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Treasure Pirate 1.5
treasure pirate you must find real treasures A pirate’s life isthebest life! You can play Pirate Match Adventure for free. Apirategame! awesome puzzle with charming gems If you want to becomeafearsome pirate, you need to collect three matching diamonds,solvepuzzles, find maps, unlock chest brimming with gold. But itwon’tbe that easy, you’ll have to conquer enemies to find thetreasure.Always look for the best match 3! Download it free today!We hopeyou enjoy our Treasure Pirate game!
Pirates Treasure Crush 1.3
pirates treasure crush treasure crush is incredible match 3puzzlePlay match-3 game about pirates and treasures. At the "mach3"levels you will find a lot of puzzles, beautiful animations,anduseful bonuses. Match the jewels and you will receive thegreattreasures! Every mach3 level has its own unrepeatable styleandunbelievable rewards: - diamonds - sapphires - brilliants-rubies... and sacred jewelry! - 950 levels of gemtastic fun!-stunning graphics and special effects! - incredible power-upsandbonuses! - epic combos to unleash colorfull explosions!
Pirate Match 3 1.5
pirate match 3A treasure matching puzzledownload and join us onanepic adventures of match 3Play through level after level inarcademode where with each completed level the difficultyincreases. Asyou progress further, you will travel through a seriesof differentpirate themed environments and adventures.You can alsoplay inclassic mode with potentially unlimited game play as youmake asmany matches of three as possible. The concept is simple,slide apiece into a position where it makes a set of three or moreof thesame, and it will destroy the block behind. - Nice pirates!Masterthe difficulties making super combinations with gems!- Lotsofbonuses and daily rewards will help you to solve all puzzlesandcollect all diamonds-jewels.- You can play offline!-It’sabsolutely free match 3 game, but you can buy some additionalmovesor other game features. 1.5
Match the ancient gems, unlock magical boosters and find thepiratetreasure! Download and play this cool free game and join thefunmatch-3 puzzle adventure. The new Match-3 puzzle gamewithaddictive gameplay. Swap to match 3 or more and create wavesofexcitement in this fun and delicious puzzle game. Exciting match3puzzle game play with hundreds of unique levels Brain puzzlegamein simple rule, easy to play, hard to master. Variousmissionpuzzles levels waiting for your adventuring. Amazingpower-ups andcombos
Pirate Diamonds & Treasure 1.4
pirate diamonds & treasure Pirate Diamonds & Treasure isafun Match 3 pirate game, there are many different levels,eachlevel has different rules, limited moves, limited time, blow aholein the screen with special diamond bombs, start amazinglightningstorms and much more !!! just switch or match 3 or morespecialjewels. you can freely enjoy the feeling of bombing holes inthescreen, starting diamond twisters or collecting thespecialdiamonds , and advancing to higher levels of PirateDiamondsadventure journey. Enter the pirate treasure diamondsadventure ,crush the jewels, collect special surprises, gentlyswipe the gems, and win amazing rewards. In this fantastic Piratestreasureadventure , you can become a Pirate diamond jewels diggerand joinother champions and compete with your friends It will be aPirateDiamonds adventure , a bejeweled dashing jewels legend !Features,** all levels are Free, and the game becomes morecomplicated asyou go on ** amazing diamonds , and new specialadventures andrewards along the way ** blow up the screen withBombs, smashspecial blocks and hit with amazing lightning ** whenyou getstuck, wait for a hint to help you, ** easy but funny toplay, achallenge to those who can open much more levels ** suitableforall ages ** cool game pieces
Pirate Treasure Quest 1.6
pirate treasure quest exciting pirate jewels match 3 gamepiratetreasure quest takes you to the golden age of piracy and asanotherswashbuckling buccaneer out for adventures on the high seastryingto gain your fortune. Play through level after level inarcade modewhere with each completed level the difficultyincreases. As youprogress further, you will travel through a seriesof differentpirate themed environments and adventures. You can alsoplay inclassic mode with potentially unlimited game play as youmake asmany matches of three as possible. The concept is simple,slide apiece into a position where it makes a set of three or moreof thesame, and it will destroy the block behind. Onceyou'vesuccessfully cleared all the blocks, a star will come in atthe topof the screen, and you must work it down to finish thelevel. Whileyou attempt to do all this the time also slowly ticksdown so workquickly! How well you perform will directly decide thenumber ofstars you get for the level. This classic matching puzzlegame iseasy for all every age. Hunt no tales, but solve puzzlegames towrite your own story. Invite your Facebook friends if youwant toand mash together! No Caribbean jewel is save for pirates inthispirate game. Survive with free match 3 gems and play theaddictiveand challenging levels of pirate treasure quest Come backafteryou've beaten the game to try to three-star each and everylevel.All of these features plus the vivid HD graphics make foranawesome game play experience that you should download today!
wildfire.jewelstar.pirateTreasureStar 1.2
pirate treasures journey exciting pirate story match 3 gameDownloadpirate treasures now to start your saga! enjoy!frenzy!crazy! Thisclassic matching puzzle game is easy for allevery age. Hunt notales, but solve puzzle games to write your ownstory. Invite yourFacebook friends if you want to and mashtogether! No Caribbeanjewel is save for pirates in this pirategame. Survive with freematch 3 gems and play the addictive andchallenging levels
Treasure Hunters: free match3 gems 3.7.4
Your pirate team has found it! Use jewels to build the Town onyourisland. Travel through the ocean and solve sacred puzzles. Becalmand happy when returning to home. Your island needs jewelstorepair the old town. Match the 3s of jewels and you willreceivethe great treasures! Every mach3 level has its ownunrepeatablestyle and unbelievable rewards: + diamonds + sapphires+ brilliants+ rubies... and sacred jewelry! You need just combinejewels tomake 3s or more similar gems in a row. New free matchgame: - Lotsof interesting puzzles! And each 2 weeks there will bemore! -Beautiful and calm island, where you can build your ownTown. - Usea sacred Portal to find the new territories! - Nicepirates! Masterthe difficulties making super combinations withgems! - Lots ofbonuses and daily rewards will help you to solve allpuzzles andcollect all diamonds-jewels. - You can play offline! -It’sabsolutely free match 3 game, but you can buy some additionalmovesor other game features. - No ads. "Treasure hunters" - theworld ofmatch 3 adventures in your smartphone. Play match-3 gameaboutpirates and treasures. At the "mach 3" levels you will find alotof puzzles, beautiful animations, and useful bonuses. Join thefanpage and find out the updates first!Facebook:
Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game 2.8
Prepare for the treasure hunt! Pack all your things, the shipisleaving the harbor soon! Play Treasure Island Hidden ObjectMysteryGame free and start the unforgettable adventure. Joincaptain Flinton his quest and try to find lost treasure chests witha lot ofgold and jewelry in the caves of a mystery island. Bewarethemutiny of the notorious pirates on a ghost ship, try to stayalive,read the old maps and get rich! Treasure Island HiddenObjectMystery Game features: 🔍 Treasure island adventure gamelocalizedinto 15 languages! 💎 More than 1000 hidden objects to findon ashutter island! 🔍 Multiple levels with mystery places fullofhidden objects! 💎 Fantastic 3D game design that will leaveyouspeechless! 🔍 Find the hidden object from the menu below andclickon it! 💎 Click on the magnifying glass button to use help! 🔍Formobile phones only! Zoom in the picture to find the hidden item!💎Move the picture when it is zoomed to search for hidden figures!🔍Zoom out at any moment you like to see the mystery scene again!🌟ADDITIONAL MYSTERY HIDDEN OBJECT GAME FEATURES: 💎 Picture search–use pictures to find hidden objects on treasure island!🌟Silhouette hidden object – a challenging level for findingobjects!💎 Word scramble game level – a hard level to find hiddenfigures! 🌟Flashlight or a night mode level – use the light to seekfor items!💎 Match Pairs – a fantastic memory game with cards topair! 🌟 Findthe Difference – a mini game to spot the difference! 💎Time limitgame - Bonus level to train your brain and concentration!🌟 Magicpuzzle game – put the puzzle pieces together to make apicture!Join this thrilling story of the pirate ship, begin amission toexplore mysterious island and try to find the hiddentreasure ofthe famous lost city. Download the Treasure IslandHidden ObjectMystery Game, collect all the hidden items anddiscover if thelegend about the cursed pirate treasure! Collect allthe hiddenitems and reveal the mystery of the last survivors ofPirate Island- play now the best island escape games and have fun.Bestadventure island new game free download for all generations! Ifyouare a fan of pirate games and you like the search for losttreasureon a mysterious island, you will love this object findinggame.Help Captain Flint to discover hidden treasure, get rich andescapefrom this pirate island. Download Treasure Island HiddenObjectMystery Game and play the best of free adventure games!Immerseyourself in the most captivating story about a mysteriousworld,full of hidden things that you have to find to survive onthedesert island. Follow us ofFacebook: Beone ofthe island heroes. Fight evil pirates and save the natives!Thenotorious pirate ship, on its search expedition of thehiddentreasure, has sunk near the shores of this mysterious islandin theCaribbean Sea. If you want to survive on the lost island,explorethe remains of the ghost ship, collect the hidden thingsthat willhelp you find the famous lost city and discover themystery of thesecret society that inhabited this island that hashidden theirtreasure in the dark caves, deep in the tropicaljungle. Become oneof the most famous treasure hunters, play thebest of new escapegames and island survival games to find hiddenfigures. Explore theisland paradise and get rich overnight! Thismystery hidden objectgame for women will take you through thetreasure island, the roomsof the pirate ship, the lost temple inthe tropical forest in yoursearch for hidden treasure. In addition,this search and find gameis one of the most fun brain games and thereal challenge for yourmind. There are many mini concentrationgames, check your memory byfinding a match for each card, sharpenyour eyesight – spot thedifference between two pics. DownloadTreasure Island Hidden ObjectMystery Game, the best of the newgames 2019!
xjh.piratebejewel.gemslegend.crazypirates 1.4
super treasure pirates A pirate ship full of excitingitems,surprises, puzzles and challenges Play and enjoy SuperTreasurePirates game for Free and join the wild adventure today.The highseas need your help! Make as many combinations as you canand helpthe pirate ship make its way across the ocean. Work out astrategyand plan ahead your moves to unlock special power-ups andwinlevels. Feeling competitive? Share the match-3 fun with familyandfriends and see who can beat all the challenges and reachthehighest score. Complete the missions that are set at thebeginningof each level. Make special combinations to unlockpowerful seaboosters. Match 4 or 5 pirate figures to get specialitems thatwill create line blasts. - Gorgeous graphics - A greatsoundtrackand juicy sound effects - Your friends, who will try tobeat you tothe treasures - The match 3 gameplay you love -Thousands andthousands of engaging levels
The Hunt for the Lost Treasure 1.9
Continue the adventure of the The Lost Ship in this longer questasyou hunt for the pirate’s lost treasure in thisbeautifullydesigned classic point and click adventure puzzle game.Explore apirate’s cove, ancient temple, and structures of past treedwellinginhabitants. Discover hidden passageways, clues and puzzlesalongthe way! Uncle Henry has been hunting lost treasures for aslong asyou can remember. His legendary stories of adventure excitedyourimagination as you were a child growing up. Now with yournewlyacquired archeology skills, he has been reaching out from timetotime for your help in tracking down some of these difficult tofindtreasures. In his latest quest, he has used the map youdiscoveredin the lost ship and tracked down the location of thepirate’scove. You must explore the island, find clues, and solvepuzzlesleft behind by the pirates to discover the location of thelosttreasure! This captivating adventure game has: - Customdesignedbeautiful HD graphics! - Custom composed soundtrack andsoundeffects! - A dynamic map to show the screens you have visitedandcurrent location - A camera that takes photos of clues andsymbolsas you discover them - Dozens of puzzles, clues, and items -Autosaves your progress - Available for phones and tablets!Fast-traveland Hints available as In-App Purchases: - Instantlymove aroundthe map reducing travel time with Fast-travel - Gethelpful texthints that nudge you in the right direction andcompletewalkthrough videos for each hint and puzzle Visit ourwebsite tosign up for our newsletter and learn about upcominggames! Desperately stuck in the game? Watch thefullgame walkthrough video:
Pirate Ship Hidden Objects Treasure Island Escape 3.07
The hunt for the lost treasure can finally begin! Gather yourpiratefellows and start the secret quest across the Caribbeansea.Download Pirate Ship Hidden Objects Treasure Island Escapeandenjoy playing one of the most famous seek and find treasurehuntadventure games ever. Search for missing objects and find outhowto get to the caves full of gold. This is one of the mostaddictivebrain teaser games - join this thrilling story of thepirate ship,begin a mission to explore a mysterious island and tryto find thehidden treasure of the lost city. ☠ More than a 1000hiddenobjects! ☠ Translated into 15 world languages! ☠ Treasurehuntgames with levels! ☠ Zoom in/out feature for mobile &tablet! ☠Fantastic music and sound effects! ☠ Mini-games amonghidden items!✨ Hidden object game levels: 🔎 SEARCH BY PICTURE 🔎SEARCH BYSILHOUETTE 🔎 OBJECTS IN ANAGRAMS 🔎 NIGHT MODE 🔎 MATCHPAIRS 🔎 FINDTHE DIFFERENCE 🔎 TIME LIMIT GAME 🔎 PUZZLE GAME ☠ HOW TOPLAY PirateShip Hidden Objects Treasure Island Escape? ☠ FollowPaul'sinstructions and start a new mission! Find hidden objects inthepicture written on the cards below. Click on the “Lightbulb”button when you get stuck to use help. Find hidden figureswhen youare given a picture or a silhouette and search for missingitemshidden in anagrams. Use a flashlight for a night mode. Thereis aspecial level as a time limit game, where the timer bringsadramatic moment to the game. Play other mini games for brainthatwill entertain you for hours like find the difference, matchpairsand puzzle games. One of the most amazing treasure huntactiongames 2019 is finally here! Follow us on FB and leavesomecomments: Trytoavoid pirate ship attack because there are so many enemies whowantto get your treasure chests and sink your ship. Arrive tothemystery island as soon as possible and prepare for the jewelhunt!If you are a fan of pirate games for adults and you like thesearchfor lost treasure on a mysterious island, you will love thisobjectfinding game free download. Discover hidden pirate treasure,getrich and escape from the cursed island. Download Pirate ShipHiddenObjects Treasure Island Escape and play one of the best offreeadventure games for boys and girls, men and women. Spot thehiddenobject in pictures and become a notorious pirate! Thismysteryhidden object game with levels will take you through thetreasureisland, the cabins of the pirate ship, the lost temple inthetropical forest in your search for hidden treasure. Inaddition,this search and find game for women and men is one of themost funbrain games free download and the real challenge for yourmind.There are many mini concentration games, check your memorybyfinding a match for each card, sharpen your eyesight – spotthedifference between two pictures. But that's not all! PirateShipHidden Objects Treasure Island Escape app is a fabulouslanguagelearning games. It is localized in 15 world languages andgives youthe possibility to chose the language you want to learnandexercise vocabulary in the best possible way. Survive thepirateship battle! Search and find hidden treasure for free! Stealpiratetreasure and play adventure island new game 2019! This is oneofthe best island survival games full version free download thatwillkill your boredom immediately. Download the best puzzlehiddenobject game 2019 and spot the missing items to have fun allday.Find valuable pearls, jewelry and gold. Pick everything youneedfor sailing, find lost treasure and try not to provoke thepiratewar. Pirate Ship Hidden Objects Treasure Island Escape isfinallyhere – play best treasure hunt games for free and enjoytheunforgettable adventure.
Pirate Jewels 1.3
pirate jewels collect treasures, and become a real pirate onocean!Welcome to the pirate realm! PLAY now the most addicting andfunmatch-3 puzzle game and beat the challenges. Move and connectitemsand collect the pirate treasure. Matching gems was never thisfun.Enjoy hundreds of thrilling levels, awesome puzzles, cool itemsandplenty of more surprises in the world of pirates. Pirate Jewelsisfree to play and enjoy. Start the incredible adventure todayandadvance along the treasure map, and solving puzzles. Earn coinsandget special rewards that will help you complete levels. If youarea fan of match-3 games you’ll absolutely enjoy ouramazingadventure at the pirate cave. *** Pirate Jewels is: + Easyto learnbut can be hard to master + Super fun and entertaining +Perfectfor your Android or Tablet device + Fun game for all agesHow toPlay + move and match at least 3 items to remove them fromtheboard. + plan your moves ahead and collect all the preciousitemsto win levels. + remember: You have a limited amount of movestoclear a level so make sure you use them wisely. + unlockamazingboosters and other surprises to help you on your journey.+complete all the fun challenges and puzzles and try to reachhighscores. This game is simple and that much fun! Get thisawesomegame today for free and join the wild adventure today. Enjoyourgame and don’t forget to rate us!
Pirate Treasure 💎 Match 3 Games 3.2.9
Pirate Treasure ⚓️ Match 3 Games Come to play in thisincrediblematch 3 game. Matching 3 jewels to get them explode wasnever thisfun. There are multiple levels, obstacles, jewels, bestmatching 3action in a world of pirates. You would need to show yourbeststrategy to be able to pass through all this puzzle. Do youthinkyou can cheat the pirates and steal their treasure? 🎮 HowtoPlay 🎮  Switch the similar objects to try to matchthemtogether to blast them. Crush the pirate’s jewels to passthelevel. Be careful as you will face different obstacles andcrazychallenges. Make awesome combos by matching more than 3 jewelsinonly one move!! Make as many combos as possible to passfasterthrough levels. Use the Powers up wisely as you don’t wantthem torun out Pirate Treasure ⚓️ Match 3 Jewels 🔆 Main Features 🔆🌟Incredible Graphics 💎 Cool Boosters & Power Up 💰 HundredsofLevels 💎 Pirate Treasure ⚓️ Match 3 Game 🌟 HD Action 💰EngagingEffects 🌟 Epic Music 💎 Strong boosters 💰 Play and connectwithfriends 💙 Regular Upgrades to add even more fun !!! So… Doyouthink you can become the best pirate to win in this match 3game? 🎮Download It Now & play for FREE!! 🎮
Pirate Treasure Blast 1.6
☀ ⚓ ☀ Pirate Treasure Blast ☀ ⚓ ☀ Play and discover anever-endingmatch-3 fun! Welcome to the tropical trip through thejewel gamesduring this pirate treasure blast. You might get into anaddictivetreasure blast while surviving in this match 3 puzzleadventure.Achieve millions and win all jewel games on your way!amazing,beautiful and colorful tropical island match 3 puzzleadventurechallenges explore hundreds of adventurous levels,complete themissions and solve the puzzles Use bombs to gain morestars andbecome the best fortune hunter that has been playing inthe lasttime. Win the pirate treasure hunt with amazing and veryaddictivegameplay!
Pirate Caribbean Diamond 1.1
pirate caribbean diamondWho want to be the richest pirate intheworld?Are you? Let’s plunder as much treasure as possibleanddefeat other pirates in combat! It’s time to plunder yourwaythrough hundreds of puzzle matching levels filled withpreciousloot. - Gorgeous graphics- A great soundtrack and juicysoundeffects- Your friends, who will try to beat you to thetreasures-The match 3 gameplay you love- Thousands and thousands ofengaginglevels
com.cookapps.richpirates 1.5.1
Ever dream of becoming the richest pirate in the world? You’rejustabout to start THE MOST exciting pirate adventure ever! BAM!Fireyour cannon! Shipwreck other pirates and make them shiver!It’stime to plunder all the coin, loot, and booty! Gather yourfleetand crew to set sail! Plunder treasure and become the king oftheocean with your battleship! Start your legendary adventure nowandbe the PIRATE MASTER. Welcome aboard! ◈ How to play PirateMasterPirate Master is an easy game to play. Follow the simplesteps andyou’re all set to start your adventure! Step 1: Spin theslot!Collect various items! Step 2: Steer the wheel. Boom! Attackotherpirates. Become the raid coin master! Make them shiver asyouplunder their coin! Step 3: Build and upgrade your ship! Bethedominant rich king of the pirates and raid the ocean! Gotthat?Pirate Master is such an easy game to learn! Spin, raid,plunder,and build! Simple enough, huh? You'll be a coin master inno time.◈ Special FEATURES of Pirate Master ▣ Family game! PirateMaster isa game for everyone! It’s arguably THE BEST social game toplaywith your family and friends! Invite your Facebook friends tojoinyou! Once they’re aboard, you will gain free coins! Want toraidtreasure and coins from your mates? Want to be the KINGpirateamong your family? The coin master of the block? Play PirateMasterNOW and fight for the crown! Begin your raid and plunderadventureagainst your other fellow pirates! ▣ Boom! Boom! Boom!Time to getthat treasure in your hands! Pirate Master is theperfect game forstress relief! Boom! Bam! Explosions? Blowingthings up withcannons? Plunder of coins? We have it all! There aretons of shipsout there in the ocean! Challenge them, plunder whatyou need fromthem and make your ship bigger and stronger! The pathto becomingcoin master is through raids and explosions! ▣Attractivecharacters and various themes! For one, there's a cutelittle pinkdolphin that you will see around. It will defend yourship fromenemy attacks! Play more and find other companions too!Spin theslot! Get the treasure! Collect the coins and use them tobuildyour ship! Never stop the raid. More treasure! Morepleasure!Amazing pirate ships await! Steal the coins to upgradeyour shipand make it look awesome and worthy of a coin master! ▣Start youradventure and collect the treasure! No pirate wants tostay on itsship forever. It is a pirate’s instinct to explore andgo onadventures! Steer the wheel! Send your fleet to explorethemysterious island far away in the ocean. Make them explorethebeach! They shall return with great treasures! Open thetreasure!Coins, cards and more rewards await! Attack others withyourcannon! Take it all and YOU will become the KING pirate andthecoin MASTER! ▣ Free to play Pirate Master It’s FREE! You neednotpay anything to play Pirate Master! You do have the optiontopurchase items that will get you more coins and larger ships,butthis is completely optional. If you do not wish to purchasein-appitems, simply turn off in-app purchases in the settings! Allset! ▣Enjoying Pirate Master? Visit our fanpage and look outforEXCLUSIVE events for our followers! Don’t forget to leave5-star★★★★★ reviews and tell us what you like about PirateMaster!Experiencing any issues? Give us feedbackthrough We appreciate our users’feedback andwe promise we will put in all our effort to best assistyou withthe issue. * This application requires the followingpermissions *[Essential Access Permissions] - Read & modifycontents on SDcard [Optional Access Permissions] - Storage space /Phone /Address book: Required to store game data * How to set andrevokeaccess authority * - Android 6.0 or higher: DeviceSettings>Manage apps> Select app> Revoke access - UnderAndroid 6.0:You can revoke access by removing apps
Pirate Treasures New (Beta)
This is a new version of Pirate Treasures game! If currentversionof Pirate Treasures is running slow or incompatible withyourdevice, or you just want to check out the new version — feelfreeto install! This new version is in beta testing and workstogetheralong with the old one. You can have both versions side byside andchoose which one you like better. Pros: - You can playwhileoffline (no Internet connection required) - Improvedperformance -Enhanced graphics ... Cons: - Some levels are notpresented in thegame yet (we're constantly releasing new ones)[Game descrption]You are a young corsair, your aim is to become apirate. To makeyour dream come true, you must find real treasuresusing old maps.The game consists of different episodes. In eachepisode you have atreasure map. Follow it to the end and you willfind the pirate'streasure. The principle of this game is "match 3",which means youhave to switch two elements next to each other inorder to getthree or more similar gems in a row. At each level, youhave aspecific list of goals that need to be completed.Collecttreasures, compete with your friends and become a realpirate!
Raccoon's Adventure: The Pirate Island - Match 3 1.29
Adventures of the Raccoon: The Pirate Island - an exciting match3game! Help Raccoon find the treasure on the island of pirates!Inthe game, you need to swap jewels so that you can collect threeormore identical jewels in a row! Thus, you will destroyobstacles,collect bonuses and pass logical levels! Features:Classicaddictive gameplay! Great graphics and sound! Lots oflevels! Nolimits on life and time!
Pirate Treasures - Gems Puzzle
Welcome aboard, Captain! The crew is just waiting for your ordertoset sail, all ready to go off in search of countless treasuresandspectacular adventures! Look for ancient maps you can use tobeatfascinating match 3 levels and find unheard-of riches. Here'swhatyou can expect in Pirate Treasures: - Gorgeous graphics - Agreatsoundtrack and juicy sound effects - Your friends, who willtry tobeat you to the treasures - The match 3 gameplay you love-Thousands and thousands of engaging levels - A daring band ofseadogs as your crew - And TREASURES (obviously!) Cast off! Setsail!
Pirate Treasure Blast 1.5
Match 3 jewels and never stop getting tempted towards thiswonderfuladventure journey Pirate Treasure Blast is the mostvibrantaddictive brain jewels game ever! This game will let youthink aheadbefore you make any swap while you are playing thisendless jewelsgame. A simple yet cool game, pirate treasure blastprovides you agreat way to relieve from all the stress with itshours of fun andbrain tickling effect. Your only motive is toburst jewels. Stunninggraphics with a highly polished interfacepirate treasure blast is afree jewels game and it can be played byadults and teens. Yourwhole family can play it and they will enjoyit! an addictive jewelsand gems matching game with twisty gamingmechanics! Generate powerdiamonds for completing levels with easeChallenging puzzles withexciting and great game play What are youwaiting for? Download ourgame Now and Enjoy playing the bestjewels game ever!
Booty Quest - Match 3 - Pirate Treasure Game 1.35.0
Start playing Booty Quest today – a legendary puzzle game lovedbyplayers around the world. With over a thousand levels played,thissweet match 3 puzzle game is one of the most excitingadventuresaround! Switch, match and blast gems in this fun puzzleadventureto progress to the next level for that awesome winningfeeling!Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and berewardedwith glorious treasures and mountains of gold! Plan yourmoves bymatching 3 or more gems in a row, using boosters wisely inorder toovercome those extra puzzling puzzles! Blast the pearls andcollectamazing treasure across thousands of levels, guaranteed tobe yourgreatest adventure yet! Booty Quest features: THE GAME THATKEEPSYOU CRAVING MORE Hundreds of the best levels and puzzles ontheSeven Seas and with pirate races every day MANY WAYS TO WINREWARDSCheck back daily for amazing events to receive free rewards,andtake part in time-limited challenges to earn boosters to helpyoulevel up! VARIETY OF EXCITING CHALLENGES Awesome ways to play:Gamemodes including Pirate Race, Dig for Treasure, Dive for PearlsandDefend the Ship PLAY ALONE OR WITH FRIENDS Get to the top oftheleaderboard events and compare scores with friends andcompetitors!Levels range from easy to hard for all adults to enjoy– accessibleon-the-go, offline and online. It's easy to sync thegame betweendevices and unlock full game features when connected totheInternet or Wifi. Follow us to get news andupdates; Pirate Puzzle Blast iscompletelyfree to play but some optional in-game items will requirepayment.Have fun playing Pirate Puzzle Blast the best match 3puzzle gamearound! If you enjoy playing Pirate Puzzle Blast, youmay alsoenjoy its sister puzzle games; Crafty Candy and MysteryMatch!
Treasure Pharaoh Quest - Gems Match 1.0.1
Rest Studio
Treasure Pharaoh Quest - Gems Match, a super classic jeweltreasurepharaoh crush addictive match-3 type game with lotsofexcitement!THE STORY:Follow Archaeologists exploring theancientmysterious Egyptian pyramids.There are many dangers inPyramid,such as poisonous gas, magical mummies, and death.You needto avoidthese dangers to get more special jewels. Don't hesitate.Study themysterious treasure chest. There are ancient treasures inthechest, exploring the key to the unknown world.HOW TO PLAY:1.USEyour fingers: slide, switch and match 3 or more jewels torockpyramid world.2. You must have the sharpest mind. Learn tousespecial jewels or props.3. If you have any difficulties intrickylevels you can use power-ups.GO FOR THIS ADVENTURE:--Discover thesecrets of Rune gems and unlock the treasure.-- Embarkon pharaohpyramid match 3 journey with exploring fun.-- MysteriousEgyptworld, hundreds of well-designed free levels!-- Stunninggraphicswith a highly polished interface.If you really like thepuzzel 3game, also very love of pharaoh culture, let's start yourjourneyin Treasure Pharaoh Journey.Download now!
Jake The Pirates: Adventure 2.1.5
Jake the pirates is the best adventure game and themostinteresting. Lots of action and obstacles waiting for you inthisgame.destroy all opponents there with a pirate sword. Avoidanyobstacles to the equipment of the ship.Your mission jump andclimbon never land, find the Treasure! Complete all missionsandobstacles to reach the ship and go on a ghost island. Collectallthe gold you meet, and get the best score.GAME FEATURES :►Colorfulanimation on your phone and tablet► Collect a map and findthetreasure of pirates along with Jake► Easy gameplay foreveryone►Wonderful design and beautiful pirate world► Nice soundand grapich
Pirate Treasure Sea Hunt & Transport Adventure 1.0
Hail to our Pirate captains to start epic quests! Warships arereadyto battle your voyage troop & loot out your treasure byroyalecops. Aye! Its time for facing pirates enemies & destroytheirgunships to steal treasures from powers of the Caribbean sea.Withthis traditional era vessels .. cross seas to conquermightycorsairs … i.e. passenger ship simulator .. which are fullofjewels. Just fire the cannon balls in this action game,andcomplete transporter duty to hide stealth cargo. Beware ofothersea rovers in this pirate war game. Storyline of PirateTreasureHunt in Caribbean Sea … be fearless captain who is ready tobattletides to raid mighty corsair in ultimate battle Sail yourpirateship from coast bay of a beautiful island to find richpassengerships or cargo tycoon .. who are in the middle of dark& deepocean with lots of jewels & gold. With this … usefeatures of ashooting game & make big wooden boat to turn intopieces orplanks. Then start floating your boat simulator withrowing .. andcollect treasure boxes or other valuable cargo foryour captain. Inthis way, complete this sailing mania to completerobbery of watertrade in Pacific area & end different terroristmissions inwarzone. Rrrr… Start sailing in depths of ocean toconquer allpearls & gold for your king of terror in empire onCaribbeanwater … prepare for raids & ransoms Now in thissailing game now rich pirates have gold and pearls in theirtrunks! Sail yourship simulator across sea for treasure transport.In the same wayattack enemies with luxury ships & royaltreasury ♚ .. and turntheir floating vessels into wreckage in thisold aged targetkilling game. Just follow the winds .. sea tides& your map todiscover or conquer glitters of your targets tobecome king ofdarkness just in this …. Pirate Treasure SeaTransport & BattleSim. Just use strategy skills to completeyour battles in the midof sea simulation. ⚔ Ultimate features ofthis Pirate game:☠ Facingenemies in old naval battles with heavymortars☠ Wooden Warshipswith full steel weapons & ammo☠ Bigsteering wheel of hugevessel & survival combat equipment☠Time-based levels ☠Challenging sea route to stop trading ☠ Shootingtasks &transporting plan to fulfill captains plan with help ofmap escape☠Old transporter ship in the middle of earth☠ Invader inwater &cargo transport after classic wars☠ Epic 3D graphics tostart greattalesPartake in the tale … Add joy to trip & fantasyto yourlist of summer vacations enjoyment in 2017. Start yourvoyage inblue oceans in this 3D game full of excitement for ourhuntinglovers. Yes hunt man down & through them in a corner ofzonefor dead to loot cash.
Temple Jewellery 1.5
Temple Jewellery, New and improved match 3 puzzle game launchedonandroid market. Match and quest treasure gems jewels indazzlingcombinations in this jewels journey! This sparklingpuzzleadventure will instantly sate your wanderlust and cravingfortemple jewel. You must quest real treasures using old maps inthisjewels Kingdom. To be jewelry king. How to play: - in eachlevel,list of goals that need to be completed. - match 3 moreidenticaljewels quickly and swap colorful jewels. - learn to usespecialeffects jewels. the sharpest brain puzzle game. - if youhave anydifficulties passing a level you can use helpful props. -try yourbest to make super combinations with super match! - lessmoves,more stars, higher scores! crush all jewels! - try to get allstarsin each level, become jewels legend. Features: - completelyfree. -exquisite gameplay, Best experience, graphics and puzzles. -brainpuzzle game in simple rule, easy to play, hard to master. -variousmission puzzles levels waiting for your adventuring. - brainpuzzlegame with simple rule - no play limit such as heart, play asmuchas you can! - can play even without network! - game file is aslowas 20M, light-weight download! - supports tablet screen Embarkonthis temple jewellery adventure, matching_three and switchingyourway to the kingdom through addictive match gameplay.Downloadtemple jewellery, rate this game and send your feedback,help us toimprove this jewels game!
Jewel Bay 1.5
3-in-a –row fantastic game with cool boosters! Enjoyeye-catchinggraphics and colorful gameplay! Epic adventures awaityou in thelands of Hobbits, Vikings, Cheese and beyond. Travel withfriendsand discover ALL treasures of the Worlds!Take on thispuzzleadventure alone or play with friends to see who can get thehighestscore!Jewel Bay Features:- Lovable heroes- Bright andcolorfulgraphics- Pirate Music- 59 fantastic worlds- Play throughhundredsof unforgettable levels- Leaderboards to watch your friendsandcompetitors!Already a fan of Jewel Bay? Then like us and followonsocial networks for the latest news.Jewel Bay is completely freetoplay but some in-game items such as extra moves or liveswillrequire payment. Hugs and a big Thank You goes out to everyonewhohas played Jewel Bay!
Pirate Match 1.2
pirate matchdownload and join us on an epic adventures ofmatch3Play through level after level in arcade mode where witheachcompleted level the difficulty increases. As you progressfurther,you will travel through a series of different piratethemedenvironments and adventures.You can also play in classic modewithpotentially unlimited game play as you make as many matchesofthree as possible. The concept is simple, slide a piece intoaposition where it makes a set of three or more of the same, anditwill destroy the block behind. - Nice pirates! Masterthedifficulties making super combinations with gems!- Lots ofbonusesand daily rewards will help you to solve all puzzles andcollectall diamonds-jewels.- You can play offline!- It’s absolutelyfreematch 3 game, but you can buy some additional moves or othergamefeatures.
Angry Bob Adventure 1.351
Many years ago, great and greedy magician decided to get rich.Hefound a treasure map, but these treasures were hidden at thebottomof the sea. The magician has decided to create a monsterwhich willobey him and would get the treasure from the bottom. Hespent theritual and created the Angry Bob. Bob was very strong,brave,quick, he loved gold and he was able to do a double jump.Bobglanced at the treasure map and went to search for them.Soadventure begins. Features: - Realistic 3D graphics withdynamicshadows, smooth animation and HD textures. - Simple andconvenientcontrolling. - Realistic physics of running, jumping,theunderwater world. - Sly levels with a variety of enemiesandobstacles. - Realistic sounds. - Platformer with a story. -Neworiginal levels will be constantly adding in additions .
Pirate Ship Shooting Race 3.58
Ahoy captain pirate! Raise the black flag, grab steering wheelandsail across the ocean with your favorite ship! Are you readytosteal gold, discover new lands, fight enemies in a furiousshipbattles and conquer the ocean? If yes, then don’t wait andjumpinto your favorite pirate battleship: Red Beard, Black Flag,BlackPearl or Golden Queen and use your steering wheel to sailacrossthe tropical Caribbean sea! So get ready for the challengingwaterrace and thrilling ship battles! Let’s attack yourenemies!Argh!Get ready for the tropical Caribbean sea adventure andwild shipbattles. ◆ GRAB steering wheel and navigate your favoritevessel:Red Beard, Black Flag, Black Pearl or Golden Queen: ~ RedBeardship seeks for a gold and treasure. It has red and yellowcolors onit. If you are the real captain looking for the riches,that’s theship for you! ~ Black Flag is a traditional piratebattleshipdecorated with skulls and bones. Only the real piratescan crossthe sea with this ship and fight against its enemies. ~Black Pearlis a haunting sea horror navigated by the ghost worldcaptainpirate. Swim with this battleship and threaten everyone onyourseaway. ~ Golden Queen ship is an explorer’s ship with yellowandblue colors and eagle symbol on it. Prepare for the mostamazingsea adventure! Sail this ship and discover new lands! ◆ GETREADYto be a captain! Fight in the battleship and defeat enemies!Stealtheir treasure and gold! ◆ ATTACK the giant kraken, angryparrotsor wild monkeys and fight with a huge predatory fishes. ◆DEFENDyour vessel from Mad Monkey Island attacks and from MistyIslandshamans who can cast spell on you! ◆ AVOID exploding mines,RUNAWAY from a dangerous tsunami wave and bomb various obstacles.◆CONTROL steering wheel of your ship and sail across thewildCaribbean sea, improve sailing skills and master ship battles.◆Use GO button to swim forward, ARROWS to move target and BOMBtoattack enemies. ◆ PERFORM stunts and flips while having thiswildCaribbean sea adventure. ◆ SAIL in the tropical Caribbean sea,DIVEinto the ocean depths and explore Misty island caves. ◆ PREPAREtoswim in different weather when sun is shining, raining orlightningstrikes. ◆ COLLECT treasure chest to win more gold andsteal thetreasure or a giant pearl from the sea depths. ◆ COLLECThealthbottles to keep you alive during the ship battles. ◆ENJOYrealistic, physics-based ship racing and fighting experience.◆COMPLETE 12 adventurous pirate vessel racing levels, win coinsandunlock new ships! ◆ RACE in this pirate vessel game andSTIMULATEyour reaction, DEVELOP hand-eye coordination andself-control andIMPROVE problem solving, quick decision making andflexiblethinking skills. ◆ ENJOY colorful game graphics, animatedgamecharacters, great sound effects, realistic voice-overs andPiratestyle music. Don't walk the plank! Play this game to becomeone ofthe greatest captain pirates! Grab steering wheel of yourship,steal gold or treasure chests, fight enemies and sail into thewildocean! This is the best pirate ship racing game for familiesthatlike to swim in the wild Caribbean sea, loves thrillingbattleshipcombats and challenging game levels! So raise the blackflag andswim! NOTICE: This tropical island sea adventure game forfamiliesis completely free to play, but the game also offersin-apppurchases. ~~~~~~ABOUT TINY LAB~~~~~~ Tiny Lab Kids is apublisherand developer of innovative, high-quality and free-to-playmobilegames designed for families. Company is famous for itsleadinggames series Fun Kid Racing. Search “Tiny Lab Productions”on theapp store and discover even more fun racing games! Get thelatestgames news and special offers at....WEBSITE:
Sea Pirate: Match-3
4Enjoy Game
You will join to the adventures of thepiratethe Black beard. He is looking for the lost treasures inallcorners of the earth. You and the pirate should become thebesttreasure hunters. You should find the pearls of the Edward,thecrown of the king Arthur and other costly treasures.You will visit a lot of islands to find the treasures.ExploreHawaii, Bora Bora, Japan, Caribbean islands, Bali. Eachisland hastraps and mysterious obstacles.During all your adventures you will have an opponent. Her nameispirate the Green eye. She will compete with you to becomethefamous pirate in the world. You should find the treasuresfasterthan your opponent, to become the most famous hunter.You may invite your friends to play together and to findthetreasures faster. If you have better scores, than your friends,youwill get the winner cup.Enjoy the game. Your journey is starting now!
Pirate Treasure: Match 3 1.0.3
Pirate Treasure takes you to the Golden Age of Piracy and asanotherswashbuckling buccaneer out for adventures on the high seastryingto gain your fortune. Play through level after level inarcade modewhere with each completed level the difficultyincreases. As youprogress further, you will travel through aseries of differentpirate themed environments and adventures.Youcan also play inclassic mode with potentially unlimited game playas you make asmany matches of three as possible. The concept issimple, slide apiece into a position where it makes a set of threeor more of thesame, and it will destroy the block behind. Onceyou've successfullycleared all the blocks, a star will come in atthe top of thescreen, and you must work it down to finish thelevel. While youattempt to do all this the time also slowly ticksdown so workquickly! How well you perform will directly decide thenumber ofstars you get for the level.Come back after you've beatenthe gameto try to three-star each and every level. All of thesefeaturesplus the vivid HD graphics make for an awesome game playexperiencethat you should download today!Enjoy!
Pirate Hero Treasure 1.1
Panda Box
pirate hero treasureThe principle of this game is "match 3",whichmeans you have to switch two elements next to each other inorderto get three or more similar gems in a row. At each level, youhavea specific list of goals that need to be completed.★ why youwilllove Pirate Hero Treasure ★• be the bestCrush your friendsforgreat prizes!• play anywherePlay on your mobile or tablet, andyourleaderboards, friends and competition rank will stay insync!•amazing funWith magic powers and incredible boosts, you’llbeaddicted from the first tap!Stay tuned for fast, excitingandchallenging features.- Improved performance-EnhancedgraphicsCollect treasures, compete with your friends andbecome areal pirate!
Treasure Bubble Pop 2.3
Get ready for an unforgettable puzzle adventure! Play forFREETreasure Bubble Shooter game, Shoot and Pop all the bubbles,rescuethe treasure and gain golden coins. Blast all the balloonstounlock more fun levels and discover a cave full of gems,jewels,diamonds, and gold nuggets! Fans of puzzle games willdefinitelyenjoy this addictive balloon popping adventure. Don’tmiss out thiscrazy bubble shooter popping fun! Join the fun, digfor the goldtreasure box, drop colorful balls, and collect amazinggifts. Thisis a fun game, completely free, and totally awesome.DISCOVER FUNPUZZLES * Blast and explode bubbles in this cool bubbleshootergame. * Win awesome boosters and prizes. * Solve all thedifferentpuzzles. * Drop and smash all bubbles and balls to clearthe board.* Sharpen your color-matching skills. PLAY & WIN! *Explorethousands of amazing arcade filled with bubble packedpuzzles andmissions. * Tap on the screen to shoot the balloons. *Smashbubbles to rescue the hidden treasure and win prizes! *Exerciseyour brain with plenty of fun brain teasers. * Reach theleveltarget and win big. BOOST YOUR GAME! 💣 Drop 10 balloons in asingleshot to get a bomb that will take out the surroundingbubbles. 🔥Pop 7 bubbles in a row to get a fireball that will cutthrough apass. Put your strategy skills to the test! Competeagainst friendsand family and see who can reach the highest scoreand get threestars on every level. Earn coins while you play anduse them to getcool boosters. Use your logic and puzzle solvingskills to completethe fun game missions and clear the board.Immerse yourself in thethrilling world of the bubbles, explorethousands of remarkablelevels and overcome the obstacles to win. Inyour journey, you willencounter plenty of colored bubbles packedwith puzzles, so popyour way up to victory and clear all levelsusing some powerfulboosters. Be Aware: Once you start poppingbubbles, you just can’tstop! All rights of Bubble Shooter™ areowned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd
Pirate's Gold Match 3 1.1
Dive into the new match-3 smashing fun pirate game, swap itemsandwin levels! Pirate’s Gold Match 3 is an awesome online match3puzzle game, set along the beautiful beach and featuring somecoolgraphics and items. Discover precious jewels, skulls andbones,pirate treasure and coins. Explore the enchanting world ofpiratesand try to find the lost pirate jewels.Take a break duringthe dayand make lines of at least 3 figures in this relaxing andfunonline puzzle game. Play through hundreds of levels andcollectdifferent rewards. Download for free today and join this funpiratematch 3 adventure! Match the pirate pieces and crush linestocomplete levels in this match 3 free game. Play this new match3game today, and experience hours of endless fun!Enjoy hundredsofadventurous levels filled with exciting items, boosters,surprises,puzzles and challenges. Explore a ship full of match 3puzzles,create your own pirate treasure map and advance throughamazingworlds, while collecting shiny pirate jewels. Complete themissionsthat are set at the beginning of each level and useuniquepower-ups that will help you overcome the differentchallenges -it’s one of the best matching games you’ll everencounter!HOW TOPLAY * Move and match 3 or more pieces the samekind to blast andwin points. * Earn and unlock awesome boostersthat will help youget through difficult levels. * Try to use fewermoves to reachhigh scores.* Travel through hundreds of awesomelevels and solveall the fun puzzles.* Clear the board and advancealong the piratemap! * Improve your matching skills and enjoy asmooth and mostaddicting gameplay. * Achieve level target withinlimited moves. **Create massive sea explosions and win points:**-Match 4 pirateitems to get a striped figure of this color andcreate a lineblast.- Match 5 items in an L or T form to get apowerful piratebomb that will explode all items around it. - Match5 items in arow to get a special colorful bomb that can burst allitems withthe same color, and will create a pirate crush!- Connect2 specialboosters to create even greater explosions! Play today thefun andaddictive Pirate’s Gold Match 3 game, complete the missionsandfind the hidden pirate treasure! Create lines of at least 3itemsin this challenging and fun online puzzle game. Playthroughhundreds of levels and collect prizes. Play this incrediblepiratematch 3 online puzzle game for free, and discoverincredibleadventure anytime you wish to play - no WiFi required.Jump rightinto the new match-3 adventure, match the treasurepieces, andcomplete levels. Download this cool game today and enjoyfun piratesails with incredible graphics and shiny pirate jewels.Join thepirates in their enchanting hunt, and match items to findhiddentreasures. Don’t wait any longer to join this fun match-3piratecrush adventure!
Pirate Treasure Classic 1.3
pirate treasure classic Once you start, you can't stop! Youwouldneed to show your best strategy to be able to pass through allthispuzzle. Make awesome combos by matching more than 3 jewels inonlyone move!! Make as many combos as possible to pass fasterthroughlevels. The more matches you make, the more stars you fill.Thegame starts easy but it gets more difficult level by level.Onceyou start, you can't stop! Features: • Hunt no tales but writeyourown pirates story • Solve puzzle games with free match 3 gems•Mash with jewel in pirate treasure • Invite Facebook friendstojoin you playing pirate games • Solve mysteries in match 3gamepuzzles • Challenging levels and addictive gameplay
Bingo Treasure Quest - Paradise Island Riches 1.48
While on holiday to Paradise Island, you find an ancientlookingtreasure map! As you play bingo, you’ll explore the beaches,jungleand other amazing locations on a quest to find the richeshidden onthe island. OVER 75 LEVELS OF PARADISE ISLAND FUN! JourneythroughParadise Island and hunt for treasure in custom designed,stunningmaps that’ll make you feel like you’re on holiday! Meet awholebunch of new friends to play bingo on your island quest. Withover75 levels – and more added each month – there’s no end to thefunyou can have playing our hottest new bingo game! UNLOCKSTUNNINGTREASURE ISLAND ARTWORK Play bingo and collect puzzlepieces tounlock HD artwork showcasing the best of Paradise Island.Use theartwork as a HD phone background, save to your gallery,share withfriends and more – it’s yours to keep! From pirate shipsto secretcoves, can you collect them all? SPIN THE TIKI WHEEL OFTREASURESThe tribe living on Paradise Island has a magical wheel,guaranteedto give you treasure every 24 hours! Come and spin thewheel everyday to receive a free gift to help you on your bingoquest. Receiveextra daubers, coins, keys and more – make sure tovisit everyday!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------BINGOTREASURE QUEST -HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------★Fun, free bingo game for all ages ★ Play through 80+ levels ofbingoon Paradise Island ★ More exciting maps added every month ★Explorea stunning world full of sandy beaches, jungles, forestsand more! ★Unlock beautiful HD artwork of pirate ships, treasurecoves and more★ Spin the Tiki Wheel of Treasure every 24 hours fora free gift ★Collect free coins and use them to buy power ups tohelp on yourbingo journey ★ Use your keys to unlock treasurechests at the endof each level – what could they contain? ★ Changethe bingo callerspeed to suit your playing style ★ Play BingoTreasure Quest offline– no internet connection required! Transportyourself to an idyllicisland and hunt for treasure hidden bypirates long ago. Explorelong, sandy beaches and other stunninglocations – with more mapsadded regularly, why play anywhereelse?! CAN YOU FIND THE TREASUREON PARADISE ISLAND? FIND OUTTODAY!
Treasure Hunt Cleopatra 1.5
Join Cleopatra for the best puzzle & start winning pyramidsoftreasure! Start your diamonds and jewels ancient treasurecrushstory now! Enjoy a variety of mysterious levels; each levelhas adifferent and dedicated set of game rules such as limitedmoves,time and much more! Match 3 or more jewels and earnincrediblelightnings to crush stunning ancient totems a trophies.TopFeatures: - This diamonds Cleopatra game is completely free! -Thegame becomes more mysterious and addictive as you go on. - Whenyouare stuck, wait for a hint to help you. - Easy to play butachallenge to master! - Designed for all ages. - Amazingspecialeffects. - Beautiful golden totems, jewels and Egyptiantrophiesvisuals
Mahjong World Adventure - The Treasure Trails 1.0.27
Ready for the most epic treasure hunt ever?! Go on anadventurearound the world and explore the famous treasure trails –anexciting route full of rare artifacts – as you play over 80levelsof mahjong. With more levels added every week, the fun neverstops!Hunt for treasures hidden throughout the worlds, unlockamazing HDartwork and meet lots of interesting characters as youplay mahjongand travel the world on the treasure trails! ★ Fun,Relaxing &Casual Mahjong Our mahjong games are perfect forplayers of allskill levels! Each puzzle is fun, relaxing and alwayssolvable – noneed to worry about making a wrong move and creatingan impossiblesituation. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the game.Remember, ifyou need a hand, just tap on the hint button! ★ Hunt& CraftRare Treasures On your treasure hunt around the world,you’ll havethe chance to collect crafting tiles as you playmahjong. Collectall the crafting tiles for an item and you’llunlock that piece ofrare treasure! Keep the treasure or sell it forthousands andthousands of gold coins! When you complete a mahjongsolitairepuzzle, you have the chance to open between 1 and 3mysterytreasure chest, giving you the chance to find even more coolstuffto keep orsell!---------------------------------------------------------------------MAHJONGTREASURE TRAILS -HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------------------------⦁Classic mahjong solitaire rules with a knights & dragonstwist ⦁Easy to understand gameplay suitable for all ages ⦁ Helpfulhintsare always available when you need them ⦁ Match tiles on anepicjourney with over 80 levels ⦁ More maps, features & levelsaddedevery month! ⦁ Normal and expert modes for the skilledmahjongsolitaire player ⦁ Bonus levels with various ways to play ⦁CollectTreasure Trails artwork, save & use as a HD background⦁Complete dark dungeon levels in each map to earn HUGE rewards ⦁Freedaily rewards & coins for active players ⦁ Each level usesitsown uniquely themed tile sets ⦁ Replay each level as many timesasyou like to earn more coins ⦁ Earn coins to unlock moreexcitingmahjong boards ⦁ Play offline – no wifineeded!--------------------------------------------------------------------YOURTREASURE HUNTADVENTURE…--------------------------------------------------------------------Land1 – Ancient Mystery Exploring old ruins, you find anancienttreasure map. Still in tact, it’s written in a strangelanguage youdon’t understand. Land 2 – Eastern Adventure Adventureto landsfar, far away and locate the mysterious man who is rumouredtounderstand the language of the treasure map. Land 3 – Treasuresofthe World With a translation of the map, you embark onyourtreasure trails adventure around the world, finding amazingitemsand meeting fun people along the way! Land 4 – Paradise IslandXmarks the spot, right? Can you find the chest of goldburiedbeneath Paradise Island? More Lands Coming Soon… We’reconstantlyadding exciting new maps each month, so keep checkingback for moremahjong fun! START YOUR TREASURE HUNT TODAY– DOWNLOADMAHJONG WORLDADVENTURE!
Jewels Jungle Treasure : Match 3 Puzzle 1.6.8
Return to the classic elimination game, with endless levels,easyentertainment, and a stand-alone essential. More than1900well-designed levels and hundreds of different ways ofgameplay.Rich rewards, smooth elimination, bring you a new gameexperience.Retro style, concise list of levels, can't stop once itstarts.Simple operation, everyone can quickly grasp the secrets ofthegame and enjoy the fun of breakthrough. * ClassicEliminationCombining different numbers of elements can producepowerfulelimination effects, * Various gameplay Each obstacle hasdifferentgameplay, more interesting gameplay is waiting for you todiscover.* Rich rewards The props have unexpected effects in thegame. Getfree props to help you pass the level smoothly. *Exquisite styleSmooth game experience, retro graphics, take youinto themysterious temple to explore the treasure. * easy tounderstand Usethe fewest steps to get higher scores and more stars,suitable foreveryone. Join us right now! Unlimited fun in the JewelJungleTreasure!
Pirate Treasure Tropical Blast 8.300.9
Go Vuzzle
☀ ⚓ ☀ Pirate Treasure: Tropical Blast ☀ ⚓ ☀Welcome littlefortunehunter. Welcome to the tropical trip through the jewel gamesduringthis pirate treasure hunt. Are you hungry as pirates andbebrilliant as kings? You might get into an addictive tropicalblastwhile surviving in this match 3 puzzle adventure. Onlythebrightest fortune hunter stars will be noticed as kings. Areyouhungry enough to reach the pirate treasure? Achieve millionsandwin all jewel games on your way!Pirate Treasure:TropicalBlastJewel games for kings and pirates that want to becomethestars during this tropical trip. What is so cool about thistropicmatch 3 puzzle adventure?Amazing, Beautiful and ColorfulTropicalIslandThe world map is colorful and full of stars andhiddenjewels. Can you enjoy the tropic millions of jewels and stayhungryenough to play addictive jewel games?Match 3 PuzzleAdventureChallengesMany, many levels to enjoy with their ownchallenge. Bebrilliant and hungry enough to win all tropicchallenges with atropical blast.Friends from FacebookConnect yourgame with Facebookand win from friends. Become the kings of thistropical island andachieve all jewels and stars available together.Send free giftsand win against the pirates in this pirate treasurehunt!SummerFeelingsThe summer is coming with a tropical blast.Enjoy theaddictive match 3 puzzle adventures during your travelthrough thetropical island of the pirates. So sunny and warm!How toplay:Lotsof jewel games and millions of jewels are waiting for thenewkings. You as fortune hunter can be brilliant enough to winalljewels and help the hungry pirates with achieving theirpiratetreasure hunt.You need to match 3 puzzle adventure jewels ina rowor column, and can even match more to gain even bigger bonusesandeffects. Boosters can help you in this very addictive puzzlegame.Use bombs to gain more stars and become the best fortunehunterthat has been playing in the last time. Win the piratetreasurehunt with amazing and very addictive gameplay!Help us byratingPirate Treasure Tropical Blast with a lot of stars. You canalsofollow us on Facebook:
Light Pirates: Sea Battles 1.1.0
Light Pirates is simple and fun endless arcade game withshipbattles, boarding enemy and treasure hunt. The life of a pirateisnot easy, you must catch as many ships as possible and fightthemduring boarding. * Endless game* Sail on the sea and huntships. *Infinite randomly generated map* Fight in ship battles toweakenenemies* Get points and gold for every hunted ship* Duringthe gamestronger and stronger opponents will appear* Collectbonuses thatincrease your skills. * Look for treasure, but watchout for theisland can be as dangerous as the sea.* Completedifferent tasks.*Buy better ships and collect more points.* Competewith otherplayers on Google PlayPoweredbylibgdx:
Treasure Puzzle Egypt Pyramid 1.4
treasure puzzle egypt pyramid One of the best Egyptian games.appearin ancient Egypt!Enter the Great Pyramid of Giza, explorethe tombsin the valley of the kings and find the lost treasure.Can youescape Egypt pyramid? Explore the ancient ruins of theLibrary ofAlexandria to find the maps of secret passages andtombs. features:- free match 3 puzzle game - enormous amount ofunique levels -beautiful empire with colorful surrounding - match3 or more jewelsin the jewel world - classic matching puzzle gamewith a twist -ancient Egypt jewel world full of jewels and gems -pyramidadventure with Egypt games Play this ancient Egypt game andhavefun!
Jeweled Pop Treasure Hunt 1.4
jeweled pop treasure huntJeweled Pop Treasure Hunt with gameplaysimilar to toy crush and brings brand new game experiencetoclassic jewel games.To achieve high scores, Jewel cubegamerequires strategic thinking. You have to think ahead, and usethepower-ups wisely!Click on any 2 adjacent cubes of thesame.Achievetarget before use all the blocks.Try to clear allblock,creat blockrush maniaThe more cubes get crushed each move,the higher scoreyou will get.
Pirate Treasure Crush - Match 3 Puzzle Game 9.200.5
Aye, mateys! Like playing pirate games? Let’s mash and playpuzzlegame mysteries to find real caribbean jewel. Play with freematch 3gems to unravel the secrets of pirates in PirateTreasureCrush!This classic matching puzzle game is easy for allevery age.Hunt no tales, but solve puzzle games to write your ownstory.Invite your Facebook friends if you want to and mashtogether! NoCaribbean jewel is save for pirates in this pirategame. Survivewith free match 3 gems and play the addictive andchallenginglevels of Pirate Treasure Crush. Features:• Hunt notales but writeyour own pirates story• Solve puzzle games with freematch 3 gems•Mash with Caribbean jewel in pirate treasure crush•Invite Facebookfriends to join you playing pirate games• Solvemysteries in match3 game puzzles• Challenging levels and addictivegameplayGive ussome love by rating pirate treasure crush, so we cankeep theupdates coming. You may follow us on thesesocialmedia:
100 DAYS - Zombie Survival 3.0.2
■ Survival mode unlocked! ■ New items, stages and zombies!■Adjusted difficulty level. ■ Synopsis Once an ordinary man,Peteris left to survive in midst of a zombie apocalypse. As hefightsagainst them, his strength and skill grows. Your job issimple -survive. ■ Features Kill zombies and collect Gold toupgradeteammates and various installations - to kill more zombies!Simplytap to fire your gun. Your tapping speed determines thefiringspeed. Hire teammates to increase chance of survival in thisworldof despair. Experience this simple, yet strategic game! ■ InfoYoucan use auto-fire when you reach a certain level. There arevariousskills that can save you from critical situation. Everyteammatehas different weapons, with unique attributes. Kill zombiesforGold. Use the Gold to upgrade teammates and maintain thecamp.Offensive or deffensive? It all depends on your choice. Asdayspass zombies become stronger, and they will become evenmorepowerful during night time. Collect various inventory itemsforadditional strength. It's a good idea to check the type ofitemeach Boss yields. Mine is a very powerful weapon withdevastatingdamage. When barricade is breached, zombies can attackyourteammates. Nuke will restart the game, but you'll keepinventoryitems. When you have an inventory item, obtain anotheridenticalitem to upgrade it. If the game is too hard, try againfrom thestart with your inventory items by using Nuke. There's amassiveLast Boss waiting for you. ■ This game saves player data indevice.Deleting the app will terminate all save data.
Forgotten Treasure 2 - Match 3
Join us on an epic adventures of 3 in a row matches by puzzlingyourway around, crushing gems, swapping them and building your wayup tosecret treasures. This adventures puzzle will award you withamazingcombos, treasures and many more for those willing to joinus on thisadventure. Try and connect 3 or more gems in a line andgreatrewards will await you, pop every matching colour you see,swapothers around and level up as you go. But remember not to takethispuzzle matching game lightly, obstacles will need to beovercomeonly by true challenge seekers. Experience the world ofForgottenTreasure 2: - Play without internet and free of charge -Enjoyexcellent graphics and sound effects - A lot of gems to crushandtreasures to find - Enjoy every minute of gameplay withoutboredom -Various power-ups and combination of crystals - More than2500levels - Easy and fun to play - Hit epic combos withintelligentcombinations - Tease your brain with some moredifficult puzzlesWhat are you waiting for? Enjoy this adventurewhere treasurehunters are greatly rewarded and adventure seekershighly satisfied.
Temple Hunt Match 3 1.6
temple hunt match 3 temple adventure journey swap blastlosttreasure temple hunt match 3 is an addictive anddeliciousadventure filled with colorful gem crunching effects andwelldesigned puzzles for you to play in subway time! With crystalstylejewels to smash and eliminate in each level, temple gems istwicethe fun but familiar to play. So let's get started to crushthelegend now! game features: * diamond temple quest is FREE toplaywith 900+ amazing levels * many levels of different diamondtemplejewels Challenges * suitable for all ages to enjoy the gameandmatch 3 diamonds or more of the same color * beautiful graphicsandboost up effect ( mega bombs, lightning, blocks, and many more).*amazing music and game sounds for different challenges andgamematches This sparkling puzzle adventure will instantly sateyourwanderlust and craving for diamonds treasure.
Pirate Treasure Puzzle 1.4
pirate treasure puzzle Set sail on an epic adventure in theultimatematch 3 Take on this fearsome journey alone, or play withyer matesto increase yer haul. Matching 3 jewels to get themexplode wasnever this fun. There are multiple levels, obstacles,jewels, bestmatching 3 action in a world of pirates. You wouldneed to show yourbest strategy to be able to pass through all thispuzzle. - Lots ofinteresting puzzles! - Nice pirates! Master thedifficulties makingsuper combinations with gems! - Lots of bonusesand daily rewardswill help you to solve all puzzles and collectall diamonds-jewels.There are loads of ways to play, with newcontent added regularly,so step aboard and hunt down the treasure!