocess, but a few simple diet tricks can be a big help alongtheway. Our solution, Eating lots of protein, fiber, andhealthycarbs, which boost your metabolism and keep you feeling fullallday long. Foods that burns fat !! We know, it sounds like it'stoogood to be true. But there actually are some things you caneatthat spike the metabolism, trigger hormones that release fat,andeliminate toxins that make it hard for your body to shedunwantedpounds. In this free app we will provide you with a lotsofinformation about how to lose weight using healthy foods. Ifyou'renot sure how to work these fat burning ingredients into yourdailymenu, start with these recipes. They all include at leastoneweight loss super-food, and, best of all, they can be made in30minutes or less! Learn How Simple Foods Can Burn Belly Fat andMakeYour Body Ripped, and start introducing a few more foods thatburnfat into your diet each time until you find that you’re eatingmuchmore of them than you used to. Just be cautioned, For thesefoodsto work their miracles, they must be consumed as part of acleandiet. That's right, don't expect to make up for a junk-filleddayby noshing on a few fat-burning kale chips. If you view food astheenemy, this application will introduce you to some foods thatmightmake you change your mind and have them work for you insteadofagainst you. Here is a quick view of the recipes contained inthisapp: - Creamy Avocado Cups - Greek Yogurt Fruit Parfait -BananaNut Oatmeal - Banana & Sunflower Seeds Breakfast -Avocado Whip- Stuffed Blueberry French Toast - SouthwesternBreakfast Burrito -Crisp Chickpea Slaw - Baked Veggie Omelet -Crisp Chickpea Slaw -Black Bean and Chicken Chilaquiles - Broccoli& Feta Omeletwith Toast - Honey Grapefruit with Banana -Curried Egg SaladSandwich - Maple Salmon with Greens - SpicySouthwestern Black BeanChili - Strawberry Chicken Salad - ThaiChicken-Broccoli Wraps -Cuban Sandwich - Greek Quinoa and Avocados- Miso Beef and Noodles- Barbecue Chicken Salad - Red-Lentil Hummus- Southwestern BlackBean Cakes - Cookie Crunch Smoothie *** Thisapplication isconstantly updated with new foods and recipes ! ****** Each recipeis provided with nutritional information to help youcontrol yourcalories consumption. *** Share this application withyour friendsand family and enjoy the benefits of these healthyfoods andrecipes.
com.venninteractive.macros 4.2.1
Welcome to the easiest diet you've ever tried. Eat whateveryouwant, as long as it fits with your food macro plan it's partofyour diet! Stupid Simple Macros is the most efficient way evertotrack your macro-nutrients and help you bulk up, lose weight, ordoboth at the same time! Why count macros vs what you do oneveryother diet? Counting macros is one of the easiest ways toreachyour fitness goals by simply tracking your fat, protein, andcarblevels. Stupid Simple Macros makes tracking these macrossupereasy. And best of all, you set your own macros levels, so youcaneat whatever you want as long as you reach your daily macros! Ifitfits your macros ("IIFYM") you can eat it! FEATURES:• Easy-to-usefood icons for logging your daily macros. • Barcodescanner with anextensive 500,000 food database for quickly addingfoods. • Takedaily private before and after selfies to motivateyour progress.Share them with friends when you're ready. • Trackyour progressovertime and easily change your daily goals. • Syncbetween devicesfor free. • Food bank conserves calories for specialevents.• Create custom foods and meals that will show up on yourdailyFood Grid. • Set up warnings for when you approach yourmacroslimits • Helpful reminders for logging your daily macros.• Changeyour portion sizes on the fly. • Automatically convert tometricswith the touch of a button • Clean layout for reviewing yourdailyfoods and adding daily notes • Daily water tracker • Emailyourfood history to anyone you'd like. Try it today, it’s freetodownload! You have nothing to lose but the fat! Brought to youbythe developers of Stupid Simple Keto, the popular andeasy-to-useKeto diet tracker.
Noom: Health & Weight 7.10.0
Noom Inc.
Any program can tell you to eat less and move more. Noomisdifferent. Noom’s proven psychology-based approach identifiesyourdeep-rooted thoughts and triggers, and builds a custom gameplan tohelp you form healthy habits, faster. Featured in the NewYorkTimes, Women’s Health, Shape, Forbes, ABC and more, we'vealreadyhelped over 45 million people worldwide build health habitsandachieve their health goals. People who use Noom lose an averageof18 pounds in just 16 weeks! 78% keep the weight off for overayear. Learn how to navigate your environment, challengeyourthoughts, master your triggers, and overcome any barrier thatmightcome your way. Whether it's emotional eating, cravings atmid-day,difficulty with social eating, or a sweet tooth,Noom'sscientifically backed-solution will help you create a plantoovercome any obstacle and practice healthier habits untilyou'vemastered them! What you get: - Scientifically-provenpsychologyapproach to “trick” your body into building healthyhabits, faster- Flexible coaching designed to help you set andachieve yourshort- and long-term goals, and provide you with asmuch dailysupport and accountability you need -- you decide! -Personalizedfeedback from your coach based on your in-app activityand progress- Tools to track your weight, food, exercise, bloodpressure, andblood sugar all in one place - Interactive contentwith over 250+new articles, including choose-your-own adventurestyle guides toapply our #PsychTricks into your daily life,seamlessly - Smartertechnology to identify your challenges in realtime and keep you ontrack - Custom meal + workout Plans availableto take your progressto the next level - Our most comprehensivefood database, with overhalf a million new and updated food loggingoptions and barcodes tomake your experience even better - Anaward-winning,battery-friendly pedometer to count your steps Ourteam of doctors,psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainershave created anew course that takes the most effective behaviorchange researchand techniques and delivers them to you in dailybite-size articlesand interactive challenges to teach you theskills you need toimprove your health. Sign up today to turn yourhealthy thoughtsinto healthy actions with Noom!
Sandwich Recipes 25.7.5
Sandwich is one of the most delicious and healthy food whichisloved by all people. its yummy and crispy. its our dream tocooksandwich in our own kitchen. Now you can make your dreamhappen.Explore the largest collection of wide variety of sandwichesfromdifferent parts of the world. Be a professional sandwich makerfromyour kitchen itself. Beef sandwiches, cheese, chicken,tuna,sandwich wraps and roll ups,sloppy joes, bacon sandwiches,ham,pork, turkey, grilled burgers and more. Feed your hunger fornewrecipes to discover and fire up your passion for the kitchen inoneeasy way. Step by step directions for cooking a dish isprovided.Everyone ranging form kids to adults can easily preparetheirfavourite recipes very simply. We provide you almost healthyfoods.Healthy dishes is must for maintaining a healthy body and ahealthymind. There are numerous recipes available from this cookingtoolthat may be prepared easily and with ingredients that mayeasily befound. Main features : * Learn all the ingredients,followed by astep-by-step procedure. * Go between recipes throughan easy-to-usemenu. * Find recipe matches for the dish type,ingredient andcooking time combination of your choice. * Thousandsof recipes tochoose from, which makes food preparation a breeze! *Cooking timerfor a perfect cooking * Filter options by ingredients,cooking timeor dietary needs. * Experience the feeling ofself-satisfactionafter cooking different dishes! * Shopping listLets you easybuying of groceries and ingredients from the market. *Recipes canbe added to favourite. * App can be also used as offlineafter onetime loading from internet. * Search and access differentkinds ofrecipes all in one app in the most convenient way ever! *Click onon-hand ingredients to find out recipes and ideas fordifferentmeal choices to prepare. ` * Less time consuming inmealpreparation for every recipe. * Conveniently takes up lessspace inyour phone data. * Practice your cooking skills in overthousandsof food recipes. Chicken sandwich is most delicious. Therearegrilled recipes too. Sandwiches during party nights is moretastyand memorable. You can also get quick and easy sandwiches toofromthis app. And its is FREE for all time. Authentic collectionofvariety of dishes. Satisfy yourself with all the cookingpleasuresand keep others enjoying as well with your treats.Manymouthwatering dishes. Share the joy of cooking with yourfriends,relatives too. Download,search for a recipe and startcooking!!Happy Cooking !!
Fruits For Health 1.5
"Fruits For Health" Fruits are nature’s wonderful gift tomankind;indeed, medicines packed with vitamins, minerals,anti-oxidants andmany phyto-nutrients (Plant derived micronutrients). They are anabsolute feast to our sight, not justbecause of their color andflavor but for their uniquenutrition-profile that help the humanbody free of diseases and stayhealthy!!! Fruits contain manyanti-oxidants like poly-phenolicflavonoids, vitamin-C, andanthocyanins. These compounds, firstly,help human body protectedfrom oxidant stress, diseases, andcancers, and secondly; help thebody develop capacity to fightagainst these ailments by boostingour immunity level. Many fruits,when compared to vegetables andcereals, have very high anti-oxidantvalue, which is somethingmeasured by their "Oxygen RadicalAbsorbent Capacity". Fruit’shealth benefiting properties arebecause of their richness invitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients,anti-oxidants, which helps thebody prevent or at least prolong thenatural changes of aging byprotecting and rejuvenating cells,tissues and organs. Theiroverall benefits are manifold! Fruitnutrition benefits areinfinite! You are protecting yourself fromminor ailments likewrinkling of skin, hair-fall, and memory loss tomajor ailmentslike age-related macular degeneration of the retinain the eyes,Alzheimer’s disease, colon cancers, weak bones ,etc.,and the listof fruit nutrition benefits never ends!!! "Fruits ForHealth" GiveYou the list of Fruits and theirBenefits................ "So EatFruits Daily an Keep Away fromHospitals and Doctors......."
com.endless.easyrecipes 25.7.3
Easy recipe app is a cookbook that gives a wide variety offoodrecipes for free. Using Easy recipe app we can cook foodsveryeasily. Easy cooking foods plays an important role in our life.Intoday's life all people chooses healthy foods. In this cookbookyouwill find recipes with high nutrition,vitamins etc. There aremanyeasy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner which are verytastyand very easy to cook. Step by step instructions for cookingdishesis provided. if you are a beginner in cooking then this willbe thebest companion for you. App Features : * Search and findanyrecipes you love * Search by ingredients and tags * Sort andfilteryour recipes by category * Add favorite recipes * Shareyourrecipes via social medias with friends and family. * Createyourshopping lists from recipe details. * Add recipes to offlineandaccess them offline. * You can view recipes in your ownnativelanguage. * Enjoy recipe of the day. For a healthy life andwe needeasy cooking recipes and healthy eating. Easy cookingrecipes givebest recipes to keep our body healthy. Easy cakerecipes gives bestcakes in very less time. All recipes areavailable in this recipebook and food lovers can find any kind oftasty recipes. You canlearn how to cook all these recipes veryeasily using this easycookbook recipe. For those who love thecookies, there are healthycookies . Healthy chicken easy cookingrecipes can be included inthe healthy dinner. Healthy childrenshould have a healthy diet anda healthy diet plans. Almost allcomplicated recipes like chickenrecipes, beef recipes, pork recipesetc can be made as an easyrecipe by using this recipe app. Forhealth care, there are manybooks available which are related tohealth. Healthy diet includeseasy cooking recipes,healthy crock potand also this categoryinclude healthy salads. For our health issuesthat we can go inhealth journals, health guides, health magazineguide, etc.Calories calculator status is very important for themanagement ofhealth information. Healthy recipes are very usefulfor heart anddiabetic patients. You can also try Italian anddelicious Germanrecipes and different world cuisines. So CookEasily, MaintainHealth. Happy Cooking!
bon happétee-Smart weight loss: Tracker, Planner 3.1.7
Healthy is boring, let's eat smart. We are a smart nutritiontrackerand meal log & planner app for healthy weight losswithoutdieting. So far 2000+ users have lost an average of 5 kgswith theautomated AI based assistance of our fitness nutritiontracker app.WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF WEIGHT LOSS We takepersonalization to thenext level – by our “teach, not tell”approach powered by machinelearning, patented recommendationengine and worlds best Indian fooddatabase. So, welcome to thefuture of eating right! Whether lookingfor newer and excitingadventures of the palate, or looking for someserious balance inmindful eating without compromising on taste andconvenience, bonhappetee is the destination for a totally redefinedway of thinkingfood and losing weight naturally without dieting.MEALSPERSONALIZED TO YOUR FITNESS GOALS bon happetee, is a smartappthat learns your tastes, metabolism and convenience andpositionsyou to reach your health and weight loss goals – or justhelps youwith mindful eating while opening up newer combinationsand balancemeals via its ultra-customized recommendation engine.EASY TO USEDAILY FOOD JOURNAL It is super convenient – it has smartfeaturesto keep your food journal logging a breeze; it is simple,it givesyou personalized nutritionist approved meal scores on ascale of1-10 for every meal that you log; it gives you real timefixes toimprove your score and balance your meals to meet yourweight losstargets (R.I.P the days of counting calories and carbs,just score>8 and lose weight). MEAL PLANNER Then again it ismuch morethan that – plan your meals in advance using theproprietyrecommendation engine that combines the state of theartnutritional analytics with the wisdom of ourcelebritynutritionists on board. By using food calorie calculator&weight loss journal you will surely be one step ahead ofanyoneelse! Feeling like eating something – just build yourbalanced mealusing our “I feel like eating...” feature. OUR WEIGHTLOSS APP CANADJUST Feeling like you know your body better – goahead, customizeyour meal targets to what you know works. Not quitethere yet, noproblem. Just keep logging and leave it to our smartapp to figureout which of the tweaks are working for you using itsastutealgorithmic integration of your data with magic ofmathematics. Butthat is just the beginning – share your scoresacross your socialnetwork, motivate others, and get motivated. KEYFEATURES: 1.Custom goal setting & nutrition – choose yourweight loss paceand comfort zone (nutrition tracker) 2.Personalized taste - Getpre-planned menus with ingredients andrecipes (meal planner) 3.Easy Log for your meals and activity –smart, simple and fast (meallog, daily diet diary) 4. Challengeyourself – Score eight to loseweight (smart weight loss) 5. Fixmeals in a second (healthy dietmeal finder) 6. Social - Challengeyour friends. See what othersare eating (socialize) 7. Nudge –Reminders and notifications tokeep you on track (stay focused) Aword from our CEO "Thank you foryour interest in our app, it givesme immense satisfaction to sharewith you the essence of my personaljourney of a lifestyle changeand weight loss of losing 20 kgs andrunning a full marathon afterrecovering from a broken back all thiswhile keeping my love offood and doing everything as per myconvenience. Interestingly-doing this was not at all tough - thestruggle however was findingthe right way to do it. Now, I am not anutrition expert or adoctor but I am common man who understandsthis pain from yourpoint of view. Try bon happetee and learn andearn the freedom toeat what you love” Start your journey to leavinga perfect lifewhere you take control of your body weight! Theultimate food andexercise journal, planner, tracker &recommendation app bonhappetee for free! Share your feedback
Eat This Much - Meal Planner 1.133
Put your diet on autopilot with Eat This Much, the automaticmealplanner. Tell us your diet goals, the foods you like, yourbudget,and what your schedule looks like, and we'll automaticallygeneratea complete meal plan to meet your requirements. It's likehaving apersonal diet assistant. Features •  Generate meal plansthat meetyour calorie and macro targets in seconds •  Nutritiontargets canbe set up for weight loss, maintenance, or muscle /bodybuilding • Follow any eating style or create your own •  Choosefrom paleo,atkins/keto, vegetarian, vegan, and Mediterranean diets•  Filterout foods/recipes based on allergies and dislikes,includinggluten-free •  Set the available cooking time for eachmeal tomatch your schedule •  Take the anxiety out of picking whatto eat•  Personalize any of our recipes or add your own •  Don'tlike oursuggestions? Easily swap them out or configure the mealplanner toonly use foods you like using Recurring Foods Premiumfeatures • Automatically generate a week of meal plans at a time • Didn’tfollow the meal plans? Easily log what you did eat to trackyourintake •  Grocery lists are automatically created from yourmealplans •  Set a number of family members for each meal to makesureyou buy enough groceries •  Reduce food waste with pantrytracking•  Set custom targets for each day of the week, like morecaloriesand carbs on your workout days. Customize as much or aslittle asyou want. Normal calorie trackers force you to add foodsinto yourdiary one by one. By the end of the day, there's noguarantee thatyou'll be anywhere near your nutrition targets. Withour automaticmeal planner, there's nothing to track becauseeverything isalready entered for you. All you have to do is followthe plan. Weoffer both free accounts and premium accounts. As afree user, youcan create a single day meal plan and completelycustomize ithowever you want. Each meal can have differentpreferences, andyour nutrition targets can be whatever you like. Asa premium user,you'll have access to the weekly meal planner thatallows you toautomatically generate a week of meal plans and sendthem to youwith a grocery list via email. As you follow the plans,you cantrack what you did or didn't eat, and if you deviate fromtheplans, we make it easy to readjust your targets for the nextweekto stay on track. Try out the free account to see if our mealplansappeal to you, and upgrade to the premium meal planner whenyou'reready. Privacy policy: of use:
Dining Note: Simple food diary 1.1.3
4th May Soft
Let's start a good eating habit by writing the food you eateveryday. You can also write a simple diary with who, when, andwhereyou ate. Feature 1. Write breakfast, lunch and dinner. 2.Writesnack, coffee and water, number of drinking. 3. Writeexercise. 4.Photo attachment. 5. Password setting. 6. A varietycolor theme. 7.A simple monthly statistics UI.
ru.appdevelopers.mealreminder 1.0
Meal reminder application will help you to follow the diet youhavechosen, reminding you about eating at the right time.Theapplication will create several reminders and help you trackthetime of food intake by days, show the days of reception inthecalendar. In the settings you can choose the type ofnotificationthat suits you best, simple notifications or an alarmwindow withplayback of the installed ringtone. App meal reminderfor peoplewho follow a diet or want to start eating several times aday. ****The application does not work? Notifications may not workforAndroid related reasons. The system can automatically turnoffnotifications or shift the notification time to save batterypowerregardless of whether power saving is enabled or disabled.Thisissue applies to all versions of this application.Unfortunately,the developer cannot influence this process, in somecases theapplication will not work correctly or after some timewill stopnotifying. In some cases, this may help: - reinstallingtheapplication. - shutting down an energy-saving system. -restrictionof the use of various applications optimizing theoperation of thedevice, including cleaning applications.
星級有營食肆 EatSmart Restaurant Star+ 2.0.5
Living in a fast-paced city like Hong Kong, eating out is verymucha way of life. Can we get delicious and healthy foodinrestaurants? Yes, of course! The Centre for Health Protectionofthe Department of Health has tailored made the "EatSmartRestaurantStar+" mobile application to help you find an EatSmartRestaurant(ESR) promptly, and enjoy healthy and delicious disheswhen diningout. Under a new star-rating scheme of the “EatSmartRestaurantStar+” Campaign, ESRs are classified into one-star,two-star orthree-star. One-star ESRs - Green Star, Offer at leastfive “MoreFruit and Vegetables” dishes on a daily basis Two-starESRs - GreenStar + Red Star, Offer at least five “More Fruit andVegetables”dishes and “3 Less” dishes on a daily basis or Two-starESRs -Green Star + Yellow Star, Offer at least five “More FruitandVegetables” dishes as well as “EatSmart Promotion” on a dailybasisThree-star ESRs - Green Star + Red Star + Yellow Star, Offeratleast five “More Fruit and Vegetables” dishes and “3 Less”dishesas well as the “EatSmart Promotion” on a daily basis Featuresofthe application: - Encompasses the information of ESRthroughoutthe territory, including addresses, telephone numbers andcuisinetypes. - Allows you to freely locate nearby ESR on mapthrough theGPS navigation function. - Offers a search function tofind yourfavourite ESR by district, cuisine type (Chinese, Western,fastfood, Asian, tea restaurant or others), name and availabilityofpromotional offers, etc.. - Provides an “Add to MyFavourite”button for you to save the information of your favouriteESR. Youcan then easily retrieve the information later. Smart meansyou.Act now and download the app! Visit the following website formoreinformation on healthydiets:
MyPlate Calorie Tracker 3.5.1(0)
Tracking calories works! Join the millions who have lost weightwithLIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker — the mostuser-friendlyway to track your calories and stay fit on yourAndroid Phone.LIVESTRONG.COM makes tracking calories EASY. -Browse acomprehensive food database with over 2 million items -Use ourhandy bar code scanner to find and track food easily -Create customfoods and meals - Get a personalized daily caloriegoal based onyour profile information - Keep track of your weightand progressover time - Review detailed data and create customdaily goals foryour nutritional intake of protein, fat, carbs,fiber, sugar, sodium& more - Easily keep track of your waterintake - Get real-time,24/7 support from members of ourmotivational community and otherson a similar journey - Setmeal-time reminders to keep you on track- Integrate with GoogleFit app to automatically track dailywalking, running and bikingactivity - Log workouts from ourextensive exercise trackingdatabase - Create custom exercises orenter calories burned –helpful when using exercise equipment orheart-rate monitors - Syncwith the Calorie Tracker via theLIVESTRONG.COM website at - Getfull support for use onAndroid mobile devices and Android Wear Whychoose MyPlate CalorieTracker? * MACRONUTRIENTS MADE SIMPLE * Adaily snapshot ofprotein, carbs and fat grams and percentages isprominentlydisplayed, making it easy to monitor your macronutrientconsumptionand manage your desired ratio. * ROBUST PROGRESS SECTION* Theextensive Progress section includes easy-to-read charts thatgiveyou a quick summary of your data including Calories, Weight,Carbs,Protein, Fat and much more. Easily view your progress for theweek,or take a deeper dive and view progress over weeks, months and1year. * REAL-TIME COMMUNITY SUPPORT! * Looking for motivationoradvice? Our active community message boards are filledwiththousands of members offering each other support andadvice,sharing recipes and tips and just sharing a laugh. It’s agreatplace to connect with like-minded people who share similarhealthand fitness goals. * EVEN MORE ON LIVESTRONG.COM * Check outourFREE companion tool on LIVESTRONG.COM with additional featuressuchas meal plans, workout videos and the latest news andinformationabout healthy eating, exercise ideas and much, muchmore. And didwe mention that’s all FREE?? * UPGRADE TO ALIVESTRONG.COM GOLDMEMBERSHIP * Choose between three price tiersand periods (1 monthfor $9.99, 6 months for $29.99 or 1 year for$44.99). The pricewill be shown in the app before you complete thepayment. Thesubscription automatically renews at the end of everyperiod youchoose. Subscriptions are easily managed from the My Appsscreen inthe Play Store app. A Gold Membership includes: -Advancedstatistics, including daily averages, trends and more -Exclusiveaccess to the private Gold Members board in the community- OurClean Eating Guide, including 21 recipes and tips for eatingclean- A special Gold member badge in the community - Prioritysupportfrom our customer support team Your subscription will beprocessedby Google Play using Google payments. View or cancelyoursubscription at any time via the My Apps screen in the PlayStoreapp. If you cancel your subscription in the middle of abillingperiod your premium membership will not be removed until theend ofthe current billing cycle
com.andromo.dev462136.app546291 5.5.8
Oncotip is a health tips app to prevent breast cancer, lungcancerand stomach cancer. We provide daily health tips and articlesonhealthy foods & healthy living aimed at everyone, fromyoungchildren, men, and women. This app is created by oncologydoctorsand specialists who have the experience and knowledge aboutvarioustypes of malignancies and their causes. There are manycancerscreening tests such as breast self examination to detectbreastcancer. If tumor cells are detected, doctors will recommendvarioustreatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy forbreastcancer and stomach cancer. These treatments,especiallychemotherapy can be very taxing on the body. Before weget sick, webetter prevent it by committing to healthy living andeatinghealthy food. In this app you can learn various health tipson howto choose healthy food and avoid dangerous food that willincreaseyour risk of getting tumors. =========================BESTFEATURES OF ONCOTIP: ========================= ♥ Get more than300proven health tips by doctors and oncology experts on howtoprevent Stomach cancer, Lung cancer and Breast cancer ♥HomeScreening tests – various tests that can be done at home todetecttumors at an early stage and help to start earlytreatmentespecially for stomach cancer ♥ Top 20 healthy food – thetophealthy food which when consumed reduces the chances ofdevelopingmalignancy and prevents recurrences. ♥ 16 Dangerous Foodsthat cancause tumors or increase the risk of sickness ♥ Preventivestepsfor survivors – Things that survivors can do to preventrecurrence.♥ Tips on healthy living – Minor adjustments in yourhome to fightand prevent tumors. We created Oncotip to help youstay healthy andlive longer lives. Please share our app to yourfriends and familyso they can take advantage of the health tips andhave healthierlives by preventing breast cancer and stomach cancer.Legaldisclaimer: The content on this app is presented foreducationaland informational purposes only. Never disregardprofessionalmedical advice from your physician or health careprovider or delayin seeking it because of something you have readon thisapplication. For example, if your doctor recommendschemotherapyfor lung cancer then you should follow his or heradvice. Youshould also follow up the home cancer screening test,includingbreast test with consultation with an oncology doctor(oncologist).This app uses Google Analytics to anonymously trackusage data.
com.endless.cookbook 25.7.3
Cookit recipes is a completely free app which brings youthecollection of variety healthy recipes from different parts oftheworld. Thousands of recipes from different categories anddifferentregions in a single app. Now no need to search any blog orsite fornew dishes, Just take this app to kitchen and startcooking. Disheswhich you may avail only in high class restaurantscan now cook inyour kitchen itself. Step by step for cooking foodsis provided.This is the best place to find variety of yummy anddeliciousrecipes. Even kids can easily prepare their favorite foodswithoutanyone's help. This recipe app is very easy to use and isfree forall people. If you are a beginner in cooking then this willbe thebest companion for you. You can get any type of recipes fromthisapp. People always needed healthy recipes with more tasteanddelicious. Cook Book have categories for healthy, low fat,lowcalorie, diabetic free recipes. Features * Browse throughmillionsof recipes * Unlimited offline usage * Collect and Organizeyourfavorite recipes * Share recipes with your friends and family*Save your shopping list and access offline when doinggroceryshopping * Recipe finder to search and find your lovedrecipes *Detailed nutritional information of all recipes * Nativelanguagesupport * Material design * Kitchen timer : Set timers whenyoucook, get things done with the help of timers. * Kitchen store:Find lots of recipes with the ingredients in your hand. Stepbystep instructions for cooking is provided. So even Kids caneasilycook their favorite dish. Now a days people always searchesforfast food. We will daily update new recipes, which you can viewinnew arrivals option. You will feel the difference in tasteandmatches over 1 million recipes to improve your lifestylewithsimple, easy and healthy recipes. We have special occasionrecipesincluding eid, Ramadan, Easter, Halloween, thanksgiving,Christmas,new year and many more. The app includes a lot ofchristmas recipesincluding christmas cakes, food gifts, cookies,desserts, candy,pasta, main dishes and side dishes. We all lovedrinking smoothiesand juices during summer season. And you can finda lot of smoothierecipes and juice recipes from cookit recipe app.Vegetarians cannot avoid this app because it contains a lot ofvegan recipes,salads, rice recipes and pasta recipes.Non-Vegetarians can alsoenjoy this app because there is a lot ofrecipes made with chicken,beef, turkey, fish, egg and meat. Healthyrecipes are always neededby people. Healthy foods will maintain agood health and a healthymind. This Organic app helps you learn howto cook over 100000natural, organic recipes. You can prepare tastyand healthybreakfast, lunch and dinner with this recipe book andyou canimpress your friends and family by arranging a food party.Thiscook book app also provides categories for crock potrecipes,snacks, potato recipes, lasagna recipe, special kidsrecipes,teenage recipes, beauty recipes and many more. You cansearch anytype of food in the app. Download cookit recipes andenjoy the daywith tasty dishes and clean eating. Happy Cooking !!
Diet Home PR 4.5.8
Trenapps, LLC
Diet Home app facilitates the access to healthy food anddietprograms in Puerto Rico. The app has contact tab, foodorderingtab, direction view tabs, push notifications, calendar tab,contacttab. Get in touch with us. Download our app free of charge.
10 Food-groups Checker : simple everyday nutrition 2.2.11
Main functions - Daily input - Display the description ofthefood-group by long tap the button - List display - Chart display-Reminder for forgetting - Can record marks that did not eat-Future plan can be input - Change icon and label - Can record upto5 users - CSV file input / output Nutrition isunevenlydisproportionate without knowing, and it seems that thereis thingto be in low malnutrition in the era of this satiation. Itseemsthat there is a tendency to eat only favorite things, or tendto beshort of protein without eating meat or eggs especially inelderlyliving alone. Although we listen frequently to try tocombinediverse foods with the goal of "30 items a day", but we cannothave it quite easily. At such time, I watched a way, introducedbyJapanese TV program called Gatten, NHK. The way is only maindishand side dishes, except staple foods and luxury groceryfoods,focusing on the food-group rather than the number of foodsandchecking the 10 food-groups. I was impressed to this, socreatedthis app. Five food-groups of meat, fish, eggs, soybeans,milk isprotein. Oil, green and yellow vegetables, seaweed, potato,fruitare five food-groups necessary to make the proteinworkefficiently. The method is simple. Just check the 10food-groupsyou ate that day regardless of their quantity. Pleaseaim toconsume 7 food groups or more per day. The ideal is to ingest9food-groups or more. Assessment is made easier to judge, 6 orlessare red, 7 to 9 are green, and 10 is gold (with flowercircle,Japanese called Hanamaru). I made a weekly list, the end ofSundaybeginning Monday. Because looking at the list, looking backoverthe situation in a week, even though busy weekdays are biasedabit, to have remaining food-groups on holidays. You willbecomeaware of the balance naturally. By checking the list with acheckwhen after every meal or every day. The total of thehorizontalaxis (assessment), 6 or less are red, 7 to 9 are green,and 10 isgold with Hanamaru. The total of the vertical axis(assessment) isbased on 70% or more, so 4 or less are red, 5 to 6are green, and 7is gold with Hanamaru. The total of the lower right(assessment) isalso based on 70% or more, but 90% or more is ideal.So 48 or lessare red, 49 to 62 are green, 63 to 69 are gold, 70 isgold withHanamaru. Especially one in three to four people over theage of 70has fear of malnutrition, and the risk of disease andnursing careincreases. Let's encourage your father mother, grandpagrandma, andlet's have fun and healthy life for everyone. Manyfoods supporthealth. Attention! If you are currently taking adisease or diettherapy please consult a doctor. Please do notforcibly eat anyonewho has problems with allergy or digestion infood-group.Indications of egg, milk, oil, fish, soybean, potato andseaweedare egg & egg products, milk & dairy products, oils&fats, fish & shellfish, soybean & soybean products,tubers& roots and marine algae Icons and titles are set asarepresentative example such as. Exception clause I assumenoresponsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the useofthis app. Permission status and supplementary mattersconcerningthe use of intellectual property in app developmentproduction -This app was originally developed on the basis of theoriginalpaper "Shu Kumagai, the others. Effects of dietary varietyondeclines in high-level functional capacity in elderly peoplelivingin a community. Japanese Journal of Public Health 50(12)1117-1124". - The use of academic information in developmentwasdone with the approval of Mr. Shu Kumagai who is responsibleforpublication of the original paper. - There is no moneyexchangebetween developer and Shu Kumagai in development andoperation ofthis app. - This app was developed with the objectiveof improvingdietary habits to prevent elderly people who needlong-term care.
Carb Manager - Keto & Low Carb Diet Tracker 1.3.3
Big congrats to user Erin C. who lost 61 pounds with CarbManager.Her story moved and inspired us. Way to go, Erin! CarbManager isthe world's easiest and most comprehensive low carbtracker andmacros counter for anyone on a low carb diet or ketodiet. We'vecompiled nearly 1 million verified foods in ourdatabase, includingbrand name products, Atkins diet products, andrestaurant fare, andcreated an indispensable resource for thrivingwith your low carbdiet lifestyle. As a net carbohydrate calculator,Carb Manager isunsurpassed. With a few taps, you can search ourfast and extensivefood database, which includes easy to find commonfoods,supermarket foods, and restaurant dishes. Use the barcodescannerto quickly count carbs. You can also input your own customfoods,or bundle foods in low carb recipes and meals. Additionally,we'veincluded 350,000 healthy recipes with instructions andnutritioninfo, all ready to add to your food diary. This diettrackerincludes state-of-the-art ways to log foods via search,camera, andvoice. Scan a barcode to log nutrition info. Snap apicture of yourplate to quickly calculate the carbs. Even use yourdevice'smicrophone to say what you ate, and we'll instantly add itto yourfood log. But even more than a carb calculator, Carb Managerisyour one-stop destination for living a healthy low carb highfatdiet (LCHF) lifestyle. We've bundled low carb dietarticles,forums, recipes, a meal planner, an e-book, and much more.Whetheryou are on a keto or ketogenic, Paleo, Atkins, Whole30, orotherlow carb diet, Carb Manager can help you stay motivated andawareof your health. Carb Manager also can track all of yourmacros,including protein, fat, and calories, so you can properlybalanceyour diet. Carb Manager is also used by thousands ofdiabetics forcarb counting to control carb intake. Track bloodsugar, ketones,and net carbs to get a overview of your health andhelp manage yourdiabetes. HOW IT WORKS Define your net carbs ortotal carbs andweight loss goals Search nearly 1 million verifiedcarb counts Useour accurate search engine, or scan a productbarcode Snap a pic ofyour food to log it instantly* Use naturallanguage and voicelogging to enter foods. Just describe your meal,like "Today, I atea low carb tortilla and cheese for lunch" andwe'll add itautomatically.* Over 350,000 low carbohydrate and Paleorecipeswith photos and instructions. Add them to your daily logwith onetap.* View and track nutrition, including total carbs, netcarbs,fat, calories, protein, fiber, sugar, water, and 30+nutrientsVisualize your macros each day and over time Easily trackyourwater intake Calculate your ideal macros ratio based on what %ofcalories you want for each Keep measure of your weight, BMI,andmore with beautiful charts Track intermittent fasting,ketones,blood glucose, and GKI* Exercise matters! Pick fromhundreds ofcommon exercises to log Voice log your exercises. Forexample,"Today I ran three miles and did 20 minutes of yoga"*Connect withfriends and the Carb Manager community for support,tips, andmotivation THE PERFECT ASSISTANT FOR LOW CARB DIETS Tracktotal andnet carbs in Carb Manager Read exclusive content by lowcarbexperts - stay up to date on the latest keto diet news *Somefeatures require a Premium subscription for unlimited access.BONUSFEATURES For the ultimate carb management solution, upgradetoPremium Access all your data on our full-featured websiteUnlimited voice logging and natural language input Unlimitedsnap apic food logging Unlimited low carb recipes searches Importrecipesfor web sites Use the meal planner to generate weekly mealplansand shopping lists Get the KetoGenius Diet Plan, acomprehensiveketo diet kickstart diet guide Enable full healthtracking - chartand set goals for 30+ nutrients and health vitals
Spotluck – Spin. Eat. Save. 5.8.2
Spotluck Inc.
Recently ranked #1 on US News & World Report’s “Apps ThatSaveYou Money Every Time You Dine Out”...Tired of arguing overwhere toeat? Want to save a few bucks every time you go out?Likesupporting locally-owned restaurants? It's your LUCKY day!Takeaspin, answer the recurring question of “where to eat?,” savemoney,and discover the best local restaurants in your neighborhood…allfor FREE. Dining decisions made easy.Spotluck is amassivecommunity of local restaurants that offer discounts with aspin.Saving is simple: just take a spin, choose your restaurant,eat andshow your server your phone. No emails or prepaidcoupons.Asfeatured on NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, Bloomberg, &more!What elsedoes Spotluck do?· We curate your area's best local‘Spots’ – eatgreat food and support your community· GPS-Verified,AuthenticRatings – forget unreliable reviews, Spotluck reviews onlycomefrom people who have actually dined at our restaurants· Menus–Browse restaurant menus right in the app· Fun – Watch thewheelspin while you save· Picture galleries, directions &more!Havefun dining and saving...Download the app and take a spinforrestaurants all around Maryland, Virginia, New York,Pennsylvania,New Jersey, and Delaware. We currently featureMid-Atlantic citieslike Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia,Richmond and New YorkCity. New cities coming soon!PermissionsExplained. Why Spotluckneeds to access certain aspects of yourphone: Contacts: So you canshare restaurants or the app with yourfriends. We don’t accessyour contacts otherwise.Location: So youcan use the app at arestaurant. You must be physically at arestaurant to use adiscount.Phone: So you can call a restaurantahead of time if youwish.Photos/Media/Files: So we can locallystore small image filesyou frequently access for smoothloading.Wi-Fi ConnectionInformation: This helps verify yourlocation when using Spotluck ata restaurant.*Samsung Galaxy S8users: if you are unable todownload our app, it is due to a quirkbetween your resolutionsettings and the Play Store. We're workinghard to address thisissue!
Lose It! - Calorie Counter
FitNow, Inc.
Lose It! is a calorie counting app that helps you reach yourgoalweight. Simply download the app, set your goals, and trackyourfoods and exercises to lose weight. Since our launch in 2008wehave been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The TodayShow,Men’s Health, Women’s Health, CNET, Buzzfeed, CNN, Shape,GoodMorning America, and more. • 80+ million pounds of weight lostbyour members (and counting) • 27+ million searchable items inourcomprehensive international food library database • 40+millionusers who have started their weight loss journey with LoseIt! •25+ macronutrient and health goals to choose from • 3 daysoftracking is all it takes before a user starts to see a resultinweight loss HOW LOSE IT! WORKS Lose It! uses the provenprinciplesof calorie tracking to educate and help you succeed. Toget startedjust input your profile details with your goal weightand we’llcalculate the daily calorie budget best for you. Next,easily trackyour food, weight, and activity and get ready tocelebrate yourweight loss victories. There’s no easier way tochange your habitsand learn about your nutrition needs. LOSE IT!FEATURES • BarcodeScanner – quickly scan food barcodes or searchour database totrack foods you’ve eaten. • Snap It – log food bysimply taking aphoto of your food. Just tap the camera icon forfood tracking aseasy as taking a picture. (2016 CES InnovationAward Winner). •Track Nutrients – track more than just caloriesincluding macros,proteins, water, carbs, sugars, body measurements,sleep cycles,and more. • Fitness App Syncs – connect trackers,apps, and deviceslike Fitbit trackers, Misfit trackers, Fitbitscales, Garmintrackers, Withings scales, Google Fit, Healthkit, andmore. •Biggest Food Library Database – 27+ million searchable foodsin ourinternational library. • Challenges – step up your game withfunweight loss, fruit/veggie, and exercise challenges by yourselforwith your friends. That’s some serious motivation! • MealPlanning& Targets – meal targets helps you calculate suggestedcaloriesper meal based on your goal while meal planning allows youtocustomize your meal names and snacks for more accurate records.•Patterns – learn about your habits with our exclusivepersonalinsights and patterns to identify what is hindering orhelping yourprogress. • Recipes – customize your weight lossjourney withbreakfast, lunch, and dinner meals you create yourself.• WorkoutGuides - library of workouts to help guide you to success.DownloadLose It! today and join our community of members helping usreachour mission to mobilize the world to achieve a healthy weight.LOSEIT! SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS Lose It! basic is free,butyou can upgrade to Premium to unlock awesome additionalfeatures.Premium members report 3x the weight loss of free members.For ourfull terms please visit:
Detox Drinks 1.1
Homemade Detox Drinks, Classic Cocktails: Major HealthBenefits,Weight Loss So many of us work hard every day and feellike we canbarely get through it without needing some sort ofenergy boost. Wetend to turn to sugar for a quick pick-me-up, butthat’s reallydoing more harm than good. Many people don’t realizethat thesluggish and even bloated feeling we get during the day canbe theresult of excess toxins in the body. Detox drinks help tonaturallyreduce inflammation, boost energy, support digestion,cleanse theliver and promote healthy skin. We predict that you’regoing towant to make detoxing a part of your health routine. WhyChooseDetox Drinks? When you hear the word “detox,” do youimmediatelythink that it requires fasting or some special formula?It’s reallymuch simpler than that. Detox drinks can be made withingredientsyou already have at home, like lemon, apple cidervinegar,cucumbers and watermelon. There’s nothing fancy to it.Detox drinksare simple to make — there are a number of fruits,vegetables andherbs that stimulate detoxification while providingvitamins andminerals that keep the body functioning properly.Experiment withdetox drinks today and notice how light, fresh andclear-headed youfeel afterwards. Major Benefits of Detox Drinks ✔Aids Weight LossDetox drinks can boost your metabolism and energylevels, leavingyou feeling fresh and light throughout the day. Somefruits, likebenefit-rich grapefruit, even contain special enzymesthat help thebody to utilize sugar, thereby boosting the metabolismand aidingweight loss. ✔ Removes Toxins from the Body (and Cleansethe Liver)✔ Reduces Inflammation Some detox drink ingredients,likewatermelon, cucumber, strawberries and ginger help toreduceinflammation while easing your digestive system. ✔ PromotesSkinHealth Strengthening the skin’s metabolic mechanisms withfruitsand vegetables enhances the luster of the skin. Many detoxdrinkingredients are often vitamin C foods, which can also helptonaturally slow aging and heal wounds by forming new scartissue.(6) ✔ Boosts Energy & Mental Alertness The ingredientsof anydetox drink will work together to reduce inflammation,cleanse theliver and boost energy levels naturally. Without thetoxin overloadweighting you down, you will feel lighter andrefreshed as opposedto living with fatigue, mood swings and brainfog. Ingredients likelemon, rosemary and mint will rejuvenate thebody and can evenimprove mental alertness. These powerful foodsalso help you torestore hydration, especially after exercise or abusy day. In thisapp, we will give you some simple detox drinksthat can be easilymade at home, If you want to have this great appof some of theDelicious Detox Water Drinks Recipes just download itand therewill be updates. ✔ Categories: ☆ Charcoal Black Lemonade☆Immune-Boosting Strawberry Smoothie ☆ Lemon Ginger ☆ IcedTurmericGreen Tea ☆ Detox Cactus Smoothie ☆ Superfood DetoxSmoothie ☆ IcedGreen Tea Citrus ☆ Orange, Carrot and Ginger Juice ☆Apple BeetrootCarrot (ABC) Juice ☆ Ginger Cucumber Apple DetoxJuice ☆ HeavyMetal Detox Oatmeal Smoothie ☆ Green Detox Juice ☆ClementineCinnamon Cilantro ☆ Plum Persimmon Green Smoothie ☆Holiday DetoxApple Strawberry Smoothie ☆ Green Smoothie With SeaBuckthorn ☆Citrus Smoothies ☆ Cranberry Detox Smoothie ☆ Kiwi SuperGreenSmoothie ☆ Matcha Mango Pineapple Smoothie ☆ PomegranatePineappleLemon Juice ☆ Green Lemonade ☆ Love Your Greens Juice ☆SuperHydration Juice ☆ Red And Green Festive Cocktail ☆ RainbowVeggieJuice ☆ Citrus, Green Tea Detox Smoothie ☆ Golden Detox Drink☆Whole Food Spicy Green Juice ☆ Detox Blueberry Fruit Smoothie☆Orange Surprise ☆ Green Smoothie ☆ Drink Your Veggies Pizza☆Ayurveda Detoxifying Tea ☆ Mango Ginger Lemonade ☆ Detox BeetandCarrot Smoothie ☆ Spring Cleaning Detox ☆ Cocktail Wellness ☆TheOriginal Day Spa Apple Cinnamon -Life Hack Studio-
Meal Reminder - Weight Loss 1.8.8
Eat healthy, eat regularly, eat 5 meals a day. Run metabolismandlose weight.Meal Reminder is a simple application helping youtokeep eating regularly.Remember that eating 5 meals a day(witharound 3 hours intervals) has many advantages:• Acceleratesyourbody fat burning, which causes weight loss or helps tomaintainyour weight• Helps you to control the quantity of everymeal andprevents overeating• Regular breaks between meals protectfromsudden decrease of the glucose level in your blood andensuresatietyMeal Reminder - Weight Loss application helps you tofollowthis easy diet plan by following features:• Custom meal timestosuit your needs• Alarms to notify you about meal time• Statusofcurrent day to see either meals were eaten or skipped•Possibilityof adding 6th, optional meal, if you get up early andfinish yourday late at night• Editing past meals - just swipe themeal item onthe list and use edit buttons (if you want to changethe past mealstatus, click on the meal item)Any comments arewelcome. Pleasenotify me if there are any functions that you wantto be includedin future versions of Meal Reminder - WeightLoss.Thank you fordownload!
Feed Baby - Baby Tracker 2.1.3
Penguin Apps
The perfect breastfeeding and baby tracker.. Join over 1.2millionnew parents who have used Feed Baby to log and record allaspectsof their newborn’s development. This is the only app youwill needto care for your little one. With this world classbreastfeedingbaby tracker you will never have to write anythingdown again! FeedBaby simplifies the logging and recording of yournewborns breastfeeds so that you can have more free time toyourself. Featured onthe Google Play home page under "Apps for NewParents" and"Wellbeing Apps" Suitable breastfeeding logger and babytracker fornew parents to care for babies aged 0 to 5. ★ Easilytrack yourbaby’s breastfeeding / bottle / solids / diaper / nappy /sleeps /pumpings / medicines / baths and journals with a singletouch. ★Device-to-Device Synchronization between any number ofdevices sothat Mom and Dad always knows whats going on! ★ 44WIDGETS to helpyou access key features from the home screen. You'llfind a widgetfor any of your needs! ★ Log 2 Babies (only availablewhen FeedBaby Pro is installed). Supports Twins! ★ Timelines showsyou allof your activities across multiple days so that you can haveabetter understanding of your newborn activity patterns ★ Recordnewevents on your Android Wear watch ★ Comprehensive charts,graphsand reports ★ 16 different Themes/Skins! ★ Export yourentireFeeding History. You can then print it out for furtheranalysis byyourself or your doctor ★ Full screen clock is displayedduringfeeds so you can check at a glance the amount of time thathaselapsed during a feed ★ Individual feeds are groupedautomaticallyinto "Feeding Sessions" ★ Fully customisable alarms toremind youwhen to breast feed and change your baby diapers. ★ Fullysupportedwith regular updates. 'Feed Baby' is a fully supportedproduct. Andwe provide email support for any questions you have orissues youmay encounter. PermissionsExplained------------------------------- Following are thepermissions werequire, along with an explanation foreachREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Requiredforhandling syncing. Feed Baby writes and reads files tostorageduring the syncing process to ensure the proper syncing ofyourdata. It is also required for storing the images of your child.
com.marioherzberg.swipeviews_tutorial1 3.1.4
Mario Hanna
Easy Fit calorie counter tracks your food, exercises,weight/waistprogress, water consumption and macros. See animatedstatistics,make your own food and achieve all your fitness goal. Nologin, allfunctions for FREE and extremely fast. Use Easy Fit tolose weight,gain muscles or simply improve your fitness. VeryEffective ★ Nohundreds of lists of same food. Just pick the foodand add it. Allcalorie estimation are carefully calculated and verywell tested toproduce great results. ★ Search function for all thefoods andexercises is integrated. ★ Create your own food, or mixseveral ofthe existing +1500 foods into a new meal letting EasyFitcalculatethe total calories and macros automatically. 100% Privacy★ NOshady permissions. NO data collecting/selling like yourcontacts orlocation. Everything is saved locally. Your privacy isguaranteed!Statistics ★Many animated & zoomable statisticsabout yourcalories, exercise time, macros, weight, waist and dailywaterconsumption. ★ Set your custom daily macro percentages thatyouwould like to achieve. Personalization ★ This food diary has42beautiful themes to choose from and put your own feel inthisbeautiful and originally designed app. ★ Distract yourselffromeating unhealthy food by playing an integrated game of memory.★ 2Homescreen widgets. One for your weekly exercises and one foryourdaily calories. Website http://www.easyfit-caloriecounter.deNotefrom Developer Please write an email about any opinion/wishyouhave. I gladly communicate with my users :)
Spontaan - Restaurant deals 1.6.0
Social Deal
Spontaan is a must-have for those who love to go out for dinner!Youcan find the best restaurants with their best price onRestaurantToday, so you can always go out for a spontaneousdinner. With thefree Spontaan app you have access to over 1000restaurants. Everyweek over 100 restaurants are added for you todiscover. Making areservation is easy and can be done with justone swipe. Grabbing abite to eat after a day trip? Home late fromwork and don’t feellike cooking? There’s always a reason to go toa Restaurant Today!With Spontaan you have: - access to 1000+restaurants where you cango for a last minute dinner at a greatprice - every week 100+restaurants are added, so there is alwayssomething new to discover- an overview of all the best restaurantdeals in your area - easilybooked your table for tonight with justone swipe - the service andquality you’re used to, but now for thebest price
Food Quiz 5.0.1
🥘 Here's a little something for all gourmets with a refinedpalate!Food Quiz trivia game is a brand new quiz app with manydifferentfood and drink quiz questions you will simply enjoyanswering!There are many guess the food types of quiz games outthere, butthis international food trivia game is UNIQUE! Well, weat leastthink so. Besides answering guess the food quiz questions,you willhave an opportunity to answer true/false questions andmultiplechoice types of questions about many different cuisinesworldwide.So, are you ready? Test your taste buds and show off yourgourmetskills! Download Food Quiz trivia game and get acertificateproving that you really are an epicure! 🥘 We bet youdon’t knowwhat the name of the most expensive coffee is! Oh, yes,this foodtrivia has drink quiz questions, too! Now, if coffee isnot yourcup of tea, there are many other food and drink quizquestions youmay find more interesting. How do you feel aboutchocolate quizquestions or cake trivia? Don't hesitate any longer.Get this FoodQuiz trivia game now and enjoy finding out all thefeatures thisamazing quiz game has! But be careful! This foodtrivia will makeyou hungry! 🥘 FOOD QUIZ FEATURES 🥘 - FOOD QUIZ IN15 DIFFERENTLANGUAGES: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian,English, French,German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian,Serbian, Spanish,Turkish and Thai - HINTS - if you get stuck on acertain question,hint can be of help OR you can - SKIP QUESTION,lose one life andmove to the next food quiz question - HEARTS areyour lives, eachincorrect answer is one heart less - ASK A FRIENDfor help if yourun out of all hints - CERTIFICATE - you get it onceyou answer alltrivia quiz questions Fun quick quizzes in generalare a nice wayto have a good time and learn something new. With somany triviaquestions and answers + fun facts for each one of them,this FoodQuiz is a must-have among the apps. With a possibility toanswerquick quiz questions in all the languages you know, this FoodQuiztrivia game is more interesting than ever! So get Food Quizgameand enjoy learning new stuff through quick trivia questionsandanswers! 🥘 LEGAL INFO 🥘 Images used in Food Quiz are underPublicDomain or Creative Commons License. For more info, pleasevisit theAbout App section within the app itself. Food Quiz isanintellectual property of Quizzes by Peaksel.
com.OneLife2Care.FattyLiver 2.3
Kaveri Tyagi
Fatty Liver Diet & Health Tips is a Free App for androidmobiledevices that provides all diet tips and help informationaboutfatty liver or hepatic steatosis. The liver is one of thelargestorgan in the body. The liver commonly repairs itself byrebuildingnew liver cells when the old ones are damaged. Whenthere’srepeated damage to the liver, permanent scarring occurs.Fattyliver, or hepatic steatosis, is a term that describes thebuildupof fat in the liver. Fatty liver has become a commonhealthproblem. Fatty liver typically has no associated symptoms butYoumay experience * fatigue * abdominal discomfort * swellinginabdomen Excess fat can cause liver inflammation. If yourliverbecomes inflamed, you may have a poor appetite, weightloss,abdominal pain, weakness, and confusion. The most commonknowncause of fatty liver is alcoholism and heavy drinking. othercommoncauses of fatty liver include: •obesity •hyperlipidemia, orhighlevels of fats in the blood •diabetes •heredity •rapid weightloss•certain medications, including aspirin, steroids etc Properdietmanagement and following recommendations may help you cope withthesituation:- •limiting or avoiding alcoholic beverages•managingyour cholesterol •losing weight •controlling your bloodsugar
fat burning foods 1.1
When you see the words “fat burning foods” are you a bitskeptical?I mean, it’s pretty hard to believe that putting morecalories,fats, and carbs into your body could actually lead toweight loss.But there are some health foods that have a very highthermogeniceffect and can burn calories as you digest them. Thereare alsofoods that boost the metabolism and trigger hormones thatfightfat. So grab your fork and dig into these 36 fat burning foodsthathelp you ditch those pesky pounds! fat burning foods is anamazingapplication. There are so many fat burning foods whichcanautomatically burn body fat. Only you have to combine themwithyour daily diet. You also need not to follow a strict diet.Thesefat burning food also increase your metabolism. Metabolism iswhatyour body turns food into energy. Fat burning foods appcontainvarious informations about food and recipes that will helpyou loseweight in a faster way. Learn How Simple Foods Can BurnBelly Fatand Make Your Body Ripped The app contains: Fat BurningMeal - Keyto Staying Healthy Calorie Burning Foods - Natural WeightLossSolutions Fat Burning Recipes - Guide to Making Healthy, TastyFoodFat burning turkey burgers ROASTED NEW POTATOES ANDASPARAGUSGinger-Soy Steamed Cod Dijon Glazed Salmon and Sweet Peaholidayfritata cliantro lime chicken slow cooke... VegetarianbiryaniBlack Bean and Roasted Corn Salsa White Bean Dip RainbowCarrotRibbon Salad lolo Marinated artichoke and cannelli... AppleOatmealwith Walnuts Portobello Mushroom Pizza Banana-Nut-ChocolateChipQuick ... Broccoli & Feta Omelette Toast with Beans&Avocado This application is made for you to know how to burnfatnaturally. Don't hesitate to review our app so we canimprovequality. When you see the words "fat burning foods" are youa bitskeptical? I mean, it's pretty hard to believe That puttingmorecalories, fats, and carbs into your body Could Actually leadtoweight loss. Some aim there are health foods-have That hasveryhigh thermogenic effect and can burn calories as you digest'em.There are foods aussi That boost the metabolism andhormonestrigger That fight fat. So grab your fork and dig intocontention36 fat burning foods That Help You Ditch Those peskypounds! fatburning foods is an amazing application. There are SoMany fatburning foods qui can automatically burn body fat. Onlyyou-have tocombine em with your daily diet. Aussi You need not tofollow astrict diet. These fat burning food également Increaseyourmetabolism. Metabolism is what your body turns food intoenergy.Fat burning foods app contenir various information aboutfood andrecipes That will help you lose weight in a faster way.Learn HowSimple Foods Can Burn Belly Fat and Make Your Body RippedThe appcontains: Fat Burning Meal - Key to Staying Healthy CalorieBurningFoods - Natural Weight Loss Solutions Fat Burning Recipes -Guideto Making Healthy, Tasty Food Fat burning turkey burgersROASTEDASPARAGUS AND NEW POTATOES Ginger-Soy Steamed Cod DijonGlazedSalmon and Sweet Pea holiday fritata cliantro lime chickenslowcooke ... vegetarian biryani Black Bean and Roasted CornSalsaWhite Bean Dip Rainbow Ribbon Carrot Salad lolo Marinatedartichokeand Cannelli ... Apple Oatmeal with Walnuts PortobelloMushroomPizza Banana-Nut-Chocolate Chip Quick ... Broccoli &FetaOmelette Toast with Beans & Avocado This app is made foryou toknow how to burn fat naturally. Do not hesitate to review ourappso we can Improve quality.
Weight Gain Diet Easy Safe Healthy Foods Plan Tips 2.4
Weight Gain Diet & Easy Tips is a Free App for healthy dietplantips to gain weight. These tips and Diet ideas have beenprepared byprofessional and experienced dietitians to help men andwomen gainweight Safe easy and quick. App has following primarycategories: *Tips for severely underweight * Tips of underweight *Tips forhealthy lifestyle * Perfect time to have your meals *Foods to gainweight * Consult dietitian * Request your personalDiet chart byreal dietitians as per your body parameters If youhave any queriesor you want to consult dietician, app has in-builtfunctionality tocontact dietician.
Lunch Box Maker - Donuts Shop YUMMY TO THE TUMMY 1.0.2
FROS studios
Hey kids ! Are you ready play another lunchbox series fromFROSstudios . Let us take you to the kids kitchen where you canenjoycooking games for kids . In this little kid game you willlearncooking a cooking mama , you will make to make donut whichisfavorite princess food .This holiday game for kids is a freegamesfor kids which is holiday kids games in there vacationsfromschools . There are two portions of this game Kids donut makerInthe first part of you have to make the doughnut for princessinyour baking salon ,she is waiting for you in the schoolfollowingsteps are required in this desserts makerfood ingredientsmixingdonuts cutting frying donutsdonuts decoration You candecorate youfood as per your wish , there are multiple options forfooddecoration kids lunchbox for school Now pack your lunch food ,putall these yummy donuts in your lunchbox which is your schoollunch. Now pick up lunch and move back to school , you can enjoythis inlunchtime where all other fellows have there meal boxes . Sowhatare you waiting for , enjoy this cooking game for kids.Features:-Free making game for kids- Best donuts making game-VeryInteractive and intuitive controls & graphics to playthegame.- Cook donuts for your lunch box.- Making lunch box foodwhichis your favorite.- Make best fast food and share it withyourfriends.
com.kidscrazygames.unicorncake2 1.8
Like cake? Why eat boring normal cake food when you can eatcolorfuland trendy UNICORN cake? Now it’s the time. With ournewest UnicornFood - Cake Bakery’s out. You could have the veryskill to make themost fashionable unicorn cake right now. Let’sstart. First, let’smake the cake from scratch. Add all theingredients: sugar, water,flour, eggs, vanilla extract etc to thebowl. Mix all theingredients together. Add the rainbow sprinklesto the mixture andstir it until it’s even. Then Bake your cake.Make sure it is OK.Decorate the cake with so many unicorndecorations. Rainbow cream,candy, toppers etc. You are the bestdesigner. It will be amazingand the most popular eats. Come onnow., You are the mostfashionable chef. Let's start right now.
Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich 5.0.4
bweb media
Bring your fantasy to life with strawberry ice creamsandwiches!Cook this amazing treat by collecting the ingredients,mixing themtogether, as well as preparing your ice cream and yoursandwichesbefore decorating and eating them. Perfect treat to eat,why notshow off to all your friends with this cooking game!FeaturesCollect the ingredients from the store ready to makeyoursandwiches. Slice the strawberry up and blend it ready to makeyourice-cream. Mix together all your ingredients to bring togetheryourtasty ice-cream flavour. Create and cook your sandwichmixturebefore adding the ice cream to complete your yummy treat.Decorateyour ice cream sandwiches before eating them all up for thebestflavour in the world.
Healthy Eater - Baby's Diet
Search for "BabyBus" for even more free panda games for you totry!Wondering how to get your little one to eat? Here is a fun gametooutsmart a picky eater! Learning healthy eating habits at ayoungage can reap benefits for a lifetime. Children will discovertheimportance of balance diet while playing games! Become agoodeater! Join the fun with the little panda and eatveggies,prawns,meat and all kind of food! Fun features: -Personifyveggies, staple food and meat as cute friends! Play withour panda!- Lots of silly games and interactive scenes to play withveggies!End picky eating! - Make all kinds of nutritions visibleand fun!Help the cute panda. Healthy Eater is a wonderful game freeforkids! Plenty of veggies, prawns and healthy food! Let childrenplayfor free while they learn about healthy food! Outsmart theirpickyhabits with Babybus for free! Enjoy with Kiki, our panda, thiscuteadventure! About BabyBus ————— At BabyBus, we dedicateourselves tosparking kids' creativity, imagination andcuriosity,and designingour products through the kids' perspectiveto help them explore theworld on their own. Now BabyBus offers awide variety of products,videos and other educational content forover 250 million fans fromages 0-8 around the world! We haveproduced more than 150children's educational games, 700 children'ssongs, and animationsof various themes spanning the arts, health,and science. —————Contact us: Visit us:
BodyFast Intermittent Fasting: Coach, Diet Tracker 2.1.24
BodyFast UG
⭐️ The #1 fasting app with more than 7 million people! ⭐️ Joinourmovement! BodyFast is your guide to new healthy habits. Reachyourdream weight and feel healthy and full of energy.Intermittentfasting is the healthiest way to lose weight - no diet,noyoyo-effect. Numerous scientific studies confirm: ○Intermittentfasting is the most natural way to lose weight ○ Thebody learnsanew to burn fat ○ Your body starts detox processeswhile fasting ○You live healthier and have more energy ○ Youprevent numerousillnesses like diabetes ○ Allergies, inflammationsand foodintolerances can be reduced ○ Losing weight has never beeneasier -without a diet! Find out more about the science behindintermittentfasting on The BodyFast app ○Intermittentfasting for beginners and experienced fasters ○ TheBodyFast Coachcreates you your optimal personal fasting plan eachweek The freefeatures: ○ More than 10 fasting plans like 16-8 or5-2 ○ A fastingtracker and timer guiding you through your weeks ○Multiplenotification options ○ Track your weight and bodymeasurements ○Knowledge pool for intermittent fasting ○ AppleHealth connectivity○ No advertisements The BodyFast Coach Yourpersonal fastingprogram: reach your goals faster and moreeffectively! Each week,the BodyFast Coach calculates your optimaland individual fastingplan. He motivates you with extra challengesfor a healthy life.The Coach features: ○ Each week a new individualplan by the Coach○ Your personal program based on your progress andpreconditions ○Personal weekly health and fitness challenges ○Collect trophiesfor your successes ○ Optional: choose between 50+fasting methodsmanually ○ Take a "Joker Day" off from fasting ○Coach users loseweight 30% faster than standard fastersIntermittent fasting withBodyFast Become a BodyFaster now! ○ It hasnever been easier tolose weight and feel great ○ Simply take abreak from eating ○ Youcan eat what you want - no calorie counterneeded ○ No diet, noyoyo-effect ○ Combinable with diets such asketo, paleo or low carbBodyFast works! Join our Facebook groups anddiscuss yourexperiences with more than 100,000 members. Have a tryand downloadthe app for free! BodyFast intermittent fastingwebsite: Help & supportconcerningintermittent fasting and the app: Privacy Policy: General Terms andconditions: INFORMATION ON USINGTHE APP ANDREGARDING THE SUBSCRIPTION The download and usage ofBodyFast isfree of charge. Get your fasting plan and furtherfeatures with theCoach, which is available in the app with asubscription. Thesubscription automatically renews if it is notcancelled within 24hours before the end of the current subscriptionperiod. Youraccount will be charged for the next subscriptionperiod up to 24hours prior to the current subscription expiring. Itis notpossible to cancel an existing in-app subscription. You candisablethe automatic renewal function at any time by adjusting yourGooglePlay account settings.
Big Fish Eat Small Fish 1.0.8
"easy controls tap the screen to move Big fish eat small fishgamePlay as single player.The little fish in the sea is trying toeatother smaller fish to get bigger and stronger. But the sea isfullof all kinds of fish,and if the red little fish meets thebiggerone,it's doomed. Guide the red fish around the tank and eatthesmall fish as quickly as you can. But remember,in thisworld,bigones always eat small ones,so avoid big fish and stay awayfromthem - eat the smallest one first so that you get big enoughtotackle the next one up and so on.Fish Adventures is a funpuzzlegame, the game through the lower right corner of the screentooperate the fish swimming lever for adventureFeatures:-easycontrols , tap the screen to move.- fun eating feedingmunchingchasing and growing game.- compete with other fishes onlinein realtime frenzy action.- eat smaller fish, eat fish food.-collectbonuses for extra speed, mines drop, hook shoot and conquertheocean."
School Lunch Food Maker 2 - Cooking Game 1.0.2
Crazyplex LLC
Vacation is over and it's time to back to school! Let's makesomeyummy lunch food for school time! Which food you like mostinSchool Lunch time? That’s burger, cake or cookies? Now makethatall food in thin cooking game! In this game there are manyfoods tocook for School Lunch Food. First start with Burger, selectburgerbun and choose your favorite meat patty for it. There aremanyvegetables and cheese slices available to make your burgertastier.If you feel that burger is too spicy then bake some cookiesandcake for sweet taste. School Lunch Food Maker game has lots offoodto cook where you can make burger, cookies, ice cream cake,tatertots or ice cream soda. There are many ingredients to use inthisgame for free and have fun of cooking. Start making thedeliciousschool lunch food and decorate it with tons of decorativeitems. Ifyou like cooking games then you'll enjoy this school lunchfoodmaker game. This is an amazing food cooking game that not onlythechildren but the parents also love this game. Features ofSchoolLunch Food Maker: - Amazing food cooking game with differentschoollunch foods - Make burger with tons of different burger bunandmeat patty - Make variety of ice cream cakes and ice cream soda-Bake cookies in different style and decorate it with tonsofdecorative items like sprinkles, candy and fruits. - Cookdeliciousschool lunch food using various cooking ingredients -Veryinteractive and intuitive controls & graphics to play thegame.- Share ready to eat food picture with your friends andfamilyusing Social Media tools. Download now this free School lunchfoodcooking game for kids & adults and learn cooking with fun!Gameis 100% FREE to play, so don't worry about accidentalIn-Apppurchase! If you like it then please send feedback by writesyouropinion in review or mail us directly. It'll help us forfutureupdate!
Ice Cream - Summer Frozen Food 1.2
Crazy Cats
It's a really hot summer! Want some sweet frozen food? Eatingicecream on a hot summer day is one of the best ways to beat theheat.Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint.... More than tensweetflavors to choose from. All the flavors you can mix up allsorts ofdifferent flavors with cookies, nuts and more to make theperfectice cream: Hundreds of combinations in all. Come on! Let'sgetstarted right now! Product Feature: - A super fun food-makinggame.- Make sweet yummy ice-cream. Enjoy it near the beach, onthestreet, in the park? You decide! Even share your ice creamtofriends. - Sweet and yummy ice cream flavors -Tons ofrealisticcooking tools to play: oven, freezer, cream bag and somuch more-Tons of food materials and decorations to try: eggs,milk, salt,flour, cream, vanilla extract, butter, chocolate,candies and somuch more - Have fun to pile ice cream as high as youwant - usingany of the ice cream you've created. - Tons ofdecorations tocreate the best frozen dessert: candy, cream, syrup,frosting,fruit and so much more. How to play: - Use interactivecontrols toplay the game - Start by choosing your favorite icecream coneflavor to make. - Add and mix all the ingredientstogether in areal way to make your summer frozen dessert. - Get thereward -vanilla ice cream. and make more other sweet ice creamflavors:chocolate, strawberry, cookie, coffee, butter pecan etc. -Drag theice cream to pile as high as you want. - Tap and swipe todecorateyour sweet frozen dessert. - Tap to enjoy your sweet icyfood. -Drag the frozen treats to serve to customers. - Take a phototoshare with your best friends and family. Want to know moreaboutus? Having problems or suggestions? You could find us by:-Visiting our official site at us on Twitter at -Likeus on Facebookat
Hidden Objects Food – Kitchen Cleaning Game 2.1.1
Are you ready for the best hidden object game ever? If you're afanof kitchen games you will surely going to LOVE thiscrazyrestaurant game! Hidden objects free games especially for you!Seekand find hidden objects in the messiest kitchen in theworld!Choose your favorite hidden object daily collection anddownloadhidden objects free! If “food games” are your passion andif youwant to revise your culinary abilities, please welcome thecoolest“Hidden Objects Food” game and play it with your friendsandfamily! If you always wanted to play the most awesome“kitchengame”, now is your time to shine bright like a star! Foodgames forfree for all lovers of food!Features:More than 1000 hiddenobjectsto find!Amazing HD graphics – 3D environment!Text mode -good forkids for learning object names!Collect at least three starsto moveon to the next level!Collect the maximum amount of pointsand beatthe clock!Use hint system to find an item!Hidden ObjectsFood iseverything you dreamed of! If you liked our previous “hiddenobjectgames” you will surely enjoy this “restaurant game”! Lookforfruits, pancakes, spaghetti, and doughnuts and enjoy findinghiddenobjects in the pictures of yummy food! Download hidden objectgamesfree new and spend hours of fun! Spend your time creativelywithfood games for free for kids and adults and look for theyummiest“hidden object” in the picture! The best thing about these“cookinggames” is that they are completely free of charge! Foodgames nowifi for all chefs and food enthusiasts. If you're lookingfor foodgames for girls and “kitchen hidden objects” you know whatto do –download “hidden objects new” and enjoy playing with yourkids orwith your friends. This great free hidden object game willhelp yourevise vocabulary and have tons of fun! If you enjoyplayingmystery games this excellent brain teaser will make yourday!Become a food detective, grab your magnifying glass and searchandfind hidden objects! Download hidden object free games anddon'tworry about a thing!*** HIDDEN OBJECT FOOD especially foryou!***Free hidden object games to download and play offline! Ifyou'rea food lover at heart, this is the best food with hiddenobjectsfor you! If you enjoy “food games free” and culinary games,youwill be delighted to see these great pictures of deliciousfood.Look for sausages, eggs, bread, and vegetables in a lovelysettingwith fun games that are free! Hidden object games for adultswithtons of hidden objects to find! If restaurant games are yourthing,and you like to look for hidden things in pictures you willbethrilled to play this excellent educational game! Hiddenobjectfree games for everyone's taste – if food is your passion andifyou have a sweet tooth then this learning app is the rightchoicefor you! Food games that are free will keep you occupied forhours.Relax your busy brain while playing this excellent hiddenobjectgame! If you're a girl interested in cooking and if kitchenis yourfavorite place, let's play the best game Hidden ObjectsFood. ***Food games for free! ***Hidden Objects Food is anexcellenteducational game for all of you who enjoy thinking aboutfood anddifferent ways to prepare it! In the kitchen or out of it,you willenjoy playing this exquisite hidden object puzzle game!Seek andfind hidden objects in the magnificently designed picturesof yummyfood. Hidden objects apps & have an awesome adventure!Whetheryou want hidden objects for kids or hidden object games foradults,you're at the right place! Search and find games are waitingforyou, so are you ready for an item finding adventure of yourlife!New hidden objects are waiting for you! Enjoy the food! :)
Track - Calorie Counter 1.0.21
Nutritionix Track is a fitness tracking app developed andmaintainedby a team of registered dietitians. Making fitnesstracking a dailyhabit is an effective way to work towards yourhealth goals, so themission of the Track app is to take theheavy-lifting out of keepingup with your food log. Track’ssimplicity and efficiency is why ourusers don’t just give foodlogging a try – they stick with it. Checkit out: Log all of yourfoods in as little as 60 seconds per daythanks to the followingfeatures: - Predictive search -State-of-the-art Natural Languageprocessing technology - Instantbarcode scanning What can I track?- Food intake - Nutrient totals -Exercise - Weight and weightprogress - Calorie and macro goals -Water intake The unrivalledNutritionix database offers: - 800K+unique foods - Coverage of 95%of grocery items in the US and Canada- 760+ US restaurant chainmenus - Thousands of common foods recipescreated by our in-houseteam of dietitians - We are adding andupdating hundreds of foodsevery day! Create custom recipes and fooditems: - Advanced recipecreation tool for logging custom recipes inseconds - Custom Foodstool for one-off items - Share your recipeseasily! Additionalfeatures - Download your data as a spreadsheetwith our Exportfeature - Keep tabs on your progress with the Statsview - Fitbitsync Track Pro Upgrade to Track Pro to access theCoach Portal andshare your Track food log with your dietitian,trainer, or other‘coach’. - Become a premium Track user bysubscribing to Track Pro.Subscription prices start at $5.99USD/month for the monthlysubscription and $29 USD/year for theannual subscription. Pricesare in U.S. dollars, are subject tochange, and may vary incountries other than the U.S. - 2 month freetrial for premiumfeatures. - If you choose to purchase Track Pro,payment will becharged to your iTunes account, and your accountwill be chargedfor renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the2-month trialperiod. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time bygoing to yoursettings in the iTunes store after purchase. - Are youa dietitianor trainer with clients using Nutritionix Track? It iseasy andfree to register as a Coach.Privacy: Have any feedback? Pleaselet usknow at
Learn with a cooking game 1.0.4
Cooking is a lot of fun so why not bring your creativity tolifewith this great cooking game! Here you’ll learn how to cookapizza, burger, and juice fruits ready for eating. Mixyouringredients together to create your wonderful food masterpiecesandwatch them turn into something delicious. Improve yourcookingskills with this great cooking game! Features Mix youringredientsto create your yummy pizza base ready for cooking. Addyourfavorite flavors to make your pizza taste great.Cook your pizzainthe oven until it’s nice and hot. Add the final toppings tomakeyour pizza unique and ready to eat. Create your favoritefruitjuice to go with your pizza. Make a fantastic burger to finishoffyour meal so you’re ready for the day.
Street Food - Cooking Game for Kids 1.3.3
Crazyplex LLC
Welcome to Street Food - cooking games the number one freecookinggames for kids in the world that puts you in charge of yourownstreet food truck & become a kitchen chef! Be a master chefofstreet food and start cooking delicious snacks in thisvirtualcooking games for kids. There are hot dogs van, pizzavan,hamburgers van, French fries van and nachos van! Which one doyouwant to try first? They all look so yummy! Let's cook theyummy& delicious street food with add some amazing toppings onthemso they look as good as the taste. Kids will love playingchefcooking games as they make their favorite foods, and you'lllovethat cooking up a chef quality snack doesn't mess up yourwholekitchen! Best part of this cooking game, there're so manydifferentkinds of food to choose from, the fun never has to stop!Create thefood combos you always dreamed of with Street Food –Cooking Game!Make these fully delicious Street Food: - Funnel Cake(New) - CornDog (New) - Hot Dog - Burger - Pizza - Nachos - FrenchFries Let'smake the delicious food and that's so simple to makefood in ourgame! You can try to cook different foods in our StreetFood -Cooking games and can become a master kitchen chef! Join usnow inthe cooking adventure and start selling the food in yourstreetfood van! All levels are already unlocked & FREE toplay!!Download the best cooking fever game ever now for FREE!!! ***ThisGame is Available for Sell *** Contact us on our supporte-mail.
Cook american apple pie 1.0.4
Get into the American spirit by cooking an authentic Americanpie.With this baking game, you can collect your items from thestore,prepare your ingredients, cook your pie, and prepare yourtableready for eating. Cook up a yummy treat with this cooking gameandhave fun being your very own kitchen cook!Features • Collectyouringredients and utensils from the supermarket ready forcooking. •Prepare your ingredients ready to make your yummy pie. •Createyour tasty pie and put it in the oven to cook. • Take yourpie fromthe oven and set the table ready for your yummy meal.
Banzi's Food Fighter 1.02
Banzi's Eating Game is a fun and easy-to-play game for allages.Youcan choose your favorite characters and play.Eatingdeliciousdessert and collect coin to make your own Banzi`sfriends!You cancollect your own Banzi and Friends Characters andalso play withyour friends to see who can get the highestscore!“Banzi`s SecretDiary” is an animation recreated andco-produced by Soul Creativeand Animax that has been also recreatedinto a game.The originalseries “Banzi`s Silly Secret Diary” hasbeen on air for 15 yearsand holds a record cumulative sales of 2million copies by one oftop domestic comic book company Dewon CI.Representing as Korea’stop children animation, it has been exportedto Japan, Taiwan,Indonesia and other Asian countries.“Banzi`sSecret Diary” is astory that centers around Bazni and her friendsabout their dailyepisodes at school and at home.Now, meet Banzi,Eung Sim and NyamNyam in the game full of love and friendship!