Top 24 Games Similar to Extreme Rave Battle

Call Of Commando-Roger That 1.0
CALL OF COMMANDO is a byte sized FirstPersonShooter Warfare gameyet full of enemy strike and explosive action with a hugebattlelist ranging where you are defending a fortress fromarmedterrorist commandos.Play as a Special force team leader to counter strike thebrutalarmed terrorists commandos who are engaged in blackout andwarfareagainst your team fortress.The enemy commandos strike will never let you take a breath,sostart shooting until every one of them is down!where your mission is to fight directly face to face withmostwanted terrorist in your country.You as a one of the best sniper has spotted convey this andhavecalled for urgent air strike.You must use all of your specialized skills to survive theonslaughtof the terrorist and avenge your fallen soldiers.HOW TO PLAY:* You can see the enemies number on the display to shoot andbringthem down.* You have to clear the base one by one small missions.* Use your pistol and shot gun as per your convenience.* The enemies have strong communication system to alerteachother.* Try to hide yourself much as possible, once you have seensomeone, don't give a moment to escape.* Left half of the display is to move forward, backward or leftandright.* Right half of the display is to view around.* Shoot with fire button and zoom to aim better.FEATURES:* Efficient weapon controls & movement* Well built storyline* Excellent Forest environment* 3D FPS (First Person Shooter game)* Best sound effects and soundtrack* Easy GUI and controls* Efficient control and weapon selection* Amazing ground air attack on flying Helli* Fully free to play
Injured Freedom fighter 1.0
Injured Freedom fighter is a world war gameIt’s 1941 and the world is in chaos. Fighting on land isnolonger the primary strategy of our enemies .It is your duty to protect the world from the threats ofterrorismand chaos Aim for glory and honor and prepare to become aMarshalCommander.As the commander of the free world, YOU should fight and conquertheevils. BUILD your military base. TRAIN your soldiers. UPGRADEyourweapons and equipments. ATTACK the enemies and CONQUER rivalsfromaround the world.Fight for VICTORY and become the marshal of the world! YOUSHOULDtry hard to be the winner because conquering the world isn’tforthe weak! The road of a commander is not easy.Only the strongest army commander will climb the ranks andachievethe glorious title of Marshal!Now be a commander and conquerallother playersFeatures:Free to play strategy RPG basedPlay with millions of players from around the world!Train your naval fleet, war ships and defeat your enemies!Build and defend your massive base!Research new technologies and collect resources!Forge powerful alliances and take over the world!Explore dozens of maps!
Tiger Fight Street X 1.0
A man whoes name is ERIK , he wants totakerevenge to that person who killed his family , if you want tofindthe killer you can take help to the map ,when you will killthekiller the next level will be open .FEATURES* Amazing 3D Graphics with particle effects.* Easy to play.* Button steering for the folks that love precision*It plays as great as it looks.”*Amps everything up to the next level. – 148Apps*Easy controls, impressive graphics. – Pocket Gamer* Music and voice performances perfectly adapted for afightergame.Assets* Lowpoly characters and animations* Lowpoly , buildings, streets* All with clear highres cartoon style textures* Over a 100 crystal clear game sound effects* Loads of icons, buttons and backgroundsMinimum hardware requirements to Tiger fight street X .- 1 GHz CPU- 512 MB RAM- Adreno 205 GPU or equivalent- Available storage: 1.9 GB
Modern Elite Sniper 1.0
Game Canvas
Aim and Shoot! Modern Elite Sniper is#1first person shooter game that will blown you away!An over-the-top shooter in every sense, Modern Elite Snipertakesyou on a whirlwind tour of the criminal underworld. You areamodern sniper ready to play your part in dangerous attacksandsilent assassin missions. Modern Elite Sniper - Mitch is yourprimecharacter in this one of sniper shooting games.Mitch is an ex- army sniper assassin hired as a contract killer byamilitary agency which is known to hire modern sniper gunmentoembark on a commando adventure by taking out militants oftheTerror Island. Mitch the sniper killer, descends on the groundfromthe helicopter and receives a go-ahead from the pilot tocommenceas a contract commando killer. Mitch used to be afrontlinecommando leader in his old days of commando war fare. Hiscombatkiller sniper skills sharpened the most at that time. Hereminiscedabout how he used to execute first time kill shot in hiscommandowar days.Enemy has started to invade our country from southernborderlinewith deadly equipped f16 jet fighter, raptor jet ,modernhelicopter , tanks and other heavy weapon . Our defensesystemfailed because their was much more modern army with modernsnipershooter and their sniper shooting training is also so muchbetter.Enemy also using bazooka and RPG weapons.Our Army wants one of our main city back. We have plannedmostbrutal modern sniper attack with American sniper and modernarmycommando attack. Modern Elite Sniper is best in the snipershootingweapons. you need clear vision and as a lone commando youhave tobe stealth sniper shooting force.The glory days of being a frontline commando are long gone.Mitchthe ultimate sniper assassin is no longer the best gun shooterinhis squad. He grimaces at his position as a contract killer,hisoverthrown shooting war glory days. His pride as a shooterassassinstill shines bright though. That is the only reason why hethinksof this mission as a true commando adventure. His snipershotskills are still razor sharp. The only thought that lingers nowisfilling his role as a combat killer sniper in the TerrorIslandagainst the militants.Eliminate a mob of enemies at street level or take out thesinglehigh-profile target. With access to an inventory of sniperriflesand assault rifles, you will rely on your marksman skills tofinishthe work. Go for the HEADSHOT now!Key Features:- Real Sniper Shooting Experience- Waves of enemy troops- Hidden enemies in the mounts- Superb controls with amazing response- Incredible desert and Forest environment- Marvelous 3D graphic content
Combat Duty Modern Strike FPS 1
Combat duty modern strike FPS HD isnewpyrotechnist intense 3D first person action shooter game.Gamecontains online multiplayer and singleplayer. You can pickfromarsenal of weapons - army knife, desert eagle, RPG, sniper gun,m4rifle, AK 47, grenade, uzi. Realistic outdoor hd graphicsiscompareable to visuals of AAA assault army games from high-endPC.You can configure graphics to fit your device, so you can playmoresmootly and your movement will be more fluent. This game wasmadeon unity engine. You can pick from 4 different classes. Eachclasscontains main weapon, but you can also buy / upgrade otherweapons,ammo, armor and bullets to the primal gun. Singleplayercampaignmission consists of simple task, which is to eliminateexplosivenuclear bombs in time, not letting them to trigger andblow. Therewill be enemy commando ops squads, so you should killthem first tocalm down the chaos and lowering the danger of easytarget to shot.After each disabled bomb, you gain experience ( xp )and bountymoney.In multiplayer game, you can pick from 2 fun incredible modes-renegade death match and warface team Deathmatch. Each matchistime limited. After you die, you will return to the warfrontlinebattlefield, so you won't be pernamently dead. You canavengeyourself and gunshot surviving killer hitman with criticaldamage.Every game you gain skills, that will help you to achievedesirablevictory.Become the best ruthless online hero assassin who will leadheadshotleaderboards ranks in this memorable stellar game withunique feel.Dive in to the new gaming experience with hours of notordinarygameplay.
Anti Terrorist Sniper Shooter 1.2
Game Unified
The best sniper shooter game is here!Enterinto the modern combat to handle the Hostile situation andcounterstrike the terrorist attack. Lead the army squad for elitesnipermission in Anti-Terrorist Sniper Shooter; the most thrillingfpsgame. Grab your Gatling machine gun and other modern weaponsfrommilitary arsenal. Deploy and Infiltrate the enemy convoyforces;unleash your rage attack to ambush in war. Lead theanti-terroristcounter attack and become the bravo cadet in the bestsniper strikegame.Anti-Terrorist Sniper Shooter is the most thrilling firstpersonshooter game. Terrorist squad is planning to attack atrockconcert. Get ready for the gunship strike war againstterrorism;take out ultimate weapons and join target killing combatmission.Aim & shoot enemies, be precise at aiming &targeting andavoid gun shooting innocents. In gang warfare therival gangsterswill try to escape. Don’t let terrorist escape;hijacked the enemysatellite and track their hiding location. Usemodern weapons likerifle, war machine gun, and ak47& mp4 guns.Kill your rivals inthis elite sniper assassin. Rescue victims andhostage from modernassault. Enjoy action packed shooting &killing mission withbest crime shooter game. Hurry up, head shootall the terroristsnow. Use sniper rifles, head shots terrorist,throw hand grenades,do it quickly there is short time to do thejob. Be a super heroand fight deadly shooter in action simulator.This is ultimatecounter terrorist sniper shooting game in 3d formobile shootinggame.Take the responsibilities of elite swat force commando andenterinto the anti-terrorist war action. Fire Furious way, you areananti-terrorist commando, do panic attack on terrorists, headshotterrorist before they attack you. Counter attack like actionhero,do good service to your peoples. Kill terror beast takingheadshots, its modern ware fare, boost strength before actionusemachine gun , ak-47 Sniper shooting game, in which thesoldierfight with the enemy with a gun for sniper shooting game.Load yourak47& mp4 guns and start the modern sniper assassinagainstcriminals. Hostage and victims lives are at your mercy. Playaslone sniper; aim precise to headshot enemies at crowdedrockconcert, shopping malls & football ground. Experiencethethrill of real target shooting with most exciting firstpersonshooting game. Do some real war action shooting; strike downthesoldiers of enemy forces and save innocent civilians. Beultimatemodern sniper shooter in this crime city.Anti-Terrorist Sniper Shooter Features:10 Anti-terrorist counter strike missionThrilling First Person Shooter GameCity environment; shopping malls, rock concerts &footballgroundModern weapons selection; rifle, ak47, mp4& assault gunsRealistic combat actionDownload this Anti-Terrorist Sniper Shooter game and give usyourfeedback, so we can make more shooting game for you.
Ruthless Gunner's BattleThere is no rule in love and warIt’s a top free game for action game lovers. It’s a story ofacriminal town of San Andrea’s. Lawlessness is on rise andeveryonewants to be a great criminal. Your duty will be to conducta coveroperation and destroy their stronghold. It’s not a piece ofcandy;it’s not a war of small weapons anymore! Your opponentsarecarrying the weapon of modern era and will be ready to crushyou.They are roaming around in the heavy military cars,surveillance oftheir strong hold is on apache helicopters, Rpg ,AK47 are theirstandard weapons and skilled in counterattacks.It’s a new + updated idea game. The gangsters are dominatingoverthe city and the law. They openly demonstrate theirsuperiorityover the law and their criminal skills is way aboveanything it’s awicked gangster game and you need to show your anticriminal skillsand prove that you are the boss of town. Theunderworld gangs arevery well organized, you need to become a partof them in order tobreak them. To complete the level, you must useyour tacticalskills to neutralize the enemies to advance on to thenextlevelUnlimited criminal challenging missions would keep you on yourtoes.Neutralize the no go areas and open it for terrorizedinnocentpublic.Feature of Ruthless GunnerUnlimited challenging missionsReal Crime city 3d environmentBest sound effectsDrive the tankUse the RPG to shot down helicoptersCool animationsPS. We work hard to ensure that our games run properly oneverymajor android phone and tablet. If however you encounter anyissuewhich doesn't let you enjoy our games, please
Commando Battle Game 1.0
Shoot the Enemies and become heroinbattle!Shooting at a target and become the best Commando assassin inthewar with the enemy.As the sole surviving Commando (delta force/elite force) ofarenegade attack against a ruthless opposing force dictator, youarestranded on the frontline and hell-bent on payback. You mustuseall of your specialized skills to survive the onslaught oftheenemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers.SEE AND FEEL THE ACTIONThe ultimate First person shooter with stunning consolequalityvisuals, precise controls, advanced physics anddestructible. Jumpin the heat of battle and push your Androiddevice to the limit!High quality shooterCommando Gunship Mission Game: is the best army thundercommandoshooter game in this bloody war, you have been given amission toinfiltrate the enemy base, shoot down the snipers andeliminate allthe enemies from remote enemy camp. You are the lasthope, so needyour bravest action against the enemy soldiers.The plot is that you are the last member of an elitefrontlinecommando sniper force of counter terrorist unit sent outto thebattlefield to fight the rebels in a desert war who areplantingbombs.Features:• A real FPS Shooter Game• In this Game you can switch weapons in each levels• Quality of graphics• real commando missions army base• Different AI of eniemes At each level of the Game• Challenging Missions• Unlimited Bullets to fireDownload now commando action war and play new freeandroidgame.Complete the Commando missions, find the enemies and kill themtosurvive your country and yourself. Enemies have crossed theborderof the country and they have the mission to occupy ondifferentcities of your country. All the enemies are fully trainedandhighly equipped. You are the only commando in this area ofbloodywar so show your special commando skills to save the country.Youhave a gun, bullets without any limit, grenades and a map alsoforyour guidance.Being the part of front line commando force you have to play agreatrole to survive your country so defeat them with yourcommandoskills.Wish you all the best of luck to complete the missions.Feel the story’s dramatic intensity and see both sides of thestoryby also playing the villain
Swat Sniper: City War 1.3
Desire PK
You are a soldier of frontlines and it’syourduty to your motherland to defend it at any cost.You are in a middle of a modern warfare where you have to useyourtraining and ultra hardcore skills to kill all the enemiesbeforeit’s too late.You have been trained by the USA elite combat forces; theyhaveturned you into a master assassin who wants to exterminatehisenemies.You are very passionate about being an army soldier. Now useyoursharpshooting skills and get your city out of thismayhem.Kill all the mercenary of the terrorist organization and freethepeople of this city. Be the ultimate hero for them byhelpingthem.You job is very simple. You just have to stand taking cover.Theenemies will come to you. You just have to use your sniperrifle.Take aim and fire your weapon.Show your resistance against them and also keep your eye onyourhealth bar and ammunition.Don’t get caught because you are on your own. If the enemiesfindyou then they will torture you and kill you.Snipe your way into the mid of the city near your enemy territorybykilling every enemy in your way.Enemy is looking to kill you and he is in the base with urge tofindyou but they don’t know that where you are?Ambush your enemy and kill them before they spot you. You have tobesucceeding at all costs.You have most lethal sniper rifle; so you have to use yourmarksmanskills to take out the enemies. Aim on the headshot to killtheenemy instantly!HOW TO PLAY:Swipe on the screen to take aim.Tap on Aim button to aim down your weapon.Tap on fire to fire.FEATURES:Realistic game play.The controls are smooth and comfortable.A.I applied is very good with sound effects.Face challenges and improvise your shooting skills.Clear wave to unlock new levels.
Battle Game 1.0
Now you will get The Top BattleGamecollectionat your finger tips.There are many type andextreamBattle Game tohelp you save your time.All your favorite Battle Game with their amazing featurehavebeencompacted into one amazing Battle Game application. Getreaytoenjoy the best and most popular Battle Game in theAndroidworldsuch as battle game 3d, real battle game,It also comes with great graphics and nice background thatyouwillsurely love!!*The game is not installed directly. After checking thestorewillbe installed.You must have Internet access service is available.
Alone Army Sniper Shooting 1.1
Alone Army Sniper Shooter is fps shootinggameof an lone army sniper 3d commando who is assignedimpossiblemission in warfare times for war shoot the enemies toeliminateenemies deadly commando force and shoot every thread tothenation.Our military has send 5 most deadly commando agent to crossthemountain of war shoot areas and try to engage enemies atenemyheadquarter . our team was consist of 5 commando one havingbazooka, heli destroyer , machine gun operator , and 3d modernsnipershooter . you are lone sniper shooter for sniper shootingandassigned the mission to shoot all enemies officers intheirmilitary camps so that we got an upper hand in sniper shooting3dtarget. you got duty army sniper to fight against bestsnipershooting like American sniper 3d. sniper kill 3d is amazingfeatureof weapon you got to escape after sniper shooting in campsandsurvive as best 3d sniper shooter. you have to sharpened in3dsniper view as enemies are having training for crime forfuturesniper assassin. modern army sniper commando you are lasthopesurvive army 3d sniper to shoot and shoot enemies comingwavesafter waves.See all criminal case as some agents are subject of enemiesalliesforces . show them us army sniper shooter are best in worldevermade . you are frontline commando of our war shoot hero personssobe strong and make merciless shootting on enemies to warrshootthem all. Show us best counter strike force and killsnipercommando mission to an end.★★★ Games Features ★★★sniper kill 3d enemiesshoot down elite army enemies units★ deadliest sniper shooting ★you have contract to kill shot enemies jets , heli , tanks,humvee★ upgrade modern sniper 3d ★modern sniper weapons to upgrade for best combatsnipermissions★ action packed mission ★best action games of 2015 as for best action dynamic missioninmountain , desert , island , beach , city 3d★ Realistic Graphics ★Most optimized real 3d graphics for all devices★ Enjoy all features for free ★Enjoy best fun free games of 2015 .★ Best killer sniper shooting simulation ★Best controls to make multiple target and scenarios and easydeathto all criminal and easy to easy duty target with best killshotexperienceif you like our effects for alone army sniper shooter do rate usandleave your reviews . We are sure you will love to get thistopshooting games .
True Commando Strike 1.0
True Commando Strike is a mega-hitclassicfastpace shooting game.Use assault rifle and train your shooting skills toeliminateallterrorists on each level. Shoot all the enemy whoappear infrontof you. Try not to miss them and beat your friendhighscore!In True Commando Strike, Grab your gun and ammo to prepareforepicwarfare and furious FPS action! Show no mercy to theterrorist,winthe war! The game has tense rhythm, amazing graphics,andsmoothcontrol feelings!Download True Commando Strike today and be thebestcounterterrorist!Game Features+ Colorful & smooth graphics+ Smooth controls and gameplay+ Amazing background music and sound effects+ Face the unknown dangers and fear!
Russian Terrorist Counter War 1.0.2
RUSSIAN TERRORIST COUNTER WARSet your aim and take the headshot of the extremists involvedinterrorists involved in terrorism activities within yourhomeland.In this action oriented shooter game, you have to performsecretmissions using special weapons and tactics to free yourmotherlandfrom killings and bombings. You will be able to use anumber ofmodern machine guns, snipers, rifles and grenades toeliminate allthe evil activities from your country.SWAT members are a well-trained police sniper force. Theyareassigned a sniper mission. Police sniper force's target is toclearthe territory from contract killer agents or any kind ofdangerousprisoner.A prisoner on an Escape can create war situation in anypeacefulterritory & city, and it is the responsibility ofpolice citysniper take counter attack action on such hostilesituations andexert control before this turns into a war .Sniper killer shall perform his duty in the city and useprecisionkill shot against the people who are involved in differentcrimeactivities with his sniper killer abilities. Sniper assassinhasbrilliant gun shooter skills and a single bullet can act as afinalkill shot to the criminal's head. Prepare yourself to executeaperfect sniper shot.Let’s play SWAT sniper game and control crime ratio throughsnipershot and gun shooter.Select sniper mission as a city sniperagainassassin 3d criminal and secure the area from dangerousassassin 3dand also from war and terror.Key Features of Russian Terrorist Counter War- The BEST sniper game for Android- Shooting against assassin men and become theultimateshooter- Attractive 3D graphics designs- Different Sniper missions- Addictive game play- Intuitive controls- Realistic 3D city environmentSo Download Russian Terrorist Counter War to your device andenjoysimilar action involved in war games and sniper shootinggames.This game will change your mind about other crime city gamesandreal gangster games. So Download Russian Terrorist Counter Warandenjoy!!
American Swat Sniper Shooting 1.0.1
Vinegar Games
- American Swat Sniper ShootingSwat shooting is the modern sniper and swat simulatorgame.Thisis a top sniper shooter and sniper killer amongsnipershootinggames. Swat shooting and sniper shooting games arefamousnow adays and every one wants to play swat games and swatpolicegamesas swat sniper.When there are people in danger, shooting war andAnticontractkiller rescue team squad should be hired for a gunshooteractionand modern sniper ammunition to control the shootingwar andtakekill shot against the contract killer gangsters andenemyshooterassassin. Ally Swat shooter can also use head killshotagainst thecontract killer or shooter assassin amonggangsters.A top sniper killer or sniper shooter can fight by himselfwithawhole swat team on him against a gun shooterterrorist,whichappears in front of you like in swat games and swatpolicegames. Agood swat shooter tries to kill his opponents beforetheydefeatyou.Sniper shooting game provides you with swat shootingexperiencetopractice skills as a combat killer sniper. Swat team iseverreadyto respond at the call of counter strike and takedownterrorist incounter strike situation.Let’s play and enjoy as a swat team member.American Swat Sniper Shooting Key Features- Sniper Shooting against enemy assassin tobecomeultimateshooter- The BEST sniper game for Android for taking headshot- Attractive 3D Graphics- Various Sniper missions- Addictive gameplay- Easy and simple controls- Realistic environmentSo Download American Swat Sniper Shooting to enjoyactioninvolvedin similar swat shooter games and counter strikegames.Fresh out ofsniper training, you are now all out on your ownas acommando sniperlike in other commando shooting games. SoDownloadthis antiterrorist attack game and Enjoy!!
Borderline Commando Strike 1.2
Borderline commando strike is a shootingwargame to defend your naval or military base camp by yoursnipercommando skills and destroy the enemies before they destroyyou.Your mission is to stop enemies ( attack on you with AK-47 gunsandgunship helicopters) and move forward and keep them behindborderline. You will really enjoy the real war action game in alllevels,protecting your bases and military assets from air attacksandenemy commandos actions.Game Play:Use your sniper gun’s bullets to take the killer shot from adistantrange staying at your defensive position. Fight back and donot gethit by counter attack. Your position will change on everylevel. Setyour scope sight on terrorist squad with unlimitedsniper gun ammoin a time killer mission.Features:- Borderline with real looking 3D environment- Good quality sound effects- User friendly GUI and controls- Enemy AI- Efficient weapon controls & movementHow to Play:- Touch & drag the screen anywhere to move/rotate your gunleft,right, up or down- Tap fire button at bottom right to fire sniper gun- The weapon will reload itself and you have unlimitedammunitionbut time to respond is critical.