Top 49 Apps Similar to Body Building Workout

Kris Gethin Muscle Building 2.2.5
Kris Gethin knows a thing or two about building muscle. Now’syourchance to learn from him. Gethin’s Muscle Building fitnessprogramtakes bodybuilding to the next level. Each day provides adailyworkout video so you can see exactly what exercises, attitude,andintensity you need to bring to each workout. Along withthisprogram, you’ll get nutrition and grocery shopping advice,workouttracking, and access All Access. ThroughAllAccess, you’ll get 20+ other workout apps and 50+workoutplans.Introductory overview videos, daily workoutvideos12-weekworkout plan with trackingStep-by-step exercisevideosNutritionvideo along with sample meals, foodlists,macros Access is a content subscription service thatincludes over 50premium fitness plans created by world-classpersonal trainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan featuresinformational videos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expertsupplement advice,with new plans and courses added every month.While several planshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.
Jim Stoppani Shortcut to Size 2.2.5
Shortcut to Size is a workout plan by Dr. Jim Stoppani made helpyouprogressively build muscle and strength each week. Theprogramincludes four workouts per week, plus full workout andexercisevideos, diet help, and tracking. Along with Jim Stoppani’splan,your purchase subscribes you to All Access,whichprovides you 20+ other workout apps and 50+workoutplans.Introductory overview videos12-Week workout planwithtrackingStep-by-step exercise videosNutrition plan withsamplemeals, food list, and macrosSee full library of All Accessplans: Bodybuilding.comAllAccess is a content subscription service that includes over50premium fitness plans created by world-class personaltrainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan features informationalvideos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expert supplementadvice,with new plans and courses added every month. While severalplanshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.
Bodybuilding Muscle Training 2.0
In men's thinking, having an idealandproportionate body shape is a dream, many skinny men trydifferentways to improve their body shape. But the way that hasbeen donenever give results, this time willprovide someexercise programs to enlarge muscles for skinny men whohave beenshown to provide maximum results.Before switching to an exercise program to enlarge the musclefirstyou must know the main key to build muscle is a routineexercise,adequate rest time and pay attention to your daily foodportion.Many men who fail to build muscle in the body areattributable tothis, especially during breaks that are oftenignored, althoughthey practice on a regular basis is useless if notmatched bysufficient rest time.You can increase your muscle mass with just a little practicetime,but you should pay attention to the muscle-building exercisesofthe exercise phase, you will not get the ideal body shape ifyoujust do some exercises. Throughout the workout, you have tostayfocused and have high motivation to form an ideal body.
Bodybuilding Diet Workout Plan 2.14
Bodybuilding diet workout plan Lose fatandbuild muscle! Developed by Pro Bodybuilding, Figure, andBikiniathletes. The App provides the blueprint to guide you tosuccess inmanaging your diet. *note, this App is for serioususersonly*• what to eat for every meal broken into carbs, protein, fat,veg,and fruits. And customizable!• grocery list generator based on your selections (save hoursoftime!)• food calculator for exact serving size calculated for each foodtomeet your carb, fat, and protein goals (e.g. 30gprotein=4ozchicken), both cooked and uncooked• *bonus* a 16 week sample Weight and Cardio program• when to eat (suppresses hunger by knowing exactly when to eateachmeal)• journals and saves every meal and email weekly recap• options to select off-season or in-season diet• fully operational without internet connectionThe Bodybuilding workout plan App takes out the guessworkandfocuses on what's needed for serious athletes. Anyone who hasachampion physique will tell you the same thing, “it’s 90% diet,10%working out” and "Training happens in the gym, Growth is inthekitchen".This App will take your through the steps of managingyourbodybuilding diet workout which will trigger rapid fat loss,bylosing fat and gaining muscle as the same time!Please give the app a rating and send us any comments to improveit.Thank you! Store 1.12.10 Store The Store app is thefastestway to shop for your favorite vitamins, supplements, andsportsnutrition products. Use Wish List or Quick Reorder to getin, getout, and get back to your workout! Browse for the bestproducts (andsales!) in categories like protein, multivitamins,pre-workouts, andmore. Support all your health and fitness goalswith this fast andsimple shopping app from, thelargest onlinesupplement store in the world! Shop the LargestSelection ofSupplements Online: • Whey Protein Powder, CaseinProtein Powder,Soy Protein Powder, Vegan Protein Powder, • andProtein Bars •Pre-Workout Boosters and Nitric Oxide Boosters • FatBurners likeGarcinia Cambogia • Stimulant-Free Fat Burners likeConjugatedLinoleic Acid (CLA), and L-Carnitine • Post-WorkoutRecovery,Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), and Glutamine •Vitamins andMultivitamins • Weight Gainers • Natural TestosteroneBoosters •Creatine HCL, Creatine Monohydrate, and MicronizedCreatine •Intra-Workout Supplements • Fish Oil and Flax Oil •Shaker Bottles,Lifting Belts, Wrist Wraps, Lifting Gloves, and GymBags • JointSupport • T-Shirts, Tank Tops, and Shorts •Anti-Oxidant Supplementsand Green Foods • Growth Hormone Boosters• Low Carb Food • SleepAides • Digestive Health • AppetiteSuppressants • Diuretics We’veGot All Your Favorite Brands! •Optimum Nutrition • JYM by JimStoppani • MuscleTech • BSN •Cellucor • MusclePharm • Dymatize •BPI Sports • UniversalNutrition • Animal • RSP • EVL • QuestNutrition If you have anyquestions about your order, we encourageyou to talk to ourcustomer service team at 1-866-236-8417 (tollfree) or+1-208-377-9994 (international) before placing your order.
Madbarz - Bodyweight Workouts 4.1.10
Over 1 million people use Madbarz because it is EFFECTIVE. Youwillget daily workout routines highly adjustable to your needs.Chooseworkout duration and the targeted muscles (abs, legs,back,...),adapt it to your fitness level and goals, and even createyour ownworkouts! The provided video guidance will help you executetheexercises perfectly. All of the workouts are designed byfitnessexperts. Work out at home or at the gym, with your fitnessprogramalways in your pocket. Stick with our workouts and notice achangein just a few weeks. Download Madbarz for free and startnow-Bodyweight workouts - Daily workouts: train anywhere,anytime-Pick your fitness level - Beginner, Intermediate orAdvanced-Choose workouts by duration or targeted muscle groups-Create andsave custom workouts -High-quality video tutorials foreachexercise -Weekly challenges - Get stronger every week Madbarzisperfect for beginners - it has detailed descriptions ofeachexercise, followed by a high-quality video, so that performingtheexercise correctly no longer poses a problem. If you are atanintermediate level, Madbarz will help you take your skills toahigher level. Advanced level athletes will be challenged tobecomebetter and stronger, with exercises developed byprofessionals.Unique Workout Experience -Muscle Preview: see whatmuscles youactivate -Smart repetition counter: slide to record yourreps -Liveworkout feed: find your friends, follow and ‘respect’other users,motivate each other, save their workouts. Join thefastest growingworkout community -Connect with friends -Discovertrending profilesand people near you -Rank globally and locallywith workout pointsBesides the free version, you can get MadbarzPremium account withfull bodyweight workout plans made byprofessional trainers and anutrition guide: -Workout plans for yourgoal: - With or withoutequipment, your choice - Different plans foreach fitness level -2-week to 12-week plans for different goals -Build muscle, loseweight or learn new skills - Unlimited number ofcustom workouts-Nutrition Guide: - Build muscle/lose fat -Whole-food diet basedon healthy cooked meals - 65+ recipes, sorted(Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner, Side Dish, Snacks, Treats) - Change youreating habits andstill enjoy food! Why buy Premium? It’s cheaperthan a gymmembership and you get a number of professional workoutplans thatwill help you reach your goal. Information - using theApp andPremium subscription Downloading and using Madbarz is freeofcharge. The free version includes a selection ofbodyweightworkouts, weekly challenges, and many more features. Getfullworkout plans and further features with the Premiumsubscription.-Premium subscription Madbarz Premium is $9.99 permonth, $24.99per 3 months and $59.99 per year in the US. Priceswill vary bylocation. When purchased, the subscription fee will becharged toyour Google Play account and you will receive theconfirmation ofpurchase. The subscription automatically renewsunless canceled 24hours prior to the end of the subscriptionperiod. Managesubscriptions and turn off auto-renewal in AccountSettings afterthe purchase. All charges are non-refundable. Readour full Termsof Service and our Privacy Policy at
tutorial Training Exercis 2017 2.0.6
cmh app
tutorial Training Exercis 2017 is a collection of thebestbodybuilding exercises to include in your program to workandfatten all major muscles like abdominals, pectorals,biceps,triceps, back, trapeze, shoulders, legs.Get the shape ofyour lifewith thousands of free workouts and personalized trainingprogramsthat help you get your fitness goals. Training exercisestrainingis a TOP application on Android - download now to "ownyourworkout" with all the tips and motivation you need!Yourcertifiedpersonal trainers guide you through exercises withtimedstep-by-step audio, photo and video instructions completewithencouragement! Whether you are doing bodyweight workouts athome orlifting weights at the gym. You can also choose your focusarea anduse the application to get a six pack, lose weight, improveyourstroke, practice yoga, and more.Exercises for all musclegroups(bodybuilding):-Abdominals-Biceps-Mollets-Pectorals-Forearm-Buttocks-Ischios-hamiers-Dorsals-Lighting-Rhomboids-Neck-Quadriceps-Shoulders(deltoide)-Trapèzes-TricepsThisprogram is suitable for men,teenagers, but also for women, itallows you to win by:- Balance-Muscular endurance- Power-Cardiovascular Capabilities- Strength-you will get an athletic body
Ultimate Upper Body Workouts 1.10
Find the ultimate answer to the question: “What workouts should Idoto develop a stunning chest and arms?” Ultimate Upper BodyWorkoutshas the most effective bodyweight and dumbbell exercisesthat youcan do in the comfort of your own home. And that’s all youneed tobuild muscle and develop a strong and sculpted upper bodythatyou’ve always wanted. The workouts don’t take much time.They’refun. They’re safe. And they’ll be sure to transform yourbody in aminimal amount of time. Included are cardio and HIIT,which willmelt fat off of you and the special design of theworkouts hits allof your major muscle groups, making sure that youdon’t run the riskof imbalances on your fitness journey. Bytraining every two orthree days, for a short thirty-minute (orless) session, you’ll getstarted on the road to your dream body.Features: - Dynamic warm upsand cool downs to make sure you staysafe. - Beginner and advanceworkout routines. - Designed foreveryone, men and women, young orold. - Engaging, animatedexercise guides. - No internet necessary,work out whenever,wherever without worrying about WiFi. - Workoutreminders to keepyou on track. - Everything contained in a simpleto use app. - 100%free. Currently includes the following workoutroutines: - FatBurning Butt and Thigh Workout - Bodyweight UpperBody Workout -Upper Body HIIT Workout We’re dedicated to helpingyou achieve yourfitness goals, and we’re constantly expanding. Staytuned for moregreat workouts! Why not start right now? Achieve thephysique youwant. Get healthier. Lose extra weight. And have moreenergy forthe things you want to do. All your questions, commentsandfeedback are welcome at and we’ll getbackto you at the first opportunity.
Perfect abs - Six Pack workout Be Stronger 1.8.7
Now you don't need go to GYM if you want to have six pack absandflat stomach. All you need is in your smartphone. 49 exercisesand14 effective workouts, no equipment needed. You can makeworkoutsanywhere, at home, at work, where you want. It is enough5-10minutes for workout. This app is suitable for anyone who wantstoget flatten belly and relief abdominal muscles. Tired or don'tlikeworkouts? No problem - get random exercises each day or set upyourcustom workout. Features: ✔ 14 special workout routines forperfectabs ✔ 49 exercises for flat belly, muscle abs, straightwaistlineonly with your body weight ✔ Animation and a detaileddescriptionfor exercises (two models for men and women). ✔Reminders fortraining - you will not forget about it ✔ Customworkout (you canset up your own workout for six pack abs). Twoconstructor modes ✔Challenge workout mode - get new random workoutevery day forperfect abs. ✔ Motivation! It is not interesting totraining? Youwrong! Go through workout and get new levels andachievements ✔Flexible workout settings. Time for one exercise,time for restbetween exercises and rounds, count of rounds.✔History ofworkouts. Track your weight, waist and calories eachworkout Workhard and get six pack abs and sexy belly! It issuitable forbeginners and professionals - you can set up yourworkout as youwant. Select favorite exercises, set up time, counts,rounds andrest. Track your progress in graphs (burned calories andlostweights). It is boring to workout? Here we are! Performexercises,burn calories and get points experience. Get achievementsandlevels like in RPG game. "Abs workout" contains 14 effectivesetsof exercises which help you burn fat from belly and fromsides(give trim waistline) and form a six pack abs! The rules aresimple- do not be lazy and take the exercises, and our app willhelpdiversify the training and make them more interestingandproductive.
Abs Workout - Daily Fitness 4.6.7
“Workout where, how and when you want” with the original 3Dpersonaltrainer with whom millions of users have worked out since2012,generating 50 million app downloads and one billion viewsonYouTube. Beware of imitations ;-) - FREE WORKOUTS Every month,newfree content will expand the already vast collection ofworkouts:It will be hard to get bored! - PLAN A plan is a setofever-changing workouts that lead you to achieve a specificgoalwithin a given time period as if you were guided by a realpersonaltrainer. Created by experts All our workout plans arecreatedmanually by real expert personal trainers because nogreatalgorithm can ever replace the experience of aprofessional.Increasing intensity Every plan is structured togradually increasethe intensity day by day to bring you to thedesired goal withoutexaggerating in order to keep you motivated. -WORKOUT WITH RHYTHMThe virtual trainer will guide you through theworkout, showing youwhat to do and when to do it. - LEARN HOW TOWORKOUT Every exerciseincludes a description, instructions and a 3Dpreview of themovement in order to be able to perform the workoutin the bestway. Terms of use:
10 Daily Exercises 1.3.2
This app helps you to exercise daily. The app contains the tenmostcommon exercises everyone can do.Doing the workout will makeyoufeel stronger, healthier, improve energy and controlweight.Exercise benefits every part of the body. You don't needanyequipment for the workout. Complete daily workoutwithlog.***FEATURES***- Free and Simple- Most common exercises-WorkoutLog- Set Reminder- Difficulty levels- Animation showing howto doeach exerciseThe daily workout routine contains push ups,jumpingjacks, high knees, bench dips, lunge, squats, basiccrunches,leg-up crunches, bicycle crunches and plank with leglift.If youdon't train this is the perfect app for you. Getabdominal, lowerand upper body muscles with this fitness app. Do iteveryday to getfast results.
Bodybuilding Programs 2.3.1
Bodybuilding Programs is an application specifically for peoplewhoare willing to take control of their bodies, thanks to itspersonaltraining courses. If you want to become a true bodybuilderand gainmuscle mass, do not waste your time and follow thebestbodybuilding programs suggested by our best bodybuildingworkouttrainer. Our app offers the best bodybuildingroutines,powerlifting workouts, and gym exercises with adetaileddescription to help you achieve the best possible resultsin a veryshort time (get maximum muscular mass, achieve weightloss, andhave the famous Six Pack Abs). Bodybuilding Programsallows you tocustomize your daily workout plan using differentexercisessuggested for each part of your body. Now getting aperfect body isno longer a dream, everything you need is themotivation andBodybuilding Programs App. -- MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OFBodybuildingPrograms App -- - Personal training courses for everymuscle(Shoulders & Traps, Chest, Back, Biceps &Forearms,Triceps, Abdominals "Abs", Legs...). - Special exercisesfor eachequipment (Barbell, EZ-Bar Curl, Dumbbell, Machine,Cable...). -Detailed exercise instructions. - Organize your workoutseries witha professional timer. - Customize your daily workoutplan usingdifferent exercises proposed. Our personal trainingcourses aresimply the best, it's time to start a new life. Let's go!
Gym Workout exercises 1.0
fitness training and bodybuilding is very beneficial for thebodyand health due to bodybuilding training will make the shape ofthebody into stocky and muscular be formed, in addition, bydoingfitness exercise and bodybuilding, health will increasebecause itis always sweating, so avoid various diseases.weightlifting hasthe effect of enlarging muscles only, and may loseweight, hearthealthy and confident.the benefits of weight trainingto do, feelthe benefits.lose weight. when the muscles in your body,yourmetabolism will work faster. In effect, the more caloriesburned.nourish the heart. Exercise the muscles need a littleoxygen. Yourheart is not working hard to supply oxygen as youpractice. Strongmuscles are also good for the health of bloodvessels.preventarthritis. free of joint pain. confidence. have abeautiful bodymakes you more confident in appearance. Free fromfree radicals.research proves they are diligent weight training isable torelease free radicals faster than those who never. enlargethe arm.For men who have small arms are often insecure, notconfidentwearing short sleeve shirts. Time to arm exercises buildmuscle andget the size that should you wish. Arm muscles aredivided intothree parts, Biceps, Triceps and Forearm. everythinghas to be onthe train, no one wants to have the arm muscles are notbalanced.This application presents a health training tutorial partof yourarm.Hammer Curl, Make a standing or sitting on the bench,Hold adumbbell in the position of holding the hammer, theinitialposition of the arms straight down and lift the dumbbellsandposition of the upper arms straight. Biceps Curl the dumbbellstotrainMake a stand, Hold the barbell on the palms facingupward,arms straight down and lift the barbell movement rectangle,Liftdumbbells straight up over the chest Cable Biceps Curl. howtotrain initially Make the stand, handle Cable Biceps CurlsHoldpalms facing upward, arms straight down and then pull CableBicepsCurls barbell manner nudge upward movementPreacher Curl. howtotrain, initially by standing or sitting on the Bench PreacherCurl,can wear a dumbbell or barbell palms faced upwards, Puttriceps inpreacher curl and lift the load up straight with yourchin.Triceps.Weighted Bench Dip. how to train, use two bench,position of thebody shape of the letter L, Lose weight slowly andlift the weightusing arm strength. Triceps Press Down, firstposition the arm inthe triceps press down machine, and then do theMovement elbow toappeal, must make sure the position of the upperarm remainsstraight. Overhead Dumbbell Extension position thedumbbell and doarm and elbow movements to lift the dumbbell, makesure that onlypart of the forearm motion. Forearm, Barbell wirstCurl handheldHand barbell palms faced upwards, then the position ofthe arm atthe knee or bench, and the movement of hands go up anddown WristRoller First, arms straight forward and handheld WristRoller,palms facing down, then turn the handle wrist rolleralternately,sofor those of you who want to build muscle, thisapplicationprovides a solution. with the best image and an intenseworkout youwill definitely be healthy, strong, and confident. youcan saveimages on your smartphone, set the picture wallpaper andyou canshare to your friends and social media. so you waitingfor,download this app for free now.
Thenx is designed to teach anyone the secret techniquesandknowledge of bodyweight training. These programs have beentestedand developed over many years by professional instructorsandathletes to provide the most direct and simplistic format toexcelin calisthenics fitness and ability. In these programs youwillface challenges, but the skills and abilities that you willdevelopthrough proper guided progression is obtainable by anyonefrom anyage or any fitness level. The content provided is designedin shortvideo format with the purpose to convey the techniquesandexercises at your own pace, ensuring proper form to beeasilyrepeated, personalizing your workout experience.
Home Workouts : No Equipment 1.4
GET FIT YOUR BODY WITHOUT LEAVING HOME, WITHOUT EQUIPMENT, SAVEYOURMONEY!Home Workouts - Fit Challenge app contains more than100exercises. You can get learn, get toned and build muscle withtheseaerobic routines, circuit training and weight trainingworkouts.GYM FITNESS NO EQUIPMENT REQUIREOver 100 EXERCISES toimprove 6kinds of muscles♥ Abs workout help you have six pack :Thisexercise consists of 25 exercises that our specialistshaveresearched and adapted to fit abdominal obese patientswithshort-term abdominal muscles. These exercises focus ontheabdominal muscles and support the muscles of the hips and thighstohelp you train at home most easily.♥ Arms Exercises : Includes14specialist exercises that provide a firm muscular muscleandsupportive muscles of the shoulder, and muscular backmuscleswithout the need for a calf muscle. ♥ Butt workouts :Includes 25exercises.♥ Leg workouts : Includes 22 exercises to helpyoueffectively train at home without equipment.♥ Back workouts:Includes 12 exercises to help you train the back muscles athomewithout the equipment♥ Chest workouts : Chest muscle is averyimportant muscle group and all people are eager to get aperfectmuscle group. Our specialists offer six exercises to easilyobtaina standard chest and look pretty quickly.Each Homeworkoutsexercise has instruction, guideline and graphic. eg:+ Pushupworkout+ Squat workout+ Sit ups workout+ Plank workout+Crunchworkout+ Wall sit workout+ jumping jack workout+ punchworkout+more workouts...************ HOME WORKOUTS*****************Wecomposed the best routines, performed byprofessionals, so that youcan perform in the comfort of your home:+Abs workout : include Absexercises in 5 minutes+ Sexy legs workout: include legsexercises.+ Buttocks : include Butt exercises.+ Upperbody workout+Strengthen your body+ 7 minute workout : includeexercises in 7minuteFurther, Home Workouts - Fit Challenge Workoutapp ContainsWarm Up & Stretching Routines to improve trainingresult.CREATEYOUR OWN HOME WORKOUTS PLAN : You can create your ownand continueto improve your fitness while having fun! Choose frommore than 100exercises. We will be adding more and more exercisescontinuously.If you want one in particular just let us know! letdaily workoutor at least 4 days per week to improve muscle, bodyand strengthwith Home workouts app.★ Remember:Consult your doctorto let youknow the best exercise for your physical condition.Gethydratedbefore, during and after physical exercise.warm up 15minutes firstto avoid muscle injuries.Perform 10 minutes ofstretching afterfinishing your workout.★ Feedback- If you have anyproblem withthis app please give us your problem, we will fix itquickly-Please email for us if you want send request new exercisesor newfunction.★ ContactWe appreciate all feedback from users!Please letus know if you discover a faulty product, want to make acomplaint,show interest, or suggestion to help us improve theproduct.Thankyou!Home Workouts Developer Team.
Fitness & Workout 1.0.0
veo media
Fitness & Workout - This app will allow you to achievegreatresults, within a short period of time. This App allows youtocreate your own program that will fit your needs. Inaddition,Fitness & Workout is an extensive database ofexercises forevery muscle, with a detailed description for eachexercise.Furthermore, our App provides workout forbodybuilding,powerlifting and fitness.By choosing Fitness &Workout app foryour workouts you get:Exercises with animated imagesupport forevery workout;-A list of the most effective workouts foreverymuscle group;- Each exercise comes with additional pictures ofthetrained muscles.-Text instruction with pictures foreachexercise;-Exercise database with new exercises added aftereachupdate;-Ability to save and track exercise;-Exercises comewithillustrations of the trained muscles;-Built-intimer;-Built-incalendar that automatically marks your workoutdays;Fitness &Workout routines is concentrated in four maincategories:-Bodybuilding workouts- Fitness - Powerlifting- CardiotrainingMajormuscle groups in powerlifting & cardio training :-Bicepsworkout- Triceps workout- Chest workout- Forearms workout-Shoulders workout- Neck workout- Abs workout- Quads workout-Trapsworkout- Lats workout- Mid Back workout- Low Back workout-Glutesworkout- Hamstrings workout- Calves workoutIf you likeFitness& Workout please do not forget to rate our app.
Kris Gethin Hardcore 2.2.5
Need daily fitness and workout motivation? Then this workout appbyKris Gethin is your new best friend. Through this12-weekbodybuilding plan, Gethin will be with you each day you’lllearnthe best tips for weight loss without losing muscle. Everydayincludes a full workout video so you know exactly whatexercises,sets, reps, and intensity you need to succeed. Gethin’sHardcoreplan also includes grocery shopping lists, pro diet advice,andworkout tracking. Purchasing this app also All Access. Through All Access, you’ll get20+other workout apps and 50+ workout plans.Introductory overviewanddaily workout videos12-week workout plan withtrackingStep-by-stepexercise videosDiet advice videos, along withsample meals and foodlistsSee full library of All Accessplans: is a content subscription service that includes over50premium fitness plans created by world-class personaltrainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan features informationalvideos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expert supplementadvice,with new plans and courses added every month. While severalplanshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.
Steve Cook Modern Physique 2.2.5
Want abs like Steve Cook? Then you need the help of hisModernPhysique workout program. In this workout program, you’lluseclassic bodybuilding techniques alongside power lifts,full-bodyexercises, and cardio circuits to lose weight, buildmuscle, andimprove your overall fitness. Along with this program,you’ll getfull workout and exercise videos, advanced techniquevideos,workout tracking, and access All Access.ThroughAll Access, you’ll get 20+ other workout apps and 50+workoutplans.Introductory overview videos, weeklymotivationalvideos8-week workout plan with trackingStep-by-stepexercisevideosNutrition video along with sample meals, foodlists,macrosSee full library of All Accessplans: Bodybuilding.comAllAccess is a content subscription service that includes over50premium fitness plans created by world-class personaltrainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan features informationalvideos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expert supplementadvice,with new plans and courses added every month. While severalplanshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.
Fitness & Bodybuilding 1.4
Fitness & Bodybuilding help you burn fat, build muscle, stayinshape, and what’s more, improve your health quicklyandefficiently. It won’t be hard for beginners and easy for pros,youcan always find suitable workouts. This app included gymworkoutsfor bodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness. With Fitness&Bodybuilding app for your workouts you get - Gym Exercisesguidewith video support for every workouts; - A list of themosteffective workouts for every muscle group; - More than 150simpleand effective exercises for men and women -Text instructionwithpictures, - Various gym exercises database with new one addedaftereach update; - Opportunity to add as many workout plans ofyour ownas you wish List of exercises which this app contains: -How to dofull body exercise - Abs Workouts - Buttstock exercises -Chest,back, shoulders - Leg workouts Fitness and bodybuilding is asimpleapp, beside home workouts, to follow your progress at the gymandmuch more. We strongly suggest you warm up before exercising.Weare not responsible for any injuries you sustain whileexercising.
Runtastic Pull-ups Workout PRO 1.13
You’ve made up your mind: You’re going for strong arms and atonedupper body. Good thing you found Runtastic Pull-Ups WorkoutPRO!Get the app and voilà, you’ll have a PERSONAL PULL UPS TRAINERonyour smartphone. Pull-ups are among the most famousbodyweightstrength moves ever, plus they require minimal equipment.No bar athand? You can do your pull-ups with rings, a tree branchor bars ata park, get creative! A scientifically developed trainingplanmakes the most of your efforts while keeping you motivated onyourway towards your goal. What else? You don’t have to counteveryrepetition - let the accelerometer of your Android devicetakeover. And now, there’s one thing left to do: Try it out. Youcan dothis!PULL UPS APP FEATURES & BENEFITS:* Accurate countofcompleted pull-up repetitions using accelerometer * Threelevelsbased on scientifically developed training plan to reach30pull-ups* Automatic countdown timer for your rest betweenexercisesets* Voice Coach for constant feedback* Personal records&exercise statistics (i.e. monthly or yearly stats)*Leaderboard forpersonal records and overall repetitions: compare toothers and seehow you rank with your Runtastic friends* Uploadworkout activitiesto* Integrate Runtastic activitiesto yourMyFitnessPal account* Share your success on Google+,Facebook,Twitter or via email* Collect motivating badges foryourperformanceGET THRILLEDStats about your completedpull-uprepetitions are not only highly motivating, but offer you agreatand useful overview of all your sessions. Make use of yourpersonalrecords to boost your motivation even further and keepsetting newPRs for this classic upper body strengthening move.Pull-ups are anideal move to complement your push-uptraining.UNIQUEYour pull-upsare automatically recognized using theaccelerometer of yoursmartphone/tablet.Practical, interesting,informative: You canupload your fitness data to, ifyou want. There youcan access all your stats anytime, as well asmonitor your successthanks to your personal training log. Remember,you can also shareyour achievements with your friends, in socialnetworks or via email!Pull-ups mainlytarget your back, but are agreat move to strengthen your arms andcore as well. Not manyexercises challenge your upper body asintensively as pull-ups.Can’t wait to tone your muscles and watchthem grow? Let’sgo!Runtastic Pull-Ups: Pull your fitness to thenextlevel!Runtastic is all about health & fitness apps! Checkoutmore of our apps to help you reach your fitness goalsat
All Shoulder Exercises 4.1
While most bodybuilders will have varying opinions on themostefficient shoulders exercise, many will agree that you shouldneversacrifice form for weight. Incorrect form hinders progressbecauseit leads to injury. Low back problems, tennis elbow andshoulderstendonitis can become injury factors when improper formissacrificed to heave heavier weights. Stand erect whendoingshoulders exercises. Do not lean back, and heave theweight,because too much momentum will be involved in the lift andclearly,not enough shoulders action. Keep your elbows close to yoursidewithout lifting up the elbows. How many times do we see peopleinthe gym lifting their elbows during these shoulders movements?Whenthe elbows come up there is a loss in resistance due togravity.Also, when the elbows come up, full extension is lost, sothebottom of the shoulders muscle will not be hit with themovement.Too few weightlifters in the gym pay attention to wristpositionwhile performing shoulders lifts. In order to achieveresults fromshoulders training, emphasis must be kept on thismuscle during thelift. But, when the wrist is bent backwards, someemphasis will betaken off the shoulders muscle and shifted to theforearms. ArnoldSchwarzenegger further discusses keeping theemphasis on theshoulders muscle in a discussion of the line of thehand. "When youdo a Curl, you must bring your hand directly up toyour shoulder.If you change that line an inch to the inside or theoutside, youare taking stress off the shoulders and you won't getthe sameresults." 3 Training shoulders allows for a great varietyofexercises using bars, dumbbells, EZ curl bars, cables, machinesandScott benches. The diversity will allow flexibility inprogramdesign allowing your client to achieve the maximumresults.Genetics can make a champion bodybuilder, but hard work,carefulselection of exercises, and good technique can bring ashouldersmuscle to its full potential.
Buttocks Workout - Hips, Legs & Butt Workout 1.1.35
Still waiting for next summer to train your legs and butt?Startright now to feel the positive changes in your body after afewweeks, be proud of yourself! Proper form during exercises isthemost important aspect of sculpting toned legs and a tightbutt.Usually the exercises need to target three major muscle groups-butt, thighs and leg muscles. Butt & Legs Workout offers youanew training method: A 30-day systematic exercise plan - it'smoreeffective but requires less equipment and has lessfewerrestrictions. You can easily do it at home or anywhere atanytime,just 10 minutes each day. It provides animation and videoguidancefor each exercise, so you can make sure you use the rightformduring every exercise. Stick with our workout, you will noticeachange in the shape of your butt and legs been in just a fewshortweeks. Features - Different workouts every day - Increasesexerciseintensity step by step - Coach tips in every exercise helpyou usethe right form to get better results - No need forequipment,workout with your body weight - Track weight lossprogress -Calculate burned calories - Animations and video guidance- Workoutreminders - The exercises are suitable for everyone, bothbeginnersand pros Butt Workout, Buttocks Workout & Hips WorkoutLookingfor efficient butt workout? No suitable buttocks workout?Try ourbuttocks workout! We prepared different hips workout foryou, andall of our hips workout is popular and professional. Abeautifulbutt is within your reach with our hips workout. Our buttworkoutis your best choice! Workout at Home Take a few minutes aday toshape your butt and legs with our workout at home. Noequipmentneeded, just use your body weight to workout at home.Booty WorkoutEffective booty workout is designed to help you get abeautifulbutt. Try our booty workout now! Female Fitness App Keepfit withworkout for women. This female fitness app has professionalworkoutfor women. All these workout for women can be done anywhereatanytime. Female Workout Exercise App This female fitness apphasfemale workout and exercise for women. These female workoutandexercise for women scientifically proven to improve health.Sweatwith our exercise for women every day! Glutes Workout WomenThebest glutes workout women app. Try it out and feel the burn ofyourglutes with our glutes workout women app. Fat BurningWorkouts& Hiit Workouts The best fat burning workouts &hiitworkouts for better body shape. Burn calories with fatburningworkouts, and combine with hiit workouts to get the bestresults.Fitness Coach All workouts are designed by professionalfitnesscoach. Workout guide through the exercise, just like havingapersonal fitness coach in your pocket!
Steve Cook Big Man On Campus 2.2.5
The Big Man on Campus workout program by Steve Cook was made tohelpyou fit fitness into your busy college schedule. Learn how tobuildmuscle and lose fat as you work through basic bodybuildingexercisesand workouts. You’ll also learn how to balance yourcollegelifestyle with a good diet and fitness. This plan will helpyou stayin good health throughout your college years and beyond.Along withthis 12-week workout program, you’ll step-by-stepexercise videos,diet advice from Steve, and insider training tips.Purchasing thisapp also provides access AllAccess. Through AllAccess, you’ll get 20+ other workout apps and50+ workout plans.Timemanagement and lifestyle videos12-weekworkout plan withtrackingStep-by-step exercise videosDiet coachingand sample dietplanSee full library of All Accessplans: is a content subscription service that includes over50premium fitness plans created by world-class personaltrainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan features informationalvideos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expert supplementadvice,with new plans and courses added every month. While severalplanshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.
Living Large with Jay Cutler 2.2.5
In order to compete with the best bodybuilders in the world,JayCutler had to learn how to put on epic size. You can too!WithLiving Large, you can follow Jay throughout his day and see howheeats, does his workouts, and puts on mass. Follow his leadandyou’ll get stronger, fitter, and better in 8 weeks. Along withthisprogram, you’ll get full workout and exercise videos,advancedtechnique videos, workout tracking, and AllAccess. Through All Access, you’ll get 20+other workout apps and50+ workout plans.Documentary-style videos ofJay Cutler’slife8-week workout plan with trackingStep-by-stepexercisevideosNutrition video along with sample meals, foodlists,macros Access is a content subscription service thatincludes over 50premium fitness plans created by world-classpersonal trainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan featuresinformational videos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expertsupplement advice,with new plans and courses added every month.While several planshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.
Stoppani Shortcut to Strength 2.2.5
Dr. Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Strength is your ticket to sizeandstrength. Learn the right ways to lift heavier weight in thegymand build muscle. The program includes four workouts per week,plusfull workout and exercise videos, nutrition advice, andtracking.Along with Jim Stoppani’s plan, your purchase subscribesyou All Access, which provides you 20+ otherworkoutapps and 50+ workout plans.Introductory overviewvideos6-Weekworkout plan with trackingStep-by-step exercisevideosNutritionplan with sample meals, food list,andmacros Access is a content subscription service thatincludes over 50premium fitness plans created by world-classpersonal trainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan featuresinformational videos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expertsupplement advice,with new plans and courses added every month.While several planshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.
Ripped Remix by Performix 2.2.5
Tired of the usual workouts? Ready to take your fitness to awholenew level? Then Ripped Remix should be your next exerciseprogram.This workout plan blends calisthenics, circuits,full-bodyworkouts, and basic strength movements to help you losefat,improve your functional fitness, and get strong. Along withthisexercise program, you’ll get full workout and exercise videos,diethelp, workout tracking, and access AllAccess.Through All Access, you’ll get 20+ other workout apps and50+workout plans.Daily workout videos and introductoryoverviewvideos4-week workout plan with trackingStep-by-stepexercisevideosNutrition plan with sample meals, food list, andmacrosSeefull library of All Accessplans: Bodybuilding.comAllAccess is a content subscription service that includes over50premium fitness plans created by world-class personaltrainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan features informationalvideos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expert supplementadvice,with new plans and courses added every month. While severalplanshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.
Transformed by Dymatize 2.2.5
If you’re ready to lose weight, learn the most effective waystoexercise, and make healthy recipes in your kitchen, youneedTransformed. Transformed provides 12 weeks ofcustomizable,beginner-friendly workouts, tips from health andfitnessprofessionals, and motivation videos. Your purchase alsosubscribesyou to All Access, which provides you20+ otherworkout apps and 50+ workout plans.Introductoryoverviewvideos12-Week workout plan with trackingStep-by-stepexercisevideosNutrition plan with sample meals, food lists,andrecipesDaily gymtips AllAccess is a content subscription service thatincludes over 50premium fitness plans created by world-classpersonal trainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan featuresinformational videos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, andexpert supplement advice,with new plans and courses added everymonth. While several planshave dedicated apps like this one,please visit toview the complete suite ofsubscriber's only content.
Biceps Bodybuilding Simulator 1.2
You want to build muscle and strong abdominals, but a workout inthegym do not have time? Now you can get an attractive and sexybody inseconds!Biceps Bodybuilding Simulator Camera is very easyto use.Just take a picture then warp, bend and distort it to yourheart'scontent. Do you wand to have a athletic body? BicepsBodybuildingSimulator Camera can helps you to achive your perfectbody in a fewseconds!Make yourself skinnier, buff yourself up orenlarge any bodyparts that might need some enlargement ;) Or gocrazy and have funputting several pounds of fat on your friends orgiving them thebiggest cheese-eating grin you can imagine. WithBiceps BodybuildingSimulator Camera, you too can be an instant,super-cheap BicepsBodybuilding Simulator Camera! How hilarious canyou be?BicepsBodybuilding Simulator Camera Features: - Warp tool(Moves pixelsaround as you drag the cursor),- Biceps BodybuildingSimulatorCamera has The unique Reconstruct brush (gradually resetsthepicture to its original state as you brush over it)- Set brushsizeand hardness- A large number of fantastic BicepsBodybuildingSimulator photo stickers!- Fast and responsive(real-time)manipulation even on older devices!- Use any picture towarpwhether it's from your camera or any photo from your device-Savepictures to your device or SD card- Share your creationsonline-Biceps Bodybuilding Simulator Camera allows you to openpicturesfrom the gallery appAlso you can adjust every photo aspectusingBiceps Bodybuilding Simulator Camera tool•Lot of customizedmagicmirroreffects.•Brightness•Contrast•Saturation•Blur•Temperature•Shadows/Highlights•Crop•FocusMakeyourbody perfect with Biceps Bodybuilding Simulator Cameraapplication.
Charlie Mike by Ashley Horner 2.2.5
Follow Ashley Horner through this tough, fun workoutprogram.Charlie Mike is a combination of crossfit,bodybuilding,powerlifting, and cardio. This workout plan will helpyou achievethose weight loss, muscle-building, or even generalhealth andfitness goals. Along with this workout program, you’llget in-depthexercise coaching, diet advice, and pro training tips.Purchasingthis app also provides access AllAccess. ThroughAll Access, you’ll get 20+ other workout apps and50+ workoutplans.Introductory overview and weekly motivationvideos6-weekworkout plan with trackingStep-by-step exercisevideosDiet coachingand sampledietplan is a content subscription service that includes over45premium fitness plans created by world-class personaltrainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan features informationalvideos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expert supplementadvice,with new plans and courses added every month. While severalplanshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.
FreakMode with Alex Savva 2.2.5
The #FreakMode fitness program will help you change yourwholelifestyle. You’ll get workouts, diet help, and generalhealthadvice. You’ll learn which exercises are right for yourweight lossor bodybuilding goals and how to stay fit, no matter howbusy youare. This 12-week workout plan allows you to choose yourgoal andthen help you get there with recipes, meal plans,exercisebreakdowns, and motivation videos. Purchasing this appalsoprovides access All Access. Through AllAccess,you’ll get 20+ other workout apps and 50+workoutplans.Introductory overview and full workout videos12-weekworkoutplan with trackingStep-by-step exercise videosDiet advicevideos,along with sample mealsandrecipes is a content subscription service that includes over50premium fitness plans created by world-class personaltrainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan features informationalvideos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expert supplementadvice,with new plans and courses added every month. While severalplanshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.
Lean Body with Lee Labrada 2.2.5
Learning to live lean means transforming your lifestyle—butyoudon’t have to do it alone! With this workout app, Lee Labradacanhelp you lose weight, get fit, eat well, and exerciseproperly.Lean Body is beginner-friendly, and includes daily workoutvideosso you learn the best tips and tools for a lifetime offitnesssuccess. Lean Body includes full workout and exercisevideos,grocery shopping lists and diet advice, and workouttracking.Purchasing this app also provides access Bodybuilding.comAllAccess. Through All Access, you’ll get 20+ other workout appsand50+ workout plans.Documentary-style videos of JayCutler’slife8-week workout plan with trackingStep-by-stepexercisevideosNutrition video along with sample meals, foodlists,macrosSee full library of All Accessplans: Bodybuilding.comAllAccess is a content subscription service that includes over50premium fitness plans created by world-class personaltrainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan features informationalvideos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expert supplementadvice,with new plans and courses added every month. While severalplanshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.
Iron Muscle 2 - Bodybuilding and Fitness game 1.71
Bodybuilding and fitness workout game on your phone again! LastyearIRON MUSCLE / bodybuilding and fitness game is reach morethen800.000 downloads, and near 8000 five star rating! Few weeksIronMuscle lead the free sports game category on google play store.NowIron Muscle is back! Better, cartoon style graphics, and fewmoretrainging program! Lets try the one of the best bodybuildinggame!Create your bodybuilder and go to the GYM, to be the biggeston thebeach! Choose the skin color, eyes, hair and hair color atthestart. To reach perfect muscle, have to do the followingexcercises- combines bodybuilding, fitness workouts - in the newgenerationgym. Every workout, impact other muscle. Choose from 9differentbodybuilding and fitness workout in the gym! Fitnessworkouttrainings: - Running, Bicycle: for the best muscle shape,and sixpack abs. Bodybuilding workout training: - Chest: To looklike asuperhero. - Biceps: To have the greatest arm on the beach. -Scottbench: for bigger biceps. - Abdominals: Abs workout! six packabsgym. - Squat, calf: never skip leg day. THE BEACH CITY! -Barbershop: More than 15 hair and facial hair style in 14 colours.Thisis not relevant for fitness workouts. - Dress shop: Tops, pantsandshoes in clothes store. - Tattoo Studio: If reach level 3 gototattoo studio! - Restaurant: If the character tired, needsomeenergy to bodybuilding. Choose the best food for energy and gotothe gym again! - Sleep: or can sleep at home. If slept enought,geta notification to phone. - Working: need money on the game! Ifgoto workplace, get a notification to your phone. - Supplement:Usesupplements to grow faster. like protein, fat burner, creatineandother stuffs for use biger weights, faster grow, and forniceexercises and fitness trainings - Gym: muscle training. Ironmusclenow have girls! Every place you can flirt with girls, withfunnyconversations! Every success flirt is 100$ extra money!-Francesca, at the barber shop - Samantha, the boss - Candy,thewaitress at the restaurant - Kimberly, in dress shop - Heather,atthe gym - Taylor, buy supplements - Roxanne the tatto studiogirlIf log in to google play games, reach achievements and be thefirstin the bodybuilding workout leaderboard! (one rep 1 XP) Let'splaywith IRON MUSCLE 2 ( fitness, bodybuilding ) Fitness is Skill,Nota Talent. This sport gym only about the body. This greatgameactivity is about health, too. Are you looking for healthofbodybuilding training and aerobic exercise? Bodybuilding hasitall. There are no shortcuts or secrets to success, though,sometraining methods are smarter and better than others. All oneneedsis to write down all of their goals for starting andrealisticexpectations of what he or she hopes to achieve in theshort andlong term and then attain such goals and objectives withaclearly-defined program. Is vitally important to healthandwellness as well as to the ability to engage in normalactivitiesof daily living (ADLs) without excessive fatigue.Physical activityand exercise fitness training programs should bedesigned with theintent of improving each of the key components ofhealth-relatedphysical fitness in addition to preventing chronicdisease. Fitnessis is having a healthy mind, body, and spirit toallow to maximizepotential and help others maximize theirpotential. Definition willbe influenced by interests, physicalabilities, and goals. Athleteshave a higher level of bodybuildingrequirement in order to performtheir sport. Bodybuilding strength,flexibility, nutrition, andmental health are all crucial infitness. Make sure eat awell-balanced diet, exercise daily, andinclude flexibilitytraining in workout schedule. Resistancetraining and aerobics areall forms of exercise that can go a longway in helping you yourphysical goal. Bodybuilding is the smart useof progressiveresistance exercise for controlling and developingone’smusculature.
Built by Science by Cellucor 2.2.5
Does anyone even remember their high school anatomy class?WithBuilt By Science, you can learn about muscle building andexercisethrough the lens of biomechanics. With this workout plan,you’lllearn the best exercises to build the most muscle in the bestways.Along with this workout program, you’ll get in-depth anatomyandbiomechanics videos, diet advice for weight loss or strengthgain,and pro training tips. Purchasing this app also All Access. Through All Access, you’ll get20+other workout apps and 50+ workout plans.In-depth trainingscienceand workout videos6-week workout plan withtrackingStep-by-stepexercise videosDiet coaching and sample dietplanSee full libraryof All Accessplans: is a content subscription service that includes over50premium fitness plans created by world-class personaltrainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan features informationalvideos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expert supplementadvice,with new plans and courses added every month. While severalplanshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.
6 Pack Promise - Ultimate Abs
The #1 Ab Workout App is back! Train like a pro with these eliteabworkouts, get that 6 pack and NEVER plateau again! The new 6PackPromise builds on the original #1 ab training app to bring youafree basic workout program with the full program andadditionalfeatures via in-app billing. Created by celebrity proathletetrainer Jeff Cavaliere, the 6 Pack Promise ab workout bringsyouthe same exact ab workouts used to keep today's eliteprofessionalathletes in game-ready shape while helping them carveout 6 packabs. Features: • 30 unique FREE ab exercises to get youpumped! •Convenient fast ab workouts, ranging from 4-8 Minutes! •Over 70additional ab forming advanced workouts using IAP to keep itfreshand exciting • Video demonstrations of all 105 abcrushingexercises by celebrity pro trainer Jeff Cavaliere •Designed forall levels, whether you are a gym newcomer or weekendwarrior • Abshredding meal plans to provide the ultimate one-twopunch ingaining your 6 pack • The Shuffle feature allows you tocreate adifferent ab workout everyday so you NEVER plateau. • Trackyour 6pack progress with regular photos and share them on yourfavouritesocial network • Keep up to date and learn with the latestAthleanXvideos • Favorite workouts to do them again! • Never waitforvideos to download again with offline access mode. • Playmusicfrom your favourite music player app while working out!
Abs, Core & Back Workout at Home
Fitify Apps
Challenge your Ab, Core & Back muscles in a few minutes.Achievesix-pack look of your abdominal muscles and strengthen yourback toavoid back pain and stiffness. Abs, Core & BackWorkouts byFitify provides 3 unique workouts • Insane Six Pack –Get sexy, flatand firm abdominal muscles. Achieve perfect six-packeither at homeor office. • Complex Core – Core muscles areresponsible for yourbody stability and good posture as well. Don’tlet them stay weakand push yourself hard with Fitify Complex Core.• Strong Back –Strengthen your back too for better posture andstop back painforever. Provides exercises for lower and upper partof your back.Features • over 80 bodyweight exercises • 3 uniqueworkout programs• no equipment needed • voice coach • clear HDvideo demonstrations• designed for men and women, young or old •works offline • buildstrong abs and six pack • strengthen yourcore • prevent or stopyour back pain Custom Workouts Build yourown workout with customworkouts. Choose exercises, duration, restintervals and challengeyourself with your own training. WithFitify you have one customworkout for free. Adaptable DifficultyWe adjust your training levelup or down based on your feedback. 30Day Challenges 30 daychallenges increases exercise intensity stepby step, so you caneasily stick daily workouts. Don't need to goto gym, just yourbodyweight and take a few minutes a day. 30 daychallenge workoutwill help you gain a sixpack effectively. FitifyApps Be stronger,leaner, healthier with Fitify – your very ownpersonal trainer.Check out other Fitify apps with fitness tools(such as TRX,Kettlebell, Swiss Ball, Foam Roller, Bosu orResistance band).
8 Week Muscle Building Trainer 1.1.3
From Muscle Trainer App is unlikeanythingyou've ever experienced. It's a complete muscle-buildingprogrammerging the best workouts with the best nutrition planandsupplement schedule. It's a raw look at a champion life andaneight-week muscle trainer. It's your chance to eat, train, andlivelike a legendary bodybuilder.Building muscle takes morethanphysical fortitude. It takes a certain mindset and drive tocreatean elite body. Even if you lift big, you won't get big if youdon'tknow how to think big. That's your first lesson fromMuscleTrainer. You can't be one of the world's best bodybuilders ifyoudon't have the mental toughness to work at it, day in and dayout.To build your body, you must master your mind and tuneoutdistractions.People think pro bodybuilders have top-secrettrainingprotocols. In reality, most bodybuilders follow basictraining andnutrition programs with extreme dedication. Eat atleast three tofour meals before you hit the iron. Although thatexact number ofmeals may not work for your schedule, it's importantto fuel yourworkouts. You can't hope to "train large" unless youhave energy.Rest is equally critical. If you put it in the trainingtime, makesure you put equal emphasis on recovery.When it comes totraining,there aren't many specific rules carved into stone. If youliketraining at noon, train at noon. If you don't like to listentomusic, tune it out. When it comes to your training, find whatworksbest for you.If you want to get big keep the weight heavy andtherep range lower. You won't catch a bodybuilder lifting lightweightfor sets of 50 reps. For mass, throw some heavy weight aroundandmake sure you progressively increase how much you lift.You willgetbig, and you will get strong. But you have to do exactly as Isay.Ready? Of course you’re ready! Well then, what are wewaitingfor…let’s get lifting.
Fitness Plan- BodyBuilding & Weight Loss Diet Plan 4.7
FitnyTech Daily contains 100+ exercises, 35+ workout sessionplans.Lose weight, fully relax, sleep better, boost your immunesystem,and keep a calmer mind with the app. FitnyTech Weight LossAppprovides you the most convenient home exercises, that will helpyouto exercise everywhere & anywhere and helps you to nourishyourhealth and achieve fitness goals with different exercises.Whetheryou want to build muscle, weight loss or get healthy, thisHealth& Fitness App has everything for you. This Health &FitnessApps enables you to Workout anywhere and anytime at your ownpace.The FitnyTech App contains 10+ Home Based Workouts that givesyougreat result if followed properly. Premium Features inFitnyTechFitness App: 1. Google Fit support. 2. You can log yourworkoutsand track your progress. 3. Multiple HIIT Workoutsdepending onyour fitness levels. 4. Timer with a Voice Assistanceavailable. 5.You can Chat and interact with other users. 6.Socialise &Compete with your friends and get on top ofLeaderboard. 7. GreatUser Interface and convenient use. 8. EverydayMotivational QuoteNotifications. Abs Workout Plans will help you toget Six Pack Abswith Personal Trainer helping you at every stage.The Exercises,BodyBuilding Workout Plans, Weight Loss Sessions,HIIT Workouts,short 15 min. training programs are designed byprofessional&certified fitness trainers. Diet Plans: This isthe best Health Appthat you ever think of. It gives you multipleDiet Plans dependingupon your requirements. Whether you are workingout to lose fat oryou are exercising to build muscles, the appprovides you socialaccepted distinctive diet plans as per yourneeds. Home BasedWorkouts: The FitnyTech App contains multipleEquipment FreeWorkouts & Home Based Workouts that can be doneanywhere at theplace of your choice. Get a toned body with going togym andwithout a hole in your pocket. Levels of Exercises &Workoutsin FitnyTech Men BodyBuilding & Fitness App: 1.BeginnerBodyBuilding Exercises & Beginner BodyBuilding WorkoutPlans 2.Intermediate Exercises & Workouts 3. Advanced WeightLossExercises & Advanced Weight Loss Workout PlansFitnyTechWorkout App fulfils the need of every individual on thisPlanet. AComplete Fitness Plan without any cost is a blessing foranyone whois looking to get in the best shape of their lives.Nutrition playsan important part if you are looking to buildmuscles, andFitnyTech Health & Fitness Apps provides you withdailydifferent diet plans to keep you on your fitness journey.DIfferentHealth, Weight Loss, Exercise & Fitness Quiz in theapp notonly help you to increase your fitness & dailynutritionknowledge but also awards you with points. If you arelooking forWeight Loss, FitnyTech Weight Loss App provides you notonly withthe Weight Loss Program but also with Weight Loss DietPlans. ThisFitness Calculator App contains short and quickworkouts. Theseworkouts are great for stress relieving, to have agreat start toyour day or to remove stress in your office or atyour home.Everyday Fitness practice improves flexibility, increasesstrength,tones muscles and reduces stress. The App Contains 5 min.Workouts,7 min. Workout, 10 min. Workouts for each & everyoneof you.You will never forget a single workout session. TheNotificationfeatures in the app will you stay on the fitness trackand willhelp you to get in a better shape and sound mind. FitnyTechHealth& Fitness App contains the following Exercises &Features:1. Six Pack Abs Workouts 2. Exercise V-Shape Back 3.Bulging BicepsWorkouts 4. Chiseled Chest Exercises 5. BroadShoulders Workouts 6.Toned Legs Exercises 7. Workout for TrimmedTriceps 8. PersonalizedDiet We wish you all the very best in yourfitness journey and youwill achieve great results. Please reach usfor any queries orassistance at We will beglad to assist youin your fitness journey. Namaste!
Stretching exercise. Flexibility training for body 3.2.1
mEL Studio
Stretching exercise & Flexibility training– is just therightapplication for any person, who cares about his health.Nowadayspeople often have low activity levels and sedentarylifestyle, soto do flexibility stretches pre and post-workout isvery importantfor anyone. All stretching exercises for beginnerswere selected todevelop the elasticity of the body and do notrequire anyadditional equipment. Stretches for flexibility Thedaily stretchworkout is suitable for all groups of people. Thereare 60different routines to do flexibility training for beginners,andall of them have detailed video and text instructions. Justfollowthe instructions of the virtual instructor Everyday morningwarm-upWhat could be better than a charge of vivacity and energy inthemorning? Just do a workout and see how your health gets betterandbetter every morning. In addition, the morning flexible workouthasa great influence on mood throughout the day and overallvitality.Flexibility training for beginners, for gymnastics, formen andwomen has 3 different programs and over 50 differentworkoutsduring which you can do the full-body training. Warm-upBeforeperforming any physical exertion, for example, when runningor whenvisiting the gym and pool, all muscles must be prepared andheated.The warm-up will allow you to do stretches to improvelegflexibility and to prepare the muscles and avoidtheirovertraining, possible injury and damage. Muscle tension andpainrelief Muscular tension - constantly increased muscle tone whenitis impossible to fully relax them. The specially designedtrainingsystem will get rid of muscle cramps and blocks. What makesthishappen? In carrying out the sports activity, there is anincreasein the local blood flow, especially in the muscles andligaments,due to which the local metabolism and metabolic processesareenhanced. So, if you have flexible muscles - everything will beok.Do the upper and lower body, leg stretch, shoulderstretchingexercises for beginners. Application functionality: ✓ 60differentstretching exercises for beginners for the full body ofdifferentlevels of complexity and for all muscle groups; ✓ Eachstretchroutine contains detailed audio, text instructions andvideos oftheir implementation; ✓ 3 training programs are providedandprepared for stretch workout for every day, you can alsocreateyour own workouts, set the level of difficulty and length,alsoevery program has different stretch plan and differentdifficulty –Basic program is the best choice for the beginners, 7minute or 10minute stretch exercises – is for everyday stretchingworkout; ✓We've created a special motivation system that will keeptrack ofyour results and motivate to achieve more and more; ✓ Youcancreate your own programs for leg flexibilitystretchesfor beginners, for runners; ✓ Notifications system - Now,you willnever forget to do stretch fitness; ✓ Detailed statistics –make a30-day challenge and track your results and your progress. Weuse aspecial system to test our elasticity. To do this, we offertoregularly measure our indicators: 1) The distance fromthefingertips to the floor when tilted forward - characterizesthegeneral condition of the spine and its health. Just doflexiblestretches for men and women, even for runners and theresults willcome! 2) The distance from the center of the palm tothe level ofthe knee when tilting sideways from a standing position- here isthe condition and elasticity of the back and waist whentilting. 3)The distance to the floor from the position when theperson sits onthe splits - if the muscles of the legs are clampedand theirelasticity is missing, then this is a very difficult task.⭐ Themain task of this app is not only to do body flexibilitytrainingfor beginners, men & women, for gymnastics, - but tocreate astable habit of regular stretch exercises in the context oflife.
The Superstars Workout Free 1.1.5
This program was designed based upon research into the mostpopularworkout routines used by the world's bodybuilding champions.I haveresearched and applied hundreds of training plans over thepast fewyears and I have condensed all as much as possible in a 3monthsworkout plan that will give you all the tools to build agreatphysique.Once you’ve decided that you want to build muscle,losefat, increase strength or improve your body in any way, thefirstsubject that always comes up is what is the best workout planthatwill work for you.In order for you to get the best results asfastas possible, you must make sure your workout routine isdesignedspecifically for you, your body, your experience level, andyourexact goal. The problem is, there are a ton ofdifferentweightlifting factors to set up, and a ton ofconflicting,confusing and all around horrible advice out thereabout how youshould do it.That’s why I want to eliminate all ofyour confusionabout workouts, plans, schedules, splits and methodsright now withthis app.For this app we have analyzed all theworkouts used by thechampions and selected the best exercises androutines that gavethe most remarkable results. This 3 monthsbodybuilding plan isgreat because will work for those lessgenetically gifted to thosewho have a busy schedule, and will helpthose who want to obtainperformance and participate in bodybuildingcompetitions.Learn fromthe champions what to eat, what exercises todo, how to split yourworkout routine, how many repetitions to do,how long to rest, whatsupplements to take and what attitude to havewhen training.Thistraining plan is combining 3 different methods ofweightlifting:1.Strength Training into the 6-8 rep range2. VolumeTraining into the8-12 rep range3. High Volume Training into the12-15 rep rangeForsomeone who has some training behind them, goingfrom low rep rangeto higher rep range and repeat the cycle two orthree times, canallow you to build muscle mass, gain strength andlose fat at anincredibly high pace provided you're following aproper nutritionalprotocol with the plan as well.You will get big,and you will getstrong. But you have to do exactly as I say. Ready?Of courseyou’re ready! Well then, what are we waiting for…let’s getlifting.
Fitness Bodybuilding Workouts - GymSquads 1.5.0
Are you fitness and bodybuilding freek? Download Fitnessandbodybuilding - GymSquads app today to follow exercisesbyprofessional trainers and get free advice by contactingthemdirectly.Bodybuilding & fitness - GymSquads is a freefitnessand bodybuilding app, in which has vast exercises for eachmustgroup. Each exercise contains images, description and video ofapersonal workout trainer for free. which clearly explains how todoworkouts for beginners or experts both the male andfemale.Workoutsand exercises section includes varies workoutroutines andprocedures for different muscle groups along stepstoperform.GymSquads - Fitness and Bodybuilding app isthebodybuilding community, your free personal trainer(workouttrainer) and bodybuilding social networking app in whichyou cancommunicate with other members or trainers to get instanthelp. Itwill help you in order to weight lose, weight gain, leanmass gain,lean body, and to achieve Six packs.If you want tomaximize the fatburning you should follow fitness workout plan,which involves fullbody cardio workouts to get a slim body as soonas possible. It isrecommended to increase raps weekly in order tomaximize thedesired results.In-addition it will help you to performyourworkout at gym or workout at home. perfect body shape.WorkoutsTheapp allows you to create your own custom workout programaccordingto numbers of your workout days to get .In addition, ourappcontains workout plans for bodybuilding, power-lifting andfitness.Do you still need to pay for an instructor when you can doityourself.Workout PlansBodybuilding,Power-liftingFitnessCorefeatures of GymSquads Fitness andBodybuilding:Personal trainerListof all muscle groups.Exercises forhomeExercises for gymExerciseswith high quality image andvideo.Exercises with shortdescription.Ability to create customizedworkout planManagepersonal profile.Upload workout images to trackand show yourprogress to others.Drop reviews on any exerciseDropreviews on anymember profile.Exercises for following Muscle groupare included inFitness and bodybuilding - Gymsquads app.Bicepsworkout / BicepsexercisesTriceps workout / TricepsexercisesForearms workout /forearms exercisesChest workout / ChestexercisesWings workout /Wings exercisesBack workout / BackexercisesShoulders workout /shoulders exercisesLegs workout / legsexercisesCalf workout / calfexercisesAbs workout / abs exercisesSixpacks workout / six packsexercisesPrivacy PolicyBy using Fitnessand Bodybuilding -GymSquads, you agree with our privacy policy atfollowinglink: app is compatible withcurrent andadvance android versions, If you have any query orsuggestionplease feel free contact us through contact form in appor write usat info@gymsquads.comEnjoy being Fit - GymSquads
Gym Coach : Fitness Workout & Bodybuilding Trainer 2.3
Welcome to Gym Coach : Workout Trainer and Bodybuildingapp.•Gymnasium Coach is one of the best app which will providefitnessdirection and act as gymnasium virtual partner.• A muscularand afit body is a dream of every individual. But only some of usareable to achieve this dream. So why and for whom you arewaitingfor. Just tie your shoes and start to build a super fit bodyusingthis bodybuilding & fitness app.Fitness Secrets:•WeightTraining• Exercises• Fitness**Just pick up the workoutsdependingon your level and assign them to the weekdays. The appwill showyou animations for those workouts and you can also readthedetailed description of those exercises with tips.Yourfeedbackwill be highly appreciated.Thanks!
Total Fitness Workout Gym App 4.5.11
Lee Hayward's Total Fitness Bodybuilding has been onlinehelpingpeople Build Muscle & Get Ripped since 1999. Now withthe TotalFitness Bodybuilding Workout Gym App sticking to yourworkoutroutine has just gotten a whole lot easier! The TotalFitnessBodybuilding Workout Gym App is like having a PersonalTrainer inyour pocket. With proven muscle building workouts for allfitnesslevels from; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.Every partofyour workout is covered - from how to properly warm up topreventinjury, to getting the most out of your weight trainingexercises,to improving your flexibility with a complete postworkoutstretching routine.You'll get expert coaching directly fromLeeHayward with step-by-step exercise instruction throughourextensive video database showing you how to perform the bestmusclebuilding exercises for each and every muscle group withperfectform.The app also comes with a complete BodybuildingNutritionProgram covering the exact foods that you need to eatalong withcalorie calculator formulas that will customize the dietplan foryour body type, activity level, and fitness goals.Regardless ifyour goal is to bulk up and gain muscular body weight,or trim downand get that lean ripped look, we've got youcovered.Download theTotal Fitness Bodybuilding Workout Gym Apptoday and take yourstrength and muscular development to a whole newlevel.
Seven - 7 Minute Workout
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Getting fit has never been so easy – or so much fun! Sevenworkoutsare based on scientific studies to give you the maximumbenefits ofexercise with only 7-minutes a day. With personalizedworkoutplans, Seven makes sure you get the most from your training.Wantto Get Fit, Lose Weight or Get Strong? Just choose a goalandfitness level, and let Seven take care of the rest. WHY SEVEN?-Work out anywhere, anytime. No equipment needed. - Create ahabitof training with our daily 7-minute workout challenge -Competewith friends for extra encouragement and support - Createworkoutstailored to your needs and preferences - Sweat with ourpersonaltrainers the Drill Sergeant, Cheerleader and more! JOIN THE7 CLUB- Get faster results with workout plans adapted to yourfitnesslevel - Access over 200 exercises and workouts to varyyourtraining - Receive exclusive support and guidance fromourcertified personal trainer Download Seven and get results injust 7minutes a day!
com.shvagerfm.Pushups 2.9.1
Do you want to be able to do 100 pushups? Sounds impossible butitcan be done. YOU can do it! The workout course of 100 push-upsBeStronger is your personal fitness coach for push ups. If youstarttraining on this program you can push-ups 100 times in a rowin6-10 weeks. It's not so difficult as it can seems. It willbenecessary just to do the appropriate workouts. ★The workoutsaresplit on 11 programs depending on your sport training. Justchoosethe right program for you. We recommend to use it in complexwiththe program from Be Stronger cycle. Combining all programs fromthecycle (50 pull-ups, 300 sit ups, 300 squats) you will get astrongand healthy body in record time. Do not be lazy, exercise andbehealthy!The application 100 push-ups includes nextfunctionality(features): 💪 11 workout programs from 0 to 100pushups 💪 faststatistics (your current average level of push-ups,currentprogram, status and medals) 💪 backup and restore data toremoteserver 💪 the reminder feature helps you don't miss a workout💪 afunction of cloud storage statistics for easy storage andtransferof personal statistics 💪 warm-up before workouts andstretchingafter 💪 a possibility to change a program in anunsuccessfultraining session 💪 the history of your push-ups Programrules:before start workout pass the test. The aim of the test istodetermine maximum number of push-ups that you can do in a row.Thenbased on the test result chose the program and start workout.Pressthe button after each approach to show the timer for rest (youcanrest in a recommended time or change it according toyourfeelings). Follow the mode of rest and proper nutrition.Example:in the test you did 43 push-ups. Choose from the list 41-45timesprogram. Do not forget to have 2 days rest after testforrecovering. If you have suggestions or desires for ourapplicationswrite to us using the email address which you can findin thecontacts. There is an advertising in the application, you canturnit off using in app purchases.
Fitaholic - Fitness & Fat Foss 1.2
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What You Can See Inside Fitaholic BodybuildingWorkouts,Supplements, How to lose weight, How to gain weight, howto getshredded, Supplements like Whey protein , Creatine,Glutamine,Humangrowth hormone (HGH),BCAA, Anabolic,Workoutslikechest,Shoulder,Arms using Dumbbell, Abs, Back, leg Diets likelowcarb, weight reducing, Diabetic, Keto or ketogenic diets etc.Eventell hoe to do this all natural. Everything you want to knowaboutFitness and Bodybuilding. Fully Total in one single app!Everyonehave a dream to become an Aesthetic model or bodybuilder.In ourlife we tried many about diet, workout, supplements offeredin theindustry still no results, right?Short OverviewofFitaholicFitaholic is an educational application whichshowseverything about fitness and bodybuilding.You can achievegreatresults with Fitaholic. It consists of various data aboutweightloss and muscle building with clear description • Topworkoutsfocus on what you need • Learn about transformation likeweightloss, shredding, muscle building• Myths are busted withFitaholic•About Supplements. know what they do.• Different dietplans for fatloss, muscle building, shredding, and 3000 caloriediet etc.•Protein-rich foods, fat burning foods, carbohydrates richfoodsetc.• Know what macro and micro nutrients do to yourbodyresultsYou can learn about everything about muscle building andFatloss and lot in an offline manner.Fitaholic Muscle buildingFatloss Trainer is an offline appLearn the myths which aresurroundedthroughout the bodybuilding and fitnessindustry.BodybuildingWorkouts If you want to become a fitnessmodel. Surely you want todo some intense Exercises and workouts youcan use this workoutroutine as to transform your body as youdecided. you can alsocreate your own diet routine and workoutroutine with this. When itcomes to Female it's as some similar tothis as the man. You canuse this app to give the besttransformation in your life Fitaholicgives more than 100 workoutsin chest, shoulders, arms, abs, back,leg. With fully describedmanner. it's like a trainer with you.When Fitaholic with you. Youcan teach others about Fitness andbodybuilding While reducingweight one Exercise bike don't helpyou. Cycling in exercise bike onwill make your muscle loss.Supplements Supplement like Wheyprotein, Mass gainers, Fatburners, Creatine, Glutamine, Humangrowth hormone HGH, BCAA Wheyproteins is a very core importantsupplement. You can get wholeinformation and dosage and timing inthis app Creatine are use tomake you bigger but overdosage is badfor liver and kidney you canget valuable information like infitaholic BCAA are very importantwhile cutting. So on gettingvaluable information about Dosage,Timing, and side effects insupplements like Whey protein, BCAA,Creatine, Mass gainers, Fatburners, Glutamine, Human growthhormone So you don't want toconsider anyone in a gym you can usethis app.Learn Fitaholic tellsyou How to lose weight, How to gainweight, How to get shredded in acomplete description manner. Ifyou are a good book Reader then youcan find some really greatarticles about this When you read. Youcan feel that How easy is tolose weight or gain weight or to getshredded. Educate yourself onthe process for getting shreddedDIETSDiets like low carb, weightreducing, Diabetic, Keto or ketogenicdiets Diet is the 80 percentwork of the transformation so diet isreally crucial fortransformation. Get your diet plans natural Lowcarb diet used forShredding and weight reducing. A diabetic diet isreally used fordiabetic patient soon it will be updated in this.Keto diet is thebest diet plan for shredding and weight reductionDoingtransformation natural is an art so know this art and makeyourbody healthy and beautiful
Best Chest Workout 1.0.1
If you're looking for the best chest workout to developyourpectoral muscles and make your chest stronger, then thischestworkout routine is the best one for you. You will get a biggerandimpressive chest by following the chest workout described inthisandroid application. The chest exercises described in thisworkoutroutine are simple and target the major chest muscles thataremainly used in almost all exercises
Runtastic Squats Workout 1.13
Life has its ups and downs - we call them SQUATS! Target yourglutesand thighs with the best squat workout ever - at home! Wantstrong,toned legs and thighs and a firm butt? Get the freeRuntastic SquatsWorkout app for men and for women and get readyfor squatschallenges - no equipment needed! Turn your smartphoneinto aPERSONAL SQUATS TRAINER who accompanies you, step by step,duringyour daily squat exercise. Challenging? Yes. Too difficult?Not atall! Squats not only challenge your legs, thighs and glutes,theyalso train your core. Let Runtastic help you show off thatstrong,sexy butt you’ve always wanted!APP FEATURES &BENEFITS:* Countscompleted squat repetitions using accelerometerduring your squatworkout* Access to Level 1 of the scientificallydeveloped squattracker app training plan* Voice Coach for constantfeedback fromyour squat tracker* Beat your best and set personalsquat counterrecords* Upload squat exercise activities* Shareyour squats challenges success on Google+,Facebook, Twitter or viaemail* Integrate Runtastic activities toyour MyFitnessPal account*Collect motivating badges for yourperformance* Automatic countdowntimer for your rest betweenexercise setsEFFECTIVE SQUATCOUNTERHaving a squat app with a squattracker is great for stronglegs! Yup, you don’t have to count yourrepetitions during yoursquat workout - the Runtastic SquatsWorkout app is here to assist.The app counts all your squats,gives you a real challenge andprovides you with interesting stats.Check out an overview of yourfitness activities to see yourprogress towards toned legs. Plus,beat your own records and setnew personal bests - you’ll besurprised of how fast yourperformance improves and how strongyou’ll get!UNIQUE SQUAT APPYoursquats are automatically recognizedusing the accelerometer of yoursmartphone/tablet. These squatworkouts are the best way to getstronger legs even by doing yoursquats at home. And for all yourunners out there, squats are agreat challenge to strengthen yourlegs, glutes and thighs!There’smore: You can upload your fitnessdata to, if youwant. There, you can access all yourstats anytime, as well asmonitor your progress towards strongerlegs thanks to your personaltraining log. Remember, you can alsoshare your achievements withyour friends! Hey, maybe they’ll evenwant to have a squat challengeto see who has stronger legs.Properform: When training your legsand glutes with squats, make sureyour back is always straight, coreactivated and knees do not gobeyond your toes. Use the RuntasticSquats Workout app to up yourmotivation and reach your goal…evenwhile doing squat exercise athome! We’re convinced you’ll get theresoon and be proud of yourachievement. Now, get going!RuntasticSquats: Your start into afitter life with toned and strong legs.Let’s do some squatschallenges!Runtastic is all about health &fitness apps! Checkout more of our apps to help you reach yourfitness goals at
Bodybuilding Workout Trainer 7.0.1
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Welcome to Bodybuilding Workout Trainer program Don't wasteyourtime and follow the best bodybuilding workout trainer program.Ifyou want to become a bodybuilder and gaining muscle. then youhaveto choose the best bodybuilding workout trainer ever. In thisappyou will find all gym workouts, exercises and powerliftingroutinesto get maximum muscles and will get the abs weight loss,amazingback, workouts for chest, dumbbell for biceps, tricepsexercises,and forearm exercise, awesome leg workout, butt workouts,shouldersworkout, glutes workouts, calves, exercises for thighs,inner thighworkouts and thigh gap exercises. You will get muscularand a fitbody is a dream of every bodybuilder. For building yourmass likeprofessional bodybuilders just choose your workouts(exercises)from more than 300 of the best Workouts and Exercises inthisProfessional App. You can set your DAILY WORKOUT PLAN - sort oraddor delete workouts in your daily program. **Just follow ourworkouttrainer and you will get the best body with detaileddescriptions,animations and an assortment of workouts The majormuscle groups inBodybuilding Workout Trainer App is: - Biceps -Triceps - Forearms- Abs (Abdominals) - Back - Chest - Shoulders -Legs (Calves -Thighs) This App Contains Preset plans for: -Bodybuilding Workouts- Cardio trainer - Fitness Exercises -Powerlifting **Don't forgetto rate this app
Hellraiser Training by Animal 2.2.5
Ready to raise hell in the gym? This workout program was builttohelp you build muscle, get strong, and lose weight. Workhardthrough 12 weeks of brutal workouts, and your body will neverbethe same. It only takes four workouts per week, but do themright,and you’ll see a huge difference. Along with this workoutprogram,you’ll get in-depth exercise coaching, diet advice, andinsidertraining tips. Purchasing this app also All Access. Through All Access, you’ll get20+other workout apps and 50+ workout plans.Introductory overviewandin-depth workout videos12-week workout planwithtrackingStep-by-step exercise videosDiet coaching and sampledietplanSee full library of All Accessplans: is a content subscription service that includes over50premium fitness plans created by world-class personaltrainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan features informationalvideos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expert supplementadvice,with new plans and courses added every month. While severalplanshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.