Top 49 Games Similar to Dungeon Survivor

Dungeon Survivor II 1.1.5
Leiting Games
Official sequel of classic popular adventure game DungeonSurvivor.Dungeon Survivor II – Dark Tide is a simulation anddungeonadventure game. This time, you will lead your daring missionto theno-man’s land, have an unexpected fantasy adventure in theancientand mysterious continent. Story of the World - Be the Rulerof theSanctuary, the eschatological Manor, guide your people andwarriorsto fight against the fallen Country. - Upon the journey,you’llencounter different people. Will you draw out the sword orreachout your hand? That is for you to decide. - Little, helplessandpathetic humans gather together to battle against the BlackTide.Every decision you make is of vital importance. Class&Adventure - 6 main Classes with more than 50 sub-classes, eachwithunique personality. - Easy but flexible team formation, Mixed?AllMelee? All Mages, whatever you like. Your Imagination is theonlylimit. - Diverting strategy setting, play a sure card and winthebattle! - Vicious creatures, quirky traps, weirdstrangers-theworld is always full of accidents and surprises. -Find thepowerful Monster and beat them up! Battle & Speed -Real-timePVP with hand control. let’s duke it out in the Arena! -Heading tothe leaderboard for the CROWN! - Marching on the LostCastle andunlock the Arena! Classic placing and gain mode - Nopains butgains Place and gain resources every time you enter thegame. - Witand adroit like you, even with limited resources, candefinitelybuild up a prosperous Manor. ======Contact Us======FACEBOOK:
Dungeon Rpg : Hero 1.2.3
Dungeon rpgRpgThis is the new Dungeon Rpg!New graphics andvarioustypes of monsters have appeared!Other dungeons and storieswillcontinue to update!---- Operation method and guide ----☆ Youcanget banners and boss monsters that exist in various places ofthemap and get some jewelry!☆ To access the portal, there must benoenemy monsters on the stage!☆ Shop items can be purchased fromshoppotals.☆ In order to enter Dungeon related portal, you mustacquireas many keys as you need!☆ A close range weapon can notattackwhile jumping.    - However, rangedweapons canbe attack while jumping!☆ You can check your inventoryby clickingthe bag icon at the top.☆ Consumables are reduced by oneeach timeyou use them.☆ Equipment is rated as Usually, rare, Epic.☆'Garnetjewelry icon can be exchanged with in-app billing and goldtap!☆Watching Compensation Ads to get your game money andbenefits!☆Game data is saved automatically!♥ Please contact [email protected] for any errors or other improvements.Wewillactively accept feedback and strive to improve it as soonaspossible!
Infinity Dungeon 2.7.4
Zabob Studio
Gold Mine Dungeon RPG! Infinity Dungeon! A game that players ofallages can enjoy! Fun guaranteed! A hidden dungeon is discoveredatlast. What is happening in the dungeon? Conquer the dungeonwithspecial attacks and magic and become rich! Various enemiesanddungeons... Witty dialogues, engaging story... and a twist!Endlessgold... You can enjoy this awesome game with your one handat anytime! The best kill-time game ever! Infinity Dungeon willkeep yousatisfied as long as you have your smartphone with you.This gamerequest as shown below to save data. •WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE We donot use any your personal information.Page : Sound By: Made By Zabob Studio
Dark of Alchemist - Dungeon Crawler RPG 1.2.2
This game is an action-packed dungeon crawler RPG set in anoldcastle with a dark and foreboding atmosphere. ■Risking your lifetoexplore As the main character of this game, you are not someburlysoldier or skilled sorcerer. As you battle monsters, even thesmallfry faced at the beginning can defeat you if you're notcareful. Tosurvive, you'll have to pay close attention to yoursurroundingsand use a variety of tactics, sometimes hiding andsometimesdelivering a surprise attack that leaves your enemiesmortallywounded. ■Gaining strength through item alchemy In thisgame, youmust make all the essential equipment and healing itemsfor yourjourney by yourself. As you explore the dungeon, combinethematerials you find to transmute items. Craft powerful itemsandyou'll be able to defeat enemies you couldn't handlebefore.■Continually think of the best possible plan You will beforced tomake lots of decision to survive. Do you move forward orretreat?Fight or hide? Which items will you pick up, and which willyouleave behind? Each choice you make will affect your survivalrate.■Dark fantasy world Your father, the king and a greatalchemist,was killed by a god from another world. You have returnedto hisabandoned castle to obliterate his murderer and get yourrevenge.The castle interior is overrun with monsters, and there arealsoexplorers of uncertain character searching for treasureinside.Using the alchemy skills you learned from your father, willyou beable to reach toe the top floor where the god who murderedhim liesin wait...?
Dungeon Cards
717 pixels
Dungeon Cards is an exciting mix of puzzle, card game andaclassical roguelike. Each movement of your card creates auniqueand challenging situation, a mini-puzzle which requiresstrategicthinking to solve, and solving all that puzzles rewardsyou withthe sense of achievement that quickly becomes addictive. Inthiscard roguelike, you move your character card about a field ofninecards. You have to clash your card with neighboring cards tomoveit. Monster cards and trap cards will decrease your card'shealth,healing cards will... well, heal you, cards with gold willincreaseyour game score and there are also many other cards withuniqueabilities and behaviors. The game is built with aclassicalroguelike formula: it is a turn-based dungeon crawler in afantasysetting with selectable characters, procedurallygenerateddungeons, pixel art graphics and the permadeath. Chooseone of theseven heroes, descend into the magical dungeon and slayhordes ofmonsters in quest of epic loot! Game features: - noInternetconnection required - 3-15 minute game sessions - easyone-handcontrol - runs smoothly even on the older phones - freshgamemechanics - easy to learn, hard to master - cute pixel artgraphics
Rogue Dungeon RPG 1.4.2
Totally optional in-app purchases. Level up and gain over 110uniquepassive skills that interact in powerful ways! Hardcore:permanentdeath. Progression: unlock persistent bonuses and itemswith eachrun of the dungeon.Endless Action RPG. Fight to thedeath, then riseagain stronger than ever.Collect magical andlegendary items andrelics. Power up your relics afterdeath.Inspired by classic PCaction role-playing games, thisroguelike RPG uses randomlygenerated maps, permanent characterdeath, randomized item drops andmore for unlimitedreplayability.Regular updates areongoing!Instructions:Touchanywhere to moveTouch and hold on nearbyenemies toattackDouble-tap to use your special attackTap on items,chests,shrines and other things to interactCollect shards to powerup yourrelics!Collect gemstones to resurrect after death!Advanceyourcharacter by discovering powerful items and relics. Gain levelsforyourself and your relics. Choose from four ferocious classes-Warrior, Rogue, Mage and MonkThis game collects basic usagedatabut does not collect any personally identifyinginformation.Thisgame uses the following art:"Ring Set - PreciousMetals" by ClintBellanger licensed as CC3.0(
Infinity Dungeon VIP 2.7.4
Zabob Studio
■ VIP version Effect 1) MP Regeneration Speed Boost! 2) MaxMPBoost! 3) Remove Banner ads(except compensation video ads)GoldMine Dungeon RPG! Infinity Dungeon! A game that players of allagescan enjoy! Fun guaranteed! A hidden dungeon is discovered atlast.What is happening in the dungeon? Conquer the dungeon withspecialattacks and magic and become rich! Various enemies anddungeons...Witty dialogues, engaging story... and a twist! Endlessgold... Youcan enjoy this awesome game with your one hand at anytime! Thebest kill-time game ever! Infinity Dungeon will keep yousatisfiedas long as you have your smartphone with you. This gamerequest asshown below to save data. • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE We donot useany your personal information. Page: Sound By: Made By Zabob Studio
Dungeon Madness 3.3.3
A wizard has hidden in these dungeons. He is plotting to conquertheworld and the only way how to stop him is to kill him! Butdon'tthink it will be easy, many before have tried without luck.(Fromwhat else would all those skeletons be madeof?Polycarbonate?)Explore gigantic dungeon to find new epic items,newequipment, learn powerful spells and fight all kinds ofdifferentmonsters. Are you afraid of dark? Don't worry, because aghostresiding in doors will become your best friend. Or not. Whoknows?-Level up your character by gathering experience, assignlevelpoints to attack/defense/vitality- Explore 44 different floorsofdungeon- Find various items and equipment(sword/shield/head/chest)to improve your character- Craft amazingsets equipment or enchantyour items to get even more from them!-Learn up to 8 spells,unleash your immense power on those zombies!-Optimized for almostall screens- Randomly generated dungeons are anew feature, whichlets you play as much as you want!- WARNING: thisgame can be hardand might make you angry or frustrated. Don'tworry, there is nopermadeath, you will just respawn at the start ofthe level!Likeour facebook page for latestinformation: you havesuggestion? Or aproblem? Please shoot us an email below.
Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG 1.1.63
9 \ 10 "If you enjoy dark sci-fi themes and like a challengingRPGwith some roguelike elements, then look no further thanDeadShell.” / Christine Chan, appadvice.comBlaster-wieldingmercenariesvs beasts from the labyrinth: who will win? You'recommanding adie-hard assault squad. Destination: Plutonia, asettlement on aDoom-4 class planet. Shuttle cargo: a range oflethal weapons, fromaxes and chainsaws to blasters and BFGs.Anything might come inhandy in Plutonia, the Federation's mostremote colony.Scientists,miners, guards – all sorts of civilianpersonnel worked there untilrecently. A week ago, the Centerreceived a mayday signal from thesettlement. Demonic roars andscreams of terror filled the commchannel, and then it fell deadsilent.It's time to descend into theinfernal abyss and show thedemons who's the boss here. Fight yourway through all the circlesof hell to reach the very bottom. Lookcosmic evil in the face andemerge victorious.Game features:- A newdungeon every time;- Hellishbestiary;- Full range of weapons;-Elite mercenaries;- Level US:
Rust Bucket 49
Rust Bucket is a turn based dungeon crawler that is builtwithmobile in mind. Game play is fast and death is never far awaysoit’s perfect for your daily commute.Swipe to take a step,swipeinto enemies to attack. It’s as simple as that, but don’t befooledinto thinking this is a casual game!Explore an endlessdungeon withmore to discover the deeper you go.Many enemy typeseach with theirown distinctive rule set to overcome.- Make your waythrough thelevels to become a fully qualified looter.- Turn basedtraps.-Puzzle your way past traps or use them to catch enemies!-Explorenumerous dungeon themes to reach the top scoring rooms.-Competeagainst your friends on Game Center to get the best score!-ComingSoon: Puzzle levels and more Endless Mode content.- This isjustthe beginning!Free to Play:The game is completely free to playbutbecause we like to eat and pay bills and stuff we useadvertisingto monetise the experience. There are no boosters to payfor ortimers to wait for, just the occasional ad."But I don’tlikeads!"You are in luck, through the wonders of in-app purchasesweare able to offer a way to remove the immersion blockers fromthegame for a one-off fee.Cross-promotion ads for Nitrome'sothergames will not be removed by the Remove Ads in-app purchase.Wehopeyou enjoy our little game. If you do please consider giving usanice review, tell your friends and maybe try some of ourothergames.
Dungeon & Heroes 1.5.76
Explore, build, and conquer in Dungeon & Heroes! Thisnewlaunched mobile RPG game Dungeon & Heroes is an exploration3DRPG with exquisite maps and massive hero summoners. Allywithplayers around the world for endless exploration, guild battlesandarena glory in your own epic story. Begin your adventure now,anepic age for powerful heroes has come! Who will be thestrongestsummoner? Dungeon & Heroes Features: [Eye-catching 3DRealisticStyle] All 3D view guaranteed! Enjoy an eye-catching viewof yourCastle along with legendary heroes and monsters. Roamaroundexquisite maps with a variety of terrain, clash with yourenemiesand take down bosses! [Build & Explore] Build your owncastle!Fully explore the world, challenge and conquer giantmonsters tocollect every resource to fortify your castle. Plenty ofterrains,stages and items are waiting for you to explore! Enjoy amostexciting exploration journey! [Summon & Upgrade] Summonyourepic heroes! Massive powerful heroes and monsters are waitingforyour collection! Summon your favorite heroes, train themwithstrategies to set up your unique troop. Each hero has itsownunique properties so choose the right heroes and fight to thetop!Upgrade their levels, awaken special skills and getultimateequipments for evolutionary strength and brand-newappearances.[Tons of Gameplays] Smash the dungeons for herofragments, beatthrough the Infinity Tower for rare resources,challenge FlameDragon for extra rewards, gather your alliesworldwide for GuildWar glory, and participate in Arena battles forthe 1st ranking![Make Allies Worldwide] Fight and chat with alliesfrom all overthe world, create or join a Guild to play with yourfriends, growup with guild and fight for your guild in the GuildWar. [Real-timeBattles] Kill monsters in amazing 3D scenes with afirst-personperspective. Make a good choice for your front &rear row andshow your power in endless real-time battles withspectacularspecial effects. Be a true RPG summoner in Dungeon &Heroes!Are you ready for the RPG dungeon adventure? Follow us onFacebookfor updates, reward events andmore! SUPPORT If you haveanyproblems, just contact our support: [email protected]
Dungeon Knights 1.10
Hordes of monsters that want to eat you for breakfast floodedtheunderground. Find the coolest heroes and send them toexploreendless dungeons, collect resources, craft new equipment,enhancetheir skills and fight the enemies and their bosses.Withrogue-like elements, cute graphics and extremely easy andintuitivecontrols, Dungeon Knights is the best dungeon crawler youcan findon the store! On your journey you will undertake numerousquestswith awesome rewards, encounter unexpected places andindividuals,and eventually make the king happy again. FEATURES: -Uniqueheroes, with unique abilities and gameplay style. - Evolveyourknights from rookies to masters. - Randomly generated dungeons,newexperience each time. - Crafting heroes' equipment and weapons.-NPCs who deliver quests and special encounters. - Savingyourprogress to the cloud. This game is free to play, andcontainsin-app purchases. Video ads are offered optionally to helpyouprogress. Other than that, there are no ads that will disturbyouradventure! Follow us on Facebook: @Vindiez Our privacypolicy: Hordes ofmonsters whowant to eat you for breakfast have flooded theunderground. Findthe coolest heroes and send them to explore theendless dungeons,collect resources, craft new equipment, enhancetheir skills andfight the enemies and their bosses. With rogue-likeelements, cutegraphics and extremely easy and intuitive controls,Dungeon Knightsis the best dungeon crawler you can find on thestore! On yourjourney you will take many quests with awesomerewards, encounterunexpected places and individuals, and eventuallymake the kinghappy again. FEATURES: - Unique heroes, with uniqueabilities andgameplay style. - Evolve your knights from rookies tomasters. -Randomly generated dungeons, new experience every time. -Craftingheroes' equipment and weapons. - NPCs who deliver questsandspecial encounters. - Saving your progress to the cloud. Thisgameis free to play, and contains in-app purchases. Video adsareoffered optionally to help you progress. Other than that, thereareno ads that will disturb your adventure! Follow us onFacebook:@Vindiez Our privacypolicy:
Magic Traps - Dungeon Trap Adventure 3.17
Magic Traps will take you to the world of extraordinarydungeonadventure. Easy to master but it becomes more addictiveandengaging as you go ahead. Do not be fooled by the ease of thefirstdungeons, the higher the level, the more scarier it getsinside theDungeon. In Magic Traps, there are no points, only magicin eachEasy Dungeon. The higher the level more is the magic youget. MagicTraps will keep you tied in each level. Some levels havehiddensecrets , only the best will discover. The higher the level ,moremagic will be seen in the Dungeons. You will feel nostalgic ifyouhad played old C64 and Amiga times (PIXEL ART) in yourchildhood.Features in Magic Traps: - Normal Mode -------- 26 Level- Hardmode------------- 26 Level with one Checkpoint - DaragonCastle -----26 Level ( you need the complete Hardmode) - Retrographics -Different characters you can buy with Magic - every 24hours a gift(10 Magic) - 52 Level + 26 HardModes (Total 78 levels )PreformanceTIP older Handys : Small tip for older mobile phones,the internalmemory of mobile phones is often less than 1 gigabyte.Just moveyour apps into settings APPS to the SD card you will seeyour cellphone will run much faster.
Ever Dungeon : Hunter King - Endless Darkness 1.5.42
“Ever Dungeon : Hunter King“ is a simulation game of dark styleanddungeon adventure games. ***Endless dungeons,endlessadventures!*** In prehistorical times, man defeated themonstersand sealed them in the dark castle.The power of the sealhasweakened as time goes on, and the fear of thedevilis coming again.As the savior, you will step into thesealedgrounds and started off the journey of  banishingmonsters.Immersive gaming experience • Random maps give youdifferentfeelings • Rich mission and achievement guide • You willbeaddicted to awesome dungeon atmosphere Unique combat systems•Plenty of roles and skills are available for you to choose •Thetalent system helps you expel the monsters • Attributefreecombination makes you grow up freely Perfect equipment system •Youcan pick up dozens of different looks and suits • Thetraditionalmethods of strengthening, forging and gems-setting areallavailable to play • Special recast system helps you push thelimitRich game systems • Manage the mine to accumulate resources •Usedivination to change your destiny • Shops have randomsurprisesevery day • Arena’s high ladder challenge, compete withglobalplayers!
Idle Sword 2: Incremental Dungeon Crawling RPG 0.73
Crawl through dungeons, create a party of Idle Heroes tobattlemonsters for epic loot in an all new style of Idle RPG. Taptoguide your heroes through dungeons, find and evolve newheroes,capture monsters and collect powerful upgrades. See if yourheroescan survive Idle Sword 2, an epic clicker/pet battler andretro RPGall in one. This is an RPG clicker game like you’ve neverseen.You’ll have to battle monsters, sell equipment, upgrade yourskillsand form a party of heroes to go deeper into perilousdungeons. Tapwith your God Hand to guide your not-so idle heroes tofind hiddentreasure in a pixel dungeon, making sure your tap heroeshaveenough gear, health and items to protect them from a certaindoom.Squish giant monsters, capture powerful pets, crawl throughdeepdungeons, play offline and battle monsters of every kind inthisincremental RPG! Idle Sword 2 Features: Explore Dungeons - UseyourGod Hand tap powers to hunt epic loot! - Dungeons cover thelandand must be explored by the idle heroes. - Each pixel dungeonispacked with challenging monsters. - Engage in boss battles toclearthe pixel dungeon crawl! - Explore Dungeons even offline in anepicretro clicker! Battle Monsters - Battle monsters to surviveandcollect rare loot! - Tap any monster that comes your way. -Yourtap quest isn’t complete until the monster is defeated! -Evolveyour monsters to unlock their true power! Collect Heroes -Idleheroes are everywhere, you just have to find them. - Collectandevolve heroes as you crawl through dungeons! - Find hidden lootandcustomize your heroes with the finest gear. Incremental Action-Play as much or as little as you like! - Your heroes keeplevelingup even when you are offline - Return to collect the lootandriches your heroes collected while you were away! Lovers ofretrogames and incremental clickers won’t be able to put down thisidlemonster battling RPG. Go on an epic tap quest, explore dungeonstobattle monsters and defeat the tough dungeon bosses. You neverknowwhat could creep up on your heroes- keep your tappingreflexessharp in Idle Sword 2! Enjoy it online or offline! Downloadnow andenjoy the acclaimed flash clicker RPG game in an epic newapp! Joinover 100,000 pixel players! Click & Tap in this SUPERTOUGHDungeon Crawler! Over 100,000 Installs! Idle Sword 2:IncrementalDungeon Crawling RPG
Like A Boss 1.0.18
Versus Evil
Heroes of MMORPGs raid dungeons, search for epic items, go onquestsand generally purge the realm for all it’s riches.. at anycost. Nowit’s time to become the Boss in the role-playing fantasyworld youknow from MMOs, but this time its your territory that isbeinginvaded, your riches, and your minions that are beingransacked!Fight off guilds of heroes trying to take your loot.Save other minibosses from these adventurer raids. Take out questgivers in theirtowns so they stop sending more adventurers tobother you. It’s timeto take the dungeons back, hold yourterritory and become theultimate raid Boss in all the realm! 😈 Atwist on the classic RPG:You choose your boss from different racesand the classic classeslike fighter, mage and ranger. You willlevel up through a skilltree to specialize in the way you rise upto become the baddest bossin the land! 😠 Quest Throughout theRealm: As a new boss, you willneed to protect your territory. Goon quests to level up to becomethe ultimate raid boss in thelands. ☠️ Craft Your Gear: Like anyMMO or RPG, creating the bestweapons and armor is critical to yoursuccess. Collect recipes,minerals and gems to create the mostpowerful weapons and armor foryour boss. 👑 Action RPG: Real bossesdon’t just stand there waitingfor timers… they grab a sword andwreak havok on their enemies.Like A Boss features real-time, fastrole-playing action. 🎮 MMORPGHeroes: The heroes that raid yourdungeons use tactics that youhave seen before in many battles. Theyset up strategically, like agood adventuring group should, so tanksare in the front, healersare in the back and all the supportingclasses are dealing the mostdamage they can. ⚔️ Join a Guild: Youdidn’t think bosses hadguilds, did you? To deal with all thesewarriors seeking glory, youcan team up with other bosses to go onquests throughout the realmthat only a group effort can handle!
Dash Quest 2.9.2
Fantasy action and endless runner collide with exciting RPGelementsin this incredibly addictive, retro-inspired adventuregame! Dashthrough hordes of enemies to reach epic boss battles!Customize andupgrade your character with Gear, Spells, Skills,Items and Pets!Complete daily challenges for Legendary Gear andother rewards!Features: • Addictive action RPG gameplay! • Dailydungeon,challenges and rewards! • Epic boss battles! •Incrediblycustomizable upgrade system! • Prestige system withunique perksand bonuses! • Adventure Mode featuring a completeWorld Map andhidden secrets! • Challenges and Mini-Games withdedicatedleaderboards! • Pets that you can accessorize! • Hero Modewithepic difficulty... and epic rewards! • Beautiful retro-inspiredHDgraphics! • Dozens of achievements! Can you save the kingdomfromthe evil Lich and become a Legendary Hero?
Dungeon Boss – Strategy RPG 0.5.11003
Battle to be the Boss in this turn based, strategy RPG! Collectandbuild teams of powerful fantasy heroes, upgrade theiruniqueabilities to battle epic bosses, and defend your Dungeonfromraids! FEATURES: • Summon a horde of goblin warriors,ninjaassassins, majestic knights, and mythical beasts. • Collect&upgrade fantastic heroes and build custom teams to guardyourDungeon. • Raid the dungeons of your friends and foes tostealtheir gold in battles. Get sweet Revenge against other playerswhoattack your dungeon! • Explore many battlegrounds and takeyourteams to fight in campaigns against fierce bosses. • Summonafriend’s strongest champion in battle to get your team out of ajamand take that boss down. • Test your skills in the Tower ofPwnage,Challenge Mode, and if you dare, Boss Mode. • Upgrade yourgear andcustomize abilities by crafting runes. • Journey through aspecialquest to unlock each hero’s Epic ability. • Switch up yourhero’slook with unique skins. • Reap more rewards from new EventsandQuests every week! • Learn from other players’ strategiesbywatching battle Replays in My Dungeon. • Fight with your Guildtoconquer even bigger event challenges! Even Bosses needsupportsometimes! Experiencing issues?Visit: Join the community &keepupdated on new heroes, events and gameupdates! It’s Good tobe the Boss! If you’re enjoyingbattling in Dungeon Boss, pleaseconsider taking a moment torate/review it. “a simple but fun bitesized slice ofRPGing.”-148Apps “We can’t stop playing; it has ushooked!” – IGNGame Reviews “a Triple-A-Quality title!” –VentureBeat
Pixel Dungeon 1.9.2a
Pixel Dungeon is a traditional roguelike* game withpixel-artgraphics and simple interface.Explore the depths of PixelDungeon,collect useful items, fight fierce monsters to find AmuletofYendor (surprise!) - the ultimate artifact of this gameworld.*FromWikipedia: "Roguelike is a sub-genre of role-playingvideo games,characterized by random level generation, tile-basedgraphics andpermanent death."Many people consider this game verydifficult andluck-based. Anyway, you will die often. You arewarned! :)PLEASEHELP ME TO MAKE THIS GAME BETTER!• In case of crashor freeze press"Report" button, it really helps to find the bug• Incase ofincorrect behaviour of the game please contact me by emailso Icould ask you about the detailsPixel Dungeon is open sourceandfree software. The source code is available atGitHub:!
Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG- 2.9.8
"The oldest and most abhorrent Prophecy has become reality. Thisisendless and merciless warfare for Buriedbornes, army canreviveforever." # Easy to play x Hard to survive BuriedbornesisHardcore. Dungeon RPG. Choose job and challenge the dungeon.Pickequipments and skills, defeat terrible enemies. You canenjoystrategy and difficutly with synergy of equipments and skills.And"Choosing" is most important in the Dungeon. Are you readyfordeadly battle and ending this unprecedented disaster? # WarfareforBuriedbornes Heroes can not revive forever. Dead heroes andtheirbelongings will be lost. However, they will become "Roamingdead"for your next enemy. Alternatively, you will earn any supplyfromthem. You can remain your message for their corpses. And youwillreceive message from others. You can collect "Soulstones" tobuymany special jobs. # How to play - Create your hero. - Chooseroomand move in dungeon. - Choose skill and defeatenemies.(Turn-basedbattle) - You will be forced to choose for eventor drop items. -You can progress floors by defeating floor boss. -Kill "Ancientoverload" at 10F! # You can play Buriedbornes in PCWeb browser. *Official Site # UsedMaterials とり夫 化け猫缶素材屋 Whitecat甘茶の音楽工房 効果音ラボ
Rogue Hearts 1.4.12
Ninetail Games
Welcome to this modern reinterpretation of a rogue-likedungeoncrawler! You will need a strategy with self-judgment andcontrol, anecessity in SRPG and tactical games. Break throughchallenges andtrials by controlling the character directly. !Network connectionrequired. ! Archer can be used when you completethe early mainquest. *Explore dungeons, and discover an unwantedand darkreality. *Explore regions with diverse themes andrandomlygenerated dungeons with optimized, intuitive, andeasy-to-usemobile device controls. *Fight boss monsters with deadlyattackpatterns and earn loot. *Engage in these ordeals byusingcharacters with close combat and long distance skills. *Notonlybattles, but various traps and puzzles also lie in wait."
Old Gold 3D: Dungeon Quest Action RPG 3.1.0
Raid the dungeons full of evil defenders to fight againstpowerfulbosses guarding ancient gold. Improve your adventurerabilitiesalong this deadly quest. Addictive fast action rpg hasclassicsingle player retro gameplay of the best free old-school 3Dgames.You start your quests with one of the weapon like: 1 oldbrokensword, 2 tomb rocks, 3 dungeon hunter bow, 4 assassin'sthrowingknives, 5 knight's sword, 6 flicker dagger, 7 raider'smace, 8heretic's magic staff and 9 spear of doom. Your hero will beableto journey through deadly 3d labyrinths full of rare items andoldtreasure chests. Your dungeon hero will engage in battleswithawful beasts and hordes of skeleton warriors. Over the courseofthe game, improve your combat skill of sword fighting andbowshooting to defeat the army of the evil dead and destroyUndeadKing once and for all! This game is for all fans of 3Dactiongames, fps games(first-person shooters), old rpg games, andfor allthose who like - 3d sword fighting, bow and arrow, findtreasurechests, evil dead, dungeon monsters, knights and dragons,epicheroes and army of darkness. If you want to download paid gamesforfree, new action adventure and shooting games for free, justplaythis one of the top action games 2017.Facebook:
Dungeon X Dungeon 1.2.4
Arcadia 's best treasure hunter Luke is a dungeon hunter topreventthe resurrection of the Great Evil! Dungeon x Dungeon isanauthentic side-scrolling 2D action adventure game featuringconsolegame feeling on your mobile device for a long time. Weinvite youto the world of 'Dungeon x Dungeon', which is filledwithinteresting stories, interesting encounters with friends,actiongames that will defeat invulnerable monsters and usevariouselements to get through the dungeons. [Game Features] -Adventureelements using various items and fierce battles to getthrough therough dungeons !! - Attack enemies by upgraded weaponsthat matchtheir style! - Sometimes, let's kill the enemy with abrilliantwide-range skill! - Monsters attacking in various patternsin meat,sea, and ball! - Good game without in-app payments!(Advertisingcan also be avoided if you have good skills !!!)
MASKED 1.061
Note: This is a early version of the game, which functions asademo.Full game is still in development.Short Summary:Masked isadungeon crawler which features a boy that is stuck within astateof purgatory. He has to fight his way to freedom by defeatingmanyfoes to ensure his survival.Masked features 3D aestheticswithsword based hit and dodge based combat.Each dungeon you enterhas aprocedural generated room setup, this means every run willgive youdifferent possibilities and challenges. There are many roomtypesto find, such as treasure rooms, challenge rooms and shoprooms. Atthe end of the dungeon a boss will wait for you. Obtainpower upsto enhance your hero and fight against greaterchallenges.Inspiredby other indie roguelike and roguelite games,this has been anexperiment to execute the same genre in a threedimensional gamesetting instead of a two dimensional. Catered anddesignedspecifically for mobile devices.* Game has support forcontrollers
Dunidle - Idle RPG Pixel Heroes Dungeon Crawler 1200000037
Let's dive into a new kind of retro pixel roguelikeincremental/idleRPG dungeons game. Features: 🔸 Idle, incrementaland offline RPGgameplay. 🔸 No Internet connection required 🔸Beautiful 2D retropixel graphics style and enjoyable backgroundmusic. 🔸 Easy RPGtactic gameplay. Only a few taps, then you'reready to go. Forgetabout clicking or tapping like crazy. 🔸 Explore& Crawl throughendless and random pixel dungeons with an RPGroguelike style. 🔸Collect gold, unlock and upgrade levels andskills of the mostpowerful RPG idle heroes. 🔸 Many heroes tochoose, Knight, Thief,Priest, Archer, Wizard, Barbarian, Druid,Bard, Paladin, Templar,Necromancer, and Gunslinger. 🔸 Lootequipment from mysterious andlegendary chests to discoverenchanted or legendary new uniqueweapons for your heroes. 🔸 Manytypes of weapons, sword, dagger,bow, staff, mace, spear, and agun. Also, you can upgrade theseweapons. 🔸 Fight against manydifferent types of monsters and epicbosses from different RPGdungeons. 🔸 Upgrade and manage your partywith many differentchoices of tactic. 🔸 Collect the most powerfulartifacts from epicbosses to improve your heroes to fight againstmonsters and bosseseasier. 🔸 Support both smartphones and tablets.🔸 Support cloudsave. If you love to play RPG game style, explore& crawlthrough pixel dungeons, leveling up heroes, upgradingstuff, anddiscover new weapons and battle against monsters andbosses. Thisis the mobile/tablet game that you are looking for.DownloadDunidle now, the best retro pixel roguelikeincremental/idle RPGgame ever. Facebook Fanpage: If you have anysuggestions orproblems, feel free to contact me [email protected].com
Tower of Hero 1.8.0
Fill dungeons with over 100 heroes!An exhilarating game whereyoucan fill dungeons with vast armies of heroes and attack theenemymonsters.○Game description•Fill dungeons with heroes andattackmonsters with your vast army!•Destroy monsters with easewithpowerful gear!•Numerous abilities!•Immense tower dungeons!
Lord of Dungeons 1.10.00
Lord of Dungeon is a new concept simulation game of 24-hourmanagingand fostering. A player becomes 'Lord' and fosters'Battle,Exploration, Station, Monster'. To be an emperor, Playerperforms alot of many missions such as ‘Attack/Defense dungeons,Managementtown, dungeons, Exploration, Alliance, Attack Boss,Journey, Adventevent and Ranking war in every week. 〓Features〓 ★More than 300companions, capture monsters! Player manages 'Battle,Exploration,Station, Monster' systems and fosters more than 300companions with30 kinds of the job such as Archer, Shield Knight,Mage, Adventurer,Healer, Blacksmith, Toolmaker, Treasurer, Taxcollector, Glacierexplorer, Mountain explorer. It will fulfillthat the intellectualdesire of player who likes ‘thinking andstrategy' by accomplishingthe missions such as 'Battle,Exploration, Station, Monster' withassembling more than 10companions. ★ It is the SLG games that canbe played without bigtrouble. Various missions and Free Resources.Eat, sleep, play LOD!'Dimension Cubes' - Five wild boss monstersawait you! The huge andoutrageous 'Field Boss + Alliance WorldBoss' touch yourself-esteem and test the personality of the membersof theAlliance! Test your party's abilities through the 18 floors’helland the 12 gates in the "Crack of the Dimension!" ★ 100explorationareas, more than 120 dungeons! 24 hours are not enoughto play!!'Lord of Dungeons' is a new concept 24-hour dungeonmanagementsimulation game that allows you to manage over 100explorationareas and more than 120 dungeons. Explore the new area,fight withplayers over the world, complete for the most powerfullord’sthrone. A player can greet or capture the monsters forincreasingcombat power when a player meets a monster. ★ A game tolearn abouttown management, profit research, personnel, andeconomy! Build anddevelop various facilities such as 'bank, tavern,restaurant,hospital, market, bathhouse, university, parks, generalstore, andlibrary in town. Trade on the auction, collect enormouswealth,recruit companions and expand your dungeon with gold andresourcesof the facilities. ★ Various fostering contents, Let'sbecomeemperor of all! A player can increase the quantity and profitofthe facility by expanding the town and can save time andresourcesby establishing an "Association" when all conditions aremet.Become an 'Emperor' who cannot be overlooked by anyone,asImproving your research, construction, education, management,andtrade abilities with 'Industry' system while raising your‘Title’.Official FB: Brand NewDungeonmanagement game Lord of Dungeons!
Dungeon Quest
New Features: Graphics Overhaul/Enhancements - We have addedseverallevels of graphical additions to Dungeon Quest. DynamicShadows havebeen added to all areas. Players have full controlover the qualityof the shadows through the options menu. Legendand Eternal LegendCrafting - Our new Legend Crafting System allowsyou to Salvage yourunwanted Legend and above items in return forCrafting Dust. If youhave already unlocked a Legend item, you cannow navigate to theLegendEx and create it for Dust. If you haven'tunlocked the item,you'll be able to unlock creation of the Legenditem with Dust! Thisprovides a new way to target the Legend itemsyou want while notbeing a slave to random chance. Eternal ItemCodex Tracking - Notonly will you be able to create Legends itemfrom the LegendEx inPatch 3.0, you'll also be able to createEternal Legends from thebrand new Eternal Tracking Section of theCodex. Pet Crafting System- To facilitate customizing your pets abit more, we've enabled theDiamond through Fluorite and Topazcrystals on Pets. The onlydifference is that these Crystals willconsume 5 of each typeinstead of the usual 1 crystal. Bug Fixesand System Adjustments:Stat Change and Reset - Having near 300stat points was always a bittedious to assign and respec, so we'vecut down the amount of statpoints you gain per level from 3 to 1,and have tripled theeffectiveness of each Stat. We've alsoimproved the speed a bit ofstat assigning. Better Gold PurchaseValue THANK YOU for supportingDungeon Quest and for helping usmake even better games! With recenteconomy changes and improvementin past patches, the gold purchasehad become unfortunatelyoutdated. Each purchase now yields 100TIMES the amount of gold asthey did before! *************** Embarkon a journey to find thebest loot and defeat all challengers inthis truly free-to-playOffline Action RPG. Featuring randomizedloot, dynamicallygenerated dungeons, and 4 acts each with their ownlegendary bossawaiting. Journey through unlimited floors ofincreasinglydifficult enemies while collecting the best itemspossible whilecompeting with your friends in our Battle Arenacompetitiveleagues. Equip your Wizard, Warrior, or Rogue withinfinitelycustomization weapons and armor to help destroy theelemental evilsplaguing the land. There are always new ways tovanquish your foes!Upgrade your gear with our Crystal and Mythstonecrafting system.Make your character even more powerful using ourGear-Based Skilland Talent system. Tired of playing alone? Bringyour othercharacters into combat with you to gain experience andlootalongside your hero using our Hireling system. Or maybe you'llcomeacross one of the many endearing companions included in ourPetsystem! Features Include: • Play for as long as you wantnotcontent or pay walls • Equip your Wizard, Warrior, or Roguewithamazing randomized loot you find on your adventure! • Neverfightin the same dungeon twice! Climb your way through morethanunlimited randomly generated floors. • Test your skill againstoneof 4 Legendary bosses at the end of every Act! • Bring yourothercharacters into your adventures using the new Hireling System!•Manage your player AI to create your own army of adventures!•Native Controller integration for bluetooth with HID support!•Customize the dungeon's difficulty and rewards by choose between8enemy power levels. • New Pet System that lets you chooseafollower to aid in your journey. We are dedicated to makingDungeonQuest the best ARPG on mobile! New content will be addedregularly,so follow us on either our forums, Twitter, or Facebookto get thelatest news!
Remixed Dungeon remix.28.3.fix.18
Story: Once upon a time, there was a small town. The townsfolklivedhappily, but they were so poor, that they couldn’t evenafford to gosomewhere decent on holidays. But on the day, wheneverybody hasabandoned all hope, a miracle occurred. The groundbeneath the townshook violently and burst out a myriad ofdespicable monsters. Andfrom that point on all the townsfolk, whohad survived, livedhappily ever after. Why? Because dungeon hasattracted all sorts ofheroes and adventurers. They protected theinnocent and ended upbeing a really good spenders, boosting thetown’s economy. And nowthe little town flourishes, as it stands ontop of a dangerousdungeon, filled with dead adventurers and theirmiserable souls.Game features: - This game supports user-createdmods! And as wefurther develop this feature, soon you will be ableto create wholenew game! - Hardcore rogue-like experience! - 6hero classes tochose from - Town hub to prepare you for yourjourney and introduceyou to the game world - Over 30 dungeonlevels of the main dungeonsplit into 6 unique dungeon types - 3optional dungeons: SpiderLair, Necropolis, Ice Caves - Dozens ofitems and monsters - Variousbosses - Hats! Everyone likes hatsFollow us on Twitter: Find the latestannouncements and news onour Facebook page: out ourdevelopment blog, where we talk about future updatesand projects: This project is anopen sourcesoftware under the GPLv3 License. The source code can befoundhere: If you wishtoparticipate in localization to other languages pleasevisit: cancheck forfullchangelog on our wiki
Dungeon Breaker Heroes 1.11.0
★ About the game ★ It's the adventure story of the Hunters insearchof a queen captured by an army of monsters! The actionfantasy gameof hunters growing up, acting, and breaking unlimiteddungeons allby themselves. Your fingers are there just to supportthem! ★ MainFeatures ★ Ultimate auto play action that evolveswildly based onthe world view of the Demong Hunter series Needjust a few tapswithout control to enjoy the game! Even if the gameis not running,you can get past the dungeon! How can you go?Global ranking system!Take your time arranging your team memberspositions! It affectsresult of battle. Hunt huge bosses in specialdaily dungeons,collect equipment and equipment materials tostrengthen your hunter!Play against other players in the Arena andchallenge to be theworld best ranking Hunter![Community] ★ Language Support ★English,简体中文, 繁體中文, 한국어, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español,Português,ไทย, Bahasa Indonesia- melayu, tiếng Việt, 日本語, русский,العربيةSell ads and in-app products in-game. If you have anyquestionsabout the game, please send it to us in the game board orvia emailand we will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.Please notethat the data will be deleted when you delete the game.Deleteddata cannot be recovered. The installation requires thefollowingpermissions: Save (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) -Used to preserve and verify the player'sunique information.
Dungeon Survival - Endless maze 1.41
Frozen Frog
[*] Game Features- Cave levels are randomly generated, providinganew experience each time you play! - Hundreds of monsterstodefeat!- Hundreds of equipment to collect!- Hundreds of questsandachievements to conquer!- Enchant, Reform, Level up, andcollectGold! An abundant new world to explore![*] Back StoryBlackHaze isa border town renown for its rich mineral deposits, whichhasfallen on hard times of late. In this city, it is difficult totellthe difference between good and evil. Following themysteriousdisappearance of the former lord, the fragile balance ofthe cityis disrupted. You are Royde, and you have been chosen bythe kingto bring balance back to Black Haze and investigate thestrangereports that have come from the city.[*] Battle &Classes- 9classes, each with unique skills. Build your partyhowever youchoose.- Intricate turn-based combat lets you become themaster ofthe battlefield- Characters develop traits that can helpor hinder.You must decide how to use them.[*] Maps & Monsters-Follow thestory or venture off on your own to bring your enemies tojustice.-Challenging enemies will keep you on your toes. Donotunderestimate them or it will mean your destruction.- Rareandpowerful enemies will challenge you. Defeat them tocollectprecious loot and prove your valor.[*] Contact UsPleasecontact uswith any question, suggestions, concern, oradvice!Support Email:[email protected]:
ChooChoo Heroes 1.2.3
Come on board on a full out adventure with our cute littleretroheroes.The elves have now risen from their sleep.Dive intoourrescue mission and help the elf warrior and princess savetheirfriends!Special mission! Defeat the monsters and save thefriendsin captive!Brave Warrior!Choose from over 100 heroes togreet asyour fellow- the charismatic dragon wizard being just oneofmany.Fight our way against rare, unique monsters, and winthefinest (5 stars) equipment!But beware of the monster that wasoncea hero- and now the most dreaded nightmare…Defeat the monstersquadwith a party of only the greatest and the bravest ofhearts,Andbehold yourselves for the conquering of undergrounddungeons- soonto be updated.★ The real RPG with clear roledivision.Tanks dotanking, Dealers deal, and the Healers heal. Thereal RPG followingthe principle of RPG ★ Fellows with variousoccupations.Chooselovely fellows from more than 100 differentcharacters and formyour own party!★ Powerful boss monsters appearin map!Defeat bossmonsters and get legendary items to strengthenyour characters. ★Gain reputation and compete ranks with friends!
Super Dangerous Dungeons 1.2.4
Pocket Gamer Silver Award "A super sharp-edged, but superenjoyableretro platforming challenge " – Pocket Gamer, 8/10 "SuperDangerousDungeons is just a good, solid platformer" – TouchArcade,4 starsHop into a challenging platforming adventure with thelittletreasure hunter Timmy! Run and jump your way through trapandpuzzle filled corridors, but watch out: the rooms are fullofspikes, pits, and other deadly dangers. Do you have what ittakesto conquer the dangerous dungeons and reach the legendarytreasure?GAME FEATURES: - Over 50 challenging levels, includingbosses andsecret stages! - Stylish and retro pixel art graphics! -SNESinspired retro soundtrack by KungFuFurby!
Cartoon Dungeon : Age of cartoon 1.0.90
■ Your Heroes continue to battle even while you are away! ■IndieGame Heroes become Guardians! ■ Famous characters from books!■Dual support for both Landscape and Portrait mode play!■■■■■GameIntroduction■■■■■ ■Indie game characters appear fromBooks! 1.Indie Avengers Dungeon: Infinite Stairs, The Prince BillyBob,Cartoon 999, Infinity Dungeon, Buff Knight 2. A GirlAdriftDungeon: Legendary Fish, A Girl Adrift, Drunken Pirate JackGooglePlay’s popular developer DAERISOFT's new stand-alone RPG!Adultsand children alike will love this cartoon RPG! If youlikecartoons, download it now! Home page■■■■■Game Features■■■■■ ■Feel thepower like never before! Playwith the Indie Avengers, the maincharacters from famous indiegames! ■Landscape mode, portrait modeDual support! When battlebegins, turn to landscape mode!! Supercool battles in landscapemode. Select the desired mode for play.■Camera Zoom functionadded! Customize the size of the screen to fityour mood!! ■Becomestronger by contracting Guardians! Summon theUltimate Guardiansfrom the Books. The more you train Guardians, thestronger theirAttack! ■When you are busy, just turn it on, it willplayautomatically! This is a mandatory RPG game for the busymodernlife! The valuable reviews that you leave behind are greatfor thedevelopers ^^ Rate the Wulin comic now!!! DaeriSoft's gameswillcontinue!
Dungeon Hunter 5 – Action RPG 3.9.0g
Join forces with millions of Bounty Hunters online for themostintense hack-and-slash adventure! Fate has thrust the land intoanage of chaos that ushered in the rise of darkness. Now, thepeoplemust fend for themselves against bandits, monsters andotherterrors. However, for mercenaries and bounty hunters, this isanage of unbridled opportunity and prosperity, for justicealwaysdemands a high price, and their business has never beenbetter!It's at this time rising heroes like yourself must grabtheir swordand ask themselves: Do I fight for good? Or for gold?THE ULTIMATEHACK 'N' SLASHER ON MOBILE o Discover the casualcontrols that makeamazing combat moves easily accessible to anyone.o Hunt downmonsters, dark knights, devil minions, demon mages andothervillains in more than 90 dungeon crawler missions, includingEpiclevels for true ARPG dungeon legends. UNMATCHED GRAPHICS oAmazinganimations for your heroes, attacks and slain foes make theentireexperience more satisfying. o Detailed visuals with stunningAAAgraphics that bring your MMO adventure to life. o Exploregorgeousenvironments, unlike any dungeon game you’ve seen, fromtheshattered realm of Valenthia to the cold and barbarousValenOutpost. LEGENDARY POWERS o Wield over 900 pieces of armorandweaponry. Your heroes will need all the customization they canfindin this massive RPG adventure game. o Unleash hundredsofdevastating spells and skills in battle. o Master the Elementsbystrategically equipping the best weapons, armor and magic. oEvolveand Master gear to compete in PvP and PvE features like theArena.FIGHT WITH FRIENDS o Rally up to 3 other player heroes tofightside by side in Co-Op multiplayer mode. o Hire friends asAllies tohelp you become a great slayer of evil along your journeyofvengeance, where you'll discover arcane legends. o Join a Guildandclash against other players in competitive battles. BUILD,DEFEND& RAID o Build and upgrade a Stronghold in thisMMO-stylebastion-defense mode. o Tactically deploy over 230 Minionsto 60Trap Rooms to stop any hunters that dare attack. o Craftpowerfuldefenders by collecting Minion Shards in Co-Op mode. o Defyotherheroes to try and break into your bastion of traps inthisasynchronous MMORPG challenge! ALWAYS MORE TO EXPLORE oDailyDungeons not only provide a fresh dungeon quest for heroes,butallow you to collect rare materials to craft powerful equipmentandboosts. o Weekly Events and Legendary Hunts give you the chancetoprove yourself a worthy Bounty Hunter as you fight the dungeonbossand unlock exclusive gear in the game. o Seasonal Challengesaddcompletely unexpected twists to your adventure, but offeruniquerewards for success. o Climb the leaderboards as you takedownchallenges, so everyone will recognize your warrior'slegacy!You’ll earn mighty rewards along the way as well. If you’rea fanof fantasy, MMORPGs, action role-playing games, ormultiplayerdungeon games, and have a hunger to slay endless hordesof monstersas you explore ancient crypts and magical strongholds,then stopwaiting and download Dungeon Hunter 5 now! The world canill affordto wait for heroes such as yourself… Find out more aboutthe gameon the official site -- ___Visitour official site at Check out thenewblog at Don't forget to follow us onsocialmedia: Facebook: Instagram: This app allows you to purchasevirtualitems within the app and may contain third-partyadvertisementsthat may redirect you to a third-party site. Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy: End-UserLicenseAgreement:
Hardly Heroes 0.9.4
FORGET saving the princess, or the world! Lead your band ofHardlyHeroes on a QUEST for personal gain through DUNGEONS,CASTLES, andforests in this HILARIOUS & ADDICTIVE chargeRPG.Booya!Features1. Ranked PVE & PVP Guild WarsJoinyourguildmates in battle against epic bosses and siege rival guildstoshow those noobs whose boss!2. Global ARENASwiggity swooty,kicktheir booty! That’s right, you can dunk on your rivals inthearena! Get good!3. UNLOCK over 50 HEROESUnlock anywhere fromkindagood to super awesome heroes! Each comes with a wittybackstory!4.EARN DIAMONDS to unlock rewardsDestroy your enemieswhileprogressing through story mode dungeon crawling action!5.CHALLENGEyourself!Test your reflexes with intense dungeon crawling&trap filled mazes to gain epic lootupgrades!Facebook:
The Quest Keeper 1.71
Tyson Ibele
Help a lowly peasant on his journey to become a powerfuldungeonmaster!Features:-10 unique and challenging quests-tonsofcollectable upgrades and items-endless dungeon-running fun!Thegameis designed to run on a Samsung Galaxy S2, equivalent, ornewer. Anoptional 'reduce graphics quality' setting is available inthein-game settings menu to players who are experiencingpoorframerate on older devices.
Dungeon Legends - PvP Action MMO RPG Co-op Games 3.2
Help your people! Join the fight against the Skeleton Boss,andbecome the best hero in the dungeons. Live a real adventurewiththis online Action MMORPG game. Enjoy Dungeon Legends for free,anddiscover an endless world of battles, quests, and epiccreatures.Dungeon Legends is a hack & slash game optimized formobiledevices. A classic ARPG experience adapted to touch screens.Fightagainst other players in the pvp multiplayer modes like theArena,and become a legend of the dungeons. Go over the dungeonslookingfor incredible adventures, and legendary treasures, or askfor helpto overcome the quests of the online cooperativemultiplayer mode.Join a clan and fight the most epic battles toconquer thedungeons. Adapt your hero to your gameplay. Turn yourDwarf into anepic warrior, a healer, a hunter or a protector. Trainyour hero inthe adventure quests, and fight other heroes in theonline pvpmultiplayer arena. 🐲 BUILD YOUR OWN ADVENTURE It was along timeago, but Dwarfs remember the Skeleton Boss. He attackedthevillages with his army of goblins, skeletons, trolls, andbalrogs.But Dwarfs do not surrender, they fear nothing, and theycooperatedto hunt their enemies, and battle that army. Dwarfsdefeated theSkeleton Boss, and force him to hide in the ancientDungeons. Now,the Skeleton Boss is back. He is summoning an army toleave hisprison, and take revenge on the Dwarfs. The Skeleton Bossiswaiting in his throne, deep in the Dungeons.The only hope fortheDwarfs is to find him, cooperate, and hunt him before herecovershis power. 🔮DISCOVER AN ENDLESS ADVENTURE RPG GAME Eachquest inthis Action RPG is unique. Unleash your arcane powers, andhack andslash the evil creatures with a good strategy to obtainlegendaryrewards. Hunt the evil in the campaign or take part onthemultiplayer battles onlines. ⚔️ FIGHT IN THE ONLINEMULTIPLAYERARENA Fight epic PvP battles with other heroes, or theonlinemultiplayer modes. Enter the arena alone or with friends, andproveyou are the best evil hunter in the dungeons. 🏆 PARTICIPATEINPVE/PVP EVENTS Help your fellows dwarves in the PvE events,andcompete with them in the PvP battles. Each week there is anewopportunity to prove yourself as the best dwarf. 🎮 ENJOY ATRUEACTION RPG GAME This mmorpg controls are designed fortouchscreens. Hack & Slash game mechanics adapted to mobiledevices.🎁SHARE YOUR ADVENTURES ONLINE Explore the onlinemultiplayer coopadventures with your friends. Cooperate with otherepic heroesonline to complete the hardest quests or fight againstthem in theonline multiplayer PvP arena. ⭐️ AWESOME FEATURES: -Play a trueAction RPG adventure - Enjoy the Hack & Slashmechanics - Fightin epic multiplayer battles against other heroesonline - Joinother heroes to complete the online coop quests - PlayPvP fightsin the dungeons - Participate in weekly PvE events - Teamup withyour friends in the online coop adventure - PvE events,PvPbattles, online multiplayer battles, and coop battles can beplayedfor free If you are looking for a new hack & slash gameandmobile action rpg game, this mmorpg adventure game will be yournewfavourite RPG, action MMO, online RPG, and PvP game. Will youbethe best dwarf? Be prepared for amazing boss battles,legendaryonline PvE quests, coop multiplayer levels full of action,and anew world full of arcane magic. Please note: - This epicMMORPGgame is free to play, but in-apps items can be purchased withrealmoney. To restrict in-app purchases adjust the settings onyourdevice. - Dungeon Legends is an online ARPG game, and requiresanInternet connection to play. --- Like thegame: Followus: Join the OfficialForum:
Barbaric: Marble-Like RPG, Hyper Action Hero! 1.1.00
Upopa Games
Take on the role of a mighty barbarian warrior on an epic questofmonster smashing and loot grabbing! Hack and slash your waythroughmonsters to raid their dungeons and steal theirgold!Transform intoa barbaric pinball and strike down monsters!Charge into hordes ofundead creatures and become the most powerfulGolden Hero!Test youraiming skills in dozens of levels, upgradeyour character, anddiscover powerful items!KEY FEATURES: • Reachthe top of the towerby honing your skills and your blade. • Collectepic weapons in aquest for legendary loot! • Roll through darkcaves, castles, anddungeons! • Jump right into the action without atedious tutorial!• Barbaric or Barbarik, you'll crush enemies,that's for sure! •Enhanced with Immersion TactileEffectsFOLLOWUS:www.upopa.comFacebook:
Complete Reference for DnD 5 7.6.8
While you explore dungeons, loot treasure and kill dragons,theComplete Reference app for DnD 5th Edition is your bestcompanion!This app is your guide while playing your favorite penand paperRPG, for both players and DM's. *NOTE: While this app ismainlymeant to be used with pen and paper role playing game DnD5thEdition, it can also be used with different versions. Allyourspells, items and monsters at hand without Internet or heavybooks!Includes all material from the SRD 5, in a searchable handyway.You can add your own content and share content easily by usingourOnline Content Creator system, check out our forum to find outmoredetails and additional content. New! You can also print cardssuchas spell cards, monster cards and equipment cards directly fromtheapp. Print a complete list at once and customize the card colorandicons to your liking. What is in the app: ✓ Over 200 Spells ✓Over800 Deities ✓ All base classes ✓ Many monsters completelylinkedwith their spells and skills ✓ 1 feat (check our forumforadditional content) ✓ More than 200 items and even more! TheDMsection contains a Random dungeon map generator, fantasynamegenerators, loot and encounter generators, an initiativetrackerand much more. If you unlock this section you also removethe adds.The new Character Sheet Manager can be used to manager allyourcharacters. Share and export characters and print charactersfor anice overview. Characters can also be viewed on your Weardevice,you can see the list of characters, their armor class andhitpoints. In addition, you can use the online character managertosynchronise all your characters between multiple devices.Bookmarkitems, spells, monsters and more to quickly access yourfavouriteitems. Internet is not needed to use this application! Theinternetpermission is only used to display some ads in theapp.Acknowledgement: * Thanks to Robert E Lee Spilman V forreworkingmany entries. * Credits for the icons to the Disclaimer: Deity information is fromDnDwiki(homebrew) and wikipedia. All the information provided bytheapplication are bound by the terms of the Open game License v1.1ofWizards of the Coast. A copy of this license can bedownloadedhere: Weare notaffiliated by any way to Wizards of the Coast.
Code Dungeons And Dragons Arcade Dungeons&Dragons 1.0
Dungeons & Dragons (abbreviated as D&D[2] or DnD) isafantasy tabletop role-playing game (RPG) originally designedbyGary Gygax and Dave Arneson. It was first published in 1974byTactical Studies Rules, Inc. (TSR). The game has been publishedbyWizards of the Coast (now a subsidiary of Hasbro) since 1997.Itwas derived from miniature wargames with a variation ofChainmailserving as the initial rule system.[3] D&D'spublication iscommonly recognized as the beginning of modernrole-playing gamesand the role-playing game industry.D&Ddeparts from traditionalwargaming and assigns each player aspecific character to playinstead of a military formation. Thesecharacters embark uponimaginary adventures within a fantasysetting. A Dungeon Masterserves as the game's referee andstoryteller while maintaining thesetting in which the adventuresoccur, and playing the role of theinhabitants. The characters forma party that interacts with thesetting's inhabitants, and eachother. Together they solvedilemmas, engage in battles, and gathertreasure and knowledge. Inthe process the characters earnexperience points in order to risein levels, and becomeincreasingly powerful over a series ofsessions.
Bit Heroes 1.2.5
Bit Heroes captures that charm and nostalgia of your favoriteRPG's!Explore and battle your way through a vast open worldinspired byyour favorite 8-bit & 16-bit dungeon heroes andmonsters.Collect & craft endless pieces of loot from dungeonexplorationto increase your power and build your team by capturingmonsters andheroes to battle at your side in old school,turn-based combat.Prove you’re the mightiest of heroes in the landby crushing battlesin the PvP arena, successfully completingdungeon raids, andcreating the most powerful guild to take intobattle at your side!Key Features: *Retro dungeon crawlingadventure! *A statue in themain town of the top global PvP player!*Six vast zones with over 70randomly-generated levels, dungeonsand raids. *Thousands of mix andmatch pieces of loot to upgrade,craft, and recycle. *Capture andevolve over 100 creatures,monsters & powerful bosses to battleby your side! *Equipfantastic pets such as floating pizza, tinyunicorns, and more!*Team up with friends/guild to tackleultra-difficult dungeons tofind great treasure! *Level up yourguild to unlock a special shopwith powerful bonuses. *Share storiesand swap strategies withWorld and Guild Chat. *Original chiptunessoundtrack that soundslike it was ripped straight from a NEScartridge. PLEASE NOTE: BitHeroes is free to play, but some extragame items can be purchasedfor real money. You can disable in-apppurchases in your device'ssettings. A network connection isrequired to play.
Dungeon Loot - dungeon crawler 2.85
How deep into the dungeon will you venture? Explore endlessdungeonsand fight your way to treasure through hordes of monsterseager toeat you for breakfast!Dungeon Loot is a very simple tolearn andplay engaging roguelike dungeon crawler. Level up yourcharacter,hunt for treasure and, above all, survive as long as youcan. Thedeeper you get into the dungeon the better rewardsforyou!FEATURES:✔ Perfect for quick breaks, fast andaddictiveroguelike gameplay!✔ 4 playable characters each withdifferentskills and gameplay✔ Endless gameplay with randomlygenerateddungeons✔ Use your characters uniques skills and abilitiestosurvive as long as you canDownload now for free and get onboardfor new exciting experience in roguelike dungeoncrawlergame.CONTACT USVisit our official siteathttp://www.runningpillow.comFollow us on Twitterat us on Facebookat and other fans at Patron at
Pathos: Nethack Codex 5.8
Pathos is a roguelike adventure game inspired by the rule setfromNethack. Choose from 13 classes and journey deep into thedungeon.Descend to hell to defeat your nemesis before escaping thedungeonwith all the loot you can carry!Emailmailto:[email protected]://
Quest Cards 1.8
SET OUT ON AN ADVENTURE!Quest Cards is a free single playergameinspired by game books, where you set out on adventures tofinishvarious quests. UNIQUE STORYAll and every adventure youundertakeis unique. Built from custom made encounters inunpredictable way,filled with many decisions you have to make. Allthis resulting inever changing narrative. Every decisionmatters!COLLECT LOOTCollectgold and gems on your quests and getchests full of cards as a lootfrom your adventures. These will helpto enrich your cardcollection with new spells and to upgrade theold ones.BUILD &UPGRADE YOUR DECK OF CARDSBuild your card deckfrom variousweapons, skills and spells. Create the right mix justfor you andyour playstyle. But beware that every spell or weaponhas its prosand its cons. Make you deck balanced or facedefeat.INTELLIGENTENEMIESFace dozens of different enemies. Alldriven by artificalintelligence (AI) and all different with variousattributes, skillsand spells. NO INTERNET CONNECTIONInternetconnection is NOTrequired to play this game. Great when you commuteor when downdeep in the coal mine.LANGUAGE SUPPORTThe game istranslated intomany world languages and more languages are coming.Note that notnecessarily all quests are translated into allsupportedlanguages.Download now for free and try this newexplorativequest-based RPG adventure game.CONTACT USVisit ourofficial site athttp://www.runningpillow.comFollow us on Twitterat us on Facebookat and other fans at Patron at
Dungeon Maker 1.5.7
- Selected as one of Top 10 games in Google Indie GameFestival2018! (Korea) Prepare for battle - a mob of heroes is abouttoinvade your territory! Build traps facilities in your dungeon,hiremonsters, discover relics with mysterious power, and protectyourdungeon from heroes that came to take you down. ◆ CONTENTS - 8DarkLords with special skills! - 200+ monsters and heroes - 100+trapsand facilities for your dungeon - 160+ relics with mysteriouspower- Various EVENTS filled with surprises - Various elements thatcanbe unlocked throughout gameplay - and more…! We are planning toaddmore Dark Lords, traps, monsters, and more game modes! ◆CREATEYOUR OWN DUNGEON Think carefully when placing traps,facilities,and monsters into your dungeon. Strong strategy willhelp yousurvive the swarm of heroes and allow you to unlock moreelementsfor your dungeon. May your dungeon endure the bravestheroes thereare! ◆ EXPLORE YOUR FATE Choose your fate from aselection of fatecards every day. If you wish to battle, heroeswill come, and ifyou wish for surprises, a special event will takeplace. Choose thefate you want as the master of your dungeon. ※Note: THIS GAME ISCOMPLETELY OFFLINE! As Dungeon Maker does nothave a server, all ofits data is stored on the user's device only.If you delete theapp, you may not be able to recover your gameplaydata. Please saveyour progress using the cloud storage optionwithin the game. Youcan request a refund using Google's refundbutton within 2 hoursfrom purchasing the app. However, you will notbe able to get arefund after 2 hours. In-app billing is an offlinegame that cannot be redeemed and suspended, so the developer cannot processrefunds. Only refunds through Google is possible. If youwant toget a refund due to change of mind, please ask for a refundin theaddressbelow.
Acidra Tears - Dungeon Action RPG - UNLIMITED
Welcome. Here is a new and changing world of adventure. Explorethedungeon and get the "Tears" on the bottom floor to take downthefinal boss. Set the status and skills to deal with the variousandunique enemies and traps of the dungeon. Grow your characterthestrongest. Strengthen your equipment and give themadditionaleffects to get even more power. Explore deep into thedungeon withyour co-workers. Build several buildings in the town toexpand thetown and prepare your adventure. Raise the level of thetown anddefeat the stronger enemies that invade and get specialrewards.Build a defensive building in the world outside the town topreparefor invasion. Please enjoy various game styles depending onskilland race selection. “Acidra Tears” is a Real-Time, Roguelike,Hackand Slash, Open World Action RPG.
Deadly Dungeons 2.3.4
Deadly Dungeons is a first person RPG developed exclusively fortheAndroid platform. It is inspired by several classicdungeoncrawlers and roguelikes.After being separated from youradventuringparty, you must navigate a deadly dungeon, and fightyour waythrough hordes of creatures in a desperate attempt toescape alive.What first begins as a simple escape to the surfaceturns into afight for survival, a confrontation with an ancientevil, and adescent to hell itself. Deadly Dungeons features severaldifficultylevels. Casual, an easy mode that features a god-modethat allowsyou to play through the game quickly without fear ofdying. Normal,a standard gameplay mode with death and saving andloading.Hardcore, a permadeath mode which deletes your save gameupon death(not for the faint of heart). Nightmare, an extremelydifficultmode with permadeath and creatures that move twice as fastasnormal. Once you beat the game, it doesn't end there. Start anewgame and the dungeon scales to your current player levelandfeatures more difficult creatures with enhanced abilities.Thereare 80+ creature levels of variation featuring over 80differenttypes of attacks creatures can perform. Beware, the gamestarts offeasy for casual players, but play beyond the initialstartinglevel, and you will be met with challenges that are likelybeyondyour ability.Other features include:* Massive and deadlydungeonenvironments to adventurer through.* Randomly generateddungeonlevels, creatures, and items.* Pages worth of dialog,journalentries, and environmental descriptions of thedungeonenvironment.* First-person dungeon crawling*Touch-basedinterface.Visit for moreinformation.
Tactics RPG – Craftsman hero battle 1.6.3
●Equip your hero and join the 3D Dungeon RPG mobile game world!●•Tactics RPG is a role-playing game that you can enjoy funandcompletely free of charge. Let's adventure fields and dungeonswithroguelike turn system. The fighting hero is not a warrior butacraftsman. There are no tools such as swords to fight,pleaseexterminate monsters with craftsmanship techniques and tools.Acraftsman hero can train with a combination of three statusesandover 40 avilibrium. (You can also make a team with your enemiesona side.) Quickly explore the dungeons and solve thedungeon'sgimmick's mystery! • Upgrade brings fun of craftmen'sfighting.Equipment can be combined within a weight limit of 100items ormore. Equipment can be upgraded to a more powerful one, sopleasefind a combination of the most powerful features andequipment.Heroes can be raised freely. The pattern is infinite.・Easy battlewith auto function. 3D Dungeon's easy-to-read Auto Mapfunction.Easy to play with automatic battle. But if you rely toomuch onautomatic battle, you may cut it. Practice full-scaleTactics RPGthrough strategy and hero training! • You can enjoy hackand slashgames on smartphones. Tactics RPG can change the positionof thebutton, so it will be easy to operate. [how to play] • Onceyouhave the equipment in town, go to the dungeons and fightagainstmonsters. Please earn money and gain experience. • In thedungeon,open up treasure boxes and get valuable items. • After youmakemoney, you can master your desired abilities by thecraftsmen'sguild. Heroes will be able to win even in the newdungeon. • Heroescan upgrade blacksmith tools with jem. Let's aimfor the goal ofthe game with adventure to every place of thedungeon map. • Let'sbattle to where the boss character is, whilesolving the mystery. ·Let's strengthen the hero's equipment andmake a strategy. Andplease enjoy your own RPG! [Story] A town inthe country of peace"Gendam". Many craftsmen are improving theirskills day by daybecause of the development of the city. But thecity had bigproblems. It is the existence of monsters that attackpeople anddevastate the city. The number of monsters increases dayby day andthe damage is increasing. So, an apprentice of acraftsman hasdecided to go out to find out why monsters areincreasing. [ReleaseMemorial Item] In commemoration of the release,a limited number ofrare items "Kids Hammer" are gifted for alimited time. Let's get atreasure box in the city so do not missit! 【Game Outline】 Title:Tactics RPG – Craftsman hero battleCategory: role playing game(free) Genre: craftsman's adventurestrategy RPG