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Elite Spider Training Free 2.7
Be a real spider super strongest hero with knight ultimatefantasypowers & military army soldier commando at the sametime. Inthis apocalypse survival game, you have to be fearlessspiderfighter to accomplish spider robotic battle. You are thestrongestreward hero with strange modern survive powers who hasbeenrescuing his city for a long time from thugs, criminals &mafiagangsters assault. But now it’s time to help the armyrescuemilitary save the world war II from the fearless evil fighterenemyterrorists. Which is only possible by combining your strongestheropowers or knight real survival training in superhero onlinegame.Army military survival strategy game will prepare you forthespider robotic battle against combat terrorists arms in ordertorescue your country. Get ready to join the best militarycityshooting training camp in this free city best superherotraininggame. Enter in the survival strategy training game onlydesigned byfearless army fighters who want to train them to be areal spiderin modern survive. For that you have to learn how tofightfearlessly, combat shooting, epic strike & shoot. Inthisheroic game of spider robotic battle, learn all theessentialtarget tricks of real spider world war II. This program isdesignedby the knight sniper fantasy military shooter to fullytrain youphysically & mentally. Improve your superhero rescuefighting,combat & war skills by attending the best streettraining camp.The training won’t be easy. The training program isdesigned to betough & challenging to train the commandosoldiers for allsorts of situations to compete for crime gangstersor mafia evilheroes. Train yourself to be the best commando soldierspidersuperhero, it’s now time to be the hero of every city ofyourcountry instead of being a hero for just one city. Trainwithvarious different modern weapons & guns. Perfect yoursniperaim & shooting by training regularly to be the bestmilitaryarmy sniper spider shooter, rifle expert man &marksman.Perfect your gun critical shooting in order to help armymilitaryto defeat all the crime-gangster terrorist slots. Trainwith thelatest modern weapons & guns available to perfect youraiming& gun critical shooting skills because shooting is anessentialpart of a war. Train your body regularly by performingvariousdifferent drills & exercises to become the strongesthero likeall the other elite commando soldiers. Train to be thebestcommando soldier & military army security shooter.Helpmilitary army in the counterterrorism war against terroristslike areal spider reward hero to save your country.
Mini Tanks World War Hero Race 3.58
Join the furious mini tanks army! Only you can be the greatestwarsoldier! So prepare for the fiercest battle and fight forjustice!Jump into the one of 4 military danger machines and fightin thisarmored warfare!!! Grab your iron machine and drive overthecrashing bridges, jump on the buildings, blow up strong brickwallsand attack robot enemies! Become an iron soldier and joinminitanks heroes army! Enjoy playing 12 super awesomebattlefieldracing levels, plus win extra coins and get new racingcars! Themore you play the more coins and cars you get! Win themall! Racein a fierce battlefield! - Ride 4 military iron tanks:Commando,Comrade, Short Stump and Arkillary. - Attack citybuildings androbot enemies with shells and bombs. - Drive throughthe crashingbridges, jump on a tough brick walls and attack robotsoldiers whooccupied mini tanks world! - Enjoy exciting gameplay,challengingtasks, achievements and rewards! - Win coins and unlockmore than90 racing cars! - Enjoy easy and intuitive game control:click onthe bomb button to attack and on the play button to moveforward. -Hours of free fun - complete 12 racing levels and try allcars! -Enjoy colorful game graphics, realistic sounds and playfulmusic.
Superhero WAR: Army Counter Terrorist Attack 2017 1.0.1
John Carter is an ex US Special Forces army commando & GenHarryThomson assigned a mission (Lone Wolf) to destroy allterroristhideouts & safely rescue the POW’s who arrested byterrorists.Now J. Carter is responsible to make a safe plan andrescue all USarmy soldiers, wisely using his army sneaking skills& eliminateall terrorists, disable CCTV camera, securityalarm, destroy theirheadquarter, vehicles, Helicopter, ammunition& finally kill theterrorist gang leader. To accomplish allmission tasks “NationalRobotics Lab” equipped you some specialsuper powers fromsuperheroes to terminate terrorist network. Nowget ready to becomean ultimate superhero for this special missionto demolishterrorists & there weapons aid to save yourcountry. Enjoyextreme gun shooting action in this thrillingSuperhero Battle:Anti-Terrorist War Attack 2017 game. Let’s becomea special armycommando, spy agent & monster superhero at thesame time in thisaction packed military army & anti-terroristsquad gun shootingwar game. It’s not just a war game but a battleagainst the criminalterrorist’s gangs who are planning ondestroying your country &occupied the national treasures. Useyour monster superhero powersfighting like assault shooting andsniper shooting skills to saveyour country & prove that youare the only superhero againstcriminals, gangsters and terrorists.Use army skills aim accurately& attack hard to win this combatwar. Prepare yourself as asniper shooting killer in this terroristattacked survival escapedmission, test your military yalghaarcommando training skills toquickly move and attack skills toescape army prisoners. Sharpshooting to kill terrorist, securitysquad, disable securitycameras, destroy helicopter, blastingammunition depot, assassinateterrorist boss & finally surviveyourself to win successfulescape mission war. Real-time experienceof sneaking, spy, rescue,escape, fighting, shooting & facingof terrorist attacks. Usearmy Special Forces commando training tobecome a spy agent withghost steeling & killing skills toeliminate all terrorists.Terrorists are equipped with latesttechnology, modern weapons &automatic guns but remember youare a superhero equipped withmonster robotic powers to completethis mission. Your mission is tokill all the security guards,terrorists & destroy their castle,vehicles, helicopter &ammunition.Superhero Battle: TerroristAttack 2017 is the prisonersurvival mission, disable all CCTVcamera to invisible yourself interrorist fort, killing allterrorists & destroy gangster’sfort in this adventures game.Don’t let the terrorist boss escape,just take a quick action tofail their escape plan. AssaultShooting & combat war withterrorists is this modern weaponswarfare. As a trained army sniperuse your sniper shooting skills& kill terrorists in thisguerrilla warfare game. As a trainedarmy spy agent you have toplant a bombs in fort, blast thehelicopter, kill the boss &secure the castle from terrorist’ssquads. Breaking the terroristsecurity, rescue prisoner &eliminating terrorist leader in thishard time escape mission is anadventure experience. Superhero WAR:Army Counter Terrorist Attack2017 Game Features: • Highlychallenging Army superhero missionsagainst Terrorists• Stealth Spy,Sniper Shooting, Assault Shooting,Survival Escape all in one game•Disable all CCTV camera &security alarm to invisible yourself•Eliminate terrorist squad tosecure the country• Differentthrilling, action & challengingMissions• Destroy fort,vehicles, helicopter & Ammunition•Automatic weapons aim, Snipershooting experience• Amazing 3DEnvironment with adventures gameplay• Highly challenging stealthspy missions Download SuperheroBattle: Terrorist Attack 2017 gameand live a life of secret spyagent, sniper shooter & armycommando of yalghaar in thissurvival escape mission.
Power Spider: Super War Hero 2.0
BTO Studios
Strange Spider Super Hero needs to rescue injured US ArmyCommandosduring War. You have incredible super powers to takedownfuturistic transformer soldier assaults. War is going on withsupervillains and your country needs you now more than ever. Useyourstrange super powers to reach battle ground and helparmycommandos. Locate any injured soldier and take him to theclosetshospital for treatment. You are a superhero and it's thebest timeto serve your country during this epic war with supervillains andterrorists. You are a fearless fighter and a superheroof new york,use your power ranger abilities to help USA Army. Yourstrangesuper abilities are what makes you a super spider hero. Useyoursuperhero super powers to serve your people & country inwar& in peace. You are the super spider hero with amazingsuperpowers & strange abilities everyone looks up to. You canfly& you can move superfast like a spider. You have to fightlikea hero.If you are looking for a superhero games then this isthebest superhero game of 2017. So, who will win? AnStrangesuperhero, or pathetic super villain? Everything depends onyou!You are a big man and people call your mr. incredible becauseyouare ready for any skull challenge, you are ready to helppeople,fight people, help champions as a shadow hero. You are bestamongflying superheroes and war heroes and war legends. War crimechaseis on and hero forces are joining you, so you can group attackwithrope hero, red superhero and soldiers. Spider superheroadventureis best among new superhero games with super hero escapemissions.Either be a shadow hero, incredible hero or a monster heroto savethis city. This is going to be an epic battle, fightingwarriorsneeds you, so go to battle zone and find all the injuredherocommandoes in battle field. Remember there, people needstheamazing spider hero.Though you are a super strange hero withsuperpowers & strange abilities but that doesn’t mean yourdutywould be easy. Use your super spider hero super powers&strange abilities to rescue your injured fellow militaryarmycommando soldiers from war. Just like you the other militaryarmycommando soldiers who are fighting the enemy on frontline arealsohero which makes it important to take care of them when thefallduring the battle. Military army has chosen you on the basisofyour super spider hero super powers & strange abilitiesforthis noble duty of saving the lives of fellow military armysoldiercommando fighting the war.In super power spider 3d hero youhave tosave human life. Heroes never die and being an iron hero, gotoarmy warzone and take soldiers to near medical facilitywheremedical management is waiting. This is a technical rescue andyouare trained as a super stick hero legend to counterattackopposition. You are a fastest man alive and in this battleofheroes you are the last hero and hope for humanity. Thisnationneed a hero, a spider hero that can use strange superheropowers.As a servicing hero fly above battlefield and look forinjuredcommandos. Be a legend super spider and carry on the legacyofmutant superheroes.Whether you are looking for a best newactiongame or a best superhero game, this is the game you shouldplay.Power Spider: Super War Hero Features: - Fly & rescuearmycommando soldiers like a true super war hero- Simple,beautiful,user friendly & clean UI- Immersive 3D graphics.- Funand easycontrols- Challenging and addictive game play- Plenty ofmissionsto keep you entertained
Real Elite Army Training : Free Shooting Game 1.6.5
Welcome to US Army Soldier Training to be extraordinarymilitarycommando fighter.Test your physical fitness and mentaldisciplinelevel by playing this military shooting training fungame. It isnot easy to be a national soldier. Clear strictlyintensive assaultcourse. Do not allow yourself to take your placeashamed andhumiliated. clear obstacle by shooting in variousmilitary poststerrain such as dense forest, arctic snow, desertareas hot, coldwater and very sharp nets.Life threateningsituations make yourdeath so that you do not fear on thebattlefield against the enemy.It is all about being from ordinaryto extraordinary by travelingthe hardest of the paths leading tothe goal and that is to be achamp in the Army force. Become one manarmy and face world armedforces to prove which country army forcesare best. Is it US orRussia? India or Pakistan?Aim and Shoot! RealElite Army Trainingis # 1 first person shooter game therein willblow you away!Anover-the-top shooter in every time sense, ModernElite Gun Shootertrain you to take over the Whirlwind criminalEnemies underworld.You are an army command shooter training to playyour part indangerous attacks and silent assassin missions.Thisgame isdesigned to give user the best ever experience or rangeshootinggame with real guns while keeping all points in mind. Thinkof aperson who is in a competition, if He Has some sort ofpriorexperience-which will help him to win the rivalry. While beinginjungle ash hunter, this range shooting game will help you to bethebest shooter / hunter and taking the head shots with accuracy.Alsoa soldier in war can use the experience to Become the bestsnipershooter of all time. Being a soldier it's Necessary to aim,shootand kill with accuracy. A best-range shooter is one who do notmissthe fire and shoot in the head or in the center of hisenemy.ArmyKill Shooter is a First-Person Action game Allows usertoexperience one of the musts Thrilling experience orcombatmissions. Life threatening situations make your death so thatyoudo not fear on the battlefield against the enemy. It is allaboutbeing from ordinary to extraordinary by traveling the hardestofthe paths leading to the goal and that is to be a champ in theArmyforce. Become one man army and face world armed forces toprovewhich country army forces are best.The fury shooter is thepremierfirst person shooter alone experiences for mobile phonesandtablets.Real Elite Army Training Features:* Real Armysoldiershooting training course simulation game* Realisticmilitarytraining like gun shooting, strategy making, taking headshots,shooting moving objects etc.* Smooth & Intuitive gameplaycontrols* Battle against world’s best military forces likeUSA,Russia, Pakistan, India and China* Different military arestoclearing training course* Multiple tutorials for this game*Trainyourself to be a professional army soldier* AmazingHDGraphicsDownload Real Elite Army Training : Free Shooting Gameonyour android device or tablet for free and do not forget torateus. Provide us with your Valuable Feedback. We will belookingforward to you.
Indian Army Missile Truck 1.3
Russian army training troops & their military soldierengagingwar on your home land. They have established their armycamps indessert forest. Army commando are invading their power onthefront-line border Law Enforcement Vehicles . Front-linecommandoshould be ready to counter enemy attack at any time. Enemyarmyinvasion can happen at any time. As best 1 man Indian armycommandoyou are given task to break Russian army power. Theygathered armysoldiers along with tanks and ammunition and suddenattack yourterritory in shooting game Law Enforcement Vehicles.They startedan endless war with helicopter fighter jet bombing oncities. Yourenemy also have Apache gunship helicopter. Armorvehicles and tankcan also reach in camp when needed.Take timelydecision andimmediate penetrate in enemy camps and kill everysingle soldier ofyour enemy before they play game of blood and firein territory ofyour county. You have to fight the long battle forthe sovereigntyand dignity of your country. It’s time to start thewar with armysoldier and make the land of enemy a great battlefieldfight. Manysoldier are equipped with sniper gun. Sniper shooter cankill youas you caught in sight. Destroy all vehicles of Russianarmysoldier and shoot every single enemy army commando adventures.Thiscombat will save Indian country from deadly nukes. You are abravesoldier missile truck driver of Indian Army. Drive realstraddlingAgni missile launcher truck simulator. Nag missilelauncher truckis a new of army vehicle driving. Feel the thrill ofreal speeddrive truck game on mountain hills. Protect your countryhillstations.This is not only a sniper shooting game but acompleteseries of commando mission game. You have to fight a longbattle.This is a war of courage and glory. Use your ammunitionwisely inbattlefield fight. Don’t waste bullets and hand generates.Theseterrorist are very aggressive and savage. Thy have occupiedlargearea of Indian country and ruling on many clans. Destroy enemyarmycamps and huts with ballistic Agni missile. You can also useRPG 7(rocket propelled grenade) bazooka to destroy tanks.Rocketslauncher have many kinds they are use as anti-aircraftandanti-tank. Bombardment and shelling is necessary tocompletelydestroy enemy camp. Keep yourself secure to during crossfire withlight machine guns and heavy machine guns opens fire.Never loseyour courage during gunfire and heavy bombing. Prove yourskills as1 man Indian army, drive vehicles to enter into camp withcoverfire. Load ammunition in your gun check your belongings likepistolgrenade and rifle gun and get embark to your mission. Proveyourdriving skills as brave Indian army soldier to win thisbrutalbattlefield.Indian Army Missile Truck Features:Real Indianmilitarybase camp surroundings.Truck driving through uphillandoff-roads.Variety of Sniping gun, Ak47, Agni missile &nagmissileUnique helicopter shooting game.
US Army Training Camp: Commando Force Courses 2018 1.0.5
US army training camp: commando force courses 2018 is a fullyactionpacked game with special training to army officers andcommandersfor facing any extremely challenging conditions. In usaarmytraining game, each mission is fully loaded with challenginghurdlesand combat training tools to survive in any circumstanceduringwars. As for us army military officer you should be capableofsurvive actively during any crisis or critical strike etc. anditwould be possible if you would complete all the pieces oftrainingmandatory for becoming for becoming a part of specialoperationsforces. Its the time be a loyal officer of us andRussian armytraining schools by becoming the member of armytraining boot campsand military force. This is not an ordinary usarmy commando missiongame, you have to play with your life tobecome the strongest armycommando to defeat the world. This usarmy game is not just about totrain with push ups, sit ups, rollover, running or joggingexercises: in fact, this commandoadventure game is to train withincredible obstacles which you havenever seen before this us armyschool game. There are a variety offatal metallic bob pendulums areoscillating if they hit you thenyou be would die and your armytraining session will be terminated,you have to restart the gamefor resuming your free army trainingcourse. You have to prepareyourself for worst scenario of armywar, you may have to fight inthe hot dangerous deserts or in denseforests, you must always beready for surviving in any situation.You must learn to follow usarmy unit rules to avoid any mistakebecause your one mistake canlead to defeat mission us in the warfield. During militarytraining, you would see death very closelywhile crossinglife-threatening obstacles and hurdles which can hityou badly thatwill make you out of the sense for a while. You haveto makeyourself hardest us commando of the army by climbing highwalls ofthe net, by jumping from walls and high ropes. You have tojump fromrings of fire command war hero of free army games andcommandogames. You have to cross pips holes very carefully bycrouching inthem to become the hero in training of army game. Inthis free armytraining game, you may also have to save yourselffrom iron bladesand dangerous fences. During army training thereis one rule whichhas to hard work all the time, you can not relaxfor a secondotherwise your trainer will punish you hard. Combattraining is notan ordinary task, only army commandos are capableof completingtheir training tasks. Army games free 3d real missionis actuallydeveloped for counter-terrorist training for savingyour people fromterrorists. If you face these difficulties of usarmy training maniathen you would be able to maintain the peace ofyour country againstthe wrong intentions of militants. If you haveany interest in armyjoining then it would be your best us armysoldier training becauseyou would love its adventure and varietyof deadly obstacles whichmake you a real army officer. You willbecome best frontlineantiterrorist army officer by playing thiscommando adventure game.Enemies can be found anywhere so you haveto prepare yourself forthe gorilla war by extreme tough trainingof wall and rope climbing,passing through sewerage pipes, jumpingon metallic drums etc. Thisarmy training course would make enoughstrong and brave that will beabsolutely fearless and can fightwith any on in any dangeroussituation. *** Features of us armytrainings camp 2018 *** Multiplechallenging missions • Deadlyobstacles • Realistic 3D environment •Multiple foji characters •Breathtaking training courses • Highlyaddictive gameplay • Trainedyourself as a real cadet • HD graphicsDon’t waste your time insearching other us army commando trainingcenter games, justdownload this and enjoy extreme fun crossobstacles by performingdangerous stunts.
Marine Commando War Training School 1.1
Prepare to Train for United States Army Basic Combat TrainingYouhave been selected as a soldier for this basic combattraining.This combat training ain't easy as it brings along a lotofhardships to make you a super marine commando. Marinecommandoshave special skills when it comes to close combats inmilitaryoperations. Never back down and never give up. We have toprepare agreat batch of super commandos who could defeat the enemyforces.Coach your superior life in the Exhibit fitness withphysical andmental training You have to be at the ground at earlymorning forphysical to step into shoes of a commando and to makeyour mind upto be one of the tough guy to protect the state in thefuture ashero! Complete obstacle courses of Boot Camp The initialtraininginvolves obstacle clearing, survival missions, assaultcourses andsafety drills on sergeant’s instructions. Only your willpower canmake you the best national guard soldier in this armytrainingsimulator game Jump over fire walls, swim through oceans,climb skyhigh mountains It is not only intense rigorous assaultcourse, getready to be taken into the coldest nights, across thehot deserts,dense forest, craziest parkour obstacle course, hikingon muddyrough inclined mountains where you have to survive.Traineewill dorunning,action, swimming, jumping, hit man rolling andclimbing toenhance your Marine soldier secret agent skills. Becomea MarineCommando from simple citizen by passing initial entry inArmy Gamefor combat Your uniform is your dignity wear it with prideandhonor Life threatening situations make you feel death so thatyoudo not fear on the battlefield against the enemy. It is allaboutbeing from ordinary to extraordinary by traveling the hardestofthe paths leading to the goal and that is to be a champ in theArmyforce. Become one man army. The joint military training gamesarefun to play. You get to know more about other forces as welllikeRussian army from Russia, French army from France, PakistanArmy,British Army from UK and Indian Army from India. Best ArmytrainingGame! Game Features: * Real school obstacle coursesimulationmissions. * Realistic military challenges like swimming,jumping,rolling and climbing * Smooth game play controls * AmazingtrainingEnvironment with HD Graphics * Play as Real traineesoldier.
Secret Agent US Army Mission 1.0.21
Do you love playing army attack games? Try this latest additiontoarmy war games with the driving fun of amazing secretarmymissions. Yes! It is a unique blend of army shooting gameswithcommando adventure games bringing to you a brand new conceptofsecret services agent operations. Welcome to the secretagent'sarena who spies and drives under the radar, moving tolocationsaround the world to complete secret army missions. AgentMomo youhave been recruited and trained by army secret serviceagency toassure the security of your land. Be a spy and operateunder theradar, complete secret agent missions hit tougher or getarrestedin stimulating spy stealth games. Train yourself as elitespy forstealth missions, parade quickly move and sneak skills todestroyenemy army base. Plant the bomb and move from Shadow toShadow tostrike enemies with lethal force. Secret Agent US ArmyMission GameFeatures: * Amazing gameplay for a real spy who dearsto playsecret agent 3D mission games. * Realistic environment with3DGraphics to show the real expertise of secret agent spy games.*Sneak your way through the levels, in different stealthgamemissions. And stay out from watch guard’s eye. * Be a Swat Spywitha task to destroy all the targets with c4 explosives *Modernbattle field environment Become a spy agent remain hiddenfromenemies and cams in spy Stealth game. Enemies are planningforsomething big, you will be our undercover secret agent toexecutethem by destroying their army base with their fatalweapons.Training missions over now show elite spy skills and stopthosestealing blacklist files. Save fellow spies from gettingdespoiledby homeland. The intelligence office wants you to kill allpossiblethreat with zero civilian casualty by hook or crooknecessary .Nowyou are elite spy agent to complete differentmissions bydestroying different targets like enemy helicopter,trucks,buildings and their command tower. As specialized spytrained getprepared to execute risky operations in enemy base, keepabsolutesilence anyone sees you the alarm will blow and you willgetarrested. It’s an impossible mission but the secret serviceagencywants to complete this us army mission by the best secretagent spyin this stealth mission game. For sure! You haven’t seensuchpleasant challenges even in secret agent rescue games. So lettheexcitement of spy games begin by downloading SECRET AGENT USARMYMISSION and react by destroying the enemy base. Let theadventureof one of the best army fighting games begin withcontrolling asecret agent commando and destroy the important assetsof theenemy. This game offers a comprehensive gameplay of stealthspyagent that is normally not present in other army battle games.
IGI Commando Jungle Strike 1.2
IGI Commando Jungle Strike is a combination of all the commandoandmission based games, you are going to act like an expert cannon,asniper and a commando at the same time. IGI Commando JungleStrikeis a 3D FPS (First Person Shooting) action game, whichprovides theuser with an extreme action packed game environment andfullthrilling Hi-tech shooting weapons.IGI Commando Jungle StrikeArmycommando warrior completed great modern combat missions asultimatefront line commando military soldier of his Army. Army manneverfear with deadly assault on army warship aircraft carrier,gunshiphelicopter and modern combat tank mission on high mountainssnipershooting area and in desert shooing field even mostdangerousrefugee city SWAT rescue missions. This time commandoassigned hardtarget at high above the mountains. Navy man picks hislong rangesniper gun for long range snipe target, short range gunsandpistol. The most advanced and thrilling Army BattleShootingmission Game is here. Fight with the best armed forces withfull ofheavy weapons and bombs. You have to fight with courage andbraveryand win the battle for your Country. Fight with best weaponsanddefeat all the enemiesbest battle As first line army facingtheenemy commandos, who is the one left in the Heli destruction asthestory goes and isolated near border forces in the deadlyoperation.You are assigned a mission to kill enemies step by stepas perinstructions so wander around the place and find the enemiesone byone and kill them all to complete all levels. You have to getaradio and synchronize it to the head quarter and getinstructionsabout your missions. At the end you will be picked upby your ownarmy crew at the safe place indicated. Kill the enemiesand ambushagainst them before they could kill you. You have the mapandlocations and movement of enemies provided on a radar system.Useyour army skills and kill the enemies wandering across yourway.Encounter the enemies with arms, Ak-47, Snipers, and Shotguns,Minigun, Bazooka and new destructive weapons. You are thebraveAssassin commando and a hope for the nation. Aim perfect toshootthe dead jungle shots of your rival. Accurate and preciseaimpractice will lead to more accuracy and eliminate terrorisminfrontier shooting showdown. Keep in mind; he is theviciousterrorist you are going to swat & kill. Stare down yourriflescope, zoom in to find and identify the target. Take abreath...andpull the trigger to kill your enemies. Prove to be aCommandoadventure assassin in this real war game. Elite sniper andsoldierof fortune, a real contract killer sniper, are the last lineofdefense of Nation against the invaders. As the onlysurvivingcommando of an attack against the terrorists, you must useall ofyour specialized skills to survive the tons of the enemyforces andavenge your fallen soldiers. IGI Commando Jungle Strikeis a decentmix of first-person-shooter and tactical strategy actionand wargame. In the heat of battle, players go throughoutrageousmissions. There’s a ONE MAN ARMY full of relentless andbrutefirepower.IGI Commando Jungle Strike is an Extremechallengingreally bloodshed commando 3D action game. Assassinsniper attackwith fist of fury, huge destruction of army includinggunshiphelicopter gunner and enemy military troops.Last IGICommandoJungle Strike is shooting Free game, that is best battleyearingFight game against enmy, best Battle game is combinedMilitarygame, much military force is there, and military yearn ismuchpossible 1- Realistic Graphics 2- 3D Environment that givesthereal commando feeling 3- First Person Shooting 4- ExcellentcityEnvironment for military attack 5- Realistic effects andnewchallenges to your mission. 6- Outclass sound effects,Backgroundand shooting sounds. 7- Easy and intuitive controls 8-Multipleaddictive levels 9- Use you left and right controls to playthisgame
Desert Storm Gunship Gunner Battlefield: fps games 1.1.4
Gunner Gunship Battlefield:With a warfare going on in thecountryyou will be needed to serve the country in fighting againsttheterrorist while doing what you are best in this shootingwarmission. Being a gunner you are fully trained in gun shooting&survival skills. Use them to make your country terror free,makeyour people fearless. The enemies are focused on invading yourareaand territories. Soldiers are required with gunner strikecrazykilling spree to win this gun shooting arena. You have to doyourbest effort to keep them on bay and defeat their troops beforetheyenter your country. A war battlefield is created where thesoldiersand the army officials use their skills and make heavygunfireshots. Guns bigger than the usual ones are used for thisdesert wargunship war going on. You have been provided with theultimateweapons and free machine gun to survive in this deadlywarrior’sbattlefield. Use all the gunner shooter 3d equipmentavailable foryour defence and for the protection of your brothers.GunnerGunship Battlefield is one of those gunship games you havebeenwaiting for.As the enemies and their bad influence isprevailingover your country and dominating the minds of people withtheirterror, an Army heroes shooter or a fierce battle shooterisrequired to lead a team of shooters to conduct shootoperations.The most heavy weapons and big weapons are available fortheir usesuch as the Heavy Machine gun, riffles and bombs. InGunner’sBattlefield there would be an enormous difference in thefirepowerbetween the gunners and the enemies. So there would be acrazykilling spree with back to back shooting & bombing. Airstrikeoperations can also be carried out in response to theenemystrikes. Gunner Gunship Battlefield is the mostincredible,adventure filled pack of gun war - shooting games.Set upan armyconvoy ambush behind the mountain to attack enemy forces. Awarshiphas been prepared with all the modern weapons & guns androcketlauncher frame has been supported in it as well. Enemies willloseeventually ground by simultaneously rocket and mortar attacks.Allthe modern ultimate machine guns and powerful weapons are atyourdisposal. You have to show your fighting skills and valor towinthis war against the dark forces. You have to win thisgunshipbattle at any cost. Gunner Gunship Battlefield is the mostamazing3D gun app free for you.There are varying missions andlevels whereyour main objective is to protect your military armybase frominvasion. You will have to carry out counter terroristopen waragainst the terrorist. Gunner Gunship Battlefield offersfree wargames, which invite people with crazy killing spree to winthe waragainst discrimination. The intense war situation willforcewarriors to take a deep and gruesome action of gunnergunshipshooting on the enemies. The modern gunner desert battlewill be agreat threat to your country, there is no option of losingit.Gunner Gunship Battlefield is a war gun shooting arena, notjustany small war games for free. You have all the elite forces atyourdisposal to fight this gunner shoot war. There are evenhundreds ofinfantries, shooting terrorists on sight. Use your warcombat, guncombat and fighting skills to fight off the enemies andsave yourcountry from their wrath. Machine-gun are used for deadlygunshotin this commando counter 2018. Anti crush tanks have alsobeencalled for handling the situations. There are lots of armygamesavailable but none is offering so much adventure and thrillsuch asthis weapon simulator and gun simulator game. For the safetyof thesoldiers the best ammunition of gun 3d weapon have beenmade.This is the most intriguing battle simulator.GameFeatures•Intriguing gameplay• Eye catching, real 3denvironments•Adventurous and thrill filled levels• Various deadlymissions• HDquality Audio and Videos
Super Commando Army Training 1.0.7
Sunstar Games
Get ready for getting into free 3d action gun combta game toexploreyour super commando skills. While getting trained at thesame timeby the best army of the world & become the universedefender.United States Army Basic Combat Training or BCT (alsoknown asInitial Entry Training) is conducted to train the newresources forenemy hit list and make them ready for the worstsituations in thebattles and wars during crisis action strike.Prove your sniper freeaction in Royale battle theme war and winthe medal in battle. Thisis a super action frontline specialcounter terrorism sniper battlegame of 2017.You have been selectedas a sniper shotgun hero soldierfor this casual combat sniper freetraining. This critical combattraining mission isn’t easy as itbrings along a lot of gangsterassault hardships to make you asuper bravo shooter commando. Supercommando’s army rescue team hasspecial sniper rifles skills when itcomes to close combats inmilitary operations. Never back downduring finding the thief,terrorists & gangsters. Never give upbecause last commandosurvival in counter terrorism action fightingis important. We haveto prepare a great batch of super-secret agentelite commandos whocould defeat the enemy forces. Enemy forcesattacked on sniperattackers in a proxy war and defeated Americansniper soldiers, butnow we are up to a strong retaliation and wewould hit hard.Frontline commandos & bravo sniper shooters havesome superskills in here. Army training is a tough one and lastchance tofight with sniper enemy with all the weapons and snipersassault inwarriors battlefield. Aim and shoot the enemies bytargets insniper battle Royale and make your aim just like that itis thelast hope for survival. You would be trained for modernassassinstrike assembling and disassembling the heavy weapons whileon theArmy training. You would be blindfolded sniper and asked toprepareyour weapons for rocket crisis and hold your positions inmodernfight. Super soldiers are never defeat-able, so infiltrateandinfiltrate good. In the strike, be courageous, be ferocious bethesuper heroes of the US Army. Train yourself for theinfiltrationmission of super military operation. In Super Commandosniper ArmyTraining it’s all about weapons and a hardcore life.Show yourincredible breathtaking training skills in order todestroying thepulse of enemies by instant firepower & becomecity sniper 2018war shooter. So, download & play ultimatesniper bumpingshooting assassin game. Features:• 3d environmentssniper shootingenvironment• Real life top notch sound effects• USArmy commandotraining tactics• Super training courses• Addictivegameplay•Challenging & breathtaking Missions• Chance to usemultipleweapons
Monster Incredible Hero Army Training 2.5
Get ready for the commando survival to enhance incrediblemonsterskills by joining free US army training camp in fort royalemobgame. In this US army training fantasy game, you will trainforstruggling rolling techniques to take revenge infuturisticfighting. You are an incredible army squad monster whohas to facehurdles, obstacles & difficulties to tell everyonewho’s thesuperhero in US police army camp. In futuristic teamsquad, it’syour initial stage of frontline training. The militarycamp issurrounded with inimitable army weapons, buildings, wallfence andstruggle to roll. As a team squad incredible monsterimprove thisfort royale fighting with combo fantasy abilities. Thiswicked USarmy training of monster city battle will let you increaseyourinimitable fighting & commando survival skills by goingthroughspecially designed army camp training program. The armytrain gamewill build your futuristic powers & increaseproficiency assuch you can defeat your enemy. During US armytraining, the armymedic always ready for your help.This army combofighting coursecontains different commando survival and rescuemissions. Your aimis to pass out all struggling rolling tasks as anincrediblemonster fighter or fort royale superhero. The basicpurpose of yourarmy camp rescue training is to prepare yourself forfighting,shooting & commando survival. In order to reach yourwickedpoint, you’ll face a lot of marvelous futuristic hurdles&fighting obstacles. As a team squad, the incredible hero usesallyour superpowers to complete this futuristic battle mission.Youhave a big responsibility to protect your country as armymedicalways here in army camp for your help. So don’t divertyourattention & focus on free army training course. Throughyour USpolice training, you will be able to jump high & scatterthehurdles in front of you and also throw vehicles like afantasticfrontline rescue strongest hero. It won’t be a big problemfor youto compete your ruthless enemies. Complete this armytrainsimulator game at any cost by passing the official militarytest.Train with different modern weapons & guns to perfect yourholdaim & shoot. Work on your super vigilant shooting&warfighting skills to be the army medic monster, snipershooter,rifleman & marksman.This is a commando survival modgame thatwill give you the best army hero training. Be ready forthe countermutant attack on your enemy’s team squad who destroy thecountry.In this free to play futuristic fort royale, use all yourrefinedsuperhero training skills to battle in tough strugglerollingconditions. You have to attend the entire epic militarybattlesimulator training on a regular base if you want perfectionin yourjumping monster fighting & war city rescue shootingskills.Incredible bar rescue heroes always sacrifice & putthemselvesin danger to secure the city children &countrypeace.Features:• Realistic army training includes jumping,gunshooting, climbing • Become a professional militaryofficer•Thrilling & exciting training war missions• Outstanding3Dgraphics • Top-notch sound effects
Sniper Commando Snow Mission
You are the Sniper Commando and join the battlefield with enemiesinsnow environment. Enemies soldiers is assign a task to killyouwhich is present in different positions, i-e houses andwatchtower. Fight against the well trained enemies and beatthem.Killenemies with your gun to end up this bloody war and stopthebattlefield! Use sniper gun to make a good shot, upgradeyourfighting and shooting skills to destroy enemies to saveyoursoldiers’ lives. Take a breath... and pull the trigger to Killyourenemies.Exciting Features :- Intense First Person ShootingGame-Grenade option to destroy more enemies- Amazing snowEnvironment-Sniper Gun- Use radar to identify enemy location.Hopeyou like thisgame install and enjoy update will be soon with moremissions andgive me positive feedback and best of luck.Note : It isfree andsupported by Ad.
US Military Strike Battle - Free Action Games 1.4
The most advanced and thrilling Army Strike Battle ShootingmissionGame is here. Fight with the best armed forces with full ofheavyweapons and bombs. You have to fight with courage and braveryandwin the battle for your Country. Fight with best weapons anddefeatall the enemies.Whether you're a paintball player orafirst-individual shooter fan, US Military Strike Battlewillfulfill your yearning to impact the opposition! Withpivotalmovement and signal based controls including sliding,jumping,inclining out from cover, tossing explosives, and that'sjust thebeginning, Fields of Battle takes the portable shooterexperienceto the challenging level. Commando have CommandThink youknowshooters? This is genuine battle - one hit, one end. Deal withyourapparatus, utilize cover, modify for wind age, and pointyourshots. There's no auto-point here, it's PURE aptitude andPUREactivity! Moment Leader boards let you play locally howevercontendGLOBALLY! Contend progressively against many differentplayers asyou fight neck-and-neck for the high score in perpetuallyevolvingoccasions. US Military Strike Battle is an extremelyfascinating,exquisite first individual shoot amusement. It haswonderfulframes, and is easy to control. As a commando, you requireanincredible boldness even with the furious adversary. Youshouldannihilate the adversaries, finish the undertakings. Theamusementis absolutely free. You can get the gold coins by shootingtheenemies, so you can purchase other more propelled weapons. Themorepropelled weapon make you all the more intense. Obviously, youarenot the only one, you can contend with individuals all aroundtheglobe on the leader board. Might you venture to acknowledgethetest? Join our army promptly and started to battle! Encountertheheart-beating, nerve-softening of the advanced battle up thepalmof your hand! Missions full of thrill and challenges. Kill yourallthe enemies and make a victory. Clear the area and get anewmission. You have to clear all the deadly areas under you.Don’tget defeated, defeat your enemies. Collect your guns, fillthemwith bullets, take bombs and start your war.Gunship Strikeplacesyou in the heavy weapons specialist seat of the most intensebattlehelicopters. Deliberately discharge your capable machinesweaponsand decimating rockets to kill crowds of adversaries overtheworld. Direct with accuracy your battle helicopter andpulverizethe foe army installations on the planet's most prominentbattleunderstanding! Gunship Strike consolidates strategies,flyingaptitudes and the perfect measure of merciless in this #1militaryactivity amusement!Features• Realistic 3D Effects• HighDefinitionGraphics• Realistic War Scenes• User Friendly Interface•EasyNavigation• Powerful Weapons• Breath taking Sound Effects• Alot ofchallenging MissionsPlay the most interesting and amusingmissiongame, shooting game, killing game, battle game, fightinggame, armygame on play store – US Military Strike Battle. EnjoyPlaying!
US Army Training Heroes Game 1.0.1
The best of army and military training school game is here toenjoyarmy training duty in one game. Army Basic Combat Training orBCT(also known as Initial Entry Training). It is informally knownasBoot Camp and is the program to clear assault course armybasicphysical and mental training. It is required in order for youtobecome a soldier in the US Army and Nationals Guard. Basiccourseis designed to be highly intense by following drillsergeant'sinstructions & chain of command and is challengingwhich manycan’t absorb. No assault course is tougher than your willpower inarmy training games. Coach your superior life in theExhibitfitness with physical and mental training. As a traineeofficer,you must acquire the skills of running fast, jumpingthroughhurdles and take instructors drill sergeants first call.Clearmilitary camp by passing the commando battalion test in thisactionfilled mission game. Escape the US army high school traininglifeand plunge into craziest obstacle course on us base. Becomeasoldier from simple citizen by passing initial entry in ArmyGamefor combat. You have to complete all obstacle courses of thisbootcamp to qualify as a world armed forces soldier in nationalguardsfor stealth missions or spy assassins. Starting from scheduleyoulive your life by it in master basic and combat trainingexercises.You have to be at the ground at early morning forphysical to stepinto shoes of a commando and to make your mind upto be one of thetough guy to protect the state in the future ashero. It is notonly intense rigorous assault course, get ready tobe taken intothe coldest nights, across the hot deserts, denseforest, craziestparkour obstacle course, hiking on muddy roughinclined mountainswhere you have to survive. Just become one manand face world armedforces chain to prove which country forces aretopmost. It is allabout being from ordinary to extraordinary bypassing specialoperation forces course and to not let your countrydishonored andhumiliate. Stay in a stealth mode to test your mentaldisciplinaryand physical fitness. Trainee will do running,action,swimming,jumping, hitman rolling and climbing to enhance yourMarine soldiersecret agent skills. Show Elite agent skills to be ahero once tograduate as a soldier, prove your skills whilecompeting with theforces of USA, Russia and India to make the Stateproud. So getready to jump over fire walls, swim through oceans,climb sky highmountains. Sounds exciting? Download this excitingnew game now!Game Features: * Real school obstacle coursesimulation missions. *Realistic military challanges like swimming,jumping, rolling andclimbing * Smooth & Intuitive gameplaycontrols * AmazingAcademy Environment with HD Graphics * Play asReal trainee cadetto test your skills. - Your Feedback, Ratings& Comments arevaluable for us.
Elite Army Training Free 2.1
Welcome to US Army Soldier Training to be extraordinarymilitarycommando fighter. Test your physical fitness and mentaldisciplinelevel by playing this military training fun game. It isnot easy tobe a national soldier. Clear strictly intensive assaultcourse. Donot allow yourself to take your place ashamed andhumiliated. clearobstacle in various military posts terrain such asdense forest,arctic snow, desert areas hot, cold water and verysharp nets. Lifethreatening situations make your death so that youdo not fear onthe battlefield against the enemy. It is all aboutbeing fromordinary to extraordinary by travelling the hardest ofthe pathsleading to the goal and that is to be a champ in the Armyforce.Become one man army and face world armed forces to provewhichcountry army forces are best. Is it US or Russia? IndiaorPakistan? US Army Soldier Training Game Features: Real Armysoldiertraining course simulation game Realistic military traininglikegun shooting, swimming, jumping, rolling, Net climbing, longjump,Balance walk, running on bridge, sprint and pushups, Smooth&Intuitive gameplay controls Battle against world’s bestmilitaryforces like USA, Russia, Pakistan, India and ChinaDifferentmilitary ares to clearing training course Multipletutorials for1this game. Train yourself to be a professional armysoldierAmazing HD Graphics
Army Kung Fu Master 2018: Shinobi Karate Fighting 1.3
enter the dragon world of US commando martial art in army kungfumaster & Shinobi karate fighting 2018 battle to defeatallmilitary rivals! Dead or alive. Beat the world army fighters&all the opponents and prove your value as a military warriorkungfu fighter. Let’s try ultimate action fighting game army kungfumaster 2018: ninja karate fighting, join the battle of rivals asamilitary commando assassin fights. Fight with differentShinobiplayers & use different fighting styles includingtaekwondo,muay Thai, kung fu, boxing and other and enjoy real UScommandoarmy assassin fights. Prove you’re fighting skills as thepowerfulmaster military warrior with ninja kung fu karate fightingactions.World dangerous army karate & Korean martial art gameis readyfor taekwondo military commando karate professionals &lovers.Fighting opponents are ready for hard punch boxing andflying kickshow. Taekwondo & karate lovers will enjoy like kickboxinggame experience. Trophies are for winners of army warriorkaratekung fu champions. Maintain the world ranking for ShinobiKung fukarate champion in this real samurai taekwondo fightergame.Quickness is basic to win the face to face militarycommandofights. Play army karate action game and learn how to fightface toface, block the enemy hard kicks and boxing punches isalsoessential part of ninja martial arts. Keep an eye on every moveofyour rival that is fighting with you. Karate king offersfightinggame fans an adrenaline pumping world of karate action.Polishedanimation and stunning 3d graphics bring the real karateexperienceto your hand, while intuitive touchscreen controls makejab, hook,and uppercut feel natural and fun. Go toe-to-toe against30+ bonecrushing fighters from Bangkok, Thailand, china, japan,andSingapore. Use quick reflexes and special moves, unleashfiercepunches and combos, beat all opponents and become the kingofkarate now. Play military warrior kung fu master 2018:Shinobikarate fighting 3d game & start the toughest armyassassinfight. Try different fighting styles including taekwondo,MauyThai, kung fu, boxing and other and enjoy being a real UScommandoassassin. Check contest and survival mode, fight againstenemiesand shoot them with gun & grenades to earn points orsurvive inthe battlefield as long as you can. Survive in thebattlefield ofdangerous fights against powerful karate opponents,achieve the topand shoot them with gun & grenades in the armysamuraifighter’s war.Fight against military warriors and survive inthebattlefield as long as you can. Upgrade your punch boxingpower,speed and kick fighting accuracy to unlock new fightingstylesafter getting more points for each kills. Become thestrongestfighter in the world to playing Shinobi Kung fu fightingkarateaction game. Earn maximum points for each killed enemycommando,fight against powerful rivals and level up your punchboxing skillsto the top. Play the toughest of real kick fightinggames againstworld pro fighting champ ever. Are you expert enoughto control agiant champions in this kick fighting match 2018.Control, punch,kick, super punch, super kick, flip kick and fightwith allopponent fighters cleverly and defeat them badly in thisreal kungfu fighting games battle. Army Kung Fu Master 2018:Shinobi KarateFighting Game Features: • Play mode & knockoutmode kung fukarate challenges• Army kung fu & karate battlewith bigmilitary rewards• Use Gun fire & Grenades bomb attackto defeatyour opponent army fighter• Select and customize your ownarmywarrior in superhero ninja styles• Win military karate battle&get rewarded points to unlock next battlefield• Fightagainststrongest commando fighters and become world army karatechampion•Get promoted by defeating army fighter match of legendsarmyheroes• Background music & sound effects will boost yourenergyin army karate battlefield
US Army Shooting School Game 1.0.7
The best of army and military training school game is here toenjoyUS army training duty, Military gun shooting training andarmyground forces in one game. The army guns shoot training usedinthis classic cadet training school game will definitely make itthemost stunning adventure of the career. US Army training cadetswillset a perfect example of army and military training course.Followthe Drill Sergeant instructions. Prepare yourself to clearassaultcourse US army basic training and become a soldier fromsimplecitizen. Join National Guard military academy to pass initialentrytraining in US Army shooting training Game. Reveal fitnesswithphysical training and mental training follow instructorsdrillsergeants first call. Clear military training camp by passingthecommando battalion test in this action filled simulatorgame.Complete intense obstacle course and follow chain of commandfromplatoon instructors. Its adventures job to pass SpecialForcesoperation training course. Show real disciplinary andphysicalfitness by climbing net or ten foot wall and more. Traineewill dothe gun shooting, swimming, jumping, rolling and climbingtoenhance your Marine fighter soldier skills. Enjoy thislatestaction game with US army basic combat training for differentUSarmy ranks. Play as newly joined cadet in platoon, follow thechainof command over rough terrain. Test your physical fitnessandmental disciplinary level by playing this obstacles crossingbasegame. It’s not easy to become part of National Guards as asoldier.Clear strong hard assault course. Clear obstacle courseacrossdifferent US army posts terrain like dense forest, arcticsnow andhot desert field. Escape the US army public school traininglifeand plunge into craziest obstacle course on us army base. Canyoujump over foot wall, swim in arctic frozen water and climbing?Justbecome one man army and face world armed forces to provewhichcountry army forces are topmost. Enter military academy bootcampfor combat training that will leads you to clear physicalandmental training. Everyone can enjoy some wipeout and ninjawarriorgames and face your family and friends to beat your scoreonleaderboard. US Army Shooting School Game Features: • RealArmyschool obstacle course simulation game • Realisticmilitarytraining like gun shooting, swimming, jumping, rolling andclimbing• Smooth & Intuitive gameplay controls • Warzone musicwillenhance your gaming experience • Different army fields toclearingtraining course • Using drag on the screen for Aiming •Trainyourself to be a professional army soldier • A Unique Conceptforarmy officers training Game • Amazing Training AcademyEnvironmentwith HD Graphics • Play as Real army trainee cadet totest yourskills So what are you waiting for? Download the “US ArmyShootingSchool Game” Game and enjoy the experience of real armytrainingschool adventures.
US Army Training Special Force 1.2.3
Bonjour Private! Welcome to special force military academy,aspecial training unit for newly special recruits. Let’sclearassault course army basic training and then move into aspecialtraining course. You need high will power to complete armybasictraining. We know that you have already passed an initialentrytraining for newly induction in US army. But now you havemoved tonext level where Special Forces are being formed for somesecretstealth missions. Follow your drill sergeant’s instructionsandmaster all intense obstacle course and basic combatfightingtraining in this US Army Training School Game. Play thelatest USArmy Training Special Force Boot Camp simulator game. Testyourphysical fitness and mental disciplinary level by playingthisobstacle base fun game. Every step in the intensive assaultcourseis monitored and evaluated by the Special Force army trainer.Armytrainer is trained to get the best out of all recruits. He whohavenot yet joined US Army now it is an opportunity to join US Armybyplaying US Army Special Force Training Unit. Its adventures jobtopass Special Forces operation training course. Showrealdisciplinary and physical fitness by climbing net or ten footwalland more. Trainee will do the gun shooting, swimming,jumping,rolling and climbing to enhance your Marine fighter soldierskills.Enjoy this latest action game with US army basic combattrainingfor different US army ranks. Play as newly joined cadet inplatoon,follow the chain of command over rough terrain.It is notjust aphysical fitness test but mental training and combatstrength.Learn to fight for honor, bravery and dignity of yournativecountry. For US army conscription, rise above excellence andmakenation proud. Stand amongst military troops and fight like abrutesoldier. Run in mud terrain to clear obstacle courseacrossdifferent army posts like dense forest, arctic snow and hotdesertfield.Features of US Army Training School (Special ForceTraining)Game:** Different military training excursions in eachlevel.**Smooth & Intuitive game play controls.Real schoolobstaclecourse simulation missions.** Challenging obstacle courseexercisesincluding extreme height jumps, rope ladder traversing andsky highrock climbing.** Exciting missions from British, French,Pakistanand Indian army added to the game.** Superb soldier modelactionsand animations.** Top-notch army simulation game with realmilitaryschool obstacles.** Best army simulation game with realmilitaryschool obstacle course.Be a part of the Special ForceUnit.Download free US Army Training School Game and make yourcountrysoldiers proud who fight with dignity. Please give us yourfeedbackand support us with good rating so that we can keep onimprovingand making better games for you! Your Feedback, Ratings&Comments are valuable for us.
Pak Army Operation Zarb e Azb : Counter Terrorist 1.0.1
Pak Army Operation Zarb e Azb is an exciting, new, realisticactionshooting game. Taking the role as a elite sniper soldier, youmustdefend an army base from the oncoming waves of enemy soldiers.Yourmission is to use your sniper rifle and sniper skills to takeouteach enemy to protect the army base in order to get onto thenextlevel. With the help of the cool-down mechanic in the gamethatsteadies the sniper rifle to help you get your perfect shot ontheenemy.If you don't get all the enemy soldiers before your healthisdepleted, you will lose. With each level comes more enemysoldierswho will move into position to take you down. Harness yousniperskills and become the greatest sniper to defeat theenemysoldiers.Army shadow strike is the most epic military warfaregamethat offers an addictive mixture of tactic plans, fast pacedcombatand real action. Become a part of your army strike operationforuniversal domination. Operate the world's best army shadowstrikecombat with your single automatic sniper arsenal. Justfeelyourself like a real hero of battle.In this Operation Zarb eAzbgame you are a frontline sniper hero. Each level of this game isachallenging mission in itself. Within each mission you have tofacedifferent schemes of battle and strategies. You are confinedtostand on enemy base tower. You as an army strike sniper needtoshoot and destroy enemy soldiers, tanks, jeeps, and gunshipchopperand fighter jet from your vantage point. Different targetswill bespotted in each level as separate missions. Be carefulwhileshooting because if you are spotted, all enemy commandoswillattack you, so you need to fend off the entire enemy soldierbeforethey kill you. Don't worry you have unlimited ammunition.Exploreyour strength and sniper strike skills against the enemy inthisarmy strike mission.Shadow strike army sniper bringsnewelectrifying thrills in the world of battle field. It is one ofthebest army strike games for all fans of shooting sniper killing.So,it is the time to begin your journey with this sniperassassinstrike where you have different missions of wars incontradictionof enemy strike. Army shadow strike sniper is the gameyou werewaiting for!History of Operation Zarb e AzbOperationZarb-e-Azb(Urdu: آپریشن ضربِ عضب‎ ) was a joint military offensiveconductedby the Pakistan Armed Forces lead by Chief of Army staffgeneralRaheel Sharif against various militant groups, includingtheTehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the Islamic MovementofUzbekistan, the East Turkestan Islamic Movement,Lashkar-e-Jhangvi,al-Qaeda, Jundallah and the Haqqani network. Theoperation waslaunched on 15 June 2014 in North Waziristan alongthePakistan-Afghanistan border as a renewed effort againstmilitancyin the wake of the 8 June attack on Jinnah InternationalAirport inKarachi, for which the TTP and the IMU claimedresponsibility. Partof the war in North-West Pakistan, up to 30,000Pakistani soldierswere involved in Zarb-e-Azb, described as a"comprehensiveoperation" to flush out all foreign and localmilitants hiding inNorth Waziristan. The operation has receivedwidespread supportfrom the Pakistani political, defense andcivilian sectors. As aconsequence, the overall security situationimproved and terroristattacks in Pakistan dropped to a six-year lowsince 2008.Zarb-e-Azb was followed by Operation Radd-ul-Fasaadwhich began inFebruary 2017, lead by general qamar javed bajwafollowing aresurgence in terrorist incidents.
Armed Forces Combat Operation 1.1
Armed Force Combat Operation clear Criminal gang city combatarmmafia task heroes force under radical fully attack and a crazyrealbattle commando armed survival to mad robber shooting thecleverspy criminals against army battle commando trained operationbyspecial military force part of the Us Island. In ArmedinsurgentOperation Force armed assassin of India not secure bigcity weaponfrom count guerilla hijack attack and with bulletextreme soldierforces shooting and sniping like Russian arm sniperskills specialarmed commando and soldier enemy fight like a realsecret hero aimtaking shooter of army force. Armed Force CombatOperation trainedsoldier to the combat operation against metal armforce make superextreme combat weapon shooting training that youget from trainedmilitary arrow agent of missions hunter and getready for superdeath fighting amazing real defense battle in anultimate partialwar of gun's battle force game of 2018. Trained ata US secret armytrain fighter action mission soldier sniper of usarmy elitetrained forces for a secret long time mission now.Survive a battleof contested war against crime in the immersivesituation against aextremist complete squad trying to put down thenation with theirevil plans. On this secret stealth spy &survival sea escapedrealistic mission an army commando services arerequired. ArmedForce Combat Operation trained at a US army sillstraining weaponschool mission with sniper shooting and withmultiple gun handlingskills have been hired on this stealthoperation. Find spy andagent in diverse situation on a survivalsoldier training forescaped agent hunt mission to rescue thehostages and save thelegend nation for worrier evil plans beforemaking an escape inthis ultimate crush war. Hired on a contractorto kill camp of badsquad infiltrate the enemy lines and survive thestealth of seachin spy mission as a military man of secret Berlinagent of the USarmy survive force training.The destiny of futurearmy eras reliesupon this military quick operation in us criminalmad mafia citylatest crime plan 3D. In Armed Force Combat Operationfps sniper 3Dshooting commando king will get an fighter opportunityto safeguardprisoners kill fear monger spy modern assault diffusebombs andmines dispense foe enemy suicide shoot and expert sharpsshoot infps sniper sharps shooting strike shooter game. At thepoint ofsharpshooting when obligation commando calls gunsdownpsychological militants in forefront front line mutantswithfirearms in this city crime murder case adventure 3Ddiversion.Armed Force Combat Operation team must eliminate thethread byshooting all the enemies of Angles which is the fanaticteam spyattack and agent's plan. You need to move fast and don'tgive yourenemies time to shoot the secret dangerous nation agentbecauseyour life will drop and you will lose the battle when youdie atthe end of battlefield. Destroy shooting more enemies meansmorechances to survive the battle into the army mission. ArmedForceshave task to be able to shoot before thinking aboutsurvivalshooting them.An arrow that is pointing at the enemy headshows thelocations of secret enemies and movements of escapeenemies. Enjoythis newest action game with army basic combattraining overdifferent army posts. Enter in revolutionary squadarena get firstcall for military training. Avoid your uniform getdirty in mud.Play as new recruits in platoon, follow the chain ofcommand overrough terrain. Your uniform is your dignity wear itwith pride andtraining honor. Don’t let mud marks and stainsdishonored you infront of your superior Generals command. Enjoywipe-out and ninjaarmed soldier.- Confrontation Special Forcesteams and teams ofMafia squad- Weapons Skins- Characters per team-Maps- Pistols-Shotgun- Sub-machine guns- Rifles- Sniper-rifles-Machine-gun-Grenades- Bulletproof vest
US ARMY SURVIVAL SHOOTER US Army Survival Shooter is an epicactionpacked sniper shooting game. You are going to be a USCommando, anagent to the government who is on a stealth mission todiminishterrorists with his unforgettable tactics and valor. Youare goingto encounter guerilla force and as a critical strikewarrior , youhave to counter terrorists and show your modernwarfare skills inbattlefield. As an army commando you have to planyour tacticsaccording to your duty of modern days shooting war,ready yoursquad and command fighters to shoot with most advancedguns. Callof war is the duty of a commando and call of mission USis theobligation of a sniper hero like you. You are going toexperiencethe best shooting game ever launched. You would be in anattractiveenvironment like desert storm and ice storm and you haveto assaultyour enemies with high tech weapons and assault guns likebazookaand machine gun simulation. It is going to be a survival warwiththe best armed forces going to fight against brutality oftheirsavage enemies. You have to get rid of these hunter forcesthroughfps and third person shooters. The tension would not be lessthan aWW2. All you have to do is control your nerves and savethenobleman and tackle your enemies. US Army Survival Shooter isafree army game and it’s not the Kids army game because you havetomake sound schemes and complete your mission by shooting rightatthe target in battle. Its swat shooting where you are going towaryour enemies and become victorious. So play with your nervesandenjoy the addictive gameplay and best ever army shooting withrealgraphics and controls. *** US ARMY SURVIVAL SHOOTER features****** best shooting game ever *** real army base to attacklikemodern war camps of armies *** Best Army 3d game *** realassassinshooting misions *** critical strike simulation ***battlefield .with real best controls of gunner and assault rifles*** best warshoot game *** amazing action. top action game ***Follow theinstruction and play the most addictive of this bestshooting gameof 2017
army commando counter strike commando mission 1.2
strike is a modern game with the best war zone game and likemissionis the best legendary figures games of shooting, have anice missionlike a military base you are in a war zone to giveyour 3d commandosilent killer 3d action. Now you have a newmission sniper killermisson,It is a challenge for you and everyoneto complete thisincredible commando mission. On this secretstealth spy &survival mission, an us army commando servicesare required.Features: - Modern weapons to aim exactly - Realistic3D jungleenvironment - Stunning HD graphics - Multiple missions -Amazingsound effects - Good control - Realistic game play. We hopeyou willenjoy this Army Commando game. Your comments & ratingsarewelcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.
US Elite Army Heroes Training 1.1
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The best of army and military training school game is here toenjoyarmy training duty in one game.Enter military academy bootcamp forcombat training that will leads you to clear physical andmentaltraining. Step into shoes of a commando one man army see howtoughis to step up from ordinary to extraordinary. Battle introopsacross the world to show which country army is best. Testyourphysical fitness and mental disciplinary level by playingthisobstacle base fun game. It’s not easy to become soldier asnationalguard. Clear intense rigorous assault course. Don’t letyourcountry get dishonored and humiliate. Clear obstacle courseacrossdifferent army posts terrain like dense forest, arctic snowand hotdesert field. Escape the high school life and plunge intocraziestparkour obstacle course on army base. Can you jump over tenfootwall, swim in arctic frozen weather and climbing net indesertheat? Some mad and crazy guy can pull this nut job but anormalperson can’t. Become one man army and face world armed forcestoprove which country army forces are best. Is it USA orRussia?India or Pakistan?United States Army Basic Combat Trainingor BCT(also known as Initial Entry Training). It is informallyknown asBoot Camp and is the program to clear assault course armybasicphysical and mental training. It is required in order for youtobecome a soldier in the US Army, US Army Reserve, or ArmyNationalGuard. Basic course is designed to be highly intense byfollowingdrill sergeant's instructions & chain of command andischallenging which many can’t absorb. No assault course istougherthan your will power in army training games.Coach yoursuperiorlife in the Exhibit fitness with physical and mentaltraining. As atrainee officer, you must acquire the skills ofrunning fast,jumping through hurdles and take instructors drillsergeants firstcall. Clear military camp by passing the commandobattalion test inthis action filled mission game. Escape the USarmy high schooltraining life and plunge into craziest obstaclecourse on us base.Become a soldier from simple citizen by passinginitial entry inArmy Game for combat. You have to complete allobstacle courses ofthis boot camp to qualify as a world armedforces soldier innational guards for stealth missions or spyassassins. Startingfrom schedule you live your life by it in masterbasic and combattraining exercises. You have to be at the ground atearly morningfor physical to step into shoes of a commando and tomake your mindup to be one of the tough guy to protect the state inthe future ashero. It is not only intense rigorous assault course,get ready tobe taken into the coldest nights, across the hotdeserts, denseforest, craziest parkour obstacle course, hiking onmuddy roughinclined mountains where you have to survive. Justbecome one manand face world armed forces chain to prove whichcountry forces aretopmost. It is all about being from ordinary toextraordinary bypassing special operation forces course and to notlet your countrydishonored and humiliate. Stay in a stealth mode totest yourmental disciplinary and physical fitness. Trainee willdorunning,action, swimming, jumping, hitman rolling and climbingtoenhance your Marine soldier secret agent skills. Show Eliteagentskills to be a hero once to graduate as a soldier, proveyourskills while competing with the forces of USA, Russia and Indiatomake the State proud. So get ready to jump over fire walls,swimthrough oceans, climb sky high mountains. Sounds exciting?Downloadthis exciting new game now!Game Features:* Real schoolobstaclecourse simulation missions.* Realistic military challangeslikeswimming, jumping, rolling and climbing* Smooth &Intuitivegameplay controls* Amazing Academy Environment with HDGraphics*Play as Real trainee cadet to test your skills.- YourFeedback,Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.
Spider Hero Battle VS Shooting Mafia 1.2
Spider Hero Battle VS Shooting MafiaFeatures:=> Actionfilledthird person shooting game=> Real optimizedsuperheros=>Amazing superhero transformation and shooterskills=> Real 3Dgraphics=> best sounds effects
US Military Training Courses Simulation 1.2
Welcome to the US Military Training simulation!Special Forces ofUSArmy commando has appointed a special team of US Army TrainersforUS Military training courses. If you haven't joined USMilitarytraining yet, it’s the golden chance to become an EliteMilitaryCommando of real Battlefield. You need high persistence tojoin thechain of command as its physical as well as mentaltrainingchallenge.US Military Training courses Simulation ishighlyintegrated to a very intense level as you have to gothroughvarious obstacles in the Hot Desert, Rough Lands, DenseForest,Coldest Nights and hiking on muddy rough inclined. It’s notan easytask, you will face many life threatening missions. Thechallengesbecome tougher from ordinary to extra-ordinary to meetyourultimate goal of becoming Military Commando War Hero! So youhaveto be very strong in this physical & mentaltraining.USMilitary Training Courses simulation! Is the best USArmy TrainingSchool of Basic Combat Training. Boot camp is readyfor you, Setout to Join US Military Training simulation! To becomean extraordinary Army commando fighter.Follow your Master'sInstructions tobecome a real Military Commando War Hero ofBattlefield! Face allthe hitches very wisely including Jumping,Gun-Shooting, Rolling,Swimming and Marine Fighting in this ActionGame of US Army Ranks.Complete all the levels of Boot Camp Trainingto graduate as asoldier Commando of Military Army Training. BootCamp is going toprovide you Combat Fighting training for secrethealth Missions.You will be monitored and evaluated by US MilitarySpecial ForcesTrainers at every next level of barrier missions.It’s going to bean adventurous job to pass Special Forces Operationby US ArmyCommando.Besides Passing through obstacles and hardestenvironment,you will also have to assemble and disassemble weaponsand weaponrymissions to have a real Army Training Experience. Youwill useSnipers, Pistols, Guns, Machine Guns, Assaults, Bazooka,RocketLauncher and many other heavy warrior War weapons in thisUSMilitary training Boot Camp. Don't miss any chance. Aimveryaccurately to become the real hero of US Military TrainingCoursessimulation! Once you pass through all the steps of Boot Campby USMilitary Commando you will be added to the next phase of USArmyTraining School where you will have Real battlefield Trainerstomake you Military Commando war Hero.Be the part of USMilitaryTraining simulation! Cross all the hurdles and pay the roleofbrave Soldier for your Native Country like aBrutesoldier.Features:=> US Army Training Course bySpecialForces=> Boot Camp=> Chain of Command By US MilitaryTrainingForces=> Army National Guard Simulation=> RealMilitaryTraining Obstacles(Sniper shooting, weaponry &gunshooting)=> Physical Training &psychologicalAdjustment=> Realistic Combat=> Medals of Honor
Tank Attack Blitz: Panzer War Machines 2.1
Muddy Games
Welcome to Tank Attack Blitz: Panzer War Game, Thinking of Newtankgames action fighting war games? Then!This real tank gamespanzerwarrior tank battle game has a lot of real action indifferentsurroundings. Navigate through the vast lands withadvancedcontrols of the world of tank attack crazy biltz actionwarrevolution, including swipe aiming of the tank turret,detectionradars & scope with enemy tagging. Play through 5intenselevels of the real tank attack war revolution action gamesforfree, enjoy this real bomber tank attack bloody war 3d bygunningdown enemy tanks, soldiers with world of tank attack &bombstank game. Your mission is to remove all resistance and takedownthe enemy tank battle generals, who are ordering the enemytankwars on the area. The generals will be guarded by real tanks&soldiers inside the buildings. You will have to inflict adeadlytank attack & tear the enemy apart with extremeshootingskills, eliminating enemies at point-blank range. Enjoythrill inthe new heavy army tank war frenetic battle drivingsimulator gamefree with new military tanks war of machines in theseason of armyfighting game of war. If you are a tank lover thenit’s obviousthat you have been playing different tanker onlinefrenetic battlegames but this tanks offline blitz in the World War2 firefighterswill give you a new experience of tank battlefieldhero games. Thecrash of tanks are not a new thing in the battle oftanks or gameof war, the army having a lot of shooting multiplayerweapons andnew army can fight back during the counter panzer tankattackagainst the terrorist or against the enemy with highlyequippedweapons and high destroying tanks in action fighting games.In thisreal battle of tanks world war machines simulation 3D game,Aim toshot with your heavy tank nozzle panzer warrior tanksrevolution.Take the full action of World War 2 and experience aworld of tankattack crazy biltz action war revolution. Futuristicrobot tankattack and take back your country with the war ofmachines gunbattle, play a big role as a real tank commander inthis game ofwar and defeat your enemies with force strike andstrategicdecisions. The crash of tanks shooting is necessary forthis armyfighting games of the tank attack war action games of 2018forfree. Play through five intense and deadly levels of panzerrealbomber tank attack bloody war 3d, gunning and shooting downenemygunner tanks, soldiers with death-defying tank attack andheavyimpact bombs in this heavy army tank war frenetic battledrivingsimulator. This tank battlefield hero will leave you cravingformore. A real battle of tanks 2018 world war machines freearmyfighting games is the real battle super tanks driving hero togetback peace of the futuristic robot tank shooting country. Aimyourtargets carefully, counter-attack and destroy all World War2machines of enemy tanker online frenetic battle. Keep alive aslongas in the battle you can because it is the game of survival.Usethe destructive power of your tank shooting in the bestwaypossible. You will have to inflict a deadly tank attack blitzandtear the enemy apart with extreme panzer super tanksdrivingsimulation with accuracy, eliminating enemies at point-blankrange.A real battle of tanks 2018 world war machines free armyfightinggames is the real battle tanks fury futuristic robot tankcountry.Aim your targets carefully, counter-attack and destroy allworldwar machines of enemy forces. Keep alive as long as in thebattleyou can because it is the game of war and survival supertanksdriving hero.FEATURES - 5 intense levels of tank gameplay withrealtank battle levels proceeding further- Vivid andbreathtakingenvironment graphics and detailed particle effects-Tank game Warmissions to keep player on his toes at all times -Scope and zoomenhancements for the tank in first player switchingmode forprecise aim
US Army Training Courses Game 1.6
US Army Training Courses Game Get into US army training school tobeextraordinary military commando fighter United States ArmyBasicCombat Training or BCT (also known as Initial Entry Training).Itis informally known as Boot Camp and is the program of physicalandmental training. It is required in order for you to become anelitemilitary soldier army commando & sniper shooter in the USArmy,US Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. Basic militaryarmyTraining is designed to be highly intense & tough byfollowingthe chain of command and is challenging which many can’tabsorb.The challenge comes as much from the difficulty of toughphysicaltraining as it does from the psychological adjustment toadifficult way of life. You have to complete all levels of thisbootcamp training to qualify as a soldier commando in militaryarmy.Starting from schedule you live your life by it. You have tobe atthe training ground at 5 o clock in the morning for physical&gun shooting training. After the breakfast you join thetrainingagain at 06:30 and continue the gun shooting &physicaltraining until the lunch time which is 12:00. Step intoshoes of awar commando soldier and make your mind up to be one ofthe toughguy to protect the state in the future from all sort ofviceenemies, evil terrorists & deadly criminals. Starting fromyourcap till your boots, everything is specially designed to keepyoufit for the tasks you have to perform in the training & war.Itis not only your army military training ground, get ready tobetaken into the coldest nights, hot deserts, dense forest, hikingonmuddy rough inclined mountains and more difficult areaswithchallenging situations where you have to survive. Lifethreateningsituations would make you see your death so closely thatyou won’tfear it anymore in the battlefield against the enemy. Itis allabout being from ordinary to extraordinary by travellingthehardest of the paths leading to the goal and that is to be achampin the Army force & a military commando war hero. Wouldyoulike to jump from a 10 feet wall, stay in the water whileyourhands are tied and taken out at the mercy of your trainer,climbthe net in 50 C scorching sunlight? Well only a crazy personwouldjoin the army military force to do all this as a normal mancan’tlive this life. To be a war hero, you’ve got to pass throughallthis tough training of 10 weeks. Once you graduate as asoldier,prove your fighting, sniper shooting, weaponry & gunshootingskills while competing with the forces of other countriesand makethe Army military and State proud.facebook: PS. We work hard toensure thatour games run properly on every major android phone andtablet. Ifhowever you encounter any issue which doesn't let youenjoy ourgames, please report it to [email protected] TAGFREE ACTION GAMES TEAM
Pirates Caribbean: Dead Army - Arena Sword Fight 1.0.9
Pirates Caribbean Dead Army is an arena battle ninja combatswordfighting game.
Missile Attack War - Army Gunner Battle of Ships 2 1.0
Join the army and launch US army Missile Launcher to bombmissileson militants in this missile launcher game. MissileLauncher 3dArmy simulation game missile attack realistic 3d MissileLaunchersimulation war game missile attack army 2018 real armysituations.This epic Missile Attack War - Army Gunner Battle ofShips 2 is atop new FREE army missile launcher 3d simulation game.Positionyour missile and launch missiles on militants andterroristsmissile attack games on your city. Missile games amissile launcherwith you, launch this missile launcher and boom…!!!Enemies won’tbe able to defend your missiles attacks. Missileattack army 2018an army missile launcher; missile attack battlearmy games battlein battlefield. missile launcher games militaryaction mind now.Drive the missile army attack truck launcher withfull care, avoidcrashes and launch missile attack 3D war. Aim yourrocket launchersand attack towards enemy base. Attack enemies withmissiles androckets. Missile attack 2 will destroy enemy’s warshipsmissilestheir weapons. Missile Attack War - Army Gunner Battle ofShips 2is the missile launcher army missile attack system attack 2enemiesdestroy them army missile a real action commando. 2 deadlyarmyhelicopters are guarding your army missile truckwarsimulator.Missile game Missile Attack War - Army Gunner BattleofShips 2 is full of action shooting game. War is on…!!! Useyourballistic missiles skills and SSG training in battlefield –warzone. Missile Attack War - Battle of Ships 2 game is a bestmissilebattle game along with real-time physics simulation systemto armymissile become a pro missile attack simulator 2. MissileAttack 2is a commando combat search operation to learn and fightuntil killor death as elite commando shooter.Missiles on enemymovement.military truck ultimate best army action missile simulatorgame,who is army missile in launching missiles attacks onenemiesmissile warfare missile launcher game commando and armymissileattack launcher driver whose job is to destroy the enemies’deadzone bases. Enemy have deployed enemy’s army truck gameandthreatening your army to the war. Be aware of deadly tanksanddeadly gunship choppers at the base along country border.attackenemies secret army attack high quality radar system gamecombatfind out enemies. Strike them all in this best action gameincritical situation. Be the ultimate army leader and bestcommandofor your nation. Defeat your enemies in this epic war game.It’snot like a 4x4 army missile jeep game, it’s a missile launcherarmyattack game. Feature of Missile Attack War 2 are*RealisticBattlefield Zone*Best Missile Simulation Attacks*HighQualityGraphics*Stunning Sound Effects*SmoothControls*EasyNavigation*Free to PlayMissile attack war 2 systemsimulator-wargame is one of the best missile defense playingmissile attackgames 2017 on the play store. Missile simulation gamerocketdefense for passionate gamer who search for best missileoperation.nuclear missile passion of playing best shooting gamesand armyattack for army missile attack games attack enemies theright pageto get realistic experience army truck game armycommando. Thisarmy missile shooting adventure game is a survivalgame to fightagainst the enemy attack force and destroy them asgorilla commandoattack. It’s your duty to shoot missiles anddestroy the enemy forsurvival for the betterment of your country.Missile launch gamemissiles attack 3D games. In this best commandogames, missile 3dgames locate the enemy commando force base campsand shoot thelauncher to missiles launcher and become a hero ofyour nation.Missile Attack War 2 army battle game missile attackerto getexperience of missiles simulator and join the army fortheirsurvival in this top survival games. Start playing and getinto thereal war zone.
Secret Agent Counter Terrorist - US Army Commando 1.2.3
Step into Secret Mission with US Army Commando GirlWelcome toUSarmy secret agent's world game Secret Agent Counter Terrorist-Special Force where spies operate under the radar of warfaregroupand complete stealth challenge & critical strike missionswithsome US army sniper and military shooter skills, movingtolocations around the world to complete superhero army rescuestrikemissions in one of the best army fighting games. Agent Mayayouhave been recruited to be a elite agent and military shooter byUSarmy secret service agency to ensure the security of yournation.Be a Army frontline commando of combat control unit andoperateunder the radar, complete secret agent frontline missions,hitharder or get arrested in challenging superhero ranger superherogame. Train yourself as army ranger superhero spy &andsurvival escape for rescue missions, exhibit quickly move andsneakskills to destroy counter terrorist unit base. Plant the bombandmove from Shadow to Shadow to strike terrorist unit withdeadlyforce. Be a us army superhero and complete the stealth andrescuemissions as a us army hero, think yourself as a war shooteras killstrike of us army in this superhero war and army fightinggames inbattle arena with commando girl.Battle Arena ofPacificBattleBecome a superhero war agent with army sniper &warshooter skills and remain out of sight from enemies and cams inspyStealth game. Enemies are planning for something big, you willbeour undercover superhero secret agent to execute them bydestroyingtheir base with their deadly weapons with some criticalstrike. Usarmy Training missions over now show elite spy skills andstop themfrom extreme crime. Save fellow spies from gettingdishonored bynation. The intelligence office want you to kill allpossiblethreat with zero civilian casualty by all means necessary.Now youare A US army superhero to complete different missionsbydestroying different extreme crime targets like enemyhelicopter,trucks, buildings and their command center and to betrained forsurvival escape missions. US Army Rescue teams aredepending onyou. Without a super hero, it’s almost impossible forthem toperform the critical strike operation in this superherowargame.Real Battleground of US Army Secret MissionAs professionalusarmy superhero power ranger spy trained get ready toexecutedangerous operations in enemy base, keep absolute silenceanyonesees you the alarm will blow and missions get failed. You arenotany flying superhero so you have to complete army missions ontheground level. It’s an impossible mission but the secretserviceagency want to complete this us army mission by the bestsecretagent superhero spy in this stealth mission action game. Forsure!You haven’t seen such delightful challenges even in secretagentrescue games or superhero game. So let the excitement of spygamesand superhero game begin by downloading SECRET AGENTSTEALTHMISSION and retaliate by destroying the enemy base andshadowsurvival rescue missions.Secret Agent Counter Terrorist -SpecialForce Game Features:* Amazing gameplay for a real spy wholove toplay secret agent 3D mission games.* Realistic environmentwith 3DGraphics to show the real life of secret agent spy games.*Sneakyour way through the levels, in different stealth gamemissions.And stay out from watch guards eye. * Be a Swat Spy with atask todestroy all the targets with c4 explosives* Modern battlefieldenvoirment in this US army fighting games* Be the best usarmySuperHero Secret Agent in this critical strike
Offroad Uphill US Army Bus Driver Soldier Duty 1.0.1
Looking for army bus games?Quick Rat Entertainment is offeringabrand new US Army Coach Bus Driving simulator loadedwithimpossible tracks offroad bus driving, mountain offroad busparkingand US military transport vehicles.Get ready for offroadarmy drivetransport service and US army heavy equipment transport.Being 4x4bus driver, you have to drive prison bus and US militarybus tooffer US army transportation to stalker duty soldier, USarmysoldiers and special forces commandos. Drive army transport busonuphill road and steep mountain road and accept this americanbusparking uphill challenge. Be careful of dangerous mineanddeadly tracks while crossing US army military bus check postandsafely provide drive and drop service to special forcearmycommandos towards territorial army and US army military basecamp.This hill bus milltery driving is specially designed for armymancommando offering army transporter and uphill bus parking,soldierdriving, military safety driving and army driving trainingcourse.4 wheel drive bus and military armoured is very tricky todrive, sobe very careful of caoch bus driving on asphalt off-road,uphillmountain, uphill bus drive and road uphill.Offroad Uphill USArmyBus Driver Soldier Duty is a military us driving bus traininggameand US army training school game where american soldier havetodrive army coach bus on uphill winding road, uphill highwayanddamaged roads uphill. It's an extreme off-road hill climbgamewhere army soldiers getting on bus and you have to performarmyvalues soldier duty. Don't act as an off-duty soldier, insteadactas a battlefield soldier and drive army military war truckandimpossible bus coach. This coach bus sim offering you coachbusdriving with off-road bus and modern army bus for militaryprison.Give army truck drive for prisoners military and enjoy thefun ofdriving up a hill.So what are you waiting for? Download thisarmybus transporter simulator and start your Army BusDriving.Featuresof Offroad Uphill US Army Bus Driver SoldierDuty:Play as an armybus driver and member of battlefieldsoldiers.Challenging &addictive transportation missions.Realarmy soldiers and prisonersfor Military Coach Transporter.DownloadOffroad Uphill US Army BusDriver Soldier Duty and enjoy!
Drive US Army Bus Check Post 1.12
Are you searching of army fighting and war games? Do not worryyourwait is over we bring for you the best Real Military BusSimulatortotally change from all other military bus games. This isa JointVenture season environment of WW2 & IGI War bus ofAllMilitarizes and all Armies. Park the Militants Buses inmilitantbus Parking Area. Its epic war game to help Militantstowardsattack enemy to destroy enemy barking base camp. Themilitaryofficer is looking for those army squad which has abilityto drivemilitary bus efficiently to give army his 100% commando busdriverduty to save his homeland and army base. Do you have abilitytoperform army driving and join army in SWAT bus driving game? Doyouhave guts to handle and drive British army bus to get rid ofallproblems perfectly? Do you have what it takes to driver a bigbuson difficult paths? An army bus driving simulator 3d whereyoustart your duty as an army professional bus driver to pick upanddrop police men, commandos, special forces to theirdesiredlocation or from army Troops Barrack to Commandos Garrisonandtowards Uphill Military Offroad Bus Head Quarter of UK ArmytoPerform their Militant Teams Duty at check points in BritishArmyBus Driver Duty you should do this like speedy army aircraft.Be afurious driver and enjoy heavy vehicle driving on mountainandsteep paths and on sharp turns. Experience what army men gothroughon their duty at check points. Be the transporter to dropthem tonew police check points. You may drive Real British armybus, armytruck and other military cars on the impossible bus tracksand onthe offroad hill stations as well. Take your militant bus andmenfrom one checkpoint to other by escaping enemy’s armyextremehurdles and mines. This Drive Army Force Bus game is notlike otherparking 3d simulation games this military 3d car games ispurecommando environment games some of the indian army bus gamesarenot best as these should be you can call them boring indianarmybus game. So this drive army bus off road you should do yourdutymuch efficiently with troops transport to take army men safelytothe other checkpoints. Two deadly Korean Army Choppers Gunshipareguarding your Epic Army Impossible Mission Bus. It’s alsolookslike a Christmas Game for making peace in Easter. This DriveUSArmy Bus Check Post game is pure like army bus driving simulator3dwhich give you hd graphics and 3d army environment. Thismilitantfighting game is the smart driving app mostly you shouldtake yourmilitary soldiers to the battleground. This SWAT busdriving gamecontains a lot of missions and interesting bus drivelevel whereyou can choose your own bus type like a real army bus ora coasterto take all the squad on the desire vehicle with in thetime limit.During Military Off-Road Bus Driver game level you facemanydestructions like mines, bombs and avoid crashes which is thebigchallenge of your real military bus driving.Key Features: AwesomeHD graphics with beautiful SWAT bus sounds. A lot ofchallenginglevels/game-play with hill bus 2017 environment.Efficient &Smooth controls, steering wheel, race pedal &brakes.Adventurous & Thrilling ride and driving army trucker.Pick upand drop off army squad to their destinations in mountainhills.Bring back the Soldiers from different hill station to thecity andrescue army check posts.How to Play Drive Army BusOff-Road?  UseSteering Wheel, Race Pedals and breaks to control.Stop on thehill stations, pick and drop Soldiers. Have a funplaying withdrive us bus driving game.This SWAT Bus Driver Dutygives you manyhours of nonstop gaming fun. If you have anysuggestions or ideasto improve the game please share it with us, wewill try our bestto improve this military bus driving game infuture. So downloadnow the Impossible Adventure SWAT Bus DriverDuty like the best 3dreal army bus drive simulation ever. GoodLuck.
Army Bus Driver US Soldier Transport Duty 2017 1.1.1
Get the Heavy Excavator Crane: Construction City Truck3D:★★Army Bus Driver US Soldier Transport Duty 2017 ★★ Now Waitisover!!! Get ready for the most thrilling off-road Army BusDriverUS Military Transport Duty 2017 to transport army commando toUSarmy military training school base camp. Get hold on steeringandperform best skills of army bus driving on mountainous hillclimbareas, improve your military bus driving skills and mentaltrainingfollow instructions and reached in destination point ontime. Inthis best army coach bus driving game perform multi levelsandmultiple tasks in this army bus game. Drive uphill army busonuphill roads, drop sniper army commando on check postssafely.Extreme driving, excited impossible tracks, dangerous steeppath,most hilly area and extreme weather condition. The main objectofthis game to transport US Army soldiers’ one base camp tootherbase camp or check post to their desire location for drillingandother US army training. Do you have the guts to drop the USArmysolider to the battlefield?? You have to lead professionaloff-roadArmy truck driver. Do you love transporter games? Likeoff-roadarmy truck drive, 4x4 jeep, off-road Prado, Army SUV jeep,6x6jeep, oil tanker ,off road cargo truck etc.! Now this Army busgameone on the best for you. Drive US army coach bus on slipperyanddangerous areas of offroad. Playing and enjoying realisticmostadventurous off-road tracks. In this simulation game youcandriving, parking multiple Army buses like US army Indianarmy,Russian army British army. Duty start from army war fieldextremecheck post pick and drop US army officers & specialforces,driving army bus in thrilling rainy weather, survive onslipperyroad and curvy deadly tracks, this military base 3D busgame isrealistic Army commando environment, this army bustransportersimulator game for Army parking games players, become apro driverdrive through Army buses on terrain, hills, mountains andsteeppaths.Start your US Army driving duty in this Army busdriversimulator Transport game. In this real simulation game 2017makeyou’re driving skills even better and becoming a pro off-roadtruckhero. Army coach bus gives you a feel of all in one about allUSArmy bus truck games. Your duty to transport army soldiersonuphill mountain tracks and reach to their check posts safely.Howto play this game? This game is very easy to play nowcompletemissions Survive through different mission and complete thetasksto unlock the next Army bus transport missions collect cashtounlock multiple army buses. Three type of control Tilt,Steeringand Button. Take the challenge and perform your duty welland earnmoney in this US army Training, driving bus game. Off-roadArmy BusDriver US Soldier Transport Duty 2017 gives you amazingchance tobecome hero to transport US army Police cop Officer toHill city.Be responsible and complete your task as a militia legendofficer.Realistic bus physics, smooth game play handling, pressurebrake,press button to open and close bus door and fast driving.Army busgame gives you a real experience of an army off roaddriving. Enjoy★★ Army Bus Driver US Soldier Transport Duty 2017 TopFeatures ★★ -Stunning eye catching graphics- Free to play this game- Day Modegameplay - Animated characters Military Officers- Offlinegameplay- Real Game Play - Friendly GUI- Realistic uphillmountain-Multiple camera views- Transmission Control (Auto –Manual)- Soundand Music Setting (On –Off)- Crazy Off-road Parking-Rainy WeatherConditions- Smooth and easy controls- Door open andcloseanimation- Transport Army commandos- War soundsThis Army BusDriverUS Soldier Transport Duty 2017 #1 Army Game on Google PlayStore,so don’t waste your time just download this US army busdrivinggame now.
Gunship Craft: Crafting & Helicopter Flying Games 1.3
Time to build a gunship! Strike your enemy on the battlefieldandwin the world war in the cube sandbox world. Crafting,building,flying & shooting - an essence of the GunshipCraft!Fly or not?Fight a guerilla warfare!It’s calm… but it’s thecalm before thestorm! Troops of enemy iron forces are preparing forthe war -craft a way to stop them. You can expect a helicopterattack atnight but you have a whole day to build a gunship or anassaulthelicopter, craft a weapon, recruit a heroes army and becomea herocommander of a square army! It’s not just one of these ww2gameswhere you command a company of clueless heroes. Army inGunshipCraft are well-trained soldiers who strike fear on thebattlefield,whether they pilot a gunship destroyer or prepare for atankblitz!Another lite day - exploration adventure time!In thiscubesandbox world your main goal is survival. Crafting blocks tobuilddefenses or a modern gunship will definitely help you butfirst youhave to mine resources! Craft & build! Exploration ofblockyworld is crucial to success in this survival war game. Youhave tobe ready before the night comes as if it were your last dayonEarth!Build a gunship or an assault helicopter - craft arealchopper!A gunship battle is coming, but you have to be surethatyour gunship strikes first! A modern assault helicopter? Craftit!A real historical chopper from the times of World War II?Yup,they’re also here! Gunship Craft offers you a large varietyofhelicopters to craft and war soldiers, who are adapted to thewargames played in this cube sandbox world. Flying & shootingmadeeasy to learn, yet challenging. Recruit a heroes army, feellike awar lord!It’s not only you who fights in this war! Army oftroopsare waiting for your commands! Use our brand new recruitmentsystemand bring a cube soldier into the ranks of your militarygunshipdivision! But don’t send a single soldier on war games withemptyhands! Use the mined resources to craft a weapon. Equip yourwararmy and they won’t lose their survival quest! It’s up to youtobecome a respected hero commander of your own army....but arealgunship battle starts at night!After all the blockworldexploration adventure, crafting & building during the day,thereal survival battle start after dark. Jump into your gunshiporassault helicopter - flying & shooting at the same time isafeat! There’s no survival mode yet but in Gunship Craft survivalisthe challenge itself! Hold off an enemy army, war planes and atankassault! Pilot a gunship destroyer and provide support toyourheroes army from the sky! It’s more than just anotherflightsimulator. You’re a gunship gunner and a hero commander atthe sametime, so better take it seriously. This cube sandbox worldneeds asoldier like you!CORE FEATURES:➕ Build a gunship fighter.Realchopper!➕ Take part in a gunship battle. A warhelicoptersimulator!➕ Perform epic maneuvers. Flying & shootinglike atrue fighter pilot!➕ Become a hero commander. Recruit anarmy,craft weapon for your soldiers!➕ Survival arena. Fight in theairand in the ground!➕ Real machines of war. Craft and fly anuniquegunship destroyer from the World War II times.➕ Epic questsfortrue heroes. Army soldiers needs your help!UPCOMINGFEATURES:➕Multi Craft - multiplayer mode!➕ Survival mode!➕ Soldiervs zombiesmode!➕ Enhanced possibilities to craft an army!Don’t waitfor agunship strike anymore! Explore the cube sandbox world and bereadyfor the best crafting & building experience mixed withflying& shooting while piloting a real chopper! GunshipCraftprovides all the best features you can expect from anaircraftfighting games. Survival crafting not for boys, but forreal men!DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE and lead your army to a gunship airwar inone of the best army war games of 2017!
Frontline Soldier - Metal Commander War 2.5
FRONTLINE SOLDIER - METAL COMMANDER WAR is a modernaction-packedrun n gun warfare game. Establish bases in enemyterritory andengage in high octane combat missions to win overtheir bases. Youare the Frontline Soldier and an army commander whowill lead hiscommando army to victory in war against resilientenemies. Theenemy has taken our fellow soldiers as hostage, it istime to wearyour armor, pick up your weapons and gear up to fightan intensebattle against enemy’s military. Your brothers are indistress useyour arms to rescue them, kill opposing forces and havea shot atdestroying the enemy base. Once you enter the battlefield,take ahardline approach and keep moving, shooting any enemies onyour wayand call allies if you need any help. Pick up packs of ammoto getadditional ammo and mini medkits to restore health to getback toduty. Remember one thing commander, if you see the enemybase youhave to shoot at it until there is nothing left becausethere is noroom for mercy. So, bomb the enemy base and keep movingforwardwith your squad. Upgrade your hero and allies to become evenmoredestructible. Command an arsenal of lethal weapons– handguns,assault rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, flame thrower,etc.,use them to counter the opposing force or to strike at theminorder to conquer enemy territories. Frontline Soldier Features:•FREE TO PLAY, lifelong! Simple, intuitive and addictive gameplay.•35 fast-paced action-packed levels! Lock n load! • Act as aloneorcall allies, the choice is yours. • A wide variety of weaponstounlock and choose from. • 10 unique allies to your aid – for afewcoins, have choppers and tanks by your side! • Mightyandaggressive enemies of both types – ground and air! • Many atowerto strengthen your defense and attack zone. • Stunningvisuals! •Intense music and blasting SFX! • Much More…. Story: Youplay awounded world war hero who swears to bring justice to hishomeland.You find yourself in enemy territory, just outlived abattle andready to strike back. Plan your strategy, strengthen yourdefenceforce and wipe out the enemy heroes in this thrillingandfast-paced free shooter game. Micro management within thegameenables you, the player, to make your own strategy and controlthehardness in the game. This allows you to define your own pace.Butfor all you know, there is no time! Incredible battlesandnail-biting combats make for an epic action game. Prove yourmetalwhen the world is at war, gear up, act solid to win a majormedalof success and bring glory to the nation. Honor those generalswhohave perished in the mayhem. Match your skills with the numberofkills with players across the world in our Leaderboards! Sowhatare you waiting for, Private? Download now and enjoy the game!Overand out!
Modern Army Missile War 1.0.2
The modern Army Missile War simulator is a new war game era withwarsimulators that combines the modern system of rockets andrealisticscenarios of deadly battlefield with extreme challengesof a warzone.In this modern system of warfare 2017 enemy Turretsand tanksattack you and you have to destroy them by targeting withyourgunship machine and successfully destroy there helicopterswithrocket attacks.You have the chance to eliminate theenemy'sheadquarters and warships in the target area with yourgunnerstrike with a precise shot in the combat area of BattleFury.If youare one of those who like strategic and tactical battleor you area day dreamer of becoming a sniper commando of war andyou thinkyou can be the best commander then this game is right andperfectfor you.Keep a watchful eye contact with enemy tanks andattacktargets from distant positions, defeating the enemy militaryarmiesin military combat.In this world action war battle feel thefeelingof war, in which only you fight against your rivals. Knowyourstrength and improve your accuracy and your skills as ashooterthrough alignment.Destroy the enemy tanks and battleshipswithpowerful rockets and missiles. Demolish enemy's vehiclesandweapons from the target zone and win the battle with themodernmachine gun.Attack on the enemy towers and tanks tomakesuccessfully combat missions. Destroy the enemy turrets andwarshipin the target area, dismantling them in missile warbattlezone.Keep a vigilant eye contact with the enemy and attacktargetshiding positions enemy tanks military in the war of militaryrocketdefeat. Do Not get lost and use your extreme targeting andskillsto shoot accurate shots in the air hostile tanks andvehicles.2017Modern Army missile war simulator will give you theopportunity toplay the 3D combat zone and experience the best warwith realisticsimulation of missile system to explore complicateddetails in thegame with High-quality 3D and stunning graphics withan actioncombat simulation battle, intuitive shooting controls inthe 3rdperson and various other areas in the modern simulatorrocketsystem war.FEATURES OF Modern Army Missile War:- Incredible3Dsimulation of a rocket system simulator- Realistic war zonestrikesand detailed- action the game beaten.- Engage scenarios warzone-Easy and simple control- Powerful missiles for the war-Perfectaction combat simulation- GUI and user-friendly controls-Fast,intense action- Realistic explosion of rocketsHOW TO PLAY:-Dragset a specific target- Press to target your goal carefully-Pressthe "missile" to take-Destroy the enemy defenses, ships,turretsand tanks - Clear levels unlock other missionsDownload andplaythis new Modern Army Missile War game from Google playstore.YourFeedbacks and ratings are valuable for us to keepourselves busy increating more fun in the games to entertain you,your family andyour friends. Note:-In case if you find any bug thatneeded to beaddressed just send us an email, we will improve it andreply toyour email as soon as possible.
US Army Training Mission Game 1.0.2
The best of army and military trainings in schools game is heretoenjoy army trainings duty and offroad SUV drivings in onegame.Basic Combats Trainings (also known as Initial EntryTrainings). Itis informally known as Boots and is the program toclear assaultcourses in army basic physical and mental trainings.It is requiredin order for you to become a soldier in the Army,Reserves, or ArmyNationals Guard. Basic course is designed to behighly intense byfollowing drill sergeant's instructions &chain of commands andis challenging which many can’t absorb. Coachyour superior life inthe Exhibit fitness with physical and mentaltrainings. As atrainee officers, you must acquire the skills ofrunning fast,jumping through hurdles and take instructors drillssergeants firstcalls. Clear military camps by passing the commandobattalions testin this action filled mission game. Escape the USarmy in highschools trainings life. Become a soldier from simplecitizen bypassing initial entry in for combat. You have to completeallobstacles courses of this boots camps to qualify as a armedforcessoldiers in for stealths operation. Starting from scheduleyou liveyour life by it. You have to be at the grounds at earlymorningsfor physical to step into shoes of a commando and to makeyour mindup to be one of the tough guy to protect the state in thefuture.It is not only intense assaults course, get ready to betaken intothe coldest nights, across the hot deserts, dense forest,obstaclecourse, hikings on muddy rough inclined mountains where youhave tosurvive. Just become face worlds armed forces chain to provewhichcountry forces are topmost. It is all about being fromordinary toextraordinary by passing special operations forcescourse and tonot let your country and humiliate. Stay in a mode totest yourmental and physical fitness. Trainee will dorunning,action,swimming, jumping, rolling and climbing to enhanceyour Marinessoldier and secrets agent skills. Show Elite agentsskills to be ahero once to graduate as a soldier, prove your skillswhilecompeting with the forces. Army SUV Drivings Mode: Grabsteering ofwheeler suv in Up Hill with toughest steep hill andtreacherousbumpy track. Drive Jeep to show your climb powers andracingsstunts to get a free race license. Just keep performingtheultimate drivings duty to off road resorts. Take extradrivingcare. You have to be a very active and a smart driver at thebasesand camps. Drive suv in best simulation games, sit behindheavytruck to climb tallest mountains. Take the toughest job ofrustydriver. Game Features: * Real schools obstacles andcoursesimulation missions. * Real driving course game * 4x4drivings withcockpit view and animated Hands driving experience. *Realisticmilitary trainings like swimming, jumping, rolling andclimbing *Smooth & Intuitive gameplay controls * AmazingTrainings inacademy environment with HD Graphics * Play as Realtrainee cadetsto test your skills. - Your Feedback, Ratings &Comments arevaluable for us.
Grand Incredible Monster Superhero City Battle 17 1.0
Dolphin Games
Welcome to Grand Incredible Monster Superhero City Battle 17gameand join the city battle as a monster hero which is a reallegendhero. Having a super muscular body and with strange mutantpowers,you are above the humanity. Being big hunk hero you willhave tochase the criminals by driving cars and bring the gangstersto thepolice station. You as monster hero fight against thesemutantvillains in this final battle. The city has been attacked bybadguys, mafias and bad gangsters. The battle is going on againstthemafia and gangster as monster hero futuristic monster robotspowersskills. Being Grand real Monster flying Hero you have tofight andcatch the bad guys, drug dealers and criminals. It’s timefor youto finish the futuristic battle and become a trulyincrediblesuperhero monster against gun shooters in thesuperherogames.Superheroes are turning against each other and thistime theincredible monster has decided to take a final revenge fromsuperspider heroes in this heroic battle. Big Monster has joinedthegangsters, jail criminals and mafia of the crime cityanddestroying peace. They have been controlled by strange superpowersand they have forgotten they were used to be the universedefenderand where the super mutant hero of this city. Get ready toplaythis last battle between incredibly strange mutant monstercityhero and flying spider superheroes in this open world actiongames.This free to roam action adventure simulation 3D open worldgamecomes with thrilling levels and critical rescue missions allowyouto crush monster and defeat evil defenders. Becomeincredibleshooter and to kill terrorists, gangsters, super villainsandspider hero use your super mutant strange powers &combatfighting & gun shooting skills. Play this amazingGrandIncredible Monster Superhero City Battle 17 game and enjoytheaction of the incredible monster hero. The eventful environmentofthis incredible game allows you to feel like a true monstersuperhero of city full of criminals, terrorists, gangsters, mafia&street thugs to fight. Army military is also trying to combatthevillain terrorists with their modern weapons & gunslikeassault rifles, US army snipers & machine guns but it won’tbepossible without your super monster mutant hero strangepowers.Join hands with military navy, army & air force todefeat theterrorists with the help of their aircraft, fighter jets,snipershooters, weapons, guns & fearless commando soldiers. Notonlythese but military army has trained special sniper shooters&developed special steel battle mech robots for this mission.Drive,drift, drag & race cars on the city roads full oftraffic, freeroam the huge city, shoot the terrorists &complete plenty ofobjectives & missions to save your city fromterrorists.GrandIncredible Amazing Robots Monster Superhero CityBattle 17Features:- Be the super incredible monster hero andAvenger-Realistic Environment & epic fighting levels.-RealisticPhysics monster.- Fight with police robots & cartransformingrobots. - Monster Superhero rescue mission.- Jump highfor thegrand superhero monster Robots.- Realistic Sound and Musiceffects.
Train Driving 2018: US Army Transport Duty 1.0.2
US Army Train driving simulation game have been loved by alargenumber of people. Game Town Studio brings for you themostaddictive and challenging Army Train driving and racing whichcomeswith completely new concept of a transport and railroadexperience.Most of the android user looking for appropriate Armytrainsimulator and US Army train games for their mobile devices, Sowaitis over we have come with Train Driving 2018: US ArmyTransportDuty Simulator 3D #1 Army Train Driving simulator ofGoogle PlayStore. About Game Story: Train Driving 2018: US ArmyTransport Dutygame one of the best well-constructed mobile game forGoogle PlayStore. In this US Army Train Driving 2018 you have tochoosedifferent type of modes like day and night mode. Also youcanselect various type of Train cab, like old US Army steamlocomotivetrain cab and US Army electric train cab etc. This gameallow youto drive super-fast US Army train like a pro operator andenginedriver in different type of environments pick the US ArmySoldiersfrom one Army camp and drop them to another Army camp.These armyrail coach buses well decorated for US Army Soldiers andcargotransportation. Follow the instructions while driving your USArmySoldiers metro train. Don’t miss any instruction it maycauseaccident on railway lines. Your job responsibility drop the USArmySoldiers to their respective destinations safely. TrainDriving2018: US Army Transport Duty game is totally free you caneasilyplay this game anywhere and anytime by offline mode. This isgoingto be a real US Army train driving, and parking test.Experiencethe thrill of a buzzing Army train ride with TrainDriving 2018: USArmy Transport Duty.Snow City Adventure ModeSnowfalling has beenstart in this Snow city Adventure Mode your routethrough big snowmountain rail tracks. Use Army train horn systemand train light atnight, maintain your Army train speed. It’s ahigh time to checkyour train driving and army transporter skills,while driving theUS Army bullet train. Transport the militaryofficers and soldiersfrom one subway stations to another. Alsotransport cargo like,weapon crate, wooden barrels, Armyequipment’s, and heavy Armyvehicles etc. Follow the instructionarrows while driving the Armywestern trains and other army trainsand complete all the jobs.Also avoid attack and hitting to otherfast Army trains which carrymilitary tanks, army trucks and otherarmy stuff for the soldiercamps. Drive carefully you can usedifferent camera angles to enjoythe beautiful snowy landscapes andcurvy rail tracks. It’s a hightime to check your train driving andarmy transporter skills. Pickup rail speed, braking, driving pastfields and snow hill areas. Bea real new-generation US Army eurotrain driver and get to drivebullet train in impossible rail tracksof big heavy snowyarea!Let’s start the engine and enjoy the US Armyrail drive inthis simulator game.US Army soldiers are waiting foryouTRAIN!!Train Driving 2018: US Army Transport Duty GametopFeatures: - Five Different type of Army Train Rides!- ArmyTrainand Soldiers to transport!- Multiple camera angles!- Twodifferenttype of Modes (Day, Night)- Army Train Realisticgameplaycontrols!- Conceptual railroad tracks!- HD StunningGraphics!-Incredible snow city view- Free to play game!- Explore20Challenging levels!- Train open and close door animation-Offlinemode- Locomotive and electric engine- Rain and SnowfallingWe hopeyou like our Train Driving 2018: US Army TransportDuty please takea moment to rate us our game. Your feedback andreviews reallyvaluable and helpful for us to improve our game!It’stotally freeto playSo get it now from Google play store for yourandroiddevices.Quickly download this Army Train Driver 2018: USSoldierTransport Duty.
Clone Armies 4.4.7
Backup your every move and train your Armies with theexcellentmilitary fighting skills in a unique adventurous 2Dshooting gameClone Armies. The game is built with amazing featuresand a uniquefeature to clone your army and embed them with the samemoves.Clone! Fight! Shoot! Die! Repeat! Every additional clone willcopyexact same moves you did, when you were playing as it. Enjoyanamazing new experience of playing Shooting Game with"CloneArmies". "Clone Armies" has lots of challenging missionswithexciting surprises in each mission. Be smart while makingyourclone as it would do exactly the same move as you had donebefore.The game is designed in such a way that there are differentways toaccomplish the mission. Use your strategic thinking skillsandcomplete the missions. Earn chest-like capsules to unlockrewards,collect powerful new units and equipment and upgradeexisting ones.Choose your own units and design your Army withdifferent clonesranging from mini gun wielding soldier to jet-packor tank. Comeand play the most adventurous military game withawesome gamingmechanics and intuitive controls. Get ready to beatyour opponentsin an anticipated 1v1 multiplayer mode. You can playcasual battlewith your friends or dive right in the ranked matchesand climb theleaderboard! Customize your base with many differenttypes ofmilitary equipment and deploy your army of clones toprotect yourcloning machine – then, crush your opponents base withcarefulplaning and strategy. ******************* GAMEFEATURES******************* - Experience unique game mechanicsyou've neverseen before - Play 1v1 player versus player multiplayerrankedmatches - Earn chest-like capsules to unlock rewards,collectpowerful new clones and equipment and upgrade existing ones.-Learn easy and simple controls - Choose between various unitsandmilitary grade equipment with unique stats and abilities -Completemultiple fun and challenging missions with increasingdifficulty -Defeat bosses in enjoyable bossfights - Try multiplegame modes +special Sandbox mode to create unlimited clones in anever-endingmap - Customize and protect your base "Clone Armies" istheultimate 2D shooter game with unique mechanics, multiple gamemodesincluding 1v1 player versus player multiplayer andthrillingeffects. *************** PLEASE NOTE ***************“Clone Armies”is free to download and play, however, some gameitems can also bepurchased for real money. If you do not want touse this feature,please set up password protection for purchases inthe settings ofyour Google Play Store app. *************** CONTACTUS*************** We are constantly working hard on making the“CloneArmies” game better and more entertaining for you. We needyourconstant support to get going. Please feel free to email us foranyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello.Wewould love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature ofthe“Clone Armies” game, do not forget to rate us.
Tank Transformation Futuristic Robot Wars 1.0.0
In the world of tank, subway future train is all set totransportarmy weapons to army base unit. A super intelligent tankrobot herois deployed as army soldier which can transform intotank, robotand vice versa. Army train got under enemy attack thatstartedfuturistic robots war. Army cargo needs to be transportedsafely toarmy base unit at all cost but futuristic robot wars haserupted inan ultimate machine fire battle. The real tank hero needsto strikehard with intense shooting to eradicate the army tankbattle in warof tank. The iron tank can transform into flying robothero toeradicate the enemy tank force. This is one epic robottankshooting game 2017 where the flying robot hero can fight thefuturerobots as mech shooter or can fight enemies with deadlytankstrike. Enjoy the amazing futuristic robot transformation inTanktransformation Army Robot Wars. The real tank war beginswhenfuture superhero robot strike to survive against the tankcommaderand enemy military tanks. Your superhero flying robot heroisresponsible for the safety of army cargo transportation thatisheading towards army base unit. In this futuristic battlesubwayflying robot can transform into tank machine and can destroyrivalrobots in instant kill in crazy missile mania. Use theultimatetank force in shooting robots that are creating trouble.The Xrobot flyin, shooting and amazing tank transformation willkeep youengaged till the end of the army battle. The army tank heroissuperhero robot among mankind who always come for the cityrescuemission. The army cargo has to be transported to army baseunit viatrain and the flying robot tank is responsible for thesafety ofarmy weapons. The futuristic train is loaded with verysecret anddeadly weapons to use in army battle. Tank transformationrobot waris going to be furious as it’s a war of tanks and futuremachines.The enemy flying robots are flying everywhere and areready toattack the subway euro train in real tank war but you haveto fightfor tank domination. The military tank holds destructivemissilewith it and can superhero robots in single attack.Are youready forthe biggest tank battle of the year 2017 that is going tohappen inworld of tanks? In this army simulator battle, thesurvival of armycargo transporter depends totally on the superherorobot which hasto transform into tank war machines or to fly andstop the trainattack. Protect the army train as possible you canfrom furiousmonster robot in ultimate machine fire. This futuristicrobots warwill stand in off road and city environment. Engage in anultimatemachine fire battle of the year in real tank war. You musthaveplayed many robot shooting games but Tank transformationRobotsWar- Army Train Attack is mind blowing. As an eminent flyingrobottank or robot tank war hero, you will have to move quicklytodifferent locations in the sky of futuristic city like aflyingkill machine or robot tank utilized in tank robot racingwithflying Robot tank simulator & airplane flying simulatortoeradicate the enemies in the city. The ultimate machine firebattleof flying robot tank and monster robots is going to beintense. Sogo download Tank transformation Robots War- Army TrainAttack rightnow and be part of this ultimate machine fire battle.Features:• Bethe army robot and let train reach the baseunit!Realistic HDGraphics of futuristic robot war!Transformation offlying robotinto war tank machine & vice versa! Thrillingflying andshooting missions to stop train attack!Mind Blowing robottanktransformation and animations!
US Army Transport Game - Army Truck & Cargo Plane 1.0.3
US Army Transporter Game is another proud addition to USarmytransport games from crazy neuron studios. Enjoy army truckdrivingand fly the army planes in army transport simulator to enjoytheunique gameplay from army plane games and become aplanetransporter to handle the army transport operations. Embark onanepic journey of US army games to learn plane flying &cargotransport in military simulator to become the transportplanepilot. We have combined the complex army mission fromplanetransport games and thrill of dodging bullets from helicopterfromarmy airplane games in this US army simulator. If you are a fanofbest army games & love playing the challenges of armytruckgames, then US army game is the true choice for you as it willletyou drive the trucks, transport army trucks and fly armyplanes.Identifying best practices from Indian army and Russian armywouldsupport the army mission in this game. Enjoy truck driving,planeflying and transporting in this finest of army transportergames.The top secret US army survival mission is assigned toplanetransporter in order to transport the heavily armoredautomobilesfrom the secret facility to the army base camp in thisarmytransport simulator. Get ready to have all the fun ofarmytransporting games with cargo transport missions from USArmytransport games in the interesting army truck simulator. USArmyTransport Game 2 will let the user become a 6x6 truck drivertodeliver the vehicles in the army airplane unseen in planetransportgames. Become an army plane pilot in US army truck gamethat has itall from the thrill of army mission games and planetransportmission from army transportation games. Playing ordinaryarmy truckdriving games that only has driving and transportingmissions aretoo cliché, it’s time to try finest of all US armygames. Flyingarmy planes & managing cargo transport of armymission gamesmay seem like an easy task but to master the skills ofthe armypilot once must play this cargo transport simulator andbecome anofficer in the US Military. The extraordinary missions ofarmytruck driving will fuel your addition for 6x6 truck games&flying best army planes to the military base will make youforgetother army transporter games. Cherish the realistic modelsofairplanes, army trucks & enemy helicopter present inarmytransport games with the easy controls of driving and flyingfromall army plane games in the most interesting US armysimulator.Load the cargo on the transporter trucks in US army planesimulatorand fly to base not like other army truck games. Downloadnow tobecome a plane pilot and develop your truck driving skillsinsurvival mission. Features of Army TransportGame:Interactivegameplay from finest of some US army gamesEasy andrealistic gamingexperience for extreme funSound effects & HDgraphics farbetter than army transport gamesStunning camera anglesnot seen ineven the best army gamesHelicopter shooting &challengingmissions of cargo transport
Transforming Robot Train US Army Train Shooter 1.3
Welcome to Transforming Robot Train US Army Train Shooter whichisbest US army train driving simulator having futuristic robotswarin best transforming robot games.US Army train transportationishard transport duty isn’t it? Especially when danger of mechrobotslies around. In Transforming Robot Train US Army TrainShooter USarmy has prepared a futuristic train that can transforminto mechrobot to fight in best action games 2018 TransformingRobot TrainUS Army Train Shooter. Drive US army futuristic robottrain fortransportation of army cargo having ability to transforminto roboton rail tracks. While driving US army train you willencounter Xtanks force, trucks and mech robots that will startfuturisticrobots war. There is going to be Army Train Shooter :RobotTransformation Battle on your way to army base. Traintransformrobot transformation at the right time will help youwinTransforming Robot Train US Army Train Shooter. Safe armytraintransportation is your first priority. To make this one of thebestaction games 2018 US army futuristic train is equippedwithlocomotive engine having latest machine guns attached with it.Soas soon as you encounter x tanks force, mech robot start firingandshooting. Save the US army futuristic train from enemy attack inUSarmy transforming robot train shooter robottraingames.Transforming Robot Train US Army Train Shooter is one ofthebest train shooting games 2018. Futuristic robots will attackUSarmy train to stop army transportation. To fight enemy mechrobotstransform futuristic train into real robot hero and utilizeyourtrain robot transformation ability for ultimate survival. Itwillbe a sight worth seeing how US army train shooter transformintofuturistic robot making it best robot transformation games2018. USarmy train futuristic robot is highly equipped with traintransformrobot machine guns and have missile firing ability makingit thelatest futuristic robot of best action games 2018. Theinvasion ofevil robots will start the transforming robot trainshooting gamesin futuristic robot war. Real robot warrior know howto aim andcross fire the evil robots finishing them to bits intransformingrobot train shooting game. Be real robot hero who usebest fightingstrategy because you will lose robot health resultingin levelfailure. The best thing is Transforming Robot Train US ArmyTrainShooter battle games is free wifi game, once you download usarmytrain futuristic robot transformation game you enjoyunlimitedfun.If you love action packed games 2018 and US army trainshootinggames then download US Army Transforming Robot Train USArmy TrainShooter to enjoy real robot transformation battle andtransformingrobot games and train transform robot experience wherefightingenemy force in futuristic robots war will engage you tillthe end.Features:• 21st century best train transformation game2018!•Thrilling US army train transportation missions!• HighQuality 3dGraphics and engaging sound effects!• Mind blowingtransformationbattle!• Action packed heavy fighting scenes infuturistic robotswar!• US army Futuristic robot equipped withlatest weapons!
US Army Transport Plane : Heavy Duty Transport 1.4
Who wants to serve US army transport force as an army truckdriverto accomplish duty of heavy duty cargo truck driving totransportMilitary cargo to different US army basecamps. Newlyappointed USarmy truck heavy duty driver includes transportingjeeps, truck,tanks and cargo truck with army transport planemissions. Enjoy themost thrilling OffRoad army transport drivingadventure in thisOffRoad us army transport game. Sharps turns,heavy duty truckdriving and army transport with military equipmentsand cargo.Isn’t this enough? then let’s get on the airplanetransport to flyhigh into the skies to take army cargo withtransport planemissions as a pro airplane manager.Airplanetransport games areloved by real cargo plane lovers. Become a proOffRoad armytransporter with us army transport transport plane.This is 2018,so don’t sit back, let’s grab the latest OffRoad armytransport simand enjoy transport of military cargo with airplanetransport. Kickstart your career of army truck game and drive tothe US armybasecamp as a pro army truck driver. Army transportplane game letsyou fulfill your desire of playing as the army truckdriver &an airplane pilot to progress in your career as armyconvoy head.Taking USA military cargo truck to airport and flyingUS armyairplane transport as a pro plane pilot to complete armytransportplane missions is also included in American officerduties.So USarmy officer! Get ready for an unforgettable journey ofarmytransport simulator games. Kick start your career of Cargotruckdriving filled with military cargo and take it to US armybasecampas a pro cargo truck driver. Army transport games let youfulfillyour desire of army tank driving, army truck driving andarmyairplane flying as a pro plane pilot to become ultimatetransporttycoon. Be a pro driver! Carefully drive Military tank onOffRoadtracks and army transport to Local airports. Take militarytankinside army airplane flight and fly airplane for itsairtransportation journey. It’s like you are playing airplaneflyinggames 2018 with challenging uphilltransportationmissions. Let’s show your cargo truck driverside to theworld. Drive trailer truck and military tank to armybasecamp andoffroad airports so army transportation games 2018challengingtransportation missions can be completed to be calledtransporttycoonFeatures:• Real-time Army Airplane flyingExperience• HighQuality graphics and amazing 3D animations•Beautifully designedplane transport games based engaging levels•Challenging uphilltransportation missions of Cargo and flyingairplane• MilitaryCargo Transporter has addictive flight simulationgame play mode
US Army Hero Training School 1.0.2
Welcome to the Army Heros Training Academy Free game. Usmilitarytraining Academy based game. Play and enjoy the FrontlineArmy Base3D game. Test your physical fitness and mental level byplayingthis game, take military education in army training school.Forcombat, coaching enters military academy boot camp that willleadyou to clear mental and physical Fitness. one man army seeshowtough is to step up from ordinary to ordinary step into shoesofcommand. the war in leader board with troops across the worldtoshow the country is best. your physical fitness and thementaldisciplinary level is checked by playing this obstacle basedfungame it is not easy to become a good soldier as nationalguard.Escape the high school life and plunge into army Academyandcomplete the stake obstacle course on army level. Can you jumpovertwelve-foot wall.? 'Can you swim in arctic weather and climbingnetin the desert heat.?some guys can pull this net job but anormalperson cannot. After Clear army Coaching Center and ArmyRangerCamp, you got an IGI Commando battalion mission in thisactiongame. A Land Force Officer Training do the drilling,grounding andgrinding to enhance your Marine Soldier Skills.Youmust clear allobstacle in military Coaching Center Academy such asArctic snow,dense forest, cold water, very sharp nets Practice andvery hotdesert areas. Completing this course you can defend andfightagainst enemies.After Completing the Army Training course yourIGICommand gives you secret mission.Being an Army Hero orArmyNational Guard your first duty to perform a secret missionagainstenemies and terrorist. You are a real hero of Country andwillfight for Freedom. US Army Hero Game Features: 1- In the world'the best army simulation game with real military schoolobstaclecourse 2-realistic special forces training with jumpingStealth,cold water swimming, rolling, and more 3-battle against thebestArmy forces like Pakistan, India, USA, China, and Russia.4-Collectmaximum medals to encourage your forces within timelimits. Besocial: Like us on Facebook
OffRoad US Army Coach Bus Driving Simulator 1.1
US Army Transporter game is a realistic Army Coach BusDrivingSimulator 2018. This Army Coach Game is about modern coachoff roadbus 2018 & crossing carefully army check post in thebest ofxtreme coach crazy bus transport army games. You will forgetallother Offroad US Army Games 2018 after playing USArmyTransportation: Bus Driving Simulator 2018 Bus games. Get readytoplay the most anticipated Bus Simulator Army Coach Game in big3Denvironment. Ten Hut! Soldier are you ready to serve yourcountryby joining US Army as army bus driver in offroad bus driving2018.Army commando are given US Training in the hilly mountainareasoffroad games. The US Army training base camps are situatedatremote Rocky Mountains offroad games. The army training drillshaveto be performed in the Offroad Mountains. You must have playedmanytransport games but offroad Driving Simulator game will stunyouwith hard army training bus driving simulator army coach game.Yourjob as military bus driver is to park the US Army coach bus atthebase unit and has to pick US army commando and drive throughtherocky mountain area to base camp in this Uphill Buss Driving2018Bus Games.Soldier! Show some real driving skills in armybustransporter game. US Army coach bus simulation will testyouroffroad bus driving & bus parking skills on offroad terraininArmy Transport Simulator. Army preschool Bus driver hastotransport soldiers in modern coach off road bus 2018 to USArmytraining school for different drills and activities crossingarmycheck post. Military bus driver has to be cautious on theterrainoffroad games tracks otherwise the army coach bus game canslipthough the offroad tracks. Army transportation of humanresourceand cargo is imperative in wars. The US army is engaged inwar ofterror and army transportation is needed by an expert USArmyTransporter in this Xtreme Coach Bus Simulator 2018 ArmyCoachgame.There are many bus simulator games & bus parking 2018butunlike others bus driving games, OffRoad Driving Simulator USArmyTransport games is as an army transport simulator whichmilitarybus driver has to drive. Buckle up for exciting and daringfor freearmy bus coach driving game crossing army check post on thestore.You will have to drive to army military base camp and wouldplay asarmy bus driver of a military. As an army bus driver youhave toprove that extreme coach bus simulator 18 driving skillsandexperienced offroad city bus simulator 3D Bus games 2018 andtakearmy commando from small check post to army training camps. InthisUS Army Transporter Bus Driving games you can park and drivethearmy bus like a real military bus driver in Coach BusDrivingSimulator Crazy Bus games.Uphill Bus Driving 2018 BusParking 2018is totally different when it comes to transportingcargo in bustransporting games & army transport game. Startyour night busoffroad bus driving 2018 duty in the best of OffRoadgames US ArmyTransport Simulator Driving games. Your duty totransport armycommando on uphill mountain offroad tracks and reachto their checkposts safely. US Army transportation and city bussimulator 3D busgames are always fun to park and drive. Wegive you anopportunity to come and join the US army as an ultimatearmy coachbus simulator driver in this US Army Transporter BusDrivingGames.US Army Transport Coach Bus Driving Simulator GameInnovativeFeatures• Challenging Army Transporter offroad gamesmissions withextreme time limit.• Coach Bus Simulator 2018 withRealistic HDgraphics and engaging sound effects.• Superb US ArmyTransport gameenvironment with most addictive gameplay in UphillBus DrivingSimulator 2018 Army Coach Game.
Counter Terrorist fray 1.2
counter terrorist fray survivalCommando! counter terroristfraysurvival is gorilla fight with terrorist strikemodernmilitaryrifle guns , desert storm games shooting weapons , heavilyequippedhumveed and other destroying tanks , bazooka, machine guns. Theseare the weapons terrorist are using in combat and therehideout arein cities , desert and hardcore mountains . We are surethis dirtyplan is of our military enemies and we have news thateven enemiescommandos are involve in this proxy war. Our Army hasstart adirect war in frontline border areas against enemiesmilitaryforces and a large group of army commandos are fightingagainst ourworst enemy near border So we need lone army commandowho can huntdown from his best shooting skills the terroriststrike. SO,commando you have to save pride of us army and fail theterroristattack by strike hard in the war battlefield and counterterrioristwith deadly combat skills of our army. terroriste havehand grenadeand enemies military force supply for air strike andother deadlyattack , you have to counter all of those attacks andmake sureyour survival in this war. Shootdown the terrorist andmake end theterrorism in this counter terrorist games and kill thesniperassassin hiding in the city for target killing. use ourbestsurvival force skills and be part of hero forces. terroristcombatsoldier use escape sniper for secret missions and sniperhuntingour camps of soldier so you have to be best sniper hunterforeliminating such threads. army sniper 3d soldier be readyforcounter terrorist and survive till end . In jungle warshootingmissions you can find wild beast and in desert storm gameslevel ,animal attack can be so much frequent so all you have tocompletethe survival escape mission and use this deadly attacks ashuntingadventure. It's look the you are one man army and have tocompeteagainst sniper x and well trained enemies commando . soheadquarterhas decided for airstrike support for you if you neededso much asyou are superhero of our nation and best survival againstterroristattack in the desert and city. This is the best army gamesfor freeto kill shot the terrorist and better your shootinggamesskills.your pistol grip and shooting skills should be awesomeforgetting metal soldier warrior award and best escape snipershooterawards. be a shooter like stone shooting commando and breaktherecords of all slow games.Use your gorilla survival skills andbebest killing soldier in the battlefield and prove your bestmodernmilitary combat war medals. shoot shoot and shoot againstcrazysniper soldier trying to sniping attack against you. lonesurvivor, you are our last hope so eliminate every mafiaunderworld.counterterrorist survival war is best fps action game inwhich you aregoing to experience best hand to hand combat. realcommando counterattack missions with free fps simulation. bestenemy strike AI.special operations forces training and defenseagainst terroristattack on our strong hold. fps action against longrange shootingin enemies stronghold to complete sniper ops levelsin this actionfps counter game.