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Numeral Systems Calculator PRO 2.0
I'm Katrechko
PRO version The program enables to convert numbers(includingdecimalfractions) between number systems with bases from2 to 36.Also, itis able to operate between 2 numbers in differentnumbersystems andoutputs the result of addition / subtraction/multiplication /division. The program is very easy to use andhasthe opportunity todisplay the solution algorithm. Mainfeatures: ★Conversion ofnumbers up to hexatrigesimal system (base36) ★Display of solutionalgorithm available ★ Working withdecimalfractions ★ Displaying theresult during input when theoption ison ★ Various themes available★ Pleasant and comfortableinterfaceThe program has 2 modes: •Standard – conversion betweenstandardnumeral systems (nativekeyboard of the application isused) •Extended – converting betweenall numeral systems up to base36(keyboard of the OS is used)Languages: English, Russian,Ukrainian
RUNExRUNE - Tower Defence 2.0.4
RUNExRUNE is a tower defense game that creates various typesofrunes to block enemies. You can make more powerful runesbycombining runes with the same type and same border. As thechapterprogresses, more powerful bosses appear, so try variousstrategiesthrough your own rune combination! Characteristic ● Ifyou progressthrough chapters using various runes, you can get stagerewards andkeys. ● Open the box with the key you have obtained toget newrunes and coins. ● If you have a rune you already have, youcan usecoins to strengthen the rune with a more powerful rank. ●Buildyour own combination to build the ultimate rune deck andfacepowerful bosses. ● As the chapter progresses, more powerfulanddiverse enemies appear. ● Enter a dungeon using a runecombinationof grown runes.
Math Puzzle 35
Math Puzzle for everyone from kids toadults.Mathematicalcalculations to play and practice to find theunknownnumbersreplacing the letters and making right equation. Thismathegamedepend on you reasoning and brain ability inmathcalculations.Your math analytical ability will be testedbydifferent andgradual cool math levels. It continue easy, hardandvery hard mathproblems. This is the best maths game, you willeversee in googleplay. It also test and improve your IQ and bysolvingmore hardmath problems. There are coming soon very hardlevels thatcombineaddition and multiplication equations to givemore strengthto yourmatematica, analytical ability and logic.Improve your logicandmake your brain always fresh and has fastreactions tomathproblems. This math game for kids, it will improvetheiranalysisand mathematical ability and make them very strongbrainteasers.Also, it’s the best for adults in time consuming insolvinghardmath problems and improve their math logic andreasoningFeaturesof Math Puzzle # Find the unknown numbers thatmake correctmathequation. # Analyze the puzzle by dividing it tosmallequations tocan find the required numbers. # Test your IQandimprove bysolving more hard levels. # Test your speed insolvingthe mathpuzzles and watch how much it improves by solvingmore.Math Puzzlehas different difficulty levels to improve mathandalgebra skillsand change your mind to be genius among yourfriends.Math Puzzlecan be educational learning for kids or braintrainingapp foradults. Every level has different idea that improveyourbrainability and increase your intelligence level. You willface alotof hard math problems, don’t give up and join ourcommunitytodiscuss how to solve these maths problems. You also cansharethesehard maths problems and find the genius persons amongyourfriends.Math Puzzle is extracted from cryptarithmetic sciencethatwas thebackground of all crypto currency birth.Cryptarithmeticpuzzle, amathematical exercise, where the digits ofsome numbersarerepresented by letters. Math Puzzle new and uniquehard levelsyoudidn't see before. Every math logic puzzle has uniqueandprovensolution not such guess. Improve your logic,reasoning,mental andbrain ability by solving more math logicpuzzles. MathPuzzle alsoknown as Verbal arithmetic, alphametics,cryptarithm orwordaddition, is a type of mathematical gameconsisting ofamathematical equation among unknown numbers, whosedigitsarerepresented by letters. The goal is to identify the valueofeachletter. The name can be extended to puzzles thatusenon-alphabeticsymbols instead of letters. The equation istypicallya basicoperation of arithmetic, such as addition,multiplication,ordivision. Traditionally, each letter shouldrepresent adifferentdigit, and (as in ordinary arithmetic notation)theleading digitof a multi-digit number must not be zero. Agoodpuzzle should havea unique solution, and the letters shouldmake upa phrase. Verbalarithmetic can be useful as a motivation andsourceof exercises inthe teaching of algebra. How to play: Drag anddropnumbersreplacing letters to make correct math equation.Eachletterrepresents unique number between 0 to 9. Notes: 1. Youcansee yourIQ after passing 40 math logic levels 2. Timer willnotstop afterstart level so be ready before start 3. There arehintsthat willhelp you solve hard math logic levels 4. Scorecalculatedby time,mistakes and using hints 5. You can share thedifficultlevels withyour friends to help you 6. You have 3 freehints thenyou can buyhints from the game shop or by watching ads 7.There aremany greatlevels coming soon Download and give us a reviewof MathPuzzle
Grow, Kitty, Grow! - Idle clicker 1.15.0
Would you like to have a cute cat companion who follows youtotheend of the universe? This simple idle game has averysimplepremise: making every cat in the world grow biggerandbigger. Thecat will get bigger every time you touch it!Competewith othercats, raise a huge cat of your own, and go onanadventure! - Raisea cat with various upgrades, ambition,andpatience - Collect catsand pets within just two frames -Dynamicadventures and eventsthat depend solely on the body of thecat! -Pick out treasures andget permanent effects - Get rewardedbyreaching numerousachievements! - Persistent villains who nevergiveyou a minute torest! Network connection required to receiveads,and access theleader board. We would love to receive youramazingreviews! Pleasecontact us by email if you have a question.
Numeral System Converter + Calculator
Pyro Games
Numeral Converter + Calculator is a simple and smartapplicationforcalculating and converting numbers between numericsystems.Theapplication can count any arbitrary long, decimalornegativenumbers and convert them between systems. App is abletoshow thesolution algorithm. It supports system with bases from 2to36.Main features: * Displays solution * Calculations withdecimals*36 numeral system Languages: * English * Russian * German*Polish* Czech * Slovak
Programmer's calculator - BitCalculator 1.371
BitCalculator - the best calculator for programmers.Thiscalculatorwill always be adfree! Can convert numbersbetweendifferent numberbases (2/8/10/16) Display shows numbers inbinary,hexadecimal,octal and decimal. Input can be inbinary,hexadecimal, octal ordecimal. Different modes: - 64 bitinteger(signed/unsigned) - 32bit integer (signed/unsigned) - 16bitinteger (signed/unsigned) - 8bit integer (signed/unsigned) -64bit float (IEEE 754 standard) -32 bit float (IEEE 754 standard)-little-endian and big-endian byteordering Supported operations:-Bitwise and - Bitwise or - Bitwisenot - Bitwise xor - Increment-Decrement - Logic shift left - Logicshift right - Arithmeticshiftright - Rotate left - Rotate right -Modulo - Negate - Addition-Subtraction - Multiplication - Division- Random numbergenerator(Bit operations on floating point numbersworks as if theywereintegers with the same bit structure) -Supports brackets-Directly set bits on/off - 4 differentcolorthemes(white/blue/red/black) - Beautiful transitions!
Decimal to Fraction Converter Calculator - Ad Free 2.18
Note: There is a fully featured, ad supported, free versionofthisapp, located here: Decimal to Fraction ConverterCalculatorFree.Convert between decimals and fractions, andevaluatemathematicalexpressions. Calculate the absolute value orround theanswer to aselected tolerance value. The tolerance featureisuseful fordesign and fabrication to quickly determine theclosestfractionalinch to a decimal value, either rounded up, down,or tothe closestfraction. The solution steps to solve for thefractionare shown aswell as a visual of the value on a measurementruler.The resultcan be converted between various units. Repeatingdecimalinput,display, and solution steps are now provided.
Inequality - Futoshiki 1.4.2
Futoshiki is a challenging puzzle game from Japan, similartoSudoku. It is also known as "hutosiki", "unequal" or"inequality".It's name comes from the presence of inequality signs(greaterthan, less than) that must be respected when solving thepuzzle.How to play: - Fill the board with numbers. - Do not repeatnumberson the same line or column (they can be repeateddiagonally). -Respect all the inequality signs (greater than, lessthan). - Havefun and challenge your brain with a game of Futoshiki.Features: -Beautiful minimalistic graphic design - Sleek, simple touse UI. -Multiple themes, choose the color scheme that suits you. -Easy touse note function. - Got stuck? Use the hint system. - Madeamistake, undo to the rescue. - Automatic game saving .Continuethat tricky puzzle later. - 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7 boards.-Multiple levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard. - Randomlevelgenerator. Play without limit. - Option to show or hidemistakesand timer. - Option to play either in portrait orlandscapeorientation. - You can choose how the pre-filled cellsaredisplayed. Inequality has all the tools you need tosolvechallenging Futoshiki puzzles while still having fun andrelaxing.Some say it's better than Futoshiki with a pencil onpaper. Playnow! Challenge your brain! But don't forget to have fun!
Unit Converter 5.1.1
Easy application for conversion of well known and even lessknownunits that is recommended for use for students of primaryandsecondary schools. FREE EDITION: This version of the applicationisfree and does not offer all features as it's paid counterpartwhichyou can find in the store with a name "Unit Converter CE".Withbuying the application you support next developement of itoralternatively other projects. CATEGORIES: length, weight,volume,temperature, area, time, information, speed, energy,angle,pressure, luminous intensity, force, power, torque,prefixesLANGUAGES: English, Czech, Slovak MAIN FUNCTIONS: - unitconversion:) - own keyboard - manual / automatic sorting of allcategoriesand units - more styles of main menu - setting ofprecision ofrounding results NEXT FEATURES IN CE VERSION: - viewofconversional equations TEMPORAL NEGATIVES: - the application isnotoptimalized for tablets - missing search of units - someimportantcategories, i.e. conversion of currencies