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Tapatalk - 200,000+ Forums 8.8.5
Tapatalk Inc.
Tapatalk is the mobile home to over 200,000 online forumsworldwide.On Tapatalk, you will be interacting with like-mindedindividuals todevelop meaningful conversations on the topics thatinterest you.You'll never have to wait until you get home toupload the funimages to your favorite forums. Instant pushnotifications willallow you to never miss out on any topicsupdate. Tapatalk is Free.Sign up to VIP to remove ads for$.99/month. Here are some of thetop sites available in Tapatalk:MacRumors Forums VWvortexWatchuseek Cruise Critic M3ForumOperation Sports Adventure RiderLXForums Pentax Photography Focus ST CyanogenModArchery Talk Apple iPhoneForum Audizine AnandTech ForumsAVForums Reef AquariumsREEF2REEF BigSoccer Mobile Phone OS ForumJeep Garage - Jeep ForumRootzWiki AVSforum Kodi Guru Gossip IGN BoardsReefCentralNatural Mamas Spacetime Studios GSM-Forum ( gsmhosting) WindowsCentral RWI Swedespeed Germans Club WoodyCraft MoDaCo TheRolexForums IronMag ForumsPelicanParts Forums GolfMK6 The Outdoors Trader The GarageJournalSamMobile SmartCanucks The Two Plus Two Forums Plex ForumsTZ-UK VWAudi Forum MyBroadband Sinisterly LinusTechTips ExpeditionPortalBimmerfest SA 4x4 Community Forum Bushcraft USA Badger &BladeDODGE RAM FORUM skyscrapercity Smith & Hammock Forums CrackBerryForumsCivinfo Waze Forum BMW Forum: BMWLand Xiaomi EuropeSupportLipstick Alley The High Road Practical MachinistProfessionalMuscle Candlepowerforums Detailing World Brave FrontierForum PsychCentral 2CoolFishing The Firing AnabolicMinds 1911Forum Debate PoliticsForumsTHCtalk OPPO Forums Everything iPhone Audiokarma R3VLimited Forums UG Bodybuilding NASIOC TheGearPage ASUS Forums The Shave Nook Westeros.orgsvtperformance.comBariatricPal Fourtitude iFans Market MilitiaFerrariChat.comTenerife Forum Driftworks PowerStrokeArmy Total WarCenter Feed TheBeast Vaping Underground UK-Muscle - XDGun Forum BabyBargains & Baby 411! Survivalist BoardsHeliFreak.comPersonality Cafe The Planted Tank Evolutionary.orgForums FT86ClubBMW Fanatics RealGM forumsTacoma AlpineZone Muscle Research ForumsEcoCityCraftAirbrush Forum Tech Support Guy Volkswagen The RTI INDIA SuperMotoJunkieEpic Games Forum InsanelyMac Indian Real EstateForumTrouble Free Pool Digital PhotographySchool BMW5 Series Owners Board Student Doctor Network ModMyiToyota 4RunnerForums The CABE Mustang ForumsJeepsunlimited.comGalaxy S4 Forums Clash of GemStargazers LoungeUK Vapers Nikonites - Nikon Forum NerdFitnessRebellion HQ XBMC HUBGolfMKV PremierReef The Iron Planet of the Vapes CruiseAddicts E46FanaticsRCCrawler SXOC Bulletin Board S3forums.comFPVLAB VXRonline CAMARO5Welding Web Mighty CarMods Festool OwnersGroup HVAC-TalkGameGuardian Head-Fi ArcheryAddix Tapatalkis absolutely free, but to support us, you can alsopurchase VIPstatus that will allow you to view Tapatalk ad free.VIP status isUS$0.99 per month subscription, and will auto-renewuntil you electto cancel. If you are interested in purchasing VIPstatus, go toMe>Settings, and scroll down to Advanced Options tosubscribe.
JW Caleb y Sofia 1.0
Accede fácilmente a la web JW.ORG a la sección de niños y alosvídeos de Caleb y Sofia desde tu móvil o tablet.Como concualquiernavegador web es necesaria la conexión a Internet.Easilyaccess theweb JW.ORG to the children's section and videos of Caleband Sofiaon your phone or tablet.As with any web browser Internetconnectionis required. 6.0
Web site number 1 for car classifieds in Bulgaria is nowaccessableanytime, anywhere with your Android smartphone. Browseover 120,000listings in 11 categories to find exactly what you'relooking for.From cars and SUVs, trailers and boats, to specializedequipment,you're sure to find a perfect match for your needs. Savelistingsfor future reference and quick access. Detailed informationandpictures + contact information received right away. Or justbrowsethrough the latest news. 3.5.1
En encuentras noticias que resaltan los buenosactos,la agenda más completa de eventos, guías con recomendaciones,notasde cultura general, deportes y un directorio conrestaurantes,hoteles, comercios y mucho más. #VamosPues youfind news that highlight the good deeds, the mostcomprehensivecalendar of events, guides, recommendations, notesgeneral culture,sports and a directory with restaurants, hotels,shops and muchmore. #Let's go
1086 Flowers Live Wallpapers 6.3
Walls Net
1086 Flowers Live Wallpapers presents flowers like theroses,lotuses, daffodils, lilies.1086 Flowers LiveWallpapersfeatures:Double tap to change home screen or all screenbackgroundswith 1086 Flowers Live Wallpapers. Images can also beset from yourphoto album or photo gallery. Fix or change eachpicture of thescreen using individual settings. Change your screenpictures withyour or your loved one pictures using common settings(by selectingpicturessource).Installationinstructions:Home>Menu>Wallpaper>LiveWallpaper>1086Flowers Live Wallpapers or Press and hold homebutton (screen) Livewallpapers and 1086 Flowers Live Wallpapers, orfrom settings(create and open shortcut to 1086 Flowers LiveWallpapers).As forman, his days are as grass: as a flower of thefield, so heflourisheth.For the wind passeth over it, and it isgone; and theplace thereof shall know it no more.Psalm 103Flowerslike theroses, lotuses, tropical water lilies, daffodils etc. arefamousfor their beauty and glamour. Besides, there are many otherpopularand common flowers like lily, marigold, jasmine, Chinarose,chrysanthemum, etc.The flower is a pure and beautiful creationofNature. It is offered to Gods and presented to the dear andnearones, because of its beauty and purity. It may be ofdifferentsizes, species, colour and shapes. It grows ondelicateplants.There are also small flowers like daisy and seasonalflowersof small and pretty sizes and colour planted in parks,lawns, etc.Flowers are used for decorating houses and temples, andallude inweddings and festivals. Flowers are loved and adoredbyall.Flowers  are really very soft and beautiful. Theyappearin thousands of colours and of mixed colours. They lookverybeautiful and attract our sights. There are many people whoarelovers of flowers and have raised gardens of flowers. Thepoetssings the praise of these flowers. People compare thebeautifulfaces and palms with flowers. Hence, flowers arereallybeautiful.The sweet smell of flowers makes the air pleasanttobreathe. The scent of flowers is extracted and preservedasperfume. People apply it on their clothes to make themsweetsmelling. Water of certain flowers is sprinkled in gatherings.Alover offers flowers to his beloved as a token of his sweetandpure love for her. Women love to hang them in their coiffeurstolook more attractive. Some gentlemen hung them in thebutton-holesof their coats. Flowers adorn and enhance the beauty ofourgardens, parks, temples, schools, offices, buildings andresthouses. No human habitation is complete without flowers. Plantsandtrees full of variegated flowers are a sight to see. Poetsarenever tired of singing praises of flowers. Flowers satisfyoursense of touch, sense of sight and sense of smell. They are araregift of Nature.Flowers are very beautiful objects. They givemuchpleasure to our mind. We should enjoy them from a distance astheydance upon the creepers.Feedback us atwallsnet93@gmail.comThanksfor installation.
Portable ORG 2019 3.0.4
Portable ORG 2019 allows you to play piano, guitar, electricguitar,qanun, qanun trm, oud, tanbur, violin, ney, mey, cumbus,saz(baglama), clarinet, sax (saxophone), orchestra violin group,cura,balaban, rabab and santur. Enjoy realistic high-qualityinstrumentson your tablet and phone with Portable ORG 2019. Youcan play styles(rhythms) while playing instruments. Keys are touchsensitive so ifyou press softer, you get a lower voice. You canrecord your ownmusic with Portable ORG. Portable ORG allows youaccompany a song inyour device library. You can record and mixinstruments, rhythms,playback music and microphone sound. You canset reverb andequalizer for instruments using the menu. PortableORG has 3-bandEqualizer for bass, mid and hi. You can adjustreverb, room size,damping and width values. Portable ORG 2019 hascomma feature fororiental quarter notes. You can adjust thequarter notes using theScale/Maqam menu. You can tune the commanotes between 1/9 and 9/9of a full note. You can play all musicmaqams in Arabic and Turkishmusic. You can load and save scales.There are 29 predefined scales.You can set pitch bend using pitchbend wheel. Portable ORG 2019 hasa digital piano (portablekeyboard) view with a blue virtual LCD.Panel color, Comma, visiblekeys (widths of the keys), reverb,equalizer, rhythm volume andstyle (rhythm) tempo, sustain, filterand whoosh effects can beadjusted using menu. Rhythm tempo can bealso adjusted using tempowheel. You can adjust the panel colorchanging the RGB (Red, Green,Blue) values so you can select thecolor you want between 16millions of colors. You can scroll betweenoctaves and keys usingthe arrow. High-quality new Arabic, Turkish& Greek musicinstruments and rhythms, 2/4, 4/4, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8,9/8 (Roman), SlowPop, Pop, Drum, Wahde, Mehter and Bendir styles(rhythms) areincluded. You can adjust the tempo of these stylesbetween 50% and200%. Enjoy the portable mobile ORG on your Androidphone andtablet. Applause, whistle, zilgit and chimes sounds arealsoincluded. Enjoy the portable mobile ORG on your Android phoneandtablet. SCALE (MAQAM) PRESETS: Muhayyerkurdi HicazHicazkarKurdilihicazkar Ussak Ussak (Arabesk) Huseyni BayatiNihavend RastSaba Cargah Dugah Segah Huzzam Acemasiran BuselikFerahnak KarcigarMahur Neva Nikriz Suzinak Sultaniyegah SehnazUzzal Zengule YOU CANBUY THE AD-FREE PREMIUM VERSION UNLOCKER ONGOOGLE PLAY.UNLOCKER: may be used for providing you more relevant ads.Thisapplication has been Superpowered. By installing this app youagreeto the following privacypolicy: Your use ofPortableORG is free of charge in exchange for safely using some ofyourdevice's resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), andonlywhen you are not using your device. You may turn this off fromthesettings menu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation: piano,organ, guitar, flute, violin, kanoon, qanun, oud,bouzouki, ney,oriental, pop, music, play, record, entertainment,Korg, pa3x,pa4x, sound, wave, mp3, fx, echo, reverb, midi, Org,Orientalkeyboard
Got Questions? 4.4.11
Got Questions? The Bible has answers. We'll help you find them!Thisapplication has over 6,000 of our most frequently askedquestionsabout the Bible organized by topic, with a built-insearch function,the ability to select favorite articles for easierfuture access,the ability to easily download new/updated articles,and the optionto ask us a question if the answer to your questionis not alreadyavailable in the app.
Ethermine Pool Stats Monitor 3.1.6
Ethermine Pool Stats Monitor for Ethereum (ETH) &EthereumClassic (ETC) Ethermine Pool Stats Monitor is simpleapplicationfor checking your miners on Ethermine pool( Checkyour current Hashrate, Balance, Workers, Nextpayouts, Chart andmany other information. Check your Ethereummining rigs from yourmobile! Application supports Ethereum (ETH)and Ethereum Classic(ETC). You can switch between accounts insettings. Features Weshow statistics of your account ★ ReportedHashrate (MH/s) ★ Effective CurrentHashrate (MH/s) ★ EffectiveAverage Hashrate (last 24h) ★ Unpaidbalance of Ethereum (ETH/ETC)★ Current Active Workers ★ Calculatedtime to next Ether ★ ETH orETC for minute/hour/day/week/month ★ USDforminute/hour/day/week/month ★ BTC for minute/hour/day/week/month★Chart success of mining at the time ★ Currency Exchange RatespriceETH/BTC, ETH/USD, BTC/USB ★ Optimalization for small and bigminers★ Pool settings info ★ Account address history ★Paymenttransactions (max. 100 last payments) ★ Average time tonextpayments (duration) ★ Tx link to etherchain transaction ★Worker'slist - total of current and reported worker's hashrates ★Worker'sdetail page → Workers Id → Effective Hashrate → ReportedHashrate →Shares (Invalid / Stale / Valid / % Invalid) Support 👍 Ifyou haveany ideas for better functionality, let us know on👍 If you like, please rate this app. Email: Appsite:
PasswordCard 1.1.0
Companion App to website. Doesn't useInternetconnection; scan QR code from site!Generates a credit-cardsizedcard with random letters and numbers for you, letting youpicksecure passwords and remember them safely. You only havetoremember a colour and a symbol (e.g. "red star" or"yellowumbrella").Note that we are aware that the app does notworkcorrectly on some Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) devices.We'reworking on finding out why that is. If this happens to you,pleasemail us the details of your phone and Android (lightning map) 1.7.3
Jakub Furman
Application with live thunderstorm maps fromservice
Vitraag Vigyaan 1.2.7
Official app for, with features likemembersignup, events, news and live satsang from the NGO. The appalsoincludes push notifications to keep you updated with thelatesthappenings.Find events for you city with integratedgeolocationscan.Coming Soon- Live Satsang Mobile
App from for easy access to resources on Lord Shiva.1.Find the Shiva Temples around you, across the world. 2. Readandlisten to Thirumurai (Thevaram, Thiruvasagam,Thiruvisaipa,Thirumanthiram, Prabandham, Periyapuranam)simultaneously. 3. Ahandy Hindu calendar of festivals and shaiviteevents. 4. Two 24x7Radio services - Tamil and Multilingual. 5.Prayer reminder fordaily Anushtanam. 6. Search and get anything throughthis App. You can use the App in English orTamil.
Free VPN by 3.643
FreeVPN is the ultimate VPN. FreeVPN is a 100% unlimited VPNthatdoes not require any type of registration. FreeVPN iscompletelyanonymous. All of your traffic is encrypted while FreeVPN is on.FreeVPN protects your privacy and identity and allows youto browsethe web anonymously without fear of being tracked by anygovernmentor Internet Service Providers.

 Access Websites andApplicationsFree VPN gives you access to the entire websites andapplicationswhile traveling in a another country, while at schoolor at work.FreeVPN will allow you to use Youtube, Twitter,Instagram,Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social networksat work, ata school at a hotel or coffee shop. Anonymous Web UsageFreeVPN isa a free VPN lets you surf the web anonymously with noconcernsabout being tracked by your ISP or any other third party.FreeVPNissues you a new IP so that another party cannot trackyouractivity while on your device. How does Free VPN Work? FreeVPNencrypts your data and safely connects you to any web siteormobile app. Free VPN keeps you safe by directing your datatrafficthrough our secure servers. Free VPN is fully automated sothatwill not not have to worry about manually turning on the VPNeachtime you want to securely connect to the internet. Yourpersonal IPaddress is hidden so that you are free to browse theinternetwithout revealing your location to anyone withoutpermission. FreeVPN Benefits: • Browse the internet safely knowingyour passwords,credit card numbers, and bank accounts are safe fromhackers. •Privatized your online activities and location whetheryou are atwork, airport, coffee shop, home using a shared publicWifi or onthe move. Unique Features of our Unlimited Free VPN • Nocreditcard needed • No in app purchase requirements • Noregistrationneeded • No login or password required • Easy toconnect to FreeVPN• Easy to disconnect from FreeVPN • FreeVPNconnects you to thefastest and nearest server • YES, it's reallyFREE!!! 
If you haveany questions or suggestions, feel free toemail us or visit us at for moreinformation. FreeVPN is doingeverything we can to keep this appsimple and easy to use. If youthink we can do a better job pleaselet us know. We are here 7 daysa week. Please do not forget tofollow us on twitter: @_freevpn andFacebook:

 The entire team and thefriendly pandaicon here at FreeVPN would love to hear from you. Ourentire teamwould like to hear your ideas as to how we can make thisthe bestFree VPN in the world. Please help us make our app the mostusedFree VPN on Android by sending us your feedback andsuggestions.
Start Blogging And Earn Money Guide 14.0
MR Apps Dev
Start Blogging And Earn Money Guide app show only Step ByStepTutorial how to earn money from online blogging. How toearningmoney online? -Very easy way to create blog and earn money.Fulloffline guide included. Blogging tutorial easy to use. How toStartEarning with your Blog Now… There are several steps to bedone, anda little sacrifice along the way, but all these would helpyoubecome the next big thing on the Internet. It’s about timeyoulearned how to start a blog and make money! Some AdvantageofBlogging tutorials and earn money online: -Very easy way tolearn-After few days you can earn money from blogging guide.-VeryEffective Tutorial for beginners. -Other Benefits includedthisapps. Some lesson: 1. Why Should You Blog? 2. What Should IBlogAbout? 3. How To Create Your Blog 4. How To Make MoneyWithAffiliate Income 5. How To Make Money With eBooks 6. How ToMakeMoney by Freelancing, Staff Writing, and Advertising 7. WhyYouMUST Build An Email List – And How To Get Started 8. How ToWriteGreat Content That Gets Shared 9. How To Grow Your Blog AndGetMore Readers 10. The Resources I Use For My Business 11. HowToBecome Irresistible And Grow Your Following 12.How to MakeMoneywith Your Blog ? 13.The Best Way to Make Money Blogging2018.14.How Do You Make Money Blogging? While there is no 100%guaranteethat you will be able to earn a full-time living byblogging, Iknow many bloggers who are and are very happy with it.Note: Somecontent collect from site. If any complain or suggestionjust mailus. Mail :
Spacepools Mining Monitor 1.0.5
Spacepools Mining MonitorMonitoring application for checkingyourmining statistics on Spacepools.orgFeatures- Currenthashrate-Total Hashes Submitted- Pending balance- Total paid- Lastseen-Hashrate chart- Estimated earnings (day/week/month)-Payments-Payments chart with duration in hours- Workers (betatesting -download problem, try refresh it more times)Pools-Electroneum Sumokoin - coin Intense coin Derocoin - Monero coin- coin - coin -stellite.spacepools.orgNo ads versionThanks a lotfor supportingourappsdeveloping. with any ideas, problems, errors, etc. We will try fix aproblem.Thanks a lot.Email: info@0a1.euWebsite: 8.0.23
The Best Orthodox Church forum The Best Orthodox Church forum
Hello to everyone, We are with a brand new and affirmativeorganprogram. It was designed entirely in accordance with TurkishandArabic tastes. Features: -50 Turkish and Arabic voices -70speedadjustable Turkish and Arabic rhythms - Rhythm wheel: Withthisfeature you can set the rhythm speed to the desiredlevel.-Picthbend: This can give you especially sound wave, smearand aton thick or thin effect. -Themes: You can personalize yourviewwith the themes inside. -Any notes: Learn and play songs you donotknow. -Level system -Making names -The ability to keep thescreenand the screen open Enjoy, To reach us,
LearnWISE™ – is a leading digital learningplatformbrought to you by Wadhwani Foundation.This application is forinstitutes, faculty, students andbudding entrepreneurs toorganize, learn, connect and grow theirskills from anywhere.LearnWISE has been adopted by students andfaculty from variousinstitutes around the world, including India,Indonesia, Malaysia,Philippines, East Africa and Latin America! We take pride inbeing able to offer this platform along withall the digitalcontent for free. If you would like for yourinstitute to be a partof our community, please reachus
Learn French Free 6.1
Learn French is a simple app for anyone who wishes to learnFrenchfast and easy. It is perfect for beginners and advancedusers.Recommended for those who wish to travel to France. Features:*Highquality translations made by French speakers *Create yourownfavorite list *No Internet connection needed
Mobile ORG 2019 1.3
(If the sensitivity is slow, change from the settings menu) AgreatORG application by Mustafa Canik, the producer of KurtlarVadisiRemix, for his music consultation and presentation! It hasbeendeveloped together with the pianists who are fully involved inthiswork. With mobile ORG you can make a wedding! CompletelyTurkishand Arabic instruments and rhythms are available. Keyfeatures: -40 Rhythms, 40 Instruments (80 Grain Rythm for a fee) -AdjustableTransposure and Coma - 5 Different Themes - PracticalTraining Mode- Adjustable Keyboard
Jw.Org 2018 1.0
Footy Tech
Jw.Org 2018 is the best app for Jehovah Witnesses. With theJW.ORGapp you can Browse through the entire JW.Org website onyourdevice. Also, get to watch and download latest Jw videos,latest jwpublications, Jw New Songs, latest news about Jehovah'sWitnessesactivities around the world, from website.Itstotally freeand easy to use give it a try install the JW.ORG appnow.# KEYFEATURES #• JW Publications, Download and stream latestMagazine,Books, and Brochure• JW Bible - Select one of theavailabletranslations of the Bible. - Compare the versions of theBible,verse by pressing number. - Browse related material bypressing afootnote or cross reference.• JW Videos Watch andDownload LatestJw Videos, Music Videos, Become Jehovah's FriendSeries andInterviews• JW Songs. Download and Listen to JW New songsboth inaudio and text format• Jw Online Library - Browse ThroughJWLibrary Online for your research material• JW Bible TeachingsGetanswers to the most difficult questions in life• Jw DailyTextRead, Download Or Listen to Jw Daily Text on the go.• JW NEWSROOMGet latest News about Jw Activities around the world NOTE:JW.OrgApplication is made by and for Jehovah's Witnesses. Itcontainsdifferent translations of the Bible, as well as books andbrochuresfor its study.For Feedback | Suggestions | Complaintcontact thedeveloper below
Guruji Online Help 1.6
शिक्षकांना प्रत्येक online कामात मदत करणारी ही android app असेल.प्रश्न तुमचे - उत्तर आमचे .
English Speak Practice 1.1.2
English Speak Practice has some new features which willimproveuser’s app experience: - A hundred of daily Englishconversations -Scripts are translated into 17 languages and aresynced with audiotimestamp - Easily manage your record by filteringthem by time orlesson ****************************************** Weprovide youwith a hundred of daily English conversations which willhelp youimprove your English listening and speaking skills. Withour highlyinteractive practice tools, we guarantee that you willhave a greattime while using our application. These conversationsare collectedfrom our normal daily life, they can take place in theschool,hospital, food store or bus station, etc. Our objective istocreate familiar lessons, which are suitable for everyoneincludingbeginners. Scripts are available for all lessons and theyare alsotranslated into other 17 languages. These scripts aresynchronizedwith audio tracks by timestamp so they could beautomaticallyvisualized. The best way to improve your English is topracticeevery day. Whenever you have free time, try to learn somenewvocabularies, grammars, or practice speaking and listeningskills.We hope that you will experience the benefit and conveniencewithour application.
Optimization adapter to reduce code compare with originaladapter,we reduce 70% of the code 。Add item click and item chlidclickOnItemClickListenerOnItemChildClickListenerOnItemLongClickListenerOnItemChildLongClickListenerUse it addadaptar animation Line ofcode to easily to switch 5 kind ofdefault animation Use it addheader and footer Easy to add headViewand footView like ListViewUseit load more Pull up to load more andyou can default differentlayout ,exception tips Add Group Simpleto add custom group view andchild viewUse it custom item view typeSupport the different customtype of ViewUse it setEmptyViewSupport to setEmptyView Easier thaListViewUse it drag and swipeitem Simple to open dray andswipeExpandable Item More powerfulthanExpandableListView,SupportlevelGitHub: Star and Fork) 0.2
Portal Team
It's a website application to view all the contentofwebsite that has been updated from time to time onourwebsite.Published on 29th April,2013 at PojewalDhamFeatures1)complete access to' website.
EimiZaideih Mobile 11.0
Features: - Play/Stream Songs Online - Rate your favourite songs-Create Playlists locally and add songs - Filter your songsbycategories you like most to hear - Also Filter songs byartists,albums and playlists - Counts for number of downloads andplays -Added Offline Music Library - Trending Songs Features Added-Playlist, Artist, Albums, Songs list for Offline songs -BeautifulNew Design - Download your favourite song and share withyour closeones - Also if you want to bookmark song you can add tofavouriteand access anytime - Beautiful Designed player with repeatandshuffle option - Notification View for easy navigation in app-Latest added songs are shown on home screen - Also getyourrecently played song on home screen EimiZaideih is theone-stopsolution for all your Music needs. EimiZaideih offers youfree,unlimited access to all Eimi Songs on your PC and mobile phonenomatter where you are. Through the Almighty’s Grace, most of ushavesettled down in other parts of India and abroad. Some of theseEimisongs become out of reach and people living in the extensionpartof Zogam become oblivious of our well-known Eimi Artists andtheirsongs. It is for this sole purpose (of reaching out to theEimi’ssettling elsewhere) that EimiZaideih came forth. As we areable toexpand our horizons outside of Lamka (by God’s grace), oursole aimis to reconnect each one of us and spread the Spirit ofbrotherhoodthrough our Zomi Music and we pray that becomes a platform where our communitymay get aworldwide recognition, develop a spirit of oneness and useourGod-given abilities and intelligence for the good of thesociety.
ZigZag 1.33
Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can! Just tapthescreen to change the direction of the ball. Try not to fall offtheedges! How far can you go?
Daily Horoscope 5.6
U&U Software
Daily Horoscope is a detailed resource to learn everythingaboutastrology and horoscopes.With Daily Horoscope, you can readyourupdated daily, weekly, monthly and yearlyhoroscopeinterpretations, and learn your bastioncharacteristics.You canlearn your astrological love affinity withyour partner or find youthe astrologically most suitablepartner.You can also see thecharacteristics of your Ascending Biband rising bosom.In Chineseastrology, you can learn what your bicep(mouse, ox, dragon, etc.)corresponds to and read the characteristicfeatures.With One TouchShare, you can instantly share yourhoroscope comments anywhere youlike. You can access all of theitems you have shared or sharedwith you from Favorites.With thecaching feature, Internet datausage has been reduced to a minimum.An advanced and functionaldesign makes it easy to find what you arelooking for! Thanks toadvanced coding, it consumes your device'sbattery and internet ina minimum amount of time, fast and serial.Ifyou like ourapplication, you can give us 5 stars. You can forwardanysuggestions, requests or concerns to ourappetite!Facebook:
JW Music 2018 3.0
Healthy and comfortable to listen to songs.Original Music,you can always take listening!The onlyapplication InPlay Store that contains all new music2018.Features:- Sing OutJoyfully to Jehovah—Meetings- Sing toJehovah—New Songs - Sing toJehovah—Piano Accompaniment - Sing toJehovah—OrchestralAccompaniment- Sing to Jehovah—Chorus- BecomeJehovah's Friend(original songs)- Become Jehovah’s Friend—SingWith UsWe are free toany kind of feedback. Please let us know whatyou would like to seein application.
Anime Music 303
With Anime Music, you can play millions of songs and thesoundtrackfrom all of anime and movie you love, for free • Searchfor yourfavorite song, artists from Anime or Japan animation • Makeyourplaylists with your favorite Anime OST • Discover newmusic,including Vocaloid and Nightcore songs • We also have Japanmusicthat is popular from all over the world Find music fromyourfavorite Anime, and listen to new Anime music for free.
Toute l'information locale (Martinique, Guadeloupe,Guyane),nationale et internationale sur ZayActu. Visionnez lesderniersclips de vos artistes préférés. Pour toute demande departenariat All local information(Martinique,Guadeloupe, Guyana), national and international onZayActu. Watchthe latest music videos of your favorite artists. Foranypartnership request:
Crazy Cake Swap: Matching Game 1.78
Swap cakes in a crazy match-3 adventure starring YOU andYOURfriends! Escape to a crazy world where streets are filledwithtreats and YOU are the star baker. Satisfy YOUR friends’cravingsfor sweets as you serve treats to become the best baker intheland. Increasingly challenging puzzle play includes new waystomatch and win. Solve hundreds of crazy cascading levels andmatchyour way to sweet victory! Key Ingredients: ★ NEW WAYS TOPLAY:Match-4 squares make frosting tubes, match paths to getcustomersto the door, and find friends buried below treats! ★ YOURPHOTOS INTHE GAME: Add and share unique photos of your friends,family, andeven your pets to be the stars of this crazy cakeadventure! ★EXPLOSIVE FUN: Rainbow stars, exploding cakes, andfrosting tubescreate confectionary cascades ★ EVERLASTING GAMEPLAY:150+challenging, yet satisfying levels ★ GET CONNECTED: Saveyourprogress, connect with friends, and see their photo in yourgameEnjoy explosive fun for the whole family! Download freetoday!LIKE: ● Use of this application is governed by theZyngaTerms of Service. These Terms are available through theLicenseAgreement field below, andat ● Forspecificinformation about how Zynga collects and uses personal orotherdata, please read our privacy policyat Zynga’s Privacy Policy isalsoavailable through the Privacy Policy field below. ● The gameisfree to play; however, in-app purchases are availableforadditional content and in-game currency. ● This game does permitauser to connect to social networks, such as Facebook, and assuchplayers may come into contact with other people when playingthisgame. ● Terms of Service for Social Networks you connect to inthisgame may also apply to you. ● You will be given the opportunitytoparticipate in special offers, events, and programs from ZyngaInc.and its partners. ● Must be 13+ to play.
Minha à Paris 1.2.0
Minha à Paris pour Android est une application reprenant lesdonnéesde Elle essaye de recenser les offices deMinha enrégion parisienne, et depuis peu, ceux de France. L’applicontientun sidour Edot HaMizrah phonétique ou hébreu, ce derniern’estmalheureusement accessible qu’à partir d’Android 4.1.N’hésitez pasà nous envoyer vos informations elles pourront êtreutiles à chacund’entre nous. Pour obtenir des informationscomplémentairesconnectez-vous sur : www.minha.orgTags:Minha,Mincha,juif,jewish,Prière,Tefila,Siddur,Sidour,phonetique,horairesde Sarcelles,synagogue Minha Paris for Androidis an applicationcontaining the data She tries toidentify Minhaoffices in Paris, and more recently those of France.App contains asiddur or Edot HaMizrah phonetic Hebrew, it isunfortunately onlyavailable from Android 4.1. Do not hesitate tosend us yourinformation they can be useful for all of us.  For moreinformation log onto: Tags: Minha, Mincha,Jewish,jewish, Prayer, Tefillah, Siddur, Siddur, phonetics, hoursofSarcelles, synagogue
Scooper News: Trending News, Videos, Live Football V5.2.45
Scooper brings you the trending and breaking news fromNigeria,Kenya, Ghana, Egypt & around the world. DownloadScooper toexplore up-to-date news, funny videos and live footballscore withdata-saving and offline reading feature. KEY FEATURES:PersonalizedNews Feed: Scooper picks trending and breaking news foryou,elaborately. It customizes your favourites according toyourchoices and interests. Sports: Scooper enjoys sporty stuff andwillkeep you up-to-date on football matches, live commentaries andallleagues as they happen, information about basketball,tennis,hockey and all other sporting activities around the world.You canexpect exciting sports news and match predictions fromScooper.Videos, Entertainment and More: You've found the rightplace!Scooper scouts for rich videos and GIF contents from greatsourcesas well as YouTube channels. Offline Reading: No enough dataleftfor the month? Scooper knows. Offline reading is available toallowyou access all of Scooper's contents without data consumption.Whenyou run out, Scooper will quickly prompt you to read offlineuntilyour data gets back. Professional Generated Content(PGC):Scooper's contents are created and sourced directlyfromauthoritative local content providers and news agencies.OnScooper, you will certainly find authentic stories, wellwrittenarticles and breaking news. Low Storage: Scooper uses only asmallstorage space on your mobile device. For each update, you arenotat risk of overloading your phone storage. It is"beinglightweight" that many people find most interesting aboutScooper.Speed of Update: You will find this handy when looking fornewsstories and fun videos that you can view/access on the go.Scooperrefreshes news in a flash! For each time you click 'home',updatesslide in within split seconds. Novels: Over one hundred(100)popular novels have been picked for you across categories suchasscience fiction, romance, mystery, thrillers and short stories.Getstarted on this journey with Scooper. Contact Scooper:Scooperappreciates your feedback. You may leave comments here or onsocialmedia; Official Website: https://www.scoopernews.comFacebook: Join thousandsofprofessional content partners onScooper:
CPU-L 2.6.2
iJR Software
Do you want to mount a pc and do not know which processor to putit?Do you want to know the exact specifications of a particularCPU?With CPU-L you can consult the detailed specifications of allAMDand Intel CPUs and even those that have not yet been released.Inaddition you can compare up to 2 microprocessors specificationtospecification. MAIN FEATURES: • 1300+ AMD CPUs & 2800+INTELCPUs with all specifications. • 600+ photos of CPUs•Benchmarks scores: compare the performance of CPUs •Function"Favorites": Add your favorite CPUs in one place!. •Upgradeabledatabase via Over-The-Air • CPU comparator. Compareup to 10CPUs! • Offline operation, it is not necessary to haveactiveInternet connection (Some functions need an Internetconnection).Do not forget to rate theapp!-------------------------------------- Looking for a list ofGPUs:
JW ORG 2018 1.0
Biblical Information, Educational Videos, JW Watchtower, Tipsforthe family and much more in almost all languages - JW.org2018.Itcontains different translations of the Bible, News from JWandmore.App features:• Add anything to Favorites and read itlater.•Change text size to read bible more easily.• Spanish,Portugueseand many more languages available!• Find the word orphrase in thecurrent publication by using the searchfunction.Bible:• Select oneof the available translations of theBible.• Read or Listen anychapter you wish.
Pictionary™ 1.42.1
QUICK SKETCHES, HILARIOUS GUESSES! The classic game of drawingandguessing has gone mobile! Leave your notepad and pencil athome,because this is one canvas you can take on the go. Challengeyourfriends directly from your phone or use your tablet to createworksof art to share with the world. With multiple game modes tochoosefrom, how you play is up to you! Looking for a change ofpace? Putdown your digital paint brush and head over to the ThinkFast modeto guess tons of great drawings. But you better be quick,becausethis is a race against the clock! Pictionary will take youbeyondthe average drawing experience. Select from various tools,eachadding its own special mark. Upgrade those tools and enhanceyourart. Choose from thousands of fun words to draw. Earn chestsfilledwith prizes. Join our social community and discover yourfriend’shidden artistic talents! So what are you waiting for?Doodle yourway to the top of the charts in the family game you’veknown andloved for years. Grab that virtual crayon and fill yourlife withcolor. Highlights 🎁 Prize chests full of exciting gifts!💬Thousands of fun words to draw 🎮 Multiple game modes to choosefrom👀 Fun animations and loveable characters
Spacepools Mining Monitor PRO (no ads) 1.0.4
Spacepools Mining Monitor PRO (no ads)Monitoring applicationforchecking your mining statistics on withnoads.Features- Multiaccounts support (5 is max)- Currenthashrate-Total Hashes Submitted- Pending balance- Total paid- Lastseen-Hashrate chart- Estimated earnings (day/week/month)-Payments-Payments chart with duration in hours- Workers (betatesting -download problem, try refresh it more times)- Pool statusinfo-Coins network info (ETN, SUMO, GRF, INTS, DERO)Pools-Electroneum Sumokoin - coin Intense coin Derocoin - Monero coin- coin - coin -stellite.spacepools.orgSupportPlease contact us withany ideas,problems, errors, etc. We will try fix a problem. Thanksalot.Email: info@0a1.euWebsite:
German Conversation 1.7
AT Production
*LET’S START TO SPEAK GERMAN Learn to speak German easilyandeffectively with hundred of daily conversation dialogs. Lessonsareprepared in hundred of daily topics help you get familiarwithnative speaking and pronunciation. *RICH & POWERFUL CONTENTOFLESSONS: Learn to speak German through hundred ofreal-lifeconversation dialog is the most effective way to learnGerman.Emphasize on listening, the app help you to improve yourlisteningskill, pronunciation, how ask and answer in daily talking.*OFFLINEYou don’t need to be online to use this app. That’s it. Ithelp yousave your energy on learning not worrying about wificonnecting.*SCRIPT IN GERMAN & ENGLISH Lesson’s script areprepared inGerman and English side-by-side (just swipe life to ,help youquickly look up for new vocabulary and understand thecontext.*LEARN WHILE DRIVING. The app is designed with a mindsetthat howto help user quickly open the lesson and no need toconstantly keepthe app opened. Just tap the Play button and exitthe app, turn offthe screen and focus on listening. So it is veryuseful for you tolearn when you are driving. Therefore help yousave a lot of yourtime to do other important thing in life. Forexample, play withyour kid. *STANDARD & HIGH QUALITY AUDIO*Support HEAD-PHONE*SIMPLE & ELEGANT DESIGN We constantly tryto make it more andmore easier to use.
Ingred - Cosmetics and food analysis 4.11.3
Raúl Vadillo
Check with a photo of the label for ingredients of cosmetics orfoodcan be harmful to your health. Query the database of foodadditivesand ingredients in cosmetics.List of cosmetic ingredientsinpersonal care products, harmful to health, taken from sourcessuchas the Red Ecoestética,,, http://,, and others. Listof suspected food additivesbased on data collected from variousentities such as the EU, WHO,FAO, JECFA. Technical Service of theNational Consumer Institute,Joint Expert Committee on FoodAdditives, the Joint Committee ofFAO / WHO Expert Committee on FoodAdditives ... etc. Taken from, and Names ofingredients derived from palmoil extracted Information on veganadditives provided byThe Elated Vegan.
Bible Offline 3.1
The Holy Bible. The Old Testament and The New Testament. Findingagood bible application that is not clustered with manycomplicatedfeatures but has every important and relevantfunctionality a holybible should have, is not easy. With this bibleapp we offerdelightful experience every time you open theapplication and readthe word of God. How do we do this? We havethese importantfeatures: bookmark verse, color-highlight, and makepersonal notes,custom control font size, share verse of the day,and finally thehighly appreciated 'bible verse of the day'. Let'slook at each ofthe aforementioned features. CHANGING BIBLE VERSIONTo change bibleversion, go to settings, select Bible Versions to beshown a listof options, choose what you want, wait a few secondsfor downloadprocess to finish. That is it. Bookmark Verse With thisbible app,you can bookmark a verse by first selecting the verse(s).A fewicons will pop up at the top panel. Click on one that lookslike aclosed book to bookmark the selected verses. To accessyourbookmarked verses in this bible offline app, click on the topleftcorner menu icon, scroll to bookmarks and select. A new pagewithlist of bookmarked verses comes up. Clicking one bookmarkedverseat this level redirects you to the specific book of thebible,chapter and verse. Make personal notes We are always excitedwiththis bible application feature. This is because it is intuitiveandvery handy. To make personal notes on this bible app, selecttheverses you want to make a note on. You can color-highlight.Thenclick on the top right corner on the edit(note and pencilicon). Adialog opens with simple instructions. Type your text andwhen donesimply click on the save button. You can access any of thesavednotes from the navigation panel. Color-highlight versesThisoffline bible app has an amazing custom color-highlightingfeature.Every time you select on verses, a floating button pops upat thebottom right corner. Click on the color-edit icon. To getothercolors, drag around the top slider in the open dialog. Selectthecolor you want to you then click set to apply thechanges.Color-highlighted verses can also be accessed from thenavigationpanel. To delete highlighted verse, you can go tohighlights, thedrag a verse you want to delete all the way to theleft. Otherfeatures Sharing a bible verse or the bible verse of theday isalso simple. Always click on the share icon to share thetextualcontent. On the bible verse of the day section, it ispossible toshare the verse, commentary, the prayer, and image(as ofversion1.2) verse of the day. Change font size. While reading thebible,there is always a A+ icon on the top panel of theapplication. Feelfree to click on it and a drag to slider to changefont. whendesired font size is in effect. click ok. the changeswill alwaysbe applied until you alter it yourself. Have fun withthis, youwont break anything. Finally We wish we could tell youeveryfeature that this application has. However, we want you toexploreand notice amazing features, such as, on select of a verseacolored ribbon appears on the right corner of the selectedverse.Keep using and whenever you have a question, write us anemail. Wealways strive to respond to every email that seeksourclarification, help, or reports an error. Enjoy reading thebibleand be blessed.
JW online 1.2
JW online is just a shortcut or webview to thesite with the mobile format no ads! of course.
Compass Steel 3D
FEATURES: • Ad-free digital compass • Choose from multiplecolorthemes • Choose between 2 heading modes - True heading (basedonTrue north) and Magnetic heading (based on Magnetic north). •Sundirection indicator • Moon direction indicator • Sunrise andsunsettimes • Moonrise and moonset times • Self-calibrates as youuse •Marine-style compass PERMISSIONS: • Requires access tolocationcoordinates to calculate True heading.
Idle Gold gem clicker
New Idle/clicker game! Easy and addictive! If you like jewelsandgold mining, this idle/clicker game is for you! Just tap themine,get gems and become a jewels tycoon. At first, you need to tapandmine on your own. Then sell what you've got and hire workerstospeed up the process. Continue to tap by yourself and earnmorejewels and gold. You can also: - buy new pickaxes. It willmakemining more effective because better pickaxes mine betterjewels.And chance to get cool gems also increases. - upgrade miningwithmoney. It's better to get more gems per one tap, right?Everybodywants to become rich fast. - upgrade with pearls. When youbecomerich enough, you may want to reach new horizons. To do thatyouneed to restart and tap again. But you will get a bonus - pearlsofprestige! You can spend them on super mining upgrades or youcan...- take part in the essence lottery. This opportunity isavailableonly when you've mined and earned enough, when you havethe pearlsof prestige. - collect planetary essences in this idlegame andimprove your pickaxes with it. And then... - fuse 10essences andget one which range is higher. What are they for?Essences help youto earn much more jewels per tap. They doubleamount of them,triple! There are so much opportunities in the game.You can playit for weeks and never get bored with it. Try thisidle/clickergame and become a tycoon!
Benchmarkhardware website devoted exclusively tocomputerhardware and in Spanish, which offer news, analysis, videosandpodcast dedicated 100% computer.Now with Benchmarkhardware appforAndroid you can see and stay informed of all the newsaboutcomputer hardware in Spanish from your mobile and grouped intoasingle application, all news, reviews, videos and socialnetworkingoffers, articles andguidescurrently firsthand with all the news related tocomputerReviews /Review:All the details of the latest in hardware,writtenfirst-hand and in-depth analysis andindependent.podcast:"SpeakingHardware" is the first program /​​podcast live and in Spanish,entirely dedicated hardware,broadcast live for 2 hours everyMonday at 22h from our YouTubechannel and subsequently in Podcastformat, now with thisapplication you can follow us live from yourmobile phone, listen tostream or download past shows in high orlow quality, as well asother associated platforms hear us, orItunes Ivoox type.Video:Nowyou can see and inform you of allanalyzes, recommendations,estimates, reviews, comparisons,information, in-depth analysis, weoffer from our youtubechannel.Social Networking:Do not miss oursteps through socialnetworks, learn from everything that happensaroundBenchmarkhardware.
hala Celta! 2.7.3
Nap Studio
Be informed of today news from Celta de Vigo with hala Celta!Allthe coverage of the first team, plus the latest news oftransfermarket and scores. With a weightless and simple design. Tryout thebest app for the supporters of Celta.
Explanatory Dictionary of Russian language
Russian Explanatory Dictionary is a free offlinedictionary(vocabulary) with easy and functional user interface,covers over151.000 words. ★ Features: • Favorite words • Bookmark -Rename abookmark - Sorting a bookmark • Adding notes to word •History( asday,month ...) • Adding new words • Editing words •Random wordbutton • Search filters - suffix (starts with) - prefix(ends with)• Text-to-speech (TTS) (word or selected text) • Voicerecognition• Night mode • Backup/Restore (File & Dropbox ) •Tabsvisibility - you can show or hide tabs (in settings). ✓SupportsAndroid N ✓ Tablet UI Support • Changing text size onthedescription window • Sharing in other apps • The optionofsearching, sounding and sharing of marked word in thedescriptionwindow. * Description window is opened as clicking onthe word. Youcan minimize and maximize the description window withswipefunction. - Setting • Changing option of text size •Changingoption of UI color • Clearing option of Bookmark, Favorite,Note,History list TTdictionary dictionaries are offlinedictionary,offline dictionary needs memory. You can givesuggestions, commentsand legal questions related to dictionary tothis
Life Simulator 💰💰💰 8.2
RLC Tech
This is a simulation game of the life of Dave - your veryown"Virtual Beggar". Your job is to uplift his wealth and tobringhappiness into his life. You start from the lowest level ofsocietyi.e beg to earn a living, up to a multinational CEO.Consequently,you start from a torn sack up to your very ownmansion! • Lead alife from the poor to rich. • Eat foods rangingfrom trash tointernational assortments to stay alive. • Getmedication in timesof distress and injury • Be occupationallymobile - Work asanything, LITERALLY! • Buy all you want weapons,various lodgings,and various transports • Educate yourself toqualify in working atyour dream job. • Over 15 Bosses to beat ->this lets you yourgameplay more fun and challenging. Life Simulatoralso features aCasino Mode where you get to have fun with threedifferent modules- Roundup, Daily Lucky Draw, and Lottery. Roundupis arealtime-multiplayer casino module where four players acrosstheglobe place a sum of money on the table. More the money theplayerputs in higher is the chance of sweeping all the cash on thetable.Daily Lucky draw lets 1000 lucky winners every day to earncash.All you need to do is to signup for the lucky draw and therestdepends on your luck. Lottery features players buying 100,1.000 or10.000 dollar tickets of any quantity. The results of eachlotteryvary and you have the potential to ridiculously multiplyyourmoney!! 💡 Introducing Careers for life simulator where youcanchoose from one of our well-crafted paths in order to specializeina field. This game also contains a City Builder Mode whichisavailable in the settings panel of the game. This modeessentiallymakes you a mayor where your job is to manage a cityfrom 0population up to a gigantic metropolitan city. It's thepopulationthat determines the success of your city. These are themainfeatures of the game - • You must build Houses,CommercialBuildings, and Community buildings in order to transformyour cityinto a success. • Expand land to accommodate morestructures. GoodLuck! Dave is waiting for you Any feedback is mostappreciatedEmail me @ :
Digital Marketing Pro - Learn Marketing Free 1.0.2
Become a digital marketing hero! This world’s firstAI-supportedmicrolearning app, this time in digital strategy, givesyou theinsights and tools you need to develop your skills, reachyourgoals and become a successful marketing expert.Originating fromthecertification program of the world’s largestadvertiser’sassociation, Digital Marketing Pro (DMP) is setting thestandard indigital marketing competence worldwide.MAXIMIZE YOURLEARNING WITHTHE 3T-METHOD:• Tutorials – gain crucial insights andunderstandthe theory behind online strategy to maximize your effectin socialmedia, display, SEO, Adwords, e-commerce and emailmarketing. •Tests – certify your competence as an online strategistand get aDMP diploma to demonstrate your skills.• Tools – takeyoureducation to the next level with practical tools forimplementationand get straightforward results to maximize yourcompany’s ROI andboost your online presence.SAVE TIME & MONEY.Become an expertin digital strategy in just 10 minutes a day withDMP’s freetutorials! RECEIVE AI-PERSONALIZED CONTENT. Everyonelearnsdifferently. Video, cases, infographics etc – a simpleversion ofour AI technology will make sure you get the customizedcontentthat maximizes your unique way of learning.LEARN THELANGUAGE.Don’t know the meaning of one of the many abbreviationsused withindigital marketing? Don’t worry; Digital Marketing Procomes withit’s own dictionary explaining stuff like CPC, SEO andCRM in aclear and easy way.SHARPEN YOUR CV. Complete the educationand geta diploma that certifies your knowledge is in line with theDMP’sstandard in digital marketing.GET RESULTS. Put your newdigitalstrategy skills to practice straight away, thanks toaresult-oriented approach and DMP’s practical tools.BEYONDTHEBASICS. You won’t just learn how to master SEO, Adwords orsocialmedia marketing. You’ll understand the bigger digital pictureas awhole and come out with a powerful omnichannel strategy.CHOOSEYOURSTYLE. Set your learning preferences and get reminders to keepyouat it. Or not. Learn whenever you want, wherever you want.DO ITTHESMART WAY. Choose between video tutorials and text-basededucation– or skip the theory altogether and just use DMP’s tools.Learningis more efficient when you do it your way.