Top 45 Games Similar to Fun Color Switch

Hop Color Switch Twist 5.0
Welcome to "Hop Color Switch Twist"Compete with other Hop Color Switch Twist users to get thehighestscore possible.Enjoy the challenge and keep the ball bouncing in the air."Hop Color Switch Twist" a fun challenge game!!!It is a perfect and relaxing game to play color switchsupergamewhen you only have a few minutes of time. Challenge yourselfandcompete with your friends, colleagues and family in this newcolorswitch super addicting stress relief game!Try to pass through difficult levels.Best of all, Color Switch Super uses real gravity.✤"Hop Color Switch Twist" has HD graphics.✤ Impressive color patterns.✤ Easy to play, hard to master.✤ "Hop Color Switch Twist" is a game free for all ages.★ ★ MAIN FEATURES ★ ★✪ Easy Levels.✪ New Design.✪ Stylish look.✪ Game Performance.✪ Improve Colors.✪ Unique Color.Please like and share if you enjoy playing. Send us yoursuggestionsand we will implement them in the next updatetoo!✪ New design✪ New Block Added✪ CHALLENGE MODULE ADD.✪ 10 DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT ADDENDUM.✪ The score table has been added.Enjoy!
Play Color Switch Twisted Swit 2.0
Welcome Play Color SwitchTwistedSwitcherFollow the color pattern to overcome obstacles!Play Color Switch Twisted Switcher is a fun game for allages.Enjoy the challenge and keep the ball bouncing in the air."Play Color Switch Twisted Switcher" a fun challenge game!!!Try to pass through difficult levels.The aim of Play Color Switch Twisted Switcher is very simple.With Play Color Switch Twisted Switcher you have topassobstacles,you have to pass over the same obstacles as the coloroftheball.If the other ball comes in another color, the ball willexplodeandthe game will start again!Example: Yellow ball only goes through Yellow Colorsthatrotate,switch and change.You can collect stars by passing through obstacles.Try to avoid difficult obstacles and be the star withthemost!You need mastery to pass the hard barriers, show us howmasteryyouare!Collect late stars with difficult obstacles and becomeleadersduringthe 1st!Download Play Color Switch Twisted Switcher today andseeforyourself why everyone is talking about it!How long can you continue playing Play Color SwitchTwistedSwitcherwithout fragmenting your phone?✤ "Play Color Switch Twisted Switcher" has HD graphics.✤ Impressive color patterns.✤ Easy to play, hard to master.✤ "Play Color Switch Twisted Switcher" is a free gameforallages.★ ★ MAIN FEATURES ★ ★✪ Easy Levels.✪ New Design.✪ Elegant look.✪ Game Performance.✪ Enhance Colors.✪ Unique Color.What are you waiting for?Download our game and enjoy the best game color game ever!
Play Color Switch Twist 3.0
Welcome Play Color Switch Twist!Follow the color pattern to overcome obstacles!Play Color Switch Twist is a fun game for all ages.The aim of Play Color Switch Twist game is very simple.Enjoy the challenge and keep the ball bouncing in the air."Play Color Switch Twist" a fun challenge game!!!Try to pass through difficult levels.With Play Color Switch Twist you have to pass obstacles, you havetopass over the same obstacles as the color of the ball. If theotherball comes in another color, the ball will explode and thegame willstart again!Example: Yellow ball only goes through Yellow Colors thatrotate,switch and change.You can collect stars by passing through obstacles.Try to avoid difficult obstacles and be the star withthemost!You need mastery to pass the hard barriers, show us how masteryyouare!Collect late stars with difficult obstacles and becomeleadersduring the 1st!Download Play Color Switch Twist today and see for yourselfwhyeveryone is talking about it!How long can you continue playing Play Color Switch Twistwithoutfragmenting your phone?✤ "Play Color Switch Twist" has HD graphics.✤ Impressive color patterns.✤ Easy to play, hard to master.✤ "Play Color Switch Twist" is a free game for all ages.★ ★ MAIN FEATURES ★ ★✪ Easy Levels.✪ New Design.✪ Elegant look.✪ Game Performance.✪ Enhance Colors.✪ Unique Color.What are you waiting for? Download our game and enjoy the bestgamecolor game ever!
Color Shift Switch 2 color
Welcome to new and addictive colorswitch​apponthe store, we recreate this challenging color shiftswitch 2 appwithmore cool challenges and colorful design.Tap the ball through each obstacle to switch color withsomepowerups and cross obstacles by following the colorpattern.Attention: you’ll have to start again if you pass throughthewrongcolor.Complete all the levels of color switch​app to get thehighestscorepossible. Color Switch​app use real gravity.The challenge of the color shift switch 2 is that theobstaclesareconstantly moving and becoming more complex usingdifferentspeeds,areas of color, shapes and the ball switch colorwhen youhit theright pattern.FEATURES of color switch​app-Free game-Hard to master but easy to play-HD graphics with Impressive color games.-Improve your concentration-Infinite level and obstacles to switch color wisely-Simple Interface with addictive gameplay colorGet hooked with color shift switch 2 the best colos gamefortrainingbrain and challenging family and friends to gethigherscore on thiscolor switch​appFrom a fan, don't get frustrated if you get stuck oncertainlevel,time your motion correctly, stay focused, react fastandkeepplaying color switch​app until you win that level thenyouwillprove to friends and family how stubborn you are .What are your waiting for ? Download color switch​appnowandchallenge yourself to win this challenging tappingappnow!!!
Fidget Pocket Sports - SandBox Bounzy Dune Ball 1.3
Fidget Spinner is ouch relief hand toy thatyoucan see in every person hand and pockets in commute , streetandmarket places. Fidget Spinner is best hand made ouch relief toyandyou can even play through this hand made toy when you are inouchstate.You need to play this tool with dry hands for bestspinningexperience in ouch state otherwise fidget spinner will bedistractyou.Fidget Spinner is best hand tool game now days incasablancafunctions.It is best hand made tool for every gentleman.Fidget Pocket Sports - Blast Bounzy Dune Ball 2018 is gameofcolor and fidgets.Fidget Spinner with color blast switch is simple game ofcolorfulfalling balls and fidgets , In which you just need to tapon screenwith your finger and by tapping spin your fidget in rightvs leftand left vs right and pickup and match opposite fallingcolor ballswith color on the fidget spinner with right precisionfor bestprogress.Fidget Pocket Sports - Blast Bounzy Dune Ball 2018 gamealsohas variety of fidgets which you can unlock by pickupstars.You need to pickup more stars and Unlock more fidgets forbestexperience in Fidget Pocket Sports - Blast Bounzy DuneBall2018.So for unlocking fidget please pickup more stars and enjoymorefidget spinner.Be careful decide quick rotation of fidget with in less roam oftimeotherwise it is difficult for you to pick exact color due tolessroam of time.Fidget spinner is also a pocket toy and you can move any wherelikecommute , market places and lava hot floor and fidget spinnerwillbe in your pocket like a don't forget to put your fidget spinner in pockets beforemovefrom home. and gentleman can enjoy this game even incasablancafunctions.
Color Fish - Switch Color
Color Fish - Switch ColorColor Fish is a super adventure gamefullof challenges coming your way.You need to move your fish onthesame color matching the color of the fish. fish will keepchangingits color in the path. The splash 2 ride your way with thecolorswitch environment makes this free switching games awesome.theswap of color in the gameplay makes it difficult and youalwaysneed to twist your strategy to move ahead. color fish is agame youwant to focus on the color switch taking place at eachlevel.Fishmoves on the colorful path coming its way and the fishwill switchits color every time it clears a level. the magic of thegame liesin the color switching itself. the fish is only allowed tomove onthe path with the same color of fish, and on touching everyothercolor the fish will die.- 70 challenging levels.- Randomgameplayafter 70 levels finishes.- Colorful gameplay- IntrusivemusicThequest to save the fish begins with color switchgameplay.Concentrate,practice and clear all the levels. Good Luck.
clock color switch 1.0.0
Welcome to this colorful world of Clock color switch free game !Ifyou are Clock color switch fan, you instantly get hooked onthisaddictive game,Clock color switch is perfect for killingtime,leisure, training brain playing Clock color switch fee game.Clockcolor switch is one of the most addictive and annoyinggamesavailable on mobile devices to date. Compete with other ClockcolorSwitch users to get the highest score possible.FEATURES Clockcolorswitch:-Clock color switch has an Impressive colorpatterns.-Clockcolor switch is Easy to play, hard to master.- HasHD graphicsgame-Level is infinite number of obstacles in thegame-Better gameInterface-Simple and addictive Clock color switchgameplayBest ofall, Clock color switch is NOT easy to play, it'sfaster, more funand more frustrating than any similar gameavailable to date.
Color Wheel Switch 4.1
The newest Color Wheel Switch comes to mobile!Color switchdesignedwith different modes for you. Color Wheel Switch is amazinggamethat you must play! You must follow the color switch pattern,oryou’ll lose!Color Wheel Switch is a color bursting, braintickling,and reaction testing game. It will definitely take sometime tobecome good at the game, unless you are ninja withexceptionalreaction already. Be careful not to touch on wrong colorchange, oryou’ll have to start again!Tap color and switch throughobstaclescarefully.Why not train your brain and reaction with ColorWheelSwitch?Don’t miss out on the best game, Color Wheel Switch!Let’sdownload and enjoy the fun with this!
Crazy Wheel Color Switch 1.6
Crazy Wheel Color Switch is a gamecollectionabout Color and switch.There are two game mode :Crazy Wheel Mode:How to play:Match The Arrow With The correct Color.Is notitsimple?Whats more,It contains three color mode!Color Rotation Mode:How to play:Rotate the circle to prevent the colorfulballescapingThe ball can not go through the same color wall.Its the only tiptoget more scores!Whats more,It contains three shape mode!Just try all endless!Circle Defend Mode:Rotate the circle to absorb the same color dots to prevent dotsfromdashing the heart.Simple play but much fun,try it now!We will add more fun game modes in the future.
Crazy Colour Ball Matching
Crazy colour ball matching is a brain reflex puzzle game helpyoutest brain and at the same time. Tap the Mobile screen to matchthecolor ball matching of the arrow dial to the color me of theswitchweel. Color game 2 and 3 game can be played at any place totrainyour brain and develop your brain skills & relieve yourstress.It is a perfect and relaxing and follow color challenge gametoplay when you only have minutes of time. Challenge yourselfandcompete your family members, colleagues or friends in thisnewcolor 2 and 3 crazy addicting coloring games for kids.Crazycolourball matching the concept of this switches 2 free Game iseasy thatyou can tap on the Mobile/Tablet screen to avoidobstacles. Beaware that you can bypass the obstacle when you willbe able thematch the coler balls because the shape of the obstacleis changingthere is a color bo change. The wheel will spin back andforth withtap and speed up with each match. Endless hours ofrelaxing godarcade gamee for stress reliefIf you are color crossfan, youinstantly get hooked on this addictive easy color games.Colourgame is perfect for killing time, leisure the connectionwithfamily and friends.  It is one of those games where yougetfrustrated if you get stuck, yet you will continue to playforhours until you beat the high score.Then the cycle starts alloveragain on the next level. Challenge your friends in anexcitingcolor changer game. Pop the Wheel: color ball Swapnowganess!The coler ball only pass obstacles with the samecolor.Collect all stars to make score. If you go through thewrongez switch, then the level ends. So strategize!! This game isnotlike bird story.How To Play Crazy colour ball matchingYoucan’tcross each obstacle with the same color of the ball.Jump Uptheball. Go through the same Pattern Color focus as your Ball oneachobstacle to cross it. Avoid touching different colors. Youonlycross each obstacle with the same color of the color of theball.The more Stars collected the Higher Score you get from colortapfree line game.Crazy colour ball matching FEATURES Colour ball2has HD graphics Impressive colorsEasy to playColor gamefreefor all agesTiming game to play but challenging to masterUseonlyone touch to keep the star from falling drop the ballz docolorjumpAttractive and Colorful game design that stay focus oncoloronly on the basicPlay as long as you can and get HighScoreWhat areyou waiting for? Download our color ball 2 and 3 gameand enjoy thebest color free play ever!
Fall Color Switch 1.0
Fall color switch is a new, simpler, infinite version with anewlive graphic.How: The ball fall with gravity, just the playertapon the screen to escape obstacles and avoid shocks, theselatterare surprising. The player must collect the chocolate inorder toobtain new characters.Features: Download the game for FREEto playnow. New & Colorful graphics. infinite. Amazing. Shareyourmoments and victories with your friends on Facebook. Fallcolorswitch est une nouvelle version plus simple,infinite avecunenouvelle graphique vivante.Comment: Le ballon se tombentavecgravité ,il suffit le joueur tape sur l'ecran pour echapperdesobstacles et eviter les chocs,ces derniers qui sont surprisant.Lejoueur doit collecter le chocolat afin d'obtenir desnouveaucaracteres.-Caractéristiques: Déchargez le jeu GRATUITEMENTpourjouer maintenant. Corps colorés et nouveau. infini. Plaindesuspense. Partagez vos moments et vos victoires avec vos amissurFacebook.
Color Ball Matching Challenge 1.2.9
Zigzag Games
Hop into an addictive single tap colour match game. Ourbouncingballs inspired bounce game, requires precise and timelytapps andball color matching. In this twisted color ball gamethings areeasy at the start, but will get excitingly andprogressively harderas you progress. Believe us, you will loveevery second of thisball matching colors arcader because it is oneof the worldshardest game. But, how long can you tap precisely andmaintain thedropping ball in the air? This color jump game isinspired from theidea of flappy bird game, likewise in flappy birdyou have controlthe falling bird and also try to avoid the hurdlesimilarly in thiscolor jump game you have to control the fallingball also you toswitch between color tiles. WILDLY ENTERTAININGTAPPER:In thissingle tap game, you need to precisely and timely tapthe droppingball. However, it needs to be done carefully to passthrough thecolor tiles. In this flappy bird inspired super hardgame becareful not to pass through the wrong color. As you progressyouwill see how challenging the color ball game can become becausethepositioning of the twisted color change rapidly, basically it’sacolor matching game and it does not have color circle itonlycontain color tiles.BALL GAME WITH INTERESTING TWIST:This isanaddictive ball game. In this bouncy ball game bouncing the ballisrelatively easy, but getting through the same color will behard.The twists and turns you’ll need to do are super-fun. Theywillhelp you enjoy the bouncy ball game, but they will equallyaddictand challenge you to play the game in every second of yourfreetime. If you are looking for world’s hardest game then thisjumpingball is the most challenging hard game.COLOR BALLMATCHINGCHALLENGE FEATURES:- Single tap game- easy controls- Switchbetweencolor jumps- Different color change pattern- Inspired fromflappybird - Bouncing balls that are hard to control- Colormatchrequest- Beautiful color ball game- Beautiful and colorfulJumpingball- Tiles with different twisted colors- No colorcircle-Interesting sound effects- Progressively challenginggamingenvironmentHOW TO PLAY COLOR BALL MATCHING CHALLENGE?• Tapthescreen for ball jump.• Control the dropping ball• Pass theballfrom same color tile as of ball.• Avoid other colored tiles.•Alsoavoid falling ball to hit the ground.• Keep an eye on colorchangebehavior• Share your high score onleaderboard.……………………………………………………………………………………………Color Ball Challengeis asuper hard and addictive game and it’s depending upon yourabilitythat how far can you get with this falling ball game.Bouncingballs can be enjoyed by everyone and everywhere.It is acasualbouncy ball game that will always leave you wanting for moreandmotivate you to always do better. In future we will try toaddcolor circle so that dropping ball can also switchbetweendifferent color circles.Get it free now!
Colorr Switcherr 2017 1.0
Welcome to this colorfulworld!ColorrSwitcherrr is a one touch arcade where you must pressajumpball.The colorful ball only pass obstacles with the samecolor.Collectall stars to collect score.If you go through the wrong color, then the game is over.Colorr Switcherrr like the famous game Color Switch isveryaddictivegame. We are sure you never stop playing Colour Swap.Soplay at yourown risk.We've offered the Colorr Switcherrr Game for free, or youcanremovethe ads instantly in-app for a very smallFeel free to like and share if you enjoy playing.********* ********** HOW TO PLAY – Colorr SwitcherrrlikeColorSwitch Game 2017 ********* **********--> You can not cross each obstacle with the same colorofthecolor of the ball.--> Jump Up the ball--> Go through the same Pattern Color as your Balloneachobstacle to cross it.--> Avoid touching different colors. You only crosseachobstaclewith the same color of the color of the ball.--> The more Stars collected the Higher Score you get.What are you waiting for? Download our game and enjoy thebestswitchcolor game ever!
Tips for Color Switch 1.0
Helps to play Color Switch Game
TripleX - Switch & Defense Game 🤹 1.2.2
🤹 TripleX - Switch & Defense Game by KlimBo Free Game 🤹🤹TripleXis one of the best switch & defense games available forAndroidwhich tests your reflexes and brain speed. Switch the colorof thetarget circle with TripleX - Switch & Defense game andbecome apart of this reactions speed test now!It is fun andaddictive switch& defense game for Android which is very easyto play. Just tapleft or right side of the screen to rotate andswitch the color ofthe tri-colored target circle to match thecolor of incoming ball.Keep your brain fit and test your reflexeswith this cool switch& defense game.🤹 TripleX is the perfectcompanion for yourleisure or a solution for your boredom. It willhelp to challengeyourself.🤹 TripleX - Switch & Defense game isone of the bestfree games to ward off Alzheimer's.Features: 📌 Nicegraphics and fungameplay. 📌 Leaderboard (Social and Everyone) andAchievements fromGoogle Play Games to share your results andcompete with yourfriends. 📌 Realistic physics engine withexcellent effects whenballs hit the target. 📌 Test the focus andspeed of your brain,reflexes and color vision accuracy. 📌 You willnever get bored withTripleX! 📌 Available for your mobile phone, 7inch tablet or 10 inchHD devices and small or low resolutiondevices!
Fidget Spinner 1.0
Love Fidgets? Fidget Spin or Fidget Spinner now comes in anamazingand breathtaking now form. This is the best of the FidgetSpinnergames. Play the most realistic Fidget Spinner game now!Goodnewsfor all the fidget spinner app lovers around the world. Youdon’tneed to spend hundreds of dollar on expensive stress relivingtoys.With this fidget spinner app you can enjoy fidget spinnersimulatorfor free. Fidget spinner is a popular toy nowadays whichhelpsrelieving stress. Download fidget spinner simulator now andrelaxyour mind. Enjoy free Fidget Spinner App and practice yourhandreflexes.With an amazing game play and a fantastic FidgetSpinnersimulator makes this app the best Fidget Spinner app of2017. Youhave to rotate the geometrical shape in such a way thatthebouncing fidget spinner always falls on the same color. You’llearnpoints as long as your stay in the same level and make pointsandyou’ll also earn cash prize on the basis of your score perlevel.With this cash you can unlock new Fidget Spinners and proceedtothe new levels. With each level the difficulty of thegameincreases. There are different geometrical shapes andwithdifferent number of colored sides. Play frequently to earn agreatscore in the game. Master all levels and become the FidgetSpinnerLegend of all time.
Color Space Switch 1.0
Color Space Switch is very addictivegame.Weare sure you never stop playing Color Space switch. So playatyourown risk.this game includes thrilling graphics i assureyouthatyou will enjoy after playing that endless based colorSpaceswitch(clone)Instructions For Game Play:- tap the screen to move the ball in the upward direction- Avoid the obstacles to play more interestingly
Artik Games
Welcome to Octagon Sphere Galaxy Legend!Start your OctagonGalaxylife rolling around different stars and planets , tap thescreenand twist the sphere around the cubes. Try to keep as mosttime asyou can without felling to the space. Be the best and becomeanOctagon Galaxy Legend!The further you get the faster it gets,howfast can you tap to keep your Sphere safe in thiscrazygalaxy?There is an alien galaxy legend that says someone gottolevel 130, can you make it? Will you achieve victory and becomealegend? You can do it and share your results with all yourfriendsand family pace Sphere Galaxy Legend is a new endlessgalaxytwister feel as a planet surfer through all this planets ofspacecubesIt’s all about balance this is not a smash hit game themostimportant thing are your reflexes.If you love space go forit,concentrate to move around as this is no space shooter.Rollrollroll the ball through the galaxy cubes i space! Just don't getlostin space or the earth orbit.How to play:Just tap the screentotwist from one space cube to the other and don’t fell fromthecubes, there is more than you imagine in this galaxy! Don’t tapoutof time because if not you’ ll fell down! Go octagon crazy,Gooctagon twist and win the octagon prize!Follow Artik Gamesandspace sphere galaxy legend, and become a galaxylegend:Instagramartik.games
CRYSTAL RUSH! on Dancing Line 1.0.3
Tough and addictive game-play and Color Switch it! TakeChallengeand see How far can you go?Tap to jump and see the CrystalRushStayon the wall and Try not to hit the ZigZag!CRYSTAL RUSH! onDancingLine created wonderful gameplay with a carefully selectedZigZag tocreate an experience. lGuide an ever-growing Line througha lonelyof environments. Watching carefully tap the screen to makea anyturn and jump, avoiding obstacles and reacting to the World.ThisGame is the ultimate challenge in reflexesandconcentration.CRYSTAL RUSH! on Dancing Line featuresdifferentColor Switch Lines of increasing difficulty. Each onepaints aunique Colour and evokes various mood. - Feel the ColorSwitch oflines . - Start in the sky to space of lines. - CollectDiamondsthrough the lines. - Keep playing to observe your reflexstability.
Car Color Switch 1.0
Lab Enthronet
The Color Car is a super adventure game full of challenges cominginway. You need to move your car on the same color matches thecolorof the car. the car will continue to change colors on theroad. 2rise How Your splashes with the environment color switchesmake thisawesome free switch game. swap color wars in gameplaymakes itdifficult and you always need to play your strategy formovingforward. Color Car is a game You want to focus on the colorswitchhappens at every level. Car moving in the way of coming upwithcolorful car and how will switch colors every time you cleanyourfloors. the magic of the game lies in the color of theswitchitself. the car is only allowed to move on the road with thesamecolor of the splash cars, and touching each other color jumpplusof the car will crush.-70 challenging levels.-Random Gameplayafterlevel 70 is finished.-Colorful Gameplay-Intrusive MusicTheeffortto save the car starts with color switches. Concentrate,practice,and clear all the levels. Good luck.
Color Jump 2017 1.1
Tap your way up through each spinning ringandyour ball will Color Jump Switch with some random Color Jump2017Free.Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ballwillswitch color with some powerups.You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to crossit!Be careful not to pass through the wrong color, or you’ll havetostart againRemember if you like the game write comment and Share withfriendsENJOY !
Color Switch - Level 6 1.0
Rapid Action, find your way to Level 6.What you needt:◉FastFingers◉ Swift Eyes◉ Reflexes²Fight with your FriendsforHighscores or practice your Skills in different Modes.Perfectforthe boredom between long waiting times.
Double Color Match 2.0
WC Games
Welcome to "Double Color Match | dots γ gamma". It's a new, freeandaddictive game for someone who is patient and wants to climbuponthe LeaderBoard. How to play:Hold or release left/right onthescreen to change the colors and matching the incomingdots.Includes:- Battle your friends score with Game Center.-Freedownload (with in app purchase for removing ads). Powered byWCGames: Developed byOdiusFlyStudio: Graphics byMadPixel:
Ground Color Match 2.0
WC Games
Welcome to "Ground Color Match | dots σ sigma". It's a new, freeandaddictive game for someone who is patient and wants to climbuponthe LeaderBoard. How to play:Tap the screen to change the colorofthe bottom, match the color with the falling dots. Includes:-Battleyour friends score with Game Center.- Free download (with inapppurchase for removing ads). Powered by WCGames:http://wc-games.comDeveloped by OdiusFlyStudio: Graphics byMadPixel:
Flip Six: Color Switch Defense 1.0.6
Flip and switch your six color guns to match the incoming colorbombsequence to destroy them before they destroy your base! Youmust actquickly to flip your six colors and match each incomingwave of sixbombs before they dive and damage your color guns.Don't get toocomfortable, because there are more weapons in theenemy's arsenal!There is the gray Big Bomb, which will damage anycolor gun. Draw acircle around it to destroy it, or draw a line tobounce it anddelay it just a little longer. Also, watch out forthe missile! Itwill quickly dive towards your base. Draw a line todestroy amissile. You will have some help out there...collectrepair cratesto fix damaged guns. Draw a circle around a crate tocollect it. Ifyou need some more time before it crashes into theground below,draw a line to bounce it up. You can also collectenergy balls. Thiswill put a force field around each gun! Eachforce field canwithstand one hit.Keep going as long as you can toget the highscore!TIP: Need to delay a Big Bomb or repair crateeven longer?Draw a line straight up the will ride theline all theway up!FEATURES•  FREE TO PLAY•  Fast paced,difficult, incrediblyaddictive, "defend the base" arcade game!• Draw lines to switch andflip your six color guns by connectingthem.•  Draw circles todestroy Big Bombs before the dive into yourbase.•  Draw circles tocollect repair crates before they crashinto the ground.•  Userepair crates to fix your damaged guns.• Draw a line to bounce BigBombs and repair crates and buy you somemore time.•  Tap a gun torepair it.•  Missiles quickly dive intoyour base; draw a line todestroy them!•  Force fields help protectyour guns by absorbing onehit each.•  Endless fun as you try tobeat the high score!TIP: Ifyou don't have enough time to match asequence, fix any damaged gunsthat aren't matched to the correctcolor. After your guns fire,quickly move on to the nextsequence.*******Important*******We don'tcollect, view, modify, oruse any personal information with this orany other games,including name, contacts, photos, files,orlocation!*************************Fife and Drum" KevinMacLeod( under Creative Commons: ByAttribution3.0License"At Launch"KevinMacLeod ( under Creative Commons:ByAttribution 3.0License
Color Switch: Zig Zag Ball 1.0
GM Biltek
Renkli dünyamızda sizde olmaya ne dersiniz ? Color Switch: ZigZagBall ile renkli dünyada sizde olabilirsiniz. Önünüzeçıkanengelleri aşarak en yüksek skoru elde edebilirsiniz.How aboutyoube in our colorful world? Color Switch: You can be the first toZigZag Ball in the colorful world. You can get the highest scoreyoucan overcome the obstacles ahead.
Tap Color Match 2.0
WC Games
Welcome to "Tap Color Match | dots δ delta". It's a new, freeandaddictive game for someone who is patient and wants to climbuponthe LeaderBoard. How to play:Hold or release the screen tochangethe color and matching the incoming dots. Dots speedincreases.Includes:- Battle your friends score with Game Center.-Freedownload (with in app purchase for removing ads). Powered byWCGames: Developed byOdiusFlyStudio: Graphics byMadPixel:
Dr. Switch Color - Action Game 1.0
Yo Assaoui
Dr.Switch Color is Free Game ,Taptheballcarefully through each obstacle and your ball willswitchitscolor!Switch Color ,You must follow the color pattern on eachobstacletocross it safely!Switch Color,Be careful not to pass through the wrongcolor,oryou’ll have to start again.See if you have enough timing and patience skills inDr.SwitchColor!6 Game Modes :* Normal Mode* Reverse Mode* Split Mode* Auto Switch Mode* Flappy Mode (NEW)* BOUNCE MODE (NEW)Features Dr.Switch Color :* Test your patience skills!* Test your timing skills!* Challenging puzzle!* Color SwitchMore game modes are coming in each update!
Ball Color Switch 1.0
Play NOW Polycrom: Bounce Ball Game and get the highscore! Spinthewheel and fit the color balls! This is totally different fromwhatyou've played so far.CHARACTERISTICS★ Bounce BallGame.★Progressive difficulty.★ Minimalist graphic color style.★HDgraphics.★ Spin mechanics.HOW TO PLAYInput, may seem a pinball,butnothing is further from reality, playing "Polycrom" is veryeasy,you will have a spin wheel with 4 type of color: green,magenta,red and yellow.You'll have to have good reflexes and spinthe wheelof colors to match the bounce balls that fall fromabove.Forexample if the ball is red, you have to spin the wheel tothe sidelace red bounce ball, if you fail, you lose a life. Samefor thegreen, yellow and magenta color.The more balls lace colors,fallfaster and more difficult the challenge of playing Polycrom.Youwill see that on one hand, is a very easy game to play, becauseitsmechanics are very simple, but on the other is challengingthesurpass himself.
Color Tracks Go 3.1
" Color Tracks Go" : Best tap game in your hands thatcontainscurved paths , reflections ,... .* How To play : - Tap ontherequired shape .- Don't make the required shape escapes offthescreen .- Don't tap the non-required shape- Focus and hurry inthetap____________________________________________________________________*Patternsof play :1) Curves Mode (Paths) : It Contains movingcurved pathsincluding: two lines level , Cross lines (intersections level ) ,three lines and four lines level .2)Reflections Mode () : Itcontains two lines of moving tracks, Itreflect the direction ofmovement of the tracks and change levelwith time , the colorchanges every 10 taps so whatch out to thecolor changer .3) ChoiceMode ( Select to play ):A lot of kinds oftoys in front of you,select one of them what you want , willamazeyou.____________________________________________________________________*Features:-Easy to move between stages and menus.- Many kinds ofgames.-Wonderful and attractive graphics like you are in a worldofcolors.- Increase the concentration of the player, and becomesmorespeed click.- You can make a login on Facebook, Twitter,invite yourfriends and publish your achievements.- Know your levelamong theplayers on the leaderboard.- The possibility of buyinginto thegame.- Get a prize as a result of our support andourfollow-up.__________________________________________________________________*Donot forget to support us from below, we are happy to receiveyoursuggestions and your comments: * * ** Do not forget to rate us onGooglePlay.**** The best game in your hands, enjoy challengingyourfriends **** *********Go**********
Square Color Switch 1
Myroble Games
Tap the Square Shape carefullythrougheachobstacleSquare will switch color PowerUps.You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to crossitPlay and feel real entertainment
Easy Color Switch: colour switch
Easy Color Switch is magic color swich game. Free Color Switchmeansyou have to pick odd colors with concentration, try to passthe bomband same color because they can finish game. Stars withsame colourswitch can grab your attention but try to click beforeall odd colorcapture.With the only rule to pick the odd color out,Free ColorSwitch game is becoming a favorite game of many users.Download thiscolour switch fun games for free and find yourselflost in the realmof wonderland. Easy magic Color Swich can bringout the child insideof every adult and help the school-goingchildren help learn thecolors. It’s a fun for all ages andchallenging puzzle color matchgame, and it’s one of those populargames where you get frustratedif you can pass a certain level andget stuck, but you will stillkeep playing for hours until you winthat level of color changegame.** Features of Easy color swichGame– The fun games for freeeveryone needs:The rule might besimple but don’t you dare take thisarcade colorswitch gamelightly! We have incorporated the trickiesttechniques and smartestideas in this color touch game. This colourswitch game is perfectfor all the gamer!The impressive features ofthis magic color matchgame are as follows:** Simple yet interactiveinterface:Whether youare waiting for your driver or giving yourselfa break from thetedious work; the simple interface of this freecolour switch gameapp makes it easy to play and have fun. Joy iscontagious and wehope to spread it by providing you the best colortouch populargames. Install this colorswitch fun games for free andget started.** Cool game modes to grab the player’s attention:Thismagic colormatch fun games for free offer not just one or two butin factseven different game modes to have fun! Go for the toughestshakereverse mode or the simplest classic mode, the fun shake modeorthe challenging minute mode; either way, you’ll have a time ofyourlife! This 2D color touch game is way ahead of its time! Eventheorder, reverse, and shake order game modes are worth a try.**Addictive music to spice up the game:Oh, the music andsoundeffects apart from the graphics of this color match game aresimplyamazing. Even when the app is closed, you’ll find yourselfhummingand dancing with the music tone. It’s that much fun! ** Freeofcost:We have the best interest of our user at heart which is whyweoffer a free popular games application for all those who lovetoplay colorswitch games. Enjoy your life as not all good thingscomeat a cost! Note: The keys are up for a purchase offer! Can’tgetenough of the thrilling color changer game? You can buythe‘success keys’ to level up your game. Basically it is a toughcolorchange game to get bonus, where bonus is called star. ** Isthisfree Color switch game is made for you?We have tried our levelbestto rule out the common notion that only children can have arealtime playing popular games in our app. As mentioned above,thedifficult game modes in this app get trickier and tough.Treatyourself with the application and dare to takeaction!Thiscolorswitch game is the apple of the eye of teenagers,school-goingchildren, and adults. The kids look forward to thiscolor swichactive game than to their boring coloring books. Use itto have funor make it a learning experience for your child, it’s upto you!So,what are you waiting for? Download this cool and free funcolorchanger app that is Color change amazing game. Challengeyourselfto win this action color touch game now! It’s better thanmanyother color changer games!
Switch To Dash 0.9.27
If you liked Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World you can'tmissSwitch To Dash!Join an additive bizarre colored adventure:passthrough lasers, jump , fly, discover always new obstacles alongtheway!Tap to left or right to jump and switch color at the sametime!Follow the rhythm!Push your skills to the limit as you jump,switchcolor, ,pass dangerous obstacles through a geometry worldchoosingthe right color!Try to survive in this impossible game!Improvesyour coordination skills and reflexes.Beware: it will benot soeasy!• Color-Rhythm-Action-Platforming!• Jump and switchcolor!•Unlock unique colors to customize your dash!• The worldchangecolor with you!• Something new in every level!• This isanaddictive challenge game!
Color And Switch 1.02
Color and Switch is a Addictive and Frustrating Tap to Jump Game!Asthe player moves upward they have to navigate multi-colorprimitiveshapes. The player changes color when pickups arecollected. Theplayer can only traverse the colored areas of theprimitive shapethat match the players color. if you ready letsjump
Color Jump Switch 1.3
Tap your way up through each spinningringandyour ball will Color Jump Switch with some random ColorJumpSwitchTap the ball carefully through each obstacle and yourballwillswitch color with some powerups.You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it!Be careful not to pass through the wrong color, or you’llhavetostart againRemember if you like the game write comment and SharewithfriendsENJOY !
Mini Games - Color Switch - AA
Mini GamesPlay amazing collection of games.It's so much fun thatyouget hooked!Super simple gameplay!PLEASE ASSESS THE GAME FORMOREGAME
Jelly Smash 14.1
The Jelly Smash saga continues, this time with a mind burstingjellymemory game to splash jelly!How good is your memory? Play theJellySmash game now to put it to the test, find and splash thejelly oryou're bust!You only get a split second to memorise wherethe Jellyis, the wall closes, and you have to Smash the jellyusing yourmemory locate where the Jelly is hidden! The game getsharder withmore jelly to blitz or crush as the levelsprogress!Miss the jelly,and let's just say you will be jellybust!Hit the red button at thebottom of the screen to blitz allthe Jelly and skip to the nextlevel of the saga! Jelly Smash isridiculously addictive, it'ssimple test of your memory!.This is afun free game for kids oradultsEnjoy Jelly Smash games and pleaseshare the free game withfriends!GET JELLY CRUSHING AGAIN!!!!
Crazy Switch Color
Simply tap your screen to match the arrow switching color withthecorrect color.Very simple game, but very challenging! Hard toputit down once you get started!Crazy Switch Color is a mentalbrainreflex puzzle game designed to help you test your brain atitsbest. Tap the screen to match the color of the arrow dial tothecolor of the switch wheel. Games can be played at any placetorelax, train your brain, enhance your mental qyuickness,andrelieve stress. It is a perfect and relaxing game to play whenyouonly have a few minutes of time. Challenge yourself andcompetewith your friends, colleagues and family in this newcrazyaddicting stress relief game!HOW TO PLAY- Tap your screen tomatchthe color arrow dial crazy with the correct color on theswitchwheel- The arrow dial will color switch and direction switchonevery correct match- The wheel will spin back and forth withtapand speed up with each match- Endless hours of relaxing gameplaygreat for stress reliefPlay Crazy Switch Color now
Trump Hair Color Switch 1.1
Tap the Trump hair color carefully through each obstacle andyourTrump hair will switch color every time.You must follow thecolorpattern on each obstacle to cross it !all adult players lovethisgameits not kids game only.
Switch Color
Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ballwillchange color with some powerups.You must follow the colorpatternon each obstacle to cross it !Be careful not to pass throughthewrong color, or you’ll have to start again.
Master Switch Color Free
Master Switch Color free nouveau jeu de folie et de defi, est unjeutrès populaire cette année. Defiez vous avec vos amis enfaisant desmeilleurs scores , le jjeu est disponible gratuitementsur lesappareils AndroidAppuyez sur l’écran pour dépasser lesobstacles desmêmes cotes colorés du ballon de différentes formeset modeless encollectant des bonus.Faites attention de dépasser lamauvaisecouleur pour ne pas recommencer des le début alors vousdevez fairedes réactions rapides.Au fil du temps les entraves enmouvementdeviennent plus rapide, essayez d’être plus concentrésavec lescouleurs et la balleAvec Master Switch Color Free chassezdesmeilleurs scores avec le fabuleux jeu de défi.CaracteristiquesMaster Switch color free:- Innovante resolutiongraphique- Jouablepour les enfants comme pour les adultes - Jeuufacile a metriser etdifficile a jouer- jeuu gratuit et additif-Motifs de couleursprodigieux Si vous avez des suggestions , envoyezun message surnotre mail et nous allons vous répondreMaster SwitchColor free newgame madness and challenge, is a very popular gamethis year.Challenge with your friends by making high scores, thejjeu isavailable on Android devicesTap the screen to overcometheobstacles of the same colored ball odds of different shapesandmodeless collecting bonuses.Be careful exceed the wrong colornotto start from the beginning then you need to makequickreactions.Over time impediments to movement become faster, trytobe more concentrated with the colors and the ballWith MasterSwitchFree Color chase high scores with the fabulouschallengegame.Master Switch features free color:- Innovativegraphicalresolution- Playable for children and adults- Easy Jeuuhasmetriser and difficult to play- free and additive jeuu- Reasonsforprodigious colorsIf you have suggestions, send a message toourmail and we will respond
Colors Wars: color switch game 1.0
Gladio Games
Colors Wars is a unique endless game based on color matching.Theplayer will have to pass through different obstacles, and theonlyway to succeed it's to match the same color of the obstacle. Astheplayer goes forward , the game will increase the difficultyandgenerate harder patterns to defeat.The game will randomlygeneratebonuses to help the player to beat the game or make hislifeharder. Speaking about points, the main goal of the player it'stobeat his best score, so every match, the player has to pushhisskill a little bit forward in order beat his previous score;apartfrom the score, the player can collects dots to spend on thestoreto unlock new items.The game gives the player the chancetounlock:- Beautiful backgrounds.- More then 40 different shapestouse.- 4 different sets of colors to use.Features:-Balancedgameplay.- For the skilled players, there is the chance toskip theeasy part and go directly to the part that best fits theirskilllevel.- Fortune wheel, the player has the chance to unlockitemsand earn virtual coins (dots) to spend on the virtualstore.-Virtual Shop: Unlock backgrounds, shapes and colors.- Nobanner ingame: we all hate ugly and distracting banners during thegameplay.- Minimal design.
Bouncing Color Change Ball 1.0
Bouncing Color Change Ball is a Addictive and Frustrating Tap TaptoJump Game!★ ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ ★✤ As the player moves upward theyhaveto navigate multi-color primitive shapes. The player changescolorwhen pickups are collected. The player can only traverse thecoloredareas of the primitive shape that match the players color.✤Easy toplay, hard to master.✤ Bouncing Color Ball has HDgraphics.✤Impressive color patterns.✤ Bouncing Color Ball is agame free forall ages.★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★✪ Level is infinite(thoughuses a finitenumber of obstacles).✪ PickUps and Obstacles objectsare pooled(nocreate and destroys except for particles).✪ NewDesign.✪ Stylishlook.✪ Game Performance.✪ Improve user interface.✪Improve Colors.✪New Player Effect.✪ New Bouncy Effect.✪ New ColorEffect.✪ New GUI.✪Better Interface.✪ Unique Design.✪ UniqueColor.✪ Latest Features.✪Improve Performance and Player Efficiencyand Effectiveness.Our gameis constantly being improved. In thefollowing days in line with therequest from you, we will continueto add new features.Allsuggestions and criticisms can be sent toapps[at]eflatunyazilim.comaddress, and you can follow tocontact our account and our access the latest announcementsabout our game you canfollow us on the followingchannels:Web:http://eflatunyazilim.comFacebook:[at]
Color Stack Switch 1.2
Color Stack SwitchTap Tap, yes just tap tap to play and feelmoreexcited with colorful dishes. BE CAREFUL, you can’t get out ofthescreen, KEEP TAPPING TO Color Stack Switch Don’t let themfallingoff the ground. Concentration is the key to success. Tap thescreento line up chains of blocks as they change in speed, color,andquantity. The higher your streak and the straighter your stack,thehigher your score climbs. Every 10 stacks without a mistakerewardyou with a random bonus. Can you stack 50 Score? Veryaddictivechallenging tap to play game... Hit the highest score onleaderboard... Enjoy...- Increase speed on every 20 perfect match-Combobonuses: Tile expansion for every 5 perfect match- ComboBonuses:Cool down for every 15 perfect match- Sound effects.-Snapshot ofthe tower built...- Share the tower image withfriends….Enjoy builda perfect tallest super Color Stack Switch inthis stack up game.Color Stack Switch is a super addictive buildingblock game. Stackup pile of blocks on one and other to get them alltighter. Be theperfect stalker and build perfect blocks from thestacks. ThisColor Stack Switch game is perfect for killing thetime. Keepblocks on each other perfectly to keep this game going onand on?Test your precision skills in this Color Stack Switch. Thisgame isreally fun to play with simple tap tap control. Compete withyourown high score and beat your score on leader board. Enjoy thisfreegame on the play store and have fun. If the placement is notgoodthen the block will be cut down and you can fail the level.Justtapto drop blocks and stack them up into an endless tower ofblocks!Line up the block carefully before you drop the block tocreatetowering stacks of blocks. Stack the blocks densely if goingforscore, or drop blocks into narrow towers if going for thetallesttower. How many blocks can you stack before your blocktowercrumbles? Try to keep your block tower balanced!Balance is thekeyto stacking blocks. Knowing when and where to drop blockswillallow you to stack them up into the tallest block towers. Lineupthe block, then tap to drop blocks where they fit best. Orjustdrop blocks wherever you want and challenge yourself to buildablock stack that wobbles out of balance.Color StackSwitchFeatures:This game provides you the experience of your lifetime. •Intuitive controls • Quality artwork• Challenging &Immersivegame play• Endless game play like in many stackinggamesHow to playColor Stack Switch: • Tap and hold to place thecolorful swingingblock on top of the base.• The part of thecolorful misplaced blockwould get sliced away.• Stack up the blocksaccurately & ashigh as you can!• Share your score with friends& family!!
Switch Ball Color
Switch ball color is a very fun game for kids switch the ballcolorto avoid the hurdles and make high score play withfriends.Remember the ball and hurdle color must be same in order toclearthe hurdle. Amazing jelly effect of the ball will make youcrazy.Game is a bit challenging but have very attractive visualsandamazing graphics. Kids will love to play switch ball color.Eachstar will earn you a point, so try to pick more stars to earnmorepoints.Challenge your friends by gaining high scoreDon't hityourball with the hurdle of different color Hint: Tap slowly inorderto gain more pointsFeatures:* Awesome Game play* HighdefinitionGraphics* Highly addictive* Unique combination ofbeautiful colors*Wiggle jelly effect of the ball* bit challenging *Kids will lovethe combination of colors * Good leisure timeactivity to play thisgame