Top 4 Games Similar to Tomato Jump

Arcade Tomato reborn 2.0
Arcade! Tomato is a cool free arcade game Move fast, thinksmart,find the fastest path and blow out 50 addictives levels ofpureaction packed arcade game. In this adventure, your missionissimple : help Tomato Hero to collect as fast as possible purpleandyellow fruballs (fruits balls shaped) on multiples movingplatform.Watch out ! avoid red pinned mines (aka bloody oranges)andleft/right edges filled with vicious spikes, they will blow youupand turns you into a very crushed tomato, soooo ketchuped ! Jumponbonus they may helps you to complete your level. Gameplay issimple: just tap the screen the right pace to make Tomato Hero jumpfroma moving platform to another. Once Tomato Hero reach the top,itgoes down and so on. Step right now into this free and funarcadegame packed with colorfull graphics, music and a so easy tousefrogger like gameplay Suitable for kids, family and friends,startto challenge now ! An addicted fun and free arcade gamePlayanywhere at anytime without wifi
Monkey365-Endless Running Game 1.3
Help Charlie The Monkey collect as muchfoodaspossible to break the famine in his neighborhood and savehisbreed.Beat the odds in this exciting endless runningadventure,bycollecting as much food as possible to gain calorieswhich willyoucan use to buy power ups to survive longer in thejungle.Top the leader board and show your generosity towards Charlieandhisbreed.Features:• Enjoy the beautiful hand drawn graphics.• Easy to play- one thumb control• Absolutely breathtaking jungle landscapes.• Interactive Leaderboard to watch yourfriendsandcompetitors.• Super-smooth graphic animations that bring yourrunner’severyaction to life.• Highly immersive audio-visual gaming experience.• Day and Night mode.• A highly dynamic game engine that will provide endless funinthisnever ending run.Playing Character:Mr. Charlie –The MonkeyObstacles:• Stones and Wooden log to make Charlie tumble during run.• Banana peel to make Charlie slip.• Big Rock and Tree Bark Hole to Stop Charlie atthesameplace.• Wire Fence to kill Charlie.• Puddle of water• And many moreCollectibles:Banana, Orange, Tomato, Bunch of grapes,Watermelon,Coconut,StrawberryPower Ups:• Mushroom as spring• Red Chilly for Red Hot Invincible Charlie• Wicked witch’s Broom• Magnetic power• Vacuum cleaner to work as suction pump to automaticallycollecttheall collectiblesImportant Notice:This game contains optional in-app purchases. You candisablethisfeature in the settings menu of your device.Follow us on:Facebook-
Quick Tomato 1.4
Command a running tomato toescapethepulverizing pipes.Reach as far as possible with this fun game.