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AfroMoji: African Afro Emoji Stickers Black 4.5
😎 GIF support added! Now you can also send support funny GIFstoyour friends! We've started adding some African American GIFs,wewill be adding more in the next few days! Simply click CreateNewEmoji in the top right corner and start designing your ownuniqueblack emoji! Let us know with a comment in the review whatyouthink! AfroMoji Your messaging and chatting will never be thesameafter you install the black emoji, stickers and emoticonsofAfroMoji. You’ll instantly love the African emoji and stickersasthey are cool, funny and exceedingly original. Versatileandinteresting, this Afro emoticons app will surprise you withthequantity and universality. 😆 COMPATIBLE WITH MESSAGING APPSFromextra afro american smileys and cool Afro stickers, tofunnyAfrican American emojis and other emoticons, you are all setup touse them for WhatsApp, Messenger, Kik and other chat apps.With ahuge selection of Afro American black emojis you canfinallyexpress how YOU feel. 😀 👆FREE TO USE These funny, cheekyandhilarious stickers are totally FREE to use and we think thatyouwill never find cooler african american emojis for Android!Noadditional payments, no tricks, just download and use!AfroAmerican emoji stickers that can’t be found anywhere else.Addanother dimension in your everyday chats! 😉EXPRESS YOURTRUEEMOTIONS Always show how you feel through cool black afroemojis,whether you are smiling, kidding, being angry or maybe sad.Justfind the appropriate african american emoji black stickersandemoticons and use in your favorite chat app! The coolestemoticonsare just one click away! 🎉 NEWLY ADDED! Create your ownemoji! Wehave added a new, funky, cool, amazeballs emoji editorwhere youcan drag and drop your own emoji together. You can selecta bodytype, head, face, accessories, sayings, emotions, and sooomuchmore! 🆒 COOL COMPANION FOR YOUR JOKES AND RESPONSES Don’t youloveit when you send the perfect emoji for the perfect situations.Likesending the perfect smiley or hilarious afro American emojiwhenyou are really laughing like crazy with your friends? Well youwillsurely find stickers and emoticons for that will find contextinyour convos. We have one of the largest black stickersselectionwhich showcase great reactions and can be the bestcompanion to ajoke, sarcastic comments, serious moment and responseto someone’smessage. Browse through our lovely designed black afroemoji &stickers and make use of our lovely creative designs.💫AfroMojiFeatures: ✔️ The black emoticons and stickers inspired byAfricanculture are totally free to use ✔️ These afro american blackemojisand emoticons are all original designs ✔️ One of thewidestselections with smileys and emoticons for each situation inlife ✔️You will always keep your AfroMoji's on your phone! ✔️ Startusingthe black stickers fast and easy - It's quick to use and easytoshare! ✔️ Simple intuitive way to download and use ✔️ You canusethe African American emojis unlimited! ✔️ We always add newfreeblack afro American emojis ✔️ Battery & RAM friendlydesigns –will not affect phone’s performance.--------------------------- 📲WE NEVER STOP We never stop working tocreate the most unique andfunny black African emoji, emoticons andstickers! So, keep thisapp updated as we will be putting in evenfunnier and diverseAfrican emoji with every update, to keep youhappy! Wait for funsurprises! ⁉️HOW TO USE? Simply go into theAfroMoji app, selectthe emoticon or sticker you wish to send,select your chat app (forexample WhatsApp) and finally select theperson you wish to sharethis sticker with. As easy as that! GetAfroMoji for free now andnever have boring conversations everagain!
💘 WhatsLov: Smileys of love, stickers and GIFs 4.3.4
💋 WhatsLov is a free app for all lovers and all those who wanttosend messages of love, friendship and tenderness withcreativityand fun. Try it now, It’s Free ! Best Features ofWhatsLov 💖 Sharecute emoji smileys, emoji stickers and best GIFsfor free! 💌 Sendon many social chat apps: WhatsApp emojis, Facebook&Messenger, enhance your text message (MMS), Snapchatemojis,Telegram stickers. Also share with IMO and Viber... ☎ Ourloveemoticons can be sent on all phone devices 🎉 Special Packagestodownload for free or to purchase. 🎮 You can find some secretstowin points and compete with other players 👍 🔧 Customize yourownbackground colors by swiping a finger. 🔧 Rotate the image★★Exclusive PACKAGES★★ 💕 Love in black & white 💕 💕 More of Love😻Exclusive animated Cats (◕‿◕) Kaomoji: Japanese emoticons in HD🌹Cute Halloween 🍰 Happy Thanksgiving 🎄 Smileys + GIFs of Christmas🐻Christmas Animals 🎅 Packages for Greetings; Happy New year,Bestwishes and Happy holidays To download as free pack, fee-basedorrewarded-video pack. Simply email us what new smileys you'd likeusto have. Emoticons and stickers sorted by family 💘 ArtisticHearts💗 Red Hearts 💟 Emoji of heart 😍 Love Smileys ✍Comics-stickers: Ilove you, I miss you ... 🐼 Animals stickers:panda, cat, teddy bear... 💍 Celebrations: Wedding, birth, family,baby ... 🎁 Gifts:boxes, flowers ... 💝 Holidays: Happy Valentine'sDay, Mother's Day,Happy birthday 🍓 Sweets: candy, chocolate, ... ❤Black and white 💋Kisses: Mouths, couples ... 💞 Animated smileys:Happy birthday gif…🆕 We add new stuff regularly! 🚫 ⌨ This is not anandroid emojikeyboard , emoticons are sent as pictures! 🚫 📝 This isnotemoticons for texting. Because our emoji are not preloaded onalldevices, they need to be sent as images to ensure they can besentand received by everyone. So, our smileys are sent as MMS(MMSpics) and not as SMS. 👏👏👏 Thank you to all artists fortheircreative smileys & GIF ♡ Aha-Soft: ♡DailyOverview: ♡ Design♡ Icon8: ♡ Icon Drawer ♡Iconka: ♡ Icon ♡ MirellaDesign: ♡Seanau: ♡ SuccoDesign: ♡ VisualPharm: Thisapplication is not endorsed by oraffiliated with WhatsApp Inc.WhatsApp Messenger, its name,trademark, and other aspects of theapp are trademarked and owned bytheir respective owners. 💌 Contactus 📧 [email protected] 🌍 🏃🏃 Followus YOU SOON ! ♡☮ App madewith love & fun ☮♡
Love Sticker 2.1.10
♥ Introduction: This app is a library of love stickers.Valentine’sDay has past, but to express your love is never forValentine’s Dayonly. This app offers you a series of love for yourchat. Pleaseenjoy sending those stickers to your loved ones. Yourfamily andfriends will definitely appreciate and feel happy gettinga lovingreminder about how much you care for them. Please feel freeto sendthose stickers and tell someone how much you love themtoday! ♥Features: • Large variety of cute stickers • Enable you toexpressyour love in different way (heart, flowers, thank you) •Easy toshare on social media • It is free and easy to use
Love Stickers 1.14
Send Love stickers, romantic stickers, Christmas stickers,freestickers, cool stickers, heart emoticons and flirty stickersonchatting apps.Presenting the most popular stickers and cutestloveStickers for your love chat, Make chat a heart felting andmelodiesexperience by adding these Romantic stickers and have agreat timesharing these free stickers. Our Christmas Stickersprovidesyou the best Merry Christmas stickers by which you can makeyourchat more lovable and special with your Special Friends. Youcansend Christmas ball, Christmas bell, Christmas partystickers,Christmas gifts stickers through this Christmas emoticonsapp.These Love Emojis, love Gif, Heart emoticons, smiley emojis,LoveChat stickers can be share easily to your social medialikeWhatsapp, Wechat, Kik, Line, skype etc.Enhance your lovebondthrough kiss emoji an flirty stickers. Send most romantickissemoji to your girlfriend/boyfriend.Love Stickers is themostbeautiful app to express the best and the most beautifulloveemotions, heart emoticons in between two love hearts.CelebratethisChristmas Eve in super fun mood sharing beautifullydesignedChristmas emoji, Christmas emoticons and Christmas ball.Christmasbell and Christmas gifts can also used as Christmaspartystickers.Stay happy in distance relationship by using thesemostromantic emoji collections of love chat stickers andcoolstickers.Wherever your love partner is not with you, let themfeelspecial every single moment by sending these heart stickersandflirty stickers. Give your romance a special feeling byusingromantic stickers and flirty stickers. These romantic lovechatstickers help you to feel your love in best waypossible.Decorateyour Christmas photos with Christmas photostickers, cool stickersand merry Christmas stickers.These beautifulcollection of romanticstickers and love emoticons will explain yourheart feelings inbest way possible.Happiness looks super elegant oneveryone facewhen you give the special touch of love in the form ofheartstickers and flirty stickers.Now This Merry Christmas Day youandyour friends can easily Share love and Bonds of Christmasfestivalthrough these smiley emojis, Emojis Stickers,ChristmasStickers,Free Stickers, Stickers for Facebook, StickersforWhatsapp.Love Chat stickers app has included large varietyofromantic love stickers, roses stickers, Love GIF stickers,heartstickers, teddy stickers, Christmas emoji.Free Stickers thathave abest quality of romantic love stickers, even you want youcan’tstop without sharing these love stickers with yourlovepartner.Enjoy these cutest collections of romantic lovechatstickers and Romantic Emoji.Love stickers highlights:• SharetheseLove emojis with your loved one.• Nice and beautifulpopularstickers collection of heart felting Love stickers ever.•Sharebeautiful Christmas emoticons as Stickers for Facebook.•Mostpassionate Love GIF makes you smile every time you sharetheseromantic love stickers with your love one.• Fascinatingcollectionof Love Emojis, love Gif , free emoji, heart emoticonssticker onsingle platform.• Beautiful categories of Free Emojis andSmileysstickers according to mood.• Collection of Christmasball,Christmas bell, Christmas gifts & Christmas partystickers.•Celebrate your everyday As valentine day using theseround shapedlove romantic heart stickers and free emoji stickers.•Celebrateyour everyday As Christmas Day by using these UltimateCollectionof Christmas stickers and Christmas emoji.• Ultimatecollection ofrose stickers, Love Emojis, heart emoticons.• Teddybears stickersand popular stickers for different mood/feelings.• HDquality ofLove GIF and heart stickers with heart felting mood.•Cool stickersand Free emoji for best social chat.• Use these freestickers asStickers for facebook.• Amazing Quality of Christmasemoticons forChristmas Eve.
Emoji Sticker Maker - Create emojis make stickers
The best Emoji Sticker Maker for WhatsApp WAStickerApps,makeStickers Easy with the new Emoji Sticker Maker forWhatsAppWAStickerApps, create and design Emojis. Always the sameEmoji orStickers for WhatsApp WAStickerApps? Can you imaginecreateStickers for WhatsApp WAStickerApps? Emoji Sticker Maker,Createyour Emojis 100% free! ‣With this Emoji Sticker Maker youwill beable to make an infinity of Stickers for WhatsAppWAStickerApps100% free of charge 😍, Whenever you use your Emojis,Stickers forWhatsapp WAStickerApps, Stickers for Messenger, Sickersfor GoogleKeyboard, Animoji for Facebook or fun Animoji forInstagram.💜 Youwill be able to make and send your personalizedEmojis expressingyour feelings and creativity through these fun.‣With Emoji StickerMaker you will be able to create love stickers❤️ heart, animalStickers 🐶 Unicorn, Pug, original Emojis andStickers pizza,android, scary stickers 👽alien different and uniqueEmojis 👾. ‣WithEmoji Sticker Maker create our own emoji with thefamous unicornEmoji, Star Emoji, the fun ghost emoji or with manyother Emojisthat are different and original in this App. Use thelittle Emojisto decorate photos and give them a personal touchassign😎 to yourWhatsapp WAStickerApps contacts 📱. Starting nowthere will be morethan enough ways to express everything you wantthrough yourfavorite emoji. Get now the best Emoji Sticker Maker& EmojiSticker Maker what you can find! ‣With Emoji StickerMaker you willbe able to create your Sticker whatever way you like;you will beable to add hundreds of accessories to it: from punkhair tocolored hair; heart shaped eyes, purple eyes, sunglasses orcoloredglasses, hats and caps of all kinds, mouths with or withoutteeth,carnival masks or hippie headbands, even hipster beardsormustaches, feet and hands and so much more…. There are thousandsofpossible combinations. So what are you waiting for? Starthavingfun and build some Emojis! with the Emoji Sticker Maker 🐙‣Onceyou’ve build your emoji, you can save it in your photo galleryandmake your own collection of Stickers 😝 and share easilywithWhatsApp WAStickerApps for free. Get fun with Emoji StickerMaker😊.‣Emoji Sticker Maker has an Emoji Sticker Community 😆 whereyou mayregister easily and quickly and where you will also get toshareyour best Stickers with the whole Emoji Sticker Community. Inthiscommunity you will see other user’s emojis and you can uploadtheones you like. Amazing, right?💙 ‣With Emoji Sticker Maker youcanmake your own stickers for WhatsApp WAStickerApps . FinishyourFacebook publication with a fun emoji or sticker. MakeyourMessenger and WhatsApp WAStickerApps conversations moreenjoyablewith funny stickers, different stickers and original 😜Emojis.Build emojis for Snapchat and publish pictures to Instagramwiththese little Emojis. So now you now, download the bestemojisticker maker app for Android that you will ever find 🔝 ‣WithEmojiSticker Maker don’t wait any longer and start creatingyourstickers for WhatsApp WAStickerApps 😀. We guarantee that theemojisyou create will lack nothing over the ones. Theirs will beboringnext to yours. So start using this great App and creategreatstickers.
Happy New Year Stickers for WAStickerApps sgn_112_love
Disclaimer - This is Third Party WAStickerApps to supportaddingstickers to WhatsApp and Stickers to WhatsApp Business. Thisis notrelated or associated with WhatsApp in any way. Happy NewYear 2019stickers added. Create Love stickers and emojis(emoticons) bychoosing any Love expression sticker or smileys &add stickertext by typing in your own language. You can create anystickers toexpress your love to your Valentine. You can decorateLove stickerswith Hearts, Roses and Teddy Bears and share using anyof yourfavorite chat application like WhatsApp Consumer app,WhatsAppbusiness and all others Love collage and love greetingcards can beeasily created by simple drag and drop of loveStickers, your loveone image from gallery / camera, phone emojis,Flowers, hearts andof course Stickers text in your own language.One love expressioncan be used to create different Stickers andcards by addingdifferent sticker text so will have differentStickers fordifferent love situation. Shayeri in Hindi +HeartBroken LoveShayeri + General Love Shayeri + All Other Shayeri (Fun,Motivational) Added Valentines Day week 2019 Stickers + RoseDay +Propose Day + Chocolate Day + Teddy Day + Promise Day + KissDay +Hug Day + Valentine's Day Wish You all very Happy New Year2019
Holi Stickers For WhatsApp - WAStickerApps sgn_MAR_16_Birthday
Disclaimer: This app acts as third party WAStickerApps toaddstickers packs to WhatsApp. This is not related or associatedwithWhatsApp. Happy Holi 2019 Stickers Added. STICKER MAKER :CreateanyHappy Birthday & Happy Anniversary Sticker by + ChooseanySticker Expression +Type Birthday Text / Anniversary Text inYourOwn Language + Decorate with Balloons, Flowers, Hearts,BirthdayCaps, BirthDay Cakes etc + Decorate with Emojis(Emoticons),Smileys, Memes (Funny Faces) etc SHARE ANYWHERE: Sharethrough anyof your favorite social networking chat application likewhatsapp,Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Hike, GoogleAllo, wechatetc. SUPPORT YOUR LANGUAGE: Write text on Sticker inyour ownlanguage. All international language are supported. DesiStickerscan also be in any Indian languages like Odia, Bangla,Kanada,Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Hindi etc. WishYouvery Happy Holi
Cute Emoticons Sticker 1.7.1
Extra smileys, stickers, emoji, funny images and other emoticonsforyour chat app. Quite useful to show your feeling when messagingwithyour friends using WhatsApp and Messenger and other chat app.★FEATURES * It is Free! * Emoticons categorized in funnycharacters (Panda, Monkey, Rabbit, 3D Villains etc.) * Plentysmileys under eachcharacter * Quite easy to use ★ CATEGORIES OFEMOTICONS Now we have:* Smileys / Stickers / Emoji: soon newemoticons pack! * Funnyanimal characters: Panda, Monkey, Rabbit *Cute stickers to show ‘ILove You!’ , valentine's day * Lovelyicons for balls * Other funnyemojis and stickers Later, we willhave more categories ofemoticons, more funny characters and morecolorful stickers undereach category. ★ HOW TO USE Click theemoticon you want to send, andthen select the chat application,choose the chatting friend youwould like to share, then the smileywill be sent out and shared toyour friend. Simple as it is ! ★USEFUL TIPS You can save thefrequently used emoji / stickers /smileys to 'Favorite' by longclicking it. If you do not like itany more, you can also removefrom the 'Favorite' by long clickingit in this bucket.
Valentine Love Emojis & Heart Emoji 💕 3.06
★ Have more fun on this Valentine by sharing these beautifulFlirtyemoji, Heart Emoji, Animated Stickers, Romantic emoji,CuteStickers and Love emojis ★ Enjoy sharing Premium Valentinecardsand Special Valentine emoji to your loved ones. Tired of yourchatbeing limited by the boring old emoji on this Valentine? Thenit'stime to switch to this new love emoji, Animated Stickers,CoolStickers like Heart Emoji, Naughty emoji and FlirtyEmoji!Valentino Special Features: ★ Most passionate ValentineLoveStickers and Kiss emoji according to Valentine mood. ★Hearttouching scenes of Animated Stickers to share with others onthisValentine Week. ★ Large verity of Cool stickers and Flirtyemoji touse.  ★ Love emoji can be share with any socialplatform. ★Lovely cute quality of Naughty emoji. ★ Best collectionof Flirtyemoji and stickers available anywhere.  ★ Most cutestvarietyof emoticons to use. ★ Mesmerizing quality of Naughty emoji. ★Easy to share on social network. ★ Elegant single tapsharingoption for Naughty emoji. ★ Unique collection of cutestickers andheart emoticons. ★ Naughty emoji, beauty emoji andhappy emojicollection. ★ Love emoticons, Cool Stickers and flirtyemoji. ★Cute chat stickers to express your love ★ Heart touchingcouplechat Cute stickers. ★ Emoticons in the form of Cute Stickersandheart emoticons. ★ Cute Heart emoji, Naughty Emoji andAnimatedStickers in heart shape. Valentino Stickers CollectionHighlights:+ Heart emoticons and heart emoji for love birds. + Loveemoji,romantic emoji, Cute Stickers and beauty emoji forcouplechat.  + Heart stickers, flirty emoji and dirty emojifordaily chat. + Kiss emoji, Cool Stickers and romantic stickersforromantic couple. + Animated stickers and animated emoji fornaughtychat. + Naughty emoticons and naughty emoji for naughtychat.Explore the best emoji app and cherish the love moment of lifewithromantic emoji and romantic stickers. Make your love bondevenstronger by sharing Heart Emoji. Stay connected with your loveonesby sending them happy emoji and beauty emoji. Makerelationshipspicy with dirty emoji, flirty emoji and kiss emoji.Flirting ismemorable part of relationship and make it much moreinteresting,chat with flirty emoji and animated emoji. Make yourchat gossipmore interesting and romantic by using these beautyemoji, heartstickers. Be Naughty in your valentino relationshipusing naughtyemoji and naughty emoticons. Let's start by replacingyour actualnaughty emotion with these super naughty stickers andnaughtyemoticons. These love emoji for android are absolutely freeandworks on any android device with different versions. Enjoysharingbest emoji love stickers. Spice up chat with dirtyemoticons, kissemoji and dirty emoji. Express your inner feelingwith beautifulheart emoji and Heart stickers, In sad times you canalso use CoolStickers to express yourself. Make your love bondstronger thanever with romantic emoji and romantic stickers. Usetrendy animatedemoji and animated stickers for daily chat use. Nospecial reasonrequired to chat these beautiful Valentino animatedemoji andanimated stickers. Easily share these romantic stickersandromantic emoji with a single touch on screen via belowsocialnetwork: ● Facebook Messenger ● WhatsApp ● Kik ● WeChat ●Line ●Viber ● Badoo ● Instagram and many more....
💞 Love emoticons & stickers - animated - Package 1.3.0
Better than love photo or love quotes... say him or her "I loveyou"with expressive Love GIF! Simply install our 💞 Love PackagethroughWhatsLov or WhatSmileys, our main apps, which support thispack .Try it now! THE BEST FEATURES OF 💞 Love GIF Images Package 💞😇 Veryeasy to use ; select one or several smileys, then chooseyour chatmessenger. 😂 Send on many social apps: improve your GifWhatsApp,your Facebook, Messenger chats, your text message (MMS)& muchmore. 🤗 Our animated emoticons can be sent on bothdevices : Android& iPhone. OUR BEST GIFS COLLECTION 📚📚 We addnew smileysregularly! Simply email us what new animated emoticonsyou'd like usto have. 👧 For any sex, women & men👦 💏 Smileys ofcouple,hugging, kissing... 👪 Special family emoticons 😏 Flirtingemoticons🔥 Sexy smileys 😭 Sad and heart-broken 💔 😍 Love smileyface 😻 Catsanimated emoticons 💖 Emoji hearts 🗣 Chat messages: "Ilove you", "Iwant you", "call me"... 💬 🎁 Happy birthday GIF, 🎁Happy mother’s dayGIF 🌹 I love you GIFs ☮ Cool symbols of loveTHIS IS NOT! 🚫🚫🚫 ⌨ Thisis not a gif keyboard. Let’s go ! Expressyour love ! See you soon 💞
♥♥ Teddy Love Stickers & Emoticons ♥♥ 1.3
♥♥Romantic couple Teddy Stickers and love Emoji hug oversocialnetwork. ♥♥ Our Lovely stickers for chat gives you thefacility touse these Stickers for your special ones and show yourlove andconcern to them. Use these Stickers and make your chatmoreromantic. These stickers can be share easily to your socialmedialike Whatsapp, Wechat, facebook, Kik, Line, skype etc.SpecialFeatures: ♥♥ Most Beautiful Stickers to share with others ♥♥Can beshare with any social platform. ♥♥ 1000 + Collection ofHDStickers. ♥♥ Latest collection of Teddy Day Stickers. ♥♥Mostpassionate Love Stickers according to mood. ♥♥ Awesome &VeryAttractive Stickers "Heart Touching". ♥♥ Large verityofmesmerizing stickers to use. ♥♥ Stickers that make you fallinlove. ♥♥ Easy to share on Social media. ♥♥ Unique andMagnificentcollection of Love Stickers. ♥♥ Passionate and CharmingLove YouStickers. ♥♥ Various Categories, Cuople hug, Emoji hug, Cathug,Teddy hug, Smiley Emoji, Sad Emoji, Love Emoji and Favorite♥♥Share on WhatsApp, Facebook and all other Social Apps ♥♥SaveImages to SD card or Internal Memory . ♥♥ No Internet Required,allimages are offline. ♥♥ Regular Updates Highlights: ♥♥ Highqualitystickers ♥♥ Playful High definition stickers ♥♥ Single tapeasysharing ♥♥ Ultimately easy to share on every social site How touse1.Open the App. 2.Select a Category. 3.Share image or smileyonWhatsApp or Facebook Special Features: ♥♥ Best quality Teddylovestickers ♥♥ Awesomly magnificent Loveli Love scenes ♥♥ Anultimatevariety of most love emotions and hilarious stickers touse. ♥♥Simple and adorable single tap share with any socialnetworkingportal Note: 1. If you notice that any content in our appviolatescopyrights than Please inform us through themail([email protected] so that we remove that content.AnyQuestions? Suggestions? Issues? Please contact us on:[email protected]
Love Emoji Keyboard Sticker 1.0.6
Send Love Stickers for chat Free to the one you love. Make yourchatmore loving and special. Fully animated Valentine Day LoveStickersspeak louder than emoticon! Easy to share Love Stickers inchat viaFacebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Texting hasnever beenso romantic with Valentine Day Love Stickers for chatFree! ❤Notice❤To share Valentine Day Love Stickers for chat Freedirectly in anysocial apps as fast as sending emoji, pleaseinstall Emoji Keyboardfrom Emoji Keyboard -Cute,Emoticons first.More cool stickers andfeatures are awaiting you there! EmojiKeyboard is the best keyboardfor Android that helps you type 3000+emoji, emoticons, emoji art ina flash. Share massive funny GIF& fancy Stickers from keyboardvia any social apps likeFacebook, Whatsapp,etc. Cute, simple,stylish and free. With 1000+awesome keyboard themes &customization, typing has never beenso fun with Emoji Keyboard CuteEmoticons! ❤Emoji KeyboardFeatures❤ - Set your own photo askeyboard wallpaper - Fast Input3000+ Emoji, Emoji Art, Text faces -All new emoji like unicorn,taco, shamrock - Send funny GIFs &Stickers from keyboard -1000+ colorful keyboard themes - Customizedkeyboard color, font,click sound - Swipe to type faster in emojikeyboard - Smart autocorrection & word prediction - Top rowemoji & number inkeyboard - Clipboard for multiple fast copy& paste - Supports65 languages in emoji keyboard  ❤ContactUs❤ Click here todownload Emoji Keybard for FREE! Like ourFacebook: Follow us onTwitter: Email:[email protected] more information, please refer toourFAQ: Do not hesitate tocontactus if you have any suggestion or feedback.
Love Stickers - Valentine 2.06
★ Valentine Day Social Chat Stickers - Collection of LoveStickers,Love Emoji, Love emoticons and Valentine Cards★ ★ BestCollectionof Love stickers, Love emoji, Rose Stickers, Teddy andChocolatestickers too ★ ★ Enjoy Chatting with Emoji stickers,Valentinecards, love emoticons and love emoji in a single stickersapp ★ ♥Presenting truly new and unique stickers, love stickers andemojito share on valentine day and occasion. ♥♥♥ ★ Features ★ ~Morethan THOUSAND *1000+* Unique emoji stickers &OriginalSTICKERS. ~ Select a Sticker and share on WhatsApp,LINE,KakaoTalk, WeChat, Hangout, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, etc.~Various categories - Rose, Chocolate, Teddy, Promise, LOVE, etc.~Regular updates of new stickers collection. ~ Best Stickersappsfor love birds and love couple. ~ Enjoy trending love stickersandlove emoji with your love partner. ~ Beautiful designedValentinecards can be handy anytime in the year to impress yourloved ones.~ Send all the trendy emoticons in the form of loveemoticons. ~Enjoy the love GIF, Good Morning GIF and Happy BirthdayGIF all inone stickers app. ★ INCLUDES ★ - Unique EMOJI stickers oftheValentine Days. - Stickers with Words and Greetings! -MesmerisingValentine Cards for love couple. - Trendy Emoji stickersfor everymood - Text stickers, food stickers, summer stickers,daily chatstickers are also included - Super lovely Love emoticonsandValentine cards all all love couple. ~ Impress your loved onesbysending love stickers, emoji stickers, Love emoji andValentinecards, all could be send by a single stickers app. ~ Makeyour lovebond more special by sending special valentine cards,lovestickers, premium stickers and special love emoji stickers. ~Sendlove GIF, Good Morning GIF and Valentine GIF via thisspecialStickers app ★ ALSO ★ # It's really EASY to USE thisStickers APP!Just select a sticker and share to WhatsApp, LINE,KakaoTalk,WeChat, Hangout, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, etc. # Niceand StableAPP, with FULL Customer Support.
Stickers for Facebook 1.4
You will get various type of stickers here. Stickers for Facebookisa sticker and emoticons app. You can share these different typeofstickers via skype, facebook, whatsapp, hangout, messenger,etc.Stickers & Emoticons - Use Stickers for your WhatsApp,WeChat,Kik, LINE, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Hike, Tango andeverywhereelse!Features:# Huge collection of Stickers# Regularupdates withnew stickers & Emoticons# Can be saved into phonememory or SDcard# Attractive User Interface(UI)# Set as afavourite# MoreCategory for Stickers & Emoticons# Uniquecollection ofemoticons # Easy to Share these cute stickers onsocial media
Smileys for Whatsapp 2.1
Smileys and Cute Pics CollectionThe app contains lot ofSmileys,Emotions, Day Wishing pics, Message Pics that can be sharedandused over Facebook, WahtsApp, Gmail, Google+ and ant othersocialapp* 2000+ Smileys and funny pics* 8 Categories includingSmileys,Messages, Day Wishes etc.* Share images on WhatsApp,Facebook,Google+ or any other Social app.* Add image to favoritefor quickshare.* Save Images to SD card or Internal Memory .* NoInternetRequired, all images are offline.* Hi, Sorry , Thank You,DayWishes Good Morning, Evening and Good Night Images*RegularUpdatesHow to use1. Open the App.2. Select a Category.3.Shareimage or smiley on WhatsApp or Facebook.
Animated Images Gif For Shared 3.1
You Find In This App More Than 2000 Images Animated LikeAnimalsHearts For Lovers You Find free animated gifs AtDefferentsCategories You Can Shared Animated Pictures With Familyand FriendsBy Messenger Whatsapp Viber Instagram And More...Animated GIFViewerAnimated GIF for WhatsapppppLove Smileys GIFanimated BigEmoji for chatHand Drawn Smileys for chatbeautifulcollection GifsAnimated Images For Sharing Square smiley FunnyAnimated GifPicture Drole Pic AnimatedIn This App You Find MoreThan 2000Animated Images Like Animals Hearts For LoversYou Findfreeanimated gifs At defferents CategoriesYou Can SharedAnimatedPictures With Family and Friends By Messenger WhatsappViberInstagram And More ...Animated GIF ViewerAnimated GIFforWhatsapppppLove Smileys animated GIFBig Emoji for chatHandDrawnSmileys for Chatbeautiful collection Gifs Animated ImagesForSharingsmiley SquareFunny Animated Gif PictureAnimated funny Pic
Color Beach Emoji Keyboard 1.1.2
Color Beach wallpaper is just for you if you want a holidaythemewith beach on your emoji keyboard theme! Get this colorfulbeachwallpaper if you like beach. This beach wallpaper makesyourkeyboard theme super cool! Look no further, it’s a free colorbeachwallpaper for emoji keyboard you’ve ever had. Enjoy colorbeachkeyboard wallpaper! ❤Notice❤ To use this Color Beach Keyboardthemefor free, please download Cute Emoji Keyboard from EmojiKeyboard-Cute,Emoticons first. Emoji Keyboard is a free, smart andcolorfulEmoji Keyboard for Android that help you to fast input over3000emoji, emoticons, smiley, sticker and text faceconvenientlyeverywhere including message, text, email and chat withsocial appetc. It’s the best Emoji Keyboard for Android with over100beautiful themes, smart gesture type and auto correct,highlycustomization with color, layout, font and over 55languagessupport. Highlights of Emoji Keyboard ► OVER 3000 EMOJI&EMOTICONS - Fast input emoji in message,text,email,note andchatwith social apps - Smart emoji prediction to match emoji foryourwords - Text face including ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), (ʘ‿ʘ) ► FAST &SMARTINPUT - Top row number input - Gesture Typing with dynamicfloatingpreview - Auto correct and smart next word suggestion -Over 30dictionaries for different languages ► BEAUTIFUL THEMES -Over 100beautiful themes - Continue to increase ► HIGHLYCUSTOMIZATION -Resize and split layout as you wish - Customizablekey press sound- Customizable keyboard color, font and wallpaper ►OTHER ADVANCEDFEATURES - Copy,cut,paste and arrow key - Clipboardfor fast copyand paste ❤Emoji Keyboard Features❤ - Set your ownphoto askeyboard wallpaper - Fast Input 3000+ Emoji, Emoji Art,Text faces- All new emoji like unicorn, taco, shamrock - Send funnyGIFs& Stickers from keyboard - 1000+ colorful keyboard themes-Customized keyboard color, font, click sound - Swipe to typefasterin emoji keyboard - Smart auto correction & wordprediction -Top row emoji & number in keyboard - Clipboard formultiplefast copy & paste - Supports 65 languages in emojikeyboard ❤Contact Us❤ Click here to download Emoji Keybard forFREE!Like our Facebook: on Twitter:[email protected] For more information, please referto ourFAQ: Do not hesitate tocontactus if you have any suggestion or feedback. To support morethemesfor free, Color Beach Emoji Keyboard Theme app may show someadsthat do not interfere with the app's functionality. Do nothesitateto contact us if you have any suggestion or feedback.
Mirror Emoji Keyboard & Sticker Maker 1.11.21
Mirror AI
Mirror: Meme Avatar Creator App and Emoji Keyboard for Android!Thecoolest meme and face maker app with personalized emojikeyboard😍Mirror helps you to create personalized and customizedavatars foryour phone: Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, HTC, Meizu,LG, Sonyetc. Use smart emojis keyboard for Android and send yourmeme emojiavatars to EVERY social networks and messengers. MirrorMeme AvatarCreator App and Emoji Keyboard for Android is one of thebestavatar emoji games EVER! ★Face Emoji App 😊☞😎 Go to Mirrorphotobooth and take a selfie! Or upload personal photo of yourfriend orcelebrity! Create your personal cartoon avatar orcelebrity avatarand animated emojis for Android! You will get 1500+personalstickers: memoji, gifs for texting, animoji, memes,facemoji,animated emojis for Android, stickers for Whatsapp,stickers formessages. ★Personal Emoji Stickers Keyboard for Android⌨ EnableMirror: Meme Avatar Creator App and Emoji Keyboard andusepersonalized emojis keyboard customization! Choose from1500+memes, giphy animation, stickers and emojis! Share emojimemesticker, bitmoji or gif on any social network ormessenger:WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger app, Instagram,InstagramStories, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter! Mirror avatar makergives yousuggestion for Smiley and Emoji prediction - expressyourself fast!Tap the words like "I love you" or "Hello" and youwill see yourpersonal emoji for texting! ★Meme Creator and MemeGenerator 😃Mirror Meme Avatar Creator App and Emoji Keyboard forAndroid hashundreds personal emojis for Android! Choose funny emojiand sendto your friend at any situation - we add new popular memestickerswith your face EVERY WEEK! Use memes stickers against yourfriendsor add more fun to your texting with various emoji themes!Get yourmeme face and stickers in Emoji Me style! ★GIFs for texting😱 UseMirror face maker app to make gif and gifs animated emojisforAndroid! You will love moving personal giphy avatar! Sendanimatedface to messages or social networks to impress your friendswithanimoji! Emoji me app makes animation now! ★Custom Avatarfortexting 👨‍🔧👩‍🔧 Edit your emoji face and your cartoon avatarwilllook like you! Send your facemoji to any messenger: stickersforWhatsapp, Facebook, Facebook messenger, Snapchat,Instagramstories! ★Customized Personal Text for Emojis 🗣✏🗣📱 Createyourpersonal text for sticker and say whatever you want withMirrorpersonal emoji avatar creator! Send custom smiley andcartoonavatars with Mirror smart emojis keyboard for Android!★AvatarDesign, Photo Edit & Outfits 👔👗🎩🕶 Edit your personalavatarwith Mirror avatar emoji creator and sticker maker. Addfacefeatures, accessories, hair styles in Mirror face makerapp!Customize your own personal emoji with a lot of makeup,cosmeticsor funny cute hats! 🔥Mirror Meme Avatar Creator App andEmojiKeyboard for Android will help you to create emojis for chatand itis ABSOLUTELY FREE APP. Create stickers for Whatsapp,Facebook,Facebook Messenger app, Instagram, Instagram Stories,Snapchat,Telegram, Twitter! 🔒Privacy and Security Mirror MemeAvatar CreatorApp and Emoji Keyboard NEVER collect your personaldata withoutyour explicit permission. Dollify yourself with loveand respect❤Enjoy free cute emojis and avatars for Android textingand chat!😘Follow us: Instagram: @mirroremojiFacebook: Support:[email protected]
emojiTap 1.4.6
Introducing emojiTap, the first FREE app that lets you tap intoyourfavorite branded emojis, stickers and animated GIFs all fromasingle destination! Use emojiTap in Messenger, WhatsApp,Line,Facebook, Twitter, and more. emojiTap also lets you easilyaddstickers to your photos! You can do this directly inemojiTapmaking it easy to add some fun to your photos. emojiTapoffers lotsof FREE content, as well as content available to browseandpurchase anytime. Featuring over 100 popular and emergingbrandedcharacters including: Archie Comics Avanti Betty Boop CareBearsDiary of a Wimpy Kid From Frank Garfield Golden GirlsJusticeLeague Love Is M&Ms Miffy Paul Frank Sabrina the TeenageWitchSharknado Star Trek Stick World The Three Stooges Wonder Womanandmany, many more - with new content continually being added!Allcontent in emojiTap is officially licensed and approved bytherespective brand property owners. Tap some fun intoyourconversations and photos with emojiTap! Your feedback isimportantto us. We want to make emojiTap the best and only stickerappyou'll ever need. Help support emojiTap by rating and writingareview!
iMore Emoji Keyboard - Cool Font, Gif & 3D Themes 2.4.3
iMore Keyboard is a free emoji keyboard for Android. Withthousandsof emojis & emoticons, cool fonts, trending GIFs,smileys,stickers, colorful 3D themes, swift tying keyboard,wordpredictions and smart auto-correction. 🐷🐷Cute EmojisandEmoticons🐷🐷 - The popular emojis such as AndroidN emoji andglitteremoji found in Galaxy Series, Android 8.0+ & Android O.- WithiMore Cute emojis Keyboard, you can finding cute smileys,kaomoji,and other kawaii stuff! (◕‿◕✿) (◠﹏◠✿) ôヮô ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘ v(⌒o⌒)v♪\( ̄▽ ̄)/🐣🐣Fancy Cool Fonts Keyboard🐣🐣 - Excellent fresh fonts to beused inevery text messages. - Convert normal text to stylish fontstextwith many different cool symbols and cool font styles forFREE.ⓒⓞⓞⓛ ⓕⓞⓝⓣ ₭ɆɎ฿Ø₳ⱤĐ. 🔥🔥GIfs Keyboard🔥🔥 -iMore Keyboard istheeasiest & fastest and safest way to browse, search, andsharetrending GIFs in your text messages. ✨✨Colorful 3D Themes✨✨ -1000+cool 3D themes like cool black theme, love keyboard themeandrainbow theme continue to update. - Packed with phone Xkeyboard,Galaxy keyboard, sparkling heart and 3D water. 💁💁Customkeyboardtheme 👙👙 - iMore supports choose your own photos,wallpapers tocustomize your keyboard style,including font style,fonts size andcolors!  ⌨️⌨️Gesture Typing Keyboard⌨️⌨️ - Swipeto typesingle-handedly on keyboard and type fast. With gesturetyping,smooth swipe to type quickly (slide your finger to type),voicetyping input technology. 💌💌Privacy and Security💌💌 - iMorewillNEVER collect any personal info or photos fromkeyboards.💡💡Highlights💡💡 - Fast Smart input with Gesture Typing -Supportvoice input. - Auto-correction and next word suggestioninkeyboards - Clipboard: copy and paste any content - Resizeandsplit keyboard layout - Over 80+ dictionaries fordifferentlanguages - Recognize mistyping, provide correctionsuggestions.Statement: Android is a trademark of Google Inc.📧📧Contact Us📧📧Email: [email protected]
Ommy - Stickers & Emoji Maker
Create your own animated stickers and emoticons in just onetap.Ommyis the first app that creates emoticons from your selfieusing AI.All you need is a selfie to get a cool set of emojisymbols based onyour own face. Our app processes your photosthrough neural networksto create your personalized emoji alongwith a full set of emoticonsrelated to your facial features.Ommyinstantly provides you a widerange of customized emoticons. Theseinclude smileys, happy, sad,surprised, heart eyes, and many more.Adjust your emojis to your ownpersonal taste using differentstyles: realistic, cartoon and rage.All emoticons areanimated.Moreover you get your own awesomethematic stickercollections: Christmas, Love, Funny, Halloween,etc.Share your coolemojis and stickers in all messengers and socialmedia using ourapp or our virtual keyboard to insert emoticons inyourconversations. Now you can send your own unique emojis insteadofordinary emotion symbols. Swap your cool emojis with friendsusingthe free Ommy app.The name of the app is "Ommy". It is uniqueandeasy to remember.Nevertheless, even if you write omme orommi,you'll find us.Install Ommy to get your own emoticons andstickersright now. Stay tuned for updates with new cool styles andstickercollections.
Funtype Emoji Keyboard: GIF, Emoji, Keyboard Theme 1.2.6
iHandy Ltd.
💓Funtype Emoji Keyboard - GIF, Emoji, Keyboard Theme is atop-rated,free emoji keyboard and custom keyboard app that allowsyou to inputover 5000 emoji😊, stickers😘, GIFs💃 and emoticons😂 inchat⌨️. FuntypeEmoji Keyboard and custom keyboard is compatiblewith all kinds ofsocial media, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram,Messenger, Twitter, youname it! Type fun and fast with FuntypeEmoji Keyboard and customkeyboard creator. 💓 🌸 Funtype EmojiKeyboard main features 🌸: 🔅🔥NEW🔥2019 new emoji🤣emoticon todistinguish your message💌 and spice upyour chatting! 🔅5000+emoji🤗, stickers💋, GIFs💥 and emoticons🐣 in GIFkeyboard and fontkeyboard to express all kinds of feelings😁😔😡😭🔅Custom keyboard topersonalize your keyboard⌨️ in theme🎨, coolfonts🔢, tap sound🎸,etc. 🔅Intelligent keyboard with auto-correctionand glide typing totype fast and easily✌️ 🔅Font keyboard withstylish cool fonts toadd spice😜 to your emoji message! 💛 2019 New🆕Emoji 📍 Get 2019 newemoji & emoticons in Funtype emoji keyboardand customkeyboard: Santa, Pink Glitter and Sweet Love Emoji💖💍 andmanyothers, download Funtype Emoji Keyboard NOW to check it out👍!❤️Sticker, GIF & Emoji Keyboard 📍5000+ cute emoji andemoticons,funny stickers and trending GIFs, African emoji🌚,animated emoji😎,3D emoji💃 and emoji/emoticon for popularfestivals🏮! 📍New emoji👻,stickers😈 and GIFs for GIF keyboard everysingle week, send emojimessages💌 to friends on any social apps 🧡Funtype Emoji Keyboard –Custom Keyboard 📍 Cool emoji keyboardthemes to decorate yourkeyboard, thousands of wallpaper🏞🌅 to choosefrom with customkeyboard maker and custom keyboard creator. 📍Customize yourkeyboard theme with Funtype photo keyboard💑, create acustomkeyboard with your own photos🙋, wallpapers and emoji😋 📍Choosefromvarious keyboard button shape⭕️, button style🔘, typing effectsandcool fonts in custom keyboard 📍Use Funtype Emoji Keyboard totypeemoji message with music like shutter sound📷, frog🐸,guitar🎸,piano🎹, kiss💋 and more! Custom keyboard for android bringsyouunique keyboard. 📍Multilingual Keyboard provides with over150languages and different keyboard layouts: QWERTY emojikeyboard📪,QWERTZ emoji keyboard📫 and AZERTY emoji keyboard📮, chooseyour ownemoji keyboard and custom keyboard. 📍Create your owncustomkeyboard in many other ways: turn on or off vibrate/soundonkeypress. Funtype Custom keyboard helps you create mostinterestingtyping experience. Most amazing custom keyboard creator.💜Intelligent Keyboard – Typing Fast 📍Type fast withauto-correctionand auto-capitalization feature, facilitate typingwith next-wordprediction, emoji prediction😎 and stickerprediction🚴‍♀️. FuntypeEmoji Keyboard will learn your writing style– including yourslang, emoji and nicknames, and record it as yourown dictionary tohelp you type faster. 📍Glide Typing - Swipe totype emoji messagewith one hand👋 on Funtype Emoji Keyboard.Experience the best emojikeyboard by sliding finger👆 from letter toletter🤘! ❤️ FontKeyboard – Cool Fonts 🆒 📍Font keyboard providesvarious cool fontsto distinguish your emoji message⚡️! Download andswitch up fonts🌈for free🆓 with font Keyboard, get your own fontkeyboard to amazeyour friends! 💚Privacy Funtype Emoji Keyboardkeeps learning💪 andadapting to your writing habit to optimizetyping experience, butFuntype Emoji Keyboard will NEVER collectyour personalinformation, password or credit card number. Pleaseenjoy your timewith Funtype Emoji Keyboard😊 ContactusEmail:[email protected]
Emoji Launcher - Stickers & Themes 1.1.16
Personalise your home screen with Emoji Launcher and enjoy theeverpopular emoji style! Emoji Launcher provides trending emojis&stickers, themes, HD wallpapers and call screen themes.😍😍😍HotFeatures ✔️Cute emojis, GIFs - Share and have fun withyourfriends. ✔️Stylish themes - Each icon a unique emoji face,giveyour phone a brand new emoji look. ✔️Beautiful wallpapers -Getyour phone an amazing background. ✔️Gorgeous caller screen-Personalise the incoming call screen. ✔️3D transition effects-Cool dynamic effects while switching between screens.EmojiLauncher also allows you to Mange your home screen - SmartFolder:Smartly sort apps into folders and rearrange your homescreen. -Desktop Settings: Adjust icon size, font size & color,homescreen grid - Menu: Long-press on home screen to quicklyaccesscommon features - Screen Manager: manage the sequence andnumber ofscreens - Unread message: icon badges with unread messagenumberUse convenient widgets - Widgets entrance to system andlauncherwidgets - Weather: Precise weather forecast for chosenlocations -Notification toolbar with quick access to Wi-Fi, data,flashlight,boost, cpu cooler and battery - Search bar with Googlesearchengine Optimise system performance - Junk cleaner&notification cleaner: clear out junks - Battery: save batteryforlonger life - Boost and boost+: effectively speed up your phone-CPU cooler: keep your phone in a healthy temperature scaleProtectyour privacy - Hide private apps from home screen and lockupimportant apps. Enjoy online games - Online Games: have funwith20+ H5 games! 😘Join us and find your own home screen style!Contactus: [email protected] Please be noticed thatthislauncher app will change your default home screen, and it canbecleared in system settings. The search bar is also new, and weuseGoogle as the search engine in the app.
Emoji Keyboard 10 2.85
Note: If you do not need install apk, you can try an onlineemojikeyboard: Support latest phonex themestyle.Input and share new color and cute emoji anywhere! Enjoywonderfulemoji life, you can share thumbs up(👍) and heart emoji(❤️)withfriend, like poo emoji(💩), laughing(😂). it is very funny....Ithave include all new color emojis, you can input and share itwithyour friend. just bring you to the wonderful emoji colorlife.Support Language: English(US) English(UK)Portuguese(Brazil)Portuguese(Portugal) Afrikaans Alphabet(QWERTY)ArabicArmenian(Armenia) Belarusian Bulgarian Catalan CroatianCzechDanish Dutch Esperanto Estonian Filipino FinnishFrenchFrench(Canada) Georgian German Greek Hebrew HindiHungarianIcelandic Indonesian Italian Khmer(Cambodia) Kirghiz LaosLatvianLithuanian Macedonian Mala(Malaysia) Norwegian PersianPolishRomanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian SpanishSpanish(US)Swahili Swedish
Bobble Indic Keyboard ❤️ Ғ◎И†Ⴝ, GIFs & Themes
Make this "Holi" special with Holi Stickers for Whatsappandcolourful Holi Keyboard Themes! It has everything youlove—speed,reliability, glide typing, voice typing and much more! ✔Packedwith thousands of emojis, memes, stickers, funny GIFs, themes&fonts ✔ Now add Bobble Stickers to your WhatsApp just like ayotherWAStickerApps ✔ Bobble Keyboard makes typing fast and funonAndroid📱 ALL IN ONE KEYBOARD!!! There’s never a boring chatwithBobble! 👻 And the best part is — it’s available for FREE! Nopaidupgrades or in-app purchases required! ★ Awesome Features • Wehavegot tons of emojis (smileys/emoticons) added on the keyboard.•Bobble Keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence toautomaticallypredict Emojis, Memes, Stickers, and GIFs on yourfavourite chatapp. • Glide Typing — Type faster by sliding yourfinger fromletter to letter. • Voice Typing — Easily dictate texton the go. •Word Correction — Smart enough to recognize mistyping,providecorrect suggestions and make your typing easy. • KeyboardPhotoThemes — Customize your phone keyboard with your favoritephotos orcolors 🎨 • Cool Fonts — to make your typing fun. You canalso makeyour text bold, italic, underline or strikethrough. •WhatsAppStickers - You can add sticker packs from Bobble toWhatsApp asWAStickerApps. ★ Personalised & FREE Content * Whenwords can’texpress it, say it with hilarious & fun stickers& GIFs! •Our advanced face recognition technology converts yourselfie intoa cartoon Bobble head. • Type text in your own languageand getrelevant stickers & GIFs. • FREE Sticker Store —Infinite listof FREE sticker packs for all occasions &everyone. Love /Romance, Greetings & Wishes, Movies, &Sports are the mostpopular themes. ★ Pro Tips 📽 • Learns as youtype: No need tomanually add words to your personal dictionary.Type a word onceand you can glide type it or find it in suggestionsnext time. •Choose a theme with or without key borders to suit yourstyle •Access symbols with a long press • Switch from number rowand emojirow with a simple swipe • Gesture cursor control: Slideyour fingeracross the space bar to move the cursor • Type yourmessage andpress the GIF button to get relevant GIF suggestions. •Connectwith your Google account and add frequently used words inyourdictionary for better word prediction andauto-correct.• Camera filters - Click funny, expressive &beautifulpictures from within your keyboard. ★ Regional LanguageKeyboardsUpdate on social networks or compose emails in your ownnativelanguage. - Hindi keyboard - Bengali keyboard - Marathikeyboard -Tamil keyboard - Urdu and Arabic Keyboard - BahasaIndonesiakeyboard - Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam,Odia,Rajasthani, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Manipuri, Dogri, Santali,Konkani,Marwari, Maithili, Sindhi and Nepali keyboards ★ Coming up🔜Payments - need to make frequent payments to your friends/familyor any merchant? Don't worry Bobble Keyboard will make ittheeasiest to make payments in whichever app you are. Don’t missagood product! We care for your privacy with proper encryptionandanonymity!
Pop Launcher - Black Emojis & Themes 1.1.21
Pop Launcher - Black Emojis & Themes, a popular launcherappwith popular wallpapers, caller screen and the hottest themes.PopLauncher also can smartly sort and arrange apps in folders,giveclean and organized home screen to your android phone! You canalsofind cute black emojis in Pop Launcher - Black Emojis &Themes!💖💖💖Pop Launcher - Black Emojis & Themes, give your phoneaBRAND NEW look! TOP FEATURES of Pop Launcher - Black Emojis&Themes: 🎨Stylish background & wallpaper - Changeyourbackground & wallpaper into the hottest style. 🎨Popularappicons - Choose the most popular app icons to decorate yourhomescreen. 🎨Cool Black Emoji - Express your love and feeling withyourfriends and family. Each Black Emoji is ready for you🎨CuteShortcut - Eye-Catching shortcut in first screen with blackemojis🌹What’s more you can get from Pop Launcher - Black Emojis&Themes🌹 Home Screen Management - Smart folder could sort appsintofolders automatically - Desktop settings allows you to adjusticonsize, font size, font color and home screen grid - Long-pressonhome screen to entrance Menu with popular features - Screenmanagerallows you to adjust the number of screens as well as theorder -Unread message shows the number of unread messages on iconbadgesHandy Widget Centre - Quick widgets entrance in Menu to bothsystemand launcher widgets - Notification tools bar provides quickaccessto tools - Search bar on home screen with Google searchengine -Time and weather widget provides precise informationsEfficientSystem Optimization Tools - Junk cleaner and notificationcleanerhelp to remove junks of most kinds - Battery saver gives youahealthier and longer-life battery - Boost and boost+ can speedupyour phone with efficiency - CPU cooler helps to keep thephonetemperature down Privacy Guard & Entertainment - Hideappsallows users to hide important apps from home screen - Applockallows you to lock up privacy apps with patterns/passwords -OnlineGames gives you more than 20 trending H5 games! Have fun!Contactus: [email protected] NOTICE: We use Google asthesearch engine. Pop Launcher will change your default homescreenand it can be cleared in the system settings.
Facemoji Emoji Keyboard:GIF, Emoji, Keyboard Theme 2.4.0
Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is a Free, Customized Keyboard forAndroid!with 3600+ Emoji, emoticons, GIFs, stickers on this Emojikeyboard,Facemoji Emoji Keyboard helps you to spice up chats inFacebook,Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.🎉Facemoji Emoji Keyboardprovidesthousands of cool keyboard themes for you to download-Youcan evenadd your own photos to the keyboard! 👉 Facemoji Keyboard&Emoji Keyboard👈 Features: ★ Easy to send 3600+ Emoji,Emoticons,Free GIF, Symbol, Emoji Stickers - 💎All new FREE keyboardemojisare now available on Facemoji Keyboard & Emoji Keyboard.-👑Easy to type Emojis in text messages, social media posts,emails,etc. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard supports multiple languagesandprovides thousands of emojis, emotions, GIFs, stickers andthemes.You can express your smiley emotions 😄💋😘 with FacemojiEmojiKeyboard. ★ Personalized Keyboard Customization - Take orchoose aphoto from gallery as your keyboard background. - Choosekeyboardbuttons, tapping effects, and even music all by yourself! -QWERTYKeyboard, QWERTZ Keyboard and AZERTY keyboard, all free tochoose!★ Keyboard Stickers - Send thousands of customized, trendystickersand GIFs. - Express your emotions to your friends bysending themfun emoji stickers. - The Emoji Stickers is a free,customizedextension to the Facemoji Emoji Keyboard that is used tosend toyour friends to make communicating more fun! ★ KeyboardThemes -Countless keyboard themes are available to match your style- 1500+Emoji Keyboard themes to decorate your keyboard with styleand newthemes are added weekly Facemoji Emoji Keyboard, integrateall theshining features into one app😜! You are free to choosefromnumerous themes to decorate your keyboard! ★ Fast Typing&Smart Input 🚀 🏃 - Emoji Combos: Facemoji gives you SmileyandSpecial emoji combos like “I love you” 👀❤️👉. - EmojiPrediction:Type fast and accurately with our super smart,autocorrect, emojiprediction and next word suggestion tech. Ifyou’ve updated Androidversion to Marshmallow 6.0 or Nougat 7.0, newEmojis are allavailable on your keyboard. -Trending Gifs: Searchany words andget numerous trending Gifs to share with your friends.- Swipe totype: Type faster with smooth gesture typing! -Autocorrect &Word Prediction: Automatically correct the wordsyou are typing andoffers you a potential next word prediction! FaceEmoji Use theEmoji Maker to turn your face into an emoji! Take aphoto or shortvideo and use the cute and hilarious filters to makeyour photosinto Face Emoji! Send these to your friends to spice upyourconversations. You can choose from a variety of trendyfiltersincluding cute bunny, smile emoji, Doge, etc. *Please notethatthis function is only supported by Android 6.0 and above.GameKeyboard Facemoji Emoji Keyboard fits well in your game app togiveyou the best game experience ever. We have already supported5popular games, including Clash of Clans, Rules of Survival,FreeFire, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Garena Liên Quân Mobile. ★Privacyand security Facemoji Emoji Keyboard will NEVER collectanypersonal information without your explicit permission.FacemojiEmoji Keyboard is compatible with most Android phones,includingbut not limited to: Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, SamsungGalaxyJ3; Huawei P8; LG; ZTE.Link: us: Instagram: Support &Feedback:[email protected] Facemoji Keyboard & EmojiKeyboardsupports Android. Sending cute emoji to your friends withemojikeyboard can make your chats way more interesting. We provideyouwith the best typing experience and it is for FREE. Download👉Facemoji Keyboard & Emoji Keyboard👈 right NOW!
WAStickerApps Emoticons for whatsapp 4.9
Selection of emoticons for chat WAStickerApps Sharewhatsappconversations in your conversations with the most fun andoriginalemoticons. You have a lot of different images to choosefrom andare divided into categories to make it easier to see. Inadditionto sharing them you can save them or use them aswallpapers. Youwill find new emoticons in the app, as we will beupdating itconstantly. If you have any questions or suggestions,you cancontact us through our developer mail. Some of the imagesused inthe application belong to thiswebsite:
Emoji Keyboard - Cute Emoji,GIF, Sticker, Emoticon 2.3.0
Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons - the best emoji keyboardAndroidkeyboard with cute emoji keyboard maker, emoji stickers,gifkeyboard, funny emoji, custom keyboard, keyboard fonts,cuteemoticon, face emoji, smart keyboard android keyboard,keyboardwith emoji, sticker keyboard, emoji prediction, customkeyboard,autocorrection, and swipe typing. Enjoy the best emoticonsmartkeyboard android keyboard, enjoy fast typing! 🆕 🆕 Bestemojikeyboard android keyboard - Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticonsturnsyour FACE into animated face emoji. Enjoy face emojikeyboardandroid keyboard, custom keyboard maker emoji keyboardmaker withface emoji autocorrection, smart keyboard androidkeyboard, fontkeyboard, funny emoji, custom keyboard, emojikeyboard background,cute emoticons. 👍 Funny Emoji Keyboard - FaceEmoji AndroidKeyboard Highlights: - Best emoji keyboard androidkeyboard with1200+ Emoji & cute Emoticons, face emoji keyboard,EmojiStickers. - Share funny emoji stickers face emoji &emoticonwith keyboard emoji. - Best keyboard with personalizedkeyboardbackground and keyboard themes with emojis. - Customkeyboard: Setyour Photo as emoji keyboard background. - Fontkeyboard: Coolfonts based on Unicode and autocorrect typos. - GifKeyboard: ShareGIFs Instantly with s smart keyboard for androidkeyboard & GIFkeyboard. - Smart Keyboard for android - Typefaster with smartkeyboard autocorrection, next word prediction& emojiprediction. - Swipe to type - Cute emoji keyboard offersgesturetyping with dynamic floating effect. - Multilingual coolkeyboardfor Android keyboard free with 30+ languages. 😂 Cute emojikeyboardhas funny emoji keyboard - emoji maker, sticker maker, coolfonts,smart keyboard android keyboard, custom keyboard maker,stylishkeyboard background, face emoji. Make your android keyboardfunnierand faster with the keyboard with emoji! 😉 Face EmojiKeyboard –Step Up your face emoji game. Emoji Keyboard, a smartkeyboardandroid keyboard for Android and emoji maker, is speciallydesignedfor who likes animated emoji, cute emoticons, emoji stickerandgifs. 1200+ animated emoji & Emoticons in cute emojikeyboardmakes typing funnier! 😂 Emoji Sticker Keyboard - Type Fast&Fun with Animated Emoji Sticker. Sticker keyboard (keyboardwithanimated emojis) by Emoji Sticker with emoji stickers,emoticonsand GIFs. Install the emoji keyboard android with stickermaker& emoji maker to enjoy stickers, cute emoticons and GIFs.🆒Cool Font Keyboard - Texting in cool fonts. Font androidkeyboardoffers cool fonts making the android keyboard more stylish.Also,the message with emojis, emoticon, stickers and GIFs withcoolfonts in Fonts keyboard could be received. 🔥 PersonalizedFreeKeyboard - the best emoji keyboard of your own. PersonalizedFreeKeyboard customizes your android keyboard with k keyboardthemeswith emojis, including the most popular keyboard themes:RoyalBattle & Pink Kitty keyboard themes and many more!Customizeyour keyboard with photo keyboard. Set your photo as thekeyboardbackground. 🐶 Funny GIF Keyboard - Say more with millionsof GIFs.Discover the best GIF with GIF Keyboard to sum up what youwant tosay. Search millions of GIFs fits you. Categories likereactions,trending topics will inspire you to find the best GIFs inGIFkeyboard! 💨 Smart Keyboard - Autocorrect. Fast typing. SmartInput.Everything you want about a keyboard can be found in smartkeyboardandroid keyboard,- cute GIFs, emoji maker, smooth swipetyping,word prediction, autocorrection. Smart keyboard androidkeyboardoffers accurate suggested words & emoticon.🌍Multi-languagekeyboard - Emoji Keyboard supports 15+ language.Multi-languagefree keyboard supports over 15+ languages: English,Spanish,Arabic, etc. … 💓 Download Emoji Keyboard NOW!
Elite Emoji 2.0.7
Emoji Guide
Sensational emojis and stickers to express emotions andideasbeautifully in your chat conversations - 1000 exclusivehighdefinition emojis and stickers of all kinds to choose from -sendthem with a single touch in WhatsApp or Messenger - get accessto ahuge selection of gifs and even create your own animated images-discover many witty message suggestions that can be sent witheachemoji - emojis and captions can be suggested by the appaccordingto your personality traits - discover which emojis are themostpopular to say I love you, I miss you, I think of you,goodmorning, happy birthday, etc Exclusive, rich and free contenttostay connected with loved ones!
Kiss Me Emoji Love Stickers 1.01
Part of relationship and make it much more interesting, chatwithflirty emoji and animated emoji.Valentine Emoji Kiss MeLoveStickers are presenting to wish your loved one by sendingthesebeautiful collection of love stickers and love emoji.DecorateLovestickers with Hearts, Roses and Teddy Bears and Easy to shareusingany of your favourite chat application like whatsapp,facebookmessenger, Telectam etc.such a beautiful collection bywhich youcan make your chat more lovable and special for someonespecial.You can use these stickers to express your feelings duringchatwith your friends.If you feeling sad, Send Sad emoji toyourpartner and then match up with happy emoji and flirtyemoji.=>Added Valentines Day week Stickers.-> kiss EmojiStickers.->Lip Stickers.-> Hug Emoji Stickers.-> RoseStickers.->Valentine Quotes Stickers.-> Couple EmojiStickers.-> LoveEmoji Stickers.-> Love Gif Stickers.=>Added to MessagesCategory.-> Love Status.-> RomanticMessages.->Anniversary Messages.-> Friendship Messages.->CuteMessages.-> Breakup Messages.-> EducationMessages.->Wedding Messages.
Ochat Basic: 1000 text emoticons & emoji stickers 1.4
Enjoy 1000 most popular emoticons and smiley faces from ourOchatcollection - free! Quickly send our unique emoji for Androidasemoji for Facebook, emoticons for WhatsApp, stickers forSnapchat,emojis for texting and many other messengers.Choose cuteemoticonsfor texting from 30+ themes: whether it's happy faces orsadsmileys, love stickers or funny emoji for various holidays,you'llfind that right emoticon to send to your friends! Do you likethe"Ochat Basic" emoji app? Then try our free Ochat smileysapp text emoticons and cool messaging options.Stay intouch:▶[email protected]▶︎Facebook:▶︎Google+:▶︎Twitter:
Flash Keyboard - Emoji & Theme 1.0.20220.0219
Flash Keyboard - Emoji & Theme is the best free emojikeyboardfor Android, which helps you fast input with 3000+ GIF,themes, newemoji, emoticons, stickers, lenny face in a flash.Packed withthousands of emoji, stickers, emoticons and personalizedthemes,there’s never a boring conversation with Flash Keyboard!Join over500 million people worldwide who use Flash Keyboard forhassle-freetyping. Are you ready to upgrade your phone’s keyboardto FlashKeyboard for FREE now?   Flash Keyboard helps you typefastand accurate, and learns your writing style automatically.Thatmeans autocorrect input and word predictions that actuallyworksbecause it adapts to you. Besides, users can fast inputemoji,GIFs, stickers, emoticons conveniently everywhere.  FlashKeyboard caters for all typing tastes – all colors, designsandthemes. Support for 50+ languages, Tons of emoji(smileys,emoticons), stickers, who said typing had to be boring? FEATURES OF FLASH KEYBOARD: Fast and accurate keyboardFlashKeyboard uses next-generation autocorrect so accurate you cantypewithout even looking. Type faster and save more time for thethingsyou love. Massive free stickers, emojis and colorful themesShowyour style on Flash Keyboard with thousands of emoji,stickers,emoticons and personalized themes, there’s never aboringconversation with Flash Keyboard! Set personal photos askeyboardstickers Isn’t it amazing to make your own photos intostickers?Use your talents to make some unique and differentstickers andGIFs by yourself, and express yourself with thosestickers, GIFs.Autocorrect input and word predictions Smart enoughto recognizemistyping, provide correction suggestions and make yourtypingeasy. Various layouts, support for most Android phonesFlashKeyboard provides various layouts such as qwerty keyboardandQWERTZ keyboard for most android phones.   WHY CHOOSEFLASHKEYBOARD? ★Type fast with autocorrect and smart nextwordsuggestion ★Set personal photos as keyboard stickers andthemes★Over 500 million users worldwide are using FlashKeyboard.★Support 50+ languages ★Works for many popular apps:WhatsApp,Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc.   HOW TOENABLEFLASH KEYBOARD? -Download Flash Keyboard app form GooglePlaystore. -Open Flash Keyboard app. -Click Enable Flash Keyboard,thencheck on the Languages & Settings page to enable it.-ClickActivate to Flash Keyboard, then change your current keyboardtoFlash Keyboard. -Now you could enjoy typing with FlashKeyboardapp.   PRIVACY Flash Keyboard does not collect anypersonaldata without your explicit permission. We take privacyveryseriously. The warning message that says Flash Keyboard may beableto collect “all the text you type, including personal datalikepasswords and credit card numbers” is part of the AndroidOperatingSystem that appears when any third party keyboard isenabled. HappyTyping!   NOTICE Flash Keyboard is committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. If you were misled todownload FlashKeyboard (like Save your battery life, againstviruses, adware),please report to us: [email protected]  Yourfeedback always keeps us improving with more and morecoolfeatures. If you like our app Flash Keyboard, please rate us5stars in Google Play store.Facebook:
TouchPal Emoji Keyboard: AvatarMoji, 3DTheme, GIFs
Come and DIY your emoji keyboard themes, also there are5000+stylish themes, fantastic emojis and popular stickers foryou.Don’t hesitate to download TouchPal Emoji Keyboard and enjoytypingright now! TouchPal Emoji Keyboard for Android is a free andsmartkeyboard app to help you to type faster, easier, and livelierwithgesture keyboard, prediction and over 5000+emojis, stickersandfantastic keyboard themes. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard is the WinnerofGSMA Global Mobile Awards 🏆 and it will redefine yourtypingexperience. You can create your own layout and input fastwith5000+emojis keyboards, GIFs keyboards, emoticonskeyboards,stickers keyboards and text face keyboards conveniently.TouchPalEmoji Keyboard is compatible with all social apps:WhatsApp,Facebook, Line, WeChat, etc. 🌟Highlights of TouchPal EmojiKeyboardfor Android devices - Fast typing: Autocorrect, word andemojiprediction, best swype keyboard. - Thousands of freeemojis,stickers, GIFs, emoticons, and dictionaries. -Customizablekeyboard color, keyboard layout and keyboard wallpaper.- DIYkeyboard theme: Create your own fancy keyboard theme withpersonalphoto. - Text face keyboard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), (ʘ‿ʘ) . 🔥Usefulgadgets,improve productivity - TouchPal emoji keyboard Curve, bestswipekeyboard - sliding to input smoothly. - Auto-pair for symbolslike() "". Long press on the symbol to try it. - Best T9 keyboardamongtyping apps - Copy, cut, paste, arrow key. - Clipboard formultiplefast copy and paste. 👀Best Prediction function of words andemoji -Autocorrect: Most powerful error correction,auto-correctmistyping, spelling errors. - Emoji Prediction: Showsuggestedemojis, emoticons as candidate. - Contextual Prediction:Enhancenext word prediction by cloud prediction computing.💥Futuristic andblack technology of BOOMTEXT and GIFs - Turn yourtext into funnyand cute animations or GIFs, it makes your textmessage morelively! 🗺️Multilingual Typing TouchPal Emoji Keyboardsupports over150 languages, including but not limited to KeyboardEnglish,Keyboard العربية, Keyboard Hrvatski, Keyboard Čeština,KeyboardNederlands, Keyboard Français, Keyboard Deutsch, KeyboardΕλληνικά,Keyboard עִברִית, हिंदी, Keyboard Bahasa, KeyboardIndonesia,Keyboard Italiano, Keyboard Malay, Keyboard Pilipino,KeyboardPolskie, Keyboard Português, Keyboard Română, KeyboardРусский,Teclado Español, ไทย, Türk ⭐Enable TouchPal Emoji KeyboardApp forandroid - Open TouchPal Emoji keyboard app. - Press EnableTouchPalkeyboard, check the TouchPal keyboard box on the Languages&Settings page to enable. - Press Switch to TouchPal keyboard,checkthe TouchPal keyboard box to switch your current keyboardtoTouchPal keyboard. Support multiple emojis, emoji andkeyboardtheme plugins Golden, unicorn, gunnery, blue, skull,purple, pink,red, dark, tiger, vampire, wolf, neon blue, neonlight, cute kitty,OS7, OS10, glass water, droid, graffiti, sky,galaxy, swift,custom. Permission Explanation - Read Contacts:Import contactnames into dictionary. - Read SMS: Learn your typingpattern fromthe sent messages. - Make a phone call: Quick dial to acontact -All in one click. Support Android Wear - TouchPal for Wearversioncan run even without phone connected. - Support swipingtyping onthe wrist. - Emojis, prediction, auto-correction... mostof theamazing features are included in Wear version. ***More ideas&feedback? Contact: [email protected] Follow us:Facebook:
Emoji Emoticon Chat Collection 0.9.44
- What is the 'Emoji Emoticons Chat Collection'? (AKA EECC)Emoticonmeans a visual image message called sticker, stamp, emoji,smileyand photo message. You can send visual messages(characterimageicon) instead of text via messenger or sns like WhatsApp,Facebookmessenger, Viber, Kik, LINE, WeChat, KakaoTalk and so on.Inaddition, it can be used at the same time when you post anarticle,messenger profile & wallpaper to suit your mood. Thisapp giveyou the rich expression. Just all of them is completelyfree! - Typeand new emoticon update policy Interesting! Funny& Comic!Emotional! Bizarre! unlimited free theme emoticons.Popular movies,dramas, cartoons parody style emoticons. To give acontinuouscollectible after downloading the app, support thelatest trendsdesign emoticon continuously. - Really convenientusage of thisapplication If you download the app, small icon isinstalled on thetop right. When WhatsApp, Viber, Facebookmessenger, LINE, WeChat,Kik, KakaoTalk such as instant messagingconversation with a friend,just click the icon! You can just runthe app really easy to sendstickers to your friends. - Would youlike to participate directlyin making emoticons work? If you havenew emoticon story idea, writea review. Designers will make newsticker through your idea and giveback to you for free. PS. Wehave the plan to do make a emojikeyboard because there are moreuser's demanding. Coming soon!
Emojily - Create Your Emoji 1.0
Zepni Ltd.
Emojily is a tool to create your own emoji.• Choose from tonsofdesigns to make your own unique emoji and emoticon.•Built-incustom keyboard for you to access your saved emoji andemoticon.Use them in social media, messenger and chat.• Share yourwonderfulemoji and emoticon with your friends! Use it via thekeyboard as asticker, avatar, smiley or profile pic.• You can evenshare itdirectly to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger,WhatsApp, Kikand many more social media and chat apps.• Tons offree customdesigns to choose from. You can custom all sorts ofcategories suchas emoticon eyes, mouths, eyebrows, hands and evenhats.• Try outthe randomize feature. It's a super crazy creator andmaker!• Don’tforget to enable the keyboard. The keyboard is a musthave feature!Have a chat with your friends and message them withsomethingcool!• Popular items include: taco, robot, zombie, fullmoon, redheart, love, winking eye, folded hands, blowing kiss,poop,smirking, thumbs up, victory / peace out sign, middlefinger,rainbow, panda, chicken, cat, dog, tears of joy, laughing,wink,and so much more!Show us your coolest avatar, sticker, smileyorprofile pic that have you have made. Create your awesomedesignsnow.Let’sEmojily!Facebook:[email protected] constantly working hard on the app to addmore emoji, emoticonand improve features such as the keyboard. Dolet us know yoursuggestions as we love to hear from everyone toimprove the app.
Emoji Maker- Free Personal Animated Phone Emojis 2.5.6
Animated Emoji supported ! Phone enables you to use a new kindofemojis called Animated Emojis.Available characters:fox, pig,dog,cat, chicken, monkey,panda Animated Emojis. Animated Emojisfeaturein OS 11, OS12, which is the new live emoji allows you tosend andreceive animated emojis, launched in new Phone. Expressyourselfwith 3D animated stickers and emojis featuring YOU as acartoonavatar maker. You can make your favorite emoji by yourselfandenjoy animated emojis more. Simply, make your avatarentirely(Face, hair, glasses, beard and many more), pick up one ofthe manymoods, add animated text, combine these ingredients andshare youremotions with your friends in the funniest or cutestpossible wayas Animated GIF Stickers and Emojis ! And the best part- It’savailable completely 100% FREE of charge! Trying to getintothe Emoji world. Our plan here is to take you through anextensiveguide on the Android emoji experience. The smiley face,the blushface, the face palm…are you bored with these normal andordinaryemojis? Do you want to try some more special and customizedemojis?Here @ Emoji Maker, you will have access to the bestpersonalizedand extraordinary emojis which are created by YOU! Youwill producethe first emoji version in the world and spread andcirculate it.YOU can send emoji's keyboard and various faceexpressions. You canfully use your imaginations to create thecoolest and your favoriteemojis, whose expressions may be from yourfamilies, friends oranyone from your social networks, which wouldbe a big surprise andgift for them. The best Animated Emojis forphone app. Emoji Makerappears in all your favorite messaging appsincluding WhatsApp,Snapchat, Hangouts, Facebook, Youtube, FacebookMessenger &Twitter etc. And you don't even have to switch to aseparate app,or GIF keyboard and wallpapers . The applicationmethod is veryconvenient and simple. After you download it fromGoogle Play, abig and eye-catching emoji is displayed in front ofyou; click it,thousands of emoji hilarious designs are in yourdashboard. You canchoose any emoji shape and fashioned facialexpressions to createyour own emojis. Animated GIF emojis are alsovariously supported.All your customized emojis can be saved andfound in My Emoji aswell as your mobile phone gallery, and yourcreation achievementscan also be shared with your friends on socialmedia, likeMessenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, onwhich theseemojis can be sent directly and instantly. All yourcreative workscan be applied in video Apps, eg.Video Show,Youtube,Karaoke,Camera, which makes your video more unique, fantasticandextraordinary. Maybe you will gain a lot of fans because ofyourspecial Animated Emojis and stickers. Particularly worthmentioningis our cooperation partner, who ranks the first on chartsofproductivity on Google Play and the best input method—keyboard.Theemojis that we make on Animated Emojis Maker:Personal Animatedforphone can be directly used on keyboard as stickers. In addition,wehave the most popular self-made emojis to recommend for you,enrichyour gallery and expressions. The Emoji accessaries willalsoassist you with the variety and diversity of your emojiworld.Animated Emoji Maker Features: ★ High quality graphics, madefromscratch ★ Fully customizable, resize, move and more ★AnimatedEmojis for Android phone ★ Save to gallery and share indifferentApp ★ Make your personalized avatar emoji ★ Browse savedemojieasily ★ Send it through keyboard ★ Emoji maker from your face★All emoji stuff free ★ Stitch your created emoji ★ Lotsofaccessories in emoji store ★ Any devices supported Justactivateyour ideas and fingers and create your first and uniqueemoji inthe world! We are waiting for your your best work @AnimatedEmojiMaker:Personal Animated Emoji for phone We will do better ,noerror . All are correct choice . Contact us:Email:[email protected]
African Emoji Keyboard 2018 - Cute Emoticon 1.3.5
African Emoji Keyboard 2018, the latest stylish Africanemojikeyboard with black emojis, combines all the things you coulddreamof into a single keyboard. Cool black emoji for android, coolblackemoticons, stickers, cool gifs, smart typing and variousblackkeyboard themes are all in African Emoji Keyboard 2018!AfricanEmoji Keyboard 2018 is perfectly tailored for cool emoji indarkcomplexion fanatics who want to easily access to cool blackemojis,personalized African stickers, and a smart keyboard in oneplace! .. . .🚗 . . . . 🚕 . . . . 🚙. . . .  Awesome Features OfAfricanEmoji Keyboard 2018 : 🎨African Emoji Keyboard - EmojiKeyboard withBlack Emojis African Emoji Keyboard 2018 offers you acollection ofblack emojis for emojis fanatics. Enjoy chatting andtyping with avariety of stylish black emoticons and black skinemojis. Downloadand find the coolest afro black skin emoji! Expressa stunningarray of black emojis, black emoticons for android,stickers andGifs in Messages, Email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter,WhatsApp,Instagram, Kik, Line, WeChat! Have fun everywhere!!!🌵🍭StunningKeyboard Themes African Emoji Keyboard 2018 offers you animprovingnumber of particular design in African Emoji Keyboard2018’sbuild-in theme store. An increasing number of beautifulthemes withcolorful backgrounds, customizable key shapes, key presssound inemoji keyboard, cool fonts, typing effect will come soonincustomizable emoji keyboard.  🦄Latest Cool GIFs Just trywiththese awesome new black emojis and stylishAfricanGIFs no matter you feel happy, boring or surprised!Puppy,cartoon figures, beautiful girls, anything you can imaginetoexpress your feelings directly from your gif keyboard! Sendfunnyanimated GIFs&stickers straight from African blackGIFkeyboard. 🎨Smart Emoji Prediction Intelligent blackemojiprediction that senses what you’re typing. Cool black Emoji,blackemoticon for Android, black smiley faces and emoji art are allinone quick type! 💄Stylish Fonts Dozens of cool fonts todecorateyour words. Type with your favorite font and wow yourfriends!🚌 Swipe Input/Gesture Input With African EmojiKeyboard 2018swipe input technology, you can type fast and accurateby slidingfrom one letter to another without lifting afinger!🤖Autocorrection & Word Prediction Type less and fasterwith ourintelligent auto correction and word prediction.🌍MultipleLanguages Multiple languages with dictionariessupported,including: English (US/UK), French (FR/CA), German,Italian,Portuguese (PT/BR), Russian, Spanish (SP, US, LATAM)…morelanguagescoming soon! ✈️Repost for Instagram/Facebook Emojikeyboard enablesyou to download and repost on Instagram andFacebook and shareamazing Instagram and Facebook images/videosdirectly with yourfriends and family or on your ownInstagram/Facebook. Try to repostInstagram and Facebook photos andvideos you like to get morelikes! 💦Privacy 
We will NEVER store orshare your data from anyinputs. Get rid of boring texting,conversation and email withdefault keyboard? Then install andenable cool African EmojiKeyboard 2018 today!!! 🌵 CoolAfrican Emoji Keyboard 2018for FREE makes your chattingcolorful right away!❣️
Emoji Maker 1.4
Discover one of the most exciting and fun ways to expressyouremotions by creating custom emoji and share to all. Shareyourcreative thoughts in emoji stickers when you chat to friendsoranyone else. The complicated process of creating emoticonsjustbecame an easy task by this emoji maker app. This emoticoncreatorapp takes care of every aspect of creating emoji andemoticons forFacebook. This free emoji creator application allowsusers tocreate expressive emoji for your chat and messages butunlike otherapplications, this emoticon maker allows you to createchat smileysquickly, just tap and choose emoji's eyes, mouth, hair,hair color,eye brows, nose, lips, to create your chat emoji forFacebook. Say'love you' or 'sorry ‘or whatever you want when youchat or uploadstatus on Facebook with your personalized emojiavatar. Inspiredfrom the popular bitmoji, emoji maker allows usersto create theirown custom emoji face to express mood. Features: -Express yourmood with just a few taps! - Best Smiley Creator, Emojidesignerapp. - Design your own custom Emoji. - Fun and addictive. -MuchMore.
Stickers For Chat - Third Party WAStickerApps sgn_FEB_09_2019
Disclaimer - StickoText acts as a third Party WAStickerAppstosupport adding stickers to WhatsApp. This is not anyway relatedorassociated with WhatsApp. + Indian Happy Republic Day 2019StickersAdded. + Indian Political Stickers Added + Indian FreedomFighter,Indian Flag Stickers Added. Now create any sticker usingany image,add any text in any language. Below are the main features+ StickerMaker: Create any sticker whatever you can think of usingtext,images ( from camera / Gallery ), emoticons (emoji), Memes(FunnyFaces) etc. & share through any of your favoritesocialnetworking chat application. + Handmade Pencil Stickers :CreateFree Hand Stickers using pencil tool and write anything inyour ownlanguage and convert it into stickers. + Text Stickers :Createunlimited text stickers by typing in your own languagewithdifferent colors and fonts. Using other WAStickersApps youcannotadd text to stickers but with this app you can easilywritewhatever you want:-) + Personal Stickers: Convert yourtransparentbackground png image to stickers and add text to yourpersonalstickers. + Create unlimited stickers packs : You cancreateunlimited sticker pack with various types of stickers createdbyyour own. (WAStickerApp Third Party Sticker Packs for whatsapp)+Any language Support: As you can create text stickers in yourownlanguage so text stickers can be create in any languagelikeSpanish, German, Brazilian (Portuguese), Indonesian,Russian,Arabic and all others. + Indian Desi Hindi Stickers : Youcancreate Desi Hindi stickers in all Indian languages likeOdia,Bangla, Kanada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu,Marathi,Malayalam, Gujarati, Hindi etc. + Happy Birthday /HappyAnniversary Stickers : Write Text on Birthday Buddy Pictureanddecorate it with Birthday Balloons, Birthday Candles, BirthdayCapsGift, Cakes and various emojis to create BirthdayStickers/Birthday Cards etc. You can even create birthday photoframes andBirthday Greeting Cards using this application. + LoveStickers /Love Emojis/ Love Memes / Valentine's Day Stickers andEmojis : Arange of Love stickers and emojis are available as belowHugStickers, Kiss Stickers, Love Couples Stickers, ProposeStickers,Flirt Stickers, Stickers for Chocolate Day , Rose Day,Teddy Day,Gift Day and much more. + Dynamic Emojis : Createunlimited dynamicEmojis for various categories. + Unlimited Memes :Memes stickers/Emojis are available for each category like love,Sad, Happy,Angry, Like, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy NewYear 2019etc. +Photo Collage : Very easy to make beautiful collageusingdrag and drop of multiple images from camera and gallery. LotofPhoto frames are available for Love, Birthday, Happy New Year2019, Merry Christmas etc. +Ready Made Sticker Packs: If you donotwant to create stickers or emoji pack your own that a rangeofready Made HD Sticker/ Emoji pack are available and ready touse.Almost for all categories stickers pack are available.StickoTextis a single app with all the functionality you arelooking forcreating Personal stickers packs or use ready madesticker pack. SoPlease download and enjoy StickoText. This is fullyWAStickerAppsCompatible so you can easily add Stickers from ThisThird PartyStickoText to Your Whatsapp.
Hi Keyboard - Emoji Sticker, GIF, Animated Theme 1.23
Blue Group
😘Hi Keyboard😘 is a free Keyboard for Android phone that usersarewelcomed to Select & Share a stunning arrayof emoji,animoji stikers & GIFs with your favorite appslike Facebook,Messenger and Instagram! Besides, HI Keyboard alsohelps you totype fast and easy with Gesture Typing and VoiceTyping. 🤔Reasonsfor choosing Hi Keyboard😊 ★Hi Keyboard knows youbetter and makesyour typing fast and correct! ★Follow us withpersonalized emojikeyboard and enjoy smiley emoji, sticker, font tokey tone withyour friends anytime! ★There are rich colorful freeanimated themesand 100+ fonts to make your keyboard have acharacter, and you canslide to input smoothly! ★Hi Keyboardsupports 60+ languages, youare easy to find your one. KEY FEATURES:1.Gesture Typing: Slideyour finger from letter to letter. 2.VoiceTyping: Touch themicrophone to simply dictate your text. 3.Wordcompletionsuggestions, automatic corrections and next-wordprediction basedon the words that you have typed. 4.Tons of uniquefree Stickers& Emoji & funny GIFs to express yourselfbetter and makeyour chat interesting. 5.Numbers of Colorful themesoffer youpersonal keyboard and suit for your any style 6.Providesvariouslayouts such as QWERTY keyboard, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboardfor padtablet. 7.PRIVACY and security: We will never collect yourpersonalinfo including credit card information. In fact, we caresforprivacy of what you type and who you type! 8.Supports60+languages. CONTACT US Join ourFacebook: USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. Your downloading, installation,use of,and other access to Hi Keyboard is conditioned on youracceptanceand compliance with the terms of this license agreement.PRIVACYPOLICY. We will never collect your personal info includingcreditcard information. In fact, we cares for privacy of what youtype andwho you type!
Animoji for phone X+ Live Emoji Face Swap Emoticon 1.3.6
💖Animoji for phone X +Live Emoji Face Swap Emoticon - themostamazing app for face morphing with emoji!Animated Emojisupported !Phone X enables you to use a new kind of emojis calledANIMOJI andAR Emoji.Available characters:fox, pig, dog, cat,chicken,monkey,panda Animoji AR Emoji. Animoji feature in OS 11,OS12,which is the new live emoji allows you to send and receiveanimatedemojis, launched by the apple in new Phone X. Expressyourself with3D animated stickers and emojis featuring YOU, you canuse the FaceID hardware face-scanning features of the Phone X tocreate custom3D versions based on your own facial expressions .🎀Doyou want toemoji face? Do you want a special and personalitypicture or video?Come on Animoji for phone X +Live Emoji Face SwapEmoticon. Thereis a magic app that make your face to be emoji face.Here we triedto provide the similar feature for the android userwhere you cancreate and share Animoji from your android mobile.Yes, it is notexactly as in apple phone but we are working hard toprovide asimilar feature in Android. An entirely newexperience forandroid phones!The best Animoji for phone X app.Animoji for phoneX+ Live Emoji Face Swap Emoticon appears in allyour favoritemessaging apps including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hangouts,Facebook,Youtube, Facebook Messenger & Twitter etc. And youdon't evenhave to switch to a separate app, or GIF keyboard andwallpapers.All your creative works can be applied in video Apps,eg.VideoShow,Youtube, Karaoke, Camera, which makes your video moreunique,fantastic and extraordinary. It can create stunning emojieyes andface on your face,It looks special and magical for yourvideos byusing Animoji for phone X +Live Emoji Face Swap Emoticon.We haveface with tears of joy emoji、smiling face with heart 、shapedeyesemoji、😱 screaming in fear, 😈shocking, sick,😜and many otheremoji!We also have face with different country flag, if you arefans ofEuropean Cup, choose Live Emoji! This is not a dream , fortheandroid user , not only a single mobile devices , but alsogivingthis type of face recognition system, they’re all animatedinreal-time before you send them as a message. 🎀AnimojiFeatures🎀:★There are 5 function: face off、 facemorph 、part face、split effect 、face blend ★50+ emoji faces andcoming more★ 4 typesfor face morphing;★ AR& 3D Animoji forphone X★ Aim theeyes、nose and mouth by using your finger;★ Adjustemoji andEuropean Cup face's range by the bar;★ Share videosto:Email,Facebook, etc;Have fun playing with this live-emojicalledAnimoji on your Android. Share with friends and family and dogivefeedback & support if you want this feature same as applephonein your android devices . We will do better , no error ,coolexperience . Say you stumble across a news Animoji you like. Ifyoufail to install , you can taste to install and restart. Thisappcompatibility is good. Every Animoji looks neat.★#words★: animoji, anime maker, anime creator, avatarmaker,avatar creator, GIF stickers, text animator, animatedtext,stickers for chating, stickers for dating, anime avatarcreator,anime maker, Text Font Styles, avatar maker, girl avatar,boyavatar, Animated GIF Video, my avatar, new avatar, animationmaker,3d animation maker, 3d avatar creator, create your owncharacter,animated emojis, kiss cartoon, animojis, cartoon me,comic maker,greeting cards all occasions free, wishes andgreetings, coolstuff, status maker, status messages, fb stickers,fb status,makeup,makeup games for girls, text emoticons, animatedemojis, 3Demojis, Animated GIF Video, Make your own text, AnimatedTextVideo, Text Font Styles, emoji maker, bitmojialternative.Please donot forget to let us know if there is anythingyou would like toadd to this app. Enjoy Animoji for phone X +LiveEmoji Face SwapEmoticon.————————————————————Contactus:Facebook:[email protected]
Kiwi Keyboard–Emoji, Original Stickers and Themes 2.9.0
Kiwi keyboard is a Unique Free Android keyboard thatprovidesthousands of High-resolution Original stickers, Emojis&Gifsthat help you stand out from the others! With Kiwi Keyboard,youcan change your keypad Themes, Fonts and sent cool Stickers toAnysocial media or website! Auto-correction and gesture typingalsoloaded to give you the fast and accurate typing experience.KiwiEmoji Keyboard is supported Android 8.0 now! Download it andupdateyour keyboard to another level! 🥇 Why choose Kiwi Keyboard?🏆🙆Original Stickers and Fun Gifs 🎬 - Kiwi Design Team workingveryhard to create more and more Original Sticker to help youbedifferent from others! Continuously Update! - Kiwi KeyboardGIFcollection is supported by Giphy. - Kiwi Keyboard collectedoverthousands of trending Gifs - Delivery your emotions by sendingfunemoji and stickers to any social media platform! - All EmojiandGIFs are free to download and use! 🤗 Thousands ofdifferentEmoticons! 😍 - Text with your own style. Chatting willnever bebored! - Over thousands of emojis, emoticons, Kaomoji -Faceemoticons ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), (ʘ‿ʘ) - Emoji Art, Emoji Symbols,EmojiDictionary - Easy Input of any kind of information! 🎨Free&Funny keyboard themes 🌈 Kiwi Keyboard offers you beautifulandpersonal Keyboard themes that could make your keyboard standingoutyour own personality and style. Say goodbye to theDefault!🤖Auto-correction & Word Prediction 💬 Type less andfaster withour intelligent & smart auto correction and wordprediction.🆒Stylish Fonts ♌ Kiwi Keyboard provides different cool&stylish fonts to decorate your android keyboard to anotherlevel!⛷️Swipe input/Gesture Typing 💨 Try to slide your fingerthrough thekeypad fast & accurate to input. No need to typeletter byletter! 🗺Support 50+ Languages 🌍 Kiwi Emoji keyboardhelpsConnected people from all around the world. Multiple languagesaresupported, including English (US/UK), French (FR/CA),German,Italian, Portuguese (PT/BR), Russian, Spanish (SP, US,LATAM)… morelanguages coming soon! 📧Contact us 📬 Support &Feedback:[email protected] Thank You For Choosing OurProduct, WeWill Continue to Work Hard to Make It Better!💪 💪 💪
XPRESSO 3D Avatar Anime Animoji Gif Sticker 1.0.25
Express yourself with 3D animated emojis stickers featuring YOU asacartoon avatar maker. Make your avatar entirely (Face,hair,glasses, beard and many more), pick up one of the many moods,addanimated text, and share your emotions with your friends inthefunniest or cutest possible way as Animated GIF StickeremojissXPRESSO appears in all your favorite messaging appsincludingWhatsApp, Snapchat, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger &Twitter etc.and you don't even have to switch to a separate app, orGIFkeyboard XPRESSO is the most awesome emojis app... Users sayit’sthe best animated avatar animoji app of 2017 With dailytrendinganimations and regular updates for every occasion, culturaland popreference, XPRESSO will keep you wanting to come back formore!Please try XPRESSO if you are looking for AR Moji, emojis,Animojior 3D emojis. XPRESSO has a similar concept, but is far morefunthan these applications XPRESSO is far more expressive thanemojisand stickers. XPRESSO is a new style of 3D animated emojiss,emojisand stickers App features • World’s cutest Avatar maker,Emojimaker, emojis maker and Animoji maker Create a stunning avatarthatresembles you using our emojis / emoji / animoji / avatarmakerfeature Dress up your avatar in the hottest style and makeafashion statement • Most advanced text animation maker Add texttocreate animated stickers for text message • Most expressiveAvatar+ Text Combo Make your own animated Text Video with Cool TextFontstyles & Colors Speak your heart out with the mostexpressiveanimated emojis stickers • Huge library of animatedanimoji &emojis stickers Express with hundreds of lively 3Davatar animatedemojis and animojis stickers on your favoritechat,date/dating andsocial media apps (Facebook, WhatsApp,Snapchat, Facebookmessenger, KIK, Twitter, Viber, Allo, etc.) •Access animations OnThe Go for Chating/Dating as Avatar animojisGIF Sticker Assistant!Quickly find relevant animations withoutleaving your chat XPRESSOfollows you wherever you go and Shareeverywhere as Animated GIFStickers or Animated GIF Video! XPRESSOis all about you and youremotions! It’s your own personal animatedemojis and animojistickers plus text emoticons XPRESSO is the bestavatar maker and3D emoji maker, animojis maker and emojis makerwith cool text artand animated GIF video XPRESSO is a funalternative to Bitmoji andfuture of personalized emojis We arehappy to listen to youropinion Email:- [email protected] Website:- animoji, anime maker,animecreator,avatar maker,avatarcreator,GIF stickers,textanimator,animated text,stickers forchating, stickers fordating,anime avatar creator,anime maker,TextFont Styles,avatarmaker,girl avatar,boy avatar,Animated GIFVideo,my avatar,newavatar,animation maker,3d animation maker,3davatar creator,createyour own character,animated emojis,kisscartoon,animojis,cartoonme,comic maker,greeting cards alloccasions free,wishes andgreetings,cool stuff,status maker,statusmessages,fb stickers,fbstatus,makeup,makeup games for girls,textemoticons,animatedemojis,3D emojis,Animated GIF Video,AR moji, ARemoji, emojis, Makeyour own text,Animated Text Video,Text FontStyles,emoji maker,bitmoji alternative
Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji
Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressivecartoonavatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – allfeaturing YOU• Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chatUsing Bitmojiin Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojisfeaturing youand your friends!
IMessage IOS12 2.0.16012018
I.Message for IOS 12 is beauty imessages with emoji message,stickeremoji, style OS 12.💬 Free SMS Forever for everyone andanywhere💬Free Emoji, animoj, emoition, sticker, texting SMS, MMSetc.💬Quickly reply SMS on Lock screen easily not open device.💬Slide toanswer message so cool and great.💬 Notify on Lock screenOS 12 andcontrol panel on phone.💬 Sticker for message: anysticker, emoji.animoji and more.💬 Many Theme I.Message for IOS 12: phone X theme,dark theme, pink theme, Christmas theme and morefor you choice.Message for IOS 11 and Message OS 11 easy messagefor IOS 12.🍎 Sendtext message easy and faster🍎 Send full HD photoand emoji new on OS11🍎 Support on notification reply🍎 Syn messageon new device 🍎Register number phone for text message free🍎 Stylephone 8, phone10, phone X🍎 New emoji, animoji on OS 11.3🍎 3D touchin message🍎Change avatar on detail contact 🍎 Group chat, groupmessage 🍎 Emoji,photo send freeMessages for IOS 11 and i.message12 is easy messageeveryone.
MartinMojis 1.0
Damn Gina! This app is tight!Download the official MartinLawrencemessaging application to use exclusive, custom MartinLawrencecontent across all your text message and socialmediaconversations. Emojis, stickers, GIFs, filters, and much morecanbe used on any of your other favorite messaging and socialmediaapps. The MartinMojis app is like no other - you can evenmakeyourself into a personalized MartinMoji!With contentupdatedregularly, your digital conversations will always be fresh.You canexpect to see content from Martin Lawrence himself, as wellas allhis alter egos from The Martin Show like Jerome, Otis, MamaPayne,White Bob, Elroy Preston, Dragonfly Jones, and of course,theinfamous Shanaynay.Have fun with the MartinMojis app! Peace!
Kika Keyboard - Emoji Keyboard, Emoticon, GIF
Kika AI Team
Kika Keyboard is a free emoji keyboard app that makes typingfast,accurate and fun! Packed with thousands of emojis, emoticons,coolfonts, funny GIFs😂, smiley faces, stickers, stylish keyboardthemesand amazing goodies, kika keyboard that has been loved byover 20million users is the best emoji keyboard app for Android!Upgradeyour keyboard to Kika Keyboard for FREE to type faster andsendcool GIFs & emojis to amaze your friends! Protect yourselffromembarrassing typos with our ultra-intelligent predictivetext,smart autocorrect, suggested stickers and GIFs features andswipeto type messages single handedly! Best voice typing experiencewitha brand new smart correction feature. Correct voice typosfasterthan ever before. English and Chinese are supported now, andwillcontinue to expand. 3000+ emojis and emoticons, trendingGIFs,stickers and colorful themes, more than 150 languages. Kikawill bethere for you no matter who you need to chat with 💌💤 Wedisplay andupdate online emojis and theme in kika Store. And youcan downloadthe ones you like and apply them easily to avoid thatall resourcesof themes and emojis occupy your phone's space. KeyFeatures 😂Anever growing library of FREE emoji and funny gifs forMessenger,Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram,Line,Kik, Imo, Telegram, Yahoo SMS and other social mediamessengers.Available across all major OS and smart devices. Easyvoice type onthe go with Voice Board. Smart stickers pop-up to helpyou expressyourself quickly. Hundreds of keyboard themes availableto suityour style. Custom keyboard theme by choosing your ownphotos,wallpapers, emoji wallpaper. You can also change the themecolors,customize the font style, fonts size and colors!Customizablelayout (one-hand mode and split screen) to completelysuit yourneeds. QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY for phone mode and otherlayoutsspecifically for pad tablet. Swipe to type messages singlehandedlyon keyboard and type fast. Best keyboard with gesturetyping,smooth swipe to type functionality(slide your finger totype),voice typing input technology. Ultra-intelligentpredictivetext/autocorrect feature auto-completes the words you aretypingand offers you accurate next-word prediction. Kika keyboardis themost fun, customizable way to type across samsung galaxy,huawei,honor, ZTE, LGE etc all the devices. 🍭Full support formobiles andtablets 🎬IP movie contents Emoji and Emoticons -Tons ofandroidemoji, emoticons, kaomoji, sticker, animated emoji. -Japaneseemoticons ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), ( ˘ ³˘)❤ - Packed with Emojione,Emoji Love,Twemoji, AndroidN Emoji, Glitter Emoji in Kika Keyboard.PRIVACYCHAT & SECURITY Kika will never collect your personalinfo orphotos you set as wallpapers. We only use the words typed byyou tomake the predictions more accurate. We are constantly workinghardon making the Kika Keyboard app better and more useful foryourtyping needs. Contact Us Support &Feedback:[email protected] Got an idea? Want to cooperate withus? Let usknow! [email protected]
Emoji HD Talking Stickers v3.1
5000+ Free Emoji Stickers for your favorite Messengerse.g.WhatsApp, WeChat, IMO, Line, TalkRay, Facebook, Twitter,Instagram.You will really enjoy to express your emotion via theseawesome HDemoticon stickers. Great to impress your friends andfamily viathis amazing collection of Emoji Stickers. ★ FEATURES: -Lovelycute quality 3 Mega Pack of Emoji Stickers like PopularStickers,Love Stickers, Best Stickers - Easy to share on WhatsApp,IMO andother Messengers & Social Network e.g. Facebook, Twitteretc..- Save to Gallery for more Customization and Manual Sharing -Addto Favorites & Save the Sticker in separate Folder toeasilyCustomize the Lists & to easily access. ★ HOW TO USE: -SwipeMain Categories and Tap on any Category of Emoticon Sticker. -InNext Page Select / Tap Image and Choose the appropriate Optioninthe Popup Dialog e.g. Send / Share Sticker, Save to Gallery, AddtoFavorites - Click on Share/Send Sticker and select your WhatsApporFacebook in the Popup Dialog (if already Installed) and sendtheSticker to your dear ones. - Click on Save to Gallery toCustomizethe Sticker or Manually Share it. - Click on Add toFavorites &Save the Sticker in separate Folder & you caneasily Customizethe Lists & can easily access. Rate this App 5★★★★★ to bringmore awesome and amazing Emoji Stickers Collectionfor you. Thisapp has great Stickers of various occasion. Very cooland cute App.Enjoy! Key Words: emojistickers, emoji stickers,stickers forwhatsapp, whatsapp, emojipedia, emoticon, emojicon,emoji,stickers, best emoji, best emojistickers, best stickers,emojicollection, stickers collection, whatsapp, wechat,facebook,twitter, line, talkray, emojihdstickers, emojihd