Top 24 Apps Similar to Police Radio WiFi

Police Scanner
The Police Scanner app allows you to listen to messages of theDutchpolice, fire arms and ambulances. Includes an alert managerthatalerts you if somethign happens in you neighborhood.
EchoLink 1.5.10
Please note: This app is for licensed Amateur Radio operatorsonly.See for more information. EchoLink forAndroidprovides access to the EchoLink network from your Androiddevice.You can use this app to connect to the EchoLink system fromalmostanywhere, using either a WiFi or cellular (3G/4G/LTE)connection.Access to EchoLink requires a password. If you havenever usedEchoLink before and you are a licensed Amateur operator,you canchoose a password at startup. If you already have a passwordbuthave forgotten it, you can get a Please report any The development team does not readreviewsfor bug reports. Thank you.
Wi-Fi Walkie Talkie 2.0
Web Star
WiFi Walkie Talkie is a Push-to-Talk application which allows youtotalk for free over wireless networks.With this application, youcantransmit your voice data to all devices which are on thesamenetwork or to any device which you know its IP address.How canyouuse this app?If you want to send voice message to a singleuser,press the Unicast button and insert the IP address that youwant totalk with.Push to speak button, hold and speak.If you wantto talkBroadcast, use the Broadcast button and broadcast domainIPaddress.If you have a problem with this app please
BluetoothTalkie 1.08
Bluetooth Talkie - is an application that simulates the operationofthe portable devices Reception (The radio, Walkie-Talkie).BluetoothTalkie works via bluetooth adapter on your device andallows you tonegotiate a one-waycommunicationmode._______________________Features of the app:-Quick search andconnect the two devices;- Simple and intuitiveinterface;- Theability to automatically connect when the connectionis lost;- Theability to visualize the input audio stream;- The useof a headsetto transmit messages;- The ability to customize the useof soundand vibrations;- The application has many waystouse;____________________________How to use the application:UsingBluetoothTalkie is easy! On two adjacent devices must beinstalledBluetoothTalkie and enabled adapter bluetooth. If yourphones hasnot been connected via bluetooth, it is necessary tosearchdevices. In the "list of devices" perform to search fordevices.After scanning, displays a list of devices (name andmac-addr) withenabled bluetooth. If the desired device is notlisted, try toinclude the detection and search again. Next, selectthe devicefrom the list of the interlocutor and click "connect".Afterconnecting in the "radio" will be the name of the connecteddevice.Now your device is in the "waiting" and you can talk. Firsttheuser selects "transfer" (TX) and says, the second userdeviceautomatically switches to "reception" (RX) - listening aslong asthe first user does not switch to "waiting".
Virtual Walkie Talkie 1.41
andro iX
"Virtual Walkie Talkie Pro" available.a walkie talkie forvoicecommunication with multiple persons through (alsobuilt-in)multi-channel ip mail problems,errorsor questions, i cannot answer to comments.NOTICE:if thenetindicator wont turn green after switching on or the defaultserveris too populated, please try anotherone:pressmenu->options->change "" to"" in thefirst field->press apply->switch on
Walkie-talkie 1.2.1
Communicate through this radio within range of Wi-Fi. Enteryourname in the settings, select a channel and talk!Fortheapplication, connect the two (or more) phone that is runningasingle router. Availability of Internet router isnotrequired.Added features: Voice modification Echo cancelerAutomaticgain control Noise suppressor
Virtual Walkie Talkie Pro 1.39
andro iX
walkie talkie for voice comm with multiple persons through(alsobuilt-in) multi-channel ipserver.profeatures:-adfree-Camera/trackball button PTT-own PrivacyCode(likeyour own chan) and Invite-VOX-theme and iconplease tryfree versionfirst.please mail problems, errors or questions, icannot answer tocomments.NOTICE:if the net indicator wont turngreen afterswitching on or the default server is too populated,please tryanother one:press menu->options->change"" to"" in the first field->pressapply->switch on
WiChat 4.8.2
We chat
WiChat is a free app that allows you to easily discover, andchatwith other cute people who happen to be unique, special, andcute,just like you.✔ HOW DOES IT WORK ? Using WiChat you canorganizecommunication between devices at distances of Wi-Fi signalwithoutusing an Internet connection or a cellular network.✔ HOW TOUSEWiChat ?1. Connect to an existing Wi-Fi Network or create yourownwireless network based on a Hotspot of your phone or tablet,using“Network Manger” of Wi Chat.2. Now any Wi Chat user connectedtothe same network will appear online.3. Now you can usefullfunctionality of Wi Chat !✔ FEATURES :• Working withoutInternet ora cellular network.• Private messages chat.• SendVoice.• SendPICTS.• Send emojis and stickers to your flirt and gettheirattention.• Personalize your profile…* No fb login required.✔WHERETO USE WiChat ?— Now you can communicate with singles inpreviouslyunavailable places:• Airplane.• Train.• Otherlong-distancetransport.• Stadium.• Concert hall.• Forest andmountains.• …Otherpublic places where a cellular signal is weak. —Wi Chat is alsowell suited for communication within a Wi-Fi networkof your :•Home.• Office.• School.• University or Dorms.• …Note : Ifyoucreate a hotspot while your device’s Internet connectionenabled,then Internet (sharing) becomes activated.✔ YOU’RE ALWAYSINCONTROL FOR YOUR DATA :Behind WiChat is a small team with agreatmission : we want to make connecting more fun, safe andawesome forsingles.Your exact location and your personal dataremain secret.At WiChat, everyone is safe and anonymous. ✔COMPLETELYFREEDownloading Wi Chat and using the service iscompletely free ofcharge! ✔ Join now !! the fastest growing datingapp and way todiscover new friends in your area :D✔ FINALLY : ✨Love & Funare closer than you think - find nearby local singlesand newfriends who like you! Life is too short. Go out there, liveandfind love! ✨☕ THANK YOU for your review :)☕-----------------------------------------------|||| Made with 💖anda lot of fun ;-)||||-----------------------------------------------
traphouse radio indianapolis
Listen live to metropolitan police in indianapolis. Know whentoshut it down if ya know what im saying! Show support and giveagood rating for this one!!! Indianapolis is the capital city oftheU.S. state of Indiana, and also the county seat of MarionCounty.As of the 2010 census, the city's population is829,718policescanner frequenciesdigital police scannerindianapolispolicereportsindianapolis scanner frequenciesindianapolispoliceradioindianapolis police codesindianapolis radioshackindianapolispolice scanner frequenciesboone county policeradioindianapolispolice scanner onlineradio scannerdigital policescanner appdigitalpolice scanner onlinedigital police scannerandroid apponlinepolice scanner
Bluetooth Walkie Talkie 1.1.2
The application «Bluetooth WalkieTalkie»designed for voice/video communication via Bluetooth andWiFi LocalNetwork.
Walkie Talkie Pro
Why purchase many app just to use Walkie-Talkie via BluetoothandWiFi feature when this app securely gives you the freedomofselecting one of the three connection (Bluetooth/WiFi/WiFi-Hotspot) without any ads. It is also clean and nicesoundingcompared to other app and holds very small space (under1MB). Ithas privacy feature where you can chose the channel numberand theperson with that number can only make conversation with you.Justmake the selection that suits your situation indoor oroutdoor.Walkie Talkie pro application makes use of your Androidphone as aWalkie-Talkie device. You can communicate usingBluetooth, WiFi(devices must be on same router) and WiFi hot spot.Enjoy and havefun in classroom, house and outdoor with these allflexibility.*Setup and mange Family Group/ Family Library to shareyour paid app.Have fun. App features- Adfree- PersonalizedUsernames- MuteButton- Customizable ChannelsBe sure to rate andslap a reviewafter you play with it. Thanks
WIFI Walkie Talkie 3.0.0
Wi-Fi Walkie Talkie adalah aplikasi terbaik untukberkomunikasigratis di sama jaringan wi-fi dengan semua perangkatyang terhubungpada nerwork itu. Fitur utama dari Talkie walkie: -Broadcast Audiopada semua perangkat. - Multi Cast Audio padaPerangkat yangterdaftar pada alamat IP tertentu yang telah Andapilih. - UnicastAlamat yang akan mendapatkan audio hanya untuk satuperangkat -Sentuh untuk Bicara atau Hanya Sentuh pada walkie. -Gratis untukdigunakan.Wi-Fi Walkie Talkie is the best applicationtocommunicate in the same free wi-fi network to all devicesconnectedto the nerwork.The main features of Walkie Talkie:-Broadcast Audioon all devices.- Multi Cast Audio on a device thatis registered ona specific IP address that you have chosen.-Unicast Address thatwill get audio only for one device- Touch toTalk or Just Tap onthe walkie.- Free to use.
WiFi Walkie Talkie 1.0
WiFi Walkie Talkie app is a best solution to communicate freeonsame WIFI network.Multiple people can download and use it sametimeas real Walkie Talkie with in the same WIFI zone.With thisWiFiWalkie Talkie app, you can transmit your voice data to alldeviceswhich are on the same network.WiFi Walkie Talkie will workswithoutinternet connection but should be connected in sameWi-Finetwork.WiFi Walkie Talkie is a broadcast utility when you arein asingle Wi-Fi Network, truly amazing.How amazing if youcancommunicate freely with your family and friends or withcolleagueswho are connected with same Wi-Fi network who are indifferentfloors? WiFi Walkie Talkie will help you communicate withthem without any phone charges, You can Broadcast Audio on all thedevices.Multi Cast Audio on Devices which are registered onparticular IPAddress you have chosen. Unicast Address which willget audio onlyfor one device. Touch to Talk or Just Tap on WalkieTalkie.
Walkie Talkie 1.2
WiFi Walkie Talkie is a PTT (Push-to-Talk) application to makefreephone calls using the same wifi network connection. Withthisapplication, you can transmit your voice data to all deviceswhichare on the same network or to any device which you know itsIPaddress.How can you use this app?If you want to send voicemessageto a single user, press the Unicast button and insert theIPaddress that you want to talk with.Push to speak button, holdandspeak.If you want to talk Broadcast, use the Broadcast buttonandbroadcast domain IP address.
Walkietooth 1.6.2
Walkietooth allows to establish a full duplex communicationchannelbetween two Android devices, letting them to communicate forallthe time needed, better than having two walkie talkies. You mayuseit as baby monitor, or to communicate easily on motorcycle,duringsport or in all the activities in which direct communicationis noteasy.
Walkie-talkie Pro 1.2.0
Communicate through this radio within range of Wi-Fi. Enteryourname in the settings, select a channel and talk!Addedfeatures:Voice modification Echo canceler Automatic gain controlNoisesuppressor
Free Call Walkie talkie 1.0
Now WALKIE TALKIE application currently available in the marketfreefor any Android platform.This APP not use your data, text orcallallowance...You can talk free!you can use it in at home ,school ,building, office with the use of same natwork device.ThisAPP isreally family fun at it's best, as well as being businesssmart. Howto use?Just install it on two android phones and awayyou go!Bothuser should be connect with same network.Tap theWirless phone imageon the screen if you want to speak and don'trealse the Tap.if youwant to stop then release the tap.
Wifi Walkie Talkie Free 1.0
AnDrOiD KiNg
With this application "Wifi Walkie TalkieFree", you can transfer your voice data to all devices that are onthesame network or to any device you know its IP address.The main features of Walkie Talkie Free Wifi:- Audio Streaming on all devices.- Multi Audio Cast on devices that are on including IP addressyouhave chosen.- Unicast address that will get audio only for one device.- Touch to talk or just tap Talkie.- Free to use.Download this Free application now !
Free Walkie Talkies 1.0
Fun For ALL The Family!Practical For Business Use!By far THE BEST WALKIE TALKIE application currently on themarketfor any Android platform.This APP uses none of your data, text or callallowance...Youheard correct, NONE!Moms: Need to call the kids for dinner or even to ask themtoturn that music or Playstation down? Just press and talk!Kids: Run out of credit on your phone and need to talk toMom,Dad or your Brother or Sister? Just press and talk forfree!Dads: Don't want to be disturbed while your in the"ManCave"..simple, Just turn it off :)Businesses: Need a cost effective way to keep in contactwithyour employee's while on the job? Just press and talk to theentiregroup.This APP really is family fun at it's best, as well asbeingbusiness smart. It uses your home or office WiFi connectionandeliminates any usage of your mobile phone data orallowances.Just install it on two android phones and away you go!It's minimal download just 3.1 MBAny questions just ask us, we are always happy to help!Try our Pro version - No adverts and improvedgraphics.
WiFi Walkie Talkie 1.11
WiFi Walkie Talkie: is a walkie talkie application that allowsanynumber of users to talk to each other instantly, works withdevicesconnected to the same network segment.- Does not requireinternetor mobile network connection, use any available WiFihotspot orcreate a mobile access point on one device and connectall otherdevices to this access point.- It supports running inthebackground as a receiver with minimal battery usage (you canhearyou friends while device is locked)- Devices find each other byNSD(aka Bonjour or ZeroConf), no any configuration required. Itjustworks.- Very small, takes only 300Kb of device memory storage-Talkbutton lock, swipe left-and-down or right-and-down tolockbuttonNSD on Android is not stable enough, so if devices can'tfindeach others or top line with pointless text is not green trytorestart application, or reboot device.Program released underGPLlicense, source code availableat you found some bugsormiss some features - contact us.
Wifi Walkie Talkie 2018 1.1
WiFi Walkie Talkie app is a best solution to communicate freeonsame WIFI network. A free PTT ( Push to talk) application forfreecommunication. You must be on the same WIFI zone tocommunicateusing WIFI Walkie Talkie app. Multiple can download anduse on thesame time to communicate. Transmit your voice to alldevices whichare connected to the same wifi network. No need tointernetconnection. For WiFi Walkie Talkie it works withoutinternetconnection but you should be connected in same Wi-Finetwork. WiFiWalkie Talkie is a broadcast utility. it is not asecure VOIPapplication. it works just like a link you need toconnect bothphones on a same wifi modem. Are you looking for a freephone callapplication with out any call charges?. well try out thisFree Wifiwalkie talkie app and use to communicate with friends,familymembers on the different floors of same buildings. WalkieTalkieFunctions => Broadcast audio on all devices connected onthesame wifi modem => Touch to Talk or Just Tap on WalkieTalkie.
Walkie - Talkie via Bluetooth 1.1
Walkie - Talkie application whichcommunicatestwo devices via Bluetooth.It developed for school project.Enjoy.v1.1
PMR - Walkie Talkie WiFi 2.0.2
SM Software
Personal Mobile Radio (short: PMR) workslikeclassic Walkie Talkie. You can speak to others in realtime.However, it has an advantage over conventional WT - you canspeakto one person or to many. Of course, it happens in real timeandvoice quality is very high - you can even listen to music onthedistance. The application uses Wifi technology. You can connecttoother devices by conventional router, Wifi Direct or mobileaccesspoint. It doesn't need Internet connection to work only anyWificonnection.Personal Mobile Radio might be very usable in many aspectoflive.At work:- on construction site,- factory workers,- security guardsOn the road:- communication between cars as that were regular phone(PMRsupports full-duplex mode)At home:- baby monitor (PMR allows to turn on continuous transmission)Fun outdoors:- paintball, hide-and-seekSummary:- we can talk and listen to one person or to many in realtime- we can manage channels and nodes- very high quality of audio stream- possibility to turn on continuous transmission (monitoring)- possibility to add name for every node like Tom, Janeetc[FULL]- possibility to create channel with favorite name like'paintball'etc- full duplex option (talking and listening simultaneously)- the application is easy to use and looks likemodernWalkie-TalkieCommunication range depends on device and terrain.Approximate, tested ranges:- if you use separate Wifi AP: range up to 200 meters infreearea- if you use Mobile Wifi AP, Wifi-Direct: range about 100 metersinfree areaNow download and install PMR, push to speak button, holdandspeak to one or many friends.Personal MobileRadio(short: PMR) works like classic Walkie Talkie. You can speaktoothers in real time. However, it has an advantage overconventionalWT - you can speak to one person or to many. Of course,it happensin real time and voice quality is very high - you caneven listento music on the distance. The application uses Wi-Fitechnology.You can connect to other devices to conventional router,Wi-FiDirect or mobile access point. It does not need Internetconnectionto work any WiFi connection only.Personal Mobile Radio might be very usable in many aspectoflive.At work:- On construction site,- Factory workers,- Security guards  On the road:- Communication Between cars were as regular phone That(PMRsupports full-duplex mode)At home:- Baby monitor (PMR allows to turn on continuous transmission)Fun outdoors:- Paintball, hide-and-seekSummary:- We can talk and listen to one person or to many in realtime- We can manage channels and nodes- Very high quality of the audio stream- Possibility to turn on continuous transmission (monitoring)- Possibility that add name for every node like Tom, Janeetc[FULL]- Possibility create a favorite channel with name like'paintball'etc- Full duplex option (talking and listening Simultaneously)- The application is easy to use and looks likemodernWalkie-TalkieCommunication range depends on device and terrain.Approximate, tested ranges:- If you use separate Wifi AP: range up to 200 meters infreearea- If you use the Mobile WiFi AP, WiFi-Direct: about 100 metersrangein free areaNow download and install PMR, push button to speak, holdandspeak to one or many friends.
Easy Walkie Talkie & Chat Free 1.2.5
-Simple, straightforward and easy to useWalkieTalkie and Chat via WiFi or Bluetooth between two Androiddevices.-You can use it anywhere where you have no access to Internet:onthe street, beach, mountains, shopping , at home, at work,etc.-Do not use cellular data network, no need internet, doesnotdepend on any server, should have been no access to any accounttouse it, simply install and use it.-Use voice transmission in real time (Streaming Audio) withthetraditional "Push To Talk" or "Click To Talk" which lets youtalkwithout having to hold down, ideal for uninterruptedtransmissionsuch as "Baby Call".-The Chat allows single chat channel for each contact andover500 emoticons.-Fully configurable: ringtones, notifications, text size,app.wake up, etc.-We leave this test release, waiting for your comments. Basedonthat we will be incorporating more features or not.- Thanks to all the users who send us bug reports!Thank you very much.