Top 49 Games Similar to Maze Puzzle, Tile Game

Mazes & More 2.1.0
Mazes & More is a classic maze/labyrinth puzzle game withfuntweaks and surprises. Just swipe your finger and guide thedotthrough the walls to find a way out and escape thelabyrinth.Minimal 2D graphics make it feel like a classic and retromazegame, while new game modes keep the adventure fresh (andsometimesscary!). No marker needed. We don´t experiment with mousesorcheese. MAZES & MORE KEY FEATURES - Easy play, forgetaboutawkward tilt controls or unresponsive accelerometer. Betterthanusing a marker! - All mazes are made by hand, no randomizedlevels- 6 categories: Classic, Enemies, Ice Floor, Darkness, Traps,andTime Trial. More will come! - Puzzles range from easy mazes tomuchharder and advanced labyrinths - Minimal and retro 2Dgraphics,forget about complicated 3D mazes. - We don´t use poormouses inthe labyrinths nor tasty cheese is wasted. Guide the dotthroughdifferent routes in this free maze adventure. Run, exploreand finda way out through the intricate walls. Is there aMinotaur?Complete all 450 labyrinths and become the king of themaze. Havefun :-) No mouses were hurt during the creating of thisgame.
Puzzle Adventure - Underground Temple 1.1.4
Puzzle Tap
💎 In these hard times, we have no time to waste. Are you readyplaypuzzle games? can you escape? Find a way to solve the 100floors ofcrystal maze brain-bending by searching for hints andusing yourmind! Can you escape crystal maze?💎 Game Features:💎🚩Constant freeupdates of the game hundred floors🚩 More than 300+challenge levels🚩 The wide range of difficulties from very easy tovery hard🚩Auto-save🚩 Selectable stages maze in crystal maze🚩Uncover thesecrets hundred floors of elevator games💎 How to play:-Tap andfind the items and solve tricks and riddles.- A trick is setin aplace hard to see or a corner of sight.- Let's go and gothrougheach maze room of elevator games and solve the problem.-There aremany strange, mysterious tools and tricks.- Solve manypuzzles toescape the rooms on hundred floors.💎 Your goal is toescape fromhundred floors of the crystal maze. The elevator gameshave a lotof puzzles that will give you hours of gameplay until youescapefrom it.💎 Can you escape elevator games? Download Puzzleadventurefree!
89 Maze 1.0.9
COLORFUL, SIMPLE and ADDICTIVE! ’89 Maze’ is one of thebestMaze/Labyrinth puzzle games available on the Play Store. It’seasy,fun, simple, exciting and suitable for all ages.The Goal istoguide the ball through the maze to its destination. Remember,therewill be multiple paths for you to move but only one path willleadyou to your destination. Swipe your fingers anywhere on thescreen,to guide the ball to its destination and move on to the nextlevel.Download ’89 MAZE’ completely free. Enjoy this new fun &logicgame.- FEATURES -• Minimalistic, Simple & ElegantlydesignedMazes• Easy to Play and enjoyable for all ages!• Over500Interesting Maze Levels available & more coming soon•VariousDifficulty Levels to keep your brain sharp• No Time Limits•OnlineGlobal Leaderboards to complete with people around the world•Shareyour High Scores with your Friends• In-App Purchases topurchaseHints and Remove Ads- DON’T FORGET TO RATE USRate andReview us onthe Play Store to give us your invaluable feedback, aswe arealways looking to add new features and make this gamemoreenjoyable for our players!- EMAIL USSend us your queriesandsuggestions at ‘[email protected]’. We are always heretohelp.Let’s start having some fun by playing ’89 Maze’.Enjoy,89MAZE TEAM.
Pet Maze Adventure Multiplay 1.4
Maze Pet AdventureFind the Maze with Pet, help pet escape fromthemaze.Enjoy the adventure with millions maze in the MazePetAdventure 's world!Easy game play and rules, just escape fromthemaze and you win.We have pet insurance for kids maze. Ourmazepuzzle have many kinds of cat, husky dog, fox, and just kidscanplay it.Anyone can pick up and play Maze Pet Adventure!Clearmorethan 600+ dynamic mazes with your Pets!◆ How to play?- Slideyourfinger to move the Pet!- Find the way to go to the goal.-UnlockNew world with new Pets.- Unlock New Pets to get moreeffect.◆Features- Super cool Isometric design.- So many Pet tounlock eachMap with very beautiful effects.- 600+ maps to unlock.-Shinyeffect.- Cute sound and music.- Supports all tablet devices!-HappyChristmas Mode.- An addictive game enjoyed by people allaround theworld!- No Wi-Fi? No problem! Play anytime without aninternetconnection.- A small game that can be downloaded by anydevice!-Shadow Mode - Find out a way in the darkness, try to escapefromthe maze.If you have some problems or suggest to make thisgamebetter, please contact us!Thank you so much!Enjoy MazePetAdventure! Now, let's escape from the maze.
Number Mazes: Rikudo Puzzles 1.2.3
Rikudo Games
Rikudo is a logic puzzle game which is easy to understand but canbevery hard to solve. The goal is to find a path ofconsecutivenumbers in a honeycomb grid with hexagonal cells. Eachpuzzle is anumber maze with a unique solution. Rikudo is anaddictive numberplacement puzzle mainly about logic. However whatmakes Rikudospecial is its visual and intuitive nature. Hours offun and braintraining ahead: ★ An animated tutorial to learn thebasics ★ 320free puzzles of various sizes and levels ★ An evil modeto spice itup ★ Some puzzles in action mode ★ Leaderboards andachievements ★A pepper mode to get harder small puzzles ★ Hints tolearn the mostadvanced solving techniques Cloud synchronizationacross devices isavailable with Google Play Games. The game canalso be playedoff-line and does not take much space (<15 Mo).The game becomesad-free for any in-app purchase. Rikudo is producedby anindependent developer.
Unblock Ball Puzzle 1.11
Simple but difficult high level brain game of maze escapeCompletework of slide puzzle that more than one hundred millionusers haveplayed [What is unblock ball puzzle?] _version 1. Newlyreleasedvery simple addictive casual hit game It is a simple butdifficultbrain game that a puzzle user must try. Unblock ballpuzzle isnever easy, as it is delicately made. [And Two Game]_version 2. Doyou know "UnblockBar" Game? This app is two Game.-> "UnblockBall" and "Unblock Bar" [The followings are good. ^^]◆ Infinitelevels of maze type slide puzzle ◆ Absolutely free, lowcapacity,No Wi-fi game ◆ Many levels made with a lot of efforts ◆Simplehandling, fast start, simple design ◆ Variety of mazes forstrongconcentration [Very simple game method!] Move the puzzle toreleasethe balls. You can’t move the pieces that have screws!-Add"UnblockBar" Game. (_version2 update 2018.01.26)
Lines - Physics Drawing Puzzle 1.1.9
Lines – Physics Drawing Puzzle is a new Zen puzzle published bythecreators of Puzzlerama and Mazes & More. Challenge yourbrain,draw, cut and erase to find the solution to the 250+ smartlevels.Relax, unwind and let the color flow into the labyrinth oflines,in a Zen experience that will let your mind flow freeandantistress. Some levels have a perfect symmetry, other are amazeof lines. Can you master all of them? No pencil needed! How toplayLines – Physics Drawing Puzzle Depending on the level, youwillneed to tap to place a dot over a line, erase and opponent´sdot,cut or draw lines. Then watch the colors unfold and flow! Lines–Physics Drawing Puzzle key features include: - 5 differentmodes:Point, Erase, Cut, Draw and Mix - Daily Challenges -26achievements to unlock -250 smart levels - Use your brainandlogics to find the solutions - Bronze, Silver and Gold medalsforeach level. - Infinite fun! Point Mode Tap over a line to placeadot. Be smart and choose and strategic and logic position forthedots. Sometimes you need to place one, other two dots. EraserModeTap over an opponent´s dot to erase it. Draw Mode Draw a linewithyour fingers to connect lines to your advantage. Use yourbrain!Cut Mode Cut a line to stop the flow of your opponent´scolor. Hopeyou all guys enjoy Lines – Physics Drawing Puzzle!Created by ourDutch friends from Gamious!
Rail Maze : Train puzzler 1.4.4
Solve 100+ of challenging and unique puzzles, build railroads,bombthrough obstacles, escape PIRATES on rails. Have a lot of funwiththis new and unique puzzle game. Features: * 100+ puzzles *Tunnels* Bombs * PIRATE trains * Super long trains * 4 gamemodes:LABYRINTH - Puzzle BUILD RAILROAD - Action SNAKE - ActionLONGESTRAILROAD - Puzzle Action Get Rail Maze now! PRESS REVIEWS:“RailMaze is an amazing puzzle game that will give you so manydifferentoptions, youll be busy playing it for hours” – “Thebiggest one is the change of art style, which –as you can see fromthe comparison screens below – is more honed andcowboy-like” "Rail Maze, with over 100 levels andthousands ofdownloads, certainly seems to be one of the hottercasual games outthere at the moment." - “If puzzlegames are yourthing, you wont want to miss this one” –
Roll the Ball®: slide puzzle 2 1.3.2
Roll The Ball: slide puzzle 2 is a simple addictive unblockpuzzlegame! It'll keep you playing for hours! Do you like the gamegenresas below? Great! Roll the Ball 2 has all the elements. ;) •FamilyPuzzle Games, Enjoy the game with your family. • MazePuzzles, Findthe exit! • Sliding Puzzles, Just move, move! • PuzzleGames,Thought-provoking fun. • Brain Teasers, Test yourself.Exerciseyour brain. • Escape Games, Can you get out? Let's go. •HiddenObject Games, Find the hidden path. • PhysicsPuzzler,Physics-based gaming. • Match-3 Puzzle, Easy to learn buthard tomaster. • Retro Games, Revisit the classics. • Exam Prep&Tutoring, Practice makes perfect. Train your brain toactivatemind. HOW TO PLAY • MOVE the balls with your finger. •BUILD thepath to guide the moving ball to the red GOAL. • USE theSPECIALtiles. • ACHIEVE three stars. FEATURES • MAZE PUZZLE: Findthepath. • SLIDING PUZZLE: An essential for people of all ages. •TONSOF EPIC LEVELS: You can enjoy the game with endless fun. • NOTIMELIMIT: Play at your own pace. • NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! Enjoy thegameoffline. • MORE VARIATIONS: Use rotation mode for a challenge&star mode to relax. • USEFUL IN-GAME FUNCTIONS: - RESTART:Justrestart a level immediately. - HINTS : It's a good friend.Ofcourse, it may be wrong. • GET DAILY BONUS & GIFTS: TheSantamay give gifts to you. Check the message box often. • ANNOYINGADS?NO PROBLEM! Buy AD FREE(USD 1.99) or Participate in adsimprovementprogram by in-game Email. • OPTIMIZED ANDROID &GOOGLE PLAYGAMES - Support both PHONES & TABLETS. - Supportboth ARM &x86 DEVICES. - LEADERBOARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS fromGoogle PlayGames. - CLOUD SAVE: Your game progress will be savedonline withGoogle Play. You can sync your game progress betweendevices,phones & tablets, using the same Google Play Account.It mayrequire you to sign in Google+. It supports only yourgameprogress, not hints and not auto-save. Be careful, if you tapthe"Save" or "Load" button, it works at once. UP-TO-COMING WITHGOOGLEPLAY GAMES & GOOGLE+ - CLOUD SAVE, LEADERBOARDS&ACHIEVEMENTS from Google Play Games. - RECOMMEND TO GOOGLE+FRIENDS- MULTIPLAYER GAME, QUEST, GIFTS - APP INVITE, APP INDEXINGNOTES •Roll the Ball contains ads like banner, interstitial, videoandhouse ads. • Roll the Ball sells In-app products like ADFREE,hints and level packages. E-MAIL • [email protected] HOMEPAGE• on FACEBOOK • Let'sROLLTHE BALL!
Puzzlerama - Lines, Dots, Blocks, Pipes & more! 2.49
Puzzlerama is a collection of the best classic puzzles. An allinone strategy game app that will keep your mind activeandentertained for hours. With more than 3,500 levels, thisclassicpuzzle app is perfect to help you sharpen your logic skills.Betterthan any brain training, these classic puzzles have no timelimits.More free puzzle games will be added in the future. Broughtto youby the creators of Mazes & More, the hit labyrinth andmazegame. *** NEW game: One Line. Connect all the points using onlyasingle line! *** ** Now included in this classic puzzle gameappare 3 BONUS GAMES: Dots + 2 mystery games. What are they? Playtofind out! :) Unlock these fun puzzles by conquering advancedlevelsof our other games in the app. ** Puzzlerama - all in onefunpuzzle game app features: ★ Flow Lines – Number Link ★ Flow isaclassic free Japanese game also known as Number Link orArukone.Connect the pair of tiles of the same color to cover theentireboard, but lines can’t cross or overlap. ★ Tangram – ColorFill ★Tangram is the classic Chinese dissection puzzle game. Dragthegeometric shapes into the board to fill it. This is a funpuzzlegame that trains your spatial intelligence and yourgeometricskills. ★ Pipes – Plumber ★ Pipes, also known as Plumber,is arotation puzzle game. Connect pipes of the same color to letthewater flow through the pipeline. Tap a tile to rotate it. ★BlockPuzzle ★ Block Puzzle is a simple yet extremely addictingpuzzlegame about blocks. Similar to Color Fill, the goal is tocompletethe entire board by dragging the block pieces. ★ Unroll ★Unroll isa unique thought-provoking brain teaser inspired by slidepuzzles.Move the tiles to form a path that connects the green andredtiles. ★ Shikaku ★ Shikaku is another classic Japanese gamefromthe same inventor of Sudoku. Divide the square or rectangulargridinto different areas, each containing one numbered cell andtheexact number of squares indicated in that numbered cell. ★Unblock★ Unblock is a simple yet challenging sliding block puzzlegame.Move the blue block to the exit by sliding the horizontalblocksside to side and the vertical blocks up and down. ★ Bridges★Bridges, also known as Hashi, is a fun puzzle game that consistsofa series of islands that must be connected with bridges.Connecttwo horizontally or vertically adjacent islands. Connect apair ofislands with only 1 or 2 bridges. ★ Boxes ★ Swipe the boxesup,down, left, or right. Form rows or columns of 3 or more boxesofthe same type to destroy them and complete levels. This all inoneclassic puzzle game app will give you unlimited access to notonlymany levels of the classic game versions, but also uniqueversions,such as Bridges, Rectangles, Hexa, and more. Play all ofourclassic puzzle games anytime, anywhere. No Wi-Fi is needed tousethis fun puzzle app. One app to satisfy all your puzzlegamedesires. Get your mind working with these free brain games.Conquerchallenging puzzles with guidance. Each game offers aquicktutorial that runs you through the easy level in the firstgame.These fun puzzle games are easy to learn, but hard to master.Learnto think strategically, conquer each level, and challengeyourfriends to play our collection of the best puzzle games!Easy,medium, advanced, hard, and expert levels come with each gameinour fun puzzle app. Challenging, yet fun puzzles perfect fordailybrain training or simply to kill time when you are bored.DownloadPuzzlerama, the all in one classic puzzle game free today.As youplay and enjoy this puzzle mix, new games, modes, andfeatures willbe added. Challenge yourself, have fun, and pleasedon't hesitateto send any comments or suggestions to us [email protected]
Labyrinth Maze 1.51
A maze game is a path or collection of paths, typically fromanentrance to a goal. The ball rolls through the labyrinth game.Usethe accelerometer or your finger to drive the ball outlabyrinthos.- Explore and find a way out of more than 50 differentlabyrinths.- Enjoy unlimited fun with a procedural generatedlabyrinths. - Thegame gets hard after the initial levels. - Everytime you play, youwill have a unique 3D labyrinth that has not beencreated before. -Enjoy maze mania ball game free
Classic Labyrinth 3d Maze - free games 6.3
You control the ball by tilting or with a joystick. Over 10millioninstalls so far! Classic Labyrinth 3d - The wooden mazefunny gamewith the steel ball everyone knows from the childrens'room comesto your mobile device! Enjoy this classic marble mazelabyrinth.Tons of handmade levels from multiple designers, allincreasing indifficulty as you progress. Navigate and balance theball throughthe maze and try and get the best time, but watch outfor theholes! 39 levels are free, the other 63 level could beplayed eachafter watching a short video or if you get thefullversion. 3 levelof difficulty let you choose the challenge youcan master. Asidenote: Tilt games are not easy to master at all andtrain theability to concentrate and hand eye coordination. Theyhelp toincrease patience. Supports perception and fine motorskills. Italso increases the ability to occupy oneself. An indiegame you canplay very good offline. Features: - Accurate ballphysic simulation- Joystick Controler ( also for left hander now) -Smooth ballmovement - Personal highscores - 3 Star rating system -One coinper 3 Star finished level - Realistic sounds - Coins tocontinue,if you fail during the level. This free game is supportedby ads.It is possible to buy this packs: - Coin Pack 50 with 50Coins -Coin pack 100 with 100 Coins - All Unlimited Pack The coinpacksincrease the amount of coins for one time about 50 / 100coins. Acoin could be used one time to continue in the level, ifthe ballfalls in a hole. The purchase of a coin pack removes alsoanyadvertisment in the game. This removement of ads only works onthedevice where you bought the coin packs, as those packs are packstoconsume and could not be transfered to other devices bytechnicallimitations. The Unlimited Pack opens all Levels of thegame, givesyou unlimited coins to continue during a game (especially verygood for children ) and removes all advertismentpermanently on anydevice with your account on which you install thegame. Everybodyhas to make his games GDPR compliant, so did we.Nothing has reallychanged for you, but you have to accept our datasecurity policyand choose a form of ads once on the first start ofthe game.
Dream Puzzle: Unblock the Road 1.1.8
Here comes a simple yet mind-bending sliding puzzle game.You’veseen the video – now the lives of those lost Dream Faeriesare inyour hands.Enjoy more than 1,000 hand-crafted slide puzzlesas youcollect magical cards to uncover the hidden facts inhouseholdfairy tales. Achieve more stars to unlock new fairystories.If youlike game genres below, you will definitely love ourgame! •Sliding puzzle game. Just move and move! • Maze Puzzle. HelpDreamFaeries to escape from the maze! • Match-3 Puzzle game. Easytostart but hard to master. • Exam Prep & Tutoring. Trainyourbrain. • Friends Puzzle Game. Play it with your friends! Enjoythefun together!Features: - Over 1000 challenging slide puzzles!Enjoythe game enough! - 13 Dream Faeries to choose: Stalker,Torturer,Firog, Souleater and more- No wifi? It’s not a problem!This is agame you can play offline.- Daily FREE bonus and gifts. -Collectstory cards and dream shards to uncover hidden mysteries infairytales- Elegant soundtrack and fantastic artworks Relaxing andeasyto pick up, you'll soon find yourself deep in contemplationtoperfect each puzzle.Follow our Facebook fan-page formoreinformation and keep up to date with all the latest aboutDreamPuzzle: Unblock the Road. We are looking forward to seeingyourcomments andmessages!Facebook:
PutNumber 4.4
PutNumber is a fun puzzle game you can play at your own pace♪Useyour finger to slide the number blocks aligned below, and putthemon any space on the board you'd like. You'll need toskillfullygroup and erase blocks, taking care to place them in away thatdoesn't make the board fill up. ■ How to play ■ ・ Blocksare erasedwhen you gather more blocks than the number written onthe block. ・Turn the blocks at the bottom around by tapping them. ・Earn ahigher score by erasing multiple numbers at once! (NumberLink) ・Once you've earned a high score, you will be able to pressthe Cbutton in the upper right corner at regular intervals. Youcanselect which number you'd like to erase from the board, so thiscansave you from a tight spot. First, try playing at the nice andslowpace of Endless Mode. For people who want to enjoy the game forashorter time or want a more intense play experience, werecommendTimed Mode. (Time Trial Mode) In the Records optionavailablethrough your notes, you can make a collection of thevarious goalsthroughout the game, making it worth playingthoroughly! Thesimple, stylish designs, and beautiful animation area must-see aswell♪ A completely free game app, PutNumber is popularfor itsreputation as a brain teaser that gives your mind a workout.Sinceyou can play at your leisure, it's perfect for killing timewhethercommuting or simply waiting. It's super interesting, soplease giveit a try! ■ Production ■ Game developers: Takashi Tokuda(AOTAKASTUDIO) Designer: Aoi Tokuda (AOTAKA STUDIO)
Maze Cat - Rookie 1.1.5
Find the Maze with RookieTake the adventure into the Mazegameworld.Easy game play and rules. Anyone can pick up and playMazeCat!Clear more than 2,000 dynamic mazes with Rookie thecat!JoinRookie the Maze Cat on a fun adventure — anytime andanywhere!▶Maze Cat - Rookie Official Fan Page: game supports'한국어','Indonesian', 'Bahasa malay', 'English', '日本語', '中文简体','中文繁體','Deutsch', 'français', 'Español', 'ไทย', 'Русский','Arabic'.【MazeCat - Rookie Features】☞ An addictive game enjoyed bypeople allaround the world!☞ Maze Cat's cute mascot Rookie is readyto leadyou through more than 2,000 fun puzzles!☞ No Wi-Fi? Noproblem!Play anytime without an internet connection.☞ A small gamethat canbe downloaded by any device!☞ Enjoy single player mode andproceedthrough a ton of exciting mazes.☞ Dark Mode - Find out a wayin thedark.☞ Happy Christmas Mode - Please take Rookie'sgift.☞Experience various themes Desert, Winter, Stone Age, etc☞Supportsall tablet devices!- This game is acceptable for purchasingtheitems partially. When purchasing the items, the additionalcostscould be occurred and limited Consumer Right of Defenseaccordingto the item types.▶ Let's Enjoy SUPERBOX ◀☆ SUPERBOXOfficialWebsite☞☆ SUPERBOX Official FanPage☞☆ SUPERBOX CustomerCenter☞E-Mail : [email protected]
Hungry cat - best family puzzle of cool math games 1.6.5
ALMA Games
HUNGRY CAT is a simple but very addictive puzzle game for allthefamily. The goal is to feed the cute hungry cat with a tastyfoodby travelling around the world and solving interestingphysicspuzzles. HUNGRY CAT puzzle is a funny game for all catlovers!Everybody likes cute cats and physics puzzles and this gameisboth!HUNGRY CAT puzzle highlights:- Solve addictive puzzles,earnstars, open new levels- Enjoy original, clear and catchygamemechanics- Travel around the world- Discover new countriesandinteresting places- Feed the most charming Hungry Cat aroundtheworld!- NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! You can play offline inanytime.HUNGRYCAT puzzle instructions: Use your logical thinking tosolveaddictive puzzles by breaking ice and sand blocks, triggerspringsto help the Hungry Cat get his tasty burger, pie, shrimp orsushi.Always think a step ahead and watch your time to earn morestarsand open new exciting levels and worlds.Feed the Hungry Catwith atasty snack and you will get the cutest grateful"meow"!HUNGRY CATlogical puzzle game will provide you with hours offun. Each of theaddictive levels requires logic, skill, andpatience. Will you beable to solve all the challenging puzzles?Download the game andcheck it right now!HUNGRY CAT puzzle game issure to become yourfavorite!ALMA Games is committed to updatingHUNGRY CAT puzzle gameon a regular basis with new challenginglevels and features.ALMAGames will be thankful for your positivefeedback and 5 stars markin Android store.Please note! HUNGRY CATpuzzle game is free todownload and play but some game items may bepurchased for realmoney. If you like logic puzzles and cool mathgames such theHungry cat puzzle, try other attractive physics-basedpuzzles fromALMA Games - Snoring: Elephant game, Monsterland:Junior vs Senior,Monsterland: Fairy Tails, Alarmy. Wake up Alienand other. Want toknow more, get tips and the latest news from ALMAGames? Follow us=> any issueor feedbackplease write us to the following address:[email protected] FREE android puzzle game today!FeedHungry Cat, travel aroundthe world and have much fun! Meow!It wasopen to question, how muchfits into this cute Hungry Cat! :)
Linedoku: Logic Puzzles 1.9.10
Linedoku is a collection of the best free puzzle games allaboutlines and loops. Enjoy colorful pipe puzzles, one-linepuzzles,maze puzzles, connect dots, make infinite loops or linknumbers -The perfect time killers! Challenge yourself, train yourbrain andbecome the puzzle king! ...or just relax and solve somelevels. OneStroke One of the kings of line puzzles. Draw a linefrom dot todot and connect all the paths in 1 line. Block Puzzle:Lines Aclassic Block Puzzle Game interpreted in a new way. Drag anddropthe blocks over the board and cover all the dots. Blocksshouldn'toverlap and only be placed on the paths they fit into.Number MazeFind a way; Connect the numbers smartly in ascendingorder and drawpuzzling one-line-mazes. Connect all the dots smartlyand fill thegrid to solve the level. Loops Fun level: Infinity.Loop puzzlesabout spinning and connecting cells to create infiniteloops.Discover all the unique art pieces that unfold themselves.CrossPath Tired of Sudoku? Here's a simple alternative. Fill thegrid bydrawing traces on the board. The number of traces per knotarelimited and can only be drawn as straigt lines. The leveliscompleted after every cell in the grid is filled. ConnectDrawtraces between dots of the same color and create color lines.Fillthe whole grid and connect all the dots to master the level.SlideThe Blocks A classic slide puzzle. Shift and move the blocksandlet the colors unroll through the path. Solve the levelbyconnecting all the color sources with each other. The path alsohasto be a closed line. Color Loops Link the cells naturallytogetherto create an endless loop of different colors. Be like aweaver oflines. Game Features * Minimalist and adult design * Playthe bestlogic games all in one app * One touch gameplay - playsmoothly onehanded * train your brain with 4500 levels completelyfree to play* no wifi, no problem - playable offline * Clear yourmind in the'relax'- mode * Fill up brain power in the challengemode * Freecontent updates * Compare your progress with otherplayers on theleaderboards
Maze Amazing 1.0.1
Find the only way out in tons of mazes! Classic maze puzzle gametopast time! FEATURES • Offline play with no wifi • OPTIMIZEDforANDROID & GOOGLE PLAY GAMES - Designed for tablets&phones. - Support both ARM & x86 DEVICES. NOTES • Thisapprequires following permissions. - Modify or delete the contentsofyour SD card & Read the contents of your SD card - Fullnetworkaccess Google Play billing service - receive data frominternet -view network connections - view Wi-Fi connections. -Prevent tabletfrom sleeping E-MAIL • [email protected] Like uson FACEBOOK • Maze aMazing!
Modern Car Parking in Labirinth 3D Maze 1.3
Do you love modern car parking games? If yes than this game isjustlike car parking and driving adventure but in a differentstyle.For the first time on google play store you will be drivingsportscar in a labirinth 3d mazes and solve the puzzle by cardriving andpark your car at the destination. This car parkingsimulator istotally different from other car parking game becauseof its themeand solving labirinth puzzle. If you think you can domultiple taskat the same time then prove this by completing all themissions inthis best puzzle game of 2017. This is modern version ofclassicalmaze puzzle games in which you drive & park your retrocar in3d maze. Join the modern car friver and play the modern USsmartcar parking in 3d labirinth maze puzzle. Steer the carmeticulously& use the varying gears and shifts to wiggle intothe parkingspot. Avoid crashing into barriers and other cars! Thisis quitethe challenge. Mostly parking games are very tough asparking a caror truck or any vehicle requires proper skills andthat's why multistory car parking and parking plaza games are soclose to realdriving & parking the real car. In this wayparking games actas a driving & parking school for beginnerswho are learning todrive their car. Similarly 3d maze puzzle gamesare also tough asyou have to find the way out of the maze. At everypoint of 3d mazeit feels like you are stuck and cannot get out ofthe maze.A mazeis a path or collection of paths, typically from anentrance to agoal. You will be driving your sports car fromentrance to the goalthrough the maze. Have you ever wondered whatyou would do if youcaught in a maze? This game will allow you totest your ability tofind a way out of the maze.How To Play:In thisparking car drivemania game, you have to be given a mission to parkthe car at anominated parking point. First you have to find a wayout oflabirinth 3d maze puzzle then start your engine and drivethroughthe dangerous path of the puzzle. Avoid bad turns otherwiseyouwill end up on dead end. At the dead end you will faceextradifficulty when you need to reverse the car. If you think youaregenius than challenge yourself by downloading this real carparkingin labirinth 3d maze puzzle. Complete missions to unlocknewmissions. There are different modes including kids andadultspuzzle mazes. So choose your game difficulty level accordingtoyour age. Modern Car Parking in Labirinth 3D Mazefeatures:•Explore and find a way out of more than 50 differentlabirinths.•Enjoy Car parking in labirinth 3d maze puzzle gamefree• Number ofawesome cars to unlock• Realistic driving andparking experience•Different themes are coming. Dangerous forttheme is available.•Three control options: tilt, buttons, andsteering• Challenginghand made mazes in which difficulty graduallyIncrease.
Maze 1.05
Maze is a classic maze puzzle for kids and adults. This is easytocontrol for everybody. Just rub your fingers up,down,left andrightChallenge hundreds of levels. You can do it! [Features] -Simplerules and easy control - Fun and exciting play - No timelimits, Nowifi - Game file is as low as 12M, light-weight download!- Supportboth Phones and Tablets.
Shatterbrain - Physics Puzzles 1.0.7
Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. From thecreatorof the #1 hit puzzle game, Brain It On! ◆ Dozens of brainbustingphysics puzzles, with more being added all the time ◆Multiple waysto solve each puzzle, can you find the best solution?◆ Compete onthe leaderboards for the fastest time or best solutionIf you enjoybrain games, have a knack for following the laws ofphysics, andenjoy making things shatter, then this puzzle game isfor you. It'seasy to learn but hard to master and will get youthinking outsidethe box in no time! Draw a dot, draw a line, drawwhatever you needto solve the puzzle and shatter the shapes.Gravity is on yourside, or is it? If you like Shatterbrain, pleaserate it and leavea comment. Your support is greatly appreciated. Ifyou don't likesomething, please email me [email protected] I want tohear your feedback and commentsso I can improve Shatterbrain andturn it into a smash hit. Lookingfor more great physics puzzlegames, try my other game Brain It On!,which was selected forGoogle Play Editor's Choice, it willdefinitely give you somethingto scratch your brain about. You canfind me on Twitter [email protected], or on Facebookat, or mywebsite: I hope you enjoy Shatterbrain!
Mansion of Puzzles - Escape
You, as a detective with a secret mission to go on a secretmansion,where you will discover all its secrets and mysteries! Useyouringenuity to the full! Open the locks, solve challengingpuzzles andriddles, collect cards and examine the details, evenlet's shoot ashotgun! Everything is useful in order to open all100 doors! Hereis a new game from the developers of a series ofpuzzles: 100 Doors- Seasons! For a long time, we will notdescribe, And now let usfocus on creating new puzzles! And not forreading you came here ;)So try it, of course - you'll like it! ✌We look forward to yourfeedback! 🔑 FEATURES: ★ Puzzle Games -Thought-provoking fun ★ Findthe Hidden Objects ★ Tips forbeginners ★ Genre: «Escape», «100Doors». ★ Challenging puzzles foradults, for kids, family games ★The soothing sounds and beautifulvisual effects ★ Each new levelhas an original and beautifulgraphics ★ Ability to skip challengingpuzzles. ★ Regular updates,with new puzzles ★ NO WIFI? NO Internet?- Offline games, withoutInternet ★ Play it FREE! Bonbeart - we makeinteresting games! 🔎DIFFICULT? - GET HELP: 🔦 🔦VKontakte: 🔦 🔦Google+: Feelyourself in the role ofSherlock Holmes! 🕵 🎩
3D Maze 3 - Labyrinth Game 2.2
☆ 3D Maze 3 ☆ - best labyrinth & adventure game foreveryone!And it's free! Have fun in 4 unique environments and 32mazes!Collect coins, flowers and mushrooms to unlock one of 15coolcharacters! Train your brain and challenge your friends! Thefasteryou get to the exit, the better score you will achieve. Startyourjourney through beautiful mazes and experience fun gameplay.It's aclassic maze game with a four colorful seasons. Adventurebegins ina fairytale forest which ends in a desert. Enjoy view fullofcactuses and remember to collect all the coins and flowers!Snowysecond season leads to the last scary Halloween levels whereyouneed to collect mushrooms. All of collected items you canexchangefor one of 15 characters! Why 3D Maze 3 is valuable foreveryone? ✓develops logical thinking and concentration ✓ trainsmemory ✓improves executive functioning skills ✓ develops confidenceduringgameplay ✓ labyrinth games learns various strategies ✓funnycharacters and sounds Game features: ✓ 15 characters likeblockymonsters, animals and more! ✓ 8 maze sizes each season ✓greatmusic ✓ game for boys and girls ✓ supports offline gameplay ✓firsteasiest labyrinth unlocked for each season ✓ lowpoly graphics3DMaze game series from mobadu reached over 30 000 000 usersinGoogle Play! Check our other 3D Mazegames: - subscribe now! Website: Twitter:
Interlocked 1.3
Armor Games
Have you ever seen those masterfully crafted wooden blockpuzzles?The ones that look so simple, yet prove such a challenge topullapart? Interlocked serves up cleverly crafted 3D puzzles wherethegoal is to figure out how each interlocking level fits togetherinorder to pull it apart. With simple, intuitive,touch-basedgameplay and five beautifully crafted chapters,Interlocked willdelight puzzles fans of all skill levels,completely free.- 3Dbrain-teasing puzzles- 5 challenging chaptersto beat- Brought toyou by the creators of the original Flash game,played by over 20million!- Many achievements to unlock"I thought itits concept wasingenious, and the way it made me feel like a geniuswasunmatched." - 148 apps"If you’re a true puzzle head, you cannotletthis one slip past you." - jayisgames"We like puzzle games - asourdedicated readers will know - which is why we’re tickled pinkbythe content here." - iPhone App Review
Blockie - Block Puzzle 2019: New Jewel Puzzle
Blockie - Block Puzzle 2019: New Jewel Puzzle - A 3Dmazing,coloring classic block puzzle, is suitable for all ages:kids,teenagers, and adults at leisure time help to releasestress.Blockie - Block Puzzle 2019 is a free puzzle game thatdoesn't needtoo much time effort, it's fun and addictive withbeautifullycrafted graphics, animation, and interesting gameplay!HOW TO PLAYThe goal is to drag and drop block shapes in order toform fulllines and destroy full lines of gems on the screen bothverticallyand horizontally as much as possible each turn. FEATURES:-Beautiful graphics, animation, and interesting gameplay -Online& global leader board using Facebook - Play and competevsfriends and all other great gamers - Lightweight, this gamecanplay on any smartphones - 100% FREE to play! - No subscription!-Can play both offline or online. With or without wifi,internet.Download Blockie - Block Puzzle 2019 now. Play for fun,conquer theworld leader board and train the brain every day!
Math Puzzle With Sticks 1.1.8
We challenge you to show off your logical skills and solve themathequations in our new Puzzle Game With Sticks. It's agreatentertaining app, and it's FREE, now on Google Play. The gameplayis really simple. Just grab the correct stick and move it totheplace where it matches, so you can solve the puzzle and unlockthenext level and the many other cool features. Move and positionthesticks so that the answer of the mathematical problem iscorrect.If you can't solve it, we simplified the game a little byaddingsome hints, so that solving these math match puzzles will beeasyand you can go through all the many levels we've designed foryou.The app is also highly educational, as you need to do bothmathcalculations and thinking logical, as you cannot finish thepuzzlesif you don't do a little bit of both. The puzzle game hassome nicefeatures: 200 Unique Levels containing the four mathoperations. Soyou will find there Addition puzzles SubtractionMultiplicationDivision Easy hint system. 6 types of differentsticks that unlockin the game's progress: matches bamboos bonespencils maces(weapon) swords. Each stick has a different backgroundCleanoriginal graphics Lots of great and entertaining animations Wehopeyou will enjoy the game! If you are having troubles with thegame,or if you just want to send us feedback, please don't hesitatetocontact us at [email protected]
Crazy Maze - Fun Puzzle Action 1.5.0
Jimmy the Taxi Driver has to make his customers happy! That’s whyheneeds you! Beat the rush hour! Help this friendly monkey findthebest way through traffic. Everything seems easy in thebeginning,but as you progress, the crazy mazes of traffic jamsbecome moredifficult to solve. At first, all you need is a quickfinger todrive the taxi through the streets to its destination.But newchallenges are added during every new ride! FEATURES OFCRAZY MAZETRAFFIC PUZZLE - intuitive touch controls (but stillexciting foradults) - 11 worlds, 99 clever puzzles - taxi drivingfun; beattraffic, find your way! - slowly increasing difficultylevel WHATPLAYERS ARE SAYING “It’s fun, entertaining and looksgreat!” “Reallytricky and easy to handle” “Cool real-time puzzlegame” “Excellentpuzzle game. Challenging puzzles are a lot of fun”HOW TO PLAYTraffic jam, rush hour or free travel: every level is anew puzzle.Using your finger, drive the path that you want thetaxi to takethrough traffic. Collect bonus items, get the bestpassengerratings. CONTACTING THE DEVELOPER Problems, praise,criticism: or contact us [email protected] Data privacypolicy: NOTE Internet:portionsof this game require an active internet connection.Depending onthe Wi-Fi and network status, connection times maydiffer. Werecommend a wireless connection for the optimal gamingexperience.In app purchases: Playing Crazy Maze - Traffic Puzzle iscompletelyfree, but some game extras can be purchased with realmoney.Watching reward videos will increase your data consumption.
Kids Maze : Educational Kids Game Puzzle World 2.0
Baby Hub
Presenting a learning app for kids “Kids Maze : EducationalPuzzleWorld”. Find the way from mazes and have fun!This game ishavingplenty of different mazes for kids with various funny optionslikepets, animals, vegetables, cute monsters and many more.MazeGamesare also known as Labyrinth Games! Find a route through themazefrom the start to finish.Key Features:- Kids friendly mazes!-Easyto play- 50+ educational mazes for kids- Many options&characters which will be helpful to kids to learn andunderstandrelationshipsCategories:- Pets- Animals- Underwater-Monsters-Veggies- Fruits- Christmas- Cars & VehiclesHow toPlay:- Selectyour favourite category from kids maze games- Touch& Trace theobject highlighting on the path.- Help to find theway!Download ourother trending games for your toddlers:- My KittyDay Care- MyChipmunk : Baby Pet Daycare- My Supermarket - Kids Fun-Baby GopiDoll Fashion Salon- Baby Doll Christmas Salon- Baby DollBallerinaSalon- Nighty Night Lullabies- Connect Dots - Kids PuzzleGameWewill be glad to receive your response. Contact us for anyqueriesor suggestions at: [email protected]
Open Puzzle Box 1.0.8
A new puzzle game that you've neverexperiencedbeforehasbeenreleased. This puzzle mechanics are simple,butuniqueenoughtocapture your interest.Game rules aresimple.Usetouch,drag,anddual-touch functions to solvepuzzlesoflockedmysteriousboxes.Opening boxes may sound simple, butcangetverytricky. Totriumph, you'll have to think outside thebox.Takeonthechallenge now: an endless series ofmysteryboxesawaitsyou.▶Features ◀# A wide selection ofstagesthatarecontinuouslyupdated# Simple game rulesthateveryonecanimmediately grasp# Avariety of puzzles andtricksthatrequireunique thinking#Multiple difficulty levels#Intuitive UIandsimplecontrols#Various stage objectives that exciteandchallengeyou▶Developers◀Website:http://mgameday.comTwitter:▶Questions?TechnicalIssues? Emailus!◀[email protected]
Pipe - logic puzzles 1.07
Water pipe - logic puzzles. Fix the water leak and be as aplumber.The purpose of this game is to connect the pipes. like aplumberyou need to connect the pipes to the right colors so thewater willflow. the plumber need to close all the water exits withthe pipes.there are many levels, from easy levels to difficultlevels.solving several pipes colors in one level. this is a greatlogicpuzzles game to increase your IQ and thinking abilities. wehaveother logic puzzles games, so check them out.
Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles
Solve your favourite jigsaw puzzles on the go! Jigty JigsawPuzzlesprovides an unbeatable puzzle solving experience for puzzleloversof all ages. Jigty's unique design means no two pieces arethe sameshape, for the most challenging puzzle experience yet. It'sthepuzzle solving joy we all know and love! *** FEATURES ***-Intelligently designed: Every piece has a unique shape-Beautifully easy: Natural interface that is simple and easy touse- Increasing difficulty: Rotating pieces or solving puzzles from4all the way up to 625 (on 10'' tablets) pieces! - Kidsmode:Guiding lines and 'magnetic' piece locking for smaller puzzles-Hundreds of images: Grouped in themes or customise by usingyourown photos - Tournament pack puzzles: Compete globally andtrackyour score on the leaderboards This app contains: - PromotionofOutfit7's products and contextual advertising - Links thatdirectcustomers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps -Personalizationof content to entice users to play the app again -The possibilityto connect with friends via social networks - Theoption to makein-app purchases Terms of use: Privacypolicy:
Monster Truck Maze Path Finder: 3D Adventure Game 1.9
We bring you all lovers of 3D classic maze adventure monstertruckdriving simulator the most exciting and challenging mazeadventuremania game 2017 ever to become a monster truck drivingchamp andfind your way throughout puzzle and unlock new sections ofthepuzzle. Collect coins in your way and may find a key to thenextlevel and unlock more mystery. This 3D maze games for all agesisway more exciting and addicting to enjoy whatever age you are.Fast4x4 monster car racing to cross challenging lite maze or heavymazecan be very adventurous runner or driving game, but you willneedexpert hand on wheel to pass through hard obstacles which cancauseyour 4x4 jeep heavy damage and may kill you. But if you thinkyougot what takes to be a monster truck driver then go out andshowthe world what you really made of, by performing tricks likeastunt in lite maze game 3D car driving simulator. As you keeponpuzzle, full of adventure game you unlock new levels which areevenmore challenging and more fun. Play this Fantastic adventurepuzzlegame to be ultimate maze king of 3D maze car simulator 2017whichis easy to play because of easy and active controls quitecapableof making you the ultimate maze king runner simulator.Whileplaying 3D classic maze car driving simulator you will havefunexperience like: Lots of maze Challenge While playing this mazecardriving you will never get bored because there are more thanfiftylevels and the best thing is every level is a different mazewhichmeans new challenges on every step. 3D Graphics: This maze forkidsin stunning 3D graphics and there are deadly obstacles on waywhichmake you feel a real maze game for kids, best free offlinegameexperience. Different vehicles: There are different vehiclesunlockusing coins and drive in the maze like offroad jeep, monstertruck,extreme 4x4 jeep.
Enjoy 3D fun with CUBIC MAZES!Shift across faces and aim forthegoal!Cubic maze faces shift as you walk the stairs!Move ontosidesto discover new passages!With your stereognostic sense, joinCOZMO-a puzzle-loving peculiar alien- in a blitz through starofmazes![Game Features]- Simple game steps / rules foreveryone-Enchanting visuals with relaxing ambience- Over 40exciting stages(and more in future updates!)- Shows hints when youare lost- Adremoval with an upgrade
Unblock the Orb : Sliding Puzzle Game 1.9
Little Orb lost its way back to home Can you find the way toitshome by solving amazing sliding maze puzzles? Come around let'sdothis. Rescue the most thrilling sci-fi Ball This is asimpleaddictive unblock puzzle game, Most popular brain-teasinggameavailable in play store!. You'll find it the best time killeronyour phone! Enjoy Your time with sci-fi Ball. Enjoy and havefun!keep you playing it! Keep Rolling the Ball! Move the blockswithyour finger to create a path for moving the Orb to the redGOALblock. But riveted blocks can't be moved. Are you ready toplay?Download and start solving puzzles now! FEATURES • BRANDNEWSLIDING PUZZLE GAME - Sci-Fi Theme - More themes yet to come.•SLIDING PUZZLE - An essential is for the adult to kids of allages.• NUMBER OF INTERESTING LEVELS - You can enjoy the gameenough. •NO TIME LIMIT - Play at your own pace. • NO WIFI? NOPROBLEM! - youcan play this game offline. • USEFUL IN-GAMEFUNCTIONS: - RESTART:Just restart a level quickly. - UNDO: Have amistake? Don't worry,just put it back. - HINTS: It's a good friend.Of course, it may bewrong. • OPTIMIZED ANDROID & GOOGLE PLAYGAMES - Support bothPHONES & TABLETS. - Support both ARM andx86 DEVICES. - SupportGOOGLE+ recommendation. NOTES • Unblock theOrb - slide puzzlecontains the ads like banner, interstitial,rewarded-video ads. •This app requires following permissions. -Modify or delete thecontents of your SD card & Read thecontents of your SD cardE-MAIL • [email protected]• on FACEBOOK • Let'sUNBLOCKTHE ORB. Let's CRUSH THE PUZZLE
Jigsaw Puzzles 2.7
Jigsaw Puzzle is a fun jigsaw puzzles game applicable for allages.120 different puzzles. 10 categories. 7 difficulty levels (16,36,64, 100, 144, 196 and 256 pieces) Custom color themes. Customgamemode. 5 styles of piece Create your own puzzles. Suitableforchildren. Save your progress.
VR Maze Cardboard 1.2
VR Maze puzzle for cardboard or daydream or vr box games. ThisisOne of those 3d VR games in which the virtual reality isperfectly.You can play this vr game without controller. A maze is apath orcollection of paths, typically from an entrance to a goal.The ballrolls through the maze. - Explore and find a way out ofmore than50 different VR labirinths. - Enjoy unlimited fun with aproceduralgenerated levels. - The game gets hard after the initiallevels. -Every time you play, you will have a unique 3D VR mazethat has notbeen created before. - Enjoy maze VR game free
Labyrinth Lite
Illusion Labs
Labyrinth is the classic game where you control a steel ballbytilting a wooden labyrinth. This is the lite version with 20fullyplayable levels and you can easily create 10 more of your veryown.The full version has over 1000 (yes one thousand) levels.Searchfor Labyrinth to find it. Features: - 60 FPS (Wheresupported) -Shadows. - Optional 3d-walls, changing perspective whentiltingphone. - Physics simulation when falling into holes. Makesitpossible to slide on a hole edge without falling. - Acarpenterlevel with calibration. - Autosaving of completed levels.- Easystarting levels for newbie players. - Sound. - Tactilefeedback. -Many more...
Mermaid - treasure match-3 2.23.4
LLC Progress
WANNA PLAY WITH PRINCESS MERMAID? The ocean holds many secretsandmysteries. Mermaid is the princess and the greatest treasure oftheocean. She has always liked to collect seashells, swim tryingtooutrace pirate ships, keep watch over sea stars, play with fishanddolphins and solve difficult puzzles. But once upon a timeseaanimals have found themselves in danger: bunches of trashweredropped into the ocean. Mermaid can’t abandon her friends andherkingdom! Help Mermaid to clean the sea world from the trashandrescue fish, sea stars and dolphins avoiding dangerous sharksandjelly-fish. Solve ocean puzzles and don’t get caught inpiratenets! “Mermaid – treasure match-3 puzzle” is an excitingmatch-3adventure in the sea world: solve puzzles, unlock secrets,collectseashells, rescue fish from glass jars and cans, popbubbles, saveup treasures and get a reward from Princess Mermaid!The main taskfor the mistress of the sea is to rescue all the fish!And you canhelp Mermaid to make paradise ashore and in depth of theocean.Dive to the sea world and plunge into match-3 adventures! Youwon’tbe able to stop playing the game, because “Mermaid –treasurematch-3 puzzle” is: - Well-loved match-3 puzzle genre. - Alot ofsecrets and mysteries. - You won’t be bored during the game!Morethan 46 sea worlds and 1900 levels of puzzles. And each 2weeksthey are getting more and more! Adventure continues! - Prettyseaanimals: fish, dolphins, sea stars, jelly-fish, octopuses andmanyothers. - It’s even more interesting to play! There are2additional ways to complete each level. - All pirates willbedefeated! Varity of boosters and bonuses will help to improveyourskill! - Offline gaming mode! - It’s absolutely free match-3game,but you can buy some game elements, for example, additionalmoves.- NO ADS. Sea world is waiting for you! Install “Mermaid –treasurematch-3 puzzle” for free and play right now! Subscribe forofficialfan-page to know about updates before everyone else!Facebook:
Math Puzzles 1.1.4
Math puzzles increases your logical thinking. Objective of thegameis to find patterns hidden in the puzzle in order to arrive atthesolution. This game helps in enhancing your - Observation skills-Logical reasoning - Out of the box thinking -Mathematicalknowledge This game contains 70 challenging brainteasers. Eachbrain teaser offers a different and unique challengewhich forcesthe user to think in unconventional way. Play thesepuzzles withyour friends to see who can solve the puzzles faster.
Tile Puzzle Girls Bedrooms 1.23
Tamco Apps
Tile Puzzle Girls Bedrooms is a free puzzle game which includesacollection of beautiful girl bedroom photos. Game features:-Flexible and easy interface to use. - Six of differentdifficultylevels. - A lot of beautiful and high-quality photos. -Autosavefunction. - No time limits. - Possibility to view the fullphoto tohelp solve the puzzle. - The ability to share the game withyourfriends. - All photos are available for free to play. -Suitablefor the whole family. We hope that this game will improveyoursense of enjoyment and relaxation.
Mahjong Treasure Quest 2.19.5
Explore an epic📣 mix of original mahjong and exciting questsacrossthe Magic Lands!🔮 Mahjong Treasure Quest is not only aboutmatchingtiles. For your unforgettable gaming experience we spicedit upwith brain-teasing puzzles and fun riddles, excitingexpeditionsand challenging quests. You'll never be alone: littleSophie andher loyal cat Oliver will lend color to your journey.✨You're aboutto:✨ 🔸Enjoy 3 000+ fascinating layouts; 🔹Solvecaptivatingquests and puzzles; 🔸Clear your way from one land toanother,getting rid of whimsical plants and building magicportals;🔹Collect rare artefacts and gems; 🔸Restore and decorateyourawe-inspiring family estate; 🔹Set free the enchanted cats;🔸Havefun playing with your friends and family. 🌟More featuresyou’lltreasure:🌟 🔥Regular game updates with new characters, levels,andquests; 🀄️Special bonus levels, timed quests, exclusive tilesets;💬Amazing community and support; ✅Ability to play offlinewithoutlosing your progress.
1 Line 1 Touch - Free Puzzle Game 1.2
Glad Games
1 Line 1 Touch is a puzzle game where you join dots in 1connectingstroke!Get ready to connect all the dots in 1 Line 1Touch. Makethe smart move to cover all the dots. Connect the dotswithoutlifting your finger from the screen. This is a challengingstrategypuzzle game which helps you improve your IQ. The goal isverysimple, you have to swipe on the spots and connect the pathforeach shape. There are plenty of stages with lots ofchallenges!Each level comes with a unique level of difficulty.There areaddictive levels in the game, but remember each levelischallenging as the last one. Connect spots carefully tocompletethe puzzle. It is not always easy to draw a shape withoutliftingyour finger. Complete the levels and race against time toget morestars. Challenge yourself in this simple and innovativepuzzlegames! Download 1 Line 1 Touch now and enjoy it.
Escape Puzzle: New Dawn 1.5
Join Samantha and Gordon in an all new adventure! Obtain thevaccinefrom the New Dawn facility, claimed to be the only chanceofprotecting people from the devastating effects of theTorrotovirus.Features• Tricky and challenging puzzles!•Gorgeousgraphics!• It's FREE!• No signup's required, just downloadandinstall!Enjoy this fun adventure escape game!From the creatorsofPrison Escape Puzzle.
aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free 1.7.2
aTilt is a labyrinth maze game with an emphasis onrealisticphysics, 3D graphics, and a top-notch gaming experience.Roll yourway past walls, holes, and rotating pieces in order tomove theball into the goal. aTilt includes 258 levels, and you cancreateand share your own levels online!This version of aTilt isfullyfunctional and supported by ads.
Block Puzzle & Conquer 17.6
MTOY Games
- hundreds of levels, only one correct solution - get relax orraceagainst the clock - addictive, easy and logical -infinitechallenge This free tangram inspired puzzle sensation isthe gametaking Google Play by storm. Newly updated with morefeatures andlevels, it's now even more fun! Drag the differentblocks intoplace to match the puzzle. It’s easy to learn and free!Puzzleblocks cannot be rotated, and each level has only onecorrectsolution. Think of it like a math problem! Connect theblockswithout any spaces left! Think you can handle our braintease? Giveit a try! This game is guaranteed to get you addicted!Differentfrom maze and riddle like games, Block Puzzle is anaddictive, easyand logical game. Free and available for people ofall ages, fromyoung kids to adults. With an infinity amount of waysto patternthe square, this game is guaranteed to get you thinking.Perfectfor kids to develop their brain and learn some criticalproblemsolving skills. Ranging from math skills to overalllogicdevelopment, we pride ourselves on providing entertainmentandeducation to young kids. The puzzels are classic tangram ortilematch with endless ways to pattern and connect the blocks. Withoursettings you can be casual and complete the brain teaser atyourleisure, or time yourself if it becomes too easy! Blitzthroughendless levels of logic puzzels, making sure to connect orpatternthe jigsaw correctly. AMAZING VALUE — Over 100,000 FREEpuzzles totrain your brain — 3 difficulty levels: start easy, learnand workyour way up or jump right in with a challenge — Perfect foradultsand kids! INFINITE CHALLENGE — Go against the clock to solveasmany puzzles as you can in a limited time. Enjoy new puzzleseachtime for an infinite amount of fun! — Endless game featureallowsyou to play unlimited, server-generated puzzles in normalmode aswell as timed. Play for infinity and beyond! PUZZLE ANDCONQUER —Challenge and connect with friends on Google Play Games —Win morethan 25 achievements as you accomplish greater challenges
Dino Puzzle - Dinosaur Games for Kids and Toddlers 2.0.9
Tiltan Games
Play 24 Lovely puzzles for kids and toddlers with Dinosaur themeandcreate your own puzzles too! Meet Dino, our lovely dinosaur! AMusthave for every kid who loves Dinosaurs! Develop your childmind,spatial skills, self- esteem, sagacity and memory skills.DinoPuzzle is a great puzzle game for kids and toddlers Explorethrough24 predefined puzzles! Create your own puzzles!Infinitepossibilities! Select the level of difficulty fit for yourkids!Aimed for kids the ages 1-8 Your kids will just lovethesewonderfully drawn dino puzzles and will improve theirspatialskills while having fun! Our educational games arespecificallytailored to fit preschool-aged kids, and encourage themto learnfrom each activity. We specialise in fun educational games.What'sin the game? * 24 Predefined Puzzles, from 6 pieces for thefirstpuzzle up to 16 pieces for the last ones. Each puzzle in thegameis unique * Create your very own puzzles - Draw and Paintactivity* Four different activities - Jigsaw Puzzle, Scratch Card,ShufflePuzzle, Colour Card. * Record your voice and have it played* Widerange of difficulty levels - from 2 pieces for starters to30pieces for preschool kids and first graders! * Funny andLovableanimals, beautifully drawn in vivid HD Graphics * Easy tolearn andcontrol, even for small kids * Interactive animals soundeffects,Positive and pleasant feedback. * Multiple side games forinbetween puzzle solving - pop balloons, bubbles and more. *Controlpuzzle settings, game music, and sound effects from thesettingsmenu * Positive and pleasant feedback for each action yourkidmakes - sounds and effects * Fun and engaging pieces,eithercomplete shape pieces or traditional looking puzzle pieces *Largepieces, easy for children to pick and move * Increasingdifficultylevel as your kid advances from puzzle to puzzle * Childsafebuttons to prevent accidental entry to parent related pagesNote,this is the lite version. The first 3 puzzles are open forfree. Ifyou like this game and would like to unlock the rest oftheactivities, you can unlock the complete game with a singlein-apppurchase. Thanks for your support! What makes our games work?*Educational games for young children is our focus. Our kids'ideasare behind many of our games and they are our first happyplayersfor every game we make. * In Tiltan Games, we know thateducatingchildren can be fun! We aim to give children just theright balancebetween education and fun * Our games are easy tograsp and controlon one hand but challenging enough to provide asignificantlearning experience. What will my kids learn? Dinopuzzles aims tohelp build kids shape and pattern recognition, finemotor skills,cognitive skills and visual spatial skills. Have Fun!Tiltan Games
100 Doors Journey 1.0.38
Most interesting and exciting escape game 2016 is here! Fromthedevelopers of 100 Doors, 100 Doors 2, 100 Doors Full, HiddenEscapeand other great escape games. Can you escape from 100 floorsandget out the sinister mansion?! It's time to show what you cando!In 100 Doors Journey you will be able to solve uniquepuzzles,riddles and secrets of the game world on the all of 100floors.Features: - constant updates with a new puzzles and riddles;- handpainted levels with beautiful graphics; - unique help system;-addictive puzzles and riddles; Tips: to escape the room you needtofind all the hidden objects and use them. You can use allthecapabilities of your device (like: shaking, tilting, swipingandother). Solve many puzzles to escape the rooms on 100floors.Mansion escape game in 100 doors games stylistics. It's timetoescape from the most of mysterious mansion in the world! Followuson Facebook:
Hexa Puzzle - Block Puzzle Master 1.2.1
Innova Games
Hexa Puzzle - Block Puzzle Master is a classic Hexa BlockPuzzlegame. With its simple and fun gameplay, you will soon getaddictedto this puzzle game. If you are a puzzle game lover, youwilldefinitely enjoy it! This most important thing is: it makesyoukeep playing for FREE! Christmas artworks and events are here!Comeand experience a completely new Christmas world! MerryChristmaseveryone!Do you want to train your brain in the simplestway? Doyou enjoy lovely colors? Are you a puzzle lover? Here comesthebest choice for you, Hexa Puzzle - Block Puzzle Master! Itstartsout easily but gets challenging soon. Just move blocks tofill upthe square! If you are stuck on a level, you can use “Hints”tohelp you spot a clue. Are you ready to train your brain andenjoythe fun from solving a puzzle? -FEATURES-- Over 700 braintwistingblock puzzle levels await you to challenge! - Become ablock puzzleMASTER in the simplest way- Various colors give you avisuallypleasing and relaxing gameplay- FREE and EASY to play!- Nowifi?Don’t worry. Hexa Puzzle is a game you can play anywhere,anytime!-Play with your friends and family! Strength lies innumbers!HexaPuzzle - Block Puzzle Master is designed puzzle loversto trainyour brain. It’s not only a block puzzle solving game, butalso anapp with an educational nature. We hope you enjoy thesimplest yetexciting fun! Have a good time in Hexa Puzzle - BlockPuzzleMaster!
Color Puzzle Game + Download Free Hue Wallpaper 3.5.0
Are you a color master? Having extraordinary color vision acuity?Orlooking for a relaxing, beautiful puzzle game? Then you MUSTNOTmiss this game! This free beautiful color puzzle game includes200levels. Different game modes and difficulties challenge yourcolorperception! You can play alone, or share your elegant andbeautifulpuzzles with your friends. Enjoy the journey of becomingcolormaster! ========== Game Features ========= ★ Healing colorpuzzlegame, step by step to create your color puzzle. ★ Compareyour gamescores with the world average and test your perception ofcolor. ★Every completed color puzzle can be downloaded as a freemobilewallpaper. ★ Challenge levels: Complete the level withinlimitedmoves, and you can download free limited edition wallpaper.★ Arelaxing game to share with friends via Line, Facebookmessenger,wechat, whatsapp and more.