Top 16 Games Similar to Learn Colors In Space For Kids

Learn Animals Train For Kids 1.2
Board the train and get ready for anAmazingAnimal Train Safari! This colourful app teaches babies andtoddlersabout animals they normally see in the zoo. Children cantap whatthey see and listen to the various animal sounds and alsolearn thedifferent animal names like Elephant, Lion, Wolf,Crocodile,etc.Children will love the adorable illustrations and realisticanimalsounds in this Animal Safari Train. The user interface isdesignedspecially for 1 to 3 year old kids. If your baby or toddlerlovesanimals and trains, this is an ideal app for them!FEATURES OF ANIMAL SAFARI TRAIN ARE:✎ Listen to Animal Sounds on tapping✎ Free Animal Recognition✎ Motivating app to learn and get introduced to various animalslikeBoar, Stag, Wolf, Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Zebra, Hippo,Crocodile,Bear and Fox.Get the Animal Safari Train app and have a fun-filledanimalsafari!
3D Magic Coloring For Kids 1.2
Here's 3D Magic Coloring For Kids - asuperfungame for children! A town is colorless and Timpy needsYOURhelp topaint it! Travel across the neighborhood with Timpyrobotand paintthe environment to your heart's content. You canhelpTimpy robotmagically color trees, houses, animals and somuchmore! Choose anycolor you like and paint the whole area incrazycolors! Guide Timpyrobot using your finger and help himshootcolorful paint balls atvarious objects. This fun andinteractiveapp is very helpful toenhance your child's creativity,fine motorskills and also developstheir hand-eye co-ordination!Download nowand bring out yourchild's inner Picasso!Features:* This app is FREE!* Travel around and make the town colorful* Color cows, pigs, houses, trees and more!3D Magic Coloring For Kids is ideal for children under theageof5.
Learn Numbers - Preschool Kids Counting Train Game 1.3
Learning to count has never been so fun! With the interactiveNumberTrain game in 3D Space you can learn basic of numbers andcountingas the train takes you on a number tour. Enjoy and learnnumbers ina fun-filled and interactive environment!Features ofNumber SpaceTrain are: - Learn numbers for free- Simple userinterface- Idealfor toddlers and pre-schoolersDownload now andhave fun learningnumbers!
3D ABC Space Train Game - Learn Alphabet For Kids 1.2
Learn alphabets as the train takes you on an amazing adventureinspace. Meet the stars, planets and the satellites and learnthevarious alphabets in a fun-filled environment. Also explorethedifferent animated objects while having alearningadventure!Features of ABC Alphabet Train are: - Learnalphabets forfree- Easy rotation for different viewsGet this ABClearning toolfor kids now!
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep - 3D Kindergarten Kids Rhyme 1.3
Baa Baa Black Sheep is a simple animated rhyme that will helpyourkids learn the famous nursery rhyme- Baa, Baa, Black Sheep in afunway. On tapping the various elements in the background, kidscanexperience different animation and sound effects! With thestartbutton, kids can listen to the nursery rhyme, Baa Baa BlackSheepon loop and enjoy the colorful environment!This rhymes app canbeused by parents, teachers, and kids for learning &teachingbaa, baa, black sheep rhyme to kids making learning processfun andentertaining. This app will help your toddlers to learn thisfamousnursery rhyme in their kindergarten-age easily. Our aim istoprovide education in a fun way that kids can enjoy it.Superexciting, educational and very interactive game & rhymefortoddlers. A wonderful nursery rhymes app for your toddler tosingalong with the music.Features of Baa Baa Black Sheep are:1.Simpleuser interface with play, return and next buttons2.Interactiveanimations with soundsDownload this Baa Baa Black Sheeprhyme appand enjoy!
Learn Shapes - 3D Train Game For Kids & Toddlers 1.3
As babies grow into curious toddlers and preschoolers, it isanatural impulse for parents to begin teaching specificconceptsthroughout their daily routine. Where do most parentsstart? Amajority of parents will begin by teaching their kids thebasicshapes. This is a perfect starting point, but have you evergivenany thought as to why your kids need to know this stuff?Knowledgeof shapes can be used to describe the environment andpossessions,to teach the concepts of “same” and “different.” Afterlearningshapes, children can start to group objects together, whichwillbecome an invaluable part of learning how to count, add,andsubtract. Being able to identify differences and similaritiesalsoincreases analytical skills. Learning shapes can help achildunderstand numbers, as counting plays an important partinidentifying the number of sides a shape has. If your child isreadyto get their best start, here's the best app! Features:*Freeofcost*Totally ad-free*Learn different shapes Get it downloadedandbegin shaping the minds of your children!
Jack And Jill - 3D Toddler Nursery Rhyme & Poem 1.3
Meet Jack and Jill and sing along to their popular nurseryrhymewith this app Jack And Jill - 3D Toddler Nursery Rhyme &Poem!Enjoy this wonderful song & rhyme with vibrant colorsandinteractive animation. Enjoy Singing this beautiful nurseryrhymefor kids & toddlers:Jack and Jill went up the hillTo fetchapail of waterJack fell down and broke his crown,And Jillcametumbling afterUp Jack got and home did trot,As fast as hecouldcaper;And went to bed and bound his headWith vinegar andbrownpaperFeatures of Jack And Jill 3D Kids Rhyme:★ It has greatandinteractive animations that will keep your child engaged andthinkin a more creative way★ Everything in the app is supercolorful,making it easy for kids to learn shapes, objects, colorsand lotmore★ The app is 3D and FREE to download★ Fun appteachingpreschool kids one of the famous nursery rhymes in a funand easyway★ It has great & soothing music for all your cutelittleones★ Amazing lyrics for kids to sing along this popularnurseryrhyme★ Educational app for kids to have better listeningandspeaking skillsThis app is sure to delight your kids and helpthemlearn the rhyme easily. Watch what happens as they climb up ahillto fetch a pail of water! Ideal for children under the age of5.Sowhat are you waiting for? Download now for all your little onesandsee them sing along and learn this popular nursery rhyme -Jack& Jill Went Up The Hill
3D Surprise Eggs Game For Kids 1.2
Surprise eggs is the most interactivegamefilled with lots of fun elements where one can pick theirmostloved robot and drag it through a fun-filled adventurousjourney.Move your robot to the left, right, forward and backwardjust bytapping fingers on the screen. As you move your favoriterobot,collect as many surprise eggs as possible by dodgingobstacles thatarrive. On tapping the eggs, a surprise popsout!The surprise eggs arena is full of objects to be bumped into,runover and pushed around. This will definitely help your kid togetaquainted with a sense of direction and have fun collectingvarioussurprise eggs!Download it today and let your child enjoy the unending fun.
Timpy Color The Alphabets 1.0
Follow the journey of Timpy robot asyouhelphim paint all the letters of the alphabet in differentcolors!Thisapp makes learning about the alphabets really fun! Notonlythis,your child can also learn the names of different objectsfromA toZ! Right from A for apple to Z for zebra!Features:- This app is completely FREE!- 360 degree camera view- Colorful and vibrant environment- Educational contentLearning ABCs is great fun with Timpy robot! Download thisappforyour little one right now!
Itsy Bitsy Spider - Best 3D Nursery Rhyme & Poem 1.2
The 3D version of the famous nursery rhyme 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'ishere! Follow the cute little green spider as he climbs up thewaterspout, gets washed out and climbs up the water spout alloveragain!Features:Great music and song that you can singalongwith!Colorful environment to catch your attentionCutecharacters tokeep you entertained!This app is FREE!Get your child(aged 5 andunder) acquainted with one of the most popular nurseryrhymes ever!Download now!
Learn Animal Sounds For Kids 1.1
Get introduced to the sounds of animalswith'Animal Sounds For Kids'. This is a fun and excitingeducationalapp where children can know all about the sounds ofdifferentanimals.This app includes animals like lion, bear, zebra and many more!Withrealistic 3D animations, this app is perfect to entertainlittlekids. After playing with this app, kids can easily recognizeanimalsand their sounds!Choose between a variety of animals available and learn theiranimalsounds! Suitable for children under the age of 5!Features:* Realistic 3D animation* Colorful environment* HD sound quality* Easy to navigate* Choose from different animals* It's FREE!
3D Colorful Space Train Game For Kids & Toddlers 1.3
Welcome to Timpy Train in Space! This fantasy space is full offunand interesting objects which kids will absolutely love! Inthisgame, you can start your train journey and enjoy theinterstellarbeauty as you cruise along the track laid out in openspace. TimpyTrain rides around in space, where the tracks are madeof rainbowand there are planets and stars orbiting around you! Theplanetshave rainbows for rings and huge cars! This game bringseverychild's creative ideas to life. There are even animalsinspacesuits orbiting the planets! You will also find surpriseslikegiant watermelons and strawberries along the way! What makesthisgame come alive is the 360 degrees camera view which makesthisgame an absolute delight. Features:* This app is totally FREE!*360degree camera viewTimpy Train in Space is absolutely freeandsuitable for toddlers below 5 years of age. Download thiskidstrain game today and fuel your child's imaginative skills!
Humpty Dumpty - Kids & Toddlers 3D Nursery Rhyme 1.1
'Humpty Dumpty' is one of the most popular children's nurseryrhymesand now it's available in 3D! Learn all about Humpty inthisinteractive app!The cute animations and colorful environmentwillsurely delight your little kids. Your toddler can sing-alongtothis nursery rhyme, learn and also have fun! Ideal forchildrenunder the age of 5.The features of this app are:*Interactiveanimations* Cute and funny sounds* Entertaininganimation* Easy tonavigate* It's FREE!
Learn Colors With Planets 1.1
'Learn Colors With Planets' is a super fungamefor kids! Set in a wonderful space environment, this game istheperfect way for your child to get to know aboutdifferentcolors!Features:Colorful space environmentEye-catching animationsVibrant colorsIt's FREE!
Mary Had A Little Lamb - Kids Famous Nursery Rhyme 1.1
'Mary had a little lamb' is a popular nursery rhyme and now youcanenjoy it in 3D! Filled with interactive animations, this isanabsolute delight for kids which will surely keep yourchildengaged! Sing along to the famous nursery rhymeandenjoy!Features:It's completely FREE!Great music and song thatyoucan sing along with!Colorful environment to catchyourattentionKids will have fun laughing and smiling at thefunnycharacters360 degree camera view
Row Your Boat 3D - Free Kids Nursery Rhyme & Poem 1.4
The classic and popular nursery rhyme 'Row Your Boat' is now in3D!This app offers an amazing experience of discovering aninterestingwater world packed with surprises. Not only is this appfun to playwith, but it also has great educational value!So let'sget into theboat and take an adventure along the small stream! Singalong andenjoy!Row, row, row your boat,Gently down thestream.Merrily,merrily, merrily, merrily,Life is but adream.Features:*It'stotally FREE of cost*360 degree cameraview*Colorful illustrations& animations*Great music & soundeffects*Easy to use andnavigate for kids of all agesDownload it NOWand have an excitingadventure!