Top 49 Games Similar to Housie/Tambola Number Picker

Bingo 1.20
Bongo - old board game. Play using special cards withnumberspainted on them, and barrels with numbers from 1 to 90,which getsout of the bag at random. In Lotto can be playedsimultaneously byseveral people. The winner is the first one toclose all of asingle row or a single card depending on the rules ofthe game.Thisannex application you to play Lotto with two rivals,for whomplaying the computer. If you select a short game - winningthefirst one to close all the numbers of any number of cards. Iftheplayer chose the long game - the winner will be the one whoclosesall the numbers first to any of his cards.To leave theapplicationfree, it uses free advertising in the form of bannersandinterstitial ads.
Tambola Number caller application 2.7
Tambola, also known as Housie, is a game of probability. Tambolaisan engaging game played in various contries from generations.Thecaller/dealer calls the randomly generated number/cue one atatime. The players mark off the numbers on their tickets asthenumbers are called by a caller. The winner being the firstpersonto mark off all their numbers of a winning combination. TheTambolaticket or card has 3 horizontal rows/lines and 9 verticalcolumnswith a total of 27 boxes. Each line has 5 numbers on it andfourboxes are left blank. Thus a ticket has a total on 15 numbers.Thefirst vertical column can have numbers from 1 to 9, thesecondcolumn from 11 to 19, the third column from 21 to 29, and soon andthe last column can have numbers from 81 to 90. ThisApplicationwork as Caller in Tambola/Housie/Bingo Game . itGenerates randomnumbers. Tambola or Housie or Bingo is played withNumbers (1-90)being called out by 1 person/caller and playersstriking out thoseNumbers on their Tickets. How To Play? 1) TheCaller needs togenerate a random number if Number matches in belownumbers ,numbercolor green to indicate numbers. 2) If a numbercalled by Callerexists on a player’s ticket, then the player has tostrike it. 3)Once a particular Winning point is achieved by aplayer, he has toclaim for it immediately. 4) Caller has to verifythe winning bymatching the struck numbers on the ticket with thecalled outnumbers. Caller then declares if the winning has beensuccessfullyclaimed. If not, the winning point is still availableto beclaimed. 5) Game ends when all the Tickets aresuccessfullyCLAIMED. Its a fair play game. Must for kitty partiesfor playingTambola or .Housie or Bingo. No chance of cheating byanyone.Various Rules that can be created in oder to have multiplewinnings. 1) Early 5 (first 5 number strike will win) 2) Early 7(first 7number strike will win) 3) Top line 4) Middle Line 5)bottom Line6) Corners (first and last number in top and bottom line) 7)Younger (all number below 46 ) 8) Older (number above 45) 9)Fullhouse (All numbers strike out ) Enjoy Playing * This app onlyworksas a caller for Housie , You need to get physical ticketsforplaying the game :)
Tambola Numbers 2.1.8
Bit Bells
This Application work as Caller in Tambola/Housie/Bingo Game.Generate random numbers. Tambola or Housie or Bingo is playedwithNumbers (1-90) being called out by 1 person/caller andplayersstriking out those Numbers on their Tickets. How To Play?1)TheCaller needs to generate a random number if Number matches inbelownumbers ,number color green to indicate numbers.2) If anumbercalled by Caller exists on a player’s ticket, then the playerhasto strike it.3) Once a particular Winning point is achieved byaplayer, he has to claim for it immediately.4) Caller has toverifythe winning by matching the struck numbers on the ticket withthecalled out numbers. Caller then declares if the winning hasbeensuccessfully claimed. If not, the winning point is stillavailableto be claimed.5) Game ends when all the Tickets aresuccessfullyCLAIMED.Our Application has List option, where user cancheck listof numbers in the order of calling. This is useful forcheckingnumbers on Tambola or Housie or Bingo Tickets.Its a fairplay game.Must for kitty parties for playing Tambola or .Housie orBingo. Nochance of cheating by anyone.Lets play !!!!!
Loto Online 1.7.3
R-Soft LLC
Loto online - it's online bingo game with classical Russianrules.Game can be played up to 6 people. At the beginning of thegame allplayers receive three cards with numbers from 1 to 90.During thegame the barrels with numbers are getting out of the bagrandomly.Players are closing numbers, if they are on the card. Thewinner isthe first one who close one of their cards. The firstplayer whocollect one or two rows on the card will also getadvantage.
Numbola Housie -Tambola- 90 ball bingo 1.57
Numbola is well known Housie game which is very popularinIndia.which can be played with real time players aroundtheworld.You can play anytime and anywhere. There will be threeiconson screen Play Party Live Numbola There will be three typesofgames which can be played with coins, silver and gold coins.Coinscan be bought from the store. The users can use silver coinsto buygame tickets and gold coins for win prizes and live numbolagametickets. System calls the randomly generated number one at atime.The players mark off the numbers on their tickets as thenumbersare called by a system. The winner being the first person tomarkoff all their numbers of a winning combination. The Tambolaticketor card has 3 horizontal rows/lines and 9 vertical columnswith atotal of 27 boxes. Each line has 5 numbers on it and fourboxes areleft blank. Thus a ticket has a total on 15 numbers. Thefirstvertical column can have numbers from 1 to 9, the secondcolumnfrom 11 to 19, the third column from 21 to 29, and so on andthelast column can have numbers from 81 to 90. You can play withone,two,three or four tickets. *Winning combinations and prizes:Thereare six prizes: (This may vary from time to time) Early five:Firstfive nos. marked from nos. called by system. Four corners:Fournos. of first and last no. of first and bottom line are markedfromthe nos. called by system. Top line: All five nos. of top linesaremarked from the nos. called by system. Middle line:All five nos.ofmiddle lines are marked from the nos. called by system.Bottomline:All five nos. of bottom lines are marked from the nos.calledby system. Full house: All 15 nos. of the ticket is markedfrom thenos. called by system. This is also called Bingo 90 orTombola inother countries.
Bingo Treasure Quest - Paradise Island Riches 1.48
While on holiday to Paradise Island, you find an ancientlookingtreasure map! As you play bingo, you’ll explore the beaches,jungleand other amazing locations on a quest to find the richeshidden onthe island. OVER 75 LEVELS OF PARADISE ISLAND FUN! JourneythroughParadise Island and hunt for treasure in custom designed,stunningmaps that’ll make you feel like you’re on holiday! Meet awholebunch of new friends to play bingo on your island quest. Withover75 levels – and more added each month – there’s no end to thefunyou can have playing our hottest new bingo game! UNLOCKSTUNNINGTREASURE ISLAND ARTWORK Play bingo and collect puzzlepieces tounlock HD artwork showcasing the best of Paradise Island.Use theartwork as a HD phone background, save to your gallery,share withfriends and more – it’s yours to keep! From pirate shipsto secretcoves, can you collect them all? SPIN THE TIKI WHEEL OFTREASURESThe tribe living on Paradise Island has a magical wheel,guaranteedto give you treasure every 24 hours! Come and spin thewheel everyday to receive a free gift to help you on your bingoquest. Receiveextra daubers, coins, keys and more – make sure tovisit everyday!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------BINGOTREASURE QUEST -HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------★Fun, free bingo game for all ages ★ Play through 80+ levels ofbingoon Paradise Island ★ More exciting maps added every month ★Explorea stunning world full of sandy beaches, jungles, forestsand more! ★Unlock beautiful HD artwork of pirate ships, treasurecoves and more★ Spin the Tiki Wheel of Treasure every 24 hours fora free gift ★Collect free coins and use them to buy power ups tohelp on yourbingo journey ★ Use your keys to unlock treasurechests at the endof each level – what could they contain? ★ Changethe bingo callerspeed to suit your playing style ★ Play BingoTreasure Quest offline– no internet connection required! Transportyourself to an idyllicisland and hunt for treasure hidden bypirates long ago. Explorelong, sandy beaches and other stunninglocations – with more mapsadded regularly, why play anywhereelse?! CAN YOU FIND THE TREASUREON PARADISE ISLAND? FIND OUTTODAY!
Lightning Bingo World 1.03
Lightning Bingo World is an exciting new free bingo game whereyourskill helps you win more! Once a number is called you decideifit's on your cards. Accept or reject the number and thenanotherwill be presented. The faster you make the decision the moredaubsyou will be able to place. If a number won't help you towardsabingo, then bash it away and hopefully the next one will be onyourcards! Mark your bingo card and complete rows to earn bingosandmany other prizes! Race against the clock to place as many daubsaspossible. Collect special powerups like the time extender andscoremultiplier. Collect picture tokens to pop open beautiful HDimagesand reveal them within the gallery. Each bingo land hasthreepictures you can unlock. The tokens you collect while playingbingodash open the blocks hiding the pictures. Each picture youunlockgrants a prize and also places it in the gallery. Unlock newlandsas you progress through this bingo adventure game. Everydaubplaced grants you XP and as you level up new lands areunlocked.Each new land has new pictures to reveal, music andgraphics andadditional modes of play. Will you be a Bingo Dashsuperstar?===================== Lightning Bingo WorldFEATURES:===================== ★ Fun and exciting Bingo game forall. ★Enjoy beautiful background music while you play. ★ Chill outandplay Lightning Bingo World whenever and wherever you are. ★ Freetoplay with no internet connection required ★ Collecthiddentreasures in each level ★ Unlock beautiful HD artwork ineachlevel. ★ Enjoy a new super fun way get your bingo fix and feeltherush of victory! ★ Catch the bingo fever as you gain XP, levelup,discover new lands and open fabulous treasures. ★ If youarefeeling lucky spin the bingo wheel for extra prizes. ★ Collect6keys during a round and you can bash open a treasurechestrevealing secret prizes. ★ Unlock new bingo callers. ★ This isthebest new bingo game you will play in 2018! ★ Tons of landstoexplore ★ Free Daily Awards ★ Collect Gems from your own mine★Play with one to four cards ★ Exciting new bingo game! ★Unlockcustom daubers with special graphic for your Bingo cards ★Unlockthemed bingo cards ★ Use free Bingo money to win rewards andthebest Bingo bonuses ★ Choose your Power-ups: Standard,Uncommon,Rare and Epic ★ Unlock free coins, gems and free bonusesthroughyour Bingo journey ★ Play your favorite Bingo game aroundthe worldwith themed cards ★ The more you play, the more you get totraveland win big at Bingo Dash World Bingo Dash World can beplayedoffline. It's free to play and no internet or wifi is neededinorder to enjoy our free bingo game! With tons of levelsandexciting Bingo gameplay, what are you waiting for?!
Bingo Magic Kingdom: Fairy Tale Story 1.0.9
Be part of your very own fairy tale in our new bingo game!Meetbeautiful princesses and noble knights as you explore thismagickingdom, collecting rare treasure and stunning artwork alongtheway. OVER 75 LEVELS OF FAIRYTALE FUN! Watch fairy talesandbeautiful stories unfold as you go on an epic 90 ballbingoadventure through the kingdom. With maps such as Rapunzel andSnowWhite, you’ll be able to have fun with your favourite fairytalecharacters, earn lots of coins, unlock new daubers and muchmore!We’ve got over 75 original, stunning maps for you to playthrough.More maps and awesome features are added each month, so thestorynever ends! UNLOCK HD ARTWORK FROM THE MAGIC KINGDOM You’llhavethe chance to collect hidden puzzle pieces as you play bingoonyour adventure – use these puzzle pieces to unlock amazingHDartwork. You can save them on your phone as a wallpaper, sharethemwith your friends or post them on social media! Do you havethebingo skills to collect them all? SPIN THE MAGICAL WHEELOFTREASURES The fairy godmother is generous and loves giving outfreeprizes! Visit her magical wheel every day for free coins,gifts,new daubers, keys and more. With so many cool items to getforfree, why don’t you visit everyday?------------------------------------------------------- BINGOMAGICKINGDOM -HIGHLIGHTS------------------------------------------------------- ★Fun, free90 ball bingo game for all ages ★ Play through over 75levels ofbingo with fairy tale characters ★ Lots of exciting newmaps addedevery month ★ Unlock beautiful HD artwork of princesses,fairytalecastles and more ★ Spin the magic wheel of treasure toearn freegifts, coins, daubers and more! ★ Collect free coins anduse themto buy power ups to help on your bingo story ★ Use yourkeys tounlock treasure chests at the end of each level – what couldtheycontain? ★ Change the bingo caller speed to suit your playingstyle★ Play Bingo Magic Kingdom offline – no internetconnectionrequired! Sit back, relax and immerse yourself in theamazing worldof Bingo Magic Kingdom. Explore stunning locations,play 90 ballbingo and enjoy new maps released regularly. With somuch epicbingo in one game, why play anywhere else?! COME AND PLAYBINGO INTHE MAGICAL KINGDOM – DOWNLOAD FREE TODAY!
Bingo Quest - Elven Woods Fairy Tale 1.51
IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE FAIRY TALE WORLD OF BINGO QUEST: ELVENWOODSBingo Quest: Elven Woods transports you back to a time whenhumansdidn’t rule the Earth. A time when the world was home tomythicalbeings such as wood elves and fairies who would spreadtheir magicand joy across mother Earth. The mythical creatures wholive in theElven Woods look serene and beautiful - but they’replayful, too!Get to know the wood elves and wood fairies as yousit back, relaxand play free bingo in a beautiful fairy taleworld. EXPLORE MAGICALLANDS WITH 80 LEVELS OF FREE BINGO As youprogress through our freebingo game, you’ll have the chance toexplore new areas of themagical Elven Woods. Meet new wood elvesand fairies to have funwith on your bingo journey and, with 80levels of free bingo waitingfor you in the woods, you’ll havehours of fun in this fairy taleland! UNLOCK STUNNING BINGO QUEST:ELVEN WOODS ARTWORK Collectpuzzle pieces as you play bingo withthe mythical creatures of thewoodland – use these puzzle pieces tounlock beautifully illustratedartwork of the otherworldly woodlandrealm. Collect graphics ofdetailed, realistic wood elves andfairies as you progress throughthe game. Can you collect them all?SPIN THE MAGICAL WHEEL OFFORTUNE Every day you can visit the elvenwheel of fortune –rumoured to give those who spin it a free rewardevery 24 hours.Receive extra daubers, coins, keys and more, so besure to visitevery day and claim your freeprize!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------BINGOQUEST: ELVEN WOODS FAIRY TALE –HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------★Fun, free bingo game for all ages ★ Play through 80 levelsoffantastic free bingo ★ Explore different parts of theotherworldlyElven Woods, each with their own dauber ★ Unlockstunning artworkof the mythical creatures who live in the woodland★ Spin themagical wheel of fortune for free bingo prizes andrewards ★Collect free coins and use them to buy power ups to helpon yourbingo adventure ★ Use your keys to unlock treasure chests attheend of each level – what could they contain? ★ Change thebingocaller speed ★ Play Bingo Quest offline – no internetconnectionrequired! For a refreshing, fun and free bingoexperience, look nofurther than Bingo Quest: Elven Woods FairyTale. Full of beautyand excitement, you’ll have hours of funplaying bingo with themythical woodland creatures. Why playanywhereelse?================================================================================COMEAND PLAY BINGO IN THE ELVEN WOODS – DOWNLOAD BINGO QUEST FORFREETODAY!================================================================================
Triple Slots 1.2.3
Luna Valley
Welcome to Triple Slots - the classical slot machine!Triple Slotsisa mobile version of the classical 3-reel, 1-payline slot machine-perfect for the novices and the experts of Vegas-styleslotmachines!Begin with 300 credits and use the on-screen controlstoplace your bet. Then, just press ‘Spin’ to spin the reels! Seewhatyou can win and climb the leaderboard with your total wins.TripleSlots is fun, addictive and free-to-play!Are you feelingluckytoday? Play now and win big - Triple Slots - the addictiveslotmachine game for mobile!
Russian lotto online 2.11.6
Russian Lotto - it's fascinating board game from childhood foryouand your friends, in which we compete at our observancy. Playusingcards with numbers from 1 to 90 and the barrels that gets outofthe bag at random. Games can be played at the same time up to5people. The rules are simple: at the beginning of the gameallplayers receive three cards with numbers. Players aremarkingnumbers, if they are on card. The winner in Bingo is thefirst one,who marks all the numbers of a single card or of a singlerowdepending on the rules of the game before other players.Thisapplication allows you to play Bingo over internet. Beforeyoustart game, you can choose rules and speed of game. Mailyourquestions to [email protected] (please enteryournickname).
Bingo at Home 3.3.0
Available for mobile, tablet and Android TV.The "Bingo at Home"appis a bingo caller to play bingo at home, among familyorfriends.When a bingo game starts, the app begins to call thebingoballs. The game can be paused and restarted as needed, forexample,to check if the line or bingo is correct, to check all thenumbersalready called, etc.There are two game modes:- Automaticmode: Theapp begins to call the bingo balls until paused or untilthere areno more balls left. The app allows to configure the speedwithwhich the balls are called.- Manual mode: The calling of theballsis made by tapping a button. Each time you tap the button, theappcalls the next ball. If it is desired, you can silence the appsothat the same person who is in charge of calling the balls istheone who announces the numbers.The app can be used to play 90ballsbingo, the bingo variant that is played in Spain, and to play75balls bingo, the american bingo variant.In the 90 ballsbingovariant, the first one that completes a line is awarded withtheline prize, and the first one that completes the whole bingocardis awarded with the bingo prize.In the 75 balls bingo variantthereis only one prize, the winner is the first who completes theshapecurrently in play in the bingo card. The app has severalshapes tochoose that you can complete. Every new game the shapechanges, youcan either start the game with this shape or select anew one.Thebingo cards to play at home can be printed for free website: Or youcandownload our companion app "BingoCards"from:
Bingo Adventure - Free Game 2.1.2
Bingo Adventure is the newest Classic & Special Bingo Gamewithup to 8 cards to play at a time!! Bingo Adventure is theplacewhere you can experience the highest chance to get your bingowin,awesome game features and thrilling challenges. Join over tonsofplayers from across the globe on Bingo Adventure - Free Game.Enjoythe thrill of Bingo of varying levels of difficulty tochallengeyour skills. This game delivers the best Bingo gameplayexperiencewith exciting animations and cool effects. Want to getsome solidwins and have more fun? Bingo Adventure - Free game isthe placeyou are looking for! ***Multiple Bingo Cards at a time***PlayBingo Adventure with more bingo cards than any other bingogame!Try your luck by playing with up to 8 bingo cardssimultaneously,using smooth controls to easily switch between themand have fun!***Real-time Multiplayer*** Compete against friendsand otherplayers around the world in our free Bingo Adventuregame’stournaments! Play free games and see which of your friendscancomplete the most Bingo cards and win the top Bingo!***Freewelcome Bonus, Free daily gift and boost*** Have a wonderfulstartwith 500 free tickets as well as 30 power-ups. Tons ofbonusgiveaway every day. Free tickets, power-ups and more bonusarewaiting for you to claim! Top Features: ★ Realtimemultiplayer!Play against other players and win top BINGOS! ★ 8Cards Opened!Winning more tickets & Level up faster! ★ ChasingTournament:each room has a chasing game. Play in chasing game andwin moretournament scores to win big bonus! ★ Crazy game play,really akind of blitz! ★ 500 Tickets & 10 Golden Tickets &30PowerUps just give you to start out! ★ A beautiful world maptotravel all over the globe! Enjoy your world trip with someinsaneBINGO reward! ★ Every day you log in you will get a bonusgift of150+ Tickets & 10+ Golden Tickets & 2+ Power-ups -youdon’t want to miss a day at Bingo adventure – Free Game! ★ Levelup& finish puzzles to increase your daily bonus! Keep playingandwin more! ★ Each room has several puzzles to collect. Collectthemall to win more bonus! ★ 7 types of power-ups let you getrewardsand have a higher chance of winning! ★ Play in 30+ differentBingogame themes. We will be rolling out more rooms all the time!If youlove playing bingo game and want to try something new,BingoAdventure is the best choice for you. Just have a rest outfromBingo Blitz & Bingo Bash, here we not only offer you thesamegame play experience but also with a better graphics and morefunfeatures to play. If you used to play Bingo Showdown, herewedelivers a even better version of Chasing Tournament! DownloadNOWand experience this fantastic NEW BINGO game: Bingo Adventure-Free Game! A whole new Bingo world is waiting for you todiscover!Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected],if youhave any questions or suggestion about Bingo Adventure –FreeGames. Thanks you for playing and have a wonderful adventureinthis bingo world!
Bingo Quest Winter Wonderland Garden 1.51
IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE SEASONS Free Bingo Quest will take you onanadventure through all four seasons featuring beautiful artworkandrelaxing scenery. An excellent free and fun bingo gamefeaturingoffline play! ADVENTURE THROUGH BEAUTIFUL LANDS WITH 80LEVELS OFFREE BINGO As you progress through our free bingo gameadventure,you’ll have the chance to explore new areas in the landof fourseasons. Meet Jack Frost and Spring chicks to have fun withon yourbingo journey and, with 80 levels of free bingo waiting foryou inthe gardens, you’ll have hours of fun in this beautifulgarden land!You can even play offline! UNLOCK STUNNING FREE BINGOQUEST: WinterWonderland Garden ADVENTURE ARTWORK Collect puzzlepieces as youplay bingo with the the spring babies – use thesepuzzle pieces tounlock beautifully illustrated artwork of theotherworldly gardenrealm. Collect graphics of detailed, beautifulsnowy landscapes asyou progress through the game. Can you collectthem all? SPIN THEMAGICAL WHEEL OF FORTUNE Every day you can visitthe Christmas wheelof fortune – rumored to give those who spin ita free reward every24 hours. Receive extra daubers, coins, keysand more, so be sure tovisit every day and claim your freeprize!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------BingoQuest Winter Wonderland Garden- FOUR SEASONS ADVENTURE–HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------★Fun, free bingo game for all ages ★ Play through 80 levelsoffantastic free bingo ★ Explore different parts of thebeautifulgarden worlds, each with their own dauber ★ Unlockstunning artworkof the wondrous gardens and flowers ★ Spin themagical wheel offortune for free bingo prizes and rewards ★ Collectfree coins anduse them to buy power ups to help on your bingoadventure ★ Useyour keys to unlock treasure chests at the end ofeach level – whatcould they contain? ★ Change the bingo callerspeed ★ Play BingoQuest offline – no internet connection required!For a refreshing,fun and free bingo experience, look no furtherthan Bingo QuestWinter Wonderland Garden. Full of beauty andadventure, you’ll havehours of fun playing bingo in the beautifulgarden paradise. Whyplay anywhereelse?========================================================================COMEAND PLAY BINGO IN THE SPRING GARDENS – DOWNLOAD BINGO QUESTFOR FREETODAY!========================================================================
Bingo World Adventure: Mermaid Kingdom Quest 1.51
EXPLORE THE UNDERWATER WORLD OF MERMAID KINGDOM BingoWorldAdventure transports you to a new fantasy world – in thedeepestregion of the ocean, miles under the surface, is thelegendarymermaid kingdom. Swim and play bingo with the mostbeautifulmermaids as you embark on an adventure through theirvastunderwater kingdom. GO ON AN EPIC BINGO ADVENTURE WITH OVER75LEVELS! As you journey through the magical world ofmermaidkingdom, you’ll be able to play over 75 levels of fun 2 and4 cardbingo. Meet exciting new characters on the way and, with somanyamazing bingo games to play, you’ll have hours of fun playingourmermaid themed bingo game! UNLOCK STUNNING MERMAID KINGDOMARTWORKCollect puzzle pieces for completing each bingo game as youjourneythrough mermaid kingdom. Use these puzzle pieces tounlockbeautifully illustrated artwork of the kingdom’s creatures.Collectillustrations of stunning mermaids who call the underwaterworldhome – print them, save to your phone’s gallery, use as aHDwallpaper and more! Can you collect them all? SPIN THEMERMAIDWHEEL OF FORTUNE In the heart of the mermaid kingdom is thewheelof fortune. Once every 24 hours you can spin it for a freerewardto help you on your adventure! Win extra daubers, coins, keysandmore. Be sure to visit every day and claim your freegifts!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BINGOWORLD ADVENTURE: MERMAID KINGDOM -HIGHLIGHTS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------★Fun, free bingo game for all ages ★ Play through 80 levelsoffantastic free bingo ★ Explore different parts of theMermaidKingdom, each with their own dauber ★ Unlock stunningartworkshowcasing the most stunning mermaids in the kingdom ★ Spinthemagical wheel of fortune for free bingo prizes and rewards★Collect free coins and use them to buy power ups to help onyourbingo adventure ★ Use your keys to unlock treasure chests attheend of each level – what could they contain? ★ Change thebingocaller speed to suit your playing style ★ Play our bingogameoffline – no internet connection required! For classic bingofunwith a mermaid twist, look no further than Bingo WorldAdventure:Mermaid Kingdom! Full of wonder, beauty and bingo, you’llhavehours and hours of fun playing bingo with thesemysterious,mesmerizingcreatures.================================================================================COMEAND PLAY BINGO IN THE MERMAID KINGDOM – DOWNLOAD FORFREETODAY!================================================================================
New Bingo - 100% Totally NEW!! 1.1.1
Luna Valley
New Bingo is a 100% NEW BINGO GAME and gives you endlessfunEVER!It's really simple to play. Just tap on the number calledoneach bingo card.You can even select multiple cards to play onaround. Multiple cards increase the chance to get more BINGOs!Evenbetter is the BOOSTER ITEMS that will help you to win MULTIBINGOs.You can get even bigger payouts with DOUBLE, TRIPLE, orMEGABINGO!!Are you ready to shout "Bingo!"? Play now and win bingos-NEW BINGO - the very bingo game for mobile!
Cupid Bingo: Valentines Day Love Story 1.44
When you play bingo with Cupid, it’s Valentines day every day!Flythrough our newest bingo game with cupid himself and helpcupidspread a little love this holiday! OVER 75 LEVELS OFVALENTINES DAYFUN! Go on the ultimate Valentines Day adventure –play bingo andwatch love stories unfold. With maps like Snow Whiteand Summer ofLove, you’ll be able to earn coins, unlock new daubersand meetlots of interesting characters along the way! We’ve gotover 75custom designed, stunning maps to bring you hours of bingofun -with more levels added each month, the fun never stops!UNLOCKSTUNNING TREASURE ISLAND ARTWORK As you play bingo you’llhave thechance to collect puzzle pieces – trade them in to unlockbeautifulHD artwork. Save the images to use as a phone backgroundor sharethem with your friends and spread the love! Do you havewhat ittakes to collect them all? SPIN THE VALENTINES WHEEL OFTREASURESCupid and his angel friends have a magical wheel! The bestthingabout this wheel is that is gives you free coins every day!Comeback and spin the wheel once a day to receive free coins,gifts,daubers, keys and more. It’s a Valentines Day present fromCupid toyou! --------------------------------------------------CUPID BINGO- HIGHLIGHTS-------------------------------------------------- ★Fun, free bingogame for all ages ★ Play through 75+ levels ofbingo with cupid andfriends ★ Lots of exciting new maps addedevery month ★ Unlockbeautiful HD artwork of pirate ships, treasurecoves and more ★ Spinthe Valentines wheel of love to earn freegifts, coins, daubers andmore! ★ Collect free coins and use themto buy power ups to help onyour bingo journey ★ Use your keys tounlock treasure chests at theend of each level – what could theycontain? ★ Change the bingocaller speed to suit your playing style★ Play Cupid Bingo offline –no internet connection required! Sitback, relax and play bingo in aworld full of peace and love.Explore beautiful locations and enjoynew maps every month. With somuch bingo in one game, why playanywhere else?! PLAY BINGO WITHCUPID & FRIENDS – DOWNLOAD FREETODAY!
Bingo Tropical Haven – Island Beach Fever 1.0.5
Play bingo as you relax, stroll along sandy beaches and marvelatthe exotic wildlife on the tropical island haven. If you’re afanof 90 or 75 ball bingo, you’ll love our exciting variation fulloffun, rare treasure and stunning artwork for you to collect onyournew bingo adventure! OVER 75 LEVELS OF FAIRYTALE FUN!Transportyourself to the paradise island of your dreams – sun, sea,sand andlots of bingo! Watch the exotic birds fly overhead and thepalmtrees sway in the breeze as you explore stunning locationsaroundthe island. We have over 75 amazing free bingo levels for youtoenjoy, rare treasures to collect and funky new daubers tounlock.With more maps and awesome features added regularly, the funneverstops at Bingo Tropical Haven! UNLOCK HD ARTWORK FROMTROPICALISLAND HAVEN Hidden in the sand, throughout the jungle andthe restof the island are secret puzzle pieces. Collect thesepieces as youplay bingo and you can unlock stunning HD artwork.Save the imageson your phone, share them on social media or sendthem to yourfriends. SPIN THE TROPICAL BINGO TIKI WHEEL A magicalwheel sits onthe beach – you can spin it once per day. Spin thewheel to receivelots of free rewards and prices. From extra keys tochests of goldcoins, there are so many free prizes to win! Makesure to checkback every day for anotherspin!-------------------------------------------------------BINGOTROPICAL ISLAND -HIGHLIGHTS------------------------------------------------------- ★Anexciting variation of classic 75 and 90 ball bingo ★ Playthroughover 75 levels of fun, free bingo ★ Lots of exciting newmaps addedevery month ★ Unlock beautiful HD artwork of beaches,exotic birdsand more ★ Spin the tiki wheel of treasure to earn freegifts,coins, daubers and more! ★ Collect free coins and use them tobuypower ups to help on your bingo story ★ Use your keys tounlocktreasure chests at the end of each level – what could theycontain?★ Change the bingo caller speed to suit your playing style★ Playbingo offline – no wifi needed! Sit back, relax andimmerseyourself in the sunny world of Bingo Tropical Haven.Explorestunning locations, play exciting, free bingo and enjoy newmapsreleased regularly. With so much epic bingo in one game, whyplayanywhere else?! COME AND PLAY BINGO IN PARADISE – DOWNLOADFREETODAY
Play MONOPOLY Bingo games FREE with the award-winning mobilebingoapp! Combine classic MONOPOLY rules with bingo boards andVOILA!You get MONOPOLY Bingo! In our free online bingo game, youcan playwith MULTIPLE bingo cards – more than any other bingo gameoutthere! With over 5 million installs, we bet you’ll LOVEMONOPOLYBingo too! Enter live bingo halls as you advance throughtheMONOPOLY game board. Land on your favorite classicMONOPOLYproperties, wait for the bingo balls with your numbers andBINGO!You win! Soon your MONOPOLY money will grow and you canstartbuilding houses and hotels – just like the classic MONOPOLYgameyou know and ❤! Multiple Bingo Cards at a time Play MONOPOLYBingowith more bingo cards than any other bingo game! Try your luckbyplaying with up to 8 bingo cards simultaneously, usingsmoothcontrols to easily switch between them. Unlock more bingocards bycompleting MONOPOLY game-themed collections! BingoTournaments& Weekly Puzzle Events Compete against friends inour freeMONOPOLY Bingo game’s tournaments! Play free games and seewhich ofyour friends can complete the most Bingo cards! Withourmulti-level boosts, you can see future bingo numbers, getfreedaubs, and bonus spaces on your bingo cards to help you win. Ifyouever run out, you can always use the MONOPOLY money youcollectedto buy more. Features -Collect Community Chests to gaincoins,extra boosts, bingo tickets and more as you move along theMONOPOLYboard. -Build houses and hotels by gaining experience indifferentrooms. -Visits your favorite MONOPOLY properties such asSt. JamesPlace, Electric Company, or Boardwalk. -Travel acrossclassicMONOPOLY properties to reach places around the world.-Increaseyour MONOPOLY fortune! MONOPOLY Bingo is such a fun gameto play!Classic MONOPOLY pieces combined with bingo cards makes foranirresistible, fun time! Play live bingo with other playersfromaround the world. With more bingo cards than any other game,you’vegot AMAZING chances to win! So what are you waiting for?! Getoutyour bingo daubers and starting calling out “BINGO!” Thebestlooking, smoothest Bingo experience available on yourAndroiddevice. Please note: MONOPOLY Bingo! is an online only game.Yourdevice must have an active internet connection to play. Pleasenotethat MONOPOLY Bingo! is free to play, but you can purchasein-appitems with real money. To disable this feature, go to theGooglePlay app on your device, tap the Menu button, select Settings>Use password to restrict purchases. Then follow the directionstocomplete setup. In addition, MONOPOLY Bingo! may link tosocialmedia services, such as Facebook, and Storm8 will have accesstoyour information through such services. Note:READ_PHONE_STATEpermission is used to help us remember yourprogress. The game isintended for an adult audience. The game doesnot offer "real moneygambling" or an opportunity to win real moneyor prizes. Practiceor success at social casino gaming does notimply future success at"real money gambling." Storm8 Studios is the#1 Mobile Social GameDeveloper on Android. Use of this applicationis governed by theStorm8 Studios Terms of Service. Collection anduse of data aresubject to Storm8 Studios Privacy Policy. Bothpolicies areavailable at The MONOPOLY name andlogo,the distinctive design of the gameboard, the four cornersquares,the MR. MONOPOLY name and character, as well as each ofthedistinctive elements of the board and playing pieces aretrademarksof Hasbro for its property trading game and gameequipment. © 1935,2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. FollowStorm8
Bingo Master King 1.1.0
A simple game in which matches numbers, marking theselectednumbers. [Game Feature] - Easy and casual Bingo game foreveryone.- Game mode supported to 8 Bingo cards (Max). -SupportedAuto-marking system for user convenience. - 5 differentpower itemsto help user’s Bingo. - Various rewards from Gatcha -Bonus rewardsby users play time - Daily free coupon rewards system- 1:1Multi-play supported - 16 language supported - Leaderboard,Achievement, Friend invitation system supported. Homepage: YouTube:
Bingo HD - Free Bingo Game 1.01
Bingo HD is the newest classic bingo game with 8 CARD VERSION!Weoffer you OFFLINE MODE! Here is the best game experienceandhighest chance to get bingo!Wanna more bingos?Wanna more fun?BingoHD is the best choice to you!Game Features:★ 8 CardsOpened!Winning more tickets & Level Up faster!★ Crazy gameplay,reallya kind of blitz!★ Play on the go.Special OFFLINE MODEmake you playanytime anywhere!★ 500 Tickets & 5000 coins justgive you tostart out!★ 3 Magic Worlds:Greek Gods & Ancientcivilization& Fairy Lands with 15 different themes to play!★Every day youlog in you will get a bonus gift of 100+ tickets – youdon’t wantto miss a day!★ Level up & finish collections toincrease yourdaily bonus! Keep playing and win more!★ Each room has12 items tocollect.Collect them all to win big bonus!★ 7 types ofpower-upslet you get rewards and have a higher chance of winning!★Play in15 different Bingo game themes. We will be rolling out moreroomsall the time!If you love bingo and want to try a new one,BingoHDis the best choice.Just have a rest out from Bingo Blitz&Bingo Fever & Bingo Bash & Bingo Crush &Bingo!,comeexperience the fantastic bingo game!Don't Wait anddownload now,itwill not let you down!Have questions or suggestionsabout Bingo HD- Free Bingo Game?Email your [email protected] you for playing and haveawonderful bingo trip!
Bingo Tel 1.0.3
Bingo Tel keeps you securely connected in public spaces, cafes,orairports and automatically adapts to your Internet connectiontoalways provide you with HD quality calls.Unlike others we donotstore any of your data on any servers: not your messages, notevenyour contact information. There are all the features you need:sendphotos and videos, files, and location. Create group chats tokeepin touch with your family or coworkers. Bingo Tel calls iscleanand uninterrupted thanks to our revolutionary technologiesthat useless bandwidth in the world and recover lost voice andvideodata.Some facts about us:-Free and fast instantmessaging-FreeVideo Calls-Free Audio calls even with 2Ginternet-End-to-endencryption for all messages-Sticker market withfunny stickers
Garfield's Bingo
It's Garfield in a BINGO-PUZZLEadventure.Feast on lasagna to power your bingos. Play more than 20differentGarfield characters including Odie, Pooky, Nermal, andeven Binkythe Clown. Unlock them all and use their unique PowerPlays to winmore bingos.REMEMBER : Never trust a smiling cat!Ingredients:• Classic Garfield cartoons, gags and sayings• 100 bingo-puzzles that take strategy to win• Special events that reveal secret puzzles and bonus prizes• Challenging collections of 100 Garfield items and 20famousGarfield charactersGarfield's Bingo is for the 200+ million people worldwide whoknowDIET is "DIE" with a "T"!Contact us anytime at [email protected] US ON FACEBOOK • OUR SITE •• Garfield's Bingo is compatible with all major Android phonesandtabletsTHANK YOU to everyone for rating us 5 STARS!
Housie Number Picker 1.2
This is a app for people who play Housie.By this app they caneasilypick there numbers.This app also have voice facility thatcan readthe numbers.
Bingo Browser app 4.1
Bingo Browser app makes your browsing faster and richer andhasusability which ensures the comfortable Internet use.Features:-Goback or forward across several histories at once.- Searchcontentson several search engines. - Google, Yahoo, Bing,DuckDuckGo,Twitter, facebook, YouTube, Newspapers, livescore etc-Searchsuggestion.- Open in another browser.- Translate contents.-Addfavorite links to Speed Dial.- Buttons are arranged in a waytoenable users to use with one hand.- Can see a desktopwebsitesusing a quick user-agent switching.- Import bookmarks fromthedefault browser.- Work in 21 languages including English,French,German, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.- After installing,userscan start the internet without any initialization.- Clearcache andhistory on exiting.- Save pages as PDF.- Support AdobeFlash Playeron Android 2.2 and up.- Open in background tab.- Changevolumebutton action - Page up/down, tab switching.
Tambola Housie 3.71
Tambola is one of the most famous games, played in almostvariousparts of the world. It is known by different names suchas‘Housie’, ‘Tombola’, ‘Bingo’ and many more. Generationstogenerations, the name of the game might change, but the levelofexcitement while playing the game remains the same. Consideringthepopularity, we have designed and developed an app known as“TambolaBingo”. An amazing app which caters the needs of all agegroups,from children to adults. By downloading the app, you neednot tocarry Tambola board or buy Tambola tickets therefore you canplayit anytime and anywhere you want. With this mobile app, webringthis excitement in your hand. You can play Tambola withyourfriends & family anywhere, anytime. There are two play modeinthis application – Private game and Public game. In Privategame,one can create a tambola game (current or future day/time)andinvite friends & family to participate (across mobileappsplatforms). One could be as an organizer in private game orcanjoin any invited private game as a player. In public game, onecanplay with community of tambola players across the globe. Thesearepre-scheduled game with real players opting for the same. Therulesof this game are very simple and can engage you for hours.Thecaller calls the randomly generated numbers and the playersmarkoff the same number on their tickets. The game has set somewinningcombinations such as: • Early Five • Top Line • Middle Line•Bottom Line • Four Corners • Full House Some peculiar featuresofchoosing our Tambola Housie application are: - User is able tosetup his own team players - Chat with other users while playinggame- Integrates auto-cut feature - User can connect with peoplefromall across the world A great entertainer and family game – Wetermthis as a game which connects friends and family throughoutglobe!! AFFILIATION OR PRIZES You play Tambola with virtualmoney.Google is not involved in this application or any of itsactivityincluding any kind of affiliation, sponsorship or prizes.
Bingo Set 1.3.0
Have fun at home with the most popular BINGO variations.Easilymanage each game or participate with virtual bingo cards fromyourmobile or tablet. Game features: ★ Offers the most popularbingovariations, 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. ★ You canchoosebetween 3 game profiles so that no one in the family isleftwithout playing: - Board Profile: With your device you will actasthe Bingo host, having access to the game controls to managethebingo game. - Cards Profile: You participate as a player inthebingo game. - Board + Cards Profile: You will be the game host,butyou can also participate with bingo cards. ★ The device works asabingo cage and bingo caller for Bingo games at home. ★ Thebingoboard can be streamed to the TV via Chromecast. ★ AndroidTVdevices come exclusively with the Board profile. ★ There arepreconfigured patterns to play in Bingo 75 and Bingo 90. ★ It hasapattern editor for Bingo 75, in which you can createdifferentpossible ways to win bingo games. ★ You can easily choosethe Bingocards; there is the manual selection and the randomselection bycards quantity. ★ Once you call Bingo, the numbersmarked on thecards can be checked via Bluetooth to make sure thatyou havecorrectly marked off the right numbers. ★ The calling speedofballs is configurable. ★ Your device can call the ballsindifferent languages (English, Español, Deutsch, Français,Italiano,Português & Русский). Moreinfo: We hope youenjoyBingo Set!
Best Bingo Players-World Cards 2.7
Best Bingo Players - World Cards Massive Update !!! SeveralnewExciting Bingo Rooms added!! Join a live Bingo Hall and takepartin an exciting Bingo Showdown! ♥♥ Free Bingo Tickets givenoutevery single hour! ♥♥ Play one of the best new Bingo Games onthePlay Store. ** Install now to take part in the classic Bingofeveras you play in Classic Bingo Halls & Special Bingo Rooms.Thesespecial Bingo Rooms are designed to maximize your in-game fun!Playin colorful rooms such as Christmas Bingo, Bingo Halloween,WildWest Bingo and lots more!! - Win lots of free chips in thisFREEonline Bingo game!! - Hurry now! Do not lose the chance to winalucky Bingo blitz! - Pop open the Balls and rush 2 become theKingof a Bingo partyland!! - Daub spaces on your bingo boards andbe apart of real Bingo heaven!! - Crush the competing Bingo playerstowin a Blackout Bingo! ** Play in a live Bingo Hall and take partina massive Bingo Blackout! Daub all of the spaces on theBingosheets and win double the Bingo Chips. Daub each space on theBingoboard as the live Bingo Caller calls them out! Play onmultipleBingo sheets, matching the Bingo patterns, & win acrazy amountof Bingo chips. Find each winning clue and blastthrough all thelevels in a Super Bingoland. Take part in instantBingo fever asyou use different exciting Bingo Powerups. ** Rush 2defeat thecurrent Bingo generator and bash a double Bingo pop! Theprice isright for each of the Bingo Cards. ** The Bingo fever willget youhooked onto Super Bingo fun. Play FREE Bingo games and winanInstant Big Bingo Bonus! Become the best Dauber you can beinBingoland by playing in lots of Super Bingo nights. You willloveour bashing new Bingo Games. Win lucky Bingo chips and Daubevenmore spaces!! ** Everyone will enjoy a family Bingo night asyoucreate lots of Bingo patterns! A World of Bingo Heaven awaitsasyou play city after Bingo city! Generate a winning Pop byutilizingall of your powerUps to monopolize the Bingo Hall! Have ablastplaying in the partyland of slingo and be the Bingo generatorofthe maximum amount of Bingos. Detect each super Bingo cluebycollecting all 24 Collection pieces from each Room and ruletheonline Bingo World!! ** Monopolize all the clues and Playourclassic Bingo Ballroom and own all of the winning Bingocards!Blitz along and crush all other Bingo daubers to win aninstantBingo and turn into a winning machine! ** Play now to win aDoubleBlingo with your friends and family this summer all day andallnight! You can also pop a double Bingo in the blingo worldbyplaying on multiple bingo sheets! ** You will completelyforgetHousie and Tombola because you will be busy turning into awinningBingo machine! Crush other Bingo Players to get your Bingodrive onand become the winning player and a Bingo star! ** Driveinto Bingoheaven! Blitz ahead of your bingo friends to an instantBingo winand bash competitors from all around the globe to win freeBingos!!You will love our HD game graphics and enjoy epic soundeffects inall of the Bingo rounds. Enjoy our new Bingo game indifferentthemed bingo showdowns, such as: Beach Bingo, ChristmasBingo,Halloween Bingo, Wild West Bingo. Also included are:Forest,Haunted, Mystery, Treasure and Underwater rooms! Each ofthesespecial rooms contains 24 unique collection pieces! ** If youarenew to BINGO, here is how to play Bingo: Daub each of theBingonumbers as they are called out by the live bingo caller. AstheBingo Balls appear after being called out, daub the spaces ontheCard. Match one of the winning Bingo patterns to win BINGO.TheBingo Caller will call out more Bingo Balls if you use your GEMSatthe end of each big Bingo round. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questionsorsuggestions.
Bingo Xmas Holiday: Santa & Friends 1.33
It’s everyone’s favorite holiday – Christmas! In this bingogameyou’ll be transported to a winter wonderland full of magic,snow,presents and more! Meet amazing characters – includingSantahimself – craft rare treasures and have lots of fun thisChristmas,whether you’re playing with family, friends, or on yourown by thecozy fire! OVER 75 LEVELS OF XMAS BINGO FUN! Explorestunning,custom designed xmas themed maps as you progress throughthe game.Meet new bingo friends along the way including thesnowman,reindeer, elf and even Santa! With over 75 levels – andmore addedevery month – you’ll have hours of fun playing bingo thisChristmasholiday. UNLOCK STUNNING XMAS BINGO ARTWORK Completelevels to earnpuzzle pieces and use them to unlock beautiful, HDartworkshowcasing the best of the xmas holidays including winterscenes,decorations and friendly characters. Save them to yourcamera roll,share them with friends or use them as your wallpaper!Can youcollect them all? SPIN SANTA’S WHEEL OF GIFTS Every day youcanvisit Santa and his elves to spin the wheel of gifts! As longasyou have been nice – and not naughty – you can receive a freegiftevery 24 hours to help on your bingo journey. Receiveextradaubers, coins, keys and more – so make sure to visit Santaeveryday!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------BINGOXMAS HOLIDAY -HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------★Fun, free bingo game for all ages ★ Play through 80 levels ofbingowith Santa and friends ★ Explore a stunning winter wonderlandfullof Christmas spirit ★ Unlock beautiful HD artwork of xmasscenes,decorations and characters ★ Spin Santa’s wheel of giftsfor a freepresent every 24 hours! ★ Collect free coins and usethem to buypower ups to help on your bingo journey ★ Use your keysto unlocktreasure chests at the end of each level – what couldthey contain?★ Change the bingo caller speed to suit your playingstyle ★ PlayBingo Xmas Holiday offline – no internet connectionrequired! Ifyou’re looking for a fun, festive bingo adventure –look no further.Bingo Xmas Holiday: Santa & Friends has over75 amazing levelsfor you to enjoy, with more being releasedregularly, to helpsatisfy your bingo cravings over the holidayseason. Why playanywhere else? COME AND PLAY BINGO WITH SANTA& FRIENDS –DOWNLOAD TODAY!
Lotto Number Generator Taiwan 1.1.5
This program offers number generators forTaiwanlotteries,including:威力彩, 大樂透, 大福彩, 雙贏彩, 今彩539, 38樂合彩, 49樂合彩,39樂合彩,3星彩, 4星彩, BINGO BINGO 賓果賓果.Additionally, you can checklotto(lottery) winning numbers by lotto (lottery) result lookingupfunction, requesting lotto (lottery) result pages fromspecificlotto (lottery) websites.[Instructions]1.You can decide togeneratelotto numbers or look up lotto results in theentrance.2.Lottonumbers generation:(1)First press the lotto buttonyou want theirnumbers to be generated.(2)Pick your own numbers andexcludenumbers (that you don't want them to be generated) in thebottom of"Rotators Zone". Self picked numbers and excluded numberswill notbe generated by number generator. Notice: you don't have toexcludeself picked numbers in the excluded numbers sections, theprogramwill do it well.(3)Start Rotating: In the rotating zone,click the"start rotating" button, or press middle block (keep itsbackgroundin yellow) then shake your device to rotate all balls(Please holdyour device tightly while shaking). If there were noaccelerometerincluded in your device, just use "start rotating"button. StopRotating: Click "Manual Stop" button whenever you wantto stop thenext rotating ball(Manual), or click "Auto Stop" buttonto stoprotating balls in turn automatically.(Auto) Loop Rotating:Slidethe middle horizontal bar or input a number into the rightfield todecide how many times to rotate, then click the "StartLoop" buttonor press the middle block (keep its background inyellow) thenshake your device, to rotate all balls then stop themin turnautomatically. While auto "rotate-then-stop" goes on, youcan pressthe "Home" button of the device to leave temporarily to dosomthingelse, then go back to this program to watch generatednumbersstatistics whenever you want. If you leave this "LottoNumberGenerator" page by pressing the "Back" button of the deviceor some"non-Home" buttons else, the statistics will becleared.(4)Afterall numbers have been generated,they willautomatically be sortedby ascend below. If you want to sort them inanother way,you canclick either "Ascend" of "Descend" radiobutton.(5))You can checkthe latest 20 sets of generated numbers byswitching to the"Records Zone" tab, and decide to list them fromnew to old or fromold to new, and numbers sorted by generated orderor from small tobig. Records will always be reserved until youdelete them, eventhough this app is shut down.(6)You can watchstatistics forgenerated numbers by switching to the "StatisticsZone" tab, anddecide to list them by "ball number" from small tobig or by"generated times" from many to few. The generated numbersin thestatistics zone will not be saved, and will be cleared onceyou"quit" the "Lotto Number Generator" page.3.Lotto resultslookingup:(1)Press the lotto button you want to look up.(2)It willlink toa specific lotto result page. After some content of thepageappeared, you can press "ok" button to close the popped upprogressdialog.[What's New]v1.1.5: Ad banners on 「Select Lotto」page and「Lotto Results Checker」 page wereremoved.(2018/07/27)v1.1.4:ANR(Application Not Responding) occurswhile entering numbersgenerator page when smartphone or tablet isin landscape mode --was fixed.(2018/05/02)v1.1.3: (1)new lotto「雙贏彩(all or nothing)」was added. (2)Numbers are able to be sorted bygenerated order orfrom small to big in the record zonenow.(2018/04/26)v1.1.2: Crashoccurs when dragging records in therecords zone whilemany-times-number-generating is being operated -wasfixed.(2017/11/26)v1.1.1: Records were increased to max20sets.(2016/09/16)
Bingo Star 1.0.1
Bingo Star is a FREE classic bingo game which will take youthespecial places in our lovely star. Your journey with BINGOSTARwill be the most joyful exciting experience! Awesome POWER UPSwillhelp you get BIGGER WINS and PUZZLE COLLECTION willneverstop!Download Bingo Star TODAY and get huge BINGO WINS!
Coin Picker/caller for Tambola Housie Bingo 1.0
Xiphos Apps
Playing tambola or housie or Bingo, one person has to dedicatedtopick coin and call it, now you can use this app to pick coinandcall it. Features:- 2 modes, manual or auto- auto mode, nextcoincalling automatically- auto mode, you can adjust time forcallingnew coin- manual mode, simple touch on number to call nextcoin-hide board to show number in big size- design to have allcontrolon single page
Bingo Vegas™ 1.2
Welcome to Bingo Vegas! It is not only casino games such asslots,big wheel of fortune, pokers, blackjack or roulette in Vegasnow,but also Bingo! We Startlight Interactive presents you themostfascinating Bingo game you have never had before! Lets strolldownto Vegas strip and try all the special Bingo features! DoesotherBingo games give you hard time to get Bingos? Don't worry now,youcan use your strategy like swapping Bingo cards or usingpoweritems! What are you waiting for? Lets rock and roll in Vegasstrip,gather all the special collection and get more rewards! Herearesome features: * PLAY REAL-TIME BINGO * * POWER-ITEMS * *CHANGECARD DURING PLAY * * GORGEOUS GRAPHICS* * FASCINATING VIEWANDCOLLECTION*
Solitaire TriPeaks: Play Free Solitaire Card Games
Win, play and compete with Solitaire TriPeaks - the fun, freecardgame. It’s Solitaire with an awesome twist! If you love to playandwin a game of Klondike, Freecell or Pyramid, Solitaire TriPeaksisthe card game for you! Compete, play & win - 5 reasonswhyyou’ll love to play Solitaire TriPeaks! ♠ Play SolitaireTriPeaks& win extra coins - New bonuses everyday! ♦ Compete& winlevels on the go - Play & win wherever you are. ♥ Free&fun bonuses are waiting for you - Discover them today! ♣ Win&compete - Play & compare scores with friends or competeagainstyourself. ♠ Fun & free to play - There’s no charge whenyouwant to play Solitaire TriPeaks. Compete daily to win a widearrayof points and unleash tons of adventure with SolitaireTriPeaks.Your gaming skills will be put to the test as you playagainst theclock to win coins and the chance to discover newlevels. ImagineSpider Solitaire, Freecell or Klondike but even moreamazing!Solitaire TriPeaks is full of thrilling challenges and asyouprogress to each new level you’ll get to disarm traps,triggerboosters and compete to win hidden cards! Instead ofFreecell,Pyramid or Spider Solitaire, give Solitaire TriPeaks awhirl! It’sthe only amazing game you’ll want to play! Win fast andhave ablast every time you play! With over 2000 levels to blitzyour waythrough - there’s no limit to the adventures waiting foryou. PlaySpider Solitaire, Pyramid, Klondike or Blitz all the time?Why nottry something new? Compete against yourself to beat yourownrecords or challenge your friends and then compare your scoresonthe leaderboard! Any card gamer who likes Blitz or Freecellwilllove Solitaire TriPeaks. Nothing beats the excitement ofunlockinga new level and this game will become your latestobsession!Challenge yourself and begin your journey toward becomingthe kingof Solitaire TriPeaks today! Download today to startearning pointsand blitz through your next level. Begin yourexciting adventurewith Solitaire TriPeaks today! PrivacyPolicy:
Bingo Mania - FREE Bingo Game 1.3
Luna Valley
Bingo Mania is a 100% FREE BINGO GAME and gives you endless funwithnothing to buy EVER!It's really simple to play. Just tap onthenumber called on each bingo card.You can even select multiplecardsto play on a round. Multiple cards increase the chance to getmoreBINGOs! Even better is the FREE DAUB items that will help youto winbingos. Free daub items are free and you can get some morefor freeevery day.Are you ready to shout "Bingo!"? Play now andwin bingos -Bingo Mania : Totally FREE BINGO game - the very bingogame formobile!
Yatzy 2.5
Yatzy is one of those strange addictions that is betterexperiencedthan explained. It's hard to discover what makes rollingthose diceover and over again so fun, but it's beyond delight whenyoufinally see those sixes line up. Yatzy is a simple brain gamethattrains analytical thinking. It's a classic dice game.Theobjectiveof Yatzy is to score the highest possible score within the13rounds of the game. Players roll five dice in order to makethedesired combinations, which have different fixed or variablepointvalues. The results of each turn are recorded on a specialscoresheet.Yatzy is played with five dice. This popular game, lastsfor13 rounds as the players roll the dice and attempt tocompletevarious combinations. The rules of yatzy are simple, andthe gameremains popular among people of all ages. Simply roll thedice,make your choices and score some points. At the end of the13turns, the player with the highest point total wins the gameDothebest dice combination in the this multiplayer Yatzy game. Halfofthe fun of this game is to yell out the game's name if and whenyouroll one. A Yatzy occurs when a player rolls and all five dicearethe same number. Rolling five "sixes" is the best roll in thegame.Special Yatzy rule is, the first time you get a yatzy in agame itis worth 50 points (if you use it in the yatzy slot). If yourollanother yatzy after you have already got the 50 points (i.e.,youdidn’t take a zero), you will get a 100 point bonus.TheYatzyscorecard contains 13 scoring boxes divided between twosections:1) Upper section 2) Lower sectionIt is a game of greatchance, luckand also of smart thinking and strategy. If you are aYatzy addictthen this is the best game for you.Download and playthis freeYatzy game and enjoy all the fun strategy elements thatcome alongwith this classic dice game.◆◆◆◆ Yatzy Features◆◆◆◆✔ PlaywithFacebook Friends or as Guest ✔ Easy to Learn✔ Addictivegameplay✔Phone and Tablet SupportPlease rate and give your feedbackforYatzy for further improving the game.We will be grateful tohearyour opinions and improve - whenever needed - in futureversions.
Bingo Extraction 2.1.4
*** this is ONLY AN EXTRACTION SIMULATION ! NOT win anything.Playbingo at home with your family and enjoy Christmas ***PlayBingo !Draw your number !- AUTO BOARD MODE- text to speech!!!!!!-"smorfia" added only for ITALIAN version
Surf Bingo 1.0.3
The latest free surf bingo game is ready for all withexcitingfeatures. New and improved version including all kindofawesomeness needed for a casino game. Don’t waste your chancetoplay the best surf bingo game you could ever find. Game playInSurfbingo, players have cards with numbers in a 5 x 5gridcorresponding to the five letters in the word B-I-N-G-O.Numbersare then drawn at random (out of a possible 75 numbers)until 33balls were called or the player completes a 'Bingo'pattern, suchas a line with five numbers in a vertical, horizontalor diagonalrow on one of their cards and wins the prize.Features=>Completely FREE game with UNLIMITED FREE chips option!=>Richgraphics with wonderful animations! => Updatedwithrealistic background music and sounds!=> Daily, HourlyBONUSESand much more! => Up to 4 cards to choose from!=>Earnmore chips, reach the top of leader board and be the StarBingoPlayer!=>When you run out off chips, play bonus game andearnchips!=>Collect exciting gifts randomly to earn moreCHIPS!=>Great interactive options in game!=> Multiple beachthemes tochoose from!=> Play at your Favorite Beach!Follow us onsocialmedia for more: Facebook:
Bingo Frenzy - Best FREE Bingo 1.5.0
★ When you play Bingo Frenzy we will give you 2000 coins and50tickets to start out. ★ Play daily tournament and winagainstothers!★ Every day you log in you will get a bonus gift of15+tickets – you don’t want to miss a day! ★ Compete with rivalsfromall over the world in Bingo Frenzy. ★ Each room has it’s ownkindof scenery… so playing Bingo Frenzy is a way of traveling! ★Everyroom has 12 special collectible items for you to discover.Collectthem all to win a big prize!★ 7 types of power-ups let yougetrewards and have a higher chance of winning Bingogames.Havequestions or suggestions about Bingo Frenzy - Best FREEBingo?Email your questions to [email protected] now to start your FREE bingo journey!The best lookingart,the most players,the most play method and the highest rewardsarewaiting for you!Likeus:
Spot the Number - Best Eye Hand Coordination Game
Finding numbers was never so much fun and so intense. Caution -thisgame played everyday can create a fun addiction.You mustfindnumbers on a board as fast as you can. You have to tap withcautiononly on the good numbers, because the wrong numbers willdecreaseyour score. Competing with people all around the world willkeepyou on your toes. Everyone plays the same game at the sametime,and at the end of each game, you will see how you rank againstallthe other spotters on a live leaderboard. Share yourhighesthi-score on Facebook and Twitter.Practice makes perfect, andyouwill definitely improve your eye hand coordination and sharpenyourmind. In time you will be extremely fast.Invite yourFacebookfriends to make the competition more personal andintense!►Features● Easy to play● Extremely addictive game play●Endlesshours of fun number games● Popular with math games lovers●Improves eye hand coordination● Highly rated with an average4.4out of 5 stars● Optimized for all phones (Samsung S7, S8,S9,Galaxynote, note2 & note3, iPhones) and tablets (AmazonKindle Fire,Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, Asus, iPad etc)► How toplay● Take aquick but good look at the numbers on the bottom of thescreen,then try to find them as quickly as you can on the board. ●Thevalue of each number you match is multiplied by the time bonusandthe color bonus. The time bonus is 5 at the beginning of theboard,then it will decrease as time passes. Each color hasacorresponding bonus. Try to spot the orange numbers first toscoremore points.● For a high score, finish as many boards as youcanand you will rank higher in the leaderboard► USINGBLASTERSOnceactivated, the blasters blow away some pieces from theboard,helping you to find the target numbers faster. You areequippedwith the Standard Blaster (which blasts 5 pieces), howeveryou canget the Mega or Atomic blaster, which blast 7, respectively9pieces. Each blaster consumes Gold Bars, which you can gain backbyincreasing your level or by getting some achievements.►INTRODUCINGTREASURESTreasures appear after a Blaster is used. Tapon them forextra points or gifts - they will give you an advantageover otherplayers. The powerful the Blaster you have, the moreTreasures aregiven - so make sure you upgrade for blaster.► GETTINGSOME GOLDBARSYou can buy Gold Bars from the Store, or you can getthem forFREE by unlocking an achievement or increasing your level.GoldBars can be exchanged for in-game items, such as Blasters,Nicknameor 10 Extra Seconds.► EXTRA ITEMSYou can exchange for GoldBars anumber of Extra items, such as "Nickname" (which allows youtochange your in-game name), "Remove ads", which will removeallbanners from game.If you like cool math games, number games,gameswhere you compete with friends or players round the world,downloadnow and play Spot the Number. Play for free on all yourdevices (Samsung, Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPhones & iPads )If youlike ourgame please refer it to your friends. For feedback orimprovementideas please contact us [email protected] NOTE!Spot the Number is free toplay. However, there are in-game powerups and extra features youcan buy to fully enjoy this game.►Permissions explained● Internet -required since the game is playedexclusively online● Access NetworkState, Access WiFi state -required to detect offline status● Readphone state - foridentification within the Leaderboard● Vibrate -to controlvibration● Write External Storage, Read External Storage- to cacheplayer pictures
Bingo Bay - Free Game 1.5.0
Now people all around the world can enjoy the fun of Bingo!Welcometo Bingo Bay - Free Bingo Game! Enjoy a game of Bingo on thego.Anytime and anywhere. Bingo Bay - Free Bingo Game's GrandOpeningis today! Bingo Bay - Free Bingo Game is an addictive gamefor menand women of all ages. ▶ Bingo Bay - Free Bingo GameOfficial FanPage : ★ EnjoyDaily Tournament★ ☞ View daily bingo scores and rankings. ★Fantastic Graphics andThemes ★ ☞ Shout out bingo while enjoying allthe colorful andvaried themes Bingo Bay offers. ★ Compete with yourFacebookFriends★ ☞ Invite your Facebook friends and compare to allpeoplearound the world. ★ Supports up to 12 Bingo Cards ★ ☞Experience anew challenge with up 12 Bingo cards at once. - Thisgame isacceptable for purchasing the items partially. Whenpurchasing theitems, the additional costs could be occurred andlimited ConsumerRight of Defense according to the item types. ▶Let's EnjoySUPERBOX ◀ ☆ SUPERBOX Official Website ☞ ☆SUPERBOX Official Fan Page ☞ ☆SUPERBOX Customer Center ☞E-Mail : [email protected]
Bingo Pro - Free Bingo Casino 1.00
Bingo PRO is the newest classic bingo game with 8 CARD VERSION!Weoffer you OFFLINE MODE! Here is the best game experienceandhighest chance to get bingo!Wanna more bingos?Wanna more fun?BingoHD is the best choice to you!Game Features:★ 8 CardsOpened!Winning more tickets & Level Up faster!★ Crazy gameplay,reallya kind of blitz!★ Play on the go.Special OFFLINE MODEmake you playanytime anywhere!★ 500 Tickets & 5000 coins justgive you tostart out!★ 3 Magic Worlds:Greek Gods & Fairy Lands&Ancient civilization with 15 different themes to play!★ Everydayyou log in you will get a bonus gift of 100+ tickets – youdon’twant to miss a day!★ Level up & finish collections toincreaseyour daily bonus! Keep playing and win more!★ Each room has12items to collect.Collect them all to win big bonus!★ 7 typesofpower-ups let you get rewards and have a higher chance ofwinning!★Play in 15 different Bingo game themes. We will be rollingout morerooms all the time!If you love bingo and want to try anewone,Bingo PRO is the best choice.Just have a rest out fromBingoBlitz & Bingo Fever & Bingo Bash & Bingo Crush&Bingo!,come experience the fantastic bingo game!Don't Waitanddownload now,it will not let you down!Have questions orsuggestionsabout Bingo PRO - Free Bingo Casino?Email your [email protected] you for playing and haveawonderful bingo trip!
Housie Tambola Board 1.0.5
Tambola / Housie (Bingo)comes under board games just as this hasaboard which is used to put numbers which are picked up from the90numbers.This board is offline.Tambola / Housie (Bingo) board isanoffline free app which provides you a board that generatenumberfor your tambola tickets.Generate the number for your ticketseachtime you press the button. If you cannot manage the board andthehard number to pick, you can use this Tambola / Housiegame.Thenumber picked is highlighted in yellow, app speaks up thenumberpicked.This is absolutely free and offline numbergenerator.Gameplay ( Tambola / Housie (Bingo)):Tambola / Housie(Bingo)startswith the drawing of the number between 1 to 90. Youneed to decidepatterns for winning, the one whose all the patternsare completed,wins the game.The game ends when all 90 numbers aredrawn, or whena winner is declared for all the patterns of thegame, whichevercomes first.Some winning patterns :1. Early five.2.Top line.3.Middle line.4. Bottom line.5. Four corners.6. Fullhouse.There aremore than 22 winning patterns in Tambola and prizesfor eachpattern may vary depending on the pattern the playerclaims.Support: Support all device.Available in all thecountries.Free andoffline game. Saves money for buying the board orthe machine forpicking up the random number each time.
Wow! Bingo - Live FREE Bingo 1.5.0
Are you looking for a fun way to spend time with friends? Doyouwant a beautifully addictive game that never gets boring? Joinover5 million players and play Wow! Bingo - number one live bingogamefor mobile! Wow! Bingo is the cutest and most fun bingo gamewithvivid graphics and wonderful new themes every week. It is thetopranked bingo game in the US app store. Our sweet bingo appgivesyou the highest bingo winnings and the highest rewards you canget.** Win big in Wow! Bingo today! **There is no deposit to playWow!Bingo so you can play it for free forever! Additionally, wegiveyou FREE daily bingo tickets, special gifts, bingo tournamentsandmini games - endless ways to get free bingo coins and winevenmore. The longer you play, the more Coins you get! ● Playerversusplayer - play live against your friends or a group of otherplayersin one of our player versus player mode.● FREE Starter Pack- 2,000Coins and 50 tickets to help you with your bingo luck.●Daily bonustickets awarded for logging in every day.● 7 types ofuniquepower-ups that speed up your Bingo game and boost yourchances ofwinning. ● 12 special collectible items in each room foryou todiscover. Collect them all to win a big prize!● Mini BingoGames towin mega bingo rewards.● Recurring monthly in-gameevents,competitions and bingo tournaments to win extra rewards.●SpecialWow! Bingo World Tour Rooms that will teleport you into themostexciting places around the world (Paris, Dubai, London,Hawaii,etc).● Constantly updated new rooms to unlock with supercutethemes that we think you may enjoy most (Candy Room, MagicRoom,Vampire Room, etc).● Current Festival Celebrations-themedrooms tocelebrate world’s most fun events (Mother’s Day,Valentine’s Day,April Fool’s Day). We’re always looking for newideas and feedbackabout Wow! Bingo and your opinion is more thanwelcome! If you haveany questions or for anything bingo-related,reach out to us at:[email protected] us onFacebook:
Bingo Gem Rush Free Bingo Game 1.0.4
★★★★★ PLAY BINGO GEM RUSH TODAY AND ENJOY UNLIMITED FREECARDS!★★★★★Bingo Gem Rush is a free to play bingo game with anexcitingnew twist. Race against the clock and compete against yourfriends.If you are tired of the same old bingo games you'll loveBingo GemRush!Game Features:► Play for FREE: No card limits or gamelimits.Play when and where you want.► Play where you want, when youwant!No internet required! ► Level up to unlock powerups liketheMulti-Daub, Freeze Time, or the awesome Instant Bingo!Discovercombos to skyrocket your scores and crush the competition!►UseFacebook Connect to compete for leaderboard rank! Check outwhatother players have said about our Bingo game:★★★★★ "A bingogamewith lots of extra neat stuff definitely not just your usualboringbingo I love it!!!"★★★★★ "Absolutely the best bingo game..And ihave played a lot of them." ★★★★★ "Can't stop playing This issofun once you start you have trouble putting it down"If youenjoygreat free bingo games, then you'll have tons of fun playingBingoGem Rush!Questions?E-mail usat:[email protected]
WinGo Bingo 2.7
Now you can enjoy the winning thrill of Bingo with real playersandthe same time double the joy with a real gift. So Get ready towinsome cool gifts. Real gifts: WinGo Bingo is a bingo whereplayerswin a lot than virtual prize. We give you real prize. Freeto play:Player don't need to pay any amount to play the game. Gameisabsolutely free. Multiplayer: Any number of players canparticipatein a game. One who calls bingo at the first will get theprize.Normal games to practice: There will be frequent normal gamessoyou can test your bingo skills. Terms andConditions:
Sudoku Bingo 2.0.8
★★★SUDOKU BINGO★★★The new way to play Sudoku!In this game youhaveto solve the Sudoku puzzle by placing the numbers in the ordercallby the Bingo Balls.You have two different modes toplay★CLASSIC: Agame more like Sudoku where you have clear thesudoku ★RUSH: A gamemore like Bingo where you have to complete aspecific number oflines, by the rules of Sudoku, to clearthelevel.________________________________★Two Game Modes: ClassicandRush★More than 100 levels to unlock and even MOREtocome!★Different challenges with boards of 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6.★Reach3 stars perfection in more than 150 differentboards.★COMPLETELYFREE
Trophy Bingo
BOW-WOW bingo fans! Join Goldie on thebingoadventure of a lifetime to save her friends from the EVILTrophyHunter.Rescue all the SUPER DOGS and unlock their special Power Playstohelp you win more bingos!Trophy Bingo packs more fun and new twists into a bingo gamethanyou can shake a stick at! Get combination bingos to multiplyyourscore or win FREE spins on the wheel to completeyourcollections.All your canine friends have been captured by the TrophyHunter.It's up to YOU to bingo them to safety!Adventure Includes:• 164 levels of crazy bingo puzzles• All NEW bingo Power Plays• Over 100 doggone cool collection items• Daily challenges for super rewards• Live eventsIf you go barking mad for Trophy Bingo give us a shout out inthereviews and rate 5 STARS!Any issues please contact us at [email protected]ybingo.comLike us on Facebook• Follow us on Twitter • us on Instagram • our Official Website • http://www.trophybingo.comNotes:• Trophy Bingo is compatible with all major Android phonesandtablets.• Download Trophy Bingo today to embark on this fun-filledbingoadventure!• Finally a great big THANK YOU to all our wonderful TrophyBingoplayers!
Online Bingo Hall-Card Players 1.2.5
Online Bingo Hall-Card Players** Win Free Bingo tickets ** andplayBingo in a real Bingo world!! Come join other players from alloverthe world in a live Bingo Hall and take part in an ultimateBingoShowdown! Each Bingo room contains 24 unique collectionpieces!♥♥** Get a chance to play one of the best new Bingo Games.Daubspaces on your bingo boards to experience the real Bingoheaven!!♥♥** Join in the classic Bingo fever as you play Bingo inclassicBingo Halls. We have created these special Bingo Rooms tomaximizeyour in-game fun! Play in different and colorful rooms suchasChristmas Bingo, Bingo Halloween, Wild West Bingo and lotsmore.**Participate in a live Bingo Blackout! Daub more and morespaces andwin lots of Bingo Chips. Daub the spaces on the Bingoboard whilethe live Bingo Caller calls them out! You have thechoice ofmultiple Bingo sheets and you can collect lots of Bingochips. Makeyour way through level after level in Bingoland matchingBingopatterns. Get into instant Bingo fever as you enjoy usingexcitingBingo Powerups!** Once you start you won’t stop! The BingoFeverwill make you come back for more and more Super Bingo fun.Play ourFREE Bingo games to get a chance to win an Instant BigBingo Bonus!Beat other Daubers as you compete in a Super Bingonight in ourBingoland playing this bashing new Bingo Game. Win lotsof luckyBingo chips and Daub even more spaces as you crush everyone of theBingo players to win a Blackout Bingo.** Have a familyBingo nightas you win multiple Bingo patterns! Players of all agegroups willenjoy Bingo heaven as they daub City after Bingo City!**Would youlike to win a lucky Bingo blitz? We will give you tips onhow tomonopolize Bingo and become an expert. Play the best classicBingogame in a Bingo house and own one of the winning Bingocards.**Play now and drive into Bingo heaven! Even if you are loyalplayersof Housie or Tombola, you will surely become a winningBingomachine! Crush Bingo Players to get your Bingo drive on!Defeateveryone to become a winning Bingo star! ** Blitz along thebingoworld with all of your bingo friends to instant Bingo wins andbashthe international competition to win free Bingos!! You willreallylove and savour the HD game graphics. You will also enjoygreatsound effects as you play bingo round after bingo round.Downloadnow to play our best and new Bingo games in a collection ofthemedbingo showdowns such as: Beach Bingo, Christmas Bingo,HalloweenBingo, Mystery Bingo, Wild West Bingo. Blitz along tocrush everyone of the Bingo daubers and become an instant Bingowinningmachine!Tutorial on how to play Bingo:1. You win if youmatch anyone of the 13 winning Bingo patterns 2. You have to Daubeach Bingonumber as they are being called out by the live bingocaller. 3. Asmore Bingo Balls appear, daub the correct spaces onthe BINGO Card.4. The Bingo Caller will call out even more BingoBalls if you useyour GEMS at the end of each big Bingo round. 5.Pop a double inthe blingo world by playing and winning multiplebingo sheetsUseyour lucky bingo tickets to get a boost in thisfamily Bingogame!Tips and Tricks:** Generate a win by using all ofyourPowerUps to monopolize the maximum number of cards! Have ablast inthe partyland of slingo and level up to become thegenerator of themaximum amount of Bingos! You can also win a DoubleBlingo on asummer night when you have nothing better to do! ** Popall of theBalls and rush 2 become the King of a Bingo partyland!!Rush 2dethrone the Bingo generator and to bash a double Bingo pop!Theprice is right for each of the Bingo Cards. Pop open yourPowerUpsto Blackout Bingo! Please feel free to reach [email protected]