Top 50 Apps Similar to Trackimo +

WanWayTrack 1.5.99
A reliable GPS Tracking APP to enable a complete trackingsolutionfor personal, fleet companies, financing companies andotherrequirements in safety management areas. With the app you cantrackand monitor the vehicles in real time, see historyplayback,observe speed details and do smart vehicle management.Theformername was TrackWay. From July 12,2019 we change the nametoWanWayTrack.Provided by WanWay team
Navirec 5.1.0
GSMvalve mobile app lets you track your fleet on the go.Alsoplayback the last days to see what your fleet has been up toandhowefficiently are they driving.
Speedotrack GPS Tracking 35.0.4
Simple | Effective | Easy to Use SpeedotrackVehicleTrackingSolutions combine sophisticated GPS trackingtechnologywithflexible, advanced mapping and reporting software.AGPS-enabledVehicle Tracking Device is installed on each vehicletocollect andtransmit tracking data via a cellular andsatellitenetwork,whichever works best for your operations. Thedevice thendeliversthe data to Easytrax hosted application, whichyou canaccessthrough the Web at any time. You will receivereal-timevehicletracking updates, including location, direction,speed, idletime,start/stop and more, allowing you to manage atighter scheduleandmore efficient fleet. Easy to Use VehicleTrackingSoftwareImmediately upon installation, you are ready totrack avehiclewherever it goes. There’s almost no learning curveforEasytraxusers. Our customers tell us that theeasy-to-useSpeedotrackinterface gives them a completely newperspective onfleetmanagement with insight into vehicle usage,driverhabits,scheduling and efficiency & here’s an unexpectedbenefit:Piece of mind, Knowing where and how your vehicles arebeingused.* Real-time Tracking *Fuel Repots likeFilling,Theft,Consumptionetc * 03 Months history playback *Remotely stop thevehicle *Phone Alert Icon * Real-time alerts *Mobile Apps * MapIcon *Monitor multiple vehicles
Traccar Client
Traccar Client is an app that allows you to use your mobiledeviceasa GPS tracker. It reports location to your own or hostedserverwithselected time intervals. By default application isconfiguredto usefree Traccar service (address -,port -5055). Tosee your device on map registeron and addyour device withidentifier.Traccar (Server) is a free open sourceserver thatsupports morethan 100 different protocols and GPStracking devices.You can usethis application with your own hostedinstance ofTraccar. For moreinformation visit
Quartix Vehicle Tracking 3.3.0
This app allows mobile users of the Quartix vehicletrackingsystemto view their vehicles in real time while on themove. Theapp isfree to download, but can only be used byQuartixsubscribers. Ithas three key features; Vehicle list, to giveasummary of all thevehicles to which the user has access, andtheirpresent location.Live tracking, to show the latest location ofachosen vehicle inreal time, as well as other vehicles in thearea.The vehicle canbe selected to be ‘followed’ by the app, andthe mapscreen willautomatically be updated. Trip data, which showsthetrips carriedout on any day over the previous 6 months.DrivingStyle, forInfoplus customers a daily driving style reportcoveringspeed andacceleration and braking behaviour.
Splunk Mobile 2021.11.17
Splunk Inc.
Splunk, the industry leader in turning data into businessinsights,offers mobile apps that extend Splunk capabilities beyondthedesktop. Get notifications, view dashboards, and take actionwithyour data on the go with Splunk Mobile. Using Splunk Mobilewithyour Splunk deployment, you can: - Receive and respondtonotifications triggered by your Splunk Enterprise or SplunkCloudinstances. - Get insights from multiple Splunk instances. -View,filter, and search for dashboards and alerts from yourSplunkEnterprise or Splunk Cloud instance. - View and filter eventsandnotifications, complete or delegate tasks. - To get data fromyourSplunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud instance, use SplunkSecureGateway to transmit data from your on-premise deployment orclouddeployment to registered mobile devices. Splunk Secure Gatewayisincluded in Splunk Cloud version 8.1.2103 and SplunkEnterpriseversion 8.1.0 and higher. For any questions and feedbackaboutSplunk Mobile, email
TrustTrack 1.99
TrustTrack is a real time vehicle monitoring andcontrollingplatform. With TrustTrack you can manage any type offleet and saveyour time and money. You will always know what ishappening withyour fleet and what could be improved. TrustTrackoffers a widerange of modules and functionalities that cover everyaspect offleet management: Status – real-time view of fleetinformation andperformance overview. History module – analysevehicle activityhistory to improve performance. Events module – getinformed whenspecific events happen and take actions. Fuel module –manage fuelaccurately to reduce fuel consumption and costs. Routingmodule –create and send routes with Google maps feature.Maintenance module– manage fleet technical maintenance andinspection tasks.Communication and tasks module – assign tasks todriver andcommunicate directly with OnTrack app. Geozones module –createvirtual geographical zones and manage your vehicles withpresetwork areas. Other features – remote engine blocking,driveridentification, door opening notifications, alarms,temperaturemonitoring and many more. CANbus – data available fromvehicleson-board computer such as speed, fuel consumption, RPM’s,mileage,etc.
Ultra GPS Logger
- formats: NMEA, KML, GPX, CSV - log raw, by distance or time-logduring standby - AutoLog, AutoStart - Send log / track byemail-Publish to FTP - Compress log: Zip, KMZ - Google Maps,OpenStreetMap - POIs, etc - Online Services - Dropbox, OneDrive,GoogleDrive- Barometer / pressure sensor - use of internal GPS -useofexternal GPS via Bluetooth - allow other apps to useexternalGPSvia Mock provider - act as GPS mouse Ultra GPS Logger isaGPSTracker which allows you to generate NMEA, KML and/or GPXlogswithyour GPS or GLONASS enabled Android device. It is able tokeepGPSon during standby, which enables logging of a long periodoftimewithout the need of interaction with the device. UltraGPSLoggerlogs raw NMEA sentences! This is much more accuratethanotherproducts which just log every minute... Italsosupportsintelligent KML/GPX output, which logs only realmovement.UltraGPS Logger also lets your device vibrate and flashits led incasethe GPS fix is lost. Furthermore it represents yourtrack onGoogleMap or Open Street Map! User feedback is highlyappreciated.UltraGPS Logger is used for a variety of activities,likehiking,sailing, car / motorcycle / yacht racing or geotagging.Letme knowwhat you use Ultra GPS Logger for :-)) QuickStartGuide: UserGuide(PDF): In case youencounterissueswith aborted logs or you are missing a lot ofpositions inyourlogs, please check out the energy saving settingsof yourdevice.Help with energy saving settings
Jiobit - More than a GPS Tracker for Kids and Pets 1.02.36
More than a GPS Tracker for Kids and Pets, Jiobit keeps parentsandpet parents in the know about their child and pets’locations.Jiobit for Kids: Tiny, Lightweight, and Secure - We’vedesignedJiobit with kids in mind. It is small enough to hide underclothesand not bother them. We’ve also designed multipleattachments formore wearing options. Jiobit for Pets Keep yourfavorite collarwithout adding extra weight to your pet’s neck.Jiobit is tiny,durable, and stands up to your pet’s very activeday. Also, bringit to the dog beach - it’s waterproof! Real timetracking in everylocation, no matter the distance - Jiobit’s uniquecombination ofradios and sensors lets you track everywhere. Thereare no distancelimits. Also we use multiple cellular networks whichmeans thereare minimal dead spots. Know who your child or pet iswith - Peaceof mind also means knowing who your loved one is with.Invitetrusted caregivers, family members, or dog walkers to trackJiobitand you’ll know when they’re together and where they are.Lasts forweeks - Jiobit will last up to a week on a single charge.WithJiobit you can: Get accurate and real-time tracking at anydistance- even across the world Add Trusted Places or geofenceslike homeand school, and know when your child or pet arrives andleaves Usethe geofence and mobile geofence features to alert youwhen yourchild or pet leaves a Trusted Place or if they wander toofarInvite caregivers to join your Care Team to help track JiobitEnjoythe best coverage with Jiobit’s hybrid cellular network -poweredby AT&T and T-Mobile FOR KIDS Your data is always safe-Jiobit’s COPPA compliant cloud platform manages yourdevice,protecting and encrypting your data using a tamperresistantsecurity chip. Jiobit device is required. If you have notordered,visit
AT-ZONE. Geofence sharing 6.4
AT-ZONE app is a social network based on geofences. Geofence(wecall it zones) is a virtual area that you can arbitrarilydesignateanywhere on the map. By inviting any person to the zone,you canboth receive notifications when one of you enters or leavesthiszone. You can create zones for various purposes and invitecontactsaccording to specific interests to each of them. None ofthemembers in the zone will know your exact location in thiszone,only the time of the last entry or exit from it. Use securegroupchat for each of your zones to communicate with other members,makeappointments or share photos. The service can be used bothforpersonal purposes and in the business area. Examples ofpersonaluse: Family, friends, leisure If you often ask yourself:“Where ismy child now?”, “What time did the child leave school?”,or “Whendid the child come home?”, and also sometimes wonder:“Where are myfriends?”, but at the same time you do not want tofollow anyoneand constantly call, then the AT-ZONE app is for you.Create a zonefor home, work, school, gym, or other places where youoften visitwith friends. Invite your friends or loved ones there,and you willno longer need to constantly get in touch with them andask: “Whenwill you be at home?”, “Are you still at work?”, “Who hasalreadycome to the party?” etc. As soon as one of the membersenters orleaves the zone, you and the rest of the zone members willreceivea notification about this. With the AT-ZONE app, you willalways beaware that your child has safely reached school, yourpartner hasfinished work and is returning home, and some of yourfriends havealready started a workout at the gym you are visitingtogether. Atthe same time, AT-ZONE does not secretly trackcontacts. Eachmember accepts the invitation and gives hispermission so thatother contacts can see him being in a particularzone. Examples ofbusiness use: Time and attendance, logistics Ifyou are an employerand you need to monitor employees at theirworkplace, as well askeep track of their working hours, then usingthe AT-ZONE app, youcan easily create a zone of your company'slocation and see whichemployees are in place and how long they havebeen there. The appwill automatically register the presence ofemployees at theworkplace and notify you about this if you wish.AT-ZONE can alsocreate timesheets in the form of monthly reportswith graphs foryour viewing or enterprise accounting. Thus, it willbe easier foryou, as an employer, to organize the accounting ofworking hours.And for you, as an employee with a flexible orirregular schedule,it will be easier to register the hours worked.Also, usingAT-ZONE, you can track the movement of employees indifferent workareas. That may be of interest, for example, tologisticscoordinators or courier companies. Main features •notificationsabout the entry/exit of a person from the zone •statistics ofvisits to geofence and the time spent in a zone •charts forviewing the history of geofence visits • export data inCSV format• group chat in each zone • informative widgets forcontactsPrivacy The AT-ZONE app cannot be used as a stalker orspyware, asyou will always be notified of the transfer of yourdevice's datato the server. Accurate GPS position calculations areperformeddirectly on your device. We do not know, do not receive,do nottrack, monitor, store, or transfer your exact GPS location tothirdparties. We only receive and store information about when youenteror leave your zones. AT-ZONE is completely FREE! So you canaddzones and invite people to them without any limits. Theappcontains ads that can be removed by subscribing to thePREMIUMplan. For more information visit our website: at-zone.comorcontact us at:
Hellotracks - All-in-one location tracking map 6.2.4
An all-in-one tracking map: real-time location, routeoptimization,job schedule, dispatch, and completion progress. Youcan schedule,record and optimize your day routes. Share yourprogress and yourlive location with your team. Automaticallydispatch jobs fromSlack and schedule them on Google Calendar!Hellotracks is areal-time location tracking solution, perfectlysuited for fieldservice management. It is an all in one businessGPS solution thatruns as a mobile and web application. Hellotracks,an easy-to-usefield staff tracker, is a perfect solution formobility andmicro-mobility services, maintenance & repair staffmanagement,public sector services, logistics management, anddistributionstaff management. REAL TIME LOCATION TRACKING WithHellotracks youcan have the field staff visibility you need to runyour business.Locate your team or employees in real time. Livelocations areupdated every second while in movement. ROUTEOPTIMIZATION ANDTRACK RECORDING Use your smartphone as a real timetracking GPSdevice. This allows you to record every route withdistance, speed& elevation metrics. No start or stop buttonsneeded! HIGHERPRODUCTIVITY AND REDUCED TRAVEL COSTS WITH AUTOMATEDJOB ASSIGNMENTCreate jobs manually or import hundreds of jobs atonce. Use ouroptimization web tools to distribute jobs to yourfield staff withjust a single button. Employees can easily accessjob data, inputrelevant customer information and optimize routes.AUTO_CHECK_INSAND CHECK_OUTS WITH GEOFENCES Create places on yourmap and useauto check-ins and check-outs! Know when your mobileteam arrivesand leaves their destination. This is the simplest waytocoordinate your mobile workforce. Hellotracks makes managingamobile team so simple! Follow your team in real time,schedule,optimize and record all routes, get notified about allactivities,communicate within the app & more. Hellotracksoptimizes yourfield staff and workforce operations so you can worryabout runningyour business. Visit for moreinformation.
OwnTracks 2.4.4
OwnTracks allows you to keep track of your own location. Youcanbuild your private location diary or share it with your familyandfriends. OwnTracks is open-source and uses open protocolsforcommunication so you can be sure your data stays secureandprivate. For more information see ourdocumentation(
A simple, secure cybersecurity solution in the palm of yourhand.This LoginTC app works with LoginTC-enabled digital assets(VPNs,websites or applications) to protect your logins viatwo-factorauthentication in three easy steps: receive, decide,unlock. Usersreceive an administrator-issued Activation Code toestablish acredential in the LoginTC app. The app, which acts as acredentialmanager, allows users to store multiple tokens for accesstomultiple LoginTC-enabled assets and accounts. Access requestswillpop up on your phone via wireless push notification. Approveordeny with the tap of a finger!
ProCall Mobile 7.3.20 (21110803)
ProCall Mobile is a native smartphone and tablet app withselectedUnified Communications and CTI functions. To use the app,you needa working installation of ProCall Enterprise in which youhave beenactivated as a user. With ProCall Mobile, the native appfor iPad,iPhone and Android, users can easily access selected andprovenunified communications and CTI functions from thebestsellingProCall Enterprise. Important data on business contactsandinformation on the availability of colleagues enablesefficientcommunication at all times, even when on the move.Features such asvideo chat or the integration of softphonefunctions (SIP)significantly upgrade the app. An Overview of theMost ImportantFeatures - Use the office phone on the move - Fastaccess tobusiness contacts and all communication functions - Seethe lastcontacts quickly at a glance - Chat for fast and secureexchange ofmessages - Integration of common CRM, ERP and industrysoftware.Relevant information immediately available for up-to-datecontactdata - Personal communication with audio/video chat -Instantmessaging and presence management, also for externalbusinesspartners through federation - Always be efficientlyorganized witha personal call journal During the first 45 days youcan test thesoftware without restrictions.
Connex App 3.48
ONE SINGLE INTERFACE FOR CONNEX , CONNEX SMART and CONNEX APP (tobeused with CONNEX SMART device) MAHLE AftermarketItalyself-diagnosishas been reorganized by system and displayed in auser-friendly way,so that now you can always have the situationunder your control andquickly find out how to carry out yourservice operation. The wholenew graphic layout allows for animmediate and quick access to allinformation required for you towork in any situation with thehighest expertise. AUTOMATIC VEHICLESEARCH Quickly set to work!CONNEX immediately recognizes theVEHICLE MODEL on which you areoperating: you can choose among 4difference modes, according toyour convenience or your habits -THROUGH THE EOBD SOCKET - BYENTERING THE VIN CODE - SKIP100 SEARCHBY PLATE (OPTIONAL), BYENTERING THE VEHICLE REGISTRATION PLATENUMBER - MANUAL SELECTION OFTHE MODEL, MADE EASIER BY THE ACTUALPICTURES OF THE VEHICLE ALWAYSCONNECTED Thanks to the WiFiconnection your device will always havethe highest performance,and allows for direct and immediateconnection to a large number ofEXCLUSIVE FUNCTIONS, such asAUTOMATIC SEARCH / VIN SEARCH SKIP 100- SEARCH BY PLATE BRAIN BEEHELP DESK: each report you send will beimmediately analysed and ina short time you will receive a reply.NEW INFORMATIVE FUNCTIONSDon’t know how to deal with a serviceoperation on a car? WithCONNEX, this is not a problem, thanks tothe many functionsavailable to you: B-PS (BRAIN BEE PROBLEMSOLVING) increasinglyintegrated and more powerful, the rightinformation at the righttime, thanks to the permanent wi-ficonnection. Now significantlyenhanced with VIDEO TUTORIALS helpingyou in the most complexoperations. B-PS TUTOR (OPTIONAL) guidesthe operator through thediagnosis, up to the identification of thepart to be replaced,providing its GENUINE SPARE PART CODE B.O.B. -BRAIN ON BOARD(OPTIONAL) - exclusive function. One step ahead, avirtual assistant(but with a team of real operators,self-diagnosis experts) alwaysavailable, answering in real timeany question you may have. It’slike having a whole library,instead of your home bookcase.
GPS Tracker Car TK SMS Full 1.15.4
Austral Systems
Austral GPS Tracker (GPS Tracking by SMS GSM) helps you totrackandset your GPS Tracker from a huge number of manufacturers(Xexunandfull list in the end). Tired of sending complex SMS toyourGPSTracker Xexun or clone devices, or paying monthly feestosomeonetrack your car or motorcycle? How about controllingyourdevicewith a few clicks from your Android smartphone? WiththeAustralGPS Car Tracker you can monitor your vehicles (boat,etc),peopleand animals tracked by devices Xexun and others fromyourDroidsmartphone with a few clicks at a cost of SMS messages. Onthemainscreen just select the brand, model, phone number andpasswordofyour GPS Tracking and click OK. In our app we have 4mainscreens:- Dashboard: where you can check your vehicle’scurrentlocation,speed and distance from your smartphone. All ofthese in asimpleand intuitive screen with a map. - Locations: whenand whereyourvehicle went since you installed the app. Also itshows therealaddress of that location, no more Latitude andLongitude! -Events:know the commands you sent and received fromyour device inaneasily reading form that anyone can understand. -Settings:hereyou can send some commands to your device likechangingthepassword, change the GPS mode, listen to your car,cutvehicle’sengine, GeoFence, define over speed and move alertsandmuch more.You also receive light and sound warnings indicatingthatthevehicle was moved, if the alarm was triggered, SOS waspressedorthe vehicle was exceeding the speed you defined!EXCLUSIVEFEATURE!Now you can define your GeoFence using a map bypressingthethreshold points you want (top left and bottom right)and thensendit to your tracker. Fuel Control: Control your spendingonfillups! Know your car's efficiency. It's a free version, sonotall ofthe features are available here. All the featuresareavailableonly in theFULLversion. the manual and some tips inourblog. Availableinenglish,portuguese, spanish, italian, german, french, dutch,polskiandрусский. If you have any questions or suggestions, pleasedonothesitate to contact us via australsystems@gmail.combeforegivingus a bad review. If you have an idea, send us! Also weareworkinghard to make it compatible with another trackers orclonedevices,so if you have something that isn’t working like itshould,justsend us an email with the SMS message that we will fixit assoonas possible. - Xexun, SmarTrack, ZY International,Coban,Zclelec,ELRO, Meitrack, Meiligao, Technaxx, Timson, Orange,GPSVision,Anywhere, PowerTrack and Hashtag
ONLINE FINDER Portal by PAJ 1.3.4
Simple webview of our Portal with notifications.Unfortunatelysomemobile phone manufactures (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huwei,etc.)blocknotifications or the sound of some notifications bydefault.Onlypush notifications of popular apps they think arevaluable forthecustomer are let thru by default. To change this, goto yourphonesettings - apps - PAJ ONLINE App and make surenotificationsingeneral and notification sounds are enabled.FurtherSamsungdelivers some of their phones with an app called"SecurityMaster"which also can block notifications sounds. If youopen thisapp andgo to notifications cleaner - settings, uncheck thebox forthe PAJONLINE App so the don't disturb mode is disabled.OnHuawei/SamsungDevice you could also try: 1. Go to Settings->Advancedsettings -> Battery manager -> Protected apps,thenfind theapp you want to see notifications from (Mobile Videoapp),andprotect it. This is "whitelisting" the app soHuawei'sovereagersoftware doesn't shut it down for no reason. 2. GotoSettings-> Apps -> advanced -> Ignorebatteryoptimizations, thenfind the app (Mobile Video) and ignoreit. Don'tbe tricked by themisleading wording, "ignoring" the appactuallymeans to let itrun, because you're telling the batteryoptimizationfunction to"ignore" that app. 3. Go to Settings ->Notificationpanel &status bar -> Notification centre, thenfind the app(MobileVideo), then activate "allow notifications" andalso"prioritydisplay". You have to activate the priority part tootomake sureyou get notifications. 4. Restart your phone. Yet ifyouhave anyfurther problems to get the notificationsrunningcorrectly, pleasecontact us:
ABAX Admin: tracking of vehicles, equipment, tools 1.13.0
ABAX makes your working day easier! Our global IoT-solutionsforfleets, equipment, and assets are servicing over 55,000customersworldwide. ABAX admin gives you quick access to your ABAXfleetmanagement map anywhere, any time, and on the go. Enjoyreal-timeand historic information, perfect for busy owners or fleetmanagerssearching for fewer admin hours. Increase accountabilitywith yourfleet of assets and manage your workforce moreeffectively. Quicklysee location among your drivers combined withwho’s driving, idlingand who stopped. A great tool for the completeoverview of yourfleet. No matter how big or small your fleet is,and whether yourfleet consists of cars, vans, trucks, trailers,excavators,containers or power tools. 🗝 Features: ⦿ Real-timelocation andmovement for your vehicles, machines, and tools ⦿ Livestatus forvehicles - parking, idling or driving ⦿ View trip historyforvehicles and replay trips ⦿ Get directions and navigate toyourassets current location directly from the App ⦿ Livetrafficoverlay and satellite view Benefits: ⦿ Access instantlocation andstatus information about your fleet ⦿ Manage your fleetquickly,easily and more efficiently ⦿ Improve security byoverviewing yourvehicles, machinery, and tools at any time Pleasenote: You must bean ABAX Triplog or ABAX Equipment Control customerto use this app.Not a customer yet? Don hesitate to contact us tofind out more.Phone: +44 1733 69 88 88
LocaToWeb - Live GPS tracking 3.8.1
LocaToWeb is the best and most reliableGPStracker for your phone. When a track is running the app sharesyourposition to web in real time. Friends and family can followyoulive on a map at The app gives youduration,distance, speed and altitude as well as your exactposition andtrack lines on a map while tracking.The web site stores your tracks in an archive under youraccountthat enables you to log in and view and edit your tracks.Using theapp you can be as anonymous as you like since you trackunder anAlias, and you can even set the tracks to be private (notvisibleto everyone).The app only track your position when a track has been set upandstarted, and lasts until you stop it. It is frequently usedtotrack motorcycle rides, bicycle rides, road trips, hikingtrips,sports and other outdoor adventures where you want to showyourfriends and family where you are, or to simply track your ridesforyour own pleasure.There is also a safety aspect of using LocaToWeb. If you havethetrack running and something happens, your wife, husband andfriendscan see the exact location of where you are. Maybe you areridingyour bike and falls off hitting your head, or you just wantto besafe when walking home alone at night.Key features:- Share your position to web in real time- Monitor duration, distance, speed and altitude- See your exact position and track line on a map- Capture and upload photos while tracking- Set up race groups that tracks several participants- Timer start with count down- Choose your units system (metric/imperial)- Possible to keep the screen alive while tracking- Resume a track that has been stopped- Choose between bright and dark theme- View and edit your archived tracks anytime on the web site- Just install and track, no registering is requiredAvailable in 8 languages:English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, RussianandSpanish
Lokaytr - Family Locator & Family Location Tracker 1.2.34
Lokaytr - Family Location and GPS Tracker is a uniquesafetysolution to find my Kids and be connected with the wholefamily24-7. With Family Location Tracker, track your loved onesinreal-time and get notified as soon as they reach theirdestinationfor the tracking family app. Lokaytr - Family LocationTracker& Family Link App not only helps you to find your kidsbut alsoto track the location of your family to link together. Withourfamily tracking app, get instant smart notifications foryourcontact's device battery level or when they enter or leavealocation. Family Location Tracker & GPS Family LocationFinderapplication helps parents, find kids quickly and easily. OurFamilyTracker app is GPS-based, although GPS-based locationtracking ishighly accurate (pinpointing the device within a fewmeters), butsometimes due to external factors like the mobiledevice beinginside the building, the location calculated by GPSdata might havelower accuracy. Our Family Link Locator track &Follow FamilyLocation Tracker application will try to filter forFamily Linkthrough GPS location data to provide for our Lokaytrfamilytracking users with up-to-date and most accurate locationtracking.Locate Family Tracker - Family Location Tracker App helpsparentsto find the location of their kids in real-time. You canprotect,safe, track, find kids for the family link and connect thepeoplewho matter most with comprehensive safety features for lifeat homeor outside. Enjoy our modern, advanced & latest FamilyLocatorapplication that go beyond a basic GPS phone tracker.Lokaytr userscan choose between the following two service plans:Free Plan: Thefree version of our family location trackingapplication onlylimits up to 5 days of detailed location history.Other featureslike a daily summary of your contact's activities,notificationse.g. when a user leaves or enters a place or thebattery on thedevice is low, and come as standard with the freeversion. PremiumPlan: Our basic premium plan starts at 4.99$/month.With themonthly premium plan, you get up to 15 days of detailedlocationhistory and it is completely ad-free. If you are notsatisfied, youcan cancel your subscription anytime. Support: Weprovide the samelevel of support to our free or premium plancustomers. Send us anemail at, and we will behappy to assist you24/7. Privacy: Lokaytr is not a spyingapplication. You can onlyshare your location with others bycreating or joining a Group andinviting others to the Group. Youcan decline the invitation tojoin a Group or leave a Group you havejoined already, at any timeif you would like to stop sharing yourlocation with that Groupmember. For details, please see our PrivacyPolicy
Vyncs: Connected Car OBD Link 1.7.8
Vyncs makes owning and driving a carsafer,smarter, and a lot less expensive. It is powered byAgnik’spatented connected car technology that power manysuccessfulconnected car products in the market. Just plug the VyncsLinkcellular wireless device into the OBD-II port of your car,createan account, and you are good to go. Vyncs offers manyservices likeGPS tracking, vehicle maintenance, recallnotification, driverscoring, teen driver coaching, and roadsideassistance. In order touse the Vyncs app you will need a Vyncsaccount with a validservice package. The Vyncs Link device makesuse of a built-in SIMcard to send data to your account over thecellular wirelessnetwork. That means it works without requiring aphone in the carall the time.More Information:Vyncs Home Page: www.vyncs.comFacebook:
Mapon GO 3.6.6
Mapon, JSC
Fleet management mobile application for drivers and employeesthatwill improve the efficiency of transport companies,deliveryservices and other businesses. MaponGO main features are:-Routeand task management; -Driving behavior analysis;-Internalcommunication platform; -Vehicle inspection; -Driving Log;-Workingtime management. Manage your tasks with ease, instantlydispatchand schedule jobs to your field workers, and follow statusupdates.Driver Behaviour will help your drivers improve theirperformanceand lessen your operational costs. You'll be able to seedailydriving scores - ECO speed, idling time, cruise controlusage,coasting, harsh braking, acceleration and cornering, greenRPM.Communication tool is built to provide successfulcommunicationbetween the back-office and allows you to stay intouch with yourfield workers or drivers. Users can send messages,exchange photos,videos and other media via the Internet. VehicleInspection willensure you stay on top of your fleet maintenance andlessen costson repairs that can easily be avoided. It's aconvenient way tocarry out and manage daily and monthly vehicleinspections, and addcomments or photos to them. Driving Log allowsyou to manage yourprivate and work trips. You can easily addcomments, client nameand costs to each route and view reports inthe system. IMPORTANT!Mapon GO mobile application is only availableto Mapon clients.
Who's Responding 2.3.0
Who’s Responding:With Who’s Responding your department will know immediately whoisresponding to a call, whether they are going to the hall orthescene and know there ETA at a glance. Eliminate the guessingofwhat personnel will arrive and be in the know. A simple click ofabutton from virtually any phone and the screen at yourdepartmentwill allow others to know you are on your way. This fastand easyinformation by Who’s Responding saves precious timeinresponding.How it works:Once your pager has initiated the call you press the“Who’sResponding” App on your phone. This automatically populatesascreen within your department showing those who get tothedepartment before you immediately who is on their way.Optionallyit can also populate the screen showing your GPScoordinates soyour colleagues know how far out you are. It also hasa featurethat allows a text to be sent and populate the screenwithin thedepartment sending valuable information to those gettingready torespond.In the bottom of the screen you will be able to see who is awaysoyou can be better prepared; helping a department know ahead oftimeif they may be short personnel and a secondary call canbeinitiated earlier.
Travel Tracker Pro - GPS 4.6.1.Pro
Vitaliy Panov
Recording your own GPS tracks with taking pictures what youwouldlike. Find new friends, like and comment their tracks.Findinginteresting places on the map, when your are recordingtrack. Youcan use next map engines: OpenStreetMap or Google. Youcan usephoto clouds for storing track's photos:,,GooglePhotos, My, and etc. Possibility to's photos on the map, around your track and allotherplaces over the world. And more other usefull :) functions...Thisapplication is for people who like tourism and photography.Proversion Features: ✓ Live track streaming You can run livetrackstreaming of Your tracks. Your friends can watch the route,viewYour track photos, like and comment Your track ✓ Trackanalyticsfunction You can view extended track analytics of anytrack withnext information charts: - Altitude above sea level -Average speedduring the track route ✓ Private access to tracks Youcan changetrack's visibility and mark them as private. Privatetracks are notvisible to Your friends. But you can send direct linkof the track✓ Export tracks to GPX You can export track data to GPXfileformat. GPX is a common file format and can be recognized bymostof cartographic applications and web sites ✓ Sharing track✓Sharing photo You can share Your tracks and send direct link ofthetrack to user which does not use Travel Tracker yet. And youcanshare any photo of the track by all common applications ✓Detailedphoto cloud information You can view detailed photocloudinformation of each separate photo of the track. You can getphotodirect link of any available sizes from clouds: VK, GooglePhotos,Flickr and etc. You can clear this information and reloadphotos tothe cloud again ✓ Dark theme You can use the dark (night)theme inthe app interface. The dark theme reduces the brightnessemitted byYour device's screen and also helps to improve visualergonomics byreducing eye strain, and makes it easier to use thescreen in lowlight conditions. Also, the dark theme saves batterypower Website: 1.9.6 is a software to monitor real-time and playback.WhenyourPhone using a WiFi or cellular data, can access your devicebythesoftware. Software main features are: 1. anytime,anywhereaccess toyour device, you can view real-time monitoring andvideofiles; 2.anytime, anywhere to capture real-timemonitoringpicture, video andstored on the cell phone; 3. receiveyourequipment alarm messageand push to the software; 4. ultralowbit-stream, multi picturemonitoring, voice intercom, digitalzoom5. centralized manage allyour video surveillance equipment.
Tracki GPS – Track Cars, Kids, Pets, Assets & More 1.0.226
Always know what is going on at any time, anywhere with Tracki.Oneof the Smallest GPS tracking devices that gives uniqueflexibilitythe Tracki 3G GPS tracker is a Worldwide device thatallows you totrack in any country. with the built-in SIM card,track yourprecious things in real-time, alerting and sendingnotificationsthrough text and email. Tracki's location isaccessible on anycomputer or mobile device, with GPS/GSM/Wi-Fitracking, accuratelylocate anything within 10-60 feet (3-20meters). FEATURES: * Youcan log in to the Tracki app with a username (your email address)and a password, and you can also sign upand create a new account.* The app tracks the current location ofany Tracki device that wasassigned to your account and displays iton a map. * Switch betweenMap View and Satellite View. * Show thelocation-history of thedevice in a date-range you choose. * Setvarious alarms that thedevice can trigger when it moves around, andsee the list of alarmnotifications sent by the device. Theavailable alarms include:speed limit alarm, movement alarm, leftand right key pressed, SOSalarm and more. * Set Geo-fences: drawareas on the map that willfunction as virtual fences that triggeran alarm when the devicecrosses them. We hope you enjoy the GPStracking app and share itwith your friends and family! Pleasecontact us with questions andsuggestions. The Tracki team **NOTE:You can buy additional TrackiGPS Tracking Devices, accessoriesincluding our magnetic waterproofbox with 6x battery extenderexclusively at
Streamline3 Admin 4.5.0
This app is for you; the Streamline3 console administrator.Nowwiththe Streamline3 Admin app you can: • Connect totheStreamline3Admin Console from anywhere • Approve requestsfromusers withinyour account for access to: o YouTube and MediaoWebsites o Mobileapps New functionality will bereleasedperiodically to make youradministrator role even easier.TheStreamline3 Admin app supportspasscode authentication toprovideyou with a level of security overyour account without theneed toconstantly input your username andpassword. The appdashboardgives you a very easy view on allpending actions in youraccountand provides a fast and intuitivemeans to action eachrequest.We're listening. Tell us what youlike, what we can dobetter, andwhat features you would like to seenext. Send yourfeedback or use the‘Feedback’ option inthe app.IMPORTANT: You must be a Streamline3Administrator in orderto signin and use this app.
AIRSIM 1.6.13
AIRSIM ROAM lets you manage your AIRSIM account, you can top up,buydata package and enjoy roaming in over 80+ countries usingyourAIRSIM. . AIRSIM is a special SIM card that combines Soft SIMandOver-the-AIR (OTA)technologies. When you travel abroad, oursystemwill assign a suitable local SIM card to your AIRSIMaccording toyour location. With AIRSIM, you can always enjoy greatsavings onroaming mobile data service. Advantages: 1. AIRSIM isreusable andallows you to enjoy economical mobile data service in130+countries. 2. You can buy the data plan or top up via AIRSIMRoam.You can enjoy the data service immediately upon arrival. 3.Youdon’t need to spend time on buying local SIM cards anymore.
WebEye Monitor Mobile
WebEye Monitor Mobile offers you a remote access torealtimeinformation required for vehicle fleet management – youcankeepcontrol even you are away from the office. Withauser-friendlyinterface, you can access your vehicles’criticalinformation andtrack their position - anytime, anywhere.Functions:• Real timevehicle tracking on map. • Real timevehicleinformation: Speed,direction, position, driver, trailer,ignitionand battery status.• Searching for address, coordinates andPOIdisplay on map. •Sortable list view with search function. Themainbenefits of therefreshed application: • Quicker position updateanda more stableperformance. • The new app uses HERE maps. Itprovidesexcellentquality for vehicle tracking and offers a widerangeofopportunities for our future developments. • Aredesignedplatformthat enhances user experience and simplifies use.•Increased datasecurity, still in accordance with GDPRprinciples.Please notethis app is for WebEye subscribers only. Tologin, youneed to havea WebEye account. For more information pleasevisit
Track My Trip - GPS Tracking & Online Sharing 3.3.8
The Track My Trip GPS tracker supports tracking of tripsandpersonalpoints of interest (POI) with high accuracy based onGPSloacations.Photos captured by camera or taken from gallery canbeattached tointeresting locations. Tracked information canbeeasily sharedonline in real-time as well as via social medialikeWhatsApp orFacebook and via email. Your current location ortripcan be sharedwith friends and family in real-time. Onlyinvitedpeople have accessto shared information. Invitations can besentvia email or WhatsApp.You can even share Points of Interestswithattached photos. Featuresof the Track My Trip GPS Tracker•Recording based on GPS locations •Display trips on map(GoogleMaps or Open Street Maps - OSM) • Photoscaptured by cameraortaken from gallery can be attached tointeresting locations(Pointsof Interest) • Calculates tripstatistics based on recordedGPStracks (e.g. max/average speed,moving time) • Various unitsystemsare supported (metric, imperial,nautical) • Online sharingoflocations and trips with friends andfamily in real-time.•Recorded trip information can be shared onWhatsApp and Facebookorvia email • Recording of trips even ifapplication is inthebackground • Offline support for Open StreetMapsoverlaysVisualization of GPS Tracks • Browse throughavailabletracks(recorded or imported) and display them on a Googlemap •Displaydefined Points of Interest on map and show attachedphotosin aninfo-window • Display of elevation and speed chartsforrecordedtrips Import and Export of GPS Tracks • Import GPStracksfromGoogle Drive folder or from local SD card • Export GPStrackstoGoogle Drive folder or to local SD card • Supportvariousfileformats for GPS tracks (GPX, KML, KMZ, CSV) • Export ofphotostoGoogle Drive • Geo-Exif tags (GPS location) can beassignedduringexport of photos to Google Drive • Tracksimplification(reductionof tracked GPS locations) withoutcompromising theoverallgeometrical GPS track quality The Track MyTrip websiteprovidesadditional information: Bugreports,support,questions and feature requests can be submitted viacontactform orour forums:
Enablon Inspection 3.10.1
The Enablon Inspection solution is designed to securelyanswerchecklists generated by the Enablon Sustainability Suite. Theapp,which guides users through a series of questions,automaticallyswitches from on-line to off-line mode and is fullyconnected toyour Enablon solution. This also enables you to accessdataanywhere, anytime and on any mobile device. EnablonInspectiongives users the ability to: • Easily perform and browseinspectionthanks to its intuitive workflow and responsiveinterface. • Createobservation and upload photo or video evidence.• Accessobservations and key inspection information includingscope, duedate, and progress. • Use the App’s off-line mode tosynchronizeand access data on-the-go. Enablon is the world’sleading providerof Sustainability, EH&S and Operational RiskManagementSoftware. More than 1,000 global companies and 1 millionusers relyon Enablon solutions to manage their environmental andsocialperformance, minimize risks and improve profitability.Enablonoffers the most comprehensive platform in the industry, andisconsistently recognized as a global leader and visionary.
vGIS Utilities 1.76.0(1.2)
vGIS Inc.
Using the vGIS system, field personnel can see an augmentedviewthat includes holographic infrastructure objects, improvingtheirenvironmental assessments and increasing theirsituationalawareness. From delivering real-time, in-fieldholographicvisualizations of underground pipes, valves, cables andotherutility objects to visualizing ground penetrating radar scans,vGISsolutions are estimated to prevent 25% ofexcavation-relatedaccidents resulting from human error, among otherbenefits. Thesystem combines object holograms with object-specificdata toprovide a hands-free method for field technicians tounderstand theinfrastructure they need to service while on site,quickly andsafely. Key features: • Exceptional Accuracy •ConsistentVisualizations: 3D overlays stay “world-locked” byremaining insync with the physical world • Multi-Device Support •No AdditionalEquipment: vGIS Utilities does not require anyadditional equipment• Workflow Integration: vGIS Utilitiesintegrates with yourexisting back-office systems • AdvancedCollaboration: Integratedholograms, video, and audio that connectthe office with fieldteams • Format Support: Esri Feature Services,Esri Map Services,Esri Scene Services, Esri Building Services,Bentley iTwin, WFS,WMS, WMTS, GeoJSON, KML • GNSS Integration:Leica GG04 plus, EOSArrow Series, SXBlue, TopCon and Trimble Rseries/Catalyst •Multi-View Support: First-person on-siteexperience and birds-eye“zoom out” site overviews
Directechs Mobile 1.90
“By Installers, For Installers“Directechs is the industry’s #1 technical website, driven bytheDirected’s award winning Technical Service team across theglobe!We’ve come a long way from TechSoft diskettes to ournewstate-of-the-art Directechs Mobile app, but our purposehasremained the same. It’s our goal to bring installationtechniciansthe most comprehensive and user friendly resourceavailable to helpyou work with Directed’s products with help fromyour smartphone ortablet with features such as:•DirectWire•Flash and configure XpressKit modules*•Key2GO access*•Installation Guides•Tech Tips•CAN Logger*•D2D Logger*•Bitwriter*•Technical News Alerts•Online Education•Directed SmartStart Activation•Interactive Live Chat with Technical ServiceAt Directechs, our motto has always been “By Installers,ForInstallers”. With several years of installation experience andthepursuit of certification in MECP and ASE, we’re committedtosupport installation technicians by providing our unrivaledpassionand dedication to this industry in technicalexpertise. *Some features require XKLoader3 BLUETOOTH® programming tool.Only Directed Dealers and Distributors have accesstoDirectechs-specific resources, which include: DirectWirevehiclewiring and information database, installation guides,onlinetraining, tech tips, and much more. To become a DirectedDealer,visit
My DataSIM account - Transatel 1.14.2
My DataSIM helps you manage your Transatel DataSIM account. Ifyouare a Transatel DataSIM client, this selfcare app is a must-havetoeasily and quickly: - VIEW THE SITUATION of your account:yourremaining credit or balance, the expiration date for yourcreditand existing bundles. - RECHARGE credit for all countriesorrecharge a data bundle - CHANGE THE SETTINGS of your account,suchas password, username, or email What's new in thisversion:Improvement on My Data Plans dashboard. Inclusion of agauge thatmeasures your data consumption. You can also manage youraccount inyour selfcare environment accessible via the TransatelDataSIMwebsite: However, this app is farmoreuser-friendly and immediately accessible from your mobilephone’swelcome screen. Transatel DataSIM was created to make yourtravelssimpler, so is this app. If however, you still havequestions,please go to the FAQs page at contact our CustomerSupport at the following number: +33 1 7495 95 11
DVSwitch Mobile 1.61
DVSwitch Mobile is an Android PTT application for HAMradiooperatorsto connect with other HAMs on the AllStarLinknetwork.Theapplication uses Wi-Fi or Cellular data networks andhas highqualityvoice and an intuitive user interface. DVSwitchMobilesupports bothsmartphones and Network Radios with dedicatedPTTbuttons. Configureyour device to connect to a AllStar nodebyanswering a few simplequestions and you are ready to go. Clickonthis link to getinformation on setting up IAX(Asterisk)contexts: IAX2 support, DVSwitch Mobile now supportsconnectionsto USRPaudio sources such as Analog_Bridge. This isthe bridge tomanydigital modes including DMR, D-STAR, Fusion, P25and NXDN.Keyfeatures Network (Allstar/IAX2/USRP) • Multiple IAXandUSRPaccounts are supported with login information and CallerID •16digit keypad and macro support • Maintains a list ofconnectednodes• Popup when node connects or disconnects • Popupsfor IAX2textmessages • Field entry hints PTT • Dedicated PTTinterfaceisavailable (VOX operation is not needed) • Hardwarebutton for PTTonNetwork Radios supported (mappable and intent)•Backgroundoperation supports PTT when screen is locked or theappis not inthe foreground. • Adjustable Push To Talk timeouttimerwith alertsAudio • Real-time high quality Digital Voice(VOIP)whilemaintaining low bandwidth usage • Hands free andBluetootharesupported • In-Call and Music audio profiles • Fullduplexoperation• Adjustable transmit and receive audio gain peraccountMisc •Supports calling over Cellular (3G, 4G, LTE mobiledata) andWi-Fi •Automatic reconnect on signal loss (optional) •Statusdisplay forregistration,connection state and amount ofdatatransferred • Lockscreen displays registration and call status•Supports portrait,landscape and small screen (NetworkRadio)layouts (lockable) • Tonealerts for registration, connectionandtimeout (optional) • USRPsupports links to D-STAR, DMR,Fusion,NXDN and P25 networks throughDVSwitch bridge Note:Severalfeatures are still under development.
Ultra GPS Logger Lite
This lite version of Ultra GPS Loggerallowsyou to test core functionality for up to one week.If you want to continue using the app after one week or if youwantto unlock all features youneed to purchase the full version. The following options are only available in the full version:Online Services Publish via UOS/WebPublish via FTPPublish to Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDriveMerge logsAutomatically send/publish logsProcess multiple log formats at onceUltra GPS Logger is a GPS Tracker which allows you to generateNMEA,KML and/or GPX logs with your GPS or GLONASS enabled Androiddevice.It is able to keep GPS on during standby, which enableslogging of along period of time without the need of interactionwith thedevice.Ultra GPS Logger logs raw NMEA sentences! This is much moreaccuratethan other products which just log every minute... It alsosupportsintelligent KML/GPX output, which logs only real movement.Ultra GPSLogger also lets your device vibrate and flash its led incase theGPS fix is lost. Furthermore it represents your track onGoogle Mapor Open Street Map!User feedback is highly appreciated. Ultra GPS Logger is used foravariety of activities, like hiking, sailing, car / motorcycle/yacht racing or geotagging. Let me know what you use UltraGPSLogger for :-))Features:- formats: NMEA, KML, GPX, CSV- log raw, by distance or time- log during standby- AutoLog, AutoStart- Send log / track by email- Publish to FTP- Compress log: Zip, KMZ- Google Maps, Open Street Map- POIs, etc- Online Services- Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive- Barometer / pressure sensor- use of internal GPS- use of external GPS via Bluetooth- allow other apps to use external GPS via Mock provider- act as GPS mouseQuick Start Guide: Guide (PDF):
Safety App for Silent Beacon 4.9 (20211011)
Silent Beacon
With the Silent Beacon Safety App you can alert emergencypersonnelor loved-ones and allow them to find your location whenfaced withan emergency situation. Alert, track, call and notifyloved-ones oremergency services including 911 in emergencysituations. See whatthe Silent Beacon App can do for you and yourloved ones:APPLICATION FUNCTIONALITY • Call any designated contact(familymember, friend, or emergency personnel directly) • Addmultipleemergency contacts (with subscription) • Select Passcodefor addedprotection to prevent unwanted alert deactivation • Senddistresstext messages and emails with your real-time GPS location •Receiveand send out push notifications to alert other App users inyourcontacts • Track your loved ones when alert is active • Keeplovedones informed of your whereabouts with our “Nudge” feature •ImportContact List from phone or add manually • View status ofemergencycontacts in real-time with color changing graphicsCUSTOMIZABLEFEATURES • Create a custom text message for youremergencycontact(s) • Create a custom email header and message foryouremergency contact(s) • Change the name of your paired SilentBeacondevice CONNECTED DEVICE FEATURES • View battery life of yourdevice• View Bluetooth pairing status Use “Find Feature” to locateyourdevice • Follow tutorial for easy setup of the applicationanddevice • View animations indicating button press EMERGENCYCONTACTSOPTIONS • View your emergency contact(s) and see theirindividualalert status • Subscribe for additional contacts,options, andsecurity features • Toggle on/off Email, PushNotifications,Emails, “Nudge” and “Footstep” features perindividual contactINTERACTIVE MAP FUNCTIONS • View time alert wasstarted and timealert ended • Get Directions to your contacts inemergency • Viewemergency contact location with our color changingposition line(red new, white old) • Call Contact from the Mapdirectly • Forwardcontact map information to anyone in your addressbook • Toggle themap between Satellite and Terrain • Reset the Mapafter emergencyis over SETTINGS SELECTION • Current GPS and logininformation •Customizable messaging • Subscription information •Online HelpGuide • Password protection • Factory Reset for yourdevice •Firmware upgrade (over the air) • Logout • Ability to Muteallsounds in the App Silent Beacon is free to download and use.Shouldyou choose to upgrade to Silent Beacon Monthly Subscription,weoffer an auto-renewing subscription: $1.99/month • Access to upto7 emergency contacts to receive alerts • Create custom writingforyour emergency messages • Flexibility of Password Protectionon/off• Receive “Footsteps” live tracking view • Auto textduringemergencies without touching the app Payment will be chargedtoyour credit card through your PlayStore account at confirmationofpurchase. Subscription renews automatically unless canceledatleast 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period.Thereis no increase in price when renewing. Subscriptions can bemanagedand auto-renewal turned off in Account Settings in PlayStoreafterpurchase. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided foranyunused portion of the term. See our Terms ofService and ourPrivacyPolicy at*Note:Continued use of GPS running in the background can decreasebatterylife. **This app may use your location even when it isn’topen,which can decrease device battery life.
NextGIS Mobile 2.6.32
NextGIS Mobile is a geographic information system for yourmobiledevice that can: - show multi-layer map (layers can comefromonline and offline sources) - change visibility and layersorder -navigate the map (panning, zoom in, zoom out) - edit vectordata(both geometries and attributes) online and offline - recordtracks- show coordinates, speed, elevation etc.
RESTask for Tasker
Opt in for betatesting: is a Tasker plugin providing alternative interface toaccessRESTful APIs (targeting GET, POST, PUT, DELETE).This app is intended to work as a plugin to Tasker and doesnotprovide a launcher icon so one must have Tasker installed inorderto utilize this application.*README*Variables can be set synchronously or asynchronously.With the default sync setting, the task will wait until therequestis finished or is timed-out before executing the next taskand youwill be able to set the return code/response to localvariables.Note that in synced mode you can only set localvariables, i.e.,variables with all lower-cased letters, this is alimitation oftasker API.However, in async mode, the task will finish immediately and workinthe background so you will not be able to set local variables init(you can still use local variables for the parameters andstuff).With this mode, you can only set global variables as localvariableswill not be accessible to other tasks. Following is howto enablesetting global variables in async mode:1. To enable global variable set, you have to enable 'AllowExternalAccess' in Tasker ( menu -> preference -> misc ->AllowExternal Access')2. Return variables name should be global (with at least onecapitalletter) because it is set asynchronously in a differenttask andwill not be accessible if it is set as a localvariable.3. Since the request is performed asynchronously,returnedcode/response might not be available immediately. If youwant tocapture the returned code/response, you can set an action to'WaitUntil' the variable 'is set'. But remember to clear thevariablebeforehand because these variables are global and willremain aftertasks finished..---CookiesThe cookies will be found in the %hdr_set_cookie variable ifyourresponse header variable prefix is set to %hdr. If therearemultiple Set-Cookie headers they will stored in the samevariableseparated by newlines.---Feel free to leave comments or send email to me if you haveanysuggestions to improve this application.Special thanks to Arno Puder for helping me test the app.
TrackAbout 2.288.544
TrackAbout is a cloud-based asset trackingandmanagement system. We help companies around the world optimizetheuse of millions of physical, portable, returnable andreusablefixed assets.PLEASE NOTE: This is a B2B app and is intended only forcustomersof the TrackAbout asset tracking ecosystem. You will needaTrackAbout account to log in.TrackAbout provides physical asset tracking,includingspecialties such as:• compressed gas cylinder tracking• durable medical equipment and home medicalequipmenttracking• chemical container tracking• keg tracking• IBC tote tracking• roll-off container tracking• small tool trackingTrackAbout’s customers include Fortune 500 companies as wellassmall, independent operators.This app enables users to perform asset tracking operationsbyscanning barcodes using the smartphone's camera and,optionally,collecting the assets' GPS location using thesmartphone's locationservices.Internal users can use the following actions and features:• Add New• Create Order• Customer Audit• Delivery (basic)• Fill• Find Inventory• Load/Unload Truck• Locate• Maintenance• Reclassify Assets• Replace Barcode• Return Assets• Vendor Receive• Search for assets by tag and view asset details and history• Dynamic FormsFollow-On Tracking® users can use the following actionsandfeatures:• Move Asset• Set Volume• Search for assets by tag and view asset details and historyCompatibility:• This app requires Android 4.1 or higher.Explanation of the permissions requested by TrackAbout:• Location - access device location via GPS to determinewhereassets are when scanned• Camera - access your camera to scan barcodes
Corcanoe GPS Tracker Locator 2.62
Locate your family and grandparents, your kids and yourcars.Viewtheir tracked position on a map in yourdevice.Receivenotification ALERTS when they enter or exit an area,whenthey areout of battery, when they turn their devices on oroff...This appis designed to be installed in Android devices, cellphonesormobile phones to control other Android devices (likeyourkids,your old grandparents, your car...) using a very littleamountofbattery of the cell phone. It is perfect for the wholefamily,yourkids, for your relatives with Alzheimer and all yourfriends.TheGPS and the Network location will find them quickly. Usetheseappsas a Family Finder or as a Friends Finder. Youcouldcreatedifferent circles like "Family Circle", "FriendsCircle","WorkCircle"... You are able to choose if you share yourpositionto anyof those Circles. For example, do not share yourposition toyourkids but share it to your friends. You can configuretheTracker toset the amount of minutes between intervals. It issmartenough todetect changes, like for example when leaving thehouse itwillinform immediately. This app is able to set severalALERTStonotify you about different events on the controlledusers.Thisalerts can be: ★Geofences: Display a notificationwhenenteringand/or exiting from specific areas of the map. This wayyouwillknow if your controlled users are at home, out of home,nearacasino, at school, at the bars area, at work, in thehospital,toofar away from home, out of the neighborhood… Defineasmanygeofences as you need. ★Power on/off: Display anotificationwhenthe controlled users turns their devices on. Youare also abletoknow if they turn them off (this depends onotherfactors).★Battery: Display a notification when the controlledusergets to aminimum of battery. This way they will never be outofbattery. Youwill be able to tell them ahead of time. This appisperfect forelder people with Alzheimer, old grandfather, foryoungkids, foryour family, for your friends... to controlmobilecell-phones, foryour truck or taxi company, to find outtheposition where youparked the car... It is great also if you,oryour kid, or grandpaor any friend looses their device. You willbeable to track it andhave it back to you. So it works very wellforan anti theft. Ituses the GPS and the Network Location ofthemobile cell-phone. Youneed to install this app in thecontrolleddevices. Do not hesitateto ask any information you I willbe pleased to help you andyourfamily with this Family GPS Finder.This Software has beendevelopedfor you, so ask for anysuggestions if you have them.
frSIP Mobile 5.2.1
The frSIP Mobile for Android is aclientsoftware designed to work with any enterprise running frSIPUC2.9.3 or above. This app provides enterprise mobility byenablingusers to pair their mobile phone with their officeextensions. Youmay make and receive calls on your office line rightfrom yourAndroid device whenever you are connected to Wifi or 3GData. Youmay put this app in background mode and it will ringwhenever youroffice phone rings. Outgoing calls placed on this appwill be madevia your office phone line. Take advantage of ourmobility featuresand stay connected anytime, anywhere!
Mersive Solstice 5.3.27215
Mersive Inc
Mersive Solstice is a high-performanceteamspacecollaborationplatform that improves the usability andproductivityof meetingand learning spaces. The Solstice App enablesusers onany deviceto wirelessly share, control, and mark upunlimitedcontent on aSolstice-enabled display to drive moreefficient,engaging, andcollaborative meetings. Key Features: •Share yourdevice screen,4K videos and images, and application orweb contentsuch asYouTube • Easy to use drag-and-drop layoutcontrol •Touchlessannotation and markup using your mobile device•Pinch-to-zoomshared content on touch-enabled devices •Integrateswith web andvideo conferencing solutions (hostingcapabilitiessupported onlaptops only) Don’t have a Solstice-enableddisplay? to learn more. Important note: To usetheSolsticeApp, you must allow the app to access your location.
GPS Track Viewer 1.060d x
GPS Track Viewer allows you to view KML, KMZ, GPX, CSV andNMEAfileson a Google Map. It supports Standard, Terrain, SatelliteandHybridmode. The app registers for the supported file types andcanbeselected in all popular file managers as viewer.Thefollowingextensions / formats are supported: - KML & KMZ -GPX- CSV(Latitude and Longitude columns needed) - NMEA and TXTTheappallows to open up to 10 tracks for free, afterwards it willaskyouto buy the app.
Traccar Manager 2.2
Traccar Manager is a mobile applicationtomanage GPS tracking devices. It requires a Traccar serverinstanceto work.By default application is configured to use free demoTraccarservice. To manage devices you need to register useron (Server) is a free open source server that supportsmorethan 100 different protocols and GPS tracking devices. You canusethis application with your own hosted instance of Traccar. Formoreinformation visit
Escort sensors configuration app 1.0.49
The application allows you to perform: - basic sensor settings;-perform full and empty calibration; - set the mode and smoothing;-set a password to change the settings; - change thenetworkaddresses of wired sensors.
WebEye 4.12.12
Webgate Inc.
The WebEye mobile application allows users to controlandmonitorWEBGATE's products anytime, anywhere in themobileenvironment. #Main function - Live Monitoring (Single / Multiview)- PTZ control- WNS / WRS - System log - Event log -Playback(Single) #Supported Android versions - Android 7.0 or later#Supportedproducts - All DVR products - All NVR products
Maxoptra Driver App
Maxoptra is designed to enable efficient decision makinginreal-time within ever-changing operationalenvironments,particularly distribution and service management.Maxoptra's DriverApp is a great addition for operators who want torun a paperlessoperation whilst still getting all the benefits ofcustomer ETAnotifications and ePOD functionality. Take advantage ofMaxoptra’sDriver App functionality, which includes: - real-timenavigationand tracking; - live delivery reporting; - barcodescanning; -delivery photo capture - electronic signature (ePOD)Privacypolicy:
SwiftFinder 3.9.22
SnappWish LLC
SwiftFinder is world's leading smart app that protectsyourvaluablebelongings with the help from various supportedsmartthings anddevices. Couldn’t find your keys? SwiftFinder canhelpyou find themSWIFTLY with supported smart tags. Have hardtimefinding yourmisplaced phone? SwiftFinder can help you findit,even if the phoneis under a pile of clothes, in silent mode orhasheadset pluggedin. With SwiftFinder, never be stressedagainwandering around tofind your phone. Don't remember where isyourcar? SwiftFinder canautomatically remember when and whereyouparked the car, even ifyour phone is in your pocket.Integratedwith: - Amazon Alexa -Google Assistant Features withsupportedsmart tags/smart luggagetags: - Item ringer - Phone finder-Distance indicator - Last seenlocation - Separation alert -BaggageArrival Alert - Selfie Remote- Custom Ringtones - GlobalCrowd GPSFeatures with supported smartcar chargers/wireless carchargers: -Smart Car Locator - IndoorParking Reminder - ParkingMeter Reminder- Car Battery HealthMonitor Other common features:- Family SharingContinued use of GPSrunning in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.
Communicator easy task manager 3.0.5
Cartrack's Communicator is a powerful applicationthatcombinescommunication, navigation, tracking andtaskmanagementtechnologies into one solution thatstreamlinesprocesses,increases productivity and reduces coststhrough theeffectivereal-time management of a mobile workforce.Communicatorhas afully updated user interface with colour-codedtask trackingandseamless integration with mobile device cameras andGoogleMaps.The functionality includes task creation,assignment,rejectionwith reasons and the reassignment of a task.MAINFEATURES: • Makeyour drivers’ lives easy • Send and receiveinstantmessages to andfrom your drivers. • Drivers get all therequesteddetails abouttasks, including instructions, directions andsteps; •Live taskstatus updates for your managers with real-timetracking;•Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) with photos andsignatures;•No more paperwork. -------------------- More detailsabouttheservice: ThedeveloperisCartrack company: We areunfortunately unable toanswer your commentary indetails right inthe Google Play Store.Ask your questions onourwebsite: