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LearnWISE™ – is a leading digital learningplatformbrought to you by Wadhwani Foundation.This application is forinstitutes, faculty, students andbudding entrepreneurs toorganize, learn, connect and grow theirskills from anywhere.LearnWISE has been adopted by students andfaculty from variousinstitutes around the world, including India,Indonesia, Malaysia,Philippines, East Africa and Latin America! We take pride inbeing able to offer this platform along withall the digitalcontent for free. If you would like for yourinstitute to be a partof our community, please reachus
Mobile ORG 2020 1.4
(If the sensitivity is slow, change from the settings menu)AgreatORG application by Mustafa Canik, the producer ofKurtlarVadisiRemix, for his music consultation and presentation! Ithasbeendeveloped together with the pianists who are fully involvedinthiswork. With mobile ORG you can make a wedding!CompletelyTurkishand Arabic instruments and rhythms are available.Keyfeatures: -40 Rhythms, 40 Instruments (80 Grain Rythm for a fee)-AdjustableTransposure and Coma - 5 Different Themes -PracticalTraining Mode- Adjustable Keyboard
Airtime Loadup - Airtime loader & scanner 2.0.0
An airtime loader app(scratch card scanner) toscanairtimevoucher(scratch card), share airtime & rechargeyourmobilecredit using the phones camera. This scratch card scannerappmakesthings easy you don't have to type anything. airtimeloadupmakesit easy to save your airtime pin codes for future use noneedtokeep airtime voucher (scratch cards) in your wallet.Saveyourfavorite USSD(codes eg *131#) and run them with just aclicksavingyou feature typing. share airtime with friends madeeasy.viasocial media, message,email etc and the sharedpincodeautomatically loads when clicked no need to dial.airtimeloadupfeatures thousands of free HD images that you can setaswallpapersin a single click. feel free to download the imagesforyourdesired use.
This app enables you to view and save the letters uploadedonthewebsite through your android devices atasingleclick. In case the page doesn't load, click on refreshbuttontoreload the page and the file can be downloaded byclickingondownload button. Downloaded file will be saved onto yourdeviceinthe downloads folder. For any queries and suggestions,
Music Cutter 3.3
Music cutter is a totally free application. Thisapplicationhassimple but attractive design, also very easy to use.With onlysomeactions, you can cut the best part of a song you likeand setitinto your ringtone, alarm sound or notification sounds,ect.Thisapplication allows you to cut any kind of sound format suchasmp3,m4a, wav, flac, acc, ect. You just select yourfavoritesong,choose the best part of the song you like and saveit.Mainfunctions: - List all song, ringtones, alarm which isavailableinyour phone, you can select songs easily. - Find arandomsongaccording to its name or singer’s name. - Find songsbyusingfolder browser, it will show all folders which havesoundfiles inyour phone. - Simple and easy to use: + Display soundinwave form,can zoom in and zoom out, so that you can selecteasilythe part ofsong you like + Show the full detail of song: nameofsong, name ofsinger, length of song + Listen the songbeforecutting + Play backthe song + Restart choosing if you want +Cutthe selected soundand save it into song, ringtone or alarmsoundformat - You can seta song as your default ringtone orringtone fora random contact inyour contact list - Share favoritesongs to yourfriends and yourrelatives - Delete a song if you want- Mp3recorder with manyoptions - Music player is also included.-Support your ownlanguage If you have any question or anythingyouwant to improvein our application, feel free to email me. Iamhappy to answer allof your related questions. 5 stars ratingfromyou will support usto create and develop more and more freeanduseful applications.
السوق المفتوح - OpenSooq 7.5.03
أكبر تطبيق إعلانات مبوبة مجانية مع أكثر من15مليون عملية تحميل، يقدم أفضل وأسرع الطرق لبيع وشراءالأغراضالمستعملة من سيارات وعقارات وجوالات والبحث عن وظائف شاغرةوغير ذلكالكثير في بلدك.____________________________________OpenSooq is the largest marketplace in MENA with over 15milliondownloads. Buy and sell your car, mobile phone, homefurniture, orany other item, find a place to live or find yourdream job whilein the comfort of your home. All of this is for freeand just a fewclicks away!____________________________________The following sections on OpenSooq enable you to buy orsellanything you want in all of the Arab countries like SaudiArabia,Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt andmanyothers:1- Cars section which offers the biggest collection of adsforbuying or selling second hand cars as well as carrentaloffices.2- Real Estate section for selling or renting apartments,houses,lounges and palaces.3- Job Vacancies in all Arab countries for all disciplineslikegeometrics and many others just like in any newspaper.4- Electronics section which contains ads such mobilephones,televisions and many others. Through this section you areable tobuy directly from the owner.5- A specialised section for the latest Fashion trends in 2018.Hereyou can find makeup, outfits, perfumes, bags and watchesfromdifferent brands.6- A section for House-hold Furniture and Products where youcanfind everything related to the Arabic kitchen, furniture,homedesigns in all tastes of Lebanese, Egyptian, Syrian andGulf.7- A section for Animals which offers ads for selling oradoptingcats, dogs, camels and other animals as well asfarmsupplies.8- Public Services section such as tourism services aroundtheworld. Booking airline tickets, hotels, work visas andmanyothers.
Funky Pigeon Cards & Gifts
Send a huge range of personalisedgreetingcards, gifts and flowers for any occasion quickly andeasily withFunky Pigeon’s FREE App. With greetings cards from just£1.79 it’snow even easier to send a personalised card or giftstraight fromyour iPhone or tablet.Use your devices’ camera, Facebook, Instagram or photo library,tocreate a unique personalised card, postcard, notebook,poster,cushion or mug.- Find the perfect personalised card or gift in seconds bybrowsingour user-friendly interface- Personalise your chosen card, postcard of gift with yourowntext/photos using our sleek editor- Send directly to your recipient’s door or back to yourself tosign(extra envelope included) using 1st class post- All cards and most gifts can be sent WORLDWIDE (postcards,quickgifts and flowers can only be sent within the UK). Most ofourproducts can be dispatched the very same day.We have personalised cards and gifts for all occasions fromEasterand Father’s Day to all birthday and new home cards. You’llalsofind our new chocolate card option where you can upgrade yourcardto include 150g of hand crafted luxury dark chocolate!App features include:- Our free reminder service ensures that you will never forgetabirthday, anniversary or special event again; you’ll get ahandyprompt a few days before- Order one or more cards and gifts in a single transaction- Scale and position your photo using your fingertips sothecard/gift looks just right- Personalise the cover and inside text of the greetings cardandthe message text of the postcard/gift including the fonttype,size, colour and position- Preview your finished card to see how your personalisationwilllook once printed- For many personalised products you can choose your dispatchdateand preferred method of postage- Select the option to send your card/gift by Special NextDayDelivery or to any worldwide destination. (Except postcards,quickgifts and flowers which can only be sent within the UK)- Log into your account and view/update your account detailsandaddress book, add pre-pay to your account, view yourshoppingbasket, order history, order status and accessyourreminders*- If you have not previously registered you can create anaccountwhich you can also use to log into www.funkypigeon.comPermissionsAdd or modify calendar events and send emails to guestswithoutowners' knowledge! Let's you add FP calendar events to yourAndroidDevice. Emails are never read or used!Read Calendar events plus confidential information. This is usedtoread the list of available calendars on your Android device.Again,no confidential information is read or stored.* Please note: your basket and order history will only includecardsthat you have created using your Funky Pigeon app. To viewyour fullorder history please log into our
iiCanada 1.88
iiCanada App Get the latest regional, national and global news.Seeyour information arranged by region. Add events directly toyourcalendar. Personalize the App so you can be notified based onwhatinterests you. Share news stories by Email, SMS, Facebook,Twitter,and WhatsApp. The iiCanada App offers the following: What’sNewUpcoming Events Volunteering Opportunities EmploymentOpportunitiesLatest and archival videos Funeral and SamarInformation SpeechesDaily Diamonds Choose your notificationpreferences under “MyProfile”. To refresh content, pull down on anymain content area -see the in-app help page for further details. Ifyou choose toreceive push notifications, a unique identifierrelating to yourdevice will be stored by iiCanada to provide youwith the service.No other personal data relating to you (such as ausername or emailaddress) is processed. iiCanada will keep yourinformation secureand not share it with anyone else in accordancewith the iiCanada’sPrivacy Policy. To read iiCanada’s PrivacyPolicy, go to If you install theiiCanadaApp, you accept iiCanada’s Terms of Useat,SMS,Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.rovides news and events formembersof the community and an alternate means of accessinginformationavailable at
News24 is now available in a brand newdesign,optimised for phone, phablet and tablet.Get breaking news, first, across South Africa and the worldfromNews24, and catch up on the latest updates from Sport24, Fin24andChannel24. Browse features from Wheels24, Women24,Food24,Parent24, Health24 and Traveller24 and keep up to date withtheweather in your location from Weather24.Subscribe to breaking news alerts straight from the News24 newsroomand share and comment on articles that matter to you. Watchvideoclips from the News24 Live Studio and browse our partnersites forthe latest deals and offers.Please send any comments and feedback via the app's feedbackfeatureor mail
Videoke King - Karaoke
A portable karaoke on the palm of yourhand.Plays MIDI/KAR files from http://www.gosing.comFor bug reports and feature request. please visit ourFacebookPage song data that is in MIDI format and any lyrics are not to be used for any purpose otherthanprivate study, scholarship, or research. The song data iscopyrightby the respective owners. Many items do not containindividualnotices but are still protected by copyright laws.To viewthecomplete copyright notice pleasevisit song are owned by their respective composers. Please usethemaccordingly and follow copyright law. By downloading the songsyouare accepting the responsibility on abiding the the "FairUse"clause of the copyright law.Songs are not yet downloaded at first install. Each song willbedownloaded on your first play of the song which will beavailableoffline on your next play.Videoke King would like to thank the GOSING community forprovidingfree karaoke files. Please support the PC karaoke versionof GOSINGavailable at www.gosing.com2.0 ChangesComplete Rewrite of CodesFix link error to Files.New and Improved Interface.New Song Scrolling Feature.Updated to Material Design1.0.9 ChangesFaster Song Loading TimesYou will now see the Current Loading ProcessOPM Songs are included from ProKaraoke.info1.0.7 ChangesAdded Update Popup on StartupTo ensure you have the latest update of songs, bugfixesandenhancements1.0.3 ChangesFixed more bugs.Added Delete Downloaded Song by Long Pressing on a song.Auto detect songs on fresh install. (Not working on Update)1.0.2 ChangesFixed more bugsAdded a "Timing" control so that you can now syncerroneoussongs.Removed changing backgrounds for Size improvement andfocusstability.Expect a more leaner and steadier application.1.0.1 ChangesFixed some bugs.Added songs from other repository like (only"OtherEnglish", Not yet all).visit this site to see the filelist these files are not yet included, they will be downloadedonfirst play.Disclaimer: I don't own the songs and please use them accordingto"Fair Play".Each Karaoke files are owned by their respective creator. Songsareowned by the composer.
Mulyavardhan 2.0 3.36
Mulyavardhan (MV) Technology Platform is being developedtosupportthe Value-Based Education Program Implementation intheGovernmentSchools of India. Mobile Application is one oftheimportantcomponent of entire MV Technology Platform. MV MobileAppprovidesfacilities like Broadcasts, Community Features,ProgramManagement,Feedback Mechanism, Teacher Training ModulesandPerformanceTrackers.
spotwild – bird identification & nature community 2.6.4
💚 identify mammals, plants, fungi, butterflies, beetles or birds💚Photograph the unknown plant by the wayside with yoursmartphoneand let the community determine it 💚 Keep your ownpersonal naturediary about your own observations 💚 Or simplyexchange withlike-minded people Photograph the unknown plant alongthe way withyour smartphone, upload it to spotwild with just a fewsteps andask the community for help. Capture the bird with thecamera andupload it to spotwild. Report the first butterflysighting of theyear to set up a personal nature diary. Share natureexperiencesand create a community. This is what we want to achievein essence.Because we are convinced that with the simplest possibleaccess tosuch a platform, even lay people interested in nature willbe ableto get to grips with our nature and the diversity ofspecies.Through the uncomplicated exchange, species knowledge isexpandedand thus a contribution to environmental education ismade.Determining plants and animals like birds has never been soeasy:No matter if mushroom, tree, bird, beetle or much more:Simplyupload a photo and ask the community for help. With this easytouse app even the nature-interested layman will become apassionatenature-gazer. Share your nature observations with thecommunity andcreate your own personal nature diary. What was thefirst butterflyof the year? When did you see the first swallow?Where was thelocation of the delicious chanterelles? Exchange ideaswith thespotted game community and get to grips with our greatnature andbiodiversity. Through the uncomplicated exchange, speciesknowledgeis successively expanded and thus a contribution toenvironmentaleducation is made. Whether experienced Ornitho,passionate botanistor interested nature layman - everyone iswelcome here! And if youwould like to know whether the first birdshave already returnedfrom the wintering areas or whether the firstmushrooms can alreadybe found in the forest, then simply browsethrough the currentobservations of other nature watchers. Whetherthe blackbird inyour garden or the orchid in the nature reserve:every observationof nature counts. Because if we begin today tocollect reliable andsurface covering data over our nature, we candraw valuableconclusions from it in some years. spotwild 💚Identifying birds +reporting nature observations
Khmer24 1.7.3
Download the best free e-market app on your smartphone! Buy andselleverything you want NOW! • Selling is easy: Take a picturewith yourmobile, describe your product and sell in one click. • Ifyou arelooking for a specific item to buy, is the bestapp foryou! Thanks to the categories and your geo localization. • there is no intermediary, get in touch directlywith theseller through messaging, phone call or SMS myphsar khmer24 •Manage your posts or favorites directly with “” •Shareyour posts or favorite posts in your favorite social medias.• KHmer24 is the biggest phsar in Cambodia and I sell my productsonkhmer24 psar (Sell Faster! Buy Faster) DOWNLOAD the bestonlineshopping app in Cambodia now!
Ujjval Sir '# No 1 English Educator' 1.77
Best English educator for Hindi medium students who preparingforone days exams like SSC CGL, SSC CPO and other one day exams
Hespress - هسبريس
Hespress est le 1er journalélectroniqueMarocain, ayant un contenu riche, varié et sanstabous.Principale source d'information du Maroc etdel'international.التطبيق الرسمي لهسبريس، الجريدة الإلكترونية الأولى في المغرب.Hespress is thefirstelectronic newspaper Moroccan, having a content rich, variedandwithout taboos.Main source of information in Morocco and abroad.التطبيق الرسمي لهسبريس, الجريدة الإلكترونية الأولى في المغرب.
Biotecnika Official App 2.6.1
Disclaimer: All the Government, as well as Non-GovernmentJobslisted in our App as well as Website, is posted along withthedirect link to the notification from the respectiveorganizations.In any way, Biotecnika does not claim to representany Governmentor Non-Government Organization. All informationprovided in our Appis only for Informational & EducationalPurposes. BioTecNikaMobile app is an extension of Your Favorite Download this app and stay informedabout thelatest happenings in the Bio World on the go !!! LookingforBiotech News, Pharma News & Job Updates, Biotecnika Magazine-Top Biotech Magazine. BioTecNika Official App is theone-stopsolution for all your Biotech & Pharma needs. LifeScienceIndustry is a tough industry to get jobs, you have to bealways upto fate with the latest life sciences & biotech news,Pharmaupdates and then only you can survive. Biotecnika over thepasttwelve years has been synonymous to the best solution to allyourbiosciences problems. Whether you are looking for a LifeScience orPharma Job or want a stable career. Want to do Ph.D. orpostdoc.Jobs For Freshers & Experienced If you are looking forBiotechJobs for Freshers, Microbiology Jobs for Freshers,BiochemistryJobs, Jobs in Biotech company, Government Jobs inBiotech, GovtJobs in Biochemistry, Sarkari Jobs, You are at theright place atthe right time. We at Biotecnika update our Jobs appevery hourwith latest Hot Jobs for freshers as well asexperiencedprofessionals for various categories listed above.Browse throughor subscribe for Hottest Jobs available in theBiotech sectorScholarships : Searching for Scholarships? You are inthe perfectplace. In Biotecnika App Find Free Scholarships,Biotechnologyscholarships, Life science scholarships, PostgraduateScholarships,Undergraduate Scholarships, Masters Scholarships,AbroadScholarships, Scholarships 2016-2017, Ph.D. Scholarships,PostDocScholarships, International scholarships, Nationalscholarships,Women Scholarships, Biotech & Life ScienceAdmissions : LatestBiotech Admission Notification, & Ph.D.Biotech Admission.One can find Biotech Admissions notification fortop Biotechcolleges & institutes at Biotecnika App. You canSearch forBiotech admission, Biotech PhD Admission 2018, PhDAdmission 2018, Admission, Admission, Biotechadmission 2018, M.scBiotech Admission, Biotech Entrance Exam,Entrance Exam Biotech Admission, PhD Biotech Admission,Life Science PhDAdmission, PhD Life science admission etc. LifeScience Exam Alerts: This app contains the latest biotech entranceexam notifications.You can find official Notifications for Topentrance exams likeCSIR NET, CSIR NET JRF 2016, ICMR – JRF Exam,ICMR JRF 2016, JNUEE2016 exam, CUCET exam notification, CUCET 2016,Combinedbiotechnology entrance exam, DBT JRF exam, ARS Net examalert, BETexam, BET 2016, Gate 2017 exam notification, Gate biotechexam,Gate life science exam, CSIR UGC Net exam, TIFR examnotification,NIPER entrance exams details, IISC entrance exam, BARCexam. CareerAdvice for Biotech & Life Science Graduates &PostgraduatesMaximum Biotech graduates & post graduates whohave either Biotech, Biotech, Biotech, M.techBiotech oftenlose track of their career. They are lost midway anddon’t know howto proceed ahead in their career. Whether they shouldgo for a jobor they should go for higher studies, this is the mostcommonquestion they ask. If you are one among them, then you are intheright place. Here at Biotecnika, we will give you Career adviceatevery step, starting from Biotech Job Search, Ph.D.assistanceuntil you complete your PostDoc. If you are looking forsome careeradvice, Biotech career knowledge, Biotech Job searchadvice, Ph.D.assistance, then this app will definitely answer allyourquestions.
PlantX 1.21.0
What do you think about managing your own plant and gettoknowbetter about the WCM methodology? With the PlantXyou´llbechallenged to apply the World Class Manufacturingconceptstoimprove the production, reduce losses and increase theresults.Thegame simulates the industrial feel and put you onmission thatputto test your WCM knowledge. - Let the line flow –it´s your turntostart the shifts and guarantee the production flow- Morecars,less losses – with a efficient management, you can makemorecarsand avoid losses - Type to revitalize – technologiesandbetterequipment are allieds to reduce production costs and addmorevalueto your product - Problems? What to do? – Find the rootcausesandchose the best solutions. Are you ready?
e-Animals 1.3
Bruno Piovan
Have virtual animals walking around your screen!