Top 5 Apps Similar to Bus Da Pata

Daewoo Express Mobile 3.0.5
An easy way to book and buy Daewoo Express tickets.
DigiHUD Speedometer
James Moss
100% ad-free, doesn't require data/cell connection towork.DigiHUDSpeedometer is a free GPS based digital head updisplay(HUD) thatshows useful speed and distance information foryourjourney. Idealif your vehicle speedo has died, you want toverifyyour vehiclespeed or you just want to know your speed whencycling,running,flying, sailing etc.! The display can be switchedbetweennormalviewing and HUD mode which mirrors the display forviewing asareflection in a vehicle windshield (most useful atnight,dependingon the device's brightness). DigiHUD can open asafloating windowon top of other apps or your homescreens. Workswithexternal GPSreceivers (tested at 10Hz). Although we strive tomakeall readingsas accurate as possible they are only as accurateasyour device'sGPS sensor and should only be regardedasapproximations. For morethan a dozen extra features, with manymoreplanned, try DigiHUDPro (link at the bottom of thisdescription).Information displayedCurrent speed (choose MPH, KMH orKTS) Averagespeed, since resetMaximum speed, since reset Three Tripdistancecounters CompassOdometer (found under Statistics) CurrenttimeDigit color changesto red when above your set warning speedBatterylevel indicatorSatellite lock status icon Using DigiHUD LiteMode(speed only) -swipe the speed left or right. Swipe again toreturnHUD Mode(mirrored) - swipe the speed up or down. Swipe againtoreturnTouch the trip counter to cycle through thethreecountersLong-pressing on a speed or trip value will resetitLong-press thespeed unit to choose between MPH, KMH and KTSfromthe popup menu(also in the Main Menu) When in window mode touchtheDigiHUD iconfor a menu to switch to the fullscreen app or exit.Thewindow canbe re-sized using the corner drag handle. All valuescanbe resetby long-pressing "PAUSE RESET" (the Odometer readingintheStatistics popup won't reset and counts the totaldistancesincethe application was installed or it's data wascleared). MainMenuOpened by touching the speed displayed in thecenter of thescreen,the menu allows you to: Exit DigiHUDWindow/Background Mode:Closeand open as a re-sizable floatingwindow HUD view / Normalview:Switch between HUD (mirrored) andnormal displays SpeedUnit:Change between MPH, KMH or KTS SetWarning Speed/Sound: Thespeedat which the digit color will changeto red. An audible alertcanalso be enabled here Brightness: Adjustthe screenbrightnessDisplay Color: Choose from 10 customizablecolors. Almosteverycolor is available except black Lock screenrotation: keepthescreen in its current rotation even if the deviceisrotatedDisplay Preferences: enable/disable screenelementsStatistics:odometer, trip distance, top speed and averagespeed andversionnumber Help: show help and other information*Thisapplicationrequires the use of the GPS receiver, which mayincreasebatteryusage.* The screen will not turn off during longjourneysand worksin landscape or portrait mode. Privacy etc. PleasereviewthePrivacy Policy within the app or in the Play Storelisting. Ifyouhave any problems using DigiHUD please checkthetroubleshootingFAQs, or Contact Us.
Indian Railway Train Enquiry 2.1
This Indian Railway Train Enquiry /InquiryAppis much better than all other Indian Railway Apps asitprovidescomplete information and links that you will need.ThisIndianRailway Train Enquiry / Inquiry App is available inBothEnglish andHindi**********Features**********1. Check PNR Status – PNR Sthithi Jaane2. Train Schedule / Train Time Table – Gaadi ki AnusuchiJaane3. Seat / Berth Availability – Kis Gaadi Me Jagah HaiYePataKare4. Find Train – Gaadi Khoje5. Live Train Status – Gaadi Ki Vartmaan Sthiti Pata Kare6. Fare Enquiry / Inquiry – Gaadi Ka Kiraya Pata Kare7. Current Reservation – Aaj Ka Aarakshan8. Train between Stations – Station Ke Beech Gaadi Pata Lagae9. Mobile Ticket Booking – Mobile Se Indian Railways KaTrainTicketBook Kare10. FNR Status – Maal Gaadi Ki Sthithi Jaane---------Note:---------This APP only acts as web browser for browsing webpages.Allinformation displayed in this application is loadedfromotherwebsites. This application is developed for convenienceofAppusers to get all helpful and important links, informationandhelpat one single place.We are not responsible if any wrong information provided.Also,wedo not own any content shown in web view of this App.We do not claim any rights on any content provided on anyofthesites.BY USING THIS APPLICATION YOU AGREE TO OUR TERMSANDCONDITIONS.IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THESE TERMS ANDCONDITIONS,PLEASE DO NOTDOWNLOAD or ACCESS THIS APP.---------------If You Like this App, Then Please RATE, CommentandShare.Thanks!
TPL Trakker 6.4.9
New App! You asked and we listened. - New Interactive Design-TPLTrakker Google Assistant - Vehicle Analytics - New TrackYourLovedOnes, Teammate Feature FASTER, SMARTER,MORE INTERACTIVETPLTrakkerApp is an easy and secure way to track your lovedonesanywhere andeverywhere across Pakistan. Here are few of thesalientfeatures ofthe latest version. • Enhanced User Experience:Morepersonalizedexperience, immaculate design supported by cleanlines,contrastingcolors and bold typeface . • Circle of LovedOnes,Teammates: Tracklocations of your loved ones and teammates inrealtime . • UnlockHidden Treasures: Upgrade your currentTrakkerPackage and receiveAdvance Value Added Features. • Buy Now:Now youcan buy anyTrakker Package on the GO! • Access to theproducts ofthe wholegroup: Now you can be informed about all theoffers fromTPL Groupcompanies through this single app. • SOS &Service:Now you arenever alone in an emergency! TPL Trakker SOSfeaturewill guide youto the nearest petrol, hospital or workshop incaseof emergency. •Pre-inform No Go: Leaving your city? Let us knowinadvance if yourvehicle is about to enter a ‘No Go’ location foraspecified timeperiod. • Notification services: Getnotificationssuch as Vehicleposition, Security tips, Productawareness andTrakking services. •Device History: Animated MapReplay option thatallows the user toretrace the location of adevice.
Computer diagnostics 1.1
It is an error, do you know what it means?Canyou find a describe of his odb2 code?Try this app !!!The main functionality of the application:1) Explanation of the huge number of error codes OBD-II2) The possibility of acquiring Russian translation of alltheerrors, for a nominal amount3) Easy and fast way of placing their mistakes with itsdescriptionin the social network "Vkontakte". Perhaps friends knowhow tosolve this problem.4) Ability to save interesting errors in tabs for quick andeasyreturn to herAttention:Distinctive features of the application:- Availability of more than 20,000 standard error codes OBDII- Explanation of 44 cars (Acura, Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW,Chrysler,Citroen, Daewoo, Fiat, Ford, GM, Generic, Geo, Honda,Hyundai,Infinity, Isuzu, Jaguar, Kia, Lamborghini, Land Rover,Lexus,Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes, Mercury, Mini, Mitsubishi,Nissan,Oldsmobile, Opel, Plymouth, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Saturn,Scion,Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, Dodge,Jeep,Peugeot)- Simple and intuitive graphical user interface- No need to connect to the Internet- There is not any annoying advertising