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Farkle Dice Roller Zilch Free 4.0
Binko Apps
Farkle, also known as Zonk, Zilch, Dice 5000, Hot Dice, Dice10000,Cosmic Wimpout, Greed, and Squelch is a free dice game whereyouattempt to score as many points as possible in 10 rounds usingthesix Farkle dice and dice shaker!BEGINNER FRIENDLY* This MightJustBe The BEST Farkle Dice Shaker Game...Ever! ** Download FarkleDiceFree & Play Now To Receive Your Free Coins! *Farkle DiceRolleris similar to Zonk and played with 10 rounds of throwing theFarkledice. Each round results in a score, and the scoresaccumulate.•Each round starts by throwing the six dice from a diceshaker.•After each throw, one or more scoring dice must be setaside.• Youmay then either end your turn and bank the score forthat round, orcontinue to throw the remaining dice.• If you scoreall six dice ina round, you have "hot dice" and may continue yourturn with a newthrow of all six dice, accumulating your score. • Ifnone of thedice score, you have a “Farkle" and will score Zilch forthatround.Failing to score on any dice roll is a Farkle! and yougetZilch, nada no points for that turn.• 1's - 100pts• 5's -100pts•Roll Three of a kind - 100 x Single Dice value• Roll Three1's -1000pts• Roll Four of a kind - (Dice Value) X 200• Roll Fiveof akind - (Dice Value) X 300• Roll Six of a kind - (Dice Value)X400$bull; Six dice straight (1,2,3,4,5,6) - 1500pts• Fivedicestraight (1,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5,6) - 500ptsIn any turn if youscoreall six dice, you have "hot dice" and may continue your turnwith anew throw of all six dice. Your score will be accumulated forthatturn. There is no limit to the number of "hot dice" you mayroll inone turn. Beware though, if you Farkle you get Zilch(nothing,zero) for that turn.Feature:- Free Coins Everyday!-Support OfflineSingle Play!- Beginner Friendly!- Highly Addictive!-Original SixDice Game Rules!- Goole Play Leaderboard To CompeteWith PlayersAround The World Online!- Full Farkel Rules &Instruction HowTo Play Is Included In The Game!- Win Coins With5,000 points! Winx5 Coins If You Get 10,000 points!
Dice 3D 1.3.0
Free dice roller app with realistic physics and high quality3Dgraphics. ☆ Main Features:• up to 120 dice with different colorsonthe screen• throw all dice or roll each dieindividually•adjustable dice size • true physics• true 3D animationwith customshaders and highly optimized OpenGL ES2.0 graphics• lockselecteddie in place• tilt / gravity• sound, vibration feedback•rollhistory☆ Roll methods:✔ repeatedly tap the screen✔ tilt /shakeyour phone✔ drag / flick dice individuallyPermissionsused:•VIBRATE lets use vibration feedback when dice collide•INTERNET andACCESS_NETWORK_STATE let us to fetch adverts from theinternet•WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE lets to move the app to theexternalstorageThis dice roller app is ad supported.Please email mewithany issues or suggestions
Yatzy 2.5
Yatzy is one of those strange addictions that is betterexperiencedthan explained. It's hard to discover what makes rollingthose diceover and over again so fun, but it's beyond delight whenyoufinally see those sixes line up. Yatzy is a simple brain gamethattrains analytical thinking. It's a classic dice game.Theobjectiveof Yatzy is to score the highest possible score within the13rounds of the game. Players roll five dice in order to makethedesired combinations, which have different fixed or variablepointvalues. The results of each turn are recorded on a specialscoresheet.Yatzy is played with five dice. This popular game, lastsfor13 rounds as the players roll the dice and attempt tocompletevarious combinations. The rules of yatzy are simple, andthe gameremains popular among people of all ages. Simply roll thedice,make your choices and score some points. At the end of the13turns, the player with the highest point total wins the gameDothebest dice combination in the this multiplayer Yatzy game. Halfofthe fun of this game is to yell out the game's name if and whenyouroll one. A Yatzy occurs when a player rolls and all five dicearethe same number. Rolling five "sixes" is the best roll in thegame.Special Yatzy rule is, the first time you get a yatzy in agame itis worth 50 points (if you use it in the yatzy slot). If yourollanother yatzy after you have already got the 50 points (i.e.,youdidn’t take a zero), you will get a 100 point bonus.TheYatzyscorecard contains 13 scoring boxes divided between twosections:1) Upper section 2) Lower sectionIt is a game of greatchance, luckand also of smart thinking and strategy. If you are aYatzy addictthen this is the best game for you.Download and playthis freeYatzy game and enjoy all the fun strategy elements thatcome alongwith this classic dice game.◆◆◆◆ Yatzy Features◆◆◆◆✔ PlaywithFacebook Friends or as Guest ✔ Easy to Learn✔ Addictivegameplay✔Phone and Tablet SupportPlease rate and give your feedbackforYatzy for further improving the game.We will be grateful tohearyour opinions and improve - whenever needed - in futureversions.
New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game 5.9.2
Roll dice & play New YAHTZEE® With Buddies! It’s a funboardgame classic with a reinvented look. Play dice with friends inthisnew multiplayer dice game. Challenge friends to play thisfamilygame for hours of endless fun! Yahtzee, the #1 dice game,isreimagined in the brand New YAHTZEE® With Buddies! Puzzle gamefan?Then you’ll love this new multiplayer dice game! Don’t have acluewhat YAHTZEE® is? Download now and you’ll soon find out!Yatzee,yahsee, yatze, yatzy, or whatever words you choose, there’sonlyone Yahtzee! Give it a roll and find out why millions haveplayedthis classic family game for over 50 years! Classic & FunBoardGame on the Go Play the #1 dice game officially licensed byHasbroat home or on the go. Social game meets dice challenge: Rolldiceagainst other players in epic gameplay. Play dice with friends:Youcan even chat while you play! Now that’s a social game!NewMultiplayer Dice Game Multiplayer challenges with FacebookfriendsAND current Dice with Buddies™ opponents. Fun, even bettergame& epic gameplay – you’ll be rolling in no time! Puzzlegamesyour thing? Then you’ll love this fun board game! Play DicewithFriends - Roll for Bonus Rolls Win Bonus Rolls, Custom Dice,prizesand rewards! Defeat new Dice Masters daily to score. Rolldice inepic battles that put you head to head against skilledDiceMasters! Multiplayer matchup winners crowned in fun battles –proveyou’re the best dice roller among all your friends! SocialGame:New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Play dice and test your game skills.Noneed to puzzle over the rules, you’ll be playing in no time!BonusRolls, Custom Dice and amazing prizes are yours to score. Rolldicewith flair! Personalize your Yahtzee experience by winningCustomDice and vanity frames! Whether you’re a wiz at words or astrategyenthusiast, there’s just no escaping the fun you’ll haveplayingNew YAHTZEE® With Buddies! Want us to clue you in on whyit’s sogreat? It’s just SO addictive! Download New YAHTZEE® WithBuddiesand experience the world’s best family game and fun boardgameclassic come to life! You’ll be lost for words! Playthismultiplayer game with friends, challenge daily Dice Masters orDicewith Buddies™ players to keep the action rolling!Experiencethrilling gameplay and hours of addictive fun! The clueis in thename: yatzy, yahtzee, yatzee, or yachty, there’s only oneauthenticYahtzee! Pick up your shaker, roll dice and prepare toshout“YAHTZEE”! The HASBRO GAMING and YAHTZEE names and logosaretrademarks of Hasbro. © 2018 Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI 02861-1059USA.All Rights Reserved. TM & ® denote U.S. Trademarks.
Yatzy (No Ads) 3.2.4
Yams is and well known dice game played with 5 dices. AsforYahtzee, Yatzy and Yacht the object of the game is to scorethemost points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations.●Noads !● 6 different rules● Pass the phone● MultipleYatzy●Scoreboard● Resume game● Shake to rollThe object of the gameis toscore points by rolling five dice to make certaincombinations. Thedice can be rolled up to three times in a turn totry to makevarious scoring combinations. A game consists ofthirteen rounds.After each round the player chooses which scoringcategory is to beused for that round. Once a category has been usedin the game, itcannot be used again. The scoring categories havevarying pointvalues, some of which are fixed values and otherswhere the scoredepends on the value of the dice. A Yahtzee isfive-of-a-kind andscores 50 points; the highest of any category.The winner is theplayer who scores the most points.Looking fortranslators :
Farkle 2.6.0
Farkle is the best game of such type. This application enablesyouto play at any convenient time. You can play individuallywithout arisk of loosing your chips, practicing and gainingexperience,developing new strategies of the game. You can take yourchancesand put the chips in a kitty, and if you collect thenecessaryamount of points, you will get an increased bet. Dependingon thetype of the game you choose, you can double, triple orevenquadruple the bet. The program also enables playing withfriendsand strangers. Multiplayer will give an opportunity to feeltheexcitement of a real fight with real people. In a tournamentyouhave possibility to compete in real time with players aroundtheworld and to prove that you are the best Farkle player.Gamefeatures: • Simple registration: create a nickname or enteryourname. • At Facebook registration you can play on severaldevices,using your account. Data of your chips are synchronized onalldevices you entered using profile. (Bonus is 10 000 chips).•Online game with friends and strangers. • Extra Dice: therearethree types of Extra Dice: - х2 - doubles the points for around. -6 - adds 6 dice for a round. - F – Unfarkle. • Extra Dicecan beused only once at a game. All three types of Extra Dice canbe usedin one round. • Multiplatform: possibility to play withfriends whohas iOS. • Participating in weekly, monthly and generalrating. •Purchase of different dice and cups for a game. Be unique,playwith non-standard dice and cups. Earn chips and choose the typeofdice or cup which you like the most. • Daily bonus: play everydayand get chips and extra dice for a game.
Dice​Shaker 3D 1.4.3
"It's the best dice roller out", "Awesome for an impromptu gameoffarkle", "The most realistic dice roller on Android!",..DiceShakeris a dice roller application with beautiful 3D graphicsandadvanced physics engine. * 1 - 6 dice with total score * rollthedice by shaking the phone or pressing the shake button * lockandrelease dice by touching (for example for playing dice gameslikeYahtzee) * roll individual dice by flicking them * advancedOpenGLES 2.0 3D graphics with custom shaders and dynamic shadows *UsesImmersion’s MOTIV haptic effectsThis version is supported byads.Like it? Get the 0.99€ ad-free DiceShaker 3D Pro version, withmorescreen space for your dice. If you're looking for an advanceddiceroller with more dice types, check out DiceShaker D&Dbyclicking the "View more applications" linkbelow.Requiredpermissions are needed for showing ads. The appcollects anonymousGoogle Analytics usage statistics, which can bedisabled from theapp's preferences.If you have problems orsuggestions, please sende-mail to [email protected]
Dice With Buddies™ Free - The Fun Social Dice Game 5.9.2
Dice With Buddies puts a new spin on one of your favoriteclassicdice games by letting you play multiplayer board games forfreewith friends, family, or random opponents! Share the fun andplayfree dice games whether your opponent is sitting next to you oristhousands of miles away! Roll the dice with all your friends inafun new social board game experience! Board games are noweveneasier and more exciting to play! Take on opponents with brandnewCustom Dice, an improved interface, Biggest Winner eventsandpremium dice tournaments! Play this exhilarating board gamefromthe same account on any Android tablet or phone! Roll the dicewithall your friends in a fun new social board game experience! HowtoPlay Dice with Buddies: Dice With Buddies is a dice gamewhereplayers need to score as many points as possible, by rollingfivedice to make different combinations. This free dice gameconsistsof 13 rounds with the scorecard having 13 categories. Ineachround, you can roll the dice up to three times and choosewhichscoring category is to be used for that round. Once a categoryhasbeen used in the game, it cannot be used again. To get thebestdice score, a player would have to roll five-of-a-kind andscore 50points; the highest of any category. The winner is theplayer whoscores the most points. This dice game has also beenreferred to asPoker Dice since there combinations such as FullHouse, Three of aKind, Four of a Kind, Small Straight, LargeStraight – all thatresemble Poker. If you love Yathzee, Yatzy andFarkle you wouldlove Dice With Buddies! Play this classic dice gamewith yourfriends and family, and prepare to have fun! ===Dice WithBuddiesFeatures=== Board Games with Buddies! Multiplayer Games andMore: •Dice tournaments give you a new thrilling challenge eachday! •Dice Master Showdown! Beat the daily Dice Master for huge XPandbonus dice roll prizes! • Dice tournaments give you a newthrillingchallenge each day! Dice Game Bonuses • Dice games comewithin-game scratchers to win bonus dice rolls • Activate a bonusdiceroll to get an extra boost right when you need it Social GameswithFriends • Play with friends and family through Facebook•Multiplayer games with random opponents – Play dice gameswithplayers around the world • Dice game chat room – Joke andhecklewith your opponents! Dice Game Customization: • CUSTOM DICE–Personalize your board game experience! • Test your dice skillstolevel up your frames by earning Achievements! Fans of cardgamesand fun social experiences will LOVE Dice With Buddies!Addictivegames with friends await in Dice With Buddies! Downloadtoday androll the dice on your Android device!
Dice Roller : 6-sided dice at your fingertips 1.4
Want to play your favorite dice game. But forgot/lost yourreal6-sided dice?Fret not, this app comes to your rescue.Justfollowthese 3 easy steps:1 - Select number of dice from drop-down2- Tapon Roll button3 - See the result either as TOTAL : XX, whereXX isthe desired numberorcan add the numbers(math lovers :P)displayedon visual diceFeatures:• At a time, one to five 6-sideddice can berolled• With size of less than 2.5 MB, it is one of themostlightweight dice app• Simple UI• Absolutely free• Beautifulrollinganimation of dice• Total count displayed on the screen• Canbe usedto play games like Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Yahtzee,Bunco,Farkle and many more• Can be used to generate random numbers•Canbe used to learn/teach probability• No fancy permissionsrequiredto use this app• Compatible with latest Android 9 Piedevices
10,000 - The Dice Game 1.7.1
10,000 is a fast and fun game for two players. You taketurnsrolling dice, rushing to reach 10,000 as fast as possible.It's agame a lot like Yahtzee, but doesn't take nearly as long.Canyoubeat your buddy?
Farkle 2.5
Farkle (or Farkel) is played by two players, throw dice turnbyturn. The first who earns 10000 points wins the match.
Game of Dice 2.67
This is the Genius League. You are officially invited here totestyour Skills & Dice control against other duelists aroundtheworld! * Seize victory with unique strategies. - Use specialSkillslike "Push", "Drag" and more. - Over 150 cards to createvariousstrategies. - Takeover properties and increase tollsthroughstrategic plays. - Bankrupt opponents to win! * Real-timematching& various modes - Play 1vs1 or 1vs1vs1 Single Matchesfor quickgames. - Team up with a friend for 2vs2 Team Matches. *Amazingfeatures like Guilds, real-time chatting and more - Join aguildand make new friends! - Participate in weekend Guild Matchesforyour Guild and get amazing rewards. - Exchange info andfindteammates with real-time chatting. GOD supports manylanguagesincluding : - Supported languages: English / Japanese /TraditionalChinese / Simplified Chinese / Korean ▶ SOCIALNETWORK ▶WEBSITE ◆ Customer Support Please contactourcustomer support( for anyinquiriesor comments ※ Game of Dice requires network connectionforreal-time matching. ※ This game is free to play, but you canchooseto pay real money for some in-game items. Please note thatsomepaid items may not be refundable depending on the type oftheitems. ◆ Access Authorizations in JOYCITY Games 1. Access toMakeand Manage Phone Calls (When the game starts) It is essentialto beable to identify the device for Guest Login (immediatestart).Access to [Make and Manage Phone Calls] includes informationtoidentify the device, and you will be unable to login to the gameifyou deny the access request. 2. Access to Contacts (Whenlogginginto the game) It is essential to be able to identify theGoogleaccount registered in the device for Google Login. [AccesstoContacts] includes information to read the Google account. Youwillbe unable to login to the game if you deny the access request.3.Access to Photos, Media, and Files (Whenregistering/editingprofile) Access to [Photos, Media, and Files]saved in the deviceis required when you register/edit accountprofile image. Login andgameplay will not be affected even if youdeny the access. *Phrases used in [ ] may differ based on thedevice and OS version
Dice Game 10000 Free 3.6
The game of 10,000 is a dice game that is very popular inmanyforms. This version uses 6 dice and some criteria may beadjustedto meet the various rules that exist around the world.Rules of thegame:The purpose of the game is to reach 10.000points.A player canroll dice as long as he obtains points.If athrow gives points, thepaying dice can be put in reserve. Theremaining dice can berelaunched or the player can decide tovalidate his points. Diceput in reserve cannot harmonize any morewith the dice of the nextthrow.If all the dice are paying, theplayer obtains a full hand.He keeps points accumulated during theprevious full hand and mustroll all the dice.If a throw does notgive points, the tour endsand the score obtained during precedentsthrow is lost.To put a diein reserve, touch the die or move it inthe superior zone of thecarpet.To remove a die of the reserve, moveit in the playing zone.Only the dice of the current throw can beremoved from thereserve.Counting of points:- Every 1 only one isworth 100 points.-Every 5 only is worth 50 points.- 2,3,4 and 6only ones are worthnothing.- A suite 1,2,3,4,5,6 in once throw,worth 1200 points.- 3pairs in once throw worth 600 points whateverthe dice are formingthe pairs.- A three of a kind ( 3 identicaldice) in once throw is100 times worth the value of the die, safefor a three of a kind of1 which is worth 1000 points.- A square ( 4identical dice) in oncethrow is 200 times worth the value of thedie, safe for a square of1 which is worth 2000 points.- A flush ( 5identical dice) in oncethrow is 400 times worth the value of thedie, safe for a flush of1 which is worth 4000 points.- A sextet ( 6identical dice) in oncethrow is 1000 times worth the value of thedie, safe for a sextetof 1 which makes win directly thegame.Options:Diverse options areproposed to pigment the game or toadapt the game to the ruleswhich you are used to practising.-Qualifying score: give theminimum score to achieve before beingable to go into the game.-Suite 1,2,3,4,5,6: modify the number ofpoints for a suite obtainedin once throw.- 3 pairs: modify thenumber of points for 3 pairsobtained in once throw.- End at exactly10000: to win, it will benecessary to reach exactly 10000 points,you cannot validate thescore if you exceed 10000 points.
Painted Dice 1.4
Painted Dice is a poker dice game where the goal is to scorethemost points by rolling dice to make special combinations.Colorspainted on the dice add more strategy with new ways to score,likehaving a "rainbow" when each are a different color.GAMEMODES:•Single Player - play alone or against computer opponents•Pass andPlay - up to 4 friends can play using the same device•Online playwith a friend through Google Play Games - technicallyyou could tryto find random opponents too, but the onlinepopulation is so lowthat you probably won't find anyone active likethatFEATURES:•easily change dice and background colors•achievements andleaderboards• optional scoring hints for each roll•leave andcontinue games at any time• over 50 statistics tracked,from anormal win/loss record to details like how many Straightsyou'vehad, how many 3s you've held, and how many times you'verolled aFive of a Kind after already putting a 0 as its scoreHOWTOPLAY:The goal is to score points by rolling dice to makecertaincombinations. During each turn, you're allowed to roll thedice upto 3 times and can pick which dice to hold before re-rollingtheothers. After the 3 rolls (or less if you decide to stop), youmustchoose a category on your scorecard to assign points. Eachcategorycan only be used once. Players take turns doing this untilallscore categories are used, then whoever has the highest scorewins.More detailed instructions are included in the app.
Farkle Dice Game 2.7
Farkle Free is a dice game that combines strategy and luck. Itgoesby many names: 10 000, hot dice, zilch or squelch. Funnysoundingnames for a fun dice game! Start the game with a roll ofsix Farkledice. To score points, roll ones, fives, three of a kind,threepairs, or a straight. After the roll, select the dice you wishtokeep; they add to your score for the round. Whatever die youdecidenot to keep, you roll again. If you keep all of them, youstartover with six new dice. This is called "HOT DICE"! When yourscoreis high enough, bank it! Those points are safe now. If youdon’tscore points in a roll, you "Farkle" and lose all points fortheentire round. OBJECTIVE Traditionally, this dice game ends whenyoureach 10000 points. For a modern twist, you play 10 roundsinstead.The player with the highest score wins. GAME SETTINGS -Modify thebackground color (Blue? Green? You pick). - Choose soliddicecolors or "fun" dice: wood, giraffe, tie-dye, andcamouflage.MINIMUM BANK SCORE There are many variations to the gamerules ofFarkle dice. Some let you bank your score whenever youlike, othersrequire a minimum score. We let you pick. PENALTY Wecreated asetting so you can apply a penalty after you commit three"Farkles"in the same game. This adds excitement to the game!Install now andbecome the next Farkle addict!
Dice Duel 2.4.7
Challenge your friends from all over the world, rediscover themostpopular competitive game ever! ★★★★★ Over 3 million gameseveryday! Join them now! ★★★★★ Climb the leaderboards,completeachievements and compete with dice gamers from all over theworld!Dice Duel is a classic competitive dice game with simplerules.It’s a unique combination of luck, skill and strategy thatyou allknow and love. Challenge your buddies or look for opponentsonline,start rolling dices and show them who's the master!ATTENTION! Thisgame is based on the original rules of the classicdice game (alsoknown as Yams, similar to American Cheerio). Noadditional cups ordice rolling - the only thing that counts is yourskill (...and alittle bit of luck ;))! Most important features: ★classiccompetitive dice game that you know and love (also known asYams,similar to American Cheerio) in a multiplayer version ★winDiamonds and collect beautiful cups and dice ★ thereal-gamefeeling and design (rolling the dice, shaking the cups) ★QuickMode allows you to play with your buddies in real time ★ youdon’tlike the time pressure? Play in the turn-based mode! ★findopponents on Facebook, by email, contact list, username orusingrandom mode! ★ create an account and continue playing classicdicegame on a different device ★ built-in chat allows youtocommunicate with other players ★ Achievements and DailyChallengeswill always keep you busy ★ level up and climb theLeaderboards(monthly / weekly / all-time) to become the real dicemaster ★shake your device to throw dice - rolling like a classicdice gamepro! ★ the only competitive game that allows you to testboth yourluck and strategy skills! Your Friends using differentsystems? Noproblem! In Dice Duel you can play together with yourbuddies nomatter the platform you're on! This classic competitivegame iscompletely free. All levels and achievements can becompletedwithout spending real money. We use device identifierstoconstantly improve your user experience and to personalize ads.Wealso share such identifiers and other information from yourdevicewith our social media, advertising and analytics partners.Seedetails:
Maxi Yatzy Challenge 1.7.0
* Online Multiplayer * is hereMaxi Yatzy Challenge ishighlyaddictive, classic dice game reworked for your androidphone.Withits elegant design it will allow you to enjoy yourselfforhours.Game Modes:* Quick Game: Play a single player yatzygame.*Play For Chips: Collect 250 points or more in one game towinchips. The amount of chips rewarded depends on the bet andpointsyou choose. You can use your chips to buy virtual goods fromtheshop.* Pass & Play: Play against 3 people sharing thesamephone. Great way to spend the time with your friendsandfamily.Social gaming stuff:* Compare scores with friends onOnlineleader-boards * Unlock achievements and earn chips* Buyvirtualgoods to boost your scoresMaxi Yatzy Challenge - Roll andRisk itAll!
Dice 1.2.6
Two dice games for the company: Poker (somewhat like a dicegameYahtzee) and 1000 (One Thousands) up to 6 people on one deviceandup to 4 people in online match. You can also play againstAndroid.In app extended description of game rules with examples.There is ahelp button for beginners. Rules of the Game Poker: Thegame Pokerconsists of two stages. At the first stage the playersthrow thedice in order to achieve three or more dice of the samevalue forthe three shots. At the second stage, players must do thefollowingcombinations: pair, two pair, full house, three, four,five, smallstraight, large straight, chance. Rules of the Game OneThousand:The goal - to get 1000 points, the game is based on greed,you canrecord the current number of points or risk and willcontinue toroll the dice on. The game has several stages: entry,overtaking,hole and barrel.
Ludo Super Classic - Dice Game 1.1.2
Ludo Super Classic is an interesting game in which you can playwithyour friends on same device and with computer intelligence.The gamecontains four player’s red, blue, and green, yellow.Thegame rulesare so generic that every region of the world will agreewith thatrules like by gaining six it will gives another turn,gain anotherturn on killing a pawn, gain another turn on reachinghome, a playermust kill an opponent to enter home, and by gainingsix brings apawn out. Another interesting feature of this game isthat you canplay with your desired number of pawns, maximum fourand minimum twois the limit. You can decide about the rules. Youcan also selectyour desired design of board.Play Ludo superClassic and revive thewonder of this timeless board game.Features:Smooth multiplayerexperience on same deviceAttractiveanimation you will everseeBright & vibrant colorsAmazinglycool 3D dice roll &shadow effectsPlay against AI
CrazyPoly - Business Dice Game 2.3.0
Build your monopoly, earn an income and bankruptopponents!CrazyPoly is free turn based economic strategy game thatallows youto buy business properties, build levels, collect rent,playcasino, rob bank and so much more. The main objective is simple-bankrupt opponents! The key to be rich is to buy properties ofthesame color to create monopoly and build more levels toincreaserent. Enjoy the game in two amazing themes: juicy Classicand oldWestern. You can play offline with smart robots (easy,medium andhard difficulty) and with a friends (on the same device).Onlineplay is coming soon. Your business awaits you in CrazyPoly!Play& Enjoy!
Yachty Free 2.8
★★★★★ Officially the best dice game ever, and the bestlookingyahtzee game on the store.Have fun with friends, family ornewopponents on the mobile version of this beloved classic boardgameAgame of Yachty Deluxe consists of 13 rounds. In each round,youroll the dice and score the result in one of 13 categories.Youmustscore exactly once in each category, so skill and strategyarerequired as the game progresses and your options start to runout.The aim of the game is to make the biggest score you can fromthe13 rounds.[i]Yacht[/i] is the original name for this publicdomaindice game, but you may also know it as yatzy, yatsy, yahtzeeorpoker dice.Featuring:★ SOLO MODE ★A standard patience game foroneplayer. Supports multiple yahtzee bonus and wildcards.★MULTIPLAYERGAMES WITH FRIENDS ★Play games with friends and proveyou’re thebest dice rollerSocial multiplayer games where anythingcanhappen!★ TRIPLES MODE ★A more in-depth patience game foroneplayer, using three scoring columns. Use your best strategyandpick your scoring columns wisely out of the x1, x2 and x3scoremultipliers.★ PASS & PLAY ★A two-player game needingnointernet connection - just pass the device to your friendwhenyou've taken your turn and have twice the fun.★ ACHIEVEMENTS★Withlots of different achievements to chase down, you will neverbeshort of extra challenge.★ REALISTIC DICE ★The dice are renderedinfull 3D and shaken using an advanced physics simulation.Thisbrings an unprecedented level of realism to Android dicegaming.★HOW TO PLAY ★Rules of the game, for all gameplay variants,areincluded within the game.Best dice app ever awardhere:
Dice with Ellen 5.3.0
It’s time to roll the dice… with Ellen! Dice with Ellen is a funnewdice game that lets you play games with friends, family andevenEllen DeGeneres herself! Play head to head against Ellen fansfromaround the world and see who can score a Five-a-palooza! Youcaneven challenge your favorite members of Ellen’s squad likePortia,tWitch, Jeannie and Andy to win loads of fun prizes. It’sall thefun, excitement and craziness of your favorite TVpersonality, in adie game!Think you can beat Ellen’s score? Takeon Ellen’s LuckyDice Challenge and if you beat her daily scoreEllen’s Lucky Diceare yours to play with for the day! Player’saround the world willknow you’re a real high roller when you showup to a game with thoseLucky Dice!===Dice with EllenFeatures===Dice Games with Friends,Ellen and The Ellen Squad!•Play against the Ellen squad to winspecial dice• Play other dicegame fans for more bonus dice rollsand other tools• Dicetournaments give you new challenges andawesome bonuses each andevery day!Head to head Games and SocialChat• Head to head gameswith friends where you can start andcontinue at any time• Facebookgames allow you to play games withfriends and family• In-gamechats let you heckle your opponents andfriendsDice GameCustomization• Personalize your game with customdice, includingEllen’s Lucky Dice!• Show off snazzy profile framesyou earn bycompleting challenges and leveling up achievementsBoardGameBonuses• Win bonus dice rolls by playing the in-gamescratchers•Activate bonus dice rolls to get an extra boost rightwhen you needitTake on challenges in online dice games with friendsandexperience a new and exciting social experience in DicewithEllen!ELLEN is a trademark of Crazy Monkey, Inc. and THEELLENDEGENERES SHOW is a trademark of Crazy Monkey, Inc. andWarnerBros. Entertainment, Inc. All related characters, materialsandother elements of THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW are ©TelepicturesProductions Inc. (2017)
Real Ludo Crush 3D 1
LuDO CRUSH 3D is the 1st award winning Rolling dice and luddogame.Let’s grab the victory of intelligence and a lot of funwithfriends n family .LudO CRUSH 3D is going to be introduced asasuperb idea of ludo crush classic in the world of games Ludo.3dPachisiya smack ideological game is named as LuDO CRUSH3D.Parchisi loft super game is totally different than the othergamesand based on brand new great entertaining ideas especially forourbeloved players of six smasher king.LuDO CRUSH 3D is a game of2, 3and 4 players of champion ludo loony. LuDO CRUSH 3D is likedicemining sixer which is just developed for android mobilephones.Cool parchisi is played easily instead of holding the biggerludocasting dice board, tokens and dice, now you can play ludoonmobile freely ludo crush queen star. New parchisi crush classic3dking has very nice and ever green gameplay of dice crush neokingfree.Luddo Star 2018 has four bright colors for the playerstochoose their favorite one of smashing ludo winners.Luddo Starhasnew 3d dice is touch to roll in the center of lofty dice 2018.Dicesliding six 2018 camera views from the different angles willamuseyou just like the real life game of dice loony king. Parchisismashis very much popular among kids, youngsters and elders becauseitis a great source of entertaining games of smacking ludo.Dicerollingover board has endless entertainment for kids; it helpsthemto learn counting, colors and shapes in sixer dice starHD.LuDOCRUSH 3D is also popular for the youngsters; this is thebest thingto have the extreme fun with friends at anywhere and forelders.Free ludo snake and ladders 3d is best ludo loony star 3d topasstime and to get laughter in family and friends’ get together.LuDOCRUSH 3D can be played, whenever and wherever you want to enjoythesix miner king.Luddo Fun 3d miner dice has multiple benefitsofplaying this smack luddo. Super ludo India 3d improvesyoucompetitive, mental and problem solving skills for smasherludoreal. 3d topper ludo maintains your blood pressure becauseitengages your mind and for a while you feel free from stressfortopper ludo and sixer luddo king HD.Ludo Crush 3D has twoModes.Human VS CPU Luddo Star Fun has exciting mode of the LuDOCrush 3Dthe player will have to make challenging ludo 3d gamematches withcomputer. And this is would be an easy matches becauseCPU is anexpert player to dodge and kill the opponent’s token. Sobe a proplayer of this ludo to win over your competitors.LudoMultiplayeri.e.Human VS Human in this super mode of the game, youwill have toface the real life competitor for the 1 on 1 open ludogamechallenging match. In this way you will have to make yourmoveswith extra intelligence to win the all challenging matchesagainstyour competitor friend of LuDO CRUSH 3D.Ludo Crush 3DPlayingmethod.- Open the game and press PLAY button of topper ludo.-Select the mode to play parchisi crush 3d.- Color selection isdoneaccording to the players of dice slider ludo.- Touch the dicetoroll it over the LuDO Crush 3D.- Touch the token which you wanttomove for ludo cast.- 1 by 1 turn to roll the dice for thisludopee.- Different camera angle views of this playzio ludo.LudoFunCrush 3D Features:- Play challenging matches against 1, 2 or3computer players of ludo loony. -This 3d topper ludo Addictivegameplay.- ludo wings have awesome 3D and HDgraphicalfunctionalities.- Superb matches combination of human andcomputerplayers (2-4 players).- Play against your friends andfamily online& offline freely.- Evergreen classic family gameof beach ludoloony king 3d.
Yatzy - The best dice game 1.0.3
Yatzy is the best dice game you will ever find! Get the apprightnow. It is a fast to learn game and you are sure to get lotsoffun!You have four different Yatzy game modes: solo, triples,versusopponent and local pass and play.Great graphics,customizablecolors a much more.Yatzy is composed of thirteenrounds. You roll 5dice up to 3 times each round. Then you canchoose one of the 13category boxes to score the results. You canonly score once ineach of these category boxes. As the game unfoldsthe boxes startto run out. The goal is to achieve the highestpossible score outof these thirteen rounds.The game will beconstantly improved. Wecount on you to help us. The game is alsocalled Poker Dice Game,The Yacht Game, Yatzy, yahtzee tm, Yam’s, orYatzee. Some commontypos are yahtzy, yahtzee tm, yatze, yatsy,yazee and. It is afantastic family dice game. This is the coolestyatzy dice gameever. Enjoy!
Dice Beaker 1.7
An emergency replacement of conventional dice. They are abouttostart the game of that interesting board game but ... Are thedicemissing? You can not miss, virtual goblet! There is no waytopredict which dice will come out. It includes conventionaldice,poker and dungeon and dragons.
Yatzy Dice Challenge 1.7.0
Yatzy Dice Challenge is highly addictive, classic dice game(basedon Yahtzee™,Yacht...) reworked for your android phone.Withitselegant design it will allow you to enjoy yourself for hours.GameModes:* Quick Game: Play a single player yatzy game.* PlayForChips: Collect 200 points or more in one game to win chips.Theamount of chips rewarded depends on the bet and points youchoose.You can use your chips to buy virtual goods from the shop.*PlayOnline: Play against your friends or random oponent* Pass&Play: Play against 3 people sharing the same phone. Great waytospend the time with your friends and family. Social gamingstuff:*Compare scores with friends on Online leader-boards *Unlockachievements and earn chips* Buy virtual goods to boostyourscoresYatzy Dice Challenge - Roll and Risk it All
Game Dice 3.4
See why free Game Dice by Snikies! is your leading dicerollersimulator app!Real physics, combined with complete randomrollingspeeds on every roll give you genuinely random rolls.Whetheryouneed 1 die, 2 dice, 5 dice, 10 dice, or anything in between,freeGame Dice has you covered. You may use however many diceyouneed.Many die types to choose from, including D2, D4, D6, D8,D10,D12, and D20!Having the number of dice as well as thedifferentdice types available to you, this is your perfectreplacement foractual dice for board games, RPG games, and manymore. Game mastersand explorers alike can put game dice to use withease!Full colorcontrol - set all dice to a different color theme,or give each itsown custom color! It's all in your control!Manycolorful tabledesigns to choose from!Completely customize your ownlook andstyle, choosing your dice colors, types and table designs!Thepossibilities are endless!Download Game Dice today andcustomizeyour own look and feel!Having any trouble at all, orlooking for aparticular feature? Please send us an email and let usknow, andwe'll certainly look into it!
Ludo Parchis Classic Online 1.00
Ludo Parchis Classic Online is a board game for two up tofourplayers, in which the players race their four tokens from starttofinish according to die rolls.FEATURES - Multiplayer (up to4players) - Play with friends on one device or over theinternet-Play against Android- Rolling dice using real physX,bouncing ofthe sides- Dice changing color according to color ofactual playeron turn- Achievements- LeaderBoard Online- Name theplayers- Automove when there is onlyonepossibility a token into play from its staging area to itsstartingsquare, a player must roll a 6. If the player has no tokensyet inplay and does not roll a 6, the turn passes to the nextplayer.Once a player has one or more tokens in play, he selects atokenand moves it forward along the track the number ofsquaresindicated by the die roll. Players must always move atokenaccording to the die value rolled, and if no move is possible,passtheir turn to the next player.When a player rolls a 6 he maychooseto advance a token already in play, or alternatively, he mayenteranother staged token to its starting square. The rolling of a6earns the player an additional ("bonus") roll in that turn. Iftheadditional roll results in a 6 again, the player earnsanadditional bonus roll.A player may not end his move on a squarehealready occupies. If the advance of a token ends on asquareoccupied by an opponent's token, the opponent token isreturned toits owner's yard. The returned token may only bereentered intoplay when the owner again rolls a 6.
Dice Match! Domino Merge Game 0.09
Quasar games
Meet Dice Match!The free, exciting and addicting dice-mergingpuzzlegame made just for you.Merge blocks to get higher scoresandeliminate block lines from the grid by merging highest dice.Funand addicting puzzle gameplay that will test your brain.Placethreedice blocks with the same number and color next to each othertomerge them horizontally, vertically or both. You can alsorotateblocks before placing them on the grid! In hard positionsmightyBonuses could help. Keep in mind that all dice are attractedto thegrid's top.Beware! High score road is filled with limitedspace,smart combos and new totally random blocks! Test your brainandimprove your strategy.— Easy to start, fun to master—Unlimitedcontinues and no time limits mean that teasing your brainwill befair, not stressful— Beautiful music will help to relax anddive into the fun stream
Five Dice! Paid 15.2
***Now with Internet Multiplayer via Google Play Games***Ifyou'relooking for a quick & easy game of Yahtzee, you've cometo theright place! Just start the app & tap the roll button tostart- no settings, configuration, or waiting for stuff toload.FreeversionNOTE: If upgrading from the free version, back upyour highscores & stats before you uninstall it - then you canrestorethem in the paid version. Go to the high scores & statsscreens& tap on the "i" icon for help.FEATURES:- 4 Game Modes-Traditional, Russian Roulette, Sequential & Plus.- 3DicePositions - across the top, across the bottom & bottomleft.-Multiplayer - up to 10 players on local network, 2 playersover theinternet & 'Pass 'n Play'.- Dice color customizer.-Game screencolor customizer.- High Scores top 10 list for each gamemode.-Playing Stats.- Simple interface.- Leaderboards&Achievements.Use your skills to maximize your score by playingitsafe, or throw caution to the wind and try to rack up multipleFiveDices!TRADITIONAL GAME MODE:Traditional mode follows the rulesofYAHTZEE very closely. Each turn allows up to 3 rolls &thereare 13 turns in a game. Tap on the dice you want to keep aftereachroll & get maximum points by rolling at least 3 of a kindineach of the left scoring categories. If you score at least63points on the left, you get a 35 point bonus. Score in 3 of aKind,4 of a Kind, Full House, Small Straight, Large Straight, FiveDice& Chance on the right. Score 50 points for your first FiveDice(5 in a row) & a 100 point bonus for every Five Diceafterthat. Traditional mode has its own leaderboard. RUSSIANROULETTEGAME MODE:One roll per turn & then you must assign ascore -even if it has to be a zero somewhere. There is a strategyformaximizing your score - can you figure it out? RussianRoulettemode has its own leaderboard too!SEQUENTIAL GAME MODE:ASequentialgame is one where each score must be allocated in thefollowingorder:Left Side - 1's to 6'sRight Side - 3 of a Kind ToChanceWhenthe game starts, all score categories are grayed out&disabled. After the first roll of each turn, the validcategory forthat turn is enabled & changed to white. After the3 rolls forthe turn are taken, the score must be allocated to theenabledcategory. The exception to this rule is if a Five Dice isrolled.In this case, the score can be allocated to Five Dice &thesequence is resumed on the next turn. Subsequent Five Dicesareawarded a 100 point bonus, but the score must still be appliedtothe categories in sequence. Sequential mode has itsownleaderboard.PLUS GAME MODE:A Plus game is one where unusedrollsfrom a turn are carried over to subsequent turns. In atraditionalFive Dice! game, there are 13 turns of 3 rolls each. Ina Plusgame, there are 13 turns, however in any turn where all 3rolls arenot used, the remainder is added to the next turn. Forexample, ifyou only use 2 rolls on your first turn, you will have 4rolls onyour second turn. If you only use 1 of those 4, then youwill have6 rolls on your third turn & so on. Plus has itsownleaderboard.SCORING:After each roll, all valid scoresarehighlighted in yellow so you can quickly decide where to applytheresults. Where you place the score from each roll is up toyou.There are thirteen turns of 3 rolls each per game. After eachrollyou can choose which dice to keep by touching them, thentheremainder will be included in the next roll. At the end of the3rolls, you must assign the score before you can move on to thenextturn. The first Five Dice is worth 50 points and eachsubsequentFive Dice will be rewarded with a 100 point bonus. If youscore 63or greater on the left side of the score card, you will geta 35point bonus.*YAHTZEE is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc.
Farkle mania - slots, dice 16.60
★★★★★ Farkle Mania Online ★★★★★Farkle Mania Online is simple andfundice game.Farkle Mania Online differentiated from other farklegameand features unique and exciting single play mode. Let’s fillup the4 kinds of farkle bottles with your points! You will get into thejoy that you never had with other farkle games.You can playwithpeople from all over the world in Online Play.★★★★★ GameRules★★★★★Player scores points as rolling 6 dice each round.If youwantto end your turn, You have to get more than 300 points eachroundand tap the "Collect" button. If you don’t have any scoringdicewhen you rolled, You lost your point in this round. It's"FARKLE".When you make combination with using all dice, It call as"HOTDICE". You can roll 6 dice again or get points.Let's playFarkleMania Online. Please try to test your luck andskill!!★★★★★FEATURES ★★★★★- Support iPhone 5 Retina display andiPad HD- FastGame Play (Show Hint in limited time) - Single Playwith manyprize.- Item mode makes it even more fun. - Online Playwith randomplayer - Using Items in Online Play - Free coins every 3hours -Bonus game every 24 hours! - 2 optional Online Play(Items/classic.- Guest Play for none Facebook user.Fan page: URL:
Farkle Dice - Free 3.1.2
It's like Yahtzee on steroids. Farkle Dice is an exciting fastpaceddice game for 2 – 4 players. It's a duel to 10,000 points asyouplay against famous western heroes, outlaws or your friends.Rollthe dice to earn big points! That one combination of skill andluckcould make you the new Sheriff of Old Town, USA. *** OPTIMIZEDFORBOTH TABLETS & PHONES ****** English | Spanish | French |German| Japanese | Korean ****** Leaderboards and Achievements******Downloaded over 1,000,000 Times *** Farkle Dice hasstunningartwork, engaging sound, and is both fun to play anduser-friendly.You'll have hours and hours of entertainment forFREE.Both new andexperienced players will love the clarity of thescoreboard and howquickly you can jam out a game while in a meeting(before someonenotices). Make sure to turn down the sound effectsfirst or you'llbe caught.100% dice randomization to preventcheating. Each rolluses a robust randomization algorithmimplemented by our leadengineer. The computer player has the samechance you do.Sometimes, you have to take that extra risk and rollagain!•Optimized for Tablets and Phones• Tons of customizationoptions!You set the scoring rules to how you want to play.•CustomizeBreak-In Score• Customize Points to Win• Customize ThreePairScoring• Customize Rolling a Farkle Score• Customize HotDiceSetting• Customize 4, 5, 6 of Kind Setting• CustomizeStraightScore • Customize three 1s Score • Play against up to threeof yourfriends (Pass and Play)• Play against different westernoutlaws andheroes, each one offering a unique challenge• Share yourwinningscore on Facebook or Twitter• Fantastic graphics,professionallydrawn• Professional soundtrack and sound effects•Stats to trackyour best game, turn, wins, and more• New playerhints pointing outwhich dice can be scored (they can be turned offin settings)•Perfect for that five-minute break or long commute**FrequentlyAsked Questions **Q. How do you play Farkle Dice?A. Therules canbe found by tapping 'Menu' and then 'How to Play'.Q. Whendoes the'Score It' button become active?A. You need to select atleast onescoring dice.Q. Which dice can be scored?A. The dice withthearrows above them can be used for scoring. You can turn thearrowsoff in Settings. Also known as Zonk, Zilch, Hot, Piffle,TenThousand or 10,000, Five Thousand or 5,000, 5000Progressive,Farkel (TM), Forkle, Blewit, Snap, Kaput, Dix Mille(French),Cosmic WimpOut (five dice), Keepers (Australian, 5 dice),DoubleCameroon (10 dice) and Pass the Pigs.3.1.0- Brand new "How toPlay"and it's printable- Improved layout when sharing your bestscoreson Facebook or Twitter- Code tweaks to keep the app workinggreaton new devicesWe are committed to bringing you the best gamesofthe highest quality. Our goal is for you to have a greatgamingexperience. This version has been thoroughly tested andupdated forOS Display improvements3.0.0- Huge update-Screens wereredone for high-end phones and tabletsWe are constantlyupdatingthe game. If you experience any problems, please email ourteam andwe will investigate the problem right away.
Yatzy 3.0
Yatzy is one of the most popular dice games played all aroundtheworld.It is a simple brain game that trains analyticalthinking.It's a classic dice game.Play Yatzy wherever you may be.Find outwhy millions of people have played this classic board gamefor over50 years!It's hard to discover what makes rolling thosedice overand over again so fun, but it's beyond delight when youfinally seethose sixes line up. The objective is to reach thehighest possiblepoint score by rolling and scoring dice.Yatzy isplayed with fivedice. This popular game, lasts for 13 rounds as theplayers rollthe dice and attempt to complete various combinations.The rules ofYatzy are simple, and the game remains popular amongpeople of allages. Simply roll the dice, make your choices andscore somepoints. At the end of the 13 turns, the player with thehighestpoint total wins the gameDo the best dice combination in thethismultiplayer Yatzy game. Half of the fun of this game is to yelloutthe game's name if and when you roll one. A Yatzy occurs whenaplayer rolls and all five dice are the same number. Rollingfive"sixes" is the best roll in the game. Special Yatzy rule is,thefirst time you get a Yatzy in a game it is worth 50 points (ifyouuse it in the Yatzy slot). If you roll another Yatzy after youhavealready got the 50 points (i.e., you didn’t take a zero), youwillget a 100 point bonus.The Yatzy scorecard contains 13 scoringboxesdivided between two sections: 1) Upper section 2) LowersectionPlaywith your Facebook friends or with millions of diceplayers aroundthe world.You can also create Private Room and inviteyour friendsto play.Roll your way to fast fun with this amazingversion ofYatzy board game that's been a family favourite.Use yourmath andstrategy skills to achieve victory.Download and play Yatzyandenjoy all the fun strategy elements that come along with thisdicegame.◆◆◆◆ Yatzy Features◆◆◆◆✔ Create Private Room andInviteFriends✔ Play with people around the world✔ Play withFacebookFriends or as Guest ✔ Easy to Learn✔ AddictivegameplayPlease don'tforget to Rate and Review Yatzy, we aim to makeit one of the bestboard games out there on the App store.Enjoyplaying!
Prime Dice 3.0.0
Free dice roller app with realistic physics and high quality3Dgraphics. Prime Dice shaker contains a complete set (over12types) of polyhedral dice. This dice roller intended for d20RPGsbut can easily be used for any game that requires dice rollingsuchas Backgammon, Craps etc.☆ Main Features:• 12 dice types:d2(coin), d4, d6 (numbers, pips), d8, d10 (0-9, 1-10, 00-90),d12,d20, dF (Fudge/Fate), d8 compass• up to 20 cubes withdifferentcolors on each separate screen• true physics• throw alldice orroll each die individually• bonus modifier, exploding,penetrating,drop lowest, take highest, target count dice modifiers•user cansave named dice sets• adjustable dice size • 7 separategamescreens with backgrounds• true 3D animation with custom shadersandhighly optimized OpenGL ES2.0 graphics• lock selected die inplace•tilt / gravity• sound, vibration feedback• tablet support•rollhistory• adjustable interface theme• Play\pausebutton☀Additionalbenefits in pro version:✔ Ad-free, faster &smoother✔ No limitof dice quantity on each table✔ "extra" dicetypes: d3, d5, d7, d9,d14, d16, d18, d24, d30✔ Create custom dice.Create your ownspecialized dice for specific games!✔ New coin (3peso with CheGuevara)✔ 10 new multi-colors✔ new backgrounds☆ Rollmethods:•repeatedly tap the screen• tilt / shake your phone• drag /flickdice individually Permissions used:• VIBRATE lets usevibrationfeedback when dice collide• INTERNET andACCESS_NETWORK_STATE letus to fetch adverts from the internet•WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE letsto upload user's backgrounds and to movethe app to the externalstorageThis dice roller app is adsupported.Please email me withany issues or suggestions
Escalero Dice 1.16
Game features: * dice board * play against the computer*single/double * two/three players * automatic diceoperation/resultentry * dice design: eyes/poker/number * display:column/player *variable setting of values (points, unit, bonus) *totals sum ordifference calculation * accounting *portrait/landscape mode *flip the screen * save/load games on theSD card The advertisementcan be switched on/off in the settings.This game is forentertainment only, that is it does not provide"real-moneygambling" or the chance to win real money or prizes.
Dice World - 6 Fun Dice Games 9.02
AppA11y, Inc.
The only dice game you must have! Join everyone around the worldandget Dice'n! Why? Because it’s six dice games in one app withmanydifferent options to play. Play the computer, play otherusers, orplay tournaments and win dice gold! Dice games currentlyavailableinclude Farkle, Yatzy, Threes, 1-4-24, Balut.. and Pig!And we arealways looking to add more. Farkle - Fun game of riskand reward!Also known as Farkal, Zilch or 10,000. Yatzy - Classicgame enjoyedby everyone! Threes - Strategy game where lowest scorewins! AlsoKnown as 'Tripps'. 1-4-24 - Get a 1 and 4, and Score!Balut -Intellectually challenging! Gameplay resembles Poker! Pig -Simple,fast, fun and addicting!. You will love to hate this pig!BeatTrump, Arnold and the Hoff! Voices done byprofessionalimpersonators & comedians! You can play Dice Worldwith anyone,anytime, anywhere around the world! Play against: -Beat Trump andHillary, or any of the other computer players! -Buddies - Family -Contacts - Facebook friends - Twitter followers -Random opponents- the possibilities are endless! Key Features:•Daily Tournaments!•Play multiple games against different opponentsat the same time!•Turn based game play. There is no need for bothplayers to beonline at the same time! •Track from which countriesaround theworld your opponents are playing! •Superior stats - Wins,Losses,Ties, High Scores… it’s all recorded! •Leaderboard – Are yougoodenough to make it onto the worldwide leader board? Representyourcountry! •Chat with your friends during game play -multiplelingual support for chat text (even user names supportalllanguages)! •Player ranking - work your way up from astartinglevel of DiceJoke to the surprise highest level! Be thefirst inyour country to accomplish this feat! •Offline? No problem- playsome practice games to hone your skills! •Seamlessintegration withPush Notifications for lightning fast game play.•Detailed help foreach game to help new players get up to speed.•100% Talk BackAccessible! We take pride in making our gameaccessible to thevision impaired. ***** Inducted into Hall Of Fame!***** We look forward to you joining ushere in Dice World!
Liar's Dice Online Multiplayer 1.1.46
The Only & Best Online Multiplayer Liar's Dice app! Liar'sDiceOnline is a casual multiplayer, bluffing dice game. Easy tolearn,easy to master, always entertaining. Play with other playersonlineor invite and play with family or friends. Features -OnlineMultiplayer Liar's Dice, also known as Perudo, Dudo,Cachito,Deception Dice, and Pirate Dice. - Practice offlinewithintelligent AI and then challenge players online. - Room systemtoplay with friends. No login required, just choose a room codeandplay. - 'Hunt the Wilds' waiting microgame. Something toplaywhilst you wait for Opponents to join. Get 5 Wilds to win aprize!- Don't know how to play? Play the tutorial and you'll beready toplay in minutes! - A casual dice game that is a perfect mixof luckand skill. Will you lie?... ...or tell the truth? It's allpart ofthe game!
Yatzy Online 3.37.1
This game goes by many names around the world. Yatzy, Yahtzee,leYams, Generala, Jatsi, Yacht and Yamb are just some of the namesofthe same amazing game.The game is available in the three majorrulesets available globally:- Scandinavian (Played mostly inSweden,Denmark, Norway and Finland)- International (The "original"ruleset for Yahtzee)- 6 Dice (The more advanced rule set forhardcoreplayers that like a tough challenge)All three rule setsareavailable to play in both online mode, or in offline modewithoutthe need for an Internet connection.Play online againstyourFacebook friends (Requires Facebook login), Yatzy friends orrandomopponents (Requires an Yatzy Online account)Offline modesupportssolo players, an incredibly hard computer opponent (No,it's notcheating, it really is that good!) and playing friends thataresitting next to you (pass & play).There is a reallyextensiveset of game history, high scores, online leaderboards andofcourse, all kinds of achievements.Users that upgrade to thepremiumversion will get access to:- Cool personal statistics-Trainingmode (Let's you see the anticipated end score depending onchoiceof dice)- Colorful themes (Choose from a wide variety ofcolors)-Full screen experience (You will of course no longer needto sufferfrom ads and full screen commercials)
Yatzy World 6.2
Yatzy World Yatzy World is a device-to-device communicationgamebased on the classic board game Yatzy. You can play againstanyonein the whole world. In addition to all that the classicversion hasto offer Yatzy World also adds a list of new features: -3 gamemodes: Classic, Maxi and American Yatzy. - Yatzy World points- Sixlevels - Yatzy World player titles - Player nicknameandphotography - Top rankings (the whole world or just you andyourfriends) - Player statistics - Pair statistics - Achievements-Friends list - Chat For help/support, error reportsand/orconstructive critisism, please do not hesitate to contact Enjoy the Yatzy World! Copyright © GimmiMorrone(Harmacy IT), Mattias Simonsson (SIMIT) & DanielLidström(Liddan IT) 2012-2017.
Generala 1.0.4
Generala is a game played by two or more players. Players taketurnsrolling five dice. After each roll, the player chooses whichdice(if any) to keep, and which to reroll. A player may rerollsome orall of the dice up to three times on a turn.Thefollowingcombinations earn points: • Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours,Fives orSixes. A player may add the numbers on any combination ofdiceshowing the same number. For example, 4-4-4-2-6 would score 4 +4 +4 = 12 points in "Fours" or 2 points in "Twos" or even 6 pointsin"Sixes". Once a player has taken points on a specificcombination,he or she may not take points for that combinationagain during thegame. • Straight. 20 points. A straight is anycombination of dicein order: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, or 2, 3, 4, 5, and6. Additionally, ina straight, a 1 can be placed after a 6, meaninga 3, 4, 5, 6 and 1is also legal. A variation of this rule includesall combinationswhere only one number is missing, e.g. 1, 2, 4, 5,6 or 1, 2, 3, 4,6. Another variation allows a 1 to replace a 2 in astraight, e.g.1, 1, 3, 4, 5 or 1, 3, 4, 5, 6. • Full house. 30points. Any set ofthree combined with a set of two. For example,5-5-5-3-3. • Four ofa kind. 40 points. Four dice with the samenumber. For example,2-2-2-2-6. • Generala. 50 or 60 points. Allfive dice with the samenumber. • Double Generala (optional). 100 or120 points. All fivedice with the same number for the second timein a game.A playermay choose in which qualifying category to scorea roll. Forexample, one need not enter 3-3-3-3-3 in Generala – itmay also goin Threes or Four of a kind.If a player makes aStraight, FullHouse, or Four of a Kind on the first roll of a giventurn, it isworth 5 or 10 extra points. A player who makes Generalaon thefirst roll of a turn automatically wins the game.A player whofailsto make any valid score, or chooses not to take any otherscore,may scratch (eliminate) a category, such as Generala or Twos.If aplayer scratches a category, that player cannot score onthatcategory for the rest of the game. Specifically, if aplayerscratches Generala and subsequently rolls Generala on thefirstroll of a turn, it may not be used as an automatic win.Thewinner,if no one scores an automatic Generala win, is the playerwhofinishes the game with the most points.
Tawla 31 11.9.0
Tawla 31 (طاولة زهر, also known as just Backgammon, is similartoMoultezim, Tavla in Turkey and Fevga in Greece) is a variantofBackgammon game played in Middle East. The board game does notneedspecial representation, as well as, for example, chess,checkers.This game is one of the oldest board games for twoplayers. Tawla31 rules are very similar to Long Narde. Features: *No Banners,only ads between games! * 8 game boards and ALL forFREE! * 6difficulty levels * Online multiplayer * Online ELO rating*Bluetooth multiplayer * One or Two player mode * Gamedicestatistics * Dices without cheat * Game does not eat battery *Longmove * Undo move * Small package size
7th Sea Dice Roller 1.0
Dice rolling app for AEG's 7th Sea roleplayinggame.Currentfeatures:- Choose dice to roll and keep- Choose whetherdiceexplode- Choose to add drama dice to the result
Dice! 1.45
Jose Valverde
Fast and simple RPG, board and miniature games dice generator.Anessential bag of Fudge, Fate, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D12,D14,D20, D24, D30 and D100 dice for your cell phone or tablet. Youcaneasily configure the number of dice rolled, thenumberof rolls and the positive or negative bonuses. And ifyoudon’t like the result of a dice: pressing it, it will berolledagain, keeping the results of the rest of the roll.Soon wewillinclude special dice for some specific games andnewconfigurations.
Dice for Scattergories 0.7.12
Now and then a round of Scattergories with your friends can beverypleasing. But how can you make sure the letters you are playingareunbiased? That is exactly what this app is for!** No undesiredorhard lettersCertain letters are horrible to find words for,thusyou can simply exclude from your game and enjoy aletterexperience!** Set a time limit for a letterSet a countdownand trybeating the clock!Any wishes or suggesting? I'd be happy tohearfrom you in the reviews!
Parchis STAR Online
**Best Board Game of 2018** Parchis STAR is an onlinemultiplayerversion of popular classic board game Parchis. Parchisboard gameis a popular in Spain as Parchis and known by differentname inother countries. It is a board game of the Cross and Circlefamily.It is an adaptation of the Indian game Pachisi or Parchis orLudoor Parchis Online Features - It is totally FREE to play - 2 or4player Parchis board game - Chat and send Emoji while you playthegame - Designed for Tablet & Phone - Daily Magic Chest. Opentowin up to 50K Coins every day - Unlock achievements while youplaythis amazing game - Dice Collection Parchis is played withtwodice, four pieces per player and a board with a track aroundtheoutside, four corner spaces and four home paths leading toacentral end space. The most popular Parchis boards in Americahas68 spaces around the edge of the board, 12 of which aredarkenedsafe spaces. Each corner of the board contains one player'snest orstarting area. If you are free and want to spend qualitytime thenParchis is here for you. We all have played this in ourchildhood.So here we are offering you once again your childhood. Sothat youcan live that moment again It was once played by Kings andis nowenjoyed by you. Parchis has been the favorite online game ofpeopleacross the world. Inspired by the Indian Classic Game:Pachisi,pachisi Enjoy Parchisi Online NOTE: Use of this applicationisgoverned by Gameberry Labs Pvt. Ltd. Terms of Use. Collectionanduse of personal data are subject to Gameberry Labs PrivacyPolicy.Both policies are available at
Dice Tower 1.2
With boardgames such as Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror inmind,this simple app simulates a dice tower and the rolling ofmultipledice, in this case from 1-15 dice can be rolled at onetime. Withthe options of highlighting rolls of four and up, fivesand up andjust sixes to correspond to Arkham's Blessings and Cursesetc. Butthis app can also be used to substitute any other gamethatrequires up to 15 dice to be rolled simultaneously.Or you cannowcheck out its biggerbrother:
Parcheesi Ludo Multiplayer - Classic Board Game 2.18.1
Play parcheesi and ludo multiplayer classic board game online!Playand compete with our community, invite your friends and familytojoin you and beat the highest scores of this awesome free Ludodicegame! The game that defined your childhood now forfree!Parcheesior Ludo classic is an adaptation of Pachisi, aclassic board gameoriginated in India around the 6th century. Theconcept of thisfunny Parcheesi board game is clear: There are fourplayers withfour tokens of the same colour with a goal... Play andbeat theopponents by moving all of your Ludo classic tokens to yourgoalbox before everyone else and take the honor to be the king inthisfree multiplayer game! The parcheesi board has 68 boxes: Startinyour corresponding nest and move forward by rolling your diceswiththe help of a dice cup until you arrive with your token to thegoalbox. Think of a strategy to beat the opponents. Do not getupset!These free parcheesi star board games are easy to play buthard tomaster! Learn your own player tactics and achieve thenecessaryskills to be at the top of our parcheesi USA game ranking!Enjoyyour childhood favourite board game now online andmultiplayer!Chat with other players while you challenge them or oneof theother thousands of players who make up our Ludo community!Becomethe king in this best free Parcheesi USA online game!FEATURESOFPARCHEESI LUDO MULTIPLAYER - CLASSIC BOARD GAME- Have funplayingthis free parcheesi multiplayer game! Upgrade your tokenswithamazing emoticons and emojis!- Multiplayer board games:Chat,compete and invite and play with your family and friends!-Easyrules and intuitive gameplay: Challenge your family membersinthese Parcheesi five-star family games!- Play special games:Choosebetween making a Ludo party team with a partner or playingturbomode or private- Compete to become the best player in ourParcheesiboard game ranking: Every match counts!- Get double coinswhen youwin your games with the "Double or Nothing" in thismultiplayergame! The modern variation of Pachisi!- Unlock Ludoclassic boardgame achievements, progress getting gifts and coinsand climb theleaderboard until you become the king!- This freemultiplayerparcheesi by Playspace is appropriate to play in teamswith yourfamily or friends!Recall your childhood star memories inthis freeLudo game, a variation of the ancient Pachisi game, alsoalso knownas sorry game or trouble game!Enjoy the best board gamefor kidswith this Parcheesi online in Playspace! Be the king of thediceand start playing a free Ludo match now! Have fun with yourfamilyin this star popular Ludo online!
Dadufall 2018 - Dice Party Game with your Friends!
Ready to go back to school in 2018? Join Umar, Gie, Meutia,andSartika as they race their way to their only school in thevillage,which is very far and full of obstacle! Dadufall is aeducationaland innovative board game similar to snakes &ladders, ludo,yahtzee, or monopoly where you have to help someIndonesian kids toarrive to school as quickly as possible, whileovercoming variousobstacle along the way. Throw dice, draw the'chances' (card),battle your rivals, and defeat 'the boss' tofinally get to school!*) Play across 8 maps with unique atmosphereand difficulty *) Use10 different chances to win back thecompetition *) Play as 6different characters with special abilityunique to each other *)Save your game so you can start playing fromwhere you left off *)(NEW) Play local multiplayer with your friendsup to 4 players.
Phone Dice™ Free Social Dice Game 1.0.46
Whenever the dice bounce off the wall and land on the ground,youknow something will happen. Are you going to win? Are you goingtolose your street cred? Possibly lose your kicks in thedeal?It’sgood fun, and you do love the adrenaline, but one daytheunthinkable happens. You have been challenged to get backyourcred, you reach in your pocket just to find out you left yourluckydice somewhere else…From now on this will never happen toyouagain.Welcome to Phone Dice. The most realistic mobile versionofStreet Craps in the market yet. All the excitement withoutthehassles, with the added bonus that you and your friends don’thaveto be in the same room to play!List of features-Real-timeImmersive Multiplayer street dice game- Solo Play , shootdiceagainst the house- Proprietary 3D Dice engine with realphysics-Built using newest web technologies- Unique gaming elements– cashrain, cash throw, original dice throwing mechanism,voicecommunication- Log in using Google Play, Facebook or PhoneDiceaccount- Extensive settings to fine tune your Phone Diceexperienceto your phone specs.*** Please note that the game usesthemicrophone for in-game communication. No audio isbeingrecorded.***