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MAX Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner 1.4.0
ONE App Ltd.
MAX Cleaner - Phone Cleaner & Antivirus & Speed Boost isthetop rated (🏆4.8 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★) antivirus & cleaner & boostappfor Android. It can speed up your phone, clean junk files,cleanvirus, protect privacy & stop battery draining. Bestphonecleaner & memory cleaner & phone booster &antivirussoftware. With over 40 million users worldwide , MAXcleaner appprovide the best antivirus and phone cleaner services.With cachecleaner, speed cleaner, memory cleaner, virus scan,virus removal,virus protection, phone antivirus and phone booster,it can optimizeyour phone. MAX Cleaner is the top super phonecleaner, phonebooster, cache cleaner, memory cleaner, viruscleaner and best freeantivirus software! It’s a free antivirussoftware with cachecleaner, virus scan, virus protection and phonebooster. With spacebooster and game booster, it boosts your phonewell. Download MAXCleaner to keep your phone clean and securityNOW! MAX Cleaner‘s KeyFeatures: 🗑 Phone Cleaner - Clean junk(cache cleaner and memorycleaner) to boost your phone. 🔰 Antivirus- Virus scan and virusprotection. Best virus scanner and viruscleaner removal app. (Virusprotection & antivirus software) 🔒App Locker - Lock sensitiveapps and photos to protect yourprivacy. 🔋 Battery Saver - Shut downapps to extend your phonebattery life. 🚀 Phone booster - With gamebooster and space boosterto free up space. Best phone booster andspeed booster. DownloadMAX Cleaner, you can get: Phone Cleaner -virus cleaner, systemcleaner, cache cleaner and speed cleaner allin one. MAX Cleanerapp is the best phone cleaner for Android. Withsystem cleaner,cache cleaner, junk cleaner, boost cleaner, andvirus removal, youcan easily clean virus & junk, clean myandroid to master andboost your phone. With phone cleaner app, youcan deep clean phone.Virus Cleaner - professional virus scanner andvirus cleaner. (Freeantivirus software) MAX Cleaner for Android hasa built-in mobilevirus removal antivirus cleaner engine. Viruscleaner for androidalways secure your phone with virus scan &virus protection.The best virus scanner, virus protection, viruscleaner & virusremoval for Android. Phone antivirus softwarecleans my androidfeature to super speed clean my android, it is thebest freeantivirus software & mobile antivirus for android.PhoneBooster - With game booster, speed booster and space boostertoboost your phone. MAX cleaner boosts your phone by speedcleaner,such as cleaning notifications, cache with game booster,spacebooster and speed booster. Its junk cleaner & mobilecleanerboost your phone. With super speed cleaner and ram cleaner,you canget cache cleaner, power space cleaner, speed cleaner, junkcleanerand system cleaner all in one mobile cleaner app. It is thebestphone booster with game booster and speed booster to cleanmyandroid and boost phone. App Locker - protect your privacy.MAXCleaner for android is not only a phone cleaner, virus cleanerorphone antivirus cleaner, but a space booster and privacybooster!App Locker in Android Cleaner app can secure your privacywith thebest virus protection & best free antivirus forandroid.Battery Saver - Protect and extend battery life. MAXcleaner canextend battery life by close battery-draining apps.Clean and boostyour phone with system cleaner & cache cleanerto extend yourbattery life. Best battery saver. More Features ofMAX Cleaner:⭐️Speed Booster: Game booster to boost your phone.⭐️CPU Cooler:Cool down CPU temp. ⭐️File Scan: Scan and removeuseless files toboost phone speed. ⭐️Notification Cleaner: Deepclean unwantednotifications with junk cleaner & device cleaner.📮Suggestionis always welcomed. If you have any suggestions, you arewelcomedto contact us through email:[email protected]!
Speedy Cleaner - Boost & Clean 1.2.9
Speedy Cleaner is a light, fast and superior phone cleaner&booster for android phones or tablets with variousfunctions.Professional Junk Cleaner, Phone Performance Optimizer,Auto StartManager, CPU Cooler, Battery Saver, App Lock and AppManager areall included. Speed up your phone and free your storage- Optimizeyour Android phone now! What is Speedy Cleaner bringingto speed upyour system ? ★ PHONE BOOSTERRemove background apps withone tap tofree your storage, optimize memory distribution and speedupphone.★ JUNK CLEANERIntelligently scan and remove junkfiles,including system and app caches, useless app, residual filesetc.Clean junk files, free up RAM and boost phone with 1-TAP!★CPUCOOLERClose overheating apps to cool CPU and save battery.★BATTERYSAVERAutomatically stop battery draining process to saveenergy.★APP MANAGERDetect and uninstall unwanted apps in 1-TAP tofree upstorage.★ APP LOCKERLock your apps to protect privacy.Keepsnoopers out of your phone.★ NOTIFICATION CLEANERHideuselessnotifications automatically and make notification barclear.Yourandroid getting slow and frozen?Your battery is drainingquickerthan ever?Your phone is overheating and needs to cooldown?Time toget a reliable optimizer (cleaner & booster) -Speedy Cleaner.Find out more in Speedy Cleaner! Speedy Cleaner is100% FREE andEXTREMLY LIGHT.This light speed booster & superjunk cleanerwill guard your phone and make it faster thanimagination!Let usknow if you have any question orsuggestion.Feedback address:[email protected]
Turbo Booster - Cache Cleaner & Cleaner Master 2.7.7
As a powerful speed cleaner pro, phone speed booster, cleanermasterand CPU cooler, Turbo Booster, clean Junk Master PhoneBooster 2018, is the best junk & speed clean master pro toclean junk andcaches, remove residual files, boost mobile and stopoverheatingapps. Download Turbo Booster, the super speed cleanermaster andclean master pro, for free on Google play. It worksLikemasters:Clean Master, Kleen Master, Klimaster,ccmaster,Clinemaster, Clinermaster, Super Speed Cleaner,CCleaner!Cleanmaster boost and applock clean master!► Want a junkcleaner &space cleaner & phone cleaner & faster cleaner& superspeed cleaner? ► Want a speed booster & phonebooster &game booster & memory booster & cleaningbooster?► Want aCPU cooler & CPU monitor & coolermaster?Turbo Booster, asa master cleaner and power cleaner, is theworld's leading spaceand memory cleaner app on Google play. Ithelps to clean and clearcache, junk and residual files, make yourphone faster with justone-tap. Clean much Ads, junk app ! TurboBooster is a clean master!Highlighted Features:🔥 Identify andremove junk, APK, and residualfiles🔥 Clean and clear cache🔥 free upmemory space and optimizestorage space🔥 Get rid of bloatware🔥Lighter, faster, and smoother🔥 Boost you phone, make phone faster,boost mobile and avoid phonelagging🔥 Set lock for apps and protectyour privacy and enjoyappLock feature🔥 Monitor and cool down phonetemperature inseconds, CPU coolerAlthough we don’t have batteryenergy saving,scan virus manage and antivirus, Junk Cleaner andBoost Mobile mustdo best ! Key Functions: 🌟JUNK CLEANER(JUNKFILES)With TurboBooster, a super speed cleaner and clean master,you can free upmuch more space, and clean cache data from commonapps such asTwitter, Facebook, Youtube, Messenger, Imo video callschat,WhatsApp, Gmail and Instagram by junk cleaner withoutworryingabout deleting the wrong are free of worriesabout cachesresidual files and junk. it can clean and clear cachesand removeall kinds of junk files and frees up storage space.🎯CacheCleanerTurbo Booster - Speed Cleaner helps clean residualcache andsystem files often left by uninstalled apps to free upmemory spaceand phone storage space.🎯 Junk RemoverScan and removejunk filesincluding system and app caches. Clean and clear junk andfree upRAM. Erase junk, get rid of trash, remove apps, cleanermaster app.Clean junks left by other apps, such as Twitter,Facebook,Messenger, Youtube and Instagram.🎯 Residual FileRemoverScan,analyze, clean and remove cache and residual files tofree upphone, tablet and SD card storage space.🎯 MemoryOptimizerTurboBooster, as a super speed cleaner, can clean andclear junk filesthat waste memory space and compromise deviceperformance inseconds. Optimize your mobile memory in super speed.Reduce clutterand reclaiming memory to store new photos, videos andapps.🎯 GameMasterWith Game Master, you can accelerate loading speedof games.🌟SPEED BOOSTING ( SPEED BOOSTER )Turbo Booster, a superspeedcleaner helps your phone away from lagging. It frees up RAM,closesapps running in the background, cleaning up memory (RAM) andthusboosts mobile phone, boost up speed. Tap boost button to makeyourphone faster and smoother immediately.🌟 CPU COOLING(PHONECOOLING)Turbo Booster detects and closes overheating apps tocooldown phone temperature. It keeps monitoring temperature changesanddetecting apps highly consuming CPU all the time. Oncethetemperature is unusually high, it starts to cool down thephonetemperature effectively.As developers, we’ve kept improvingour APPto a better one all the time, and we attach great importancetoyour feedback. So If you have any questions or suggestions,pleasefeel free to contact us via [email protected]
Power Clean - Antivirus & Phone Cleaner App
Power Clean is a light, fast & smart android phone cleanerandbooster app that clean phone memory and storage space withsimply 1tap. Join 130+ Million users who enjoy faster phone speed& getmore space on phone! Power Clean phone cleaner mainfeatures 🚀Speed phone cleaner for Android – integrates advancedjunk cleanerengine & super fast cleaners; 💡 Smart phone cleanerand booster– 1 tap boost & auto clean phone memory and storagespace; 🗑Clear cache junk on Phone – system cache cleaner and cleancachecreek app junk; 🕵🏻 Residual storage cleaner – detect &autoclean residual file by deleted app on phone; 💪🏻 Advancedmemorycleaner (Power boost) – cleaning junk files & optimizestoragein depth. How does Power Clean help to clean my phone? ☑Clean appsunwanted – the cleaner batch uninstall apps of less usage&auto clean their residual files; ☑ One tap phone cleaner–easy-to-use cache cleaner, residual file cleaner, memorycleaner,etc.; ☑ Memory storage cleaner – phone memory cleaner boostAndroiddevice & clear space; ☑ Clean cache – clear systemcache, ADcache & clean apps’ cache junk files; ☑ Obsolete APKcleaner –clean up the uninstalled APK files on your device; ☑ Junkphotoclean up – 1 tap to scan & auto clean duplicated junkphotos onyour device; ☑ Notification clean – move & storagewanted appnotification to a clear notification bar. ☑ Residual filecleanerapp – auto clean residual junk from deleted apps; How doesPowerClean professional cleaner help to speed up my phone? ⬆ 1 tapboostfor slow phone – fast clean phone junk & speed up phonewithone tap; ⬆ Storage Cleaner – optimizer for phone memory space&effective memory cleaner; ⬆ Clean RAM – RAM cleaner &RAMbooster to clean phone RAM & speed phone; ⬆ Cleaner Boost–advanced phone speed boost that clean phone junk thoroughly.PowerClean antivirus booster and cleaner 🛡 Antivirus for androidphonesfree that clean phone virus; 🛡 Virus scanner - virus detectortoscan virus in depth; 🛡 virus cleaner - clean viruseffectivelyprotect phone security; 🛡 24/7 virus protection - viruscleaner toprotect against virus all the time. Power Clean phonecleaner moreAndroid utilities 🛠 App manager for Android with phoneapp cleanerto clean app 🛠 App lock pro: app lock with password andgesture toprotect app privacy; 🛠 CPU monitor & CPU cooler forandroidthat stops overheating apps & settings; 🛠 Within thecleaner,Power Battery saver that optimize power consumption &batterycharging. Power Clean phone cleanerFacebook Power CleanphonecleanerGoogle+ App fights against deceptive ads Power Clean iscommitted tofighting against misleading downloads. Officialpolicy[email protected]
MAX Booster - Phone Booster, Memory Cleaner 1.9.4
ONE App Ltd.
Super Antivirus Cleaner, Antivirus – MAX, the most powerfulAndroidmobile cleaner app with Phone Speed Booster, Free Antivirus,JunkCleaner, Virus Cleaner, CPU Cooler, Battery Saver and AppCachecleaner. Optimize you Android phone! 🆕 MAX Phone Manager -Cleanjunk files by Category, free up space on my android phone!🚀SuperAntivirus Cleaner, Antivirus apps- MAX, the best androidmobilecleaner and booster, phone cleaner, and antivirus forandroidpacked with virus detector, virus scanner and virusremover!Getting laggy all the time with your Android mobile phone?Get MAXcleaner for android, booster for android phone, junkclean&antivirus software! Virus Cleaner - Antivirus for androidprovidesfree antivirus protection, speed up phone, clean up virus,cleanjunk files, cool down CPU, optimize memory, save battery powerlongtime and free up ram. Super Antivirus Cleaner, Antivirus 2018-MAX, the best cleaner apps for Android mobile! SuperAntivirusCleaner, Antivirus - MAX Highlight Features : ★ JunkCleaner Mobilecleaner app, scan and clean junk files, clean myandroid. Also anApp Cache cleaner. One tap to clean junk files,free up space, freeup ram and boost phone speed. Super AntivirusCleaner, Antivirus -MAX, the best phone cleaner and virus cleanerbooster app. ★ OneTap Booster MAX Booster Clean background apps inone tap to free upstorage space on mobile phone and speed up phone.★ Phone Security(Antivirus for Android)  Protect your phoneagainst virus andmalware. Virus Cleaner – MAX Antivirus, one of thebest virusremoval for android.  ★ CPU Cooler Close overheatingapps tocool down phone. Save battery life long time. ★ BatterySaverAutomatically clean battery-draining process to save batterylife.Super Antivirus Cleaner, Antivirus - MAX, the best optimizerforAndroid: Junk Files Cleaner  Super AntivirusCleaner,Antivirus - MAX speed up your phone and improve theperformance byscanning junk files (system and app cache, residualfiles). Appcache cleaner can clean junk files to free up storageand optimizephone performance. Boost Up Speed  Free up ram ofAndroidphone and save battery with Android booster: SuperAntivirusCleaner, Antivirus - MAX. Create a 1-tap booster shortcuton homescreen to speed up phone more efficiently. MAX Booster cleanupyour phone. Mobile Security & Free Antivirus  MAXSecurityantivirus app(virus remover for android) with #1 enginecertifiedby AVTEST provides a reliable security solution.Automatically scanfor malware as a security app. The auto-updatedantivirus softwareengine secures your mobile safety. CPU coolerVirus Cleaner – MAXAntivirus analyzes CPU usage dynamically,detects overheating apps,and closes them to immediately cool downyour phone. Save BatteryLife Super Antivirus Cleaner, Antivirus -MAX can analyze batterystatus and stop battery draining apps tosave battery, extendbattery.  Organize Notifications SuperAntivirus Cleaner,Antivirus - MAX mute unwanted app notificationsand put them in AppOrganizer. Manage All Apps  Super AntivirusCleaner, Antivirus- MAX can find rare-used app uninstall multipleapps in one click.MAX also helps to manage APK files. Find out morein SuperAntivirus Cleaner, Antivirus - MAX!  Let us knowyoursuggestions. Feedback address:[email protected]+:
AMC Cleaner - Super Phone Booster & CPU Cooler 2.0.0
Why choose me? ★ I am the lightest optimization app, only takeslessthan 6MB of storage on your phone ★ I have a higher ratedscore 4.6★ ★ ★ ★ ★ and trusted by many users ★ I can help youimprove phoneperformance by powerful cleaner & boosterfunctions ★ I amsimple and easy to use, and there’s no malware toaffect yourphone’s performance ★ I can provide you the bestsupport service, wewill get back to you within 24 hrs if you haveany questions Thelightest optimization app, only 5.7MB AMC Cleaneris a new phonecleaner, phone booster, cache cleaner app from IObitMobileSecurity. Deep Space Cleaner, dedicated App Cleaner, SuperPhoneBooster, CPU Cooler, Game Booster and powerful APP Managerwill freeup more RAM & storage, keep your phone clean andfast! AMCCleaner - Super Phone Booster & CPU Cooler MainFeatures: ✔ OneTap Clean - Free up RAM in second ✔ Deep SpaceCleaner - Clean junkdeeply ✔ Dedicated App Clean - Check yourstorage and free up spaceeasily ✔ Phone Booster - Speed up yourphone ✔ Power Booster – Shutdown apps to protect and extendbattery life ✔ CPU Cooler - Cooldown phone temperature ✔ GameBooster - Smoother gaming experience ✔Powerful App Manager -Manager your app data easily ►One Tap CleanYou just need onlyone-tap to quick clean all Cache junks (Systemcaches, App caches),Residual junks, File Junks (Log file, Tempfile, Empty file,Invalid File), Ad junks, Memory junk to free upmore storage andmemory. ►Phone Booster A quick booster to free upRAM, cleanbackground tasks. Boost and hibernate running andauto-restartedapps to free up more RAM (memory). ►CPU CoolerAnalyze CPU usageand boost overheating apps to cool down phonetemperature ►DeepSpace Cleaner Space Cleaner is specially for deepclean of yourphone. Scan and Clean Images, Audios &videosfiles, Big filesthat you don't need anymore to save more storages.Also you canclean useless APK files, downloaded files, uninstallrarely usedapps to save more save more space for your phone.►Dedicated APPClean: ■Clean your WhatsApp Analyzing What'sApp usageand clean upJunks Files, Image messages, Video messages, VoiceMessages, AudioMessages, Documents, etc to free up more memory.■Clean your AlbumClean thumbnail Cache Files, video caches fromyour album ■Cleanother apps also available You can specificallyclean your otherapps' image Caches, video caches, image ThumbnailCache, videocaches, updates, download files, etc. ■APPInitialization Analyzingand clean all of your app data caches tosave more storage ►GameBooster Clean your phone memory to get speedboost. AMC Cleanerhelps you to kill background processes to boostgame you choose.Automatically boost games by 50%+ when launching.►App ManagerClean and uninstall unnecessary apps and APK files,managepreinstalled app to free up more phone storage; boost themostpower consumption app to save more phone battery. Applock -Protectyour app privacy with IObit Applock AMC Cleaner is here todealwith all issues that slow down your Android performance andprotectyour mobile security! If you have any questions orsuggestionsduring using AMC Cleaner, contact us [email protected], wewill get back to you within 24 hrs. Joinour AMC Cleaner Test Clubon Facebook to be the first one to try thenewest version:
Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer 4.10.1
Avast Cleanup is a highly effective cache and junk cleaner appforAndroid. Free up storage space Clean up space-wasting junk tomakeroom for the things you want. • Clear out app cache andotherunnecessary files from Android and your apps, such ascaches,temporary files or leftover data • See which apps are takingup themost space • Identify and delete apps you no longer use Detoxyourphoto library Automatically identify and remove bad photos tofreeup space. If Avast Cleanup isn’t 100% sure about a badphoto,you’ll get to review it. • Get rid of duplicate, similar,old, andpoor quality photos • Optimize photo size and moveoriginals to thecloud • Identify the ‘best photo’ out of a groupNEW! Tune upperformance Hibernation Mode stops hungry apps fromconsuming yourresources. • Hibernate apps to extend battery lifeand speed upyour phone • Stop CPU, battery, memory and trafficdraining apps •Remove pre-installed bloatware and other apps younever use Boostbattery life Get the most out of your phone’sbattery so you canstay on the go longer. • Turn off phone functionsyou don’t usevery often • Set profiles to auto-adjust battery usagedepending onwhere you are (home, work, car) Unlock premium featuresUpgradingto Avast Cleanup Pro gives you access to powerful featuresthatwill take your app to the next level. Remove ads — Neverseethird-party ads in this app Pro Battery Life — Auto-adjustbatteryusage depending on your location Automatic cleaning —Scheduleregular cleanings that won’t interrupt you Advanced PhotoOptimizer— Control the size and quality of your photos Themes —Choose acolor scheme that suits you Avast direct support — Get fastrepliesto all of your questions The Results Are In At Avast, we runlabtests to showcase the benefits of our products. We haverunmultiple benchmarks on various smartphones that have been inusedaily, before and after running the Avast Cleanup optimization.+Up to 12 GB freed up + Up to 20% faster + Up to 70% morebatterylife Highlights: ✔ Junk Cleaner: Preinstalled Apps Removerdeletespre-installed bloatware apps you don't use, or prevents themfromslowing down your phone. ✔ Device Manager — System Screen: viewallimportant info about your device on one screen. ✔ Device Manager—App Hibernation temporarily suspends apps to prolong batterylife,save mobile data, clean memory and improve device speed ✔JunkCleaner: Remove Junk: Avast Cleanup quickly analyzes yourphone'sstorage space and clears all unnecessary data. ✔ The smartSafeClean feature instantly cleans out unimportant data, systemcaches,gallery thumbnails, installation files, residual or unusedfiles,and APKs. With a single tap, you can easily deleteaccumulated datathat has no purpose. ✔ The Cleaning Adviser optiongives you adetailed overview of all the data on your phone. ✔Uninstallapplications with one tap to free up space , speed up yourdevice,and stop Android lags. ✔ The Phone Cleaner identifies andclearsthe largest files, media, apps, and junk on your device. ✔Use theIgnore List to mark items on your device that you don't wantto belisted. ✔ Master your storage space by optimizing yourAndroiddevice and boosting its speed. This app usesAccessibilitypermission to assist disabled and other users stop allbackgroundapps with just one tap. Avast Cleanup — Cleaner forAndroid Get theultimate cleanup, tune-up, and battery boosting appfor yoursmartphone.
Super Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner
Hawk App
Super Cleaner is a world-class Android cleaning &boostingprogram with Junk Cleaner, Phone Booster, CPU Cooler, AppLock andeven Antivirus, trusted by over 95 millions of usersworldwide!Super Cleaner boasts a 4.7 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ rating-one of thehighestrated cleaner applications on Google Play! How does SuperCleanerimprove your device performance? Junk Cleaner - Cleans junkfilesCache Cleaner - Cleans up useless application cache filesPhoneBooster - Optimizes memory and speeds up phone Game Booster-Boosts speed performance and expertly frees up memoryspaceAntivirus - A powerful virus cleaner that efficiently removesallthreats CPU Cooler - Minimizes CPU temperature andenhancesperformance App Lock - Protects sensitive apps with extrapasswordsApp Manager - Analyzes and manages the status of appsintelligentlySuper Cleaner key feature details: 🌟 Junk FilesCleaner Analyse andsafely remove the junk files that take up yourmemory and storagespace. Clean with only 1-tap, free up space andboost phone speed.🔍 Cache Files Cleaner Clean residual cache systemfiles often leftby uninstalled apps to free up Android phone ortablet disk space.📁 Storage Optimizer & Cleaner Clean upduplicate photos, music,documents and unnecessary apps, free upspace and accelerate yourdevice. ❄️ CPU Cooler Intelligentlyanalyze CPU usage and stopoverheating apps to cool down CPUtemperature, with only 1-tap.🕷️Security & Antivirus - VirusCleaner Powered by a world-classvirus detection engine, SuperCleaner protects your device from allvirus attacks and any of otherthreats. 📱 Phone Booster A quickbooster can free up RAM and cleanbackground tasks. 🔒 Security AppLock With AppLock, you can addextra password protection tosensitive apps, such as Facebook,Message, Gmail, WhatsApp andSnapchat. Stay away from privacysnoopers by having an extrapattern or PIN password. 🚀 Game BoosterClean your phone memory togive your device a significant speedboost. Kill backgroundprocesses to boost games performance.Automatically boost gamespeed by 30%+ when launching! 📩Notifications Cleaner & ManagerAnnoying notifications on yourdevice driving you insane? SuperCleaner helps to compile alluseless notifications and silencethem, keeping your device clean,quiet and more efficient than everbefore!
Super Security - Antivirus, Booster & AppLock 1.4.8
Hyper Speed
Professional mobile security app with antivirus software,phonesecurity, cleaner and booster. Free Antivirus Download foryourphone security. Super Security – Antivirus for Android, thebestmobile antivirus app with Virus protection, Virus Cleaner,CleanBooster, Security Guard, Junk Cleaner, CPU Cooler. Say hi tobestantivirus booster for android and go to download the freeantivirusand power security apps.
 Professional antivirus boostersecurityscan for Android mobile, totally for FREE now.
 ImpressiveFeaturesof Super Security apps and antivirus software: ✔ DeviceSecurity& Virus Protection: Virus cleaner with huge virusdatabases,TOP AV-TEST recognized security scan and virus removalfor android.✔ Junk Cleaner: Scan and remove junk filesautomatically. Cleanjunk files, free up storage space and boostphone speed! ✔ AndroidPhone Booster: Speed up phone by killingbackground apps in onetap. Free up storage space on phone. ✔ AppLock: Your privacy guardand phone security app. Virus remover andfree antivirus downloadapps. Everything you need for mobilesecurity is packed in SuperSecurity - the free antivirus forandroid and security apps! SuperSecurity = Antivirus + App Lock +Booster + Cleaner + PhoneSecurity Guard ★ Antivirus - Ensure yourdevice security SuperSecurity – Antivirus Software is yourprofessional security scan.Super Security and antivirus protectsmobile phone from viruses,malware and spyware. Super Security andantivirus is the freeantivirus app with virus cleaner and cleanbooster. ★ App Lock -Lite yet powerful security app Super Securityand antivirus helpsyou lock private apps to keep others from yourprivacy. App lock(Security Guard) allows users to lock up privateapps by setting uppassword or graphic gesture and preventunauthorised access toguard your privacy and ensure your phonesecurity. ★ Booster
SuperSecurity (Booster and Cleaner, Antivirus,Device Security) andantivirus free up storage space on phone andclean up memory byAntivirus android booster. Super Security, thebest phone boosterand antivirus for android, can speed up phonemore efficiently with1-tap booster on home screen. ★ Cleaner SuperSecurity (Antivirusfor Android) and antivirus is also a mobilephone cleaner app, ithelps you free up storage space on phone andoptimize Androidmobile phone performance. Super Security andantivirus can improvephone performance and speed up phone. SuperSecurity - antivirusand phone boost cleaner for android, the bestAndroid securityantivirus and mobile phone booster app. Now come tosay hi to thesuper safe 2018 Super Security! Super Security (Virusremover andBooster for Android), more than mobile phone cleaner,androidbooster, virus protection, app lock, antivirus app andmobilesecurity apps! Super Security (antivirus free and antimalware)provides security service, virus cleaner, and virus removalforandroid. It clean junk files, boost and cool down your phone.
Top Cleaner - Speed Booster, Battery Saver v1.7.4
TC Team
If you want to keep phone clean, fast and well performed, tryTopCleaner. Top Cleaner is designed to optimize your Androiddeviceperformance by doing three major jobs and do them best: -Clean upjunk file - Speed up performance - Improve battery life TopCleanerEmphasis: - Keep your phone clean and tidy - Fast free upstoragespace - Help phone run faster and smoother - Help reducingbatterydrain - Reduce pressure on phone memory and CPU - Keep phoneawayfrom low memory warning and overheat Feature List ★★★★★ CleanUpHidden Junk Top Cleaner ‘s powerful scan engine can find outallhidden junk files on Android system such as cache files,emptyfolders, social app junks, useless apk files, app leftover,uselessbig size files, useless similar images and more. Youcancompletely remove all clutter from memory or SD card withonesimple click to free up more storage. For privacy andsecurityconsideration, you need to manually erase clipboard record,calllog, SMS record, YouTube history, or clear download history,socialapps account and chat data. ★★★★★ Speed Up Performance Youmay have10-100 apps installed on your phone and some of them keeprunningat background due to different reasons. Useless runningprocesswill occupy precious system resource and slow down phonerunningspeed. Your phone is easy to became lag and slow respondingovertime. Top Cleaner helps you list all memory and battery hungryappprocess in real time and stop them quickly with just 1 tap.★★★★★Save Battery life Your Android phone might have thebatterydraining issue, that's because the back ground apps arehogging theCPU and draining your phone battery. This will shortenyour batterylife. With Top Cleaner battery saver, your batterydrain problemwill be easily fixed by hibernating background apps tosave power.With this powerful battery monitor to improve yourbattery life,you no longer have to worry about your battery issuessuch asbattery drain, slow charging, power off soon, short batterylife.★★★★★ CPU Cooler A killer feature for hotting andoverheatingdevices. It decreases temperature of CPU by closingprocess. ★★★★★Super Locker Charge faster to save your time!Although Androidsystem will optimize memory by itself, it is stillnecessary tokeep an eye on the background running process byyourself. This isa new junk cleaner and speed booster app but worthto have a try.Let us know if you have any suggestions. We will keepimproving.
Ancleaner, Android cleaner 3.77 Ancleaner
Ancleaner is the Android cleaner. It is a phone cleaner andsmartcleaner. Ancleaner is a clean app for Android, booster app,memoryram cleaner, phone cleaner, cache cleaner, phone booster,whatsapptool, basic explorer and more! Ancleaner is a junk cleanerforAndroid phone. It can speed up your phone, clean junk filesandstop battery draining. ✔ App Manager. Uninstall app inoneclick. ✔ Phone Cleaner.  You can clean junk (cachecleaner& memory ram cleaner) to boost your phone.✔ Whatasapptool. All WhatsApp media in the same place.Powerful tool to cleanor share received and sent media viaWhatsApp. ✔ Basic explorer.Basic file organizer and explorer bycategory: Images, music,videos, documents. It is a junk filecleaner for android mobile ✔RAM memory cleaner. Best speed andphone booster. Clean up ramspace and boost your phone performance.✔ Ancleaner tech. It willselect what and what not to delete. Choose what you want todelete, what process you want to stop. Thepower of a professionaltool in a simple and safe cleaner. You’ll notice how yourdevice will improve its performance afterusing it.  
Super Speed Cleaner: Virus Cleaner, Phone Cleaner 1.3.6
Hyper Speed
Super Speed Cleaner is a professional phone cleanerwithantivirus cleaner, phone booster, CPU Cooler, Battery Saverandbest free Antivirus for Android to increase your phoneperformance.With the powerful clean virus program, Super SpeedCleaner is oneof the highest rated 4.8 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ cleaner apps inGoogle PlayStore! Just Download and try for cleaning service.Super SpeedCleaner is a smarter, faster Android phone cleanerapp withone tap booster function and authoritative antivirus engine(viruscleaner). Efficiently speed up your phone, clean virus andremoveevery piece of junk or danger safely. Super Speed Cleaner ’sGoldenTriangle: 🌪Super Phone Cleaner - Deep virus scan andcleansystem for more storage space. 🚀Super Phone Booster -Speed upyour phone with one tap booster to optimize phoneperformance.🚨Super Phone Security - Free antivirus to protectyour phoneand clean virus. 📲 Super Phone Cleaner - cleanphone, cache,memory, ram, and virus in one program. ★ AndroidCleaner - Cleanerfor Android with the professional clean virusprogram to improveperformance. ★ System Cleaner - Deep virus scanand cleaner systemto free up more space and boost cleaner phone. ★Virus Cleaner -Powerful free antivirus, clean virus scan and virusremoval enginethat protect your phone. ★ Ram Cleaner - Clean andboost systemcleaner to clean up useless files and virus cleaner. ★MemoryCleaner - Memory boost cleaner and virus cleaner that cleanphonespace on your device.  ★ Cache Cleaner - Clear cacheAndroid,system cache cleaner, and phone cleaner. ★ Junk Cleaner -Residualjunk cleaner that cleans duplicated junk files on yourdevice. ★Speed Cleaner - Cleaner phone booster that boosts phonespeed. ★Storage Cleaner - Cleaner for Android that frees upvaluablestorage space. ★ APK Cleaner - Clean up the uninstalled APKfiles,system cleaner for more space. ★ Boost Cleaner - Cleanerandbooster for android, antivirus phone booster for phone security.★Power Cleaner - Optimize phone performance with a powerfulcleaner,boost mobile, free antivirus. ★ Notification Cleaner -Phonecleaner helps block junk notifications. ★ Safe Cleaner -Securityapps with the best antivirus(virus cleaner), virus scan andvirusremoval. ★ Easy-to-use Cleaner - Android Cleaner that issimple andeasy to operate. ⚡ Super Phone Booster, with thepowerfulone-tap booster that speeds up your phone. ❤ Phone Booster- Mobilephone booster quickly clean phone junk for a betterexperience. ❤Game Booster - Free game booster kills backgroundprocesses toboost games performance. ❤ Speed Booster - Speed up thephone,mobile speed booster with phone cleaner, antivirus (viruscleaner).❤ CPU Cooler - Analyze CPU usage and stop overheating appsto cooldown CPU temperature ❤ Battery Saver - Optimize powerconsumption& battery charging with built-in battery saver👑Super PhoneSecurity, with authoritative antivirus engine thatenjoysall-around protection. ☂ Antivirus - Free antivirus forAndroid toprotect your phone from viruses. ☂ Scan virus - Deep scanvirus,malware and clean virus provides virus protection withviruscleaner (antivirus) and virus removal for Android. ☂ Virusremoval- Virus removal for android come with virus removal,Antivirussoftware and security apps. ☂ App Lock - Set privatepassword orpattern for your apps with this free antivirus app.Super SpeedCleaner , the professional and smarter Android cleanerwith phonecleaner, boost mobile, Game Booster Antivirus (VirusCleaner),Security Guard, App Lock, CPU Cooler and Battery Saver,willefficiently improve your Android phone performance and makeitfaster for daily using. Just Download and uninstall. GetSuperSpeed Cleaner: Virus Cleaner, Phone Cleaner NOW! 📩If you haveanyquestions or suggestions, please send us an email atFeedbackaddress: [email protected]
Super Phone Cleaner - Antivirus & Booster 1.6.1
Hyper Speed
Super Speed Cleaner (Virus Cleaner - Antivirus Master, Booster),thebest phone cleaner for android with junk cleaner, antiviruscleaner,mobile phone booster, App Lock, CPU cooler and batterysaver. Makeyour phone faster than ever. Highlights Lighter - Muchsmallerinstallation package and run fast. Lower power consumption- Satisfythe most basic operations. Handy - Simple interface andeasy to use.Multi-Functional - Core functions are complete to meetbasic needs.Key Features ✔️Junk Cleaner: Scan and remove junkfiles includingsystem and app caches. Clean junk files, free upRAM and boost phonespeed in ONE TAP! ✔️Phone Booster: Removebackground apps to free upstorage space on phone, optimize memoryand speed up phone.✔️Security & Antivirus Master: Virusremoval for Android withvirus cleaner. ✔️AppLock: Lock up yourprivate apps with app lockfree. Our app lock pro provides app lockfor all apps. ✔️CPU Cooler:Close overheating apps to cool downphone temperature and savebattery. ✔️Battery Saver: stop batterydraining process to savebattery power long time. ✔️Game booster:By releasing the phonememory, it can boost your game speed. GETTHE MOST OUT OF THE LEASTSuper Speed Cleaner = Junk Cleaner +Phone Booster + Free AntivirusMaster + AppLock + CPU Cooler +Battery Saver. Junk Cleaner – Lite& powerful cleaner, memorybooster Super Speed Cleaner -Antivirus, Booster can speed up phoneand improve phone performanceby scanning and removing junk. SuperSpeed Cleaner helps you free upstorage space on phone and optimizeAndroid phone performance. SuperSpeed Cleaner, the best phonecleaner. Boost Up Speed – Fast andconvenient Super Speed Cleaner -Antivirus, Booster can clean upmemory (RAM), free up storage spaceon phone and save battery withour Android booster, Super SpeedCleaner (Phone booster & phonecleaner). As a more convenientbooster on android phone, 1-tapbooster on home screen can speed upphone more efficiently. FreeAntivirus Master-virus and malwareremoval Professional viruscleaner powered by top antivirus masterand mobile security,provides all time virus protection and freeantivirus download.Super Virus Cleaner - Antivirus Booster, apowerful antivirussoftware with virus scan, virus remover and antivirus protection,offers you the best antivirus for android toensure your mobilesecurity. CPU cooler - Temperature down SuperSpeed Cleaner -Antivirus, Booster is also a phone temperaturecooler with Androidoverheating protection. It analyzes CPU usage,finds overheatingapps, and close them to cool down phonetemperature. Battery saver -Longer battery life With batterysaver, Super Speed Cleaner -Antivirus, Booster can analyze andstop power-draining apps to savebattery power for Android. Batterysaver can extend battery life.Organize Notifications – Hideuseless notifications Super SpeedCleaner - Antivirus, Booster isalso a notification cleaner forAndroid. It can mute allnotifications and put them in App Organizerfor android. No moreunwanted notifications and never miss importantmessage again. Gamebooster - Boost your game speed Super SpeedCleaner - Antivirus,Booster helps you speed up game speed. Byreleasing the phonememory, it can give you a better gameexperience. …… As anAll-in-One android cleaner & booster, SuperSpeed Cleaner cleanjunk files, clear cache, speed booster, cooldown your phone andsave battery. Super Speed Cleaner - Antivirus,Booster, a lightandroid phone cleaner, a fast cleaner! Time to geta reliableoptimizer (cleaner & booster) - Super Speed Cleaner.Let usknow if you have any suggestions. Feedbackaddress:[email protected]
Cleaner - Boost, Clean, Space Cleaner 7.5.3
Apex Apps
Has your phone become slow, laggy or out of space? If so, Cleanerisjust the most trusted app indeed. Cleaner, TOP 10Androidoptimization tool with junk cleaning and phone boostfunctions isfree and We would like to serve millions of usersworldwide. Makephones run smoother than ever, like they're brandnew as well.PHONE BOOSTER (Keep your phone running smooth &fast) With theunique algorithm technique, Cleaner can intelligentlycleanbackground processes, stop stealthy running apps anddisablestealthy auto-start apps even on non-root devices. freeingup RAMand speeding up phone. After boosting phone, run a speed testtosee how fast it has become:D Junk Cleaner (JUNK FILES) Withthespecial cleaning engine, Cleaner detect and clean junkfilesincluding advertisement junk, system junk, photo junk, videojunk,cache junk, and residual junk. Cleaner can help boost andoptimizeyour phone's speed and performance. Absolutely, Laggyissues aswell as running slow will be effectively alleviated.Battery SaverCleaner help with saving better power and extendingbattery life.Cleaner can disable unnecessary apps as many aspossible, in thisway, Cleaner save the battery. CPU cooler -Effectively cool downCPU temperature Is your phone always heated?Cleaner monitors CPUtemperature and detects apps that areoverheating. By killing heavyresource consuming apps, you canreduce CPU usage, lag or laggyissues as well. Easy to Use Just onetap the boost button to speedup your phone and keep your phoneclean and fast. Cleaner aims tobe the best Android speed booster& junk Cleaner, if Cleanercan help you a lot, it would begreat. Cleaner is compatible withmost Android phones and systems,including but not limited to alldevices from Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony,Moto, LG, TCL, HTC, Nexus, ZTEand more…. This app usesAccessibility services. We do not collectuser privacy data If youhave any questions about Cleaner , pleaseemail us at:[email protected]
WE Cleaner - Booster & Cleaner
WE Cleaner - Booster & Cleaner is a light Androidoptimizationapp,trusted by so many users over the world. WE canspeed up yourphone by phone boost, clean junk files to save memoryspace foryou, CPU Cooler can cool down for your CPU, WE Cleaneralso have somany useful functions to boost up and optimize yourphone, like appmanager, app lock and so on. WE Cleaner - Booster& CleanerHighlights: - Phone Boost By clean unnecessary appsrunning inbackground to free up memory, boost and speed up yourAndroidphone. - Junk Files WE Cleaner is clean master. Analyze allof yourapps, detect junk (system cache/app cache/uninstalledappresidue/...) to prevent your phone from running slowly orlagging.- Auto Boost Auto free up memory to speed. - FloatingWindow Smartmemory, real-time memory usage date; Speed up yourdevice, improvethe performance of your phone in a single tap. - AppManager Removeapps you don’t use. Thus you can save more space, andboost/speedup your phone. - App Lock Use the App Lock function toprotect yourprivacy with a PIN or lock pattern. - CPU Cooler Cooldowntemperature and reduce CPU usage. Save your mobile battery.Howdoes WE Cleaner - Booster & Cleaner help you to speed upandoptimize your phone? Phone Boost- Free up RAM, boost and speedupyour Android phone WE Cleaner - Booster & Cleaner can boostandspeed up your Android phone, optimize games’ andapps’performances, and give you a faster and speedierexperience byfreeing up RAM. WE Cleaner provides shortcuts indesktop andnotification toolbar as extra entrances. Junk Clean-Super cleanermaster, clean space WE Cleaner - Booster & Cleanerfrees upstorage completely and optimizes performance by removingjunk files(system cache/app cache/uninstalled app residue/...) topreventyour phone from running slowly or lagging. WE Cleaner cleansandfrees up the storage and releases more space forusers. Youwill enjoy a faster and speedier phone by just oneclick. WECleaner can also be used to clean junk files from socialapps suchas Facebook, Twitter,Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.With thisprofessional cleaner, you can free up much more space fromall appseasily and safely without worrying about deleting wrongfiles. CPUCooler- Apace cool down CPU temperature WE Cleaner helpsyoumonitor device temperature and smartly stop battery drainingappswhich cause overheat to cool down your Android phone and toextendthe battery life as well! App Manager- Remove apps you don’tuse WECleaner - Booster & Cleaner could help you uninstallapps, viewapps info or find rarely-used apps. Thus you can savemore space,and boost/speed up your phone. App Lock- Additionalprotection foryour privacy WE Cleaner - Booster & Cleaner helpsyou protectyour privacy. Using App Lock function of WE Cleaner toprotect yourprivacy with lock pattern. App Lock helps you lockprivate appssuch as: Facebook, Twitter,Messenger, WhatsApp,Instagram,etc. Using App Lock to lock contact so that nobody cansee thecontent in the locked apps without a password. WE Cleaner -Booster& Cleaner, always keeps your mobile phone running asfast as anew one! Communicate with us onFacebook: E-mail:[email protected]
DU Cleaner – Memory cleaner & clean phone cache 1.6.1
Free—clean up system trash files (caches), extend SD cardstorage,and solve your lack of disk space. Plus free Speed BoosterforAndroid Phones. Have you ever encountered the followingproblems?1. System garbage causes the phone to run slowly and appgarbageeats up your internal storage. 2. No more space is availablefornew photos or apps. 3. Your phone is running crazily slow.Allthese situations need a clean-up tool, such as a phonebooster,junk remover, etc. Highlights of DU Cleaner (Boost &ClearCache): ► Ultra-small size Making it much smaller than similarappson Google Play. ► Extremely focused Performs the mostcomprehensivetrash-cleaning to save you more phone space; ►Intelligent analysisUsing our new intelligent analysis engine, DUCleaner (Boost &Clear Cache) deletes what you want to remove,leaves what you thinkis useful, and never loses your good memories.Features of DUCleaner (Boost & Clear Cache): ► Clean Up &Junk FileCleaning The junk-creating behavior of millions of appshas beenanalyzed so that DU Cleaner (Boost & Clear Cache)canefficiently hone in on its targets (cache and residual files)withperfect accuracy. Delete cache and residual files toreclaimstorage, boost speed, and improve the performance of yourdeviceand SD card. ► Memory Boost Boost your games and apps, freeupmemory (RAM), speed up your device, and save more battery.Our1-Tap Boost features make it easy to optimize directly fromyourhomescreen. ► Useless APKs Find and delete useless APKs onyourphone to free up more storage space. ► Residual Files Clearupresidual data from previously uninstalled applications. TheWorld'sMost Trusted Android Optimizer, Speed Booster, andtrash-cleaningapp; DU Cleaner & Speed Booster is a FREE appthat can helpclean redundant apps and files, free up storage space,clean upyour RAM, and speed up your Android device. Help fightagainstdeceptive ads DU Group is dedicated to providing a safermobileexperience for our global users, so we’re committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. We’ve found that some adsmight bemalicious promotions from unknown channels. If you comeacross oneof these ads, you can help us take them down. Please sendthe linkand screenshots of the ad to [email protected] Weappreciateyour kind help.
1Tap Cleaner (clear cache, history and call log) 3.37
Sam Lu
1-Tap to clean all cache, search histories, calls log,defaultssettings and SD card. Are you running out of applicationstorage?You now can get more available storage space by clearingappscreated cache/data files. *** Over 5,000,000 Downloads! *** ★CacheCleaner ★ History Cleaner ★ Call/Text log Cleaner ★DefaultsCleaner ★ SD Cleaner There are 5 cleaners included in thisapp.Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner and Call/Text log Cleaner helpyouto get more free space for the internal phone storage byclearingapps cached files, data files, or search/navigationhistoryrecords. If you have selected to launch apps by default forsomeactions. Defaults Cleaner helps you to clear the defaultsettings.SD Cleaner helps to delete junk files from the SD card.Auto or1-tap to clear all cache, search history, calls log and thebest isyou don't have to ROOT the phone anymore! This app iscrucial toanyone who has memory management issues. ★ 1-tap to clearallcached files ★ 1-tap to clear all search and browsernavigationhistory records ★ list all default apps and clearselected defaults★ home screen widget shows cache and availablesize ★ auto clearall cache and history at a specified interval ★auto clear cachewhen the device is low on internal storage space ★clear cache orhistory for a specified application ★ notify if appsused cachesize large than you specified value ★ list applicationsby eithercache, data, code, total size or app name ★ viewapplication onMarket ★ uninstall application ★ open application ★showapplication details page ★ No ads (PRO-only) Requiredpermissions:* READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS, WRITE_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS: showand clearbrowser navigation history records *GET_PACKAGE_SIZE,PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: get the size information ofapps *BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE: this app uses Accessibilityservices toautomate the function (e.g. clear cache), optional. Ithelps thosewho have difficulty in tapping and complete the taskeasier *WRITE_SETTINGS: prevent the screen rotation during theautomaticfunction * SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: draw a wait screen aboveother appsduring the automatic function For user's manual, FAQ,please tapMENU > Settings > About for details. Reviews:★ (Video) *** Note for Android 4 (ICS) users**** Cache cleaner will not work for Android 4.0.1/4.0.2 due tothethe Android system bug. Google fixed this problem in 4.0.3*Android 4.0.x does not enable 3rd apps to clear frequentlycalledlog. Google fixed this problem in Android 4.1. *** You havetoinstall this app on the phone storage if you want to use thewidgetfunction. It's required by Android. No Notification Ads - wedon'tuse any notification ads. We have been selected as a GoogleI/O2011 Developer Sandbox partner, for its innovative designandadvanced technology. Credits: Arabic - Hazem Hamdi Czech -MichalFiurášek Danish - Christian Stangegaard Kappelgaard Dutch -NikoStrijbol, Vincenzo Messina French - Philippe LEROY German -MichaelVollmer Hebrew - אלישיב סבח‎ Hungarian - RootRulezIndonesian -Khairul Agasta Italian - Luca Snoriguzzi Japanese -nnnn Korean -장승훈 Polish - Grzegorz Jabłoński Romanian - StelianBalincaPortuguese - Wagner Santos Russian - Идрис a.k.a.Мансур(Ghost-Unit) Serbian - Dusan Trojanovic Slovak - PatrikŽecSlovenian - Matevž Kersnik Spanish - Alfredo Ramos (AbaddonOrmuz)Swedish - Hampus Westin Turkish - Kutay KuFTiVietnamese-NguyễnTrung Hậu Let me know if you are interested intranslating this appto your native language. Thanks.
Owl Cleaner-Cache Cleaner&Cleaner Master 2.0.9
As a powerful speed cleaner pro, phone speed booster, cleanermasterand CPU cooler, Owl Cleaner is the best junk & speedcleanmaster pro to clean junk and caches, remove residual files,boostmobile and stop overheating apps. Download Owl Cleaner, thesuperspeed cleaner master and clean master pro, for free on GooglePlay.Owl Cleaner, as a clean master, super speed cleaner pro is afreebut powerful junk and cache cleaner, super speed booster andCPUcooler for Android phone.It helps clean junk and caches,removeresidual files, boost mobile phone and stop overheatingapps.Download Owl Cleaner, the super speed cleaner master, onGoogleplay for free.What Owl Cleaner can do for you:🌟 Junk cleaner&clean master Pro & super speed cleaner - Clean and clearcacheand junk for other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,Messenger,WhatsApp, Gmail and Instagram and so on, on Androidphone.🌟 Mobilephone booster & speed booster & game booster- Make yourphone faster and smoother.🌟 CPU cooler & CPU monitor- Cooldown phone temperature and stop overheatingapps.HighlightedCCleaner Master Free:🔥 Clean and clear cache🔥Identify and removejunk, APK, and residual files🔥 Identify unknownnumbers inreal-time🔥 free up memory space and optimize storagespace🔥Lighter, faster, and smoother 🔥 Boost you phone, keepphonerunning faster, boost mobile and avoid phone lagging🔥 Monitorandcool down phone temperature in seconds, CPU coolerKeyFunctions:🏆CLEANING Junk & Cache & Residual FilesAs a phonecleaner,clean master pro and power cleaner, Owl Cleaner helpsclearresidual files, junk and app caches which occupy yourphone’sstorage. It is very convenient to free up storage space andkeepyour phone clean with just one-tap.🍀 Cache CleanerOwl cleaner-speed cleaner & clean master free, helps clean residualcacheand system files often left by uninstalled apps to free upmemoryspace and phone storage space.🍀 Junk RemoverScan and removejunkfiles including system and app caches. Clean and clear junkandfree up RAM. Erase junk, get rid of trash, remove apps,cleanermaster app. Clean junks left by other apps, such asTwitter,Facebook, Messenger,Instagram Apus booster and Youtube.🍀ResidualFile RemoverScan, analyze, clean and remove cache andresidualfiles to free up phone, tablet and SD card storage space.🍀MemoryOptimizerOwl cleaner, as a super speed cleaner, can get ridofbloatware, clean and clear junk files that waste memory spaceandcompromise device performance in seconds. Optimize yourmobilememory in super speed. Reduce clutter and reclaiming memorytostore new photos, videos and apps.🏆 BOOSTING SPEEDOwl Cleaner, asamobile phone booster like Apus Booster and speed booster, is alsoagreat mobile phone booster. It helps optimize memory, free upRAMand speed up your phone by closing apps running inthebackground. 🏆 CPU COOLINGOwl Cleaner works on preventingyourphone from overheating. It keeps monitoring temperature changesallthe time. And when CPU is overheated, you can cool downphonetemperature by tapping CPU Cooling button. The apps resultedinoverheating would be closed immediately.Your feedback is ofgreatimportance and will be highly valued. If you have anyquestions orsuggestions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]
Super Fast Cleaner - Boost & Clean 3.4.1
Super Fast Cleaner is a light-weight Android optimization tool,wecan speed up your phone by phone boost, clean junk files tosavememory space for you, CPU Cooler can cool down CPU of yourphone,Super Fast Cleaner also have so many useful functions toboost upand optimize your phone, like notification cleaner, appmanager,app lock and so on.Super Fast Cleaner Highlights:- PhoneBoostCleanunnecessary apps running in background to free up memory,boost andspeed up your Android device.- Junk CleanSuper FastCleaner isclean master. Analyze all of your apps, detect junk(systemcache/app cache/uninstalled app residue/ Ad cache...) topreventyour phone from running slowly or lagging.- NotificationCleanerThere are always many annoying notifications when we use thephone.Super Fast Cleaner helps to gather all the uselessnotifications tomake them quiet and clean, phone being moreefficient. - AppManagerRemove apps you don’t use to save morespace, andboost/speed up your phone.- App LockUse the App Lockfunction toprotect your privacy with lock pattern.- CPU Cooler Cooldown CPUand reduce CPU usage. Save your battery power. - AutoBoostAutospeed up your phone in smart way- FloatingWindowReal-timemonitoring memory usage, provide a shortcut to speedup your devicewith only one-tap. How does Super Fast Cleaner helpyou to speed upor optimize your phone?Phone Boost- Free up RAM,boost and speed upyour Android phoneSuper Fast Cleaner can boostand speed up yourAndroid phone, optimize games’ and apps’performances, and give youa faster and speedier experience byfreeing up RAM.Super FastCleaner provides shortcuts in desktop andnotification toolbar asextra entrances.Junk Clean- Super cleanermaster, clean spaceSuperFast Cleaner frees up storage completelyand optimizes performanceby removing junk files (system cache/appcache/uninstalled appresidue/...) to prevent your phone fromrunning slowly orlagging.Super Fast Cleaner cleans and frees up thestorage andreleases more space for users. You will enjoy a fasterand speedierphone by just one click. Super Fast Cleaner can also beused toclean junk files from social apps such asFacebook,Twitter,Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. With thisprofessionalcleaner, you can free up much more space from all appseasily andsafely without worrying about deleting wrong files.CPUCooler-Apace cool down CPU temperatureSuper Fast Cleaner helps youmonitordevice temperature and smartly stop battery draining appswhichcause overheat to cool down your Android phone and to extendthebattery life as well! App Manager- Remove apps you don’tuseSuperFast Cleaner could help you uninstall apps, view apps infoor findrarely-used apps. Thus you can save more space, andboost/speed upyour phone.App Lock- Additional protection for yourprivacySuperFast Cleaner helps you protect your privacy. Using AppLockfunction of Super Fast Cleaner to protect your privacy withlockpattern. App Lock helps you lock private apps such as:Facebook,Twitter,Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Using AppLock to lockcontact so that nobody can see the content in thelocked appswithout a password.Super Fast Cleaner, always keeps yourmobilephone running as fast as a new one!CommunicatewithusFacebook:[email protected]
Systweak Android Cleaner
Systweak Android Cleaner is a powerful and effective app tooptimizeyour device’s performance. Primarily, the app cleans junkfiles,saves battery, and deletes duplicate files to retrieve spaceandimprove overall device performance. −Scheduled Cleaning(cachecleaner and RAM optimizer)Cleaning phone cache and optimizingRAMmanually is a tough job. Scheduled cleaning is one of thebestfeatures of this app. It boosts your phone’sperformanceautomatically. If you don’t want to set a schedule, youcan also doit manually by tapping on Phone Boost button. −Junk FileCleaner(clutter remover)Junk files take up a lot of devicespaceunnecessarily. Android devices get cluttered with hundreds ofjunkfiles after prolonged usage. Junk File Cleaner module detectsandsecurely removes this clutter, frees up space and improvesphonespeed.  −Battery Saver (battery rejuvenator)One of themajorconcerns of Android users is that the device battery getsdrainedvery quickly. Battery Saver detects and closes apps that arenot inuse but are still running in the background to sync dataandperform other silent tasks. It also shows the temperature ofyourdevice. −Game Booster (better gaming experience)It’sfrustratingwhen you experience performance or stability issueswhile playinggames on your device. Game Booster option frees upvaluableresources and RAM which is much needed for playing games,resultingin smoother, more responsive game play. It also suspendsanyprocesses running in the background temporarily for yourgamingpleasure. −Manage Storage Efficiently (App Manager)‘AppManger’detects and displays space-hogging apps that you no longeruse. Youcan uninstall and disable such apps along with leftoverdata afterapp uninstallation. This helps you recover considerableamount ofstorage, boost RAM and reduce battery consumption. You canalsotake a backup of .apk files using Archive option beforedeletingthem. −File Explorer (manage your files efficiently)FileExplorerhelps you manage files stored on your device efficientlyandeasily. It works as a smart viewer to categorize files. Youcanshare, take backup of your files and even delete them usingFileExplorer. −Duplicate Files Remover (space saver)It thoroughlyscansyour device for duplicate files based on content, file nameandfile type and displays them in a categorized way. Bydefault,duplicates are auto marked for deletion except for theoriginalsource copy. The auto marked files can be deleted torecoverprecious space used up by duplicate files. −Hibernate(hibernationmodule)The Hibernate module helps to save maximumbattery byhibernating apps which are not in use or have beeninactive for along time. This prevents your device from themuch-dreaded batterydrain.This requires you to enable accessibilityservices. However,accessibility service is only used forinformational purpose and weensure that your personal details arenever compromised or misusedby this app or SystweakSoftware. −Hidden FilesThis module helpsyou view, archive, renameand delete hidden files stored on yourdevice. You cannot see suchfiles as they are hidden from normalview. −WhatsApp ModuleWhenrunning low on space, you can use thisfeature to view all WhatsAppmedia including images, videos, audiofiles and documents etc. sentand received at one place. You canthen delete unwanted media tosave space and improve deviceperformance. −Notification ModuleTheNotification module helpssuppress notifications of selected appsfrom being displayed in thenotification bar. These notificationscan be viewed later as peruser’s convenience.
Fast Cleaner - Speed Booster & Cleaner 2.6.7
Fast Cleaner is the best speed booster and junk file cleaner tomakephone faster and restore memory space. It will boost phonespeedfast. Has your phone become slow, hung or out of space? JusttryFast Cleaner and let Fast Cleaner to help you. It will giveyourAndroid phone perfect experience. Fast Cleaner can cleancache, junkfiles to reclaim storage; stop unnecessary apps inbackground toclean RAM and speed up your Android phone. FastCleaner usesaccessibility service. With this service, you can getan upgradedcache cleaner. We do not provide the service/contentfor any minorsunder 16 years old (or equivalent minimum age inrelevantjurisdiction). If you are a minor meeting the aboveconditions, youmust read the terms of User Agreement and use thisapp under theguidance of your guardian, and confirm that yourguardian agrees toyour Use of this app. Main Features ★ CacheCleaner ★ Speed Booster★ Memory Booster ★ CPU Cooler ★ CacheCleaner With perfectaccuracy, this cache cleaner can detect andclean cache junks, adsfiles, obsolete trash, memory cache andother junk file to reclaimstorage. ★ Speed Booster Withone-tap boost, this Androidaccelerator makes phone faster. Thisspeed booster and cleaner makesyour Android phones reborn withbetter user experience.★ Memory Booster By clean unnecessaryapps running inbackground, this speed booster frees up memory(RAM), and save morebattery. Even better, the durable boost effectkeeps your phone runin super faster speed. ★ CPU CoolerDetect and clean apps thatcause overheating. In one tap memoryboost, cool down mobile inseconds.
Fast Cleaner & Booster 1.0.3
🚀A faster mobile phone cleaner & booster.Main featuresincludesjunk file cleaner, speed booster, battery saver andantivirusprotection. Phone optimizer as well as security guard.Enhancephone performance to higher levels!Fast Cleaner &Booster -brings the best performance of android toyourdevice!Features:✅Junk Cleaner - Scan and remove junk files ofallkinds.✅Phone Booster - Boost phone for higher performance inasingle tap.✅Antivirus - Deep scan, target and kill viruses&malicious apps.✅CPU Cooler - Kill overheating apps andsettings tocool phone down✅Battery Saver - Save power and optimizebatteryusage✅Notification Organiser - Block & removejunknotifications.
Clean Boost-Junk Cleaner,RAM Booster 4.0.rel.10
Clean Boost, the better optimization tool with space cleaner andrambooster, it helps keep your phone clean and make it speed.CleanBoost also added the Battery Saver feature, which helps yousavebattery power and extend battery life. Clean Boost KeyFunctions:Highlights:
 ✔ Space Saving: Feature rich but only 3MBin size
 ✔Simple: Intuitive UI embracing Material Design, veryeasy to use andnavigate
 ✔ Effective: Quite helpful to free upspace, improvespeed, protect privacy 🔥 JUNK CLEANER (JUNK FILES)Clean Boost helpsfree up your storage space by removing junk,residual and cachefiles which slows down your phone. With ourprofessional cleaner,you can also free up much more space fromcleaning cache data fromsocial apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp,without worrying aboutdeleting the wrong files. 
🚀 BOOST MOBILE 1Tap Boost helps speed upphone by freeing up RAM. Reduce overallpower consumption.Afterboosting your mobile, you can run a speedtest to see how muchfaster it is. 🔋 BATTERY SAVER Clean Boosthelps to save batterypower and extend battery life by hibernatingrunning apps. 🌟 APPLOCK Keeps your app privacy safe with anAppLock PIN or pattern. 🌟APP MANAGER
 Batch Installer &Uninstaller: Uninstall unwantedapps Package Manager: Scan andclean redundant APK files. 🔥NOTIFICATION MANAGER It helps everyoneto manage notificationsintelligently and intuitively. You coulddecide which appnotifications you would like to show or ignore. Inthis way, you cankeep phone notification bar in a cleaner and tidystatus. 🌟 DEVICEINFO CPU, memory (RAM), GPU, camera, storage, ROM,battery and morethan 30 device information.
 🌟 SIMILAR PHOTOCLEANER Clean Boost canscan all the similar photos, find out thebest one to automaticallydelete similar photos to free up morestorage. Clean Boost is 100%FREE . The ram booster & junkcleaner will make your phonefaster than new! Drop us email [email protected] for anysuggestions, feedback ortranslation help.
Cache Cleaner Super clear cache & optimize 1.19
Cache Cleaner
Cache Cleaner Super can help you clean useless cache files , itcanfree up your phone space and speed up your phone. ★ What AreCacheFiles Cache Files are temporary files created by applications.Forexample, when browser visit a web page, browser save theimagefiles as cache files. When app exits , cache files are useless,you can save phone space and speed up your phone via cleanthesejunk cache files. So you need a easy app help you cleancachefiles. ★ Features Support android 4.1-7.1 devices One clickcleancache Fastest scan speed Reminder you clean cache every 6hoursEasy to use This app uses Accessibility services.
For Security - Cleaner Booster Speed Master 1.1.5
Professional mobile clean service for Android phone with cleanerandbooster. Your phone clean guard.+For Security Highlights:PhoneBoostClean background tasks, free up phone memory.Boost the speedof yourmobile by 60%, optimize games and apps performance.JunkFileCleanerAnalyze all of your apps, detect junk includingcache,residual files, temp files.Clean cache junk with one tap,free upspace and boost phone speed.CPU Cooler Cool down temperatureandreduce CPU usage. Protect mobile battery and extendbatterylife.+For Security Features:Phone Booster - The best phonespeedbooster Have you ever boosted again and again with no effect?UltraCleaner 50% more effective than most boosters on market.CreateOne-Tap Boost shortcut to speed up your device easily fromhomescreen.Junk Cleaner - Small yet powerful cleaner master,spacesaverFree up space and improve the performance byintelligentlyscan the junk files. Such as residual files, cache,temp files,obsolete apks and other big files.Storage Cleaner -Deeply cleanyour mobileHelp clean up the needless photos, music,documents andunnecessary apps to free up space and speed up yourdevice. ForSecurity is the best device optimizer.CPU cooler -Effectively cooldown CPU temperatureIs your phone always heated?Ultra Cleaner cancool down temperature and reduce CPU usage bystopping overheatingapps and make your battery last longer.
Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster (booster & cleaner)
Trusted by 230 million users, DU Speed Booster & Cleanercanclean cache and junk file, boost your phone to make phonefaster,making it the best cache cleaner, memory booster, DU SpeedBooster& Cleaner Total keeps your Android device safe, clean,and fastto be always just like ”New”. DU Speed Booster &Cleaner is theonly all-in-one speed booster, trash cleaner andantivirus app thatoptimizes your background apps, memory space andjunk(cache) files.While keeping your device safe from virus andtrojan, that cansecure your private data with the AppLock function.DU SpeedBooster(Antivirus & Junk Cleaner)Highlights: ► PhoneBoost& Memory Boost - The best phone speed booster Clean upmemory(RAM) and optimize phone speed by removing redundantbackgroundtasks. Stop stealthy running apps, Aims to speedingup yourandroid device. We also have phone booster shortcut,One-Tap Boostdirectly from your home screen makes it easy tooptimize. ► JunkFile Cleaner - Small yet powerful cleaner master,space saver Freeup space and improve the performance byintelligently scan the junkfiles. Such as residual files, cache,temp files, obsolete apks andother big files. ► Security &Antivirus Scan installed apps,memory card content, and new appsautomatically. DU Speed Booster& Antivirus latest protectiontechnologies against viruses,adware, malware, trojan and more. ►Network Boost One-tapcomprehensively detects network status,including Wi-Fi security,download speed, upload speed, networkingdevices. Close backgroundnetwork-occupied applications, to ensurethat the using apps is ina better network condition. ► CPU Cooler -Detect and clean appsthat cause overheating Continuous monitoringtemperature changes,detects apps highly consuming CPU and starts acooling progress,effectively reduce the phone temperature.By memoryboost, it cancool down Android device as fast as possible. ► AppsManager - Scanand clean redundant APK files Smart Task Managertransfer apps,games or files, move to SD card easily withoutscrolling from onescreen to another one! App Manager for movinginternal storage appsto external SD card will give you a lot offree space on yourtablet or smart phone. ► AppLock - Guarding yourprivacy is easierthan ever The fastest & safest applock forandroid in theworld; Security tool, easy to reset password. Preventothers fromaccessing your important private apps such as Facebook,Instagram,SMS, Gallery and so on. ► Smart Charge Display chargestatus inreal time, accurately estimating remaining charge time.Displaynotifications on the screensaver to never miss friends'messages. ►DU Swipe Help users quickly switch applications andsystemsettings! Find us online: Facebook: DUSpeed Booster & Cleaneris right here to deal with all issuesthat slow down your Androiddevice performance! DU speed Booster ishere to help you to Cleanand Speed Up android device, androidsystem or in one touchoptimize all files on your tablet orsmartphone! It will help youmaster and optimize your backgroundapps, memory space, junk(cache) files and battery power, as well asinspect appspermissions and secure your phone from viruses. Helpfight againstdeceptive ads DU Group is dedicated to providing asafer mobileexperience for our global users, so we’re committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. We’ve found that someads/redirectedpages might be malicious promotion from unknownchannels. If youcome across one of these ads, you can help us totake them down.Please send us the link and screenshots of these [email protected] We appreciate your kindly help. Ourappuses Accessibility services under certain condition toenableadvanced functions and improve your experience.
Phone Cleaner- Cache Clean, Android Booster Master 1.1.29
Super Phone Cleaner is an android mobile phone cache cleanmaster,speed booster, memory booster, CPU cooler, game booster,batterysaver, super cleaner, power clean, fast RAM cleaner, junkcleanmaster, internet booster, powerful app cache cleaner, RAMbooster,and junk notification cleaner. Phone Cleaner is all in oneandroidclean master and phone booster toolbox. Do you want a supercleanerto release phone space? Do you want a super clean tohibernatepower draining apps? Do you want to cool down your phone?How toclean my android phone faster? How can I clean my phone junkmore?Do you want to protect your app privacy? Do you hate the noisyjunknotifications? Phone Cleaner = Cache Cleaner + Speed Booster +JunkCleaner + CPU Cooler + Battery Saver + Game Booster +JunkNotification Cleaner + RAM Cleaner + Space Cleaner + AppCleaner+Residual File Cleaner Install this super android cleaner, theallin one toolbox, Android Optimizer, and Android Master now tocleanand boost your android phone. You won't ask how to clean myandroidphone any more. ✔ App Cache Cleaner: clean uselessapplicationcache files. ✔ Junk Clean Master: powerful junk cleaner.✔ SpeedBooster: phone booster and ram cleaner to speed up yourandroidphone by 60%. ✔ Game Booster: boost phone to release memoryspacebefore play games. ✔ Memory Booster: release memory andboostphone. ✔ Power Clean Battery Saver: power clean killsbatterydraining apps to save power. ✔ CPU Cooler: cool down phoneCPUtemperature. ✔ Notification Cleaner: mute and clean theunwantednotifications if necessary. ✔ 1 tap boost: boost phone byone tap.✔ Internet Booster: boost Wi-Fi for fast internet speed. ★AppCache Cleaner Help to analyze apps in android phone, andcleanuseless application cache files safely. This fast powerfulcachecleaner helps to release more space. ★ Junk Clean MasterJunkCleaner helps to analyze all the log files, temporaryfiles,history files, and AD files, and then recommend to cleanthoseuseless residual junk files to release more storage ofmobilephone. Also, clean apk files after app is installed toreleasespace. ★ Speed Booster Kill background apps to releasememory, andspeed up your android phone by 60%. Phone speed boosteris also ainternet booster to kill apps use internet much, andwindow cleanerto remove popups on phone window. Go to boost mobilephones now! ★Game Booster Game booster for android finds all yourgames and getsthem into shortcut folder. Before you play games,game booster willboost your phone to release more memory space tomake your gamerunning smoothly. ★ Power Clean (Battery Saver) Killbatterydraining apps to save power by 1 tap; and when your phonepower islow, Phone Cleaner will remind you to save battery bycleaningapps. ★ CPU Cooler CPU Cooler can cool down your androidphone CPUtemperature effectively with one tap. ★ NotificationCleaner Somany noisy and useless notifications? Use this supercleaner tomute and clean the unwanted notifications if necessary.The junknotification cleaner will gather junk notifications intoone, andclean them if needed. ★ 1 tap boost This super fast cleanerhelpsto create 1 tap boost, and you can boost phone by one tapeasily. ★Internet Booster Use Internet Booster to find out and killappsusing internet. The superb Phone Cleaner is 100% FREEandroidcleaner master and optimizer, you can handle all yourandroid phoneoptimization by this super clean app. Install thisandroid cleanerto master clean of your android phone as a new one!
Mighty Cleaner - Android Cleaner and Booster 1.4.8
🚀🚀🚀This App is 100% FREE cleaner and booster. Try it free andgetyour Android phone or tab running like new!🚀🚀🚀Do you seealertsnotifying you about viruses on your phone?Is your Androiddeviceperformance slowing down?Do unwanted Apps and redundantfilesoccupy your mobile device's storage space?Do you worry aboutsafetyof your contacts, sim card, photos and social profiles?Followthissteps:1) Download this app2) Boost and clean your phone3) Findouthow to protect your phone against viruses, defend your simcard,photos and social profiles, extend battery life, secureyourbrowsing, cool down CPU and even speed up games andinternetconnectionKey Features of Mighty Cleaner 🚀:► MemoryBoostClean upmemory (RAM) and optimize phone speed by removingredundantbackground tasks.Stop auto-start Apps to increase bootspeed andreduce memory usage.► Clean Up & Junk FileCleaningThejunk-creating behavior of millions of apps has beenanalyzed sothat DU Cleaner (Boost & Clear Cache) canefficiently hone inon its targets (cache and residual files) withperfect accuracy.Delete cache and residual files to reclaimstorage, boost speed,and improve the performance of your device andSD card.► BatterySaverThis junk-file cleaner provides real-timememory and batterymonitor. The phone boost force-close theunnecessary backgroundapps to save battery power and extend batterylife.► Phone CoolDownDetect and clean apps that cause overheating.By phone boostand clean, this phone booster cool down mobile inseconds.► RootFreeEven without root access, this speed booster forAndroid canboost phone and clean cache effectively andefficiently.MightyCleaner , a reliable memory & speed booster,Android optimizer,and battery saver, now is available to yourversion of Android.Only12 MB, Mighty Cleaner is a small yeteffective booster and cleanerapp for Android. With intuitiveinterface, it helps you to cleanjunk file, cache, ads, unnecessarybackground apps and boost mobilememory to make your phone faster.Even Android phones with slowprocessor and low memory can have abetter performance after cleanand boost. Also, it will help you tofind the best solution toprotect your phone against viruses,protect your SIM card, secureyour internet surfing and find out howto cool down your phone CPUand extend battery life. Mighty Cleaneris trusted by thousands ofadvanced Android users all over theworld, when it is time toprotect and speed up your phone.
Strawberry Cleaner 1.030
Pro Freeware
Keep your Android phone clean, safe and fast by usingStrawberryCleaner!With 20+ features inside: remove junk, boostmemory,speed-up game, reclaim space, manage auto-runs, monitorthetemperature of CPU and Battery, detect similar photos andoptimizethe big photo. Now you can become the Master of your owndevicewith the ultimate cleaning app for your Android!When youuse,it maycontain ads ,please understand us.With StrawberryCleaner, you cankeep your Android phones always running like new:*•One tap toboost your Android phone's performance.• Clean the cacheof 5,000+APPs and junk files to recover storage space.• Killbackgroundtasks to free up system RAM and extend batterylife.•Manage/uninstall all of your APPs and APK files.• Speed upyourmobile games for better game experience.• Monitor thetemperatureof your device and cool down it as you want.• Manage theservice,event and auto-runs of your android system.• Detect andclean thesimilar photos to free more space.KEY FEATURES:• One-tapBoost -Convenient & Effective: Check & Clean up & Speedup& Optimize your Android device for better performance withjusta simple tap.• App Manager - Organized & Orderly:Uninstallunwanted Apps & Remove unused APKs to free up thestoragespace; Easy to move Apps to SD card and move Apps to phoneinternalstorage.• Memory Boost - Fast & Responsive: Killyourundesirable background running tasks and release RAM to speedupyour Android device and extend battery life.• Junk File Cleaner-Clean & Refreshing: Eliminate hordes of junk files thatriddleyour device by quickly emptying cache and residual files toreleasevaluable storage space and to prevent slowdowns.• PrivacyManager -Secure & Safe: Manage the permissions of all of yourAPPs andallow you to remove them all; Enable or disable yourstart-up APPsand services on your phones; Automatically erase yoursecure datathat left on the clipboard.• Similar Photo Cleaner -Detect thesimilar photo in your device and remain the unique one tofree upmore space.Supplementary privacy provision:StrawberryCleaner newlyadds to get mobile phone state,calls and contactsauthority.It ismainly through the contact list for you to identifyall thenumbers, and block known spam calls and the numbers that youdo notwant to answer. The app will never upload and store yourcontactsand your call history.
The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean 1.8.10
Newly redesigned with a beautiful updated interface, The Cleaneristhe same free Android optimizer and speed booster app you love,nowwith a detailed dashboard to give you an at-a-glance overviewofyour phone's health. Speed up your phone or tablet with thememorycleaner, free up storage space and clear cache, batchuninstallunneeded or potentially malicious apps with the appmanager, andprotect your privacy with the included app lockfunction. You canalso make your games run faster and improve theirperformance withthe Game Booster. Best of all, The Cleaner is asalways as easy touse as it is beautifully designed, all in alightweight app thatwon't hog your Android's memory, so cleaningyour RAM and phonestorage is easy and fast.MEMORY OPTIMIZERFree upmemory and boostyour device's speed with a simple tapSTORAGECLEANERClean upstorage by deleting junk files such as cache and APKfilesAPPMANAGERBatch uninstall apps and identify apps withunnecessarypermissionsGAME BOOSTERSpeed up your games and improvetheirperformanceAPP LOCKERProtect your privacy by locking your appswitha PINSCHEDULED REMINDERSNever forget to clean your device sothatit's always running optimallyThe Cleaner is free, so try ittodayto speed up your Android! And please leave us a rating!
Super Power Cleaner - Clear Cache & Speed Up Phone 7.7
SUPER POWER CLEANER , Best Android Cleaner Tool with JunkCleaner,Speed Booster, CPU Cooler and Battery Saver. Make yourphone fasterthan ever.How does Super Power Cleaner help to improveyour deviceperformance?✔ Cleanup cache & junk files removal✔Optimizememory space✔ Identify and remove junks, APK, and residualfiles✔CPU Cooler and Manage appsIs your phone become laggy and lackofspace? Super Power Cleaner ( junk removal & Speed Boost )isAndroid clean master that always keep your device running likenew.(Android 4.1+)Super Power Cleaner (optimizer &Booster)Highlights:★ 1 - TAP FULL SCANBest Feature Ever. Scan andoptimizeall activities (I.e: Junk Removal, Residual Files Cleaner ,BoostMobile , CPU Cooler and Battery Saver) with only 1-Tap.★JUNKCLEANER - Junk Removal (Junk Files)Helps analyze and safelyremovethe junk files that take up your memory and storage space.Cleanwith only 1-tap, free up space and boost phone speed. ★ CACHEFILECLEANER - Clear CacheHelps you clean residual cache systemfilesoften left by uninstalled apps to free up Android phone ortabletdisk space (E.g: Facebook Messenger).★ RESIDUAL FILECLEANERItssuper cleaner detect & delete apps residual junk.Residualcleaner & its residue clean up function cleanup androidstorespace taken by residual files.★ CPU COOLER - Cool downthePhoneAnalyze CPU usage and stop overheating apps to cool downCPUtemperature, with only 1-tap.★ SPEED BOOST - Boost MobileAquickbooster to free up RAM, clean background tasks, providingextraentrance in widget and desktop shortcut.★ BATTERY SAVER -SaveBattery PowerInstantly find and fix battery powerconsumptionproblems and quickly scan your mobile, save the powerconsumptionof apps and settings.★ APP MANAGER - BACKUP & APPUNINSTALLMakebackups and uninstall unnecessary apps very easily tosave morespace.★ SHARE APPS / GAMESYou have a heavy game? share itusingbackup & share feature.★ Smarty - Smart way to setupyourAndroid phone for optimization! ★ Phone Status - Check phonestatus& tune up your Android phone.★ Battery - Check currentstatusof battery like temperature, health and voltage.★ Easy mode -UseApp in easy mode.★ Widgets - awesome widgets to speed upphone,clear cache and check battery status directly from yourhomescreen.SUPER POWER CLEANER is compatible with most androidphonesand systems. including but not limited to all devices fromSamsung,Huawei, Sony , Moto, LG, TCL, HTC, Nexus, Lenovo andmore...
Auto Cleaner
Pata Lab
Check phone temperature and CPU cooler to cool down thephonetemperature.Intelligently saves your device’s power by knowingwhento automatically trigger Booster & Memory optimizer featureandmake your phone stay with durable power andneveroverheated.One-tap Boost★Boost your phone at any time withjust onetap. Improving your phone’s performance has never been soeasy!Stop applications causing CPU overheating and makephonecooler.Free & powerful phone optimizer with Junk Cleaner,PhoneBooster, and Application Manager. Getting laggy all the timewithyour Android phone? Time to get a reliable optimizerIntelligentlyscan and remove junk files including system and appcaches, uselessapp, residual files etc. Clean junk files, free upstorage spaceand boost phone speed in ONE TAP!
Clean Droid - 1 Tap Clear Cache & Phone Cleaner 1.0.263
Clean up cache and remove junk files in 1 tap! Clean Droid isthemost powerful cleaner and droid optimizer to clear app cacheandremove lag. Clean junk and temporary files in 1-tap forsmootherdevice performance. Clean Droid will speed up your phonebetter andquicker than any other cache cleaner! Clean Droid isupdated with asimple interface and new design, making it the best,lightest, freecleaner for Android! 1 TAP CLEANER Easy to use -remove junk andclean cache safely with one tap Fast Android cleaner- low onmemory and CPU usage Simple interface and intuitive designgive youa cleaner cleaning experience CUTTING-EDGE TECH Clean Droidis thefirst cleaner to offer DEEP CLEAN - force-closing appsrunning inthe background Advanced app architecture keeps CleanDroid lite,fast, and easy on your phone’s CPU SPEED UP YOUR ANDROIDRemove lag- in one tap, your Android will stop being so laggy!Cache boost -clean up cache to accelerate your Android and free upvaluablestorage DROID OPTIMIZER Clean app cache: Free up RAM beingused byapps that aren’t open Smart RAM cleaner: You control whatgetscleaned and what stays running Release storage: Optimizetheperformance of your Android by freeing up memory CleanDroidFeatures: ANDROID CLEANING PROFILE Control what junk and cachegetscleaned at the click of a button Customize the apps you wanttoshut down or keep running after a DEEP CLEAN 1 TAPCLEANERINTERFACE Clean Droid is simple and easy to use by designCleanDroid enables users, including those with disabilities, tocleantheir mobile device and close apps running in thebackgroundwithout having to go in and close each and every appindividually,which may be difficult for any user, and in particularthose withmobility disabilities. Clean Droid improves yourdevice'sperformance by using Accessibility services to cleanmemory, cachedfiles, and temporary files / data. As part of thisprocess, MobileHealth Club receives and analyzes aggregatedinformation about yourmobile data and app use. For moreinformation, please see ourPrivacy Policy: Terms ofService:
360 Cleaner - Speed Booster & Cleaner Free 2.5
Smart Cleaner - Memory Booster & Applock is a master cleananduse full booster app to clear unnecessary apps runningbackground,smart clean ram memory, clean cache and junk files. Itisintegrated power battery saver, cache cleaner, ram booster andappmanager for Android phone.Is your Android deviceperformanceslowing down? Do unwanted Apps and redundant filesoccupy yourmobile device's storage space? Smart Cleaner - MemoryBooster &Applock, the fast and power cleaner that helps you tofree upstorage, clean up memory, uninstall or disable unnecessaryApps,know your device, optimize and speed up it. Just one click,you’llbe the Optimizer Master of Android, CPU cooler, release rammemory,save battery.Key Features of Smart Cleaner - Speed Booster★MemoryBooster - Task KillerMany running background apps may eatmany Ram,your phone will be slower. Smart Cleaner - Memory Boosteris masterclean your phone, free up memory (RAM), speed up yourdevice andsave battery, save power. Our 1 Tap Boost make it easy tooptimizedirectly from your home screen.There are 5 ways toboost-Auto-boost: boost RAM automatically timing conditions- Homescreenwidget – one tap to boost (long-press your homescreen>Widget toadd Smart Booster widget)- Overlay widget –Enable RAM Boosteroverlay widget (on by default), adjust widget’sposition, and tapon widget to boost anytime you want- Notificationbar – one tap toboost (toggle notification bar visibility in app’ssetting)★ CleanJunk Files - Cache CleanerAfter a long time using,your smartphonewill have many junk files and cache of applicationor game, yourphone will have not enough space to use. Smart Clean -MemoryBooster helps to delete cache files, residual junk files, adjunkand obsolete apks to reclaim storage. Improve the performanceofyour device.★ CPU cooler - Temperature downimmediatelySpeedBooster - CPU Cooler is also a phone temperaturecooler withAndroid overheating protection. It dynamically analyzesCPU usage,finds overheating apps, and close them immediately tocool downphone temperature. CPU Cooler close overheating apps tocool downphone temperature and save battery.★ Battery Saver -BatteryOptimizerIntelligently saves your device’s power by knowingwhen toautomatically trigger Smart Cleaner - Memory Boosterfeature, whichsaves you all the battery power you need, when youneed it themost. Fully power battery charging remind protect yourbattery fromovercharging. Smart Cleaner - Memory Booster like abattery doctorfor your smartphone.★ Charging Optimize - FastchargeClean runningbackground apps and optimize brightness, screentime out andsettings to reduce charge time. Fast charger may helpyour devicefast charge. Save your time.★ Application ManagerAppmanager ofMemory Booster - Cleaner & Applock help you uninstallapps orshow details of installed application, so convenient.★Applock -Lock AppsLock your Apps, ex: SMS, Whatsapp andFacebook...No onecan find out your secrets!★ Vault - Hide picture,hide photo, hidevideo, hide fileLock your photos, gallery and filesfrom pryingeyes and nosy friends.Feature list:- Smart detect andclear junkfiles- RAM Memory booster, task killer- Auto cleanbackground app-Save Power by kills tasks with one tap, speedbooster- One tapboost with widget- Application manager - Uninstallapps manager-Accurate battery remaining time- Accurate chargingtime remaining-Fast charge - Battery Booster- CPU Cooler- BatteryStatus: Detectsbattery status in real time and shows usage time-Power-savingMode: You can customize various modes or choose fromfour differentmodes to extend stand-by time- App lock - lock apps-Vault - Hidepicture and hide videoWe would like to hear fromyouContact us ifyou have any problem with this clean apps.
Omni Cleaner - Powerful Cache Clean
A Free and Powerful Android junk & cache Cleaner, speedBoosterand CPU Cooler! Omni Cleaner can boost the speed of yourphone byup to 60%. With this app you can free up storage andresidualfiles, boost RAM, save battery life and secures yourprivate data.What can Omni Cleaner do for you? Junk Cleaner Owingto our deepanalysis upon millions of apps, Omni Cleaner is arguablyone of thebest junk files cleaner in the market. It is capable ofcleaningcache and unused files, which can help users free upseveral GBworth of storage. Not to mention, we take special careabout yourmusic, chat data, pictures, documents and other files, sothat theywill never be mistakenly removed. Phone Cooler OmniCleaner canIntelligently detect and clean apps that causeoverheating. Whatsmore, Omni Cleaner Continuously monitoringtemperature changes,detects apps highly consuming CPU and one tapto cool down CPUtemperature. Memory Boost Omni Cleaner can boostyour phone by oneclick and boost your phone up to 60%. Optimize theuse of RAM andrelease memory to speed up your slow Androiddevices.Using thisfunction will cool down phone when your CPUoverheating.
Booster - Master Speed Cleaner 1.0.3
Speed Booster - Master Cleaner - is a super easy AndroidSpeedBooster & Phone Cleaner. With this app, you can boostyourphone speed by cleaning memory of your Android phone andsavebattery! This app includes Memory Cleaner (SpeedBooster),Junk/Cache Cleaner, Game Speed Booster, Browser and GooglePlaySearch History Cleaner, Call & SMS History cleaner, andAppManager to manage installed/pre-installed apps. This SpeedBoostercan boost up your phone by 60-80% if propery used. Enjoythisbeautifully designed app, it's super easy!FEATURES★ 1.SPEEDBOOSTERCleans up Memory & Junk files to boost your phoneinaverage of 60-80% faster. Simply tap "OPTIMIZE" button toboostyour phone and it can even save battery! Indicates yourmemoryspeed with percentage.★ 2. GAME BOOSTERBy finishing unrelatedapps& processes for playing game, your phone will be optimizedforyour gameplay. By average we are able to boost your game by20%!★3. JUNK/CACHE CLEANERApps will clean up your junk and cachefilesfor better phone performance & disk space!★ 4. SEARCHHISTORYCLEANERClean up your Google Play Search History &Browserhistory! Downloaded files manager included as we ll todeleteobsolete files.★ 5. CALL & SMS CLEANERClean up anydesired Call& SMS history one by one, or delete all of theCall/SMS/Texthistory in one-tap★ 6. APP MANAGERManageyourinstalled/pre-installed apps with very easy app manager.★ 7.GAMEBOOSTER WIDGETAccess your game booster function from homescreenwidget.7-in-1 application! Includes Speed Booster, GameBooster,Junk/Cache Cleaner, Search History Cleaner, Call & SMSTextCleaner, App Manager, and Game Booster Widget! Speed Booster-Master Cleaner - will be perfect for every day use and boostupyour phone & save battery!
Crazy Cleaner - Memory Cleaner and Phone Booster 2.3.1
⚡️The Craziest Cleaning and Boosting app in Google Play –CrazyCleaner and Booster 🙃😜😝Crazy Cleaner and Booster is themostpowerful phone optimizer. It’s a Phone Booster, Junk Cleaner,CPUCooler and Battery Saver. Crazy Cleaner and Booster can helpyouboost speed, clean up junk, cool down CPU, save battery lifeandmanage all your apps. Crazy Cleaner and Booster is the lightestbutmost powerful phone optimizer you've even seen.Crazy CleanerandBooster's Features:✅Clean Up JunkOur advanced file scan enginecanfully scan the android system to find all the junk files suchassystem caches, app caches, useless apk files, residual files,andmore. You can completely remove them all to free up storageandoptimize performance.✅Boost Up SpeedMemory-hungry apps runninginthe background will slow down your phone, Crazy Cleaner andBoostercan help you find the culprits, stop them to reduce memoryusageand boost your phone’s performance.In addition, you can createan1-tap boost icon on your home screen, so you just need one taptoboost your phone. Speeding up your phone has neverbeeneasier.✅Cool Down CPUCrazy Cleaner and Booster can analyzeCPUusage dynamically, and detect apps that cause your phonetooverheat. Then it will help you close these apps, cool downyourphone immediately, and prevent the phone temperature fromrisingagain.✅Save Battery LifeThere are apps that eat up yourbatterylife. Crazy Cleaner and Booster can analyze battery statusand stopthese power-hogging apps to help you save power, extendbatterylife.✅Manage All AppsCrazy Cleaner and Booster allows youtouninstall multiple apps with just one click. The best part isthatno root permission is required!Boost your Android for FREE!
ITL Phone Cleaner - Speed Booster & Antivirus 2018 5.093
ITL Phone Cleaner (Antivirus & Junk Cleaner) is anall-in-onecleaner app for your Android device. It offers a varietyof usefuland powerful tools like cache cleaner, speed booster,batterysaver, app manager, game booster, CPU cleaner and virusscanner foryour slow performing smartphone. This user-friendlycleaner appfeatures all the tools needed to optimize and boost yourdeviceperformance. Key Tools of ITL Phone Cleaner 🚀 Speed Booster:Boostyour phone with a single tap. It monitors unwantedbackgroundprocesses and kills them to release storage space. 🔥 JunkCleaner:This cleaner frees up space on your phone by deletingcached data,empty folders, residual files, junk files and unwantedAPKs. 🔋Battery Saver: Monitors the battery status and usage. ItmanagesWifi, bluetooth, GPS, etc. to increase battery life. 👑Antivirus:Provides overall protection for your smartphone. Itoffersanti-malware features that scan for viruses and otherthreats. 🎮Game Booster: Frees up RAM to ensure a smooth gamingperformance.Now, enjoy your favorite games without any lags orfreezes. OtherFeatures of ITL Phone Cleaner (Cache Cleaner &Antivirus) ☢️CPU Cooler: It monitors your phone’s temperature anddetects appsthat cause your device to overheat. 🤳 Duplicate PhotosCleaner:This cleaner app scans all similar and duplicate photos onyourphone and offer options to delete them in one go. 👨💼 AppManager:It manages all apps installed on your device. You canquicklysearch unused apps, uninstall them and more. 🧹 SocialCleaner: Itacts as a social junk cleaner that deletes various mediafilessaved through social media applications. 📡 Private Browser:Itoffers secure browsing to reduce the risk of data theft byclearingyour browsing history and cookies after every session. 💁🏻♂️AppAddiction: This app also displays the amount of time you havespenton various applications. With ITL Phone Cleaner (CacheCleaner& Speed Booster), you need not worry about clearingcached dataor speeding up your lagging Android phone anymore. It isalightweight cleaner that is smart enough to offer a friendlieruserexperience. Your device will keep running as new with ITLPhoneCleaner. Its powerful optimization features like cachecleaner,speed booster, antivirus, battery saver, phone booster,gamebooster and app manager make it a great cleaning app to own.
Antivirus & cleaner 1.4.1
Cleaner is a boost mobile security app to clean RAM 、just gospeedup your phone .To clean android phone and boost mobile to abetterstatus Antivirus is FREE !antivirus android, Privacy guardfor yourphone security, clean to make it faster!Antivirus Free,protectsyour Android devices with functions of real-time antivirusandanti-theft, ensure security! With Free Antivirus, your deviceswillbe protected against invaders of harmful virus, malware,spywareand message, which helps to prevent unauthorized access andensurepersonal data safety.Antivirus gratis!Fast cleaner is aphonecleaner plus cache cleaner plus speed booster andAppLock,mobilesecurity appFast cleaner has some powerful functions.Like go speedbooster、applock、ram booster, game booster, turbocleaner ,memorybooster, cache cleaner for your Android phones ortablet.Speedbooster can go speed up your phone and help you to savebattery.Speed booster Give your phone all-side speed boost mobile!One-tapto cool CPU,Meanwhile, it is also have smart APPlock. A musthavesecurity app, the best boost mobile masterAPPlock security. Amusthave security app, Tighten Security on Your clean your private data with the smart AppLock! WithAppLock,nobody can check your sensitive apps, messages exceptyourself.applock, a must-have privacy guard !※ Lite, Easy and Fast!what cancleaner do for you?★ full free Clean junk files.★ full freeCleancache.★ full free Clean junk APK.★ cleaner master full Cleanofyour device★ AppLock lock up your privacy★ More easy to cleancacheand junk photos.★ guard your phone 360°★ enhance your phonegosecurity-----------FEATURE-----------☆ Clean RAMDetect thehealthof your phone, clean RAM 、junk files and caches in seconds.Easy toenlarge phone storage.turbo cleaner uses accessibilityfeatureshelp you to stop unnecessary apps and clean hidden junkfiles.Clearing application cached files and freeing up storagespace onyour device .Make your phone become smoother, turbo cleanercanclean memory、clean junk、clean cache with full power, so it isaturbo cleaner ☆speed boosterSpeed booster Give your phoneall-sidespeed boost, never worry about lag of phone☆cleanermasterCleanermaster of all cleaner app How to use Cleaner?Just onetap! So easy!It helps you to solve many phone problems!1. Tap"Clean “to boostup your phone. More than 80% users often use thefeature.2. Cleanjunk files and unnecessary APK, release phonestorage in seconds.3.Add frequent used apps to white list, easierto manage apps.4.Applock, lock up your apps, protect your privacy.Your privacyguard &security toolCleaner, the best smart freecleanermaster, the most smart privacy guard. Give your phoneall-sidespeed boost.Cleaner. The most useful Android speed boosterandfastest phone cleaner and ram booster,with powerful functionslikejunk cleaner 、Ram cleaner、battery saver and app manager. Withthesuper phone cleaner and memory cleaner, you can fastestcleanandroid phone with deep power cleaning, delete junk filesandresidual files with only one tap. Choose the super junkcleanermaster and ram cleaner master for your Android phonesortablet.Cleaner is a free Optimizer and Android Privacyguard.Cleaner can help you to clean RAM 、clean caches and cleanjunkfiles, prevent unnecessary apps consuming too much powerandenlarge storage. Download this FREE Cleaner, It can boost thespeedof your phone by up to 80%! With the advanced technology,cleanersmartly clears RAM and releases background apps, includingsomeapps that haven't been rooted.Cleaner A free app! Cleaner is agoodboost mobile Optimizer for you to smooth your phone. releasememoryand speed up in seconds.
Super Cleaner - RAM Booster 2.1.62
Super Cleaner is a fast phone cleaner to master your phone.Thepowerful tool is a RAM cleaner, Speed Booster, Battery Saver,GameBooster, Phone Cooler, Cache Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, and junkfileremover. It can clean and boost your phone very fast. It'ssmallwith installation package size only 1 MB; and it is reallysmart toboost memory and clean junk & cache faster than others,andmake the phone speed up effect last longer. Super CleanerPro(clean & boost) also helps to cool down CPU and yourwholedevice, and stop other apps to drain battery. It is reallySuperCleaner (clean master), Super Booster (boost master), and allinone light app. Oh, is there an super clean android app to cleanmyandroid phone? Super Cleaner is the best choice, the cleanermastercleaning of your android phones. This cleaning app is toclean upandroid phone RAM and cache. It is really a smart manager,used asandroid phone cleaner, memory cleaner, clean master forandroidphone, cache cleaner, speed booster, history cleaner, ramcleaner,phone booster, ram booster, and so on; also it has batterychargerfeature to monitor and speed up phone battery charging. Thebatteryindicator is to indicate the battery percentage and batterystatus.You can also use power clean feature to kill batterydraining appsto save battery power for postponing battery life.Yeah, your greatbattery doctor and power battery saver; also it isphone cooler tocool apps for android. You can use phone coolerfeature to do phonebooster or you can tap one tap boost shortcutfor many times tocool down your phone. Highlights of Super CleanerPro: Clean memoryand Super Booster One Tap Boost (just 1tap) CPUCooler Game BoosterBattery Saver Memory Usage High NotificationClean memory and SuperBooster Super Cleaner Pro (clean and boost)can find all apps usinghigh memory and force stop them without rootpermission. When youfind your phone is lag, just use super cleanerfeature to speed upby stopping the apps running in the background,and these apps willhibernate after clean and boost. Then your phonewill be fast, alsothe phone battery can last longer. One Tap Boost(just 1tap) Onetap boost icon of Super Clean is listed on phonedesktop, whichmakes you very convenient to boost your phone with 1tap. Bytapping more times of the 1 tap boost icon, the phone speedisimproved tremendously. CPU Cooler Do you find your phone isalwayshot? Just simply use CPU Cooler feature to cool down yourdevice,and it will clean unnecessary apps running in thebackground. GameBooster Automatically improve your game speed by30%+ whenlaunching games. Battery Saver Are you worried about yourphonebattery draining too fast due to auto-start apps? Afterboostingand cleaning these power-hungry apps draining your batteryby SuperCleaner Pro (clean and boost), the apps will hibernate andthephone battery life will last longer. Memory Usage HighNotificationWhen your phone memory usage is high, Super Clean willnotify youto boost your phone with one tap. Super Cleaner usesaccessibilityservice to improve clean memory feature. Super Cleaneris 100% FREEandroid phone cleaner, fast booster, optimizer, andpower saver. Goand install the cleaner to make your phone superclean as a newone!
Phone Cleaner - Speed Booster 1.5
Phone booster and cleaner app, this is a memory cleaner, junkfilescleaner, RAM cleaner & booster for android to boost mobileforfree. It optimizes cache memory space, keeping your Androiddevicescleaner and booster.The cleaner app will monitor your systemby ourcleaning services; it will send notice sweep and delete junkfilewhen the cache is full;With the cleaner app, you can deletecachememory data at any time to create a new memory for the nextsessionof the device.This is fastest clean app, its one of bestphonespeed booster, cleaner apps for android to speed up my phone.Itsalso game booster that help optimisation the device forplayinggame purpose.Features:- Very fast check: Very fact check&power clean that helps cleaning apps in seconds.- Phonecleaner& disk cleanup: app cleaner, junk file cleaner:Thecleaner appcleans up the memory space by scanning the entire systemand junkremoval to clean junk files, delete history unneeded filesandunused files. This junk cleaner perform deep clean throughmanyfolder levels, cleaning apps to get more extra spacestorage.-Cache cleaner for android:With our storage space cleaner,you canalso free up more space by clean up cache data from anyapplication& browser applications without having to worry aboutdeletingthe wrong file.- Memory cleaner, clear ram:Free up memoryspace andspeed up phone performance. Also help clear your photos,music,documents and unnecessary applications - CPU cooler:AnalyzesCPUusage and stops hot applications to cool CPU temperatures,withjust one click.- Speed booster: speed up processing ofdataThespeed of data processing of the phone faster than ever, whenthedevice has been cleaned junk files, cleaned the cache, freerams,prevent the memory and performance degradation. Theperformance ofthe phone.- Battery doctor, batery saver: a powercleaner &make battery cooler:When your device is low battery,this batterylife extender feature helps you save battery power andmake longerbattery life by turning off applications running on yourdevice bythe app killer, It may get % 200 battery life, doublebattery 200power & maintenance your power battery life.-Booster shortcut:app shortcut for android booster right in the homescreen, its 1tap boost mobile- Cleaner shortcut: app shortcut forandroidcleaner right in the home screen, its 1 tap boost andcleaningapps- Cleaner pro: Option to get the cleaner pro to removeads& unlock all features—- FQA —1. How to clean your phone inafastest clean way ?- Open app, click Settings then“createshortcut”, this will make an “android cleaner” shortcut onyourhome screen, click to that clean the phone2. Does the appmakephone faster ?Yes, app optimize your CPU, memory, free up spacetoget more extra space storage so your phone will be muchfaster.3.How to save battery ?- Start “batter saver” to scan forapps thatdrain your batter then click “save battery” toperformingoptimizing. Keep app running for battery checkinbackground.Download speed booster for android free right now,thesuper cleaner app for optimization your phone.Read our ourAppprivacy first before using theapp:
EZ Cleaner - Booster Optimizer 1.3.1
EZ Cleaner is the Most Trusted Junk files Cleaner, SpeedBooster,Battery Saver and optimize device app, Cleaner is the bestHelperfor Accelerate and Clean Up your Android device.Cleaner helpsyouwhen you encounter the following problems:If your device hasbecomerunning slower or freezes all the timeIf you don't haveenoughspace to take more pictures or install appsIf the batteryhasdraining quicker than everIf you want to lock SMS,Contacts,Gallery, or any other appsAnd more...KeyFeatures:BatterySaverInstantly find and fix power-consumptivebackground apps withone tap to boost your battery life.Junk FileCleaning Delete cache,residual files and temp files to reclaimstorage space. Free upvaluable storage space on your device.MemoryBoostClean backgroundtasks, free up phone memory(RAM), speed upyour device and savemore battery.APP Manager Uninstall unwantedapps, manage apk filesand Move apps to SD Card.AppLockAppLock canlock Facebook, SMS,Contacts, Gallery, or any other apps you choose.Guarding yourprivacy is easier than ever!Easy to Use● One tap tooptimize yourAndroid device.● Simple, intuitive user interface.●Fast, compactand efficient with low memory and CPU usage.AndMore:You cancustomize your cleaner skin theme now.
Super Cleaner - Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster 1.4.7
Super Cleaner-Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster, smart andfastphone optimizer with junk cleaner, RAM cleaner, phonebooster,CPUcooler, application manager and smart charge, iseffective boosterand cleaner app for Android. Is your phonebecoming slow and lad?Are there many junk files in your device? Isyour battery drainingtoo fast than before? All-in-one Super Cleanhelps clean up junks& cache, clean RAM, free up storage space,speed up slowperformance, uninstall useless apps, manage storedfiles, and cooldown CPU temperature to extend phone service.SuperCleaner-PhoneCleaner & Speed Booster Main Features:🚀JunkCleaner: Scan alluseless hidden junks like app caches, residualfiles, emptyfolders, and similar pictures etc. Super Clean junkcleaner helpssafely remove the junk files that take up your memoryand storage,clean with 1 tap, free up storage space and boostphonespeed.🚀Phone Booster: A quick booster to free up RAM,cleanbackground tasks, speed up phone and optimize phoneperformance🚀CPUCooler: Analyze CPU usage and stop overheating appsto cool downCPU temperature and extend phone service🚀App Manager:Scan andclean redundant APK files to free up more storagespace🚀Auto StartManager: Stop unnecessary and unwanted apps fromauto starting,boost up phone speed, and keep it runningsmooth.🚀File Manager:Check which kind of files stored on externalSD card and provide alist of options to manage them. Files will bestored by categorieslike Music, Video, Apps, and Filesetc.🚀Notification Manager: Cleanannoying notifications from Androidstatus bar. Blocked messageswill be saved together in one place foelater check orclean🚀Duplicate Photo Cleaner: Easily delete similarphotos andsave the best photos for you🚀Game Booster: Boost yourgaming speedand experience and smooth game play withoutlaggingSuperCleaner-Phone Cleaner & Speed BoosterHighlights:★Clean &Deep Clean:►Junk File Cleaner: Free up andimprove phoneperformance by intelligently analyze and scan the junkfiles suchas residual files, caches, temp files, obsolete APK, andother bigfiles. ►Deep Clean: Keep your phone running smooth andfast. DeepClean forbid apps from auto starting. Close these appsand boost upphone performance►Notification Cleaner: Cleanupunnecessary andunwanted notifications on notification bar, stopyour device fromslowing down by these disturbing and annoyingnotifications►StorageCleaner: Help clean up the needless photos,music, documents, andunnecessary apps to free up space and speed upyour device. ★BoostPhone Performance:►Memory Booster: Close appsthat are running inthe background and clean up your RAM memory toboost up phone speedand optimize phone performance►Game Booster:Boost game speed by30%, free up more RAM to speed up Androiddevice►App Manager: Cleanand uninstall unnecessary apps and APKfiles to free up more phonestorage spaceSuper Cleaner-Phone Cleaner& Speed Booster doeseverything to clean junks, boost up phonespeed and optimize phoneperformanceSuper Cleaner use AccessibilityServices to clean junks,boost speed and more other features!Contactus:[email protected]
Speed Cleaner-Faster Cleaner & Junk Cache Removed 1.1.0
Speed Cleaner, the best optimization tool with space cleaner,ithelps keep your phone clean and safe . It is acleanerapp that will help you reclaim storage space on your Androiddeviceby cleaning junk, removing residual files &optimizingmemory.Speed cleaner master free download and masterCleaner profree! Clean much Ads、junk app ! Speed Clean is a mastercleaner !This cool excellent app is awesome to junks ! InstallSpeed Cleanerapp which you could love .Make your phone systemupdate later nolonger caton! Speed Cleaner, the world's leadingcyber securitysoftware provider, now sweeps your memory cache andstorage cleanof residual and junk files to remove clutter from yourAndroiddevice and help speed up performance. Speed Clean , theworld'sleading space cleaner app on Google Play. Like masters:MasterCleaner,KleenMaster,Klimaster,ccmaster,Clinemaster,Clinermaster!MasterCleanerboost and applock Master Cleaner! SPEED CLEANER FEATURES&CAPABILITIES  ① Clean and clear cache ② Identify andremovejunk, APK, and residual files ③ Optimize memory space ④ Getrid ofbloatware Although we don’t have battery energy saving andscanvirus manage , Junk Cleaner and Boost Moble must do best !SpeedCleaner Key Functions: 🔥 JUNK CLEANER (JUNK FILES) Withourprofessional cleaner, you can also free up much space fromcleaningcache data from social apps such as Facebook, Messenger,WhatsApp,Gmail, Instagram without worrying about deleting the wrongfiles.Speed Cleaner's JUNK CLEANER engine which is ranked #1 ! Junkfilecleaner 2017,2018,2019 like piriform ccleaner! Updatesavailablefor my apps in my phone and then deep clean junkfiles!👑 Cache Cleaner ◦ Helps clean residual cache systemfilesoften left by uninstalled apps to free up Android phone ortabletdisk space . Our app maintenance successfully , not fail.👑 Junk Remover ◦ Storage cleaner helps analyze, cleanupandsafely remove the junk files that take up your memory andstoragespace . Erase junk 、 get rid of trash、remove apps . Mastercleanapp: If you want to uninstall app,we will helpyouautomatically!Master Cleaner uninstall,stayinstall!👑 Residual File Remover ◦ Delete cache and residualfiles tofree up phone, tablet and SD card storage space. Helpscleanresidual cache system files often left by uninstalled apps tofreeup Android phone or tablet disk space.(E.g: Facebook messenger)◦The junk-creating behavior of millions of apps has been analyzedsothat Speed Cleaner can intelligently and efficiently hone in onitstargets (cache and residual files) with amazingaccuracy.👑 Memory Optimizer ◦ Perform a clean sweep removal ofjunkfiles that waste memory space and compromise deviceperformance. ◦Speed Cleaner is a junk remover for your cache andtemporary files,and even lets you identify and remove apps yourarely use – helpingto reduce clutter and reclaiming memory tostore new apps, photosand videos. 🚀 BOOST MOBILE PHONECLEANBOOSTER!Onetap Booster &System Cleaner!1Tap Boosterhelps speed up phone by freeing upRAM. Sped up your phoneefficiency like a booster !Useful、powerful、reliable、effective SpeedCleaner app will be foundby user . Make apps download faster. Trashfolder will be scan bysuperb cooler clean app . Although we don’thave battery energysaving and scan virus manage , we gig more junk. Boost mobile mustdo best ! Boost Mobile’s speed is like the speedof a cheetahrunning ! The speed is like acelerar cellular! 🎮 GameMaster WithGame Master, you can accelerate loading speed of games.👉【LIKE USand STAY CONNECTED】👈 Please suggest what do we need to donext ? Weneed to improve our usage . We hope to be given moreusefulsuggestions . [email protected] Battery energy saving andscanvirus manage which are still in development! Antivirus forandroidphones free 2018 new top will be published!Booster virusfree!privacypolicy:
OM Cleaner-Free Phone Security & Booster 1.0.27
OM Cleaner
Key points Junk File Cleaner ***** Phone Booster ***** DeviceCooler***** Battery Saver ***** OM Cleaner is a free security toolappwith junk files cleaner, Phone Booster, CPU Cooler and BatterySaverfor android device. It’s an application for privacyprotection! OMCleaner will improve your android deviceperformance. 🏀Junk cleanerRemoving Junk file and useless files 🏀Phone Booster Maximizing yourworking performance for Working orGaming 🏀 CPU Cooler Cooling downphone temperature by closeoverheating application 🏀 Battery SaverSaving battery power andExtending battery life 🗑️Junk File cleaner(0~5GB) 🗑️ ROM OMCleaner would analyze millions of apps andoptimize constant. Thisfunction could clean residual files, cacheand free up several GBstorage (ROM) space with perfect accuracy.🚀Phone Booster 2%~50%Performance 👍🏾 OM Cleaner will free upmemory(RAM) by shutting downuseless background processes and tasksso that you can maximizeyour working performance. ❄️CPU Cooler(0~10℃) Temperature↓ 🌡️ ❄️OM Cleaner dynamically analyzes CPUusage, finds overheating apps,and close them immediately to cooldown phone temperature. 🔋BatterySaver (0~22%) OM Cleaner can extendbattery life by up to 22%
Boost Cleaner 1.0.38
"Boost Cleaner" is the smallest phone cleaner, ram booster,gamebooster, junk file cleaner, trash cleaner, memory booster,batteryoptimizer and app manager for your Android phones ortablet.★ Stopapps that waste lots of power in 1 tap. ★🐢 If yourBattery isDraining Quicker, your Device Become Laggy, Freezes Allthe Timeand it Overheats when Running Apps; it’s Time to Take Careof ItBefore it Turns into a Turtle Phone! Restore your Device’sHealthwith "Boost Cleaner" for Free NOW!!! 🐢★ NO.1 optimization appinthe world. ★Your device has become laggy and freezes allthetime?Your battery has started draining quicker thanever?Yourdevice overheats and needs to cool down?"Boost Cleaner" istheBoost Cleaner you need!No More Waste of Time and BatteryBecauseYour Phone is Running Slow! Make a Phone Faster has ArrivedtoAndroid! Download Boost Cleaner Available Now!★ Easy to Use★Easyto use, without complicated terms and different screens toactivatea wide variety of functions. Thanks to the integration of auserfriendly and intuitive interface, thinking in people that arenotaware of all those tricky terms, we made it really simple. Justtapthe clean button and that’s it! Our master cleaning app willgetthe job done without needing to wait for centuries or clickingondifferent dialog screens."Boost Cleaner" is the smallestphonecleaner on market. With the advanced process monitoringtechniqueit can intelligently clean background processes, stopstealthyrunning apps. It can boost the speed of your phone by up to60percent.★ Boost your games and apps, free up memory ★Ifyou’retired of watching how your tablet or smartphone gets slowereveryday, and you don’t know anything about clearing cache, clearsearchhistory, erase history, delete cookies, or registry cleanerterms,this is the perfect app that brings a fast solution to yourslowphone. You’ll not have to worry anymore about how to clearcache orhow to speed up Android phone making the long and tediousprocessof free memory RAM deleting everything going step by step;our appwill take care of everything, making all memory cleanstepsrequired to bring back the speed of your device as when itwasbrand new or even better than when you turn it on for thefirsttime! Other booster apps just clean the cache of temporaryfiles;this improves your phone but not at the maximum speed asmaking adeep cleaning! Be aware of other speed booster freeapplicationsthat only have virus and make the problem worst; tryour "BoostCleaner" and begin to enjoy the benefits! "BoostCleaner"Highlights: 🚀 1 Tap Boost make it easy to optimize directlyfromyour homescreen.🚀 A single touch to speed up your devicesandrelease memory.🚀 Extremely Powerful Tool.🚀 Colourful andFriendlyUser Interface.🚀 Fast, compact and efficient with lowmemory andCPU usage.🚀 Low Space Needed to Install.🚀 AdvancedMonitoringSystem.🚀 You can add frequently-used apps to yourwhitelist.🚀Totally free from Ads and clutter.Monitor your System🔧Check theusage of your CPU🔧 Keep track of your RAM and internalstoragespace🔧 Check out your battery levels and temperature⚡ AnInnovativeMemory Cleaner and Boost Cleaner for Tablets and AllAndroidDevices is Here! Download NOW for FREE "Boost Cleaner"Limited TimeOnly!!! ⚡Enjoy the New Boost Cleaner #1 Phone Cleanerfor FREE!!Download Fastest Memory Booster Cleaner NOW!!
All-In-One Super Cleaner and Booster 5X 1.16
AIO(All-In-One) Super Cleaner and Booster 5X is the bestandroidPhone Booster, Junk and cache clean, CPU cooler, Fastcharger, Applock. Make your phone faster than ever. With All-In-One5X you canfree up storage and residual files, boost RAM, fastcharging andprivacy guarder with the applock on your Androiddevices.All-In-One Toolbox 5X bring you more Light, Fast and Smartmoblieexperience on Android 2018. How do AIO Super Clean and Boost5Xhelp improve your device performance ✔️ Phone Booster: Makeyourphone faster and smoother! ✔️ Junk Files: Clean junk filestorelease precious phone space ✔️ CPU Cooler: Make your CPU Tokeepcool all the time ✔️ Fast Charging: Make phone chargingfaster,extend your battery life ✔️App Lock: Lock up your privateappsAll-In-One Super Cleaner and Booster 5X hightlight features★PhoneBooster A quick booster to free up RAM, clean background appstofree up storage space on moblie and speed up phone. Turbo boostcankill background processes and prevent autostart apps ★JunkFilesAll-In-One Super Clean and Boost 5X can speed up phone andimprovephone performance by scanning and removing junk. Remove oldjunkfiles such as sytem cache trash & logs. AIO Cleaner 5x,thebest cleaner master! ★CPU Cooler Analyze CPU usage andstopoverheating apps to cool down CPU temperature, with only1-tap★Fast Charger All-In-One Cleaner and Booster 5X will help tospeedup charging. When you plug in the phone charger, Fast Chargingisautomatically activated, click "Start" to smart chargeTheapplication will kill all background applicationsandbattery-consuming services such as Wifi, Bluetooth,Brightness...and so will charge faster. When you want to stop fastcharging,just hit "Stop" or withdraw charger all the signals willbereconnected. You can option more in settings such as: Fullbatteryalarm... ★App Lock You can add a extra password protectiontosensitive apps, such as, Facebook, Gmail, WhatApps,Message...Lockyour private apps by pattern or PIN. Guarding yourprivacy iseasier than ever! All-In-One Super Cleaner and Booster 5Xwill helpyou master and optimize your background apps, ram cleanerand cooldown your phone and save battery. Let us know if you haveanysuggestions Feedback adress: [email protected]
Cleaner 1.8.5
The most powerful junk cleaner and speed booster, batteryoptimizerand app manager are all-in-one app.IVY Cleaner is FREEcleaning appwith the function of speeding up android devices,cleaning up junkfiles, RAM booster, and battery saver, gamebooster, uninstallingmalicious apps to keep your device clean, safeand fast to bealways just like NEW.What can Cleaner do for you?MemoryBooster-Stop processes and kill unnecessary apps with justone tapto free up RAM & storage space, cool down your phonewhen CPUoverheating, stop background running apps drainingbattery-Memorybooster can also save your battery power.JunkCleaner-Cleaner issmall yet effective cleaner master, storage spacesaver-Clean upjunk files (obsolete APKs, cache, residual files,temp files andother big files) and free up storage space by quicklyanalyzes thefilesCPU Cooler-Intelligently detect and clean appsthat causeoverheating-Continuous monitoring temperature changes,detects appshighly consuming CPU and one tap to cool down CPUtemperature.AppManager-App manager can smartly list all theinstalled apps, thestorage consumption, use frequency-Uninstall theunused/unwantedapps to free up your storage space-Move internalstorage apps toexternal SD card will give you a lot of free spaceon your androiddevice------FAQ------1, How to clean junkfiles?OpenCleaner->click “Junk Files”->one tap to cleanjunks2, How toboost RAM?Open Cleaner->click “RAMBooster”->one tap to boostRAM3, How to manage installedapps?Open Cleaner->click “AppManager”->uninstall the highcapacity apps4, What is thefunction of the clean widget on thedesktop?Clean widget on thedesktop can better help you to stop thebackground running appswith just on tapHighlights of Cleaner:-Scanand clean junk files:Cleaner quickly analyzes the space storage onyour device and freeup storage by cleaning up all junk files-Stopunnecessary processes& background running apps with RAMoptimizer-Prevent maliciousuninstalling with just one tap to freeup storage-Monitor CPUtemperature to prevent itsoverheating-Optimize battery life withsuper battery optimizer-CleanRAM and cache to free up storagespace-Optimize your device andboost its speed with boostercleanerMore features will come soon,please stay tuned.Including:Game Booster: Game Booster will unleashyour phonepotential and bring your game play to next level byfreeing up yourphone memory & closing unused apps/tasks toboost bestenvironment for your android game playBatterySaver:Analyze batterystatus and stops running apps to save morepower, extend batterylife AppLock: Secure your phone privacy withPattern Lock or PINLockCharge Master: Smart charging screen showsestimated remainingcharging timeCleaner is small, fast and smartandroid cleanermaster & booster featuring the memory booster,junk cleaner,app manager, device optimizer and CPU cooler. Withsuper cleaner,you can free up storage space, boost RAM, stop anduninstall theunused apps, boost game. Does your phone become andlack of storagespace? Cleaner is the speed booster & junkcleaner you need!IVYCleaner uses AccessibilityService.Google+:[email protected] our Google+ Community, to be avolunteertester, enjoy the latest version of Cleaner in advance,and help usimprove Alarm Clock to provide much better userexperience.If youhave better localization translation for Cleanerand itsdescription, or any questions and suggestions, please feelfree tocontact us via: [email protected]
Smart Cleaner - Speed Booster & Memory Clean 1.1.26
Do you always ask, "oh, is there an smart android app to cleanmyphone"? Smart Cleaner is a fast, light, and trustedandroidoptimizer, the cleaner master cleaning of your androidphones. Youcan use it as junk file cleaner, speed booster, memorybooster,battery saver, game booster, CPU cooler, cache cleaner,trashcleaner, and app manager. Smart Cleaner, the faster speedboosterand junk cleaner, is just the super app you need to solvethefollowing problems thoroughly: When your phone is always laggedandfreezes all the time. When your phone overheats and needs tocooldown. When your phone or tablet battery is draining fasterthanever. When your phone or tablet has become lack of space toinstallnew apps or take more photos. Smart Cleaner is the smallestcleaneron market; and it is the fastest phone booster which canboost thephone speed by up to 60% with a thorough memory trashclear, andmake the speed up effect last longer; Also, it safelycleans junkfiles, apk files, cache files to increase availablespace. It issuper booster and cleaner to master your phone!! Usethis cleaningapp to clean up android phone memory and junk. SmartCleaner issuper cleaner, smart manager, use it as android phonecleaner,clean master for android, memory cache cleaner, rambooster, speedbooster, history cleaner, ram cleaner, phone booster,and so on;also it has battery charger feature to monitor andacceleratebattery charging. The battery indicator is to tell youbatterystatus and battery percentage. You can also use power cleanfeatureto kill battery drain apps to last battery life. Powerbatterysaver and battery doctor. ★ Memory Boost Boost your gamesand apps,free up memory (RAM), speed up your device and save morebattery.Our 1 Tap Boost and Game Boost features make it easy tooptimizedirectly from your home screen. Highlights of Memory Boost:√Thorough Memory Boost - Power Clean Smart Cleaner forces stopappsto improve performance more than 60% like rooted phones!!!Afterthorough memory boost, the apps will hibernate after thememory(RAM) clear and boost, and the stubborn apps are stopped torestartslinkingly. Your phone will be faster like "NEW", andbatterysaved. √ 1 Tap Boost For easy to use, 1 tap boost shortcutiscreated on your home screen. You are convenient to speed upyourphone with 1 tap. Also, when your phone memory (RAM) usage ishigh,you are notified to speed up your phone with one tap. ★ JunkFileCleaner You may find your phone or tablet is lack of space totakephotos and install apps, and this may cause device slow;SmartCleaner can help to clean cache, trash, apk, downloadfolders,browser history, and residual junk files to reclaimstorage. It issmall yet powerful cleaner master and space saver tofree up spaceand boost phone speed with 1 tap. ★ CPU Cooler Theapps runningfrom background make phone overheat. Just simply cooldown yourdevice by Phone cooler, it finds and stops apps using yourCPU moreand causing phone to overheat. Also, by memory boost, itcan coolapps for android. You can use phone cooler feature to docpubooster or you can tap 1 tap boost shortcut to cool downyourphone. ★ Game Booster Before you launch games, use theSmartCleaner for a Thorough Memory Boost, or one tap boost toreleasememory, it will improve your game speeds by 30%+!! ★ BatterySaverWhen your battery is draining faster than ever, and thepowerbecome low quickly, that should be caused by backgroundauto-startapps. Just open Smart Cleaner to boost and clean thesepower hungryapps, they will be hibernated and the phone batterypower is saved.Save power now!! Don't hesitate to get the phonecleaner, booster,optimizer, and power saver to clear trash or RAM,and make yourphone or tablet as a new one! It is 100% Free andgreen!! SmartCleaner uses accessibility services to improve memoryclean featureif you want.