Top 44 Apps Similar to PewTreyzaniaAction

Tubers Tycoon
Finally in Android one of the best youtubers life simulator,inTubers tycoon you can create your own virtual channel and growyouraudience in any of the following topics:- Vlogs- Gameplay-Prank-Beauty & fashion- MusicCreate new content and get newviewswhich will lead in new subscriptors and virtual currency.. andwhoknows, maybe your video get viral and you end up beingmillionaire!as in the real life! tube tycoon is a fun simulatorgame!Welcome tothe youtubers life! Compite with your friends andclimb in theranking till the top! will you be the next pewdiepie?In tubetycoon you need to play with strategy, for example invest inthevideos which the go viral percentage is higher!As arecommendationwe suggest to do not spend all your budget at one,split in a fewvideos and be patient! Im sure your next video willgo viral! likeyosoygerman for example! This game represent theyoutubers life andwas inspired in tube tycoon, a great pc simulatorwhich waspromoted by some famous youtubers like yosoygerman or elrubius.jacksepticeye was also promoting the game in his mainchannel.Thisgame is still in his early steps, in the new few weekswe will beadding a lot of new content and new funcionality!
ASKIP allows you to receive anonymous messages from yourfriendsanonymously.How it works ?1- Post your link in your Instabio orSnap and receive anonymous feedback.2- Reply directly intothe app.
PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator
Follow in the footsteps of one of the biggest internetstars,PewDiePie, by creating your very own pocket Tuber inPewDiePie'sTuber Simulator! Will you become the biggest, baddestTuber ever inno time and kick PewDiePie out of his own throne? Findout in this2.5D isometric retro styled game!⋆ MAKE VIDEOS and GAINVIEWS andSUBS to buy new ITEMS such as EQUIPMENT, FURNITURE,CLOTHES andeven PETS!⋆ REAL VOICE ACTING by PewDiePie himself!⋆COMPLETE EPICQUESTS to gain currency quickly!⋆ SHOW OFF YOURAWESOME ROOM bysharing it online!⋆ FOLLOW YOUR FAVORITE PLAYERS andVOTE for themin WEEKLY EVENTS!⋆ CONNECT WITH FRIENDS and send orreceive SWAGGIFTS! ⋆ CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS in the survival arenaand bragabout your score on Facebook!⋆ PLAY PUGGLE, the cutestminigameever!⋆ AMAZING CHIPTUNE MUSIC by RUSHJET1, returningfromPEWDIEPIE: LEGEND OF THEBROFIST!© 2016Outerminds Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The all-new Rituals app is here. Appsolutelyinspirational!Discoverour new magazine: your daily dose ofinspiration, helpful hints andrecipes. Create a moment for yourselfwith our relaxing meditationand yoga videos—we’ve even added somesimple exercises specificallyfor beginners. The new design is easyto navigate, with a homepagethat allows you to browse quickly andupdated shopping screens thatmake buying a breeze. It also includesa store locator to help youfind your local Rituals store, as wellas a wishlist function whereyou can save all your favouriteproducts. Download the Rituals appand slow down, relax and mostimportantly, enjoy!
Soundbox France
Soundbox développé en France à l'écoute de la communautéPourl'instant + 600 sons de disponible !6 UNIVERS ET 17 CATÉGORIES:·UNIVERS INTERNET - Internet - Youtube· UNIVERS GAMING - JeuxVidéos- Musique de Jeux Vidéos· UNIVERS MUSICAL - Musique -Génériques -Hymnes· UNIVERS TV - Télévision - Séries TV - Animés -Publicités·UNIVERS CINÉMA - Films - Musique de Films· UNIVERSMINEURS - Sport- Politique - Humour - AutresDES FONCTIONNALITÉSPRATIQUES :-PARTAGER LES SONS SUR MESSENGER,WHATS APP ...- DÉFINIRUN SON COMMESONNERIE,NOTIFICATION OU RÉVEIL !- REGROUPER VOS SONSPRÉFÉRÉS DANSLA CATÉGORIE " COUP DE COEUR "MISE À JOUR :Environ unemise à jourpar semaine ( le week-end )Ajout d'environ 35 sons parmise à jour!DES DÉVELOPPEURS À L'ÉCOUTE :95% DES SONS SONT SUGGÉRÉSPAR LACOMMUNAUTÉ !Soundbox developed in France to listen tothecommunityFor now +600 sounds available!6 17 WORLD ANDCATEGORIES:·INTERNETWORLD    -Internet    -Youtube· WORLDGAMING    -Videogames    - Video Games Music·MUSICALUNIVERSE    -Music    -Generics    -Hymns· WORLDTV    - TV    -TVseries    -Animated    -Advertising· CINEMAUNIVERSE    -Movies    -Movie Soundtracks·UNIVERSEMINORS     -Sport     -Policy     -Humor     -OtherFEATURES OF PRACTICE:-SHARE THE SOUNDS ON MESSENGER, WHATS APP...- DEFINE HIS RING AS,OR NOTIFICATION ALARM!- COMBINE YOURFAVORITE SONS IN CATEGORY"FAVORITE"UPDATE :About an update a week(weekend)Adding about 35sounds per update!DEVELOPERS TO LISTEN:95%OF THE SONS ARESUGGESTED BY THE COMMUNITY!
Who wouldn’t want to have a game on his phone where you can dressupor feed Spejson? Who wouldn’t want to see Spejson drinking100bottles of beer in a row or wouldn’t want to see if a suitofItalian mafioso will fit him?So come on and download theapp,because this is the space where you can do all thosethings!Youhave some other wishes? No worries. The app will probablyfulfillthem all.By downloading the app you’re gaining the bestfellow youcould ever imagine!take care of him, so he’s fed andsleepswellProvide him with cool clothesgive him supplements so hecanstay in the gym whole dayPlay series of mini games with himwhilehe’s on the toilet These and much more fun possibilitiesarewaiting for you!Get the app before we change our mind!
Amplificador de volumen
Amplificador de volumen gratis.Si quieres aprovechar al maximoelsonido y la musica de tu telefono o tableta, bajate esta appyaumenta el volumen de los parlantes, sin necesidad deroot!Disfrutadel mejor sonido amplificado con esta appgratuita.Free amplifiervolume.If you want to maximize the sound andmusic on your phone ortablet, download this app and increases thespeaker volume withoutroot!Enjoy the best amplified sound with thisfree app.
love poem
Madly in love with the girl or the boy of your dreams? If so,makesure to let them know often but do not repeat yourself! Useourapplication and make sure you have a huge collection ofunique,adorable and heartwarming messages that will help youclearlyconvey all your feelings! Send them as an SMS or viaFacebook,WhatsApp or E-mail. Be sure to check your applicationregularly asyou will have access to new content and speciallydesigned lovepoems. We will update regularly so you never have tosend the samemessage twice!
5 Words
Five Words, broken into 16 boxes! Can you find them?Howtoplay:1.They are Given 5 Data and you're looking for 5words..2.Find the 5 words in any order..3.You do not lose if youguesswrong..4.There is no time limit..5.If you find one word hardgethelp!!6.You can play the past levels again!7.Transfer codestoanother device!- Learn orthography!- Learn new words!- Enjoythetime pleasantly!- It relaxes you!Find us on Facebook!Learnnewsabout the Game and thenewLevels! byemail:karfills23@gmail.comHave fun!Search the game as: 5 words,words,puzzle, crossword, crossword puzzle
IPTV Lists - Free iptv links and m3u playlist 🆕🖥
The best IPTV Lists application!Free IPTV Lists is theapplicationthat brings together more than 200 free and up-to-datelists forIPTV. The lists are separated into the categories animes,channels,sports, films, novels, radios, religious andseries,respectively.Do you like to watch series? Like to watch yourSmartvon Kodi? Are you tired of looking for iptv lists that do notworkor are outdated? So DOWNLOAD NOW the IPTV Lists - New Lists ofFreeIPTV Channels!FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES OF THE APP:* Easy: Withjusttwo taps you get the url from the list you want*Customizable:Choose between light mode and dark mode* Organized:The lists areseparated by categories* Updated: The lists arereviewed andupdated every day* Beautiful: Application completely indesignmaterial* Search: Did not see the list you were looking for?Do asearch* Send list: Send us your list to add in the app*Reportlists: Just report and it will be removed in less than 24h*Sortlists: Choose the perfect order for you* Share lists onGoogle+,Facebook, Twitter or via email* Several competing iptvplayers:IPTV Pro, Kodi, Playlistv, IPTV Online, Perfect Player,IPTVExtreme and others* Multiple formats: Lists iptv m3u, txt,m3u8,xspf, wpl and pls* Share the iptv list on all socialnetworksWHATWILL YOU FIND IN THIS APP?* free iptv links* Channellist for kodi*list iptv smart tv* iptv m3u playlist* list iptv forplaylistv*Updated iptv m3u list* Iptv playlist* sports listings towatch livematch* m3u playlist* free iptv playlist* free iptvchannel list*list of anime iptv* iptv sports free listing* LiveFootball List*and much more...FOLLOW US ON SOCIALNETWORKS:Site:http://applistasiptv.blogspot.comFacebook: iptv liststhat are listed in this application are notours and we do not hostthem on our server. Credits are from theircreators. Theapplication is just a link aggregator and, as withsearch engines,only organizes and gathers external links.Even theapplication doesnot encourage piracy. Although, you can findseveral playlists inyour favorite player.This is a free appsupported by ads. Ads areimportant for the app to stay on theair.Download IPTV Lists - NewFree Lists Now for IPTV 2018 and startenjoying iptv lists forfree.
Qrius (formerly The Indian Economist)
Qrius (formerly The Indian Economist) believes inpresenting'Something New' to its readers. 'Something New' is anintegral partof our editorial philosophy. We believe that each timereaders logon to Qrius, they read about something they were notaware ofbefore. Qrius seeks to focus on new subjects, trendsandperspectives, allowing its readers to remain ahead of thecurve.Qrius does not seek to follow the news cycle - we seek tocreateour own. By introducing topics and opinions that are not inthepublic consciousness, Qrius seeks to empower its reader withnewinformation that allows them to remain ahead of the curve.Moreabout usQrius (formerly The Indian Economist) is a leadingdigitalmagazine that focuses on publishing high quality articlesandopinion pieces on business & economics, policy,politics,culture, foreign affairs and more. With a broad range ofauthorsrepresenting several industries and geographies, Qrius aimstopresent to the reader a unique perspective on issues theycareabout. We publish content on issues that are not heard of,andpresent an new dimension to readers. Our motto is ‘For theCuriousMind’ as we strive to develop Qrius into a forum wherecuriousminds meet and discuss a diverse range of subject areas thataffectbusiness, politics and society in general.Over the past 4.5years,Qrius (formerly The Indian Economist) has received millionsofviews, been associated with Columnists and Interns from across6continents and more than 20 countries, partnered with dozensofevents and organisations across the country, and is now lookingatits next stage of expansion as it diversifies content,expandsreach and strengthens its links with its readers.Diversepool ofWriters and Associates from each continent, covering morethan 30different countries. Qrius is is read in more than 50countries.Our top geographies are: India, United States, UnitedKingdom,Australia, Germany, Canada, Brazil, France and Japan.
Escape City
Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now!City controlled by acriminalgang.Until recent events this city was quiet and peaceful.Aruthless gang rules this city, bribing politicians and copsandselling drugs on the streets. In Escape City you’re a rookiecopand it’s your task to stop it and get rid off this gang onceandfor all. You must to collect every possible evedince that youfind,examine them and send every gang member to jail. But don’texpectthis case to be an easy one. So be ready to plunge into theworldof crime, solve the most difficult puzzles and become a realpolicedetective.
Service Report 2018
Take a control for your service activity. Created to perfectlyadaptto the new model report, Service Report has been designedwith loveand care, with the desire to be useful and easy to use intheministry performed by Jehovah's Witnesses.You can take adaily,monthly and yearly record. The statistics allow you to knowif youare reaching your pioneering goal or personal goal. And youcanknow how many hours you have to do every day to meet themonthlytarget or your annual target. Change the mode to auxiliarypioneer30 hours, 50 hours, Regular or Special Pioneer and theapplicationwill inform you at all times if you're ahead or behindof yourgoal.Control the Publications, Videos, Time, or ReturnVisits anddifferent Studies conducted. Use the stopwatch to counttimeautomatically as you record other values on the fly.You canalsocustomize the graphical environment to your own preferences.Wehopeyou enjoy the application and find it useful.Please drop meanyquestions or suggestions. Also, if you want to help me translateitinto any other language, contact me.Best regards and thank youverymuch for using this App.* This application has NOT beenofficiallydeveloped by Watch Tower Bible and Track (TM). Thedeveloper isJehovah's Witness and has developed and maintain thisnon-profitapplication with love and for free for the use of hisbrothers andsisters around the world. The application is and willcontinue beentotally free and does not contain and will nevercontain any kindof advertising.* App Icons developed by icons8.comand used underCreative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 UnportedLicense.
OM (Official)
The OFFICIAL Android application Olympique Marseille: MANDATORYandFREE!- All the news in real time- All text live matches-Manyexclusive videos- A notification system- All information abouttheseason (calendar, effective, grading)- Any activity of the clubonvarious social networks (Google+, Facebook, Twitter)-Thepossibility of buying his tickets for the Velodrome directlyfromyour Android smartphone.
my2M 1.0.8
my2M est l’application officielle de la chaîne publiquedetélévision Marocaine 2M. En installant cetteapplication,l’utilisateur accède à un service d’information, à descontenusvidéos exclusifs et des reprises de contenus desprogrammesdiffusés sur la chaîne 2M TV.Grâce à my2M, vous pouvez :- Suivrel’actualité nationale et internationale - Regarder 2M endirect,avec le timeshifting des 6 dernières heures de diffusion -Voir etrevoir les programmes de 2M quand vous voulezDe plus, vouspouvezprogrammez les alertes « info » et « programmes TV » selonvospréférences.Tous ces contenus et bien d’autres seront àvotreportée, au Maroc et à l’étranger 24/24. Alors pour vousinformer etvous divertir installez my2M.Copyright © 2018Sociétéd'étude et deréalisations audiovisuelles (SOREAD)my2M is theofficial app of theMoroccan public television 2M. By installingthis application, theuser accesses an information service, toexclusive video contentand reversals content of programs broadcaston TV channel 2M.Withmy2M you can:- Follow the national andinternational news- Watchlive 2M with timeshifting the last 6 hoursof broadcasting- Viewand review 2M programs when you wantInaddition, you can schedulealerts "info" and "TV programs" accordingto your preferences.Allof this content and many more will be atyour fingertips, inMorocco and abroad 24/24. So to inform andentertain you installmy2M.Copyright © 2018Company study andaudiovisual productions(SOREAD)
The Tribez & Castlez
Get ready for unforgettable adventures in the world of Tribez&Castlez! As the ruler of a kingdom, you will facevariouschallenges throughout the game. Some are peaceful, likehaving tobuild a village, plant a garden or repair a barnyard.Others willrequire you to improve your castle defense, protect themanor fromattacks, and craft weapons and tools for your people.Yourlong-term objective is to bring your settlement to prosperitybyfarming the lands, developing your town and fighting enemies!Fightvicious villains, numerous fearful creatures and even auniquemonster! This Game is available for download absolutelyFREE!
✔ This game works in offline mode withoutInternet so youcan play it on a plane, in the subway or on theroad. Enjoy!
✔Enjoy a unique parallax effect on you device! It’smore than just amoving background; it creates a sense of dimensionand the illusionof depth.✔ Uncover the endless secrets of the magicgame world indeep dungeons, high towers, and abandonedwastelands.
✔ Protectyour kingdom from vicious Gobools, powerfulTrollums, and a uniqueancient beast, among other fearfulcreatures.
✔ Rebuild yourkingdom: construct Sawmills and Factories,cultivate grapes andeggplants, breed pigs and sheep, farm the landsand reap theharvest.
✔ Develop your country by building fortifiedtowers toprotect your subjects and creating statues and fountainsto boostyour influence.
✔ Collect and Conquer: hundreds of raremagic itemswill add to your treasury and help you enlist the helpof legendaryheroes.
✔ Experience beautiful graphics andsound.Official PageonFacebook: from GameInsight: on Facebook: toourYouTube channel: the latest newsonTwitter: usonInstagram:
Talking Jerry Bro Mouse Friend
"They run and they hide. They play and they fight. They talkandthey bite. They are fun and full of mischief. They are rivalsbutare cute like tom and jerry. They are virtual pet but can benasty.Talking Jerry Bro Mouse Friends are cute & funnycartoonanimated virtual pet mouse. It's a classic cartoon rivalrytalelike tom and jerry but between two virtual pet mouse with newagetechnology of mobile. Talking Jerry Bro Mouse Friends fight,run,hide, play, hit, laugh, talk & repeat your words inchangedvoices. Be a part of an epic battle between these twovirtual petmouse. Their fun fights will make your kids and the kidsin youlaugh.Download nowWhat’s new in Talking Jerry Bro MouseFriendsOver1 million downloadsOver 20 Million minutes of gameplay.Over 500Million animations played3 new rooms and 20 newanimationsadded.Talking Jerry Bro Mouse Friend fight like tom andjerry whichuse household item as weapon to hit and fight with eachother.Talking Jerry Bro Mouse Friends has 9 rooms with differentset ofcartoon fun weapons. It has over 100 different animationsthat willmake you laugh and keep you entertained.Living room : It’swherethe fun, laugh and fights of virtual pet begins. Talking JerryBroMouse Friend have knife, frying pan, hammer and many more funitemsas weapons.Sports room : where the cartoon sports equipmentsareturned to fun animated weapons. Baseball bat, boxinggloves,basketball etc can be fun to play but are lethalweapons.Bathroom :Talking Jerry Bro Mouse Friend come here to giveholy dip inboiling water to each other. They use hair dryer,toothbrush, hotwater etc to freshen up each other.Kitchen : TalkingJerry BroMouse Friend cook each other. Serving bowl, fruits,serving spoonetc lend the helping hand.Bed room : Talking Jerry BroMouse Frienddon’t sleep but wake up each other. STATUTORY WARNINGPillow,cuckoo clock, makeup kit etc can be dangerous.Study room :Neithershall I study nor should the other. Books, Ink, scissors etcaremore harmful than helpful.Toys room : Talking Jerry BroMouseFriend turn harmless fun animated toys into weapons ofmassdestruction. Balloons, bubbles maker, binoculars etc can causelotof destruction.Gym : Talking Jerry Bro Mouse Friends exerciseandexercise the right to hit and beat each other. STATUTORYWARNINGUse of treadmill, punching bag, steel rod etc in presence oftheothers can lead to injury.Garage : Talking Jerry Bro MouseFriendsuse tools kits to hit and dent each other. Spanner, drillmachine,welding machine etc are the tools of choice.They are asbrutal astom and jerry. But love each other as well.Hit, tap, pokeor cuddlethem to make them fight, run, hide, play, laugh, talk& repeatyour words in changed voices. Animated cartoon weaponsand theiranimations will make your kids and kid in you laugh andkeepeveryone entertained for a long time.FeaturesTalking JerryBroMouse Friend animated cartoon characters fun fights will makeyoulaugh.Talk to them, and they will repeat what you say, intheirchanged voices.If they are peeking from within the walls, tapthecheese and enjoy the race to get to it.Want to make them runandhide? Just switch off the lights by tapping on thelightswitch.Want to see them fight? Poke any one of them on eyesortummy & enjoy the show.If you like them, press therecordbutton and share through Facebook, Twitter, email, WhatsApp,LINEetc. Short video clips can be a lot offun.DownloadNow."",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"
The Greatest Quotes
Great Thinkers have more than 1,000 selected quotes ofgreatauthors, famous philosophers and scientists bringing wordsofwisdom for inspiration and reflection on the day-to-day.Youcanalso share messages / phrases as you like with your friendsonsocial networks like Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS and more.
Mister President
>>> Mister President is the 4th best game of2016accordingly to SlideDB website!>>> MORE THAN500.000INSTALLS!Historic mark reached! And to celebrate, a newversionwith something people have been asking: WAR!Beware of youractions,or your neighbouring country, Coconuquistan will try toinvade yourcountry!---------The government has fallen! And you wereelected tobe the first President of the Republic of Bananistan!Canyoucomplete the 4 years of your term?Try to please all sectorsandfactions of the population - otherwise you run the riskofImpeachment, an armed revolt, or worse, an assassinationattempt!Oryou can ignore the population, and rule like a realdictator ...the choice is yours!Your decisions matters a lot! Inthissimulation game, you have to think carefully how your actionswillaffect the different factions of society! Use spies todiscoverconspiracies... try to please everyone to avoid arevolution! Andbe prepared for supresies along the way!
My Kyivstar
"My Kyivstar" app is our update self-service system for usersof"Home internet" service and for subscribers of "Kyivstar"network,except enterprise and business subscribers. It allows youto managecosts, enable services and receive important informationabout allyour numbers online on any device. With “My Kyivstar” youget:•Free detailed reports of your expenses for the last 6 months;•Oneprofile for all of your devices and mobile numbers inthe"Kyivstar" network;• Information about your currentrateschedule(tariff) conditions; • Daily statistics of spendingsandservices used;• Application supported on all your devices; •Topingup credit online without commission; • Free rating(tariffication)of usage;• Management of services and yourapplications;• Abilityto organise all your contacts (from addressbook); • Personalaccount with profile settings.Your propositionsfor the applicationplease send to Terms andConditions for «MyKyivstar» self-servicesystem:
Sky News Arabia
The app always keeps you up to date about what’s going on aroundyouin the region & the world at large. It provides you withthelatest news with speed & accuracy right from the heartofevents. The daily content offers a wide variety of breakingnews& feature stories across politics, sport, business,science,health, technology & others. Every day the app getsloaded witha lot of new videos, image galleries, infographics,polls &opinion articles covering various topics from around theworld. Italso includes special pages for all of Sky News Arabia’sTV showsallowing you to watch all previous episodes on demand.Inadditionto: • Users can customize news notifications according totheirpreferences. • Users can follow certain topics so theyreceiveinstant updates as they happen. • “My News” tab where usersgethold of their favorite content. • Rich-media notifications(photos& videos as opposed to text only). • Livecoverage(multi-channel timeline) of big events. • 360 Videos. •Opinionarticles. • A completely new navigation menu for betterusability.• Breaking news notifications. • Plenty of various videoseveryday. • Live streaming of the TV channel around the clock. •Livestreaming of the radio channel around the clock. • Searchcontent.• A dedicated section for the most popular topics. • Adedicatedsection for infographics. • Dedicated pages for all TVshows. •Polls.
WakenApp - Video Alarm Clock FREE
99% of bad days start with the samealarmtone...😩 .That's why we know how important is to wake up with yourfavouritesongs or sounds...If you feel identified, ¡this is your app!❤ ¡Keep reading!✅ - WakenApp is the first App in the -🌎 - that uses videos towarnyou and wake you up. Each time you set an alarm, a differentvideoupload by our users will make you to look for your Android towatchand rate it. With this new version you only need 1 hourinternetconnection a day to warn you, even if you don't atthatmoment.✅ - You have multiple thematic channels to choose what kindofvideos you want to be awakened or warned with; 90's &80'smusic videos, dance music videos, pets, landscapes, youtubers,men,women, ... we have more than 15 video channels and every monthwecreate new channels!✅ - Your app allows you to name your alarms, choose which daysofthe week and at what time you want to be notified, edit alarmoncethey are created and, of course, choose which video channelyouwant to be awakened up with.✅ - In addition you can also participate. With our integratedcamerayou can record a video to encourage people from around theworld towake up or wish them a good day. Do not wait any longerand downloadour alarm clock app and surprise yourself every timewith adifferent video.🆒 🔝 *WakenApp is free of banners advertising application.🚨 ⏰ 💤 - If you want to be warned in an original and differentwayWakenApp is your choice.Thank you so much for trusting in us! Keep updated. Weareconstantly making improvements in our app. Coming soonmorechannels, more features, and much more fun!
Tadpole Tap
Reach the skies with your favorite tadpole while eating flieswithyour tongue! With piranhas constantly on your tail, you musthurryand pull your way through dangerous obstacles! Try to beatyourfriends highscores and embellish your aquarium with tadpolesbyunlocking all the little fellas!✔ UNLOCK YOUR TADPOLES: Therearemultiple tadpoles to unlock, each with a unique ability thatwillhelp you through the dangers along the way.✔ UPGRADE YOURTADPOLES:Each tadpole's unique ability can be upgraded to getbetterscores.✔ GET BETTER POWERUPS: All powerups can be upgraded tomakethem last longer. If they last long enough, you can sometimeshavemultiple powerups at once! Some combinations are very good!✔DON'TFORGET TO EAT FLIES: Eating flies is somehow very satisfying,plusthis is what allows you to buy upgrades!✔ CLIMB FURTHER EVERYTIME:Beat your highscore and battle your friends. Compareyourperformance on the leaderboard.✔ GET THE PUZZLE PIECES:EachTadpole has a unique puzzle to unlock!✔ UNLOCK THE SKINS:Collectvials to unlock them all! There is 3 skins pertadpole.✔ACHIEVEMENTS: Let's see if you can clear them all!In oneword,Tadpole Tap is an awesome Retro Runner in Pixel Art.TadpoleTap,the life circle of a frog.Language available: English,French,Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, German, SimplifiedChineseand Serbian.(English, Français, Español, Русский,Português,Italiano, Deutsch, 中文, Srpski)
Are you a COSMOTE mobile or fixed line subscriber?If yes, youcannow get the chance to manage your account by yourself!MyCOSMOTEapplication gives you the ability to manage via your mobilephonethe account or your accounts related to your mobile or fixedline,get informed about issues connected to your account, viewandactivate services, as well as switch your tariffplan.Morespecifically, free of any access passwords you can manageyourmobile connection as follows:- View your available balanceinairtime, messages, MB- Pay and get informed about the amountofyour monthly bill, the payment date and other importantinformationsuch as the summary of your calls- Enable or disableservices andSMS/MMS bundles- Transfer credits to other COSMOTEprepaid numbers-Inquire about your current tariff plan or switch toanynew.Moreover, you can manage your fixed connection as follows:-Getinformation about your monthly bill and also pay it-Getinformation about your active services.You can also:- ContacttheCustomer Service Center in written form or by telephone viathe"Call shortcut"- Find the nearest shop of our SalesNetwork.Note:If you have consolidated your passwords so that youcan access youraccount using the same username and password for MyCOSMOTE Mobileand My COSMOTE Fixed, then you will be able to seethrough MyCOSMOTE Application all information related to yourconnections viathe automatic detection, without having to loginusing yourpasswords! If not, you can view the information of yourfixedconnection using the same username and password as that youuse forMy COSMOTE Fixed.The application runs also in tablets.
achoTV TDT Online
With our online TDT application you can watch television livefromanywhere in the world. It is ideal to watch online TV when youareaway from home or traveling in another country. Now you willnotmiss your favorite series and TV shows and you will be able toseethem in real time. In addition there are channels of drawingssothat your children can also enjoy the TDT Online.
Mes Échantillons Gratuits
Nous publions plusieurs dizaines de nouvelles offres tous lesjours.Certaines sont si intéressantes qu'elles peuvent expirerdansl'heure qui suit leur publication ! Grâce à notre application,vousne raterez plus aucune offre car vous serez averti en tempsréel desderniers bons plans pour économiser disponibles enFrance.La marcheà suivre pour profiter de notre inventairesd'offres est trèssimple:- Consultez vos catégories préférées debons plans- Cliquezsur l'offre pour obtenir plus de détails.-Cliquez sur le bouton"J'en profite" et commencez à économiser dèsaujourd'hui.Voustrouverez plein de réductions et de gratuités survos marquespréférées :- Sur les boissons et la nourriture.- Aurayon frais :économisez sur vos yaourts, briques de lait etfromages- Prenez soinde vous avec nos produits Hygiène et beauté.-Participer à nosconcours voyage pour gagner un inoubliable voyageet partager desmoments agréables avec la famille.- Faites plaisirà votre animal decompagnie grâce aux échantillons gratuitspouranimauxFonctionnalités:★ Listing des offres: tous les bonsplanssont triés par date et filtrés par catégorie.★ Recherche:trouvezle magasin, la marque ou l'offre que vous cherchez.★Favoris:mettez vos offres préférées en favori pour les avoirtoujours àportée de main.★ Détails d'une offre: obtenez plus dedétails surune offre ou un rabais. Partagez vos commentaires aveclacommunauté. Cliquez simplement sur le bouton “J’enprofite”.★Partage: partagez les bons plans avec vos amis et votrefamille surTwitter, Facebook, Pinterest ou par courriel.★Notification : nelaissez jamais une offre arriver à expiration! Lanotificationintelligente vous permet d'économiser beaucoup plusfacilement envous envoyant des alertes sur les offres qui arriventà expiration.★ Widget : ne perdez plus votre temps, toutes lesnouvelles offressont accessibles depuis votre écran d'accueil etsont mises à jourtoutes les 15 minutes.★ Tablette : l’application“Mes EchantillonsGratuits” est disponible aussi bien sur votretéléphone intelligentque sur votre tablette, pour ne jamais passerà côté des dernièresbonnes affaires !❤ Rejoignez une communauté deplus de 300 000personnes qui économisent tous les jours sur leurachats grâce ànotre App.We publish dozens of new offers every day.Some are sointeresting they may expire in the hour followingtheirpublication! With our app you no longer miss offer because youwillbe notified in real time of the latest tips for savingavailable inFrance.The procedure to enjoy our inventory deals isvery simple:-Check your favorite tips categories- Click on theoffer to get moredetails.- Click the "Get offer" button and startsaving today.Youwill find plenty of discounts and freebies on yourfavoritebrands:- The drinks and food.- Cool beam: save your yogurt,cheeseand milk cartons- Pamper yourself with our products Hygieneandbeauty.- Participate in our contest to win a tripunforgettablejourney and share pleasant moments with family.- Treatyour petwith the complimentary samples for animalsfeatures:★Listing ofoffers: all tips are sorted by date and filtered bycategory.★Search: find the store, brand or offering you seek.★Favorites: Putyour favorite deals on favorite to have them alwaysat hand.★Details of offer: get more details on offer or a discount.Shareyour comments with the community. Simply click the "Getoffer"button.★ Sharing: Share tips with your friends and familyonTwitter, Facebook, Pinterest or email.★ Notification: Neverleavean offer to expire! Intelligent notification allows you tosave alot easier by sending alerts on deals that expire.★ Widget:do notwaste your time, all new offers are accessible from yourhomescreen and are updated every 15 minutes.★ Tablet: Application"MyFree Samples" is available both on your smart phone to yourtablet,never missing the latest bargains!❤ Join a community ofover300,000 people who save on their everyday purchases throughourApp.
Juan De Dios Pantoja
Encontraras los vídeos mas recientes de Juan De Dios Pantojaypodrás chatear con otros usuarios de la aplicación.You findthelatest videos of Juan De Dios Pantoja and can chat with otherusersof the application.
The Names of God
In English and French. This application gives the list ofHebrewnames of God and their detailed meanings and derivations.Foreachname, it also gives:- The number of occurrences in the Bible.-Theverse where it was used for the first time- The variantspellingsof the name- All other uses of the name and versesreferences- Thespelling in the Septuagint (Hebrew Bible inGreek)You can alsolisten these information if you have TTSinstalled.For comments andsuggestions please contact me byemail:ingenieurbrou@hotmail.comThanks to encourage me by givingmeseveral stars as note.El Shaddai, El Elyon, Adonaï, Yahweh,YHWH,Yahweh Nissi, Yahweh-Raah, Yahweh Rapha, Yahweh Shamma,YahwehTsidkenu, Yahweh Mekoddishkem, El Olam, Elohim, YahwehQanna,Yahweh Jireh, Yahweh Shalom, L'Eternel des armées, YahwehSabaoth,Jehovah ...
Hands up!
Hands up! - A great way to spend an evening with friends. A lotoffun, pleasure and laughter are provided!It's very easy to play-you keep the phone at your forehead, showing the screen toyourfriends, and they try to explain to you the words appearing onthescreen. If the answer is correct, you turn the phone face down.Ifyou can not guess - skip the word by turning the phone face up.Thewinner is the one who will score the most points!The gameiscompletely free!The game has different difficulty levels, soitwill be interesting for both children and adults!More than7000different words, you can play in English or Russian, 4difficultylevels, for a big company!Hands up! - you will notregret!
BR Series
Our sole objective is to share culture, giving information aboutallseries. Because the application was designed so that people whowerenot aware of certain content could accompany it for free andifthere was interest, it could be interested to purchase theoriginalproduct. The app is like a free tracking service. We donot intendto replace the original products. Because our purpose isnot this.We believe that a work has a greater value when itreaches a largeraudience. And our work with the application isexactly this. To makethe public have fun in overtime. Withcontents that maybe someonewould not remember.
Has a powerful multimedia player, running on theAndroidsystem.Universal format playback: With superiormulti-formatsupport and decoding capabilities, fully support thecurrentpopular all audio and video formats.Super decodingcapability:Hardware acceleration mode, normal mode, smooth modefree toswitch. Support the latest ARM CPU NEON instructionset.Portableoperating functions: Slide the screen left and right toadjust thebrightness. Right-hand slide up and down to adjust thevolume.Full-screen left and right sliding adjustment progress.
Beautiful Islamic Ringtones
Islamic Ringtones offer you some of the Best Free IslamicRingtonesto celebrate Islam . Configure an Islamic ringtone tocelebrateAllah and be with him at all time Useful to all theMuslims.Islamicringtones can be set to phone ringtone, SMS ringtone, alarmringtone , suggesting ringtone, notification ringtone.Stayin touchwith your religion, set some of the best religious songsasringtones and feel the presence of Allah every time your phoneisringing. Features:- Set as ringtone for android / contactringtone/ alarm sound / sms sound- Set widget button of favoritesounds onyour phone home - Assign to a contact
Guess the Youtuber
In this particular game you have to guess the channel name oftheseyoutubers based on their profile pictures that aredisplayed.Allyoutubers in this game has over 2 millionsubscribers.PopularyoutuberslikePewdiepie,Ricegum,Leafyishere,Jennamarbles,Markiplier,VanossGaming,Jacksepticeyeareincluded.
SMS Drague 2018
Vous avez envie d'envoyer un SMS de drague, un SMS Amourpourdraguer et séduire une femme / un homme mais vousmanquezd'inspiration?"SMS Drague 2018" est une applicationgratuite, quivous donne l'accès à des messages de drague très douxpour lesenvoyer à ton coeur d'amour, et de lui exprimer, avec unmessaged'amour les sentiments que vous avez envers lui.Avec "SMSDrague2018", vous profitez d'une collection de Plusieurs SMS,Messageamour et sms drague, Phrases romantiques et aussi desCitations etpoèmes d'amour, Texto D'amour pour votre femme, votrecopine, vosamis.Dès maintenant, draguer en envoyant un petitmessage de dragueen français très doux à votre amour, ce fait estdevenu très facileavec cette application, vous n'avez plus à écriredes SMS, il voussuffit d'ouvrir l'application, de choisir lemessage que vousvoulez envoyer.Vous pouvez partager les SMS surFacebook, l'envoyerpar Email ou par SMS ainsi que sur WhatsApp etd'autre réseauxsociaux.SMS Drague 2018 contient : * SMS d'amoureux*SMS tu memanques* MESSAGE pour ta chérie* SMS pour ton chéri*MESSAGEbisous* SMS je t'aime* SMS Bonne nuit* MESSAGE damour*SMSd'amoureux* SMS tu me manques* SMS pour ta chérie* SMS pourtonchéri* SMS bisous* SMS je t'aime* SMS Bonne nuit* Love notes*Loveletters* Amour* Citation d'amour* mots d'amourAvec SMS Drague2018,vous allez :- Avoir une grande collection de messages damour.-Avoir votre liste contenant les SMS préférés facielement.-Êtrenotifié quand le SMS du jour a changé.You want to send adredgeSMS, SMS Love to flirt and seduce a woman / man but youlackinspiration?"SMS Dredge 2018" is a free application that givesyouaccess to very soft drag messages to send to your heart withlove,and to express to him with a message of love feelings youhavetowards him.With "SMS Dredge 2018", you get a collection ofseveralSMS Message and love sms dredge, romantic phrases and alsoQuotesand love poems, Love Texting for your wife, your girlfriend,yourfriends.Now, flirt by sending a small dredge in French messageverygentle to your love, this fact has become very easy withthisapplication, you no longer have to write text messages, simplyopenthe application, choose the message you want to send.ShareonFacebook SMS, send Email or SMS as well as WhatsApp andothersocial networks.Dredge SMS 2018 contains:* Lover SMS* SMS Imissyou* MESSAGE for your sweetheart* SMS to your darling*KissesMESSAGE* SMS I love you* SMS Goodnight* Love letter* LoverSMS* SMSI miss you* SMS to your dear* SMS to your darling* SMSkisses* SMSI love you* SMS Goodnight* Love Notes* Love letters*Love* Lovecitation* words of loveWith SMS Dredge 2018, you will:-Have alarge collection of love messages.- Having your list withthepreferred SMS facielement.- Be notified when the SMS of the dayhaschanged.
Skull Island: Survival Story
Welcome to Skull Island! Explore the hidden mysteries of a wildanduncharted paradise town. Challenge yourself and build yourownadventure town. Create your very own simulation village whereyoucan grow fruits, vegetables and garden plants. Venture intothisadventurous bay and create your own vivid isle. Have fun inthisblissful farm simulation game.Search the debris on the bay isleanddig into the woods. Build the town with Tarzan and exploretheisland. Create a township on the bay side. Tinker withfellowexplorers.Things to do in this treasure island filledwithmystery:● Use a sword, axe or machete to breach through thevividwoods.● Forge royal houses and royal buildings fromcraftbuildings.● Uncover the secrets of the mysterioussurroundingjungle environment.● Make your own food by growing andharvestingcrops, fruits and vegetables to survive● Take a joyrideto your ownblissful bay isle.● Forge your own muddy fortress ofventure intothe green paradise city.● Dare yourself to TeamChallenges andother Limited Edition expedition.● Get bonusresources during timebound sales events or by harvesting debris.●Collect rewards likesword, gold, spirit and silver coins toprogress in the game.● Playmini games, quests and team challengesto be the winner.● Competewith friends on social team challengesand win big rewards.● Spawninto your country and escape the digo .●Build a muddy township orskull city on the beach side.Whether youare adventurous or want topass time... Take time to challengeyourself down this lushadventure road. Explore the characters whoseek your help torestore it from a tiny paradise village to a greatcity/town!Enjoythe original of all role play, multiplayer RockYougames(Shipwrecked, Westbound, Goldrush, Volcano Island, SkullIsland& New World). Supported on most smartphones andtablets.Note:You must be at least 13 years of age to play ordownload this game.For more information, please refer to our Termsof Service andPrivacy Policy.There are no cheats for thisshipwreckedgame.~~~~~NOTE~~~~~IN-APP PAYMENTS: The game is free toplay, butyou can buy special items to use in the game.NOTE TOPARENTS: Thisgame may include direct links to social networkingsites that areintended for an audience that is at least 13 years ofage; directlinks to the internet with the potential to browse anyweb page;and advertising of RockYou products and products fromselectpartners.
Radios France
Radios France regroupe plusieurs stations de radios françaisedansune seule application.En un clic profitez de vos radiospréféréesoù que vous soyez à l'aide d'une connexion internet (Wifiou3G).Plusieurs fonctionnalités font la force de RadiosFrance:-L'écoute en arrière plan afin de vous permettre d'effectuerd'autreactivité tout en écoutant votre station de radiopréférée.-L'ergonomie de son interface qui vous permet en un clicdesélectionner la station que vous désirez ou de changer destationsrapidement.- La mise à jour continue de la liste destations vousassurera une meilleure qualité et une granderéactivité pourrésoudre les éventuels problèmes.Les stations deradiodisponibles:- RTL- NRJ- RMC- Europe 1- France Inter- FranceInfo-France Bleu- Skyrock- Fun Radio- Nostalgie- RTL 2- RFM- CherieFM-Virgin Radio- Rire & Chansons- Radio Classique- FranceCulture-France Musique- MFM Radio- Alouette- Sud Radio- Le Mouv-Oui FM-FIP- Contact- Ado FM- Chante France- BFM Business- RFI-GenerationsFM- Latina- Radio Monaco- Radio Star- FG Radio- RadioTempo- JazzRadio- Beur FMAttention, cette application nécessite uneconnexioninternet et dépend de la diffusion des radios. Certainesradiospeuvent être indisponible temporairement.French RadiosFranceincludes several radio stations in a single application.Withoneclick enjoy your favorite radio stations wherever you are usinganinternet connection (WiFi or 3G).Several features are thestrengthof Radio France:- Listening in the background to enable youtoperform other activities while listening to your favoriteradiostation.- The ergonomics of its interface that allows youone-clickto select the station you want, or change stationsquickly.- Thecontinuous updating of the list of stations willensure a betterquality and responsiveness to solve anyproblems.Radio stationsavailable:- RTL- NRJ- RMC- Europe 1- FranceInter- France Info-France Bleu- Skyrock- Fun Radio- Nostalgia-RTL2- RFM- Cherie FM-Virgin Radio- Rire & Chansons- RadioClassique- France Culture-Music France- MFM Radio- Alouette- SudRadio- The Mov- Yes FM- FIP-Contact- FM Ado- Chante France- BFMBusiness- RFI- Generations FM-Latina- Radio Monaco- Radio Star-Radio FG- Radio Tempo- JazzRadio- Beur FMPlease note that this apprequires an internetconnection and depends on the broadcast radio.Some radios may betemporarily unavailable.
Czech Public Transport IDOS
The official public transport app for FREE. MOBILE APP OF THEYEAR2016 in Lifestyle category voted by users and UX APP OF THEYEAR2016 voted by professionals.Main features:• Find the bestroutewith trains, buses or public city transport• Online search =alwaysactual data including delays and disruptions• Intelligentstopswhisperer including address and My location• Notificationonarrival, departure or change including delays• Automaticdetectionof the public transport table and closest stops via GPS•Offlinebrowsing of searched connections• Intelligent functionswizard •Selection of stops or addresses from the map• Purchasepublic citytransport tickets via SMS• English version• Wideconnection sharingoptions • Showing arrivals/departures fromselected stop withoption to filter specific direction orconnection• You can save upto 6 connections to your favourites,offline access to up to 6searched connections in the history•Search options forbarrier-free, direct connections, low-floorconnections etc.•Detailed connection information includingplatform, line, stopnumber, connection delay, actual countedposition, disruption,informative ticket price, order of train carsetc.• Showingconnection route and position on the map• You can buyinter citybus tickets on lines where it is available• Legend forpictogramsmeaning• Help - application wizzard• You can remove adsfor a yearor for ever in Menu - Settings (1 year 49 CZK, forever149 CZK)
SYTADIN a maintenant son application dédiéesursmartphone !Cette application de la direction des routes Île-de-France(DiRIF)permet d’accéder à tous les services offerts par le siteinternetSYTADIN (, avec une ergonomie renouveléepour uneexpérience de navigation améliorée.Service public de l’État, gestionnaire du réseau routiernationalnon concédé en Île-de-France, la DiRIF développe ainsi lesservicesaux usagers pour les aider dans leurs déplacements surlesautoroutes et routes du réseau routier structurantenÎle-de-France.Comme le site internet, l’application SYTADIN sur smartphonefournit:- une information fiabilisée : tous les événements etleursconséquences sont vérifiés par les spécialistes du trafic delaDiRIF qui croisent les sources d’information ;- une information en temps réel, provenant directement descapteursimplantés sur le réseau routier, des équipesd’intervention, descaméras et des données fournies par lesvéhicules en circulation;- une information intégrée, avec le type d’événement(incident,panne, accident, chantier, etc.), sa localisation, sonorigine, sadescription, ses impacts sur la circulation et, quandc’estpossible, la durée prévisible des perturbations.Vous retrouverez ainsi sur votre smartphone :- les cartes en temps réel des bouchons, vitesses, travauxetévénements sur la route, les temps de parcours, les voiesdédiées,et la géolocalisation de l’utilisateur ;- les prévisions pour les jours à venir : les fermeturesnocturnes,avec leur carte détaillée ;- les alertes par « Flash infos » sur les événements générantdefortes perturbations de la circulation ;- le calcul de l’itinéraire d’un point à un autre et lesprévisionsde temps de parcours selon le jour et l’heure dedépart.L’application SYTADIN sur smartphone, sans aucunepublicitécommerciale, est disponible gratuitement.SYTADIN now hasitsdedicated application on smartphone!This application of the direction of the Île-de-Franceroutes(DIRIF) provides access to all services offered by thewebsiteSYTADIN ( with renewed ergonomics forimprovedbrowsing experience.public service of the State, manager of the national roadnetworknot conceded in Île-de-France, the DIRIF develops and userservicesto help them in their travels on the highways and roads ofthestructuring road network in Île-de-France .As the website, the SYTADIN smartphone application provides:- A Trusted Information: all the events and their consequencesareverified by the DIRIF traffic specialists who cross the sourcesofinformation;- Real-time information directly from the sensors located ontheroad network, intervention teams, cameras and data fromthevehicles;- Integrated information, with the type of event(incident,breakdown, accident, construction, etc.), location,origin,description, impacts on traffic and, when possible, theexpectedduration of disturbances.You will thus find on your smartphone:- The maps in real time plugs, gear, work and events on theroad,travel times, dedicated lanes, and geolocation of theuser;- The forecast for the coming days: the night closures, withtheirdetailed map;- Alerts "News flash" on events generating strongtrafficdisruptions;- Calculate the route from one point to another and traveltimeforecasts depending on the day and time of departure.The SYTADIN smartphone application with no commercial advertisingisavailable.
Garden Live Wallpapers
Find the paradise on earth and step into one of thesensationalplaces. It is possible so you should hurry up anddownload free thetop Garden Live Wallpapers app. Be amazed withexclusive bestimages of the most delicate pink peonies thatembellish your frontyard. Drink coffee and admire them during thelovely afternoon.After all life isn’t just about the work so takeall your free timeand spend it relaxing and observing thesensational landscapearchitecture. Decorate your phone with thesephotos and they willimprove your mood in a blink of an eye. Stepinto heaven and viewthe pretty geometrical patterns created withlow box hedges. Theyare beautified with brilliant flower beds andwhich will take yourbreath away. Their sweet fragrance spreadsthrough the air and youcan smell it with the latest Garden LiveWallpapers.Best featuresof the Garden Live Wallpapers Absolutelyfree backgrounds foreveryone’s taste Fantastic live wallpapersthat will cheer you upFabulous moving objects will make yourscreen special Gives yourphone a modern new lookFeel like you ownthe ancient manor and playin the front yard. Red and whiteblossoming plants will fill yourheart with the most delicateemotions like love. Admire the perfectsquare made of low boxhedges. There are other bushes and now yourealize that pruning theminto shapes is actually an art. Set thisthe newest picture as thebackground on your smartphone and imaginethat you can escape thegloomy reality. Discover the sensationalcollection of twenty coolmoving objects that we have createdespecially for you. Selectdecorations and balloons and they willmake your screen even morespecial. The popular Garden LiveWallpapers will make all yourworries and problems disappear in ablink of an eye. Imagine thatyou are in paradise where buildingsare embellished with delicateclimbing roses with the new pictures.Now you will decorate yourtablet in the best possible way. Scrollthrough the cool photos tofind the one you like and put it on yourhome screen. With thelatest Garden Live Wallpapers you will enteranother dimension andyou will be charmed with the loveliestflowers that bedeck even theroofs. It is the most sensationalexperience and you cannot wait totell all of your friends. Sharethis with them and let them havetheir own piece of heaven eachtime they unlock their devices. Maybethey will fall in love withbrilliant peonies that embellish thewhite wooden fence. Grab withboth hands the chance to enjoy theroyal garden bedecked withsparkling Xmas lights. Even the tall palmtree is covered with thebright illumination. This place brings youthe feelings ofhappiness and joy as it reminds you of the upcomingholidays.Decorate your smartphone with this popular photo so thatyou canglance at it any time you wish. Be thrilled with thesensationalflower beds and their reflection on the surface of thecrystalclear pond. You wonder where is this place but you thinkthat it isnot on earth as it is too beautiful. Download free thetop GardenLive Wallpapers app and discover the magic of thelandscapearchitecture.
48 Laws of Power
For those who want to gain power, observe the power orarmthemselves against the power ...48 Laws of Power summarizesthefamous laws written by Robert Greene to obtain and study ofpowerin all areas of everyday lifeLaws which apply in theworkplace, inrelationships, in the street or watching the eveningnews:everything, everyone and to achieve any purpose.Thisversionincludes 48 laws and its short summary.Features LAWS LISTYoucansee all laws with its corresponding title, ordered as theyappearin the book.LAWS DESCRIPTIONEach law contains its shortsummary, abrief explanation of why it is important to applytheprincipleSHARE LAWThere is a functionality for sharing law,whomyou feel is necessary, who see that you need, in your Facebookwallor wherever you want.NOTIFICATIONSIn the second section youcanmanage the appearance of a daily notification with the title ofthecurrent law. Once you allow notifications, from the daythatenabled them in the following 48 days you will see a differentlaw,every day. Tapping in the notification, you can access the appandview its description.LAWS SEARCHIn the latest version weincludesearch functionality, both in the title of the law and initsdescription. Thus, if you remember a concept that you wanttoreinforce but do not remember the location or number of thelaw,you can find it easily.SEEN AND LAST SEEN LAWSWe also includethestate of the laws you have read and which law was the lastseen.Therefore, if you have not finished reading a law, you caneasilylocate it.Thank you very much for downloading 48 Laws ofPower.Ifyou liked the app, it would be very useful for us that youqualifywith 5 stars, leaving a comment with what more you liked, orwhatyou would like us to improve.For better communication, you canalsosend us an email with your suggestions, questions or anythingyouwant to
Earthquakes is a quake application that based on multipledatasources.With this app, you can get the latest earthquakeinfoimmediately from all over the world.Also, you can searchtheearthquakes occurred in the past.Main Features:- 22 Earthquakedatasources, Covers the frequent occurrence of the earthquake areainthe world.- Earthquake data source* [USGS] U.S.GeologicalSurvey*[EMSC] EU Mediterranean Earthquake Centre* [GFZ] GerPotsdamEarthquake Center* [CWB] Taiwan Central Weather Bureau*[JMA] JapanMeteorological Agency* [INGV] Italy GeophysicsInstitute* [CEIC]China Earthquake Center* [IRSC] IranianSeismological Center* [TUR]Turkish Disaster and Emergency center*[BGS] British GeologicalSurvey* [CHI] Chile Earthquake Center*[CAN] Natural ResourcesCanada* [AUS] Geoscience Australia* [NZL]New Zealand EarthquakeCommission* [PHIVOLCS] Philippine Instituteof Volcanology andSeismology* [ROU] Romanian National Institute forEarth Physics*[OVSICORI] Costa Rica, the National University*[BMKG]Indonesia TheMeteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics*[IGEPN]InstitutoGeofísico - Ecuador* [IGN]Spain InstitutoGeográfico Nacional*[IMO]Icelandic Met Office* [INPRES]ArgentinaInstituto Nacional dePrevención Sísmica- See latest earthquakesaround the World.-Perfect real-time algorithm to achieve all of thedata sourceunified display (non-duplication of data), data sourceselect"ALL".- Push alerts of earthquakes straight to your phone.-Viewquakes on Google Map,Support detailed information display.-Filterwhat you see (magnitude/region/depth/date)- Providehistorical datawith earthquake in 300 km range.- Epicentml distance(need to openGPS /support set the coordinates Manually)- SupportHistorical data/ Nearby / stat report.- Support collection quakes.-View detailson source siteContact:Welcome to contact us feedbackproblem andsuggestions!- Email
Amara Que Linda
Encontraras los vídeos mas recientes de Amara Que Linda ypodráschatear con otros usuarios de la aplicación.You find thelatestvideos of Amara Que Linda  and you can chat withotherusers of the application.
Los Polinesios
Polinesios, les compartimos videos personales enestecanal!COMPETENCIAS DE DECORACIÓN NAVIDEÑABUSCANDO EL PERFECTOÁRBOLNAVIDEÑOME LLEVARON DE COMPRAS A LA TIENDA DE MASCOTASREVELAMOSNUESTROS SECRETOSACAMPANDO EN CASA ¿Eres fan de Rafa,Karen yLesslie y te cuesta estar al día de sus últimas noticiasyvideos?¿Te gustaría poder acceder desde una misma aplicación alosvídeos de todos sus canales de youtube y estar al tanto deloúltimo en sus redes sociales?¡Esta es tu aplicación!Podrásrecibiruna notificación cuando suban un nuevo video en alguno desus cincocanales y ser el primero en disfrutar de sus retos, bromasyconsejos desde lapropiaaplicación.LosPolinesios,los,polinesios,lospol,losp,poline,lospolin,Polynesianssharetheir personal videos in this channel!POWERS OFCHRISTMASDECORATIONSLOOKING FOR THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS TREESHOPPINGTOOK METO THE PET SHOPWe DISCLOSE OUR SECRETSCAMPING AT HOMEAre youa fanof Rafa, Karen and Lesslie and it's hard to keep abreast oftheirlatest news and videos?Would you like to access fromoneapplication to videos of all YouTube channels and be aware ofthelatest in their social networks?This is your app!You'll benotifiedwhen a new video uploaded in any of its five channels andbe thefirst to enjoy its challenges, jokes and advice from withintheapplication.LosPolinesios, the Polynesians, lospol, LOSP,Poline,lospolin,
Interstellar Pilot
Learn to fly at the flight school and then head out into thestarsin this fully-fledged space sim.Features - • Earn your fortunein apersistent world with hundreds of roaming ships.• Huge universetoexplore• Pilot different ships from small shuttles to hugecapitalships• Build up your own fleet• Construct your ownfactories•Scripted scenarios• Detailed spaceships and environment•Accuratedamage model• Tutorial system• Cinematic visuals• Highquality 3Daudio* The game was designed for best play on a screensize ofaround 5"* The game is currently in EnglishlanguageonlyRecommended Hardware- 800mhz Processor- Adreno 200 GPUorequivalent- Minimum 1024x600screenresolution>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pleasesendyour improvement suggestions and bug reportstosupport@pixelfactor.comPlease see instructions belowforconstructingstations:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Version<1.3.9users:Saved games will not load with the latest update ofthe gameor future versions. Sorry for the pain but we wanted to beable tomake a larger number of improvements to the savefileformat>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toconstructa station...- Dock at shipyard and click on trade button.You'llneed a ship with a lot of space.- Buy the parts to thestation.- Flythe ship to a place where u want the station.- Openthe ship cargoscreen- Click the deploy buttonTutorials / Videoscoming soon...