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Buku Pemrograman (versi baru Belajar HTML) 2.6
Pada awalnya, aplikasi ini bernama Belajar HTML yang berisimateripembelajaran HTML saja, namun seiring berjalannya waktubanyakpengguna yang menginginkan untuk dibuatkan aplikasiyangmengajarkan materi-materi lain yang menunjang pembuatanwebsite.Akhirnya hadirlah juga materi lain seperti CSS, PHP,Javascript danMySQL dalam satu aplikasi Belajar HTML ini. Semakinlama, banyakorang terbantu dengan aplikasi ini. Muncullahrequest-request laindi luar materi tentang pembuatan website, mulaidari java, python,c, dan lain-lain. Untuk itu, kini aplikasiBelajar HTML kamihadirkan dengan wajah baru serta mengganti namanyamenjadi BukuPemrograman. Dengan nama baru Buku Pemrograman makacakupannya akanlebih luas, tidak hanya sebatas pemrograman web sajatetapi jugabahasa pemrograman yang lain. Apa saja kelebihanaplikasi BukuPemrograman ini? - Tersedia materi berbagai bahasapemrogramanberbahasa Indonesia - Desain sederhana sehingga mudahdigunakan. -Tersedia text editor sehingga koding contoh bisalangsungdipraktekkan. - Tersedia contoh project yang bisa andajadikanreferensi Materi yang sudah ada saat ini: - HyperTextMarkupLanguage (HTML) - Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) - Javascript(JS) -PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) - MySQL - Java - PythonSemogakehadiran aplikasi Buku Pemrograman ini bisa memberi manfaatbagianda. Tag: pemrograman, programming, bahasapemrograman,programming language, tutorial pemrograman, html,belajar html,learn html, koding html, materi html, tutorial html,css, belajarcss, learn css, koding css, materi css, tutorial css,php, belajarphp, learn php, koding php, materi php, tutorial php,website,belajar membuat website, mysql, database, sql, table,tabel, java,javascript, script, python At first, this applicationwas calledLearning HTML which contained HTML learning materialonly, but overtime many users wanted to make applications thattaught othermaterials that support website creation. Finally thereare alsoother material such as CSS, PHP, Javascript and MySQL inthis oneHTML Learning application. The longer, many people arehelped bythis application. Appears other requests outside thematerial aboutmaking websites, starting from java, python, c, andothers. Forthat, we present the HTML Learning application with anew face andchange its name to Programming Book. With the new nameBookProgramming, the scope will be broader, not just limited towebprogramming but also other programming languages. What aretheadvantages of this Programming Book application? - Availableinvarious Indonesian language programming materials - Simpledesignso it's easy to use. - There is a text editor so that samplecodingcan be directly practiced. - There are sample projects thatyou canmake references Current material: - HyperText MarkupLanguage(HTML) - Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) - Javascript (JS) -PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) - MySQL - Java - Python Hopefullythepresence of this Programming Books application can benefityou.Tags: programming, programming, programming languages,programminglanguage, programming tutorials, html, html learning,learninghtml, html coding, html material, html tutorials, csslearning,learn css, css coding, css material, css tutorial, php ,learn php,learn php, php coding, php material, tutorial php,website, learnto create websites, mysql, databases, sql, tables,tables, java,javascript, scripts, python
Inspect and Edit HTML Live 2.47
Introducing Inspect and Edit HTML Live An application whichcanchange style and layout in real-time. List of features: ✔️️Inspectelements - touch a web element to view the source code ✔️️Editwebsite source code ✔️️ Inject javascript into the givenwebpage✔️️ View html source code ✔️️ Change the css style ofvarious webelements 🔹 Inspect and edit website source code Thisapplicationallows you to do similar things to what other livewebsites sourcecode editors do on desktop. 🔹 Learn HTML and CSSInspect and EditHTML Live can be used to learn web developmenttechnologies such asCSS. 🔹 Please note The code changed on anywebsite will only bestored locally on your device, therefore itwill disappear afterthe page refresh. DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATIONTO DO STUFF THAT YOUHAVE NO RIGHT TO DO. THE DEVELOPER IS IN NO WAYRESPONSIBLE FOR ANYMISUSE OF THIS APPLICATION
HTML/CSS Website Inspector 2.59
This application allows you to edit HTMLsource code of livewebsiteslocally. List of features: ✔️️ View HTML page source andedit it ✔️️List elements like all the links and their css stylesetc. ✔️️Search for text in HTML web page source 🔹 Easy to use Justenter webaddress and view the source code of that page. 🔹 LearnHTML and CSSBy reading and editing the code of well-designed webpages you canlearn a lot! 🔹 View HTML website source code Inspectweb elements,edit them and improve you web page designing skills!🔹 Please noteThe code changed on any website will only be storedlocally on yourdevice, therefore it will disappear after the pagerefresh. DO NOTUSE THIS APPLICATION TO DO STUFF THAT YOU HAVE NORIGHT TO DO. THEDEVELOPER IS IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISUSEOF THISAPPLICATION This application offers limited functionalitysimilar toother live website source code editors on desktop.
anWriter free HTML editor
anWriter HTML editor helps you to write code: It offersanautocompletion support for: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LaTeX (PHP,SQLin pro version). It supports modern technologies: It offersanautocompletion support for HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, Bootstrap,andAngular It supports FTP: You can download a file from theFTPserver, send a file to the FTP server, and browse directoriesonthe FTP server. It allows previewing web pages inapplication:Allow you to get a quick preview of your web page in aninternalviewer. You don't need to open a browser. The integratedviewer hasa JS error console. It supports not only webtechnologies: BesidesHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP our editor supportssyntax highlightingfor C/C++, Java, SQL, Python, LaTeX. Also, itoffers autocompletionfor C and Python standard functions andkeywords. It is small: Lessthan 2 MB installation file. WARNING!Current version of the editorfully supports only English-likescripts (Latin, Cyrillic, Greeketc.)South and Southeast Asian andMiddle Eastern scripts supportwill be added in future releases.Most of Android text editorstoday is very simple notepad likeeditors. You can use our editoras a simple notepad, bit it offersfeatures of a powerful IDE. Likein most powerful IDEs, its featuresallow to significantly increasecoding speed, compared with a usualnotepad. anWriter is muchlighter than most IDE, but at the sametime much more powerful,than most of notepad like editors. Fulllist of features: - Syntaxhighlighting for HTML, CSS, JavaScript,XML, PHP, SQL, LaTeX,C/C++, Java, Python languages - Web pagespreview in the internalviewer. - Autocompletion for HTML tags andattributes includinguser created class names and Ids -Autocompletion for JavaScriptobjects, variables and functions -Autocompletion for CSSselectors, rules and attributes -Autocompletion for Bootstrap andAngularJS classes and attributes -Autocompletion for jQueryfunctions and selectors - Autocompletionfor keywords and standardlibrary functions for C/C++ and Pythonlanguages - Autocompletionfor LaTeX commands. - Downloading filesfrom the FTP server -Uploading files to the FTP server - Browsedirectories on the FTPserver - Bottom toolbar with most usedcharacters and cursorcontrols. - Search and replace, using regularexpressions -Unlimited undo - Different codepages support - Linenumbering -Copy/paste - Several opened files at the same time -JavaScripterror console in the internal viewer - Hardware keyboardsupport -Font size settings The integrated HTML viewer has somelimitations:it does not support the input tag with type= “file”. Ifyou want totest such HTML file, open it in a browser.
com.sololearn.htmltrial 5.8.1
We're moving to our new free All-in-One app! Get ithere: in a greatly improved learning environment with morelessons,real practice opportunity, and community support. This FREEappwill teach you how to design a web page using HTML. Inourinteractive HTML courseware, carefully selected content willbefollowed by quizzes and checkpoints. Complete a series ofhands-onexercises and practice while writing real HTML code. Ourcontent isconcise, checkpoints are enjoyable, and learning isguaranteed.Learn while playing and play while learning with ourFREE HTMLTutorial! Whether you want to further your career orsimply gain anew skill, this tutorial will be useful for you. It iseasy tostart, easy to learn - are you still waiting? Start now!
HTML Code Play 9.2
Code Play
Welcome to HTML Code Play app for learn to code. This is afreeprogramming learning and HTML offline app used to learnwebdesigning and programming. It is created to teach webdevelopment(HTML,CSS,Javascript). It contains features such as HTMLEditor andviewer offline, CSS editor, javascript code editor,bootstrapeditor, angular js editor. This app is mainly used toteach how tocreate the website using web development tools such asHTML tagsand attributes, HTML CSS code and CSS properties,javascriptprogramming, jquery programs, bootstrap, knockout js.Also, we canuse this app instead of notepad for HTML, notepad++ andbracketsHTML. This is the best HTML coding app in play store. Wecan use iffor the whole HTML programming app. We are stronglyrecommended totry Android Code Playapp Play app focus mainly to teach novice programmers,students whoneed to learn web development. This app can consideras HTML book.It contains HTML and CSS tutorial with the example,javascriptprograms with output, jquery programs, and jqueryexamples,bootstrap tutorial offline. Web site making is easy. Butmany newprogrammers may find difficult to learn HTML code, tags,and CSS, bylearning from other websites due to difficult examples.Those webprogramming tutorial doesn't start with the basic HTMLtags with theexample to make you understand what the tag reallydoes. But HTMLCode Play app is the HTML learning app that has asimple html5tutorial with examples which contains HTML all tagsthat explain insimple words how HTML tags CSS properties,javascript programming,jQuery programs, knockout js, bootstrap areworking. This appsbiggest feature is learning HTML offline. Website developer mustknow about HTML, CSS, and javascript. There aremany web design andprogramming app, but we try to stand out ofthem by knowing who needto learn web designing offline or who needto become a web designerand we created HTML and CSS editor so thatone could create theirown web page. By using this HTML Code Playweb development apps wecan learn HTML Basics, HTML tutorial, CSStutorial, javascripttutorial, jquery tutorial, learn knockout jstutorial. Features ofHTML HTML editor for Android - It containseditors so that one couldenter their own code, execute and see theoutputs. HTML offline -This app is an HTML tutorial offline app sothat one could learnbasic HTML offline. HTML inspector - Similarto the inspect elementin the browser one could check and rectifythe error easily. basicof HTML - It contains tutorials andexamples of HTML tags like HTMLtable, input tags and many more.HTML browser - The output generatedfrom the tutorials will be thesame as how it will be in thebrowsers. html5 tags - This app alsocontains html5 compatible tags.This is the best HTML app also thissupport HTML viewer and output.HTML writer helps you to write yourHTML coding. We can learn HTMLyoutube video integrate using HTMLprogram. Android app for learnHTML 900+ simple examples 10+ typesFeatures of CSS CSS code viewer- It contains an editor to enterCSS code and check its output. CSStutorial offline app - It isuseful so that one could offline LearnCSS with the editor. CSSproperties - It used for learning CSS andto create CSS HTML codeand website. This is the HTML learning appsalso it is used tolearn HTML tutorial full offline and all html5tags learn free. Theapp is a very famous HTML and CSS coding app.This application isto help you to save and HTML document viewerlater 24x support jointo this facebook group and discuss yourquestion and learnmore
WebMaster's HTML Editor Lite 1.7.2
HTML Editor: WebMaster Lite - fast and lightweight (~1Mb only)HTMLeditor for web developers. The editor is ideal for webauthoringand programming on the go. Have a handy source code editorin yourpocket! Syntax highlighting and code completion forhypertextfiles. Our editor supports undo/redo feature, built-invirtual keysfor tags and popular key-phrases. Dark and light colorschemesavailable. The program has built-in Help for HTML,JavaScript andCSS syntax.Lite version has limited code completionsupport - youcan select only first suggested item. Also, web pagepreview isavailable only in Pro version. We recommend AndFtp ftpclient touse with your server.Hot-keys for external keyboard:Ctrl+C (copy),Ctrl+V (paste), Ctrl+Z (undo), Ctrl+Y (redo), Ctrl+R(open RecentFiles), Ctrl+F (search), Ctrl+G (goto line).We areworking hard toadd more new features to our software. Please feelfree to emailyour wishes to us!WebMaster's HTML Editor is a set ofwebmastertools: html editor, php editor, css editor, javascripteditor andplain text editor in a one application with multipletextencodings. Developer can use it as lightweight web ideforprogramming html5 and/or JavaScript. Also, the applicationisuseful as a simple notepad for your texts or notes.
Web Development (HTML,CSS,JS) 4.1
Web Development is a Free app which teach you how to designanddevelop a web site using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT , ResponsiveWebdesign and Content Management Systems like (Wordpress, JoomlaandDrupal) and other advanced topics directly on your Androiddevices.All the lessons and topics are featured in a simple way andit isdivided into small sub topics for better understanding, alsoit hasinteractive examples and web editor in which user can try thecodethemselves and find the result realtime within the app.WebDevelopment also features interactive examples and code whichtheuser can interact with and easily understand, the codes fortheexample is very useful for the users to understand theparticulartopic. Web Development is also a Web editor and IDE whichhelpsusers to run the code within the app and tweak the webpageeasilyor try the example code themselves to understand theconceptbetter. WHY USE WEB DEVELOPMENT : ITS FREE : Web developmentis acompletely free app. LERN MORE : Learn HTML, CSS,JAVASCRIPT,RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN easily. INTERACTIVE EXAMPLES :Interactiveexamples are featured to help you learn and understandeasily. TRYYOURSELF EDITOR : One of the simplest editor to run theweb page orrun the example codes within in the app. CONTENTMANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Also Content Management Tutorial are added forWordpress, Joomla& Drupal, Which helps users to learn CMS veryeasily. WORKSOFFLINE : You don't need internet connectivity to runthis app,learn everything offline and where ever youare.-----------------------------------------------------------We'realways excited to hear from you ! if you have anyfeedback,question or concerns, please email us
com.webdevelopment 1.11
Put Solutions
Web Development is a Free app which teach you how to designanddevelop a web site and web application using PHP, MYSQL, CSS,CSS3,HTML, HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, jQeury, jQueryUI, AngularJS,Bootstrap,Ajax, Python, JSON, Web Services and Interview Questionsalltutorials. Responsive Web design, directly on your Androiddevices.All the lessons and topics are featured in a simple way andit isdivided into small topics with example for betterunderstanding,also it has interactive examples and web editor inwhich user cantry the code themselves and find the result real timewithin theapp. Web Development also features interactive examplesand codewhich the user can interact with and easily understand, thecodesfor the example is very useful for the users to understandtheparticular topic. Web Development is also a Web editor andIDEwhich helps users to run the code within the app and tweakthewebpage easily or try the example code themselves to understandtheconcept better. WHY USE WEB DEVELOPMENT : ITS FREE :Webdevelopment is a completely free app. LEARN MORE : PHP, MYSQL,CSS,CSS3, HTML, HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, jQeury, jQueryUI,AngularJS,Bootstrap, Ajax, Python, JSON, Web Services and InterviewQuestionsall tutorials. INTERACTIVE EXAMPLES : Interactive examplesarefeatured to help you learn and understand easily. TRYYOURSELFEDITOR : One of the simplest editor to run the web page orrun theexample codes within in the app. WORKS OFFLINE : You don'tneedinternet connectivity to run this app, learn everything offlineandwhere ever you are.
Web Design (Learn Offline) 1.8
MR Soft BD
It is extremely valuable to understand the fundamentals ofwebdesign if you want to work in digital marketing, social mediaordesign. Fortunately, there are many excellent online coursesandtools that will help you learn web design fast. At a minimum,abasic understanding of HTML, CSS and design is essential ifyouwant to do anything on the web. If you aren’t familiar withhowwebsites are built, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) andCSS(Cascading Style Sheets) provide the fundamental codethatconstructs the graphic user interface of the Internet’s worldwideweb. In a few hours of studying these two web markup languagesyouwill be able to start building your first website. But itdoesn’tstop there. There are other useful skills you should learnlikeusing a PHP , Java Script design framework so that allyourwebsites are mobile-optimized. This guide has everything youneedto hack your education and start building your ownbeautifulwebsites. I recommend that you try out the differentcourses andtools to see what best fits your individual learningstyle. You’llbe surprised how much you can learn in a short time.Update versionfeature: 1.Remove additional ad. 2.increaseperformance. 3.Easilypress back button then goes to app home. Thisapplication helpfulfor you because many project added in this apps.Easily you canlearn anywhere anytime. This Application Include:1.Basic HTML2.Advanced HTML 3.Basic CSS 4.Advanced CSS 5.Basic JAVAScript6.Advanced JAVA Script and 7.PHP 8.laravel tutorial Sostartlearning and gain knowledge
AWS Code Viewer 2.0.0
AWS code viewer is a best app to view details of any websiteBasicsfeatures are:1.To view Html Codes,CSS,JS and Images ofanywebsite2. Domain info of any website (including IP address)3.Whois Lookup 4. Html Editor (beta)5. You can edit codes ofanywebsite and also you can save and run it6. Search insideEditor7.Accessories Views for fast Editing8. Direct open any filesfromsdcard
Panduan Paytren Lengkap 1.0
Nupnup Studio
Paytren adalah sebuah aplikasi yg bertujuan membantupenggunanyadalam melakukan pembelian pulsa, token pln, voucer game,tiketpesawat, kereta api serta pembayaran listrik , pdam danpembayaranleasing, tv berlangganan.Tag line paytren adalah ”merubah kebiasankita yg selama ini melakukan aktifitas pembeliandan pembayaranmenggunakan jasa orang lain atau loket yg dekatdengan lokasi kita.Menjadi aktifitas itu berada di genggamankita.”Tentunya denganmerubah kebiasaan itu ada benefit yang kitadapatkan. Benefit ituadalah efisiensi waktu dan efisiensi costkarena kita membayardengan harga lebih murah dari yg sebelumnyakita lakukan.Selainbenefit itu ternyata paytren memberikan lagicash back dari setiaptransaksi kita.Namun keuntungan tidak sampaidisitu, tentunyaketika semua transaksi bisa kita lakukan digenggaman kita. Makakita bisa memanfaatkan sebagai alat untukmencari tambahan keuangan.Tentang tambahan keuangan,ternyatapaytren memberikan peluangkepada kita untuk mendapatkan tambahankeuangan dari kegiatantersebut.Yang pertama yg jelas terlihat kitabisa menjual pulsa,menjual token listrik, melakukan pembayaranbpjs, pln prabayar,pdam, tiket pesawat dan kereta api. Namunaktifitas menjual di atasbelum menjadi pendapatan yangwoòow.Pendapatan yang woow adalahketika kita bisa menjual lisensiatau hak usaha paytren kepadaorang lain. Lisensi / hak usaha ?Jadiketika kita bergabung danjoin menjadi bagian keluarga paytren, kitaberarti telah membelilisensi dan hak usaha dari paytren.Paytren isan application thataims to help users in the purchase of pulses,pln tokens, gamingvouchers, air tickets, train as well as paymentof electricity,water utilities and the lease payments, tvsubscription.Paytren tagline is "changing our habits that have beendoing the activity ofpurchase and payment using the services ofanother person or acounter that is close to our location. Will bethe activities thatare within our grasp. "Of course, with nobenefit to change thehabits that we get. Benefit it is timeefficiency and costefficiency because we are paying a cheaper pricethan the previousone we lakukan.Selain benefit it turns paytrengive more cash backon every transaction kita.Namun benefit not stopthere, of course,when all transactions we can do in the clutch we.Then we can useas a tool to find additional finance.On financeadditional,apparently paytren provide an opportunity for us to getextrafinancial activities first tersebut.Yang obvious that we cansellcredits, sell electricity tokens, make payments BPJS, plnprepaid,taps, plane and train tickets. But selling the aboveactivitieshave not become WOOOW income.Revenues woow is when we cansellpaytren business license or right to anotherperson. Licenses/ concessions? So when we join and become partof the family joinpaytren, we mean have purchased a license andoperating rights ofpaytren.
HTML Reference 1.0
May Tech
The Complete HTML Reference with lots of examples.TableofContentsHTML ReferenceHTML by AlphabetHTML by CategoryHTMLGlobalAttributesHTML EventsHTML CanvasHTML Audio/VideoHTMLDoctypesHTMLColornamesHTML ColorgroupsHTML Character SetsHTML URLEncodeHTMLLanguage CodesHTML Country CodesHTTP MessagesHTTPMethodsPX to EM,PercentKeyboard Shortcuts
CSS3 Pro Free 1.6
808 Apps Maui
** For the latest CSS3 information, this is the guide to get.Itwill be updated regularly as CSS3 specifications change andareimplemented. For only CSS2 and previous properties, please refertoCSS Pro Quick Guide. **More than just a cheat sheet orreference,the CSS3 Pro Quick Guide provides beginners with asimpleintroduction to the basics, and experts will find theadvanceddetails they need. Loads of extras are included: syntax,how toapply styles, colors, font styles, selectors, CSS and CSS3versioninformation, and browser compatibility tables for the mostpopularbrowsers.The CSS and CSS3 properties are categorizedandsearchable. Each property information screen contains apropertydescription, values the property accepts, examples,browsercompatibility, and version information. In addition,someproperties include the display results of the variouspropertyvalues (e.g. border styles, text decoration, etc.).The CSSand CSS3properties are broken into the followingcategories:Background,Border, Dimension, Font, Generated Content,List, Margin, Outline,Padding, Positioning, Print,Pseudo-classes/Pseudo-elements, Table,TextAlong with the followingadditional CSS information:CSS Basics-Introduction- StylesApplication- Box Model- Color Tables- FontTables- Selector Chart-Browser Compatibility ExplanationCSSAt-Rules (i.e. @media,@keyframes)CSS Selector TypesCSS ColorValuesCSS Measurement Values(%, in, mm, px, etc.)CSS3AnimationsCSS3 Box PropertiesCSS3 ColumnProperties* Note: This appincludes an advertising banner across thebottom. If you don't wantto see advertising, you can get the paidversion *
This HTML Tutorial covers all the basic aspects of creatingWebApplication using HTMLLearning HTML/Any other ProgrammingLanguageis very simple,provided you have:-1. An excellentTutorialdescribing the key aspects of the Language/Framework.2.SampleCodes to work with.3. An Editor where you can play with thecodeand get the output in real time.Here in this HTML Tutorials wehavetried to incorporate all the features required for learningHTMLfrom scratch.It is very easy to learn HTML through this"Tutorialfor HTML" since you can find the description(theory), codeand anEditor to work and play with codes.HTML TutorialFeatures:-Built onLatest Material Design Concept.Easy to Learn(CodeSamples withworking Demo Examples)Covers Concepts of HTML5IncludesBuiltin CodeEditorTopics Covered:HTML IntroductionHTML DocumentStructureHTMLTagsHTML TablesHTML ListsHTML LinksHTML FormsHTMLImagesHTMLMultimediaHTML StorageHTML CanvasHTML SVGLearn whileplaying andplay while learning with our FREE HTML Tutorial!
WebMaster's HTML Editor 1.7.2
Have a handy HTML editor in your pocket! Source code editorforwebmasters and web designers. - Codecompletion(IntelliSense-like)- Syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP,CSS andJavaScript files- Built-in preview feature and virtual keysfortags and popular keyphrases for editing your HTML, CSSstylesheetsand JavaScript files- Dark and light color schemesavailable- HTMLEditor supports Japan, Cyrillic, Chinese, Westernand CentralEurope text encodings- Undo/Redo feature- Built-in Helpsystem forHTML, CSS and JavaScript- Code snippets for JS, PHP andHTML Idealweb editor for web authoring and programming on the go.Also,useful as source code, text, or XML editor with undo/redofeature.We recommend AndFtp ftp client to use with your server.Weareworking hard to add more new features to our html editor.Pleasefeel free to email your wishes to us!Supported file formats:js htmhtml html5 dhtml css php php3 php4 php5 txt, andxmlWebMaster'sHTML Editor is a set of tools: html, php, css andjavascript editorin a one application with multiple text encodings.Websitedeveloper can use the code editor as a development softwareforprogramming and html5 web development.
anWriter text editor 1.6.1
It helps you to write code: It offers an autocompletion supportfor:HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LaTeX (PHP, SQL in full version) Itsupportsmodern technologies: It offers an autocompletion supportfor HTML 5,CSS 3, Bootstrap, and Angular It supports FTP: You candownload afile from the FTP server, send a file to the FTP server,and browsedirectories on the FTP server. It allows previewing webpages inapplication: Allows you to get a quick preview of your webpage. Youdon't need to open a browser. A JS error console isincluded. Itsupports not only web technologies: Besides HTML, CSS,JavaScriptour editor supports syntax highlighting for C/C++, Java,Python,LaTeX. Also, it offers autocompletion for C and Pythonstandardfunctions and keywords. It is small: Less than 2 MBinstallationfile. By buying this version you support furtherdevelopment of theeditor, and get some additional features : Linewrap, unlimited redo, autocomplete support for PHP and SQL ,syntax colouring settings ,quick switch between documents, sendfile to another app (e.g.Google Drive) . Full list of features: -Syntax highlighting forHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, LaTeX,C/C++,Java, Python languages -Web pages preview in the application- Autocompletion for HTML tagsand attributes including usercreated class names and Ids -Autocompletion for JavaScriptobjects, variables and functions -Autocompletion for CSSselectors, rules and attributes -Autocompletion for Bootstrap andAngularJS classes and attributes -Autocompletion for jQueryfunctions and selectors - Autocompletionfor keywords and standardlibrary functions for C/C++ and Pythonlanguages - Autocompletionfor LaTeX commands. - Downloading filesfrom the FTP server -Uploading files to the FTP server - Browsedirectories on the FTPserver - Bottom toolbar with most usedcharacters and cursorcontrols. - Search and replace, using regularexpressions -Unlimited undo - Different codepages support - Linenumbering -Copy/paste - Several opened files at the same time -Hardwarekeyboard support - Font size settings Full versionfeatures: - Noadds - Line wrap - Autocompletion for PHP functionsand variables -Autocompletion for SQL - Light theme - Syntaxcoloring settings -Autocompletion in find and replace fields -Unlimited Redo - Quickswitch between documents - Send file toanother app (e.g. GoogleDrive) WARNING! Current version of theeditor fully suports onlyEnglish-like scripts (Latin, Cyrillic,Creek etc.)South andSoutheast Asian and Middle Eastern scriptssupport will be added infuture releases.
Learn HTML Code, Tags & CSS 1.6
RR Play Spot
Learn and easily using the HTML Tutorial that Cascading StyleSheets(CSS), and JavaScript codes using this app easily.Most ofthecomputer Engineering and other Engineering students, so betteravoidbook for reading. its using and quick to read that as CSSandjavascript as in easily way.This is FREE app will teach you howtomake a webpages or website by using HTML Codes.In ourinteractivehtml course, carefully selected content will be followedby quizzesand checkpoints. Complete a series of Examples on yourHTML andpractice while making websites on the html5HTML TutorialApp is acomprehensive basic tutorial complete guide to one of themostpopular programming languages in the world. you’lllearnobject-oriented web programming and have the ability to writeclearand valid code in almost no time at all. So don't hesitate.Beginour step-by-step tutorial today, and learn a new skill!ThisisPreferred to learn the all basic things that make a web pagescodeswith all examples and all features.With HTML Codes you cancreate aown Web site.This is offline tutorial to teach youeverything aboutHTML. you can edit the HTML codes, and click on abutton to viewthe result.At the end on it, you can find more than200examples.Examples in Every Chapter.This HTML tutorialcontainshundreds of HTML examples. With our online HTML editor, youcanedit the HTMLIn this HTML Tutorial we mainly focused on thebelowtopics are- HTML tricks- html basics- html attributes-htmlheadings- html paragraphs- html styles- html text formatting-htmlquotations and citations- html computer code elements-htmlcomments- html css- html links- html images- html tables-htmllists- html block and inline elements- html classes- htmllayout-html iframe- html head elements- html scripts- html forms-htmlform elements- html input typesGlobal Related search :- htmlbasictutorial- html tutorial pdf- html tutorial for beginners- htmlfullform- use of html- html attributes- html and css tutorial-htmlnotes- learn html with php
Kebutuhan komunikasi selalu berkembang dari generasi kegenerasi,dari mulai berkirim surat via kantor pos, email, sms,chatting,sampai video call. Tantangan bagi pengembang tekhnologiuntukmemenuhi kebutuhan komunikasi masyarakat yang terus berkembangdanselalu menginginkan yang baru. CALLIND dikembangkan untukmenjawabkebutuhan berkomunikasi, bukan sekedar untuk chat tetapibisa untuktelepon, video call, kirim berbagai file, foto, video,dan jugauntuk pasang iklan atau jual beli produk. Permissionyangdibutuhkan: 1. INTERNET 2. CAMERA 3. LOCATION 4. RECORD_AUDIO:Thisis required to analyze offline TV viewing data andservemedia-targeted ads. Granting this permission is optional. Ifyou'dlike to opt-out of this targeting, please visit the followinglink:
AIDE Web - Html,Css,JavaScript 1.0.200128
AIDE Web is a web editor and integrated developmentenvironment(IDE) for developing websites with Html/Css/JavaScriptdirectly onyour Android device. Follow interactive coding lessonsandstep-by-step become an expert web developer. Write code withthefeature rich editor with code completion, real-time errorchecking,refactoring and smart code navigation, and run yourwebsites with asingle click. Code JavaScript console applicationsto sharpen yourskills. AIDE Web features interactive lessons withstep-by-stepinstructions to learn JavaScript and web developmentskills. Followthe lessons, become an expert and apply what you'velearned in yourown web projects. AIDE will turn your Android tabletwith keyboardinto a real development box. We use the TransformerPrime to codewith AIDE. AIDE will turn your Android Phone into asmalldevelopment computer to browse and touch your code on the go.Abrief summary of features... Learn-to-code (in-app purchase):-Interactive lessons with step-by-step instructions -JavaScriptprogramming course - Web development course - SamplewebsitesEdit-compile-run cycle: - Create a sample website with asingleclick - Build Html/Css/JavaScript websites - Build pureJavaScriptconsole applications - Run your website with a singleclick - Viewyour website on other devices/computers in the same Lan- No rootaccess required - Twitter Bootstrap support Real-timeerrorchecking: - Real time error analyis throughout the wholeproject asyou type - Automatic Quick-Fixes for many errorsRefactoring: -Rename - Inline variable - Introduce variable -Extract methodCode: - Code formatter - Out-comment code Codenavigation: - Gotodefintion - Find usages - Goto symbol Editor: -Very fast editoreven with large files - Code completion forJavaScript, Html andCss - Syntax highlighting for JavaScript, Htmland Css - UnlimitedUndo/Redo - Pinch zoom - Smart expand selection- Keyboard supportwith configurable keybindings - UI optimized forsmall screens toshow as much code/content as possible Filebrowser:- Built-in filemanager with the most common features: Rename,delete, create fileor folder - Dropbox integration - Gitintegration withCommit/Dicard/Push/Pull/Branch/Merge and SSHsupport.
org.kidinov.awd 0.45
Akid Soft
Only several days discount on full version. Get it via inapppurchase! Android Web Developer (AWD) is a IDE(Integrateddevelopment environment) for web developers. Supportsnext languageand formats: PHP, CSS, JS, HTML, JSON. Android WebDeveloper willturn your Android tablet with keyboard into a realdevelopment box.Android Web Developer will turn your Android Phoneinto a smalldevelopment computer to browse and touch your code onthe go.Greate app for those who want to learn to program! It auniquemobile software for web developers. It allows you to createyourown html, php, javascript, css and other pages or editalreadyexisting. Also you can manage work with remote projectsthroughFTP, FTPS, SFTP WebDAV as well as managing your local filesandfolders. Main Features: - Support all major web languagesandformats: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML - A lot of ways to reachyourproject ( FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WEBDav and growing) - Integrationwithweb server - Code highlighting - Autodetection of file'sencoding -Code completion - Error checking - Hardware keyboardsupport (e.ghotkeys) - Code beautifying with one click - Tabletready UI - Linenumbering - Fast Navigation (by name ofclasses/functions) - Quickpreview of your page - Highlighting thecurrent line - Search andreplace with regular expressions -Unlimited Undo/redo - Fullscreen mode - Recent projects -Periodical autosaving - Gitintegration -Rename/create/delete/copy-paste files inside youproject Features ofeditor: - Multiline comments ( CTRL+ / hotkey)- Highlighting ofselection end/start part of tag on which cursoris - Highlighting ofselection end/start brackets ( {, (, [ ) -Delete current line (CTRL + / D) - Move cursor through one word(CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT) - Movecursor on one word with selection(CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT) - Movecursor on one symbol with selection(SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT) Features offile system: -Rename/create/delete/copy-paste - Possibility tocreate files withtemplate text How to run PHP code? Toturial ishere - Webserversthat you can run on Android: - Ulti Server: PHP, MySQL, PMA(TestedwithAWD) server + PHP +MySQL PAWServer forAndroid Web Server(PHP,MySQL,PMA) Mercurial, Dropbox, Google Drive Following features areavailableonly in FULL version: - No Ads - Creating more than oneconnection -Code beautifying - Git integration - Shortcuts (hotkeys) - Autodetection of file encoding - Periodical autosaving- Integrationwith Web Servers. You can setup the root link ofproject and thenyou will execute all your pages directly onspecified web server. -Color picker dialog You can buy FULLversion through in-apppurchase! About in-app purchase - it'sofficial google'stool. Ilikeyour feedbackGoogle+: Looking for Tab withsoftwarekeyboard? Check this hacker's keyboard. It supportprogram'sshortcuts! code, coding, compiler,compiling,completion, css, debug, ide, developer, edit, editor,hack,hacking, json, page, programmer, site, software,source,sourcecode, text, tool, web, web-site, webeditor, xml,script,scripting, xhtml
CSS Color Names 1.0
CSS color names application consists of 140 color names definedinthe HTML and CSS color specification.Selected color isdisplayedwith its name, HEX and RGB values, preview and shadestable fromwhite to black.To copy the value to the clipboard, justclick onthe appropriate value field.CSS color names app can be usedwithHTML, CSS and graphics editors, and as stand alone handbookaswell.
AwakenGR 3.0
Web Crunch
Όλα μας τα άρθρα για αυτοβελτίωση, πνευματικότητα,αυτογνωσία,υγεία, ψυχολογία, εναλλακτικές θεραπείες, τρόπου ζωήςκαι σκέψηςδιαθέσιμα στο κινητό σου.All our articles on selfimprovement,spirituality, self awareness, health, psychology,alternativetherapies, lifestyle and thinking available on yourmobile.
AIDE IDE for PhoneGap/Cordova 1.2.200128
AIDE for PhoneGap is an integrated development environment (IDE)fordeveloping portable PhoneGap Apps directly on Android devices.Youcan use your exisiting HTML5/CSS/JavaScript web developmentskillsto build Apps which can be quite easily transfered tovarious mobileplatforms. AIDE supports the full edit-compile-runcycle: write codewith the feature rich editor offering advancedfeatures like codecompletion, real-time error checking,refactoring and smart codenavigation, and run your App with asingle click. AIDE is fullycompatible with Eclipse PhoneGapprojects. You can just copy thesourcecode to your device and openthe Eclipse project in AIDE tostart coding. Alternatively you cankeep your sourcecode on yourDropbox - AIDE integrates with Dropboxand allows to easily downloadfrom your Dropbox and sync back yourchanges. AIDE can also openAndroid Studio projects, which followthe default folder structure.AIDE supports GIT for professionaldevelopment A brief summary offeatures... Edit-compile-run cycle:- Create a sample App with asingle click - Build PhoneGap/CordovaApps with HTML5/CSS/JavaScript- Use cutom PhoneGap plugins anddevelop your own - Run your Appwith a single click - No rootaccess required - Incrementalcompilation for fast build times -Uses Eclipse .classpath projectformat for compatibility - Opendefault Android Studio projects -Integrated LogCat viewerReal-time error checking: - Real time erroranalyis throughout thewhole project as you type - AutomaticQuick-Fixes for many errorsUI design: - Preview HTML app pagesRefactoring: - Rename - Inlinevariable - Introduce variable Code: -Code formatter - Out-commentcode Code navigation: - Goto defintion- Find usages - Goto symbol- Goto class Editor: - Very fast editoreven with large files -Code completion for JavaScript and HTML -PhoneGap API help -Syntax highlighting for JavaScript, HTML and CSS- UnlimitedUndo/Redo - Pinch zoom - Smart expand selection -Keyboard supportwith configurable keybindings - UI optimized forsmall screens toshow as much code/content as possible Filebrowser:- Built-in filemanager with the most common features: Rename,delete, create fileor folder - Dropbox integration - Gitintegration withCommit/Dicard/Push/Pull/Branch/Merge and SSHsupport.
HTML Tutorial Programs 1.0
###### HTML Tutorial Programs ######This App contains HTMLTutorialPrograms with Edit and Run Facility.This HTML Tutorial Appwillhelp you to learn HTML markup language by simple example. ThisHTMLTutorial App is very useful for all type of learners. Wedesignedthis HTML Tutorial App in a plain simple way in order thatit iseasily understandable by everyone. This HTML Tutorial App isgoodfor beginners to learn basic as well as advanced HTML featuresbysimple and suitable examples.------------- FEATURE---------------Contains HTML Tutorial Programs with TryItFacility.- Also provideEdit & Run Facility.- Very simple UserInterface (UI).- Step byStep examples to learn HTML Programming.-This HTML Tutorial App iscompletely OFFLINE.- App is compatiblewith Tablets.---- HTMLTutorials Description ----01 : Basic HTMLTags.02 : CreatingLists.03 : Text Formatting.04 : Using Images.05 :Creating Links.06: Table Elements.07 : Working with FormElements.08 : Special &Formatting Tags.------ SuggestionsInvited ---------Please sendyour suggestions regarding this HTMLTutorial App by email We wish you allthe best !!! #####
JQuery Tutorials 1.1
jQuery is a lightweight, "write less, do more",JavaScriptlibrary.jQuery is a JavaScript library that allows webdevelopersto add extra functionality to their websites. It is opensource andprovided for free under the MIT license. In recent years,jQueryhas become the most popular JavaScript library used inwebdevelopment.The purpose of jQuery is to make it much easier touseJavaScript on your website.jQuery takes a lot of common tasksthatrequire many lines of JavaScript code to accomplish, and wrapstheminto methods that you can call with a single line ofcode.jQueryalso simplifies a lot of the complicated things fromJavaScript,like AJAX calls and DOM manipulation.The jQuery librarycontainsthe following features:• HTML/DOM manipulation• CSSmanipulation•HTML event methods• Effects and animations• AJAX•UtilitiesJQUERYQuick Reference Guide.CONTENTS▬▬▬▬▬✓ Introduction✓Ajax✓ Effects✓HTML✓ Misc✓ Traversing
W3School HTML Tutorial Offline 1.0
All Tutorials Are In A Responsive Way.Colurs And Images Are PutInThis Free Responsive App To Educate The Peoples In AResponsiveWay.Note : Ads Are Integrated To Provide You Free App.
HTML Viewer
Yogev Haham
HTML source viewer. Enter a website address and get the html code+web view of the site... Load HTML file from in-app filebrowser.Load file from your file manager. You can share (import)websiteaddress from other applications and share (export) the htmlcode toanother application. You can find text in the code. AndroidPieSupport Google plus community- -
CSS Easy 3.0
Perfect Cube
Learn CSS & CSS3 anytime ,anywhere!This CSS Tutorial appcoversbasics of CSS.It briefly explain the basic stuff of CascadingStyleSheets(CSS).Any suggestion or appreciation please do mail us.
HTML,CSS,PHP,JS Tutorials 30.8.0
New Look and New Design Using HTML,CSS,PHP,JS DevelopWebsite.HTML,CSS,PHP,JS Tutorials Application for Computer and ITStudentand Developer. HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language CSS -CascadingStyle Sheet PHP- Personal Home Page JS- Java Script MY SQL- PHPMyAdmin HTML5 - Hyper Text Markup Language with new FormsElements.The permissions we have requested below are only toperform themain features of our application, we do not collect dataor userinformation. 1. INTERNET: to use sharing Quiz Questions.2.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: to use check connectivity ofINTERNETpermission. 3. Cordova Lib and Javascript for Newattractive DesignWithout HTML,CSS,PHP,JS not possible developwebsite soHTML,CSS,PHP,JS is very use full for alldeveloper.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLEASENOTE---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Insteadof giving us a lower rating, please mail us your queries,issues orsuggestions at We will be happy tosolve themfor you:-) Third party resources be used (The ownershipis belong tothem.): 1) Tutorial Website. 2) Cordova Libs
Code Hub 1.0
Code Hub Team
Code Hub is the best way to browse and learn to program throughyourmother tongue.Now in Code Hub you can learn HTML and CSS. It'sshort(just as long as a 50 page book), simple (for everyone:beginners,designers, developers), and free (as in 'free beer' and'freespeech'). It consists of 50 lessons across 4 chapters,covering theWeb, HTML5, CSS3. adding more courses soon.And it ismultilingual.Avilable in English, Hindi & Telugu. Adding moreLanguages Soon.App Features1) Multilingual - Learn HTML,CSS InEnglish &Hindi2) Ask Doubts and clear then Instantly 3)CodeHub Works Offline(Required Chrome)4) Every Course divided intoLessons, Examples,Videos for Easy Understanding
Bootstrap Tutorial 1.2.0
Bootstrap is the most popular free front-end framework forfasterand easier web development. Its includes HTML and CSS baseddesigntemplates for typography, forms, buttons, tables,navigation,modals, image carousels and many other, as well asoptionalJavaScript plugins.Its also gives you the ability to easilycreateresponsive, mobile first projects on the web. It's made forfolksof all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and projects ofallsizes.We are premium Bootstrap template developer so we know howtouse it with most effective way. Hope it will help you tomakebootstrap based product. By the way you can check our allproductshere know ifthere you have any advice and Query.**This application isforeducation purpose and its not by core bootstrap team or itsnotaffiliated or supported by bootstrap team **
learn.web.php 6.7
Learning Web Development and Web Designing Programming is a stepbystep guide/tutorial on Web Development, it is aimed at thosewhoare starting or have just started learning PHP, CSS, CSS3,HTML,HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, AngularJS, Bootstrap,Python,MySQL, Ajax, JSON, Web Services, Developer Guide and alltopicscover Interview Questions. Learn Web Development in thequickesttime possible with this concise app that teaches you alltheessentials about Web Development. This app is useful for allBE,BCA, B.Sc. Comp. Sci., MCA, M.Sc. and IT student. ThisApplicationprovides an introduction to Web Development and WebDesigningProgramming with PHP, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript,jQuery,jQueryUI, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Python, MySQL, Ajax, JSON,WebServices, Developer Guide and all topics cover InterviewQuestionsand php programming and allows someone with a basicknowledge ofprogramming to start creating Applications. It is alight course tocover fundamentals of Web Development and WebDesigningProgramming. It will read you the Web Development and WebDesigningProgramming php programming Paradigm and how to thinkwhilecreating a php program. We will cover topics such asOverview,Installation, Life Cycle, Event Handling, Sessions, GET& POSTMethods, File uploading and Object Oriented PHP in WebDevelopmentand Web Designing Programming. *FEATURES *Thisapplication NoInternet connection required. *Lifetime access to allbasic conceptof PHP, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery,jQueryUI,AngularJS, Bootstrap, Python, MySQL, Ajax, JSON, WebServices,Developer Guide and all topics cover Interview Questions.*You canlearn easily web development designing and programming.*You willbe able to create Web & Desktop applications based onyourideas. *Able to choose the best layout for your applications.*AllBasic and Advanced Interview Questions
Learning Bootstrap 4 - Tutorial 1.10
Bootstrap 4.1is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS frameworkfordeveloping responsive,web development, mobile first projects ontheweb. Bootstrap makes front-end web development faster andeasier.Bootstrap made for folks of all skill levels, devices ofallshapes, and projects of all sizes. With bootstrap 4.1we cancreateresponsive websites that can run on any devices of anyshapes.Today millions of websites are built using bootstrapsbecause ofits dynamic and flexible structure. Now a days webdevelopment isincomplete without Bootstrap. Learning Bootstrap -Tutorial is yourone stop solution to learn Bootstrap Framework stepby step (withoffline content) . Detailed Texts, Popular PDFs andVideoTutorials, all at one place.Both expert and beginner can learnalot from this app. In Learning Bootstrap -Tutorial we havedividedthe structure in such a manner that it's easy for a newdeveloperto understand the core concepts in an easy and interactiveway.Apart for the text, we have also included a set of PDF'stutorialespecially selected by us so that you can get moreknowledge aboutthe usage of Bootstrap. We have also made somevideos tutorial andadded them to the our app so that you can get apracticalunderstanding of how the bootstrap framework works.**Features****Latest Bootstrap Version 4.1 **On the go learningapp. **Easy touse tutorials **Easy interface. **Quiz to test yourknowledge.**Easy to understand and use. **PDF's to get moreknowledge aboutthe topics. **Videos to get a practicalunderstanding of how thethings works. **No internet connectionrequired
Elzero Web School 1.1
* All courses are in Arabic Langauge * Html, HTML5, CSS,CSS3,Javascript, jQuery, JSON, PHP, MySQL, PDO, OOP, MVC,DesignPattern* Learn, Learn, Learn, Non Stop Learning
Bootstrap Hive 2.0
Rajeev Pare
Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS frameworkfordeveloping responsive,web development, mobile first projects ontheweb.Tutorial is your one stop solution to learn BootstrapFrameworkstep by step.*****Features*******On the go learningapp.**Easy touse tutorials **Easy interface.**Easy to understandand use.**Nointernet connection required.*****This application isfor educationpurpose and its not by core bootstrap team or its notaffiliated orsupported by bootstrap team *****
HTML bangla - এইচটিএমএল 3.1
HTML meaning Hypertext Markup Language. html bangla is ahtmllearning tutorial app. By using this bangla html you can learnitvery easily. This html book covers all the topics of HTML.Learningthis language is very easy. HTML was created by Berners-Leein late1991 but "HTML 2.0" was the first standard HTMLspecification whichwas published in 1995. HTML 4.01 was a majorversion of HTML and itwas published in late 1999. Though HTML 4.01version is widely usedbut currently we are having HTML5 versionwhich is an extension toHTML 4.01, and this version was publishedin 2012. You need tounderstand few things like html browser, htmltags, brackets html,html editor and viewer etc. You use htmlnotepad for coding .Download html notepad from the internet andstart coding. You cancheck your code by html editor and viewer ifyou did any mistakethen you can understand the mistake using htmlviewer. Html is afirst step of your computer programming. Hope youwill like ourhtml bangla apps . If yes then rate us with 5 star andshare itwith your friends. learn html and start your programmingcareer .এইচটিএমএল শেখার অ্যাপ নিয়ে এইবার আমাদের এই টিউটোরিয়াল ।যারাএইচটিএমএল শিখে প্রোগ্রামিং শুরু করে চান তারা অনায়াসে এই অ্যাপথেকেএই ল্যাঙগুয়েজ শিখতে পারবেন । এইচটিএমএল শিখতে দরকার হবে নাকোনপ্রোগ্রামিং বই । চলুন দেখে নিই কি কি ফিচার আছে আমাদের এই অ্যাপসে-এইচটিএমএল ফর্ম আই ফ্রেমরং ও কোড লে আউটসি এস এস প্রোগ্রামলেখারপদ্ধতি HTML ইলিমেন্ট HTML এট্রিবিউটস্ ট্যাগ কি? html alltagsটেক্সট ফরমেটিংস্টাইলের ব্যবহার থেকে শুরু করে অনেক গুরুত্বপূর্ণতথ্য। বর্তমান যুগ কম্পিউটারের যুগ। এই যুগে প্রোগ্রামিং অনেক কাজেআপনাকেসহায়তা করবে। আপনারা যেন বাংলায় প্রোগ্রামিং শিখতে পারেন তাদেরজন্যবাংলায় প্রোগ্রামিং বই নিয়ে আমরা শীঘ্রই একটি অ্যাপ আনাবো। এতেকরেখুব সহজেই আপনি সি প্রোগ্রামিং সম্পর্কে জানতে ও সি প্রোগ্রামিংশিখতেপারবেন।
QuickEdit Text Editor - Writer & Code Editor
QuickEdit text editor is a fast, stable and full featuredtexteditor. It has been optimized for using on both phones andtablets.QuickEdit text editor can be used as standard text editorfor plaintext files, or as a code editor for programming files. Itissuitable for both general and professional use. QuickEdittexteditor includes a number of performance optimizations anduserexperience tweaks. The speed and responsiveness of the app aremuchbetter than other text editor apps commonly found on GooglePlay.Features: ✓ Enhanced notepad application withnumerousimprovements. ✓ Code editor and syntax highlight for 50+languages(C++, C#, Java, XML, Javascript, Markdown, PHP, Perl,Python, Ruby,Smali, Swift, etc). ✓ High performance with no lag,even on largetext files (more than 10,000 lines). ✓ Easily navigatebetweenmultiple open tabs. ✓ Show or hide line numbers. ✓ Undo andredochanges without limit. ✓ Display, increase, or decreaselineindentations. ✓ Fast selecting and editing abilities. ✓Physicalkeyboard support, including key combinations. ✓ Smoothscrollingboth vertically and horizontally. ✓ Directly target anyspecifiedline number. ✓ Quickly search and replace content. ✓Easily inputhex color values. ✓ Automatically detect charset andencoding. ✓Automatically indent new lines. ✓ Various fonts andsizes. ✓Preview HTML, CSS, and markdown files. ✓ Open files fromrecentlyopened or added file collections. ✓ Ability to edit systemfiles onrooted devices. ✓ Access files from FTP, Google Drive,Dropbox, andOneDrive. ✓ Handy tool to edit INI, LOG, TXT files. ✓Supports bothlight and dark themes. ✓ Optimized usage for phonesand tablets. Ifyou can help to translate this application to yournative language,please contact our email: Ifyou run into anyissues or have any suggestions, please feel free tocontact You can also share your commentswith theQuickEdit thread onxda-developers: using QuickEdit!
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials 1.0
About W3schoolsW3Schools is a web developer informationwebsite,with tutorials and references relating to web developmenttopicssuch as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and JQuery. Thesiteprovides a reference manual covering many aspects ofwebprogramming.The site derives its name from the abbreviation fortheWorld Wide Web; W3 is a numeronym of WWW. W3Schools isnotaffiliated with the W3C.[2]It is created and owned by RefsnesData,a Norwegian family-owned software development andconsultingcompany.[3]W3Schools presents thousands of code examples.By usingthe online editor provided, readers can edit the examplesandexecute the code experimentally.W3Schools AndroidWebApplicationThis web application is just connected withofficialwebsite which lets you access all thetutorials justlike official website using on mobile phones.HTML andCSSLearnHTMLLearn CSSLearn W3.CSSLearn BootstrapLearnFoundationHTMLGraphicsLearn CanvasLearn SVGLearn IconsLearn GoogleMapsLearn HTMLGamesJavaScriptLearn JavaScriptLearn jQueryLearnjQueryMobileLearnAppMLLearn AngularJSLearn JSONXML TutorialsLearnXMLLearn XSLTLearnAJAXServer SideLearn SQLLearn PHPLearn ASPLearnASP.NETWebBuildingWeb BuildingWeb StatisticsWeb CertificatesWhatare benefitsof this application?1. Easily open2. Access All thetutorials forfreeTutorials Reference Examples of C Programming,C++, PHP, MySQL,JAVA, HTML, CSS, JSON.Officialwebsite: channel onYouTube:
AutoTagger - automatic and batch music tag editor 3.1.5
App will help you organize your music collection with ease, findandedit music tags, download high quality cover art. AutoTaggerallowsyou edit music in batches, change cover art in batchesandautomatically search tags using music recognition. Edit anytags📝Editing song title, cover art, artist, album, album artist,year,genre, track number, disc number, comment, lyrics. Appsupportsediting tags for MP3 (ID3v1, ID3v2), MP4, M4A, FLAC, OGG,WMA, WAVand editing music on SD-card. Auto tag search 🔍App willfind tagsfor your music in seconds and you need only choose bestresult!Batch editing 📦Edit songs, albums or artists in batch.Rename yourfiles in batch using customizable patterns. Also you canset coverart for multiple songs at once. Cover art editing🎨Automaticallyand manual downloading high quality cover art,choosing from agallery. Reliability 🛡️ Music tags and cover art arewrittendirectly into files and don't disappear after files movingordevice rebooting. And more: ⭐ Album tracks numeration. ⭐Viewingmusic folders. ⭐ In-built media-scanner. ⭐ Customizablesortings. ⭐Dark theme. ⭐ Excellent Material Design! 👉Join tocommunities:Telegram:Вконтакте
Html Css JS Tester + Example 5.0.20191031
you can learn about programming html, css, javascript codehere.★★★★★ Feature ★★★★★ ★ Blank form for custom editor and try torun.★ 700 example source code HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. ★ Offlinemode.★ Easy and very portable apps. ★ Easy used for beginner orexpertuser. ★★★★★ FAQ and Tutorial ★★★★★ ★ Blank form for customeditorand try to run. ★ Click _blank form_ and you can selectanotherexample. ★ Why the layout app broken when i try to run? somecodemay change original css this app, you can click RESET torefreshthis apps. ★ Why the example not display in form when iselect? youcan click RESET to refresh this apps and try to selectexample codebefore editing. ★ If any error please try to click theRESETbutton. ★ Some code may not run perfectly, because this justmobileapps with less perfom. You can running your code perfectlywithlocalhost/localserver/onlineserver. ★ This app not supporPHPlanguage, and not design for it! ★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★ GOODRATE,GOOD COMMENT WILL BE IMPROVE THIS PROJECT :) ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★TAGs: Html css javascript (JS) virtual emulator editorsource codeexample tutorial demo programming tester runner debuggermobilephone
LearningSlack - Learn Web Development 2.0
LearningSlack is a web developers site, with tutorialsandreferences on web development languages such as HTML,CSS,JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Node.js and Bootstrap, covering mostaspectsof web programming.Easy LearningLearningSlack has focusonsimplicity.LearningSlack practice easy andstraight-forwardlearning.LearningSlack uses simple codeexplanations with simpleillustrations of how to useit.LearningSlack' tutorials start frombasic level and move all theway up to professional references.TryIt YourselfLearningSlackpresents thousands of code examples.Byusing an online editor (TryIt Yourself), you can edit examples andexecute computer codeexperimentally, to see what works and whatdoes not, beforeimplementing it.LearningSlack is FreeLearningSlackis, and willalways be, a completely free developersresource.LearningSlack isanother course-based online learningsite, but it takes a slightlydifferent approach. For one, it iscompletely free. And rather thanoffer you a set of videos to learnfrom, you are walked throughinteractive examples which get youcoding right away. Each examplewill show another facet of aparticular programming language, likeHTML, CSS or PHP, and throughthese examples you build up knowledgeof the code’s structure andsemantics. Samples allow you to typecode right in the browser, andyour code is evaluated on the fly bythe platform, accompanied byexplanations and breakthroughs.
Web Development Tools 1.1.3
ZigZag Melody
Browse and explore all available Font Awesome Icons andMaterialDesign Colors on your mobile phone! The ultimate HTML5 andCSS3Cheat Sheet!Application is helpful for people who using theFontAwesome or Material Design and HTML5/CSS3.
com.sololearn.csstrial 5.7.1
We're moving to our new free All-in-One app! Get ithere: in a greatly improved learning environment with morelessons,real practice opportunity, and community support. Our FREECSStutorial is a learning game that will teach you how to controlthestyle and layout of websites. Complete a series ofentertainingexercises and practice while filling out actual CSStemplates. Ourcontent is concise, checkpoints are enjoyable, andlearning isguaranteed. Collect colorful points and beat otherplayersthroughout the world while learning the fundamentals of webdesign.Learn while playing and play while learning with our CSStutorial!Whether you want to further your career or simply gain anew skill,this tutorial will be useful for you.
Selfie With Anak Langit 1.3
Cipto Suwarno
Anak Langit Selfie CameraKami juga Mengembangkan AplikasiPhotoEditor Selfie Bareng Artis Sinetron Dunia Terbalik.AnakLangitadalah salah satu sinetron SCTV yang paling stabil di datarating.Tayang lebih dari enam bulan lamanya, Anak Langit kinisudahmelewati jumlah 314 episode dan ratingnya kerap menghuni Top10.Sonof Heaven Selfie CameraWe also Developing Applications SelfiePhotoEditor Together Soap Opera Artists World Reversed.Son ofHeaven isone of the most stable SCTV soap operas in ratings data.Active formore than six months, the Son of Heaven has now surpassedthenumber of 314 episodes and ratings are often inhabit the Top 10.
Run HTML 1.3
Akshay Mathur
HTML programs having Javascript, HTML5 and CSS can be writtenandthe output can be checked at the same time. Easy save andopenfiles in txt, html and htm extensions.FEATURES:-->**suggestsfor html tags and attributes for ease in typing**-->saves code--> opens html, htm and txt files from sdcard-->small sizeapp
Cerita Motivasi 1.6
Cerita Motivasi berisi cerita-cerita dengan banyak pelajarandanhikmah terkandung didalamnya, yang dapat membangkitkanmotivasi,semangat dan penuh inspiratif sebagai bekal dalammenjalani hidup.Cerita Motivasi ini baik dibaca untuk semuakalangan, remaja dandewasa serta orang tua sebagai bacaan yangmemberikan manfaat.Cerita Motivasi dikemas dalam bentuk cerita yangmudah dan tidakmembosankan untuk dibaca dengan berbagai ceritasedih, gembira danmengharukan yang ada didalamnya. Cerita-ceritayang terdapat dalamaplikasi Cerita Motivasi ini dikumpulkan dariberbagai sumber diinternet. Di dalam aplikasi Cerita Motivasi initerdiri dari: - 113Cerita yang penuh motivasi dan inspirasi -Ukuran huruf dapatdisesuaikan - Pencarian - Dapat dibagikan keteman - Terdapat iklandi dalamnya Motivation story contains storieswith many lessons andwisdom contained therein, which can generatemotivation, enthusiasmand inspirational as a provision in life. Thestory is a goodmotivation to read for all people, teenagers andadults as well asparents as reading benefit. Motivation storiespackaged in the formof a story that is easy and not boring to readvarious stories sad,happy and moving in it. The stories containedin the application ofthis motivation stories collected from varioussources on theinternet. Inside Story Motivation applicationconsists of: - 113Stories full of motivation and inspiration - Fontsize can becustomized - Search - Can be shared to a friend - Thereare ads init
Portal Suska 1.0
yang memudahkan pengguna untuk mengakses link website-websiteyangada di tanpa harus membuka browserandaterlebih dahulu. Segala link yang ada ada di aplikasi ini, sepertiwebsiteberbagai fakultas di uin suska, website uin suska, websitePTIPD,Aplikasi KKN, dan iRaise.Keunggulan :Lebih Mudah mengakseslinkwebsite kampus.Load ke halaman website sangat cepat.Terdapatfiturnotifikasi atau pemberitahuan , anda akan mendapatkannotifikasiinfo terbaru tentang kampus.Terdapat menu Refresh jikaanda gagalload ke halaman website.Terdapat Tombol back to home,supaya andamudah untuk kembali kehalaman utama website.Jika andapunya saranmaupun kritikan terhadap aplikasi ini, anda dapatmenghubungipengembang melalui email yang ada di menu "Tentang".thatallowsusers to access links to websites without having to open your browserfirst.All links in the website thisapplication,such as websites of various faculties in uin Suska, uinwebsiteSuska, PTIPD website, application corruption,andiRaise.Advantages:Easier access the campus website links.Loadintoweb pages very quickly.There is a notification ornotificationfeature, you will get a notification to date oncampus.ThereRefresh menu if you fail to load into the page.Thereare keys backto home, so you are easy to re-view the first mainwebsite.If youhave any suggestions or criticism against thisapplication, you cancontact the developer via email in the "About"section.
com.camerapipnew.camerapipnew 10.1
Camera Tembus Pandang Pip New adalah sebuah aplikasi edit fotoyangsangat mudah untuk digunakan dan akan membuat foto-fotomukelihatan lebih penuh gaya dengan bingkai-bingkai yang unikdanmenarik, sehingga kelihatan tembus pandang dalam sebuahbenda,menjadi sangat elegan, mewah dan penuh gaya untuk ditunjukkanketeman-teman mu. Fitur : - Banyak pilihan bingkai - Ukuranfilekecil - Bisa langsung di upload kemana saja - Kualitas HD -Dll.Camera Tembus Pandang Pip New is a photo editing app that isveryeasy to use and will make your photos look more stylish withuniqueand interesting frames, so it looks translucent in anobject,becomes very elegant, luxurious and full style to show toyourfriends. Features: - Large selection of frames - Small filesize -Can be uploaded anywhere - HD quality - Etc. Camera InvisiblePipNew is a photo editing application that is extremely easy touseand will make the photos you look more stylish with the framesareunique and interesting, so it looks translucent in an object,itbecomes very elegant, luxurious and full style to show toyourfriends. features: - Great selection of frame - Small file size-Can be directly uploaded anywhere - HD Quality - Etc.CameraInvisible Pip New is a photo editing app that is very easy touseand will the make your photos look more stylish with uniqueandinteresting frames, so it looks translucent in an object,Becomesvery elegant, luxurious and full style to show to yourfriends.Features: - Large selection of frames - Small file size -Can beuploaded anywhere - HD quality - Etc.