Top 24 Games Similar to jungle safari

snakes and ladders 4.0
Welcome to Snakes and Ladders ! Joyisprecious.Joy of children is more precious than anything inone'slife.Make your way to the end of the board by rolling the die.enjoy the game.
hijab makeup salon 2.0
Be creative and be inspired withhijabstyle,this game will let you choose from variety ofbeautifullyanddistinctly designed hijab girl.
Celebrity Criminal Scene 2.0
Celebrity live their life with high lifestylein world of glitz and glamour.We all have fantasy to live celebs life.But behind these fancy glamor world there is crucial crimeishidden.Many of the celebrities are being victim of their fate.Here are some murder cases of celebrities to be solved.We have to arrest the killer with the charge of homicide.At every scene we will get one clue that can help to match itwithculprit.Lets start investigation and be detective by finding objectsatcrime scene place.Celebrities are being kidnapped and then murdered which isbecomingmystery day by day.Find the suspects near by which will give you lead toarrestcriminal.Send all clues to forensic lab to observe.Features:=> Different celebrity murder cases=> Different thrilling scene makeup van, home, etc=> Find suspects like t-shirt,cap,belt, etc.=> Arrest master criminal with all secrets.
sushi maker 1.0
Want some sushi? The most popularJapanesedishcan now be made anytime anywhere, with the latestcooking gamesushiMaker!
frenzy bubbles tap 1.0
Childhood with small partners toplaythegame.Fingertips, is so simple gamequickly with small partners to join itenjoy the moment!
make your own slushy 1.0
Make, mix, shake and drink your veryownfruitslushy with this colorful and creative slushy gameforkids.
Gola maker 1.0
Makes your favorite gola inyourmobiledevice.Everyone loves gola, right?
lunch box maker school food 1.0
Are you Hungry and want to eat Lunch ?yesyoucan now with Lunch Box Game.
Full Body Spa games 1.0
Let's go to this famous back spa salon,enjoyacomfortable back massage and experience theroyaltreatment.
Block Crush Legend 1.0
Block crush legend is simple and funlovingpuzzle game. Swap 3 or more smiley blocks to crush them.Completeall the levels and get high score and be a legend. You canalso useboosters to crush all the same kind of blocks. Make a smartmoveand match all the blocks.
joker game 1.0
Pick out the best crazy and amazinglookforthis cute joker! Dress up this cute joker with the costumesdoyouwant.
princess Braid hairstyles 1.0
You can choose from manydifferentuniquehairstyles and colors
sport bike washing 1.0
If you love sport bike then you willjustlovethe sport bike washing game! Now you can really know whatit’sliketo own a bike by giving it a good bike wash and makeup!Onceyouhave cleaned your bike you can then wash and dry yourbikereadyfor its grand makeup!
Friend Killer Chapter 1 3.0
Join the investigation discovery nowandhelpcrack the criminal case. Find clues andsolvemysterycase.Investigate the criminal case and find the Friend killer!
hand makeup salon treatment 2.0
Every girl loves hand makeup.Create your very own manicure designs with hundredsofnailcombinations in nail Salon! Complete your look withdazzlingringsand bonus gifts! Create the most fabulous nailartdesigns.
Geomertry Shape Match Saga 1.0
Geometry shapes match saga is the latestandnewest in Assembling “Match 3” puzzles! Swap and matchdifferentgeometry shapes earn points. Collect as many shapes aspossiblebefore you run out of moves! Be lost in hours of FUN as youtry totravel through the hundreds of levels in Geometry Worldofpuzzle.
Prom Party - Girl Salon 1.0
All students must be waiting for graduationtoget over.Really excited for prom party.
So girls get ready to rockthenight.Queen outfits, beautiful matching accessories, sandals,tiara allarehere.
One of the biggest event is going to happen.Before you move to college, come and rock the floor.
Wear beautiful prom outfits and dance with yourcharmingpartner.
All you can do is play this game for free and make this girl amostgorgeous queen of the night.

=> Sooth her skin with amazing and exclusivespatreatment.
=> Apply some makeup and choose colorful, glitter shadesfrommake up case for prom party.
=> Finally pick prom dress for star girl that goes withthefashion.
=> Select and mismatch earrings, necklace, sandals,bags etctobeautify her.
=> Different hairstyles to select.
weapons guns 1.0
weapons guns is a realisticshootingrangeexperience, which has most popular guns.This weapons simulator is a large collection shotssoundsfromdifferent types of weaponshow to play :Tap the screen or shake to fire.
cowgirl dress up 1.0
get ready for some true cowgirl delightswiththe cowgirl dress up games. What does a cowgirl wear? Seethispretty cowgirl with makeover,makeup and differentoutfits.
New car makeup & salon 1.0
Hello kids & girls, Dream about havingyourown car and maintain it like a home mechanic. Its time tohavemakeup of your own cars, wash them, repair and maintain yourcarlike a true mechanic in My new car makeup game.
brother & sister Newborn Twin 1.0
Get ready to work some care,doctors anddressup magic in this game.It's hard work caring for and cleaning twins, but it's a lot offun,too!
Monster criminal case 2.0
Use your detective skills to findwhichmonsteris behind this horrible murder. Drive to crime sceneandfind outwho is the monster murderer using the hiddenobjects.Unravel a taleof murder on mysterious places &solveunexplained crimecases.
forest animals rescue 1.0
forest animal rescue is an excitingdoctor,careand dressup game. that lets you take care of threedifferent sickanimals. you'll need every doctor trick in the bookto make thesewild animals feel better again.Then it's time to play dress up! Pick out cute outfits for thewildanimals to wear so they can show the world they look as goodasthey feel.
animal nail clinic 1.0
Some of them are starving while some ofthemare ill. Let’s help those little poor things toregainvitality.have a fun with animal!!