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No Ads) Super Bright Flashlight 0.4
EZ to Use
Super bright flashlight!Features: ●Super Bright●Very Easy toUse●SOSMorse CodeDownload now!
Brightest Led Flashlight Torch - Best Torchlight 1.1.2
Download the best torchlight(flashlight) and the brightest,fastest,and most feature rich front led flashlight torch free withvideocamera zoom for android phones & tablets. ***LED lighttorch inDark(lighter)* Instantly turn your android phone into abright tinyled flashlight!* The brightest, fastest, and most handytiny LEDflashlight torch! * This is like a handy led flashlightyou willnever forget to bring when in need! * Send information viaMorseCode* Totally torchlight, led flashlight download freeforandroid.With this this led light torch, you can do : - FindYourKeys in the dark roadside- Read a Real Book at Night - Sendmorsecode flash light for SOS to ask for help using flashlight indark-Use SOS tool with flashlight download- Light up your screenwithour tiny flahslight tool- Light the Way When Camping and Hiking-Make Yourself Visible on Roadside at Night - Compass&MapDownload led flashlight for free now! Install and enjoy!
TORCH - simple flashlight 1.9
TORCH - simple flashlight.Free. No ads. Efficient.
CM Flashlight (Compass, SOS)
This simple and practical flashlight tool is the latest appfromCheetah Mobile that can enhance your Android life. Completelyfree,this super-bright flashlight opens instantly and includesacompass, SOS flashes and colored lighting for yourconvenience.Safety + Reliability + Variety + Free = CM Flashlight[MAINFEATURES] 1. Top Free Flashlight: Supports tons of phonemodels tohelp everyone light up the dark 2. Instantly Opens: Nowaitingaround to find your path 3. Tiny Size: Small install size,and usesless than 1MB of RAM! 4. SOS Button: If you find yourselflost orin danger, press this button to repeatedly flash an SOSsignal andhave people come save you 5. Compass: Find your directioneasily 6.Variable Lighting: Choose your preferred color to softenthe light7. Efficient Power: Won't drain your battery likeotherflashlights! =================== *CM Flashlight uses thecameraflash on your phone as a light source, but can also use yourscreenbrightness setting as an alternative. The camera permissionisneeded to use the camera flash. *Different light sources canbeused depending on your needs, and you can change thecoloraccording to your environment. *While CM Flashlight ispowerefficient, leaving the flashlight on for a long time willdrainbattery! Try to use it only when needed. User feedback helpsmakeour apps great! If you have any comments, suggestions orwordsyou'd like to share with us, you can get in touch with [email protected] Thanks!
Flashlight 1.0.9
Super bright flashlight can turn on your camera light simplyandeasily in the dark, bringing great convenience toyourlife.Features:+ Clear and Easy-to-Use Interface+ Switch On/Offtheflashlight just like using a real torchlight+ 10Strobe/Blinkingmodes that you can choose as you like+ Build-in SOSflashlight Withthis FREE flashlight app, you can do:* Light up yourroom whenpower outage* Find any little things in dark* Read someinterestingbooks at night* Illuminate the road when camping andhiking*Replace backyard bulb at night* Ask for help when you getlost withSOS flashlight * Walk to your car at nightThis brightMulti LEDflashlight app, simple, powerful and beautiful, willaccompany withyou whenever you need lights! Don't hesitate todownload it NOW!!!
Music Strobe Light - Bicycle Lights 2.22
Mobile ARTS
Music Strobe Light features:- Super Bright LED LampFlashlightTorch-Guaranteed! - Security light - when walking in adark areaswitchonthe blinking mode.- Easy torch light enabled withasinglebutton.-Strobe works perfectly with music source -flashblinks inthe beat ofmusic e.g. beatbox, drums beat orconcert.-Are youbeatboxer ? Thisapp is for you!- Afraid of bikingduringthe night- Easy to sue BikeLights- Convenient - SwitchOn/Offthelight/strobe just like using arealflashlight-Strobe/BlinkingMode supported - Blinkingfrequencyadjustableflashlight- Usetorch to open doors in low light-Turnyour phoneinto a strobelight / flashlight that listens to themusicaroundyou and flashesaccordingly.- SOS security mode- FlashLightOnClapRave Music,Techno and Disco lights. Enjoy!
Flashlight 8.6.0
The Flashlight is a lasting, convenient and free app.You can turnonthe camera light or the screeninstantly.FEATURES:+++++TheInterface+++++***More Lifelike SwitchButton***More SmoothOperation***More UnifiedInterface+++++TheFunctions+++++***Torchlight in Dark***CustomizeScreenColors***Send any Information via Morse Code***AccurateCompass& Map+++++The Practicality+++++***Read Entity BooksinDark***Illuminate the roads when Outdoor traveling***Ask forHelpwhen you get lost***Gets the Current Exact PositionOurFlashlightwill accompany with you at any time when you need light!So, don'thesitate and Download it Now!!!
Music Strobe Light 4.0.0
- MUSIC STROBE LIGHTLED Strobe Light with music rhythm (Open appandplay your Music from another apps or Speaker...)- STROBELIGHTFREQUENCYLight up the dance floor with a Strobe. Set thedesiredfrequency with and enjoy the effect.All these amazing appsmakeMusic Strobe Light a trusted companion in ANY kind of reallifesituation and a MUST-HAVE utility app for all users. Justimagineall that things you can do with it:• Use in car emergency•Find thelost keys• Read the book at night• Tell spooky stories indark•Light your way home• Survive during the power outage• Light Upthedance floor• Send a morse code message• Communicate in yourowncoded language• Do the shadow theater• SOS duringemergenciesandMUCH MUCH MORE!TABLETThe screen light or view lightuses a verybright full screen white casting as a flashlight.- MusicStrobeLight works Perfectly on every devices as well asnon-supportedtorch mode
Flashlight & LED Torch 1.6.54
* Instantly turn your phone into a bright flashlight! *Thebrightest, fastest, and most handy LED flashlight! * TheFlashlightyou will never forget to bring when in need! * With themostelegant design and the fastest startup, The Flashlight takesfulladvantage of the LED light! Note: The Flashlight App needcamerapermission of your device(flashlight hardware is attachedtheCamera, for opening the light. It's the reasonable andnecessarypermission request). Features : • The brightestilluminator ever •Fastest startup flashlight • Strobe mode withsensitive frequencycontroller • Built-in SOS flashlight signal •Intuitive and elegantUI design • Enjoy the cam LED light! * OurFacebookPage:
Brightest Flashlight Free ® 2.5.2
Brightest Flashlight App – Free of Charge* Turns on allavailablelights on the device* Camera Flash LED at Maximum* Screenat BrightMaximum* Keyboard Backlight at Maximum* Soft KeysBacklight atMaximum* Notification LED at Maximum* Automatic TimerExitsApplication after 2 Minutes* Audio Effects on Start andStop*Unobtrusive Ads* Please contact the support email forreportingbugs or problems so we can fix them as quickly aspossible* BestFlashlight App for dark conditions, natural LED colorprovidesgreat contrastRecently Tested Flashlight Configurations:MotorolaDroidX Flashlight Samsung Galaxy S Flashlight MotorolaDroid2Flashlight Samsung Fascinate Flashlight Samsung Epic 4GFlashlightMotorola Droid Flashlight Motorola Defy FlashlightT-Mobile G2Flashlight LG Optimus Flashlight LG Ally FlashightSamsung GalaxyNote Flashlight
Shake Flashlight 1.0.62
Shake Flashlight is a small tool which can turn on or offcameralight by just shaking. When you need a flashlight, all youhave todo is turning on the screen and shaking your phone.
Flashlight Plus Free with OpticView™ 2.2.1
Turn your mobile phone into a flashlight and magnifying glass!Fromthe makers of Calculator Plus, Flashlight Plus Free is a newtakeon the flashlight application. This clever two-in-one app hasbotha flashlight and a magnifier. The OpticView™ viewfinder allowsyouto see what you illuminate on your screen, turning your phoneintoone of the most compact and powerful utility tools you’lleverhave! Features: ★ Simple and free flashlight app, greatforemergencies ★ Use your device’s LED light as a torch – carrythebrightest flashlight around on your phone! ★ Turn the flashlightonwith a single tap from a widget or lock screen ★ Enjoy a 1x, 2xor4x zoom magnifier ★ Audio or haptic feedback when youuseFlashlight Plus Uses: ★ Extremely useful for finding things indarkplaces ★ Lights up your path at night like a lantern, whilehikingor camping ★ Use at restaurants, movie theaters, or anywhereelsewith dim lamplight ★ Magnifier enlarges small text on menusandbooks with the viewfinder Download this useful tool now andneverbe without a handy torch! Our app speaks your language! Theapp isavailable in English, Deutsch, Español, Français, BahasaIndonesia,Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Türkçe,Pусский,Українська, 中文, 한국어, 日本語 Flashlight Plus Free (C)2018Digitalchemy, LLC
LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH 1.4.5
Free flashlight app Selene is the best flashlight! Fastandbrightest flashlight app that uses bright LED flashlightandadjustable screen light dimmer. Featured flashlight forAndroidphones and tablets. It will immediately make your phone moreusefuland turn it into one of the best productivity tools in yourlife.Once you download flashlight, you will never forget to bringthistorch with you :) Main features: ★ Adjustable dimmer forscreenlight brightness ★ Battery level info ★ Takes little space inphonememory ★ Vibro confirmation of mode switch ★ Strobe lightwithseveral frequency modes ★ Always available lamp - apowerfulflashlight app is designed to be at hand when needed ★ Lowbatteryconsumption - the app is optimized to use the battery wisely★ SOSflashlight frequency will help you to be prepared foremergencysituations ★ Wonderful HD graphics and nice tacticalflashlightdesign ★ Uses phone camera flash light and screen light★Convenient super bright torch front and back ★ Better than afreegame! ★ Very bright and powerful flash light ★ Vibration givesareal tactical flashlight feeling. ★ The ultimatemilitaryflashlight style for all military lovers. ★ Usefulscreenflashlight for Samsung tablet without led flash. ★ Thelightilluminates when you click an icon on home screen and workslikewidget. ★ Totally free app Definitely the brightest lampwithlighting spotlight available for free can be useful for youandyour friends. Flashing light from the strobe can be seen reallyfarin the darkness. It is your lucky charm :) Why does aflashlightneed access to the camera flash? - LED (flash) is ahardware partof the camera. To enable LED, access to the cameraflash isrequired. Compatible with phone and tablet: Samsung GalaxyMotorolaSony Xperia LG ONE PLUS HTC Huawei Meizu Xiaomi Mi andother==============
Super-Bright Flashlight 2.6
The ultimate lighting tool takes full advantage of the LEDlight.Strobe/Blinking Mode is also supported and it's FREE!Features: *Stunning graphics This is the most beautiful flashlightyou can getin hand! * Convenient Switch On/Off the light just likeusing areal flashlight * Super Bright Flashlight Guaranteed!*Strobe/Blinking Mode supported Blinking frequency adjustable*Least battery consumption! * Desktop widget Add a widget forquickaccess, open the flash * Support compass function
Flashlight LED Genius
ID Mobile SA
UNIQUE! No need to unlock the screen to get your Torch App,Justshake your phone from the unlock screen to activate the LEDflashlight. This Torch App is incredibly simple, useful andpractical.NEW! - Android Wear app is available ! - A bright compassisavailable on your watch to guide you ! - Settings: a check willbedone periodically to see if the background service responsibleforshake detection was destroyed by the system, in which case itwillbe restarted.  The feature "shake to light": - This modeisactive only when the unlock screen is visible, does not consumethebattery. - Works only with LED torch mode and not withdisplaylighting mode - Works with the original unlock screen ofyourphone, may not be compatible with alternative "home"screensFeatures: - Lighting via LED flash - Lighting with thescreen aslighting source (compatible with all phones without LED) -Abilityto configure the color of display lighting - Widgettoautomatically activate the torch (LED flash or screen) - Abilitytoturn on the LED light flash from the unlock screen by shakingthephone - We developed a repair system to make the flashlight workondifferent phones ! - Android shows you when the shake detectionisactive.
LED Flashlight 2.5
LED Flashlight instantly turns your device into a brightflashlight. The ultimate flashlight tool takes full advantage ofthe LEDlight . Blinking Mode is also supported in the flashlight.FREE TOUSED ! Bright, Fast, Simple, the most elegant and functionalLEDflashlight , ever! Flashlight Features: ** Brightest LEDFlashlightinstantly ON. ** Built-in SOS signal. ** Normal Flash:Screen Colorflashlight. ** Camera Flash: Camera LED flashlight. **Emergencylight effects: Strobe light, Police light, Emergencylight. ** Funflashlight effects: Candle, Blink, Spiral. **Convenient - SwitchOn/Off the light just like using a realflashlight. ** BlinkingMode supported - Blinking frequencyadjustable. ** Stunninggraphics. ** Maximize screen brightness. **Use camera LED as atorch (LED Torch Light). ** Change color offlashlight. Stuckoutside with no street light? LED Flashlight helpsyou out in thedarkest of occasions. Use LED Flashlight to find theperfect seatin a dark theater, or find your way around when thepower goes outat home.
Flashlight 1.0.0
Flashlight, turns your devices into powerful torch or LED light.Itproduces light that equals to real torch light and candlelight,and provides you a bright environment. Flashlight couldturnenvironment from dark into bright like a light torch. Inaddition,Flash light also provides flash alert, and compass forindicatingdirection. You can use the flash alert to send out adanger signal.Besides,it could provide flash alarm with colorfulstrobe effect toattract attention when you need help outside thedoor. Colorfulblinking light provided by Flashlight could alsoraise theatmosphere in Concert or KTV. Flashlight turns your phoneinto aLED flashlight in one-tap when you need a LED flashlight.Flashlight on your Android devices provides torch light and LEDlightanytime and anywhere, gets you free from carrying torch lightorLED light. Flashlight, your best portable mobileLEDlight.---------- Features of Flash light -----------TinyThelightproduced by the convenient and pragmatic Flashlight equalstotorchlight and candle light that you can take it in yourpocketanywhere and anytime.Optimized battery With less batteryconsuming,it provides a bright environment.Brightest torchIt iseven betterthan a real torch for it can produce the brightest torchlight,candle light, and LED flashlight on your phone.One tap toswitchon/offIt is super convenient for you to turn your phone intoaflashlight torch in seconds with one tap!Have you ever facedthefollowing embarrassments?※Can’t find what you want withouttorchlight or candle in a power failure.※Loss your way inunfamiliarplace because there is no compass.※Pictures taken in darkare outof focus.※There is no proper lighting when the atmosphereneedslight to liven things up.Flash light helps you to settlevariousmatters in life with multiple built-in widgets, is the mostusefulportable torch light for you. The LED light on your phonecouldhelp you much more in life than a real LEDflashlight.----------KeyFunctions-----------【Lighting】You caneasily turn on the torchthrough activating native flash light. Itis a powerful LEDflashlight.You can easily have a light torch inone-tap withinseconds.【SOS】Turn on the button of SOS, Flashlightwill raise flashalert and light flash in any emergency situation.The blinkinglight produced can help you get assistance when youneed help. Theflash alert could attract others’ attention. Besides,torch lightproduced by the phone could attract morepeople.【Compass】Indicatedirection and help you to confirm theorientation of North, South,East and West.【Leuchtstab】Wanna liventhings up with lighting?Flashlight provides light sticks withvarious color in differenttype. Hangs colored flashlight up inconcert, and get somefun!【Colored Light】With 200+ colors effect,you can freely adjustthe screen light effect. It could turn yourphone into a coloredflashlight.【Strobe Effect】It provides flashalert with strobeeffect to attract attention when you need help.You could use thelight flash with strobe effect to send out adanger signal. Theblinking light produced really helps you to copewith emergencies.【Mirror】No need to worry about forgetting carryingmirror when youmakeup or tidy appearance.【Night Camera】Night visioneffect makesit possible to take a clear photo in the dark. Thelignt torchprovides a bright environment.Flashlight for free,lighting appthat processes various sweet widgets, supports allmobile phonewith Android system for freely.Flashlight for free,your best lighttorch, helps to get rid of embarrassments in darkanytimeandanywhere.ContactUs:Facebook:[email protected]:
Torchie - Volume Button Torch 3.1
Turn on/off super bright flashlight / LED / torch on yourphoneinstantly by holding both volume buttons / keys together!It'squick, fast, innovative. It works in screen on, lock screenandscreen off (when enabled from settings). Just works anytime!Itmakes you feel that you have a handy conventional batteryoperatedtorch with physical hardware button access! it's tiny,small, freeand runs silently as a SERVICE. Absolutely no rootrequired!Thisapp uses Accessibility servicesTorchie requires aservice to run inbackground to intercept PHYSICAL VOLUME BUTTON KEYpresses. Since anormal 'Service' cannot intercept Hardware Keypresses, an'Accessibility Service' is needed for this purpose. Itdoes not doanything apart from intercepting Volume Key presses!Ipromise!TORCHIE IS OPEN SOURCE NOW! Get the full source code here: FEATURES:★ Turnon/offtorch / flashlight / LED just by holding volume Buttons /keystogether★ Works in screen on, lock screen, even while screenoff(when enabled from Settings)★ Open Source (Sourcecode:★ Optimized(zero)Battery usage (unless enabled in screen off viasettings)★Standalone torch / flashlight / LED app too!★ Easy,innovative andhandy Material Design UI★ Very light, tiny and small(~1 MB)★ Superfast and reliable★ Brightest guaranteed★ Innovative,simple &handy★ No privacy / security issues★ No Root required★No framework/ plugin required★ No Ads and No spyware★ Completelyfree and everwill be ❤ Donation is available as In-ApppurchaseABOUT THEPERMISSION"...Can observe the text you type andactions youdo..."Alas! It's threatening isn't it? Torchie needspermission tolisten to your physical hardware (volume Button) Keypressesonly.However if a phone has a physical keyboard, it ispossible tointercept every key press (including Passwords etc).But, recentAndroid phones (except Blackberry Priv) have only threehardwarephysical keys i.e. one power button and two volumebuttons.Actually, It is Android's flaw showing this buggypermissiontoyou!,Torchiedoes not have 'Internet Permission'. So it's impossible tosendanything to anyone!Torchie's source code is availablehere You can gothroughevery line of code!Give a second thought please beforegivingNEGATIVE REVIEWSWe aren't a company. We are brothers. We havenoreason to collect anything from you! We made Torchie out ofpassionto make something innovative. So, If you find Torchieuseful,please donate to support us! It'll greatly helpus!:) 1. For Android4.0.3ICS, 4.1 JB, 4.2 JB users ONLYFlashlight / torch / LED mayturn onif you swipe to change volume in volume Panel. (Tip: Disableforscreen on) 2. Screen off will not work bydefaultTorchiefunctionality is disabled by default in screen off,to preventbattery drain. Using in lock screen will notcause/acceleratebattery drain. Advice is that using in lock screenis handyLearnmore: In-app purchases Donate us convenientlyfrom withinthe app.2. Camera Camera and flash are treated as sameunit tillAndroid version 6.0 (Marshmallow)3. Bind to anaccessibilityservice To detect your hardware physical volume keypresses4.Prevent device from sleeping Needed only when enabled forscreenoff5. Control flashlight6. Control vibrationHaving anyissues?Help& FAQ @ aissue @ @
High-Powered Flashlight 1.3.5
iHandy Ltd.
Brightest Flashlight turns your phone into a super HANDY ledlightin the fastest way and easiest tap. It is the BEST flash lightinthe world with 3 lighting modes. Powerful, Fast, Simple andTotallyFree! Don't miss it! Download it Now! Features: + Superbrighttorchlight + Always-On compass + Strobe mode with 10differentfrequencies + Built-in SOS flash + Tiny LED Flashlightinstantly ON+ Intuitive and elegant UI design With this app, youcan do: + FindYour Keys in the Dark + Take your dog out for a walk+ Saveyourself while black out at Night + Real flashlight whilecamping +Read a Real Book at Night + Light the Way When Camping andHiking +Repair Your Car or Change a Puppets + Check on the LittleOnesEnjoy amazing flash light app to light up your way at night.Justone click to INSTALL.
Torch Light New 2018 5.3.1
TechNexa Apps
Flash light with amazing features and widget Try it now TorchApp,Amazing torch torch Powerful Torch Light ColorFlashlightFlashlight - Torch LED Light
Flash Light (Torch) 1.3.3
AppsHub Droid
Flash Light is a nicely designed app that not only an alternatetoflash light but a compass as well. LED Flashlight instantlyturnsyour device into a bright flashlight. The ultimate lightingtooltakes full advantage of the LED light. Strobe/Blinking Mode isalsosupported. Beautifully designed. Very accurate andauthenticcompass. A white screen in case of if you need less light.Showscurrent battery level. Easy to use. Looks beautiful.Alwaysavailable when you need it - this is the most optimizedandreliable flashlight app designed to preserve your batterylifewhile operating.
Brightest flashlight 1.12.120
Brightest LED Flashlight, super bright LEDFlashlight!Thefastestest, brightest flashlight, the app instantlyturns yourdevice into a bright flashlight. The lighting tool takesfulladvantage of the LED light . Blinking Mode is alsoThe appisdesigned to support all android devices and really easy to usethecamera flash and LED. LED Flashlight likes a mobile torch. Withthefree app, you'll be able to add brightness to any situation!Mainfeatures include:- The brightest flashlight.- Fasteststartupflashlight.- Built-in SOS signal .- Switch On/Off the lightjustlike using a real flashlight.- Strobe mode with sensitivefrequencycontroller.- Beautiful design.- Use the cam light.- Lightyourtorch- Light your flashIt is a free app that gives you afreebright light at night with the brightest flashlight.I'm surethat,it's one of the best free LED flashlight apps ever!Let's getyourLED Flashlight right now!
Brightest LED Flashlight-Torch 2.2.1
It provide you brightest flashlight and faster access to yourmobileFlashlight with current time and battery power display onscreen. Aswell as you can access screen front light with differentcolors e.g.white, green, red, blue and many more colors…. • Youcan use yourflashlight as SOS.• Brightest Flashlight compared tonormal apps•One click start flashlight and you can also customizethe settingsthat if you want flashlight will automatically starton the startupof app.• Time and battery power display on screen.•Low consumptionof battery• Also screen torch for devices which donot supportflashlight• Colorful Front Screen lights. Change yourfront screenlight according to your moodTry it. It's simply thebest at what itdoes.This app is compatible with most phonesincluding those onwhich other apps do not work. This includes forexample : DroidBionic, X2, Motorola RAZR, Sony Xperia Arc, HTCWildfire, LG OptimusBlack / 3D/ Ally, Motorola Defy, Milestone,Samsung Galaxy Nexus,SHARP... and much more !
FlashLight Pocket 2.2.8
Flashlight is a free app that turns your device into aflashlight.With the most elegant design and the fastest startup,itgives youthe light in the darkness. Main Features: - Super LEDflashlight :Use device camera LED as a light source. - Screenflashlight : Usescreen as a light source automatically when fail toopen camera LEDor camera LED is not present. - Easy and elegant :Convenient,Switch On/Off the light just like using a realflashlight - StrobeMode : Blinking frequency adjustable withsensitive frequencycontroller. - SOS:Built-in SOS flashlightsignal...
Flashlight & Call Screen Theme by Sirius Torch
Sirius Torch is the latest flashlight app with a uniqueUIdesign. Handy and smart. You can light up the darknesswiththis super bright LED flashlight.  Can’t find yourkey inthe dark? Like to read your favourite books at night? Forgotto bring your torch when camping or hiking? Or want to be abeaconof light in the darknesss? Get Sirius Torch! The latesttorchlightapp with a top user-friendly design by an experiencedteam ofdevelopers.  Sirius Flashlight is a smart torchapplicationthat transforms your devices into an extraordinarilybrightflashlight in an instant. Your device camera LED light willbefully utilized to light up the darkness like a beacon. Keyfeatures: 1. Torchlight - Camera LED brightest lighter 2.SOSflashlight - Blink Mode ( Flash frequency can be customized )3.Screen Light - Screen brightness can be adjusted from darkertobrighter 4. Screen Blink - Never miss important calls 5.Notification Flashlight - Flashlight will be turned on inblinkmode when receiving a notification  6. Screen Saver-Well-designed screen saver display  7. Incoming CallScreenTheme - Tons of call screen themes are for free. A pureflashlightwidget that doesn’t seek to be granted any unnecessarypermissions.Well-designed user interface. No data consumption.Thanks to ourtop-class Android programmers, Sirius Torch is bothtiny in sizeand also consumes minimal battery. Lighting up yourworld whilesaving energy. No ads.  Sirius, a star known to bethebrightest in the Earth’s night sky with a visual apparentmagnitudeof −1.46, is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the nextbrighteststar.  As developers, we drew inspiration from thisnaturalwonder to bring you Sirius Flashlight - a powerfulflashlightapplication with a difference! Just like thestar, SiriusFlashlight will bring you to the light in thedarkness.★Multi-languages - English, Português, Españo, Español,Pусский,Français, Italiano, हिन्दी, Dansk, Ελληνικά, فارسی, عربى,ไทย,Bahasa Indonesia, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語and中文. If you have any questions or any problems, please contact [email protected]
Flashlight 3.4
Quark Ltd
Free Bright & Fast Torchlight for Night Stand, Useful ToolsforOur Life.You Can Use It:+Read Books in Dark+Light up the RoadinNight Outside Travel+SOS Help
Flashlight super bright 1.6.3572.08
Green Banana
Flashlight super bright best flashlight, easiestflashlight,brightest flashlightThe best appication for flashlight,easiest touse, brightest and fastest flashlightThree modes inflashlight:lighting modes using your camera’s LED light, anadjustable screenlight that you can easily customize, blink SOSsignal.Keyfeatures:- Camera LED light- Screen light- SOSsignalFeatures :-LED mode, Camera' Led light- The brightestilluminator ever-Fastest startup flashlight- Strobe mode withsensitive frequencycontroller- SOS flashlight signal- Bretty andelegant UI design-Enjoy the cam LED light!- Change color screen-Adjustable screenlightBy using super bright flashlight, You willfeel free andreadly useful. Thank for using this app.
Icon Torch - Flashlight 1.0
The most simple LED flashlight! Features: - There is nointerface;-No advertising;- No settings;- Is not a widget;- Free;-Not a greatsize;- Bright. Description: This flashlight from theinterface onlyhas an icon. Place the label flashlight in aconvenient place foryou. It can be a desktop, quick launch bar, thebottom navigationbar, or in the notification bar (with the help ofthird-partysoftware), and more ... To activate the flashlight,press theshortcut. To turn off - press again.In no flashlightsettings. Inorder to have these settings, my app "Flashlight on thepowerbutton" which it will be possible to adjust the vibration on / offandauto shut off. And also other interesting features. WARNING!ThisNOT WIDGET , the icon will not change its state (color,shape,etc.), Depending on whether the LED is lit ornot.DonatePayPal: WMZ:Z305554935639WME:E593470543143WMR: R748988480372YandexMoney:
Power Flashlight 1.09
Asaf lubliner
Bright Flashlight + Screen never go to sleep + Work in background,Very Useful! * Easy to Use * Fit for everyone * Motivation Quotes*Digital Clock * Battery Level Enjoy the Applicaion
Bright Screen + LED Flashlight 1.44
Turn your mobile screen into a flashlight! Displight turnyourmobile display into super bright flashlight app "torchlight".Newdesign with easy function and three light-emitting surfaces.Whiteflashlight, green flashlight and red flashlight. You canchooseyour favorite screen flashlight. Swipe over lighting screenforchoose your color. White is a super flashlight.Easy asneverbefore.Cell phone without flash? no problem Use a superbrightflashlight on LED or LCD screen. Is a torch or lamp for yourneeds.Easy function open app and mobile phone turn brightnessbacklightto Maximum. When closed app, the backlight automaticallydims theprevious setting lights.Very useful flashlight for darkspots orlight warning / emergency signals. Flashlight only use yourLEDlight or LCD light screen. Compatible with allmobilephones.Compatible with phone and tablet:Samsung GalaxyMotorolaSonyXperiaLGHTCXiaomiAlcatelLenovoHuaweiOppoAsusCaterpillarandotherPaidversion withoutads
Flashlight 1.55.1
Free fastest flashlight, with over 10 million users all overtheworld, will be a simple & useful tool in yourphone!Fastestflashlight takes full use of the LED and screen ofyour phone toprovide you many useful features. Our developerscreatively updatethe engine of fastest flashlight, and now fastestflashlight’sability of power saving is improved by 30%, which isone of the topin flashlight!Core features:1. Very fast. The LEDlight will turnon as soon as you click. No need 1s.2. Bright. Notonly is fast,but also is bright.3. Cool call screen light. You canchoose avariety of call screen light for your incoming call. Trustme, youwill have a good mood and never miss a call.4. LED flashfornotification. When your phone receives some messages orcallsincluding other apps, the LED will flash. You will nevermissanything.5. Shake to light. You can shake your phone to turn ontheLED light.6. Strobe/Blink Mode. You can choose lots of blinkmodeof your LED. Not just SOS.7. Screen light. If you don’t want tousethe LED light in some places, you can try to use the screenlight.The adjustment of the brightness for screen light willsatisfy you.Fastest flashlight just like the torchlight in thedark.Add apowerful tool to your phone now! Come and join us!Therewill be adcontent shown in certain scenes in our app. For moredetails, visit
Flashlight Led 2019 - Super bright torch light 4.1
Flashlight 2019 Led is a totally free application that turnsyourSmartphone into a super led flashlight quickly and efficiently.Theapplication uses Flash from the camera of your Smartphone tobeable to lighten up what you need. The application has aStrobefunction that makes the led light of your phone blink veryfast.This app is an indispensable tool in your day to day, withthisapplication you will always be accompanied by a super andpowerfulflashlight in your pocket. This Torchlight has asophisticateddesign making your phone even more beautiful. Avoidusing the oldcandle and use the new Flashlight app 2019. Flashlighttorch issimple, beautiful, fast and brightness. Use thisapplication to: -Walking in a dark place - Read a Book in the Dark- Light your way- When the light ends at home - During the night -During a partywith the strobe function - Use the Torchlight inDarkness Mainfeatures: - Low phone space - Strobe function - Strobofrequencyadjustment - Front brightness adjustment - Works withlocked screen- Low battery consumption. - Hd Interface - Availablefor varioussmartphone models - Totally free Super brightest foryour MobileLight Fast and efficient to get you out of the dark.InstallFlashlight 2019 on your phone and enjoy this free app. *Americanlight * Flashlight App 2018 * Led torchlight * Flashlighte* Strobe* Best torch * Strobe light. * Torchlight * Brightest *Brighter *Torch app * Free Torch app * light in Darkness app
WF Flashlight 19
WF Company
The Power You Won't Believe! WF Flashlight!Highly advancedfunctionsand usability served right up.1. Enjoy the strongestFLASH in itsclass2. Psychedelic lights (Turn any dark room into aclubinstantly)3. Intuitive usability: No wait necessary4. Compass:Knowwhere you are headed5. Colorful Lights: Bring spice to anydécorwith vibrant colors* Optimized to bring out the best qualitymeansWF Flashlight may consume your battery fast. We recommend youtoenjoy our flashlight when necessary.* We always appreciatefeedbackfrom our lovely users to enhance our quality. For anyquestions andcomments, please email to [email protected] Now!
Brightest Flashlight - LED Light 1.5.0
Super-Bright, Handy and Brightest flashlight with Multi LED!Yourphone will shine as a real brightest flashlight by simplyaccessingyour Camera LED Light. Super convenient when you needextra lightin the dark! This torch is the brightest flashlightand mostpowerful flashlight you will ever have! ★ BrightestFlashlightFeatures:  - Brightest Flashlight ever! - Faststartup andquick response! - Easy-to-Use Operation and ClearDesign. - SwitchOn/Off the Powerful Flashlight like a real torch. -9Strobe/Blinking Modes like a military flashlight. -Strobeflashlight & flash light with sensitive frequencycontroller.- Stylish Screen Flash for Your Incoming Calls. -BestFlashlight only accesses camera flash light. - Simple FlashLight& Fast LED Light. ★ Brightest LED FlashlightHighlights: Handy Flashlight Powerful flashlight comes inreally handy when thepower goes out. It turns your phone into asuper bright flashlightin the fastest way and easiest tap. Thebrightest led flashlightcan brighten up your darkness instantly.Flash light is a greattorch download on your phone in case of anyemergency. Super brightflashlight just like a regular torch light,simple flashlight andtiny flash light! Brightest LED FlashlightBrightest LED Flashlightcan light up the dark by turning your phoneinto the bright ledlight. Strong and power light shinesbrightly like the realhandy torch light. Bright flashlight alwaysavailable in anysituation when you need some extra light. Torchlight free looksvery cool and bright in the dark.  StrobeFlashlight StrobeFlashlight is very useful with 9 blinking modes asa tacticalflashlight. Strobe flashlight is adjustable withsensitive ledlight frequency controller, blinking from 0 to 9.Flashlight freecan be used for party, emergency and location track.BestFlashlight The best flashlight in the world you’ve everused,extremely bright, provides you the best flashlight & thebestuser experience. Strongest Flashlight better thannormalflashlights. You can see a long distance with this flashlightfree.Powerful flashlight and quick response make the brightflashlightbe at hand whenever needed. Power light Power flashlightappprovides you the strongest brightness. It uses camera LED flashonAndroid device and turns your phone into a super bright &highpowered flashlight. Multi LED Flashlight is ideal for darkcornersas well for any emergency. Powerful flashlight can beswitchedon/off like using a real torch light. Flashlight WidgetFlashlightwidget can be added on your home screen. With theconvenientflashlight widget, you can turn on/off the bright ledlight easilyby pressing the button without entering the flashlightappinterface. Torch app is super handy and convenient when youneedpower light. Security Flashlight Security Flashlight accessestheCamera LED flash only for bright flashlight withoutunnecessarypermissions & personal information and datacollections. Brightand strong flashlight is available with only 1click. ★ WithBrightest LED Flashlight, you can do: + BestFlashlight Lights upyour night when power outage. + Find Your Keysin the Dark. + Reada Book at Night with powerful and brightflashlight. + Never missImportant Calls. + Take your puppy out fora walk at night. + Saveyourself when in emergency with the strobelight. + Flashlight FreeLights the Way at night. + Change theBubble or Repair Car atnight. Brightest LED Flashlight is the bestled light in the world.The lighting is very strong and is veryhelpful in those times whenyou need some extra light. Don’t missthe BEST power light widgetfor Android! Download this FlashlightFree now!
Simple torch 1.11
Simple torch application for android phone. The torch applicationisas simple as possible, without any advertisement. You can usephoneflashlight LED or screen to shine in the dark. Start of thetorchapplication is quicker than other torch application availableonandroid market as it doesn't contain anything else exceptfunctionto light the flashligh LED or screen. Torch applicationdoesn'trequire any special rights except camera to switchcameraflashlight.Try it, it's FREE and has only 32kB.Tested onSamsungGalaxy S2, Samsung Note 3, Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Ace andothermobile phones.Simple torch application DOESN'T collect anypersonalinformation. Unfortunately it requires camera right as itis notpossible to control camera light without it and there isnopossible to ask only for right for camera light.
Super Flashlight + LED 3.3
Super Flashlight is a simple, free flashlight app with LED lightandseveral screen modes. Free plugins like the Strobe / Blinkinglightmake Super Flashlight turn your device into a brightflashlightinstantly. Features About Super Flashlight: - SOSsignal. - Alarmsignal mode, The Super Flashlight will let you in asafe way. -Blinking Mode. - The Super Flashlight also has aStunning graphics.- Colorful neon light. - Desktop widget - Only agently touch, youcan open the flash. - Convenient - Switch On/Offthe light just likeusing a real flashlight.
Flashlight 1.37
Splend Apps
Flashlight is free, intuitive and easy to use torch app forAndroid.Our app uses the built-in camera LED flash and providesthebrightest light as possible. If your device doesn't have aflash,then you can use the white screen mode. For quick access youcan usethe status bar buttons (available in notification area) orclick theflashlight widget on your homescreen. Walk in the dark,visitingdark basement, no electricity at home or looking forsomething underthe bed - in these and other unexpected situationsour flashlightalways helps you! About Us • • Our PrivacyPolicy: • ContactUs: Follow Us •Twitter: •Facebook: •Google+:
Flashlight - Torch LED Light 2.4.3
RV AppStudios
Best free flashlight is the brightest LED torch flash light!It'sthe most featured rich light and only flashlight you willeverneed. Get the brightest, fastest, and most feature rich frontlightwith video camera zoom for phones & tablets. The app usesthefront camera light on the device as a camera light and thenallowsyou to zoom in! Plus you can setup a timer so that the lightturnsoff after a few minutes as well. You can also use your camerazoomflash light when the area is dim. There are many ways you canusethe torch flash light! Flashlight - Torch LED Light providesapowerful light plus gets you an extremely useful magnifyingglass(Magnifier)! Get the best magnifying glass in the markettoday!Download for free now! How can you use the front LED light?Let uscount the ways! * Set light timer - light up room * Use torchtoopen doors in low light * Find things in purse * Find keys inthedark * Read in dark * Replace backyard bulb at night * walkingtoyour car at night * During a power outage * Hiking or outdoors*SOS during emergencies FEATURES: * Torch Light ActivatesInstantly* Front Light With Video Zoom / Magnifying Glass (MustHave) *Strobe Light Effect with Speed Control * Clap For LightOn/OffControl * Flip Device On/Off Control * Multiple Tap LightOn/Off *Energy Saving Light * Set Custom Light Timing * BatteryIndicatorSpecial Feature: Flash light + Video Zoom View (Magnifier)Fewexamples of where to use light with zoom feature: Need to readthelabel on the back of the washer or zoom torch light to back ofTVand read serial number for repair. Ability to Zoom in with lightisextremely helpful in hard to reach places. The easy tousemagnifying glass is extremely helpful when you least expect itanda must have feature! The flashlight is fully optimized fortablets.Thank you for using our bright lamp. We hope you think thisis thebest lantern (фенерче, El feneri) in the market. Please letus knowhow we can continue to improve the free flash light app.
Flashlight on Clap 2.4
Flashlight on Clap is a unique Flashlight app which can be TurnedONor OFF with just a Clap.Flashlight on Clap is an amazingAndroidFlashlight app that is available in Google Play. WhereasourFlashlight on Clap app will much handy and your can Turn ON orOFFFlashlight by just clapping. When there is a dark in your homeoreven outside it’s very difficult to find a LED Torch orFlashlight.All you need to do is just download Flashlight on Clapapp, openthe app and Turn ON the Flashlight on Clap Service that’sitwhenever you clap you will see your flashlight glowing like aLEDTorch.Forget about searching for a LED torch and forgetaboutturning on your flashlight, just clap from nearby and seeyourflashlight glowing. Flashlight on Clap is a free android appandit's very easy to use. User friendly options. Whenever youdon’twant to glow the flashlight then open a app and Turn theserviceOFF.You like different Flash Light with different color likegreen,red, blue or more.If any time in your house light is not thattimeyou must need LED torch. But in dark night you not find theLEDtorch.Flash Light on Clap application through you gets anytimeflash light just you clap your hand and flash light is on.Everyouthink how good it will be if your mobile phone’s flashlightwillturn ON when you clap at night or dark! Isn’t it amazing? Yes,it’san amazing tool to turn ON/OFF your mobile phone’s flashlightbyclapping.You must need the camera flash light to on the flashlightalso your device has gesture sensor you strike your hand andflashlight is start.Also you enable or disable the Flash Light onClapapplication.We have seen many Flashlight apps those areavailablein Android Market but when we really need them like in thedark orin the dark Night.Now you can just clap to Turn ON or OFFyourPhone’s Flash Light from distance and it will glow andoff.Whenthere is a dark in your home or even outside it’s verydifficult tofind a LED Torch or Flashlight. Ever you think how goodit will beif your mobile phone’s flashlight will turn ON when youclap atnight or dark.Flash / screen as a torch. Simple, Easy andEffectiveTorch light App for your Android device.Many people don’tbelieveinitially and they said how is it possible to Turn ON andOFF of amobile Phone’s Flash LED Light By just clapping?Flashlighton Clapapp will much handy and your can Turn ON or OFF Flashlightby justclapping.HOW TO USE: Open the app, select Service ON andclose theapp. Now you can just clap to Turn ON or OFF your mobilePhone’sFlash LED Light from distance and it will glow and off.Wheneveryou don’t want to service to be run in backend then simplyyou canTurn OFF the Service.FEATURES:★ Flash light on/ off withjustClap.★ Flash light on/ off with one click.★ Strobe / Blinkinglighteffect.★ Shake your device to on/off flashlight.★ Screenlight-uses your screen as a light source.★ Bulb light -Sweeptop-bottom/bottom-top to change brightest bulb.★ Color light-easyto change the colors using sweep left-right/right-left.★TrafficSignal lights with Automatic Timer.★ Police lights withblinkingeffect.★ Turn your screen light to maximum brightness.★AudioEffects on start and Stop.★ Widget for home & lock screens-easy way to on/off flash light. ★ Flashlight App is completelyfreeto download.Highlights:✔ Clap For Light On/Off Control✔Torchlightin Dark✔ Strobe/Blinking Mode supported - Blinkingfrequencyadjustable.✔ Only free flashlight app without toys.✔Strobe LightEffect with Speed Control✔ Torch light shines whenscreen is off orlocked.DOWNLOAD Flashlight on Clap NOW.
LED Torch 2.18.11
ASH Apps
LED Torch its amazing and useful app for android users thatshinesbright and looks great on your phone! This quick and easytorch hasa power button to (enable/disable) only a single click.Thisapplication is very helpful specially when you are in dark andyoucan easily find any little thing. FEATURES: * Enable/Disabletorchlight with a single button. * On/Off torch light with asoundeffect. * User Interface. * Easy to use. * Use for thebrightest,most reliable light to find your way. Totally free torchlightapplication for all android users. Install it withamazingfeedback.
Flashlight 1.5
Flashlight by Tim O's Studios is a simple, powerful, nofrillsflashlight that will light your way when it's too dark tosee.-Simple, single button layout -No confusing modes orunnecessaryoptions -Super bright illumination -Loads fast and openswith LEDon for quick and easy use -Free Download Flash light todayand SEEthe difference!
Best Flashlight App free
Best LED flashlight for Android phones is the bright torchlight.Simple torch light with minimalistic design. Suitable forcamping,hiking, cycling, backpacking, hunting, fishing, autoemergencies,home repair, family and outdoor activity etc. Features:★ Faststart from icon ★ Works on locked screen in background ★Batteryindicator ★ Strobe light for SOS button ★ Low batteryconsumption -the app is optimized to use the battery wisely ★Always availablelamp - a powerful flashlight app is designed to beat hand whenneeded ★ SOS alert will help you to be prepared foremergencysituations ★ Minimalistic design ★ Very bright andpowerful flashlight ★ Use camera flash light for samsung phones ★Free flashlightapp ★ The light illuminates when you click an iconon home screenand works like widget. ★ LED flashing light from thestrobe can beseen really far in the darkness. It is your luckycharm :) Downloadfree flashlight now and enjoy :) Why does the appneed access tothe camera flash? - LED (flash) is a hardware part ofthe camera.To enable LED, access to the camera flash is required.Compatiblewith phone and tablet models: Motorola, Motorola Droid,MotorolaMoto G LG K7, G2, G3, G5 LG Optimus L5, L9 Meizu m3 noteHTC DesireHTC One Xiaomi Mi5, Xiaomi Redmi Note Google Nexus,OnePlus, AsusZenPhone Huawei Ascend Mate Huawei Honor Huawei P9Samsung GalaxySamsung Galaxy Note Sony Xperia Z, X, Z5, Z4, Z3, Z2,XA, Z3+ SonyXperia M2, M3, M4, M5 and many other models==============
Brightest LED Flashlight 1.3.3
ONE App Team
Brightest flashlight instantly turns your phone into a brightledtorch by accessing your camera flash. It is the bestandroidflashlight and is Totally Free! Download the PowerFlashlight andenjoy it now! Brightest LED Flashlight Highlights: +10 DifferentStrobe/Blinking Mode Supported. + Turn on/off the LEDFlashlighteasily like a real Torch. + Make Distress Calls withBuilt-in SOSFlash Light. + Brighten up your darkness with theBrightestFlashlight. + Beautiful UI Design and clean layout. +Smootheradjustment & Highly sensitive switch button. + PowerfulandFast LED Light Brightest Flashlight – Multi LED.BrightestFlashlight turns your phone into a Multi LED flashlight inthefastest way and easiest tap. Flashlight Lights up your nightandhelps you out in the emergency. Flashlight free is the bestandmost powerful flashlight in the world, which provides you notonlythe Brightest LED light but also the best user experience.LEDFlashlight – Ultra Bright. LED Flashlight is very helpfulwheneveryou need extra light by turning your phone into thebrightest LEDflashlight. This power flashlight is FREE, fast,convenient andprovides you the super-bright led flashlight. Also,flash lightlooks very cool and bright when you use it in the darkjust like areal torch. Strobe Flashlight - sweet rave party &emergency.Strobe flashlight is adjustable with sensitive flashlightfrequency strobe controller, blinking from 0 to 9,low/highblinking light frequency. Use strobe led flashlight atparties, athome, at the club, at school, or anywhere you think astrobe lightcould set the mood, like using led laser torch flashinglight; usedlike SOS LED light or location for the emergency.Flashlight Widget- turn on light on home screen. Flashlight widgetcan be placed onyour home screen. It’s convenient to turn on thisflashlight freeapp on the home screen by pressing the button. Youcan get thebrightest led flashlight shine out of darknesscontinuouslywhenever you need some extra light. SOS Flashlight –send adistress signal in emergency. Flashlight Free is capable tosend anSOS signal for assistance when in emergency or in danger.The SOSLED light can last for a long time on your phone. Superconvenient!You only need to open the app, slide to SOS mode andturn it on.Your call for help will be visible up to 4.5 miles inclearweather. Power Flashlight - light up the dark with 1 click.Powerflashlight app accesses camera LED flash on Android device asareal torch/bright flashlight source. It’s a very small sizebutuseful multi LED flashlight for android. Besides, the brightnessofthe brightest LED flashlight can be adjusted easily. You canuseflash light as LED light while walking in darkness or lightingupstrobe light for help. With Brightest LED Flashlight, you can do:+Light up your night when power outage. + Find Your Keys / OpenYourDoor in the Dark. + Walk Your Dog in the park after Sunset. +Lightup the Way When Camping and Hiking Outside. + Make DistressCallsWith SOS Flashlight. + Read a book before bedtimewithoutdisturbing others. + Make Yourself Visible on Roadside atNight. +Celebrate on Parties with Blinking Flashlight. + RepairYour Car orChange a Puppets at night. + Check on the Little Ones.Super brightflashlight is compatible with most Android phonesand systems.It is definitely the Best Flashlight & theBrightest Flashlightin the world. It is very helpful in anysituation thatrequires extra light. Download this Flashlight Freenow! Downloadfor FREE!
Screen Flashlight 1.2.5
Screen Flashlight uses your screen's light to convert yourdeviceinto a handy flashlight, owns brightness control and has anelegantdesign. Screen flashlight also offers more functionalitythan acommon flashlight, as it has Strobe and SOS (an internationalcodefor help) mode. Screen Flashlight features: - Flashlight -Strobe -SOS - RGB mode for screen color customization. - Presetscreencolors. - Strobe frequency changeable - Brightness controlWarning:some people may be sensitive to flashing lights.Photosensitiveepilepsy (PSE) is a form of epilepsy in whichseizures aretriggered by visual stimuli that form patterns in timeor space,such as flashing lights, bold, regular patterns, orregular movingpatterns.
Flashlight 2.1
Flashlight is Amazing app to turn your device into a torch light.Itwill use your device's camera LED / Easy-to-use, quick andreliabletorch app free, that can instantly turn your phone into asuperbright LED flashlight source in one click. Use your led flashlightapp like a lamp. Well designed brightest free flashlightshines evenwhen screen is off.The flash of your phone uses like atorch. Ittakes up little space and is completely free. The colortorch buttonis green.Always available when you need it - this isthe mostoptimized and reliable torch app designed to preserve yourbatterylife while operating.Tiny Flashlight + LED is a simple,free, torchapp with LED light and several screen modes. Freeplugins like theStrobe, Morse, and Blinking lights make this torchone of the bestproductivity tools for your device.Be prepared foremergencysituations with additional plugins like the Warninglights andStrobe, Morse, Blinking lights.flash / screen as atorch. Simple,Easy and Effective Torch light App for your Androiddevice.Light theWay When Camping and Hiking. Light Your RoomDuring a PowerOutage.Super-Bright LED Torch instantly turns yourdevice into abright torch. The ultimate lighting tool takes fulladvantage of theLED light. Strobe/Blinking Mode is also supportedand it's FREE!OurFlashlight will accompany with you at any timewhen you need light!FEATURES:★ Flash light on/ off with oneclick.★ Strobe / Blinkinglight effect.★ Shake your device toon/off flashlight.★ Screenlight- uses your screen as a lightsource.★ Bulb light - Sweeptop-bottom/bottom-top to changebrightest bulb.★ Color light- easyto change the colors using sweepleft-right/right-left.★ TrafficSignal lights with AutomaticTimer.★ Police lights with blinkingeffect.★ Turn your screen lightto maximum brightness.★ AudioEffects on start and Stop.★ Widgetfor home & lock screens -easy way to on/off flash light. ★Flashlight App is completely freeto download.Highlights:✔Torchlight in Dark✔ Strobe/Blinking Modesupported - Blinkingfrequency adjustable.✔ Stunning graphics - Thisis the mostbeautiful torch you can get in hand!
✔ Color ScreenLight✔ SuperBright Torch - Guaranteed! ✔ Convenient - Switch On/Offthe lightjust like using a real torch.✔ The bright light app. Torchappfree.✔ The flash on max power.✔ Only free flashlight appwithouttoys!✔ Morse Code Flash Light for SOS✔ Quick launch.✔Convenientand easy to use torch.✔ Torch light shines when screen isoff orlocked.✔ Unique design.✔ Compass & Map✔ For deviceswithout LEDflash - uses a screen light like a torch light.✔ StrobeLightEffect with Speed Control✔ Clap For Light On/Off Control✔FlipDevice On/Off Control✔ Multiple Tap Light On/Off✔ EnergySavingLight✔ Set Custom Light TimingTested &SupportedDevices:Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7SamsungGalaxy A4, A5,A6, A7, A8Samsung Galaxy J5, J7, Grand Prime, Core,Ace 4HTC OneM7, One M8, One M9, HTC Desire X, Z, HDLG G5, G4, LG,G2, G3,NexusSony Xperia X, Z5, Z4, Z3, M2, M3, M4, M5, XA, Z3+,Z3CompactXiaomi, Nexus, OnePlus, Asus, Huawei, Motorola
Golden Flashlight 1.07
Asaf lubliner
Bright Flashlight, Screen never go to sleep also Work inbackground, Very Useful! * Easy to Use * Fit for everyone *Motivation Quotes* Digital Clock * Battery Level Enjoy theApplicaion
Flashlight HD LED 2.00.52 (Google Play)
There are many flashlight apps, so why get this one ? -Brightestand most POWERFUL light possible - FREE ! - It is simpleand welldesigned - launch it and get light instantly by pressingone button- uses the integrated FlashLight LED - also uses yourfull screenas a color light lamp (works on all devices) - add awidget forquick access Try it. It's simply the best at what itdoes. This appis compatible with most phones including those onwhich other appsdo not work. This includes for example : SonyXperia, SamsungGalaxy S8, S7 Edge, S6, J7, Xiaomi Redmi Note, Oppo,Huawei, LG,Lenovo,Vivo, HTC, Alcatel, ZTE, Asus Zenfone, MotorolaMoto G4,E2... and many more !
Flashlight. Super Bright 1.25
The brightest flashlight on the market that activates a flashcameraor screen for backlighting. This is an incrediblypowerfulflashlight with a good set of functions and almost no ads.Ourbright LED flashlight is a powerful light source that hasexcellentutility.Super flashlight functionality:- turns on thephone's (ortablet's flash)- causes screen to glow- has astroboscope (flash orscreen flicker)- it can change the screen'scolor- has a simple andconvenient designPracticality in use:-Allows you to read books inthe dark- You can always find your keysin the dark- It can lightup the road in the darkWe are constantlyimproving our flashlightand trying to select the most importantfunctions that woulddeservedly earn our product the reputation as"the best flashlight"on the market. Turn the backlight functionon/off to quickly turnon the backlight.Our application is suitablefor any phone andtablet using the Android system and that has anLED flash for thecamera.Download Flashlight. Super Bright. It'svery convenient andpractical!
My Torch LED Flashlight
Brightest LED Flashlight for Android. Simple user interface easytouse. FEATURES ★ LED Torch ★ Screen Torch ★ Send SOS Signal ★Sendany Morse code ★ Strobe/Blinking Mode supported -Blinkingfrequency adjustable ★ Color Lights ★ Police Light Turnyour phonecamera flashlight or Screen into a torch. Super brightLEDflashlight for Android Phones. Simple user interface,elegantdesign. Illuminates your nights. If your camera does nothave a LEDflashlight, you can use the phone screen as torch light.a simpleflashlight widget included.