Top 17 Games Similar to Weed Firm 2: Back to College

Weed Smoke Theme 1.1.2
Here comes the new Weed SmokeThemetheme!The theme is completely FREE, apply it to give your phoneasmoothdesign with HD wallpapers and exquisite app icons.Main Features of Weed smoke:3D ThemesWe provide various kinds of 3D themes, our main themesinclude3Dtechnology, 3D koi live, 3D mechanic and the 3D atomtheme. Wealsohave a variety of festivals related 3D themes withdynamicandsound effects, such as our Christmas andHalloweentheme.Furthermore the Weed smoke theme also includes 3Dweather and3Dclock functions.Live WallpapersThere are plenty of 3D live wallpapers, including the goldroselivewallpaper, 3D live waterfall wallpaper, Dandelionlivewallpaper andmany more. You can also design and customizelivewallpapers byyourself, and you can even sell them online tootherusers to earnsome extra cash! Our live wallpapers havemanygestures andparticles to make your phone look cool.Other Features of Weed smoke:Weed smoke App lock protects your apps' privacyWeed smoke screen lock (locker) protects yourphonefromintrudersStunning 3D transition effects with Weed smoke live wallpaperSmart locker and Charge Master to optimizeyourphone'sperformanceUse Weed smoke DIY function to create and customizeyourfavoritethemesBeautiful Weed smoke and weather backgroundsWeed smoke app icon packs to give your phoneacompletemakeoverCompatible with all Android phone including Sony, HTC etc.
The Marijuana Times 1.2
M6 Ltd.
The Marijuana Times is the leadingmarijuanaandcannabis app that covers anything related tomarijuana:medicalmarijuana, cannabis and hemp news, videoscovering themarijuanaindustry, hemp and marijuana cultivation,legislation andmore.Whether you call it hemp, cannabis, hashish, sinsemilla,ormoreinformally pot, dope, grass, weed, Mary Jane, bud,hash,bhang,kef, ganja, locoweed; reefer, doob, spliff, toke,roach,TheMarijuana Times covers it via its in-depth reporting,allpresentedinside an elegant mobile app.
Weed Wallpapers 1.4
✌✌ WEED WALLPAPERS ✌✌ ✌ High quality “weed wallpapersandbackgrounds”, “marijuana pictures” and “cannabis wallpapers” -forphones and tablets! ✌ Pick from our huge collection of“weedwallpapers HD” - we offer you a choice from “picturesofmarijuana”, “free cannabis wallpapers”, “Rasta colorsHDwallpapers”, “marijuana wallpapers for cell phones” and lotsmore!✌ HOW TO USE THESE “FREE WEED WALLPAPERS”: ✌ Install this weedappfree on your phone and tablet! ✌ Tap on the camera button ifyouwant to make the wallpaper with your own photo – take a selfiewithyour loved ones and set it as a desktop “photo wallpaper”! ✌Tap onthe gallery button if you want to use a photo fromyourcollections! ✌ If you want to have only the best“marijuanawallpapers”, scroll until you find your favorite “weedimages” - weguarantee that our “weed wallpaper app” has somethingfor each andevery true Rastafarian out there! ✌ When you pick a“weedwallpaper” from our gallery, scroll left or right to changethebackground or up or down to put a photo frame on yournewwallpaper! ✌ Tap to show the menu, double tap to editthe“marijuana backgrounds” (move, scale or rotate them) to makethemfit your screen! ✌ Share your favorite “marijuana wallpapersandbackgrounds” with your friends on all the major social networks!✌“Weed Wallpapers” have been tested on many new devices and OS!✌Enjoy the best HD marijuana wallpapers and weed backgrounds onthemarket! Weed Wallpapers is a new collection of cool picturesofMary Jane which will bring peace and bliss to the screen ofyourphone and tablet! Download these amazing “free wallpapers”andenjoy the mesmerizing smoke of the weed leaves on yourdesktopbackground! This “marijuana wallpaper app” will bring thebeauty ofthe mighty cannabis plant to your desktop! Customize yourscreenwith the best weed leaf backgrounds and marijuana wallpapers–choose your favorite weed image from our huge gallery ofmarijuanapictures - “10000 wallpapers” are waiting for you withthis freedownload – be the first one who will get one of the best“freebackground wallpaper apps”! This Rasta weed wallpaper willenchantyou for sure, so set this weed background as your home andlockscreen wallpaper, embrace happiness and enjoy – all you have todois to click on free download and install this weed theme!DownloadWeed Wallpapers today and have a lot of fun changing yourdefaultbackground theme each and every day! Best HD pictures ofmarijuanaleaves and green weed plants have been chosen just for you– do notmiss this unique opportunity to obtain the best collectionof “freewallpapers and backgrounds”! ✌ WRITE TO US! Thank you forchoosingour app with top quality wallpapers! Send us an e-mail ifyou haveany comments or suggestions, and we will do our best tomeet allyour needs and suggestions! Visit our channel to find morefreewallpapers and top apps! Best regards from the HighQualityApplications team!
Weed HD Wallpapers 2.1
Weed HD Wallpapers.The best images of weed on your phone!Simple and easy to use, scroll the gallery to view and selectanimage, long touch the image to open the options menu and selecttheimage that you want to set as wallpaper.If you are a weed farmer you can`t miss this backgrounds!Enjoy this amazing features:✔ Amazing wallpapers of the best buds✔ Full HD marihuana images✔ Doesn't need Internet connection✔ All wallpapers are resized for a perfect fit** Attention! **This app is not recommended for kids, contains explicitdrugsimagesSee other great apps:★ Magic Illusions★ Hemp HD Wallpapers★ Bob Marley HD Wallpapers★ Rasta HD WallpapersIn this application you can find a lot of pictures in 3D andfullof color, and a lot of weed themes like medicinal plants,hemp,kush, rasta, joint, bob marley, marijuana, cannabis, grass,herb,bong, green, pipe
releaf marijuana tracking 1.8.1
Releaf enables you to track your live sessions with cannabisandrecord exactly how it’s helping you. Then, it recognizespatternsin your session data and helps you learn what types ofcannabis andintake methods work best in treating your varioussymptoms. UseReleaf to: Digitally manage all of the cannabis youhave on-hand.Record how your cannabis is affecting your primarysymptom, andkeep track of any mental or physical side effectsyou’reexperiencing, live. Gain insight about your treatment basedon yourprevious sessions: how many different kinds of cannabis haveyoutried? What products made you feel creative, energetic,focused,etc.? What was the most effective in treating your anxiety,backpain, or migraines? We believe that people who use Releafalongsidetheir cannabis treatment will start feeling better,faster. Formore information, please visit
CannaInsider Show 2.4.72
Matthew Kind
Get access to interviews from the leaders of thecannabis,marijuanaindustry with this free app Ourinterviewguests are the leading experts on alltopics related tocannabisbusiness, investing, technology andtrends. Understand thetrendsthat are disrupting the cannabisindustry before the generalpublic.Gain a critical edge inunderstanding and insight. Downloadthe freeapp now and you willalways be connected with the latestepisodes.You can also star yourfavorite episodes and revisit themwheneveryou have time. AdditionalBenefits: * Streaming access toplayepisodes from anywhere * Alwaysupdated with the latestepisodes andan archived back catalog *Playback resume (wheninterrupted by acall or other distraction) *Access to exclusiveextras like PDFs,wallpapers, and bonus content *Quick access toall the contactmethods for the show like call,email, web,Facebook, and TwitterPlease note, not all episodes mayhaveexclusive extras.
New Cannabis Ventures 2.5
Contributing original content and curating quality news on onlythemost promising cannabis companies and the mostinfluentialinvestors, allowing you to save time as you stay on topof thelatest trends in this dynamic industry. Investors, learnaboutpotential opportunities in the rapidly changing space andbecomefamiliar with leading professional investors focused ontheindustry. Entrepreneurs, get to know other companies in thespace,connect with potential investors, identify ancillarycompanies thatcan help you succeed, attract media attention &build brandawareness.