Top 24 Apps Similar to GAS Station Finder

DriverDiary Pro - Gas Mileage 3.0
***YOU MUST ALSO HAVE DRIVERDIARYFREEINSTALLED IN ORDER TO USE THE PRO VERSION. THIS IS ONLY A KEYFILETO UNLOCK THE PRO FEATURES WITHIN DRIVERDIARY AND DOES NOT OPENORHAVE A LAUNCHER ICON. IT WILL NOT APPEAR IN YOUR APP DRAWER,ONLYIN YOUR MANAGE APPS MENU***Sync your data between multiple devices! DriverDiary Pro isthefirst and only vehicle tracking app to incorporatesyncfunctionality.Do you know how much it costs to drive your vehicle everyday?Find out with our comprehensive stats as you enter and trackyourfill ups, service costs and expenses. DriverDiary has afamiliar,user friendly interface and conforms to Androids lateststandardsunlike most other similar apps.DriverDiary is compatible on all devices running Android 2.1andup including tablets. It has an unsurpassed feature list inthefree version, including unlimited vehicles and recordsandimport/export/backup functionality. Where other apps limit youandcharge, DriverDiary is fully functional and UNLIMITED for FREE!Webelieve that the data you enter is yours and you should be abletoexport it, back it up and do whatever you want with it wheneveryouwant without having to pay an additional charge to get toit.If you encounter any bugs or errors, please email us or usethe"Report" button so we can attempt to resolve the issuebeforeleaving a bad rating and/or a bug report in the comments. Wecan'treply to the comments to help you or notify you when the bugisfixed. We fix bugs quickly when they arise and we want youtocontact us. We pride ourselves on our customer service andquickresponse times.PRO Features-All standard features plus...-Sync your data to the SweyPro server for easy restore of dataandsyncing to multiple Android devices-Automatic Sync-Automatic backup††-Use GPS/Network location to populate location addresses andattemptpre-populate of gas station-Backup/Restore to Dropbox, Box and Google Drive-Add multiple attachments to any item including imagesandfiles.-Get EPA fuel efficiency ratings for your vehicles†-Map view of fill ups and trips that contain addresses-Add vehicle by VIN†††-Recalls and TSB's viewable for vehicles added by VIN†††-Factory service types and reminders for vehicles addedbyVIN†††-AD FREE!-Warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the dev :)†EPA fuel efficiency ratings currently available ONLY for USsoldvehicles dating back to 1984. Some upcoming model yearvehicles maynot yet have ratings available.††Automatic backup and service reminders use your devices builtinalarm manager and NOT a constantly running backgroundservice.DriverDiary is resource and battery friendly!†††Adding a vehicle by VIN, recalls, TSB's and factoryservicescurrently available ONLY for vehicles dating back to1990Please leave a review for DriverDiary Pro if you download itanduse it. Let others know what you think!Any comments or suggestions for future versions, please emailusand let us know! We want your feedback!This app is acar fuel log.Driver Diary fuel mileage tracker
FillUp - Gas Mileage Log
A simple, easy to use application tocalculateand track your gas mileage (fuel economy/efficiency). Whenyou buygasoline, just enter the amount you purchased and yourcurrentodometer value. FillUp will calculate your gas mileage,maintain alog of your purchases, and display plots and statisticsfor yourdata.Features:• Manages data for one or more vehicles.• Calculates and plots average gas mileage.• Calculates and plots monthly totals for gas purchased anddistancedriven.• Stores all data on the device – doesn’t use your data plan.• Can import/export your data to CSV files on your sdcard.• Share the CSV files with other Apps for cloud backup!(Dropbox,e-mail, etc.)• Share statistics as an HTML report file.• Totally FREE!! No ads!• Open sourceSelectable units of measurement - can calculate:• miles per gallon (MPG)• kilometers per liter (KM/L)• liters per 100 kilometers (L/100KM)• miles per imperial gallon (UK MPG) – from miles and liters.• miles per imperial gallon (UK MPG) – from kilometersandliters.• kilometers per gallon (KPG)Selectable data entry mode – when adding fuel data, choosewhichvalues to enter:• Enter Total Cost and Fuel Amount, FillUp will calculateFuelPrice• Enter Fuel Price and Total Cost, FillUp will calculateFuelAmount• Enter Fuel Price and Fuel Amount, FillUp will calculateTotalCostWe’re always looking to improve - have a problem, suggestionorcomment? E-mail it to or post a review.Source code: gas mileage log, gas mileage tracker, gasmileagecalculator, fuel economy tracker, fuel economy calculator,fueleconomy log, fuel use log, gasoline log.
Gas Mileage Calculator 1.05
James Johnson
Please Note: This app is no longerbeingdeveloped or supported.A simple to use Gas mileage calculator. Figure out your car'sgasmileage and cost per mile. Just enter the number from yourlastfill-up and press the calculate button to see the results.SupportsNorth American and European units. (Sorry, English only atthistime.) Please send us your comments and feature requests.
Gas/Oil Fuel Mix Calculators 1.2
Calculate amount of oil to be added to atankof gasolene foruse in a 2-cycle engine of a given oil/gas mix ratio.tags: ratio,Petrol/Oil Mixture Ratio, Gas, Gasoline,golf carts, motorcycles, snowmobiles, blowers, chainsaws,tillers, rotary plows, utility tractors, commercial twocyclecarts,garden tools, motor scooters, motor skates
Car Reminder- Maintenance,Gas. 1.16
I made this application to help personalcarmaintenance and use.This app. has great maintenance features and safty fetures.See more features.- Very clean and efficient interface.- Helping emergency situation.: Car Accident How-To List: Send Emergency Text with Current AddressLocation.- Get alerts for upcoming service- Has expense report.- Data file export function.(Create CSV file and send it toEmailApp.)- Backup&Recovery function.- Track auto repair and service history without limit.- Quick guide documents for selected maintenance job.- Track refuelling history(fuel efficiency and cost).- See your car maintenance schedule, including oil, tires,brakes,filters and inspections.- Personalize your car with a photo and nickname.- Find local auto repair shops on Google Map.- Find nearest gas station on Google Map.- Built-in user manual.- Multi-language support: English, Korean
Gas US: Gas Stations in USA 1.21
Prefer to refuel at the gas station acertainbrand?Want to know the quality of fuel of a certain gas station?Or maybe you have an electric vehicle and you'd like to knowwhereto refill it?Then our Android app is just for you - GAS US - U.S. gasstationsall in one beautiful and convenient appFunctions:- See a list of the nearest gas stations sorted by distancefromyour current location- View the location of gas stations on the map- Search for gas stations on the map in a given radius- Search by city/street name- Navigation to the selected gas station- Filter what brands you want to see- View the gas station's additional services- Rate the station's fuel quality and service- Find alternative fuel (Hydrogen and Electric) stations
Yandex.Fuel 1.08
Yandex.Fuel allows you to stay by yourbelovedcar even when filling up. Why go to the cashier when you'vegotyour smartphone handy? Select the pump number and the amountoffuel you need, and tap “Fill up”. The fuel will flow into thetankand its cost will be debited from your credit card. Before youcanblink, you're back at the wheel!- Over 700 locations all over Ukraine, with more constantlybeingadded;- Pay with any Visa or MasterCard;- No additional costs;- Saving your credit card to the app is easy and secure. Justenteryour card’s details once;- The app stores a record of all payments.Yandex.Fuel only works in Ukraine. The program now includesgasstation networks KLO, ANP, “Avias”, and “Ukrnafta”.Alltransactions are completed through the payment system ofourpartner - “PrivatBank”.Pay for fuel with a PrivatBank MasterCard and get onehryvniaadded to your "BonusPlus" account for each literpurchased.
Gas Stations 2.0
Gas Stations enables you to find gasstationsin the world with convenience.You can not only search gas stations through [My Location] butalsogain easy access by registering gas stations of your intereston[My Favorite].
Gas Station & Fuel Finder 2.7
Find gas stations near your location and anywhere in the world.Theapp displays items in a list as well as on a map and letsyoueasily navigate to an item by one click. Never becomedesperateagain while searching for fuel at a foreign location, juststartthis app and instantly locate what you are looking for! Athome,under way or at the holiday resort: This app also worksabroad, useit worldwide! The app combines multiple databases makingit veryreliable and robust. It offers a variety of features forfree.Purchase the PRO version to go even further and unlockadditionalfeatures: [✓] No ads [✓] Anywhere search including voicesearch andsearch via map [✓] Settings, e.g. to get more results Theappsupports Wear OS! By purchasing the PRO version youactivelysupport further development! Thank you very much!
Petrol Pump Locator 1.3
Easy to install, No login procedure,Noidentity required.Simply enter the radius in which you need to locate the PetrolPumpand the app will do the rest for you.Features :-• Petrol Pump Locator work efficiently even onslowinternet.• Petrol Pump Locator requires GPS to know yourexactlocation.• Quickly locates nearby petrol station and makes it easy foryouwithout wasting your time.• Petrol Pump Locator Works worldwide.• Contact details,physical address, distance, website addressandlocation of each place is available and overall user ratingfortheir service.• You can also write review for the particular petrolstation.• It helps to get estimated time and distance of thePetrolPump.Please provide your reviews and suggestions are valuable tous:)
Gas Stations in Hungary 1.2
With this application, we can see thegasstations in Hungary in a Google map.Supported gas stations:- MOL- OMV- Shell