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Car Driving Simulator - Stunt Ramp 1.2.1
Game Pickle
Take control of amazing tuning cars and try to complete amid-airtrack with 13 impossible checkpoints. Drive fast on the topof abig 3D city, jump from the highest building to another one.Performextreme and illegal stunts and get the best time. Completethetricky racetrack and become the best professional driver oftheworld. Currently, only 800 on 500,000 players have finishedtherace in one go (without respawn) !Congratulations to them! Allthescores are archived in a leaderboard. !! Car Driving Simulator-Stunt Ramp contains 13 impossible checkpoints !! It is thelatestand one of the best challenging racing game. Unlock and makeyourchoice between city cars, offroad cars, speed cars, andpolicecars. Customize them with brush and decals, then changetires,wheel, smoke colors, car stereo, plate and more... Chooseyourcharacter among 6 amazing drivers. The city is very big withrealtraffic cars, buildings, houses, bridges and traffic lights.Theroad system is also very dense, from highways and 2x2 lanes toverysmall road of mountains, with a hill climb. The dangeroustrackcontains extreme vertical ramps, crazy looping, high-speedramps,actions on sky highs, furious and risky obstacles. CarDrivingSimulator - Stunt Ramp will test your car driving skills!Features: - Ultimate racing challenge game - Hugely open-worlddrivingsimulator with the city, construction... filled with wideopenroads, mountains, hills, and forests - Miles of roads to driftanddrive on and do stunt jumps - Pimp your car: full customizationforcars - Experience this realistic driving simulator, theultimatedriving gameplay - Realistic drift physics - High-qualityvehicles- Dynamic drifting camera angles - Easy to play drivingcontrols,use touch, wheel and tilt controls! - Leaderboard You canadjustthe quality button to play without lag. Show off your amazingcardriving skills, perform awesome car stunts in one of the bestfreecar driving simulators available! This game offers the massiveopenworld for the best car driving simulator game experience!Race,drift, crash, jump, and flip around a huge detailed opencity,perform tricks and stunts, and have fun! The most realisticandextreme car driving game you'll ever experience, CarDrivingSimulator - Stunt Ramp!
Drift Chasing-Speedway Car Racing Simulation Games 1.1.1
Here comes the racer's favorite racing game! Feel theabsolutespeedexperience in the unique racing! All you need isyourintuition andskills. Crush your opponent with absolutedriftingspeed! Gamefeatures: *** The ultimate gaming experience:exquisitegamegraphics, real physics engine, the perfect sprint ofnitrogen.Justfeel the thrill ofimmersive speed! *** 20 models ofexquisiteracingcars for you to choose from- C-class to S-class,both inshape andconfiguration, each with its own characteristics.You canown all ofthem if you’re willing to. Build your owntop-configuredcar to winthe game! *** 30 levels for you to compete,defeat theracingmasters in various regions and become the strongestracingdriver.*** Different levels of track tests. Can you pass theexamcompetingwith the world's top racers? *** Unique racingupgradesystem. Makeyour car strike to the top speed *** Easyoperationand strongdrifting feeling. Find the fun of racing! Whatare youwaiting for?Download the Drift Chasingand feel the fun ofdriftingwith us!
Racing Car 3D Game 4.0
"Racing Car 3D Game" is the favorite game for lovers ofspeed.Enjoythe most incredible experience about the most powerfulcarsthatexist. Compete against the best and become a world championofspeedwith the best racing car simulator of the year. AddTurbo,drive theworkshop at your leisure, enjoy the roads. Competeinmountaintracks, compete in the best cities, or manage toarrivefirst in thetranscontinental competition, crossing thecontinentsand competingagainst the rest of the players. Incrediblesoundeffects, andimproved graphics engine in this amazing car gameofthe yearsuitable for speed lovers. - Improved control effects.-New drivingaids. - High speed mode, crazy! - NewDrivingTechnology. - VTCmode, become the new transport of privatepeople,new game mode. -Workshop in Arcade mode and Simulation.Download"Racing Car 3DGame" only if you are a lover of speed, carsandsimulation anddemonstrate your skills at the wheel.
Moto Racing Extreme 3D Game 6.0
Download and have fun with "Moto Racing Extreme 3DGame".Motorcycleracing simulator of the year. Real motorcycleracingsimulator,which will get you into the races. Compete, Win andgetthe bestbikes for your garage. Urban circuits, racingcircuits,run andcompete all over the world with the best and risechampionon thepodium. Retouch your bikes, and leave the perfectengine tocompeteat the highest level. Will you win thechampionship? Takeout thebiker that you have inside and compete atthe highest levelwithyour bike in "Moto Racing Extreme 3D Game"
New Car Driving Simulator 2018 – Real Drift 1.1
New Car Driving Simulator 2018 – Real Drift is a newadditiontogenre of car games where we have tried to enhance cardrivinggamesexperience to a new level. Combining extreme drivingofdriftinggames with the extensive car setting options of supercargames,this car simulator is packed with car stunts actionandacompelling story where you will feel the urge to speeddriftandperform burnout till the last drop of fuel in a uniquetwisttoreal car driving games. You will rarely seemultipleenvironmentincluding offroad car driving for extreme stuntsandnumerous supercars together in a free car games package butthiscar drivingsimulator offers everything along with its cardriftinggamesfunctionality. You will get to control yourvehicle’sWheelscamber, Wheels Suspension, SuspensionDamping,SteeringSensitivity, Top Speed, Braking Torque, EngineTorque andevenexhaust flame for ultimate driving pleasure and realdrift. Youcanalso choose to set your vehicle to front wheel drive(FWD),rearwheel drive (RWD) or all wheel drive (AWD) accordingtothesituation. All this makes car simulator qualify for thecategoryofbest car games. So experiment with the car controls,learn todriveand eventually EARN THE RESPECT of car racing gamescommunity.Takestunt racing seriously and tune up your car perfectlyforultimatedriving experience in this car driving simulator whichismuchdifferent from other new car games. Learn to drive&performextreme driving as an underdog car driver in cardrivinggameschallenge. Many offline games and car stunt games triedtomasterthe art of real car driving but very few car racinggameshavemanaged to fine tune real drift setting like the carsimulator.Soput on your driving gear and prepare for stunt racingand realcardriving in the best of car games not seen in most freecargames.Rise up the rankings to become drifting gameschampions!Story ofthis Car Game: “You were a poor boy who only knewhow todrive fastcars. You did some car stunts which surprised eventhebest cardrivers of car industry. Mr. Jason Smith of Globalcarcompany hasgifted you a hatchback car. It’s time for you toperformcarstunts, burnout and car drifting in the city to earnmoney andbuyyour dream car. The best point is that you canCOMPLETELYMODIFYYOUR CAR SETTINGS in this driving game and become alegend!”STEPUP YOUR GAME! If you are a fan of car stunt games andwouldlike totry out new car games, this ultimate car simulator istherightchoice for you. Practice speed drift to perfectionandenjoyultimate driving like a professional car driver.Catchallcheckpoints in the game which require you to do carstuntsandunlock nitro for you. What are you waiting for? Downloadthiscarracing game now! New Car Driving Simulator 2018 –RealDriftFeatures: - Ultimate driving challenges and stunts -Realisticcarphysics customized for every super car - Airportstunts,mountaincar driving and city extreme driving environments-Beautifulin-game graphics with real car models unseen in a lotoffree cargames - AWD, FWD, RWD modes with advanced levelcarsimulatorsettings Mizo Studio strives to make offline gamesforfree for itsplayers. If you like our driving games or wanttoprovide anysuggestions for improvement, write
Car Racing : Lightning speed 1.2.0
Secom Game
Drive fast high-speed racing one of the best car racingsimulatorgames! Race, drift and crash real sports cars around racetracksand winding roads, explore the huge open city driving.Driverealistic cars in the newest race car game; compete againstothereager racers in fast-paced races, drift around racetracks, andbeatthe clock to get the fastest lap time in this awesome racecargame! Car Racing : Lighting speed is the latest and one of thebestcar racing simulators! Play with your friends withlocalmultiplayer and race to see who can get first place! With easytoconnect gameplay, race or go into stunt city mode to drive foraslong as you want with your best friends! Experience realisticcardriving in the new racing simulation game, speed past otherracevehicles. Flip and wreck your real race car with vehicledamage,see each scratch and dent with each car crash and collision.Carracing simulators have never been this fun, withincredibleaction-packed racing, become the ultimate race car driverin one ofthe best car driving games! Find stunt ramps to jump offto doamazing stunts. Walk around in your own personal car garageandselect any real sports car to drive an in the all-new openworldcar driving simulator! Each sports car can be fully customizedtohow you like, design and choose how you would like yourownpersonal sports car to look like. Walk around and witness thehighquality of each unique vehicle before you get in a drive onracetracks and open city streets. Features: - Realistic carracing,high octane races against fast racers - Exciting levelmodes, race,drift, time trials, and more! - Unique race tracks andcliffsideroads to test all types of fast driving - Hugelyopen-world drivingsimulator with city, construction, dockyard, andmore! - Miles ofroads to drift and drive on - Real-time vehicledamage - Fullcustomization for sports cars - Personal garage towalk around andexplore - Authentic and real sports car vehicles -Realistic cardriving game physics - Intelligent A.I racing cardriving -Multiple dynamic HD camera angles Get ready for a racinggameexperience like never before! Put your racing, drifting andcardriving skills to the test as you race against other racersandyour friends in one of the best free car driving simulators,CarRacing : Lighting speed! Car Racing : Lighting speed brings youtheimpossible racer tracks! Jump into your cars and get ready fortheraces of a lifetime. Change the gear, accelerate to thehighestspeeds to zoom past your opponents and land in the top spot.Watchout for tricky turns and obstacles on your way, or you maycrashand lose the races. Master the unique timing of each racecartocome out on top. This racer game lets you satisfy the needforspeed and find the right balance between power and grip. Inthisrealistic and engaging drag racer experience, use maximum powerandset the engine to provide full power at each gear to boostthecar's performance. Indulge your passion for races in themostamazing cars on the planet. Download the ultimate race gameforfree, start your supercar collection. Ready, Set, Go! Car Racing:Lighting speed game play with features : - Free to Play! - TonsofAmazing Cars - Amazing 3D Environment - Stadium with fastracetracks - Challenge your facebook friends - Simple andintuitivebike driving controls - Fun Unlimited Races
Ramp Car Stunts 2 1.0.4
Bendy ramp car stunts, impossible car ramp, vertical ramp cargamesand underwater bendy ramp stunts are in impossible tracks megarampcar race. Waterslide car racing stunts of under water cardrivingtest impossible ramp stunt master on biggest mega ramp carjump.Come under water on the super Ramp of bendy ramp cartransformracing to enjoy the new bends and curves of water surfergame withreal ramps and the biggest ramp jump. This bendy car races likewater car slide of impossible mega ramp games in which crazybendystunt racing of mega ramp car games makes the player a legendsuperwater surfer on crazy ramp of vertical ramp car race. The hugerampof impossible tracks car games is with underwater vehiclewithwhich you have to contend this new ramp car drive by performingthecrazy stunts on the mega ramp transform by assuming the trueroleof the stunt master of water park games. You have grandimpossiblecar on biggest mega ramp which excels the underwater carsas themost powerful vertical ramp car which is capable of extremecarstunts of this impossible tracks stunt race in this realwatersurfer car racing. The player can control stunt master carasimpossible stunts ramp car during water park racing of skyhighgames where performance of impossible car stuntsrequiresunderwater submarine cars of car stunt games. Be carefulindangerous ocean while commanding mega ramp car in frozenwaterslideof impossible stunts game. Make your safety sure in deepSea offloating water car games and do plain ramp stunts in stuntcar raceof car stunts games through water car racing of car stuntsgames2018 in the best possible way. The under water racing gamesand skyhigh box games are full with crazy car stunts 2k17 of bigrampgames and impossible stunt car game is new addition in watercargames 2018 with extreme racing stunts cars and extreme megarampcars of stunt man car race of water sliding car games. Enjoyyourlot on extreme impossible tracks in super water park withstuntsdriving as floating underwater car free and use it in morepowerfulway from the mega ramp cars for racing car stunts of supercarstunt master game. The water park games and stuntman gamesfreecan’t make you crazy track stunt master due to absence extrememegaramp stunts and car sky high driving. Select from water surfercarsfor real impossible tracks and mega-ramp of water car gamesandprove your abilities through water racing game during mega rampcardrive as car racing on water slide with double impossible rampcarin frozen water slide car racer on mega ramp of extremeimpossibletracks car race. Become the regent through Crazy BendyStunts ofwater car driving and act as impossible track car stuntmaster.Underwater Bendy Ramp Car Stunts Racing Master features:Real waterslide with ramp car for mega ramp stunts as water slideadventure.The biggest ramp car on san andreas impossible mega rampin watersurfer floating. Crazy ramp car stunts of water surferracing instuntman car race as mega ramp jump. Sky high car gamesfeatureswith grand ramp impossible stunts on vertical mega ramp.Impossiblerace tracks with frozen water surfer cars of Car stuntmangame inxtreme car stunts derby. Stunt man tricks in dangerous oceanwithramp car flip for bendy ramp Car racing stunts as realwatersurfer. Amazing and full HD bendy ramp stunts inexcitingwaterslide car racing with bendy ramp car. Floatingunderwater carsimulator with sensational mega ramp stunts sanandreas. Frozenwaterslide, impossible vertical mega ramp, floatingunderwater carsand bendy car racing stunts of underwater games iswith impossiblestunts car in stunt master car simulator. Winbiggest mega rampracing with speed racing car of bendy game.
com.GameTap.CityFuriousCarDrivingSimulator 1.1
Game Tap
Enjoy Furious Car Driving in City Furious car Driving SimulatorbyGame Tap and blaze through city streets while driving sportscarsat intense speeds. In street racing there are no rules you needtojust drive with super fast speed. Accelerate to blazing highspeedson wide city roads to get intense adrenaline rush throughyourveins! Show off your extreme car driving skills for car racingandchoose your vehicle. Furious Car Driving game is cardrivingsimulator with realistic physics. Choose from variousfullycontrollable cars and modify front and rear suspensionswithcustomization option. The ultimate drag racer is Furious CarRacingin the city streets! Design you car and Race to reach theabsolutepeak of high speed and performance to dominate the city asthe bestfurious car racer. Compete with other rival racers inonlinemultiplayer mode and improve your driving skills to becomeproracer by defeating the grand auto gangsters of the city. Driveyourcar in drift mode and drift the car using the hand break. DriveaSUV or a Sedan in Furious car racing game and start driving asupercar. Drive on the highway and use the nitro boost to drive atfastspeed with furious super cars. In car driving games crushothercars and see realistic car damage. Race fast in free cardrivingsimulator game! Enjoy speed racing in exciting sports cargame.Launch your car at the highest speed and complete lap ontime.Chase other drivers on asphalt tracks. Avoid elimination withfastspeed and become the champion of driving simulation.SteeringAssistances ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), ESP(ElectronicStability Program), TCS (Traction Control System) and SH(SteeringHelper) Customization Option for cars including paint,plates,wheels etc. Adjustable Maximum Brake and Maximum Torque ofsuperfast car Full HD graphics & Realistic sound effectsEasilycontrollable car simulator Realistic physics Free offlinegamewithout Wi-Fi Perform Extreme Drifting stunt with fast speedsinracing simulation. Use high speeds to drift and drag in aracingwar. Drive on city asphalt road and use turbo booster tospeed upyour car and burn up tires and reach your maximum car speedlimitin driving. Download the best racing simulator of City FuriousCarDriving Simulator by GAME TAP with many racing modes and havefunwith blazing speeds and perform tricks, stunts and withyourdriving skills.
Pony Craft Unicorn Car Racing - Pony Care Girls 1.1.25
Pony Car Racing - Pony Craft Unicorn is an exciting,exhilarating,high octane FREE endless driving racing game for Girlsand Boys ofall ages. Specifically designed for children andfamilies who wantto unlock and play as the coolest Pony Horse Care- Pony CraftUnicorn drivers in the most exciting racing cars! 🐴Pony Car Racing- Pony Craft Unicorn Features 🏁 - Race, Jump, boostand drift pastobstacles in the city! - Drive over massive ramps andperformawesome racing stunts - Unlock a total of 8 different Ponydrivers!- Race in 10 different cars! - Equip the daredevil helmetto smashright through obstacles - Collect exciting boosts for yourcar tohelp you reach the highscore - Upgrade the boosts for yourvehiclewith coins in the shop! - Come back to race each day andunlockexclusive rewards - Amazing 3D graphics - Regular FREEupdates withnew cars and ponies! Drift around obstacles, boost pastcorners andrace to the finish line with your favourite PonyUnicorns in PonyCar Racing - Pony Craft Unicorn, an excitingendless racingsimulator game. Experience realistic acceleration asyour PonyUnicorn Driving Car becomes faster as you race for longer.Thismeans that Pony Car Racing only gets more and more exciting asyouduck, spin and drift around a variety of obstacles such as pilesoftyres, petrol pumps and even traffic! Will you be able to racetovictory through the city streets? Be sure to collect as manycoinsas possible in this pony driving simulator game as you racethroughthe streets, and even receive bonus coins for performingawesomestunts! The city is full of massive ramps for you to launchoff,and both awesome stunts and bonus coins are waiting for you inthesky. Control your turbo horse racing car as you glide throughtheair avoiding traffic on the streets and try to collect asmanybonus coins as you can before you land. Pony Car Racing -PonyCraft Unicorn not only features fast unicorn race cars, butalsoextra boosts for those fast race cars! Collect as many boostsasyou can so that you can perform even cooler stunts such asflippingyour car in the air as you jump over street signs. Becomethe bestpony driver today. Street racing has never been soexhilarating!Being a stunt race driver is dangerous, and it isimportant to keepyour Pony driver safe in Pony Car Racing! Collector spend coins topurchase daredevil helmets for your pony driver,and use these tokeep on racing and driving even after crashing!Don’t forget topack as many helmets as you can if you are aiming toreach thehighscore. Racing coins are awesome! And this is why thereare somany to collect in Pony Car Racing. Be sure to visit the shopaftereach race to unlock new ponies, new cars and even new paintstylesfor your car! There is always something new to spend yourcoins on.As well as vehicles, you can improve your current cars byupgradingyour boosts, this will cause your boosts to last longer orhave amore potent effect. Will you be able to unlockeverything,including the fastest car on the streets - the Turbo GT?Be sure tocome back and race in this driving simulator everyday sothat youcan unlock the exclusive and awesome daily rewards. Thesewill helpto ensure that you are the first Pony Unicorn to reach thefinishline! Pony Car Racing - Pony Craft Unicorn has beencarefullydesigned for boys, girls and families to have ultimatefun! Pleaserate us for future improvements and updates! Invite yourfriends toplay the cute, magical, addictive games designed forGirls &Boys of all ages created by Green Tea Games andchallenge them tobeat your highest score! Visit our official Follow us on Or like us on to get more info about all ourupcomingtitles.
com.mobadu.BlockyFarmRacing 1.20
☆ Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator is a free game where youcanrace through village or play farm simulator mode. ☆ Choosetractor,harvester or a car and hit the road! Check how far you candrivewithout crash in Race mode. In Demolition mode - smasheveryvehicle or object you see! Even more fun waits for you inFarmsimulator mode. Find huge map, cities, fields and cuteanimals!Become real blocky farmer and grow your farm! ... or justrelax andstart village exploration! FARM MODE: 🐷 ✓ big ranch andvillage ✓four agricultural machines to use: hay baler, trailer,wateringmachine and plow ✓ select one of three combines to startharvesting✓ four tractors including backhoe ✓ harvest wheat andcorn (fieldsare marked on your map) ✓ release seeds anywhere! ✓sell your seedsand hay bales to farmer's market ✓ grow your FarmScore by sellingmore and more crops! ✓ pets! collect eggs andexchange them forcats and dogs! ✓ crude oil production! collectbarrels and becomean oil magnate! ✓ transport oil by train to theseaport and take aship cruise! ✓ unlock three unique vehicles withyour Farm Score ✓garages to hide your machines ✓ lot of cuteanimals including pigsand loud chickens! ✓ receive Animal Loverbadge by feeding cows inyour ranch pen with seeds or hay bales ✓drive train through entiremap! ✓ discover hidden places like familycampfires and horse farm✓ lot of streets and railroads DEMOLITIONMODE: 🐮 ✓ destroyvehicles, pigs and dangerous bulls! RACE MODE: 🐥 ✓drive and stayalive! ✓ unlock features by driving as far as you can✓ avoidobstacles like broken tractor or car accidentsCUSTOMIZATION: ✓change colors in your tractor or harvester ✓ takethe roof down orremove combine header! ✓ select color of your rims✓ power enginefeature for Cabrio and Pickup FEATURES ☆ play duringthe day,sunset and night mode! ☆ stormy weather now also available!☆street traffic in each game mode ☆ lot of player skins to choose☆cool sounds and realistic physics ☆ play offline mode - no needforinternet connection ☆ big city with airport where you can flybyplane over entire map ☆ eject from a plane and crash! ☆farmhelper! pick your buddy and double up your farm score ☆ eggfarm!collect 10 eggs in 60 minutes ☆ pet simulator! drive togetherwithyour animals everywhere! More features coming in 2019 andrememberto drive safely in real life! Keep updated - subscribe now!👍Website: Facebook:
Police Car Chase 2019 1.0.3
🚓🚓🚓🚨🚨 Highway Police Cars Chase Games 2018 🚨🚨🚓🚓🚓 HighwayPoliceChase is a realistic car chase challenge & an addition totheGoogle Play Games for all. Experience the Fast Car RushHighwayChase Racing Speed Ticket in this Police Car Games 2018PoliceChase Thief Pursuit. This Police limo chase is all aboutHighwayPolice Car Driving games in the best of US Police Car RacingRushKnock Down Speed Ticket Burnout Car games with best featuresofPolice pursuits car chase challenge car driving chase onGooglePlay Top Android Games for kids You will forget all otherPoliceCar Games 3D & Police Chase Games after playing Drift CarChaseGrand Highway Racing Car driving chase top featured games ongoogleplay games. Fasten your seat belt to play the mostanticipated bestendless car racing game Speed Car Games PoliceChase Thief PursuitCar Driving Chase in Grand 3D environment. Everymission in thisHighway Car Chase Challenge 2018 will be a thiefpursuit police cardriving chase which will test your police cardriving games skills.Every level gets more difficult &challenging than the former.You'll have to find, catch and policepursuit more criminal cars inlesser time in the best of Police Cargames 2018 Get into thethrill of auto & vehicles fast policecar games for kids withthe simulation experience of car drivinggames 2018. Your duty as aUS Police Officer is to keep the cityroads, highway & freewayan extreme car driving safe place bychasing down, take down, knockdown & thief pursuit the mostwanted criminals and streetracing robbers in Car Chase games 2018featured endless racing gameon Google Play games for all. PoliceCop Car driving chase is afree Highway Racing Cop Chase Police Cargames 3D limo chase.Become a police car racer, get in your cop car,crime chase thiefpursuit & shoot the enemies and destroy them.Earn points &coins to buy speed cars & faster police carswith more powerfulattack in chor police chase game for kids.🚓🚓Police Highway CarChase Challenge Police Pursuit InnovativeFeatures 🚓🚓 🚓🚨Challenging Police Car Racing Car Driving Chasemissions extremetime limit. 🚓🚨 Freeway Grand Chase Rush RacingChore Police Gameswith Realistic HD graphics and engaging soundeffects. 🚓🚨 PoliceHighway Chase game 3D environment with mostaddictive gameplay 🚓🚨Real Car Physics with smooth driving controls
Real Car Driving Simulator 1.027
Game Pickle
Drive fast sports cars and perform stunts, drifts, and tricks innolimits drive action from one of the best car drivingsimulatorgames! Drift real cars in the huge open driving world;explore citystreets and corners, take a detour on the vast expanseand findstunts to jump off to do amazing stunts. Walk around yourownpersonal car garage, select any real sports car, customizeandupgrade how you like and go on the open road for the best driveinthe all-new open world car driving simulator! Real CarDrivingSimulator is the latest, no limits drive sensation and oneof thebest car driving simulators! Fully customize your own sportscar tohave its own unique style and driving sensation to how youlike.Upgrade your car with paint jobs, decals, wheel rims, spoilersandmore! Walk around and witness the high quality of eachuniquevehicle before you get in an drive in the open citystreets.Experience realistic car driving like no other simulationgame;speed past city vehicles, drift around city streets, flip andwreckyour car with real-time vehicle damage, see each scratch anddentwith each car crash. Stop and rewind time at any point to gettheperfect drift with the ALL-NEW time rewind and slow-motiongamefeatures! Enjoy the driving sensation that brings you the bestrealdrifting and driving, pulling off super long drifts, stuntjumps,and a whole load more to explore and do in one of the bestcardriving games! Features: - Massive open driving world with tonsofareas to explore! - Miles of roads to drift and drive on -Fullcustomization for sports cars - Personal garage to walk aroundandexplore - Unlock and upgrade with easy to earn in-game coins-Authentic and real sports car vehicles - Exciting gamefeaturesSlow-Mo, Nitro Boosts and Time Rewind - Realistic cardriving gamephysics - Intelligent city A.I traffic driving -Multiple dynamicHD camera angles - Hundreds of AI cars throughoutthe cities Showoff amazing drifting skills and pro driver talent inthe excitingno limits drive action. Perform awesome car stunts inone of thebest free car driving simulators available! This gameoffers themassive open world for the best car driving simulatorgameexperience! Race, drift, crash, jump, and flip around hugedetailedopen city, perform tricks and stunts, and have fun!Unlock,upgrade, and tune your sports car to be the best driftingmachineon the road. The most realistic and extreme car driftinggameyou'll ever experience, Real Car Driving Simulator!
City Drift Legends- Hottest Free Car Racing Game 1.1.3
City Drift Legends! Just enjoy the fun of the purest racinggame.Exquisite game graphics and simple operation will bringplayers thebest gaming experience. Testing your limited driftingskills on thecomplex curves of the track! Game features: * Avariety of awesomeclassic racing cars for you to choose-class C,class B,class A. Youcan even unlock class S! Players can freelyview 3D models ofvarious racing cars in the garage. * Variousclassic game modessuch as regular racing, time knockouts,championships, etc. * Thebest car experience- Exquisite gamescenery, dynamic music, coollighting, etc. * No Wi-Fi, no problem!You can play it anytime,anywhere. * Multiple exciting tracks forplayers to choose from,the simple beachfront track andcomplex citytrack can fully testthe player's racing ability. * Conquer all thetracks, get thelegendary badge and become the king of racingGameplay: The vehiclecan move automatically. Press the left andright buttons to controlthe direction. The brake button controlsthe speed, and the Nitrobutton is used to boost Nitro racing. Tapthe direction keys andthe brake simultaneously to carry outdrifting. Are you ready tochallenge the racing tracks around theworld?! Come join thisexciting car racing game! Challenge thelimits of operation, andstrive to be the king of racing!
Real Drift Car Racing 5.0.2
Real Games srls
With 20 millions of downloads worldwide Real Drift Car Racing isthemost realistic drift racing game on mobile devices, and yeteasy tocontrol and fun to play thanks to an innovative drifthelper. Getready to drive high performance cars (turbo ornaturally aspirated)and make them drift at high speed in tracksdesigned specificallyfor drift racing. Improve your racing anddrifting skills and earnvirtual money to tune and customize yourcar. Race to battle theworld record of the leaderboard or just forfun in the freeridemode. FEATURES • The most realistic driftracing game on mobiledevices; • Customizable difficulty: fromtotal novice toprofessional drifter; • Extensive customizationoptions: change bodycolor, body vinyl, rims model, rims color andtire signature; •Extensive tuning options: increase engine power,add a turbo, changehandling settings (weight distribution, camberangle etc.), changegear ratios and shift speed; • Photo mode toshare your coolestdrifts with your friends; • Realistic simulationof all aspect(engine, drivetrain, tires, etc.) of the car; •Specific enginesound for every car with turbo whistle and blow offvalve; •Backfire effects with sounds; • Accurate pointscalculation: earnpoints by drifting at high speed, at high driftangle and, by lighttouching walls during a drift; • Online andlocal leaderboard tochallenge your friends and people all over theworld; • Big trainingtrack to improve your drifting and racingskills; • Cool dubstepsoundtrack by Liquid Stranger and SimplifyRecordings. • Optimizedfor Intel x86 mobile devices. FEATURES ONLYIN THE FULL VERSION • Noadverts; • 11 new drift racing tracks; •12 new powerful cars withspecific and realistic setup; • Newchallenging career mode with 36championships with growingdifficulty; • All tuning optionsunlocked. GAMEPLAY • Accelerometer(gyroscope) or touch steeringmode; • Slider or touch throttle; •Automatic or manualtransmission; • Metric or Imperial units ofmeasurement; ADVANCEDPOINTS SYSTEM Points grow proportionally todrift angle, drift timeand speed. There are also 2 differentpoints multiplier: "DriftCombo" multiplier and "Proximity"multiplier. Drift Combo multiplieris increased by 1 wheneverpoints reach a power of 2000 (1000,2000,4000, 8000 etc.). If youchange drift direction, points areadded to Total Points Indicator(located in the top left of thescreen) and reset. If points reachevery multiple of 2000 again,Drift Combo is increased by 1 again.This works only if you keepdrifting without too long interruptionsbetween one drift and theother (less than 1 second), otherwiseDrift Combo multiplier will bereset to 1. Proximity multiplier isincreased when you drift withthe back of the car near a wall (lessthan 1.5 meters)proportionally to closeness. You'll notice thisbonus with a slowmotion effect and a text showing the multiplierfactor. If you hitanything you'll lose your partial points and allmultipliers.PERMISSIONS REQUIRED Location • precise location (GPSandnetwork-based) Used to locate player nationality (shown intheleaderboard). Photos/Media/Files • modify or delete the contentsofyour USB storage • test access to protected storage Used tosaveplayer profile data. Wi-Fi connection information • viewWi-Ficonnections Used to send player scores to leaderboard server.Wewill update and improve Real Drift constantly. Please rate andgiveyour feedback for further improvement of the game. FOLLOWUS PS: ifyouexperience crashes during app loading, please note that 90% ofthetimes this is due to low free memory (RAM, not disk space).Tryrestarting your device. if the problem persists, try stoppingsomebackground process. 2.2.0
Which kid doesn’t love cool cars? Especially, when he cancreateunique cars for the race, drive faster than lightning, andcrossobstacles on the road! With this exciting app children canenjoybeeping, accelerating and jumping on trampolines as they rideondifferent vehicles. For some added fun, the game alsoincludesinteractive objects on the way for kids to click. Set offon anexciting journey with a new friend - racer Raccoon! Featuresof theapp: ★ Choose from different high-speed cars ★ Paint orimproveyour cars in a garage ★ Paste bright and funny car stickers★Travel to different locations ★ Enjoy this easy andfun-to-playgame ★ Delight yourself with the funny cartoon graphics★ Listen tothe stunning sound effects and music ★ Play withoutinternet Thisentertaining game is suitable for kids aged 1 year andabove. Letyour children learn to be creative, attentive anddetermined, asthey play this game! There are many differentactivities designedto capture toddlers’ attention as they travelaround in fancy cars:- Add improvements like turbo boosters,flashers, sirens, balloonsand other accessories - Paint the car indifferent attractivecolors - Draw with brushes or use paint cans -it’s our choice! -Wash your car with a sponge in a garage - Choosewheels for yourvehicle - small, large, or unusual ones - Decoratethe car withstickers and superhero badges Have loads of fun withamazingvehicles! CLASSIC - Retro car, Pickup, Ice cream truck andothersMODERN - Police car, Jeep, Ambulance and more FUTURISTIC -Lunarrover, Flying saucer, Concept car and others FANTASY -Monstertruck, Superhero machines, Dinosaur and more CONSTRUCTION-Excavator, Tractor, Concrete mixer truck and othersThisadventurous car game is simple, exciting, and educative!That’sexactly what kids need! We value your feedback. Did you enjoythisgame? Write to us about your experience. If you have anyquestionsor suggestions, please contact us at
Offroad Cruiser Simulator 1.19
Oppana Games
Off-road Cruiser Car Simulator is a real physics engine racinggameand simulator (+ multiplayer mode). This business andpopularluxury driving simulator ensures realistic car damage andaccuratedriving physics. A free app lets you drive an super vehicleandeven drift. Set up a race according to your own rules! Turn onthemusic and let's go!!!! There are four different game modestochoose from: 1. CITY (free ride). In the CITY mode youareparticipant of the city traffic. 2. CITY (online). Multiplayermodein city. 3. DESERT (online). This is a multiplayer race inthedesert. 4. PORT (online). This is a multiplayer race in theport.5. DESERT 2 (online). This is a multiplayer freeride in thedesert.6. DESERT 2 (free ride). Freeride mode in desert. *** GAMEFEATURES*** - This exciting and dynamic game is sure to bring youhours offun. - Richly detailed off-road car. - You getrealisticacceleration. - First-person and third-person modes. -Many of thecomponents inside the car are interactive. - Car damageisextremely realistic. - It's very simple to select a drive mode.-Plenty of camera settings. - Accurate physics. - Greatgraphics.TIPS. 1. Do not accelerate while cornering! 2. Use thecamerasettings to choose the most convenient view for driving. 3.Payattention to the interactive hints. 4. Don't forget to fill upyourcar with gas at the gas station. 5. For your convenience,pleasekeep the doors locked when driving. 6. You have a 360-degreeviewof the cabin. 7.To exit car choose view from the cockpit.Followus! Keep for updates. Expected more interesting! Tell usyourwishes for new features and comments about the game. Downloadandplay OPPANA GAMES! And enjoyyourself!
High Wheeler Speed Race 2.0
Carling Dev
High Wheeler Speed Race is an amazing classic bike racinggamewhereyou compete against against two other cyclists. Drive asfastas youcan to get the first position in the race. The cyclistwhoreachesthe finish line first will win the race. Enjoy anurbancircuit withan area of houses, factories and warehouses.Beware ofdangerousslopes, obstacles, tunnels and sharp curves.FEATURES -Choosebetween 6 different classic bikes. - 3challengingdifferentcircuits. - High Quality 3D graphics - Amazingcircuits inan urbanenvironment - Very precise driving simulationand bikephysicscontrol. Download now for free our High WheelerSpeed Racegame,challenge the rivals and be the best cyclist in theworld. 1.17.2
Tackle moto racing trials, defeat your racing rivals, finishinrecord time and get on the road to becoming a bike riderchampion.Select a motocross bike for extreme motorcycle racing, arace carif you're in the mood for extreme car driving or even anATV roadbike. Race to the finish at turbo fast speed, but watch out– motojumps, zero gravity fields, asphalt elevators & drifttrackswill challenge you! Play to keep your space bike steady anddon’tturn into a skiddy car in this road bike balance skillgame.Leverage the power of the realistic motorcycle racing engine:freefall along blocks to build bridges, balance on extremeasphaltramps and flip jump over traps and trials to defeat otherriders.Compete in turbo fast trials against 3 of your rider rivals.Playon the asphalt - dominate the leaderboards and drift yourlightbike to the extreme top of the space racing league. ➡️FollowourFacebook forupdates:➡️Got a question?Contact us at Bydownloading the game youaccept our End User License Agreement,Terms of Service and PrivacyPolicy:
Dr. Parking 4 1.19
SUD Inc.
Dr. Parking is back in the sequel to the biggest mobileparkingsimulation game of all time! Dr. Parking 4 starts a new eraofparking simulation gameplay with super stunninggraphics,challenging multi-stage levels and real-time onlinemultiplayer.SUD Inc.
Drifting simulator : New Car Games 2019 2.9
AK Tech Inc
Drifting Simulator : Car Games – drifting games Welcome to oneofthe best city car drift game. Get ready for the mountaincardrifting which will definitely make you a city car drift racer.Inour four-wheel city drifting games tracks are designedspecificallyfor modern drift. Improve your real road car driftracer skills andearn virtual money to customize your car. Have thereal thrill ofCar Games – drifting games with amazing off road cardrifting 3d.Worldwide extreme car drifting games are the most realcar driftinggames with smooth game play on mobile devices. In ourcar driftinggames in city guideline is quite easy control is verysmooth andfun to play. The trend of city drift car games on playstore islittle bit different by observing that new trend of fastcardrifting we have made these off road drifting racing games.Thisnew drift car game will help you in becoming one of the bestcitydrift legends. Drifting Simulator : Car Games – drifting gamesNewdrifting games 2018 has a Car Games - Free Games scenarios andthedevelopment of a superior real car stunt drift world. This isavery passionate new car drift games 2018 where you can drift inthecity and be a car drift master pro. You can have a real stuntdriftcar ride to enjoy highway drifting games environment. Classiccardrifting games will make you able to play even without internet.Inour new drifting car games you will learn the basics of hardcardrift and handling turbo car drift racing. Ultimate cardriftingsimulator in old car drifting games is not really easy tohandlebut our drift car stunt simulator is very smooth and easytohandle. Its not really easy to be an extreme drifting king inthisdrift king game you have to play hard and polish your driftkingpro skills. Drifting Simulator : Car Games – drifting gamesGetbehind the wheel of the unlimited car drifting simulator.Prodrifting games with beautiful graphics and realistic scenarioswillmake this 3d car drifting games an addictive one for all thosewholove to Car Games - Free Games. This is a drift car missiongamethat will obviously test your skills in controlling the cardrf. Weoffer you to be a turbo drifting legends in our manual cardriftinggames. Download drift master 2017 with unlimited driftsimulatoreasy to control and fun to play. Our easy drifting gameshave theleaderboard to evaluate your performance which definitelywouldhelp u improving your daily performance in Car Games - FreeGames.Drifting Simulator : Car Games – drifting games Get behindthewheel of the unlimited car driving games 2019. Car drivinggameswith beautiful graphics and realistic scenarios will make this3dcar drifting games an addictive one for all those who love tocardriver games. This is a drift racing games that will obviouslytestyour skills in controlling the car drift games. We offer you tobea car drifting games in our manual drifting simulator.Downloaddrift simulator 2019 with unlimited drift simulator easy tocontroland fun to play. Our easy drifting games have theleaderboard toevaluate your performance which definitely would helpu improvingyour daily performance in Car Games . Drifting Simulator: CarGames – drifting games Feature of Drifting Simulator : CarGames –drifting games • The most realistic drift car simulator 3d.•Extensive customization options: change body color of the cars•Extensive tuning options: increase engine power • Specificenginesounds • Thrilling sounds Please give us the feedback aboutourDrifting Simulator : Car Games – drifting games do share withyourfriends and family.
com.traviangames.ugpx 3.6.6
Two cars. One race track. And a whole arsenal of power-ups.Welcometo the dynamic racing world of the future. The first caracross thefinish line wins the race – that's how racing was andthat's howracing will always be. Yet with ever-faster cars andperfectedracing lines, motorsport soon became too predictable. In abid tobring fun back to the sport, ways of combat, subterfuge,andspecial abilities were added to the cars. A new game emergedwhereit's not only the fastest who wins, but the most cunning:EnterHyperdrome. INTENSE 1V1 DUEL RACING It's not just racinganymore –it's Tactical PVP Battle Racing. Hyperdrome puts a twiston thegenre by removing steering controls in favor of tacticalabilities.Outsmart and outpace your opponent to win. Whether you'rea rollingbastion, all about the epic counter-move, or just like togo fullwipeout – we've got you covered. Clash with players from allaroundthe world and race your way to the top. 34 WAYS OF DOMINATINGYOUROPPONENT Craft your own strategy by equipping the eightpower-upsthat best suit your playstyle. Then punish your nextopponent forbringing a gun to a flamethrower fight. Collect,unlock, andupgrade your favorites. Choose from 34 unique abilitieswith evenmore to come. You can teleport ahead, lay tactical mines,or justlet your combat drones do the hard work. We won't judge. Aslong asyou're winning. GARAGE Choose from a pool of cars and selectthevehicle that suits your playstyle best! Fast, armored or maybeyouprefer an All-rounder? You can customize each vehicleindividually!Change anything from your vehicle’s components orcolors all theway to designs and start the race with your personalcar. Dominateyour opponent and mock them with your horn! FINISH INSTYLE Thefuture looks sleek. Burn rubber on one of four stunningracetracksand marvel at the kaleidoscopic visuals of tomorrow.Complete witha thumping soundtrack that's sure to make you raiseyour hands inthe air – if only you didn't need them for playing!Crushing yourfriends has never felt better. The race is on.Features: • Tactical1v1 PvP battles • Worldwide matchmaking • 34unique power-ups •Customize your cars • 6 action-packed race tracks• Spectacular,futuristic visuals • Wicked soundtrack tailored toeach level Andnon-stop, nerve-wracking, breathtaking fun.
Cars Smash Storm - Best Car Game 2018 1.4
Get in gear and drive into an action-packed,surprise-filledstreetcar racing experience. This is the best freecar game forultimateracing, driving, simulator experience. Multiplerace trackschoicesare available. Real racing, thrill rideenvironments, driftin theasphalt highway and satisfy your need forspeed. Be thechampion -the king of street racing. Race againstother vehiclesand policecars around the city streets, unlock fastersports cars,speedtrucks, tanks to drive, drift, jump, and smashinto traffic inthisworld racing car driving simulator. Dodge copsand destroythepolice vehicle before getting caught. ★★★★★ DREAMRACE CARSStockyour garage with the real world cars you’ve alwaysdreamed of,fromtop manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini,McLaren,BMW,Koenigsegg, Hennessey, Mercedes, and many more.Specialracingvehicles are also available - Bigfoot : crusheverything inyourpath - Tank : ready, aim, fire - Firetruck - UFO :abductanddestroy - Fighter plane : Rain fire from the sky ★★★★★OPENWORLDMAP TRACKS This app provides different arcade racingtracks -raceon the highway street - select the exotic night mode -oceandrive- choose the ultimate challenge of racing on bumpydeserthighway -choice of other multiple race tracks ★★★★★ BESTGRAPHICSStunninggraphics and addictive gameplay - with the helpofadvancedgraphics engine, this car game now provides themostrealisticgraphics and deepest 3D ever on mobile. Consolelikeexperience onyour mobile screen. ★★★★★ CHAMPIONSHIP Competewithyour friends onleaderboards, championship, take your skillsonlinefor theultimate race battle against the race pros around theworld,unlockchallenges and share your race results directly onfacebook.NeverBack Down and enjoy a rich, next-gen game with themostadvancedcross-platform social and competitive racingcommunity.Thrill riderace tracks packed with surprises, gifts -gather coins,diamonds,bonus, nitro boost. ★★★★★ GAME FEATURES CarsSmash Stormfeatures:. Street themed asphalt racing . Pick yourdream car fromacollection of world's best speed machines. . Highspeed racinginstreet . Real drift racing for speed . Beautifulbackground music.Collect more and more coins and diamonds . Highspeed racetracks,arcade mode . Drive skills is first . Becomechampion onasphaltracing . Spin and win . Special racing vehiclesalsoavailable -Bigfoot : crush everything in your path - Tank :Ready,aim, fire -Firetruck - UFO : abduct and destroy - Fighterplane :Rain firefrom the sky Extreme street car driving simulator,putpedal to themetal, drive, drift racing sports car andspecialvehicles only onthis app. car racing championship 37ab1c3c18
Funny Racing Cars 1.16
M by Bubadu
Welcome to the candy world of speed where your super vehiclerulesthe tracks! Warm up the tires and get ready for hotwheelsadventure! Pick out a car, pickup truck, tractor, or amonstertruck and customize it in the factory. Unleash yourcreativity andpaint, decorate, customize and tune up your vehicle.Add patterns,decorations, stickers, funky tires, a turbo engine anda tank tobuild a colorful street beast. Sweet candy tracks are madeonly forthe best racers in the world. Jump in the driver’s seat,step onthe gas and show off your driving skills. You can race ondifferentislands and tracks performing jumps and stunts. Cross thefinishline and collect as many coins as you can in 120 levels toupgradeyour car. Hurry up, and don’t run out of fuel. It’s time fora raceshow! Enjoy playing the best racing game. Features: •physics-basedracing game • simple controls (gas, brake, jump) • 4animatedvehicles • many design options in the car factory • 120challenginglevels • 10 candy islands with attractive tracks Thisgame is freeto play but certain in-game items and features, alsosome of thosementioned in game description, may require payment viain-apppurchases which cost real money. Please check your devicesettingsfor more detailed options regarding in-app purchases. Thegamecontains advertising for Bubadu’s products or some thirdpartieswhich will redirect users to our or third-party site orapp.Privacy policy: Termsofservice:
DR!FT 1.1.33
Realistic racing simulation, the app to control yourDR!FT-Racer.Turn your living room into a racetrack! Enjoy excitingraces onyour desk! We have developed a model car with a uniquedriveconcept (patent pending) which allows the simulationofundersteering, oversteering, and drifting, without everlosingcontact with the ground. To drive the DR!FT-Racer, you canusethrottle, brake, handbrake , and steering. The app includestherealistic sound of the respective model, which was recordedfromreal cars specifically for this purpose. You can choose yourlevelof difficulty, which makes racing fun for starters as wellastrained DR!FTers. And since the DR!FT-Racer is not bound toanyrace track, you can have races with multiple drivers anywhereyoulike. Using the data from the underbody sensor, you can timeyourlaps, and a multiplayer mode is available as well.
Crazy Racing Speed Rider 1.0
Douieb apps
Crazy Racing Speed Rider is a real physics engine game.Everwantedto try a speed sports car simulator and citydriving? Now youcan drive, drift and feel a sport car forfree!  CrazyRacingSpeed Rider Accurate physics engine that candeliver themostrealistic racing fun possible. delivers even morecrazyracingexcitement with all the racing challenges. Meetallexpectations ofthe racers for speed. Race the traffic now! Themostdangerousroads are waiting for you to conquer. Drive themostfurious sportscars, drift around the traffic at top speed orstuntjump on theasphalt ramps. Become the real champion ofthesimulation car gameswhich are very dangerous to playyetchallenging with Crazy RacingSpeed Rider. This simulation gameisrisky & you have to jumpfrom the highest building toanotherone. Come on racers!!!The carsimulator games are waitingjust foryou!!!! You know you want totry out your skills & proveyourdriving skills on sky highs! -5 differents worlds - more than30levels - 5 cars - 5 type of game
Impossible Tracks on Extreme Trucks 3.0
Sinma Games
Enjoy the real impossible track race on the endlessextremeimpossible tracks in the sky highs with “Impossible TracksonExtreme Trucks". Drive a truck through several circuits overthesky with curves and inclinations of vertigo. The goal of thegameis to reach the finish line before the end of time and collectthelargest number of coins to be able to buy other trucks. Jumpandride on incredible tracks in mid-air and feel like a realtruckdriver. Stay on the slopes without falling, perform extremestuntsand high jumps on colossal ramps, and avoid all obstacles.Drive atfull speed to carry out missions on time. Avoid crashes andfallsfrom the top of the race tracks. Fly over the ramps and don’tlosethe control of your stunt car. Features -Enjoy of 8challenginglevels. To unlock a level you have to complete theprevious one.-Levels with progressive difficulty. - Various modelsof trucks tochoose from. - Very precise driving simulation. -Impossible anddangerous racing tracks with narrow ramps andterrible loops. -Obstacles to overcome. - High quality sounds. -Realistic 3Dgraphics and animations. Download now for free "Impossible Trackson Extreme Trucks" the most challenge game toboost your truckracing skills by providing you the most realisticsimulation view.Jump and ride on the mid-air amazing tracks andfeel like achampion’s racer.
USER COMMENT: - "OMG!, like I was in a real race, so excited".-"Amazing cars, I love it".🐷 - "The background music is awesome!5stars⭐️". - "Too fast, fast, fast and fast thank you for helpingmereduce stress". - "The asphalt roads are creative and beautiful,Iam looking for the road to revenge". - "Unleash Your Adrenalinebyroad rage" ✔️ DRIVE BY YOUR HEART Let's join extremely excitingandadventurous racing with Road Rampage: Racing & Shooting inCarGames Free. ✔️ FREE TO SELECT THE FASTEST AND MOST POWERFUL OFYOURDESIRED RACE CAR Stock your garage with the real-world carsyou’vealways wanted, from top manufacturers such more. Then trickthemout with the hottest customization system on mobile: • 50+exoticcars to collect and upgrade. • 10 unique & powerful UAVs.•Game-changing vehicle transformations to rain destruction onyourrivals: Nitro, Rep boost, Taion, Magnetic Field,... • More gearandgadgets and riot... Select your fastest vehicle and mostpowerfulweapon to clear all the barriers on the street, fight withthe mostfierce and cruel wanted man. Race like lights and fightforsurvival. Never back down as you race anyone crazy enough totakeyou on, leave them gaped, and increase your rep. You can fightanddeeply enjoy the fire and high-speed racing adventure roads,thecars are well-designed and equipped with full of weapons. ✔️ACONSOLE EXPERIENCE ON YOUR HAND The Game uses thehigh-techphysical effects which brings a surreal feel to your touchand moveat the fingertips. ✔️ BECOME A LEGEND OF ROADRAMPAGEExpertise yourspeed, show the ingenuity in avoiding, destroying theobstacles,fight and kill the Boss and become a Legend of theStreet. Shoot,shoot, shoot! Join efforts with your friends toovercome the commonfoe. ✔️ AND MORE Please note that Road Rampageis free to downloadand play, however, some game items can also bepurchased for realmoney. If you don't want to use this feature,please disable in-apppurchases. You can play Road Rampage offlinebut a networkconnection is required for in-app purchases and LeaguePromotion.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Followus on Facebook to get info about upcoming Road Rampagechanges:Facebook: Thank youvery much!
Uphill Rush 2 USA Racing 1.38.3
Spil Games
Try the newest addition to Uphill Rush, the world’s mostaddictive,visually stunning, and critically acclaimed racing gameseries.Prepare yourself for unforgettable rides and real racingmadness.This isn't yet another time killer that's easy to playanddifficult to master. It’s a true unicorn among stunt, racing,andsliding games. This is the ultimate bike blasting,hovercraftsliding, car crashing, and skateboard flipping experiencethat willkill time like no other game. Are you a fan of extremecompetition?If so, the multiplayer mode will allow you to battleand blitz youropponents in the world's most vivid and excitingracing game. Howquick can you conquer the leaderboard? Try the PvPmode and findout today. Do you want to work on your skills and testyourreflexes? Then our new single player mode is the right choiceforyou. Pick a challenge and keep practicing until you mastertheentire game. It will never get boring! Crash throughobstacles,flip while you perform stunts, and catch bonuses as youfly throughthe air. Discover new adventures along the way, andyou'll become atrue legend in Uphill Rush Racing. Explorecompletely new tracksthat will take you to some of the mostexciting areas in the USA.You'll get to visit Santa Monica Bayand New York City.Immerse yourself in these beautiful surroundingswhile you enjoystate of the art graphics that are a true rollercoaster for yoursenses. This simple mini racing game will impressyou with itsbeautiful 3D style. Pimp your car, bike, skateboard,tank, unicorn,and so much more while you try to become a legend onthe UphillRush leaderboard. Upgrade both the style and abilities ofyourbike, hovercraft, motorbike, and whatever else you'vealwaysdreamed of competing as. A superhero? A unicorn? If you cannameit, we have it! Features: 🎢Discover two brand new andverybeautiful worlds: New York City and Santa Monica Bay. 🎢Battle,blitz and, bash your opponents in the PvP (multiplayer)mode.🎢Ghost racing enabled. 🎢Challenge yourself in the singleplayermode. Test your reflexes, agility, and speed in thisaddictive miniracing game. 🎢Upgrade your bike, motorbike, FR, jet,car,skateboard, tank, hovercraft, and more. 🎢Strategize byoptimizingyour vehicle. Choose between speed, strength, andaccelerationbefore you begin the racing madness. 🎢Customize yourlook and showoff your style. 🎢Master crazy stunts and unlock newbonuses. Don’twait! Discover this brand new mini racing game fromthe creators ofthe legendary Uphill Rush: Water Park Racing andThrill Rush:Roller Coaster Racing. Uphill Rush: USA Racing is acombination ofeverything you love about racing games. Whether it’sFR, bike,skateboard, or jet car stunts, the madness never ends inthisversatile and exciting mini racing game. Play it Now for Free!
Pakistan Off Road Racing 1.2
TN Gaming
★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★ Ads-FREE GAME★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ PakistanOffRoad Racing is totally Ads-FREE game. Pakistan has Deserts,ColdDeserts, Landscapes and many other beautiful and stunninglocationsfor Off Road Racing.Racing events are organized every yearindifferent locations in which people from all over theworldparticipates. For real world racing videos visit theselinks:★★★LOCATIONS★★★In this game you will enjoy racing in fourdifferent locations ofPakistan. -Gavdar -Abbtoabad -Chalistan-Jhol Magsi ★★★ RACERS ★★★In this game you can choose Vehicles offour Racers. -Mir NadirMagsi -Sahibzada Sultan -Muhammad Ashraf-Sarfraz Dhanji ★★★ GAMEDESCRIPTION★★★ You may have playeddifferent off road racing gamesbut play this new add free gamewith amazing controls .Off roadrally provides you with addictivemusic which boost up experience ofoff road racing game.ThisSimulation Game provides you the bestsimulation of 4x4 jeepdrifting on sand dunes and best Real DesertRace.Climbing a sanddune with 4x4 off road jeep and floating sandin the air is thebest feel. You have to follow the track or you cango and roamaround in desert.Off Road Racing Jeep Drift 4x4 providesyoucheckpoints through out the missions. You may have playedmanysimulation games of off road truck and terrain jeepssimulationsbut this one will give you a different feelaltogether.As drivingin desert is difficult then on hill ormountain drive. Deserttracks are dangerous and full of surprises.You will drive throughsand dune! you never know what on the otherside it can be anotherdune or a slop down hill. Sand storms willmake your 4x4 Jeep SUVcar slower. To speed up your SUV driving carpush the acceleratorbutton and escape from the desert storm. ★★★GAME RULES ★★★ =>Beat the time to Unlock next level. => Donot miss any checkpoint otherwise your game will over. =>Control your vehiclegently , smashing can destroy your vehicle andyour game will over.=> After completing final level of Unlockedlocation , nextLocation and Vehicle will be unlocked. =>Different Vehicles areassigned for different Location you can useany Vehicle to play inany Location but in order to unlock nextLevel or Location you musthave to choose the Vehicle for thatLocation. ★★★ GAME CONTROLS ★★★=> Use left and right button tomove the vehicle in the left orright direction. => You canswitch between left right buttons orsteering wheel. By defaultbuttons are selected. => Useaccelerator button to move forward.=> Use brake button to stopthe vehicle and drift if moving fast.=> By keep pressing thereverse button you can reverse thevehicle. => You can pausegame at any time by pressing the PauseButton. => You canrestart game in play mode by pressing theRestart Button. =>Realistic and smooth controls. => You cango anywhere in thedesert to get the next check point, but it isrecommended to followthe exact track to complete with in time.=> Accurate drivingphysics with different driving tracks. =>Selection of differentVehicles and Locations. => UniqueChallenging Levels => EasySmooth Control => Explore Adventureof Off-road Environment=> Cool Sound Effect => Thrilling GamePlay ★★★ Enjoy theGame..★★★
com.fantasticactiongames.hoverimpossibletracks 1.0.4
Tired playing classic car driving games. Want to drive a flyingcarof future city tracks? Enjoy the Futuristic Hover cars!Transformwheels into hover wheels and magnetic cars push the nitroand flycar freely. Fly high in the sky above the city? What if youcanenjoy both at the same time? Your wait is over and now getstraightinto the action that is the flying race car simulator!Performamazing aerial flips and tricks, drift, crash, boost, andslide allaround the tracks and offroad hurdles. Enjoy the world ofextremeImpossible Tracks car racing games. Fly in the realimpossibletrack race on the endless extreme impossible tracks inthe skyhighs. Amazing cars are waiting to be driven around for atalenteddriver. Are you will to take up the ultimate racingchallenge? Rushlike a crazy car stunts master while riding thebeautifullydesigned huge impossible tracks and beat the rivalracers in thisbreathtaking adventure. Perform the extreme cardriving drifts andinsane acrobatic mid-air flips on the impossibletrack 3D and rushlike a real car drifter. Be a furious driver ofsports-car and dodrifting and crashing in this action packed game.Experience thereal car rally in the mid of sky with no limits.Drive safely oncurvy and dangerous hilly roads. Play track race andboost your carparking and car control skills by providing you themost realisticsimulation view. Perform amazing aerial flips andtricks, drift,crash, boost, and slide all around the sky tracks.Avoidimpossible-fall to become the legend of biking by completingallthe challenging and thrilling missions on sky. You are free inaworld that you can do what you want. Use the nitro boost tocrossthe difficult hurdles and obstacles in this car stunt games2k18.Fly over the ramps and dust off the rusty containers withyourstunts and don’t lose the control of your stunt car.HoverImpossible Tracks Features: - Mid-air stunts , flips and skyhighdriving tracks - Extreme car stunts and realistic cardrivingsimulation - Beautiful 3D game graphics and hill views. -Steeringand touch controls and easy gameplay. - Futuristic Cars(Hover Carsand Magnetic Cars)
com.cmplay.motocraftteam 1.3.4
The most addictive & fun moto racing game ever! Themostexciting racing experience as never before! Speed up and befull ofpassion to challenge the global players, all for free!Hundreds ofracetracks for you to challenge! Forget the commonstandardracetracks and let's experience a real challenge! Here youcan DIYyour own tracks and change the racing environment everytime,presenting you an unique racing experience! Put on yourhelmet,speed up, shake off the gravity, and break the physicallaws! Thehigher your speed is and the more coins you collect, thericherrewards will be. Use the coins to upgrade your vehicles andgetready for even tougher and more challenging racetracks! Watchoutand keep the balance. You might tip over if you try too hard!Howto play: Right hand control the direction, left hand keepthebalance. What are you waiting for? READY, SET, GO! Features: üEasyto operate, race and drift as you want ü No moreboringstraight-line racetracks; hundreds of unique tracks. Shakeoff thegravity, speed up and go! ü You can also DIY the tracks,designyour own special racetracks. Brand new racing experience! üUpgradethe components and build the top powerful moto of yours(componentsinclude the engine, tires, drive, etc.) ü Solo andmultiplayer modeboth available, bring you different kinds of racingfun ü Choose aspecial helmet and be the coolest moto driver ü Teamup with yourfriends, and battle with the top teams in the world üSend thechallenge invitations to your Facebook friends,and shareyourscores with them. ü Download the game for free!Subscriptionoptions We have the following subscription periods inour game: 1.Weekly VIP offers weekly subscription for $4.99 after3-day freetrial which provides Free for 7 days hat’ MushroomAfro’,trail’Rainbow road’, Infinite power, Removes ADS,free 1000coins and 30gems. 2. Monthly VIP offers monthly subscription for$14.99 whichprovides Free for 30 days hat’ Mushroom Afro’,trail’Rainbow road’,Infinite power, Removes ADS,free 1000 coins and 30gems. End oftrial and subscription renewal This price isestablished for theUnited States customers. Pricing in othercountries may vary andactual charges may be converted to your localcurrency depending onthe country of residence. Payment will becharged to your GoogleAccount at confirmation of purchase.Subscription automaticallyrenews unless auto-renew is turned off atleast 24-hours before theend of the current period. Account will becharged for renewalwithin 24-hours prior to the end of the currentperiod, andidentify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may bemanaged bythe user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going tothe user'sAccount Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of afree trialperiod, if offered, will be forfeited when the userpurchases asubscription to that publication, where applicable.Canceling trialor subscription You can turn off the auto-renew forthesubscription whenever you want to through GooglePlay. When yourcurrenttrial/subscription period expires, you will be unsubscribed.Thecurrent active subscription period can not be canceled. Whenyoursubscription expires, you will no longer be able to useelementsincluded in Subscription option. If you have any questionsorcomments, feel free to contact us on Facebook Message@Motocraft.SubscriptionTerms: Herewepresent an unforgettable and exciting racing journey. Buildyourown top race moto, become the top racer, and make your motoracedream come true! What are you waiting for? Download“Motocraft”now, step on the gas, and go! Follow and contact us: Wewould loveto hear your precious feedback and suggestions, and weinvite youto join us together in improving our game. Stay tuned formore gamelevels and surprises!
com.ena.racecar 1.2
How far can you drive? Start your engine and race. Tap screenandswitch lanes, drive different levels. When your power gettingfull,you may use your superpower to drive and gettinguntouchable.Collect coins, buy more cars and upgrade your garage -Easy andsimple play - One touch control - Easy to learn - Safe forchildren- Free, endless racing game for kids Have fun. How far canyoudrive? Start your engine and race. Tap screen and switchlanes,drive different levels. When your power is getting full, youmayuse your superpower to drive and getting untouchable.Collectcoins, buy more cars and upgrade your garage - Easy andsimple toplay - One touch control - Easy to learn - Safe forchildren -Free, endless racing game for kids  Have fun.
Speedway Drifting- Asphalt Car Racing Games 1.1.5
Show the true racing skills and use your smooth drift technologytoprove to the world who is the strongest king of drift! Inthisendless drift arena, launch a fierce speed competition! Winmoresports cars and keep yourself invincible! Game features:Beautiful game screen A racing game with thrillingspeedingexperience, cool drift effects, smooth graphics anddifferentdrifting pictures!  Rich game racing: There are a varietyof carsto choose from in the game. With the unique upgrade system,you cancreate the most exclusive car, with a unique cardsystem.Come hereto try the funniest drift game!  Beautiful pictureeffect: Thegame has a 3D drift graphics and the real physicsengine, let youfeel the absolute real driving experience.Whiledriving the car,feel the strongest drifting fire! With beautifulmusic andrealistic drifting sound effects, you will feel like youare in it! No Wi-Fi? No problem!  Suitable for players of allages to play!What are you waiting for, download the track driftquickly, andfeel the awesome drifting together with us!
com.TMcArthur.VRCE2018 2019.07.02
Fine tune your personal race setups with the advice fromVirtualRace Car Engineer which includes 20+ years of knowledge andactualexperience both in the real-world and virtual racing. Entertheresults from a test run, report your handling impression, andthesoftware recommends all the setup options and changes to cureyourcondition in the Lap Wizard. Then focus on a specific cornertoeven further tune your setup to maximize speed throughindividualcorners in the Corner Wizard. Finally, on race-day usethe LapWizard's 'race filter' to help you deal with any race-daychangesto your setup that may arise due to weather conditions. Overtimeand use you will come to understand the effect of chassischangesas they've related directly to your own experiences, andwith thatknowledge become the master of your own setup. For easiestuse,Virtual Race Car Engineer should be running on a secondmonitor,separate laptop, or Android tablet. The Virtual Race CarEngineercan be used with any realistic auto racing software thatallows theusers to adjust the car setup, including the following:AssettoCorsa, Automobilista, F1 2017, iRacing, Project Cars,RaceRoom,rFactor, rFactor 2, Stock Car Extreme, and more. Theadvice andinteractive program is the product of more than twodecades ofresearch in auto racing and race car setup. Theinformation offeredtherein is relevant not only to all racinggames, but real worldapplications as well.
Jet Ski Craft: Crafting, Stunts & Bikini Bottom 3D
What a’bout a boat? Do you love water theme parks and speed?Feelthe tide in the best jetski games 3D of 2018! Become the mostbravejetski racer and perform extreme stunts! You can alsoenjoycrafting & building mode to prepare more impressingstunts.Play the best jet ski games for girls and boys – PLAY JetSki CraftFOR FREE! Find treasure island! Enjoy the most epic blockyworldever made! Ride a water jet ski wherever you want and docrazyjetski stunts. Play awesome minigames and find a treasure ofyourdreams! Avoid running onto other motorboats, surfing orwaterskiing people! OR NOT! You’re a crazy jetski racer so enjoyyourpowerboat! Boring days gone! Play the best jetski games forgirlsand boys and find out why bad days are gone! Build a city orwatertheme park if you can! Jet Ski Craft is an addictive gamewithcrafting & building a whole new worlds! Build a house orawhole beach resort and perform extreme jetskey stunts wholedaylong! Not another jet ski racing game! Exploration of an openworldand stunts! Enjoy your powerboat or jetpack water fun! Usecrafting& building mode to free your imagination. Build epicstages forstunts, enjoy city building or go on an adventure andfind everytreasure island on the sandbox open world! Leave peoplespeechlessor talking! Tom – jetski enthusiast is you huge fan! Keepcalm andenjoy pure jetski action – boring days are gonepermanently! JetSki Craft is the most exciting combination ofstunts games, jet skigames and classic crafting & building inthe water theme park!Brand new boat game! You’re a true jetskiracer with own waterjetskey who challenges every riptide and evensuper crew! Racingpowerboat is not your task! Extreme jet skistunts and travellingto treasure island, adventure and waterjetting around – that’s thebest jet ski action you can dreama’bout! Jet Ski Craft features:🏖️Crafting & building stages forstunts! 🏖️Free worldexploration! “Extreme jet ski water park!🏖️Discover every treasureisland! 🏖️Date another jetski racer!Boring jetskey days are gone!Discover one of the best boat gamesfor girls and boys of 2018!Crazy jetski stunts, crafting &building, tens of islands,beautiful beach resort and surfing in oneawesome boat game. Don’tbother and go on an adventure now! Play JetSki Craft FOR FREE –one of the best jetski games 3D of 2018!
Drag Racing: Streets 2.5.4
The first of its kind racing game built on a physical enginewithelements of game-constructors. Build a car of your dreams andusethe limitless possibilities of personalization, which styletochoose is up to you. Will it be Combat Classics, JDM, Stanceorsomething else In the game you are waiting for: • Racing tracks1/4and 1/2 miles • Competitions with real players • Varioustrails,from racing tracks to country roads • Huge selection ofspare parts• Tuning in the style of RPG • Dino settings, gearboxsettings •Beautiful graphics • Realistic characteristics of carsand engines• Possibility of fine adjustment of the suspension •Ability to useboth automatic and manual transmission with clutchpedal • Weeklytournaments with excellent prizes • Active communityof playersATTENTION! An operating system of at least Android 4.1 isrequired.It is recommended to have at least 1 GB of RAM, as well asanInternet connection There is no annoying advertising in the game
Truck Simulator PRO Europe 1.2
🌟 Truck Simulator Pro Europe 🌟 is so far the most advanced,detailoriented and the biggest driving simulation game availableformobile devices on Google Play! 💰 Become the most powerfultruckboss between your fiends by expanding different parts ofyourempire:🚚 drive 7 different trucks and customize them withyourneeds,🚚 upgrade engines, wheels and other parts to work fasterandmore efficient,🚚 take care of your business economy and unlockmostprofitable shipments,🚚 hire assistants to work for you andcreatehuge fleet,🚚 complete hundreds of different quests,🚚becometrucking empire BOSS!🛑This isn’t everything! 🛑Specially, forthemost advanced players we have prepared real-life effects thatareincluding:🚚 life-realistic manual clutch, shifting andsteeringwheel mode,🚚 realistic fuel consumption and fatiguesystem,🚚realistic 1st person view of cab interior and speedindicators,🚚real-life speed limits for each country,🚚 breathtakingopen worldto explore🚚 18 european cities and 10 countries that youcandiscover,🚚 over 30 different types of shipments todeliver!Toachieve highest efficiency of your company don’t forgetto buybigger engines and better wheels! Finally, hire workers to dothework for you! Become trucking boss! If you're a truck simulatorfandon't hesitate any longer. Start your Euro Truckadventuretoday!Mageeks is one of the oldest and mostexperiencedgame-development studio specialized in creatinglife-realisticsimulations! Check our other huge simulation games:🏗️ConstructionSimulator PRO,🚇 Train Simulator PRO 2018,🚜 Farming PRO.
Car Parking Simulator Car Driving Test Car Driver 1.0.2
Kool Games
Car Parking Simulator Car Driving Test Car Driver is thebestCarParking Game.This Car Parking Simulator Car Driving TestCarDriverGame is not a new thing in the world of car games butaParkingSimulator Car Driving Test Car Driver that is also aDrivingSchoolCareer game on the top of car games.Background storyofdrivingschool parking car:In this Parking Simulator CarDrivingTest CarDriver game you are actually in a multi levelparking carsimulatorgame as Kool Games was looking for multi levelparkingcarsimulator games this time around for car simulation soyou havetheopportunity to grab this opportunity for driving car inthismultilevel parking car simulator game. Driving car as acarsimulatorfor multi level parking. Driver simulator games canbeyourspecialty if you keep on driving our 3D Car to earn moneyandstayup for driver simulator games now. Kool Games will behappywithyour driver game performance in this case as a driversimulatorof3D car in driver simulator games.What is this drivercarsimulationgame all about?This is the 3rd driver car game byKoolGames forparking car. In addition to being a driving car gamethisis also aparking game. As driving school career you will haveanumber ofdriver car game missions of parking game in thisdrivinggame. Ineach parking game mission you will have to parkmultiplecars todifferent places in the parking plaza. To completethe parkcargame missions you have to go to different levels ofmultistoreyplaza parking in this driving game. There are 17 parkcargamesmissions in this simulation game for now but in futuremoreparkcar games missions shall also be added for multistoreyplazaparking.How to play this driving game of multistoreyplazaparking?1. To park car, download and install our drivinggameforfree on your smartphone or tablet2. Once you launchthissimulationgame, you can do training missions or startdrivingschool careerin this driving game.3. When you start playing,youwill be able todrive your driving car with the controls. Youcaneasily accelerateor brake using the acceleration andbreakingbuttons in the bottomright side of the screen in thisdriving cargame.4. To turn leftor right, you can use the steeringwheel in theleft side of thescreen, it's very easy to use and youcan use itlike you aredriving 3D Car, playing simulator games.5.While youare trying topark car in the parking plaza to the parkingspot, youneed toavoid any collisions so that you don’t lose anylife.6. Ifyou parkthe car successfully at the right place andwithin thegiven time,you will complete the level and go to the nextone.Whythissimulator game of multi storey plaza parking?You aresurelygoingto love this parking plaza game over the other drivinggamesdue tofollowing salient features:1. Totally Free: Thisdrivingsimulationis totally free2. Delightful graphics: Thisdrivingsimulation hasawesome graphics which will make longlastingimpressions on you.The graphics are high quality as well asverysmooth & you aregoing to have your best drivingsimulationexperience while playingdriving games of 3D car.3.Entertainingmusic: This drivingsimulation has a entertaining musicfor yourpleasure4. Veryrealistic sound effects: The sound effectsin thisdrivingsimulation are very realistic and they keep youfullyinvolved in3D car simulation games.5. Top Fun: Its great funtoplay drivercar simulation games as the aim is to get betteruntilyou havecompleted all car simulation missionsWho should playinparkingplaza for multi storey plaza parking?Anybody wholovesdrivinggames and simulation games should play this drivergame.Whento useparking plaza?For driving games and simulation gameswheneveryouare free, enjoy playing this driver game.Don't forget torateourdriver simulator game so we bring you the best cargames.ENJOYourdriver car simulator game & Thanks!
Skiddy Car 1.1.6
Kwalee Ltd
Tap to turn right, release to turn left and drift your way tothefinish line! Skiddy Car's one-tap drifting gameplay is simpletolearn and filled with clever new challenges. Complete thelevelsand unlock new tracks, new skins and an ever-growing supplyofvehicles! Skiddy Car features: • Simple yet challengingone-tapdrifting gameplay! • Play your way through the range ofwindingtracks! • A huge collection of crazy vehicles to unlock!•Colourful ways to customise your game! Get on the track andmasteryour skiddy skills.
Blocky Highway: Traffic Racing 1.2.2
DogByte Games
Blocky Highway is about racing traffic, avoiding trains,collectingcars and most importantly having fun. Collect coins, openprizeboxes to get new cars and complete collections! Drive at fullspeedto score big and be the #1. Crash time! Control your caraftercrash, hit traffic cars for extra score! Key Features -Gorgeousvoxel art graphics - 4 worlds to choose from - 55differentvehicles to drive : Taxi, Tank, Ufo, Police Car, Army4x4,Dragster, Monster, Space Shuttle, Motorbikes, Boats and somuchmore - Crash time - 11 car collections to complete - 3 gamemodes -Endless easy mode for kids - Missions - Game ServicesLeaderboards- Desert, Snow, Green and Water themes - AchievementsYou willenjoy this endless traffic racer for sure! Please leave aratingand give your feedback so we can further improve the game.CreatedBy Dogbyte Games, creator of Offroad Legends, Blocky Roads,RedlineRush, Off The Road and Zombie Safari.
com.TMcArthur.SetupDev2018 2019.07.20
This interactive program steps the user through the major areasofrace car setup creation and development by asking simplequestionsabout the behavior of the car and the driver’s feel underspecificconditions. Choosing from a menu of possible responses tothequestions, the Setup Developer program calculates andprovidesadvice on setup creation accordingly. This approach meansthat evenracers completely inexperienced with race car tuning canuse thistool to create their own personalized race setup, whichmeans ahigher race finishing position on that important day. TheSetupDeveloper Tool can be used with any realistic auto racingsoftwarethat allows the users to adjust the car setup, includingthefollowing: Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, F1 2017, iRacing,ProjectCars, RaceRoom, rFactor, rFactor 2, Stock Car Extreme, andmore.
F1 Mobile Racing 1.16.12
Take your place in the world’s biggest motorsport with F1®MobileRacing, an official mobile game of the FIA FORMULA ONEWORLDCHAMPIONSHIP™. Develop and customise your own F1® car fromtheground up, or race for one of the 10 official F1® teams,tochallenge opponents from around the world to thrillingmultiplayerduels. Including teams, drivers, helmets and circuitsfrom the 2019season, F1® Mobile Racing lets you compete against thegreatestdrivers on the planet including Lewis Hamilton, SebastianVetteland Max Verstappen. It’s you against your rival with thesimple aimto be the first to the finish line! •AN OFFICIAL GAME OFFORMULA1®: F1® Mobile Racing is an official mobile game of the 2019FIAFORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™, featuring this season’steams,drivers, circuits and race helmets. •HIGH-STAKES EVENTS: Raceintime-limited Grand Prix™ Events during every real-world F1®raceweekend for big rewards, and combine your scores over eachevent torank on global leaderboards. •REAL TIME MULTIPLAYER: Duelagainstplayers from around the world in real-time 1v1 races to makeyourway to the top Leagues. •DEVELOP AND UPGRADE YOUR OWN F1®CAR:Collect parts to upgrade your car’s performance and find thebestconfiguration for each Grand Prix™! •STUNNING GRAPHICS: Enjoythefeeling of being a real F1® driver with gorgeousvisuals.•THRILLING RACES: Take part in the greatest racingspectacle on theplanet with a console-quality gameplay experienceon your mobile.
Welcome to the next step on the evolution of the acclaimeddriftinggame series Drift Max! Throttle up and drift across amazingreallife locations (Brooklyn, Moscow, Dubai) from around the globeinDrift Max World, a brand new drift racing game from the creatorsofthe legendary drifting games - Drift Max and Drift MaxPro!Featuring decked out drift cars, hardcore modifications andpilotcustomizations, Drift Max World is here to test yourhandbrakedrifting ability. Choose your pilot, modify your driftracing car,pick either the exterior or interior view, and startdrifting!Perform spectacular stunts, burn the asphalt and enjoy oneof thebest drifting games ever created! The world of drift racingawaitsyou! - DRIVE CRAZY DRIFT MONSTERS - RACE IN WORLD FAMOUSCITIES -CUSTOMIZE AND MODIFY YOUR DREAM CAR - CAREER MODE - QUICKPLAY -CHOOSE YOUR PILOT AND OUTFIT HUNDREDS OF CAR MODIFICATIONOPTIONS -Full-body decal kits. - Two-tone and matte paint colors,crazygraphical racing decals. - Headlight colors. - Door andhoodstickers. - Rim model and color. - Glass color. - Calipercolor. -Wheel (Camber) angle. - Suspension height. - Spoilermodels.CHALLENGING CAREER MODE Start your drift racing journey andtestyour drifting skills through challenging drift race missionsandearn awesome rewards such as custom drift racing cars. NOTE:DriftMax World doesn't require an internet connectionafterinstallation! Long live offline games!
Pro Series Drag Racing 2.20
Pro Series Drag Racing: More realistic, more customizable, morefun!Pro Series Drag Racing - the most realistic and engaging dragracingexperience ever created for mobile devices - is finallyhere! Build,Race, and Tune your car until it's at the absolutepeak of it'sperformance. Get your experience in career mode, thentake it onlineand go up against the best of the best in onlinemultiplayer play!This is no over produced side-scrolling pseudoracer. This is rawdrag racing - NO FLUFF! - just you, your car,and your competitors.LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: Note: Theapp is brand new,if you find a bug please give me a chance to fixit before leavinga negative review. FEATURES CAREER MODE With 4different classes ofcars the Pro Series career has something forevery gear head.Street cars, Pro Mods, Funny Cars, and Top FuelDragsters. Careermode is an in-depth look at what it's like to workyour way throughthe ranks of drag racing, and will test even thebest driver! FULLCUSTOMIZATION FOR YOUR CARS Pro Series gives youtotal control overhow your car looks: Custom paint, wraps, wheels,body kits - thelist goes on and on. You can even change the colorof the roll barin the Pro Mod cars! There are millions of differentcombinations,and that lets you get your car the way YOU want it.ONLINEMULTIPLAYER Play other racers from all over the world inonlinemultiplayer play. There are three racing types in multiplayer-Bracket Racing, Heads Up Racing, and Grudge Racing. If you'renotfamiliar with these please look them up before attempting arace!These races are TOUGH, and are wagered races. TUNE YOUR CAR InProSeries you get complete control over the gearing, revlimiter,suspension, timing, fuel delivery, boost, and launchcontrol ofyour car. The included dyno allows you to test changesmade andmake sure you're going the right direction! The tuning isalmostunlimited - Want to run a tall first gear with a short rear?Youcan! Want to launch on the limiter? You can! The tuning aspectsareso in-depth that you can even adjust how high off the groundyourwheelie bar is! Mess up your tune? No worries - just visitthemechanic and he will reset you to a base tune. Pro Seriesalsogives you an unlimited amount of Test-n-Tune races to makesureyour car is the best it can be. MODIFICATIONS In Pro Seriesyouwon't survive long running around in a stock car. So we'vegivenyou over 300 different modifications across the classes tokeep upwith the rest of the racers. Different engine blocks,intakes,valve trains, exhausts, tires, etc... As you modify yourcar youwill have to keep up on your tune as each modificationslightlychanges your car's ability. To stay at peak performance,make sureyou're constantly testing and tweaking your tune - or hirea CrewChief and they'll take care of it for you! FREE Pro SeriesDragRacing is ad supported, and completely free to download. Ifyouwant to disable ads, all you need to do is purchase gold withinthegame. Ads will be disabled with *ANY* purchase of gold in thegame!
Dirt Track Gladiators 1.074
Peylah Games
Full contact dirt oval racing based on the Superstocks class inNewZealand. Race high powered 1500 kg purpose built steel chassiscarsaround tight dirt ovals where contact is not only acceptablebutexpected. Can you survive the inevitable onslaught you'llreceivewhile going for a Championship win? Or will you join theblockersand try and take out the leaders yourself! * Over 30+ carstounlock * 6 NZ Speedway tracks * Quick Races * Championships*Special Events including figure 8 racing and runoffs *Leaderboards* Achievements * Custom Car Setup * The mostsophisticated AI in anNZ Superstock game ever! Do you have what ittakes to become the NZChampion?
com.aliha100.KingofSteering 3.6.4
UMX Studio
KOS King of Steering Realistic cars physics with amazingpolicechase Arabian mode you can travelling by car and pick any caronhighway tuning your cars in yougarage(Paints,Wheels,Posters,rims,suspensions,and more ) please foranykind of support or suggesting feel freetwitter,instagram,snapchat@aliha100 or email
Crazy Car Driving Simulator: Impossible Sky Tracks 1.0.8
Jima Apps
Are you ready to enjoy the crazy car driving on sky tracksbyplaying car driving simulator? Impossible tracks car drivinggamebrings a thrilling driving experience in the high sky thatwillmake drivers feel proud like driving sky car games on topofclouds. Get unique driving experience in sky impossible trackcardriving by performing crazy stunts on ramps with a powerfulsportscar. Be careful while driving the car to avoid impossiblefall andcomplete impossible drive challenge. Choose your car amongmultiplesuper luxuries cars to drive over impossible sky trackswithrealistic breaking physics in an impossible extreme cardriving.Car stunt driving impossible track is hard driving game onzigzagtracks of ramps in sky track car racing. Crazy cardrivingsimulator: Impossible sky tracks is the fastest andmostexhilarating 3D stunts action on impossible rooftop tracks.Everylevel in the crazy car driving simulator is thrillingandchallenging that makes it most exciting impossible cardrivinggame. Reach to the checkpoint by doing impossible skydriving butyou need to do this really fast to reach the finish lineas time istoo short. Now play and become top skilled impossible cardriverwith impossible car stunt racing on sky tracks. Be carefulwhileplaying real car driving games 2019 on narrow car drivetracks,otherwise you will crash by falling on the ground. Be arecklessdriver to perform crazy car stunt driving in thisaction-packedimpossible driving games 2019. Select your favoritecar and startdiscovering the most dangerous and curvy tracks of carnew games2019. The narrow and sharp driving tracks of modern carextremedriving are built in the endless blue sky. So play eachthrillingmission with impossible tracks car driving game and get tothefinish line in time. Your enemy is time and hurdles inimpossiblecar games 2019. I'm sure that you can enjoy a lot of funplayingcar stunt games with the most attractive impossible track inthesky environment. So enjoy the impossible driving and beattheextreme racetracks to become the master of crazy cardrivingsimulator. Key Features: Awesome Quality HD GraphicsAddictivegameplay with lots of fun Thrilling 3D sky EnvironmentEasy andintuitive to play Realistic physics based driving engineSimple andsmooth control Multiple sports cars available for drivingDynamiccamera views Multiple thrilling and challenging missionsImpossibletracks, crazy driving, and extreme hurdles Sharp turnsand cuttingedges in driving tracks Get real driving experience overimpossibletracks Mind-blowing sound effects If you like the crazycar drivingsimulator: impossible sky tracks, please try our othergames byclicking “More from Developer” or by visiting ourpublisheraccount. And don’t forget to rate and review.
Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars 2.0.07
The long awaited Sprint Car game from the creators of DirtTrackin'is finally here! With 410 Winged, Non-Winged, and Midgetcars,you'll be sure to find all levels of competition. 6Fictionaltracks, covering different parts of the world. Real WorldDriversin all 3 classes. Highly Competitive Multiplayer mode, raceyourfriends, your foes, and see how you stack up against the bestinthe world! Career Mode: Race your way from the United StatestoAustralia in a grueling 108 race mode, in which you must wineachseries to advance to the next. Simple, win and you're in. Winyourway through the ranks from Midgets up to Full Blown 410WingSprints, and unlock rewards! Control your way: Choose fromArrow,Tilt, or a virtual touch steering wheel. Day/Night/Duskracingmodes, pick your time of day to race! Time to get dirty! Yourcarwill not only get mud splatter and you will need to use tearoffs,but your car will also build dirt as you race, just as a realcarwould on the track. Stats tracking and XP. Track yourstatsthroughout the entirety of your racing career, whether it beSinglePlayer, Multi-Player, or Career, rack up your wins and top5’s andtrack your overall skill progress! Earn XP points for raceswon,Career series completed, and big bonuses for completingcareermode. Your race results are ranked on a global leaderboard.Checkout the privacy policy for moreinformation.
Car Racing game for Kids - Beepzz Dogs 🐕 1.3.1
Beep-Beep or should we say Woof-Woof. Get ready for the bestnewracing game for small kids. Featuring the most cute puppy thatyouhave seen - and they are driving and jumping around both indoorandoutdoor places. Our cartoon dog cars are ready to teach youbasicmotor skills and improve your reflex action. Learn to improveuponyour concentration, logical and cognitive skills. Downloadthisarcade racing game to discover unique dog cars and theiradventurein the house, garden, yard, city, park, beach andfarm.This is aneasy and simple game that will introduce you to ahill climb racinggame, but the cars do not burst here. Features:Simple racing gamefor little children – drive the car with an easyfinger touchcombination, just tap and you will be at the finishline fast. 8puppy cars are on a mission to collect as many bones aspossibleand get to the puppy house to collect their bonus(balloonsurprise). Choose your rally car: a sports car, jeep, truckandmotorcycle - start to jump, flip and roll. Differentdifficultylevels with plenty of ramps and obstacles that will makeyour racea bit more challenging, throughout the game. You alwayswin - thereis no such thing as car burst and ending the race inbetween. Whichmeans more excitement and an increase in self-esteemandself-confidence in young children. A child friendly designandanimated graphics. Added with a smooth physics simulation andsomematching sound effects of the engine. Suspension and maximumspeed.These are some of the features that makes this game uniqueandenjoyable for family. 
If you have any feedback and suggestionsonhow we could further improve the design and interaction of ourappsand games, please send us an email at