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Norsk Mat, Matvaretabellen 1.6
Matvaretabellen gir en samlet oversiktoverinnhold av energi og næringsstoffer for de vanligste matvarenevispiser i Norge.Matvaretabellen 2016 inneholder 1600 matvarer og har verdierfor38 næringsstoffer. Matvarenes innhold av energi ognæringsstofferer målt i den tilstand de vanligvis finnes ibutikken, men tabellengir også næringsinnhold for et utvalgtilberedte matvarer ogretter. Alle tabellverdiene gjelder innhold i100 g spiselig vare,det vil si næringsinnholdet etter at skinn,skall, bein, kjernereller annet som vanligvis ikke blir spist erfjernet.Matvaretabellen må oppdateres kontinuerlig ettersom nyematvarerlanseres hvert år samtidig som ingredienser ogproduksjonsmetoderendres i matvarer.Næringsstoffverdiene i Matvaretabellen kommer fra:Kjemiske analyser utført i kvalitetssikredenorskelaboratorierLånte verdier hentet fra industrien ellerutenlandskematvaretabellerEstimerte verdier beregnet ut i fra liknende matvarer og retterMatvaretabellen danner grunnlaget for beregning av inntaketavulike næringsstoffer for enkeltpersoner og grupper avbefolkningen.Den er derfor et viktig oppslagsverk og redskap imatforvaltning ogernæringspolitikk, i undervisning ogopplysningsarbeid og forhelsepersonell og forskere. Tabellen brukesogså avmatvareindustrien som grunnlag for varedeklarasjoner ogvedmatvareproduksjon.Den offisielle norske matvaretabellen samfinansieresavMattilsynet og Helsedirektoratet. Det praktiske arbeidet utføresavfagpersoner hos Mattilsynet og Avdeling forernæringsvitenskap,Universitetet i Oslo.Alt innhold er hentet fra "Matvaretabellen 2016.Mattilsynet,Helsedirektoratet og Universitetet".Food table givesanoverview of the content of energy and nutrients for thecommonfoods we eat in Norway.Food Composition Table 2016 contains 1600 foods and havevalues​​for 38 nutrients. Of foods content of energy and nutrientsaremeasured in the condition they are usually found in the store,butthe table also provides nutritional content of a samplepreparedfoods and dishes. All table values ​​apply content in 100grams ofedible product, ie nutritional content after skins, shells,bones,seeds or other that are not usually eaten is removed. Foodtablemust be updated continuously as new foods launched each yearwhileingredients and production methods change foods.Nutrient Values ​​in Food Composition Table comes from:Chemical analyzes performed in quality assuredNorwegianlaboratoriesBorrowed values ​​obtained from industry or foreignfoodtablesEstimated values ​​calculated from similar foods and dishesFood table forms the basis for calculating the intake ofvariousnutrients for individuals and population groups. It istherefore animportant reference works and machinery in Food Controlandnutrition policy, education and public awareness and forhealthprofessionals and researchers. The table is also used by thefoodindustry as the basis of declarations and at foodproduction. The official Norwegian Food Composition Tableco-financedby the FSA and the Health Directorate. The practicalwork performedby professionals with the FSA and the Department ofNutrition,University of Oslo.All content is taken from the "Food Composition Table 2016.FSA,Directorate of Health and the University".
Wrestling Grappling Training 3.5.1
This is just one of several MMA apps - partofthe MMA membership.Wrestling is a sport that requires a high level of skillandunderstanding in order to master. This program walks youthroughbasic ground wrestling, judo, and jiu Jitsu moves. From anarm barto a kimura hold, this program provides a variety of ways togetyour opponent into submission while rolling or in a match.Learn the Following Fundamentals in this AppStance - Parallel or staggered, you will learnmultiplestances.Penetration Step - The intro movement that puts you in apositionto score, learn multiple moves that use this.Level Change - Raising and lowering your hips to set uporexecute an attack or to counter the moves of your opponent inorderto gain an advantage.Neutral Position - Initial position in which you standwithsquare shoulders to your opponent.Takedowns - Learn a variety of beginner to advancedtakedowsduring which you take your opponent down to the mat andgaincontrol from the neutral position.Reversals - Learn a variety of beginner to advancedreversalmoves during which you quickly go from being in a positionofdefense to being in a position of control.Escape - You will be introduced to escape moves to get awayfromyour opponent.Breakdown - Intro breakdown moves are demonstrated to getyouropponent off balance and down to the mat.Finish - Learn all of the submissions and pins. This is thefinalstage, when pinning your opponent or getting the back ofyouropponent’s shoulders on the mat for at least two seconds.App Features- Workouts and exercises at beginner, intermediate, andadvancedlevels- Instructional coaching using video and voiceover- Animated demonstrations with detailed descriptions andfreezeframes- Profile with social notifications, past posts, and your bio- Active community of coaches, elite athletes, beginners,fitnessenthusiasts, nutritionists, and athletic trainersBecome a PRO or MVP member to get access to moreFitivityapps, plus other features and advantages!PRO - $2.99/monthAccess all Fitivity MMA related apps and theirpremiumlevels.MVP - $6.99/monthAccess to the entire collection of 350 Fitivity appsandtheir premium levels.PRO and MVP membership also gives youaccessto...- Your own dedicated training library to access thousandsofvideos, exercises, and workouts.- The ability to create and edit your own training library.- Save exercises for easy access.- A timer so you never have to leave the app to timeyourexercises.- Exclusive access to newly added exercises, workouts, andapps.FAQI am having technical issues, what should I do?Email us as soon as possible and be specific about your issue.Ifyou can send us a screen shot, that is very helpful. Let usknowthe type of phone you have and the app you are using. We willtryto respond and help you on the same day. To email are the models in the videos and who designed thetrainingprograms?Training programs are demonstrated and designed bycollegiateathletes, professional athletes, elite high schoolathletes, andcertified trainers and instructors.Who, When, More InfoWho Examples of people who use this app right now- For athletes working out by themselves- Practicing in small groups or with a partner- For coaches and trainers to incorporate in theirworkouts,lessons, or current routines.More Info Other benefits from using this app- Increased performance- Better efficiency- Enhanced skills and coordination- Burned calories depending on intensity of workouts- Muscles developed by fully participating in the drills atfullspeed- Improved stamina and good cardio endurance if workinghardenough- Learn perfect technique, fundamentals and skills