Top 24 Games Similar to Clan of Heroes

Superhero X RPG Fighting Game 1.4
New Superhero fighting game for vigilante fans and superherolovers.SuperheroX is one of the best superhero fighting games onplaystore. Fight injustice, defuse bombs, free hostages and muchmoresuperhero stuffs.How to Play:MOVE :- Use left side joystick tomoveforward and backward.TURN/LOOK AROUND;- Use right sidejoystick toturn around.SHOOT DARTS:-Tap and hold the aimbutton.Use Joystick toaim. Tap the shoot button to shoot dartwhile holding the aimbutton.SUPER ATTACKS:-Wait 20 seconds tocharge superattack.-Customize your superhero suit.- Lightweightand works offline.- Openworld levels. Superhero simulator levels.-Name your superhero.-Fight injustice, defuse bombs, free hostagesand much more superherostuffs.- Just 29Mb. Superhero X :RPGFighting Game is highlycompressed."He who slays hundred is a hero.He who saves one isGodlike." Enjoy the game.Fight like asuperhero.Please do not forgetto leave your valuable reviews aboutSuperheroX :RPG Fighting Gameand give us a quick +1...:)PS: Allimages and animations used inSuperhero X :RPG Fighting Game gameare either purchased or createdby our team..For anycomplaints,please contact us [email protected] [email protected]
Superhero Fly Simulator 1.7
Zealand Team
Became the greatest superhero in game Superhero Fly Simulator!Fightagainst hordes of invader robots, prevent attack ofcyborgs!Featuresof the game Superhero Fly Simulator:-­Modern 3Dgraphics­-Manifoldof attacks­-Ability to fly-­Hordes of enemies
LEGO ® Marvel Super Heroes
LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes: Universe inPerilfeatures an original story crossing the entire MarvelUniverse.Take control of Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk, CaptainAmerica,Wolverine and many more Marvel characters as they unite tostopLoki and a host of other Marvel villains from assemblingasuper-weapon capable of destroying the world!GAME FEATURES:• Over 91 playable characters, such as Iron Man, Spider-Man,CaptainAmerica, Wolverine, and more can be unlocked as youprogress throughthe game. Select character families can beaccessed at any timethrough purchase via our in-game store.• Complete 45 action-packed missions as you chase down CosmicBricksacross key locations from the Marvel Universe• Battle enemies using super power abilities such as flight,superstrength and invisibility.• Use fast-paced combat moves and activate Super Moves likeHulk’sThunder Clap and Iron Man’s Arc Reactor.• Complete challenges and earn rewards.• Switch between “Console” and “Touch Screen” controls to findtheplay-style that suits you best.NOTE:This game is filled with many hours of content and cinematicsthattake up a lot of space! You’ll need 2.2gb of available spaceonyour device if you install over wifi, but only 1.1gb of spaceifyou download on your computer and then sync.As with many large app installations, we advise that yourestartyour device after installing as this will resolve somestabilityissues. Also make sure you have installed the mostrecentfirmware.No internet connection is needed to play this game.If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact
Commandos Adventure Strike 3D 1.1
Forge Studio
4 best army commandos operation is just to begin. Holdyourpositions and start clean up operation in dense forests. Betheadventuress commandos to fight back for your army as topstrikers.Being the part of front line commando force you have toplay agreat role to survive your country so defeat the terroristswithyour guns. Commando Adventure Strike is one of the bestfirstperson shooter game (FPS) in 3d action games. Thisoutstandingaction game is for teen girls and boys, young adults andactiongame lovers. Four commando brothers are in action. Patriotismis attheir best.Despicable terrorists are very brutal killers gang.Mostof the enemies have criminal background includingunderworldgangster records. Commandos Adventure Strike is best incommandogames with multiple commando missions.This Game HaveUltimateDangers Missions.An Army Ghost Commando Is Contract Killer.Lots OfCombat Missions like Battle Ship.You are enter the War ZoneField.Enjoy Commando Games in one great game for free,so downloadthisgame now and get the best of the best Commando Games suchascommando adventure,last commando,commando mission,freecommandogamesModern war has nuclear warfare risk for world. It wasbigdanger after world war 2 of develop nuclear warfareforarmies.Commando adventure Strike 3D is real war game. Itsreallychallenge for you to complete your mission. Enemy has takenyourland and they make their camp and making trouble in yourcountry.You are only last person left from your force. It’s yourchallengeto kill enemies before they kill you and take back yourland fromenemy and become a hero. They already got informationabout yourmission and they are ready to kill you. Enemy is alert.You don’thave enough ammo you have to stole enemy weapon and use onthem andcomplete your mission. You have different varieties ofweapon andbest luck for mission.Join the battlefield as an armycommando!Enemy soldiers are everywhere and their mission is to killyou!Fight against enemy’s army as a well-trained commando andsurvivein this war! Try Commandos Adventure Strike 3D Shooter –great appfor those who lover action and war games!How To PlayCommandosAdventure Strike 3D•  Touch the screen for look anywhereleft,right, up or down.•  Move forward, backward, left or rightwith ontouch screen.•  Tap Fire button fire.•  For enemies atfardistance, use the telescope for sniper shoot.•  Detect enemiesbythe help of radar.•  Shoot by proper coordinationGameFeatures:• Excellent City Environment•  Fabulous sound effects• Easy GUI andControls•  First Person Shooting•  Full Action Gamewith FPS (FirstPerson Shooting) game•  Automatic re-loaded gun withexcellent magesounds - covert strike.•  Four best commandos in themilitary arein action
Commando Adventure Shooting VR
Tulip Apps
Have you ever wanted to play role in battleinreal life? Experience the thrill of Commando Adventure ShootinginVR this is more than real. There is no need any more to keepyourhands stick with mobile busy while playing the game weareproviding external Game pad option and Virtual Reality (VR)versionof Commando Adventure Shooting. It is offline first personshootingfighting action game that is all about shooting andsurvival withyour strategy. Stunning game graphics and smooth gameplay willtake you to real life battle zone. Your gunship helicopterwastaken down by missile fired by enemies. If you’ve quickreflexesand excellent aiming and shooting skills then find your wayout ofenemy’s army place. You are equipped with advanced weaponsassaultrifles, machine guns and sniper gun. Use these guns tobecome anassassin shooter and war hero champion for your owncountry. Deathand danger is on every footstep. Attack snipershooter enemies withcare else one sniper bullet hit and you aregone. Thrilling missionbased game with modern combat warzones.How to play:With Gamepad:- Complete user guide and tutorial for playing game with gamepadisprovided within the game.Without Gamepad mode:- Move commando by taking look at move button provided justabovecommando footsteps.- Fire is auto you just have to take a look at enemies.- Just near walk option there is Accessories button which willtakeyou to many options like see map, gun change, buy ammohealthetc.Features:- Compatible with virtual reality glasses- Top downloaded shooting game.- Game supports all android devices.- Kill enemies to accomplish mission at the end you will berewardedby gold coins.- Gold coins can be used to buy magazines and other itemsandupgrade guns from Accessories menu.- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazingkillingeffects.- Multiple advance shooting guns.- Thrilling missions that will amaze you.- Brutal Action warfare game.- With User friendly GUI and controls.- Realistic Military Environment looks like real movies relatedtowar.- Good quality sound effects used in the game.- Efficient weapon controls & movement.- Best downloading gun shoot war game in gaming world.- Real Border environment.We don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. For details checkhere
Woman Commando
One of the latest combination of girl shooting games andarmycommander games has come to eradicate total terrorism. We bringyouthe new stroke bursting commando adventure shooting, therealisticfusion in army shooting games and girl adventure games.The enemyhas taken over our zone to make their campsite and as acommandosurvivor killer our mission is to destroy the terroristsand theircampsite in one of the finest commando adventure shootinggames. Ifyou are habituated to brave tasks in girl shooting gamesor armycommander games then this amazing drastic combat themedarmyshooting games will definitely make you a shrill shooter.So,direct the talent of being a super idol girl in thisinspiringWOMAN COMMANDO!Join the theater of war as a lady commando!Rivalwarriors are everywhere and their mission is to slaughteryou.Fight against the rival warriors as a well-trained commandoandsurvive in this arena. Hold your positions and startoffensiveaction in this compact environment. Get ready to be thedaringcommando to fight back for your army as a top attacker. Killor bekilled! Enemies are there in the jungle attacking you, it’syourduty to be a real lady commander and destroy foes to stay uplong.Trap and kill the enemies afore they destroy you.Differentchallenging missions, realistic environment, multipleguns,friendly shooting controls, angry enemies, nice 3D graphicsandgreat sound effects are waiting for you. It’s time to fend offallyour instincts and accomplish this mission at the cost ofyourlife. An abundant wicked bang awaits our lady commander intheharshest combination of army shooting games and girladventuregames. In one of the most amazing girl shooting games, wehave notime to be kind; our core responsibility is to entirelyremove theterrorism in this army commander games. Now zoom in yourscope andfire at will in this incredible WOMAN COMMANDO.
Commando Adventure 3D Assassin 1.0
Commando Sniper Adventure - A story of legendary commandoisunfolded. Military combats are reborn. Weapons are in fullswing.Counter terrorist strike mission is set to begin. Be thelonewarrior in the adventures shooting game. Take your army uniforminand lead the fight.A military operation is being carried out inthemountains of south Afghanistan. Terrorists are full trainedandhave some other militants support as well. All yourcompanionsoldiers are martyred in the operation. You are the lonewarrior totake the revenge and complete the mission. You have tosurvive andkill the enemies till they resist. The best Commando, anaction ofcommando assault in a commando game out of millioncommando gamesit is. So don't Look around for a game commando,commando 2, orcommandos game with sniper commando shooting. It isthe best choicefor action,adventure, frontline commando, commandoday, commandogame free, play commando, shootout, fight,shootergame, fightinggames lovers.You know your mission andresponsibilities well sotake your weapons out and tell theterrorists which nation youbelong to. This is a FPS game, Bestshooting game of the year.Commando Sniper Adventure Shooting Gameis aiming to offer you anenjoyable time while playing it and itsimulates a real battleagainst terrorists (enemies). Now pick upyour rifle, breatheslowly, and search your targets. Crucial time touse your bestsniper shooting skills wisely and latest long rangesniper gun tokill enemy soldiers by taking clear shots. Be advisedif your enemyis too close don’t miss your target. Take ClearHEADSHOT!Atmountains war zone there were suspicious activities byenemymilitary, it's action time to ambush with deadly warrior.Navysoldier ready to fight as frontline commando and make a quickdeathstrategy to bloodshed combat action. Enemies have menacebattlestrategy with modern combat explosive material so it'smissionimpossible. Don't mercy and show fury to put everythingintodestruction. Kill enemy, destroy tanks, explode gunshiphelicopterand ammunition storage.Game Play: - Touch the right halfof screento look anywhere left, right, up or down- Move forward,backward,left or right with joy stick - For joystick touch and swapon lefthalf of screen- Tap Fire button to shoot the enemy- Forenemies atdistance, use the telescope for zooming- Detect enemieswith thehelp of radar and Map.- Hear and Read the message fromHQcarefullyTop Features of Commando Sniper Adventure★ MultipleLevelsof commando war fare action.★ Deadly gun with all modernsniperzoom in/out feature.★ Ultimate sniper killer action.★Excitingshooting war environment.★ Take out your enemies with headfirstkill shot.★ Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations★FirstPerson Sniper Shooting★ Lot of thrilling MISSIONS★ ADDICTINGgameplay (FPS)★ EASY and INTUITIVE controls★ FREE game: play itboth onyour phone and tablet★ Enjoy realistic gun simulationandanimation!★ Challenge yourself and race against time to getrewardson strategic kills★ Full addictive control of latestshootingsniper rifle
Commando on Mountain Adventure 1.6
Terrorists have captured a base camp inthemountains and a certain area of jungle around the basecamp.Theyhave taken their positions at different places and some ofthem areon petrolling of the camp. You are the only mountaincommando inthis area.Your main objective is to get rid of these enemies by killingthemor eliminating these terroristsfrom this area. Show your first person mountain commando skillsanduse unlimited ammo of bullets with burst fire to killtheseenemies. You are in do and die condition so there is no chancetogo back safely without any fight.Features:- FPS shooting game- Real 3D jungle environment- Addictive game play- Attractive sound effects- Easy to control and play
Adventurous Commando 1.0
You are a well trained and trustedarmyofficerand you have given the task to regain an army base campinremotearea that is in the control of your enemies from fewmonths.In thismorning you will be landed into the base campfromhelicopter. Youknow well all geography and for your furtherhelpthere is also aradar system to locate the hidden enemies.Usesniper to killenemies from a distance. If you feel yourammunitionis runningshort collect more ammunition from particularplace.There are alsoheathbox to regain health. Kill them beforetheykill you. And gethold back on your important territory. Wishyouall the best be safeyou are important for your corp. Have funandenjoy this free actionshooting App and we will be happy toreadyour good feedback.Features:• Excellent dessert environment• Realistic sound effects and music• Use sniper to kill enemies from distance• Sufficient weapon selection• attractive GUI and excellent controls• First person shooting game for free• A lot of Adventure, Action and Thrill for freeDisclaimerThis application complies with US Copyright law guidelinesof"fairuse". If you feel there is a direct copyrightortrademarkviolation, please contact us directly.
Superhero Killer Fight 4.0
Bambo Studio
Superhero Killer FightSuperhero Killer Fight is an adventure and deadlycombatwithfantastic medieval warriors. Amazing realistic graphics,testmodequick fight. and how immersion in combat. An epicbattlebetweenlegendary fighters, incredible combos to defeat yourenemyin adeath match in a street fight of super heroes.An aggressive fighter in the cosmos of the galaxy. Fighttotheend fighting by kicks, punches and martial arts. Choose anyofthemost medieval murderers fantastic fighters to conquertheuniverse,in the story mode.- Dark Knight is a monster murderer. He mastered allmartialarts,areas of attacks and nightfall.- Big Rock is simply the better fighter, his movementsaresmoothand barely visible.- James Sparrow has enormous brute force combinedwithmartialarts can be fatal.- Also known as Blue Demon Blue Demon, it is difficulttocontrolits territory in a battle.- Old Larry an old acquaintance, in their battlesusingancienttechniques of fight, a real fighting machine- Cateline goddess Venus, is in charge of the reunificationofthesolar system, fight strategy and action.Remember that this is just fiction. Do not try to fightinthestreet. Play on your mobile when you try to fightenemiesorsuper-heroes. Super Hero Fantastic fight, medievalwarriorsfightin 3 rounds in a fight to the death. Multiple combosto defeatyourenemy, vital waves, martial arts, karate, kickboxing,thousands oftricks and combinations of kicks, airstrikes,multiplekicks,infinity punch knockouts air strikes and many moretodiscover.Superhero Killer Fight, fight with mythological fightersinabattle for control of the universe, fighting against alltypesofSuper Heroes you can find in the cosmos.Three game modes, Story, Versus and Training.Realisticscenario,set in the universe, with different areas ofstruggle.Choose yourfavorite Super hero, every hero has skills,movementsand differenttricks, plus a different way of fighting.The training mode will help you learn tricks and martialarts,youcan see this by pressing the buttons and checking theeffect ofyourshots.
Commando: Kill Shot 1.0
Commando adventure shooting has come toabolishall terrorists in one of the latest killing games. We bringyou themodern action packed realistic blend of commando army gamesand armyshooting games. The enemy has taken over our territory tomake theircamp and as a commando survivor killer our task is toeliminate theterrorist camp in one of the finest commando armygames. Our moderncommando survivor killer is out alone on thismission and he has tocomplete the most challenging missions in thehistory of killinggames. If you are addicted to daring tasks inarmy shooting gamesthen this newest radical battle themed commandoadventure shootingwill definitely make you an intrepid shooter.Master the art ofbeing a hero in this thrilling COMMANDO: KILLSHOT.Join the battleground as an army commander! Enemy soldiersareeverywhere and their mission is to kill you! Fight againsttheenemy’s army as a well-trained commando and survive in thiswar.Hold your positions and start cleanup operation in thisdenseenvironment. Get ready to be the adventurous commando to fightbackfor your army as a top striker. Kill or be killed! Enemiesarethere in jungles to attack you, you have to be a real armycommandoand destroy enemies and hunt beasts at the bushes to stayup long.Ambush and kill the enemies before they kill you.Differentchallenging missions, realistic environment, multipleguns,friendly shooting controls, angry enemies, nice 3D graphicsandgreat sound effects are waiting for you. You have tocompletelevels within the given time. It’s time to fend off allyourinstincts and accomplish this mission at the cost ofyourlife.A great malicious clash awaits our commando survivor killer inthewildest combination of army shooting games and commando armygames.In these killing games, we have no time to be merciful; ourcoreduty is to completely eliminate the terrorists in thiscommandoadventure shooting. Now zoom in your scope and fire at willin thisamazing COMMANDO: KILL SHOT.
DC Super Hero Girls™ 2.9.2
WELCOME TO SUPER HERO HIGH SCHOOL! Join these iconic Super Heroesinthe official DC Super Hero Girls mobile app! At Super HeroHigh,iconic Super Heroes like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl,HarleyQuinn, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy, and Katana navigate all thetwistsand turns of high school in their formative years. Unitedbyfriendship, the DC Super Hero Girls empower kids to shinewithconfidence and courage, especially while they combatthoseoverwhelming, exciting, and awesomely awkward moments ofgrowing up(sometimes super powers can be super stressful!).FEATURES • Createyour own Super Hero! • Explore Super Hero High andthe super biosof the student body • Watch webisodes featuring allthe DC SuperHero Girls! • Take pics and customize them in trueSuper Herostyle! • Play fun mini-games like Katana Chop for endlesshours ofsuper fun!
Modern Captain: Army Commando 1.53
Modern Captain: Army Commando is new action game 3Dshootinggame.You will see wonderful graphics, optimized for smalland largescreens and hear the great sounds.Try it and you instantlysuckedinto the thick of the action of an explosive , which alreadygotmillions of gamers around the world !Commandos zonalmilitaryadventure. Invaders hit your base , and you - the last hope.Support your country , take responsibility for your strengthandfight the cruelty of the enemy . There are no rules in the fieldofbattle but one: Winning! Losing is not an option for you . Youhaveto win at any cost . This is - time for action ; Hit HardEquipthree-dimensional weapon and hunting as hell! Select a weaponandenjoy shooting . First-person game with weapons in their hands,where you can shoot at real targets and save. Listen up man: itistime to kill all terrorists. You are one of the strike forcestodestroy anything blocked on your way. American us snipersimulatorin future city crime you are a 3d sniper the assassinwhich mustcomplete the mission impossible in the crime of city!Sawingcriminal case and find a killer! The us army sniper 3d is nowinthe armed with real sniper guns steel gun and shoot in tokill,protect justice. Modern Captain: Army Commando shootingisassassination sneak , contract of sniper a grand thief orninjagive a fatal blow from behind the sniper 3d shooting target!Becomea us army sniper 3d in the battlefield. Here you will becomeone ofthe world's top sniper, you need a cool head anomaly analysisandfast, aggressive, accurate shooting practices.Quickly pick uptheweapon in your hands, make your blood boil up, do not lettheterrible criminals out of your sight, do not hesitate toexperiencethe excitement of the game and passionate sniper thrillit! Withfights Take the path to the center of the occupied zone !Movedashes around the battlefield , avoiding mines andjumpingobstacles to the next shelter . Use your destructible cover,todefeat the growing waves of enemies ! Go to the front line withanarsenal of classic weapons . Use real-life gun toaccuratelydestroy the enemies one by one, or a machine gun , tobring downthe enemy hail of bullets . Call the aviation planes tobombardentrenched enemy soldiers and tanks spacing apart by abazooka ,game players will displace a commando. You alone can breakdown theenemy army?Come and get control of your soldiers, to winthebattle! In this mission you are given a gun, but you can findavariety of weapons from the base camp of the enemy , as the AK-47, in the MP5 gun. After killing all robot enemies reach theairambulance helicopter for immediate treatment of all commandosandfly the heli back to base station.Good luck and becareful,dude!Download the game for free, join us and rate us 5stars andenjoy the game.
Last Commando II - FPS Now with VR 3.5
Skippy Games
Fast pace action FPS shooting game with both VR and Non-Vr modeandoption of bluetooth gamepad or without vr controller. Anothervrboxgames series thrilling adventure shooting games. WarCombatMissions designed for professional gamers requiring best gameeliteshooting skills. First person Commando shooting is battlefieldwarcombat action adventure, so survive and fight as last hope.Enjoyvr games by connecting a video game controller (aka Joystick)viaBluetooth to your android device. Use the D-pad (directionalpad)on the console controller for the player movement andmobilegamepad keys for the shooting and other actions.   Features:- AFPS action commando shooting game. - Deadly weapons -Addictivegame play - Thrilling missions story - HD graphics, musicand voiceperformances perfectly adapted for a shooter game. -Highlycustomize able controls so you can play the game just the wayyouwant. - Supported on all android devices. How to Play:WithGamepad: • Complete user guide and tutorial for playing gamewithjoy pad is provided within the game. Without Game Controller:-Non-VR: Touch the right half of screen for aiming, and left halfofscreen for movement - VR: Look and aim at enemny forauto-shooting- The gun reloads automatically. - For enemies at fardistance, usescope. - Tap to pick weapons. - For Completing missionobjectivesfollow navigator. - Detect enemies by the help of radar.- Hear andRead the mission objective carefully. We don't collectany personalinformation; any non-personal information collected byour partnersis used for analytic and game improvements.
Gone In A Flash 1.0
Prepare yourself with courage and ambitiontotry this awesome game, with the fastest superhero who lives! Hetryto pass the speed limit and beat all the records, and only youcanhelp him to cross over the obstacles which will appear on theway!On the rooftop of his city buildings, he run fast, but heneedhelp from you! The goal is to keep him on the rooftops, andcollectas many power ups as you can, but be aware of thedangerousobstacles!The control is very simple and funny! Tap anywhere andyoufastest superhero will jump! As longer as you hold the tap onyourscreen, longer he will jump! You need skills for this, and alot ofluck to complete this game!HOW TO PLAY:==============• Tap on the screen to keep the superhero in the air.• Make smart moves so as to prevent any kind of contact withtheobstacles on the way.• Get as many power ups as you can to rich to the next level.FEATURES:==============• Easy tap and drag game play.• Kids friendly content.• Superhero stories and comics.• Contains family content.• Cool background music and great graphics.• No violence, and perfect for kids.What do you waiting for?Try your luck, and have fun!
Hostages Rescue Operation 1.0
THE TIME TO TAKE YOUR WEAPONS AND SAVE THE NATION HAS COME.FORGETALL THE MILITARY ASSIGNMENTS AND REVISE YOUR TRAINING TORESCUEYOUR NATIONAL HEROs AND CIVILIANS IN A DEADLY TERRORISTSCOMBAT.BECOME THE CALL OF NATION IN THIS CRITICAL TIME AND SHOW THESKILLSTO KILL THE ENEMIES WHO HAVE INVADED IN YOUR HOME TOWNHostageRescue Operation is a commando warrior rescue adventure gameinwhich you have to play as a top warrior in the militarywhosemission is to kill enemy troops in the town to save VIPsandcivilians. This 3D commando shooting game is full of actionfilledmissions. Use deadly weapons like rocket launchers, assaultrifleak-47 and pistols during the mission to destroy enemyassets,attack their enemy watch towers and kill the guards andmuchmore.Hostage Rescue Operation is a full ultimate fury actions.Bethe part of national commando Rescue team leading inmilitaryrescue mission. You are modern fbi rescue agent inthishostagesrescue experience. It is a game counter with freeshooting sniperexperience. Hostages Rescue Operation is the bestsniper game ofmodern clashes. To wipe out terrorism you must leadSWAT commandoand enjoy the military adventure.SEE & FEEL THEACTION &FIGHT WITH ENEMIESThe ultimate 1st person shooter withstunningconsole quality visuals, precise controls, advanced physicsanddestructible. Jump in the heat of battle and push yourAndroiddevice to the limit!War Against the enemies.Its ContractBase GameFor Users. An Army Commando is a FPS Counter againstTerrorist.Thiswill be a deadly war against terrorism. You have tobe the bestkiller. This shooter game has very good sound That willimmerse youin battle.The world is destroyed, civilizations lie inruins. Thesurviving humans live in fear and desperation, hoping forsomeoneto lead them and take back what once belonged to them.Do notenterinto of sniper with the enemy, simple destroy them us armypowerfulcounter strike by elite dangerous army. Destroy yourtargetmilitary soldiers and contract with assassin sniper 3d. You,as anelite assassin sniper and revenge of us army american soldier,areal the steel sniper killer are the last line of defense oftowercity of crime against the terrorists.Save the innocent peopleandarrest crime boss, thug and mafia members to put them behindbarsin down town.Top Shooting Game Features:★ Challengingcommandorescue operation mission ★ Dynamic 3D enemy base campenvironment ★Real 3D animated Helicopter for Survivor to Rescuecivilians★Dangerous 3D sniper and weapons★ HD graphics and amazingsounds ofhitting and shooting ★ Single Survivor Rescue Missions★Intuitivephysics based control of Sniper and become a survivor.★Unlimitedammunition of 3D sniper commando survivor for rescuemissions★Excited and realistic combat sounds with fire effects. ★Digitalradar system provides real time enemies location andmovements.★game play mission. ★ Fabulous first person shooter 3Dgame.★Tremendous multiple Weapons with tons of ammunition. ★Burning firemake the environment extremely hazardDOWNLOAD NOW..!!
Army Duty: Commando Training 1.0.1
Army basic training has come to coach youinthis one of the latest army shooter training games. We bring youanaction bursting commando adventure shooting with therealisticblend of army commander games. Commando adventure shootingis notone of your regular army commander games and is all aboutarmyshooter training. Army basic training is the initial step tobecomean expert and intrepid commando. So, get ready to start thefullstrangle feat to become a chivalrous officer in this amazingARMYDUTY: COMMANDO TRAINING.As a trainee officer , you must acquire the skills of runningfast,jumping through hurdles, controlling helicopter and othervehiclesso that you can join the army and become a perfect commandoofficer. In each level, you will be provided a specific challengeofjumping, crossing through certain obstacles, barriers, ringloopsetc. Each level brings a truly unique flavor. Differentchallengingmissions, realistic environment, guns, friendly shootingcontrols,angry enemies, nice 3D graphics and great sound effectsare waitingfor you. You have to complete levels within the providedgiventime.An extreme wicked smash awaits our trainee officer in thewildestarmy shooter training game. If you are addicted to daringtasks inarmy commander games then this newest radical trainingthemedcommando adventure shooting will definitely make you avaliantshooter and a perfect commander. ARMY DUTY: COMMANDOTRAINING isactually going to spirit up your inner hidden hero, nowit’s yourturn to show your passion in army basic training.
IGI Commando Adventure War 1.4
Best Story >>>>>>>>IGI Commandoadventurewar have Totally New Idea Have a Fantastic 3D Game inwhich.As ancommando army, which is isolated by his army house.Enemy soldiershave assigned a mission to kill you and are wanderingthere to findyou. As well trained Commando , you have skills totraverse enemygroup to reach the safe place from where you will bepicked up bythe helicopter. Ambush and kill the enemies before theykill you.Digital radar system, which you have shows the locationsandmovements of enemies.You are expected to succeed at all costs.Wishyou good luck and stay safe You are a brave heart commandotargetedto fight with enemies in the streets to take revenge ofmurderedcompanions Experience exciting WW2 campaigns withchallengingmissions that will test your skills on the battlefieldsof Belgium,Italy, Germany, and more To complete the target, youhave got bestmachine gun and a precise RPG rocket launcher to fireGrab yourguns to fight enemy troops, eliminate snipers, orobliterateconvoys, halftracks, and tanks to forward the warcampaign and saveEurope You have limited bullets and have to fireprecisely Masterchallenging objectives in Assault, Sniper andRocket Launchermissions to clear war-torn streets and ruralvillages of Axisinvaders! Become a special operations solider totake down thedeadliest, high-profile WW2 War enemy officers anddestroy valuablemilitary targets using snipers, machine guns andtanks nims It’s agreat challenge to attack on a number of soldiersand when survivalis must being a sole commando in the battlefield.So, as an expertfrontline commando of royal forces, use yourspecialized shootingskills and kill all the enemy soldiers todeath. You have to beextra careful and is to make sure that thedefense of city town isfool proof. Your strategy is to protect thecity and keep theenemies away from their mission.each and everything mission arevery important With cutting-edge graphics andprecise controls, youcan see and feel the action of WW2. Whateverthe mission or weapon-from machine gun to sniper- the game like asfrontlines of war andCommando City War- Free tottal ,You will playas a sniper, striketerrorists. Your task is to fight againstterrorists bases anddestroy Xp City terrorist remnants, toeffectively combat terroristactivities hope you will be enjoyit.Important Weapons>>>There are different types ofweapons, Commando is acomplete war machine but still modern warequipment really great tomaximize the enemy territorydestruction.Long range heavy snipergun with amazing clear zoom forbetter accuracy to get target down.Short gun for sharp shootingwhile deadly ambush. RF Rifel ,SmallGun ,Sniping Gun ,Medical FullKit ,Small Drone ,Commando Knife areother weapons are also used .How to Play:- Touch the right half ofscreen for look anywhere left,right, up or down. efficient Control- Move forward, backward, leftor right with joy stick controls insimple touch .- for joysticktouch and swap on left half of screen-Tap Fire button fire.- Forenemies at far distance, use thetelescope for sniper shoot.- Detectenemies by the help of radarand Map.- Hear and Read the messagefrom GHQ carefullyFeatures:-Excellent city house environment-Efficient sound effects- Fine thelocation of Enemies using map- hpGUI- First person shooting-Multiple Weapons are used
Commando Sniper Subway3D 1.0
Commando Sniper Action SubWay 3D is one of the best anduniquesubway sniper action 3D game in Playstore for 2015.As anelitecommando sniper your mission is to protect the subway underattackby destroying the enemy with limited ammunition andlifeline.Trythe real life dare devil action on daring subways withyourfavourite sniper commando.Aim and Shoot with Commando SniperActionSubWay 3D Game ! Commando Sniper Action SubWay 3D game is oneofthe best daredevil sniper game in play store that is stunningandmindblowing! Sniper Commando will emerge from destructiblecoverpoints to take down enemies in subway and destroy the enemybasethrough ambush combat firing in the daredevil CommandoSniperAction SubWay 3D game.The enemy is disguised in militarysoldiersuniform.A great commando sniper subway 3D game withstunninggraphics and accurate controls.Engage in deadly combatmissions bykilling the enemies ready to attack you with differentrange ofweapons.Download it now and enjoy the deadly combatmissions withreal life commando snipers.Commando Sniper ActionSubWay 3D is afun game, which you can play for free which will topthe Play storecharts in Commando Sniper Action Subway Gamecategory.Sendsuggestions to [email protected] SniperAction SubWay 3Dhas many exciting features- Realistic 3D graphicsin subwaycircuit- Intense Sniper Action gameplay in a time boundmission- 3level selection available for Commando Sniper ActionSubWay 3Dgame- Simple to Use Controls - Hours of fun and adrenalinerushthrough daredevil action in SubWay 3D circuit- Excellentsoundeffects a music- No in app purchase- Fast pacedgameplay-Controlled shotsNow hold your breath and pull thetrigger.We willbe grateful if you provide your feedback andsuggestions [email protected] to improve the Commando SniperAction SubWay 3DGame.
Commando Jungle Action FPS 3D 1.0
Commando Jungle Action– An amazing action adventure gameforeveryone! Join the battlefield as an army commando. Enemysoldiersare everywhere and their mission is to kill you. Fightagainstenemy’s army as a well-trained commando and survive in thiswar so,try Commando Jungle Action. Great app for those who loveaction andwar games. Ambush and kill enemies before they kill you,Survive atall costs! Feel like a real army commando, battlingagainst enemy’sforces in jungles with this amazing war shooter gamekill enemieswith your gun to end up this bloody war and stop thebattlefield.Use wide gun arsenal, upgrade you’re fighting andshooting skillsto destroy enemies to save your soldiers’ lives.Enemy has takenyour land and they make their camp and makingtrouble in yourcountry. You are only last person left from yourforce. It’s yourchallenge to kill enemies before they kill you andtake back yourland from enemy and become a hero. They already gotinformationabout your mission and they are ready to kill you. Enemyis alert.You don’t have enough ammo to stole enemy weapon and useon themand complete your mission. You have different varieties ofweaponand best luck for mission. Experience the ultimate 3rdpersonshooter with stunning console quality visuals, precisecontrols,advanced physics, destructible environments and fullvoiceovers.Jump into the heat of battle and push your device to thelimit.Master challenging objectives in Assault, Sniper andRocketLauncher missions to clear war-torn streets and ruralvillages ofAxis invaders, Become special operations solider to takedown thedeadliest, high-profile WW2 enemy officers and destroyvaluablemilitary targets using snipers, machine guns and tanks.Make itpossible because no mission is impossible when you are atrainedcommando. Wage the sniper war on the enemy’s soldiers anddemolishthem with your gun strike. It’s the foz of the enemy sogive them ahard push to defeat them. You have to destroy the enemytanks,gunship heli flying over the sky. All the enemy soldierswillattack you once they get alert. This will be the real test ofyourcommando skills in enemy’s territory. Kill all the soldiersbeforethe raining bullets smash you out. You are loaded withvariousweapons. There are options to choose the desired gun youlike forshooting. You can view the enemies positions in the radarand thenattack on the soldiers to kill them. There is no chance toget backfrom this war so keep yourself cool and relax to takeaccurate aimof enemies. At the end you have to reach safely onaircraftcarrier...Keep in mind; he is the vicious terrorist you aregoingto swat & kill. More advanced features of the crusadeagainstterror allow your choice of ammo, like shotguns, Ak-47,andmachine-guns from different places during action. You havetodestroy the enemy tanks, gunship helis flying over the sky. Alltheenemy soldiers will attack you once they get alert. This willbethe real test of your commando skills in enemy’s territory.Killall the soldiers before the raining bullets smash you out. Youareloaded with various weapons.If you would to becomeasniper,Commando Jungle Action Trigger Shoot Free is theonlyshooter game you want to play! Your mission is to rescue allthehostages who were kidnapped, you must be careful because therearemany shooters and you can not shoot the hostages. Racked down byasniper glare and kill ! While he did not get to you oryourcomrades ! That would kill the sniper you just need to find himandshot with a rifle will follow after the touch of a finger!Jointhis jungle battlefield; Upgrade your gun arsenal, shootingskillsand war tactics to kill enemies!Play Commando JungleAction–amazing action game for everyone!
Commando shooter-sniper strike 2.0
Commando Shooter-Sniper Strike 3D: It is one of the mostpopularFrontline Commando Games. Aim for headshot in this FPS game,youare contract commando sniper shooter in dangerous location,youraction will determine the victory. Load gun, shot in head,showyour skills, be the assassin in fury battle. Here you have tofightagainst very dangerous soldiers, enemies and spiders whicharealmost spread in all over the desert, city, mountain, hills,jungle/ forest. Just find them and shoot them. Be-careful, thereare someenemy soldiers also attacking you.In first level you have20soldiers and one Helicopter. First level clear for go tonextlevel. As well as you have more powerful guns, weaponsandammunition in store. In Urban Commando Adventure Shooting gamehasmany weapons to choose: in which Sniper, MP5, Shotgun, M1911etc.You are an army commando shooter therefore kill theenemy,soldiers, anti-terrorist and get cash, cash can be used tobuyweapons and ammunition. Don't worry about your cash savedaftergame play. Let you experience the feeling of differentweapons.This is a real sniper war!Features:Complete Battlefieldreallooking 3D environmentFPS 3D (First Person Shooter) SniperGameTapto shoot and kill the enemiesGreat 3D graphicsandenvironment.Fabulous sound effects Share with your friendsonFacebook and TwitterLatest update coming soon as yourrequirementIfyou like this Front Commando Assault game, please rateit. Yourfeedback and suggestion most welcome.Like us on Facebookat or find more games onthewebsite http://www.superdik.nlSuperdik Trading B.V.- cool apps
Lone Commando Sniper Shooting 1.2
Best action packed modern commando adventurous shootingmissiongame. As death shooter lone army commando you have beengiven amission to eliminate all the enemies from remote enemy basewithvariety of weapons. You are the one of special force lastcommandoto survive in an offensive attack of terrorists. You canmove thesniper anywhere and tap to shoot the enemies and all theirGunshipHelicopters.In this FPS commando sniper mission expected agreatclash at each checkpoint, so show your strength to killenemysoldiers and advance step by step and reach the centerpoint.Destroy all important enemy assets like Fuel and Ammunitiondumps,target armor and military vehicles so as to break them.GamePlay:1.Touch & drag anywhere on the screen and aim yourshootingweapon2. Tap Fire button at bottom right to shoot3. Selectanyweapon :Light Auto Machine Gun, Pistol or RPG (RocketPropelledGun)4. Use the Telescope for sniper shoot5. The weaponswill reloaditself automaticallyFEATURES:• Best 3D FPS (First PersonShooter)commando sniper shooting mission game• Beautiful realistic3DBattlefield environment• Death shooting commando waradventures•Weapons: Auto Machine Gun, Pistol or RPG (RocketPropelled Gun)•Efficient weapon controls and smooth movements•Amazing ground airattack on flying Helicopters
Modern Elite Sniper 1.0
Game Canvas
Aim and Shoot! Modern Elite Sniper is#1first person shooter game that will blown you away!An over-the-top shooter in every sense, Modern Elite Snipertakesyou on a whirlwind tour of the criminal underworld. You areamodern sniper ready to play your part in dangerous attacksandsilent assassin missions. Modern Elite Sniper - Mitch is yourprimecharacter in this one of sniper shooting games.Mitch is an ex- army sniper assassin hired as a contract killer byamilitary agency which is known to hire modern sniper gunmentoembark on a commando adventure by taking out militants oftheTerror Island. Mitch the sniper killer, descends on the groundfromthe helicopter and receives a go-ahead from the pilot tocommenceas a contract commando killer. Mitch used to be afrontlinecommando leader in his old days of commando war fare. Hiscombatkiller sniper skills sharpened the most at that time. Hereminiscedabout how he used to execute first time kill shot in hiscommandowar days.Enemy has started to invade our country from southernborderlinewith deadly equipped f16 jet fighter, raptor jet ,modernhelicopter , tanks and other heavy weapon . Our defensesystemfailed because their was much more modern army with modernsnipershooter and their sniper shooting training is also so muchbetter.Enemy also using bazooka and RPG weapons.Our Army wants one of our main city back. We have plannedmostbrutal modern sniper attack with American sniper and modernarmycommando attack. Modern Elite Sniper is best in the snipershootingweapons. you need clear vision and as a lone commando youhave tobe stealth sniper shooting force.The glory days of being a frontline commando are long gone.Mitchthe ultimate sniper assassin is no longer the best gun shooterinhis squad. He grimaces at his position as a contract killer,hisoverthrown shooting war glory days. His pride as a shooterassassinstill shines bright though. That is the only reason why hethinksof this mission as a true commando adventure. His snipershotskills are still razor sharp. The only thought that lingers nowisfilling his role as a combat killer sniper in the TerrorIslandagainst the militants.Eliminate a mob of enemies at street level or take out thesinglehigh-profile target. With access to an inventory of sniperriflesand assault rifles, you will rely on your marksman skills tofinishthe work. Go for the HEADSHOT now!Key Features:- Real Sniper Shooting Experience- Waves of enemy troops- Hidden enemies in the mounts- Superb controls with amazing response- Incredible desert and Forest environment- Marvelous 3D graphic content