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Darts Scoreboard
Darts Scoreboard is the perfect app for tracking your dartsscoresduring a game of 501 or one of its variants. In the app youcan setmany preferences, such as the number of players, the startscore,or whether you want to play in legs or sets. Using the app iseasy,after every turn you simply need to enter the total pointsscoredwith three darts. Darts Scoreboard does the math and givesyou awide range of statistics. It is possible to save and sharethesestatistics. When you reach a score that can be finished theappwill show a checkout suggestion. Profile If you are logged inyoursaved games will be associated with your profile. Also youcanselect your profile when you start a new game. You can viewyourown statistics in a list. In a future update you will be abletoview various graphs, so you can see your progress. Preferences*Players: 1 to 4 players, custom names can be specified *Startscore: 101, 170, 201, 301 up to and including 2501 * Matchtype:sets or legs * Number of legs to win a set: 2, 3, 4, 5 *Checkouttype: single, double, triple Statistics * Various averages,likematch average, best set and/or leg average, average of firstninedarts in a leg * Scores: Number of 180, 140+, 100+, etc.*Checkouts: Highest and average checkout, number of outs above100,number of outs above 50 * Other: Highest score, best leg, listofdarts needed per leg Darts Scoreboard is free of charge andisupdated with new functionality on a regular basis. The appisdesigned for smartphones and tablets. Use it while playingwithfriends, or when you are training or practicing on your own.
Darts Scoreboard 5.0.1
Andy Pandy
Play your favourite darts game and let Darts Scoreboard handlethescoring. Darts Scoreboard features X01, Cricket, teamplay,statistics and more. Android 4+ is needed to get all ofthefeatures. GENERAL FEATURES: • X01 and Cricket games • No limitonthe number of players • 20 computer opponents • Team play:pairs,triples - whatever you want • Statistics for all players andteams• Player rankings for all statistics • Head-to-head statisticsvseach opponent • Matches can be continued later • Randomiseplayerorder • Unlimited undo/redo • It's free! X01 FEATURES: •Standardand doubles dartboards • Double-in option • Choose startingplayerin deciding legs • Choose the sets, legs and points for eachmatch• Players can start with different points • Checkoutsuggestionsfor all dartboards • Tie-break final set / win by 2 legs• Setupsuggestions before an outshot is reached • Separatestatistics fordifferent leg start points • Auto-handicap points forcloser games• Single-press checkout entry • 2-dart out-chart basedon thecurrent score CRICKET FEATURES: • Standard scoring for2-playergames • Cut-throat scoring for more than 2 players APPPERMISSIONS:Darts Scoreboard is a free, ad-supported app, andnetwork access isused only for the ads.
Darts ScoreCard PRO 2.2.2
Entreco the best app for tracking your dart statistics. A musthave app,for every darter. Play like Phil Taylor and Raymond vanBarneveld,or challenge your friends for a game in abar!01Game,Crickets/Tactics,1-8 players,Statistics,Checkouthelp,Undo,Sound, Preferences, RSS,and more...
Simple Darts - Dart Scoring 3.0.2
Nsane Apps
** Simple Darts is not a dart game **Simple Darts is newandimproved! The best dart score keeping and dart gamescoringapplication for Android is even better! Dart scorecard hasneverbeen easier. Play your favorite dart game with your friendsand letsimple darts track the scoring!Simple darts has NO ADS! Anditnever will!INCLUDED:- X01, Cricket, Baseball, Around theWorld,Shanghai and Golf (Single players and teams)- Unlimited"undo" onall games- Save and load all games- Keep playerstatistics- Shareyour games on Facebook and Twitter- Supports allscreen sizes &tabletsWITH DONATION:- 1 to 8 players on X01- "NoScoring" optionon Cricket- Skipping ahead on Around the WorldThrowyour darts, tapyour score and see what all the players have on onescreen. ThatSIMPLE!I have worked hard to implement requestedfeatures andanswer feedback and keep as much of this app as free aspossible toinclude keeping it ad free.Please rate & comment ifyou likeit. Good ratings & comments help me stay motivated andhelpothers decide to download or not.There is also a donationmodule ifyou would like to chip in towards my morning coffee. ;o)
Let's Dart Scoreboard 1.5.5
Let's Dart is a mobile dart scoreboard applicationsupportingplayers in calculating and recording game dart data.Using this appeach player has the possibilty to analyze player andgamestatistics to recognize their weakness and and improvetheirskills.* Currently in development: Training plan mode*Thisdartscoreboard app includes the following functionality andfeatures-X01 game with several options like double out, master in,...-Cricket- CPU Player including 9 levels of diccifulty- Gameandplayer statistics: scoring, average, checkout, aiming, CPU1on1-Advanced minimalistic user interface- Player management:profilepicture, player name, favourite status- CheckoutSuggestions-Smartphone / Tablet SupportThis dart scoreboard offersthepossibility to capture and present dart data in single-andmultiplayer modus. All player statistics can be analyzed onseveraldetail levels like leg statistic, set statistic, gamestatistic orplayer statistic. Let's Dart Scoreboard gives everyplayer thechance to analyze and improve his skills.Have fun an gameon!
Russ Bray Darts Scorer 4.36.006
***** 5 star award in Apps Magazine "Russ Bray will speak yournameand work out the scores for you, and there are so manyfeatureshere we cannot possibly cover them all. It is a brilliantandambitious darts scoring solution in app form".One hundredandeighty! Welcome to the official app from the 'Voice of Darts'RussBray. Russ is a world famous darts referee who has beenscoringmajor professional Sky TV tournaments for 20 years.In theapp Russreferees your darts match in full including speaking yourname,throws, total left, and shot-outs with his silky vocaltonesexactly as he does on TV - you'll think you're at the AllyPally!Aswell as two player and Cricket scoring you can also improveyourgame by playing virtual matches against the computer (01 games)atten different skill levels. If you can beat the computer atlevel10 you are ready to take on the world number one!All playershavetheir own profile including a photo which can be shown duringplay.Every match is recorded with detailed stats includingaverage,first 9 average, best leg (darts thrown), highest checkout,highestthrow, doubles hit and score table (60's, 100's, 140's and180'scounts).Get the best selling darts scorer for a fraction ofthecost of a standalone product! Features include...- 2 Player.-Playthe computer practice mode (01 games).- Cricketscoring.-Personalised audio, hear Russ speak YOUR name (over 3000namesincluding player nicknames).- Request a name and Russ willrecordit for you personally.- Audio the same as on TV.- Playerprofilesincluding photos, handicaps and audio name which can bechanged atany time.- Full match history.- Detailed stats for thecurrentmatch and all past matches including average, first 9average, bestleg (darts thrown), highest checkout, highest throw,doubles hitand score table (60's, 100's, 140's and 180's counts).-Choosebetween scoring the full three dart total or eachdartindividually.- Set your own custom start number between 101and9999.- Play with handicaps.- Play with double to start(includingplay the computer). This is the format for the PDC WorldGrand Prixand also popular in local leagues.- Play with leg or setscoring (3or 5 leg sets).- Select starting player.- 10 computerlevels.- Last4 scores shown in 3 dart mode.- Number of darts thrownin currentleg. - Checkouts displayed when a finish is available.-Full undoand redo for the current leg.- Music plays alongside Russcallingyour match. ** Used by members of the Australian andEnglandcricket teams **** Sky Sports coverage during the WorldMatchplay**Follow us on Twitter @RussBrayApp.
Winmau Darts Scorer 1.2
Buy the No.1 Darts Scorer for less than the price of apint!TheWinmau Darts Scorer designed and developed exclusivelybyCrunchmedia accompanies your game of darts wherever you are withnoneed for chalk and duster.With it's authentic andattractiveinterface the application allows 2 players to play allversions of101, 301, 501 or anything up to 999.You also get quickcheck outoptions to help improve your scoring averages along withanunlimited roll-back/forward function (very helpful when beerisinvolved!)At the end of your game or leg simply touch the'avg'button and see how your averages stack up.As darts is a rapidfiregame this application is designed with simplicity in mind andeaseof use for when you’re changing places on the oche.WithWinmau’spedigree as the Worlds finest Dartboard makers thisapplication isa must for any darter no matter how often youplay.The Winmau dartsscorer by Crunchmedia – making darts even morefun.With the Winmaudarts scorer you can:- Start your game from anynumber (up to 999)-Check your average throw-score at any timeduring yourgame/practice- Keep track of your score with theunlimitedroll-back/forward functions- Take advantage of the quickcheck-outfunction for popular finishes- Keep track of your legs
Darts Counter 0.101
Darts Scoreboard with touch-interfacethis is apreviewcurrentfeatures:- games 301, 501, 701, 901- 1 to 6 Players-Double Out-Player Namescurrently to fix:- game logic :D- layout fordeviceswith low resolution displayplanned:- persistent playernames- tableof all played rounds- correct/change throws via table-calculatelast throws- other gamessend questions and comments viae-mail
Darts Scores - Free Edition 1.4
eland apps
Darts Scores - Free Edition - Score board for up to 4players.Showspossible finishes and gives the possibilty to look atpreviousrounds!Let's Play Darts!
Cricket Scoreboard 1.7
Sean Schulte
Retire the chalkboard, and let your phonekeeptrack of the score.This app supports Cricket (darts) scoring, for two orthreepeople. It's modeled after the electronic scoreboards yousometimessee in bars, where you click the number that you hit andthen clickyour team color. (It's not one of these "turn based" appsthat makeyou go over and click to tell it that you didn't getanything thisturn.)You can set team names if you want to, or just stick to RedvsBlue.View the full history of every completed game.Full undo stack that goes back to the beginning of the game.Play with two players, or three players (cutthroat)!Have fun with Cricket Scoreboard!
Darts Practice Free 2.2
This is a darts counter application similar in functionality tothewell-known n 01 program. Helps you practice your darts skills.Alsouseful for beginners to learn the basics of this game but maingoalis the training.There are very useful shortcuts to inputyourthrows so it EASY AND QUICK TO HANDLE. - Count the score whenyouplay "501 double out" against another player. This is the onlyappon market which has computer opponent function!- Keeps scorewhenyou practice alone against the computer which is a virtualplayerwith 12 difficulty level (based on averagescore)Features-shortcuts for the frequent shots (26, 41, 45, 60,81, 85, 100)-opportunity to play sets (best of 5 or best of 3) orlegs only-shortcut to check out and undo- shortcut to advice theremainingscore- displays the actual score in screen-size after 4seconds soyou can see the score away from your device tooThis isthe freeversion but there are NO MORE RESTRICTIONS - in the fullversionthere are SPEAK option too.
Darts Scores 1.15.0827
This dart scorer takes care of your darts games scorecounting.PlayCricket, DoubleDown, Baseball, x01 and other gameswith yourfriends and let the app do the math for you.The app issimple, butpowerful and customizable.You can define your ownsectors and theirorder for the Cricket and DoubleDown!Unlimitedundo and redoavailable for allgames!Games:CricketDoubleDown301/501BaseballFivesGolfMainfeatures:Darts games scorecountingCustomizable gamesectorsUnlimited undo-redo for allgamesDifferent color schemesDartsboard touch soundsMultipleplayersx01 checkout chart with severalpossiblechoicesStatisticsAlso available in the Apple store, Windows8application store and in Amazon app store for Kindle Fire.
Dylan's Darts Trainer
Dylan’s Darts Trainer: your aid during your daily dartspractice!Howdo you think the top darts players stay at the top ofthe league?Well, that’s simpler said than done: finding the bestdarts materialthat fits your style and level, and, of course,practice, practiceand more practice! Dylan’s Darts Trainer is youraid during yourdarts practice! Pro's push their averages andfinishes every day tomake sure that during a match they don’t haveto worry about theirsingles, doubles, triples and bulls scoringaccuracy but can focuson the tactics needed to turn a lost leginto a win and deal withthe pressure of a desperately needed 3darts finish!Dylan’s DartsTrainer can be your aid during yourdarts practice by:• keepingrecords of your target trainingsessions• visualising your resultsin comprehensive tables andcharts• suggesting improvement areas bymeans of tailor madetraining sessionsThe concept “Dylan only needs5 to win this legand match, a single one and double two, thisshould be walk in thepark… He is taking his time, moves to theoche, hmm, doesn't seemto be that confident, goes for the singleone, what? He hit thetriple 18! No score!!!”Well, a scenario youcould but don't want toexperience!Dylan’s Darts Trainer focusses onyour target practice:the score is not important, but the number ofdarts you need to useto hit each single one target on the board,from the double twentyto the bull’s eye. Put the app on the tablenext to the board,start a target practice by a click on a button:practice all thesingles, doubles, triples or bulls, one at a time.The app showsyour previous average for the selected mission, thetarget topractice and the previous average for this target. After atrainingsession the app shows you your averages and progress, yourgoal:improve your dart skills by lowering the number of darts youneedto hit the target, while in the meantime lowering youroverallaverages.AnalysisAfter every training session your resultsarestored in a database and you can pop up several screens andchartsbased on this historical data, for instance:• A chart showingyourperformance on the dartboard and identifying your best andworstquadrants on the board• For each target a chart showing oThehistory of the last ten target practice sessions o Your averageintime so you can get a feel of your progress o The average forallsingles, doubles triples or bulls so you can compare thistargetwith the other results• For each target group a chart showingo Thehistory of the last ten mission practice sessions o Youraverage intime so you can get a feel of your progress• A tableshowing theranking of your target scores, from the best singles, tothe worsttriplesThese are a must have to analyse your progress,strengthsand weaknesses and to define a game plan to improve yourtargetscoring accuracy and averages!Tailor made trainingsessionsNot onlyyou can use the records and charts to spot yourstrong and weakareas on the board yourself, it is also used byDylan’s DartsTrainer in proposing tailor made trainingsessions.When you selecta bootcamp, a list of targets of singles,doubles and triples iscreated based on your latest results: asorted mix of your topscores, worst scores and of targets youpracticed the least. Inthis way a bootcamp provides you a balancedtraining session ofwhich you can determine the length yourself:three bootcampslengths are defined, a normal bootcamp, a supercampand a megacamp.Also a tailor made training is available based onyour best orworst quadrant on the board. Training regularly basedon thesetailor made training sessions helps you maintain yourstrengths, aswell as improve on your weak spots!
DartEagle Scoreboard 1.3.0
DartEagle Scoreboard is a great 501-style darts scoring appthathelps you easily keep your scores and stats for yourdartsgames.Features include• Unlimited players• Configurable matchsetupincluding: Leg target, Number of legs, Set based scoring,Doublein/out, Treble in/out, Loser throws first / rotate startingplayer•PDC or BDO style match score display• Efficient score entry•Largetext landscape mode for highly visible scoring information•Livecheckout suggestions• Over 20 different statistics for eachmatch,plus individual double stats• Review match statistics frompreviousmatches• Graph statistics for multiple players• Editableleghistory• Leg, set and match statistics• Pause and resumematches•Twitter integrationThe best unlimited player, easy scoreentry,501-style dart scoring app. Remember, the Dart Eagle!
Darts Score Pocket 1.5
◆◇ Limited time sale! ◆◇5.99 --> 2.99 (50%OFF)Simpledartsmachine in your pocketWherever you are at home with yourfriends,pub or bar, you will always have a darts machine inyourpocket.This app has the greatest feature that you can save notonlythe game score but also the positions of the darts thrown, andcancheck them out later.Throw your dart and input your score simplybytap the position on the darts board where your dart wasthrown,that makes the scoring simple.Games-Count-Up(8rounds)-01(301,501,701,901,1101,1501)-Cricket(Standard,Random,Hidden)Features-Darts games scorecounting- Simple scoring user interface- Up to 4players on games-Unlimited undo on all games- Sound effect &BGM-Award&Feats graphic effectStatistics- Scatterplot of thedartsthrown- Graph that displays the round scores- Highscore(Highscore, High PPR, High MPR)- Average Score(Average PPR,AverageMPR)- Award&Feats countPlease rate & comment if youlikeit.
Dart Cricket
Play the famous dart cricket game und use this app asscoreboard.*easy and intuitive to use* very nice design includingfull screenmode* no adds* undo functionality* history of hits ofcurrentmatch* black application background to significantly reducepowerconsumption if you have an AMOLED display.This app isfield-tested.Nevertheless, please do not hesitate to get in touchwith me if youhave any suggestion for improvement or detect anyproblems whileusing this app. I will try to update the app as soonas possible.If you like this app please leave a 5-star rating.Thank you verymuch!Good darts!Some additional technical informationconcerningthe message boxes at top of the app:To get some opticalresponseafter adding scores by tapping the fields there are shownmessagesat the very top of the app indicating the last enteredscores.These messages are in a message queue and are shown withsomedelay. So in case you are playing around with the app andaddinglots of scores in a very short time the message queue takessometime to show all the messages which might look a bit strange.In arealistic game situations this does not matter.By the way,theselittle disappearing message boxes are an androidfeaturecalled"toasts".
Thistles Darts Scorer
Lets... Play... Darts.......The BEST free Darts Scorer releasedonany mobile platform.Your ideas, suggestions will be added tonewreleases..Track's scores, saves statistics basically everythingyouwould want from a darts scorer app.
Darts Score Keeper
With Darts Score Keeper you can easily keep track of the scoreofyour favorite darts games with your friends! - Scoreboard for301,501, Cricket, and Golf - See the rules for each game - Playwith 2to 8 players - Extremely simple scoring user interface -Nohassling with typing in your score - Option to rematch orexitafter every game - Undo featureDarts Score Keeper makes usingpenand paper as a scoreboard for your darts games a thing of thepast!Now your darts games will go by much faster so you can playmoregames!Download Darts Score Keeper today!
DartCounter 2.6.3
DartCounter is the app for keeping track ofallyour scores. Play x01 games, Cricket, Bob's 27 and severalothertraining games.In the x01 games you will hear the voice of MasterCaller RayMartinwho will announce all your scores.Register or log in and all your games will be saved. You canfindall your statistics on with multiple players with a DartCounter account and thewholegame will be saved in both accounts.
Darts Partner 2.0
Dogu Cetin
Darts Partner is an application to keep your practice routines.Itoffers triple, double, bull, and out practices and keepsyourscores on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Darts,Training,Practice, Double, Triple, Bull, Out.- Triple Practices:100 DartsTriple, Denis's Triples and Thousands- Double Practices:Bob's 27and Double Clock- Bull Practices: 100 Darts Bull- OutPractices: 61Up @ 3 Darts
DartTrainer app 1.4
DartTrainer – an App for Darts-Player!AnalyseyourDart-trainingresults from 501, Bob's 27, Catch 40 andmuchmore.DartTrainer is a trainings-app for darts player.Insertyourtrainingresults and analyse them in detail. DartTrainer givesyou aperfect feedback of your training.Stop using an Excel-Chart oratraining-sheet - now you can record all your results - alwaysandeverywhere!Features:- Practise 501, Bob's 27, Catch 40,Shootout,Target!- Play 501 against your saved games!- Increaseyourdifficulty level!- Analyse all your results!- Sound-support-Edityour custom checkouttable!- ... and much more features!Formoreinformation: 
www.darttrainer-app.comany questions, wishesorbugs:forum.darttrainer-app.comHave fun and Good Darts!
Darts Practice 12.0
Dogu Cetin
IMPORTANT NOTE: THE APPLICATION SAVES AFTER 100 DARTSONLY!!!DartsPractice, Training, Trainer, 501, Triple 20, 19, 18,17, 16, 15,Statistics, Averages, Best ScoresDarts Practice 20applicationanalyses your performance at 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15regions andcalculates variations in horizontal and vertical axes.The aim isto hit maximum triples in 100 darts. Most of the playerspreferthis practice routine but only keep total score. Thisapplicationkeeps statistics and variances in addition to scorewhich might beimportant to pin point mistakes.- Practice: Boxes areonlyavailable for 4 neighbour regions in "Practice" page. Any otherhitshould be marked with outside box. Application uses entered datatocalculate up/down and left/right drifts from triple and amountofvariation in horizontal and vertical axes. Although hits tosmalland big pie are the same in score, they make differenceinvariation. Therefore, user should enter practice datatocorresponding regions properly to make calculationsreliable.Average and best scores are displayed for the selectedtarget. Textcolour changes to green and red, when you are above andbelowrespectively in order to motivate.- Performance: Basicstatisticsare listed in this page such as number of triples, 180s,140s,100s, etc. Besides that statistical information, dartsdistributionmap represents number of hits to each region with colorcode. -Analysis: Variations of darts in horizontal and verticalaxes arecalculated in this page. Comment section is the summaryofcalculations to give an idea about drifts from target triple.Inaddition to drifts, variance is also calculated in bothaxes.Maximum variance is 10.- Statistics: Long term statistics arekeptand displayed visually in weekly, monthly, yearly basis.Averageand best scores for selected duration are also displayed.-Help:Basic explanations of the application are described in thispage
Train Darts
You can record your score of darts easily.For followingpurpose(ex)- To count 300 darts- To count 100 bulls- To count 10Hattricks- To want to know your weak cricket number.How touse-Bull(01) mode1. Throw your darts2. Touch the bull iconrepeatthesame thing...This app calucurate the stats as bull is 50 andtheothers are 10.5.I reduce the number of touches.- Cricketmode1.Throw your darts2. Touch the marks iconrepeat the samething...
Darts Cricket Scorer 1.02
With Darts Cricket Scorer you can keep your scores for thedartsgame called Cricket.* Enter the player or team names* Choosetoplay from '20 to 15' to '20 - 10' and all options in between*Thebulls eye can be included or excluded* You can select that alegends when both players/team cleared the board, or when theleadingplayer cleared the boardThe app is currently in development,so ifyou have suggestions for improvement please let me [email protected]