Top 20 Games Similar to Rabbits and darts for children

Darts 3D
This a nice 3D Dart game with beautiful graphics.- Playagainstother People online - Play against other People on the sameDevice-Play against AI - 3 Gamemodes: 301, 501, Arround the World
Smart Darts
We have just released Smart Darts Pro, the brand new sequel toSmartDarts! is still free to download and play but has brand newhighresolution graphics, Cricket in addition to 301 and 501andreal-time online multiplayer. Why not give it a try anddownloadnow?Smart DartsFeaturing beautifully rendered graphics,advancedartificial intelligence and challenging gameplay, SmartDartsaccurately portrays the skill and tension of realdarts.Keyfeatures:* It's free! Yes, there's a few ads every now andthen,but you can simply download from the Play Store and play.* 301and501 game modes.* Unique control system - easy to learn but hardtomaster.* Play against your Android phone or a friendwithdifficulty levels to suit all.
Darts Man 1.0.0
Darts ManStickman throwing darts, can you take that right?This isasimple casual arcade game. Hand control two warriors, smashtheflying darts from the other side. How long you can hold? Therearemany game modes, let you crazy! Come free download, free toplay!
Lounge Darts BETA
A single or two player darts game with game modes for 301 and501.Instructions:* Place your thumbs on the controllers on thelowerpart of the screen. * Aim with your right thumb. * Payattention tothe power meter on the left* Release your left thumbwhen you areready to throw.Rules:* Throw until you reach zero.* Endin doubleor bulls-eye.* If you go bust, turn changes.This is a BETAproduct.We are still ironing out bugs and improving the game play.We doappreciate any feedback, so feel free to email us anysuggestionsand comments regarding this game.Future features inplanning:*Internet multiplayer* More game modes* Team play
Balloon Crush
^Bang! Bang!! Bang!!!(Free)^ Get balloons bang!!! For fun!!! Tips:•Tap To Select • Tap Again for BANG! • Use Dart for single balloon•Extra Bonus IF remain < 10
The Darts Free
It is a darts game of easy operation. I will stop the stickwhichmoves vertically and horizontally on a screen by a tap, andwillthrow an arrow in a darts board! The sum total score given up3times is recorded. A score is recorded to the 10th place.Moreover,it is also possible for a total score to also be recordedand tocompete with the user in the world for a score. Pleaseparticipatein ranking.
Vadivelu Dart Wheel
Vadivelu Dart Wheel is casual game with loads of fun, for everyfansof vadiveluThe game play is as simple was hitting the targetbyavoiding the vadivelu in the centerWith higher level youwillchanged with wheel speed, it would really test your handeyeco-ordination.Enjoy the game
Zombie Darts
Now you can play darts on your phone!This is a classic game!Youmove right and left to control the dart’s flying directionandslide upwards to control the strength and angle★ Simple and easytoplay★ Creative elements and multiplayer mode★ More fun for youtofind in the game
Angry Darts Revenge
Real fun is on here, just pick up the dart take aim and hitthetarget. As close you hit the target the more points you get,makesure you don’t miss your target by far, Avoid hitting the childonboard to preventing the level gets over. Real test of yourskillsand great fun to play this addictive game. Once you havestartedplaying this fun making game you are never going to stopplaying itagain and again. It’s a game for every type and every ageof usersas it is simple to see but hard to get the target, mindexploringand makes you feel fresh mentally. Your patience and skillwillhelp you getting the center of target. It’s get difficult levelbylevel, the speed of board increases in every level. Try this togetunlimited fun!!! Features: Defined no. of darts to hit thetargetDifferent levels of addictive game play Smooth game playNicegraphics Great chance to improve your skills
Super Balloon Pang
*Major Update: Achievements and Leaderboards added*Get ready forallthe balloon breaking action you 'll ever need! This game isinspiredby classic coin-op games such as Pang - Bubble Trouble andBubbleBobble.Shoot darts at the balloons to break them intosmallerballoons. Clear the levels by destroying all balloons! Getpowerups,avoid enemies and traps, transport through magic doors,breakobstacles and use smart moves to defeat the hardest levels.The gameincludes: -Over 80 levels of balloon breaking action-FourdistinctWorlds: The Green Hills, Spooky Land, The Pyramids andAlienLands-Infinite mode and Balloon Tap mode: test your skillsagainstunlimited waves of balloons and compare your scores toother playersworldwide.-Over 20 Achievements to help you increaseyour level.-Ranking scheme: get one to three stars depending onyourperformance; Leaderboards for the Infinite mode-Physicsbasedballoon movement with a hint of randomnessHow to play:Touchthearrows to move left and right; touch the fire button toshootsdarts. Carefully time your shots to destroy the balloonswhileavoiding contact with them. Tip: By default a maximum of 2dartscan be present on screen at the same time; however, byshootingdarts at the bees/bats/eagles you have a chance to getbetterabilities! Play the tutorial for more tips.If you haveanycomments,ideas or questions you may contact us atsoftskycreations[at] mail.comFollow us onTwitter:
Baby Hazel Pet Care Games
Now you can play 8 Baby Hazel Pet Care game on your smartphoneforfree. Baby Hazel is fond of pet animals. S8 Baby Hazel petgamesinside one game!!!So you want to be the best pet care takerever?Baby Hazel Pet Games Pack is designed for all the pet lovers.Hereyou get a chance to look after cute little pets such ascat,parrot, fish, reindeer and many more along with Baby Hazel.Havefun caring and playing with cute little pets of BabyHazel!!!Petsneed healthy food, a beautiful home, caring and a lotof happy playtime. 10 Pet Games in the pack lets the kids to feed,play and carefor adorable and naughty pets. Get amused and occupiedfor hoursand fall in love with cute pets of Hazel with this fun petcaregames.What's inside:Baby Hazel Goldfish – Build fish tank, feedandlook after adorable goldfish, Goldie.Baby Hazel Naughty Cat–Bathe, feed and play with naughty cat, Katy along with Hazel.BabyHazel Parrot Care – Little parrot, Charlie is injured! HelpHazelto provide him medical aid. Treat him with love and affectionforspeedy recovery.Baby Hazel Pet Party – Style up pets and takethemout for Pet Party. Feed them and enjoy fun-filled pet showalongwith Hazel and friends.Baby Hazel Pet Hospital – Take injuredpetsof Hazel and friends to hospital for treatment. Look aftertheirneeds with love and care.Baby Hazel Reindeer Surprise – It'sallabout caring Santa's reindeer. Feed him, play Hide n Seek withhimand put him to sleep by narrating stories to him.Baby HazelDolphinTour – Experience the joyful world of dolphins with BabyHazel andfamily. Watch amazing Dolphin Show and get a chance toplay andinteract with playful dolphins. Baby Hazel Pet Care – Careforadorable Rabbit! Feed, play and bathe the cute naughty petandbuild a colourful home for him.
Rabbit and Eggs
Easter is coming and the bunny needs to get a lot of eggsofdifferent types. Can you help him?The Easter themed game forkidsyou were looking for.Use your finger to draw chocolate lineswherethe rabbit will bounce. Don't let him fall!Each line you drawusesyour chocolate, and when the rabbit hits one egg, you getmorechocolate. Simple and fun.Rabbit and Eggs is based on ChalkBallwith a simplified gameplay and specially themed for Easter.Ifyoulike this game, you should try Chalk Ball for the fullbouncingexperience, more challenges and differentadventures.*GameplayThere are 6 different levels. Each one requiresyou to geta number of eggs of a type. As you advance in the paththe eggs youneed are more and more rares. On the advanced levelsthere are also"black eggs". They count as negative eggs if you hitthem. Becareful!* CreditsRabbit and Eggs has been developed withAndEngineand Box2D as physics engine( from The Freesound Project( features the song "The King ofFaeries/The Mermaid" from thealbum "Irish roots" by BriganEnsamble, licensed under CreativeCommons.
My Talking Bunny - Virtual Pet
Get ready for virtual pet games that will melt your heart!Cutestbunny games in the world! Whether you’re looking for newvirtualpets or you just enjoy playing talking rabbit games, you’vecome tothe right place! Your search is over! Free games for kidsarebringing you this adorable virtual pet! Download My TalkingBunnyVirtual Pet game ASAP!Virtual pet games are fun games forgirls andboys! Everyone can take care of this cutie in the bunnygame! SweetBunny is waiting for your care and attention! Feed it,bathe it andplay with it all day long in my talking pet game!Sometimes thislittle bunny gets bored, and you can amuse it byplaying differentmini games! Don’t keep the bunny waiting anylonger! Download thesefree games for kids now!My Talking BunnyVirtual Pet features:♥Name the character at the very beginning ofvirtual pet games.♥Talk to bunny and it will repeat everything yousay in the bunnygame.♥ This bunny often gets messy, so make sureyou bathe itregularly in my talking pet game.♥ Play it differentmusic or playbunny games with it, and it will stay in a goodmood.♥Put bunny tosleep in these rabbit games.♥ You can also playdress up games withthe bunny.♥ Change wallpapers, floor, carpets orput differentpieces of furniture.♥ Achieve new levels in fun gamesfor girls andboys and get amazing gifts.MINI GAMESHurry anddownload this gamenow and play rabbit games with this sweet bunny.With over 10 minigames like Flappy Pig, Bubble Shooter or Tic TacToe you will neverget bored in these bunny games. My Talking BunnyVirtual Pet is anintellectual property of Wizards Time LLC -copyright 2017. If youhave any questions contact us
完全無料! お手軽な癒しの育成アプリです。■可愛いウサギをスマホの中で簡単に育てることができます。■ウサギの愛らしい動きに注目。癒やされること間違いなし。これはスマホの中でウサギを育てるアプリです。お世話はとっても簡単。四日に一度餌をやり、一週間に一度お掃除するだけ。ゲームが苦手な女性にもおすすめです。日々の生活の中で、ぜひこのアプリで癒やされてください。【主な機能】・ウサギに餌をやったりお掃除をしたり、お手軽にお世話ができます。・本物のウサギのように、ちょこまかと愛らしく動きまわります。・あなたがタップするとウサギが走って近づいてきます。可愛らしい動きをお楽しみください。・ウサギに好きな名前をつけることができます。名前はいつでも変更できます。・ウサギの写真を撮影して端末に保存したり、SNSでシェアすることができます。・機種変更時のデータ引き継ぎ機能があるので、末長く育成していただけます。・ウサギの成長がリアルタイムにわかるよう、大きさを0.5秒単位で細かく更新します。・アプリを起動したときに、前回からどれくらい成長したかがわかります。・餌やり/お掃除のタイミングを通知する機能があります。TotallyFree!It is handy healing training app.■ You can grow a cute rabbiteasilyin the smartphone.■ attention to the adorable movements oftherabbit. Healed is is that without a mistake.This is the app togrowthe rabbit in the smartphone.Care is very easy. Once spear thefoodin four days, only to clean once a week.The game is alsorecommendedfor poor women.In day-to-day life, please be healed byall means inthis app.[Main function]• Do the cleaning or doingfood to rabbits,it is handy to care.- As in the real rabbit, itmoves around ToChokomaka lovable.- You are getting closer to bewhen the rabbit isrunning tap. Please enjoy the lovely movement.-You can give a nameof your choice to the rabbit. The name can bechanged at any time.Orsave it to a terminal, the rabbit photoshoot, you can share in theSNS.- Since the model there is a datatakeover function of the timeof change, you will be able to endlong training.- So that thegrowth of the rabbit can be seen inreal time, and then finelyupdate the size in units of 0.5seconds.When you start the app,you'll see that it has grown muchfrom the last time.- It has theability to notify the timing ofbait spear / cleaning.
my baby discovers rabbits 1.0.0
Available languages: 33 languages ​​and dialectsAlbanian,German,English, Basque, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Spanish,Estonian,French, Finnish, Galician, Welsh, Hungarian, Indonesian,Irish,Icelandic, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Dutch,Norwegian,Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Slovak, Swedish,Tagalog,Czech, Turkish, Finnish, Maltese.presentation:Warning,thisapplication is made especially for toddlers. Themaximumrecommended age is 4 years, the recommended minimum age is12months. We encourage you to stay with your child to playwithher. Find several activities in an application:- Thefirstgame:This application will allow your child to discover thefarmanimals. He will do this through images, photos and sounds foreachgraphics with animals adapted to his age- The second game:Thisgameis an activity table where your child can activatedifferentelements by touching the screen. There are 14 interactiveelements,each with a specific sound.Your child will develop a senseofdiscovery and will explore the possibilities of thistableactivities while learning to associate the shapes, colorsandsounds.- Discovery Activity:A gallery of imagesofrabbits.Features:- 2 simple games and fun- Intuitive andsimpleinterface- Application designed specifically for babies-Difficultyprovided for younger- Graphics for small- A gallery ofrabbits
Car- Wonder caring animal 1.01
Inspired by the Tamagotchi, Join thepartywiththese wonder pets emulator, you have the control ofthischaracterslife : hatch out, names id, care, growth, food,meds,costumes, homedesign, supplies.make your own pet wonder resort to make yourcompanionlifebetter.Car wants names id, a nanny, a home or place, petting, aloverandmore to have an full of joy life.Your lovable small newborn Car is so cute, he looks likeanetoctopuss but you have control to change his shape atstore:costumes, clothes, supplies, unicorn horn, jewelry,jerseys,hat,sandals, octopuss color and much more.ideal for target is kids, boy and girl !FEATURES:➤ 6 funny mini games ideal to discover the world ofbabyCar!➤ 150 levels to unlock cute costumes, clothes, home, placelikecandyworld, villa, yard, jet and more➤ 250+ costumes, clothes, supplies, hat, unicornhorn,jewelry,jerseys, sandals, octopuss color for yourvirtualpets➤ 250+ charming decorations, villa, yard, jet, center,forest,doors,wall etc.. for your cuddly companion➤ A daily challenge to win valu diamonds for food,medsorstickers➤ 16 cool stickers for your friendly fluff petGive names id and treat your new virtual friends as itisyourpuppy, cats, dog or cuddly stuffed toy.Be a caring hand companion, food, cuddly friends, petting,caress,alover, fondle and support .Make baby Car full of joy and sick, design you homeandplace,center, big land, villa, yard, jet or room, doors,wallcarpet, Tvaccording to your tastes kids, boy or girl willloveit.8 funny mini games to take care of your so charmingfluffvirtualpets!INSTRUCTIONS & CONCEPTS:➽ ADOPTION, newborn Car is a V I P, Give names id andbecaringhand!➽ FOOD, Go to a near store and buy food or catch free fruitsinminigames world, your plushy Animals will be full of joy !➽ DRESS, The plushy small Car wants to have a lovelylooknotcreeping, you have the control of costumes, clothesplussuppliesplus octopuss color at near store !➽ WASH, If the wonder baby Car is dirty take a bath and wash asitisyour puppy, cats, dog or cuddly stuffed toy➽ MEDS, Learn to be a nice nanny, take care of yourcutevirtualpets. If the lovable small newborn Car is sick, buymedsatshop.➽ PLAY, Petting and caress or take pics, your animalwilljumparound➽ SPORT, Your pretty friends must stay in net shape,playhula-hoop,it's funny.➽ SLEEP, These little animales wants to sleep, fondle,caress.Careof him !➽ DESIGN, Lovable small Car room or house, land and world, gotoshopand buy a villa, center, yard, jet plus forest plus housewallplusdoors and moreCHART FOR PARENTS:This Tamagotchi android app games versions are FREE.Instead of Tamagotchi games, this virtual companionanimalversionsnever die.This game is ideal for kids, boy and girl of all agesandanimalslover. Ideal to develop kids creativity, be caring handandlearnwhile having fun.STORY OF my CarWhat is that cute valu pets, this charmingangeltamagotchi?Baby Car is a (boy or girl) plushy species from a neardreamtownpetland, you can't find in a shop, its an animalsfromcuddlystuffed toy and puppy, cats, dog petland ! You are luckytofind ahatch of these precious and valu animals.These little animales is a fluff ball like a octopuss,waitingtohatch out, names id, he needs a playpen place and a valufriendsornanny all his life. The newborn Car is apreciousfriendlyanimal.This creature is love to wear fashion supplies to look a V I P:hat,unicorn horn, jewelry, jerseys, sandals to be awonderpet.These little animales favorite food is jam, popular inhispetland,but keep control of his weight and stay net!This lovable little animal love to play, be petting,fondleandcaress and take pics for life connection.Now be caring hand with this sick little animal, to be avalunannyor friendly as it is your puppy, cats, dog or stuffedtoy.Download this wonder tamagotchi game ideal for kids boyandgirl!
Pet Dash Race 2.0 Multiplayer
Collect cats, bunnies, dogs and bears!!! Also improve your timesinthe race with special ones, or faster pets.Compete againstyourfriends or practice in a solo mode, using boost to defeatothersand earn coins to catch them all!!!Game modes to releaseeasierversions of the game, making possible to anyone with any agetoplay with this gorgeous little ones!Do the right move, at therighttime and put your opponents to eat dust!!!Race withhigherdifficulties and earn more coins! Speed and fun with verysimplecontrols! Very addicted game!!! Try it!!!A gamefeaturing:-Simpleand cute gameplay-Fluffy and lovely rabbits andcats for now; dogsand bear will be available soon!!!-WorldwideMultiplayer usingPlayphone!-10 different rabbits and 10 differentcats (MORE TO BEADDED).-Win coins and collect new adorablepets-Starring NYAN-CATas a special guest :DNB: This game containsIn-App-Purchases, beaware of your CC Pin to avoid unwanted buys.
Pet Dash Racing 2.0
Releasing the 2.0 version of the fan favorite!Collect catsandbunnies!!! Also improve your times in the race with specialones,or faster pets.Compete agains your friends or practice in asolomode, using boost to defeat others and earn coins to catchthemall!!!Game modes to release easier versions of the game,makingpossible to anyone with any age to play with this gorgeouslittleones!Do the right move, at the right time and put youropponents toeat dust!!!Race with higher difficulties and earn morecoins! Speedand fun with very simple controls! Very addictedgame!!! Try it!!!Agame featuring:-Simple and cute gameplay-Fluffyand lovely rabbitsand cats for now; dogs and bear will be availablesoon!!!-Localmultiplayer (SOON)-10 different rabbits and 10different cats (MORETO BE ADDED).-Win coins and collect newadorable pets-StarringNYAN-CAT as a special guest :DNB: This gamecontainsIn-App-Purchases, be aware of your CC Pin to avoid unwantedbuys.
Art- Wonder animals & pet shop 2.4
Inspired by the Tamagotchi, Join the partywiththese wonder fluffy pets, you have the control of his life :hatchout, names id, food, meds, costumes, home design,supplies.make your own pet wonder resort to make your fluffy companionlifebetter.Art is waiting for an adoption, he wants names id, a nanny, ahome,petting, pose for the cam, a lover and more to have an full ofjoylife.Your lovable small Art is so cute, he looks like a netfluffyoctopuss but you have control to change his shape at store:costumes, clothes, supplies, unicorn horn, jewelry, jerseys,box,hat, sandals, octopuss color and much more.ideal for kids, boy and girl !FEATURES:➤ 10 funny mini games ideal to discover the world ofbabyArt!➤ 99 levels to unlock cute costumes, clothes, home like candyworld,airways, hotel villa, island, yard, jet and more➤ 20+ costumes, clothes, supplies, hat, unicorn horn,jewelry,jerseys, box, sandals, octopuss color for your virtualpets➤ 25+ charming decorations, hotel villa, island, yard, jet,airways,forest, beds, doors, wall etc.. for your cuddlycompanionGive names id and treat your new virtual friends as it isyourpuppy, duck, cat, bunnies, dog or cuddly cutest stuffedtoy.Art is waiting for an adoption, be a caring companion, food,cuddlyfriends, petting, caress, a lover, fondle and support .Make baby Art full of joy and sick, design you home, big land,hotelvilla, island, yard, jet, airways or room, beds, doors, wallcarpet,Tv according to your tastes kids, boy or girl will loveit.10 funny mini games to take care of your so charming fluffvirtualpets!➽ ADOPTION, Give names id and be caring !➽ FOOD, Go to a near store and buy food or catch free fruits inminigames world, your plushy Animals will be full of joy !➽ DRESS, The plushy small Art wants to have a lovely look, youhavethe control of costumes, clothes plus supplies plus octopusscolorat near store !➽ WASH, If the wonder baby Art is dirty take a bath and wash asitis your puppy, duck, cat, bunnies, dog or cuddly cuteststuffedtoy➽ MEDS, Learn to be a nice nanny, take care of your cutevirtualpets. If the lovable small Art is sick, buy meds atshop.➽ PLAY, Petting and caress or take pics with cam, your animalwilljump around➽ SLEEP, These little animales wants a beds to sleep,fondle,caress.➽ DESIGN, Lovable small Art room or house, land and world, gotoshop and buy a hotel villa, island, yard, jet, airways plusforestplus house wall plus beds, doors and moreFOR PARENTS:This Tamagotchi games is FREE.Instead of Tamagotchi games, the virtual companion animalneverdie.This game is ideal for kids, boy and girl of all ages andanimalslover. Ideal to develop kids creativity, be caring and learnwhilehaving fun.STORY OF my ArtWhat is that cute valu pets, this charming fluffytamagotchi?Baby Art is a (boy or girl) plushy species from a near petland,youcan't find in a shop, its ananimals from cuddly cutest stuffedtoyand puppy, duck, cat, bunnies, dog petland ! You are lucky tofinda hatch of these precious and valu animals.These little animales is a fluff ball like a octopuss, waitingtohatch out, names id, he needs a playpen and a valu friends ornannyall his life. Art is a precious friendly animal.This fluffy creature is love to wear fashion supplies hat,unicornhorn, jewelry, jerseys, box, sandals to be a wonderpet.These little animales favorite food is jam, popular in hispetland,but keep control of his weight and stay net!This lovable little animal love to play, be petting, fondleandcaress and pose for the cam.Now be caring with this sick little animal, to be valu friendlyasit is your puppy, duck, cat, bunnies, dog or cuteststuffedtoy.Download this game ideal for kids boy and girl !