Top 49 Apps Similar to Digital photo frame player

Use BAND PIX to snap, edit, create memes, and impress friendswithyour creations! Share them instantly to BAND, Facebook,orinstagram and get more 'Likes' than ever. #Snap Long presstheshutter button for animated GIFs #Create Create a meme, addsomestickers, and let the hilarious picture competition begin!Tired ofexplaining? A simple doodle can save your day. #EditCombinemultiple photos into an awesome collage. A selection of 20filtersawaits you that will change the look and feel of your photo.Editlike a pro. White balance, Brightness, Saturation, and more.Needto pixelate part of your photo? Simply add a mosaic effect withatouch. #Share Share the result instantly to BAND,Facebook,Instagram, and more. We value your feedback! Send usanysuggestions or bug reports so we can make BAND PIX evenbetter.Email: [email protected]
Collage Maker - photo collage & photo editor 1.196.67
InShot Inc.
Just select several pictures, Photo Collage Maker & Editorwillinstantly remix them into cool photo collage. You can picklayoutyou like best, edit collage with filter, sticker, frame, textandmuch more. It’s completely free! Features: ● Combine up to18photos to create pic collage. ● 100+ Layouts of photo framesorgrids to choose from! ● Large number of Background, Sticker,Font,and doodle to choose from! ● Change ratio of collage andeditborder of collage. ● Make photo collage with Free style orGridstyle. ● Crop pictures and edit photo with Filter, Text. ●Instasquare photo with blur background for Instagram. ● Save photoinhigh resolution and share pictures to Instagram,Facebook,Whatsapp, Line, etc. 📷 Photo Frames Photo in templates ismuchtrendy nowadays. Tons of photo frames and effects make yourmomentstunning, like love photo frames, anniversary, holiday &babyphoto frames... 📷 Grid Create photo collage with hundredsoflayouts in seconds. Custom photo grid size, border andbackground,you can design layout on your own! So easy to make abeautifulphoto collage. 📷 Edit All-in-one photo editor provides abunch ofediting tools: crop picture, apply filter to picture, addstickerand text to image, draw on image with doodle tool, flip,rotate...📷 Freestyle Select beautiful background with full screenratio tocreate a scrapbook. You can decorate with pictures,stickers,texts, doodles, and share your scrapbook to InstagramStories andSnapchat Stories. 📷 Multi-fit Insta square photo in ablurbackground or white to fit for Instagram. You canchooseInstagram’s 1:1, 4:5 ratio or other ratios to square. Easilypostentire photo on Instagram with no crop. You can even square upto10 photos at one time. Photo Collage Maker & Editor is thebestphoto collage maker, pic stitch and photo editor for Instagramandprinting. If you have any problems or suggestions, feel free toletus know. Email: [email protected]
Geulgram - Text on Photo, quote maker 2.6.2
Geulgram is a writing app on photo Geulgram is anoptimizedapplication that makes a variety of photo captions such asquote,emotional, love, greeting, and cheer. Geulgram features :*Geulgramprovide beautiful photos that match your writing. You canfindbeautiful high quality photos that match my writing and usethem asa background. You can also write on your photos. * Geulgramis aperfectly built with good design and user experience. *Geulgramprovide 66+ amazing fonts. You can use free fonts withoutanyrestrictions. * You can add your own signature It also freefeaturewithout any restrictions. Not App WaterMark! * You can addmultiplestyles of date text. All of these features are free.VisitInstagram :
Flip Image - Mirror Image (Rotate Images) 4.1.5
With this app , you can flip(mirror) an image verticallyorhorizontally. In many phones, when you take a selfie usingyourdefault camera, the picture come without mirroring and you maynothave any option in settings. So for just mirroring yourselfies,you don't have to download big photo editing apps. Flipmultipleimages , Batch image flipping -PRO Feature You can flipimageVertically and Horizontally Also you can Rotate images. Note:Thisapp will not be able to process large images, since itsnotreducing image quality. So if you try to edit an image oflargesize, the app may not work. The app keeps the quality of theimage.
SNOW - Beauty & makeup camera 7.9.4
SNOW, Inc.
SNOW is a camera app used by over 200 million people aroundtheworld. - Find your favorite version of yourself by creatingandsaving custom beauty effects. - Take profile-worthy selfieswithstylish AR makeup features. - Explore thousands of stickerswithupdates every day. - Don't miss exclusive seasonal filters thataddcolor to your daily life. - Professional photo edits with justafew taps. See what's new in SNOW • OfficialFacebook: • OfficialInstagram: • Promotion &PartnershipInquiries: [email protected] Face TechnologybySenseTime Image Segmentation Technology by NALBI.IncPermissionDetails : • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : To save photos•READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : To load photos • RECEIVE_SMS :Toautomatically input verification code received via SMS•READ_PHONE_STATE : To automatically input country codeswhilesigning up • RECORD_AUDIO : To record sound • GET_ACCOUNTS :Toautomatically input email address while signing up •READ_CONTACTS: To find friends from contacts •ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : To loadlocation-based filters • CAMERA :To capture photos or videos •SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW : To display alertmessages
Collage Maker - Photo Editor & Photo Collage
InShot Inc.
Just select several pictures, Photo Collage Maker &Editorinstantly remix them into cool photo collage. You can picklayoutyou like best, edit collage with filter, sticker, text andmuchmore. It’s completely free. Features: ● Combine up to 18 photostocreate pic collage. ● 100+ Layouts of frames or grids tochoosefrom! ● Large number of Background, Sticker, Font, and doodletochoose from! ● Change ratio of collage and edit border ofcollage.● Make photo collage with Free style or Grid style. ● Croppicturesand edit photo with Filter, Text. ● Insta square photo withblurbackground for Instagram. ● Save photo in high resolution andsharepictures to social apps. 📷 Grid Create photo collage withhundredsof layouts in seconds. Custom photo grid size, borderandbackground, you can design layout on your own! So easy to makeabeautiful photo collage. 📷 Edit All-in-one photo editor providesabunch of editing tools: crop picture, apply filter to picture,addsticker and text to image, draw on image with doodle tool,flip,rotate... 📷 Freestyle Select beautiful background with fullscreenratio to create a scrapbook. You can decorate withpictures,stickers, texts, doodles, and share your scrapbook toInstagramStories and Snapchat Stories. 📷 Multi-fit Insta squarephoto in ablur background or white to fit for Instagram. You canchoosemultiple ratios, 1:1, 4:5, 3:2 ratios, etc. Easily postentirephoto with no crop. You can even square up to 10 photos atonetime. About our permissions: Collage Maker asks forpermissions"READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" to readyourphotos/videos so that we can edit and save photos. We do notusethis permission for any other purpose. Collage Maker is thebestphoto collage maker, pic stitch and photo editor for Instagramandprinting. If you have any problems or suggestions, feel free toletus know. Email: [email protected]
PhotoGrid: Video & Pic Collage Maker, Photo Editor 6.89
Create fun, one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photosandsharing them on social platform! (Also with regularlyperformanceimproved and function upgrade) 🌟 Recent Updates 1.Instagram StoryLayout (9:16) Create beautiful and engaging storieswith minimaland elegant templates. 2. Vintage style photo filters ,precious asthe feelings of analog film with old memories. 3. Clipsthe objectfrom the photo or remove the background 4. Added funnyGif in yourMeme 5. Lipstick and lip gloss! Choose classic mattecolor or shinecolors depending on your mood. 6.DIY 3D cardtemplates to sendgreetings to someone you love or care about. Amust-have free videocollage & photo editor app for photographyfanatics andInstagram users! It's packed with features like meme,GIF maker,video collage, pic collage, scrapbook, camera effects,instasizefor Instagram, crop, AR face filters, stickers, photoclipping,backgrounds, templates, fonts, slideshows, blur, retouch,patternsand so much more! 🏆 Video Maker: Collage videos and photosBestInstagram Video Editor and Photo Editor, add blur backgroundswithno cropping or watermarks! Add music and other effects onvideosfor Instagram. Merge and trim videos with effects. Aprofessionalphoto editor with collage maker 🚀 Photo Collage: 300+differentcollage templates You can customize templates to suit yourneeds!Design your own photo creations! Make beautiful Film stripsandcool photo stitches! You can also personalize your ownscrapbookwith freestyle pic stitches! Happy Scrapbooking 🔥 PhotoEditing:Beautify your photos in few steps 1. Crop, rotation,resize, blurand beautify your photos easily, you can even frameyour images inInstagram's 1:1 aspect ratio! 2. Add stickers, texts,backgrounds,graffiti, boarders and pixelization, or adjust yourphoto'sbrightness, contrast, saturation and layout! 3. The latestsmartfacial recognition tech helps soften wrinkles, even out skintonesand remove blemishes instantly with a single tap. 💖SmartFaceFilter/ Camera: Real-time Selfie camera & Video recorderMakeordinary photos look fantastic with 100+ animated filtereffects.Whether you're on your own, with a friend, or with howevermanypeople there are, WowCam (AR Beauty Face filter) will preserveandadd magic to your wonderful moments. 💎 Other popular editingtools1. Edit: Crop & ratio, adjust, text, blur, frame,poster,twinkle, mosaic, layout, graffiti, filmstrip, instant share,Venusfilter and the list goes on. 2. Stickers: Personalize yourphotocollage with 500+ stickers and cute emojis. 3. Filters:60+exquisite filters, including beautify, retro, landscape,halo,black & white and all sorts of festive filters forbeautifulphotos. 4. Backgrounds: 90+ varieties of backgroundsPermissionsRequested by PhotoGrid ◎To create amazing photos orvideos,PhotoGrid needs the “Storage” permission to access photos,media,and files on your device. ◎To capture yourpreciousmoments,PhotoGrid needs the “Camera” permission to takepicturesand record videos. ◎To make your videos special, PhotoGridneedsthe “Microphone” permission to record audio.TOSPrivacy:
AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor 3.12.2
Who says we can’t have perfection in our photos? We believeallusers should have the best editor and filter technology attheirfingertips, and AirBrush continually updates with new featuresandeffects to stay up to date with editing standards. AirBrushwasdesigned to be the best photo editor with user-friendlyretouchtools, cool filter options, and natural, beautifulresults!Features: Blemish and Pimple Remover ** Say goodbye topimples andblemishes! With our blemish remover, you can eliminatepimples andunwanted spots with the tap of a finger. Add a swipe ofblush toadd radiance and charm. Whiten Teeth and Brighten Eyes **Whiteningyour teeth takes your smile to the next level! Our teethwhiteningfunction lets you brighten your smile withoutover-whitening. **Our “brighten” function enhances your eyes toinstantly light upyour features. Perfect Skin in Every Photo **Retouch, edit andeven tan your skin to achieve perfect, glowingperfection in just afew swipes! Your skin will look naturallyradiant in all of yourselfies and photos! For an added bonus, swipeon a cool blush orrouge to give your cheeks an extra glow. Slim,Reshape and LengthenYour Selfie or Photo ** Instantly slim,lengthen or reshape anyarea of your photo with a few swipes of yourfinger. ArtisticRetouching Features ** In addition its HD editingfeatures, theAirBrush editor also includes tools that let you blur,crop,stretch, slim and tune your pics for an artistic, beautifulanddramatic touch. Choose to automatically retouch your picturesorfix them manually. Add Depth and Style to Your Photos ** Our“Blur”editing tool lets you retouch any photos to give it moredepth andkeep only the things that matter in focus. Your photos andpicswill embody the cool perfection seen in professionalphotography.Real-Time Editing Technology ** Edit your selfie beforetaking thepicture with real-time editing tools. See your shot onyour phone,choose your edits and filters, then snap the photo for aperfectpics every time! Natural, Radiant Filters ** AirBrushbeautyfilters were professionally designed to enhance even thebestpictures and selfie photos for a perfect, beautifulfinishingtouch. Some filters can add natural-looking makeup to yourpics,like blush or mascara! Ready to Share? ** This is the editingtoolthat really gets your picture ready for sharing. When you’redoneediting, share your pics to popular social sites likeFacebook,Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat right from AirBrush!Follow us onour official accounts and share your selfies, picturesand commentswith us! • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Website
Layout from Instagram: Collage 1.3.11
Instagram's newest app is a better way to make collages. Layoutletsyou create one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photosandsharing them with your friends.Choose photos from yourgallery—oruse the built-in Photo Booth to snap spur-of-the-momentshots—andinstantly see them laid out in a cool collage. Pick thelayout youlike best, then edit it to make it your own.Layout'ssmooth,intuitive process gives you complete creative control. Taptomirror, flip or replace images, hold and drag to swap them,pinch tozoom in or out, or pull the handles to resize. You're theeditor, soget creative with the way you stitch things together—youcan tell astory, show off an outfit or just splice, dice andchange the lookof your regular photos to convey a mood ortheme.**FEATURES***Re-mix up to 9 of your photos at a time tocreate fun, personalizedlayouts and collages.* Use the Faces tabto quickly find photos withpeople in them.* Capture the moment inPhoto Booth mode with quick,spontaneous shots.* Save your layoutsto your gallery and share themseamlessly to Instagram or othernetworks.* Easily see the last 30photos you've selected in theRecents tab.* Pair your layouts andcollages with Instagram'sfilters and creative tools afterwards tomake them stand out evenmore.* Download and start creating a layoutor collage immediately.No signup or account required—and no clutterbreaking up your flow.
Photo Collage - Layout Editor
Please note that we have stopped development and maintenanceofPhotoCollage, therefore PhotoCollage will no longer be supportedonZenFones running Android 8.1 or above. Photo Collage is packedwithtemplates, stickers, grid and layout options, photo effects,andexciting photo editor tools to make photos extra special. Spiceupyour photo using stickers, or get creative with effects, usingthefree collage maker ASUS Photo Collage!How does it work?1.LaunchPhoto Collage then tap Grid, Magazine, or Photo Effects.2.Edityour photo using Photo Collage’s user-friendly editing tools.3.Save then share your collage or edited photos!Special features:Getamazing stickers on Sticker Shop• Most popular cartoons andnewcool characters • Richer, more premium, and more adorablestickersetsShare your life using Grid !Collage memories in just onephotousing:• Dynamic adjustment of grid size• Text editing andaddingstickers to personalize your collageBe an instant cover modelusingMagazine!Style up your photo with these fab features:• Lotsofmagazine templates to choose from, fit for any occasion. •Addstickers and create your own captions.• Color filters canbeapplied straight on your photo layout. And more specialMagazine.Domagic with Photo EffectsTurn everyday photos intoextraordinaryshots with these fun effects:• Frame special detailsusing Photo inPhoto• Play with colors via Color Lab• Get steamyshots from SteamyWindow• Get pro-looking shots using Lens Flare•Create yourmini-world using Little PlanetExpress yourself in funcreativestickers• Make photos more memorable using special stickersSmartface detection• This feature automatically centersfacesproportionally within a layout or photo effect.• Enabled bydefaulton Grid, Magazine, and Photo Effects
InShot - Video Editor & Photo Editor 1.563.209
InShot Inc.
Best FREE HD Video Editor and Video Maker with blur backgroundandno crop, adding music and video effects! Top Video Editor andPhotoEditor App on Google Play, average 4.7 ratings! InShot -Featuredby Google Play, top movie maker and HD video editor withmusic,helps you create video with ease, edit video forYouTube,Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, Messenger,, Tik Tok,Twitteretc. Features: Video Trimmer & Video Cutter &VideoSplitter 1. Trim and cut the video to the length you need. 2.Splitvideos into two parts, Multi-split videos into several clips.3.Export video in HD quality. Easy-to-use free movie maker&vertical video editor for YouTube. Video Merger & VideoJoinerMerge multiple video clips into one video. It is a free provideomaker for YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, Facebook,Messenger,, Tik Tok, Twitter etc. helps trim, cut, split,combineand compress your videos without losing quality. Video Ratio&Video Background 1. Fit your video in any Aspect Ratio,forexample, ratios for Instagram, IGTV, YouTube,,Facebook,Twitter, Tik Tok etc. 2. Square video, No crop video makerand freevertical video editor app. 3. Add different borders and nocrop.Background color and blur background. Video Filters andVideoEffects Add movie style video filters and video effects suchasglitch effect. Adjust video’s brightness, contrast,saturation,etc. Customized video filters and video effects. AddMusic to theVideo 1. Add InShot featured free music, Vlog music oruse your ownmusic. 2. Adjust music volume and music fade in/outoption. VideoSpeed Control Adjust video speed with video filtersand videoeffects. Fast/Slow motion video maker and free videotrimmer andmovie maker app. Speed up your video in a fun way. Addslow motionto your video for special moments. Video Cropper 1. Cropvideo toany ratio you want. Powerful movie maker and vertical videoeditorfor Instagram, IGTV, YouTube,, Facebook, Twitter,TikTok etc. 2. Crop watermark or any unwanted part of the video.3.Zoom in/out your video. Text & Sticker 1. Add text foryourvideos, many fonts for the text editing. 2. Add stylishanimatedstickers and emojis, quote stickers etc. Updating weekly.VideoRotate & Video Flip Rotate video by 90 degree. East tomodifyvideos vertically and horizontally. Flip video up to down orleftto right. Fast and simple rotate tools for video editing.VideoConverter & Photo slideshow Easily convert video to MP4format.Free video converter and video trimmer app. Photo slideshow,andmore video editing features, coming soon. Merge photos tocreateslideshow. Easy to Share 1. Custom video export resolution,HDvideo editor (1080P or 4K). Compress video without losingquality.2. Share to social apps YouTube, Instagram, IGTV,Facebook,Messenger, Musically, Tik Tok, Twitter etc. Collage mode&Photo Editor 1. Lots of stylish layouts. 2. Unique filters&colorful backgrounds, blur background. 3. Multipleratiossupported. Cute frame. InShot is a powerful video makerandvertical video editor, it is incredibly easy to use. It’s greatforcutting, trimming and splitting a long video into smallvideoclips. The blur tool also helps you blur background for yourvideosand photos. With InShot you can easily add music, textsandstickers on your video. Fast/Slow motion feature is super fun.Mostimportantly, InShot is a free HD video editor, helps youexportvideos without losing quality. Meanwhile you can share yourvideosto Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Messengerinjust one click. You can also edit videos for Tik Tok. Anyquestionsor suggestions for InShot (FREE vertical video editor andvideomaker)? Please feel free to contact us:[email protected]: FUGUE Music
PlayMemories Online
[Notice]We have confirmed cases which PlayMemories Online'ssign-inscreen is not displayed in the followingenvironments.Android OSversion 5 or 6 : [Android System WebView]version 53 or 54 AndroidOS version 7 or later : [Chrome Browser -Google] version 53 or54If you are facing the issue, please confirmand update theversion of [Android System WebView] or [ChromeBrowser - Google]via Google Play.PlayMemories Online is acloud-based photo andvideo service by Sony that allows you toorganize your photoscaptured by a camera or smartphone. [MainFeatures] ・UnlimitedUpload By simply enabling the "All Sync"function, photos stored onyour smartphone and computer areautomatically uploaded to thecloud. The service is free, and thereis no limit to the number ofphotos you can upload. ・All in oneplaceAll your photos areorganized in one place and can be displayedin the same manner onany device. If the same photo exists inseveral devices, theduplicated photos will not be displayed.・OrganizeYour bigcollection of photos are automatically arranged inan easy-to-viewlayout. Not only can you sort photos by date, butyou can alsodisplay your photos in a larger size.(Notice) If anuploaded photois greater than 1920 pixels on either of its sides,it willautomatically be resized so that the corresponding side is1920pixels with using the All Sync feature.(Notice) 5 GB ofcloudstorage is available for your videos and originalsizephotos.---PlayMemoriesOnlinehomepagehttp://playmemoriesonline.comPlayMemories OnlinePrivacyPolicy
InFrame - Photo Editor & Pic Frame 1.4.4
InFrame Inc.
A seamless instagram no crop photo editor app with Blur Borderandfull functions! A very comprehensive photo editor app withmanyamazing effects and filters! A one-stop photo frame maker foranyphoto! InFrame is a powerful photo editor free with manyamazingeffects and filters! It is one of the best photo editingapps -instagram photo editor no crop. * A very comprehensive photoeditorfree and pretty much everything you could ever want to do onyourphone! * There are so many effects, stickers and features toapplyto your photos! It is the best photo editor free. * PictureEditorprovides instagram no crop photo with just one simple click.It isthe best instagram no crop app for photo editing apps.KeyFeatures: + Tons of exquisite frames to make your photos looklikeartworks. + One-tap auto enhance. Additionally, InFrame offersalarge variety of effects for your photos includinggammacorrection, auto contrast, auto tone, blur, sharpen, oilpaint,sketch, black & white high contrast, sepia, and more. Itis thebest photo editor. + Adjust color, add effects, rotate,crop,resize, frame, clone, and draw on your photos + AmazingPhotofilters and apply effects in real time + One-tap togenerateinstagram no crop photo for editing. The best instagram nocrop appfor photo editing. + Gorgeous photo effects and pictureframes +Color balance, Color adjustment options include hue,saturation,contrast, and brightness. + Curves interface thatallowsfine-tuning of colors + Adjust brightness, contrast,colortemperature, and saturation + Sharpen and blur + Easily editwiththe touch and pinch-to-zoom interface + Colortemperature("Warmth") + Use photos from your gallery and camera +Color Splash+ Instagram editor + Focus (Tilt Shift) + Drawing mode,adding textor images - Photo editor text writing with pictureframes + Createyour own memes + Share to social network, such ase-mail, Picasa,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Save your finalresult to yourgallery. Share your photos using any of the serviceson your devicesuch as e-mail, Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,or whateversharing method you prefer. Adjust color, add effects,rotate, crop,resize, frame, clone, and draw on your photos. InFrameintegrateswith instagram seamlessly, it generates ig no crop photowith justone click. Best photo editing apps for instagram no cropphotoediting apps. The easy touch and pinch-to-zoom interface makesitsimple to play with your photos and get the exact look youdesire.Edit photos from your gallery and camera. InFrame is a funandpowerful photo editor free that lets you quickly crop, rotate,andfine-tune any picture.
Photo Collage Maker - Photo Editor & Photo Mirror 1.12.6
InShot Inc.
Are you looking for a powerful app for photo collage? PhotoCollageEditor is your best choice! Just select several pictures,PhotoCollage Editor will recreates a cool photo collage in secondsforyou. You can DIY the picture in your own style, by pickinglayoutyou like best, editing your photo collage with filter,sticker,text, templates, etc. It’s completely Free!!! Features: ●Makephoto collage with Free style or Grid style. ● Combine up to18photos to create pic collage. ● 100+ Layouts of frames or gridstochoose from! ● Large number of Background, Sticker, Font,anddoodle to choose from! ● Change ratio of collage and edit borderofcollage. ● Crop pictures and edit photo with Filter, Text. ●Squarephoto with blur background for Instagram. ● Mirror PhotoEditor. ●Save photo in high resolution and share pictures toInstagram,Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, etc. 📷 Photo Collage Maker Withhundredsof layouts and many custom options, you can easily designlayout onyour own to make a beautiful photo collage. Photo Collageis thebest photo collage maker for Instagram. 📷 Photo CollageEditor Witha bunch of powerful photo editing tools, you can easilyto cropphoto, apply filters to pictures, add sticker & text ,draw onimage, flip, rotate and much more. Photo Collage is the bestphotocollage editor for Instagram. Photo Collage Editor is thebestphoto collage maker and photo collage editor. If you haveanyproblems or suggestions, feel free to let us know.Email:[email protected]
Camera Roll - Gallery v1.0.6
Camera Roll is the perfect Gallery App to enjoy your photos,gifsand videos.Fast, Simple and intuitveCamera Roll features asimpleand intuitve interface, that doesn't get in the way. This Appisdesigned around speed and performance.DelightfulAnimationsThisGallery App will delight you with its awsome andbeautifulAnimations.Exif DataWith Camera Roll you can see and edittheExif-Data of your pictures.Virtual AlbumsCreate Virtual Albumstojoin mutilple directories in one album, without the need ofmovingor copying any files.Hidden FolderThis Gallery App is able toshowand help you clean up your hidden Folders.File ExplorerEasilyviewthe folders on your storage or SD Card. You are able toquicklycopy, move and delete photos or directories.Find the SourceCode onGithub: Cerdeña for letting me use his awesome Google Pixeldeviceframe!(link:
Photo Collage Editor 1.8.40
You’re still looking for an powerful app to easily collage&edit your photos, pictures and images? Look no further, comeandtry Photo Collage! Compared to other apps, this Photo Collagehasthe following advantages: 1. Huge amounts of layouts of frameorgrid to choose from. 2. Huge amounts of background, border,stickerto choose from. 3. Easy to add Text to image, or changeratio ofthe collage. 4. Include a powerful photo editor, alsomanybeautiful filters. 5. Easy to share pictures to Instagram,Twitter,Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Weibo... 6. CompletelyFREE!
Picture Plus - Text on Photo 1.8.98
Tapping text will bring up the menu. then, ☆ Text - canchangeexisting text ☆ Color - can decorate text with various colors☆Rotate - can rotate text ☆ Size - can change text size ☆ Skew -canskew text ☆ Copy - can copy selected text ☆ Delete - candeletetext ☆ Background - can change the size, rounded corner andangleof the background color ☆ Arrange - can adjust the positionincharacters or arrange text circularly ☆ Space - can adjustthespacing between letters and line space ☆ From Writeverticallyfurthermore, ☆ Arrange - can adjust individual positionsofcharacters ☆ Space - can adjust the spacing between lettersandline space ☆ Write Horizontally returns text to horizontally ☆Youcan enlarge and shrink the image by pinching in and out. ☆Japanesefonts are installed and you can install other fonts. Fromthe appmenu, you can use 「Image Filter」「Rotate image」「Addimage」「Newimage(leave text)」「Preview」「Save file」「Openfile」「Share」「Settings」.About 「Save file」 and 「Open file」, you cansave or open temporaryfile. In 「Settings」, There are (1)SaveFormat, (2)Saved Image Size,(3)Image Picker, (4)Language,(5)Upgrade options. About (2)ORIGINAL is default.If memory erroroccurs, automatically reducethe size to 1/2, 1/3. You can check thesaved size from thepreview. For (5) you will not see ads when youpurchased. ·INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissions are usedfor networkconnection check, font download, advertisement display.·WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is used for saving images.
LINE Camera - Photo editor
The smartphone camera app "LINE Camera" gives you everythingyouneed to take and edit photos. Whether you're shooting selfiesorprofessional photographs, the powerful editing tools featuredinthis app allow you to unleash your inner creativity.Producequality collages, add adorable personal touches, and domuch, muchmore with LINE Camera. Selfies: Snap a quick photo withyour innercamera. Use the Live filter and Beauty feature to showthe worldthe real you. Camera features: LINE Camera comes completewith atimer, flash, mirror mode, level, grid, and all the otherfeaturesyou need to take the perfect picture. Filters: Brighten upshadowyphotos, make your lunch snapshots look even more delicious,orchoose from any one of a myriad of ways to make your picsstandout. Add Text: Create your own movie posters by addingcatchyslogans to your pictures, scribble poppy messages, or addyourfavorite meme. You can even choose the font! Brushes: GoPicasso onyour pictures with options that let you pick the colorand brushsize. Stamps: Decorate your photos with over 20,000 uniquestampsjust waiting to be discovered. Collages: Combine multiplephotosinto one, perfect collage and relive the memories all overagain.Share: Upload your fixed-up photos instantly toFacebook,Instagram, or the social network of your choice.Multilingualsupport: LINE Camera offers support for Chinese,English, French,German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian,Spanish, andmore.
Polaroid Fx 1.70.1
Create your perfect Polaroid Photo with 10 authentic PolaroidFilms,over 200 frames, 29 fonts and more than 120 originalfiltersavailable. Frame the perfect moment with your own style likea realPolaroid Camera. Use the filter to show how you are feelingand adda caption! Share your magic moment, share your PolaroidPhoto.Polaroid Fx Features: • Polaroid Films: 10 authentic Polaroidfilmsavailable. • Different Frame textures for each film: over200available. • Authentic Filters: More than 120 available. • Addyourtext: 29 creative fonts. • Image adjustment with contrast,brightor saturation adjustment. • Create your Polaroid Fx Gallery.•Share your Polaroid Photo on Social Networks easily. PolaroidFilmsAvailable: • 600 • SX-70 • 500 • 300 • Type 100 • 8x10 • Type80 •Roll Film • Spectra • 4x5 Enjoy your Polaroid Photo, enjoyPolaroidFx! Polaroid Fx is distributed and sold by EasybluecodeS.L.Polaroid, Polaroid & Pixel, Polaroid Classic Border logoandPolaroid Color Spectrum are trademarks of PLR IP Holdings,LLC,used under license. PLR IP Holdings, LLC does not sell thisproductor provide any manufacturer's warranty or support.
PixelLab - Text on pictures 1.9.2
App Holdings
Adding stylish text, 3d text, shapes, stickers and drawing on topofyour picture has never been easier. With a simple andcleaninterface that lets you focus on whatever you're doing, awideselection of presets, fonts, stickers, backgrounds, more than60unique options that you can customize and of courseyourimagination, you'll be able to create stunning graphics andamazeyour friends straight from your phone or tablet. If you wantto seethe app in action, here is a YouTube playlist that containssometutorials: add and customize as much text objects as you want…3D Text:create 3d texts and overlay them on top of your images, orhave themstand on their own in a cool poster… Text effects: makeyour textstand out with dozens of text effects like : Shadow,Inner Shadow,Stroke, Background, Reflection, Emboss, Mask, 3dtext... Text color:Set your text to any fill option you want, beit a simple color, alinear gradient, a radial gradient, or animage texture. Text font:choose from 100+, hand picked fonts. Oruse your own fonts !Stickers: add and customize as much stickers,emojis, shapes, as youwant... Import images: add your own imagesfrom gallery. This couldcome in handy when you have your ownstickers, or you want tocomposite two images... Draw: pick a pensize, a color, then drawanything you want. after that the drawingacts like a shape and youcan resize it, rotate it, add shadow toit... change the background:with the possibility of making it : acolor, a gradient or an image.Save as a project: you can saveanything you do as a project. It'llbe available for use even afterclosing the app! Remove thebackground: be it a green screen, ablue screen or simply a whitebackground behind an object in animage that you found on Googleimages; PixelLab can make ittransparent for you. Edit imageperspective: you can now performperspective editing (warp). Handyfor, replacing a monitor'scontent, changing a road sign's text,adding logos on boxes...Image effects: enhance your pictures' lookby applying some of theavailable effects, which include vignette,stripes, hue,saturation... Export your Image: save or share at anyformat orresolution you want, For easy access you can use the QuickSharebuttons to share the image to social media apps with a clickof abutton (ex : facebook,twitter, instagram...) Create memes:usingthe provided meme preset, you can easily have your memes readyforsharing in matter seconds. Browse quotes and insert anythingyoulike, into what you're making ! If you have a suggestion,aquestion or you want to report a bug please use theprovidedfeedback function or contact me directly via emails...
Scoompa Video - Slideshow Maker and Video Editor
Select photos and videos to instantly getanawesome video slideshow.Incredibly easy to use, yet highly powerful and has many optionstocustomize and make it personal.Main Features:Photos Add photos and videos from your gallery, cameraorfrom the webInstant Instantly play your videoStyles Select from many video styles and animatedvideoframesStickers Choose from over 100+ stickers. Search formorestickers on the internet right from the app.Music Select from multiple sound track options, orimportyour ownText Add text using over 55 different fontsFilters Many filters to enhance your photosEasy gestures Easy to use. Intuitive and fastShare Share the video you created with friends and familyviastandard sharing.Modify You can edit the video after saving at anytime.More information:* Free with ads.* No private data is collected - see privacy policy andtermsbelow
Wedding Photo App by Wedbox 1.6.8
We have created a beautiful wedding photo app, that lets yourguestscollect pictures and videos from your wedding. The appwillautomaticly categorize your pictures in categories that youhaveset up. With the app you will get this: - All your guestscanupload pictures and videos before, during and after the wedding-Its a closed forum between you and the guests you invite intotheapp. - You can create a slideshow with the wedding pictures -Theguests can comment and like the wedding photos and videos -Appwill be translated to 18 languages by march 2017 - The app isforsharing pictures and videos and nothing else, This way we havebeenable ot keep app simple and beautiful - All copyrights stayswithyou, and we do not use your pictures for anything - The qualityofthe pictures are not diminished - The app is free for you andforyour guests - Use it for your wedding and for yourbachelor/etteparty Keep an eye out for updates to the app, as weare constantlydeveloping the app. This app is the best weddingphoto app on themarket
Collage Maker Pro - Pic Editor & Photo Collage 1.5.3
Merry Christmas!🎉 Collage Maker is the best photo collagelayouttool, it can add text on photo and cool filter effects forpicturesfor making perfect images. Collage Maker help you createperfectpicture collages and Insta Collages.You can pick layout youlikebest, edit collage with filter, sticker, text and muchmore.Collage Maker Pro is also an awesome Photo Editor Key FeaturesofCollage Maker: ● Combine photos with amazing layouts intobeautifulcollages ● Remix up to 20 of photos to create fun layoutsandcollages ● 37 unique photo effects for making unique photocollage● Photo editing tools sharpness, shadow adjustment ●Stickers,tags, emojis, texts, and photo frames: tens of borders andframes ●Rotate, mirror, flip images, drag or swap them, pinch tozoom in orout ● 100+ Layouts of frames or grids to choose from! ●Instasquare photo with blur background for Instagram. ● Save photoinhigh resolution and share pictures to social apps. Free PicCollageand Photo Editor with Emojis, Backgrounds, Stickers, Text. 📷Tensof Coolest templates ★ Create photo collage with hundredsoflayouts in seconds. ★ Custom photo grid size, borderandbackground, you can design layout on your own! So easy to makeabeautiful photo collage. 📷 Multiple backgrounds ★Multiplebackgrounds for your photo such as, black, white,gradation, blur,etc. ★ We also designed beautiful patterns, love,dot, xoxo,texture and so on 📷 Add Stickers on Photo ★ Add emoji orselfiemakeup stickers on your collage ★ Funny stickers for yourcollagephotos 📷 Coolest filter Effects ★ Many, many layouts youcanselected to make unique collages ★ Beautiful layout design,Shadow,Shape, Mirror, etc ★ Make a shape collage, heart, diamond,circlephoto, you can transform daily moments into creative photosanytime📷 Add text on your photo ★ We designed lots of fonts towrite whatyou want ★ Make a happy emotion text with your picture 📷Save andShare ★ Export HD images to your gallery, or upload toInstagram,WhatsApp & more ★ Pic Collage Maker for Instagram,Facebook,WhatsApp and Messenger etc. Go to share it with#collagemaker Aboutour permissions: Collage Maker asks forpermissions"READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" to readyourphotos/videos so that we can edit and save photos. We do notusethis permission for any other purpose. Collage Maker is thebestphoto collage maker, pic stitch and photo editor for Instagram.Ifyou have any problems or suggestions, feel free to let usknow.Email: [email protected]
Blend Collage Free 2.3
KDN Soft
Blend Collage is a new app for making unusual collages,blendingphotos together in a harmonious way. Just put some pictureson thecanvas to create an eye-catching photo story of yourfamily,friends, or vacation. Save your collage in HD quality andshare itvia Instagram, Facebook and other websites.Get creative andhave alot of fun with Blend Collage!
Glitter Photo Frames for Pictures with Effects App 3.0
Pavaha Lab
Glitter Photo Frame can instantly beautify your photos withmindblowing Glitter Effects. With Sparkle Glitter Photo Frames appyoucan make photos more beautiful and romantic by decorating themwithfantastic free Glitter Overlay, add text and amazingstickers.Frame your special moments with your favourite GlitterFrames andbrag about those awesome photos with your friends. FramesforPictures decorate your selfies, wedding pictures, photos ofyourloved ones with awe inspiring Glitter Photo Frames. Make yourphonestand out amazingly with Glitter Wallpaper, easy to makewallpaperand sparkle your device with Wallpaper Maker. GlitterPhoto Effectsis a unique combination of Glitter Frames and FXFilters whicheasily create for your photos many beautiful andattractive.Glitter Photo Frame is the best free photo frames editorwith texton Image functionality and popular unlimited photo framessharingapplication. Get photos for frames loaded with best Piceditor tooland unlimited photo frames. This app is loved by allframephotography loving peoples because of its unique pictureframes.With the help of this app anyone can add variety of photosto photoframe. Key Features of Frames for Pictures with Effects: -Frameyour special moments with 90+ Glitter Frames. - Applybrilliantphoto effects like sepia, black & white, lomo, bokeh,sharpenand many more. - Your photos would look stunning in vividHDbackgrounds, and bright and colourful shapes of bubbles,hearts,& especially diamonds. - Decorate your selfies withlovely,heart stickers, quotes, captions. - Add text to thepicture.Rotate, scale, zoom in & zoom out. Easily adjust thepicturewith simple touch gestures to fit the frame. - Adjustphotographsof your friends into cool photos, enhance photo withcontrast,saturation, brightness, shadow, highlight… - Create yourownglitter photo collection and start sharing with friends, amazeyourfriends on Instagram, Whatsapp & Facebook with thoseamazingphotos. Just download Glitter Photo Frames App immediately,to beable to create beautiful collections and exquisite, yet sosimple.Thank you!
MoShow - Slideshow Movie Maker
MoShow instantly turns your photos into fun,attention-grabbingvideo edits perfect for social media. From asingle selfie to aweek of pics, add your favorite photos and createstunning storiesthat stand out from the crowd. To make your movie,choose anynumber of photos and view an instant preview in dozens ofdifferentstyles. Pick your favorite styles and share the resultswith theworld!   UNIQUE MOSHOW FEATURES:   - DiverseStyles -Access a wide assortment of free styles, ranging in stylefromhyper energetic to relaxed, and turn ordinary photos andselfiesinto attention-grabbing stories. Come back daily for a newfreestyle!   - Perfect Loop - Made for GIFfans,instantly sync videos of any length into a perfect loopforseamless movies ready for Instagram and Facebookauto-looping.  - Mixed Transitions - Create unique moviesevery time,even with the same photos, with the automatic mixing oftheindividual elements of any style.   - Blended Text -Morethan a simple text overlay or slideshow filter, integrateyourmessages into movies in unique and surprising ways.  -Cinematic Glitch - Take glitch videos to another levelwithhyperactive styles that turn static photos into works ofglitchart. MOSHOW IS GREAT FOR:   Friends: Post action-packedgroupshots or a spellbinding selfie on InstagramandFacebook. Spice up ordinary pictures or #tbt posts withMoShowmovies and watch the comments roll in.   Families:Sharelife's special moments through rousing videostories. Make allthe memories, from birthday parties andgraduations to ski tripsand beach vacations, a blast for the wholefamily to remembertogether.    Pet Owners: The famousdogs and cats ofInstagram and Facebook have nothing on your littleone. Craft asizzling slideshow from a single shot or a fun day outand get themthe attention they deserve. Athletes: From extremesports to teamsports, supercharge your photos with energy andexcitement. Turnyour still pictures into vibrant stories and showoff your best.  Businesses: Etsy sellers, restaurant owners,personaltrainers and real estate agents can use MoShow to growtheirbusiness. No need to be a professionalvideocreator, just grab your favorite pictures and instantlycreatesocial media posts that cut through the noise.  GetUNLIMITED ACCESS to everything with MoShow VIP - ACCESSEXCLUSIVEVIDEO STYLES - USE MORE PHOTOS WITH NO TIME LIMIT - REMOVEMOSHOWLOGO - ADJUST SLIDESHOW TIMING - WIDESCREEN (16:9) AND MOREFORMATSGET MOSHOW FREE TODAY!!!
Ultimate Photo Blender / Mixer 2.8
Create amazing mixed pictures by overlaying two or more picturesoneach other. Make your normal daily photos more interestingwithease, just select a picture from your gallery or capturefromcamera and mix this picture with our existing stunningpicturecollection or choose another picture from camera/gallery andblendthem together to get an amazing result. Create professionalphotoeffects with advanced tools like double exposure ,multiexposure,blending, mixing, effects, overlays and many more. Withthe PhotoMixer you can create an amazing poster of your photo byblendingthem into one. You can share your created picture on anysocialmedia directly from the app. Features: 1. Mixer/Blender - Mixandblend two or more image with advanced blending tools. 2. Editor-Edit pictures like professionals with many editing tools.3.Enhancer - Enhance photos to make then HD. 4. Effects -Applyeffects to make pictures even more beautiful. 5. Overlays -Applyoverlay to give double exposure. 6. Crop - Crop photos insquarefor social media or other use. 7. Orientation - Adjustorientationto get perfect view of photos. 8. Border, Frames,Sticker, Text andmany more - To give photo your personal touch. 9.Save & Share- Save your creation on SD card and Share anysocial networkingplatform - We use Google Analytics to collectanonymous statisticsto help us improve the app. Please email us Ifyou have any problemor complain or suggestions [email protected] We willtake necessary steps asap. Thismixing photo editor will let youunleash your creativity so you canmake your own masterpiece. TryNow!!
Text on Photo 2.01
Best app to write text and captions on photos. Main functionsofthis app: - Add a caption over picture - Create memes withcustomtexts - Add text to photo inside balloons - Add curved textThereare many options to write text over photos. You can add textwithbackground, normal texts, add texts inside a balloon simulatingadialog or add circular text to you photo. This is the easyandfastest way to add text to photos using an app. With this appyoucan: - Add text to photo and rotate the text - Choose bestpositionto text on photo - Change the color of text - Changebackgroundcolor of a text - Add a dialog balloon with a text -Choose betweena lot of font styles - Change font's size of the text
Gallery 1.010
Gallery LLC
Gallery is a free, next generation photo gallery that’s acompletereplacement to your native gallery.Its great galleria,photographygalleries, quickpic, dato, sb & photo album app foryourmobile. it is the Photo Gallery Latest app. it is the galleryforyou.Gallery app provides google photo backup using. It isthephotos & videos app. Its really "Great Gallery" app.Gallery-Phone Storage App Beautiful 3D Gallery with latest graphicsinsteadof old one. Use special color Gallery 2018 for photos, hotvideos,movie collections etc. HD Gallery / 3D Gallery, GalleryVideoViewer. Enjoy with unlimited gallery video and images for showyourfriends using Quick Photo gallery.Photo Gallery is workingverysimple just click on gallery icon you will get your allimagesGroup wise ,Photo Gallery is the best alternative photogallery,photo album, photo editor and video editor for your photosandvideos.Integrate Smart Gallery with your Google Photos so youcanview and manage all of your photos & videos in one HDPhotoGallery. Fast, light and modern gallery with specialanimatedgallery looks for your phone.Combining the beautiful lookofmaterial design and the simplicity of style design philosophy,wemade the app a great pleasure to look at and to use. Set upPINLock for hidden albums. Easy to hide, unhide and viewprivatealbums in best innovative way using Photo Gallery HD.A+PhotoGallery is world’s BEST Photo Gallery app for your Androidphone.Quick pic gallery is the best gallery app designed formanagingyour photos. 3D Photo Gallery & Album is the fastestapp forviewing HD photos, video, search photos and search video&managing albums With advanced features, you can control thequalityand sharpness of your photos, so they look exactly how youwant.Gallery Lock/Pin Protection/Hide Private Albums user canhideprivate photos like girl friend photos, hot photos, naughtyphotos,dirty photos, secret photos. Easily hide or exclude yourprivatephotos and videos from all Gallery Lock apps and protectthem witha password.Play slideshow of gallery photos instantly in ahighquality slideshow. You can change the interval timing,sequencing,and how the image is displayed in Galleries settings.Photo EditorCrop, Rotate, Brightness, Effects, Zoom in etc.Organize yourphotos and videos by creating albums, setting yourfavourite albumsand hiding unnecessary albums. Hide photos &videos from yourphoto gallery and access them easily using a secretPIN code.Features- Create an photo albums. Auto-style changeonposition/orientation change of device.- Set Pin lock, Patternlockand Fingerprint lock- Selfie Camera photo albums.- Cropphotoview.- Folder Exclude & Restore- Slide show animationwithunlimited photo pics of HD Gallery.- You can set your photoasWallpaper.- Open photo with preferable apps.- Supported allthepopular image and video formats- Show photo details.- Singleordouble tap or pinch to zoom.- Able Grid Photo view.- AbleListPhoto view.- Easy to share pictures- Multi selection move&copy paste files.- Create an photo albums- Can Change Themecolorfrom setting.- Move to different Album- Hide your privatephotos-Customize Background Color.- rotate image.- Best Galleryvideoplayer.- Set Your Favorite Theme Color- Change Theme colorfromsettingTag : Gallery,Gallery Vault,Gallery Private,HDPhotoGallery,Gallery for samsung,Gallery for moto g4,MerryGallery,Gallery Lock, Gallery Private, Foto Gallery,Gallerylocker,Photos& Gallery,Photo View,Pic effect,FocusGallery,Gallery lock appsdownload,Enjoy 3D Styles,gallerylocker,gallery lock appsdownload,Gallery Vault,GalleryPro,GalleryLock,Photos(Gallery),Gallery Download,GalleryPrivate,gallerydownloadingJust download this Gallery you will beamazed, its veryeasy to use.Thank you so much for your patience andsupport! :)
Photo Collage: Photo & Video Collage 1.08
PhotoDev Pro
🌟 Photo Editor is a super powerful photo editor with magiceffects✨that lets you create the special photo. 🌟 Photo Editorsupportsmore templates for more scenes (like birthday, wedding,familyetc.). 🌟 Photo Editor let you re-mix up 15+ photos for yoursocialnetworks(like Instagram, Facebook and so on). ❓ WHAT CAN I DOWITHPHOTO EDITOR PRO? ⁉ COLLAGE MAKER - Re-mix up to 15 of yourphotosat a time to create personalized layouts and collages. - Morethan50+ backgrounds and 20+ Templates for creating yourspecialcollages. EDIT - More than 30+ trendy & professionalfilters. -Each filter has own story, whether you are FOODIES,SELFIEGIRLS/BOYS or TRAVELERS, you must find filters for your ownphotos.- Support crop 9 pic sizes for your social channels(Instagram,Facebook, Youtube etc.). BEAUTY - User-friendly teethwhiteningtool. - Smooth and rejuvenate your skin. - Emphasize youreyes fora penetrating gaze. - Remove blemishes, pimples and scars.EFFECT -A ton of stickers(like muscle, tattoo etc.) for yourphotos. - Letyou build your sexy body. - Change your eye/haircolor. Ads will beshown in certain scenes in our app. For moreinformation, pleasevisit
AI Photo Editor: Photo Collage, Picture Editor 5.6
Parasol Lab
*** Happy 4TH OF JULY *** AI Photo Editor is an ✨ALL-IN-ONEPHOTOEDITOR✨ for collage, layout, sticker, frame, filter and so on.AIPhoto Editor supports multiple forms of content for collage.AIPhoto Editor lets you create one-of-a-kind collages byremixingyour own photos, then share them with your friends🔥. 👇👀 AIFEATURES👇👀 - Re-mix up to 20+ of your photos & Videos(thelargestnumber in Google Play) at the same time to createpersonalizedlayouts and collages. - Easily resize your photos forSocialNetwork Scenes(Instagram Post, Facebook Cover, Pinterest Postandso on). - Pick up 100+ stickers & backgrounds & texts&doodles for customized your photo(include Android 8.0 emojis).-Save your layouts to your gallery and share them seamlessly toallmajor social platforms (Facebook, Instagram and many more)withjust a few taps. - Download and start creating a layout orcollageimmediately. No signup or account required—and no clutterbreakingup your flow. 🙋‍♀️Permissions Requested by AI Photo Editor- Tocapture your the one and only moments, AI Photo Editor needsthe“Camera” permission to take pictures. - To create amazingphotos,AI Photo Editor needs the “Storage” permission to accessphotos,media, and files on your device.
My Love Frame
My Love Frame application allows you to make photos morebeautifuleasily. Just select frame and your photo, then you willget awonderful view. My Love Frame with lots of beautiful artframes,which combine photos into a cool art photo easily. More than300high resolution frames makes your photo more beautifulandartistic. Now save your sweet memories in a different,beautiful,and stylish way. 💕💕 My Love Frame Features 💕💕 ☆Popularand freephoto editor ☆300+ layouts of frames to choose from ☆Newcontentupdated every week ☆Easy to share anywhere 🌸 PHOTO FRAME ◇Supportsplenty of photo effects, there are around 300+ differenteffectsfor you to combine photos. ◇ One click to generate perfectresult,no need any adjustment ◇ Custom control photo size, positionandrotation degree 🌸 SAVE & SHARE ◇ Save to maximum resolutionofyour device. ◇ Photo Sharing to Instagram, WhatsApp,Facebook,Twitter etc. Free install and try My Love Frame now. Ifyou haveany problem, please feel free to contactus:[email protected]
Kannada Birthday Photo Frames Greetings 1.6
ARIC Media
Here is Best and Nice Kannada Happy Birthday Wishes andQuotationsPhoto Frames.App Features✓Choose your image from thecamera orgallery.✓Arrange your image in live Birthday frames. Itprovidesbest graphic shape frames.✓You can choose any shape frommultiplecollections of frames.✓Arrange and set your photo properlyinframe.✓Type any text on photo with differentforegroundcolors.✓Save your photo to sd card.✓Share live KannadaBirthdayFrames image with your friends and This Apphuttuhabbadashubhashayagalu in kannadaKannada Mother Birthday WishesPhotoFramesLove Birthday Wishes with Photos in KannadaFriendBirthdayPhoto Frames and Kannada QuotesKannada Funny BirthdayFramesKannadaPhoto on cakesNice Happy Birthday Images Kannada PhotoFramesAddKannada Text on PhotosAd Birthday Stickers to Photos
Cardboard Camera
Google LLC
Capture and share moments with virtual reality (VR) photos.VRphotos let you experience scenery and sound in every directionandin 3D, making near things look near, and far things look far.Fromvacation travels to family get-togethers, capture the momentwithCardboard Camera and relive it in VR. To experience your photosinVR, place your phone into a Google Cardboardviewer(
Photo Watermark 2.06
MVTrail Tech
Photo Watermark is an app for personal use that can adddigitalwatermarks to all your images, photos and pictures withthetransparency you decide. Ideal for users who want tocapture,watermark and share their photographs quickly and easily.With thisapp you can simply create your own watermark. Feature: *Takingpictures with camera * Fonts, color and other effects in textmode* Build-in hundreds of text and png sticker as watermark * Easytomove, rotate, reverse and change transparency of watermark asyouwant. * Clone and edit watermark. * Easy reusing ofrecentwatermark texts * Quick sharing to Instagram, Facebook, emailandmany more The best watermarking app for creating watermarksandwatermarking photos. Brand your images before sharing themonline.Digitally sign your photos/artwork with logo,signature,trademarks, copyright to claim, secure and maintainyourintellectual property and reputation. Adding of timestamp,hashtagsand other properties as text watermark. Originalphotographs arenever altered. It let you create a new photographwith watermark onit. Photo Watermark is easy to use: 1. Select aphoto on which youwant to add watermark. 2. Add signature or textor stickers, phototo create watermark on your photos. 3. Adjustyour watermark onyour photos; pinch it, drag it and rotate it.Adjust its opacityprecisely with the slider. 4. Save and sharewatermarked photoswith friends and family. Templates can be createdand saved forfuture use. Tips: Don't delete original images afterwatermarking,because you can't remove watermarks from processedimages.
Round Photo(Design Clippings) 2.2.4
This is the best application for cutting outpicturescircularly.Crop out shapes on your pictures with formslikecircle,heart,rhombus,triangle,cross,etc.Very simple andconvenientphoto editing.--- Features ---- Color or Clippings onbackground.-Various design.- Very simple to use with friendlyuserinterface.--- How to use ---- Please select a photo from thealbumetc.- Choose the photo design.- You can select the backgroundcolorof the photo or clip it.- Save or share.Have fun usingRoundphoto. It is very simple app.This app is all free.Welcomeourfriends.Thank you.
Pic Collage Maker & Photo Editor Free - My Collage 1.6.4
Picture Collage Maker & Photo Editor is the best photocollagemaker & free photo editor, that helps you combine manyphotosinto one layouts. And lets you make picture collage&Instacollage. Use the pic collage app to create photo collagewithsticker, effects, text, filter and more, then share them toyourfriends via Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, etc. ● Combine upto 20photos to into one pic collage. ● Hundreds of layouts tochoosefrom this free photo collage. ● Choose from exclusivestickers andbackgrounds to get the best picture collage. ● Editphotos for thebest collage with unique filters and Fx effects. ●Easy to add textto collage to express your stories. ● Easy tochange border colors,text, background and patterns! ● Decorate yourphoto with frame formaking unique photo collage. ● Insta squarephoto with blurbackground for Instagram. ● Powerful photo editingtools to editsingle picture, such as rotate, mirror, flip, pinch tozoom in orout. ● Save collage photo in high resolution, Pic CollageMaker isthe best photo collage tool for Messenger, WhatsApp,Instagram,etc. Layout for pictures ★ Choose from a wide variety ofgridlayouts to create a photo collage. ★ Create a photo collageinseconds with our photo grid feature. ★ Re-mix up to 20 ofyourphotos at a time to create fun, personalized layouts andcollages.Background ★ Hundreds of backgrounds can edit for your piccollage.★ We designed beautiful patterns, love, dot, star, texture,etc.Stickers, Emoji for pic collage ★ Edit your photos withthousandsof fun and trendy stickers. Thousands of exclusivestickers tobeautify your collage photos and decorate your stories.★ You havemany choices to crate for your collage photos, such asflowercrown, Abs, Dog, Cat motion stickers. Find the suitablephotosticker for your picture collage. ★ Each stickers can beeasilyresized and moved in the best pic collage maker. Frame photoyourpicture ★ Use different frames to add color or create effectstoyour collage photos! ★ Save all your memories in a beautifulartframe and share with your friends, your family. Filter forcollagepicture ★ Artistic filters to record beautiful life in thisfreephoto collage maker. Edit picture with Fx effect filter 1.Editcollage photo with Fx effects filters such as: Dazzled,glitcheffect, mosaic, Comic, painting effect, etc, make photoperfect toamazing your friends. 2. Add effects filters on photo,make everypicture professional and art. Text with Collage ★ Addtext to thephoto, rotate and drag the text to put the text in thebest placefor the collage picture. ★ You can select the font style,addbackground, text shadow, make the text more perfect. PhotoEditor ★You can take photo and then rotate, mirror, flip, drag orswap themmove, zoom in, zoom out, or add background that make whatyou need.Share ★ Share best pic collage to Instagram, Facebook,WhatsApp andMessenger, etc. FAQ Q:Where are photos saved? A:Savedin/sdcard/MyCollage. We are a team focus on photo editingsoftware,and our team is committed to providing the best pictureeditingsoftware for global users. Thank you very much for usingourCollage Maker. If you have any questions or any suggestions ,youcan find us by following: Email: [email protected]
Fotor Photo Editor - Photo Collage & Photo Effects
Awarded by Google Play Store as*AndroidExcellence Apps of 2017*, and recommended by *Editor'sChoice*,Fotor is one stop photo editing, sharing and saleplatform.Considered an all-in-one photo editing toolkit, Fotor mobilehasevolved from being one of the most user-friendly‘on-the-go’utility apps, to a world first photographic communityplatform. Nowallowing millions of photographers from around theworld toconnect, collect, share and inspire, Fotor is anall-in-oneplatform allowing the amateur photographer and enthusiasttheopportunity to win prizes, profits and fame!※Features※Enhanced CameraSix photo-taking modes, with features like Grid, Big Button,Burst,Timer, Stabilizer, and Square.Photo Editor1. The ‘Focus’ feature simulates depth of field and ‘bokeh’,similarto DSLR lenses. It’s completely customizable, allowing forscale,shape and effect adjustment.2. The ‘Enhance’ function, complete with ‘slide onscreen’capability, allows for rapid adjustments in detailsandgradation.3. ‘Scene effects’ make it even easier to customize yourphotographyto different lighting situations, allowing for themodification ofsaturation, brightness and contrast.4. A massive range of updated effects and filters, allowing youtosimulate an almost unlimited number of styles, includingFilm,Vintage, B&W, etc.5. Up to 10 completely customizable ‘Edit’ functions, allowingyouto all forms of editing, from minute ‘touch ups’ toextensiveimages changes.6. Rebuild image composition and rotate your photo to yourheart’scontent with the optimized ‘Crop-Edit’ function.7. Weekly updated stickers, frames, filters and fonts will ensureafresh new design for every day of the week!Photo Collage1. Classic Photo Collage: Use up to 9 photos in your collage;Choosefrom tons of awesome templates. Customize template,background,spacing and more.2. Magazine Photo Collage: Make a collage with excitingbuilt-inmagazine templates.Vision1. With weekly photo events and different topics, you've gotmanychances to gain inspiration from other photographers (andwinprizes, money and more!)2. In the Inspire section you can enjoy all the amazingphotographyworks and even collect the photos you like and followthephotographers.3. Keep expanding a catalog of additional effects, frames,fonts,stickers, collage templates packs, let your photo editingfollowthe latest trends and maybe create your own!We now support English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese,Japanese,Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Korean, Thai,Vietnamese,Turkish,Indonesian and are actively working on lots morelanguages!FOLLOW USFacebook:
Pixiz 1.6.3
Pixiz is the simpliest and funiest way to make your memoriesevenmore amazing, unique and unforgettable.Choose among all of ourmanyframes, collage layouts and filters and give free rein toyourcreativity to enhance your photo. With more than 500,000frames,there's something for every taste, every occasion and everymood.★Fun: You wanna be on a magazine cover, become a superstar,anastronaut, a bodybuilder or maybe an animal ? Find the bodyyouwant in our several frames and just put your face in it!★ Easyaspie: Using Pixiz is child's play! In only few seconds, yourcanmake awesome collages. Simply choose a frame or an effect,uploadyour photo, and here we go! Get the result in a snap!★Endlesslibrary: You'll never get bored with Pixiz! To satisfy allyourneeds, our content is constantly updated, not only every week,butevery single day! If you just want to add stunning effects toyourpictures or if you need to send some personal greets forChristmas,a birthday, Valentine's day, or any other occasion...You'll surefind what you are searching for!With this app, keepPixiz in yourpocket and use it whenever you want! Enjoy!
Night Frames: Photo Effect Camera for Pictures App 1.9
Pavaha Lab
Night Frames has an awe inspiring collection of night skyimageswith fantastic themes that will simply blow your mind. If youlovebeautiful nature, then definitely you will love Nature Framesappas well. Frames for Pictures show your affection to your lovedoneby adding night background to their favorite images. AmazingNight Photo Frame will make your photos very attractive.NightPhotography App create your unforgettable memories intomoonlightamazing nights so special with lighting stars with naturalplacesthat you feel it as real photos.  Night Photodiscovernostalgic beauty with the themes of fairies, love, fantasy,wildlife, happiness, art & joy on a starry sky with NightPhotoFrames. Night Photo Editor add your favourite photos to themagicalglow of the moon amongst the entranced art of amazing HDphotoframes, and make those as your mobile wallpaper. NightEffectCamera is the best to photography effect cool, and selfieeditorfor android. Night Photography allow you to take best pictureandedit photo and make Night Wallpaper and make your picturemorebeautiful. Night Picture Camera load your image from Galleryorcapture photo from camera. Select the precious Night Framesthatyou like the most from our wide range of awesome Nightcollection.Move your Night over the image and set it perfectly.Features ofNight Frames App: - Over 100+ HD quality night frames. -Highestquality photo frames of night sky, and imaginative art wouldgiveyour images a rich and magnificent look. - Add text onimage,change the text color, text font style and many more. MakeyourNight photo more attractive.  - Two Finger Gestures toZOOMyour photo and adjust in the Night photo frames. - Effects toapplyon your images. - Add lovely stickers, quotes for nightbackground.- Save images to SD card - Easily share your image viaall socialmedia apps. Lets enjoy this lovely night with NightFrames app andcreate your own beautiful and lovely beautiful nightphoto frameand share it to your loved ones.
Image Size - Photo Resizer 3.3
This app allows you to resize an image to whatever size youlike(with limitation), quickly and easily. It is a really resizerapp.You can specify the output format using one of the followingfourunits of measurement: pixels, millimeters, centimeters, inchesTopreserve aspect ratio just tap on the chain icon between widthandheight input fields. Image Size gives you the option ofsaving,emailing, printing or sharing the final image. Resize yourimage injust four easy steps: 1. Open an image or take a photo 2.Enteryour desired output size 3. Crop the image with your fingersusingmultitouch gestures 4. Save / print / send / share imageResize aphoto or image with this app in seconds.
Photo Collage Editor & Collage Maker - Quick Grid 5.7.2
Quick Grid is the best pic collage maker for you to createamazingphoto layouts, sticker, background, filter, text withframes. Itnot only lets you collage multiple photos with myriadlayout framesand photo grids but also makes amazing poster templateandfreestyle scrapbook. *Main Features* -Grid&Collage-Combinemultiple photos with classical and funny layouts into abeautifulpicture -Freestyle Scrapbook- Pin moments to a customizedboard.Scrapbook allow you add photos, texts, stickers to acustomizedbackground -Poster Template- Decorate your images withcool postertemplates to be the popular guy on the magazine cover.OtherFeatures: ★Hundreds of layouts and frames to choose from★Powerfulphoto collage maker to create blur grid using your photoswithlayout and frames ★Easy to change border colors, backgrounds★Lotsof backgrounds and stickers to choose from! ★Give your collagewithamazing effects & filters ★Add text with lots of fun fontstochoose from ★Freely rotate, zoom in/out, and re-arrange yourphotos★Add sexy shadow for your collage ★Clip photos by outliningthearea you want with your finger  ★Add snap font to makeyourpic more popular ★Collage your photos like a magazine, aposter, ora themed album for Instagram ★Share your collages ontosocial media(Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp) with just a few tapsJoin withmillions of collage fans in the world and start makingyour ownstunning collages now! If you have any questions or anysuggestions, you can find us by following: Email:[email protected]
Post Maker for Social Media 1.2
Create amazing Post and Cover Page for social networkingplatforms.Instantly create chic and stylish posters and post ofvariousstyles like: magazine covers, movie posters, gourmet ads,traveldocumentary, social media post & cover page, promotionalpageand more! Post Maker provides hand picked backgrounds,textures,stickers and text (fonts) specially for poster making tocreatePost, Cover Page and Poster like professionals. Features:> Hugecollection of backgrounds > Choose color as background>Select your own picture from gallery as background >Multipleaspect ratio with social sites aspect ratio for backgrounds>Add your text with poster design fonts > Add wonderfulstickers(specially picked for poster making) > Add your picturesfromgallery and camera > Save on SD Card > Share on socialmediaMake amazing poster, post and cover pages with Post Maker.TryNow!!
8Bit Photo Lab, Retro Effects
8Bit Photo Lab converts any picture on your phone or straightfromyour camera to retro 8-bit pixel art!Choose a picture,scrollthrough a selection of pre-defined 8-bit filters andimmediatelyreview the vintage effect. Save or share the result injust oneclick!Features★ make pixel art, pixelate your photos,create memes,design flashy posters, have fun!★ choose from over 50colorpalettes: GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, NES, TO7/70, Amstrad CPC6128,Apple II, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 16 & 64, VIC 20, CGA,EGA,Atari ST, Amiga, VGA (256 colors)... ★ custom color paletteswiththe option to interpolate colors, allowing for duotone effects★15dithering types: error diffusion, noise, pattern,checkerboard...★huge finely selectable resolution range from 8 x 8to 2048 x 2048★multiple pixel aspect ratios and attribute clashmodes★ outputstyles offer alternatives to regular flat pixels: fusebeads,bricks, puzzle, painted...★ add retro 8-bit text andglitches★tastefully decorate with a selection of 8-bit stickers★flick rightor left and immediately apply the filter to anotherpicture fromyour collection!★ high quality output, up to 4096 x4096 in PNG★optional grid overlay for bead artists andcross-stitchersThe apphas two goals: be dead simple to use andpowerful enough to producegood-looking and effective results.Thereality of old schoolgraphic conversions is that it can be trickyto get good results inall conditions. Low contrast or greyishimages tend to be renderedas a murky mess if a straightforwarddownsampling is applied. 8BitPhoto Lab has a number of parametersthat are key to optimizing thefinal look of your images. Everypixel counts when dealing with lowresolution images.UsageStart offwith one of the predefined looks(star icon) then mix and matchcolors, ditherings, resolutions andmore until you get the effectyou want.Change a parameter and theresult is immediately updated.Browse through multiple looks in aninstant!The three mainparameters are resolution, palettes anddithering. Ditherings allowto simulate a larger range of colorsthan what the limited paletteoffers. Various options are offeredhere. Pattern dithering wasoften seen used in older paint softwareas well as the userinterfaces for many operating systems.Checkerboard dithering wascommonly employed in games. Errordiffusion, gives the most faithfulrendering.Four parameters adjustcolor values for each pixel. You'llfind familiar brightness,saturation and contrast settings as wellas the very useful localcontrast setting (also known as unsharpmask). Local contrast isvery effective at bringing out detail andallowing to reduceresolution while retaining good subjectdefinition. As aninteresting side effect, reducing local contrastproduces a softfocus effect which may take your art in anotherdirectionaltogether. Giving saturation a boost can help make themost ofsome of the flashy color palettes.Cropping will allow you toselectjust the part of your pic that you like. A tiny part of animagecan still have enough resolution to be turned to an 8-bitpicture.Even if your subject is small there is hope!Old computershad fewcolors to play. They also crashed often in weird ways. Usetheglitch menu (blender icon) to add mayhem to your pics. Screenmelt,pixel scattering, pixel sorting, cellular automaton,blockswapping, RGB offsetting, interlacing are on the menu.Finallyagood old text tool is always useful, whether you're looking tomakememes, add a title or a text bubble, the app has a largeselectionof 8-bit fonts and borders to choose from!PROversionUnlocks thefollowing:★ wallpapers★ larger range ofparameters★ more ditheringsand palettes, including custom palettes★extra fonts and borders★extra glitches★ lossless file compression(PNG), higher outputresolution (up to 4096 x 4096), 1:1 outputresolution
WhatsCrop 3.2
Amalgam Apps
Every time you change your profile picture it's needed to becroppedand frequently you loose a substantial part of thephoto.This appwill automatically adjust the picture size to be themaximum allowedwithout losing any part of it, avoiding croppedpictures.You canload any picture from your photo gallery or takeone with yourdevice camera.If your picture is not square sized youcan fill theempty spaces with a color or a wallpaperbackground.You can also setthe size, rotation and position of thepicture using pinch gestureand sliding the picture. Features: -Profile photo uncropped. -Automatic resizing. - Manual adjustmentin size and rotation (pinchgesture) and position (slide a finger).- Selection of pictures fromthe photo album. - Take a picture fromthe camera. - Control ofimage rotation. - Select background colorof the image. - Selectionof wallpaper background of the image.
Photo frame 1.5.4
This app have Photo frames - Love frames - Romantic frames -Babyframes - Photo collage ... Photo Frames is one of the bestphotoeditor And beautiful frames to your photos - Photo Frame isapowerful collage maker for you to create amazing collagesusingyour photos, text with cool fonts and frames. - Photo Frameeditorhas a very simple user interface, evey body can use, withapowerful photo editor, Photo Frame that gives you everythingtocreate amazing collage of your photos. - Photo Frame editor hasavery simple user interface, evey body can use, with apowerfulphoto editor, Photo Frame that gives you everything tocreateamazing collage of your photos. - Photo Collage lets youcreateone-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photos and sharingthemwith your friends. Choose photos from your gallery andinstantlysee them laid out in a cool collage. Pick the layout youlike best,add sexy shadow for your collage, then edit it to make ityour own.- Photo allows you to create amazing artwork using images,pasting,background text and with beautiful fonts and templates. -Photo isa powerful photo editor for you to create amazing photocuttings,wallpapers, backgrounds with layouts and frames. - Combinemultipleimages with different frames at the same time. - Frame withlots ofbeautiful art frames can quick combine photos into cool artframe.In your life, you have a lots of beautiful memories event: aparty,dating, birthday, congratulations event, graduation,wedding,...with a lots of photos, with this software you can saveall yourmemories event into beautiful art frame and share to yourfriends,your family,.. - All frames into this software is designedwithhigh resolution, creative and not similar with another appsinstore FEATURES - Over than 500 grid frames, art frames withstylesquare frames very beautiful - Mutiple frame for use choose -Edityour love image in a minute. - Easy to Frame and make photogrid -Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize, double tap to delete-Make a picture with the style of Free Grid. - Change thegraftingrate and edit the border of the collage. - Lots ofbackgrounds andstickers to choose from! - Update frame every day -New FlowersPhoto Frames comming Soon. - Add emojis, smiles, cliparts, text,stickers and text to your photos and collage. - A lot ofmagazinetemplates to choose from, fit for any occasion. - Easy touse -Great Image Filtering currency. - Easy to share withsocialnetworks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ...
Cut Paste Photos & Video Frames 1.3
Z Mobile Apps
Capture the perfect moment from any Video or get picture fromcameraor gallery and create beautiful custom photos by cutting anypart ofimage and paste it on another image or background. CutPaste Photos& Video Frames provides a fast and easy way tocreate amazingMovie Posters, Video Thumbnails, Photo Collage,Change PhotosBackground and more. Cut Paste Photos & VideoFrames comes witha video frame capture tool to get any frame fromyour selected videoto create your custom image. You can also getpicture from camera orgallery. Cut Paste Photo has a powerfulEditor to erase unwantedportions of your picture and createperfect Photos. To create custompicture, just touch the area ofpicture which you want to erase andCut Paste Frames willautomatically detect the entire area usingcolor detection AI andit will erase that area for you so that youcan paste that image onany other picture or on our existing 30+ HDbackgrounds. Cut PastePhotos & Video Frames provides manyprofessional video &photo editing tools like: - Video FrameExtractor: to get a framefrom your selected video - Auto Erase: forone touch backgroundremoval - Manual Erase: for finger rub(traditional) backgroundremoval - Extract Erase: for area selectionbackground erase -Restore: for finger rub background retrieval -Undo, Redo &Zoom: for accurate result - Photo Enhancer: toenhace the beauty ofthe selected picture using Contrast,Brightness, Saturation etcFeatures: ~ Create Movie Posters ~ CreateVideo Thumbnails ~ Easilycapture and extract photos from video ~Retain resolution: HD videowill produce HD photos ~ Scroll through11 frames from the capturemoment and choose the best frame for you~ Perform Face Swap- Cutone face and paste it on the other ~ Removephoto background andreplace with any background you wish ~ Cut thepeople out and putthem on another background ~ Crop animal facesfrom one photo andplace it over your friends photo ~ Save and shareyour creationwith friends and family on any social networking sitesCut PastePhotos & Video Frames is a perfect combination ofsimplicityand functionality. and it is also a fast and easy to useapp: 1.Selcet a video from your gallery 2. Adjust time bar to getyourdesired frames from the video 3. Select the best frame from11frames fetched accordiung to the time selected Or 1. Selectpicturefrom your gallery or capture new on from Camera 2.Erasebackgreound or any object in the picture using photo editingtoolslike - Auto Erase - Manual Erase - Extract Erase - Restore 3.UseUndo, Redo & Zoom for accurate result 4. Smooth the edgeswithseek bar to blend better 5. Select background for you cutimagefrom our hand picked HD background collection or use your ownfromgallery or camera 6. Adjust Lighting, Contrast, Saturation ofimageaccording to background for seamless blending 7. Save andShareyour creation on social media directly from the app. Capturethesmall instants in any big moment. Try Now!!
3D Frames Effects & Wallpaper Maker 3.0
Pavaha Lab
Would you like your photos to be appearing in the beautiful3Dframes? 3D Frames is so easy to make a real work of art,becauseyou will find so inspiring party photo suits in this thenewestphoto booth. Adjust photographs of your friends into cool3DEffects decorated with fireworks, shining lights and expressyourcreativity. With 3D Photo frames app you can beautify yourphoto in3D style. Over 100+ beautiful 3D Templates to makegreat-lookingSquare photo. Easy to create your 3D background usingCamera orGallery photos and mix it with 3D Frames and make best 3Dwallpaperin high quality. A beautiful app that gives a complete3Dexperience to your home and lock screen. 3D Frames Features-Select a photo from your image gallery or take one with yourselfiecamera - Adjust the image into a photo frame of your choice-Rotate the picture, zoom in and zoom out for a perfectphotomontage - Add stickers to the photo, to make it look beautiful-Add amazing photo effects and add text on image - Save imageandShare with friends - Create 3D Wallpaper
Quote Me - Write text on photo 2.2
Style Of Me
You want to add text to photo or find and add the quote onthepicture? This is the best app to make this with over 2000quotesavailable that are not only completely free but alsoextremely easyto use. Besides color and layout, each text orparagraph also playsan important role to create a personalityphoto. You can add textor photo as you want with more than 200 setsof fonts along withcustom color set, style, frame, alignment...Moreover, a carefullyselected collection of background images isready with 800+ cutestickers and stickers to add to your photoquickly and easily withjust a few basic ways. All in oneapplication, you are holding inhand the best insert text tool onphotos today. With the advantagessuch as: + 200+ fonts to select.Pick any font in storage. + 1000+quotes available + Nearly 1000stickers in the collection + Insertphoto/ornament to photo + Changecolor, size, font (Bold, Italic,Underline, Strikethrough) +Template or random style for text +Text alignment tool (left,right, center) and position as well asrotate 360 ​​support on theimage + Create text in 3D directly +Shade the text with optionalcolor + Customize size, color,transparency for text ground + Sharephotos via Facebook, GooglePlush, Instagram ... And much moreinteresting things is waitingfor you. Discover yourself to create aunique photo with text. Anysuggestions please leave a review orcontact by email:[email protected] Thank you!!!