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LearnWISE™ – is a leading digital learningplatformbrought to you by Wadhwani Foundation.This application is forinstitutes, faculty, students andbudding entrepreneurs toorganize, learn, connect and grow theirskills from anywhere.LearnWISE has been adopted by students andfaculty from variousinstitutes around the world, including India,Indonesia, Malaysia,Philippines, East Africa and Latin America! We take pride inbeing able to offer this platform along withall the digitalcontent for free. If you would like for yourinstitute to be a partof our community, please reachus
Portable ORG Oriental Keyboard
Portable ORG : Oriental Keyboard allows you to play piano,guitar,electric guitar, qanun, qanun trm, oud, tanbur, violin, ney,mey,cumbus, saz (baglama), clarinet, sax (saxophone), orchestraviolingroup, cura, balaban, rabab and santur. Enjoyrealistichigh-quality instruments on your tablet and phone withPortable ORG: Oriental Keyboard. You can play styles (rhythms)while playinginstruments. Keys are touch sensitive so if you presssofter, youget a lower voice. You can record your own music withPortable ORG.Portable ORG allows you accompany a song in yourdevice library.You can record and mix instruments, rhythms,playback music andmicrophone sound.You can set reverb and equalizerfor instrumentsusing the menu. Portable ORG has 3-band Equalizerfor bass, mid andhi. You can adjust reverb, room size, damping andwidth values.Portable ORG : Oriental Keyboard has comma feature fororientalquarter notes. You can adjust the quarter notes usingtheScale/Maqam menu. You can tune the comma notes between 1/9 and9/9of a full note. You can play all music maqams in Arabic andTurkishmusic. You can load and save scales. There are 29predefinedscales. You can set pitchbend using pitchbendwheel.Portable ORG :Oriental Keyboard has a digital piano (portablekeyboard) view witha blue virtual LCD. Panel color, Comma, visiblekeys (widths of thekeys), reverb, equalizer, rhythm volume andstyle (rhythm) tempo,sustain, filter and whoosh effects can beadjusted using menu.Rhythm tempo can be also adjusted using tempowheel. You can adjustthe panel color changing the RGB (Red, Green,Blue) values so youcan select the color you want between 16millions of colors. Youcan scroll between octaves and keys usingarrow. High quality newArabic, Turkish & Greek musicinstruments and rhythms, 2/4,4/4, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8 (Roman), SlowPop, Pop, Drum, Wahde, Mehterand Bendir styles (rhythms) areincluded. You can adjust the tempoof these styles between 50% and200%. Enjoy the portable mobile ORGon your Android phone andtablet. Applause, whistle, zilgit andchimes sounds are alsoincluded. Enjoy the portable mobile ORG onyour Android phone andtablet.SCALE(MAQAM)PRESETS:MuhayyerkurdiHicazHicazkarKurdilihicazkarUssakUssak(Arabesk)HuseyniBayatiNihavendRastSabaCargahDugahSegahHuzzamAcemasiranBuselikFerahnakKarcigarMahurNevaNikrizSuzinakSultaniyegahSehnazUzzalZenguleYOUCAN BUY THE AD-FREE PREMIUM VERSION UNLOCKER ON GOOGLEPLAY.UNLOCKER: be used for providing you more relevant ads. Thisapplicationhas been Superpowered.By installing this app you agreeto thefollowing privacypolicy: use ofPortableORG is free of charge in exchange for safely using some ofyourdevice's resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), andonlywhen you are not using your device. You may turn this off fromthesettings menu. Please see our TOS forfurtherinformation:,organ, guitar, flute, violin, kanoon, qanun, oud, bozouki,ney,oriental, pop, music, play, record, entertainment, korg, pa3x,pa4x,sound, wave, mp3, fx, echo, reverb, midi, org.
Mobile ORG Lite
(If the sensitivity is slow, change from the settings menu)AgreatORG application by Mustafa Canik, the producer of KurtlarVadisiRemix, for his music consultation and presentation!It hasbeendeveloped together with the pianists who are fully involved inthiswork.With mobile ORG you can make a wedding! Completely TurkishandArabic instruments and rhythms are available.Key features:-40Rhythms, 40 Instruments (80 Grain Rythm for a fee)-AdjustableTransposure and Coma- 5 Different Themes- PracticalTraining Mode-Adjustable Keyboard
The BookFunnel app is used to download books use to send books to theirreaders, and theBookFunnel app helps make the experience quick andpainless onAndroid devices.This is not an e-reader app. BookFunnelis designedto download your book right to the e-reading app youalready use,not to replace your favorite reader.
Provides news and events for members of the community andanalternate means of accessing information available
ORG 2018 2018.1.6.0
Let's see some videos: •••• • Morethan1000 musical instruments (Multi-sample and Recorded fromrealinstruments) • 3 Low-latency methods (in settings) •DNCInstruments and After-touch • Thousands of rhythms (IncludeIntros,Variations, Fills, Break, Endings, and Pads) with Real Chord(Press3 or more keys) • A lot of drum kits (General, Arabic,Persian,...) and Funny Human Drum kit • Connect to a real musicalkeyboardvia USB MIDI cable • Use the phone as a microphone withaudiofilters • Programmable Sound/Loop Buttons for play Audio files•Strong Windows tools for Create, Edit and ImportInstruments,Styles, ... (download from • Joystick,Ribbon,Effects, and Filters • Record, Re-record, Sing a Song,Save,Playback, ... • High-quality Stereo output • SimulateKORGkeyboards with: Fade, Synchro, Keyboard Set, Tempo,Transpose,Octave, Balance, Tune, Split, Chord Memory, TapTempo/Reset ... •Multi-touch with 10 fingers • Change volume ofeach Instrument orStyle Separately • Pedal, Metronome and TouchResponse • Quartertones (Arabic, Persian, Kurdish ...) • 1 and 2rows keyboard •Create high-quality MP3 and share with WhatsApp,Viber, Telegram,Line, ... • and more ...More information atwww.sofeh.comFacebook:, organ,guitar, flute, violin, pop, rock, jazz, music, play,record,entertainment, korg, pa3x, pa4x, sound, wave, mp3, fx, echo,midi,org 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Rumah 123
Rumah 123’s new Android real estate app offers you propertysearchfor properties in Indonesia.Find over 140,000 properties forsaleand for rent, including houses, apartments, shops,commercialproperties and land.Rumah 123's new Android real estateapp isoptimized for Android and it is fast and instantaneous.Withthebetter search experience and faster browsing, finding thepropertyof your dreams will be as easy as 1-2-3!Key features· EasySign-in:Sign in using existing account orFacebook·Cross-Device Access: Log in to access your shortlistedpropertiesand comparisons across devices · Connect with Agents:Contact realestate agents on the go· Sharing is Caring: Share yourdream homewith your friends and family on Facebook or throughEmail·User-Friendly: More user-friendly interface including bettersearchexperience, faster browsing and friendlier features
Free VPN by
FreeVPN is the ultimate VPN. FreeVPN is a 100% unlimited VPNthatdoes not require any type of registration.FreeVPN iscompletelyanonymous. All of your traffic is encrypted while FreeVPN ison.FreeVPN protects your privacy and identity and allows youtobrowse the web anonymously without fear of being tracked byanygovernment or Internet Service Providers.

Access WebsitesandApplicationsFree VPN gives you access to the entire websitesandapplications while traveling in a another country, while atschoolor at work.FreeVPN will allow you to use Youtube,Twitter,Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other socialnetworksat work, at a school at a hotel or coffee shop.AnonymousWebUsageFreeVPN is a a free VPN lets you surf the web anonymouslywithno concerns about being tracked by your ISP or any otherthirdparty. FreeVPN issues you a new IP so that another partycannottrack your activity while on your device.How does FreeVPNWork?Free VPN encrypts your data and safely connects you to anywebsite or mobile app. Free VPN keeps you safe by directing yourdatatraffic through our secure servers. Free VPN is fully automatedsothat will not not have to worry about manually turning on theVPNeach time you want to securely connect to the internet.Yourpersonal IP address is hidden so that you are free to browsetheinternet without revealing your location to anyonewithoutpermission. Free VPN Benefits:• Browse the internet safelyknowingyour passwords, credit card numbers, and bank accounts aresafefrom hackers. • Privatized your online activities andlocationwhether you are at work, airport, coffee shop, home using asharedpublic Wifi or on the move.Unique Features of our UnlimitedFreeVPN • No credit card needed• No in app purchase requirements •Noregistration needed• No login or password required• Easy toconnectto FreeVPN• Easy to disconnect from FreeVPN• FreeVPNconnects youto the fastest and nearest server• YES, it's reallyFREE!!!
If youhave any questions or suggestions, feel free to emailus or visit us at formoreinformation. FreeVPN is doing everything we can to keep thisappsimple and easy to use. If you think we can do a better jobpleaselet us know. We are here 7 days a week.Please do not forgettofollow us on twitter: @_freevpn andFacebook:

 The entire team here atFreeVPN wouldlove to hear from you. Our entire team would like tohear yourideas as to how we can make this the best Free VPN in theworld.Please help us make our app the most used Free VPN on Androidbysending us your feedback and suggestions.
My lifecell
My lifecell provides lifecell customers in Ukraine withthepossibility to control expenses and manage their mobilelines.Every week, useful gifts are offered in "Shake & Win"promosection – Gigabytes of the Internet traffic, free SMS andminutesto other networks. Do not miss!With My lifecell mobile appyou areable to: ✔ check the details of your mobile line, controlmain andbonus balances;✔ change your tariff plan and activateadditionalservices;✔ view reports on expenses for mobileconnectionservices;✔ view history of your mobile account refills;✔top upmobile account with the help of refill code or bankcard;✔getdetailed information about the amount of minutes, SMS andMMS,volume of mobile internet provided according to the termsofcurrent tariff plan or additional services;✔ control thebalanceand the volume of provided services through widget onyoursmartphone screen;✔ update your SuperPassword used toaccesslifecell services.The access to My lifecell is availabletoindividual lifecell contracted and pre-paid subscribers inUkraine.
A very simple app bringing you a live Q&A, gmwa Halaal Foodguide and now's not all, this app is now packed with so much uniquecontentsmaking it one of the most useful amongst the Islamic appson themarket. So much contents for such a small app.Qualifiedscholarsanswering (Islamic Jurisprudence) queries from the publiconline inlight of Qur'aan, Hadeeth and Ijmaa' in the HanafiMadhab.Please bekind when rating as this app is new and stillimproving. We have noapp development experience so it will probablylack in shine andpolish.**********Review: Sohail wrote: "ExcellentMashaAllah, bestislamic app on the market (after thequrans)"**********- I trulyhope so insha-AllahVersion 2/3/4 is amajor upgrade from 1.2 withbetter looks, usability, features andfunctions. Bugs and problemsshould be reported on our forums.Without the reports, we cannotaddress the issues as we may beunaware of* Browse andSearch Question andAnswers from Muftisays, Foodguide, AskImam* Viewthe latest fromthe forums* View and read member blogs* Sign intoforums and seehow much is unread and if you have private messages*Forum updatealerts with PM alerts* View PM and Reply* Search GMWAHalaalFoodguide Service* E-Numbers guide (available offlinetoo)*Multimedia Library - Browse, listen and download Qur'aan,Talks andNasheeds* Hundreds of 100% Halaal videos from our membersubmittedvideo section* Convert video to mp3 and download* Islamicbookslibrary* Random Words of Wisdom from our forum thread* IslamicFactof the Day (or month)* Random short stories (fools andfoolishstories)* Links to very useful resources such as accurateQiblahlocation, 120+ evidences from the Hanafi Madhab and more*Postsuggestions and queries directly to our forum thread via theapp*Version 4 brings you Q&A from of MuftiEbrahimDesai* Add UK Hijri date (moonsighting criteria of WifaqulUlama)to home screenNOTE ON CONVERTING HALAAL VIDEOS TO MP3PressMenu> MP3 Convert if you just watched videoor long press videoforoptions.Wait till it converts (progress bar) then look forthedownload links. (The ads are not from us, it's from thevideoconverter site). Finally, download mp3 to phone by clickingSkip Adon top right.-Previous convertor site changed due tofilthyads-Note, version 1.2 is kept for older devices
Jw.Org 2018
Jw.Org 2018 is the best app for Jehovah Witnesses. With theJW.ORGapp you can Browse through the entire JW.Org website onyourdevice. Also, get to watch and download latest Jw videos,latest jwpublications, Jw New Songs, latest news about Jehovah'sWitnessesactivities around the world, from website.Itstotally freeand easy to use give it a try install the JW.ORG appnow.# KEYFEATURES #• JW Publications, Download and stream latestMagazine,Books, and Brochure• JW Bible - Select one of theavailabletranslations of the Bible. - Compare the versions of theBible,verse by pressing number. - Browse related material bypressing afootnote or cross reference.• JW Videos Watch andDownload LatestJw Videos, Music Videos, Become Jehovah's FriendSeries andInterviews• JW Songs. Download and Listen to JW New songsboth inaudio and text format• Jw Online Library - Browse ThroughJWLibrary Online for your research material• JW Bible TeachingsGetanswers to the most difficult questions in life• Jw DailyTextRead, Download Or Listen to Jw Daily Text on the go.• JW NEWSROOMGet latest News about Jw Activities around the world NOTE:JW.OrgApplication is made by and for Jehovah's Witnesses. Itcontainsdifferent translations of the Bible, as well as books andbrochuresfor its study.For Feedback | Suggestions | Complaintcontact thedeveloper below
PlantNet Plant Identification
Pl@ntNet is an image sharing and retrieval application fortheidentification of plants.It is developed by scientists fromfourFrench research organisations (Cirad, INRA, Inria and IRD), andtheTela Botanica network, with the financial support ofAgropolisfondation.Among other features, this free app helpsidentifyingplant species from photographs, through a visualrecognitionsoftware. Plant species that are well enough illustratedin thebotanical reference database can be easily recognized.Thenumber ofspecies and the number of images used by the applicationevolvewith contributions of end users to the project.It doesn'tallow theidentification of ornamental plants. It works even betterthan thepictures submitted are focused on one organ. Pictures oftreeleaves on uniform background provide the most relevantresults.Ifyou correctly identify a species, you can participate totheproject by submitting your observation with the"contribution"button. These contributions subject to a moderationprocess will bevalidated collaboratively.To find this applicationon the web, goto thefollowinglink: to contribute more interactively to this participatoryscienceproject cangoto:
Urdu Quran (16 lines per page) 8.4.1
HD Quran print in Urdu script as used by students to learn byheartin Pakistan, India, etc. Each page has 16 rows of text whichhelpsstudents remember the location of text.* Feature richapplicationwith simple design - Simplicity at its best* Crystalclear HD text*Customizable text and page background colors* Shareor save desiredpages as images* An advanced bookmarking facilitywith option toshare* Allows marking text for mistakes during Hifizor revisions*Allows to choose different text colors to distinguishleft andright pages* Active support for questions andfeaturerequestsWithout Urdu translationWorks without the Internet.
CloudVeil Blue
For use by Authorized CloudVeil Users only.Userequires an account with
CommCare LTS
Long Term Support version of CommCare:This app receiveslessfrequent updates and bug fixes. For the more regular updatesandthe latest features, pleaseinstall in over 50 countries, CommCare( isthe most widely adopted, technicallyadvanced, and evidence-basedmobile platform for low-resourcesettings. CommCare is easilycustomizable, open source, andsupports frontline workers (FLWs)across 200+ projects in over 50countries. FLWs use CommCare totrack and support their clientswith registration forms, checklists,SMS reminders, and multimedia.Mounting evidence indicates that thisleads to improved frontlineworker performance, better reporting,and better client practicesand education. CommCare is the onlyplatform for FLWs that is opensource, supports longitudinal clienttracking, is specialized forlow-literate users, runs on Java andAndroid phones, runs offline,integrates SMS for performanceimprovement, and has an applicationbuilder designed fornon-programmers. CommCare is also used tobuild rapid diagnostictools and medical reference libraries,allowing users to flagcritical cases to appropriate parties.Features include: Counselingmessages Supports multiple languagesData collection Interactivemultimedia Branching logic GPSIntegration Runs on Android and Javafeature phones Offline usageand storage Web-based reportingSMS-enabled
Start Blogging And Earn Money
Create Blog and earn money from home.This apps Step By StepTutorialhow to earn money from online blogging.How to earningmoneyonline?-Very easy way to create blog and earn money. Fullofflinetutorial included. Blogging tutorial easy to use.How toStartEarning with your Blog Now…There are several steps to bedone, and alittle sacrifice along the way, but all these wouldhelp you becomethe next big thing on the Internet.It’s about timeyou learned howto start a blog and make money!Some Advantage ofBlogging tutorialsand earn money online:-Very easy way tolearn-After few days you canearn money from blogging.-VeryEffective Tutorial forbeginners.-Other Benefits included thisapps.Some lesson:1. WhyShould You Blog?2. What Should I BlogAbout?3. How To Create YourBlog4. How To Make Money With AffiliateIncome5. How To Make MoneyWith eBooks6. How To Make Money byFreelancing, Staff Writing, andAdvertising7. Why You MUST Build AnEmail List – And How To GetStarted8. How To Write Great ContentThat Gets Shared9. How To GrowYour Blog And Get More Readers10.The Resources I Use For MyBusiness11. How To Become IrresistibleAnd Grow Your Following12.Howto Make Money with Your Blog ?13.TheBest Way to Make Money Blogging2018.14.How Do You Make MoneyBlogging?While there is no 100%guarantee that you will be able toearn a full-time living byblogging, I know many bloggers who areand are very happy withit.Note: Some content collect from site. Ifany complain orsuggestion just mail us.Mail :
Got Questions?
Got Questions? The Bible has answers. We'll find them foryou!Thisapplication has over 5,600 of our most frequently askedquestionsabout the Bible organized by topic, with a built-insearchfunction, the ability to select favorite articles for easierfutureaccess, the ability to easily download new/updated articles,andthe option to ask us a question if the answer to your questionisnot already available in the app.
Buscador de horarios de misa. Con la opción de elegir la provinciaylocalidad deseada, así como el código postal y la hora. Tambiénsepuede elegir por día, nombre de templo o si es laborable,víspera ofestivo.Finder mass schedule. With the option to choosethe provinceand desired location, as well as the postal code andtime. You canalso choose a day, temple name or if it is working,or holiday eve.
EduPage - application for teachers,studentsand parentsPremium interactive tests for everyone!Even if your school is not using any of the bellow features, youcanstill use this application! It contains many interactive testsfromMath - where you have to think a little, English - where youneed tounderstand the spoken word, some Geography, Biology andeven Music.Try it out!MessagesSend messages to teachers, classes or parents. Startgroupdiscussions with the whole class or with all itsparents.Electronic grade bookTeachers can input grades on mobile or in web interface, parentsandstudents will see them in this mobile application.Electronic class registerInput curriculum for each lesson directly from your mobile.Lessonplans can be used to simply pick the next topic.Attendance & absence notesInput absent students. Class teachers can also input absencenotesor simply allow parents to send electronic absence notesdirectlyfrom their mobile phones.HomeworkInput the homework. Students and parents can view and mark themasready. They will love you!ScheduleDownload your timetable for offline viewing. (School needs touseaSc TimeTables. There is a free trialat the daily substitution changes on your mobile. Includespushnotifications. (School needs to use aSc Substitutions).E-learningCreate interactive tests for your students. The resultsareautomatically collected and the assignments are evaluated.School CantinaView the weekly menu. It is also possible to order or cancelthemeal for each day.AutomaticAnything that teachers inputs automatically generatesnotificationon your mobile. No need to check webpage now andthen.For teachersIf your school is not using EduPage, you can still usethisapplication to input grades and homework. If you add emails ofyourparents they will be able to use this same application tocheckwhat you have inputted. It is also possible to inviteyourcolleagues and share the data with them!For school administrators:Check for more information how your schoolcanbenefit from using EduPage!
Action RPG with survival. Survive in a city with a deadlyandunknown plague spread, survive hordes of monsters transformedbythis virus. Evolve your character, discover new places anddiscoversecrets. Dont have multiplayer yet.
BakaReader EX
The BakaReader EX is a new project for reading LightNovelstranslations from the website.Enabling youtodownload the Novel content and read it offline, whilealsoproviding other features: - Keeping track ofyourfavorites/wishlist; - Bookmark feature for multiple novels; -Getback to reading your last viewed novel with the click of abutton;- Check the teaser list for a preview of what's to come; -Downloadentire novels, or only the parts you want.Having problems?Afterrecovering a backup, some novels might not displaycontextproperly, or after an update.Just re-download thenovel'sinformation (go to the novel list, long touch on the novelanddownload novel info)For chapters not displaying correctly,attemptto re-download the chapter (long click on the chapter>download).Regarding other languages: Added alt. language parserforIndonesian, Polish, and French, visit baka tsuki forum forotherlanguage.Complete changelog can be checked from Settings>Versionorcheck: also helpwith coding, ideas or bug reports by accessing theGitHub webpage(,sending anemail to the developer or accessing baka-tsuki.orgforums:*Note:Irarely read the comment section, please go to baka-tsuki forum.*
1086 Flowers Live Wallpapers
1086 Flowers Live Wallpapers presents flowers like theroses,lotuses, daffodils, lilies.1086 Flowers LiveWallpapersfeatures:Double tap to change home screen or all screenbackgroundswith 1086 Flowers Live Wallpapers. Images can also beset from yourphoto album or photo gallery. Fix or change eachpicture of thescreen using individual settings. Change your screenpictures withyour or your loved one pictures using common settings(by selectingpicturessource).Installationinstructions:Home>Menu>Wallpaper>LiveWallpaper>1086Flowers Live Wallpapers or Press and hold homebutton (screen) Livewallpapers and 1086 Flowers Live Wallpapers, orfrom settings(create and open shortcut to 1086 Flowers LiveWallpapers).As forman, his days are as grass: as a flower of thefield, so heflourisheth.For the wind passeth over it, and it isgone; and theplace thereof shall know it no more.Psalm 103Flowerslike theroses, lotuses, tropical water lilies, daffodils etc. arefamousfor their beauty and glamour. Besides, there are many otherpopularand common flowers like lily, marigold, jasmine, Chinarose,chrysanthemum, etc.The flower is a pure and beautiful creationofNature. It is offered to Gods and presented to the dear andnearones, because of its beauty and purity. It may be ofdifferentsizes, species, colour and shapes. It grows ondelicateplants.There are also small flowers like daisy and seasonalflowersof small and pretty sizes and colour planted in parks,lawns, etc.Flowers are used for decorating houses and temples, andallude inweddings and festivals. Flowers are loved and adoredbyall.Flowers  are really very soft and beautiful. Theyappearin thousands of colours and of mixed colours. They lookverybeautiful and attract our sights. There are many people whoarelovers of flowers and have raised gardens of flowers. Thepoetssings the praise of these flowers. People compare thebeautifulfaces and palms with flowers. Hence, flowers arereallybeautiful.The sweet smell of flowers makes the air pleasanttobreathe. The scent of flowers is extracted and preservedasperfume. People apply it on their clothes to make themsweetsmelling. Water of certain flowers is sprinkled in gatherings.Alover offers flowers to his beloved as a token of his sweetandpure love for her. Women love to hang them in their coiffeurstolook more attractive. Some gentlemen hung them in thebutton-holesof their coats. Flowers adorn and enhance the beauty ofourgardens, parks, temples, schools, offices, buildings andresthouses. No human habitation is complete without flowers. Plantsandtrees full of variegated flowers are a sight to see. Poetsarenever tired of singing praises of flowers. Flowers satisfyoursense of touch, sense of sight and sense of smell. They are araregift of Nature.Flowers are very beautiful objects. They givemuchpleasure to our mind. We should enjoy them from a distance astheydance upon the creepers.Feedback us atwallsnet93@gmail.comThanksfor installation.
Easy & simple notepad that you can use for quick notetaking,for writing a diary or as a private notebook. 2017
In 2017 app you will find videos, biblical information,tipsfor the family and much more.Application is made by andforJehovah's Witnesses. It contains different translations oftheBible, as well as books and brochures for its study.Bible:•Selectone of the available translations of the Bible.• Comparetheversions of the Bible, verse by pressing number.• Browserelatedmaterial by pressing a footnote or crossreference.Navigation:•Drag your finger across the screen left orright to move quicklythrough the current publication.• Add bookmarkto any verse orchapter to quickly find a place in the text wherethe reading wasinterrupted.• Use the "History" to quickly find thematerials thathave read recently.• Find the word or phrase in thecurrentpublication by using the search function.
INCMedia -
The INCMedia app is an official app of the Iglesia Ni Cristo(Churchof Christ).Download now to get the latest news and videoson yourphone or tablet.Select from a list of video categories.Featuringtopics such as Executive News, Family Shows, Music Shows,INC Kids,and much more.Allows you to save your favorite videos forviewingoffline.Usage Tips------------------ * Tap on any video inthe listto start playback * To navigate to other video categories,tap themenu button on the top left corner * Download videos toyourphone/tablet using the action button on the bottom rightcorner ofeach listed video * Save your favorite videos to yourPlaylist *Select different video playback qualities by togglingthe HD buttonon the video player * To remove videos from yourDownloads orPlaylist, simply swipe the video left orrightInterested to learnmore?********************************************************************************************************************
JW Caleb y Sofia
Accede fácilmente a la web JW.ORG a la sección de niños y alosvídeos de Caleb y Sofia desde tu móvil o tablet.Como concualquiernavegador web es necesaria la conexión a Internet.Easilyaccess theweb JW.ORG to the children's section and videos of Caleband Sofiaon your phone or tablet.As with any web browser Internetconnectionis required.
Expatriates Saudi Classified
Expatriates Saudi Classifieds attempts to be the easiest to useandthe most visually appealing search applicationinthe Marketplace.Some of the key features are :* Browse throughwellstructured classified categories* Search ads in therelatedcategories* Bookmark ads* Get notification of new ads.andMany more..So hurry up! Download and never miss an important ever!
JW ORG 2018
Biblical Information, Educational Videos, JW Watchtower, Tipsforthe family and much more in almost all languages - JW.org2018.Itcontains different translations of the Bible, News from JWandmore.App features:• Add anything to Favorites and read itlater.•Change text size to read bible more easily.• Spanish,Portugueseand many more languages available!• Find the word orphrase in thecurrent publication by using the searchfunction.Bible:• Select oneof the available translations of theBible.• Read or Listen anychapter you wish.
Bahrain Expatriates Classified
Bahrain Expatriates Classifieds FREE app, Bahrain’s bestonlinemarketplace! This is Bahrain's top classifieds app withcategoriesfrom autos, property and electronics to household items,pets,services, furniture and more! Some of the key features are:*Browse through well structured classified categories* Search adsinthe related categories* Bookmark ads* Get notification ofnewads.and Many more ..So hurry up! Download and never missanimportant deal on ever!
Get the latest financial news and market quotes at the tip ofyourfinger. Access stock information and get personalizedalerts.Download the exclusive app for the Financial.orgmembernow.Features:Live Stock Quotes at your fingertips- Real-timestockquotes and price change.View Stock Details- Up-to-dateintradaychart, 52 week range, high, low and other stockinformation.SetupStock Price Alert- Create your preferable stockprice alerts andreceive instant notifications when it hits.GlobalMarket BreakingNews- Read latest financial news in scrollabletimelinelayout.Receive Alerts & System Messages- Inbox toreceive andview messages or alerts from our system.Single Sign-OnAccountSecurity- Only one device is allowed to sign-onconcurrently.
Des questions?
Cette application contient plus de 1,000 questions qui nous sontleplus souvent posées sur la Bible et classées par ‘sujet’, avecune‘fonction recherche’ intégrée, la possibilité de sélectionnervosarticles favoris pour y accéder ensuite plus facilement,lacapacité de télécharger des articles nouveaux ou mis à jour,ainsique la possibilité de poser une question, si la réponse àvotrequestion n’est pas déjà disponible dansl’application.Thisapplication contains over 1,000 questions we aremost frequentlyasked about the Bible and classified by 'subject',with 'searchfunction integrated, the ability to select yourfavorite items toaccess it then more easily, the ability todownload new or updatedarticles and the chance to ask a question,if the answer to yourquestion is not already available in theapplication.
The Best Orthodox Church forumThe Best Orthodox Church forum
Ethermine Pool Stats Monitor
Ethermine Pool Stats Monitor for Ethereum (ETH) &EthereumClassic (ETC)Ethermine Pool Stats Monitor is simpleapplication forchecking your miners on Ethermine pool( Check yourcurrent Hashrate, Balance, Workers, Nextpayouts, Chart and manyother information. Check your Ethereummining rigs from yourmobile!Application supports Ethereum (ETH) andEthereum Classic(ETC). You can switch between accounts insettings.FeaturesWe showstatistics of your account★ Reported Hashrate(MH/s)★ Effective Current Hashrate(MH/s)★ Effective AverageHashrate (last 24h)★ Unpaid balance ofEthereum (ETH/ETC)★ CurrentActive Workers★ Calculated time to nextEther★ ETH or ETC forminute/hour/day/week/month★ USD forminute/hour/day/week/month★ BTCfor minute/hour/day/week/month★Chart success of mining at thetime★ Currency Exchange Rates priceETH/BTC, ETH/USD, BTC/USB★Optimalization for small and big miners★Pool settings info★Account address history★ Payment transactions(max. 100 lastpayments)★ Average time to next payments (duration)★Tx link toetherchain transaction★ Worker's list - total of currentandreported worker's hashrates★ Worker's detail page → Workers Id→Effective Hashrate → Reported Hashrate → Shares (Invalid / Stale/Valid / % Invalid)Support👍 If you have any ideas forbetterfunctionality, let us know on mail:👍 If you like,pleaserate this app.Email:
Spacepools Mining Monitor
Spacepools Mining MonitorMonitoring application for checkingyourmining statistics on Spacepools.orgFeatures- Currenthashrate-Total Hashes Submitted- Pending balance- Total paid- Lastseen-Hashrate chart- Estimated earnings (day/week/month)-Payments-Payments chart with duration in hours- Workers (betatesting -download problem, try refresh it more times)Pools-Electroneum Sumokoin - coin Intense coin Derocoin - Monero coin- coin - coin -stellite.spacepools.orgNo ads versionThanks a lotfor supportingourappsdeveloping. with any ideas, problems, errors, etc. We will try fix aproblem.Thanks a lot.Email: info@0a1.euWebsite:
EimiZaideih Mobile
EimiZaideih is the one-stop solution for all your Musicneeds.EimiZaideih offers you free, unlimited access to all EimiSongs onyour PC and mobile phone no matter where you are.ThroughtheAlmighty’s Grace, most of us have settled down in other partsofIndia and abroad. Some of these Eimi songs become out of reachandpeople living in the extension part of Zogam become obliviousofour well-known Eimi Artists and their songs. It is for thissolepurpose (of reaching out to the Eimi’s settling elsewhere)thatEimiZaideih came forth.As we are able to expand ourhorizonsoutside of Lamka (by God’s grace), our sole aim is toreconnecteach one of us and spread the Spirit of brotherhoodthrough ourZomi Music and we pray that our / becomes a platform whereour community may geta worldwide recognition, develop a spirit ofoneness and use ourGod-given abilities and intelligence for thegood of the society.
BioTecNika Mobile app is an extension of Your Favorite Download this app and stay informedabout thelatest happenings in the Bio World on the go !!!Lookingfor BiotechNews, Pharma News & Job Updates, Biotecnika Magazine- TopBiotech Magazine. BioTecNika Official App is the one stopsolutionfor all your Biotech & Pharma needs
Google Analytics
The official Google Analytics mobile app helps you monitoryourbusiness on the go. With this app, you can: 1) Check keymetrics inbuilt-in reports 2) Compare date ranges and applysegments 3)Monitor real-time data 4) Explore to build your ownreports withany combination of metrics, dimensions, and segmentsthat you careabout 5) Save any reports to your dashboard so you caneasily comeback to themSign in with your Google account to useGoogleAnalytics.Permissions Notice- Contacts (Get Accounts): Neededtoget a list of accounts to sign in with
uCard is an app for members of theUnitedService Workers Union, IUJAT ( to createanelectronic membership card. Simply authenticate withtheirusername/password, take a selfie, and if the member is activetheirstatus will show green. If they are inactive their status willshowred. We have also added a very handy 'Profile' section inthesidebar as well as quick links for contacting the Union.Profile:- Shows user's basic information and lets them update it inourdatabase- Allows member to update their medical dependent's SSN- Shows member their beneficiaries- Shows member the balance of their annuity fund(SecurityFund)- Show member's employment history with the union- Shows member's welfare fund medical plan information- Allows member to submit organizing leads**FUTURE Updates**Members can take advantage of theirU-Benefit( discountsdirectlywithin the application.*Please note that uCard does not use the same loginasuBenefit.Verify your status andmembershipinformation!Steps:- Enter your SSN one time (we don't store it)- Take a selfie!- Confirm your picture- Enjoy your new card!---Samsung Owners:You must take your selfie in landscape orientation. Samsungassumesall pictures will be taken in landscape mode. We are workingonaddressing this issue.Galaxy S3 Issues:We are aware that there is an issue with Samsung Galaxy S3's andthecamera. We are currently working on a solution; however, thereis aworkaround:First you should try updating your operating system to thelatestAndroid version. Also, on the Samsung Galaxy 3 the developeroptionDo not keep activities is on by default.Todisable this you must go into your settings -> DeveloperOptions-> and turn this option off. Reboot the app and it shouldwork.If you have any questions please feel free to call us orsubmit anissue to our helpsystem (ISSN 2321-5097) is published by BhaxaXahityoXonmiloni, Axom (KAM(M)/263/A/373) is awebsitecommitted to enrich Assamese content in the Internet, andtoachieve the same by encouraging more people to write inAssamese.To achieve this, takes an innovative approachdifferentthan the traditional E-Magazines. harnessesthe powerof social networking to achieve its goal.  Apart fromusualliterary contents, the topics range from linguistics,culture,music, travel, science fictions, current affairs,politics,technology, humour, education, current investment andfinancialtrends, career etc. The articles are mostly collected fromtheFacebook group “Axomiyat Kotha Botora”. Every month aselectedactive member of the group acts as the Editor-in-chief oftheMagazine.This mobile app of the magazine is designed to helpthereaders to read the magazine on mobile and handheld deviceswithease and convenience.
ملتقى طلاب وطالبات جامعة الملك فيصل وجامعة الدمامckfu.orgForumstudents of King Faisal University, Dammam
Listed in the top 500 apps of all time by the Sunday Times(Feb2012)Top twenty cultural apps for iPhone by the Sunday Times(28March 2010). Best overall invention 2010 in the Dublin InstituteofTechnology. Top 25 grossing apps on the iTunes app store(17-18July 2010). The essential tool for all musiciansplayingtraditional Irish, Scots, Welsh and Breton music! Ever satin atrad session and wondered what was the name of that greattunesomeone just played? Well now you can search a database ofover23,000 tunes from your device BY PLAYING! Just hold your deviceupto a melody instrument such as the tin-whistle, flute,concertina,uilleann pipes, accordion or banjo, hit record and themelody willbe extracted and submitted to the searchengine formatching. Matching tunes are downloaded to your device,where youcan view and edit the notation or the stave, email thetune, postit to facebook or play it back using the high qualityplaybackengine based.
Vitraag Vigyaan
Official app for, with features likemembersignup, events, news and live satsang from the NGO. The appalsoincludes push notifications to keep you updated with thelatesthappenings.Find events for you city with integratedgeolocationscan.Coming Soon- Live Satsang
Search Mail.Ru: Fast Internet Search in your Phone
Search Mail.Ru application - a universal search engine thatwillalways be with you in your gadget.With the app you can quicklyfindany information on the Internet.- Search Mail.Ru allows youtosearch images, videos, mobile apps, news, answers tovariousquestions and listen to music.- Voice search is alsoavailable.Just tap the microphone icon and pronounce your request.Everythingelse Search Mail.Ru will do automatically.- While typinguse searchsuggestions and rephrases to save time or better expressyoursearch.- On the main screen, Search Mail.Ru has quick linkstopopular sites: Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Mail.Ru, My World,Vkontakteand Facebook. Also you could check top news.- Switchbetween anunlimited number of sites in tabs.- Save your favoritesites asbookmarks, for quick access you can put bookmarks on thehomescreen.- New customizable widget gives you access to thesearchfunctions from the home screen of your Android-powereddevices.With Mail.Ru search application you will have fewerquestions tothe universe!
Walmart MoneyCard 1.10.0
Green Dot
Easily manage and access your money onyourWalmart MoneyCard at any time.View balance and transaction historyFind nearby Walmart stores and ATM locationsPay billsFor Cardholders with the NEW Walmart MoneyCard withCash-BackRewards, also:• View Cash-Back Rewards balance• Deposit checks using your smartphone• Order and pre-authorize paper checksCARD BENEFITS• Shop online or in-store everywhere Debit MasterCard® orVisa®debit cards are accepted in the U.S.• NO overdraft fees• NO minimum balance or credit check to get a card todayQuestions about your Walmart MoneyCard?Call us at the number on the back of your card (24/7support).Or log in to & email us through theContactUs page.ATM access only available on personalized cards. All ATMs willincura $2.50 charge, $0.50 for balance inquiries, plus anyapplicable ATMowner fees. Visit for moreinfo.Technology PrivacyStatement: ofUse: Dot Corp adheres to PCI DSS compliance. The WalmartMoneyCardis issued by Green Dot Bank, Member, FDIC.Green Dot Bank operates under the following registered tradenames:GoBank, Green Dot Bank and Bonneville Bank. All of theseregisteredtrade names are used by, and refer to, a singleFDIC-insured bank,Green Dot Bank. Deposits under any of these tradenames aredeposits with Green Dot Bank and are aggregated fordepositinsurance coverage.
Create your own blog in this app, for WiththeNouw app you can:* Design your blog* Create blog posts withease*Create image collage with our powerful tool * Edit picturesbeforeuploading* Edit published blog posts * Get notified whenyour blogis commented* Follow blogs* Blog without internetconnection(offline mode)* Fast and robust blog post uploading
Quranic Researcher
Explanations (tafsir/exegesis) • Sciences of theQur'an• Qiraa'aat • Iraab (grammar) • Sarf(morphology)• Reasons of revelation • Ahkaam• Quranic lexicons
Tikkun Korim, Megillah
Practice for Purim's Megillah reading.• Tap the text to switchfromwith Nikkud and Trop (Taamim/Simanim) to plain text.Andvice-versa. • Zoom in and out with the provided controls. •Changethe Perek using the next and previous buttons or use the"ChoosePerek" drop-down menu.