Top 24 Games Similar to Extreme Rave Battle

Call Of Commando-Roger That 1.0
CALL OF COMMANDO is a byte sized FirstPersonShooter Warfare gameyet full of enemy strike and explosive action with a hugebattlelist ranging where you are defending a fortress fromarmedterrorist commandos.Play as a Special force team leader to counter strike thebrutalarmed terrorists commandos who are engaged in blackout andwarfareagainst your team fortress.The enemy commandos strike will never let you take a breath,sostart shooting until every one of them is down!where your mission is to fight directly face to face withmostwanted terrorist in your country.You as a one of the best sniper has spotted convey this andhavecalled for urgent air strike.You must use all of your specialized skills to survive theonslaughtof the terrorist and avenge your fallen soldiers.HOW TO PLAY:* You can see the enemies number on the display to shoot andbringthem down.* You have to clear the base one by one small missions.* Use your pistol and shot gun as per your convenience.* The enemies have strong communication system to alerteachother.* Try to hide yourself much as possible, once you have seensomeone, don't give a moment to escape.* Left half of the display is to move forward, backward or leftandright.* Right half of the display is to view around.* Shoot with fire button and zoom to aim better.FEATURES:* Efficient weapon controls & movement* Well built storyline* Excellent Forest environment* 3D FPS (First Person Shooter game)* Best sound effects and soundtrack* Easy GUI and controls* Efficient control and weapon selection* Amazing ground air attack on flying Helli* Fully free to play
Injured Freedom fighter 1.0
Injured Freedom fighter is a world war gameIt’s 1941 and the world is in chaos. Fighting on land isnolonger the primary strategy of our enemies .It is your duty to protect the world from the threats ofterrorismand chaos Aim for glory and honor and prepare to become aMarshalCommander.As the commander of the free world, YOU should fight and conquertheevils. BUILD your military base. TRAIN your soldiers. UPGRADEyourweapons and equipments. ATTACK the enemies and CONQUER rivalsfromaround the world.Fight for VICTORY and become the marshal of the world! YOUSHOULDtry hard to be the winner because conquering the world isn’tforthe weak! The road of a commander is not easy.Only the strongest army commander will climb the ranks andachievethe glorious title of Marshal!Now be a commander and conquerallother playersFeatures:Free to play strategy RPG basedPlay with millions of players from around the world!Train your naval fleet, war ships and defeat your enemies!Build and defend your massive base!Research new technologies and collect resources!Forge powerful alliances and take over the world!Explore dozens of maps!
Tiger Fight Street X 1.0
A man whoes name is ERIK , he wants totakerevenge to that person who killed his family , if you want tofindthe killer you can take help to the map ,when you will killthekiller the next level will be open .FEATURES* Amazing 3D Graphics with particle effects.* Easy to play.* Button steering for the folks that love precision*It plays as great as it looks.”*Amps everything up to the next level. – 148Apps*Easy controls, impressive graphics. – Pocket Gamer* Music and voice performances perfectly adapted for afightergame.Assets* Lowpoly characters and animations* Lowpoly , buildings, streets* All with clear highres cartoon style textures* Over a 100 crystal clear game sound effects* Loads of icons, buttons and backgroundsMinimum hardware requirements to Tiger fight street X .- 1 GHz CPU- 512 MB RAM- Adreno 205 GPU or equivalent- Available storage: 1.9 GB
Modern Elite Sniper 1.0
Game Canvas
Aim and Shoot! Modern Elite Sniper is#1first person shooter game that will blown you away!An over-the-top shooter in every sense, Modern Elite Snipertakesyou on a whirlwind tour of the criminal underworld. You areamodern sniper ready to play your part in dangerous attacksandsilent assassin missions. Modern Elite Sniper - Mitch is yourprimecharacter in this one of sniper shooting games.Mitch is an ex- army sniper assassin hired as a contract killer byamilitary agency which is known to hire modern sniper gunmentoembark on a commando adventure by taking out militants oftheTerror Island. Mitch the sniper killer, descends on the groundfromthe helicopter and receives a go-ahead from the pilot tocommenceas a contract commando killer. Mitch used to be afrontlinecommando leader in his old days of commando war fare. Hiscombatkiller sniper skills sharpened the most at that time. Hereminiscedabout how he used to execute first time kill shot in hiscommandowar days.Enemy has started to invade our country from southernborderlinewith deadly equipped f16 jet fighter, raptor jet ,modernhelicopter , tanks and other heavy weapon . Our defensesystemfailed because their was much more modern army with modernsnipershooter and their sniper shooting training is also so muchbetter.Enemy also using bazooka and RPG weapons.Our Army wants one of our main city back. We have plannedmostbrutal modern sniper attack with American sniper and modernarmycommando attack. Modern Elite Sniper is best in the snipershootingweapons. you need clear vision and as a lone commando youhave tobe stealth sniper shooting force.The glory days of being a frontline commando are long gone.Mitchthe ultimate sniper assassin is no longer the best gun shooterinhis squad. He grimaces at his position as a contract killer,hisoverthrown shooting war glory days. His pride as a shooterassassinstill shines bright though. That is the only reason why hethinksof this mission as a true commando adventure. His snipershotskills are still razor sharp. The only thought that lingers nowisfilling his role as a combat killer sniper in the TerrorIslandagainst the militants.Eliminate a mob of enemies at street level or take out thesinglehigh-profile target. With access to an inventory of sniperriflesand assault rifles, you will rely on your marksman skills tofinishthe work. Go for the HEADSHOT now!Key Features:- Real Sniper Shooting Experience- Waves of enemy troops- Hidden enemies in the mounts- Superb controls with amazing response- Incredible desert and Forest environment- Marvelous 3D graphic content
Army Commando Combat Mission game 1.2
Army Commando Combat Mission: Deadly shooting game is new fastpace3d commando fps adventure. It is commando fighting in streetwargame; army commando will fight the enemy in the city now.Thecombat war is not on the frontline but the unique nature ofthisgame is the realistic 3d city graphics.Storyline: There wasanenemy strike on your city on various spots at the same time.Thehomeland security has called all the military units, SWAT teamsandelite sniper shooters from all over the state. The city isdeclaredto be in state of emergency.The mission is to hunt down thebrutalenemies in the city to reinforce peace.Army CommandoCombatMission: Deadly shooting game is army ops based game. You areashooter in a prestigious army unit. You know that the livesofpublic are on stake and you cannot take any chances.Quickcommandoaction is needed ensure the safety of city public. Thecommando fpsgame brings you guerrilla warfare. It consists of oneto one fightswith enemy.This army commando operation requirescommando shootingin broad battlefield to eliminate the enemy byhunting terrorists.For total accuracy in shooting you are providedwith Hawkeyefeature so that you do not miss any enemy sniper.With afirm gripon your sniper rifle, use those piercing bullets to takeaim forheadshots. It is a siege and enemy terrorists are dispersedin thewhole city; they can attack and strike you fromanywhere.Beprepared and stay focused for your survival in thiscommandomission. Shoot and kill the enemy without wasting any timebeforethey get a chance to attack you.Brave soldiers are shootingandkilling all around you, their courage is inspiring for you andyouare ready to lead the commando shooting operation to kill alltheterrorists.You are part of army unit with sniper brothersandexpert shooters; they have the capacity to eradicate theterroristsfrom your city. You have unlimited ammo to kill all ofthem in thisaction packed thrilling game.You are with army snipershootingteam, elite army sniper shooters are placed on top of allbuildingsto take proper aim at the enemy target. The commandomission isjust to aim and shoot the enemy where ever you see it.Ifyou areable to save the city form terrorists attack you can becomea warhero in this commando mission. Think of yourself as a lonecommandoagainst the terrorists. You have all the modern arms andwarweapons needed in commando shooting. Shoot down great numberofterrorists using assassin machine guns from your supply. Youneedto survive until you reach the army base camp, then you canexitthe battlefield as a survivor. This first person shootingadventureis thrilling that it will surely give you an adrenalinerush and areal feel of being a commando. You have to save yourselffrom enemystrike and shoot them at the same time.This makes it kindof animpossible mission but you are a brave commando of US Army andnotafraid of the terrorists, you are an elite sniper shooter andarein this challenging war against terrorism. You cannot risklosingthe war in order to maintain the world peace.How to PlayArmyCommando Combat Mission: Deadly shooting game:-- Install theTOP 3darmy commando shooting game for free from Google Play store.-Enterthe first challenging level.- Survive the level with courageandunlock next levels.- Choose your weapon from theunlockedfirearms.- Use Hawkeye to get totally accurate view ofenemy camps-You can use tile phone to move and rotate- Reach yourbase camp towin and become a heroFeatures of Army Commando CombatMission:Deadly shooting game:-- The best of shooting games 2017-Totallyfree fps game- No Wi-Fi required once you install it on yourmobileor tablet- Stunning 3d graphics- Fast movement controls withsmoothweapon control- User friendly GUI- Realistic shootingsimulation-Commando shooting simulator
legends fight 2.5
Reveal your inner fighter in this 3D fighting game! Play up to8fighters and upgrade their equipment and abilities. Challengerealplayers worldwide. Defeat enemies.Use the touch screenmechanics ofyour mobile device to battle your enemies in actioncombat.Specialfighting styles : Liberal Kungfu (Chinese boxing,Sanda, BajiQuan), Taekwondo . To knock enemies down.Sword Attack,Fightingwith KatanaSensitive and special 3D fighting controlsystemSophisticated 3D charactersSpecific combos and attacks foreachfighter Smooth and intense motion! You can use punching,kicking,catching, throwing, and dodge... use everything to defendyourselfin the arena. Combine these fighting skills to create avariety ofdeadly attacks.Upgrade your fighters to make them reachtheir fullpotential
Combat Duty Modern Strike FPS 1
Combat duty modern strike FPS is new intense 3D first personactionshooter game FPS where you shoot dino, zombies. It's a firstgamefrom our production where you do such things. Singleplayercampaignmission consists of simple task, which is to eliminate allenemiesfrom map. You can configure graphics to fit your device, soyou canplay more smootly and your movement will be more fluent.After eachfinished game, you gain experience ( xp ) and bountymoney.Everygame you gain skills, that will help you to achievedesirablevictory. After you die, you will return to the action, soyou won'tbe pernamently dead. Grab your shotgun in arsenal andshoot yourway through this monster war of main levels to rescue theworldfrom the monster apocalypse. The monsters must be eliminated.Keepyour finger on the trigger. Become the best ruthless onlineheroassassin who will lead leaderboards ranks in this memorablestellargame with unique feel. Dive in to the new gaming experiencewithhours of not ordinary gameplay.Blast your enemies with anMP5,AK47, Desert Eagle, FN SCAR, HK 416, grenades and manymoreshotguns and rifles. Realistic outdoor hd graphics iscompareableto visuals of AAA assault army games from high-end PC.Gamecontains dangerous singleplayer and multiplayer. This game wasmadeon unity engine. Each class contains main weapon, but you canalsobuy / upgrade other weapons, ammo, armor and bullets to theprimalgun.- Hours of fun gameplay with this great simulator-Stunning 3Dmountain park ( hill ) graphics, Innovative Level Design
Anti Terrorist Sniper Shooter
The best sniper shooter game is here! Enter into the moderncombatto handle the Hostile situation and counter strike theterroristattack. Lead the army squad for elite sniper missioninAnti-Terrorist Sniper Shooter; the most thrilling fps game.Grabyour Gatling machine gun and other modern weapons frommilitaryarsenal. Deploy and Infiltrate the enemy convoy forces;unleashyour rage attack to ambush in war. Lead the anti-terroristcounterattack and become the bravo cadet in the best sniperstrikegame.Anti-Terrorist Sniper Shooter is the most thrillingfirstperson shooter game. Terrorist squad is planning to attack atrockconcert. Get ready for the gunship strike war againstterrorism;take out ultimate weapons and join target killing combatmission.Aim & shoot enemies, be precise at aiming &targeting andavoid gun shooting innocents. In gang warfare therival gangsterswill try to escape. Don’t let terrorist escape;hijacked the enemysatellite and track their hiding location. Usemodern weapons likerifle, war machine gun, and ak47& mp4 guns.Kill your rivals inthis elite sniper assassin. Rescue victims andhostage from modernassault. Enjoy action packed shooting &killing mission withbest crime shooter game. Hurry up, head shootall the terroristsnow. Use sniper rifles, head shots terrorist,throw hand grenades,do it quickly there is short time to do thejob. Be a super heroand fight deadly shooter in action simulator.This is ultimatecounter terrorist sniper shooting game in 3d formobile shootinggame.Take the responsibilities of elite swat forcecommando andenter into the anti-terrorist war action. Fire Furiousway, you arean anti-terrorist commando, do panic attack onterrorists, headshot terrorist before they attack you. Counterattack like actionhero, do good service to your peoples. Killterror beast takinghead shots, its modern ware fare, boost strengthbefore action usemachine gun , ak-47 Sniper shooting game, in whichthe soldierfight with the enemy with a gun for sniper shootinggame. Load yourak47& mp4 guns and start the modern sniperassassin againstcriminals. Hostage and victims lives are at yourmercy. Play aslone sniper; aim precise to headshot enemies atcrowded rockconcert, shopping malls & football ground.Experience thethrill of real target shooting with most excitingfirst personshooting game. Do some real war action shooting; strikedown thesoldiers of enemy forces and save innocent civilians. Beultimatemodern sniper shooter in this crime city.Anti-TerroristSniperShooter Features:10 Anti-terrorist counter strikemissionThrillingFirst Person Shooter GameCity environment; shoppingmalls, rockconcerts & football groundModern weapons selection;rifle,ak47, mp4& assault gunsRealistic combat action DownloadthisAnti-Terrorist Sniper Shooter game and give us your feedback,so wecan make more shooting game for you.
Battle Frontline 1.0.1
It’s an action game about an ex army personel who is willingtosacrifice his life to save his country from the criminalmafia.Yourduty will be to perform a covert operation and destroythe enemiesstronghold. It’s not a piece of cake; neither its afight betweenfriendsi. Terrorist are equipped with the latestweapons and willbe ready to crush you. They are roaming around inthe bullet proofcars, helicopters are their 24 hours for theirsurveillance , antiaircraft, AK47 are the standard weapons theyhave and skilled incounter attacks.It’s a new + updated idea game.The gangsters aredominating over the city and the law. They openlydemonstrate theirsuperiority over the law and their criminal skillsis way aboveanything it’s a wicked gangster game and you need toshow your anticriminal skills and prove that you are the boss oftown. Theunderworld gangs are very well organized, you need tobecome a partof them in order to break them. You will get the tanksto ride andwill give you the chance to storm into the strongholdofcriminals.Unlimited criminal tasks would keep you on yourtoes.Neutralize the no go areas and clear it for terrorizedinnocentpublic.Feature of Battle Frontline:-- Challengingmissions.- Live3d environment.- Real sound effects.- Latestweapons.- Use the RPGto shot down helicopters.- Cool animations.-No connectivityrequired while playing.
Desert Military Base War Truck 1.0.2
DRIVE FAST!!! Rescue injured soldiers with your shooting poweranddriving skills, eliminate enemy squad troops, helicopter, tanksandwar machines with your weapon firepower. Get Desert MilitaryBaseWar Truck in your android phone. Live real life of army driverinDesert Military Base War Truck 3D simulation game. Perform dutyastrained army driver soldier start chasing enemy army convoy.Showabilities to complete battlefields missions, destroyhelicopter,tanks and jeeps of enemies forces. Rescue your countrymen behindenemy lines and transport them safe on your army base.Accomplishaddictive assault missions, attack on enemy posts withyour armyartillery vehicle. Aim for flying drone and helicopter toavoidairstrike. Best battle game for desert truck experience,drivingoffroad 4x4 army truck with mounted heavy machine gun on thetop.Next gen truck simulator full of challenge and thrill. Getreadyfor invasion in enemies troops area with powerful gunnerwarship.Perform your job as war transporter army driver who istrained formarine sniper and commando action. Utilize your superdriver skillsto reduce war casualties, rescue injured survivorsfrom chopper anddrone air strike. Revenge for the casualty fromenemy army ambushon your bases. Help your fellow soldiers leftbehind enemy lineskill all soldiers with your gunner truck mountedheavy machine gun.Drive 4x4 off road infantry truck on off roadsdesert terrain withenemy chasing your cargo convoy. Superb wartrucker experience withgunner vehicles, feel the thrill and actionwith your military warcargo truck.No more frozen truck parking orcargo transportersimulator games. You will love playing army driver& shootingsim 3D game “Desert Military Base War Truck” in yourandroidtablets and mobiles.Stunning Features:☀ 4 army truckequipped withsubmachine guns to eliminate targets☀ 15 Breath takingFPSchallenging warship driver missions testing your car driveskills☀Choose your best battle truck sim with various engine andweaponsfirepower☀ Amazing 3d truck driver sim experience withsmoothcontrols and real physics☀ Superb Desert Mountain withamazingaction pack animation☀ Realistic simulation with veryengagingbackground music to enhance your gameplay
Ruthless Gunner's BattleThere is no rule in love and war It’s atopfree game for action game lovers. It’s a story of a criminaltownof San Andrea’s. Lawlessness is on rise and everyone wants tobe agreat criminal. Your duty will be to conduct a cover operationanddestroy their stronghold. It’s not a piece of candy; it’s not awarof small weapons anymore! Your opponents are carrying the weaponofmodern era and will be ready to crush you. They are roamingaroundin the heavy military cars, surveillance of their strong holdis onapache helicopters, Rpg , AK47 are their standard weaponsandskilled in counter attacks.It’s a new + updated idea game.Thegangsters are dominating over the city and the law. Theyopenlydemonstrate their superiority over the law and theircriminalskills is way above anything it’s a wicked gangster gameand youneed to show your anti criminal skills and prove that youare theboss of town. The underworld gangs are very well organized,youneed to become a part of them in order to break them. Tocompletethe level, you must use your tactical skills to neutralizetheenemies to advance on to the next level Unlimitedcriminalchallenging missions would keep you on your toes.Neutralize the nogo areas and open it for terrorized innocentpublic.Feature ofRuthless Gunner Unlimited challenging missionsRealCrime city 3denvironmentBest sound effectsDrive the tankUse the RPGto shot downhelicoptersCool animationsPS. We work hard to ensurethat our gamesrun properly on every major android phone and tablet.If howeveryou encounter any issue which doesn't let you enjoy ourgames,please report it [email protected]
Commando Battle Game 1.0
Shoot the Enemies and become hero in battle!Shooting at a targetandbecome the best Commando assassin in the war with the enemy.Asthesole surviving Commando (delta force/elite force) of arenegadeattack against a ruthless opposing force dictator, you arestrandedon the frontline and hell-bent on payback. You must use allof yourspecialized skills to survive the onslaught of the enemyforces andavenge your fallen soldiers.SEE AND FEEL THE ACTIONTheultimateFirst person shooter with stunning console quality visuals,precisecontrols, advanced physics and destructible. Jump in theheat ofbattle and push your Android device to the limit! HighqualityshooterCommando Gunship Mission Game: is the best armythundercommando shooter game in this bloody war, you have beengiven amission to infiltrate the enemy base, shoot down the snipersandeliminate all the enemies from remote enemy camp. You are thelasthope, so need your bravest action against the enemysoldiers.Theplot is that you are the last member of an elitefrontline commandosniper force of counter terrorist unit sent outto the battlefieldto fight the rebels in a desert war who areplanting bombs.Features:• A real FPS Shooter Game• In this Game youcan switchweapons in each levels• Quality of graphics• realcommando missionsarmy base• Different AI of eniemes At each levelof the Game•Challenging Missions• Unlimited Bullets to fireDownloadnowcommando action war and play new free android game.CompletetheCommando missions, find the enemies and kill them to surviveyourcountry and yourself. Enemies have crossed the border ofthecountry and they have the mission to occupy on different citiesofyour country. All the enemies are fully trained andhighlyequipped. You are the only commando in this area of bloodywar soshow your special commando skills to save the country. Youhave agun, bullets without any limit, grenades and a map also foryourguidance.Being the part of front line commando force you havetoplay a great role to survive your country so defeat them withyourcommando skills.Wish you all the best of luck to completethemissions.Feel the story’s dramatic intensity and see both sidesofthe story by also playing the villain
Swat Sniper: City War 1.3
Desire PK
You are a soldier of frontlines and it’syourduty to your motherland to defend it at any cost.You are in a middle of a modern warfare where you have to useyourtraining and ultra hardcore skills to kill all the enemiesbeforeit’s too late.You have been trained by the USA elite combat forces; theyhaveturned you into a master assassin who wants to exterminatehisenemies.You are very passionate about being an army soldier. Now useyoursharpshooting skills and get your city out of thismayhem.Kill all the mercenary of the terrorist organization and freethepeople of this city. Be the ultimate hero for them byhelpingthem.You job is very simple. You just have to stand taking cover.Theenemies will come to you. You just have to use your sniperrifle.Take aim and fire your weapon.Show your resistance against them and also keep your eye onyourhealth bar and ammunition.Don’t get caught because you are on your own. If the enemiesfindyou then they will torture you and kill you.Snipe your way into the mid of the city near your enemy territorybykilling every enemy in your way.Enemy is looking to kill you and he is in the base with urge tofindyou but they don’t know that where you are?Ambush your enemy and kill them before they spot you. You have tobesucceeding at all costs.You have most lethal sniper rifle; so you have to use yourmarksmanskills to take out the enemies. Aim on the headshot to killtheenemy instantly!HOW TO PLAY:Swipe on the screen to take aim.Tap on Aim button to aim down your weapon.Tap on fire to fire.FEATURES:Realistic game play.The controls are smooth and comfortable.A.I applied is very good with sound effects.Face challenges and improvise your shooting skills.Clear wave to unlock new levels.
Gunship Gunner 1.12
You are Mortal but show yourself as immortal soldier atbattlefieldand face the worst enemy strike.Enemies have capturedour land andyou are the one of the last most powerful lonecommander.You arehaving world's most powerful combat weapons andcan use them onyour fingertips. You can hit down helicopter andmany many soldierthrough your dangerous gunner gunship shootingweapons. 『MortalGunner Gunner』 is a gunner action game that ishaving outstandinggraphics with best control simulation andengaging war scenarios tobecome gunner into an immersivebattlefield experience. best gamefeatures-3D High tech modern Guns-best touch controls-this gamefeatures high qualityvisuals-Complete levels in missions mode justlike real-lifeconflicts-Special Super Powers medical kits ,airstrikes-Enemieswith Gunner soldier , Gunshiphelicopters--Optimized controls-Realsound effects-Amazing andrealistic 3D environment-Fight againstTanks, Helicopters ,Soldiers, Commandos-Variety of Armors- realworld war scenarios-best ever machine gun simulator- most realisticgunner simulationshooting
Battle Game 1.0
Now you will get The Top Battle Game collection at yourfingertips.There are many type and extream Battle Game to help yousaveyour time.All your favorite Battle Game with their amazingfeaturehave been compacted into one amazing Battle Gameapplication. Getreay to enjoy the best and most popular Battle Gamein the Androidworld such as battle game 3d, real battle game,Italso comes withgreat graphics and nice background that you willsurely love!!*Thegame is not installed directly. After checking thestore will beinstalled.You must have Internet access service isavailable.
bandit of bengal 1.19
Darkness mires the misty lowlands. The sudden cry of "ha re rerere" tears apart the silence with a blazing effect. The dacoitshavecome! Once terror, now legend. The tales of the dacoits ofBengaltravelled distant places, and not for now reason. Being fewof thestrongest, smartest and bravest men in the society, thedacoitslooted from the rich only to redistribute the loot among theneedy.Few of the most notorious dacoits include Raghu, Bishe, RanaandBede! The adrenaline rush for the loots, the endeavor forattacks,and their devotion to Kali: The dacoits of Bengal were fewof themost enigmatic personalities to have, spread throughout the18th,19th and 20th modes are available forthousands ofhours of enjoyment even when playing alone: “SINGLEBATTLE” for1-on-1 fights. Crush your enemies, humiliate demonbosses Devastateyour enemies with delightfully intuitive controls,thanks to anall-newfighting interface designed especiallyfortouchscreens.Customize your fighter with epic swords, staff,armorsuits, and more.
Gunship Battle Revolution 1.4
Are you ready for the Ultimate FPS Action Game!? Defeat wavesuponwaves of enemies assaulting your position. Hop into yourGunshipHelicopter and use your rocket launcher and machine gun torip theenemy to shreds. They will be attacking you with everythingthey'vegot like attack helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles.Theenemyhas crossed into your land and now the fighting is takingplace inthe streets of the city and you the only future ghostsoldier whocan stop their advances. Protect your country. You haveto win thebattle at any cost as the future of the country dependson you!Youare the one of the best men of the brigade metal soldiersto besent to the frontline to destroy the enemy in pure furycommandoaction from your gunship helicopter. There is a blackout inthecity as this modern war takes place in the midstofpeople.Features★ Complete missions divided in regions★JuicyMissions full of explosive war combat action★ Enjoy realisticgunsimulation and animation!★ Call in the Airforce when youarefeeling overwhelmed by the enemy! The A10's will rip the enemytoshreds!★ Enemies attacking you with everything they've got;GunshipHelicopters, Humvees, Tanks, name it and they've got it!★Optimizedcontrols for a great FPS experience
Alone Army Sniper Shooting 1.11
Enjoy the best alone army sniper shooting game with mostmodernsniper 3d rifles and shooting simulation. You will have toproveyour shooting skills in the battlefield against thedeadliestenemies of warfare.This is the modern era with modernwarfare andwe are left with no choice but stop this battle beforethe worldwar has been started. sniper shooter, you have to proveyour skillswith accuracy and real shooting.
Army Epic Sniper - Call of Survival War Shooting 1.3
The New Games
The enemy troops has attack your base and your troops are downtheenemy force came like strom started to destroy your ArmyEpicSniper - Call of Survival War Shooting base. The enemies cannotreach the control base and get the secret information they needtoattack your country you are lone against them but you have tostopthem from reaching control base. You are the best commando fortheultimate sniper duty in your army and you are only left tostopthem getting secret information so stop them and show them whyyouare call of army commando for military assault the bestmarksmanshooter. Take your place on top of the building pick yoursniperand start targeting the bad guys who have come with viciousplansand kill your troops man you have to take the revenge of everydeadtroops man of your army in action army sniper elite warfare.Snipeeach one of ultimate anti-terrorist survival shooting them.Theenemies will be coming with modern heavy special sniperweaponswarrior guns be ready for an action packed battle. The onemanyarmy combat mission battle will be the deciding future of yourarmybase as if they get the secret information they can destroyyourbase and country and you can't let that happen so don't letanyonecrossed your base. Get ready to fight an secret extremestealthshooting mission battle of your life in which everythingdepends onyou. Everyone has hope in you so don't let anyone hopesdown, youhave to win this fight for everyone. The battle will bevery tough,winning it won't be that easy but nothing can stop ourbest sniperarmy marksman. Use commando tactic and aim and shoot theenemies byarmy sniper stealth mission assault quick scope sniperrifle. Yourus army combat war sniper attack survival is in yourhands. Fightthe battle hard with your tactical war sniper shootingskills anddon’t give up. With your best sniper expert commandoexpertise andskills you can win this epic battle FPS ultimate crazyshooter armygames, shooting games. You have won many army snipershootingattack 3d battles of your life as a lone army soldiercommando. Theenemies militant are coming to kill anyone who comesin theytactical battle assassination mission way. Fight, KillSurvive!! Tosave your base and country from destroying. Give theenemy a fightthey a looking forward to see but don't let themsucceed in theyplans.The battle is on fight for the honor of yourcountry don'tlet the enemy ruin your base and destroy your country.The base isunder high alert every soldier is trying to keep theenemies out ofthe base but can not stop them you the best armysniper combatcommando have to help them you are in a well hiddenplace no onecan see you so make your target and shoot to save yourbase. Don'tmishit the target if you do you will come under theenemy's radarand it can get more hard for you then so keep in mindmake sure tohit it right in critical attack war shooting game. Showthe enemieswhat happens for invading your base no one should walkaway destroyeveryone and everything they brought to commando battlesnipershooting frontline attack your base. In this epic shoot downbattleof ultimate revenge and redemption, enjoy the FPS amazingsniper2018 shooting game. Army Epic Sniper - Call of SurvivalWarShooting Features - Challenging action adventure 2018-Commandoadventure shooting action- Expert sniper shooter 2018-Elitetactical survival challenge- First person shooter free actiongame-Extreme tactical commando combat missions- Ultimateaction-packedcommando shooting game
True Commando Strike 1.0
True Commando Strike is a mega-hitclassicfastpace shooting game.Use assault rifle and train your shooting skills toeliminateallterrorists on each level. Shoot all the enemy whoappear infrontof you. Try not to miss them and beat your friendhighscore!In True Commando Strike, Grab your gun and ammo to prepareforepicwarfare and furious FPS action! Show no mercy to theterrorist,winthe war! The game has tense rhythm, amazing graphics,andsmoothcontrol feelings!Download True Commando Strike today and be thebestcounterterrorist!Game Features+ Colorful & smooth graphics+ Smooth controls and gameplay+ Amazing background music and sound effects+ Face the unknown dangers and fear!
Russian Terrorist Counter War 1.0.2
RUSSIAN TERRORIST COUNTER WARSet your aim and take the headshot of the extremists involvedinterrorists involved in terrorism activities within yourhomeland.In this action oriented shooter game, you have to performsecretmissions using special weapons and tactics to free yourmotherlandfrom killings and bombings. You will be able to use anumber ofmodern machine guns, snipers, rifles and grenades toeliminate allthe evil activities from your country.SWAT members are a well-trained police sniper force. Theyareassigned a sniper mission. Police sniper force's target is toclearthe territory from contract killer agents or any kind ofdangerousprisoner.A prisoner on an Escape can create war situation in anypeacefulterritory & city, and it is the responsibility ofpolice citysniper take counter attack action on such hostilesituations andexert control before this turns into a war .Sniper killer shall perform his duty in the city and useprecisionkill shot against the people who are involved in differentcrimeactivities with his sniper killer abilities. Sniper assassinhasbrilliant gun shooter skills and a single bullet can act as afinalkill shot to the criminal's head. Prepare yourself to executeaperfect sniper shot.Let’s play SWAT sniper game and control crime ratio throughsnipershot and gun shooter.Select sniper mission as a city sniperagainassassin 3d criminal and secure the area from dangerousassassin 3dand also from war and terror.Key Features of Russian Terrorist Counter War- The BEST sniper game for Android- Shooting against assassin men and become theultimateshooter- Attractive 3D graphics designs- Different Sniper missions- Addictive game play- Intuitive controls- Realistic 3D city environmentSo Download Russian Terrorist Counter War to your device andenjoysimilar action involved in war games and sniper shootinggames.This game will change your mind about other crime city gamesandreal gangster games. So Download Russian Terrorist Counter Warandenjoy!!
American Swat Sniper Shooting 1.0.1
Vinegar Games
- American Swat Sniper ShootingSwat shooting is the modern sniper and swat simulatorgame.Thisis a top sniper shooter and sniper killer amongsnipershootinggames. Swat shooting and sniper shooting games arefamousnow adays and every one wants to play swat games and swatpolicegamesas swat sniper.When there are people in danger, shooting war andAnticontractkiller rescue team squad should be hired for a gunshooteractionand modern sniper ammunition to control the shootingwar andtakekill shot against the contract killer gangsters andenemyshooterassassin. Ally Swat shooter can also use head killshotagainst thecontract killer or shooter assassin amonggangsters.A top sniper killer or sniper shooter can fight by himselfwithawhole swat team on him against a gun shooterterrorist,whichappears in front of you like in swat games and swatpolicegames. Agood swat shooter tries to kill his opponents beforetheydefeatyou.Sniper shooting game provides you with swat shootingexperiencetopractice skills as a combat killer sniper. Swat team iseverreadyto respond at the call of counter strike and takedownterrorist incounter strike situation.Let’s play and enjoy as a swat team member.American Swat Sniper Shooting Key Features- Sniper Shooting against enemy assassin tobecomeultimateshooter- The BEST sniper game for Android for taking headshot- Attractive 3D Graphics- Various Sniper missions- Addictive gameplay- Easy and simple controls- Realistic environmentSo Download American Swat Sniper Shooting to enjoyactioninvolvedin similar swat shooter games and counter strikegames.Fresh out ofsniper training, you are now all out on your ownas acommando sniperlike in other commando shooting games. SoDownloadthis antiterrorist attack game and Enjoy!!
Borderline Commando Strike 1.2
Borderline commando strike is a shooting war game to defendyournaval or military base camp by your sniper commando skillsanddestroy the enemies before they destroy you. Your mission istostop enemies ( attack on you with AK-47 guns andgunshiphelicopters) and move forward and keep them behind borderline. Youwill really enjoy the real war action game in alllevels,protecting your bases and military assets from air attacksandenemy commandos actions.Game Play:Use your sniper gun’s bulletstotake the killer shot from a distant range staying at yourdefensiveposition. Fight back and do not get hit by counter attack.Yourposition will change on every level. Set your scope sightonterrorist squad with unlimited sniper gun ammo in a timekillermission.Features:- Borderline with real looking 3Denvironment-Good quality sound effects- User friendly GUI andcontrols- EnemyAI- Efficient weapon controls & movementHow toPlay:- Touch& drag the screen anywhere to move/rotate your gunleft, right,up or down - Tap fire button at bottom right to firesniper gun-The weapon will reload itself and you have unlimitedammunition buttime to respond is critical.
Modern City Sniper Assassin Fierce Shooting game 1.2
Do you love new sniper shooting games with fierce battle thenplaythis new game where you are an U.S army Sniper eliteAssassincommando working for your country’s top-secret war agency(SniperX) of special armed forces group and your role being aSniper Xagent is to sniper shoot with your Special US army Sniperrifle.Where you have to sniper shoot to kill, the most wantedcriminalsand Terrorists of America in multiple silent sniperassassinmissions & upgrade your sniper shooting skills. Allthosecriminals and terrorists sentenced to death by the top courtare onthe run. Grab your Elite Sniper and Kill them all withthesniper.Combat Missions added in Modern City Sniper Assassin 3DareSpecially designed like infantry war mission and FrontlineCombatmissions, where you are on a special U.S secret mission tohuntdown, kill those criminals and Terrorists in American city inthisgame of 3D war and book their tickets to hell. Being a SuperSniperAssassin 3D Hero, you have to safe and guard the victims whoareunder the attack of the criminals. You should not show anymercyfor these killers and terrorists. So, be an ultimate modernsniper3D hero and a real Sniper X hitman sniper shooter, as youcannotcompromise on the lives of innocent American trying to escapefortheir lives. So be ready for an ultimate sniper shooting tokillterrorists and Save the civilians in cross fire of combatcivil! Inaddition, take headshots in one of the deadliest assaultmissions.Big city is under gangster and terrorists attack. Theyarespreading extreme terror making survival of civil difficult.Theelite Special forces has assigned special sniper task to itsreal3D sniper survival who knows his duty to hunt down terroristandmafia forces and combat frontline brutal strikes ofgangsterenemies. The crime rate in American city is extreme highonly areal sniper shooter can save the modern city terroristfightingwith super assault Elite sniper rifle to eliminate alltheterrorists, murderer and dangerous criminals with specialservicessniper power. An epic battle against city terrorist hasjuststarted, where a real sniper fighter will fight for survivalandsnipe away the terrorists. It is a war against terror. This3Doffline war game contains dangerous wars against criminalshiddenwithin US society of civilians. There terrorists are here tostarta civil war. Therefore, you must play your role as it is yourduty,that you must perform for the country and your state is instate ofemergency so your role is key to frontline combat. ModernCitySniper Assassin 3D is a realistic offline war game of 2017havingbreath-taking scenarios in frontline combating andencounteringcriminal destructive plans in multiple warfaremissions. So, takecover, invade the enemies of humanity as a silentassassin hitman.Honor your commitment with your duty for homelandas its game ofwar 3D, & do not let your people get into Line offire. CitySniper Assassin 3D is a game with adventurous cityconditions. Onlya pro sniper shooter can save the city. If youhave, what it takesto be an American Sniper Legend then downloadthis City SniperAssassin 3D sniper shooting game and be the hero ofthe nation.Thegame is free. You can get the gold coins by shootingheadshots withyour elite sniper gun, so you can upgrade to othermore advanced USarmy sniper elite guns.Modern City Sniper Assassin3D is top eliteoffline sniper shooting and best action game of 2017so apply yourbest sniper counter strike skills and be victorious inthis modernwarfare. Game Features ︻┳テ=一 Dozens of deadly missionslike awarfare.︻┳テ=一 Huge variety of modern sniperweapons︻┳テ=一Sophisticated Sniper rifles︻┳テ=一 Latest Assaultrifles︻┳テ=一Customized weapons for long range shooting anddamage︻┳テ=一 Greatenvironment︻┳テ=一 3D Realistic Graphics︻┳テ=一Multiple currencies andrewards︻┳テ=一 Best ever game play ︻┳テ=一 Fullof thrill and chaos.